Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1866, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1866 Page 10
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EVACUATION DAY. Jpt? Okaenutt ta the dty- m _Pm"Ut' llM-ftrwU uM Review ?f F**?t B"? < llal IMM NtltowU B??r' Strm* t? ' C3ft ym* mMp fswitsMi <Scc? eighty-third iulvtW7 rf IN ttctttm of New York Dy the British troops was oelebrated In tM? city yen tarday by a grand pared# and review, In which nearly (be antlre rim divtaioa of (be State Netletwd Guard par ticipated. The circumstance wbieb th? day la deelgtied da nniamr"?* '* known to every tender of American -binary, and almost every boy and girl claiming Nbw York a* a birthplace baa learned ttta couplet, containing more truth (ban poetry? Rvsoua.ton day, British i When the British ran away. Md eaa relate the Mary of th* greased poke on the Bat tery: but latterly the day ban not base observed with aa aanek eathaslawm at It wna aewta faw years ugo. In eon maqaeace of (bo Sfttb of the month falling on Sunday aba celebration waa poa^oaed until yesterday, and ear aaMy a Baer day ooaM not have been wtmed for. The awn ahoae brightly during the entire day, and the chilli ?war wbMh paraMat ftnrtng the two or three daya pro wtaaa bad entirety diad away. Although busmess waa , yet the elty wore a aomewbat fea Frtuu all the principal buildinga awn the city flag* were flying, while the feny. t and shipping la the harbor displayed their bunting IB graft pnfuion. run ranMBrraww. yiWrlaaa %?the geoeral parade the First regimeat of artillery, in accordance with regimental orders, repaired |? the City Hall Park, and were there presented wttb a handsome set of colors on the part ai the city. The presentation speech was mada by bta Honor Mayor Hoffman, who alluded te the occasion in brief terms, and complimented the segimeat on lis fine appearance. The colors were re ceived by Celoael D. W. Teller, commandant of the ??gimeat, with appropriate remarks; and the command, jgtvteg hie Honor and the members of the Common Council preaaat a pa-sing salute, marched up Broadway |o Join In line Tor the review. The colors presented corn arise the usual regimental and State flags, with regimental guidons. The first mentioned was of fine white silk, with the words "First Rglment" embroidered on it. Tlio State National Guard flag was of line blue silk, bearing the usual devices, handsomely embroidered, end the guidons were or white ailk, with the ligure 1 In yellow. 'CHS U1MTART. Since the occasion ol the transferring of the remains nf General Worth to tboir present resting place at Madison square, the military display on Evacuation day has been little mere than a farce. The Veterans, of course, regularly visited tbe Battery, and in the neighborhood of the historical pole flred a national salute; but each returning oelebration saw their ranks thinning out. until now they can scarcely muster a "cor poral's guard" of bona fide veterans, and are obliged to commemorate the occasion by a little private reuniou rather than an out or door display. Yesterday, however, almost tbe entire First division of the State National Guard turned out, and, to the credit of the commanding officers it must be said, the almost unheard-of, aud cer tainly unexpected, fact of the division line being forniod on time occurred. The several regiments were at their designated places of formation promptly, and the salute bred, line formed, and start made at the time appoluted, mo that many persons who have been led to believe that two o'clock in militia parlance menni hall past three were some?hat mistaken in their calculations. -uoruiMi nigmn.MH. Tbe regiments composing the various brigades n isoBa bied at their reaper tive editions in good time and were assigned as lollows ? First brigade, Colonel Wm. G. Ward commanding, ?formed on Fifth avenue, west side, with the light wing vesting on Eighth street. Second brigade, Brigadier General Burger command ing, on Flftb avenue, west side, tbe right wing rostlng on Sixteenth street. Third brigade, Colonel J. M Varian commanding, on Madison avenue, with the right wing resting on Twenty alxth street. Fourth brigade, Colonel-.!. MairihofT commanding, on the north side of Thirty fourth street, with the right wing resting on Madison avenue. First Cavalry brigade, Brigadier General Postley com manding, on the west side of Madison a\ enue. the right wing resting on Tbirty-flfib street. TUK LIS* or hakcw. it about half-past one o'clock a saline of thirty-six puns was fired at Union square and this being tbe signal ,ie march, the order was given to "left face, file right, forward, march," and the column commenced go move along Eighth street. A double line mf policemen headed the column, and II mas followed by the troops In this order:?Cqnadron o( cavalry, Second, Twelfth, Seventy-first, Beventy-nuvenlU, Wnety-ninth, Third. Fifth, Blxib, Kigbty-fourth, Ninety math, First artillery. Forty-seventh, Twenty-third, ??vealh, Eighth, Ninth, Thirty seventh, Fifty-fifth, jP'ourth, Eleventh, Twenty-second, sixty-ninth, floventy am in aad Fifty-sixth regiments National Guard, with who First cavalry brigade bringing up the rear, in front of each regiment wan the drum corpa and braes band, Abe latter playing lively aim In this order the tioopi I along Eighth street te the Bowery, from thenrs up Broadway and Fourth avenue U Twenty-thud eirect, from thence In Madlmui wwjt ffiud through Thirty fourth street to Filth avenue, wlienut past Uie Fifth Avenue Hotel, from lh< of which they were reviewed bv bis Kxcellouej A Hot havingoarefully calculated tha distance and allow - lag far Ih# ipue between th# eompani**, Hi* reenlt wa* Wt Mm la* raar of th* column bad marched past JbiilwH along Eighth straet, the head bad painted gnatUHlttd nam* ia oontaet with it. Tbeeotue *f Unablnnder waa a halt and tb* order to eloae a* 4hat tb* column could continue to more TM* n*c**aitit*d a dalar of aareral minute* in bat ?t length lb* rear passed Broadway and wa* raeumed tb* march to fourth avenue, -ma Harm. Bomber of men praaaut could not have heen lee* ton twat** to fifteen thousands, including tb* aarpa ?nd band*. Iliaa* baring raaohed Hfih at TMrty-fotirtb (treat, a ealut* waa a red from aqnara and the men nuirchad dawn to be re Onaheport < o of the Tilth Avenue Hotel war* Teuton, Major tlenerel Daniel K. Sickle*, United Malm Army ,1 oauteuanfColonel B. da Boc k aud l.ieuten *mt llulhert7,of tb* Paalah Ro> al Artillery,at pr" enttrav ?Mag in tbla-oonotrv , OeneraU l.iUletield and Robert*. United (Mate* ai mv; fleaaralnhwaia, Merrill and Duron*, mt lb* Wovetwor ? staff, and other distinguished u title. ?an. Tbera ware alio several India* present from this fMttion the Corernor rev lew.*1 the division. aerrva# (W tbk ainrwai aa. Along the eat I Ire line of march large crowds of perron* nmamblad to trace -on th* dtviaion a* It died pant The pen pi# being bept on hoth hide* of the street* hy police ?floor* detailed fir the pui poee of removing *11 otettiuc Hon", no me of the mod ludicrous scene* imaginable tranapirad. By order of the polio* captain* no per-soi we* alloererllo croae from ono wide <>f ttio *tr*al to ihe ?titer while tbe i.oop. were marching, and ih* rceult war that tb* officer* were kept hn?y chafing offending indl aid'iaia, who had darted ihe older, and worn endanvnrlng ?o gel aerobe. Nmrly every man who Mm* attempted am* mad* to reav.rn although euerge. i.-juiy protesting that businrse of the wiort preaalag Importance praami taiad an immediate pa rage, fome few ladle*, wtw ware held enou-ph M net al uaughl the edict, found tbeueelane In tb* arm* of brawny gasnJ'an* #f th# peaeei, who politely requested their lelurn from ? wbeaan tbay came. Alllinnyti th* disappointed tndlvld \ Wal? were somewhat'd, they nevetthalras took it lall m pood pari, an* the raauit of ihi* geod temper wan 'Utti no arrant* war* mule throughout lb* da? tram (in?* to time ram mewls could l>? heard irotn per.uiie in tbe ?ro*d on die hearing of Individual* and nompawtea, mnwheaaatir <brn com dimrMary. but. ert<ualv In" gen arallyf deaerved r*( ? no*a at aau?or up <v.a We* nbirh larger 'ban ai any otbei oarl ol low ronle, but. M wa* mleiniy -i hu-d tied a great many of tbo?e pre>nai mar* afctrarted by a dnwer io **a how lb* Governor wuuW look, alnaa urchin ei it, in In* "??ter rlotbaa, ' Bat thaw were diwppoiaicd m tb-lr expaotaliawt, aa h# flnaabehay appeared \n cttuaa ? dresa. flie advent oa the portMo of tb# hotel war una) ended by any demon Halle m antbnalam c* >h* P?rt of lb* tueawnblage wraaani. Own ware no meironMBg cheer*, no recogni tion Of bM high nffiec rort, ,, In aspect.*) front tba eltisripi ?f a great "dele v> their thief Ktei uliv*. ret npnmeti tb# dlvkMn having bran renewed, Ihe brigade* were dtewilaaad, pad iba var'oo. organisations iru?i<*ed to (hair (rmaflec. where thay .i*? k d their ?-,?*. und ?aaab ng rwaito rotnraad lo ibe?i r ? j>? v?l ..o'ra Barrna*1* >? Uateraei Pcntwa. At abMt nlae e>'lOf? in tb# #c enui* s larg. u-.ii.bai *f mllaaaa. Ii itrtrf tr tJrnfBlla'# band, verenaue-l i.o? I ?mar TanKa at tlfcp K.iib Avenue Hctai. Artai ihe I band tad ptnyan a iep> air* th* Hovwrnor empKd out ?pan tba badcoay iaf,wA< intr-idu-'cd to Ibe rrowd hy ?a Mayor Opdyk* SAwaa meirad wdb tbe grea'e i ??thuMuim A iaeiilt *ll#mi>i by ( wtun in tbe out akirte of tb* ameiubiagn to errata a dta'urimnc" by rail W 'or eh ear* for John T. floTiiiao wad speedily quelled A( (0?n aa tb* appiniitft nMl (Braided the 0 nernor <|H>ke a> follow? ? Tautrw I'nim- - w th urnh 'T '#*itng I thank you u<r ?hi* cordial fhw w*>??<>??#, to far a* it i*lat?? <? my eonnei iti.ii *itli public at'd iwlltioal affair*, aerve* ?o com pen rate f.e ih" triale eh'l difficult!** ?>r aiaU**, aa well a* to add ralne Ud lie hom.ra. We her* in* aimed a pnhttral ranraa* iliaAbna bran ?tirpaa*ed m ?mpertaw." hi few previon* atmggy'ea It'a Tierdly lo<> m*ch la tar thai no polite-sl cdifeat wHhm th<- period of ??r racallwpiion baa preaented 4 ratal oil" ('One for I tie deeiaion of lb# pacpla I)O'-atii'ii". odeed, abi<'h 111 wolred ihe fund*i*ental (.Heri|.i..? of ??* gi.reranieiil, end winch m oiir <idgjH*t>i alK'Cted the pro greae and lernamn a .e Irra ,|,atitot.?na Be reyoir* In .?ir r ct.ny ret aa ilkf saoov** of a*y Individual, er.ept aa Ittd'i dnala are !ui|>OTl ant to the "to-ngih *n.| mitulenar, a ,tl t oad(r. dot we r?(0" # i* oti. * ctory a, the iruimpw -<f * com M*BWO*llb of freemen anga|.,i n the . a,ic.-*>f repuMI c*n govarttneni rejnv* m tbe m'< i ipr-uce, 1 rarioi i*m awd lintm?** c? the ?> , 0 the iar*on*aa and nimpiemncra , r th* re.un ,.,.) mg quiet and ooafldenre whv h folbtw |t u ihe glory of <r<r pwopla- at lea?l it la oa# of ih# er denrea of Mi* auoaera ?f Our Inmtutlona. that ih*nn*<.r*ty an rl.rarfully ?v 'I fw*dlly nec*pt tb# de? '*wm iha mahulty at trie mi'.h bos. Our tfewiorraiic frwnds will not much regret o?r VletdfT If wo dlachwg* the dutlea wh? h d> <nlve up.,* ' na with largo ?t*wa of puhlie p?illcy and with nt-grliy aed juatlre We Ainu Id not fall to eo art that the nap. pinrae and neoaperdv of Ihe p#..pi# Will h*pmanntad, and lba! tb* rtpubjti tf raiigho*! tb* .etilnr et of iK "(lau aur*, will bw*? lb* Intpr#*# of ?tr wa# and fa ihful **nd*c< ittraiW > rndar a gme.nmeut lib* our* ? Hb a Meet f ?V'Wk.1, ?? -gMfS >t "f would, amp* U-4 battle of ideas Dtoassioft, conflict of (pi'iioM, analysts of thoortea, are Important. If ** necessary, to the T%or of good government. It. is the viialtty of our political aystam, under the trtalaAtf these few past eventful rears, which strengthens tn,y faith that the people will continue equal to erery exli/>nev of our national life; and that neither the tradition of our early history, the pnuelples at lanue In the lalit civil war, nor the cause of humanity and pro gress wilt Tail of complete vindication and triumph. The recent cihetlous at least indicate the settled purpose of the prjoplo to trapoee conditions for protection and secu rity before admitting tba UUe rebellious States to full participation In the nation's aflUra. And I may aon griuulate you upon the Increasing prospect, through this unmistakable verdict of the people, ot the satisfactory adjustment of our national dWhrences at no remote pe riod. I cannot doubt that tba proposed constitutional amendment will be ratified by the required number of States. Certainly the political decision Is un emphatic declaration in favor or the Congressional claim over tba queatlou of the raeonstruetlon df the States lately in revolt as against the policy of the President It la tba Judgment of Mm loyal aatlon. unmistakably pro * ?Vtf'" " * nounced, and sooner or Inter this ju 1 do not see why the President should refuse to conform to the popular verdict Me sacrifice Is asked, none la expected, for as President he may yield his personal opinions and accept the deliberate Jndarment of the poo. plo in matters which relate to their welfare and security, h is nut humiliating; It would rather be noble and Just I will not question the disposition of the President to modify his views cut of respect to the great voles of the loyal peepla, whom government, in the providence of God he has been called to administer. (Cheers.) There can be no reaction. Hie nation will not turn back. There was danger at one time that there might be remissness following the strain of bat tle mad sacrifice Incident to Iho perils sad desolations of war. But there is doubt no longer. Never before have Mm people from the early and constant home of freedom la the last, to the lakes, tho prairies sad the farthest West, been so anttod. so earnest and so firm. It is an unmistakable expression of the popular will, after fall, free and frank diacumton. Will tba revolted mates bold out against it 1 It is hardly probable that a coarse of policy wnloh Is so obviously the fixed purpose of the people, can bo very long re sisted. Our duty is plsln. The first republican State In the Union, our pride as well ss ear Interest and patriot ism load us to hope that tho constitutional relations of all the Statea will soon be restored upon n lost basis, and to desire the early return ot fraternal relation! between all the American people. Our great city and Its mighty trade, the population of our great State, and our im mense material resources, arc beat promoted by the " Fa harmony and prosperity of tho Union, fnl to these great interests of oar own Stnts, we shall be faithful to all and advance the aivtllsation of tho world. Our State at largo focla a deep Interest In the well being of this great commercial mart. It Is a com mon interest that all good citizens feal, and a common pride that they cherish In the grandeur, the strength and the good name of New York city. There Is net one who would not rejoice, as I do, In contributing by every means to the social order, the public security and tho greatness of the metropolis of the country. In conclu sion. friends, I desire to express to you my grateful personal appreciation of the support given to me In the recent election, and my acknowledgment of the public confidence reassured to mo by Its result I acoopt it as a verdict of approval of my purposes and acts In tho ad ministration or State ad'alrs, and I need not declare that, upheld by such a popular expression, I shall enter upon the duties of I'hief Magistrate for another term with a renewed zeal and satisfaction. (Loud applause.) FIREWORKS. At the conclusion of the Governor's speech a brilliant display of fireworks took place In front of tho hotel. .Scarcely had he retired trom the front part of the balcony when three pieces of pyrotechnic framework, directly facing him, were simultaneously lighted, presenting tho following devices;?"An able Governor and an honest man;'' 'Reuben E. Fenton;" "The Empire State loves and honors the man." Loud calls were made for General Stewart I?. Wood ford, but as that gentleman did not seem to appreciate the compliment, the crowd quietly dispersed. Previous to the serenade, Governor Fenton held an informal re ception in the drawing rooms of the hotel. Among the gentlemen present were General Bnmside, Governor Giirttn, Mavor Opdyke, Police Commissioners Bergen, Acton and vianniere, and riu[>erinteudent Kennedy. THE METEORS. A Brlllluiil Dlaplnv Seen on the North fount of I libit. The editor of the Malanzas (Cube) lAciu, op the night ol November 12-13, counted thirty-nine brilliant meteors; the majority of them between the boura of one and two A. M. On the night of November 18-14 the number oh served waii much greater, being three hundred and forty in pa Their appearance was ait follows: ?From at* to seven P. M. two meteors, with traila four degrees long, one of six degrees, and one with no trail. Hetween eight and nine P. M. one meteor, with luminous tTall covering seven degrees. From nine to top P. M., two meteors, without traila, and ope with al* dagrees of a luminous emanation. From ten to elevon P. twelve meteors, eight of which had trails covering from two to ten de ol* Slice: Homo of these nieteore very rod in color. Between eleven and twelvo P. 14. there appeared ten meteors similar to the preceding. From twelve to one A. M. thirty-Hi* made their appearance, many of tbetn of oral magnitude, and some of them lasted one or two seconds?some even longer. Between one and two A. M. alxty-Ove meteor* anpearod; from two to three, eighty one. Some of these wore very brilliant; four of them started from the alar Gamma 1 .eonla. Between throe and five one hun dred and eleven appeared, of which nine were from lbs Lion. Between Ave and half-past Ave (seventeen ap peared?one from the cooeleflallon Lien. Oh the night of November 14-18 wo counted one hundred and twenty-eight between the heure of seven P. M. and Ave A. X. The editor of the lAeio promises to give n detailed account of these meteors in a future article. He concludes by saying:? "For the prtsent it sutAi as lo say that w# have had the good fortune of see ing the great nhower. Most probably tha heavy portion of the shower panned over ua in daytime, so that we r?ughl a gliinpee merely or the end of the shower on the morning of November 14. However, from the data afforded this I Ime, it is proved beyond doubt that the period of recurrence in from November 12 to 14. It is likewise known that such shower* ocenrabont November 21-38, from Dwdnbr 6 to 12, April 22 to 25, .Inly 17 to 26 and Aurnsf 9 to 14." In making the ubwrvatlona . ahiive recorded Sonar Press.' was assisted bv Hcnoree Barnel. Manuel Fables Hioardo t'ay and Vinculo Uener and other members nf the Matauza* Lyceum. ?i.ii??i hiwai Ilfsveslr from .Kexira. tl'srU (Nov. 12) correspondence ot Ismdon Mar.I I ho gi o?I HUSH ID the HCientitn world is the of j an enormous wrolite, on I to the Academy of Science iiy Marshal Itaraine from Monro. It welvha eight hundred -uid aoventv klogmtnine*. It was sent as a present to Marshal Vaill.ut, who has bad it placed in the Museum of Natural H story, whore it attracts great attention It will be <ho?uHi tlio Ureal Kxbtbition ?f ls?7, among oth?r H ieniiflo curltcitine. A New Planet IMseoyeltd at Waraeillia. According to the SiwuijAur* eh Varss.'Hs. Mr. I) Nt? pben, ol the Lrmgvhalnp Observatory, die. oveiod a new planet "n 'lie night of November A It '* idtualed In tlie constellation Ai ?e 11a records 'be discovery as fol low* ? Not 4. tsar, at II ho ra.SC mlnntes, ye eeaeicte P M. ? uie.n ilwi* oi Marseilles nlanei lu Aries: rt|M ?s ? ?? on. 1 k sir, 4A Milan lev. ? -eeonde: polar dielMn-e, 77 de, mm, .? imuuirs. dturaal motion.hismsrnde lo i.gki a*c?i.-.#n, ami t minutes. &S aeconda In aistnnre from pole. Title new asteroid, which makes the ninety-Assl of tlio group 4duaied between .Tupiter sod Mar-, has the ??? I I,alter ol a star of the eleventh magnitude. An tslreaeairr nt Fault. iF'oin Ibo Commercial Advertiser.! Jest |IIor to the eipeeled meteoric shower uf Novem her r.lsnd 14, Profentor lsvuna ot Vale f 'oilege, wrote h latter aetfinr downjtb' shower for the morning ol' the 14th. Tha display was not mada here, but on that morn ing a d.-w|.atcli fr<>ni London, n the morning papers. ;;??* an ?i ? own of the shoe- r al 'In ? nwlch The vini" day Vroteaaor Isauu *. whose predictions had lieen fal ihcd. wrote a letter to the JVwf, in which he sai4 Ihn the despatch f'om Greentvlth, in the Hks>i.w of that morning, ''was evidently sporliaia." The whirligig id Time brtsga its revenge*. Today the Fngi'-h maila nt the 14th are al hand and the learned Professor Is si rdmlcd b\ uorount* in the tnomala ot that <lntc of the ?b.< wer ol Bi-icunr the night be for*. Tho l*md".i Kmc, Id * date anterior Ui -he sh-wer. also oontains lettora from the ansofionisr A Borarnsi, in which bo pre dicie I he display of meteor*, which came off Profes sor l/">iui* Md bettor 'ry his hand again at propbeey. And if would be well if he did not rum hla head against the tots graph news. It Is easy to dlKbeliev# ? fact wh ch one doea uut want to cradit. but in th'? -**0 the l. ..way of twelve days was altogether too aaftnw lor aafe'v. fNIBI. Ill IT I. IMA 3 13 BiMUCIII WTTs. SKC181 TftfSPIl TO THE WMIO. , Postok, Nov. 2d, 1*?6 Highway rohh.vry and parroting cause arc liegltimng to occur with an alarming frequency in thin gection. Lnsl li ght Bo'iert White, Jr., son of n respectable physi cian in this city was attacked at about midnight at the foot af Milk street, on Broad, by two men, 9?bo stunned I sod marly kii*d him, ano were only provs ntad troiu fobbing him by being frightened away by p? dsstnan*. Mr. Wbite lies tt tho hospital la a critical condit ion A carrot dig ease occurred in 14 nn oa Sat or: ?? night. Mr. John F H Uoh, expressman between lh??'. m and I von. sm garroied and fobisvd whils near bis rev deuce early in tbe evening. Detectives are on tho lookout for the garroter*. whom they haTe re anon to tupjH-ro game trim New York recently. At the laal term of tbe Circuit Co irt of the I'nl. *d Plate* a woman was placed ou ir al on an indictment for scil-ng liquor without having pahl Ibc United States tat flcr counsel objected to ?ba lndirlmcat, on tbe group*' that the Tnitcd States cannot legally Uke money from ? 1 em u carrying on en unlawful or ,ilcgal"hunne?.. I p. a Uiit tho court ordatod amuuienta la writing to ha anb k initted and this waa done. To day the Judg'-s Informad lbs counsel that thev were unable to agree upon any of the iue*tl00? raised by him, and therefore the case must x-o to the Supreme Court of the Inltod Statet upon their cArtiOraAe of division of oplntou. _ s vary large gathertn* of Malbod'sts look plate in tbe Tranumt iVtnph ibis aflernoon and evening, under the ? .spices of the New r??Tand lmdlee' Cent en try Assc nation, to behalf of tho New Fngland Tbeo'oflcal Test! 1?nr. eLivli)) A troy* r??9>9 trm CvbwnJ, N, H., to title city, end amply endow. 8peecbes ware made by Biatop Jane*, ?f New York} Ha* J. M. Buckley, of mn*i, iBrooklyu, General ( liuiuo B. flak. Re*. and many others, and a good gum of money wag Nkliz. d. Lieutenant Governor Ciaflin, of Uaaaaohnaotta, presided. CANADA VICUL TtlEMAW TO THE HERALD. Barman by the Srr. J. A. Allan In Favor *f 1 Annexation la the United States, See., Are. Toaoxro, Hot. 38,I80fc The Re*. J. A. Allan preached last evaalag in thn Epis copal cathedral, Klagaton, to a large and faritVnabls audio doc In fever of annexation to the Untied States. The reverend gantlanian in his opening addwaa remark ed?"I am aware-thai what I am abont to advocate la at the present moment distasteful to a small portion *f the Inhabitants or Chnada, and there may ha a few tgaorant persons prssent who may encase me of disloyalty to England; yet what I am going to advise Is not only In the Interest of Canada, but in an especial degree of Croat Britain, lot no one ho startled when 1 say that the greater portion of the Inhab itants of Canada an in fevor of anaexation to the United States Every question, whether from the pulpit or the rostrum, should be calmly discussed, for troth Is son la he elicited la a collision of honest thought. The "Thunderer" of England Informs as that wo an s drag on England; that the mother country haa to supply ua with men, money and ships, and erect forts for our de fence, and that ws sre the only waalt point In lbs British empire; but If annexed to the United States we should be a source of strength. Our members of Congress could apeak la the balls of Washington of the gentle " rule " of England, and we would teach the Americans that England was their fTlond, and aducate abetter spirit among her people, which would end in a full reconciliation and lasting rood will. England and America one. strong in unity, do great wrong could bo perpetrated in the world. Has not the public press of England? the organ of the national mind?told us again and again, "You are a people thousands of miles remote from us, and who can form a luster opinion of what Is for your interests than we who are so far distant f Consult your own well being, sod ask to be annexed to the great repub lic. If you prefer to stay with us, you must defend your selves. Let us be friends; living in peace, lot us part in peace." This being tho interpretation of public opinion In England, why should It be styled treason in Canada by those at the head of our government f The learned divine continued at great length in explaining the senti ments of the Canadians towards the United States daring the rebellion, aud said that it was the duty of Canada to be annexed to the United States, in order that by their votes thov could save to the South all her former rights under the old Union, and of reconciliug the North and South. It is said that the press and people of the United States have aided and encouraged the Fenians In their raids on Canada, which hnx tended, and justly, to exasperate the feelings of Canadians, aud to make them endure even war and invasion rather than submit to a people who are so ignorant of all Internationnl laws us to seek to let loose on us an armed horde of passionate and misguided, though naturally brave and generous, men, boiling over with feelings of great wrongs, against us, a neighboring aud friendly people, who have nothing to do with the cruel laws enforced on them by England. The govern ment of the Culled Stales is censured by many in coo sequence of its too tardy action on the Invasion of our soil; but in regard to the President, at least, we ought to take Into consideration the power those men could control In the Congress of tho United States, and the amount of resolution required to carry into effect the laws which were openly denounced by the peo ple's representatives at Washington. Taking all things into consideration, I heartily thank the President of the United Stales fur his deceive action on that unhappy occasion. It is Euglund's flag the Fenians huto and uot us. Those of our citizens who have lived on the other side of the line inform me that greater or more uulforra kindness they never oxperioiu d thsn from those Yan kees whom, owlug to the had specimens Imported to this side, we dislike. We And thcin not only attentive to their own interests, but intelligent, industrious and well iuformed gentlemen, liberal of their money, enterprising, trustful and charitably disposed to tho poor, in titer ex penditure for public and patriotic objects princely in their idea* and munificent In the extreme. A consider able portion of the congregation was takon by surprise, bnt all kept their teats until the services or the evening were over. The Annexation Question in Montreal?A Pub lie IHitetin* Called to Consider the Subject? The Fenian Trials JAkely to Prodnco a Civil War, Are. Moxtrbai, C. E., ljov, 38, 1886. A meeting is called for Wednesday, November 28, to discuss the benefits to be derived from annexation with tbe United States. The people of the lower provinces rather favor the idea of annexation, and should it be put upon a fair aud equitable basis and submitted to the people, I have no doubt but it would be rat tiled by a large majorllv. The Pathetics of Canada East denounce the sentence of McMabon and the release of Lumsden in unmeasured terms. They claim that the trials were a iarce, and that the government, had decided what men should be hong before the trinls commenced. The bitter feeling formerly existing between Irishman and Orangemen is beginning to show itself, and should McHabon and the others be hanged it will result in riot, and eventually terminate in a religions war. The Fenian trials to take place at Rweefaburg are ex citing a great ileal of comment. The Protestant* are afraid that the prisoners will escape with little or no punishment. The Catholics are hopeful, and say that evidence cannot ho produced to convict them. Two Im portant Crown witnesse- have mysteriously disappeared, and tt is rumored that they have been bought ofT and have left tbe oooatry. Tbe Canadian authorities have received information that, ftepbens'? ant ra route for Ireland, hut is orgatd/. log sn expedition to invade Canada. Troops here have tv<,*iveii orders to bold themselves in readiness to move at n moment's notice. The I'awe ef the Condemned Fenlaaw No Ile * eiwiea Yet Made ia Record to I Irani I as New Trials to the Priaewrre?Fatal Rallrond Ac cident, Ac. Tokos to, Nov. 26, 1888. No judgment Is* t>een ?s yet given in the Court of Queen'* Rcncli or Common Pleas to-day respecting the uppli'ation which wan made by Mr. McKeiisie ln?t week, for a rule to show cause why new trials sbonid uot be granted to the Fenian prisoners now under sentence of death. As Fsturdny wee the lost day that uttch implies t tarns con Id be made, tbe Chief Justice ot the queen'* Bench on la-t f'slttttlsy permitted Mr. Mi Kcaxle, not withstanding that the argument hod not been entered Into, to ti'e the additional motion papers to the ia*eef the Queen vs M> Kensle and School, the -*ion at if Th? purl e* had beep formally made Til l - ail Hie prisoner- at present under sentence ef death, with tlio cxc.pti hi of Hluvin, McMelion, I.yttnb ami School, have no legal rented* afforded tbum at pieoent of apply ing for ? new trial. and u'llee* their sentence* an commuted hy the government (bey will bt hanged on the l.'.th of next month, if tbe rile in refhsed. iM morse M*'. in and th ure who had th? motion marie >n time will he placet In a r radar position. To a* the least of it. after the oli)e,:tionv were taken M the"trml, II it But equitable Dint the prisoner* should not 1m allowed to have th? ir argument heard, and ihn- h" d# barred ftom the benegt of a rule, if I hey oould obtain one merely because there ia an order of court that no motions for n* w trial* are 'to he made .titer tho 24th instant. Not, metty reefs ago the Csnadim lodges elwsvs 'ranted a rule wtd for u new trial a* n matter of coarse, gi.icg their deri<uoti whether it ahuttiil ire made ali'ohiir or not, When cause w?s *hu?nand counsel heard m both *idce. Mailers have now choused, howevr sad wnat ss* be'ore s motion, of tonne, now reooires days to con tder before a judgment i? deliv ered. A ram turned Murpliv wot Willed this evralng at six ?'clock, ntt the Great Western Hailreod. tim tor- running #vr htm while locking no lo the Queen'* whan HI JKCMl CQMESfONDMCE If TNI HEMLI 1>OY, Nwr. M, 1h?o A mt? amaro -dnrin ptarailad ??? tha Hndann rtrf fe- tcrtlay morning. wudI* aeoountnd the boa-mat atnrm of tha kind ov?r known to narlgator* of Ihw r1?#r. Tbo wind *M at ? raglo*' height, and Ikw mow fall a? fast an to Mind arnrjrbody. Tba "taamor Oaan Rlchmonl, on bar t-.pward paaragc tu Albany, enconntrrart the squall, aad wan rompal!?d la roma to a oetnplola tUodcilll, aftar which tba furtoasnraa of lha atom carried away bar anchor, and loft bar at tin aarrcy. The pilot Inaiag right ol tba channata. tba vaaaal wan far wmt botin iiwnad Tlclarttly atoni, tad wan finally drtvan npot thn Albnan flata. in Mia rtefnityof the apot wham tbo ill.

fatod t'wallow ?rnt down. TTi" storm wan of abort dura tion, and oerantonod ??onstdrrnhl* oacltomanl on hoard tho itramor, i irttcularty arto'tur tha odloara. Tha Rtrh. mood was taken front tho data br tba tog* Jaha Taylor and WynantH. Tharo ta no matarlal daotac to tha atoamrr. A aiw'hir dot in jim?*ilod ou Uia Htxlaon soma trm" ago. Twr. taunt (titHal. nanfcun rrnt ar aencttcTenT? ranmca ctAHt-a. It will bt wromnlfrad that tba fro'ybt bouso of tha K"W York ( antral Railroad Company at f> ban"clady war aitddouly and iMtp't'-ahly burnd down annt" titnr at new It now anpaav* that m a af tha waaltbtaat clltreaa of Bchon"CtaSy, wbnsa uama baa twit boon part-.Hon to transpire, In nhout to bo charaad With tba tncandliary art. It la allotrnd that ba had ?inr*d a largo amoont .< ovtr Itiaurtd goa l* In tha building, and Irad it 10 aoritra ta hlmaolfftta fraudnlant gain* Tha affhtr ornatos, I ?m told, a profound aonaatlan in Scbanortady, and '? tn ba tnoaatlgaiod Tbo Intornal roranoa fraad* t? tkn city at" \l??t to andrrgo an Ineottkailna. Tbay grow out of lory fraatu In Drooklyn. TV* CUE LSI * (BASt.i HAYMAlTY. Borrow, NOT. SB, lMg. *U a canrua bald in Cbolsna tbla erenln* to nominal# a rand data tor Mayor, Rohort W Morrtn, a coiorad lawyer, roenMad on an informal ballot mi baikita and hta appn nant 211. On UwHarrggl ballot Marrtn got MS and bin I'WCfDt, A, v Frvfl, JSC pad nag Ajpeud. Tba aw?-1 b?r of ballots for tbe colored lawyer allowed his strength In the community, end it believed UiM be will get e Urge vote at the election and perhaps be cboeea to tbe Mayoralty. RAILROAD CELEBRATION. Oyealig ef the New Rente Mouth from Phila delphia?Tile Delegfetlen from Wllnligtw en Their Wnjr te Norfolk?The Philadelphia Delegation Visit tbe New Bridge Over the Mnaqnehnnnn. .. ? ?? Pmumnmi, Nov. 30, 1800. The new route to Neqfiolk from Philadelphia, vU Phila delphia, Wllmlagton and Baltimore and Delaware Rail roads, waa formally opened to-day. Tbe train, with a large number of Invited guests, left Wilmington at ten o'clock A. M. to-day far Ciiitfield, formally known aa Somen Point, en tbe fheeeptnke Bay, where they ar rived about feur o'clock. Tbe party there took eteamere for Norfolk, oighty-foor miles distant, and will be enter Uined to-morrow by tbe City CoonetU of Norfolk. A largo number of Invited gueeta also left here this morning to participate in tbe formal opening of tbe new bridge over tbe Susquehanna by the Philadelphia, Wil mington and Baltimore Railroad Company. Tbe Baltimore City Ceaaell me the Way. Baunmu, Nov. at, 180O. A number of invited gueeta, Including members of the City Council and representatives of the Baltimore press, left here this morning la a special train for tbe Susquehanna river, to be present at tbe formal opening i of tbe new railroad bridge of the PhllndolpbU and Balti more Railroad. Arrival of the Gaeoto at the Bridge? Denrrip tloa of the Straetare.' Pmavviujt, Nov. 30, 1800. Tbe special train from Philadelphia, with one hundred guests, embracing officers and owners of the road, capi talists. engineers from groat cities, editors and others, was met at Perryvlllo at noon by a similar party from Baltimore and Washington. After an Interchange of greetings, tbe entire party went on board tbe ferry boat, and took a general distant and near view of the great bridge now connecting the North and South at Perry ?ills and Havre de Grace, and the surprise and admira tion expressed was warm and general. The whole com pany next entered a long train of now cars attached to one of the heaviest locomotives, and wsre brought over the bridge, back and forth, with perfect success. The engineers and practical bridge builders and railroad officers from olber lines, have thor oughly examined the groat structure In all its parts, and were eRruest and unanimous iu their approval of tbe strength, beauty and perfect safety of the bridge, which lias already been tested by a weight of four times that of a train of loaded cars, In its entire length of three-fourths o( a mile. All aro loud In their praise of the decided genius shown by ite able engineer, George A. Parker, and of the foresight and courage of the originator, Samuel M Pelton, the lute President of the road, who has been so well succeeded by Isaac Rtnkley. It Is a proud day for them all, and the event is of national importance. The bridge hoa cost fully one and a halt millions of dol lars, but will be hailed as being wrortb even that heavy sum, though It is an euormous outlay for one structure on a road of but one hundred-miles in length. The Exouraionlata nt Havre De Grace- View of tbe (?rand Structure from the Water -Col lation and Spree bee at rho Celebration Railroad Reunion of the North and Mouth, Ac., ?Vc. HPKCIAI, TKI.KQRAM TO THE nKRALD. Havre nr. Grace, lid, NoV. 20, 1900. The little town has been under a great excitement to day, over tho completion of the bridge connecting the two shores At one o'clock a special train arrived from Baltimore, bringing a delegation of railroad men and several of tho memliers of the city council. Tbe Philadelphia dele gation arrived a few minutes after, at Perrysvllle* when the Baltimore delegation met tbrm. Tbe cars were run on the steamer Maryland, which steamed mid way of the channel, and gave the excursionists a view of the outside of the work jnst completed. Re land tug tbe cars were run ashore, and the whole train eonveyed across the bridge. Kiuht minutes were occupied In crossing. Hundreds were assembled on both ahorse to witness tbe novel spectacle, and made the welkin ring with buxxaa over tbe success ef a ttruc tnre that has cost years of labor aod been the cause of many misgivings and disappointments. Navigation is In no way obstructed, a draw being pro vided where tbe channel Is deepest, permitting v ewe la ef any alas or depth of water to pass to and fro. The bridge has been four years In building, and an average of a thousand men er dsv baa been employed in ita construction. There waa not the slightest motion perceptible while the train was pausing over, wbicb was the subject of remark and congratulation with tbe stock bolder* II waa built from designs furnished by and under tbe supervision of Hr. G. A. Parker. Its cost Is 91.600,000. It waa stated by tba President nt a collation niter wards that tbe service* of tbe steamer would be die l<ensed with from that hour. Tbe last Iralu had been ? airled over, aad the Brat had successfully passed over the new highway The speeches were made by tbe for mer President of the road, 8. M. Feltoa; Engineer Parker N. Thayer, of Boston; Iaaae Haztehurat, of Phila delphia, Ben Iteford, of Hal timers, and others. The time will he lecsoued eoma thirty minutes between Now York and Washington by tbe completion m the bridge, and arrangements will be made Immediately to that?:fleet in the schedule. THE MIIIS EXHIBITION. Iit>rifr Ireua the failed M?tr> li?u?N nI ni Pnrtu to Ifr. J. Derby, (Tailed NtMM Vgrnt Imperial Krunliilidii* la Recard la ? he Rereptlaa ml Prmturu frnm Foreign I mimrlra, Asp. I'nc, Nov 9. J MM. Mi J. C. Derby, I niteri SlutAgent. New York ? m <K Hi*?Am regards llie .bipmeutof jiroiluot., I re quested n a former letter, sod now repeat the request, that the puck ago* uiav all liear the nnmben and rlaea affixed ta vonr lists and in mioe to the name* of the r*Mpe< ura exMliltor. This will give me a knowledge of the contents of em h package without 0|?ntng, and will enalila tne to bring forward as wanted and direct to lia proper locality each package before opening It, which will save much time and labor. The bill* of lading most correspond exactly with the mark, and dccriptkm. on the pecsagea by which they are aUippml, and be made to my order, en It ie upon (bene that I make the entlie. and obtain the document, at the Minister# du Cominerr a to permit the landing and for warding of the producta There are two amlhode of forwarding the product a, one of which is greatly to ha preferred?Klr?t collect and warehouse the products in Now York and .hip them hy ono venae) 'bartered for that pnrpooe; second, ware bona# nothing, bet ablp off the producta aa they am re , hy any and every good freighter laid oa for Havre that prom inaa despot' li. The gfwt method would laim great i d<*lay in New York, and could not be fully carried out, ' irrnaaat Howie producta will lag behind, keeping nil U># ??them waiting, and cause Ihotn all to be too late in I ivwbng hare. On nmrel at Harro a Ian In a mam, there would bo a delay, harauae tbay cannot bo for warded any faster than placed In the exhibition, and mi that la a alow prooea* there will be double cartage and storage and labor at Havre, and increaaed expmsee But the chief objection to thta method In the loaa of time on both aides. Ample time Is allowed for placing the pro rincts, but the whole of that time will bo required, bo ginning on the Utb January, 1MT. I'lea-e hear la mind that the prae.poo of producta on the ifttk March do?a not aocura their re. eptioo. They must hare hoen placed, and tbo placing will and on that day. Producta not then installed and ready for the opening of the exhibition will bo excluded, aa If I hey had not am red The necessities of the bu.i neas, therefore, require the products to begin to arrive and to be placed oa the ]6tb January, and, by continuous arrivals, the labor to bo so conducted as to aoooro the placing of all Tho second method Is therefore the proper one to adopt. Pbip by every opportunity, and, If opportunities do not ollhr, make them, and keep the products la moy.ment without any delay. No other method will auocced in getting the products properly installed In the exhibition in time for the opening, and without which they will be esrludod. these are the mqiertal refute'inns. and. roosidorlng the value which tbo nation attaches to punctuality and military exacutnde la affairs, especially when it lasosea taal to tho Intended effect, I dn not think there la any reaaou to expect a relaxation or departure from these regulations. It la postdble that yon might charier a large vesnel at a lower rale of freight ibaw the average of freight by several yeeaels. but this would he bad economy. The locreased expense* on load hy deUy, ac< umuialion, wars bousing, Jtr , on your side and on thin side, will greatly esroed the IIChrome of freight alluded to, sad at the same time produce a clog in the movement that will endanger, if not wholly prevent, (be possibility of placing all the producta. I hope, therefore, you wtti not hesitate to idopt the wond method, and will call la tho products from all points, shipping them aa thoy arrive, and not pormlt any relaxation till vhey are all afloat. U this be dome on ywnr part, and, notwithstanding de lays and consequent exclusions and disappointments occur, the roapaggdhtilly of It Will attach to tho producers Ihmissives who pre behind tlma, but whose inactivity should net bo petiwutad to sadaagSr tho chances of those who art punctual four obedient .oryanf, .N i, I tiled Ptaisg Consul (jMoraL | >EW J5&8EY IBTELLIGBHOB. -I-Si Jeraey City. A*othi* Rusbbrt in a Jbwclrt Srowt?An employe named Herman Topfer, In Warren k Spadone's jewelry ? manufactory, at the corner of Railroad avenne and Bar row street, was arrested yesterday, on a warrant issued by the Recorder, charged by the proprietors toiif oTai^rZ. ?fTKlf0ld atw T,wlou* ?? ??? ?? l vvli. V, 74'000- Th? had been worked up by New the^hfS i?*1 *? 00 Topfbr wae accused of ' H? w hrst denied it, but In the fans of the dSfsloZ Pr? ?1Tought hlm ""ally rerereed bis tn ha? w.T? ? lhe n^?* of I*"1* who bought the gold .".y? gva?- It, appears that the gold waa pur who? ^?-..-by *old ?"??"?? in New York, some of boroel'ia . k warV??nceroa<i ?n the case of On to the P*rtlcuUn'of which bare appeared The accused will be brought aJlW." ??La??\a mw'rrl#d BM' "*?? 10 *?? sevwa^Sk? W bwn ,n ??P,?y ol the Arm for T? Oa Storaok Qcernos?Dbcihos or rss Rs "orenoon the Recorder decided that ?hou,d w ? too of ?30 for no imtU? ^'ff'ng K> petroleum. Defend, the 8 upremeCoJrt bl. intontion of appealing to ? N*waas.?The Central Railrtwd Hoboken. Fatal Rsspit of as Aocidw*?Mr. John Sinclair who sustained .ericas Injuries by being throw, from a car, as already noticed in the Hnuu. died at hi> r?i denoe, to West Hoboken, on Friday^ hla *?** I.afayette. Dsmoanos or a < m-scm-Th. Dutch Reformed church was dedicated on Sunday afternoon, the sermon I bolng delivered by the pastor, Rev. Mr. Duryee. The 2hZ.?n~n^i?tJ' $ il?' City, constituted the choir, by^jPhSaVmSaifb^e^n^in0^ | sround Jersey City. The buildto"L" $2M00 | Newark. | Military Irspbctios.? The First regiment N. J. R. C. | were inspected yesterday afternoon, In the Military street?1" WhlCh thcy paradad "??ugh several of the Fiber?On Sunday night s Are broke out at No. ITS Warren street, in a building owned by Mr. John Brauaer, and in which were stored a quantity of provisions. The ?SU? aBd oootoolo were completely destroyed Lose [ $400; Insured for $200. About four o'clock toktord?? I morning a fire was discovered in a kindling wood factory ?err tb? "am- Jtwaaa ! destroycd- Tbe ??? ?? Death of a.v Old Firmiajl -Mr. Michael Walkerman, a well known flroman of Newark, died on Sunday, after a lingering illness. He was for s long while connected with the Board or Engineers, and wm highly esteemed ft: The B??rd?MS rire Department held a meeting last evening wbon ar rangemonts were made for the funeral obsequtos. WESTCHESTEB IHTELLIGENCE. Wkbtchbstbe Cocxtt Courts.-The Court wai opened yesterday morning at ten o'clock, present Justices bcrogham, Robertson, Byrne and Miller, and District Attorney Bates. The grand and petit juries were then called and sworn in, the Grand Jury Immediately enter iag upon the d.scharge of their duties, and the Court announced that the Circuit would be held this week and the Oyer and Terminer next week. A true bill of Indict ment war found in the afternoon session against 8yl vaster Jay lor, charged with an alleged outrage on a little irlri daughter of Captain Peck, of tbe town of Rve A.inr WM ?rraigned and plead guilty and wan rsLniM}? of ileonold ?ueaday' tho rtay of December. The suit ft rVVnanlu*"ln8t Jobn c- lipoid LlndmHn .i fs!se imprisonment was then called The P am Iff in this action is a pedler, and rofusSd ? show nis license when called npon to do so, and was aecord a& . m 11 n* A number of other case?* oa th? calendar were then set ovw for the torm^ For mi Poor or tub Comm.-The proceeds of the lest day's races (gentlemen riders) at Jerome Park amounting to $2,020, and appropriated to relieving the P??r,in westokeater county, will be distributed bv Mr * ?- sliyt Stard or Colors to *k Prssbrtbd. ?In conformity with General Order No. S from the headquarters Seven teenth regiment, this command will assemble on parade at Mount Vernon on Tuesday, December 4, at lea o'clock A. M, for the purpose of receiving n handsome stand of colors, to be presented to the regiment by Mrs L fl Watklns. of the town of Kastchester. itoveroor Fanten Ik wUl.bonor tha oooasion with their presence and the offlcers of tbe Danish army now stopDins In the'eit* ssnr*""*!-wb,ub ^ s them If they remain to tha vicinity. Qdoit Matc ?on nra Caain-iossinp or Annies.? Oa Thursday of the present week n match game will be played by Hodgson, tbe champion of England, and Me lAran, of Newark, N. J., en tbe grounds of thg Normal Club, at tha corner of Astor place and Broadway. Mr James Dibson, President of the St. Andrew's Club, has accepted tbe position of referee. Tbe game will be si'xtv P?'?la,nP. promises to be one* of nauioS intS est, both p layers being of tbe first class. PtoywHI com. mence at eifvon o'clock in the morning. After Ibe <-bam pton game, Mmith, of i'aUrvoo, and Holmes, or fteVmSI toun, a,II play for $260 . (RU ' '?*>*<*?? CITT MLITIO. UoMurt 11*11 riijr OmvnIIcii. Tin* (onvenlion net last evening at S14 Broadway, (or the pnrpoee of nominating a candidate for the offloe of City Comptroller. Mr. Edeard Borrtan of the Six teenth ward, occupied the chair. The prooeediuga wore not open to the reporter* of the preae, bat It wai aaoer ituned that a delegate made a lengthy addreaa, in the ronne oT which he etated that he dMI not think the Con vention wen that evening In a poettlon to nominate a candidate. He believed then wen three court** open to thom--one war to adopt the candidate named by the republican party; another, to accept the candidate of Tain many, and the third, to declare in faror of the candidate of the Union democrat*. Ha conclnded by moviut a reaolntlon to tho ritect that they appoint a com mute*. conxlellng of one delegnle from each ward, to center with the other democratic organizations reaped - iug the be* I candidate to be named, and report beck to the inuvention at their next meeting, to be held on Wednesday evening. Another delegate moved an amendment, that they now nominate Judge Michael Connolly lor the oltlce of comp troller. Tine amendment wax aniiiimouely negatived and the rexolutloa wax declared carried. The Con i cm ion (hen adjourned idl Wednesday evening The lli'hrsa llemorrallr Kewomiwatien lor Comptroller. Tlie McKeoa Democratic Oeoeral (ommlttee met laet evening nt Masonic Hall to endone the oooaty nomina tion* Alter aoroe diacnaaion a haiku, on motion or Mr William*, waa gone Into for Comptroller. On the find ballet Michael Connolly motived 44 vol**, Richard B. ('??unolly 22, Anas Dlcklaooa I, nnd ncnttertng 4. On the ecrnnd ballot Michael Connolly received 41, Richard B. Connolly Id, anatterlag 2. The aomlnotkm of Michael Connolly waa then made nnaaimou* Hie Al d< rmani< and oth-T county nomina '.Ion* were endowed, and tho moating adjoarned. Couaorvatlve Nominal tea far I omni roller. The Conaervatire Republican City Coavonnen Ml lam night at their reoaia, corner of Twoaty-thiid at root aad Breed way, Mr. A. J. meeoker prertdlng, aod nnoal muualy nominatad Mr. Richard Kelly for *be Camptrel tcrrhlp t eiiarilmaate Nominal inn*. Nnmemuo eonveatlona were bold In ink* city laat night to nominate candidate* for Councilman the radkeaia of the Fourth dtatrlo aBjonrnN u> Fri day, November 30. In the fifth dwtrict they nominated (Mm W. < repair, Andrew Hpence, Brando A. Thomaa, Stephen Roberta, Henry c. parley. In the sixth dietrirt the fallowing a nmtnettoo* were made:?W. B. T. Chapman, Jaaea K McVanny. John M. Robertson, John Adama and William Tarhnne. In ihe Seventh dletrtct:?Walter W, Roberta John 8. Oil more, Hugh Turner, Thomaa Murray and John Web bar. The Democratic Union Convention of the Fifth dietrirt nominated John Hart, Twelfth ward. Patrick MeAauren. Nineteenth ward, and Patrick O'Rourke TV rntieth ward .tlJarmaalr Nomination. The Cltiaenfl' Union Aaaociatlon ol tho Biflb district met lent evening at No. M Carmine Arret and nominated Robert Harrison for Aldermen TNI LOUISIANA STATE FAIR Nnw Onutavg, Nov. |g, lace The I.onlalana State fair, though tbo Aral attempt, tg o great ear cm*. To-day la the laat but one. yet tbo Inter** la unflagging. It baa already quickened the die pnaition to itlprove implement* and machinery In tbo Booth. The aaaociatlon have renewed to begin imme diate preperatlote to hold another fhir In November, 1M7, And 'to erect permanent building* for the am of the mm The Emery cotton gin takae tho Brat pre mium, alfo the bydraulio washing meehlne, Wheeler h Wltooe'a aowiag machine aod the Charter Oek cooking ?tore. The piano which took the Brat premium Who manufactured in St. Lotte, aod tho eeenad In New oftaane, ilthongti them oT /tow Tort, Bnalon, PbJndei ?hi* and Dal timer* earn* in oympeotlon with Ifeenl y ? NORTH CAROLINA. SPECIAL TILEBBAi TO THE HEIALB. The C'onetitutlonal A mend meet la the Ie(h* latere, See. lUtwoa, N. CL, Nor. 26, 1M6L A resolution was introduced la the Lower House to, day declaring it to be the sense of that body that tb? constitutional amendment should be ratified. It wee ably seconded la a speech by Mr. Logan, but was Anally referred by a vote of ninety-two to sixteen. The H CHILD'S plea of reconstruct ion has created a profound aenaalton, and the opponents of the govern, stent are apprehensive thatJCongress may appoint Pro. visional Governors sad dissolve the present legislatures of the Southern States. The Bantu* plan 0 enthusi astically endorsed by the unconditional Union men THE STOPPAg Of THE WflHEH FACTWHES. fiascos. Ma., Nov. 26, IMA The reasons given by the woollen manufacturer* for the closing up of their mills are that the wool oaawmoru In its original state than the manufactured goods eeU for in the open market. Oem missions also engross Ave per cent caah, sales oemmaad a discount of four par cant, while the government duty on the groes amount of salon la Ava per mot. Dye stun and oils are likewise heavily taxed, labor Is high, and goods said at the prinaut Urn# command only Shout two-thirds of their aetenl value. Although many of the factories have already stepped working, the glet of goods 0 still felt to bo eXoemtve. and other mtUs must inevitably follow the oouiae of events and oloee up until the dawn of batter times. Ml?CHLUHBOU?. 4 ?THE HOLIDAYS. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THX COUNTRY par's"rnJoOK* AND IIAl And FINE Fancy HOODS?of our ewn importation. OVINOTON BROTHERS, No. aat. M6 and 80) Fulton street. Eroofclyu. AS HIRAM ANDERSON. NO. SB BOWERY. IB BELL ina EngUiih velvet and Brussels Carpets, Lowell three ply and Ingrain Carpets, at greatly reduced prieea. buyers are Invited to call. Oilcloths from three to eighteen feet wide; Drmuela four yard cord Mat*. Malting, at lew rates. Look for go. W Bowery Absolute divorces obtained in any state without publicity or axpo-ure. Divorce valid every, where. No fee churgcd until divorce la granted. Consult*. Uons free. OKOKtlK LINCOLN. Lawyer, 80 Nassau ak CORNS, BUNIONS. BAD NAILS, AC., CURED WITH, out pain by nr. RICE, Cbtmi"'<ll?t, SB Bowery, Beah Building. Corn Annihllator. BO centa. /TORN8, BUNIONS, RNLAROED JOINTS, AND ALL \_/ dtm-asea of the feet cured by Dr. ZACHAR1K. No. 760 Broadway. Down with the ringi roa oonmorut, , _ . MICHAEL CONNOLLY ' Public mcetliiCK of the citizen* of the r. -p, otive want* oru V V OPPOSED TO THE "KIsU," W htch ha* for year* faateaed luclf lijcn a leech upon the < ity Treasury, ami domiuccred over the people with deaootlo sway, and which i* now atrlvln* to uvo'd the effectaof lie cruel, uu; defeat in November, atol ulrure a new leaae o? power by running another candidate outdde of Tammany Hall; and of all other* who ?re In favor of the election of JUDGE MICHAEL CONNOLLY an Comptroller, will be held at the time* and place*, and be addreotxd by the speaker* named below. I-et the people now rally and make the November vietorv iiiiai and complete. FIRsT, SECOND AND THIRD WARDS Ttieaday November 37,1% P. M? M Oreenwlch .treat. ? KPraaKR*. Michael Connolly, Daniel M. O'Brien, Mai. W. G. Hart, John J. Duty. Aubrey - C.Wlloon. Philip J. Met iulre, t.apt. w. H. llog..ii, John M. Harrington , ? fourth ward. Thtiraday, November ?, 7>* P. M.. Warren Hall, wi - . t Oliver nail Henry street*. bfjuxkiu. Michael Connolly, John II. Anthon, PhlUp J. MeUulre, Patrick J. McAlear. Daniel M. II'Itrien, John J Duffy, Aubrey C. Wilaen, pijrpn CoeleUo. Tueaday, November 37. 74 p. jp| Elfth Ward Hotel SPEAKERS. Michael Connolly, Oen. Charlea O. Halploa Nathan Neablt, Philip J. McGulre, Patrick J. McA!**ar, John A. ThompKiU Edward J. Mouugue, John J. Dully SIXTH WARD. Friday, November 30, P. M? RUU Ward Hotel SPIAKBIUI. Michael Connolly. Daniel M. O'Brien * Philip J MnUuira, Gen. C. O. Hal*"; John M. Harrington, Capt. Wm. H. Hogan, John J. Duffy. Ancuitine K. Covtella. , SEVENTH WARD. Wedneeday, November 3D, 7}* P. M., No ? Eaxt Bread. BPXAKKRI. * Miliar I couuoUy, John H Anthon NaU.aNw.blt, D^JVo'BrLt, Major Wm. O. Hart, Capula Wm Ow?. Auorey C. Wilson, John J. DoVy. _ RIGHTH WARD. Wrdneaday, No, ember *. 7X P. M., spring ttreet Hull. IM. Spring etreet. f ?ruttaa. Michael Connolly, Jeme* M. Bmltb, 1 General C. O. Halpine, Captain Jeeeph kitchen Jamea Globona. Nathan Neahlt, John A. Thompaon. John J. Daffy. NINTH WARD. "resiSia &?" ?? 11TS 1|f Michael Connolly, Jaaaee M. Smith. Ueneral O. O Halplae, Rdarard j. Meotag m, Nathan Neehlt, 1 detain Joeeph inteAeli, Aaguatine R. Coetelo, Ma i rhompeoa Friday, November M. Pythagorae Rail. Cam* at met. aeer Bowoiy. 5?i i 9"?**UP- Jamee M. SmMh. Edward .! Moat ague, Daniel M. O'Brien, t aptaln Juaepli Mil, hell, John A. Thompaon. Nathan Ne.hll, Philip J. Mc .aire. ^ ? blbfenth ward. Wednesday, Noreiaber B. I), f. I. Wluebeor'a. Stt KourtR itTRBt M chael Connolly, John H. Anthon, John M. Harrington. Daalal M O'Briau Patrick J. McAlear, Philip J. McGulre. CnpU.u Wm H Saturday, Decern bar I, 7% P. M.; Waablngten Ban. Third aveaoe, near iRth etraet. Michael Connofly, John H. Anthon, Jamea oibb00a JohaJ. Duffy, Patrtek J. McAlear, Major Wm. <5. Hark John M. Harrington, Auorey C. Wilaoa. THIRTEENTH WARD Tueaday, November 37, 7% P. M, Lladheim a Hotel tig Grand r* * M M-.bael Connolly, Jehe H. AeUon. KS-VKXl- JSi'l'tSSS *"*"? roi mariNRs? Saturday, I)win'^r I. 7.^. H M ; Inton ownt r Grkiiii ?ri'l PIlMtath I __ *PSt4MttKfi Wicks* I < ' ini?ol!v, M Rmltfe GvooM C. ?. Ilajptaa, Daniel M. O'Rr ea. Philip J MoG,lire Julia J. Duff* Captain Win. H. Ilnfun, P.iTick J. Mcj FIFTEENTH Willi. Tharwlay, November JB, 7* P I., Mcpyke'a, H Lerov piac# B.eecker .treat, M .chael Connolly. Ueneral C O. Halpine. ?5K5J' C. Q. Halpine, John J. Duffy, Joaaph Mitchell. Nathan Neahlt, J. Maetapae. J ,on a. Thump lUX IRK NTH WARD. Friday, November JQ, ?? >. m!J*<>: Seventh even je. a Hall l? Mtehael Connolly, John H. Anthon. itST**"?1 & Captain Wm. M. Hegae. J?Bn A. thompaon. .lamae Ulbboaa, '-^vTSrr. .'it; r tir Thnraday. November IB Tj< P. M., Hanneay Garden Eeeei etri-et. Michael CotiBolly, Jaaaee M. Smith, Jame. uii,bona General C DHalpfne ?RjOr William iJ. Ilart, Philip J MeGelfe Captain Wn, II Iloptn. John M HariiMon o.a - IpjlVRKNTII WABD^^^ Friday. November at 7\ F H . New Torh Aaeembly eumer Flmt aeewue sod Tweaty-eaeoad etreet " A a then, i V J M"Ale*r, John t. Daffy, ow?"-e sarvrrsu. "~"Sa5.v&.,.. ' r.,v?,a,jum, aIEU/o fcSST '?"-tTiisrsAo. >? Miehaal iTaotly. """w ? emtth, MaTSw-^TV- . ?5'Ht'A MeOoire, ? a A. _ TwRlfTT riRUT WARD. ^ 1 R.tarday, December 1. at 7J* P. R nerueaet ecme* a* Soeeod a venae and Thirty-third nun' M"hae^Coaou"y. John H. Anhea. lt?T" IhaaHet M. O Rrten Philip J ?ditdre, fft?ar* f Maaam - Nailian Neabtt. Major Wllliaaa tl/Hari _ _ _ TWRNTT RHOtiMh diRIi Tueaday, November 17, at 7% P. M.. National Hall. FertM (ourth -treat, hMwenn RWhth and NletB avenue. Michael Omtnolly J?hn a Anthon, General C t|, Halpine. Jeme* lllhhnwe. Patrtek J MrAJoar. Captain Wiiitam ?? Megan, t apt*m .I'l-eph Miu-b?ll , Edward J Moamg ,* By order of Democratic raloa General iluoiathiee. JOHN T. RAVAGE, ? h*,,m.e "iratei Rinenrv. i - . ? J AMa t'oaaaia, | " ,w ' DITORCRB LRGALI.T ortajned IN NEW TOR A and athor Ntataa wttfenat piihtmtiyar fee liii -???AO divorce grasutd. utemtltatiea# free r f M. 1IUWBB, CoeaeeMor. Bat. 7t Haaaae e-reet. ' rvivoRcM obtainbd according to rrtrnrd IJ fr?ea the eowrte of ala dtffereat Mate*, where araeitad diaakgoaeaa-ar dmartloa I* aettae-ugh ienk J* t I *1*0, CouaaeRor at La, m Rmadw ?p, \ no to ni'lNAB R. AGNEW * UREKNWIcll AN" \Jt Murray atreeta, where yon win gnd Tma CelTeea Fia gnr.^ everything ?*? uUr^XTT.^ SCr " "T* K " Te-WAR R A N TE. E.J7 i WMlilB CVfS, vukoal tkn aI.mKL#nt Gee^i fray nilM ird"'CJie%7? R-oTiV^t'Tk^V0" * r r ?*'" *t m Bewery, knd by all principal <)r rag .t*. Ym orno MEN'S DEMOC ccsmjAaal *1 u*?v,a. beeremrjb