Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. > ? -rv? *?" WHOLE NO. 11,045. NEW YORK, MONDAY. NOVEMBER 26. 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. A BEAUTIFUL NBW BORN INFANT For"iDOP lion Ca I '? Aunty place, between H.oecket and Amity air-eta. 4 A family or wkaltm wis-iirs to adopt ~a .tw" ,',l,i. Ailresa atatliii' * j'^(u lt"> "bM H Ml* m??, Mrs. Adaiua, station A, ftpi ,U|< 4 ukmtl/. man r.on England, having a lkt. sLg W"1UWU"" tW""" CI1AR/ B-. MY HAULING. KB i7aH OfVIK: HOPE VO I?u W <i?y, t/ lu>psv.ble, come Wednetdi.v Ever i"urtr m ill,La. {YCtA A. OB ANY FRIEN.. KNOWING HER TF i ?*FoT"l* r'Ul1 11 10 Ju'"o?. boa J.U17 New '*J)? maidm',? s AF1 EnxooK- *?T U muyembh TN?r>u,Jf,fTIV.'S wANTI."_<ip LEWIS BYIINK. LATK A s. ? Ml 7'ArUo"r- eounO Wwklow, Ireland. Wu at Itellnie Hoanita! last July Address Rev Wni. Qatar 1.", MtaiGliiy ireej. |i;a iriwnos in IreUtUii wibh Liu ic-iuiu boahm. FF^BWATION WANTED-nUHHAHO carpenter Jiwi in '.hf Iwinj ml Quoeni county. Hlute of Vlrg ,1... ?owe ?fur? ago, l-evlu; a property to his hrlr- Any In ?ormntton reap ctiur: thr* above dece'iaed and lda cxe""torv ?llameul with u If tw 'ul reword by ?pp"e;itn>n to A!c< Miui. aitnark. Guar,Man Kim lmromnce Compuity, New S'urk. T*YOi:maTION WANTED?OK CATHERINE CriARI'Z, JL a natt-e of France. by her slater, at Mra. Wesacudo. f*. BBS Mott at., Now York. Information wanted-of a yoino oiri. n.mcl Mary Ann Barlow: anppoiied to bo In thn ??ty. Ato tutorniHitoii eoaonrrlug her will b? thankfully ion run wy tier a i rents, 1Mb W?at Nineteenth street. Madison wence stack-last s.vTntnit eve. nina. Tli>- lady in Id ick, who gave the driver a bill, ?nd r"rofjiiit"d tho g n'lon.m as hi got out at Twenty so, ?? ?ud stri ct, who handed bw k her i-ha-ige will rami\ a in for. SBatlon of interest mid Hnd a'lucre Irh-nd by -leading hl.ii keraddrea. U. EMl.KKOX, boa l"l Herald offlco. WANTED?INFORMATION OK RODERICK ROW, woo left .New York In the ?i>rtng of in the ???? to ?rOpe'ousea, bound for Galveston, Tei?*. Any i- on (knowing bta whereabouts will please address T. F. K bt a au Herald ofbee. LOST AND FOt'VIX DOO LOFT?ON RATHRDAT KVENINO: *A REWARD: a It.ark and Tan Slut Inst. on corner of Hrnadn-av and ?ihet. If the And. r will br'ng liar to Alb ilroauwai up f t'it a. he will receive the above reward. T OKT.-TKSTKRDAY (SUNDAY) MORN (NO. OCHNO JLA fro ok church in Second avenue, near Second tu Btllh utreets a Pocket book. contain log (il. $6 reward given ?or retura to pastor uf idmrrh. LOST-ON SUNDAY KVENINO, 4N FAHRINO through Univrrelty plaeo to the Matron Doree, Union ?quare, a ilraaatpiu. form of a fly, of pearl and ilone, a ?til able reward lor the recovery of It will be paid by giving (?formation at the MaUon Doree, Union aquarc. T OBT?FIREMAN'S DEVICE, fln, aid. rilE KINDER XJ will plea no return the a.ime to Kenuedy'a bakery, I -1bt Third avenue. LOPT-YESTERDAY, IN FORTY-ElaHTH STREET, between Third and Fifth avenues, a Kur Clpe. The ?nder will he liberally rewarded bv leavlne it at the I'resi. Meoi'a house. Columbia College, er addreaaing boa New York Pout office. ! V OST?SUNDAY AFTERNOON, SAW INST.. AT THE MJ eorner of Broadway and Bleecker etreet. a Blnrk ami Taa Slut, with red and hlaolt leather collar, Ac. answering to the uanie ol Lola. A liberal rcwar<l will be paid for her return to No. It Depa't row. Hleech !T etre iL STOLEN, NOV. 24?A COLO FACED WATCII. MARKED en the b.ek " Krnm Father.'' tne aeeond h,in I tn sains: ?lee ? rubber chain, bouod with twieled gold a g .Id ?er, ent book with amsll rnbv e>e<. Whoever will ret urn the a ,ni" ?o M Clinton street. Brooklyn, (ball be aultably rewaided ?nd no queationa aaked. K KYI'A K DR. ?R reward?lost on Saturday, an old w"' Hudson. Ray PaldeOoll ir. and CulT. The tinder will rrcclve $!i nil returning them to'Jt Eaat Nineteen street. ST REWARD -LOST. ON SATURDAY. 'J4TI1 INST. A iJ White Suiter Dog with red sputa; has a defeci In one <?j^. I><?,',hI will Iws tak^u ;nty pcrRon r# (alnlng the dog efter the 27th mat. Addi eae T Mauahan, No. ? I rinuc etreet. New York. $r REWARD WILL BE PAID BY ME TOR RETURN '' ' Lorkskln Hoota, left In Eighth avenue enr on Krl ?ay evening last. Dr. (JY I.ES, Rkl Ninth av. (drug at,ire). Y10 BKWABD will be paid on the keturn y '? V babf'e Adghan, taken from 153 West Forty. ?oorUi street, on Ihe kid inet , and no queationa asked. CVll HRWAKD WILL BE PAID TOR THR RECOV ywO ery of a Pocket book loot on Friday evening, rnihig Yroei fooiof Ulvtngton street up to tne Bowery, thence to Mnmdwey end Thirtieth street, containing $<U or lib, tied ?Mod with a shoe lane. T. aflNHON. 17? Weet Thlrty-flrsi etreet. Y/kll RKWARD-TAKEN BY MISTAKE, FROM CIO JFhl" Brum I way, n tin trunk marked " Silver Inide y i? tag Company." Any one returning the snme, with encloet d papers, wtth be pa d gto end no (queationa aaked. ? KE WARD?LOST. ON SATURDAY NIOHT yu" I sat at the corner of Rlev-urh street and Sittli ?venue, e valuable monogram, diamond act. Ame",y?i i(:0g. ?singa preeen.ation ring h la more valuable to the own-r ( to any one alee. JOHN McDEVlTT, IK S,?lh ?r. PIA NOFOKTEN, A ?R1I BAROAIN ? FOUR EI.KOANT 7>i "or. w'" Rtwwood Plioofurlw fur m)?, a po%lt vd hrgnfn i WmCSh' "?? ?'?T mekera. full warrantee for Ore yi*ra to ?erh Piano; Intake* >n perfect elegamv; must be seen ami grtee to be appreciated llare great power and rich lone fO?r round enencrs carved lega, ovrratrong baas, 'nil Iron ?lale, aad worthy the attention of those to aearrnofare gable Piano at a bswaln. Apply at BATTKRSON'S Stor ig fSrSMBUir' S ndar Fortieth atreet, freni A BAROAIN-RLEiIANT 7 OCTAVE WARA'ED ROSE XX wood Piano; oo-| f4 7S: price, If ao'd Ibis went, gvqj ?t MS Broadway, oppoelte Aetor place. N. P. B. CURTISS. A CHEAP PIANO, IN HOOD ORDER, FOR AM) g ?r<tt a k2SLr"**Pianotorte, a very flue laatre J. HIuOl.K, II A ally etreet, seer Broadway, A family will dispose or their maonifi. /? ?1 reeewood Pianoforte, Worth gttO, for half Its aSL' overstrurg, iron frame, nearly new Apply *i ?7 Kant Tenth street. ' AM At INI KICK NT REVRR OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte, coel JUbO, will be add for gSMft. one beau wiol Parlor suit, eoet At?T for im. one do for $118; aEt ?fParlor, Bedroo.u and Dinuig Room Furniture, at a aaeri See. Inquire at lt( Weat Eighth atreet, near Stub avenue. AMAUNIFICRRT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sal- made order; city maker: lolly guaranteed: n -d live months, eoet fduo. for |3tkl. including duel and cove . tarlor aetie; etager s bookcase, patuilogs kmtnae*. 'kuniec dming furniture^ Chine, glees-n l wore; aam riDce. 44 tt ret biateeathafreet, aeair Stal l avenue. *,Ma'",,FICKNY BOSK wo, HI ? ncgerte. a gfMf) ln*tr ,nu nl. aeven >wta? a. ear ?e t v ^ . im'm jhn iii, BfvRn 'NUvcR, mrm l m erst rung baas for iiear.v half priee if token Inm.. ^ ??k?f. BAROAINK.?RONKW< Ml II SEVEN OCTAVE ptAVil forte fer half lie, wigtunl coot me reining base, Ac ? ,H,e ?seen '" lav. Piano'-uie - oid and Ci,ver, giAl oiah?WMiiv mi llan,,forte, gin flee o-tave Melodeon, p.,n? i,, |e v" Alec nssor.met i one Fonolnrtes at manofa.' uiers! it rmrlli ftVMui, op|MMiW) ?,'oopnf Inithuu*. RE AND UPK!',HT PI tTTu " M'J??*ne Cabinet Organa, wbolraale oed retofl, t *< V4 tjst applied If pareitoeed. M inthlr pevineuts re f^o M Bsrnnd band Pianos at bergs,nr. Price, from Wat (o$m. New 7acianhuM for ?il .nd npwar.ia. <?d FHu totsa l? eachange. Coeh paid for aecood hand in.. Ma. Factory and ware rooms 4S1 Broadwey. N. Y HORACE WATERS PIAJJomnTI' l-Ni* BfULTIFtX ??? Bolll rUnoforia, Nana* A ? lark * mak*. at rtiuariar it* mmJ In |~rl ru ..r !? r . g.>. I P'umi A. .. will l?- antd (..? t'St> Ad?o'> MMmBm i? at ' Aa). Kaat taaaurtb *irmt t"Ul 'w -*?'* *xr> HRfuxo ii\Nr? riwn ? 7*7 I ? 'ail t: >1. >.? I if -?i* ami in. 10 ana ?l? mi. iih. I'lano*. a/* A"or tioin twin d ivtid it|-?.r?.l f. lit Ulit ft Ririuft.?f> an oat. iMAtnti ACADK'III iMiliWouTU t PANi t.?(J tf'ttlKMT. k. tin WW?rHAVt ?ri(, tHWV<iKK. For did*. trrma. Ac., pii-ta* roll for a rlrauUr BwnikK' iMMi'tro \i-Apr nr **i rimmivk at. A M.W m- i K'ltC I ( m|?VV AU tha f*?h?.fi*nt* dan ?? Inantdmr t lav s-ff'ift'Q. f4 flllr I .a* Varivaa Kartalannc and Utd Va *? L'Afn ? r c ?? la ?? * mat ?? of l?a? i a Htm. " Timart f> nd t 3 |? V. f* 4 dlRNlliKMKN. I ?-*!*?* and f rfcUra, 7,'} to Id !? 4. ? II11 ???*?? ?. Wadin-'dar* ami *?fard*jr?, 3 ta V, : 4 L Aid I- f*' l*rl<*i*r? ? '??? ln?inwd?.| hjr Mn Hi-v.a. a MIKKl. li.t.Kt f I .in ,?!Mt l.t?M!*i?. Ja^if i 2 lu 4 I . a ??*?*,- , u<i ii'oa i a * of * i , a. tHsid .-mi I. Tttcoiaj an" Fnda. -ranio** *1 ? ?> r-t. Whi> In Fnroiv Mr. I?? 'ioraia h "* Mi" h*n..r to ?In Uda in-aiiar a' i?- Mi?i?l* Afalfti fi" d?? Pi n m ltd d- I tana* d> Fi'n.t !>*??* J'i f?i?it-- i?|+rt< to TOp. tbM inanj* hud la tmmmtatl ynsaaaat-ra at all ??-*? d*aan. j Tutiltuv 1 IfKiK Till (A? 1HWTIOW, msTA/ltf *? Jf tirtl d-wBikma of afl ih? Qaadrtll'* f?n"-? of it* P"'nati fvitilim. Ar . r.n* r??d|r. rr?*ti?M<, **if.?r?i ?nan liatltlni, Ar.. fu* r-ailf. ar addraaa m Fifth ar-mi# ?*??..-? I'dadtdatiUi aimdt. |At IflH'X nAXCTS'i ACAIIEKT, 21 *' XT TOl Krjl I * *'r~?. for at, idtra Ml** and graM* m-f ?# ? *?*?* dado*. ,and karimlav ; all 4 inert t?n*M A* on* ?) i.r? ?* a*rni"'i II all |irt?n1 <*? a at 7III.ITAH I. V ? t ITHA*" or no ntr ill' li] v > ?-',7**ri I at " V'..|"?r ll'f an. itt" 1" ? I 'k x at ?*! > on * ...,aj, ??..?*!? tar >5, i li >' - P..* I'' cJaalf l? " irb'*!? Ota ?"! r? ?? , ,? , .'ki" ??/ la It, I,,m, ?ur ? /. AuiUl* I III i .at'-ar '"I l"?' ' ??I!**-?-Ht rt?MJti m lr> F m # o.itt* ? It .a n. 4A1*0*D. wfc. .. H. KA . 2U2II, I i d. ???? If'i' A "Tr"V ot- Uattr, i.oioi"-. m a' L '' ?Vd-'fl i?a i- r?ll a? ??. AI It Ui\i.>.?tfJ;,.'n.a ltd It atvaol/ A INSTRUCTION. A BUMKKM bl>HOATiON.-TO\VNHKSBS OOMVI H J\ c.*l lend my SWBowtry. PrlVHte luWructlon, ct.iv uml ?warn*. In liooikeei'inn. Wrltioa Oon-.m- -ctul Arithmetic, Readln*, HpcUluX, lirauuaAr, Ac. A(wrtweuui fur ladiea. NucUwi s. * VOl NCI LtUY. IJOMI'KTBNT TO KBUO VTT! Oll'l A. drmi In ?tom*nt*Ty ?tudle? and m? ?<?. ilc*ii?a a alluiUion In a.inn rr?pi:tablr family; twal of rcfe.. n irivaii AiUreaa M. , bui 2,228 I'o.i uhi-c. I TOtlXO MAX, TH VOMER, OF K\PKRI8NCE, RE. J\ irut.i I'.irl*. U"? rca m tflv.1 la .ira i ,? n (I- mmn act Fiwuub, In niohangn lor Hoard Hchi of icjer?nc%a. Addrau B. A. Ottibcu ? in U'lla, Huth avenue, corntr For ty.?e, md itrNf. LADT. OF AM VI.?*. EXt'KRlEMCB IN TUITION. >.vi?h.-i for a rt? ly n.ijar. iimiiI o. private lM?ia*; aha, Fjvn'h, miiaioul ih? ku.onti,ma. ulprba 8. V. A.. nation A. T OOH.SMIJH' - COMMERCIAL IXHTITO TH. 1M Broadway.?In thtnlinn (pit* > if 1 ;-,.rr.C; In Pen o?h'|i B" i Yecj. v; and H'lninraa Affairs. ACHER OR B IOK.K. ril'INU. M ATHKMA ' OR, ?'v An. w.utdd(Et trainM praferredi; ime wllllnrr il.-rou Ul- wtiol ? tin to kin nnpl'.j < r'? Interest. Apply at 1'alnn . boot, d2 BOOKKRBF1NO, WRITING. AO., FOR JU'SINEIH? Mr. DOI BEVR, 8H teach*. Hnokksaping prantlr.iily, aa usad In the beat Near York k waN. Ha ilun irmnr'n nilfona., cramping nr trom'nln? irota tba norn band, an I uutkea eicgaul tiunnr? penmen. .IjUtKKCJJ IN SIXTY I.IKSONS-SA FRR MONTH,-. I Kro-n the ilrvt leiwon rn'-pH* road. Iran da to an.l an -?er i Pre:;. Il to the que .noun aildrov.?<!. Prof. .IO.-1'll'll J. OKI PH' , N i. >0 ih Hvrnue, near Tenth at aet. VfOMSIKlB H. _ KOCLUKK. PROFK8HOR |?R M I i in;-' . |ttn Ie-anona either at hi? re.denes, No li \\ cat Eleventh an c.-t, ar at the pupiiV. 'EaOBKR OF OYMN times WAN'TKO?IN A 4TIIOOU every day from 4 to A?* ln-k, lb th.a city up lown. An ci?, wlib terms I'lloolpal, at I lion F Punt office. TUB Tl RF. IjtABtHOM OOPRHS. L. I t-TRDTTTNO. 1 Ti l..-,I>AY, NO . 27, at 1 oMlnok P. M. Pnrar nod ? from A tlynanl'a elabla. B mk atreei, Sr:'-i three in tt*r ?u U*ruaaa. A P.iUCrrKun ( l|Pf. K W (Jam', Id C- O&'.rbT jopRpH CRQfHMR^,^ [rNtn<l rOORSE, I. r.?TROTTIMO.?MONDAY. NOV. U 3R,al3P. M., in .if1' m*h b**rt th r+* in ^Vb?, to wajfi n. la. S. Saiumia' blk tr. Trio; U. Rftlh'ii b. g. WM. Hf Rough and R"*dy. Wm. SHAW, Proprietor. SPOHTIVG. 4 YF<v I.E. A FAST RllfaTKG 3LOOP /V ViM*ht, <!?? feel long. n#?<r Imwt ?prlng. har-1 wood cAhln, and thonn;ghiv !ui nl?h?-d and tittod at Ffirjr re?p?ri; pe'gnt waI'ii fl'i'/ , hn.r rualtr'**< x. rap cualiioua and ciiita.iix Brut**!* i'arpei Ac. WU1 be sold low? a.-* owner i? K"'r*iC to Europe. Axidreog 6'.?<>p \a< nt. Ilaraid otlioe, Cor lull por Uutll*rn. DAS'IK h F<??TRR IS KOOMRTKLT STKKKT. HAS III tk?cUoton bree-ls of !? ???; Ko^?er'? InfalRb'e >| <n?e 4*'ire? airl t ?? l^teninuuU'r, 7b ceula. M"e*liclnfn lor all D(h?S ANT# HIP.IiS FOR SALK.?BLACK AND TAN Terriem, Scotch Terrier*, llound-i. Hpanlela. Kat Pog?, At:.; Vor-king Hlrdn, Cjtn.nex. Ac., tu g ?o?i eong. B't rb'd ffJiiuid, Ar Medlciiteii for all di?eai?a?. at B. |K>VKY'S. SfiG (.'aunl atra?:t, /lour Church atroei. Mocking Bird Food for aula. Fiba.ncib bptlkh, no. :i pi ck slip, iiasallthk rh?Hr# orewda ?'( Builw'i liifalllhle Mange '?'tiro and Fie* l,*'*r,n',n.' lor 75cente. Boiler'r new work on the I**, $i'. Jioga irained. Ac. Medl'jlura for *U dim FORSMK A TRAINED <?OAT. WITH W.YHON A! Hurnofs, wIU l?e ?o'd rhestp; alao a Rititf Tall Monk Can ??e bfr-i, a* 371 edith atreel, ne*r ar* nue tT. TO!IN OKAV. 11 ROOSEVELT STRKKT? ll.lfl FOR el MHle Ven*. 'liadLnd Bull Tenlei**, anmlt Hlicl find TaA. Seotc! ^!,.t ?\e XWHara, Hplti Dogi, acnall PoodiCfi, naoiU ltaban <?rayh->uud^, Ac. TMOROlIllliRREM FANCY POf'LTRT OF Tl clioleetii brreda; purfty of atoek warranted; etr p nenl no r??' Ipt of efamp. A. T. SOfl Ai'FFLRR. Stjpetl iet.dent ItD'tftifj Live .sp>ck t'omjiany, ofhro Ivy VVal au'eat. corner I ulioo. IlOliSKN, ( AnRlAOFJ. M\ Vkditrla. Iri pelMo i.r ler; atylixh Conpe llorae, aouri'l to ev^i r reapgcl; llaruca of the he^l wake. Addte % X., llei l . f*. V COACH?SIX AND FOfTR SPAT PH %FTf)V. TWO Cabt'oleia, Dog Cart, four real llo- kaw*y. all eefir. l Tiatid; ??>id low: ftU? Cai iigea hi id Jlat'tieaaea. "at W per oent loea than B? >*dwar ai r ?. ?li?II.N C. IlAaf, No 10 Kxit Fourth rtreet. conierof Miwadway. GENERAL A PIMM I'M T! NT OF OAERIAGBM, HAP baud top and t?o top Depot W?g??n?, at fAYXOR A IIICKS , f?S Cadar rtreet. A PIN K STCCONT# TltNltOVE RORAf? COUFE?MADE E ?w?.? Br" HT1- ? >m it.NO,an got d ae new, for $1 ?ft'' Apply to JOHN C HAM, 1? Km Fourth street, corner of A GREAT SACIIIKICF. -TWO MARES I5?; HANOI J\ 7 ?ndi? yearn old: haretrofti-d in SttO Mlny. ?? and U .Vt' Poie: wtll lAtokl fur $! or), ?i |Wi alaglr; a fine ?tyuak rW Team IS Hernia. 5/ear* oltL At tnneh le>x thail their r> in wirrtiilad mind. Eo * A Nl?:hoU' ?c?h!e, Twwnty->ouri atreet, aeeottd floor. Km he?>f !i?*r?ea. Of EK RoCKAVttY AT A BAfUiAtN-l.fNRD wEU 'due cloth, r rwlr d??? e up In ?'*'d jrder; a a*? a ' PoukS Harrvoi wry che?p, at M Marinfi atiee.. ?TWO MF.AVTCAHT IIOBBRS FUR A A LB. { ? *i?en ai TfA ??oid rtrart, F./ooklyn. AHF1 ENDID FRE^H MILCII COW FOE SACK.? Milk SSuoarle per .ay; to he aoLl rr>*?p. Apply at 161 r.aat twenty.fifth mrert. ARGRRKL MAKE FOR SALE CHEAP? EIGHT years ?id, 15\ hands h!#* ; a fine ?trtrer and good Inokar: ran trot In three minute* Can iwaeen at private atahlo gll I-afi Eighteenth ??r?et. rear, for parttralar? at the Pulton tl lei, (M. vtr o< Elgb'.eenth ?treet and Third arm ie. G CASK. |aHlB PAUh-rHTY hTAUKM. HARHKftH. WHKfcL". ?T Ac.. Dim *?>">?! pilr (b*. aid ?1l wWw baliiialnr >o a Dui-IIm; MHn lota ta a?H lb* pomtaaor. Appl/ alBb fcaat Tbirtv.un. airvt, i it .l.atr Cm A man? P. la*'* malb a \ ki;y -ir.'Kioa ray coi r* P Horw; v*'. .... n.'ni kliw4 14 h aoo* h?gli and Warrahtv I prm* pfiBJ. APR; ii 'UI'ImH *'?( Toirij-nv. ?t. iron mai.iv?ok pair of ??o-ev:i? vatph?i? r r " f I'M I' "?? ?" *"1 ??*' *?i al*oan ? ?/anl Virion* H ir;>n* mi d? l.j ,t Hi -A??; mitkrr; mutl Iw -nlil hr'ora Wail ?"?!*?, an II ' aabi- lanira f'<r N??r Orlvana. !?m ira Inr CHIi.R, it Mm iianl I taliR, Rtodli AM T?wlj< Gtolb alt'-vi. JOA a Al.K?A MPAM OF OB A* IIORMK4, 1A HAHtlM X1 bi?h t? xxl I .'>*:??. *vr? (valla; prion $bm i an w avvi ?t Hvu- it a a *i.,v. Wllnamvttura. AptA; ai li* Wail rfl, .V Y. |AOH HAl.B?ROB WANV PP ? "R TKM Ml MKT A'TjARI P arnrk lima**. T" **? n*vn al Iba mo dnpnl or Rat'lv A i.rrvt. .iW Wn.t ntrw A ?"(T all -raaju,'l aoM. A w am* ).,ir uf I *.-r...pal or waf t! Horaaa. Fn'iH MAf.B?A UQitT BUNlflWO i'fiA?"H, la Moot) or Ivr, ?<l I - ?? W. ' !??!? a- ?? .?nrr '.*? i.ot room In knvp H % (fix to J AW 1.4 G"S\Sol tl, 41 I?blt. aaoottv, la lib i iflln ? loft). p* V ofcn voib arontn i HAMt? ri" T Pt.AM nw NruniBR, NF.i'o?fI? laid '? ow r w. >. n. .?, ai,4 I bawl K?i rvaaWaf :*l It ?( F.y ulri.h airart, ua.aoai. iiitb ami -a? L1)K Hll.K-A Bi n - rvM t'ABT. IR i|OOI? b. I ?-r,| IT n-dd rh ??? tor ? 'lav Ap|4f ai (r <o*ry alo-? A? TmiUt ??? mo ?- u r "I viitl. i-wl L'OK M|l? Ap rr P'll ir IT.HI.f, 37 V.aRT I '' wif j| ,ir. v., a ' a* > V i . 1Mb h ? >4" i. ?0 ? >? ara >1*1. pa ami aian l. ar I a a 4 i li- rr'aor .1 . h .r.m.a alar a aa-r avjanor Ma) Hauilai I uiA A taara ?lo. A ??' .! pv.laai '/ -. Lior *vi.r:-A RiyiU.1 tc>n?H TR' "t. hok-k a<i? r rlarn- aa r ,a . f .la heraa 1 r-ara ? l.i .au anil klml. I urk la a 4erdar. A,.jljr ai IW> Mai'l*.. iaa . 1/ <K llMUl 1 . '?*. H?t I' >lo*l, in IIAWtM,.'' 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