Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK Hi 5RALD. WHOLE NO. 11,044. . NEW YORK, SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 25, ljj?6. PRICE FIVE CENTS. PEBiflNAL. A NDREW HKWLRT, WHO BOMB TIMS AIIQ SAW A ? - aion oftMrUlnoinoinDiiM Rhig , <*>!!? J\ In th#* tMiMMMMlflU or * Mmin PWMI ? viuin iwnR, con* UiniLg one large diamond norronnited by twenty small ones ?5t In sliver. or anv jeweller. pftwnVok^r or other l?r ?cm wbo may have seen and Jt?ow? oj^thu wher? anou a of auiih a i * 1 " "" 1Am"wmm"k *** " ?ontlU ^ho mav nave accu ?i??? ???"'? w* ??"? i??ir?uwU.? m a rlna can receive a handaoaj* reward by a^drcalug, I "Sail*!Howard. _b*? 2,M7 Foal oSlcc D JOHN B. MOOKK, FORMERLY OF MOORE'S , private school. pleaee send address any time thle week Mr*. Applehv, boi I IB Itei aM oBIre. H EN BY.-RECEIVED NOTH TOO LATE; ADDRESS hUfon O. ? J. 0 H R.?MONDAY EVENING, SAME HOLE. JN FORMATION REQUIRED AN TO THE PRESENT addi-emi of Fra'tcU Cahlll, formerly of Klein street Dub i, who tame to thtx country November, IPC; was laat Heard from In Vt est Mount Vernon, Westchester courrty, N. Y- Any Information will !?t thankfully received by but ?ausln V. Kin hfort, 235 Hudson street, N Y. YN FORM A T10 N WANTKD-flF MISS MA RV WALSH; JL lived at INS Vllth avenne in March, IHfil and 1QM Anylu fenMM of Iter will be thsnkt'ully received by dropping a line to Mr. Pete: G., station U, New York. Information wanted?of martha mcoiaii. J when hat heard Irim was at Hssl New York. Any In formation will be thsnkfiilly received by her brother; Chan. peOrail, at John Casey's, 27 Greenwich street. ?F ANY HEIR OF TUB FOLLOWING RAM ED MEN. who died on board the United States ship Hartford, tier St orulse, will communicate by letter, el In person, wtth the undersigned, they will hear of eometbinK to their ad vantage?Robert A. Kink. died in Maroh, 1M?< John li. Karnes, died In May, 1864; William F.. Andrewe. died in August, 1HM. T. W. JORDAN, Washington city, I?. C. JF THE PERSON WHO TOOK THE TOCKETBOOK IN 1 a Dekalb avenue car this evening, November 24. corner Main and Watcr street*. Brooklyn, about tilg a cloak, will retnru the papers and railroad tickets by mail to tiskley A Bona, Nos. 18 ami 20 High street, Brooklyn, he will confer * favor ou the owner, as they will be of no use to any one else. MR. V. SANCHEZ?IF YOU CALL AT TIIB CLAREN don Hotel you Will meet a nephew who is very desirous ot seeing you. ' ?r P DUNHAM, WHO IN IMS WAS A BOOTMAKER, I. No. 1 Nassau street, or any one who fcuoae of hie ath or present residence, la requested to call on C.' lies. II. limit h. 213 Broadway. R. M? JR.?LETTER RECEIVED. ADDRESS THE same. CECELIA. Cfto ADOPT?A FINE HEALTHY NEW BORN MALE I child, In a respectable family. Address W. O., hot 137 Herald office. LOUT AND FOUND, Broke away from pier is north rivkr. new York, during the gale on November l&tfa, IH06. the Bow box of Morris Canal Boat No. 681. Any Information as to In whereabouts, will be thankfully received and suitably re warded, by J. 8. Pl.OlTH, Jersey City, N. J., care of J. B. Martlet! S2;JfaSAfs" e ?*? eareet. E UND-A BLACK AND TAN HLITT. OWNER CAN here by paying eipensss. Call al Salter's stable, 31 it Eighteenth street. rfFORMATION WANTED?RE8PBOT1NO A SF.T OF Pearls and Ametbylsla, consisting of Necklace. Bracelets. A Pearls and Ametbylets, consisting of Necklace. Bracelets. Earrings, Brooch and Halrsprlg. They were stolen and ate ?apposed to have been sold the letter part of May Thev were specially pnied by the owner. Any tnfornistioii leading to Hair recovery wlu be liberally rewarded. Address M. H. A , Rankers, N. Y. T OST-ON TUBS DAY, A BLACK AND TAN DO'). JLd wtth four while feet. The Under will receive 28 reward By mturntng it to No. 1ft East Forty-ninth street. LOBT-ON FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER IB. AT OR between the Academy of Design and Fulton ferry, a Onld Bracelet, marked on the Inside "K. H. X.. 1W4." The ?Oder will be llbaraUy rewarded on leaving it nt 93 rteoond av Y OPT?IN COMING FROM JAY STRBRT, BROOKLYN, A J to Maiden lane. New York, on Saturday, November 24, ? Poeketbook, eontalnlng the first, second ami third of Ki. ahange, drawn by Thomas Williams ft Co., Nas?au, on jfi. ft II. Harila, Loadon, endorsed by W. T. C. Helkol ever to m. K. Hutchison A Co., for ?1(M sterling. A liberal reward ?4U be paid for the return of the tame to R. E. HUTCH I (son A CO., 165 Maiden lane. All pereooe are cautioned not lo ?egollate the above, as payment has been stopped. L OPT?WHILK IN DORLON k SHAFFER'S OYSTER saloon, Fulton Market, or in going from there |q a Fifth ?venue stage, corner Fulton el reel,_e mink naff. A liberal ?award will b bs paid if left at M. Roberu', Jr., 181 Kighiii TOCT-ACERttFTCATB. NOtftMh, ISBULD TO U. P. JLi llall, for twenty shares stock New York Central Rail ?sad Company, endorsed with poweh to transfer same to II. P. K-itebum. TbS public are eeuttoned not to purchase the , as ibo transfer has been stopped. OBT-A LIGHT COLORED FRIEZE OVERCOAT J The finder will bo suitably rewarded by leaving it at 1/1 rib avenue. L?S?X."D*rDAJ. II5SI22. ''A"- " A UNITER. Ouder wlllbe.ulubly^w^ shout fidu ? Rerrlson slre.u and ROSSIS -?*?? Mink fur collar lost-going from the Methodist church, Bedford street to Barrow street Sd through Bedford street to Hammond street. The finder II be Ilberslly rewarded by leaving the same at Rev. ILubt avis', !M Hammond street, near Greenwich street. gTRYYKD?ON THE ?D, A YOUNG WOMAN. NAMED Mary Aon Kltchenhnm. age 24. She had on a plod twL brown hat, with red feather; ehe has an impedun- n her speech, has Inst the use of her left vide. IniormalKU svtU be thaakfully received at 1M Cedar street. RKWARDH. REWARD.?LOST ON SATURDAY, AN OLD M Hudson. May Hable Collar, and Cuff. Die Under w:ll sielvn|fton returning them to3t East Mnei-en .treet. AC REWARD?LOST SUNDAY, 18T11. IN 4 HRISTO. wps J pher, near Washington street, a large Mlaek and Tan Wwt; had ca a red Inather uollar. The reward will be paid WW returning to 47 Woat place. AC RB.WABD.?LOUT?AN KIGHTBKN FOOT BOAT. ?o paiutnd white, and greon botiom. black gunwale; 4 Joba and Susan, numbered 141. Pteaae addreaa Gee. Febher, I4g Maiden Una, New York. $5 reward -lost, on Saturday, novemrfr II, aP'Wketbook; sum ?f moaev of Uvea. Call at mdlrry 722 Broadway. The contents wlli'be dearribed no 4c ?very. No one compromised. $2 O.T BKWARD ?I-OBT OR STOLEN ON THE EVEN av<7 lea of the 22d. bet wean Twelfth street end Kulum Aarry. in a Firth avenue stage, en open face Gnld Watch; a? the watak "? ? ike walea la vaNmble only to the owner frnm ass e.aUon, tks otiose coward will be paid end wo queetloaa asked un IU veioru to Mr. Baser, store 24 Joha street. REWARD-TAKEN BY MISTAKE, PROM MO W>* * Areas war, a tin Trunk, marked " silver Lode vf In tag Company." Any tee returning the heme, with eurltwed go peri, with be paid Sis wad no qwesitens asked Hnit REWARD ?STOLEN FROM CI3 THIRD AVF git)" nut, aguld Watch. No. I.8W, S J. Toh< >s A Co a maha, Idveryouf The abo'e reward will be pv^-t and no qwentiiiea asked, na the return of said we tea lu the ufil-c of Ormy A Cop lead. 4IU Fourth avenue. twin REWARD WILL RE PAID FOR THERE UUv ixvery of the Trunk sudea I rem the wagbu ls> ding In froaf of the Ktpraea Gffi e in Fifth ateuae on atarday eventag November 17th. f^mnrvwm, LI. WHO trim TIIEM HAV HIMIKK'b sPRIS'i; BKDS L >r? n?t Ha hat bor for bng? llrallh ounilort, In r. a-?.numi. Hl'i $??'. Hold mrjMM*. War.r - oo r?nti? atrMK. S A WA.IMril'KST RKrKN OCTAVK ROHEWO-m Pt. J% aiwtfnrir, Niu RAMI will ha (oi l for f2*t "ha boao lf'.l PorHirhull, coot ??*. for ????> on. do. for flit * I .1 of Birtor, Bodr.Ktm oat liming llo ni PurnHitr. of ? jft-ai no UH H ral EI4t.H1 ?.ro.*t, noar Hlth annua O. PAIUtKLL. PCRNITTRK WiHK!inoV\ *7, . - '-MtaiiO 571 W?t Thtrtr* fifth atrw dooi an-t of IgMh sl-itua, hi- It- larg?t ?u<1 b-.ln.11-41011 of I'arl r, sort -on^rni ktlthoa iro -of?, l-i? .. Tot?. 1 ailing? B- :.l*od-. A- Ac., to b- found ir. Ih? .-Itr oil mamtlitriiro.l .01 to- promt*? ri l * arrant..! l ;?t,? r?fr???tii-i T?I# farpoi .lo|orim-n( It aokn w|ob> ?n?orv -.0- in bo Ib? bo 1 a?on-d Mock of Fog l-li flrm?l*, booty I I. rooply* rn.l ovporlln- Ingrain*, for now at>|o? *n.t ?|r?i*n*. In no f..tmd In lb-' It* 10 halo ?,f Kngltah Wll??y BUittou at * groat bargain. for thio ?r?k >011? JMNMH nt oPAPi a tatlor. N? "7 o id * Bo?rir? on<l Oft nbrr"ti? ?|rw* Btil.l. I'oNlIM V to HI. Tlir f, A K t. t r I KM II UK K till Ml Tl Itl K0 IN TIIK CITV. parlor, riH<iiN<; r->oii OOP rntMRKR FIKNJTOHP. AND HKIlDINf; CANOPY tNil VI. ftlUIA HKr* I K III FOR TIIK MJt/tliKHN TKADK, ?I m por wnl roda*' on In prim. 1/1 IIMTI RR ' ' I Slit HI- ?OR trout ir or 1 (1 ;? F porUt-rtliiJt oiittrlng on January I notation Roll > ?ra.iniU.rf, li? and HIT RlOagtt.n tirtwl^ 'boy ir. raw rlooinr nol Ihotr .will *1 rwi owd p. >? ?. AH pnrohaoor arr Hi' lad t. |.f ? ?? '?U _____ I/fRHITI KK. ? ARPfl* OIIA'WfM, PARLOR AM? r Hodrotin, Hull*. Pianof.dloa. Ar? *1 BKNU.VI.I. A OOOTTH. P* %*J ill "tr-nt. mrnor of < . i?i. Itnonl malr-d Is w?Aiy 0? motlblj p..j,B-nti If pr? farrod. __________________ SlOKA'ifS, nr.'KtHK. RfflRA'lR. HTDItAOB, PflR .igr -lor*ir fr fornl'tiro, nmboy ad*? no si on fornl nr.; a-p- tip.. ? for u at ri ftirnliurt. dt| or Ptuairf lit W?tt F.lrrrklb atroot. i.aaf Hulh atmno. ?lAKIIf.K MAHTKfa*. MtKHlM'.KII Bf.tTK RAbTH--Ft PPRIOR IN ?p| ??r>>H"0. W W. duroblo, talf thr ? n-a nl m?-bl# t M srt RA.'tT '<Ji nutii t.-nnt ooi.r-u Ihtrif bfib tad I Tbiny-Hib ?tAroi? il?i HI R Ma?.-l f." -TIIE Rt l? ? ill . .ir tn i''i> It" RaiTHl Rantola of fbo tai?- -i< /t ?, at rorr low 1 o? .a A. A HI AH h'f Nirf ,0 W. r|# , '/ Ha* lift.too ,b 1 .????- ?v?' TRl'OA* ? * Culitoiu'. | IMSTRVCTIOlf. A BUSINESS RDDOATIOM.?townbendr COMMER "ial Academy. **) Bmvecy. Private Inetructluii, day ?ml evcoing. In Bookkeeping, Vt riling, Commercial Arithmetic, Rending, Spoiling, (.r.inmar, Ac. Apartment* fur ladle*. Nu cl Mai l AN EDUCTATED YOUNO MAN i A FOREIGNER i. wish** to perfect hlrawlf 1n tho English l?uguagr by poanmpunytug ? *lngl? gentleman or lady during some hour* of lhe day So "alary required Ol given AiUr*** for una week P. It., bo* 13d Herald Otflce A?VISITING OOWRNKflS. ADULT PUPILS PRE ? fcrred. Tim* reuaonable. ConiDiou English branches, Matbrnixlia, Cioi|K>*itioii, Currrepondence, CloeveraAlinit, Criticism. Reai'unr the Peel*. History, English Literature. 1'ihiio Hinging, Drawing. Kefereeoea, Oral faiulllea of N*\v Yerk. Pot )lllalltu D, A GRADUATE OP Till: I NIVERHITV OP OAM. bridge, England. prir.-uivi and n scholar of IiIh o<d lege. give* private lnatru"tlnn In Claaalra. Mathematics Phi losophy, English language anil literature Oontloiueii pre 11*11 I for the NAVA1. AND MILITARY ACADEMIES, Til UNIVKRSITIEH, A - II ghe*l referent**, Addr*** ?>' niiplv to CANTAB, Room No P. Uutviiralty Building, W anotagton aquar*. New York. \ YOUNO LADY. COMPETENT TO EDUCATE CHIL d'eo In vaifotiH elenuotery atudle* and munlr, detlrea v "Hnation in *,one re.peetable family: beat of rafaiourw g;v?n Addreg* M., l?i 2.MSH PM o???. BOOKNEEPTWO, WRITING, AC. POR BUSINESS. - Mr. D01.HEAK, fiUb Broadway, teaobea Bookkeeping practically, a* need In the be?t K i? Yerk koowi. He alto iruviTea ?t!#u*?a, -ramping or tratabling from tbe worn liapd, and makea elegant bualn-aa penmen. IjTRXNCH CONVERSATION A'' TAT70BT BY A WELL educated and er.ropeleni ladv from Parle, at her roe ma; lea'cn* private and In i'la*?et. > *"t of reference glren. For particular* addreaa or call at 1,127 Broadway, Mile. O. maiifli onmuinoR and literaturk-hv .F I'rofaaanr PAKRIAN, graduate of the Catholic University of 1.entrain and Normal of Pnrla (teachers' acbool); tuition warranted to three month". If Bond a treat. PROFESSOR I. MAI.K/.IP1 X, PKUM THE I NIVER ally of Parla, No. 1 liyir.g place, will commence |u a few day* clsaac" of French language fur ladlea and gentle men. l***nna three time* a week : leniie for 2d Icaaona flit: private l"aann* of literature and Mllflllhe; rapid method: nlghett referrnce. Professor Maleaieux receive* subaerlp tion? daily till 10>? A. M TO FRENCH YOUNO LADIES,?AN AMERICAN C.EN tleman wlahTe tn mem with an agreeable French young lady, from whom lie can hare private lea one of practice In her language by evening conversations. Addreaa E. K. T., Herald ofllre. rpllK PltKKCU AND KMiLIHfl LANGUAGES AND L Mmlr lanrhl by a toung ladv at the realdenee ofnuplls Terrne modefate. Addreaa INSTRUCTION, Box I,ZH Post office. New York. Teacher ofoymmabtiob wanted?in a bcbool, every day from d to 6 o'clock. In Una city up town. Ad dreaa, with terms. Principal, atalion F Peat olllce. T'lSITlNH OR RESIDENT GOVERNESS-A LADY T well <|ualllled to teach In all tbe English nranchea, inu ?Ic?instrumental and vocal?French. Painting and fvorylv plug, would like a situation a* above: terraa moderate, and neat of city rafereuoea. Call at or addreaa Ml dtn av. TIIE TURK, UNION COURSE. L. I, The proprietor olfere two Puree*. of fJX) each, to Wll. llamaburgand Brooklyn lload Horse* for Thanksgiving Day. The above tn cloae at Hiram Woodiufra. on Sunday. Novam ber -i, at S P M., If dear; if oot the neat clear day. WM. SlIAW, Proprietor. NION COURSE, L. I.-TKOTT1NO.?MONDAY, NOV. 5C, at S P. V , match fkflh, mile heata, beat three In Ave. in wagon. L. S. Saturate' b!k g. Trto; R. Bath** b. j[. Rough and Ready. WM. SIIAtA. Proprietor. U A Rough i-tuf Ready iFwroii YACHT.?POK BALE, A FAST SA1LINO SLOOP . - Yacbt. dO feel long, new last *iirlng. hard wood eebln, end thoroughly ftirnlaned and fitted In every reaped: patent water r'u-el, iiair mettrceeea. rep cuabloea ana curtalna, Bru*ae|e Cerp*t, Ac. Will be told low, aa ewner l? going fo Europe. Adureee Sloop Yanht, Herald office, lor fall per tic alert. Daniel foster, iiroobkvflt street, has all the choice breed* of Doge Foeier'e It,fallible Mange Cure and Flea Eitermlnatur, 73 tenia. Medlclnea fot ell dlaeaeee. PTY" hlr chnb?tio. fit fin shu. fto tut. t7\ fian-, 1 J " .lao a Variety of FiaMi.g Tk ale. Sent hy eipreae to order bv.I A t. BRUSH, 18! Bowery. A few eccond hand Double (June. Doom and birds for -half.-hlack and tan Terrltra, S. e'eh Teniere. Hound" Spaniel*. fUt Doge, Ac ; Mocking Bird*. CeO?n*a. Ac., In good rong. Poav Boarded, mined. Ae Medicine* lor all diaeaeee. at It. DOtKT'9. tfr Cenel atreet. near Church etreet. Mockleg Slid Pood for gel*. LTRANCIS BrtLER, no. 9 PP'K SLIP. HAS A I.I. TIIF L t he o* breeda of Dofe. Butler'* Infallible Mange Cure end 1 lee Httermtnaior .5 nanta. Butlrr'a new work on the Hog, fi. Doga boarded. Ac. Medldnce for all die eaaea. Faor salb-a tame pawn, kioht months old, ' at Ibe bird Map*, 19 North William atreet. QECOND HAND doubi.b ouns. BT PURDRY, LAN. ? > ratter *nd <ih*r In el olaa* London maker*. Alaoeflret nlae* W eatley Re bard* breed, I >*d?r. and a greet < ariat* of u.edluio and law grade Onn* for aale low, by CHARLES FOLSOM, 3f Me,den lane, K. Y. IIOKMK*, ( A1IRUURS. ?f . AT 17 WOOBTBR STREET-1 PH.ETON. S ROCKA wave, 1 Dep..t Wagon*. 1 Docior'a wagon, B top Wag on-, d no top WagonA t Kipreaa Wagnna. I Truck Single arid Double Harnea*. Robe*. Blanket*. Ilaltera, Ad. W H ORAT. \OBAY IKlHHP I <>R SkI.E-IBM HANDS HIGH, t?nml and kind, can trot In 2 BO. Inquire of J. SHfM.fy. BK> Grand airnet. near F.aat river. A T JOHN C 1IAN S. NO 10 EAST FOURTH STREET, .1 mrnrr ot Broadway, B' diferco' alaed Clarence* and Coupe* of our own make al 10 por cant lea* than Broadway ?tore*. \ COACH?SIX AND FOI'S SEAT PHAETON. TWO Cakrlolee. Dog < arl. four *?*t Rockaway, all *e.-os4 hand: void low. (V?l ferriage* and Harnoaaea al Ml per oenl lota then Broadway af raa. JOHN C. HAM, No. 10 real Fnurlh *>r*el. corner of Broadway. Adams a cone, am bb-iadway. invitn pur. rhaaera to ln*pect tbeli *Tt*n?h* aaerlmem of Aral rixae elf* Mult Carrt'^ea. ncmpnalng ?Ter#n"*a, Coupe*. I.ANDaCS. COACHBH. and finer fine cloeo and open w..rt, mod* ef the boat materleia and by the heat workmen, at the r own manuteclory. A GENTLEMAN LEAYINO FOR TnE SOUTH OF fera kla tcrewut cheep- a bey llorae and white Mare, lop Wagon. Harr.*aa and B aaketa Tbe ho roe a fed t"ev. eler?a lady cen drive him. the mar* kind and eouad and truia In 2 Mi both lilk bai.da Apply at tartrate etebla, Nn tl We*I Thirty-eeveatfi *tre*l, for the beet bargain In Iowa. 4 UFNFRAL ARoORTMF NT Of CA RKI Adl.B. MA* J\ urae. Rika. tr, a.eo ????onA hood top Mugmf. ??iM Iwnl toy ond no tuf Itapol Wtfiia, M TAYLOR A Hl< iff', ? Km<mr MlKl. ______________ Asiv. r.v ani> a two *kat hlf.hhi por h aui . upholaoiad and a I moat now; niM ft* inM (??fur* V? adtmedar In ratnoa<|uetiro of iwmorot. Can be >hi o?*l Kut htrartooBlh mim Armr. nhcosd handftKr home COOPMaiw by H'nod Bmtbare fint tl BH.aa good aa now, for $1 (Wi Applr to JOHN V. HAM, In Last Fourth itrm &'ur of Broadway. rtOUNTKY BOARD TO* HOR-KB-IN WKHTTHFRTER "'UUtJ. > Irw r?D 0# 04<"< mnulatOd and gloan good aimntirin. Apply ot Ikd Moodo itiool f^OINTRY BOARD TOR A HORRK WA WTFD-On"a \J form until apriiig; WaaVhaaiar onntily pratarrad. Ad r?ao P., boi J.JJI l'oot oJioo. Now York, Holing tors* por mnwtb VCDAOL ? tin 4 "V. AT P1UPTON, ?/ CAMUOI mi Ilog fart, And 4 ?oo' *nrlUwey oil eoonad bond and ao'd lo-a Alet. Ihtl 1'arr agao otid Hornaoo. ot W por com too* tbi.ii RroodWet at rm fORR r HA*. 1?P >t Fourth at., anrnar Broadway. fViR RALE-nrTV HTAOFK HAKNKBR, WRKRM. A?". . thrao I Kid Mlaigha. on I oil orllatao liO'nngl ig to ? aiar? jlwo, ?.,id Tn k>:? t.. ? ,it the p n-Mtoar. Apply ot Xm Koat Thirtwrntb ttoat, rrtl d.air to Atonne I' F'on kaLK-a sij ond ii*\ik oa<'II. i an rf.TTad aheap. Apply ot I J I'oR,; AN'B I i?ry ?ihIi|ih, No M H??wnd atrpot, noar tho How- iy. FJ<?? MAT,* A ItANDR'lMB TMRK uHaY ItOR'F ttty hotido high, dyoarontd: parfe-tly o nnd ond gentle and ? fl? drttrr. I 00 !????? 01 Cugowolt'o alablr. Jwiio^'tia Beano ond Thirty third elipei. I/OK BALE -SlfTPTIV i Tor PITM. MPBINO ROAft r m g >? . to nearly now ? ? tr on.u-d d iiiblr Ibr -o Apply to Mr bMlW itMobk, Twenty ew.iri't ? I' ?"* l ol i -nil. imoa, PtuR MATT; t I f'KV Rl I'P.RHIIl RtV < Ol PP ] 'lor a; yr, tie ? vl t nd Id hotioo high ond wrrrt?t"? O'wnd; r? | n *1 ply ot oubl-.tWi Wool Thl'iy R'Ot ?! L'OR AMI <iNF PAIR MP (M?lA?KD MAT<-IIKll r potty bo U llunr. .at otylit!.: ale., en riega J \ Viria If ir mod- o, ? Bi dwyr rb?r; mint bgoytpl '.ofnro tt?! ? doj, a* tb* ? 'triii" lo*i'? for N?w Orlmna Id't i rr for Pi;TKR ot Horeh. ut o yt.lilr, ? ond r Vol Twenty lilntb .1 rot oy'OR ?AMI A M'tN f>P I.H?? HORPRR, IS lltNfiM r hlg long I'll'- f-Ml I nt'rig %'ry yoi,|. pP,. m yon ?'oi 1? ??n ,t B' O'ioi ? ?- MIII afwoborg. Apt-it ?? PiM tV.II Hraov h y L1'IR 111.K A OtyOII dlllu^U HflRMP HARAT. ' and giwoory W.ignn; 0000?- brrtprroo buotoo.o. '4S7 Ro i Poortmiitb Mm1 L*0R M AT.* rm AV A BAY DDHMR. EI'lBT YPAKs I Id 'H 4 hondt I yb. ? i rool/o ootlod ood felng. yfdon did drlti r in d'"il lo or amgto i?o"no*o, olau o Boy Hor*.-, IS bmd? ngli, III yroig nd. t?i 'Lw wild - hoop. I ogwlro aO on Mo. ty; t'borry otrooi. L'nn Mtl.F <IIBAP-T?N4P riTPR OR ?P.PtBlTE, A i ?'io iwlr of brown flora" trll! drlr-otrgio ??? don hi", ? o I to y "oMen nodor th* aadd r tpnly ot HI Hid or *?h now rnimpr, r.ilto , or. noo ?-?>?*).n at P R111 onto' 'dot atonio, or t' WJnhn otro.t brw fort, up noira It'DIt MAI.F ft'! PXi'IT?M? P<l* MDRP: ?rF,*0 A , no lit, homle i y. ar. old ond 'oi tnd i? jl , tn-n.oo, kind oo a ton: pn try oa a plctorr h. >>o ot fit 'nodi ? Oa'.'ki, Br odory and Thirty Hgith oirrot. HoRotn -PKK OAf.P AN pl.Ft! TNT PAIR <>? dtpplo groy Hnrroo a. ynopa old IMbonda. wr.i Hal- i-d on-to< kmd d'apoa'imn. tpIO',' 1 a Hid n o-ory roatwot d?g,??ht.i f?r a family loom p., | oil l?r wawt of i'ad. Apply M |iri'al?- ttabm II. P.r II by ftu auMi Hi too doom woa? of rkird naonun tl7 "l O'Nili BAY MtiBoB Af A tiBPOT ?A< P| ;7 J^jt "hB" fitrimpa ong otmat wwot HORHKfl, CARRIAQkn, JiC, 61ROTTINO H*>RHhH KOR 4AI.K.-.PRICfe fl.OW TO $6,QU0. Th^y arc young, aound and handaotne. Uwibe Mil until tola & USJg tout of Third avenue, New York. MPKCIAL. Nirnt KH. Bricklayers p. b. union-the members op the above named union are requeued to attend the funeral of their late brother meni'/br h.mca Daly. from bU late residence, 542 IN eel TffOiit# alith alreet, at one o'clock UlU d-y. KETTLES an, fre??d?nL Bio Matokw*. (1CSTOM IIOCHK SEIR1TRKS.?ALL PERSONS WHO J have |?al?l money m compromise or wewloineni of nelaurea by the ntllcei * of thy (hmtonu or ?or atippoaod black mall, ai e earnestly requested to tend full detail* of the tircum utenoea, date, a" id amount of payment to t ha See rotary of th? Treasury, naqu eating to lie ftPurmud if the amount paid agree* with the amount received by thisgorfiruniaut. CI ARRYOWEN MTSKKTERRH. T All tbo-ie iu?*mh? r?< of the above n?aif<l Company, who rannm attend i?nv of the nice*. I tig*- tieforw th** SSMh inat.. are reapedfull> informed that tho lino Of march frill he formed at fi A. M precisely, from the drill iwm?, Mammte liali, 114 and 114 Kt*t Thirteenth street. near Courth avenue. All fut'her information can l?e hail at Mr. John A. Mc? Luughlui n, So. 305 First avenue, corner Thirteenth atfoot. The Baud will report at the, Utter place. Bv order, Wiixum Lbb, O. H. B. MARTIN, Captain. OFFICE OF THE ATLANTIC MAIL STEAMSHIP Company. No. A B"w!liu' i.wn, New York, Nov. IX. ISOti.?By order of the Hoard of Dire tors notice ta hereby given that in oouaeqiieuoe of the ele. tlon i? pointed to have oeen hold on the llUh of November instant, not having b?*en hold pursuant to auoh appointment an li lection ot nine director* of this company and thrm* Inspector# of the neirt succeeding elect ion will t?e kald at the miie# of the cctopouv on Friday, the 11th ilav of January, 1H97, n4 12o'ulock M. Tbe transfer nno?* at the otlice of the Farmer*' Loan and Trust Company will be ringed from the 10th to the 14th ot January, 1^57. The poll* will ?ui open from 12 to I o'clock. ? LIN "** FRANK I IS ALLEN, Secretary. SPEC! AL?Til E KNIOIITS OF F'P. PATRICK?THE member* of tin* Knight* ot St. Patrick are m?Mt re aped; ully requested to be punctual hi at our neit quarterly meetfhg, which will he held at hood quarters, the Mnlson D??ree. on Tuesday evetvog. Nov?un?>er the 27lii, at f* o'clock. By order. JoftN II. 1URNKTT. President. Pjctbr F. (iRrbnk, Corresponding Secretary. fllHE NEW YORK CATUOLIC 80CIFTIER' CNION - 1 The lirat meeting of the Jbnve M*?oolatlon will be iiei?1 at Association Hall. ?el Eighth avenne, on Mond<ty, Novem ber 20. Ihg6. at 7H V. M ALFRED StTTTMAN, Secretary pro ten. LOAM OVnCBI. At 77?mohkt advanced on dia* WATC11I.H. KWKIiltY, A' . <?K TDK B1V,'.':,IT AT Till lll.illMI KATF< ai.-o ?,\W.f,?.''<,K,/Ky' TICKETS HOI'OIIT FOR DIAMONDS. WAf< Ubri, JEWELUY, Ac.. *i 77 Kleeckorstreet, up *U,re At .vo f WBRT TWUNTY NURD ATftKIT, PIfT| Are nun If oik),) the price p*itl /or frl&uiou'te, WHtrtiM, Jewelry ttnd of value, <? ? advance* mad# on llin Mine, op*o frcm 9 A M. lot P M AT JI3 HROADWaV, KNOX BCILDIVO. diamond", watchK8.pkf.< ioi'n Kintrxy *c. KHTAil.IHIIKU 111 KICK PATS Till', CTMOHT VALVE KOR DIAMOND .IFWKI.Rl WATt'il hS. JEWELS, PLATE, Pl.ARLS. AO., OPTICAL JNSTRI BENTS. AC A' *i. R.-DIAMOND8. WATCHER, *r FUR SALE. OKFIl'K IIOI 118 FROM HI A M. TO 4PM J. II. RAKRI.NOKH, 313 Hiteiiffiy, ivon> No A AWM1ROKKRS' TICK KfS PVRCHASKD OP III Wai he. Jawrlrr. nlk?, clothing. Ai ? 1 m n ?? una dairrlrr, r>,ig,, Clothing. A'. Ai *anc?a tnad* on the a.unr or huighl at Cm lilgb-at oa?t priora, At 1KA (arand rtrrut, noar M't.briry PAVniOCIIM TICKBT8 it l:ci am- D- ok DlA. naondt, Wateh**. Jewrlrj silk, VI,doing Ac, or th> nam* bought for oaah. al tbf old "taiid. I'jd Kowrrv, Ural floor, front room, tip atalr*. prowia % La. pROPORlM) FOR INDIAN HOODS. OnrAnrttaMT or TDK lommoit. , Orrn:it or Imoaa Ar.<in?. *i Hi"?om?, 11. f. Sin ? inhni 31. IrAd I f'aalrj prop, ??!?. rndnraod ? f , Indian <1 . ?1? " *11 OA ie< rr.l ?' (In Olflr* of lud'an AITuii* tit,III 12,, rl?. V M , on *A11'RllAT, the llttb day ol lirawhrr ntn. lor fur, nNhtng, iij thn uurrdiilrr tharrlii glrrn, lh? At I Mr. i tnir t Hi thr following Pat. Thr |.ro ,o.ala is io,||. ?tr, In a, oar.u column*, at wit*' piirr *?|,| nrtl.'l** will I.. <t?|irrrr I !? New York *lty, and at * hat prim thr. will hr 4*Hr*md tn Nh Lnula .wo Thr good* to No tirllt rrr.l a nitloi pi*. ? ai |hr coat of thr t'oaircitir. FIRST CLASS, MAI'RIK AC BLANKET*-InWIUN OR DMNB?> Ir. 2,MO pair 3 ph. whllr Hlaiikru. lillilj Inrtw*, to iraigb % p.,11 ltd* t 2 .V?lpor 3>( pl. whllr BUlikr't Midfl Inchra, to trrlrb ( pnn lid* ano pa'r ltf pt. whit* Blank*!*, "diSfl In. bra. tn wr cl, IC pound*. l.ftAi |>nlr8pt. annrlrt llwikrlv *hT3 inohra, to W*i*h1 pouiola. .?3KI p?tr 3'( w*r!rt H aokri*. M*(r". !neb*a, la ? ? poon I*. 'A*I pair 3 pt. gram Hlankst*. flOi73 Iritdir*, to wnlflb t ponnda. 3.01*1 pair 3 pt. Inulgo Blur Bl .nhrtA, fl0i73 Inrbr*. to tralih 3 pound*. J,.a<i twit J'i pt Indigo Rind BUnkara, fttiM Inchra, to wrigl, 8 ix.tind*. 110 pair 1*4 ot Iridlgo Bill* Rl*nk*ta, 47iM lurkra, to wrigh ft^ pounda KEi fiwn CI^JTIIH? KlRF.IHN OR DON ltd no WO vard* Fnnrv 1,1*1 BluaClolh. d.ntti varda tlr?y I lai Rlur Clnih 3.(**l Tarda Hnrvd I.I*' Hfu* Cloth. T OI?i tarda Havrd Ll*i Kirnrlrt Clolh TMIRfl CI,AH8?OHk lioonh 300 dnarn A4 Woollrn Shuwla WW pound. I.lnrn Thrmd IAi pound*Cotton Tnrrad 2.(00 raril* Turkry Krd fill Cnll. o 5h IW0 tarda Blur Drilling 00.faW ynrd* Bnwn DrlllL.g WlOOIyaida Krd dtnpr Brd Tt'k ng h.'OO v?M. Nu|irr Nation ROOD tarda Notion. A 000 yard* Hlrkory OMrt'ng. JO 'Ati rard* Brown HldrUug 30,(On IIP feory Nhtrta Ifl.WO yard* Hii'k l?rl*nui. roiIBTll CLABN?II 41'DW a HI Ini dorm br?t, a*t atari Air*, fmm I lu Ht. |iound*. wnb haodlra. I'Md",rt, Nrtt .att Nlrrl llalf Air* limit :| noind* with handlra I OOli Camp K#il ? ??anrtrd ? ft I 1.(Ml ahort liandlr Frt Tan *00 dorao Tin Pma. 2 ? and ? <to*i n r.p,.! qnaaltilm plraard'doirn Iron Tabl* Kfiooti* I too dntan flu Cup. 2.WO dorrnf nit. h>r Kn'rra 8 It, I, til* >? l.imdntrnllah llnok* i?an.,trdl WO dogau Flab Llora , a.* .r'rd i Aaniplr. of all a1.,lr?|ot?# lorw.nrf loihl* lb.a wib lh* proja.aal*, and tn* good* lurtuahrrt i? u > al lu a I r?*firc'? to thr aamp!** N" hi,I a for la? tban an autlrr rlaaa of tbr aru, !r* atmri. flrd will b* rnaaldr'rd All artl. Ira rnrmaani tmdrr rnotrprt will ha rig(4:? i?. ?Pd i*d and r.-opaml with ina nri>* hr an ?***( or agrnl* appotmnl foi Cial p rprar ?? I ,-ooda nr artlrIra aa may In an? t**t>r.t fall tn , .nfr n Pt lk*> -.mi ra will hr r?j*rt#d. nod In U,?t rai# li* rontmnor w.ll b* hound to fnrnl.h oil,?r, ?f t a raoulrad k'l.d o, uua ltt bra day*: or if (bat b* not dana ikry *111 hr purrbaaad al bia ?Ipr"rr. Payi iapl will hr uiadr for fnnda rwtrlrod on larotrr, rhr.-rof, i-ortltmd hy tttn a*?n' or ag*nta oppoinmi U> Inrfln, i thom. Tt,? rlgbt wilt h* rrmrrrd p< mgutr* a grra'rr U'aH< ly of oti* of Iba ar'Klrr uama4 'ban Ibat .0*0 .a tbr ah ,rr arbrdnU. nal rinrrdlng 'hrrr 'imr? ihr an tbrrrwf. Any of tbo hid,, or ahr pa' la lh*,mf may hr arorp'Od or r,i*r'Ml pt II.. fljAla. of tt.r d' partmrnt Bo hlda w'll hr oonaldrro,! frooi prraona wbo haro fa Ird to roroply with th* nN|olrro>ru<* of a form, r uontrart with tbo I hitod Htatra Bo prop.. I Will hr mnMdrrrd that dor. not atriwr, r conn* wdh thr fnllnwfng roqalrrioontoi? Pt .porala mn ? atnhrar* fho aril l*a w lb lb* ournflt'r, tborrof. aa wl n.rb In tbo a hot. a-Wdul* witbta*p*?a. annogrd to rarh, and ti,r atoonnia trn#' hr r?rr:?4 .u,i and fm'rd up. ra,'h ' taaa p, hr .f?r?triy ?ta'od and tootrd .in ! ?a't prtrra and am", da ?, .at !>? a,, ytran wllho d aar n*d IP atlon or pr.U'orrd m> llfir, ... . ..alr - ar I Pr *p*oal* a'diuld h# auhmit'rd !r, thr following formj? "I f..r*? hrrrhr prefoeo to fnrnl*;, th* Indian l>rp*rtawn' .*? ordlog P> thr tr. m> Of thr adr*r'larrna,.t of th* Conoma' ? onrr of li dlan Affair* da'ol B > to' rr/I l*?t >h* fjt?m Ing.rt'.lraal th* tdirr* l>r>r'? *0ltrd: I Mo. Ir aatrt ?' r liat prrparrd a* Indl'aird ti tbr I *? p.,.g a|". of (hi* wlrrr. tjar'.rni I Hald artl-lra to to ?* dn *r>h> r"h*r atK'w 1 ork or Bt. Idpua aa * h* I 'uo'Tiir 'r,*r of f'idlao tfl.'ra mar r|ar<. .o, or brfnrr lb* JRtb d,r oi Primary nrrt a."I If 'tl'r Drop .I Im arrrnUkl I <..r rra will, w 'bp, r.r# dar* 't^rraf'r- atmrnto a rrottrarl .nro,, g|. j?.r rt'O m , rl,, ?? -fa'totr lo thr f .mmlaa o rrH fn-l ao Aflairafor 'a* fat' Ifnl fM-rfortnano* > I It,* a*p ? " P.. !. P'rpr.aal louat 1- far prlCrd hra rt.ran rr lo I ho Wfowi'if fi'UTi, to If# *lft nl hf two r#iini'.cM" i||f4f>rt? mh'%.' A'lltiT f w,-t f#ft t r?! try a I *.>* J, ,?-? nr thatrlrt A it? ?'Wft h'r*by "tnMMtr ???! Jfy rtrir ^ thai th* ? r ^ it ? t cT.all K# a?*-4?- t-? h'in r*r *h?m f.? ?? hl? r |h*tf. rM or pi ip..?al WHlnr il? 14 ? f??r#H ?? r ? -rf*r? f, an<t fir# froii.Alt# ?# nritf f#r Ifc# ftithfyi p#rf'?r?fTari## of lh# aame *# fir#. ? r '?*??! ?. !hm#mn t for f *"> #Wb? fVgf, ,J ' *?,# rf ,f *y|? j|4 - n.. n^OWP .? 'F I'd Vnd nttrmthn* r?iT h#ira #i*r ?|r ?? ?i?fi a to :?t th# 1 r M#t| Htetoe a ft. .*#** |#?? ?/,?* flfwe t^r c#n? ? n ?l?# om-tiifif - f -aifl M4 er f.r fw " will ??# r#?ftffr#4 te tli# am*#4nt **f ih# HI f#r (be f?#rf .rfn#'!'"# of ?h# # ?rrttrBr|, er1*h imnot m m f? whew ?||frv'?o#y fv?t#( r*? .#r <t.4 I* hf a inP?4 mil* J i4|R * IHMfM Aiioni#), li H'Nlf. TO ?DITKACToBli. _ *rwr#ej#e ?*???# St* 7n t*^t ? ? Htm t*ar.aAn irtfll , *i ?t T?*t '?nrv en aVuit ""l* V.w N'" ' *"**' '? '' '"? ? "om 4 K C'lBoTiNiK. chairman Rio u iro ' ommtWoo I'rririi F N,.*ru. Pi.giorrr. TH V. HIM, MP.AMflH. j isdh bu'P.8 ball Piivutm mtm I* Ifr '.g Hall, Hrdo-aiar Haw-, Vr |o larg ftrkna fa. lor a,o by lh* rormtora and at Ik* I liaaiia H an ofl ,, 13 and IM Hrnodwar ' 4 MITHI1U, AT HI F OLD .TAB li 147 SIXTH AVFSI'B - BT HIP orlgtool R EtNTF. lodDa aM ga, tl*owo .ao o^. n th* hi*'* t prpo tor U,?ig <wat r.S B oann* A| ror*|, Cnrpng, Ac , hy railing on or iddrraalog a not# to R Mm'*. IB Nina ??"I'.r l-dt*. w^r.' ip ?7.y Mrr Bmu toi wtU im dmil With P> your antlr ?, 'on Rrmroihr, |tf *ifih /?FN7LF.?IBS_I WILL BIT ABT V **T?irT <?F ' ' *'? **4 Lrft frlf < Prtblng for lb* '* **Dr* nmrtrt 'al! at !h? "tor* or *44"**a Tllnn II. ciiBROT, flflrwil ?'??1 hrtwaaa Crn'r* a ad i l.ataam

UIMCh. 1.1441 IIMM. AM!. ^ -7 VIKANCIATy, I AUlk' A LADY HfcGH YIIK LOAjf OF $?>', POH A FKW weeks; run itlve valuable TurnUur*> picture* a? securi ty, wlili ftr?t class leCnrtiices. Would l.he i?? ?ell ? pair of H y or iid v _ _ . valuable Fainting* by one of the l)?#t artists iu th'o city. Addresi Worker, b ix 17b Herald /ai*. Sf HVIOT * CO., *11^ > CIlAMaKR* wTKKRT? J Kumprtn IUnk.'C'. tail dIiImi Mtahll<M I*4m1 Ri. G prri* t t l ??r;n?iij- flint 1 >rivTlH lasuod on SUD elMe* of Kit wt " " i rope. Holiday rrwaehu for Larm*n> ni'tii t?e delivered to Ul before the l?t of Oreemhfir, MORKY TO l.OAN AT HhVKN PBR CRMT IN LA RHP '?r hr*U amount*. without delay, uu bo ml aitd more iM*?? on firm elaaa property tu this city. IWflim, No. 'J Went Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel 1 \ITTCK OF PACIFIC M ail .sTEAMHHIP COM PA N V ? A f Ne* York, Nov. i??, ho i. ?? m heitsby n-ven that the Board of Director* h?t e thin di.y declared a dividuud of live per cent otli of the net earning? of the i|iuu<rr enilln^ Oo|ul>er ?l payable thn office of the Company on >\Cu: lay, Dr-ember 1. The 11silkier books vrUl be ulosed Tuesday* November JO. * k P. M.. end reop umil Monday, oecember X ' "Board of H B order of the Board of Directors. THRO. T. JOliftHON, becretarf 0 ?' K 1-. PACIFIC MAIL 8TKAM8UIP COMPANY, New York, Nov. 10, I**. NOTICK JO HTQt KIIOLDPR8 Notice la herein' given thot tb?? Board of dlieotorf, baring inrieae?d fi r ch.hlJ Mt?>?*tc of the ooinpuny pursuant bt tnc 4 r - wbVh Vr~ aocot M ?%? I, 1Mb., t?> Abu Offci.OflO <of w fetch ftonffii sharer te inain to ?.? i?eo? d >, have r?*erye<| $.? mxHkft) In r?nb out of thy profit* ot" tho company lor tiie r ?igr ne|e* of the busine**, i and have declared tns'ttttd thereof f?? the persona holding \ stock on the b'KikM of this '^ tlipony .it the cio*tr.i? of t,ie ? ran*'tar book a on Tuesday, November 20, IfWfi. ?t j o'clock j P. M , a dividend of a idi fW> 000 *har*s of the <*4?ek of tht? com i any ** full * a hi stock. bnns one ahar*> of two ?h/?L to every litre* share* ol existing stock. The r-rtlfi vtc* will bo ready for delivery on and after Wedw *<Uv. Unuarr i!. IffiT ?? the office of the . ,i?,peii\ N B. -Hoi enfiiled to fractions ?n the aiene dividend wUi receive a mernorandutn for the fraction* t?? which tiiev may be entitled, not oirrvlnn Interest or dividend, for n-nieh f'artiojia, whan rre^Qlcil in ?ufficinii ? e? tlflratea ol .'tork will t?e ia*ned Hy uxiai of the Bo??rd of Dlrcytora. TilhODOHP T JOHNSON, Marreti?i-y. f|1HF Ml Tl AL 1 UKK INsURANCK OOMPANY ? OP NKW YORK Oflo e ?:orner ol Rrordway and Litem r atre't. V 8 WINHTON. Pre-Ment Nov. I, CAR!! AMKBT8. $17.8li,0dl ?? Thla ?Miiopany Issues Life. F.noowinent and Pahl-n?? Poll* eie* in varv us forms, and at rate* as favorable a* iw con da tent v\ it.i a.- urtty tu *?" iintjr. DIVIMLNDB ANNI AL iVD fV CASH, whirl, may be tiaed in |ie>tnenl ol pirmium*, or on paid-up poll oil-*. a? i, o aimilsl I'AHII INCOMR TO TUP. Attention lacttli'-d to the INcTaLMPNT FRATUP-K. flecuritiR to the lietieftriarlos annuities for anv utirnber of years suer ?l?e death ol the tossiire.j Kid! tl<l> A. McCCRDY, Vice President bhKPPkKD HOMAN'R A-torfR. I.i.r \?MTT, j M. >Tt'ART. i NHF. Th .N PRR f| Ni BOMDB uF TI1R CTTY OF v'AN I rau'-iiHJo. laiUng d'?e In Ibe . it? of New York on the Id December. DkM, wl; 1 peiding-fd by LFK8A VN ALU.It. Pine ? i arm No iniei-.-at r%n be allowed aftor maturity of Mori mbfs 12, Ik d'TT". HGH TO LOAN t?N BOND AND MORY ?Ml* M'' ''' S*?,e ? >ii real e?!nb? In ? h'a rily -<r Brook lyn. JOHN f. ? ONHRV. SJ M all reef ?o?.m No. U 1'TI A hhh T?> LOAM ON BOND A Ml MOHL 5^*) I U.lM'U g.i.gonn ie.?l esta'e. In N#-w Vork city and Brooklyn. I'roper It, Goods. Mort/ngss, bo <tht. t.-HAb F. (Ill MAN UH ffiiMsdirsy. room N?.. 6. i HISTI.PMAS WIIOT1A" IROV ?VnW TO V'<o \ . ii'i. ? -n.l ?l?h? l.,.!*.** ?ltb.r?? I* ur IT.'I M-'n. ? -oJ v il.Jr... < .plUlUK II' r*l.l ?*>"<? %?o\I MRKK I >??'? l"K l*Ml>KIWIO!tKI? H?VF N lori.1. ?rlnr ?bip for ?h- rmrpo- i.f P*ri?, ? KinVAltl< II. AM?r;KW? R.?r IVAN* W. AN1.RKWK, ntfff', Hoitoii ^^ DKumwi ; o? 7'-rr(::.TovhTtvt..' h.?>?T !'??''?. A0'"'?* ? .'?>? IWIIn. l | ? T-'' ,ir.,rM, . phai'TI^ai, wool. oASrf ArrrRKB ??'"?? ?l""l" ?r ?or?o I00?U llbri?l A'l4.r??A l< II . Ih? "ill ?. 4'.? Ikon WANTKO. A PART>'f'l' IV A f li.lHHI. ? ????? 1 Zv* - a mv.;;";:*. ? ??? ?n? 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