Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1866 Page 2
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?VOARI>RRft AKTl l,ODOER9 WAtTRD. A T IH AND NINTH .sTUKKT. BKTWKKN FIFTH /V and Hlxtli aftjuuea?nit Floor* riud line Boaaia to lot, with lir?t ?!uan Bo%id, in Freuch And Get titan atyiea. Private table if deal red. At thk grant house, ah nkw bowk by. near Chatham square, Room* 35c. lottOc. l^r day. $- to $3 per week. AT Si WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN Filth and Sixth avenue^, a ulan^int Urge well furnish ed fruit Ko4>m. with Boird; agitable for one or two persona. * Nil K I'lIAMHI'U AMI .-irii.SU KO.HI ON Mllli. J\ rat UU1, with or without Boon): pleasaut situation and ?ood table. Dm lie; at li Address hoi 1..00 Post oHlce. At 1T4 ann in; blkkckfk street, six blocks we.t or Bioadwav pluasant^Kooiu*, with excellent Board, from $7 to $12 per week, fini lie# accordingly. AT FRANKFORT 1101 -K. ONE BLOCK EAST OF CITY Hall, corner of Krankrort and William at re eta, ISO ItiMima, 35 to It0 chiil* )wr day; $1 50 to $3 par week. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT A HANDSOMELY furnished Parlor, with Bedrooms above, with auparior private table. Highest refereure* required. Apply at 51 Weal Sixteenth stieet. AN K LEO ami.y furnished suit of rooms to rent, on second lloor; also l'arlor, iu a private lamilv, with or without pnia.c table. 79 East Seventeenth street." A SECOND STORY BACK ROOM, FURNISHBD, with nr.l rUax Bond; reference* required. 146 144 Fourteenth street. corner or Second avenue. AT NO. II WEST ELEVENTH STREET?A FEW door* from Broadway, to let, a nleelv furnished front l'arlor and Bedroom on sooonR floor; also urn Rooms well furnished, for gentlemen. wltll tirst > las* Frenrh Board; can inoommnqate a few day hoarders. Tuble d'holo at 6 o'clock, APRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A HANDSOMELY furnished Parlor and Bedroom, oil the lirst floor, also a Room on the second floor, with private table if desired: talde 11 rat clam; references exchanged. Id 11 est Fourteenth atrent Adirrr of rooms, on second floor, with Boaixl or private table, near Fllih ,'aveuue. No. 1 Kaat A SUIT OF ROOMS TO RENT-dV SEC OND FLOOR, to a faintly without children, with private table; refe rences required. Apply at 19 Brevox rt place, Tenth street, near Broadway. AT THE EUROPEAN HOUSE. CORNER OF EIGHTH street and Broadway, Room- can he had, with Board; table d'hote at 6 o cluuk; bieakiaat a la carle. Terms mode rate. ALAROE, PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, AND BED room on second Uoov, to let, furnished, with Hoard, 111 h private family; terms le.ieouabte. Apply al 99 Eaat Nine teenth street A FURNISHED HAM. ROOM TO LET?WITHOUT Board. In ? hrxis.- with modern Improvement*, stove, *0.; term-i $8 per week Apply at 156 Waverley plaoe. a private FAMILY AT 48 WEST TWELFTH STREET J\ oen accommodate a geutleurau with a small furnished Room and Ural claim Board. Reference required. SICKLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET-ON ? m. the second floor front; $10 per week: ga?. Are, lialh, Ac. One on the third floor frout. $6 per week. At 26 Third street. References required. A I JESUIT OF ROOMS, ALSO 8IN0DR_R00M TO LET? with or without Board. Apply at 872 Broadway. AT 18 AND 20 WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR NEW York Hotel.?One large Frout Parlor; also two Hull Bedrooms to rent, with flret class Board, for married and single gentlemen. a IM BOND STREET.?HAl I. ROOMS, ON SEVERAL J\ lioora, neatly furnished, with first class Board, for (in gle gentlemen. I riNR SUIT OF ROOMS ON PARLOR KI.OOIl?AND \ one auit on third floor to rent, furnished, to geutlemen, ithoui hoard, or with breakfast, at 90 West Twelfth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE TWO FURNISHED Rooms which they will let. with Bo ird: gas, hot and cold water, and all modern Improvements. 419 West 'l'wen ly-flrst street. AT 17 WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH and sixth avenues?'Two Hull Bedrooms lo let, with ?teellent French Bouid. Reference* required. A FURNISHED ROOM AND TWO BEDROOMS AD lOtnlng can be had, with or without Board, where there are nogboardera; gentlemen preferred; at 164 West Fortieth street. . A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?TO A GENTLEMAN and wife or single gentleman, at 78 West Nineteenth 'etreet; hot and cold water and bathroom. ' A FEW NEATLY FURNISHED, HEALTHY BED jY rooms to let, to angle gentlemen, without board: bath and gas. References required. Apply at 57 Hleeoker street, esat of Broadway. A SUIT OF ROOMS; ALSO A SI SGI, . ROOM, TO let. with Board, at 57 Kist'fhirty-llrst street, between Feurth and Lexington avenues A LADY HAVING PURCHASED THE HOUSE NO. 2$ East Twenty-ninth street, aod thoroughly renovated It. Will let a number of very desirable Rooms 10 gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. Terms reasonable. Dinner ?18. FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, TO SINGLE terms moderate; I. between Fourth J\ gentlemen or gentleman and wife; terms moderate; location central. 67 East Thirty-Aral stri and Lexington avenues. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET?IN ageoteel private family, to une ur two persona. No. ?* Pacific plaoe (West Twenty ninth street). A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUIT OF SECOND atory front Rooms: also a Room, suitable for gentle AB. evwtj iivui itooiii*. iiifu a ttu/tii, miiii<e>rit- im untr,ir? man, to let. with first class Board, at 23 West Eighteenth ?traet, near Fifth avenue. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?TO A rV lady or gentleman and lady, with i>r without Board kpply at 30 weat Washington place, near Sixth avsnur. A?PARTIE8 IN WANT OF ROOMS, WITH AND . without Board, can find descriptive Mil-, with prices, ?t our ofllce. No charge. BRYAN A CO., 58 Liberty afreet, room 22, sc orn! story. A PLEASANT nOME. WITH BOARD. CAN BE OB A talned, for gentlemen or young women engaged out Curing the day, on reasonable terms, by nddresaing Hume, ?tattoo A, Spring at. References required. Lust,on below Amity street, ami weat of Broadway. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A ROOM TO A A etngte gentleman, at ill Eaat Eighteeuth street, near Irving place. A LA ROB FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, TO two gentlemen or ganlletn iu and wile, dinner at all. Apply at IM Weat Twenty fourth street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR, thre? rooms, mar be hud. either separately or en suite, with or without Board, at 381 Fourth avenue. Also a desira ble Room for two gentlemen. AT 110 MAODOttQAL STREET?ELEGANTLY FUR nished Rooms, with every necessary for housekeeping, In order the! a family may have a complete home FaFEW YOUNG OENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM modeled with Board In a private family, in a neitlv Furnished cottage house where there are no older boarders. Call for three days at 331 Weat Thirty-sixth street a few lioora from Eighth avenue. A LARGE BACK ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, it handsomely Furnished, with or without Board, Lira gentleman and wife or two gentlemen ; aleo from Base ?sent, vary desirable for a physician or students. 81 West Fifteenth street A SECOND FLOOR. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, TO JrY let to a gentleman end wife. Private table If desired, reality private. 121 Weat Fourteenth street. Referenecs lehaaged. AT M NINTH HTKKET. BETWEEN PIKITI AND With areniiea-llandaome Rooms to l?t. with Bntrd, suitable for families. A RARE CHARGE -TWO ROOMS HUNNY EXPOS ?re, with m d.-ru Improvements, m families or gentle. Cnen and wlvas, with enellent Board Parties irtaliinq n dealrabU home, a I moderate prioae, will find it to their in forest to call. Apply at IB2 Ninth urease, lirst door from Twenty third atreat. N. B? ibis hotiae hes ifenttr ,bunged ksndf A 11ANDSOM rl.Y FIRNISHEO ROOM TO REST TO a gentleman. Apply at ltd K.u.l Thirty-third street. A BOARDING ASO HE At, EATATE Hil.!.'l..s. J\ firing Information ?rh?ie parties ran obtain immt and board. Can bo fsowd an alt new* stands, and at the older, ? Coder street, room No. 3 A STRICTLY PRIVATE t'AMIl.T ARE DKSIHOCK (?F letting nasi Rooms to a party of groiWun-ii or a reiitle man and wife. Apply at 3H West I hit iw.lh street, l,etw?-en Eighth snd Ninth avenues A PRETTILY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH GOOD Board, at IS West fourth Street : house hr.l I a., din tier el alt Also a UaU Room far e feuil,man Ur-t.-r-in ee given sod re.pitrefl. ______ TEW FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET- Wild! OOOIi duan. loraUon desirable. 14? West Elorro h sir, e>. Buth arenne. Board, In a family of adults. where lew luiaide n, loratlon deetrsble. U< W? A DELIGHTFUL, NIt ELY FURNISHED ROOM -am. he.led, with prlvllegr of I aih to let. In e'y pi rate family Apply at tu liaal s|x,eeuth urtll, uear otujf resent sqtur*. A SECOND STORY BACK ROOM TO KENT?WITH Board, In a prlrats hoiiae; leferencr require I. Inquire a' list West Twenty-second street A Bit KI.Y FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND BED room to let, to a sbikte gentlemm without board, at IVI West Eleventh street, morn situi and Serenih aven ues Oood refetenea required AT JBe THIRTIETH STREET, NEAR THIRD AVENUE.? Furnished Rooms on second floor ? llh Board, to gen ii, men and wires or single gentlemen, el reasonable prices. Family <innl ke .,e,.,.-- r, , ..,*,1. \LADV LtVINU AMINE WOULD KENT A 11 AND. comely furniMied it nn in lads, with loll or partial Itwrd. TYinae de-irma- --H s mmu. where tbey ran en joy home com!oft-. end p, trie ?ea. tan .idd'ess, for Uires ilsj a K . station V A MM KEY 11 k- i IIID ROOM ON SRI OND FLOOR, with all the in , I. ,-n imtr, omenta, to let with Board, to a party of gentlemen si 71 Mearning,,I .treot. I A PRIFATR FAMILY WILT, l,FT A HI IT OF ROOM* A jo'""" ?"? "JJ* <"? <w"*enilen>en, with nret elass Board House has all the nnelei >i Imp, ovrnn-tils I'M Weil I wen ly itrst si reel. A PRIVATE PAMIEY WIEI, I.KT A~~l ARoiTTTR A nlshed Frout Room to gentle,?e,? with "r wlihnut Bteekfasi, also a small Hnotu Location rare deairahle ?JSI Wert fwenty lifth iue>t ' ACONVRNIKNT AND WELL furnished HRt'OND Floor four rooms R"erd >lsnrme h. on parlor floor, for one or two person. Apt,Is st YJ Ninth ? i eel. let ween Fifth and Sllth avenues a pritate family have two large room* J\ to let, with Board, on third, la single ggn lenten or gent emeu and'their wires. Apply at ittTWesl Tulrty. filth >rraal A Y'lUNO VAN 0an rr ACCOMMODATED with M"W"I In a small r?igislah? lamllf. Terms fe per wse?. Apply at IM firit areaoa BOABDKRS ANU LODOEKA WAWTKD. t gentleman and LADY, AI AO A single obn V tie mill run flntt handsomely furnished Rooms with Board, oonumiiitoaliiiff with hath nw>m; hmis* urn oiaaa, valloneit^lleot. 5H Bast Twt'utjr-^igbth?treftt _ 4 N ELEGANTLY FDENISHKD BP IT OF A let on miwi.1 and third floor-*; hou"" and" i,1' ; ? hood flrat claaa; table d'hote Term, reatonable. 51 Weat Tweutr-fourth street ______ AS AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WILL LET. WITH Bo?ri .htVl' furnished Room.; ble. Call ?t 179 WareGej place uoar Hammond ?tiaet.| Avaith.i WIDOW LADY IIAH A HANDSOMELY fu ru tab ad Parlor to lot to a gcnSaaaal at 131 Went Thirtieih street Also an Affghan for sale; bright colors. AHPTT OF ROOM8-T1ANDSOMKLY FURNISHED, to lot with Hoard. Alao Rooms Tor single gentlemen. Apply at 9b Cliuton plaoe, uaar Broadway. I I VI'Y lUVINd MORE ROOM THAN SHE RE \ quiraa would let a furnished Room, auitabla for house keeping. lo'iul re at 108 King atreet. a FEW HANDSOME ROOMS TO LI T FURNISHED? A Willi or without Board, to gentlemen and their wives, or a ngle aaatlemen: private table It icqutred; references eicliangeiL No. U Waal Fifteenth street. a PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET-TO A SINGLE A gentleman or gentleman and wife; location. Madlaon square. For'particulars address bog U23 Post ofBoe. with name, Ac. A ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, ATM MACDOOQAL street. Dinuer at flt?. References reqittred. tl ? WEST TWELFTH STREET?LARGE ROOM, A with small Room adjoining, ascend floor hack; Board, tire, gas: $36 for two; single "ontlemen rooming together lower terms: one small room $8. References. A furnished front room, with bedroom and at inched, auttehle for two gentlemen or a gentleman and hts wife. Those desiring * comfortable room for the winter wnnld do well to call at 44 Fourth areaue, op. poaite Ittbte House. Board o*k large furnished room, for gentleman ami wife; alao single Rooma. for gentlemen; house has modern improvements; neighborhood Brat olasa. 140 Kaat Twelfth street, uear Second avenue. Board.?an American widow lady hah elf. ganily Furnished Rooms, with everv convenience, to rent to gentlemen, with or without partial Board, lilt Eaat Twelfth atrect, near Recimd avenue. Board.?a few single gentlemen can be ao. comraodated with comfortable Rooma and Board, at 12# Eaat Twelfth street Convenient to Broadway. Dlauer at aix. Refereueea required. Board.?a lady r \s taken the moffat m an alun and Is StUng It up elegintly: has two anils of Kootna and one tingle Room. 32 F.aat Seventeenth street, between Rmsdwav and Fourth avenue. B OARD?72 WIST TIIIRTY-EIGHTIt STRKRT? Rootna, alnglv or on suite, haudaomely furnished. Board?two large and handsomely fur. mailed Rooms, connecting, to let, with Hoard, to a gen tleman and wife, or small family; alao a Room for a slncle gentloman. References exchanged. Apply at 7t Eaat Twelfth at reel Board?at ? east fourteenth street, west of Broadway; a Parlor Floor to be let, with or without private table* Board?with pleasant rooms, for sinole gentlemen. Incur- at Sill Weal Fourth streot, between Bank and West Twelfth street*. Board?splendidly furnished rooms at 147 West Fourteenth street; best reference required and given. BOARD?86 CLINTON PLACE. EIOHTH STREET, near Fifth avenue; neatly furnished fourth alorv largo Rooms, with gas and grate; can b? had. with Brat class Board, on moderate terms; references required. Apply aa above. Board?rea'erai. oentlemen may have pleasant Rooms, with Board, at 83 Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. BOARD.-AtlEVTf.EM AN DESIRES HOARD IN A prlvsie family where he can enjoy the romfortaof an English home. Address, stating terms. Comfort, Ilerald Board?two handsome rooms to let. with Boerd. to gentlemen and their wives or gentlemen. Apply at 36 East Twelfth street. B OARD.?THREE YOUNG LADIES CAN BE ACCOM, modeled with Board at lilt AVooster a'reet. Board and rooms-for families and single; also Rooms, furnished and unfurnlahed. for house keeping; sll good lociti ins. Call and save time. MANCHESTER A CONKLIN.3D Nassau etreei. Board is desiurd-ry a lady and son. eight wars.ild. Address, stating location and terms, tnelud* dng Ore and gas, W. W. C., Herald ofllee. Boarding-with parlor and bedroom, in a ftnU clasa home, with all thn modern improvements, la lot lo a gentleman and wife or two single g'ullemen. Apply at Sill Nineteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. BOARDING?TWO LARGE AND HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms, with lire, gas and Board for two. at $36 and $110 a week and one for JKtV in ilio large, Brat class modern house 'JOB Has' Thirteenth street, two doors below Second avenue. BOARDERS' AGENCY. 241 BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 2. where private families and others wishing genteel boarders should call and register tbetr rooms. Persona wishing beard can get full particulars without charge. I.KSTER A CO. Board duping anticipated illness may re seourel In the unobtrusive fimllv of a regular phy sician; tiler apartments; two in family; no visitors, children nr hoarders. For location, terms. Ac , nppty to Dr. DUBOIS, 3d Third avenue. Brooklyn, near wall street ferry?to let, with Hoard, one large Room on second floor, wilh lire, gas, Ac. Terms moderate. Apply at 34 J-iralemon struct. Brooklyn?two gentlemen can kind a large double Roam, with Hmrd. In a pOra'e French family, at 184 Clinton street, a few minutes' walk from South feriy. Dinner at Brooklyn board?a private family will receive two gentlemen and wives or a fanulv of four. No other bo ird >ra. Location verv line. Hon e first class. Liberal price required. Address Rull- lge, Herald ofllee. /TOM FORT ABI.Y FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH \ J modern Improvements, In a private family uppoeile the Westminster Hotel; location tinsitrpastod by auy In the rily. Apply at 42 Irving pive. INLEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLORS?ON FIRST Hi Boor, with Rath Hnom communicating; also fourth story -Ingle Room to let, with Aral diss Board at 122 Madi son avenue, second house from Tliirty-flrai street. I'nex. ceptionsbl" reference required. Tj! LEO ANT APARTMENTS AND ROOMS TO LET? J Wlthoi .vo bout Board, lo gentlemen. Applv st thenri mte residence, 31 West Tweutv i bird street, next to the Fifth Avenue Hotel T7MR4T CLASS BOARD AND ROOMS CAN BE HAD I tn the vicinity of the Fifth Avenue Hotel, by applvlog to FOWLER'S Board Di-eetoi v. Tweu'y.third street, oornor Fifth Avenue Hotel ROOMS TO RENT?AT 14 NINTH street; house uewlv furnished throughout; an elegant stilt of Parlors to renl. with or without Hoard CRNfftlKD BOOMS TO RENT?TO OENTLEMB! without Hoard, nl IN Brsvoort plie?. Tenth slr-ei, ue Rroulway, Breakfast II desired. F FiM'RNISIIF.D ROOMS TO LET?TO SINOLE GENTLE, men with or Roanl. Anply nl No fl Koslvn place, between Amitv and Fourth streets. Ft I'.NISHKIt PARLOR AND BEDROOM?BATHS, gas, 4k'. to let. to on,- or two gentlemen, ,at 2D West Twenty fourth atreet. near Fifth avenue lTUTRNIrtRKD ROOMS, WITH BO \ RD ?SI'IT ABLE KoR r gentlemen or gentlemen ind lh#lr wtr?*i Applv te79 M. OkiiMitt'i pUoo (MA<*dottf*l street.) Reference# ei rUtngf* J. fpURMRirKO ROOMS To LET?WITHOUT BOARD. 1 In * !<v itlnn, for gentlemen o ilr. DIM Br<?*J w?y, between Thtricrn'h *tid fourteenth ?treet?, FHHINIHIIKD rooms TO f.ET-WITH OR WITHOUT Hoard, at No. 4 \elh?nn IMnce, nn^r New York Hotel. H A N DROMK FIRST FLOOR ROOM -FOR OKSTI.f: man and hi. wK* or single geo'leiiien, with Board. .an H I'nirmKjr j>l i r. HANDSOME SPIT OF ROOMS ON PARLOR FLOOR, aim doub'e Ktnin, on aoftMld Boor. front, comfort, of m home relciancaa given :mit rO-pilrel lit Weal Twenty, aeri-nth street H ANDSOHELY fORM-SRED ROOM TO LF.T?TO A gentleman .ml wife, ou second door. Apply otSCJ Wot it eoty t!i rd .tier nANDSOMKLY Fl KRIHIIF.Ii PARLOR* AND BHD room suitable for . famllr or ? part* of gentlemen, will. tlr?l c'?.? Board, at nVlOrii; place, uear ihe I'til H efereiteee required. WDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS. IN BUITR OR separately. with Board, can he obtained at fit North w t?hi ifton ?qu u-e HANDSOMELY FURNHHKD Hp"'ON D FLOOR TO let t > a family <?r jidntta; private table If (leaned; no other Imttrdera. hi-at Ion flrat claaa Addrria W, R. I,., boa .?fcV.% foal office Jr.rtsr.Y city-a okntleman and wife or tw<? alni*le gentlemen, can ?w i*cmnmo 1 ?te<1 wuh mode rate H^nrd f?ir the winter in a private lamitv Ifouae near th? Iff- v. N<?. II Mcirr'a afreet. JERSEY CITY ?<;F. NTLKMKN AND THEIR WIVES and atnql? rm'cm-n ran obtain comfortable Roonsa. with Hoard, at i atreei, .Irtaey tllf, a few bl<wka from 'he ferry TFKSEY i 1TV -AN I'-NFCRRISflKD FRONT ROOM ? m .croud Hi Kir to lit. wiih Board Teim. moderate Rear the ferry. Apply at IM fork ?o m>. CURAT HILL -Fl'riNHIlF.n ROOMS TO Lit. wtth Board, 10 But i ItM pe ties, at M Aral Thirty M Mfhr iv NKMt rimi avkruk.?hard. some!/ furnished Room, an suit* m <in;!y, with Boaid at Mr?. At'Ht'lN'S, 47 Wt.l Thiity-aareiiUi .trael Prtrale taMe If daalrad PLRASART ROOMS, WITH BOARD. 29 Bind aireet. StrrrNH room and bedrooms ripely fi r nliMi I" IB. FlUMl board, to frnilemfn onlr, *t lip Ninth street, between H roadway and Fourth tranu. SPIT OF ROoMfl OR FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS to let, with nr.! cMM Board, at 21 ONntoa place. Tali,a haarlera taken TWO r.AFtIR IIARDSOMRLY rtRRfSnED Itrt >MS nu lh* aerond floor to let, to .couple of gentlemen, at No 4 Ninth slre-l: raferenee re,(Hired TWO YOPRO AMERICAN LADIF.H, KNti.AOKD DI'R Ing ihe day In fm.ineea, will And partial B>?rd uill the comfort, at a bouts at eery ui udeat prices, at No Ml trat aeenue rrwr.NTv TiHRn street. near rirTii avenue I Hitei ?Handsomely furnished Rooma, In suit, or single also (m.daman .nr.wamod.ta 1 with Brat cLm4 day VMM, at si Km'. Twsote third Struct BOARDKKH AND I.ODU^CItM WANTED. rpo I ? LET?TO A GENTLEMAN. W.fTHOUT BOARD, A Icoir furnished itoom in ? family without boarders or AUrw W. H , bos TO I,FT?TWO RLEO\NTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for t.vo gentleman. in it private family, without board. Reference given mil required. Apply aA 78 Kant Twelfth street, uoar Broadway f|AO LET-WITH HOARD, THIRD 8TOKY FRONT 1 Room, to single gentlemen or gentleman and wife; lortns vary moderate, convenient to cara. 1178 Weat Nine tee nth street TO LKT-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SECOND atnry Kront Room, to gentlemen only, without Board. 110 Weat Fourth atreet, south aids \Valdington square. TO LRT-F1.RNI81IRD ROOMS, WITH OR WITH out Board, by a prtrate family, at 80 Weat Sixteenth ?treat TO LET-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. TO gentlemen or gentlemen ?ud their wives, with or without Board, at No. 8 Harriaon atreet. rpo r.RT?A NICE SECOND 8TOKT FRONT AND I hall Red room, very rev-unable, with or without Board, at 9# Third atreet, corner of First avenue. TO LKT?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, on the second lloor, with or without Board, id a private French family: references exchanged. Apply at 174 Weat Twenty, third atreet. TO LET?A NICELY FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR, with Board; have large cioaeta, bath and gaa; for gen tleman and wife or atngle gentlemen. Apply at 79 Second avenue, for three days. TTNEURN!SITED FRONT ROOM AND BRDROOM TO 4J let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife; Southern exposure; dinner at ono o'olock; only a few boerdera taken, 81 St. Mark's place, Eighth atreet. WEST TWENTY-SRCOND STREET ?TO LET, WITH or without Hoard, in a private family, a large well fttmiahed front Room, to one or two gentlemen. Inquire at 2#t Weat Twenty-aeoond atreet. "IO CHARLTON STREET. -TIANDSOMELY FDR. A* J nlatied Rooms to let. with Board, to gentlemen and wife er single gentlemen. Terms moderate. "I Q UNION SQUARE, WEST SIDE.?TIANDSOMELY J.iT furnished Room* on parlor and other floors, singly and en suite, to let; private table If desired. Flrat class ref erences required. OO WEST SIXTEENTH STREET?ELEGANTLY _ ?r furnished Rooms, en suite or single, on parlor, sec nod and third floors, with lioanl; private table if desired. OA WAVF.RLKY PLACE-PLEASANT ROOM. TniRO ?>l? story, front, to a lady audgeutlemin; also a comforta ble fourth story Room for two young gentlemen; grate In room UNTON SQUARE -A DESIRABLE SUIT OF Rooms on second floor to be rented, with Board. 30 $0<T-T0 LET. WTTH BOARD, IN A PRIVATE ?>?/. family, elegantly furnished front Parlor and Alcove on aeeond floor, in brown stone house, near Broadway, to two per ons. Room fronting south and heated with fur nace. Prico $35. References required. 289 Weat Fifty fourth street. 4 4 UNION SQUARE. EAST SIDE.?HANDSOMELY 11 furnished Floor to let. with private table; also sec ond story front Suit, with Board; references required. AO WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET?WITH FIRST TtO class Board an elegantly Furnished Parlor and other desirable Rooms I'rlcos from $45 to $10. References given and required om Fifth avenue?elegantly furnished Rooms en suite; also hall rooms for gentlemen; references exchanged. 106 14 ? NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?TO LET, ) with Board, one large Boom, suitable for e gentle, man and wife; also single Rooms to gentlemen. References exchanged. 1 Aft EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, ORAMBKCY JIM) Park.?Suit- of handsomely furnished Rooms suit able for families, with Board; private table If desired. Also one single Room for a gentleman. T DO WEST TENTH STREET. CONVENIENT TO A?)t) four lines of cars?A pleasant Furnished Boom, with excellent Boar I. for a lady or gentleman; terms mod erate; references required. ff LEXINGTON AVENUE, SOUTHEAST CORNER t Thirtieth street?To let. handsomely furnished Rooms, to small geuteel families, with private table only; two Rooms to gentlemen. References exchanged. 9ft A LIGHT LODGING ROOMS?FIRST CLASS, ^l/t" with gas $11 to 94 weekly, .00 cents nightly, for gen tlemen only, at the New England llotet, corner Bowery and Bayard street. 970 FIFTH AVENUE-ONE ELEGANT SUIT u|t) front and oue rear; al o two single Rooms. Above Twonty-nlnlh atreet BOA III* AMI) LODUIMU WANTED. A -WANTED, ROOMS, EN SUI1R AND 8INGLY, FUR . niahed and unfurnished, with and without Board. Call and give full de-criptton. Parties waiting. BRYAN A CO., 58 Liberty street room 22, second story. A LADY WISHES A FURNISHED ROOM; FIRE AND gas; private Libia. Address, stating terms, M. B., Herald ofltee. Private family preferred. An rxpeTuenced teacher <k Ladyi desires Board in a family of refinement, in New York or Brook lyn. where lnstrurtlou four hours per dav would l>e cou sldeced an equivalent. Address Teacher. Herald ogles. A GENTLEMAN WISHES A PLEASANT ROOM, WITH Board, lu a private New England family, near Luton or Madison square. Address R. G., box 848 Post odlce. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE REQUIRE BOARD AND oue large Room, with modern conveniences and South ern ernosnre, besides secominodstlans for servant. Terms $4d. A'ldtess Ellery, Herald ofBce An unfurnished room and bedroom wanted. hy a lady and two am ill children, Willi or without Hoard. Address Mrs. Austin, 41.5 Second are Que. with loca I on and price. A LI. WANri.NO BOARD. ROOMS OR HOUSES Di rected without charge, at the Hoard Exchange, 93J Broadnay. Bonn! wanted. ADo Houses, furnished and unfurnished. RIt'K A ANDREWS, 53J Brondway. Board wantkd-by a <ientlema.v and wife, In a private family where there are no other hoarder*; referenoea ??trhanged. Addreas. atatlng locality and term*. Home, boa 717 New York I'o.t oftlor. Board wanted-by a youno i.ady, in a oen. terl pi .vate family where there aro but lew boarder*, In i nleaeant locality above Fourteenth atreet; reference* required, ami payment* will be mado la a I ranee Addrc** room 94 St. RMmIm Hotel. Board wanted?by a tovno man. wife. in. fant and nurse: looatlon weal aide. Addrea*. atatlug terms, Including Are and gas, W. D. O . bog fl.WJ Poat office. Board w\nip.d-on murray hill, in first e'aaa bouae, for a gentleman and wife, two children and nu-ae. Terna* to be moderate Reference* exchanged. Addreaa box IN Poat office Board wantkd-bt a oentlrman and wife. on weat aide; a private family or where there are a fow boarder* preferrei Address J., box 2,(94, Poet office. Rafereii'?'?* required. Board wantrd-with about three rooms, by a gentleman, wife, with three children, of three, Ave and eoven y?are; w.ut'.d furnlah all or pari If Inducements offinr ed. Price rod*'not exceed gfldll per month. .Addrea*, a tat Inglowrn price, loeaiion, room*. Ac , B .box 1,441 N. Y. Poat offic". Board wantkd-in a strictly private fami lv. for a gentleman and wife; location between Eighth an I Twentieth alrceta. weal of Fourth avenue Reference* exchanged Addreaa J. M.. box ITS Herald ofllce. Board wantkd-in a orntfel central lo. eilily, by a gentleman and hta wife; term* mult he moderate. Addreas. elating full particulars at lo tertna and location. P., itW Fourth avenue Board wanted-by a Yoi Nti okntleman, wife and Infant of II mnutha, in n aiidrtly private taml tr. In a good location and convraient to cir* or stages. In cluding Arc and ?**. Address H. box 149 Herald office, atatlng term* < which must be moderate) end full 1-ra, for two days Board, rooms vnd houses wanted-fob re sponsible part it is; also all wishing introductions to de sirable Incitlliea, aitlted without charge, at the Board Ex change. .132 Broadway HICK A ANDREWS. IVANTED?IN NEW YORK OR BROOKLYN. BOARD M for a small family: private family preferred Addicts, with term*. Ac.. M. I' . station D. Bible House. WANTKO-BOARD, FOR A It EST I.KM AN AND WIFE, in a strictly private faintly, or furnished Ro ima. where meat* can lie supplied, from a good restaurant; no boarding housekeeper* need answer. Addrea*, stating terms, loca tion, Ac , W. C Herald office. Wasted-parlor and three bedrooms, with Board, for three gentlemen between Twenty-third and Thlrtv-fourth f*tr**ta and Madison and Lexington ave nues Addreaa, stating terms, for full and partial Board. box 2,4<13 i'oat office, Wanted?board for aof.ntlrman and wife, between Fourteenth atvl Bleerger street*. tetmsnot lo exceed $2b per week Addreaa Kmlle, Herald office. WANTED FOB Tin WINTER, RV 1 FRENCH OEN. 11 tlemin. a Furnlahe.l Room, with lire, tiai'.i and bteek faai. In a private family where there are no other boarder*: location weat of Broadwac, |>et,a en Clinton place ana Twenlydhlt l street Addreaa, with full particulars, J. H , station t?, YXTANTKD-BOARD FdR A OF.NTI.EM\N. WIFE AND YT two children, in a private family, on the caat aide and tun above lorlv tilth street dl.toi- ma. Addreaa It. LB, Het .Id "flee YV AltTKD-lOR A tlEMTI.EMAN, WIFE AND ft daughter, two Bedroom* 10one. nog. with Aral class Hoard. l>? atlen het ween Twenty.third and Fortieth streets and Fourth and Mirth a-enuca. ' Add'eaa, with fnUparticu arasudprica w sot'jia post office ? ? agkr~ ? YVA*TKD-tN a PRIVATE FAMILY, BOARD FOR If four young gentlemen Location between Twelfth andTwentiath aurngBrnadwnv and Seventh avanne. Keler ew a given If required. Addreaa M I' and D.. lleraM nflV* C'OfNTH Y BIIARB. Astoria.-boardat oTevens mansion. Fir* lean mlntila*' 10 EtehOi atree', thirty mtnillea' to F5|. ton *t reel; teroia verv nvel .tie Apply oil pram I a* a, or 41 Liberty street, htsi I ift, rfOyifTBY BOARD - I IKsT ClaABd F4IM, BOARD, AT A J Stapleton, Si* ten lalaud. Particular* at IW Broadway, r?m 18 mni i.n. DKVOB HOI IF-Id* RLEKCKER 8TKEKT. NEAR fl">?t|wav, between tlremia and Woovtar atteeti; ontha European plan, furnlalirj Rooma forifamllio* and gentle men, iraasi?u and permanent. Dinlug room attached. Dk lank au hoi'hr, :i w est fortieth street. fronting Reservoir t-ark ?Stilt of three Rooms on Ami floor, private table or table d'hote Also two Sulla on aecoud floor. V'EW FN ir.AND l|t>Tn?ON THE F.UROPKAB i.N plan. Pxi light r oa< , w th g va Lodgings, for a* nlle men only AO v.nta nightly, ft Id it W*e%ly. tdorq;r Bowyrf Pll Rarard tvyu IIOTF1.H. PLANTFJtS' HOTEL, AUGUST'*. OA. ? REFUR I nuhrd and reopened Go toller 8, i6$ti THOMAS 8. NfOKERSoN, proprietor, late uroprletiw of Mills Ilimar, Charleston, 8 C? and of Nicktu-son'e Botel, Catainbla. S. P. TONT1NK HOTEL. 437 AND 429 BROADWAY?ON THE European plan: branch of the Tontine, oorner of fhsrt land! and Weal Urea's; splendid Furnished Ko.xns, for gen tlemen and families. from SO rente to $3 P?r (lay. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. SPLENDID POOR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT House far sale or to rent. No. 90 East Sixtieth street; will la* Mild cheap; an excellent looatiou. Apply to/.A J. ithli

FE tTRKTCB, 419 Third avenue. A beautiful farm or 87 acres, i milk from Now Brunswick; good lata* House, One oulbuilalinjca; oholoe selection of fruit; aoil of lupsrlor quality; One loca tion; will " " 100 arret. tion: will exchanee for city property. Also good Farm of SMITH A H AKDHVBBROII. ST Cedar atreet. ABK AU.TIFUL THRKE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN Stone, 90(40. all Improvements, 233 Fifty aecnud atreet, between Broadway and Kighth avenue. half a block from Rniadwavcira; neighborhood entirely noexceptlonable; well rented till Mar. Price will he pot low to cloae out, very little money required. Owner 969 Broadway. A beautiful house-furnished, down town, near Fifth avenue; alao splendid one up town, near Fifth avenue; one In Nineteenth atreet. ADAMS' Real Katate Agency, MS Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE for a:\le, on Murray Hill, near Park avenue, built lit the moat substantial manner by day's work and elegantly finished In tint claas modern style; sunken area, brown " marble atone balustrades, walnut doors and atalra, marble ball, dumb waller and oil other Improvement*. Terms to suit. Immediate poasesaion. FISH A BLIVEN, 35 Pine street. A NICE COTTAGE ON 194TH STREET. NEAR FIFTH avenue, for sale, at a aarriflco. Prlee 93,500 cash. Must be sold quick. VACHE A JONES. S88Tblrd avenue. ATUKKK STORY BRICK HOUSE. WITH IS ROOMS, lot ?5x100, on Fiftieth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; only $0,000; possession immediately For sale by No. 9 West Twenty-third street, Fl'lb Avenue lintel. THREE STORY 111011 STOOP HOUSE FOR SALE Iu a tint class locality (a bargain I, by KJUfi A CO.. No. 9 WestTwenty-th lrd street. Fifth .Avenue Hotel. A SACRIFICE.?MUST BF. SOLD, POSSESSION AT once A Ural class brown atone three otory high stoop House nn Lexington avenue, near Fifty-second street. In |>er fanl Aeilae Kawisi.t liABtl Kllilt hv ftavk' WiifV (l)tntlt u V faai'l feot order, having lieeu built by davsr work about it rears ago. FRANCIS FITZ8IMMONS, Third avenue and Forty eighth street POR SALE?THE FOLLOWING MOST DESIRABLE Houses and Lots:? A 4 story brown atone House to Weal 28d at., between 9th and 7th avs. A 4 story brown alone House In West 46th at., between Broadway and 9th av. A 4 story brown atone House tn West 4ltd at., between Broadway sad 6th av. A ?tory brick front House Weet S4th at., between 7th ?nn sib avs. A 3<4 story brick front House In West Slat at., between 7tb and 9th avs. Two 4 storv brick front House* In East 16th at, between 1st and M aw. A 4 storv brown stone House In East 37th si, between 6lh and Madison svs. Also a 4 story Vrown atone House, 36x100, In Bridge eL, near Myrtle av. Brooklyn, Moat deairaldy lo-stea and in tine order; possession imme diate If required. Apply to JOSEPH A. LEVY, Real Es tnte Agent. 96 Broadway, between 10 and 4, and 34 Weet Thlrty-aeveulh street,"before 9t< A. M. and after 6 P. M. JjlOR SALE?A BRICK DWELLING HOUSE. IN HEN _ ry street, near Clinton street, on lease grouud. Apply o W E. COCK, 336 Broadway. IjSOR SALB?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THE F billowing Aral class bouses:? West Thirtieth street, near Fifth avenue, fonr stories, 26x60 feet, with Furniture; Lexington avenue, near Thirty-aixth street, four stories. 25x50 feet, In 6ne order; Fourteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, extra large House, with post eoehere and stable In the rear; Twentv lhlrd street, near Sixth avenue, three atorles. 80x30 feet, in flne'ordrr; Madison avenue (Murray IIIU), new and supe rior House. 25x65 feet. Apply to B. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 8 Pine atreet. For salk-a first class four story brown atone house ou Murray Hill, between Fifth and Madi son avenues, handsomely furnished, tn perfect order, and ready for Immediate occupation. Address M. II., box 172 Herald ofDoe. F OR SALE?THOSE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE Houses. Not. 34* and 218 thirtieth street, nesr Third av enue; are rented In drat class tenants, paying well; air.e 18.9x gj, Bnr- - - - - 60x1( 0. will he sold right. K1LPATR1CK, Butl'a Head Bank Btilldiagi. S30R SALE?A SUPERIOR FULL SIZED HIGH STOOP 1 brown alone House in Tltlnv fourth street; Immediate possession. Apply to HOMKIt MORGAN, No. 9 Pine st. FOR SALE-GOOD PAVING TENEMENT PP.OPKRTY. situated on 29th. 90th, 37th, 46th and 47th street*, east of Third avenue, and on 1st, Jd and 3d avenues; also on Mulberry street. For further particulars apply to F. FITZ SIMMONS. 706 Third avenue. FOR SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE?TW O RROWN alone Routes, near Lexington avenue; all modern Im provements; prire for both $14.00). Apply to SYDNEY 11. PARR, 139 Grand street, second story POR SALE OR EXCHANOE-A FIRST CLASS FOUR story brown atone House, with stable la the rear, be low Thlrtv-clghlU atreet and near Fifth avenue. Appl. to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. pt>R SALE. OR AVILL EXCHANGE?GOOD PAYING _ properly, worth about $10,310, In tills chy, free and clear, fir a corner House Store prefcrre 1 >, In fair neighborhood. Will pill In from $1,(100 lo $10.050 In esnh If s good bargain is offered. VICTOR SEAM AN. 39 Monroe s'reel. F'OR SALE TO CLOSE AN ESTATE-HOUSES 29 and 29 Washington square, corner of Macduugsl -ueet, with stables in rear; hare a front together of about at feel; lots 1*7 feet d-ep; have been put In perferl order, end are nowlcttogood tenants until the 1st of May next. Lease hold of Rogers' Relate; ground flOt iflfic ll lot $4i)0, loase perpetual. These houses are Just the thing for anyone who wants !o keep a (li st Haas hotel, and as the same face oh Washington square it Is therefore one of the best locations In the city For particulars anil In.tni applv to LEOPOLD SCHMIDT, Esq., 66 Broad street. LOT CORNER PARK AVENUE AND THIRrV-SRV entli street for s ile cheap. A. P. HARD, 44 street. Real estate for sale. FOR INVESTMENT On Broadway, nppoalta lh? (.'It? llall On Hrnidway near Leonard ?!., egtra aire. Iw > fr.ita On Broadway, near Franklin it .extra aiae. two lioniv On Broadway, aborn Whl> at., a Urc plot on a corner. On Broadway. above Spring at .. 7.Ag3I0 last. On Rrnadway, above Prince atrrrl. 2b\a0 > Oat On Broadway, above Union aqttare. an antlra front. On Canal 1'raat. large Htora, n?nr Broadway. On L'aiwnnrd atreet. Aral Store wall leaaed On Walker atreat Oral olasa double Store, wall leaaed. On Whtta street. nanr Broadway, a full l<ot for 9% out). On Franklin atreet, two tlrat rlaaa Siorea. On Church atreat. am ill Lo- fur $ On While Htraet. one Lot. 25x15 faat On I?nnard atraet. Urge liratrliaa Store. On (lrerne atraet, Canal. 19x105 I net. On Howard aireel. near Broadway. JRvl ? feel On Howard atreat Broadway. ISillV feet. On On.nd atraet, near Broadway 100,145 faet. On rrlaee atreat (corner) near Broadway On Bleeeker atreat nearOreane ttrret On Blaaeker atreet (comer), near Oraane atraat. On Fourth atraat near Broadway On Oreat .loan atraet, near Broadway. On Clinton place near Brondwat On Tenth atraat, near Broadway. On Thliteentb atreet near Uniirralty place. Union aqnnre?a large aptrndld prop-rtr. On Fourth arenue, abore Twpnty-thira at , IdOxtOJ feat. On Konrtb a*., below Twenty-third ,?t., 78i8T fact, apl. njtd alta for a botal. Apply to HOMRHMORUtN. Bo. I Fine atreat. Rectifyinci nousE for bale-oc'cuftibh 8 lota of ground, containing 4 French apirlt,. In complete order for Immediate urn. Inquire al 138 Front ?l reel RKMSKN APPLEBY, HEAL ESTATE BROKER AND AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 10 PINK STREET, offera for ?.ilc the following Hon art on reaannahle tarme ? 337 and IBS W. at 30ih at, 18.Sg8l.fl a.irh, 4 ap.ry brick fn AO Alao Store Property on Third and Eighth arenuea, Duane, Front and Cold atreeu and Maldeu lane. A 7TH STREET. BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH yt I arenuea ?Fine three atory high atoop brown atone Hotiaa; fraicoedand complete order; Furniture If deatred. Immediate poearaaion. Cheap B. P. SKTMOUR, 171 Broadway BROOKLYN REAL K4TATK FOR NILE. A HANDSOME TURKF. STORY DWELUMO. WITH elirn, ihnrjturMy fnrnlabwd. In Brooklyu. will be aold on rery reasonable tarma; owner about leaving the# cay. EDWARI) S. TAIL, warren iiaiokmbkroii.m Wad at ROOKI.YN nKICHTS-SEVERAL HEABTIFCL brown atone llouaea for aila, fttrolahail or nolnrtitahed, at low pn. -a. Apply in or addraaa P. P VAB ZANDT, 145 Remit" i atraat near Court IjYOR SALE OR TO LET?A BEW TWO STORY HHiH f haaauicnt auto and undercrllar fnime Houaa, In Herki mer atreei, Brooklyn; aire OftiHuUNt. eery fine locatnm. prtee84,290; rent $??. gJ HOO can remain KII.PATRICK, Rnll'a Head Bank Huillinga See nty llat of Brooklyn prop erty. Foil A COUNTRY SKAT, OR FARM?I OFFER OOoD H.nt-e. or rarant Ia?ta, Brooklyn, or good Houaa and nice gatdeu, Newark. Prtnr pal a addraaa O., bot 101 Herald offlce B For sale?the first ci.ass three story brick store ami Dwelling*!). Oi and atreet Hrooklyn. K D . at a liamlti and tcrma caay Anidy (o I'K'fhlt A. BE H I 2W Orand atreet, Brooklyn, K. D. OOUMTRY IIKVLKSTATK FOR KYLE. All avantino farms ?iooh farm anh w.,li. proved fruit land? Mean'If III and thriving aetth-nteet of VIN KI.AN l?. Thirty mllea aonth of Pnll.idrlphia by railroad Population In rreaa-1 nine ihoua ukI people In four rear*. (Sond aoclcty, Hchnolaand Chnrcbea; LOUn orchards planted. Pr..-c |r, per acre, portuia In four yaara. Vill ige lota lor bnalnaaa , u 1 m.uinfacturara ala > for sale. Climate m id unffootly healthy?soil highly fart le. IMPROVED PLACES ALSO FOR SALE. Addrroa CllaS K I.ANDIS. Propnator, Vloaland. Baw Jereay I'li-wa Containing information aenlfrea. From rapnl ?f Solon Kooinann. Agricultural Editor of the Tribune-??? It la one of the m-ai extensive fertile trivia, In an almnat level position. and aiilteble ..ndiUon lor ideaaan' farming that we know of thil aide of the Weatern Prarlea. " A^m jmuutiful farm near Frederick city, Atarvland; Improi omenta rrry goo<l. aph ndld oraharda; meadow lend. woodland, running water In all the llcltla bnl one, end good fan. Ini. For part.cnlara apply to FERRY A HKRRtAN, ?? and 30* Broadway. New York. A mm OREAT B\RIIAIN._A SPLENDID FARM. OF I'M actea. |i{ mdaa from Kingston. B. J? elegant Manalon; roei$?ttnu abtinilnnl ntithull'Uufe. only ga WD, flna fruit land J i I Ktic-ti-B A co Vt an., ?t , rr i AMI SPI.EBDID FRUIT FARM, OF "I AURBH; OOOD ItO'iai, 13 rooms; gnod niitbullllnga, plenty of fruit; atcck. crop and Mela; only $3.806, al Bow Hi tieawlck; mult b? a>ld, a feat bargain. t s. Fr.KDt SON A CO., 3J Naaaau ft, room 14. AM BEAUTIFUL FARM. OF III ACRES, IB BARATO (aoounlT eicallenl huil linga. choice fruit with sieek, crop., tea romp-.,., op., C'OTimv liRAIi EWA'HC RUB IALB. A FIRST CLASS AMI) HIGHLY VVttn V4TKP FARM. ll? or 186 acres. good buildings, well tvmtn*tpd, w ttore-1, fruited, Ac., finely located, at depot 1t, In sir liy Northern New Jersey Rut road. cheap. Also Rosi'leuceS and Partus, all silo-, mid loulitlH. __ W I' gRTVOVR, 171 Hmaitwiiy. Akiuh, productive farm to exchange for sny kind of merchandise In Wmi Virginia, irllli steam power, ami woe Oil Well, half diig; g< ml buildings and im provemeun HlllOAi, 77 Xi?a > street, i-oiu Iffi. Farms fob bale cheat near the city and depot, from $700 to 916,0W: City and country real e* tote bought, sold und exchanged. __ FLATaC. No. 4 New rhnmlvers street. Farm fob salf.-on long, inland, at a bar gain, 40 miles from tlte city, 1 tulle from the depot. IUU scree, 46 clearud, wttb a two story building, with basement. JU 'ponia, barn, Ac. Ovruer leaving country. Apply at HI William street Farm for sale?iv miles from rahway depot. Waeres; buildings lu perfect order: cuts 66 lone y; price 90,500. Inquire at Martin's Real Estate Olllee, thway. has Rahway F[HJR1 8ALB?THB FINEST HOUSE ON BE ROB N 11111, at a decided bargain: tweuly minutes from ferry; cars to house. Address O. H. Benedict A Co., HI Flue street. IBOU SALE CHEAP-80 ACRE FARM, CROTON LAND 1' log. WeatcheKter county; One buildings .and fruit; 9*. WO; less than Improvement*. Apply at No. STryon row. _ K. M. MASON. POR SALE IN HOBOKEN? SF.VF.RAL FIRST CLASS Houses (two new Houses;, with immediate possession; also Lots for sale, In good, locations; also a splendid corner Property. Apply to JAMES BENSON. Beal lisisto Agent, 103 Washington street, IEobokeu, New Jersey. Newark real estate tor sale?fob sale, the two story and attic brick Dwelling House, a* Park street, In the City of Newark; two inluulea' walk from the ('Antra street depot: furnished wltli range, heater, gas, hot and cold water, with bath room, water closet, Ac, complete, aud in all respect* a lira) class residence. There I* a good barb on the premises Inquire of F. H. THESE. Newark. New Jersey. SSPECIAL NOTICE TO ENGLISH GENTLEMEN.?FOR 7 sale, price 95,000. no less, or exeltange for English hard ware and outlery, the Hotel property at Rowajrton, South Nnrwalk, Conn,, near the Sound on lite nrer; 84 One rooms; eery healthy, convenient and pleasant location; exceJleut water. Ilsh oysters, boating, bathing, prefer to clock It aaa flrat clasa Club House: 40 miles to town; references given. Address box 181 Post office. South Nnrwalk. Conn. SUBURBAN RESIDENCE, TWENTY MINUTES FROM Forty-aeeond street?Large house, all modem Improve ments, to let rery low to May 1. Inquire at 87 Bowery. Stetson's new hotel. Long Branch, for sale or exchange for a first clasa Dwelling In the vicinity of Murray Hill. Address Bowker, box II New York Post ottloe. <tir\ nnn ?COUNTRY RESIDENCE. 40 ACRES OF land, new House, 15 rooms; fine view of the Hound, half mile distant; fruit. Ac.; pleasant lorn. Ion; must be sold. WKLLIN'fT12 C'hambeis street. $1 AfkA AAA -A LARUE NUMBER OF THR best cotton plantations lo the Koutb, with several very valuable mills, timber lands, Ac., fur sale at great bargains bv J. K. BROOME A CO., 63 Broadway, REAL ESTATE WANTED. Jj'OR CASH.?WANTED TO PURCHASE, A HOUSE, 1 with stable on the premises, uot above Thirtieth street. Apply with particulars at Touh'a, 35 Bowery. WANTED TO BUY-NEAR A DEPOT OR A LAND Ing, a large and substantial Building, which could be easily adapted to u Ural class boarding school. Address Pi in olpnl, box 5.091 New York Post oQl'?. WANTED TO BUY OR RENT-FOB IMMEDIATE occupancy, a small House, In or near New York. Ad dross B.. hoi 1,442 New York Post office, slating lowest cash price and full particulars. WANTED TO PUROMASB?FOR ALL OR NEARLY all Cash, a well built lu-owu stone English baaemeut House, in s good neighborhood. None except those hiving s bargain to oner neeureply. General communication, from house agents will receive no attention. Address, with the fullest particulars, Pluto, Herald office. HOI SEN, ROOAIS. AT., TO LET. An unfurnished parlor floor to lf.t-in English haaemciit house, with privilege In the kltcheu; modern improvements; good neighborhood. Inquire at 368 West Nineteenth street, near Niuth avenue A FURNISHED HOUSE, WITH THE NECESSARIES for housekeeping, from December 1 to May 1; eight roonv; all modern Improvemculs. - Terms lloard lor owner, a widow ami daughter, 8 years old. ami rent $350 lot the rive months, payable quarterly to advance, with go al security. RrtWUuCes -whanged Family small. Address Furnished, station A, Spring street Post office, Now York. A COMPLETELY FURNISH ED BROWN STONE Uve story House t?let on West Paurieeatta street: llneo, bedding and sliver; rent $150 per month. A. SERGEANT,21 Wall street. AT 319 FOURTH \VENUE?FURNISHED AND UN furnished I inline, to let in elly or country. Fur parti culars call or send for iny Real Estate circular. Mailed free. STANLEY HAY A SECOND FLOOR OF FOUR ROOMS TO LET IN hoiuo Id Eighty six ply at 14 second floor. nth stieel, near Central Park. Ap A FURNISHED ROOM TO RENT, IN A PRIVATE family, to a gentleman, -without Hoard. App'.v at 24 East Twentieth street, four doors irom Hroadwav. "Refer enees exchange I. ?. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LA IMF. FUR olahed snroud story Itn >in to a ge.iUemxtt ami wife de Apply at <15 Ksst Flfty-sccond a ?; AFTRNIMIFD HOtSK fO I.KT-liXOKPT THE top Poor. nroirilrt by a w ido v Udy, rent Jlwl per month, it ISO Ess: Thirty are md atieni, uoar Iwslugton ar. A BROADWAY sToRK ASH HASE.M I N T. J\ nc 'fi '4"'ilnr'ii,l.l'>li,l1iii|? ur morn vmrs A'.ao de sirable p'npnrty on and 1)441 llnni|*ti, (inliririiu several corners between Fourteen!) and Cliambai " reels for luw or sale. W. P SRtMOt'l, 171 Broadway. ANKATI.Y FL'RMHIIOn ROOM ANI> BEDROOM Tu let, with conrenluneo for coining. 104 gentleman ?ml wife. Alto a iront Bedroom 11 let ? 1 4 single gentlein<n. Apply at IB.) Writ Twenty* fourth at: \ corn e or furnmhkd room-. ro t.vr m*it J\ able lo. lpMiirk - p tig. on th .1 1oo , iroutiiig Eighth avenue. In<| iiie at I >) Watt 'J-vriiiy-eigh'li atreei; ir u f? per work. A PRIVATE KAMII.Y Oh ADlH.Td Wil l. I.KT I I R niched a Suit of Rooms nn Hr?t o.-oil ?t >ry. wlih ?41 conveniences lor keeping bouse; mule- n 111 pi ivein-m ?. Apoly at 7ft Knit Hfij I street, bet wci I mirt:, and Killli iwiim* lino It 11 -inlb and Tliml avenue mn AN I'NFURNISHED I.OWKR KI.OfYR. W AVF.BEE Y plare: second Hour. Rleecker street; t ?ro 01 Truth street. Ninth street. Twenty Willi mi l Thirty lopi 'h MraeM; rrtu moderate; m'nrdUtr p a m 114 lolid avenue. \N F.I.F.iiANT FIYK STORY INKVKMAHKT? ItOUSK to kit; -M rooms; uiiea,'p|ittnn ihlr lor a flral rl it< it ?ard 104 lio'iar; would I ike n parin?r wlilt stiflc-ionl e?oii?l, |ri?. In?t my Interest of fSo out In. Apply at ift|Bier iort ,'ilaee. Tenth alreel. A PA Kid Ml st"IT AND DTK isII ROOMS, riRST ellMroMeoee. 74Clinton pUee, II <i went of ie Rir roorl. would receive written (Mill'11 Ultr a!<011 frotn inti'Ii-rp. tlinahle parties for ihr hon<e, InrludiU'i H mid forIwoadnlta. AN KLF.O AN I I.Y FURNISHED HOISH IN" Rl.fcV K.N fit street.- I'Too land hnvasekt-eptng Apr, .luenta and rimts of Room*. $lll 10 $UW. Northeist roroe; sla'It avenue and Twrnly-flflh alree1. ArORNIRHBD IIDI SR. To I.' r iv TWENTY Ihlrd alreel. It owe n Kitth auil Hitlii aeniuea KIND A I'D West Twenty'third stipel. Filth Aveuna lloiel, \BKAIITIPVI. BROWN HTONF ENOUSII H tsF.. nienl Hiinte. I ur il ihed. on Wea> Ninth an eel. 10 lei lor 17 months; good neighhoi hood. possession Immediately, Permits of KINO Ad), No R West Twenty third straei Fifth Avatiue lloiel A SUIT OK FOfR KM.OANtl.Y FIIINlMIIKD ROOMS. /\ wRh Ore ess. belli Ar , Ui lei, ?iu.llyjr together. at I 1441 Hi,tail way between Tweniy-slillt aonTwanir seventh streets. 1} A 81". ME NT STORE TO I.KT?flXE UK' 4TIO.N. IJ Nplemltd stand for bn-iiie.s. wimlcalc ?r rrla'l Ap ply to I'llAA. CONKOY. no Warren suwm. (ITU A It STORK TO I.KT ?1II K I.KASK AVIt KIXTI RES J of a Broadway corner t lg,r Store, e'eive Twentv-fiahth aireei, for sale eliesp, bv I RMY .11 OPLAff D, 410 Fourth avenue CYiRB si'it or fitk riiom-: on focbth rieP iR, r s*a and wmar, 'o a -melt family only; |M per amntli Apply at A'" . ijht'i HAVDSOMEI.Y rtflXMIO KJCTRMRION ROOM, ftiyl floor, an!tib|e for .l?nll?t or doctor AI?o?i"?le Rooms to la? to grnilameti. 94 leulli an eel. uue door fmnt Unirersllv place IOWF.R PARI" OK IIOUHE To I.KT AND UltNin RF. J for tale; S room*, modern improveinetiie, neutral P-ia. Hon. rent $f?t per innnlli. uu inline tl.JO Addieaa all lhl< waek Mrs. Jane, aisipm ORANUP NER FUR.VISIIKD HOIISR 10 ,eul, fonr aaoiubs I rom 0 leinher I rootnlm seven leen room* and plcssatnly slmaied, seven mimiles' wslh from alatiim; rem ftl.o |n month o w.mld Iw rented for a >e?i ??$?? pee mo ,0, lid.-,* 11 r I'. Oranga, N. J OFFICES in PIIII.ADRI.rtll A FOR RENT?Iff TIIK binl'Png of the Rank of the RepyHiie, RID and Ml Pile.trill *1 ? o id I. I'1. ! , Pli'ns commiiDh'Silns It.aini-, se.nnd s my, f oat, and two Uom. a. Wbtflb. w ith * ilendld north and a-mlit light Tim building is anppl,e I Willi ges, n sier, wa'ci , ,aels an t lieaibig appara lite Apply it lb* OIKAM POWER Wtrn Room WRIX UlnHiri), c sdapleil fir imcMincsl ponmaai Apply to J A'l. II. W Alek KR. IN# 1 autre s'reet. I - ner Hester. riNI I.KT ? A NRWI.Y AND F.I.Ril ANTEY Ft KNISHEII X Hunse. ainiated in one of the most eeoirsl and heaint. fill localities in New Vork. tn pa tn- ilsrs aii|ilr at No U Stiiyycsent at reek rpo EF.T.?PERSONS IIOINO r ? IIOU-EKKRItNO Oil I having IIwim> .0 let can be supplied with I'tinau. Pur. ? mtnrn. Meifcioig Ac, ,1 rkMiAUI, A stiorfp. Tw sod 111 llndson street, e truer of i.'ansi. anl pay liy weekly or mon'hly issviucma If pieferied. r)I Ef-t I T Pl.F.AnANT ROOMS 1% AN I.NO. tt?ti Interment bon.e w Ih ill the I upiove penis sidtsble for hansakcep.ur No T4 Ruhly-Imirtn alruel, third honaa ea-tof Fonrsh nreci c 'Po I,EI?THR THIRD FI.OOU IN FIFTY FIRS! X sires', pes 1 Teeth avenue all 1 be mmiern Imjnoea menls. also p,it oT a "'able with eyp t stalls ard room f ,r three earrnges, In Sr?,.mii aveeoe, near Thirty nimh it reel. Apply 1.1 DYE. A TIIOHNAI . Rioadwsy, hiflwe.-u Forly-clshth and Kmiy-nlmli aire-ls rp0 I.RT-A I,Allot: StoPK AND OWE I.I.I NO IIOI SF. X In l?"vi p.irv ol Fiuna aire#' lliuwalym Haul only lor ?tore, honse f I.iOU Addrasi 44 K V.v MS Herald uibre. fpo I.ET?VI RNISHR1) FRONT PASIdlH OR IIP. I caption Rieim, with Others If r-,.,,, <1 a itablr for a do.-tar a ofllce at Ml Fas'. Tsir'y second s enal, betwaea Second and Third araauae ' TO l.ET-A FDOOR OF FIVE ROOMS. AND FIExnT Inr# foreale ala hargn t Apply 01 third 9,?jr idi Rilth ayrhun, nggi Thtny ?? ^ >lU Wih HOVWK*. BOOMS, AO, TO C.lsT. flO LBT-IlN A FIK3T RATK LOCATION UP TO WIT "J X Store. with Apartments, for either a drug or fancy store, mature of either kinl iu the neighborhood. For Informs tion Inquire at (id Dey atreet TO J.KT-A TWO STOKT AND BASKMKNt ldltlOR, h?i writer, |.wd locution; rant per month. ? Apply wt corner grocery (tort. North hlith nu t Sixth etioat* WlOUaSburg. TO LF.'d-FLO(/K3 IN MiiW HOUSES JUsr FIN1SHIH1 ou Fukrtv-al.tlt street. near Third avenue; rent $1.1 if $A) Apply to J.oi'hK A D.lV'iS, corner Tulrty-stilb strael ami Ftrat .tv,Suite. 'HO I.KT-A SPLENDID FROST BAHRMKNT, WIT? I all the*. Apply fur three daya at til Varlek street, liv'.iasetitsnt rpo I.F.T-BY A PRIVATE FAMILY, TO A UHNTLR. 1 man ami wife, or single renlleeteu. a Aral floor ftM ntahed. Houae lu a moat desirable audi convenient local talk within a few doom of a Brat class F'renrh reataurant; uneu oepliouahle reform oca exchanged. Address 01 call at In Weat. Twenty ?third street. TP LBT-PUBNI8HKD BACK PARLOR. WITH OH of frout, suitable ft?t a physician. Apply at dH minted place. tM (V LET-IN JERSEY CITT, ELEGANT AND OONVK. un-ui rl<>or?, of four to seven rooms, gee and unanrpussed for housekeeping. Apnly at M9 Prospect near Povotiiti avenue (Chamber* atreet ferry). T^H> I.KT- A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED nnmsxS hoisae. in Brooklyn; twenty mtnulee from the ferry aS a few mlnutea from the oar routee; reut from flflOB to$3M per mouth. according toarranges ents. Ad'lreaa R. g* Brooklyn Post ofllce. fpO LET?IN HROOKt.TN, A NICE UTTLR COTTAOA J. nonteliilne four rooms, to a gentleman ami wife ?U with to live cheaply; rent SIB per month. URANUER, IU Broadway, room IT. TO LET?ONE OR TWO NEATLY FURNINIIKD TlltRR Boor front Room*, without board, auiuide for our eA two eeotlemen. Term* moderate Reference required. I'rlvate family. J7t West Nluoteeuth alreeL TO l.ET?IN A FRENCH I'RIVATE FAMILY A PUR. uiahed Room, with gas and watpr. at 67 Wast Thirteenth atreat. between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Kefereucea re> quired. TO LET.-A NEATLY FURNISHED SMALL TIIRHM ?t?ry House, In a desirable looatiou, will be let to a?M the convenience of applioant*. separate or together. Apply at No. AIM Weat Forty third street. fTO LET-TO A QUIET COUPLE, AT SIB OREKNWIOH X street, a Room aud Bedroom, furnished for housekeep ing. Rent $21 a month, in advance. TO LET?THK SECOND STORY (PINE ROOMS) FOR housekeeping, or to gentlemen, lu a llrat oass |houM. SM8 Bast Thirty-third street. LET-A HIOH STOOP THREE STORY BRTOK House, very handsomely furnished, in Putnamnvennak Brooklyn, two blocks from Fulton avenue cars, Reut onfe ? 100 iier month. Apply to TERRT A BBHRIAN, NO. fit Broadway, room II. rLKT?SECOND FLOOR AND BASEMENT. IN A genteel house, near Aster place: Furniture, aa good ad new, will lie sold at auction prtee. tmpjlre of IV BlfRES, M Ureal .lone* street. r LET-FIVE ROOMS, KITCHEN. HITTING BOOK Ptrlor and two Bedrooms, on second floor of flnf bouse east or Fourth sreniis ou Eighty Ihtrd street, wstad on the floor. T? OB LEABK?1HR STORE, BAHRMKNT A NO lot Is, '14 Greene street; also ground Floor, corner Flral avenue and Twenty eighth atreet,foe matifscLirlug purpoaaa. P??*?no ui all immediate. Apply to JOSEPH A. LKYY. Real Estate Agent, 98 Broadway. rno LKABK?SIX LOTS BOOTH 8IOE OF FOCS X loentli street, near Hudson river. Apply to 0. BAJt YER, IS Weat Twenty-llrst street. fpO RENT FULLY FHJtNIHIIED, TO 1HT OK MAT 1 nest, wtib Immediate possession, at Fordham, a modems Cottage House, -villi two arms of land and stable. Apply W II. II. OAMMANN. 81 Pine atreet. f|M) KENT-UNTIL MAY. OR YRAR T1IKRHAI - 1 House, ten rooms, six iota, fruit, plaaaant location on rinitou aveouo, aecond ht?u> from DoKalb avenue, half li-iur from Fulton ferry. Apply on prniiiteesQr IIONDLOW. House Agent. near Post 'idlce, Bruoklyo. O RENT?THK FOLLOWING VERY DfWIRABLM furniahed Huuaea. with imm.-diatn possession:? No. 17 F.aal Kourteeulh sit net, $7IM per mouth. Nu. net East Havenlaeuth street. $7ou per month. No 8 West Eighteenth a'rpot. $S*F> per month. No. ItM East Tivi-nlv-ili.' si reel, $700 per month. No, till We*' Twen'v-lhlrd street, $H? par mootb. Apply to K. if. I.UDI.UW A CO, 1 rpwo RO0.M t I'll LET -IN t KKSPKl.'TABLK HOURS, 1 und Furniture loe sale cheap. *16 Eighth eveauat fee* livecn Thirt .-Itrd and Thirty-*eoon<l streets, top floor. Cam front 8 lo fl P. M or from * to S A. M. ICO EAST TWELFTH STREET. i'L To let. a second slorv front Room sad Bedroewag aniUhle for a genii-man and wife. (FUAH -TO LET. AT lllls RATE PER YEAR, TILL ij)' 'I My. Mm. Home 11(1 I'a tie ton avenue, Brooklyn, Ifl rooiin. high 'mtimetiia.'.waler, gas; immediate la ntluulrt from Fulton ferry IliH sEt, ltlFO.1l)*. &V? WANTED. AtlENTLKMAN tVLSIIIS t HALL BEDROOM, WTPM out Hoard, la I he vlnlty of tiie Malum llore. Ad dicts XX. dot Nu 111) Hertld oflir--. ONE OK TWO I NFUHMRHKIF ROOMS WANTED? From gl.' to $!o a mot,la. between Fourth and Twaatm> fourth streets. Id lrr*a M , cam or K. Btowu, dl!) Broad way. WAnRcD-HY A MAN AND WIFE, A NIi'"r SECOND Floor, thter or tour rooms, in a pr.vate house, located Itetwaea Fotirieenihaitd thirtieth strne ?, Sc.- in.I sod Fourth aveuues; lies! teiei-euea given and required; terms must ba rr iron 1 "lie Address. suing ierme and full psrtleulML D. V. L , II ,%t<l old.e. IV ASTKO-BI'I IS OF APARTMKNTH FOR HOUBM, II keeping ami dn-srmaking. also Roontr, furnished M tinfut u.abed; all hr-stions; aiPlRmimr w-th It >ar l. M iNLIIK-rKIt A CDNKI.IN, W Nassau streak ASKCOVO FI.OOit-ON BROADWAY. BKTWRRR Fourteenth and Thirtieth streetr, partially furolahnK wauled tor huslnett purpogea; a liberal price paid. AP tM.t Reil Estate Agency, M63 Brorrtway. f ANTED-A HOUSE, WKI.L FURNISHED, FOR A f,int.I,' of sit. good Iwitioa. between Fout iIt and For lieth atrrnt t an I t ourtb and Eighth nvenues, New Yorti; eg near fun tct, Brooklyn, teut $1 A'l to gloU pur month, goal rclereueea Adlieea dr. Charles s Hirtela. t'uatum llaaafe w BIHKMKN'r WAKTRlUHUlTABIaK FOR WHOLV* ttitio IoohI(?iu Firren aud Hprtai itrw!* rtol fur fiu-it ilit)Atl#?r AdJrM* l?o? 1.W Pm t?fll4v. af?:ti)2 iff m L'ACTORV WANTED-WITH AT LEAST TWit Fi/OOBBU r I ) nri a fiv.v ciil.'Hi ma?-htttP4. A ldi Uo* KH7. Faal OlIN. IV ANTKO-A FIRST FLOOR OFFICE, OR RROAD OR TV Wall street, n tat the Sioek Eschange. auiUhl# fay '?inking purpose* Addtera hoi S6U Peat oflloe. New York. llfANTED ?A I.AP.Ol: FURNISHED HOU8K, AT A VI moleratu reut. between Fnuith aud Twenty-flflfe stteeta, sod eti'hand Voui th sveuuea. until the flrat of May nett. Address Immediately A. B. ats-ion F, 474 Third w w ANIKU-At" I MODK.RA fE PRIOR HT THE IdT of Dc-ainber. s liirnitheS llo >m. wPh a stnsily pi4 vste family, '-y a w Sow U'lv. Refersacwa given and rm i|UlreI. Andrea, ho. IV.rafe Post oil*-a Wanted-a comfortable .furnished housm, I tun Du-tuiiiiiur until Mav: renl pstd in advsooa: be tween Bleeder and f wenly-lrsf atuetUs. hO'tsa with I labia pielened A Id.or. So; 1.1 C Po.t oMce fANTI-'O BY A Vol' Nil OKN1LRMAN, WHO ' lutarda * ft lili I) o-tie . a aullalile hedrtmm. wlthakg bnerd. Iweallon hetareun lw- i'leih sun Thlme'h s'reetat on I bet aeeti atitl. sol E.g i h areuun*. A ltd t ess F 4 , baa t UI I'oal oflice. UrtNTH) A RO'?M lit FlKIT OR AKUON D FLOOR, Insg-rel lor.Hon. aieitii l .tiiA. fnr a billiard ream. Apnly lo iralilreast!. Ws'.ennsu. Id Chatham street. |A/ANTFD-ri> HIRE. FOR A TERM OF YEARN, A TV lour 0 ny Warehouse ati I'M. in lower pari of city, near rive? J0MNHON. M I I.LF.I! A li ALL. it Nassau et. WANIF.O PtRT OF t HOUSE, UNFURNISHED. IN Muding xunnai, ti . ?pr ' DSe nelgkhnrhoof Ad dress with palp.'i lata it, F. ? . Herald once. WANTED-FOR A OhNTLLMAN AND WIFE, A FROWf Roam and Hed'oowt on ae-ond floo unfurnished with e. -pt;-?n oi rstpeta, or wn*ild ftwu'shtlinm If neeesssry la a lion.e wh? Ihe.e are no honrd-rs good Inration; wee. ode ul town; terms reasonable Aadmse Mark. Ileratd oMnw r anted to rknt-a store forci arm selling provia nns. AdlrmsS S ThompsdW, Herald v\ Ml I.I.I N KK V . t CARH Mr I.KVINK, M l'\|VKM4irr PT.AORi .? Ctirn h.avan'h alraa to nf .rm (1? W.ltna of Nanr Var* an.l r*.-luil? th.l at?a la anlliof of lb* balancn <iC bar mmrr'aiio-t of f ?nrh Hnnnala, l?nxa I'apa, and Haa4 at piemNlingtT liw prlaaa. (Mrnini.. A LMMK OrttKR WORTH OP CART OPT . A I'lnt'ima aama.1 f.a.llaa and ' ?n r-"?ra Ilia 'inr'ia t Mrfci.laraT p t?% >.* <?..!.n* on or t-1 irna.l ia Mr. anil Mr. ftl'l?<>, I *?l Hrunlwar. i.aar 1 ninth atroat. A -LAHOh OKIIKR HJR nOI'THHS* MAKKKT JL .1. MOIlifls ?U, in- li.gtaal prl. a for l,a.|ioa' anil rtaw llatr.aa'a Cam O.T I loth I a*, carpnia au<l lurtutnra Par Tain., 11 l.i nai., to fl'i: I $5 '? fM Plaaaw fall at if n.M.n.a 1*4 Arrant* aratm. I?a4la. allarvM Irf Mr. Marrta. A I.AMOK ORHKR.~$|*nu? WORTH Of CAAT OP? J\ tM..|iilni? a-n-uaA, ft* rhartaatnii. A IT. I aim a?H g. ma h.aina mi in RUjm.a of 'an r*el?a th? faliuarlM jrl. on ? Pfnin ?l? |n *? f.?r AH*; fft In RM t<* I no'. RA in ||ii Inr 1'i.nia, Al ?> wool Ian or rillm llraa.ajk lArpala, Piiritltaia. .lawalr* Tt.a klfheat aaah artaaa i.a.4. rii'aaa call nn or a-l<1r-.n. tltn orlfiaal II MIHrR, Mialrt* a. rnni'. ai?ir? I wa n all. ?trn?t l..t liaa aitaiiAaM b* ??*? Minn. \ ' III' o ? ht \nd ir Mixru >\KM y -H. rim \ ortftrtal I* HINT* - ^r%* M?hr* I lie for ?H*h tM oil Wnarfa hmm**, r ?n?** '? raltfiitf on or rt4tlrr?? ing ? ??*?* ion. Mm1** 1ST ?***? iviiftnr. la .a a?HI lad nf?n hr Rra MlnAa Ton will h# <la?n anil taftni .Mba.arttvn, It. mamlaw It? ?ttl* *?aaaw. a i Hi i ?.t r/tr.i.rni rti'Kkt, hrar rroaiiwat, A U t'AAllRitRM para thn htanna' Hrna l? ?r pit ?a for I. I'll**! -and OanRaPiao'i I am OR t lo*b.i? laAlna *?u?l Sj Mra 'Jaa**wtR. tt tllvmtl flit l AftlRR' a..!raoaat..lI R-ann* Am*"*' Pnmll'ira, Jaa/PIr/, At f .r Mn.iil.arn markal f?t a0.i-n I aiarap'na .# l-aj 7? par m?ra than an? Mhar danl.-t ITnaa -nil .m otAlUfm Mr. or lira M UARR'A. IM A* anil, a man, .Vaau>-Or" an.t Twantr aa at* atir-la ?UL, WMO, *r. /10AI. Alio OORR <>r TMR Rl**r ftUl.ITT Al ltl?! ^7 Raw -I pri'* la ian.a* imBa?|i4tal> A,.pif al iar vial a ilaoaijRin in', iW.I a'fw?, i.nar Tiii ..,nih atram ? VU4.I a. VVt'tMt