Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1866 Page 3
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AID Aflurr of oommodiour pamm?M. al?o two single Kootue, with Moord: ^tooottoo l.lffl Broadway, woe door from corner Twenty-dDk *Umt- OW**1* lUdleuo W and Fifth avenue. AH suit dp rooms fOH HENrLKMEN-WITUOUT boaid. No. IS last Seventeenth a treat. between Union square and fifth avenue. A~~T 1* AND ?? NINTH BTREKT. BETWEEN FfPTIf and Sixth evaunes?Rlaganl Flours and line Room* to ho, with Aral <daaa Ho? d, In Fram-ii aud 'jfnom atylna. Private tabid U AH ANDHOMF.LY f I'KNIHIIKD RiHId ON T IIP aonond lloor. with Board, for a man ami wife, at Itatt West Twenty-third jtraaE At thk grant w nkw mowi.kv. near Chatham square, Room. Hue. lu Ale. per uay, gf to |1) per wank. \X AMKRICAN WIDOW I.CDY Wil l. I.UT TO OFV. tlemen aud their wive*, n.crlr furniniieo Hooina. with partial Baud, ot US Lexington avrnuo. Mudum impiore uionla. Rplendtd haiatlon. AT 22 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN _A With end Sixth avenue- a plex.atil l-r^e well fnmleb ml fnnl Kooui. with iiotrd; amiable lor one or two pm anna. A mm NICE CHAMBER AND SITTING BOOM. ON MUK. ray Hill, with ur without Board: ple.iaenl aitnailon aud good table. Dinner at ?>. Addreaa box l.Tial l'o< oHioe. A ?PARTIES IN WAST OF ItOOMS, WITH AND J\% without Hoard, oau Una deacrtp.lve ll-tv, with pricae at our iHTnie. Xuchmgo. WtYAN A Co.. Ul Liberty atraot, room 22, acvoud aiurr. AT 120 MADISON AYENUP. CORNER OF THIRTY tlratatrn-(?llandaomely tin mabcl Itooni on around floor, lor gnulcmat. and wile or two a.ugle genucuicu; also one Urge Room on third. \ HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, J\ wrilh gtia for one or two idngle gentlemen In the jiri rale houea 22B Hudaon atieet. between Spring end Ceual. A PURVIS!! ED ROOM ON FIRST FLOOR TO LET. with Hoard, to a gentleman and wile: alao ffouiua tor aiogle gent) men inquire at 170 Bh-e. hrr aireel. AT 174 AND 174 STREET, SIX HI.Oi KS weal of Broadway, pleaeant Rimiii-, with . lceilcnt Board, from (7 to g!2 per weed; lemUieea -oordinirly. A PRIVATE FAMILY tN FORTY-SECOND STREET, near Broadway, bare two from Kooma to rem wlih H-erd, toageoUemau and w!f3r Address I'u. ij ariuud A FIR.dT CLASS BINULR OENTLKM AN CAN OBTAIN J\ all elegantly lurnlahed Parlor floor, eouaiaiing of trout and back pariora, bath and toilet rounia, with hteahfavt at glial par month, by applying at do r.aal livrtfib ai.tei, near Broadway. A PARLOR PLOOR, HANDSOMELY FURNISIIKD. with or without Hnardi teuaa modern!.; unexcep tionable table: prirale If de-ired. looatMin fweii'y-ai cond atraet, near Fifth avenue. Call at tai Liberty street lot ad it rx-sv. AT 1U2 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET?A HUSTLE man and wife or two aiogle gentVuieu can oiseth plea aaut Kaouia, with Board. Helerenoea exohatiged. * ALAR'IE, HANDSOME PARLOR FLOOR-THREE rooma?witu Buard. uaay be bad, either sepeial'ly AT en anile, at ICi Ninth aireet, near Fifth avenue. Y VERY I.tHUK WEIX FURNISHED EXTI NSION al Parlor, In rent, with Board, tar two persona, at gdO, is eluding tire and gaa. Call ai SS Waal 'fwyjjt_eib street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LP.T A NEAT FURNISH ed Room, in one or i wo geuFetusn ur a gentlemen and hie wife, with Ba .rd tanne moderate. Refeiemaa re ?tuiied. Apply at Uti West Tweuty Area a treat. N ELEGANTLY FURNISHED SI'IT OF ROOMS TO L let, with Boaid, on lomiy-loiirib alley, uear Ihia bo'.el. KIM. A I'll., Mo. 9 Wait Twenty-third atraet. Ml Hi Avenue Hotel. 1 pHi'vaTe FAMILY WILL RENT A UAND.SOMI LY J\ furulaned I'albf'i Redrooma above, will. aii|wi.< private table. ILfilci} rofrvriivea required Apply at ?l Heat Suteamb hieSb T" V W IRANT El hrgelnta b bllalimtet. ? \ Jmee i PLEASANT RETREAT.?FIIS8T UI ASS. ROOMS. Bail _ Height-, N. fTuve nilnulea' walh iroro Pulton forty. with hrgelntc Imartf, can ba teemed at the furlith Balk Balabllahmgflf. No. 4A Columbia a'reet, Hruohlvn ijXtnjK PURXTSIIKD ROOM TO I.UT--WITH iuaardi alao two amell Roorne. Terma leaaonahlr. I Twenty km airaat, be! wee a Plfth and sttth Y SECOND STORY ROOM TO LET-Wil'H HOARD Jv at IA6 Weal Iwn y fourth atieai. 1'iisr Ini.ln li Are and g??, tsi pe, ee t. t- a itDihivin sail will. Kino ronuiiia hot and i-ud water ana pantrleu AM KLFOA.VTLY FCRNIKHF.n SI IT or ROOM", With or without Boaid. Private labia if ueairnd. Apply at No. i Fourth a< vnur. AT JSi THIRTIETH bTKKIT, NEAR THIRD AVENUE? Piuoiabed aarood floor M e family or aiuaie geull". earn, with good Board Upon reaaouabte terma K'terea a raiJ'-HTfltL A PEW CHOICE ROOMS, WITH ROAHD. AT No. 12 Meal fnirieeu n ai iet, avar iifih avnua. Nioa io ca.lon AN ELKOANTl.Y 1 I UXISHF.D SUIT OF ROOMS TO reoi, on aei-emd floor: aleo Parlor. !n a pilval'latnHy, with or wllboni pilrata lanla. 79 Ken Hatenp-emh atreei. AT 122 NINTH STREET. A FEW IXMIRS WKSl OK Brnaoe ay?A fenCeiuan and wife or tarn a male senile obtain plaeaaiit llooaw, with Hoaid. in a onidera ho nee. AHKi OND STORY Macs HOOM. PUKNISHFD. with nral 1-iaa- Board; lefemneea taqiiued. I4S .ml I4A Poi.rtoenih nireet, .ui nei at Snvoiid AT I,MS RltOADWAi-A PLEASANT Roooia to i'0 , with Board; alao a ny a gentleman. ASINTJI.K GEVrl.RMAN CAN HE Al t oMMODATKD with good Board and Room, at 2U4 AAeat higkirealb airaat. houaahaasaih beta. A .1 terma a.ou?raiv. -TWO H AI.L BEDROOMS TO I.ET-WITH RtlARD, ueatlv Inrulai.rd AtMAAem 1 h r y drat aire. t. \ SMALL F AMILY HAVE A PLEASANT FlIRNIMIMl i fmni r p.iu io If vriih ko*r4: mjtptf ?! J?rt Mmi i i?^n?u ??irei, JU? l?rlo?r l.igLii* Ritovf. H#,n? ? rufor t? j -.yg iNB. 4 FAWdOK AM' HI-flfliHtV TO laKT?1 ?!?>'m ?jrigte 5? Ihif? t.r? F??urm ib I k.mktv* wd ?fCBUB*. IT NO. II WFFT I r.KVKNTM l%rilKlir-A >FW .\ UvOa? fic. in Hi vaXlWmf, 10 ;?L, * r?l'OlBHCvi Irv/iu Fm'.or ih?.d B#<lr i?u ?*o?unl fur>r; ?l?o tfw K?om? fliiiiM.fl fvi fl?nilrm?^ wUh nr?* ?II t sb ? t%m <l*j rni*r??r?. labia 4'hw a at ?? clxcft, A Fill \ ? ! h f A HILT WILL lall A II A MWOMKI.T .?r ?uai tour, wi?l? ^rtvkf# tk'ils i? rts?%lrr?J; Uble fii*i i i ae? . - iBBrMft u*ngri. I ? U#di FuiirifOlad i t tt r?iARLi??\ > ritftAi.-ro i.t r. h axuhomm.y L rurnialMHl Kod db with Hntrd, fir b f*id<l*o??a tmi o. ? r(?; ??? ma uivi* \?-BOAIU?, TUM FrftMHHKI# ??* UN'Fl KM* MKI? # j C S C l.n ; ,atli,'?BA ?? i fSHllfHD-ll, dM' ' I* fat lb? friiiBi IU?* at Jflmra a pU. f l:rfr BiKt* *?? ? A# ngrd niutrf7i.ANF rmvAir family iiavf. a i.arcf u* mm* wt ? H .. tt f fir t?fk Fl r ApurM il favii.y have a iuni-ihiki.t hr ?ilaB?*a Hltt? f iUfOIA, Willi t?t K*<if...t|i* BUa?'e?J t*# Irt *ofrlh?r . . ??,.id ? ?i it I' ? ' ? ? rtlMMfBti ?Bt^ftrig^u i *1 a * I VI Mi l'owri#?f U a *r, i.t?? fiifttg ?rmar. At no. v rwr.Nrr # ii ih mrpm -iwo vi ft of Ha-moa <* .1 I'trtvff, Ai** Ic aii aFi i? u*<A?it|#M?*-i an ? lb* buui' Dili ?*???. ??? < Aut l?? (?<??.? Awruow>V WILL LET AN EI.KvlANriA Fi'M. l *bcJ Fk>if, mi'L F"kr?1 1BB&M' 1 lm fMltf WfHI'ig '"pBjifar lor ?IAgali< f u\ ort Kitlu at* ??%#. upa' ?!'?? h*l#l aim; A CO. No. f Wtsi TBBB'fblrd mi, hfiB *???.? Hu f Araim 01 r*o ok tiirm. ? ??* ?? < ommo 4ww wHK ? W'*? ?M -m?i; frum r?am '>'-> tuur, |ll IM ?fii . . .J ? -.a. If ? rrn Amir or noon* on *?.. ori? hook, wim *?? ?!"( |ii uw i??l?, nn' Hfih|itti> ? Nil I Km loanur.h irw Ai?. ? tun of imh I'm Iw ? aAJMtaiMg ?MUM) Arootsi fM'MMt rjorv rui'Vt room i ?o ttb?r, airwrt, In IN, III ? ?<??.!? ... mnl m.r? r I i?.> ?tnfi- ?????, n twin K ? ? oa ? . ma ?< ?** a <? *1.1 Matt I ? ?ui i hi? > t a.i?t VRt'ir ??? koo?i? to kkm -on Mr.i iim rt.ooK la ? faaUly ttuaa Ml ?. *u o.n. |>| < ? .-a* '4m i*m > a Duair?i ApfO ?' I'' iir*1-** ri ) ? In i ? | rmT KiaaMrPop. VT Vfum r> T<> t* i'i:k rirK a ?.i \ ri ? *? n ?ml alt-. fno.-ia.... ... ..? .... 4 -i ?u.ii a...I pi?lb. A. UK i b.ut...| a I llll I.I ll'irKOi MO I si., 'ol. OP I ".ill tl J\ HibAtMbi N ?*-.?> -* I-, h.i. . club A : nrr.Ai.Al m .m cart* l> o.i* aaaia A fi.h%.*Aiir rnu>f iw?*. ami km? rnoflH a*? ???4 ('* iym -A# i ViU rt'M 4. hi (<krl# Un i('J '?I ?Mi %|?V f ?? '1 > 4?l .Nlif. tl lllf* *J A 0 ?K?r iFKI lilt ItlKkr-liHIII on ?M u?J? "?>'? t***??"* <?< ua'i.rAbml o.i 1 .-.i. A ?Ular*MMk RinA. A T is ao.ih <lht- r.i niwrri.A ? *n?? *mrn\t *??&-> f f urtti*u*4t ? ?<?. mt ?*???> ?<? ? rii# Ok Ur* Ht.m A I'IKRT llll *1.' u'iI M.ooit. R IT 11 flk-l i . ? >? M/ar.l ?>. pi t?.a '< AND HA KIINO* I It PI K. nwtH li?am? can tor .nr. *?? I0? "ill k*..'a i- ? r*... ti'itln ?,.* oi.r -- f?"> ? ' ? ?*< !? ?raiaimAn. |:.ftHn .a aiaIi.. a aii f * I I 1*? ok ? ... Board?por rm w?i.K*Kt ?h i i.t m ii. ? i.-.l Itat' l!.? ??.. ,n A p k I" ?* I.'* ? pl*A**M K. at an 1,-1 rap*, ml'i ?? Ami ? 1 ?. ?? |R k i?( ?raa h?: IHRO VMRT DP-IKkHir >M ' *11 MOOR .?III tain. a-.' II H" ; N. .itpuA, K ward ir i; i or rottRTi rnm nf A Parlor rlmm (? ? * ol Board - ?r m lriom h|. ark ka^t rii?k. a aoIi<t r rw, w a p*.a#io -.a.. ?,?n P'orbir a* 1 R#'i ATrf.B. . .1 o .|| p. VI ai.M an I a 111 ?> pr r rori fl ' ka..O. MARDMI MB WWW* WAVT1*P' "DOAMD-AKKW SIMOLM OBMTLKMEN CAWf M 1hO; rSsSS at ?6. Rrfarencaa raBUlrad. TlflARD ?1 i inT 0 ah TAKRH TUB MOFFAT MAN* B aton and U fitting It up jt'ga u Vy4 .v!?iiruV'?t reel! Roniua and oba atagla J^SR"-. ** *"* 8 between H roadway add Fourth arrnwA. Board, witii well r n *ni she D *"><?* ? ? bril elaaa hou-a. for on* or two **utlnarij manna. Ib<|oIiw ?1 ltd K??t Tenth .treat, nrar i. cuud erenue. He fmt?nc*? ?*ich?nj<rd. _ . 7>OARI?lN(i ?FIRST CLASH. FOR OKN.LKMKN tNI) B or two -me* (rnilr.iir.i.. .No. lui plane, north aide We.bto|lo.i M|iiAra. R'TmRDINO-WITH PART.OK AMD BEDROOM IN A oral claaa home. wall all ma mod. ru linnnirmiwiila. }o i?. i.?aV?i""?n","1 wif",,rlw:>.ll,n?i*?,n:1r"T" M':ly ai g5.i Minle-uHi AH rat, hetwten hlgmu ana MuihaTAliuee. Brooklyn hoard.?\ labor second stort Room with lirat .1*1? labia for (..nlbiinaii and wife or two arntlamru. Aj.plr at ?7summit -m' r.aar Firet place, ? oorclilOSl la 11 ami a .u fer.y, term* moderate. /NKNTKAL PARK FUKNI-llKD BOOMS TO I.ET, \ J with hoard, In Seventy-eighth atrnet, < (hfh ho i'O anal ot Third airuuAi $18 aaJ |I1 "i l?o Una Kntlt, AA hlRP.NI'll HOARD ?A si it OK HANDSOME rooms floor to h' Alan una Mourn foi i Uncle gentle man, Ap|il .* ?i No. X Cltulou pUca, near liroadivay. span oh and heruitij apohru. ___________ ?/AMI LIES AND 8IMI1.K PERSONS DKMKlNij P Hoard or lu. Ilaha 1 11 can ha accommodated at Ml MUth ?v?*iiu?v I'Uo*; wiftbiug * eouifurUuA# nuuw i?r iu? winter MhO'tid mil. - blURNlsllKD 111>4?MS - OS si AXP floor*. vfi ji or without Uo*rd, at ii Wont lourtcuu ue.ii hU HNIKllf'TJ RoiiMS AT 73 K.VSl* H >C R*l KhNI 11 oppeati* Sttlnwejr Hall; may b?obtuu?d. Mr* Aruolda, No. 77. _ liltlRKiKlfFil UOOMK TO KENT?AT U NINTH r Itoue# TjMwiy fiirTilnh** 1 throughout; an ?leg*nt ?uU ol I'erivrs to rout, w?tb or without Board. IJirnVlhllED ROOMS TO ?*f-TO HdHMHS. r without Board; bath. **? all imurotomeuts. la ? ? i i pit <? ? -hi In?Iwij ? ?""" '" ; ,l Furnished rooms to rent?to <;entlfmi:n wilt, .in Hoard. >i 1? ttltlyli1 place, Tenth atriet, Broadway. JtrealUAt' ? dralrad Fhn RENT- EI.KHANT ROOMS, HN SI'ITK '?R ?IN (In with board. No ? Twen'.y-lourtb All net, op pwaito I'lftb Aveour llotrl. Kt'iori-i r"<i'-.trrd _____ n ANDSOMKI.Y M I NISHED ROOMS, I N 8HITB OB Aloaly-ui Vt 'ot Ywnnty anound atrnel, nrar Fifth arenar: terina mivloralr; lauii.y aioall; ablr. aud *11 an po|i,lll>ruta uoAtceiiilonahle. ?te.e.?u?ea (Ireu and ra fluiiaJ. ? ? Handhomb slit ok ROOMS, on PARLOR KLOOR_ aUodnnble It,ran. on ^mud (I,.or fronti ^mfor . or a home, talrran.wa 0*?? ?"d ranuirod. W Weal fwdn.jr ?fveniU atrtfi. , ir.rvr-v! ill "mfu. wtth e, ^rt'iadt bSir'd. or with pri-nHU^r No. TW BrowilwaT. *" " ' ' **'1&i ?^t?EV OlTV-ei OFNTLKMAK tND WIFE. OR ?J two alrg". ? (Aullr jr?n. >?n t>? ?? -oinauudated with H 'ar l and two plear^ot Reoina In a ?naa'd family. ,?H all thr Biiatern imprurrmoai* ?uu la lu a oory denli*Wd H> ratio 11 S.a in.nitteo' walk from thr farrr. 0,v,d rnaranwa n qiilred. Addreaa A. ?. ilKKAY HILL.-KDEKIOBBD Rooms To LET. Willi Roa'd w) Hi at ?la" pAitlra, at ?*> Wral rtilrty I.fata atroal. PLRA8AKT ROOMS TO LET. wiiu Hrwrl, I" tiii(l? (irot rnnaM or tarn lira, ai No 17 Waul Twenty alath alrn". rpwi.NTT THIRD NTBKltT. AT :?*-t VV.RV VINE J Iriant Pari r prill an. ..inmodaLi thrna orli.'r?an? manl. with lonakfAtt or Uiitm-r II Ueatird. ln>?U tAM*. Irimr nicidrratn tpWO LA ROE HANDSOMELY FURNISHED KOOMS JL Iin the W ind flo ir to 1't, m ? ooupln of (An! einrn, at No. 4 Nioih atreil; rnfap lira rnqulr'd. ^ rpO LHT. EMDJANTI.T vTkRiSIIKD R.IOMS, WI1T1 I 01 win, out Hoard, to (ai.Uamoin . Jim witV: prrawi lAhln tt iir?!r?:d. Apply ai 33 Bluyrddittt *'r2Si^-"? ? - fflo LET?WITH "ODD HERMAN AND KRI.NOH 1 H.1I1.1 a h in n ooi'W f in nlahrit fr.iui Pnrturi ?!?? ? lai(t thiAd Brdroetn. Apply at ?t Weal llilrt/ Suit rtrnr.. Miii t.Kr -IIANDSOVKIiY Virv.NfSilFD FRONT ROOM, I no iuru itid Hoar, w ihoi arilhout Beaid, ib ?l?ri?atA Kratirh famh. rafdreucWS . a-n?u|*d. A,.pi, .1 L* ?fl Yweuti-tkird ?tri^ti ______ f|V) LKI-IYITHDl'T ROtRD. !?<> I tilAh'd Hooioa lu a ur' aia ro iar; nnlfh nrat olaaa. tpply fci *T-'Eaat 5itimnU ? i*L bdlweeti Sluyre t? nt par* a no Ihitd airuu". __ I FT?lo A OEMTLEMA*. WITHorr BOA It If. A n. rir furiil- fd Hoiin lu * lamily Wlthmi' b''l,,^'r*b B dirra; lonjinn, wtutl and daai.abia. Au-lrr.. ?? M? hot PodtolBoa. LET?A FURNISH I D ROOM FOR ON'K OR TWO tingle (rntlrniM, at No. M wwi, i.e?r < ???> lit LET-WITH BOARD, ROOMS I.N SUITE OR SIN. 1 i, ' f ,i .. . . nrn i#r (roHruinU And fhrir wtare. m A ^?f!iV?V:<?7 "*? HroA'l war. _ ? no irr-i?fl ? i.' rtAXTI Y rrKNiRHED Unotts, f to la his for two jamtAinaW, in a privat?fwi?D?, wl bjtiil Kafaran.w ?,r. n and rAqu.rad. Al p.y ?? ?* I waif lh aliaal, naar R oadaa.r. _ tar vsr TWFN t'Y sEf'DNIi STREET.?To I.KT. Wlfll VV or wdhiMtiRoard .n-prW-W famUy. a hi,-.. f frwni Roeni tn nr two (Ai?lle?AO. Impiiraa A-t Waal Twauiy w. oid airari. __ oiifMh. men . a> hi Z. iiItahauI 1*' **** m ? i.k %1. Apply a! Ida l a" ?- ?.'??fiM ao-aL two duor. II >tfi 1* ird ai r'UA. PER WKKK -roR A KofRTM STOHT R'lOM. iiinLh,... Ri .rd, All r.. on a arnii-iaii honaa flrat ? Aaa. M ?l ?t T rpo li I ??.? $16 _ Twanf'y #fth a' ml n.a E? atanua DO wtar siYlltMll BIRKET-FIJIOANTLT *A I, riiilr H ?. t, ?\iM ?f ?tiigbf.'-n pMf.'-r. ?? ^!d and th.rd.. Brwrd. pmair ulia tr d-atrrd. ^ iii VKfll v t \ ? ? 11! K l UF.KT, BETWKKX KHTH laVin^'n. oil"-- ? - f',U" PHtdmb ' ? ? A!\ rAHT TWKNTT KfrtHTM NTREKT. FORMER Of 41) Ami b iirii'n Rw.a. . With H..ard for Bai.Hainan, fTa? .<" ? i'W R?? f llrfriaooa* rrnn'rad. BP VP N'l I FN IH S1KEKT, THRKK DOORS .)() Uii i .i.- ' . fawn.....had RwMS. wi'h Board. 100 nirtm altL B' .III ? . .mail Ra.rraoeaa man end -.fa. al-u .l?I< ?? ?"'? etuaagad. HO Y%ClM?L?iAI M I. VMH WAUHfNUION ^ m I# , tr :ttf Hoard. to i?u gvnut rii?o, r??r $i?, *.?r? ??n# for #?? 1^7 WK%i| ririrr?.m*th *tkkkt. ham^omr. 1 ?) I Jv fair. flwl Ku.i'ii*, wftu Koa:?. aim ^ J'moo (or ??U? ?l ? 0*rra'u IG1 FAN! lirr^TV fH!*T* AlfXKT. rm>'l*IIWO I fj I finnuKngm ??> for -otf A 1*4 a 19?? 1 h*-dr^>Mi w.U ?m ?tUaut Mo* 4 fMu..rr *1 aii. Tnnn iooifr?t# Llf.MT botMlWo. HiHiYM -?lt>T ? LA*M. ^IMJ wjm n?< 9 i?? $4 ?ut? o aUflf. for gar, M?m?r> nuty, *t ifta N#w h tgJand II j'Ml, to ft* s H???erv an J Hftfftitf airtai. lOAHl) %.M? MMMalVt* WA1TKI). \l?l. WftNTfNM WURJI i?K Hoi !?|. r*'l*o w !.itMil rb? a ?' *0" Kd<at J Kt hftHftft.AX* war. Boa-.J aat'N. Aim* bo .??? firnlih^l and uwfi.r n.-hai IU? K A ?M?HK *'a. JR.* VI, .? 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I I ? * II If/ ltj?uU*4J> ' HWWI? y | '1*1*1 f HY f*n % Nil y k K f I I Ml t MR f Cf A* V' U?m.n. wifhNf# #n|? WarPfir. f mw ? Hf ii.: m.t ..... , mi .. ?? .i as HluMtl,. Wl! .-M. IIOTKM. Iiri r.rt m> w t ?r mtvwtrvt ,ivw t???? 4 1. ? .1.. >|.n. ?... - t * in.p?l ?d h<K>?!? fa* ,.n , llttlll.ll.f. MIW> li'H *1. i.iiiiiUpTxI. ?L i -tMK r?.'? | *t" p... Ih. ... I.' ,rw IK* IW^IPpp, Ur- IMI p ? . ?? ? ' 1.4 . |P> "PNUfaMT.Hl lit* PIU* rPMtMf far 't* t' 'P> r- ,.?*?.? *?. I*. 9 ta ? iof ?4a a -af ? (W/ i. ? #? worati. N?W KNUI.aND ftOf%E^ON TF1K EHROntA* plM. no light room a, with gag. Lodging*. for aonlU mop only, 60 renta nightly, S3 10 |4 weekly. Cortter Bowarjr ?nd Bayard atreot. ipOSTINR HOTEL, 417 AMD 4? BROADWAY-ON THE L European plan; bra neb of the Tontine, corner ufUort Undt and West etreeu; splendid FuruMied Koom-u for gen tirmeu and farm 1'. or, irum AO neul* to $3 par dmj < ITY REAL KNTATK FOR MALK. A VERY DK.SIItABLK TWO .STOKY A NO ATTIO - V brick IToum* for snle. above Poi t> accniid atreet, 'JQxbOt loo; convenient to I niv< raitr place earn; 912.500. roTTKR BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No 3 Pine afreet. 4 -FOR 8ALR. AM EX? "ELLEN r CORNER HO0HK, .1 ? two bloc*- from Mailt*.>n aouarc, with Immediate ;"**iou; fiftcHU ro'-uM, Willi ail improvement*. Addieaa Ownct, boi bid Poal ollee. V FIRST CLAPS FOUR STORY BROWN STONR House, ne. rlv new. wltii elegant fixture*, mirror*, A<-.. all near for $9?.A0n; 20l?5 feet; lbt\.om?. three water c!o-"t ?; walnut dooi ?* and trltantiogx: locatlou the cliou'^ai. Thirty intttb afreet, M l of Si*rh Hvcnuc. I consider tlita a bar gain. .STANLEY HAY, 319 Fourth avenue. AT 819 FOURTH AVER''II?BY STANLEY DAY.? J\ Nine llouaea for ?*nle etween Irving and Sd av. 1 House for aale, between Irvutg place and 4th avenue. 2?? lloum" foi -wl-', heuveen Third and Islington avenue*. l'\ 11 ou^ for ante, between I> ton nod Fourth atrenuea. 8 Houa** for ?nb', between V dUui an \ Fifth avenue* 8 ilouaes for nale. Mw^n Fourth and Madtaon aveiltiM* ?i Hou**? f?n h le, in placca. 17 House* for sale, in named ntreeta. For full particulara. with price* e-tlllor aentl for mv REAL KM ATE < IHI'I I. Mi. which fa corrected, publtahe.i ?rr >klv ant! fit a Red free. S FLEDt NT BROWN NTntfK DWELLING?ON Madlaou avenue. lot 64.3xltft); house XilJ: thoroughly lumivbed IruicdiMte !?.?,..? mn, EDWARD S. V Wl. WARREN lURI>ENHF"iOIT, 58 Wall alreef. A SPLENOID POUR STORY BROWS STONE FRONT House tor pale or to rent. No. Hp Bast Mfoilrth afreet; will In* s-.iti cheap; hii excellent location. Apply o J. A J. I K ITRRTCH, 41* Third 4tauu*V A * kF?iDRM/,t?rrRiiKHKT. or rnrrnviRHET? -.'v po*He#alon immediate, for sale, near llarlea river, * hue. neat Gothic home stable, fine fru'??, nbrnbbcrr. ttower* and splendid location. Apply to G. W. ill IOHK IT, No. - N'c w t luiu i'Th at reel, N. y , up stair*. (irNHUL PARK LOTS.--CENTRAL PARK LOTS FOR J ??*)?? on Fifth ami Eighth avenue*. On the at recta Jn the vi -IniM. Money to ! ?*n on Wind and mortgage. POrrKK BROTIIKilS A BV.LLAMY, No. 3 Pine it reel, up rtalra. I/lGHITl AVRN1 K PROPERTY FOR HALK.--TIIRKK VJ fine Store* wc*< ntdc, near Thirty-first street, including co. itAi. Alao Property well located on Mxth hvenue. S V IRELAND, 991 Broadway. LV?n SALE?FOR fftOUO LFSS THAN ITS VALUE, r a four atory and baaement high atoop brown atone llouae oo one of "the ??e-t corner* on Lexington avenue; n at net ly lira! da ?a, and I rotn AiU.OOl to $15.0a> caab unit re quireu; wi- hullt by day*' wojk, and la one of 'he neat OUlit liouaea up town; al/e 21 tfi.Vhl(J0.5, wltii a coiirtyurd of 6 ft a Ml0.8, hau<0"a)etv laid out. Appif U? tTI Tliiiil aveoue, be tween Thitty-aecoad aud Thlrty tfcird atreete. REE RTOftr HIGH STOOP BRICK 1j4or gAi.i:?os tiii: hkst part ok tiiikii avk F tine tour eplendid Houae*. atote and bneemeot In each, rent $* 4o0 n?"t year; will i?c aold lower than they have ever been oflerao for If aold ttlta we*'*; together or *?par*to. i. NcHVILY, 89 Third avenue, neat Fifty-ali'h at. T7.0B RaI R-ON WOVfF.KY, WEST SM)R. BRLOvf I B'.^ k-r . i," a ??limhl* 1^1. 2til00f?,t. Apply l? K. II. I.UUI.UW t CO., No. :t Fin. air.oi. FNOK BAl.K?a PI RUT CLASH rULI. ftlZI.D BTORE IN B:o.iHtav, he) i? Canal ?U??L Apply 10 K. H I.UU LOWtl O.. No. I'm, atreot. IfOI! BAI.R?A BAROAIN. TN Til I I*I? AVSNUK property. Four atory britk Ho i??, lull lot: tnua' be .ol'l Al?? a <'orri.r on rhir.l avr.iue. kkJ,HIO. be tulea other iloatiablo I'ropertv, in go..a louatlona i:U-ap. arid er.ll bay large fiei 'aniaga. N> Nt Mu<'ON'NEI.L. 41*! Third arroii'ie. LNOK BAl.K. KXCHAN'iK ?Ml TO LET?80I!BK-. C K.n/".. I.Ul.raa.*. Hot-la, J*anda In Bonrh and W-.r, Honda. Mlix ka Patent P. glila, Mortgages, kauri to Loan. Lota lot 116' p.y montbly Hotiaaa to i -nt or ?-!l ? lieap VAN YECIHEN. Kt tVa'l Olreet, applkrV." Jt KEAL K?1 ATI: HR<?KER AND ACCTTOSREB, ttKKICC NO 10 PI A E BTP.KKT. TITerafor aale lb. folkray n, Ho..a?a, oo teaaonble terrro ? ?17 Second ar. Irx a ? h. a. btkk |WI0? .??7awd T8M Weal :*Bb at., I4.8x.T1B each, 4 a. briok .. S.8W MO and A4S Water at. 4V0?At.J. fratne buildln ? til, j 0 ?JO Ka't ao at. I'll axMUPt. Il k ? brown a'oM .Tl.ow) 4'i A\ ent T'ld at., lol i?ii.T6x Iw.'a. 4 b a. brown atone N.iaal 41?o otlcr s ore Pior.eiiy, oo Tblrd and P.igink areim-k., fYnnt and Hold atrena and M xtd- o lane. Alao in <i,'i atono Manatona in rboloa loeatloua. Property "i a'l klnita wanted to aetl. A re.Jy aala for all Properi.i. at a tnat ke| ralue. THK FOI It HTOBY BRK'K STORK AND DWKLf.INO all Thnd eiemie. neyt (o'l eenl'e'h atreet. with * t-'. leon '.eara and raiuewal of lweu;y-one utor# ol ground. Ad drea. Oav.ier, box IB. Kara?'f '<, N .t. aJ7 PARK i KOl'RTHl AVKNCE, COHNKH Ol I ItlKTY e> | nun atreeL a i-w d oi a from FlftU aaemie. tor >..le, wltb piaaeaalon: four atory: tugn otoop; Niklj In bea'i'.ifiil otoei, price low aud torwa *,ry eaay Apply op iba prein taea. "lllk FOR A THREE story HKiU sloop ^l|"r.HI foot Nouae. wail l<? a'ed, far f.lgli'b a'enne Modem tniproremeuta, Comjilei, ordei Ureal baigaln S. F. IRELAND. Wi Hi >adwey HKOOK l>YM RKAI. KKTKTK Klllt XAIiK. t llANItMIMF. TIIRKK HTOKY HWKI.LINU. ITII J\ etian.ion .uglily fiirnlahad. In Rinel lyn <*?? ?* mill uu tart ir.autiane tnrm*. u<*n>r about l*#nog itin ?uy. KHWaRIi M. Vtll . W AltKRN IIAKIlKNRF.ROH, M Wail al. (.-Ot.Vl'ltY HKll.KAT.ITK rOR KALI. A RFAt TII TI. FARM NF4R FRF.DFRIFK CITY. Varrland: Improtraamiia fry gaud; apl-uflid orchard*. I.i-a ;o? laud, woodland; running ay-lai In all lb* tl*ld? bill ??n?, an>j good fmn In#. I or particular* applf lo YKHKY A RhHKlAV JU6aud tfm Broadway. Na? Vnrf. AT rt.AINKIRMI. NF.W IFRNI V, A M dHKII OF Ana I aiu a and >illaf* Kraiilar.. r- for aala at to a irltma Apply to R. K. IIAHHKiTT, 14 f'tue ?ItwLar IIAKKIOII, VAIL A *IO al Plaianitld ufflc*. npp lb* l*p.?l \U. WANTTNO KAI'Mf CJOOIi FAR* AND W FIX PROVED FRl If I JIN DR. H*a. flfnl and 'hrlrmg ????lamatit of VI ?'Pf. \M? Thirty tnilaa Booth al rbiladotpbia by lailtoad Copula: ion it. < ?am n nin* 1 liou and P""p'* In four yaora. <#"ll w ?ty, b tinola and A'hurrkaa. l.ndunrobarUa plaatad. Krl ? AX' p?r ai to, pafaido In four y*ara Villaga lot* lar luiainaaa and m* info" ir?ro nla-. for i lima ? ?ilj pari* :iy l.r.lihf ao I hwhlj f# '?. Pi Ai'Kd Al.dtI FOR RAM Id-liana < Ha." K I. AN Did Kmprtdinr Vinyland .Vatt .l-i*.-y Knt>?,-a .-wainlng inforronnon ami fr?#. Krom (apart of lAnlnu Kobntaoii. Agrlcu tttral K.dtl it nf iko T'lbun# ?"li la on# of tba taoat aiianytr* i?mta tra la. in analtaoat iaaal |#>ali on. and 'nimbi* fundi Ion 'or plaaaaui farming thai t?a knnarof ibia aid* af lha Wratain Krati*#.'' lb A Hi IA Iv RbbT FVKR OPFFRKD IK THI* ViR lb bat *06 aeraa of aplandid land. IWl a r*? '.* ?.( h'arllt I iao*rod twogond bmiaaa 'our harna and ..that oul bu tid ing! . hoira fi in (li bit Corf#* ala'igjil#r. IAI*I F? *# Rrna.ttra* hVtn OAT.I. A RKAPTIM I. KAIlW OK l'?l ArjiK* IN ft blab ata'aof filtliaHoo #W!?t ?*roa af wood. a in a baalj'H ulna lag* boiiaa rtrrlo## boo*#., not huUdlnga. A , a fa* laila* fro? ha, aioga. Kor fiinb*r oar; nlara addivaa J t\ R., North i.iaa'ifl-ld Sa-aioga >Italy, N V HVOR HALF? a f'HOlUK FARM AH'II t Aril A' RK* on lb# *nai'iaban?a rlrar o#ar lllngt,m an. and I1, ??Ha rrom I nlon d?poi af Krta Kailvai , Una ltw?lllog llona* T*na"f llonaB aad* Hfitbnildlagi. flreUarli. ttar.l-n. A* . a o#a nilf i. ibl i.r ? u I ui o. I <t I -a aijd* to FftWAMIi H VAI' A WARKRN IfARItr N Ml Hi.II Ab Wad attnal. L'uR BAIJC THR FINMT HOIRR ON RI.KOK.N F If til ?? a d*> id*.l bargain lw?my miBut?? from f*n?; rut lo bona* Addia?a II. H H*n*4iu? A > n , J| Kin# airari LWiR a A I.K ? AT A ORKAT MAITOAlN MR?T CI.AHR aT ? ? rtn ol y> #*r*a n#?r dap.*, in N?? .laraan Naw Ifcijild'iia-. laud b filly r ' Uaaidd. f?o hour It m > i* 0 K IKkl.AVit ail Mr.,.dray h'HR - Af.K. IN IIORORKN-A FINK TIIKFR NTOM* and baa*oi#nl Itrlofc tloua* i "?< local in: I#? m* lo anlt t ppij Ui laa oauar. I. III I. I. Nil, Id I miou atr*at, H'oot I. FVir oat ? OR F*" IIANitf A ? I N I I* AHM f)K lit #rr#a, 71 m'l** ftntr. >?f to.a in Naatn ay. % rnll#a l- in b|*a go.i !mpmt*ni*tiu, anl *r unga far a Waal a* a lai?, lltiauia pi iiaci* I I iff N ,1'iflll I I II, 10 I iiraitr atraal on I I A I. NflTliK TO INill.tail nr.Nrf.l WRN. FOR if a at# iiatr* (A.lbA. a'* !*?#. or at* oaiig* for l.ogbaa bard war* a 'id itl#ry ?b* Hi *1 urop*rty al M .aarton Koulh Nor# alt loon, naar lb* OoiihI on iba no .'*4Hn* ro-na, aarr saalihy. **Baant*a' and i.l*aaant b? . on, #|ral|#nt ? a*t d*b ay a'* a, bo* ling, batnng |>r?f?r I i atnrk ttnaa Am -?!?*# <"1 >.>j llotiaa m tr Ira 'o .an *a: lanfo.# f.ran Addra-a laot lad fad olltr*. ooolb Conn T\ l.rwRFKWKN -l,im> ?' KK" HPAVV TIN ... r. d I. ? in. ? i.* - ? i a ? .? .* ? i # a .rida o, K.Ik * Pa ??ar inygaL in. (1 Ni ? r a ?# appif at .Na ATn .# r.onll. I. N MABON. *n To I'll A' RR-I or LAND IN r?IK, VIC INITY OF a M r -tat... , . a ? i .g R*af ' . f'-raala at. baata f * a brat .laat li> ? lb* inam K Norraj il l. A.ldr*-. Ho# Mr. n II No I A Pn* o w' ? b *' | A A > -? ? 'l*A I'.- A HI *l|i IV I AND ? A i It KB ?7^.00". I? mil## from N*ar Vork A!?? a aplandid I af m l??a<r?a m Ilia g > < u) MORI.AND A D? i RV U ? 'b . ?b#r? ? r*?t 11 a a | ?LA. IHHHfA. AC., HI 1,1'T. ? Nt V I I'U'lll It FHIIN r R'KI f in *t in am* i' i# . ai'-gia g*. man, RltWOffT HI ? A nil far? a ????!? .la Apidrat II' R ?* ? at atraal \T nil t; III a .iNIF. Pi RNUIIKI) A?f> Iy f,, a ? *1 H -1 to bit In . .iyt?r*o..oiry. Par parti ...ait.* .,r - ,d lor o.y K?.l*.|r..ttai, WaittMfr*# ?i afl.b.Y ft tv IUH'dR WITD TWO lata# lalntnL mrMr of Bard aal ' * ?m ? r?nt*.| till Mat for f gn ii. ? *Ibki n- if .Mfoadaaf AF? ONf> Fl/f ?H 'IF F'H R RfMtKR T?1 f.RT IN A a HFt Opft'iH Ml' M' ? KM 1*1 to I.RT IN il ?? ibl | J i. > >' **f < at,Hal Pat. Ap |dr at It aa- dol C...r. a i mnRM > " "orari.d t'R aV nit -d lloor- lo i-t. gat at.d a . ?< a In a b m aanb a atil. bar** (ad ##R 'itlf waatnd uatl. Ray I Ap I ly In ? (.flLt.d 1*1 Waat Rraadtyay a TNRKK rTviRt HIOH HliPlP IHH BR To 1.1 T. IN J\ Ttranit a. od t'rtwt, n?ar alftb afyana Raul (ibl par aao.tib tnl May, I*47 ji'tlN I I fiTD A II *?#?#?> atr**t 9 - TO I,FT IN ItORpOW TRRK Ai F f I'T TWIT J\ . ltt.Ha' .| r * of ? fi. ??tit aa I? a fa?, y of ?? ? ? t ? ' ? if.oaar. . ?# pf..o* no ?? ? ' ..r ?*>? In ?t - bnoaa i# b*ataa. aal, 'nr. BB'B .a- a #?" la.,? ?? ? and ?*o,t?. -a, l ,* too,?.##? ,t at i b II * A Pll A U Raa-Uy alraat fur IIOl NM, ROOM*. AC.. TO tifcT. Am i MTi'.Msurn house and apabtvkn-m. ?io nr.t fumbled Home near Ko. rieenlh slro.1 aieo Knrnttura for three rtonr.. Apply At northaoai corner ol Sink aaeuue aud Twenty ufth mr.?I. A PLAIN Kl BRISKED KRdir NOON AND BKD iouih to In mi the llilrJ floor. .dlwble fur * f.ollem.n hla wife, nnhODuvimiMMo lor b u*ct.eping Apply At l<l BtiOulltr UrrN. i KI'I.I.V ri'RMSIIE.D, IIANDsON K TOREK KTOK* A Il ium inlet fur tin* wlntor, Tblrtiolh at eel. 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Iiuai ill a liuu.A; price 9JiuU |?fi month. will root auul May orfnroin- T. ,r. h I K't A ' Nu. P Weal Twni i r llilnt .trr*t, BflA ArOUUr llulcl \ N III Pll K TO LKT. ? A VKRT DEKIItAlliil{ I.Of A u'\ linn, rumble for a pby-ucIaa. No. 7 VI asl I uurte nil rtrret lourUuOri vnti of Willi avonue. A KPRNISHRD OKKICfS SECOND KI.OflR, KHIINV /\ In li*t. aleo one other II n 1 m, at (IIP 11 nr.. d w a y, coiner ol Iwrl'th ?;r?et Apply at l>er lil I on from door VI.ARCK KROST K'HIM, EIKKT PTiOOIt, NICELY funiishAtl. |i', A' , total, afouilauJ central lor ...thin. At SH Ho w ' v . COM I'Lt'.TK SCIT OK I SKI'tlUKIIED ROOMS To A l< i. Km $lf. $1*. N "I An I niiw iriK: atao a In .fe Bo : Iina M ? and aeveral lo nt.bej hoviwke pin* Kuou, ? IM ibi d Afouue. 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STOCK KX (? w.l' te rented f"i' tulllitd- or ..Ci"r b ittnna, no A lean; II drilled Apply o II C. PKXfKK, No. P Bload atreet. Ft I II s I Ml ill I.OHMS TO I.HT Sill rt HI,K KOI; A Mital! lam'lv. or for atngle pwr.ona for three dkya at No '<ti tAaat .leieaterAih atrert, between Hnth And Hereatb aobMV. _______ ORANiiK, NKW JERST5V. KCKNISIIKH HoltsK PO rent, f?' inuntliA from Di-eetotier I; lenttlM aerea teen m< Hi" atij plea??ntly a.tuAted, ee??u ni.nulea' w?lh I root ataliuu. irtp $Uet pei inonlb, or would b" rented lor n *AAI A! $Te> III 'i.o .lb A lli en H I:. K . Oiinje. N. ' CJEt'ON'D ri.Oi.R TO I.KT IN A BRfiWN' SfONK O b'l .ar Inthtabed or uBforniAbAd. for bmiiebAet inn; hath room on a?ur. Cbll ai :U l?asi Ib riiA.b a'.tee.. le.nue model*'* TO I.F.r- V NI VAI.V AND l liKOANTl.T KHRNIKHI O lluAaa. etniAied In on* of the iimai c*otr*l And b*?ut|i fill locAni'ealn New Yo'b. for pan'eutara afiply ?i No .11 Mluyveaaot auA?. IPO I.KT.?PER HON 8 OOISH TO HOOKER RE PI NO OK 1 ha' IUC Itonlua Pi let I'AU 0" a 1 J>p].All Wltll ''Pj '?*. I nr. ii It ill r. Huldir a. Ar , At H I.N It A I.I. A Kl Ol I . . Aid an 1 J I llndaou B'irr", nut tiei of Canal, And pay hy WAealy or utontbly fiatnien* If prefer red. mo i I r \ m ATLY Kl RNntHKD t\1 t'.:. fITRKI A atnrt Honee in* dealrAbie location, will he iri to "Jii the roun Airn"' <( applh an'" aaoaiat* or tneether. A|i|,lv at Nu. a-s Writ I orty tnlf.l alr-et fn(i |,1 T A Md. second Kl'not, A r IV. HI I'I < h I u I a'r*i", on* dour I loot 11 ompnon. Iiniuir'' In the .inn from 101" a o'etubk. _ _ fPO I.KT?t M'RY !IANII"OVK THREE KTOISV AND 1 Ii.iemi 1,1 III w III. 1^. iu ll'llh Atie -l llAilrii w" "11 the modort Impinreiiioot* IWlM* " la: ar aaj i *' Apply ioW.ll T i. i TP. I'll. C<* Ibnd ateune. Alau ui.e oilier II nit. in f'.?i K11 tie' h ?;"*??. 'PO I.I T-TIIK I.ARH1 Bl II.DINO I no PltlNCP 1 weal of and n?ai Hii.? iw*y. amlahl* fur buAl tieaA pip ,?'??**. Apply to lloMIT. 4OR0AN. No. J Pine utieru _____ fi ll 1.1 T- A I ' PNTHllhD PAIM.OH AND RMIHOOM. I I.o tip. re od door. ir..nt, rent |H? pe. el RlrArter airoel near Mruadw .y, rito I.ET-'J' HLKKCEEk STIII Er 4 KUlsT I fiirmaaed ? 1. r.eiyv lot i ..U"et'?pli ?, M r. e lr.? roput*. peril d ?? n? . >HAA And ha'lir-. n ?"d w.iAr, 'PO I.F.I IN BROADWAY, OI'PO-I TK A T AI'F.W AICrJ 1 the lf.HH V-u^Y .?* u'Z Nl" CHI'VtY.1.1 M tor nritait'?? I* ('?ilir if wri. TO IP. r.i A s v a i i. iamii.v .trillion ? mm. 1 o en, . ppet Kldo. -"-s . a?t Klfiy bltha .?e?. rem *l? per ... h InA'iire . 171 Hro dway. room No 4 mo 11 r-io*r? pap.r oi tioi'NK isj wknttwkr I tie u etien, *.,?? alio* of tone-meni. dmiu? '"??> P?*'^ a ltd two be I ... la- wote. ?*. ai.'l miureaenmpl'ie;rent?a friu.ui tu tpply p. D. D.VI Y. I II. *.aoi Ha t 41 1 u.m ueit atieei o: ,1 th* bouAO . 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AWllO* JfOT!CB.-r. AOPTVOffren, WILL ?*? 1 *t puMIr am (Im, ttlOw worth ot ">?giiiflraot ilmt??oo:u t'uimlurr. ?? r#l, Hruaaftift *ud mgrma r*r|M?ta, rl-g?nt r ota wood Ptaaofort*. k*aullf<il Parlor Mull* |? hi ^u*! Work* of Art iibtl Bronx** H*rfc walnut Lining Room l irn'tur?, till* Hoildiy) ruorutnf. Jfotrakm M, at II o'?U?> k Mtv. i-w?ly. at |IS? Clinton plane, Kigktb *t?n*t I ?ftli mid Hlalh ?t<tau*-?, Parlor aud Grew tug Room K irm turn, Ikr** tM?aittiful folld r***aw<?od aad nlau wainui Turk*! ?ulu. <M>t*r*d ta nea Preach aiat'n brooaial aiuLrep*. fork !?<? Paiy cu?ir? mn<\ !.?? to Matnb rpftftwo?j#OnnIra and l'??r Titdaa, l.u^iao, tWnor and nilftkil*, twtstiif-oaa day Hr.utf Clock i?-h * hi aft and P?ii*D ValN, Parlor o, narr.ftt *, ft!?iCftat btoraM *i?d I.a**#* Curtafti*. * ftoa ouL I<iuuii ??i Oil i*Mianu?ft, Kugrert; ?*. Ufg? kOrrure and ? 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T. 11A 3ft K 4,1 ft Al't TKiM.I I XI WK1?V -OlV, NO\ Al 10* . o'chft k, *1 1^ Mtirlity iilrrtri, noai H< IIOf'oL t' 1 US I.*111 No tiouos. it a now a hi: an ii i;i; ri? nv, lfOlft??OW WAIIK, CflOt KLitY. KhS^Y OOOU v rwap. iMlog Oi riitua ?i ..g ooaUtool in **14 *?? i? < *(,. nigo i ait uMraii^ <4 ??'? H T. *'0? All'llottftrr*. TJ ?: ?rtlfttidf. mi V?iWtf stuiKi. wSvfi'o. r.'-.: Ilourrt ft ?tU'l 'nai orth of rlaji-ftOl II?*tia ni?l I r?i'ltll .ift ?l pU>>lir tAUtniou. thO dav ? M??o U\ t *1 lit ? h?r a or* .wit AftotlA hatiM* N?>. U Wft *t Mi?ift*?a||? Mtf* ? prior*!! lift, and Mith tfi'nne* *i?1m oirampui' ng *f ll'g ??'. ?!.???Ifaivrig IL.? hoprrP *rl of PtiruMur*-. wtiar^tJ with koMftt*! of ti ? rii'hoat d' iM ripllon; ?lt>, cuturiol iu imi??, n ?ear?y4 l.i <j?rrM, ro hl? ar v#?d; H?? :ra(i.ry Mihih. *?*. f >n'to Tftblra, *'fthmeui, I.Ill- 'IgntiHi a, 'ado*ft' \Vnik liihlfi, 1 urk'tli ItorllOtn# ? half Vrltat jaud HhimmmU I'mpMt*. 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