Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1866 Page 2
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i?rvvrio?B wavm*. ATOI?To LADT OK IP.KINKMEnFt AND CAPABILI If "V'Tee the poaOloa of housekeeper In agenttemnna family i* '.jug i* a.aiai in the oare or oumaatiou of children. Addreaa C. i t,, boi l.SIJ Post odlce. __ A YOUKt LADY WITH A LIBERAL EDUCATION, . V in orpbn Of respectable, Ohrfitlnn i.arenta, able to Oil moot ?nv pattlou ?here u.e servicra or an Intelligent person would w. appreciated, Into ? kMoWlji Of SOW ??? ?Ingulf. as wring dosie.uc duties, would net a* lady a com panion or cop. n wauU a u.uuo wuli ? reap?c labia faiudy ; reference givnbnd required Addrraa H. B , tlMHloMF. t Rr.SFECT.BLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A J\ situation aiwei noroo, ?atla fnU. frevh breaaha of milk and abundance d g. Apply for two days at No. 3d Weal I .'.ill -St. AM A KB IHD VOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS wrl in. r?i iii (respectable family, city or country, with a fresh bie. d of mu. Call at ? 3dl h at.. noar 7tb a*. ALAIir FROM THE SOUTH DESIRES A POSITION aa would do plain sowing in n faraliy. flood relereuoe giveu. Call ouor address M. A.,'<!&3 Blcrckcr ?I reel AYOUNU WIDOW l.AUY WISHES TO PROCI KE A aituatlon In thia city or else a horn, aa housekeeper, where alio r.iuld have time enough to devote to her business Salary -econdarr conaldrrsiiuu to a comfortable home. Ad drraa Mrs. Raymond, alatlw It, for three days. AS FIRST CLASS COOK -AN ENGLISH WOMAN who uiidrratanda Fnnch, English and American cook inf. Rest of reterence {iren. Address, lor ibroe daya, M. M., bl flU av., in the basement. A COMPETENT PKIHON WISHES A SITUATION AS aV nurau who hM uciel in that capacity for the last 10 wr-ftra. and la fully comp*ent to take the entire charge of an luiaut from ita birth. Ctn give unexceptionable city refer ence. t>au be i?een for two days at at 1M *><1 ar.( between Idth and 17th ata? * *- .w** at bar A.r, i DE8IRK8 FAMILY aahin^ or gQ , .??_ P ?** would do gcntiriiicu'H Mrs. Moohnn. fcff kaetaat'Vtj * reference. Call on A A ?VISITING GOVERNK8S. ADULT PUPfES l'RK A. ferred Tenna reasonable. Common English branches, M-?themailca, Coinposiiioti. Coreapondenob. L on . Crtltcisin. Reading the Fuels, History, English vernation, CrtttcMm. Keadlut, , ? - latrra.ure. Piano, SibdinA, Drawing. Keiereucee, bret famUe.uf slow York rf01 Halation 0. A WIDOW op REFINEMENT WISHES A POSITION as houseaeeper. no objection to the care of one or two frown children, la a good ?eaaialreaa. Address N. E U ? ation U. a family gifino up housekeepino wishes (\ to get a home for two good girls (.lateral, Clin be |rrn on Monday and rueaday, and nuhly recnminonde l, bv call in* at U- W est JJil al., win-re they have tlved many years. a RE > PIC TABLE WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO GET A Willi: J\ w. Iii y mid I room. by daya' work or at borne, or wru : ,?, "u! to r. ok by the day or week. The boat of rcicreuct- , veu. v ?? 11 .?t ia?4 6tn at . 4 h' -AMR MESS WIS HISS TO GO OUT BY THE iY d< . we* k iff tin niii; m uct'U<>toui<*d to cut. lit and t ch'id*' ? clothe* m kL styles. Addieaa Mrs. 0., .nation D, hi le Hon e. NTK.SK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A KE uurncan woman, with a fresh of j iy at ?7 I'riuce #?t . three d^ora went oi YiK'NO LADY IS HKSIUOUS OF OBTAINING A ? .i i" i in a b kor. or confeo.ionery store, would be i . willing and obliging; rffrn uce aa to honesty, At'. Ad tor two daya ?i. M., aution II, Aator place l'uat oQlce" A HI \LT11Y YO Nil LADY WOULD LIKE A SITU iY atioii w-m titirue, in a respectable family. .Apply to Mrs. Can, 78 Kooa ve.t ?t. A LADY 4.IV Nil UP HOUSEKEEPING DESIRES hit in lions in a 1) rat chut* lamly for two faithful and competeut servai ta; one aa cook, tne other a? waiiress nu^ se.imsm or c an ermaid and seamstress. U ill at No. 9 Weal ilid ' t., on Aloud..y, betweeiili and 1 o'cloi k. AVOI NiJ Wl rOW LADY OF PREPOSSESSING AP pe ua; ce, also of edui-.dtou and reain nieut, I.-, desirous of obtuiiiiug a p?i. tou c nou-c n'cp' r; a age* not so much in obj?c. .n a K"od . unie. Address O H. sui'on ?. AYOUNU LA ?Y WISHES a SITUATION IN A CON fectioucry or fancy goods Ktore. Address M. D., su Hon G. S EDUCATE* GERMAN LADY WISHES A SITU A i tion in a tlrst class famdv, as lady's maid, d reap maker seamatreas. Address A. E., box 181) Herald odlce. A WIDOW, 3U YEARS OF AGE, WOULD LIKE A fx i ii .Mon a Dona keeper; is capable of taking the ontire charge o a L i:?e. ('?!) 4>ve the best of reference. Addre ^ Housck box 140 Herald oini c. M ? R OF WET NURSES, WANT SITUATIONS Ua 1), a. .uio. Laiist n'a Nuraen' Iusfitutc, No. 5 Oih at., boat: >. A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IS A OO' D SEAMSTRESS, wlahcK a situation in a reHp.-otable family or with a tirnt i lane aii* nuialn r; ?.ie *h competent to inairuct imildrt u under ten in K(igli-h. the rudiments of Latin ann French, aTid ia wilini^to make h rarlt useful; i?cet rcinrnucc given. ' i>e se-n til this wee % at 242 8ili at., between l*t and id avs., room No. 8. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT aaUon iu nrivauHamdy; ?ne uudcr<>tand? dr? h .nd etoiik rn.ik .g, cod all kinda of tamilv Hewing, or with out a uiacLtiuri. Cull a. 19J East 123d at., butvxeeu 1st and 21 *ve. HO IOR DIXIE.?A IENTS WANTED HOI TH AND No in. i exutiful AVorka of Art. Com n>?*Lii? or aslary given. K L '?.iU A STOSKR, 29 Beekuiun street, N. Y , aid if 4 8 'Uth GUrk sir* 11 ChicufS. HOl'SKKhr.l'n. *.?A MIDDLE AGED LADY OF EX. pWhnHg and hdlheei reepeetabllltv dealres the above f oauion in a gentleman' family, l-ndouotedcity reference. Addre?a K. G. II., box 1 228 Po?t oflice. VJ"l'RsES Sit a * ION ,\ ANTED?BY A WOMAN WHO IN in c<m|*itent to tak iho entire rh..rgo <d" i?n infant from ita birth or to bring it up by hand; has the bc*t of city reference. Cad at 16 bant 23d at. \AJ ASHING A.N IRONING DONE BY AN EXCEL ? ? Gnt laund ea? who ba? lived In aome of the beat pri vate famll ea iu thl ?c:ty for the last aiitecn je.irs; will do clotlx - up be ua i y i' r .#c no |> r doien. Drop a note and aee fur yoursel!. Mrs. Codins, 182 Laat Jl.h St. W VNTED?A ft UA I S AS IIOUHEKKkSTr BY ? rcapcci ible virto'v lady .? mip-taul t<> t .k# able rlmr^e. Or aa companion for an tge ? or Invalid pcrM)n. Adtlre.k two week. (J. U. IIci.ild oilicn WANTi.D?A VI.AT . ,S H U-U K EPBR, BY A ronng I tel. of adueatlnp, In a priva.c family; run fur olah the boat i. relireiicc. Adilreaa Grameroy, Herald oilioe. w J ANTED?IL A LADY OK MANY YKARh' KXPK riencc poaltlon In a re-uoct blr lamlly. cither in the " ' " of houee' " ' e:ty or count y, a man ger of household aifair,. A food heme the prim i, .. oojrcl, Addre.v l'.. bo? l.Mtil Poat oillro WANTED-BY AN AMP.RICaB. A SITUATION AS eon ckeei>er, o to uaalvt in a boarding boua~. Tlie beat of reference given. Addreav Howard, atalion G. Klb av 11/ANTED?PY A L\ Y OF TKS YEtRti' RXPK vv rlenre, a villi Hon ?? nurse to an Invalid I.idy 01 gen ll?mvn. Best of reference, aa to ..bllity and-h r.u ter Would prefer accompaiiv ug .. p.irtv lo .. urnne. Add re., for our ?e- k Mr.. M , K.. Ih,i M ,XI i'ihi .ullce WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GUKMtS o g:rl a, cn .rnl.ernmld In a private family, fan be aeen at MM Kaet 4th at., frneu y aiore. 11/ ANTED?BT A RBBFKCTABLE AMUR II woman a alluallon In a ainall private family; 1 lllc girl ten yeara Id. ('all for two day. al f* i'.aM top floor. 11 A . rm-MY A RESPECTABLE M MtRIiill WOMAN v* a baby io dry nur-e. Addrcaa Nurse, L. 8., tlerald oifiro. (or one week. WANTiD-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMtN, IKE" 11 gentlemen and ladle.' u .-hlng; can do timing II re 'lulreii Call a( PI Weet S7lh at., innl house, ria.m 111. Y\rANTi:D A SITUATKiS BY A YOUNG woman, A 11 aeamslrra.; un.lerstAnds lamlly vewiiic on Vt heeler A Wll-.ui u. .chine; no able, .(.ai to a-aivt In i.ghi work .?i to mind < hlldiein lull al J} Wiat ?tb at., bet w era all all I Mh a?(. IITAJITKD-BY A YOISO AMERICAN I.ADY, ABIT. ?? attnn :,?< i o taofeeiper: nn home mora ot ni object lb ii high ??i;p<. Addrcaa Mr* ilonnra, at .Gun C. w I'ANTRP-A sIIYaTION AS lKU -F.KRKI'l'H BY A 7 Isdy f',.' tlior uglily t.n in stand* housekeeping. hi. i i * bit* ne ? lhn u gu?n| t machine* wero put on; i will lug tu make herself useful IB either c.p.rlty. Aildies or <f?n lib Mn Mum*. i?l Hlh av? cvi.icr aith bi., over Ibu Ufa si .ire, for Iw < da\ a. HELP WANTEII-KKMAI.F.N. A GOOD OIRI. WASTED?TO Do OKNEHAI. MOl'NB w.rk fur a small private family: am i begned waaber and Iroaer and ooaut wnll racommended *Pl?'y '? Mr? T K. Jon**, ilroadway. Ilrst hulls* wrest of IIOi St., Ilmoklvn K l> nrttS Pearl #1.. A. V. AN EUPKRIKNCBD OPERATOR ON WHBKL.KR A Wllaoa's inarhin*. desires to work fu* fumlllrs by tlm day, lull ? ut al kinds of children's and laira' rl dh. s, work taken in ill* boa e. lueklng. Hire* rent* a yard; teferrnce (.nil. 0 . I III lilt West Will al., room Nn ?. D RIS>M\KKRS WANTED?AT 12ft *TH sT : NuNt but li ai data hand* need apply: alao an appraiilir*. "ORi; WOMAN.-ORE TO 1ABB CHAIU1E OF THE * ? Ik Iking 111 a Ural class business. Only thus* i! v i ?p. rieocod and com| rtenl aood apply at No. II Meal [Al E SIT 11M K N WANTED GOOD HANDS. FOR TIIK J a i ni wnr* and fan-yr onaatora Apply to or aitdraa* W. Ki OKH Broadway, dear Nineteenth street WASU.D-A FIRST CI.AM ITTTER. FOR DRESS " nnil ? ii>,, trimmer*, and a good np. r.stor on Wh*?l*r a w llaon'a stmt ina*hlna: none but good hand* n*?d apply, at 151 Mh at., on Monday. VV anted -a ii mi. ro dogrnrkai. idm rework 'is plfln family: on* recently arrived preferred. Apply on V ,uday at i'<i WeatWd at. w RANTED IN A PRIVATE FAMILY A RELIABLE I i<? "sj tut fiti M funk. tAtiMh ?r ami tn?n#r; InM r?.?r foe* re ,11 red axes till ,0|il? on Timed*/, at noon, al No III Wall I . rear oltl a, third ttrmr YyANfT D?A HOOD LAUNDRESS WIIO WILL AS. " *"1 JbambetfSnrk: must |.e good tempered and (?bllimgi wages tin. Andrea,M deal Ifib at \\ Al? !i?. . N KSK WITH GOOD BREAST "T ? " "Wpnny ? lady In rhleago. Nonelnit strong healthy women need apply ,| |6 r5?*r, street. WET NI RSK.?A GOOD. flKHPKi VAI1I F NCRNP TT will hear ef a goodMloatlon up i<mn by riliuiaat I ylng In lloaprtal, Maoun -treet, ?t If o'elntk t4l"nd ?' UTANTKD?AN OPERATOR ON PINOFIPS uv China, also a few good drssam ikara. n. Mrna Linker ' . s.iu", rs. ? s - N**"' ? "?'? ?an! a, y Ml'-tpa Jltltftr Maurlre a, 7M Hmadwny, Mom No. II. ruu, t)Ul, * . hand* need* apply. WANTED?OOOD PRFSRM AKEKS AND IMPROVER* at UdB Broadway Mnr Mth at "*? ? SITUATION* W*1TED-Rti,F,t. Y SITUATION WANT8C-BY A TOI Nt) my |r J\ retail (*? and eofte* atoee or Brat ela?* grneary hsa h,d e tparlenon In that lina, beat of oily refaren ss A Id ess p. ? ' F , Herald oBlce. w I" ANTED?A SITUATION AS WAITER. BY A RK. ' ?l"labia enlored man. ht* food reeommendalton l.iatn mat ernpl .t *r. Cau at UJ BMl AM at ^JIWIJATMJWS WAMT8P-MALM. WANTED-A 8ITU ATION AS CABIN ROY. ON BOARD ? flr*t pImui Mrht going to Kursf.; buaiM two ycuriirnrio. tn theUntied St.tai Nary; boat rolereneoo fur "'?ked. AJUrtw Harry. Herald oSo*. WANTKD?A SITUATION *8 A HOTKI. CLKRK OR burkn?p<-r. by ? young man who ha. bad lire year*' experience with unexceptionable reference. Addreaa or ap ply to George Thorn*., If Hioadway, down a lair*. COACHMH8 AND \ it DI-.N ICIls. CIOACIIMAN.?A OSNTLKM IN WISHES TO KIND A ) mod pi* e for Ma coachman. Apply ou Mouilay at 67 Broadway, room No. 9. WANTEO-A COLORED COACIIMAN. ONE WHO nnder.laiida the buafnea* lhorou(lily and I* willing to make himeelf uaeful; anion with amufl family preferred Apply to or adilrea* T. R. Hawley, Mamaroneck, Weatchea ter county. ( I.KHKS AND NAliKSRIHN. A N EXPBRIKNCKD SALESMAN, IN A FIRST 0I.AH3 JX dry gooil' ooninnaalpn house in Ronton, in open for an engagement in a aimilar houae In New York. Woollena pre ferred. Addreaa Edward*, box 5,065 Foai olllce. Hoaton A YOUNG MAN OP THE FIRST RESPECTABILITY (lecr. a a olerkahlp In the nlllne of a llrat claaa hotel A Id rep* II. C., station G Post olllce, CI OA I, SALESMAN WANTED?A PERSON OP EX I perience In the huainea*, and who can Hell Brat quality coal on culmination for an old eatahllahcd yard. Addreaa wi:b rrferenceH, Coal. Ikii JOT Herald odlce. DIUO CLERK WANTED.?A COMPETENT ONE WHO cxn furnlah good recoinmciidatlont may apply at the drug turf 304 Grove ?L, Jeraey City. WANTED?ONE roughly In everr --u Tuu .. we., nuMiiainuHi in me Weal and South weat; beat New iork or Philadelphia referenda required. Addreaa Box No. 1,314 Philadelphia Poat olllce. OfATfTED?THREE SMART CiTT AGENTS. GOOD " jnt fHineu may applv from 111 to 13 only, to C. D. Mur phy, 4S4 Broadway, room No. A IVANTED?A DRY GOODS SALESMAN KOB T1IE ?? drets de-mrlment; one whounderalandadreatlng win down pre erred. None need apply but tkoae who are acquaint ed with the city trade, at Geo. Moyr&u'a 444 3d ae. fTRAVRLLING DRUG SALESMAN WANTKD X who underMlanda the bualnett thoroughly In branch, and who I* well nequalntod in the Went and I VIrANTED? \ FIRST CLASS SALESMAN FOR ... J?y!ry buaine,*; a Uberul aalary will be Addrean J. K. A Co., with referencea. box 192 llerald ni THE paid, olllce. IVANTED?A RESPECTABLE, GOOD DOUBLE K\. , l7 bookkeeper In a merchants odlce, where Ihc work in ' ?3!) fBW hSSrH; ""' ""7 ?dOU llrat year; doub ed theaecond. Addreaa with particulars, box 1.570 Poat odlce. ANTED?A SALESMAN IN THE HOSIERY DP partuient; one who tindernlanila the bunlnenn JAMES A. UEARN A SON. 775 Broadway. YV HELP IV VNTED?IIALKa. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF GOOD EDUCATION - . wauled. 10 collect and wrlle report* anil atiend In other duties on a weekly paper. Salary $10. Addreaa A. M. A., Herald office. ' A ,WAVT'.n-TO !5KI'T' A HEW ARTICLE, wanted every ?|i r?; n aplmuipl chance for ln-ur;ince _ _ .. . ., ^K...luiniictT iur in-uranco and oiher agent u ? heir ex era time prolitably; from $5 to $-0 per day oaa .n dn. Call ?t 28 Liberty at., main floor. Agents?we offer you a fine chance to make money. I'urtlea desiring right of aale In countlei or town* for a very valuable invention will mneult their own internal by railing el 119 Na?aau at., room No. 7. Agents wanted-100 MEN and boys, to sell the magle aafotv lamps?a great aucceag Agenta are in kin from $5 to $20 per uny. Call at the manufaciiirera' otllce, 3H Ooitland at , up ataira. CUSHING A WINO. Agents wantf.d-to sell brown's oust Cle nmg Pobah; aelU everywhere, city and oountry; large proQta to agent*. 1'articulara of C. M Brown, 74 Bleccker .t? New York. A YOUNG MAN wishes a situation in a whole aale huuae or retail ?tore or ulU e, or aa clerk III a hotel; willing pi make lilniaelf generally uaeful; heat of ref erencea fiotn laat place. Addical George, box 3U6, Herald otlloe |)OY WANTED.?SALARY FIRST YEAR $100; MUST l? live With hla | r-ntaaudhe able to write. Apply to Jacob Sh irpe Rea I auto Broker. 26 Pine at. / lANV.t.-SEK a \V \ N'TI'D- FOR AN ADVERTISING I ' - heel ', gentlemen ol integrity and good nddreaa onlv; nny nbeiit $J> uei cek. tpplv no Monday at room No. 3. 83 Cedar at lANTI'lll'RIalN , ?s;i ENf llG TIC AGENTS AN > " ' canv ?.era ? f t . i-ina-i paper None hut tier* muiia with ir trl.e, ?>, need addreaa <4., box 154 Hera .1 ? ? H'lK*V:^-S ' * ?v ; ' . WANTRD?TN EACH Van nt e v k,v'H- f"r Lloyd'* Mammoth Map of Ne v lorn i n P i,. Thu great map aliowa every limtae and-a: o r .- ,. ,,nd |1;l, been two vcara n " "?> ;u 1 coat $100,000. Flrat'claaa Ceiiivjutpt rnc-ii tur and taking order JiyjSil! | / ol cuing advert lac mcnla I i l.-'VD. 23 Cortlandt afreet. J ANTED?IN l,t 1 OK, OK A LAD. ABOUT 16 M I .FXtfvUttt," " "PP"1'?01- T w vv AN I L ii?Til it . ;;r I ""Y AGENTS; GOOD IN v fluoemeui-. ?,o ; ,n?y apply from 1U to 1* lock lot.. D. V-... I. lei Hue, ? . ay, room 4. 117 AN TED?A MAN In I.VEIIY WORKSHOP, FAC torjr, u.mI v int w:?? r? tliwro a number of o'hfrn ?'mplo>e?l, to mci o - m : f? ?$? tliu ?rund on f?*BtlvHl io? the i fit??' thf .mi cililhiren of Noi(ti?ra ai-d *. u' e- j,>i ti iiwtn will ba furnlNhed grutl.H, with eirrtiu h?moI-?mii ? i\ wholaHffalr Tbla luvi tut Ion Ik meant to ij?i e il ? ?nty and benovulance of ill mechanlca .ind we V I.Il^ral allowances will be ni'itle to (hose who w !?' i hour to thin cm tin*. Call or wend ?t imp t??r J* ' ' Inunaa & Co., managing dlrectora, blf Hroad1 N-.? > tVAXTID-Am month. BTKKT * p whare, mule Aitd ? i > 'l th? ganuirir <'oi*im??n Sonaa KuTftily haw 1,1 \\ >? 1 V ? iteat invention of the a^e. I'riee $13 v. , t t r? ?? warranted three yean. Addrc .a 8ec?)inb \ iUt. r : ? vt ,.u ?. W AXTBO OA V . . A NEW AND BKAt.'TI I :r 11' ' A liberal percenugh . - ii-*. ,\ niirrai percenuign allowed, t'al! a' tie t I owaln \ Cx, $76 Sl*te atr.. between 9 1. no ' ?*. \'.?er? the picture oan be pecn itul term tnudc know . \\7 ANTKI). -TWO YOI Sih <KN. WHO WK1TK A fair hand. >alary $16 t er week. Other Taranriea ill! NaaHuu at rea , rooiii S . 9. Immediate employment. WJ ANT' D?A MAM 'Ml Wf ".li IN A SECOND IIAND Yf fuMtinire e (hit repair and aell. No othe r need uppl.. full '*r ' - duy? at 3*0 Iltidaon rt, In the kiure. . ? TIlV. TH \DKN. % PKAfTD*AI? l.N : i I'SKD TO Hl'NMNtJ MA .'1 rliie ; ti.j , ,v .,??e d'drea o mi nation t<? tuke churl- m t ? i- ; b ? of refe eiicea at\en. Apply to t.tig ite- r. c ,v k Mturi, Weal af. I/l r.flRoT, ; D ?ONE KXrEKIENCEO IN Ij le'ier pre?>a wOf . llxRLr.S CHANKE. ?1 Aon at I R?-T ?'? \ A 1-1? K I. * YE US WANTED?BETWEEN ? F ? ? otf n ufid (i ? ? e h recnc* pmnt. Wages $4 V> per -MIM.N KH W\NTf.D. FOR MINI'. .?f ' . i.'iii ant ? r k han't* required; work steady. ??;Mjy at., th-rl I <ft, -ftc. ntne o'clock. fV ?? N M J KS.?W ^NTF ?, A FIRST Of.AH# r ker Apply ui i.tlaon ftreft, up atatra. rro \l j. TIIF. NEW \'(?RK r-i'TThRb* ASStM'I 1 . ?? enltlnf Apply tti.i ? *" ? Motfwi K v n ton fla'.l 17 Itiritigtou wit"' U I Jtt S tl'p (rf-w w i K- i ? ' \? S RI'DEICS. WFIO ARK <i?* "\, , i f$|eec. To gtlod hand* per mafu*' '. ? ipi"yi?i? . ' : ('ii. at 1 b6 N\ llliitn U ANTKD" \'tli | MTMt I c.'IWRR, TO OO TO n 4 ltednrtati Peri'ianem emrtoyin n< Rtvew, A lief* inanpr M. I Anply ? ? Pit l.p Hea? ;. r 18 Joan M U\NT l? A KOI KM AN FOR A ROPE MAM KAC. t ?r*: one who thurom b y nnderat .udn the iiianufuc* ? pi'-of T-i e wl'li a "tnplete know ? l/eoi m ich'nery. ateady h .in * ???'J 11 com mend x ???1 no object tuna t?? g >ing M'. i, kfill 11* viianiiifecd ateady einplvyovilt. Addreaa A. M , ?. . i|*: v- ? V? -k I'm I., u IT MRN. IN AN m uimiafty ?? 4or ind lette'" toap ? \ell; t<? t!i ? e wlp? -ult, a >???. d and permanent l??4. mm ' an offered. Addrcae e-amnel H. 4'r.?ndeli. Imii W htf IdiMpfw. it '? BADY $ \vt ORtNDBR AND neni wart and ??>'?! wagwt'l ".nun; none need apply unleaa corn^tent. Apply at IJ.4 Worth at. II'AST' P HANDS I OR 4*1.K % NINO OFF RI.A<*K | ?? w. moulding ige at. KXPRKKNKM. ^ B' KMUM S ft HJIITl'HB ^11 ntOIIttlK F 115 W ?t KlarantU -leant, MM Sltlh arc Viitr I mm foil,us i,i vp I, ill* or country furnH ?ity or country: furnl ? .rtca p ii A?<| and tlil| |>p I; I iirnltura Mum) i i \Mtt company or Fir k n<h. a an r> 4 J Keei ir all, r I .. j I llnvlintf; temporary offl r 3!B Broadway ? . .. N-w Ynna. Nor. 13. 14M .. r " **!'"* " 1 nv WIM IhU dor I.prn in ||r? Una ba'oacn Raw York, f >.?.|rl, l,i?, Baltimore unit Waab inton, for III AW FftKIQUT AN!? PAt'KAOKS. Thar will r?li for and dcliirr prompt It. at ihr following rate. ? For hrary freight to I'hlladr'phta 4tlr nor llltt lh?. Itf kWff ftwRll B Ballltiiorn ? iiv- | pr |fl? Iba. bo, hnary frrlvli- to Waahitifton ... tpa- pr- tin |hn for fcnanp fre>dM M Onorgrtown, D, t' INr ??.,|.m n.. For hrnrr freight to Aleiandrla Kit. |.rr pgi |>? I'.-lira anil ralun'loa wil' bn taken at aa maaonalile rate- >?? by utir othn raaponalbla mmpanr. TbeCompaoy In arranging to rapldlr open ita office. at atl, Impiittant polnta through llir Koutli an I Bouthwe.l, a. a foil Bapme.. Tlita t'otnimoy *ra pro pa rail to pay promptly fur any bm or damage that maj i?rnr Ortlora ma. ha loft nt nllner of tha abora nfon, B. rr?aHrol. j H R Wll.Sflt. K. C. I'lcniK, Traoenmr. t 43 Broadway. Buperlti.utidan'. \a ATCII t la * K .11 Y . AC. AriMIftlU A CO.. jnvKtil.RM. ?*? mtnt ? avrnoa. rornrr Fomiennltl atro?t. and SIB b . * ith IV' nop. rornrr Twernr.altlb atrrrt, rrrnian rnd Mialr a ir a rl of Watrlioa. .lawelry, Sllrrr and I'latail Mara. IMam ida and otbrr I'raoiotia Simian.? Wn are patentee and anle mono!. torrra of Ainarran Cuckoo t'lia'ha. W itclie. with ?? lorirta for likrnraaea, Ac A. FRAlthKlb I.ll A CO AHMV AND XAVY CUINd. UPlaDIRRSI Tim TIMK I!* WHICH Yt'l All it allowril to flla four rlaltna for Bounty to ra ? iva I'liri dlatr attention ta almost riplrrd. Call at often at 30 Mr< em ?trrnt *. J. RtOdim WWILKOT A CO.. >1 NAHBaO PtKMKT, MOOM . No 4, no ataira Ottlrara and naaB claiming fof prtraa lionrnand Stephen Hart aan racwtantAgtr aaonay Ha wr j.ata.y upon application at Un atom ?tM? WMWAW WpUiyWH. rpi? STEAMSHIP ETNA, Of THE INKAMLINt, 1 will ull from plT 45 North rlvar *1 noen oi W|$aia dav, November IB, for Liverpool, oatllng kl Quoanstovm. Rates of pn?sge:?First oabin. $J0; steerage, $91. our reuojr. JOHN O. DALB, Agent, 15 Hrew^wey. CTTEAM to Liverpool, calling at qukknrtown. The Inman Line, sailing semi-weekly, carrying the United state* mail*. RTN A Wednesday, November 28 CITY OF WASHINGTON Saturday. December I CITY OK DUNLIN Wednesday Daw-ember 5 CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday, Decembers K ?NOAROO Wedneadav. Deoemlter 1 i and eanh succeeding Saturday aud Wednesday, at noon, from pier 45 North river RATES OF PASSAOS, , By the mall steamer sailing every Saturday, FIRST CABIN |90 I 8TEERAOE ?Sil to London M to leindou M to Paria I(M I toParu 40 Payable In gold. Paaaage by the Wednesday ateamera? Flret Cabin, 9' Steerage. $30. Payable In I'nlted Stalea etnreney. Paaaengnra alao forwarded to Ilavre, Hamburg, Bremen, An.. at moderate rate*. _ ... .. Sieerage passage from Liverpool or Queenatnwn. $99 gold, or the equivalent. Ticket* can be bought here by peruana Bonding for their frlenda. For further Information, apply at the Company's offices. JOHN O. DALR, Agent. 15 Broadway. New York. XTATIONAL STKAM NAVIQATION COMPANY. in (Limited.) STEAMERS WEEKLY TO LIVKRPOOL, CALLING AT QPRKNBTOWN. Leaving pier 47 North river aa follows:? SCOT' 4NO. Captain Hall. Sulla Saturday, December 1. T'lK QUEV.N. Captain ilrogan, aaUaSaturday. December 9., DENMARK. Captain Thoinaon, salla Saturday, Decem ber 15. VIRGINIA, Cant-in Prowae. aallt Saturday, December92. PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Lewis, aaiU Saturday. Decern bar 99. Cabin pavaage. $100: Steerage. $t?. Steerage pavaage tlckela. to bring partlei from Liverpool or Qnnenelow n, for ?i5 In currency. Th ranch paaaage to Parle, Antwerp, namburg, Bremen, Ac . at low rate*. ... Dra'ia laaund for anT amount, payable at any bnnk in Oreat Britain or on the continent. Per fre'ght and oabln paaaage apply at the offloe of the onmnany, 57 Roadway. _ ... And for ataeraga tickets. at the paaaage office of theoom pany. 97 Broadway aud 276 Peail street, near fultnn. F. W. J. HURST. Manager CJTEAM TO QUEEN8TOWN AND LIVKRPOOL. O The Aral claaa Iron sieamablp MANHATTAN, aaile WEDNESDAY, Decemlier 12, From pier 37 K?*t river. Paaaage In cabin $100 | Steerage $30 Payable ill currency. Forpaaaage apply to WILLIAMS A OUION. 20 Broadway. OTI AM TO QUEFNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. ^ From New York every Wednesday and Saturday. Fleerttge paaaage $90, currency. Paaaage to New York aud remittances to Ireland, England, dr., at low rates. WILLIAMS A OUION. 28 Broadway. rONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINK. I Passage to London, dirrct. $90. $00 and $90, currency, pu aai,gp from London $70. $00 and WHO, gnbl. C"LL \. Captain (lleadnll, from New York. Dee. 8. WM. urrn. Captain Billlnge. from Now York, Doe. IS. ATALVNTA. Captain Plnknam. from New York. Dee. SI. PRi.LONA, Captain Dixon, from New York, Jan. 16 The llriltah irfln ateamahip UF.I.LA, 2,500 tona, will leave nice No a Norlli river for London, direct, on Saturday, De'v 8, at 12 M. Freight will be taken, and through bllla of lading given, to Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam. Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For pna?nge apply lo CH \S. A. WIIITNMY, 28 Broadway. For freight apply at fit South street. HOWLAND A ASPINWALL, Agenta. THE ftAMBVRO AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S Iron m nl nte?msh |> TEtTTONTA. P. II. Hnack. commander. carrying the United 8t,tM m?ll, will Mil on Saturday, December I. at 12 M., for HAMBURG, taking naaaengers for Hamburg. Hurra, Southampton and t nrdnn. Fl-at cabin. >11)5: leeond Cabltl, $82 50: steerage, ?.I1 Ml, payable in gold or Itv equivalent. Tb? OPRM a NT A will follow December S. KI'NH 5ROT A CO., ('. R Itll'll ARD A BOAS. General Agents, General 1'aH.agr Agents, 45 Exchange place, N. Y. No. it B .relay at rest, S. Y The north oerman i.t,oyd's steamship BREMEN II. A. F inaa'ar. carrying the United statea mall, will aai'. from the Brcman plar, Mot of Th'ril atraat, llohnken. on RATI KDAY. IlKl KMHElt 1, ron BUFMEN VIA SOITII AMI-TON. TAKING PASKKNHBRK TO LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON ANII BREMEN ! at Ilia following ralpa, pnyable In gold or ita equivalent In currency:? or lha first rabln, $11*; second, $81 50; Htaaraga, f/i. To ba followed hr the alaamahlp AMERICA, ,1. C. Meyer, nt.iatar. on December 15. For freight or p .stage apnlv to OKLRICHS A CO.. K) Broi l street. ^NEY DTIfECT LINK TO FRANCE. THE. flFNFRAI. TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MATE STF.AAISH1PS BETWEEN NEW YORK ANII HAVRE, 0 tl.ETNO AT BREST The aplar 'li| p.-w Teasels on thla favor'le route for the Continent will sail from pier No. fa) North river, a? follow ' : ? VII EE HE PARIS, hurmoiit Saturday, Oaeemher I El'ROPtr Lctnarlc Saturday, December 15 ST. LAI'RENT. Koenndi Saturday. Darrmliar N PEKKIRE, Durhasnw, Saturday January 12 PRICES OP I'A .SAGE IN GOLD. Fiixt eablti *1251 Seronil cabin $10 Inolndlng table wine in el'her claw Thaae atanmera do no) oarrv ataeragii paaw ngara. Medical alleodanea free of rhn-ge, Ps-aa gert In'niidlii'.t to land a' Brest ran be furnished hoard Willi rallrO 'd contain tickets. aodlhali hagg. go rloa'kao to Paris at an additional charge of $r for tlr-t, rut *3 for hwomi ciftM* geo. Mackenzie, Yg<*nt, 6* JlranhfAy. ?A CO/INT\VI#K MTK%*fNMIP?. >A< IFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY* THKOIGH LINE jo . OA I IFOJtNIA. CARRYING UNITED STATES M \11.. VIA I'WAMA K\?I.KU\1? Stumor* l?'*ve pii?r 13 North r.vrr. foot of lUiml street, at 12 <Vch?ck "oori. <?? follow-* ? Doeotnnor 1-OfKAN QUKKN. f*pt?fn Mmry, ronnbet. \ve with OOI.DRN AGP., fupUln Luptdgo. Doronibor 11?H ENRY C|f AL'Nf F.V C .nf.tti A. O. Cray, wi*h GOLDEN CITY, Captain Watki'if. Drr-in ?or 21?RISI NO STAR, Cm-Win T. A. llatrU, ron ncctlng with MONTANA, Ca"t iln Ml nrpurtn-r* touch nt A'*|?ul<o, tho*o of l*t am! iil?t eo-nrct nt I* iruim* with KtrHnuTa ft.r South PnotQc port*, Nt nnd 10*h for Ontral AmerltMU port*, mid thoMi of lnt I M t Mftflf iflO rpirturoof 10th vnrh month <v?iin#*cU with thr now ?tinm 1'no from Pin im i to Aum'thH ? and >H*\r Zon'nnd. Kir'.mrr of 11 DS*, will connrrt with th*.flr?t ?tr?nrTif*r of thr rompnny'* 4'hliia l.ltic, louring Snn Frtnclaco January 1. f<*" Montr Hon if. <>!?'? tfuu-'red !?'?unil? allowed r?o*h adult Modi! cinra nd it ton ' tr*o rornii?- ?Rr 'if ?U ond nil furthrr Informntfnn apptf at the nfllr " on t'-i* wharf, foot ?>f ( wr?.*l North rtrrr, | Nrw York. S IC IfOLUtN, A? PAOIKIO MAIL *TV \M^Tl11* roMFANV'.H Til KOI (.11 LIN! TO .hl'AN aM? rills*. via panava ano <an fr\NCisro. o vRhying t if. I NITLD ST\TF.S MAI?.. | FIRST VOYAGE. ? Etramrr IfPNIiV LIUUNtKY will lr?vc |S#r N<? I?North rlvi r, foot ni i ? ftn-ot, ?w York, at 12 k noon. ?n| Turadav. Dc n i r 11, l"5d, coniierimit via I'nnaraa Kail r-ad with atri f .or ISOLDEn i'fTV for Sun Fram'i?t o, wlo rr mnlN nnd f.i?t frm- ht will ho uatiafi-rml to the t'ompany a Knlrndl.l ato.imrr COLl?fl ? DO. to l?* \?? that port | at n-HiM on ru. -Ml.iy, datiuary I, i%\ fi?r Yt k hnuiu and linn* Koiur. TIirowfh ti 'krta la?.ui-d from New York, addtn;,* t - regular | prkra hri worn New York n id smii Frntiv itoo the folfowtng I ratfM, pa*, ahlr ct u^'l or Ita rijulvji'mr - 1st i aliin. Jd Cabin. Slermr* San Frnnrfaro to Yoko'ima f J.Nt BHA ?an Fr rjrhoo to llr?na K i? WO 90 l(k? Due laitloe will be n?ven of aoSMr iuent -ov,ig??a. 1 KKDillT rerrlrrd and "throu ]i hUU of lading*" Mirnrti prr <>< -?n I QttAeti, rvprnmbef I (k|ow ar.d ???-! 1 ?r??o < hauofry, IV i ?-m r? 11 i f) 11 ronnrt'tlnc otoawy aa aboTi j I or tnlrrlit thtoiiHh t ? k?-tN. .*r.<( all lu ih- r hifo-rnatfnr ! apfdy at the of! re on the wharf, ptrr 42 North rirr?*. loot of fall I a tiro t, to S. h. IIDLMAN, AgauL L^on VKR t flirz DIKI.t I. P Th" Genrra! Tran-iitl iiitl.- Company will deapatrh the alr.imaliip FI.OKIDE. (*ar>tnin Roti-?ii?, mi Wr lnewlay, Sth "?ovrml ? < ' g n?a ? 1?, . AHBr*ig?ra and tretshL ukti. M ADKKN71K Afrnt M Broadway A'I I, A N TI <' Mill I l 1 . N FOR ST THOMAS VND Regular Fnlted State* Mall Stvamera, -attui| on the A1 of ever? month :? (.TIDING HTaK Captain W f Itrr.-^ !>e? 0. N t?it Til AMhl'.M' A, ? Hj'tn . L I nVnrnrntiafi lan 19 RORTII AMERICA, Daptain F U Tinklepa iph. Feb a t base elepMit iteaiiien aall with regttla ? t o *? >? Thoma?, I'wra, rernitmlitK<? Hi.hl* and ? tie Janeiro, going and returning, F??r etignBetnerita of freight t?r pa* Mafr apply to OAKIMsitN A A1 I.F.N kgenta No. 5 Rowling Green, New Vork. |^V)R SANTIAGO DF CLBA. VIA Nl K VITA A Ihr flr*t rla-* laiti M.ilhr.g ateamrr F ill K F ?*ohn Stirling fotntnander, f'arryiogthr l'tiueu <iK?r* mall, will l? a\e pie*- 27 1 R ?'M SA 11 It DAY. Drc ruber I, lekt f,t 9 o eloea IV prewaeiy. for the alttoe |?ort. All lettem mint |-?m through the post oflVr Fot fnught or pan<oige, having auporioi aute r ? m accofA- | modation*. erplv t*? \VAYi?ELL A CO . 1K2 Sotnh ?treet, rornrr Dover. TTAVANA, SISAL AND VERY CI? Z II The aidewhe**! a*eamah!j M AN II *TI AN will aafl from pier No. S Noith rlrer. e? ?i?Mwe. on the Itith of ea? h mouth | ? - MAs. A H HITNEY. \ge?, . JK Hr. vGv*v. LTNITKD STiTI.S m ail LINE TO II \V Y N Y ; ATLANTD* M Y 11. sTl AMSIIII* t o YIPAN V CHANGE OF HAILING DAY The rt?gtiUr departure* of tht? It* r will here* ter '.?e Thurfo1a\a, at noon. , FAG I -1, Greene. Thursday, Novem!?er ?**. CoLCMRI A, hloeiim, Ihuru'lny, |?? *emh?- - d MOHRg 4'AsTl.K. Adaitia, Thursday, in* - tn "*r 1 \ Froin pier No 4 V **h rv#- at 12o'el.. k ?\ A Yi.l.FN Ygmi * Howling lirt-rn, N. y. yAS LINF Et#U GALVF^f??N, TFXa? El TKRPI. Fldrutge fr fiioo ?i ,l ? d'ng at eier Bt lla^t r. , r

' freight or y,r MAEI.OUV * CO. I Mi Mahlan: III I I.AH UkK pult fl\LVF*T?N TI'X.s HI *1 ? - Hi fM> and fayei Me teatn-hlB TV BEE, IV < tnecwmneiidar will lee.g p er N.i.? North river on , '' ?-a'ember 5 at * o'rto. k F M. pre. l?rly For J r paaMge, h.'nni aiin. ri,,r aer ?nin ,|, apply lo SEOFrltRI), TILRsTON A CO.. 29 Riwadwaf. S'Atl LINK T.'MW ORI.KAMM -THE HEW Yf >RK , arn-htp 1 ompany'a flna nrean .taamera will tSijU.'.i'utf ,rtk r1**'r ?' * o'clock p, M? as follows ? vi i it u i vi. ? 0n Wednawlay. Mo*. M want I. ma' "?'????/. 1 MiMiMlewI W?s???w3r??- I>?* | UifLjVtjir At" -j/>n i all M)!a of la ling nlgned at Ilia oAm an a Um dHt fL IMilgfit Of p?wif arn't ui ap? ? ??? rar C. K. 0aAI.I?oY rrtillHl, f l | IhMm COAST WIS* ITBAHimn. ljfbll HBW ORLBANIliniLf^^ F (tMjntblp rtTKO SHUBV, iOapUla Wadeworth. wilt leave plai II Nurth rirer, on Saturday, December 1. at t P. M. For freight or passage. baring handsome tlon?, apply to R. LOWDKN. Agent, cornar <1 Waal alraala DAVID McCOARD, Agent la Nei _ _ For nkw Orleans direct. .... _ _ The new and Drat class ?teatn?lilp GEORGE WASH INGTON, CapUiu E. V. Gagar, wti: leave pier No. I N. K., on Saturday. Peel. at 3 o'clock P. M For freight or passage, having unsurpasse I aceommn datlous, apply io II. H CROMWELL g CO.. 8B West .treat. The QfcORGK CROMWELI, will follow December S. I ICR .SAVANNAH, OA.-MURRAY'd LINE. 1 EVERY TUESDAY. The faenrtte stoamship LK.O, H. O. Dearborn, eomrnan ler, will aail Tuesday, Norember 27. at 3 P. M. precisely, froig pier 111 Bast rirer, foot of Wall street. Through bllD of lading and paaaagn tickets given to all points In connection with Georgia Central Railroad. For freight or passage apply to MlTKKAY. FERRIS A CO.. 61 and 62 South etraet. 1NOR SAVANNAH, OA.. EVERY THURSDAY?THE P Atlantic Cotut Mall Steamship Compauy'a aidowbael steamship* OEN'EKAL BARNES, Captain Morton, aail* Thursday, Nov. 29 HERMAN LIVINGSTON, Captain Baker, sails Thursday, Dee <1. From pier 36 North rirer, at 3 I*. M.. precisely. Through pa-sage tickets and bdla of lading to all polnta in connection with the Central Railroad of Georgia. For freight or pssxnee apply to LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Agents, Hg Liberty st-eet. Atlantic miii. steamship compvny. EMPIRE LINK FOR SAVANNAH Every SATURDAY, from pier I t North river, Puiirtu illy at 3 P. M.. The favorite aldewheel steamships SAN IACINTO, Lorelsnd, commander, sails December 1 SAN SALVADOR, Atkins, commander, aulls December i. Through tickets and bills of lading to all points. Elegant pissenger accommodations GARRISON A ALLEN, No. 6 Bowling Green. N. Y. Atlantic coast mail steamship lines. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Satur days. FOR SAVANNAH ?Cabin $!J, second $13 FOR CHARLESTON.?Cabin 28. second $1 : FOR NORFOLK AND RICHMOND ? Cabin $A. $6 and $6. For freight "Mm.sage inly Hi ALLEN THOMAS, No. 6 Bowling Green. The southern steamship passenger ticket office. Steam to Saraunah direct on Tuesday. November '37, at three o'clock P M. Pa.aage to Savannah $13. PO^KftTV | RfiJLLY It Broadway. FAOU CHARLESTON. S. C.-THI2 PEOPLE'S MAIL 1 Steamship Company. The regular and popular steam ship MONKKA, Captain Lobby, will leave on Fridir, Norember SU. at 8 P M., front pier No Tii North river landing freight on Monday morning, nt Charleston. The steamship* of thin line will in future leave New York on Tuesdays and Fridays. Through tickets und bills of lading issued to all polnta South In connection with the South Carolina Railroad. ? LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO . Agcnls, 8b I.ilwrty atrect. FIOR RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. The aldewheel steamships IIATTKRaS, Captain Alexander Every Saturday, ALBEMARLE, Cnpialn Bourne Every Wednesday, At 18 M.. from pier ilrt North liver, giving through bills of lading. Ac to all points on the bouboard Railroad and its connections. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agents, Rfl Liberty street. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COM pin.v.- The flrst class steamships DIRIQO and FRAN COS! A form a sum'weekly line between New York and Portland, leaving pier 3d East river every Wednesday and Saturday, at '8 o'clock P. M., connecting with Grand Trunk Railway lor < iiMsdn. and also the International Steamship Company for Lamport and St. John. N. B For fruigtit or |iassiiga apply at the office, on pier I IS East over J. F. AM KS, Agent, pier IB Raat river. SAII.lMi VESSEL!!. For LIVERPOOL.?OLD BIsACK BALL IsINB SHIP ISA At! WKBH, t act. .1. I'. Stowed, sails Monday morn Ing. Nov iffi Ship WM. P. STORRK. Cap! J. Bryant, sails on Wednesday, Nor. 83. For pas vige apply on board, foot of> streel, or to ROCHE BBoTMEKS A COI'FKY, 111 and 115 Houlli street, near Pock slip. TRAVBLLBEI* GnDB. HUDSON RIVRR AND IIAHf,kM railroads.? Train* for Albany Hiii Trov. connecting with Northern mid Western trains, leave New \ oik, vm I In Uori River liail road. ThlrtMli street mtd Tenth avenue. mid 10 A. M.. and'd 46? fTlK) and II P. M.; and via Harlem Railroad, Twen street and Fourth avenue. at 11 A. M. and 4:1ft P. M* '1 ho tf :g) P. M. train via Hudson Hirer will run ???* Sundays. Nlcepmg cers attached to d.ftU and 11 P. M. trains On f> :? P. M. train Is also attached a sleeping car every day ok* venting Httlurduya. which is run through to Ogdctisburg via K. W. and O. Railroad, without change. Siiinlny train on lludrnn River Road. New York to Potigh* kncimieanri return, leaving New York at K U) A. M , and ou llarlem Road Forty :econd street to Mlllcrton and return, leaving New York nl U A. M. WB. H. VANDKR8ILT Vice Prnstdffnt. SKOI MBS, iuiojhs, m TO UBT. A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM to let to one or two single gentbuuen, WITHOUT lU?A!tl>. Torrna moderate. Apply at 177 Bleecker street AT #19 FOURTH AVPNUK?FURNISHED AND UN furnished IIon*e? to let In city or country. For parti cular* call or Mod for my Real Estate circular. Mailed frvp. STANLEY DAY Al.UMK imndsomki.y PURNISHRD B OM TO let, on Broadway, between Twelfth and Thirteenth street a, mutable for one or two gentlemen. Broadway. AT 47 AMITY H FRKKT?TO LET. THK Mr G'OND Floor, furnished, constating of four rooms. Also back Parlor. Also other Room*. 4 PRETTILY FCRN1HHBD llOl SR. WITH TWO iV acres of I,and and Stable, at Btaten I elan \ corner of Hard aud Oaall ttou av.nucM, wil! be rented till May for 1M O W sIM.M'?NS, la. 9t? Broadway ArimmsBBO *bcond floor to lst-to ox* tK'inen. i u suite or singly without hoard, in >i first class private residence, No. fw?t Fourteenth street, four doors weal of Delmonico's API RfflKHRD PROMT BOOH AND BACK PARLOR on first door; also one nark Room ou second floor, to let, without board. Impure at 2211 VYoosler snort. near Amity. A second ploor OP Pill R ROOMS to lbt ih house 16 Highly sisth street, near Central Park Ap ply at II second floor. 4 NFAT. MODERN COTTAOK HOUNK TO LET, /l nine room*, between Klitli arid Seventh avenues, near Thirty-fourth street; rent friftii; some Furniture for sale. Apply t<? H II. TAYLOR, No 4 Pine street, or a. BLOOD, I ..oft Hrosdway, eoruer Thirty-ninth street AT YONKBJtA? \ HOOD, COMFORTABLE FUR nlshed House to let; gas and water In the house, will'. Manic borne ind wwg ??? U vrsnled?until May I. Ay ply ta ll#l 161 West Broadwaj A FURNISHED HOISK To LKT-onf. or FIVK /V veers, or would sell Torn it tire for $4 00). rent house for $i? ihki r rue* tnede ea*v to rctponsihle |?4r| , at N<>. 17 \\ e-t 'I weuty fourth street ? NKW IIANDSOMKI.Y rtNI-ifll'tl I M'l IINHIIKD JV. brown '.one I, eti -i ??#;? oi? ?>,itteth sire t, r???ai Uiingt'iit avenue, tot-rU until ?l,iy or longer. Rent gl.Scd per ?nnum H.INCJ A Co., No. :* Twen'y third *lioet, Fifth Avenue Hotel A SPLRMDID OPPORTUNITY ?CIIOH R0INOLR AND double Rooms t > let, low, to gentleman without hoard. Hon'??? contains all the modern improvements Apply st Tl .second avenue, corner of Fourth street. l#ocation rery deal* Tsble in every respect. A THKKK STORY IIDill STOOP HOUSE TO LF.T, IN Twenty-sccmd street, near Mil 111 avenue. Rent glftd it mth Mil May, 1 sir JOHN LLOYD A SONS, ISKasaaa street AFIRjsT ri.kRS STORK ON BROADWAY (CORNER) . te le**e, iit-iwiMMi Duaae and Frmklln street*, at a vcrr 1'?w rent f or potuvilar- ply P? tlEti. 14. NAsIl, U1 Dusne street Al'ARTMRNTK to LRT-RJ4NTR RTOUCRD?AT Hftft W iter, tt West Thirty nintn K.i-t Seventeenth, and Ltlb M01 t?erry streets. Dn|iiire on the pr<-ml?es or to P. II. ? lllitt'.NS CO . 444 Broome street. VI KNIMII t> IIOI ? IN ro tru 4TREK! Ni %R Hioudwny. tn let to a srnali firmly |*os?e??slou Dec 1 J A M K s I Wll Kl.LLK, 111 ilromlwa. AHKY UOTTAOF?SEVKR ROOMS. $409 FPRRI lure for -ale, $AVt, all new. Walant ^tilt-. Ilrii^els < ? I?t*. Crorkery Ac. nt a bargain. Also unfurrnsbed than i 114 Third"'avemu* 4 1 D IW LAD1 M ILL LR1 Iff KLROARTLY I R nl-hed Moor to a fit st class f miily willing to pnyaf itr price for elegnttcc a;ol comfort, on Fifth avenue near this hotel. KINii A CO., No. f West Twenty third *tr? el. Fifth Avenue Hotel. s ? I Ml ANT riYR STOR1 I NFl RNIKHRD HOI MR it to let, Rlisxtnin; nneiceptinnahle for a first oU?? board ing house, would t ike s partner with suflkSent capital, leav. tg my In let eat of In. Apply st 11 Brevuort place. VPofIR STORY IIlOll STOOP BROWN STONB House, near fifth avenue, ?ui Forty second ?treat, to rent f irntahej. including choice 1'alnttngs, very doa.rabte iu every way. piU par month, PoriKli BRo1?l*RM A BELLAMY N<? S1*tM t \ CMMPLRTRLY FURNISHED BRoWM RTONB i\ the st??rr llouae to let on West Fourteenth street. linen b? ddmg an t stiver, rent $4 si per month A. SRROF.AMT, tl Wall street IIA "I'.MENT IN NRW STPKET. NKAK STOCK FI I y change, a ill lie rented for HillUrds ??r other buatnesa, oa % lea - It desbed Apply to II. U. DhXToR, No # Broad at reel. ROADWAY STORE TO LKT-MB1 FEET. RENT A' Apply to F. P PERSIAN A BKO , 7J7 Bmid H /?'HM VAIIII rn I.ST AHD PIXTrRKfl r<>R .*WE . In ..f th, b*.l Ix- ,11 .??? in Ifce oil, BMWIlM Kor fwili' 'il.r. ?p|.l, SlW W.'hlmilnn Mr*#t Fn vc i vrioM imy -tiiukk wijfixmf. t> i.f.t i on Hiu.dw.v, l?,w>w lliff ?r'x-...l<iD. ?87 Hr.'.dw.jr, tlitr* I 01 ?!>(.'; I!f THI M#T i .>.? \n? >-f in n|m li Yuri citra wi.lih .n.l >l>-pth. Aiii.ljr lo il.l(iiiKKIA' A IIM-.IT v.. II . r.-.i, j VHANiM , N KM JKKnRY.?rtflHINIlEP IIOITNK TH - - r?M, forar nnrith. Inmi Dmmbr I pontnn, m>rm |x.n ri'"IU. an.| ,.|rt.antl> .llll.tnit, WT.n mllllll*. walk (r?m .laliak; Stvi |m r itinnlh or wonM h. rxotnd for a ,?ar nt |a?i frr inoiuli Addr.u II K K.. Hraoga W. J SriHIRHA.Y RP.nlttK.NrB, TWKNTY MIKBTPN PR''At I- iOIt ?? ond ?traft-l..ri. hotiM. all iinxlarn Improm mania in let ?rry low to May 1 In'inlra at (f! B"*ary STttttPH rt? I.RT AT RRMTPT) RRMTS. In 3ft*'io,liy, w W.tar ami I*" l .-l x.Trni?-?th .tra??.? Inqnlra on th. pramlara nr t, K. II UIBBo.N^ A t.O., ARi Hirano ,iro.t URCtlND FLohr T<? IJtT-('it!??I.STI??l Of FtWIt O ri>?i Willi lmprov*m*tit? at 117 ixtnrati. airrat TO I.RT-T.;iRI> Pl.ltoR I,] BART THIRTY FrM'RTll ?i.anl, .11 r^ota. nralr |>.li.lo.l and paporad rant $iA poeeeert.iii immadi.talt. Al?i ?i u nf Kaimi. loara* pftca. B H. HINK. V* A#t?.nd .ranun, IPO I.RT-A BRWLT ABP RI.BOANTI.T FOBBIRHRD L Moult atta.tad la on* af th, moat rr.lnl a,d haauil fit lonaiitia* la Rtm Tart. Far partiaalafB apply at Ha. It BMpawaal itrrK X uished Houm, for out or mora ysars. Roof ?w v*r month. Address boi l.7Up Post office. V . TO LBT.?PRR8ON8 OOINO TO HOUKKKERPIK<> .?R h.vlug Room* to let oen be supplied with Umrpvtx, rii,' mture. Beading, Ac , tt BKNDAI.L A itt'oTT'S. end 211 lludeon .treat, corner of Canel, end p*y by weekly or ntoutbly peyuiente If preferred. TO LET?TUB SECOND FLOOR OK NO 261) BOWKRY, eulUlilo for ofllcn* or eny light fitn y buelueea. l'lottte nlou immediately. Apply on the TU O IjBT.?A NEATLY FURNISHED SMALL THREE .lory limine, in e deelreblo location, will he let to suit the roiivenieii ?? of applicant., aeparate or logelher. Apply at No. ?H Weat Korty third .treet -A COTTAGE, UNFURNISHED, ON EIGHTY Tth ayenue. U AVE*. 275 Mulberry atr?el. TO I.ET?A OOTTAOK, UNFURNISl fourth street, nekr Eighth ayenue. vr. s. oavey. a TO LET-AN OFFICE AT 300 BROADWAY, 1'NTIL 1ST of May ueit, with uae of law library. Rent $75. MIKE L. WOODS, 40 Broadway. TO LET-A NICE SECOND ELOOK, AT 105BLRECRER atreet, one door from Thoiupaou. Inquire in the alurr, from 10 to 3 o'clock. TO LET-IN HOUSE WITH A SMALL FAMILY, TWO bandaoutely furnlahett Room*. en aiute. with privilege in kilohnn, and every convenience for honaekeeping. lllgheat ie ferencc given and required. Terina moderate to a atnail family. Addreaa SdP Second avenue. TIO LET-A BUILDING DOWN TOWN, WITH USE OK Boiler, or the owner would put the uao of aald building aa capital, for the purpoae of manufauturitig whlakey. Ad drcaa A. B-. hoi 117 Herald otllce. rpo LET-AN ELKCJANTLY FURNISHED HOUSE. I above Tenth atreet; eicellent location, bedding and .liver Included. Rent moderate. Immediate lawaeeaton. Apply at northeast corner of Twenty tlftli atreet and Sixth avenue. TO LET-A HOUSE AND STABLE. ON FIOHTY fourth street, weet of Broadway, opposite the ohurch. Rent $37 SO per month. Poasescou can lie given Immediately. TO LET?A FANCY DRY DOOM STORK, l!?t SEVENTH avenue; Fixtures and Furniture for sale, with or without 8!ock. Location good, near Twenty- third atreet. TO LET?IN BROOKLYN. A FURNISHED ROOM. ON third lloor, with gas, lire, uae of bathroom, parlors, A".. to a .ingle gen! Ionian, In a Mimll. private family; good ref. erencos required and givan. Address Mrs. II., Herald oiDce TO LET?PLEASANT FURNISHED lOOtt WITH out board, lu a private French tamlly; water and gas; terms moderate. Apply ut 90 West Seventeenth street. TO LET-PART of \ BOUSE CONbUt m WW* Rooiim 00 S60OSd Moor, or (BON room if required; bOQM modern improvement. Inquire at 154 Waverhn place from I to 5 I'. M. TO liBt-PUBHXMYBD, 1 front PALLOR kn> Bftdroomt with In toil qm, without Boird, to a mttto man. Apply on premise*, WW Sixth avenue, between Forty eighth and Forty-ninth htroetc O LET t FURNITURE KOR S.tLK)-A FIRST CLASS Boarding House in Bleecker street, went of Bro* lwny, full of boarder* and pnylng well Inquire of W. ? Behnt.'inn, 101 West 1 vcuty-fifth street. rno LBT. furnished - \ ROOM and BEDROOM. X suitublp for housekeeping, with aeroninvKlation :<?r washing, or will bp let **|iarHte to two gentlemen; hNo i Hall Bedroom for lndy or gnntlcinau. cull lhu day or for one week at 37*2 Bixth avetfuf, second floor TO LET FURNHHLD-WITH POSNF.*8IO\. FOR A ladhv*' boarding house if desired, a four smry and base m?*nt House The home contains 18 or RJ room* located In West Thirtv ueventh *treet, near HrriatlwaT Rent rea^ons bb?. For particular* apply to WM. VAN WAfiLNEN, 4711 8lxlh avenue. T TO LKT OR KOR BALE?A FIRST CL\S8 FOUR story brown stone front Home, in aim of the beat looa? tlonn hi Brooklyn Price N20,UuU. Kent $2,Mb WiN let for a term of years. Address 1'. II .. bo* 1,0.12 N. V. Tost ofllce. rilO LET OR LKA8K?IN BEVKNTH AVENUE. BE 1 tween Flftf.flrst and Fifty-set <?nd atreels. live first cliias brown atone House*, with stores, suitable for grocery, baker or drug stores. Will be lot *?ui?i ate. Inquire ou the prem ises, or at 211 West ThlrtjMlftn street. rpo LEASE?BIX LOTS SOUTH FIDE OK FOUR .1 teenth street, near Hod* ?n river, Apply to 01. BAN YBR, IS Went Tireoty?lrat street* RIO KENT?N KAR FIFTH AVENUE AND UNION I square, ail extra large Hint fir*t class Residence, with immediate possesion. Apply lo E. II. LUDLOW A Co., No 3 pine itreet, nno RENT?FURNISHED. NEAR FOURTEENTH J ?jU'cet, a very desirable Ifouve. Pox^es?!ou n, tweuty Ut\ir hoarh' notice. Arp'K ' H, LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine Rtreet. . ^ v TO RENT?POSSESSION AT ONCE-A DESIRABLE fiirnlahe?t Houae, near Stuyvcimni Park. Kent per month. Apply to K. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pfue atre.or. rpo RENT?FURNISHED BACK PARLOR, WITH THE ? uae of front, Mutnr>l* for a physician or two gent'emeo, where there are no other boarder*. 12 Mre-dougul atrefr*. Three story kn?;ikm raskment house i rent, in Jcraey Cfty, adjoining llam'ltnn s?|iiare; rent per annum; jijat lini-hed. K"-1 and water vppiy to .DiHN II. COLES, corner Parorila aveuue and Krie s.reet, Jeraey City. Three story and basement brick house, in Fourth place, handsomely fiirnisliod; velre! carprta, rosewoml furniture, frescoed, 'ill modern iiiprovemenia; $im per OMMiili <. w SVMMONH, Jt W Broadway mo MANUFAOTUSEIUL?TO LRT, THI OROl n:? ? Floor of building corner of Twenty elguth street and First avenue, al7e 75ift0. U L. SOLOMON A SONS, 369 Bron Iway dtC.$ WAITED. "I \IsTT If F, b Y. WANTED ;?? LEASE, \ IRA IN DW I J tillery lu good running order. Addre** John Williams, II 'raid odh*e. UOOMS V \NTKD-TWO ROOMS. FURNISHED OR ? uofu'ni hed, without board. In a good location State terma. which mus* be reasonable, and addreaa P. B., 4H Fourth avenue. WANTED - It Y A FAMILY Of TWO ADULTS. A skc ? ? otid Fio<?r 3 or 4 room*, unfurnlnhed, with m ?dern im provemenU; location between Torelfih and Thirtieth atreet* and Fourth and Eighth avenues. Address .1, B , box 6,694 Post ofllce. W ANTKD?TWO OR THREE UNPURNIHVVRD ROOMS, ?? for hnuaekceping Rent from $IAto$20per month. Ad<fFe*a Ix 'Jeuder^on 160 West Forty aeventb street. 11* ANTED \ SMALL FAMILT WISH fOUR OR FKTB vT urifurnlNhcnl Kooma for honaekeeping with a private family, l?etw<v-ti Fifth and Eighth r-venue* and Twelrh and Twentv-*e.e!ith Mtreei* Addreaa. afalmg terma. which must l>e moderate, and other particulars, p. n? stetiou O llrANTED?A Fl RNISIIRD OR UNFURNISHED v t House. In a good lor-atlmi, wlih Immediate no*4e-<.Tt ?n A4*lre?* with full particulars, Merchant, hux So. 1 Post 0 1 D R1 \ FIRST CLASS TENANT a !I?m NR V> ?reit!y furnished. In a g<e?d location, a liberal price $ ?? giveu. imme?liate p??H*e-*ior. U?**lred. FKI ' MAN A CO.. 212 Broadway. ftrANTED?RT A TAMILT <?F fivf. FROM TUP ? v routh. part of % well furni-hel House, in a genteel vicinity, isiih convenience* for housekeeping; ttnexeep$ion ahle references given and reijuired. Adores* box 3,.'26 Po*t ofllee, sf ting tenns. .%??. UrANTED-BY A OBNTLKfl AN AND WIFE IN A private hau?-?\ two or three furnished or unfurnished Room*, suitable fo light hotnokeepln . h?catlon must la* g?Kwf and terms nneier it** Address bo* 44, Post ufflcg, gi* ng terms and full psrucuUirs. XJLTANTEIJ?A MEDIUM MZKD Fl RNISf!FD HOI sf, ft eentrally located, at a rnotr.hly ic .Ul of $1^4) t-i$2i>!. Add re * bv?x U.H22 Fhsi office WANTF.D?IMMMHATELY. A FA NUT ODODN STORE f?r Pooifis for ire**?n king and h?'U?ekeepmg in, any g?s?d lt;cation Responsible ru"t?iu?er?e ailing. MAS' HKNTKK a UONKLIN. .? Nassau *t. IX' \MIro- a FTREVSV1RH OH Yt Kootti in an Atn? *i<ran fsrmly. by * tn?n and w|i * of quiet habits must not l?e above Koi tlnth *trceL Term* must l?e moderate. Addre** Franklin, station c. WANTED T?i RENT?TN THE ftrHURBS OF NEW York, Brooklyn or New Jersey, some Lois suitable for kth hen gs den. c >ttage adjoining would be destrabie. Address Ms k-tmsu, 41 Huntington street, Brooklyn. POLI1 14 Ale VTA MEETING OK THE WoRKlNoMKN 8 UNION Association he' I at the c ?rner of Houston and Oreso wich s?iw?. on Thuc-d ?v ev ening November <ti we nomi? nsted Captain oE *KUK 0?>NWAV as our rhoiee for Al lnr m.m of the Fifth Alderm iah .l?4tri< t N ork'ngmsu's friend. 1 nit- tie of si] ring*. L FIN MOAN, Chairman. M J. O Hkir!t -meretary Jisi t H MrOss. Treasurer. ATA MF.ETINfl i?F THE 8< HOOL CONVKNTlUN OF the Twenty first ward, held pursuant in a cai of the Detnoriatic 1 nlsn Oensral Committee at Tracy'*, corner of Thirty sixth stre.?t and t*ea<N>d avenue, on Maturdav evening, ^ovem'er 24. lad*. Mr. Patrick llatten was uu .olinously Domiaated for Bchool Trustee JEREMIAH URDWLKT. Ohalrmaa Dam*!. J rt ongjui. Hec-eta'y tfKIlKftAL LRtOT KOMJHATlOR. I Kor r.miytMlW CH vKI.Ks I> tt.KRf*4, Tmp?r*r?' *nrt lv.?nlr'? Mini paftiMM Can 1. |at? F'umi'i u7 > 11 l* aIuo 7S wliirTT* K"K < <M JC'II.M *N. JOIIM J. t TR\ RNSo*. i ikrii ai.dermamic mntmct ?<IR ALD..KMA*. RoRKRT II AKRIAM*. Fill'Til AMihKM tNIC DISTRICT1 CU B-M W tfr HirrMf for Alderman Tlie i'w **????- will .*?! th^tr r??*i?l??r niecttri# un Moivtav evening, November iR I n* ml II ?'?rmi.p *fre?", a< oVlorfc. fhe citt*en? u t?e ahaee ?ll?trirt are In1 iM to join iti nutfc the abo*? d?h, Dltiff T!*, W SMITH Secretary nVMlM. Mo2\KT HAUl-FIRST DISTRICT AI DF-R.MANIC Covt rant tot). ftrKUMit to id)attfnm?ftl the atone tV*nT#mtMiti in-t nt N?? T W-??ti<ngton ?treet. tNi nunum AMeimait John Mo ?re wa* itliiinm<Hi?l]f tioinio JOHN C Ii 4 1 Lit*, ? bwtrman rpilIIH) ALDRRMAftlf DISTRICT ?AT A MKRTTNu I of the MPfMititid in piir?n?fici teihn ' ill i?f the Drtnoerath*l*nlon Oenrral Committee. at Hinbereona, earner of IIik!*oii mxl tferrMfwt utreeta, w. evening Nor 21, Mr JOHN iilllllLDS, nf ib? Eighth want, ree*tved the tin*tiirtt0<i? vote of the convention for Ahlermon of ihia Ji-trirt. ISAAC HU ill, Chair mat*. Twoa. Holla*, Hocfwiary 7TH WARD- AT A MEKTt^O OF THF. BF.W YORK I Hefnoeratic Hehool Convention. he'd on Friday evrelng, November *t. MhrfcArd O'drmf? wo un.Om.ti?lr term, natej School Troatee. PaTRH h RY AN, I shaft nun Captain Pmitr Don WATT, Secretary OQD WARD.?TRIOR F. XCKLSIOK cu b -a mkrt leg Via held on Friday are an m, In l.MU Hroa<l?ray Mr Ham net W hitmorw preatded, ertth Me*?,? Henrr Cootcy anil lame* Little a? Seoretariea. After organising. tha meet u?g atljotiraad ovar to Tneaday, Rot. W p,i jr?aa arti^ R RALB-OMB Of HWaRTR WAAtU MOTOR, it ill u. WUUD?,? hwMy. ?ALU At Ateviwrf ? * iFnTlotf.-dlPBOtAL 8ALB or OtL FAINTISQ8 Aj Aibiss-.l7o5aS vrawsa and Kngrsvlngs by noma of the moat celebrated artiste la the eounlry. They will be sold without reserve They era now on esnibltlon at the jailer*. 817 Broadway. You will ^aad (treat, Auctioneer A 0OT1OK BALK OF CHEAP ANI? CONVENIENT >1 .Lot* for mechanloi and manufacturer* at (IreenpomU Attend sale of I8S Lota on Van tlott farm, Tuesday. Nov "7 ?r 13' o'clock, at Kichange salesroom. til Broadway J\ME<M MILLER. Auctioneer, LD Pine stroef. Niobol.a ?n K - * "??? A lUywacd, Farmers' and CUl , of wliolit maps can be had A UCTION NOTICK.-MAONIFICKNT HOUSEHOLD J\ Furniture, at public auction, on (to-morrowi Monday, at the elrgsnt brown atone mansion, ?4 Weal Sliteenth atreet, between Fifth aud Sixth avenues; sale rnuUUOMing 11W o'clock. Drawing Room Furniture, Pianoforte, htageres. Paintings, Brdnaea. Mirrors, Carpets, Extension Table. RuflTet, Bureaiia, Wardrobe* Bedsteads. Solas, Ohm*. timet. Silverware; sale positive. SAMUEL WYNN * CO . Auction sera. F ?ADWARD 80HKNGK. AlKmONRER. 1,Alt IK AND PEREMPTORY SALE "? It \RF )LD MADEIRA WINES AND tl'Pi.K BRANDIES Belonging tti the Estate of WILLI \M (IIBBONS, EKO OF MADISON, NEW JERSEY To be sold at auction by EDWARD .bUlfRNCK, ?a Wednesday, November 28. at IS o'clock at the salesroom. (? Liberty street. The above are undoubtedly the most vain ,"bie Madeiras and Brandies in the country. The sole ta per emptory, and by order of Meagre. Purdy A Nicholas, whw guarantee the genuineness of the above, and at whose store? ? Bea- cr street?the atock can be aeeu au-l e'.I InformlUoa given. ________????? ? "ITENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. SALE of IIORSBS, OAHHUOEH, HARNESS. Ac . BY at U^>* LOOKroA'?^E,'^*OWB?LACRnATAkf.RA. AT I. Ot LOU*. A FOURTKBNTH STREET. NEAR FOURTH AVENUE URVRRAL VERY FINK TRAM A ?PVKRAI. FINE SADDLE HORflfcs. TWO KIiEOANT hbWUHs, AN F. LEO ANT COUPE, TWO FINK ROAD WA J0N:, 3 LANK BIS, ROBES, A<V. A' CATALOOUKS ON MOBNXNO OF ,.i K Pa-t cularg In Tuesday's Herald Regular sales every Tuesday tlir uglMUit the vsr Messrs MINKK A BOMKRVILI.K offer ui o tsse. ?L yuutages in looetton. experience aid sim-as ;?pa- 1 '? naftlra 'wishing to liny or des.ring to ee.l Horse' ..*r - ipse or auythtug (lortuniiig to tUo duhu??i?;* ENRT I) MINER. AUt'TIONEKR?BALE-ItU ' ?! " Nuhsau btroet, opposite the i'out afflce. II RY MINER k SiiMRRVf LLP SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FI.'RNIi . ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTES, V/ilBELER A WILSON AND SLOAT'H SKWIN I MACHINES, OFFICE FURNITURE, HEKRINU SAFES, V t II SALESROOM ?7 NASSAU STREET MONDAY, NOV. AT 10,S, O't LOOK ENRY D M1NF.R, AllcnONKKK.?SALKSROOM IT Nassau afcreet, oppontte the Vo-tt orace. tv n? WINK WINKS ANT) LIQl-OUM, TTYK BAftAN^K OF STOCK OF A HOUSE DiSSOltvINO J'ARTNERtOIIIP. MINER A ROMF.RVILLK will "eU by auction, Tuesday; N Weraber 27 at eleven o'clock, at their aalnsriium, SJ Nassau gt-oot bilanor of Ktook or llouije X>hmjWin< and onmprlalng in cart:?Fineold Shcrrv, TorL l ,V i**ra*it lr other Wines: a Hue of very tine Llgl At i ?. II lirgunoy. Hock, Rdn. Saut-me. Ac.; hue oel esi.'a. Lrol*. ana Jaaiiilo* Ruin, Ac.. Ac. Ahftiit 200 Oahqh of One imported Oahinet' ??nv>agn? X-k end auupl'ts Will be ir. the stcrr on t:.e morning of Henry h lekds. auotionkker i.rkdr' art qallery. IIRNRY H LUX'>H A MINER will sell by sue Cos. on the eyenmgs of Monday. 261b. Tuesday. 77th and WeA.e* d.v Mil. ILivember. at 7? o'clock each evening,_at .th# SSBifTaSrj;;3f ? ife sL, iaasr i lL.NT nil MP.TZ, 'IJIC 'C f oVlTEH Ml' AMI,IKK I IIA I LIN, I.UUIOO, ?" vA\b'?o^ "VW^reaa eihibltlou on and alter Thursday, MS. and two evenings before the sale, as Above. HF.nKY II. TIKiiTB, .fit.. AUl'TIOIfKW. WATCIIK* JKWRbRY. DIAMO.NOfl ON TUKHDAY. NhVRMBKIt ?k^T AL . 1/^ ' at salesroom*. is? Broadway, POSmVELY WITHOUT RKSKRN Rfo ?aj ApVAMrRg ' CATALOOUKS P.ARLY ON MORNINO OF SALE Henry o. f.wnu, auctioneer, will bell th? slock of a Dry Hoods Store on Monday. No*. Jo, ,t 10 (Vehicle at Third ?*enue. between Forty flrat aed Fortv second siroela. The stock oonalata o. , ?ng and anuare hawls troche and woo!; French and EogLsU MerlnOs .nd other n'reaa Hoods, Table Linens and T..welllnga, TTnder shirts and Drawers BlsnkCs. Flannels. Bleach. ? and Brown Muslins, Hosier*, Ac. T KW1S K. WOOD. -COMMIHeTOVERH* TJ sale of the RsUte. At Taycr'a hotel. Ej> eh uiee p'sco Jerso ? Cll*. on Tuesday, No*emb*r V. IHw at I oVdoek P. M.. h- following ?a!aa_hle property, ?l*i Ist Tlir undt?>deA h 1* p?"tlon Of ' .?10U acres ofSalt Meadow on the Ms tensack liver, near the Newsek Pj*"h ro?d ill '# dt-1011 acres of Salt Meadow, on 'he Haetren sack i' ver ad jo'ntng lands of laalah and Ad IC (IS 10" eres or Sslt"Meadow, ^lua ^oii Hn Horn# creek and near th? Erie Rellway. Mh ? iini.,nA gatiti ( iMlitr 4wa*np. f?n the PatRr?<?ii * H ThVundlvWM half of 51^100^ Of Upland on Ihe 'istlylown road, near the rUlage i?f Uattee tierg, New Jerse*. ?\WNBUOK"RB', ?lOHN MORTIMER,_ 19 East Broadwa*. will sell to-morrow 1* wlismj assortment of Men's end Women's hsary OlolMiig^MoAdlM and other voods h* o'der of H. Freel M Rose atreet Tuee 52", Men's and Women'. Olothllig. Beddinthnd "?-***? eon side goods 'w order of I. Sr-hwsrl*. !W? Tlilrt A^?* Wednesdev VO" ioi? of Men's C.othlng. by order of H_D. smvthe /Ad 'w Eighteenth MreeL L^y. MenMwAWm men'sHliMhinf. Ao , by order of P Freel, d, Hrand at.eet, Wriiamshnrg. TkAWMRRMKK H ALES-AT BELL A ^HRAHAM B, I as New wow-r*.?Monday. Mai L^?. *IJ< WiHdtW .treet lot Men's i'lothlne, Wab-hes and .Tewelry. Tneeday. Mr.Vohen, f?d Fp hth oaenue. Men ?nd Women'sHo*. ?ne Friday M. A .1. Wolf. tliO Myrtle a?enue, Brookly*. Men and Women's Clothing. iiittsnRiiKVItU haLK OF tV ATOM Ed AND.IEWEL L Slfi Tneidiy* N^mhe'"77'"'fr Tl men^'well1 worth^' ihe "attension of7?X2 "i.y order of R. Slmneoo A Co . 1? Bowery. 1>AWNHRHKFRK' BALRB.?TAMER AnAIt tVILLSELL I _? ?,(? vmuw Ht.werv <>M Mh s,1'?Vs NovwiP'tf 518. * larg# 1 I' nt Tf M ??; ? W.imi.n'a CMhlnf. BlankM^. .Vr,?m V22tli2r Reds I'l l l bv order of P. Fulton. West V"';,^""L.t ( I T... '.V, Men's end Women'g (U^nt iedctnlhe. end . ? "is. by order of IV Cud. itn., iS? vurtnir atw*. <?'? W I i " lay, a l*r?a a??orim^?il oP Mfn'o Hr,?l Wmn^n'a < lothinft lUanUia. ^h??U, HH .wb and other pooda. by 01 !erof J. J. KeUy k Ca.. 121 Wonh T> tWsimOKRR'S HALF?R. flFI,D, AVCTIOMKKR, | M 'ear' a?r??t nrtr ?Hon Mnnd**. at II o'clm-k .100 ?? i >t . men'aCIn' ,i]f. eninprt.lnt Silk andother Dreaaea, " ? ?.! v. ?. ii-i ' el* silk and I'Wb Clonk*, Km< II .. . Ml.- Ilooia llnAerotothlu, Boof* Shoe*. I Blanket*, t'?r|n>t* Beddlnc, l.nitlna' r* t.. ' t'liff1* Jke. w*H worthy the ettriitloaof deal-r^ ;i n IrAfMr *' Co.tello, It Molt atroel L2 IK''! HI ' t7 if , o'.us, i?ny criorifi. ci.oths. r assimkrbb. richard v. \- n its, By rirtne of at-teral attachment* and 'it order of thn t'oa, I <1 Hainan. nun of the ,ln*llce* of the Siipremn Court. I will etpo-* to #*l* ?t public mod no, on M odar. thn Stlh lay of Notrenilier ISfifl. at II oVlo-'lt In thn forenoon, at No '>4' I eooard ?tr**t. a lar*? qaantfty of Domeatlo Dry flood*. Ilontnrr tilorna, l,in*n*. T.iw*Mri*a Flannel*. Wool len* S'arn* doth*. Ca**tmero*. Satinet*, An. Alao thn Store Kixlore*. Offle* Furniture, and On* lartn Iron Haft*. Dat.-.l Sew Vorlr. So* tJ, |*M JOHN KKI.I.Y, .Ions Mr It roe Deputy Shorts CCOTT'S i'MILARKLFHIA ART OAt.LF.RT, O I.OM CHHHTMl'T *TRFKT i' tn*l?nm*til* of Work* of Art. Fane* iloodn, Sllrnr Plated W* c, Ac., r**|i*otfnlly aolirlled. B. SCOTT. In Atietlonnnr. men'* F?rnl?hind ?<tom? By col.K A MURPliv. Ann tioneer*. on Mortdn*. at l"H o'eloek, at 149 Fatten "treat, Hrniklrn, .nmmlalng a general aaanrtrannt of fool* In thn line, all new ?toek. CHFRIFF'S RAl.F. ? RICHARD WaLTKRR, AJIC m tlooeer. will nell on Monday, at 11 O'oeloet. at ISO F.tat Twenty.fonrlh atraet Are llorae*. fire W**..n* and Are Seta of Mart..-. JOHN KEI.LY, Shnrtlf. Tait.i, II Fnanit, Deputy ytlFRIFF'S SAf.R -RICHARD WAT.TFRS, AUO. ^ t"Wtenr. will <e|I tht. day, Monday, at 10', n'chirk. at tt Rati ?r..*d , a* one llorae, one Tr*. k ai d Set Harneaa. 'on* 1 l.r.r. Deputy I(IIIB IRM.r AhenV II Til At i TI.IN SAt.K or ?O.OQO TOMs Bi ItARTDS CD A ft, ON Tt'KHllAY. ROT ml. Idflfi Maw Von at R.w. IJ. is** e D*.,iw ire, I.aekawanna awl Weapon Railroad t .rm wilt -ell by Meant*, lolls II DRAFFR A CO.. *'"?? I '.neera, at "te main in*'* aalear.tom. M R*-h?na* elaee, of Wl'llim *lr*et Maw York, on t trad./ S ..?**'ier ST, at twnl.e o'Clonk. noon, 4.1 tFO TOMB of freah mined Coal feotn ilie l<*ek*wanna re,pona, of IS* n.lial ?lrea lellrerahle at tl.tSr l>|?A, F.lijaWftlbOft, S J < dnr nr thn month of Deeemoet neat r Ftftr renin |wr too. ita.nhlri" current f ???% the lay of .ale, and the be.lniice. wRIitn ten day* thrrnn.lnr, I 'h* (i ten nf the rntnpai f. ? OA*,, WOOD. AC. /I'lAU if FfddCF. Alt TIIF. PKIlCI.F. S MCTCAt. ' ? Fs.tntiirr anil Oml aM^Ftasm^whoIonaIn I lee, t-. ttmnk 1of? mtm *5 fvEiTSfa ewrntr I ilton rami M B All elty Bai.road Tl< ket* for lill t . / ioAL A^U KfNDIalNO W'MID, Pl^P. OAK AND * j IMrfcorV llHI Vf>ry f|tl?lltT, VSArKR4 J4iT?t &^U!5?nrSKr*# T-.aty.fl th, near Thiol arenaa. . /tOAt. AMD OOtR I?r THR BMT QCAMTT. AT BR ly it]red price dell.eted imm*dl*t?D Apply *1 my real and aa.e .?*. I?H *?irA arena*. ||t,||BlA FIRRWOflD -*? 0ORDS AUFBRIDR. wall *e*.one1 Wand for wl* hy tha "Yfi Add'*,* A. aroc'iaao not MS F?* *???. Horfalk. Va.. Hit. Ttp. ,WMa*l tUad*