Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1866 Page 3
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EUROPE. NEWS TO NOVEMBEfc 86. Fighting in Candia and Severe Defeat of the Turks. Esgttsh Trttpt Ready te March Agaiait the Fesiaas. Our St Petersburg. Cadiz and Paris Correspondence. f ChMge li the Russian Emfesur in Washington. Jk. Ac. *? THE CANDIAN REVOLUTION. nikllic Reiew.d ud the Turks Severely Defeated. Low Don, Nov. 90,1800. Tkoro fan been renewed fighting In Condi*. It is said that the Turks have bean badljr beaten, and hare suffered greatly, no lee* tban three thousand hay ing been killed and two thousand taken prisoners. ENQLAND. JMr. Seward Deasanda the Settlement of the Alabama Claims. Lou Don, Nov. 90, 1800. A letter la published in the Daily Newt to day stating that the gorernment has voluntarily reopened the ease ef the privateer Alabama Mr. Seward, in behalf of the government, detnanded the settlement of the for damages by that vessel, some two month* The Fenian Agitation Continued and England Heady to Move. London, Nov. 30, 1800. Further arrests of suspected Fenians have been made la Ireland. The national troops are ready to move at a moment's warning. Twelve thousand breech loading rifles are to be sent by the British government to Ireland for the use of the con ?table*. Arrests of Fenians continue to be made in Irs laad, and the troops are vigilant. FRANCE. A Democratic Caucus-Eu?onie nnd Flo Mono. London, Nov. 90? Evening. It is rumored that a republican organization bas been discovered in Paris It is said that the Empress Eug6nM aud ber son will I Christmas at Roma. PRUSSIA^ Mart latlMle Ofldal Uelullaiu wilh \mrr lM. Beau*, Nov. 26, 1866. Ik* Pnwi |onrDB?ot Intends to bare a consul general located la the city of New York. THE HICARABUA TRANSIT. Aa laternatleaal Oavernmeat 8y?ralail?n rtaa. IjOHDOK, Nov. 36, 1866. A yroapootng baa been published giving tha plana for the proponed Nicaragua routo. i Times tblaka It wonld bo well If the entire i divided between the government* of Eog aad tha Halted SUtee. F1NANCIALANR COMMERCIAL. The Leaden Meway Marker. Lnvaon Nov. 26. 1M6. ?ha money market ope on qnlet Boaey. aaaicaa aacmivtn* I Kve-twnntiee 10 V n Loaaoa, Nov. 36??veaiag. r aMrket ia easier, i daae at 66* far money. Claae at Mb fallowing rates ? Vailed MaMe flve-twaattaa TO* p# Jaatral abarea. 77* The Llverpeel Cettea Market. Liv* scoot, Nov. 36?Noon. 0M6B aMrket opaaa quiet aad eteady. Middling arc gaoled at 11*6. rhe ealea to-day will 10,060 balea Lrvanrooi. Nov. 36? Evening, the rottaa aMrket le without change. beadanffe Market. Livnniout, Nor. 36- Kle in* i unchanged. Ltvnipnal Predate Market. LrvnarooL, Nov. M?Evening lard e dull. MAHaiMTEUIItaCt. Lean ef ike Mark Alter Urev. Lrvaamor, Nov. 30?Noon. Mat at ma The bmu ?a drowned, bat the raat of the dMMMtaafa Qtnmaatewn, Nov. M, 1166 the Aaahar Line Cempaey e steam *kip Oamdoeta, which Mlle6 from Now Tert November 10 'curbed b-te MM met a lag aa rot* topderpooi UflCQ WiH TOJOTEIBEB14. Tho laBdn TMaea of November 6 my ? Iht BaBh of laMMtddirectors yaatorday lowered their taMaf dkaaaat noM ?H P*r coat, m wbioh Hwaa Booed oa the STth ef kepiwmhor, to 4 per cent The ftothw laereeae ef MIT,166 la tha iMetre, end of ?Ml^dM to tee halllea, (hewa la the ret era, together Wkh Me nawtedfa that half ? mttllea eg geld wilier. MtMa hi Mael aest week, ree6ered the movement 8MB6MNB6 hat M wfll have llUle edbet ea the geoeral bills has (or aa law aa Ik. d Nvtfleld. dflfter, was eold by i ef Overeod, Ooraey h On., aad I a earn equal M the ei pactatiena at Urn la madrtateed that the town'* of the draft* of at h On. of Cbiaa, which have Nmti r*f..t?d i li 166*86. i Ikmee, peeking of M. !-*? raade e rtira ?Bt time age the Parte Minfhm fcrn-alty ? thai Lam need el eitradMoa ra miiMid li I rdea i with the aeavMona of the Batmdtikm woaty Me Ma only reply that a repetition ef the pvoeeedtage ak|M the Mmav tboe eaacuoae ereaM make it impoe flbb to mMaMM that Moatv 6ev the take af eaforr r? which we hare ee laiely modified our ova mine et r r a I la Met ae Mr. Baeghtea, the fetaoae Inch advqraie ef temp Man, hee addrrsmd ea indignant letter to the dMorbrta af the meeting at tha Mar baa ra' Institute, Dahlia, ea tha esnaBna ef Nr. Brgbt? fare well rpeeoh ia tretead. Ml aye, la etoetag ? Agltatxm te criminal where th're le net renaeaaMe hepe af earreM imaanewm ea the eoe haad, aad Xaalaawm on the ether, betag alike eosroae ef <l wtrar Ste ear country. I would entreat the wnvklegmea of Md to lake no farther pen n "ther ef tb*M, to eaue with their fellow meo le other port one of (he halted Kingdom in e d*t'"min? oo to oVtaie all dheaa tdinaiegm undertbe BriUab eonetituiwm to which, M Btoa aad ettlaeaa paying tares, and otheratee soma's dag the power aad the dignity of the crown and the wSetoaailea, Ihdy are felly aad Jaetly entitled. U wan roMerod that the Kaipreae Kug< nie wonld mike 6 trip to Kama 8be wa te tall la tba Aigie. o*aveT?d ^Msr kg Ma hee-aUd Beet of the Mediterranean l?ev > waa tigiutid te take place *n the 31th la?i that Ike Cabinet of the fbUfWe hen idgahii to|gtag tne Mencaa 4ufMloa SssSSSK-Wis leave Prance until alter the return of f>n*ral Casta! nean?about Christmas: In the sessions of the military cocko-mIou for reorgan ising the French army, plans very "pro peeeB by Marshals McMahon, Randon and Nlel, Generals Bourbakl, Fleury end hilard. The general -opinion Is that Marshal Mr Mahen's will he adopted^ *a?t It la known that blavieva on the satyect agree wtfn the Emperor's The Parti cor respondent of the IiHiipmdtmet Mf? says that It Is prob able that thorougly/6?aMcru??<ag of the aaay will be the main feature oj'lie plan that vtll he adopted. Every Frenchman, i^tWecn nineteen and thirty years of age, will be held,' for military duty?no mobey exempt ion. Be further Ad da that a report hbs been presented to the Emperor urging the seme policy as regards public offices. Hie report complains that too many of the publie em ployee are aged meo, and demands that mere young men be cboaen to fill the poets of prefect, rub-prefect, fio. The report has been favorably received by Napoleon. It igTumored that the Prince of Roumanla, Charles of HohengdUern, la to be married to the daughter of the Duke of LeucDtenberg. This would indicate friendly re lations between the court* of Berlin and St. Petersburg. ?VI SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE. RUSSIA. OUR ST. RETEMIUM CORRESPONDENCE. Heron Stoeckl, the Minister in Washington, Recalled--Death of General MouravieB; of Kara? Ilia Military Service* Hew Me Owt ?corralled the Cnar Nicholas ami was De posed for His Skill?Amexatlea In Ante Ml* nor?Progress of the War In Bakhnra?The Army Levy and Navy Retrenchment, Ac. Sr. Pwmaancno, Nov. T, IMA. The retirement of Baron Htoeckl from hie |Kwt at Washington, which was predicted some time since, is now official. It was not quite voluntary, Prince Gortcbakoff having been Indifferently well satisfied with bis conduct daring the war, when he is said to have expressed bis opinion that it was impossible to subdue the confeder ates, with unnecessary and certainly very undiplomatic frankness Bis successor Is not yet appointed, but the present Charge, Mr. Vladimir Bodlsco, has as good n chance as any, and wonld probably be acceptable In America, where be waa partly brought np under the care of his late uncle, who occupied for many years the poet of Russian Minister at Washington, and was married to one of your fair r.ountrywomen. Russia has tost one of her bravest generals anil truest patriots. General Nicholas Mouravleff, the conqueror of Kars, disd on Monday, the 4th mat, only two months after his younger brother, Michael, whom he resembled so little in hla character. In the obltuariea of the latter that were published in the English and other foreign papers the two brothers have been confounded, and many of the exploits of the elder ascribed to the younger, although their public oaredr differed us widely as the r private qualities. The tyrannical behavior of Michael Mouraviefl in Lithuaula waa condemned by no one more severely than by his brother, who had, indeed, declined the re|s-atod requests of the impe rial government to assume tho office of tlov. ernor General of Poland, as he disapproved entirely of the policy pursued towards the unfortunate country, which be foresaw wonld be attended with ruin ous consequences for the Russian empire. He passed the last years of bis life at a distance from affairs of State, forgotten by the court, bat not by the people, to whom he was the object of sincere respect and venera tion. f?mUT iLhT! n ,7M'0' *n ftmlly which .n nu|nb6r of e|n|n#nt m?B~f?neral., nuueman and literati. (pandfnth.r ?a. fovmnor or Livonia, and author of the Arvt Ros,laB Till', PUr" Im,",em'tlw ?? '???>? wag dlr^tor of jT. Z:TmJ at MW80W wh,eh hM MMM of the moat dlatlngulehad offl. era |? th, RuuiaQ ^ U ,b. hla ag? be W.~..Y?? .n ihe XUa?to, fought with diatinction in ib* ".w"- ? " '<? -M atuched to the army la th? In i?9 b. ady chad byomym YormololTon a .pactal ?,m!od to Turn,mania and Khiva, and wrote a narrative of hi. toney. which baa boon traoalated into Kngitab, French r" ,,UI1 00Cap,e' ? pU<* ????I urn rtand. ? a " C#W"1 ^ Durtn? tte war of 1MB h? wan quartarmaaiar. ganaral to General h T***' 1,1 K*lM< ,b* Turk" "> "*?-? **2 'PTomio*,t P^1 '? ?>? ?*Pturo or Kern, kkhal. ?.rfr--lm ih*Fouih bo fr? hAjt1^00 by "?* ?? for wbioh ha waa made a lieutenant general, and com. ns? T;srf ,rmy - "?? zz ,M h* *?? an ?' T ert_ ordinary to Alexandria ,0 ladooo Mebrmet All to con NiehoSI rtfi'irr.i***1" if*? '? whWl tb* lata Emperor other by IhTr?2* Mf"r?'?o? and the r-opw hi mar If. How. la thane eiliim *<*wdlD? ?o the rulaa of etnuenv ha "-V altoraative but to capitulate The r*?? oad ao ~^^?rh. S2 3 JEfi ;r^r ?*?<* ???? n.? -A''Sfe * >? o?Utae near Moacow 35^2 rdrS2s aAt .was.1 "^wS^hTSa^'liLiS the hand of Esrs^a.fcs ??'snss and that we -J5? further hetrmaa with Themis ne trwtt whatever m through traakale *!"?"< proTtaeae, Um MIm of f>* city waited aaoa htm with tf?iSLd ddii ? dnMama ,, *oc when Iter laa the Bbmnv or Hnawa w uiaa t22SC'L **" *" "ut'oiuGi htm from the Black i? mt ^tupueor ?f 'Tt'oa* It will ha anally inwalaad w^ae wera grat fad. and by a e^.lemlt^n Thekkatdfr^ Auto*. Krieeodhfcy took Faonaqetea of th7 -.r2"WP< ?f the Rnaataa t mpira and Hl??tJ7r2J^CT!lf'n*,*n*"'T,,ktoUB Toohkaad aeWy af ^out Tea art labaMtanta. oa* of the greeuwt ?*< t*l?' ^-htoerylai [^?{*"****? ad Raaaia o? m lb? wbola onnatry north of ?.~t..3r,*r?*k Wt^fwe. tmr tTkmtiaJ torr^?5?, i? Ar-' 1,4 fu' ftr*t time a he Ti5ra? * Chflat an fnwn la Um baert of wtt '? t" tweatmnad that - zL-znzz ?? .7. ? , ^ uacchaeu whom h* had traMher "ooaww^lLSy m '*u- ""C*!!! *1MI trrniTT :?*" * f*u^oit for Urn oatmiealow af a were ' B^oaten yrtaaearn which started from Bobcat towards th* "{ ^P1??" ""ob the 25th be reached rrmtooe, oteJ the^ chief stfooghold* of the Bokharisms, which be took *J sftsr" short (lege oa the ^ ^to^, o^rtng pieces of cutaon and a number of Prtsonort. A T have only telographlc aewa ot thto "ffelr..C^ftende) but to which point the telegraph from b<te'xtenosj, from tbo fact that RnJeuoOrky is b?r<), <}?*,>, tlone in porwin. instead of leaving uomanoff U> his lleutenanii- tlrst I heaaayolf and 'he decisive I sky-It is clear that he Intenij ?rfWug sou*dert"?? | blow. Most probably ha wU1 tenrta, or Hamarcand, which Is not over one hoadredI vatstev sixty miles, from Uratupe; hat It '*'|j? ... MOtbar Si? J3SB#tttfSSSE sa. was m; stssjw vbp 'hat ha. baen entered * KTwBS .SAl ? jSJ ltn?2W?5W? rtmrsnk. of the *1; uiar army In Poland and tbe south of Buwdn, in ordto to he prepared for the oontlngenciee that may ?<? quarter*.The Oriental question Is slowfr ripeala^sod St no distent period man tead to Russia and Prussia on one side, and France, Austria an? Turkey on the other: whether England will join I league against us will depend upon the action of Am to te*Thelevy to fixed st four and In the w^ternpw^ luces five, recruits to every thousand male lnbablte??> snTasthi number of ^ne subj^ to the^ou?rt^ tiou Is shout Iweniy.flve million,, tbe addition to^ute army will exceed one buudred thousand men. taw omnia bad proenoct for tbe raitellmes^fom-mllltwy ] expenditure which le so urgently required to tejtowj?* equilibrium of the Russian finances, but It to boned, nevertheless, that the Minister of War wiU find means to reduce his budget by afew rai'hoB^ Rna<j Is the navy great savinga will be efiected. ?~ Duke Constantino having consented, though very much against his will, to gtve up rons In the Black Sea ana the Pacific, oiu solve the maritime establishments at ^hasteH, Aett? chanand Nlcolalekotf, reduce the flotilla ln??e Caspian, aud recall nearly all the Ru*dan ships "tat oned In for elgn eta tea By this tbe naval expenses will be d mln Ished frotn twenty-two to sixteen or seventeen million roubles, which will be devoted entirely to keep ing up tbe Iron-clod fleet In the Baltic, It bav g been definitively recognised that wooden *?***' ?J useless lor either offensive or defensive purposes, and that tbe money spent upon them Is literally thrown the sea SPAIN. OUR CADIZ CORRESPONDENCE. Deception of "Brwve" Mullors Ironi the I'wcl He \rrlvul of the Till* tie Madrid wu.l ? (irurrul llolldoy Turw Bet The ? ?rPwr? iloo, the Church, the Poeta nod the < Ulceus All Ennucr Reoult of the Elections, <*?'? I.'aiiix Nov. k, l?ofl. The steamship Villa de Madrid, of the Spanish Pacific squadron. arrived here on Sunday, the 4th lust., at twelve noon. During the past four day- tbe wholo city has been engaged In doing honor to what the newspa pers call our ' brave mariners or tbo Pacific" was not aware of any great victory having been achieved by the Spanish squ:idWD, but ! suppose there must have been a glorionte one, as the reception extended to thn officers of the Villa de Madrid was worthy of the eoWler who burned his ships and placed the pufeWloo of u over the halls of tbe Mo ntoz urate About nine o'clock on Sundsy morning, the 4th n<t, the signalmen In tbe observatory announced iho coming of tbe Villa de Madrid. The news spread Ilk- a prairie fire, and every nwHacko and seAori/? donned their boll day attire and hurried off to the "wall." Soon a< the vessel entered the channel every public building flung out ite bunting, and all the flagstaff on every private houcc were ornamented wtth the eolor- of "pun-red and yellow. It was s beautiful day, and Ihe gad.tenon look advantage of It. Precisely st 12 M. the Villa de Madrid dropped her an chor and every dpenteh vessel ran up the banner oi Spain. A small steamer put oil from the Muello, on board of which were several high officials. ?n thslr arrival they were courteously received by Uk- commanding offi cer, and when they departed there was s salute fired and lbIn '"tbe SfianMS tbe raptalu and "*7." Iw!'tVr shore and were escorted lo ?he ? asw . on .u.nales (cWy hall) and hospitably entertained, la the evening were Illuminations. . . -rm morning a grand mass was ielehrated, ? Te Ttomm msf and a sermon preached by one of the ablest SmSU m Ol^penlsb c.hnrch The rwthadral was very large ead the number of uniformed J officials added to the solemnity o? me time. In the even J 'B*^y?teto??SSI^ oelebrs'ed for the r-po-e of the souls of those who have died in the Pacific la iiju evenlBt nuiic iQd IJIiroliinoii. . , wLineuis* there ww a ball and a dramatic entertain W^n^y there wrnji mu auj^ UseVtttede Madrid Is dauelug at her enehor; everyoue has ?. and I hope Chile will say h-r prayers and take &TI? f?u? ??te oftend the dignity of npnm. ??>?? -aarr. s& the tetter has written a poem dedicate? m a is ??'"? Espaflola, which eommeooes - Toa <le rsnrrwea dtgnae *eeneedl#*'*? t'ns pngii'S ahrldlee ea la hletona h?lu?I k to* vallkUlM Udn NiRnwir iTUI ? el hooroeo laud M1* Victoria ('WIeron k sns frealee. Jju a longer one. about twice thdjwglh of Aea a Thle dtetingwebod yoong geutlomaa wtlMfi Us oiete, (teste, en ?1 Haagro lustre, Y * ??!? " liWA ?h t'oe ardortwoWrltu Samaeto A DO VfttihE Id lufllW (?eTdoTpueWo tet-tlso T ireg'iease la mar povqee prele"^ A h?r(M ?ln fc?Mr odWND jgae Nsrsrrete breaks forth front the ftee?.. as ml low* ? law ssssfias qee Incierss Valparaiso y te t'allau. Ya por alfombra so Sirrterai. ei el entire|o no ? eeadteras dot eeciiadtos sa Abteo.' Two ou cm bays billod two col "on- with thoir ter [avo paeaad off yory quiosly There tee JRta them. The Pi spitsiifei are vary tw if I SrjrwfflSSi rmci. rtu cmwwiict Tk* Tkralrlrtl, NmImI "HtiU" to Tbalf aplial. fo *?, Not 3, I Ml Tour m hta poorly itcao, whlah hate Bltoi to do with ikN of tfco lodlar, UMWM tbo ram fa of j wiator to tor* Thora art t lolata all Iowa too lull tarda, roacarta, m ptaoaa at all too tbaatraa ?ad raaatad L'?toraor Tto nathn rat dapa, bat trowda of paella attl to Ik? Raaa art board rtchaaglag aaa to of to* takaowa rotiooa, atoart bartilj aod aad paaa aa wtto a harrtad "Am wartr, f as lata far Oto t ar aa aipraaatta, "too* Raroa Trtflhkoaaa! to too tottaro of a ptaoa dbteh mw tight at too OaiM oa to# !Mk alt., aad eaaaad to aaui aa too ant day. Bat a aab>act that arraato lhaatrlial nan aad caan u too aaccaaa of tha saw ptoeo ia fto which waa brought oat at too TbAdtaa raafab aa Baliiday laat Cntfca all acraa to calllag tha lata taa parfart to lira loaf, hot io fto ta aa adtohabtj ptapad, Oat, wha acta tha part of a oaoiar, Dataaaap, that af a n prig hi, troth lot tag harrtator, Mb# Paaart aa Oaaarlkra, hia aMaartd brtda, that tola tola aiaar aa ?araa a kmc raa af borof porfocttoa aad fall haaato Tha H>? a aot tha oaty toaatoteal ataaatlaa af tha waafe. Wo bat a had M. Bnullbot'a (draaia, la Ita arto tad to taraa, at too Odooa. It M oatltlad tha Ch^raNai d'datow'fw, aad la blatorwol. Ta caB too ptoaa daiptr aaaoaaafal waald ha dotog it rarp gateb Joattoa, ai laaat ia Par*. wharo tho aart oatragaoaa ptaioaa bate haaa boatowad aa Iota lotionng rwwpttoaa. I wUI thwafmo ia with tho tpurtt of too load I lita la, aad tap that tba port not with awwl ta'htolaoiK- apptauaa. Ha ?ar rallod for aataraJ Uw>oa bp too pohlto. bat ainOaaCy rrfraia?d ftaot aiptanaf hafora tba cortaia. Whaa h waa ah ot?r, bawarar, aad ha jotaad a tow faltow tolUra af tba p?a at a aright"* ag raataanaf, about a haadrod piay-goora who war* final at raaa, aad with joyful walcma inoraBp owwhalaiad tha aaaaaodul mam. " TWt Porta ' had haaa ratiad tofathai hp toa aa aaaal taaoaawnaoat af tho ahata taa arto to aoraa Raaa, aatktpatia# a faarfal tottettaa, had faaa to toa Oidaa aat of oortowty at tor toa aaba af batag la at too daath. A tow, ia??at?tad hp tha oaatopta at aw wbaaa jadgi^ioot aoido^h ana la licora^^p Mattaaa. ttoot la into tha far tho oatoa haaaaaa rtarp aao aaaatad to N fatoc toara. M about listlessly, ddk customed to th? fall and avail of poetic caili u.-*, bat gfadaally a warmer foaliof pervaded tbe boxes, and whisper* of approbaUon were exchanged between attentive neighbor* ?? It la apitmdld," said ome, with surprise. "Tbe wording la magnificent/' an swered another: and noon all rommeata reaaed, every sound wa> htialicd, iiml not a nvllable from the actors was lout. Mr. It. rtoii, ri frin.? de t md. ?e admirably .?idstalneil hy Jane K??ier aad Mr. 1-aroche. VMorten Sarduu a now piMOe, ?? Hat-on .\?ver," which la ta d to be hie bc-t product ion, haa lieen the aubjeet of mirh d It cord, and eery nearly the cauae of an expenaive lawsuit between bimaelf and the manager of the Vaude ville. Whenever one of M harden'* pieces la rebeeraed ntxie but tbe very tli'$ of artlala and Intimate friend* are alwwed to be preeeat All new*peper organ* are ? are fully excluded, unleea It be an understood thing mat they look on aa mute spectators, not reporter*. A rrftfUiiim of this kind ie like a drawing room reception o? a catiMrfe, and M. Harden expect* that none Invited will publteh the plot of hi* new piece abroad any more than a well bred guest would divulge tbe secrete of n heme circle Into which he haa gained admittance. His expectation* were deceived In the case of Jfofaow JVrwtv, tor aome writer* acquainted tbe publie with every detail of the new comedy before It wee Anally got op. M. Sardou, extremely disappointed, declared that the Maiim JVruv should never ooroe out at all, aad pub lished n letter explaining tbe cease of hie withdrawal of a work that bad coat him much labor, bat which be now considered spoiled. He maintained thai the public had aright topaea judgment on a new piece before It bad been either condemned or pre wed by critic#, aad that aa tbey had to pay for their pleasure, it wee not to be marred by a knowledge of the plot of a comedy before they went to see It. An engagement, however, had been signed between himself and the manager of tbe Vaudorille. Matron .Veuve no longer belonged to M. flnrdon, and the manager'* rlghta were undeniable. All Farialaa artist* aad tbe principal members of the press Mded either with tit* writer or the manager, till It became urgent to have recourse to law. However, It waa proved that If M. Sardou persisted In his resolu tion. he would legally Incur a One of 600 franca pef day, payable to the Vaudeville, and be gave in, aa every wine man should, when, to do otherwise, would be obstinacy, ?ot firmness. A Judicial blow has been tafileted on M. de Vllleme*. sent for having discussed a matter on the droit dot /??ivrtr, with h compels all manager* of theatres to sa|u pl.v contributions towards the maintenance of the nek. support of rh writable Institutions, Ac. He contends that the largo sums now raised in tb'H way should undergo a tqnsideratrie diminution, and thai the poor should only have a penentage on the profits of a theatre, not on tbe general receipt* This matter not coming under the province of an un-Utmpcd paper, the Arcnrmrnt baa been suppressed. Tie editor, however, who never any* die. Intends replacing ll by It I'ttil Piatuc, which WW i ome out dally. We are to have three distlnrl aeries of winter con certs. The real iiltttinH will attend I ho mutual performances of tbe Conservatoire under the direction of Charles llainL The concerts at (be Cirque Napoleon are under M, Puadrbup. He was the first to introduce ibn old masters to the Par",,in public, and to make good music accessible U) the labeeing flmmNti He elfect* l this liy greatly rwlutlug the pii e ot admittance to his matinees. M de Hes?ellrne has removed h'? Chantps Ktysdas orchestra to tbe Ttvilr" du Iftnce Imp. r'sl Hossini, who has long been silent, iheotn|H"ing s comic ?pern. Victor Hugo's nd* bonk In leu volume,', ?nl tied "Ninety-three." Is looked forward to with all tie eagei tttw of soHpcusc. lhe Orst drawiog room of the ?.'ks.iii won op*n?l on Saturday ls?i by Mine. OVnntteil, at bar r> -idon e, |:t Boulev ird St Michel. We arc far from the day* when time fh cannirr's re ception* were the talk of all Kurup*-- u ?t for the aplcu dor of her buffet nor theewAwtn of her orchestra, but for the brilliant *a-?mhlng* of all the wit? and remarka ble muu of her titue. Those were liuo a when Obfiteau briand, llei,j*u, u Constant, Pox, Montinoiency, tho Itukeof N,aillcs and others pressed attendance on the ladv who lent hie to fanova's marble, and yet who bail acquired no particular prodcleuoy in any science beyond that of l>elng agreeable, of charming by her com er-atlon, unlver-al capacity snd fas mating grace. It is hnrame. we art far from her and Mne. de htsrl, farther still Ir *tsi Mmc. .Seeker de Saneure an I Is ft *<gn.. thot we i"ei happy In company such as one always meets ,it Mm* (I i onnelt's. Her ballroom t* a -tudio, a picture gallery, a museum, in whn h all who land highest >ri the arts -bake hau.Je with those who-t.tnd ?i hu ti n ibo liteiary and arUtorrallu World. Ihitnaa Nsduud, I hariiiificitry, not forgetting tbe Inimitable earn atnnat I ftam, are Mltnoet > onslsiit \ butor* St tho He ulevard hi Michel I hire is. peiliafio, not one man in Trance endow, d with more originality and lersa tile genius than the well-known contributor to the Char iniri Hb brut ,aa<? are exer deHtcred with an almost solemn expression 01 count, nance. Hi* pencil show* how keen a *>? n.n he ban of what is ludicrous or abaurd, bat he turns rrave, nil a hht ey? and looks almost einis tor whea relating incidents that ei< its painful laughter among his Hearers. Hie real name is l'unite de Ko6. Therefore he calls hunaclf i ham. Noah's son Very few know that hi* res) nam* Is not 4 ham He mother waa Knglidb; thus wq have the origin of hi* peculiar kind of calm wit, which 1 would etvle by our own snitbet, humor Ills Imtno is a ihjh gallery of tho rail haa painting- ilia own portrait has been taken by ail the great arlwto of out own

day. He !a vety partial to aoldtar*. Miliary Hfe is hi* gtaat hold.* He h*? another atrong affection besides for a Utile tawe colored dog ho calls Bijou, winch ?* always either Mi owe of hie poeket*, oa hie shoulder or coded hue-Lute found hi* throat while be drew*. Me never site while thus occupied, but stand* at * high d**k and lookr very solemn.'' On bla left hand lit* ?warning pepevw are all open, and while be peruaes tbeia he skst. he- tiio-ie hits et poiiiicel men and bumorlartc iraHa oo the evaatr of the dav, which are alwayw apes ye and ere *. heed by oihei paper* all over Paris. His satire la generally mild. His worst flluga are meant for the Protaiaos. Titei* is sot aa abuse, sot a ride ute, not a tic* but he stigmatize* it wllh hi* ready pencil. On* of bio beet Ullage aet week wee a miniature Sketch or e vety rheumatic looking artist, editing before bid easel in great despondency, but dressed In * com plete jockey oostnm*. Hi* wife evidently a " horee womau ' enlera aad exclaims, 'Bo poorly, and yet In ihuM* tight clothe*'" ?? If I die I am euro to be regret led, like i-rimahaw," earners Ute husband ENGLAND. The Hrlliak ||4 4a*rtr?? [Krota (lie Pall Mall liaavfte, Mo* IftJ la th* rpro. ft that lord llarby mad* laat u if fat a* U)a Mention Houxa I bar* war* only a f*? aoDtencc* of aay iai|>of taaoa?(hoaa tha Amor hou coram meol. What ih*y obrlooaly mean ? that the diflctltlm which aroao between England and liu'Cra <nnn| lb* elwll aiar ?tlll eiM, aa<l Ibal lb* ll-l**l>af, ? bittcrrd tticm mot yrt allayed. <>f?onrae lb la I* r?ry much to b* deplored, and arery Knglmhroao uiuat bopo thai hi* govartmeal will do II* beet to rid lb* diapnl* of whatarrr HMW remelaa. Hut every Log liahwtaa I* not awaraoflh* prutocat.oa b'e goreranteal receive*. A raw day* aw*, wrung about lb** w* .B<lieat?<1 on* part I c'liar rro vocation which yaalerday ? telcgriuu* from America illurtrBt* remarkably ? Mr Howard bee written to hit Preucixk dm.*, *utia( thai lb* Am" '? ? r f-naul a a* inc'cial. ?' to -ibteiii a copy of th? r*?ord of Ih* lal f t h* r*nl*na is ? anado. and acting Utr Kr?d*r 4, "d lb*r* b* any delay In obtaining tb* record I* h.?? .k* came Item. wre4p..ii*.l la order to fit* ItWM for lb* re-ord to ba **aail?*d. II* ait" (Old thai tbo elTana** io*ol?*4 war* enua. ?Uy pout, al, and that aeuml polw j reeae* mended *a<l?r??*? <**?*! and fur(l?*n**o Thar* mar not .era nu ll >a ihla, bat wo <aa moor* oar reader* thai if A could bo taken with all Mr. Howard pomnt* bim**lf to write about thi* wfc)M, tha Artttnh Cblic would i-arn thai aar mioi-toia and governor* *r* n/tm ?tf?c'd k-mbtr P" by ?h? iii'rm* grrolm a Tb* ?*> r*t of tut twbarKir l? not lai In took Tho Amort an government know*, and know* that wa know, that wa ar* dafrw alaa* a 'annda. and It I* thta canacto..* nam, parfactly undwMimd to at at by both paruao, that encourage* Mr m?hI to wnla aamotlmra aa bit Mglaaty of Prorata nnglM wrda to threatened ilarman prineaa, which la roraly trying la iba tompar and lb* ngtill of Brttlah mintawr* Thar* bar* nooa ladigaatton maotta** in Amartca " defying tb* < anadlan anthortuoo to bang tho fen'to prweeacn. 1 But nobody in ''an ad a baltora* Ibtf will bo haagnd, and tha nan for tha donbtga to t found in *.? b doc imatu tt that which Mr Baaard yuat mat to mr rrtpamk ffro't In tpit* of all tkIA wo ar* gted to know that in We daaliaga with Afaor ca lord Darby 'a ga i immant *a toting with anauon and moderation Wbaa lh* Premie* alluded laat night 10 tb* Aa Ionia rial ma. b* did not mention, what la lb* fa> i, that an attampt 10 to ba mid* to aatun lh*m br maaaa of a royal cammewtaa. prided over by n duagalahad lawyer and oampamd with rognrd to tha eminence id tciil ana not la tha poiitl* *f it* ruara The Dtagan nf Parliament. 11 ram tha I "all Mail Oajatla, Now IB J lb* /c.rafw mya It raanat ha dlagaid 1 aar par Imw. at at pr**?nt ranntltntad, daaa not InHlefa wall nr but Id a all, I* too camhrwua. loo nhttgMkl , and. ahoy * all. too Mow. fhom dnfart*, thoagh partly cqra blo or rolorm, wilt ho mora and mom tally f-H m ao rial* r*cofni*an tha f man honatta which Btnta aa U*t-that ?, lb* applied atrawgth of Ih* whole paapla . am coafor on tb* lodvidwel. Thin foebng w daagerou* haonnaa do aaloml ruaalt la to owthrono torn# Individual ; onoagh id abl* aaoagh to jrat^fy tho tor rot will atrong aaougb and abl* longing?in mtoMtah Cm pdlht thorafbra, for the Mat mtwbr tt wh?th?r M M not . ia mat Tha tow iiiimaim of fro* *onbifi** to not poibb ?* laraal tha r*pao aoauurm of tb* oat*"* with a power which thai I mako Cmaartam aa aaadlam aa ll la nakfel wtih n em pw'ty of Ian aur* aa aMIilr la at* when Meant; atapcod im th* graai .eby-,1 of pc rata tagtalat ca. aa it * cg|l*d tgi* B***ity la alraady fait ao alroegjy that w* ???a i pcihtl*** .a a yarn or two aaa a radieal f? farm, alt bar tb rough tna > ruatloa of parmaait >aibl anmwtuaaa at tha hwmwa tor ml w.aft, nr anana other and Mill gua-kar darter A m ntatoc of nrrala Urn ia ao imgiimibthly Tha am* aar emit y will ba fait m of part amaatary mtmn It male will dowotop lUMt aa baa ?mm in nit leu lull 11 ia at- <? n( I Brat'land . M may ha that tha buaaaa aiU co aparote to a norai togrm tha *?p itoil rara la ba triad aa la prt rata buwnaaa, A map ha that 4*1 >baratlao will ba *n traated to tonnituw Uka ban b*tag lafl to ratify or rrpaet- tha way ia which th* ' aWwat 4am Na work It may ba that wa (ball atrwdwa Ih* dintwat law at la rio/ue*. tbm loan!'ring rata by roll call ar * may ba awl ahwh paw*ail* in foreign afhwa will ba *?lnad*4 to alfaire at bom* la rar?-?n aMalra tha r'niinnl *..? ead i'ad'iawot let*rr**** c*a*? roa ar dmalbn >a ? aflbir* iba Caotnat aah* par* iwaalaai paimimi m hafni it tab a* amy mr^rmat arum. <m hauAy, M mar ba thai wa than and tormulia* the pawar at the OhMH, throw tag aa N aa a body mrtaia tmka to wbtah a great ead maMlform ammnhry M oaafeaeedty Horn P*t* at Th* ml* *f iba ? beaga la witfl dhnooaa, thaagb a* ?earn io aaa any a drtfiiag 1.1 aar to a p*ac*?ca at autnoc ring iba aaaruilru la aat by Teaotattm a?a a, by ear gr**i dabats and tain, tba aabaagwawt laga. n kutaa left *ary m?*b teifw ' amant, iba done* attpi ig la iba emtio 1?a; bat *f ihla am thing wa ton) cuaalng'f m'tadadL Tba Partwmanl ao arganmad bath hana, aa tba aawh aa* m to mt ?a?4 r. dirndl and m ? dan it of becoming the object* <f * dtvtike, It may he of a contempt, which will >ud la *up*ra*.?ni*. i:?l?rallw ef KaftM Mlaen-Kferu ?( n,,. Mo?ea?*t M ike Halted Wam. |Krom lb* London Ttmaa Nov T.J loot year a large number of Wetoh toil lor* and miner* leii S?utb Wale* for the Palted State*, end the mdu* at one time threatened to beeoiue eo general ae to caue* seriou* approbetwloa at the iron and coal wurk* that there would noon be a great eoar. ttr of baade. Wiru lug* were oddreeoed to the men at the time, and tncou teeUble evidence teoe adduced ahowlagthMtoeapeclou* repreeeataiiona of intonated emigration effeete were far from being borne out by fact*; hut thle had HUle effect In checking tho movement The drain woe ee great la twnlcula* lucallUea that many ef the ool lleriea bad to go on abort lime. At loot, however, a decided change baa beea brought cheat, a number of emigrant* baring returned, and lb lr aeeoant af the poeition of the miner in tbe United State* la by no moana flattering. It la true that wage* am abail twenty per cent higher oa the average, but en tbe ether hand . the com of tbe neeoaenriea of life and etfedr requl I a!tee i* far In eiceea, and In reality Uw onlltar la hotter1 off in thia country. Tbeae feci* have bod ooneldarable Influence on tbe minor* of the South Woiee dtotriot, and many that bad expraeaed their mtentioe of emigrating next aprlng have already determined to remain In their preoent employment. Hrltinh Eadgraitea to Texaa. [From tbe Liverpool Time*, Nor. 3. J Until within tbe loot day or two each g thing at an em igrant ahip going to Teiaa bo* rarely, If Over, been known in Liverpool; but tucb, however, i* tbe foot, and In n few day a there will mil from tbe Meraey for Oelvea ton a iblp with 300 emigrant*. About MO of Una num ber will be Scotch agricultural laborer*, and tbe remain der will come from Pevonablre. On the antral of lb< rveeei at Galveston, tbe emigrants, after a delay of a few days, will be forwarded Into the Interior of Tesaa, where they will be employed ad ogrtculturMa. The mjp m wbicb tbeae emigrant* eali take# out a large quantity of agricultural implement*, made purpoeoly for the wnk they are intended for. In a few week* another hatch of English and *cntrk laborer* wilt aail from tbe Money for tbe aeae daetin.. flca. Import Trade Heiarm Far 1NW. (From the London Time*, Nor, 3.] In dealing with the world beyond the *o*? cur two great want* are raw material to work upon and pro vis Iota for our table*. Of raw material we have received in tin first three-quartern of the i>re*enl yoer 9,760,314 cwt raw cotton; aaotlo r million would have made tht total very nearly ilonble the Import of tho curve# ponding period of either of tbe laid two y*ar% and If tb? arrival* continue at the rente rate to tbe end of the year then 1*66 will ?ee the laryext Import of raw eetton ever received In thia kingdom. 4,163,TM cwt of Ikr nine wwiAi nt/ipiy hart thii urar <ome from India, f reiki i f' firm 3 9W6,rt7M /rron tht United Statu, Ike ntlut >f Air im port flf ? uU.m trvm the foiled .Wafer for rjrenU Hi m'ue nf all thr rrpnrlt thither in ike rome period of Brltiah and Irlidi produce and manufacture*. In regard to another great ample- wool, every year eeee a lergur ?r rival; In Hie fir t three quarter* or 1866 tbe quantity lia* rea> bed 171, l i-i.toti pouudx, 102,067,644 pound* com ng from Australia. The ft>od received from abroad In tbe flrat three uuar tern of the year Include* i|uontltie* auch a* the*.- ? 161,462 oxen, ridO.-OT sheep nnd Iamhe:whe*t ,and flour), l.nrley not* nnd I ndian corn, 44,588,796 OWt A* with the Held, ho with th? dairy, our home produce fella abort of our want*, and the flrat nine month* of the year have aeen arrive 717 232 cwt of butler, and 520,780 cwt of chceee, while more than .16 <KX),000 egg* bare come In Wo hive received l.M.vuSl biiabeuT of lemon* nnd orange*. Above 4,400 0<K) lb*, of pepper have been *eut to uh The 11*1 would be too long If we went on? 87.006,638 Hm of lee, nearly the aatnu quantity of cuSee k,047,266 cwt. of uoreflneif auger, 11,641,211 galloua of wine, more than 6,000,009 a*1 bin* or forntge aplrit*, to odd to thrice that uuant.ty of homo made atroaa water*, and more pound* of tob*>eo than tbe number of all the men, women and children in the United Kingdom All tbiH in nliio month*. Tho bill baa not yet been added up up to Mb hai lmo?, but al loidaummer It eareeeed ?1.741)00 600 Miik at the rote of more then three quarter* of a million a day. Movement* af tiold. [From the f >ndon Time*. Nov 13 | iheval .? ot the gold imported into tbe fulled King dom In MoptemW war ?1,739,406 n compared with ?760 404 in Septeinhe-. I Hub, and ?1,140,686 le Hapten, tier, 1864 The Incre we olioervaM* in NefMembar tht* year ari-Hc from the tncreaned receipt* or (old from Franco, Australia- be. The value of the geld exp?irt#d from the t'nited Kingdom to September waa ?768 ina, < ompared with ?009.699 In September, 1641, and ?624.229 I# September, 1864 Tbe exporta of flaptomher would have been inconsiderable, hut for a uicnl to the United State*. Tho Import* af first nine month* of tbh year nhow a I log amounted to riepb-miier 30U? thl* year to i a* comperod with ?9,643,001 to the Of 1866, and ?12.680.906 to IbO of 1864. The import* of gold beea on a . uit .durable orate tfat* roar. Tbe I aleo eeuathly lncre**Al from AuotraHe??4,4 lag come to hand torn that quarter Ibie y paied Willi ?2,1*6,382 to tb* curlI**a?4ira 4 and ?3,421.722 to tbe correepondlag dot* of r? *lpt* of gold irom lb* 1'nttod Stole* to September 60, thia year, were fT.6fl6.6fll. ee 'omperet With <6,916,267 w*> ?W J a me ? wwiw wV|^^Wi*WW| mm n 1566 oad ?4,147,938 In 1864 c ..rreepewdW pmrads) _ama 1 M ?a_w ? a_i_ .. - a Of * a- w IlllilVwNpMr Tb* export* of geld trom tbe Laded ????!?? tier 36, thia yrer. amouated to ?11,736,161, eo oampaied I with ?4 483,466 to tb# onrreapoodlng date* ef UN, and I ?10.292,444 to lb* correepoedlng detoef 1844 Tbegi**i I tnerea** in tb* expert* area* oa Frawob account, in* I ahipment* to that empire to September 66. tbt* year. I having tie** ?7,929,462, a* compered with ?2,401,447 mm te^Mllli| d4te nf 1864, tad ?8,416,462 to )? tb* oorreapoading d4te nf 1868, aad ?6,416,462 to the -'.rreepond'UI l*tf "1 1804 Tbe United Stole* 4mk ?1,664,861 of I her to. hit war, ei compared W?A ?19. ?1*2 92,1 vr, 1864 (cor rupomiimp period!) Oifw4 Pr>ihi (from tba fail Mall Muatta, No* 10 j lb* iiiwdoy liMf marraia m tba u?w r*ac? of otfnrd loi tMin'lll Mn| young m?n wllh whi?k*ri and Mg arm* and fat calm*, awa wbo ??? *loo food of taking aa oar or a bat la ibotr baa da, octaaiiy go 1a vita a (irtlab daltgbt for draaalaf tbemwlr* up la tb* auatataot, tb* nob ml, tb* mn*t aip*a*lr* amr.tmnamUrml garmant*. fb* room la wbtrb oa* Tory pracona **t of iKinwDii I* ?t*r*d I* ?ald. la lb* dark rumor* of uadar gradual** to b* ta*ur*d for taovaaad* and tbouaaad* of pouada A mm of c*io*tiaJ h*amaa go** r*uad oa h*balf of a rrlrbratad Mlllluary arambtMUM, UwUag far ordar*. A pabHMw ba* a mnmt aad aaorad ooraar la bl* ?hop wb#r* *r*rjr lafonaaltaa oa r**t**a oaa ba oMalnad Aad what I* tb* drurwi part of all I* that thl* faocy prevail* aiuat Borealy, and la gratlAad uj'xt, la tb# eoilrgn wbi< 11 baa aat Haair ap for Mm tb* moat latallaetaal in Oiford?tb* <-ol leg* *h ?b < />o?i<l*r< tb* r.iaa* laaa atmuat >ta ova, arbor* lb* am inppo**d to b* tb* boat ra friford, aad to aa* thnlr anna >a wbl' h bar long baaa thought a prtvl log* by bondrmta of aotlooa par**!*. Hal thaaagbaal tb* ualoarrtty thara la >?n >r laaa of tbla airaiar* of rituaJlem. Young m?n walk about tb* Hi# *tr**< wttb garmaat* aad baaddaaaaaa ua tbat (1** tha laHiatad l* ? i,d*mtaad that lhaair ?'?r?ra am aa much pnaata a* it la poaaihl* for yamag laym*a to ba And naturally, lb* appropriate tbool gy pravall* al?o I'adorrradaaU aftar oDdaargmd'iata aunouana* tbat ba la marorad I* tb* heaoia of tb* troa cbumb; anal a* uadar tb* mod*r* aty*t*ni Ra.iiuaa f*?ba?llr* am altowad to h* lamatmm of many rollogaa, a famnl yonag man mi> gu uoot wb*a b* pl?a?M, and y*t paraaa bt* anroraHy -?rwa Ann* how**ar, atlli ba*rtlat?. (lambilag on a aenlo provtoualy unknown I* aaxi ta> bar* w la wttb tbla qaaar parody or ritoaJbua. aad *pt, ram mot tat* mmark that it I* attbar awn* or aallmitod lam Ifct tla*t tb* ittaaHM* am gam bl*r*, bat tb* uadargmdoata world I* r*?*?i*b |a*t bow, and blgh play aad bjgh drawing am aympnam *f tb* Aw* la a* t * "" ?* *~ all tbla Oa# naaaal b*lp brtag rary aurrw for <b* pamnu whoa* aoa* am tba* warning nam ami mommy Tbatr aoa* am ganiag o?a* *f tb* thiaga at Oaford wbir.b lb*y w?m Mat to f*. ??l otbwwtwi tbar* MR h* BO gnat harm -lam* If nay ampbary am ba *af*ty tmuM* th?m**i*** ahoat aiiliia?ry, or ww about lb* lb am i am wbtrb miilinawy la mp| ? I la. rrpnaw Rat It la aoowwbat diaapprtoting aad aomawbat taalracliy* la ?ad tbat at lb* pr?wat day ma b a aaaar gt ot u a mama I* pamribl* u no* of tba b**t etrflagm of am KaglMb nglrarwlty. TNI FENIAN CONVICTS. Kagltab ttHatoa mt tb* I al**4 Mat** !?<** frrtar* la 1 bala laball. [Fraai tb* laadoa T?*w*, Ho* 1? J It la aa nrdtaary part *f Ua* coanuy M aau**? aat ta ut*rf*ra Witb tb* adm.awtmuaa of J*outo la ?acb *tb*r ? dmataioaa Marry a tb* a*ct*?*a immgwr* of lb*aavara'ga, aad it a amat mmrtaay la ??* Mini Dmd to npp-ar I* doubt ab*tfta? Ma r. yal BMgbbar Bill tamp** juaakw with c**.|*a*?* A MM* v*?a*ga lb* King of rtamla ?**# bd ornorm la ba looaary iw lai*rr*diag far tb* lit* mt a waa wb* bal *?at aiuad a morrnm with ***ry ?ii i. lanan af mmy rb* a?'pi i ri'oa waa dwragatdad, aad tba aMar inal ..??'?* Math wab Iba ?amnama# aaaaat af iha patdi* It b mry di?r?it ?* taagtaa a nan Mgraraud o?w* tha* tbat wwaaniud by tba Tan*** nmdad ? .n?-U M ? . u.wa?.(/v.. *a ?*11 it paliuaal Wwr aaM aa a/caa* abaaad, mar* tigbwaymaa aUgbt ahaMar hmmM vj tba grataillb j, ?adar tb* gala* ' mbburr, b* waa laaOf (MMRMm II i ma . a*?ry airati ngM ''?>** to ba a brndtrwrnd, and mrory amrdam* dmiar* that ba gtaafMamd bk Hp ilia I* fair *ad boao'W m wartam Tlmm a am "bin** d HI*, if a liaiaaaa th* P?at*a Miaapirataa abaaam im?M i* Imland tad tbaaa wha wwi ?a*?arm b tba ta*aaaaa af Oaaada Tb* r**aaaa bad oal yat pmmaaad u> if# rialaan, ttmy bad *tHl r*aa tar mpaw*?m ?ad it a-gbt ba tb*i tbay vwald b**? ?r*aa* t'nm tba ?p*a hwa*tf**ut ?f aim oat vt?a fairy " afh uUd w??, Hit rM* t# Ibmwrtme ed Iba a Mty la tba rmmmttf w*.?fc ib?y pnfm ta brn aa ? ?11 Tb* faataa* wl*. brMH Ibaart* kd aa* ihaaa '<i*a?aua? uiwadwri a tb?r ?a?or *bf mora tab** nd kudd a tb* a<ak? tf aa wbO '? pronto*, agataw Wbrtb awry did am pf***< a bara mom Ua* Umduw *( itwtwt ar ^*ar?*< ? ? ? hdibm caa a* adaait Iba* Uk* <*** or tba law* *r ?* *? pal by Mr Raaard, ta m tb* Ua* fam<ai ?* U? waa*** af ibwk Tb* lb?ik*? maam *?* W* gbt ta wtibdmw fraaa a <??nf*d"may ?a. ??"? ^y t>d tolaf niy *at?rad, aad w ??* **?* ?? *twj? !?* ># ** ?p tar mM '*?? ?y ?? H" '?* " bar* aa? '*? ***? y ? ta*w * ? rbay b*?? a* gom?w*-?*? . ? ?*** cMtano* ? ? frmad y t*a? Tb*y b*?t aa gwwswmei. a* t*aytry, ?b*p Xd hu>*i ami* ? % 'b ?* la ma tad ***+?> ib* wbaowaa* ?f ? a cavalry aa tb* r aaa amwaai. ??bawt ? *tgb* ? >?%!?>< n JO** "** . aaba ?a dar, w tf* ??*rd waaM ***"* |*** wbebwoew W*or*f W a^wway TV. mm ?o* *.*r'y w-wMafJbaJba< ? fimfi iImri fnmfv mm t* im* ^ ^ Ni by bar-waa l*pa* mi *)"*? *">XT*Tm "''ibT*!' i.T.m-T-?' sn?5 4T54 I ope* ti'maelf wa* garrolcd at lb* Havana, with every wrcuuieuauco of .gaoMy ebili ruulil a. company tin t.te <4 lb* I'D Wit malefactor. Dire war* 1I1.1 I Urania of Tan (ranee. ami deep the ludignalloti eiprmeod. hut I una | ha* ever roue*? now eouir flttia 11 or aui<-en yuars? two* frc* from tlia attempt* of wouidlie llburuiora. Alcblath* use agalaal granting the rrquaxt of Mr "aw ard Mb 0i? other Itand. there le ft at allowance to ho ma-a for tha po? lion of th? A marten 11 seven, uveal The Prewdent la rlruggliug fot l.i i, - ., ,u,.i ao overpowering majority. la the cunluet id wlnrh ho waa -ngaged tha Ionian Tola would barn Iaoo of luflnll* importance to him, hut U? >H conleul to forego that ad vantage *? a moat critical moment, rather titan tolerate any at t which might compromise the go<td >iudrr?uuid lag j?twr?u Ureal Itrlla u and lb* I'Bltod Mtaloa. ho analeua waa ha to iirev.nt the E man invasion that h? fm??? (i*n,r?l Gram and Ceneral Meade, two of tl.o bail officer* in tha American army, on tbta dlslaeteful J!.. "TR1""*' Mrv'? I'rertilant Johooou, bod b* been lukewarm in the bua neon, might doohtfoaa !**v **!*'!*_** 'I" letter of tna obi gallon* towards do .a ."at ^ ?eergettc meruurve. We do aot doubt that hlantuat bare anlfered hy tbta honor ?bis ?nfl W?ighiiuf*af(i nooiitict, md ibiu II id in? power to togmt ale himself with the lunlaa* without lavotvlag (So ailed htahw in an actual oulllatou w.tb OA W0 (Wi H to Dim Hiai im uoi nuul* the Mone of bloudabaii sad outrage of every kind, and ho ykfl tor "Hi of ih? obw un wrutcbai who ?ro now under aoMonee of death |t m not l0C aa u> aay what auwor should be given to ,?eh . roqural, b*t wd ronfees Wd aboutd regard the granting u with eat..far tlon. mora especially aa the I'reaidcat would bo bardIr llkaljr to rwaow hi* iBUrcmwIou In the earn of a earned reman Invasion. Tbo abject of iruaiabmaat ta to pre rem trims, and if la this Instance that obte. t will hw batter attained by matey than by severity, we cannot Object to the a 1 peril em being tried, it batng alway* dearly uudanttnod that no aucb immunity will be at tended to any who wny participate tu a awoml lavarioa. AMERICANS IN ASU MINOR. Another Kaetaru DMcalty aad Reclamations mm the Malta* Thn Tarkleh Ntniaatsnta. A latter in the Levant BtrmU five* an account o| * (tom ettnek upon two Amertann gentleman and a boy on their way to Ttnw. Mr. Beury Htanley, one of the number, write* .?Rben about nav< n bourn from Afldnd Karnhlmar, on the lath of September, en remit for Tlflls and Thibet, tie Erne roum. from rmvnia, I aad my two eompnniona, Mr. H. W. Coek, of llliuote. end a youth, of Now Tori, wore attacked laud of robbetw, hailing frtwa lb# vl'lage of Cblhierar, head-d by Achmet, of Karobt'ear, and rubbed of nil our aionav, valuablaa ami riot lung, to the tun* of about it.000 (dartre* It would occupy too much spaa* ware I to enter Into minor deutla; aufllca It to etats, that after robbing ?? they ?oavayad tie aa pete uteri in triumph to ('hi lit war, ac< using ua ol batng rob lent. whl< h brought down on ourdeviitad heads un parol Uid abuw from (he villager*, the women pelted ue with hoe* tbe < hlldreu >pat si u*. the men Imlaboured ua unnerclfitllT with nltcka, club* and fir* I on** Not coaprehandlu* in lb* beet what direction affaire bad ieket. I nnmt My for myaelf th.l I ?a* plunged la a ktataof *tn|>efa> tlou. not unuilnrled with rsg?\ aa to bow ami Thy we were thus treated We had instantly ac<|ul*ord tu all their demands, and ware a* docile aa lamb* n tl rlr hand*, and lliou*h, wbeu attacked, we were ?r*ed with me t>e*t yttinrpee r flee aad Colt's revolver, we had offered O-i r*ol*iaa*av When night arrived ttey Umiid u* with cords drawn ?> tight around our neck that n nearly piuduoed atraugulatioa. in wblcn offering ootidlti .e titer allowed ua Pi nnt t twelve bony, (Ap?w?g? her# oc> ura relating to I be treatment <Mthe taiy ) k'o eiplatialloua that tbey rae render can itar* over the want?n i melly and malignant treatment tu thlch we liave Im en "Ol |ec?ad Noil, two at them ooavavad u* bound, with the meet daring ellroiitwy Imaginable, to e aiuall town called Kaablkeul, will the statement Ibel we were robbers, wher* of eounu wo, powerlae* to atplaia lb# my???fy that hung ovar *? were ircaied aa pvlaowae*, aorom pan I ad hy lbs anal cruel abuse -chains were hong around our Berks, like garlands, for the nlghc from Mile plarn we were ent Untfluna Karal.lMar, where wa re elved th* tieuet of an .olrrnrclor In the person of * M Pclono, agant of be Hank at that plana, who acquitted hitr.astr v?y nedHeldy in that latwctty ? lb* fruileaf winch warethsl wa were immediately freed ? r< in durance Vila. N r did b ? renero*ii v etay per*. II* lent u* ample buds, prm ured ua romfoftaloa rooms at the kbatr ?nd fed and clothed ue. thua ?' ting the part of a mod Hamaritan to three unfor lunate. Aad again. Uirtugh In* energetic aad r- pea tad appnali to Bam.f Hey, be nib gavernor of I list place, ad tb# roblwr* aar* arrwawd A atrlel March waa mad* by .- Idler* In th* vt lags, ui t aliout M piaatree and tw? or three article* of dogm* were recovered Tb# prl'-oners- Achmd, Ihrabto, llaeaaa, Muetapha, Heklr, Vely, I'm-l end three otltire?were eeui under etroag guard to Mrouna*. there to h. detained till triad acrerd log to law. W? have now nrived at Coevtnanuopu vt* nrnuaaa, to lay our caa* i?fa* the American Minister through Wbnec influence 1 juauce will b* mated out to lb# unbsptiaad rogues Mr E. Joy Morns tb* Anarmaa Minister, lost a* ttm* In addreealng an enriyeUc tarnaud to tb# forte for the prompt and eevar* paalabmmt of tha roftteaa caw He imuatad. Brat, a* tht imaMidiata paynvawt of tb* vale* of tha at mm baler* a ortbwnal a? ua?*i|f u >>* iMpartlal.lf > sar-i ttsfiJsSsfiR si CHIMA. ml d'agtala llorr**, mf |>?fc lata ad mm Ik* trif l.akr* kr PlnUa*. boatra Parkar k Cm. of Roeg Knag, Oka*, la IkMr roiaaMiaial' irrttla* datad Hoftmnner M, pakhabad tb* fuitowtag Mailt at lb* mnrdar ant <><jlrag*a iflllal on board tba Cobra, tb# pa>ala ml wkudi ba*a kaaa all it dp rnyoftad bjr tb# Alitalia aaMa to Ik* tlniiA Tba drralar aa/a -Tba Aiawtraa knpMblt Ubwk fhyuia Howaa at Wanaa. A L, .aft tbta pott aa tb# M Inxual, boaad for Japmm. Oa tba Mtb tba rataraad atab tba >eaa of bar ?attar tad faar ataa awbni by Cbt ataa ptratat, abta about thirty ?it** a* Mn liwa Tba aiattar waa omlly aad datlbaraidy abat, (Mat lb* runmogia* of tba will., aa ba aai em tba mtk la kit aaMa, arttb bla wif? aad abivtraa by bM atda. taaay thlac ad rata# iiaeladwa ail tba raaaar* pagiwi aaa r*> atoraJ aad aba waa tbaa trad, a irata bartag kaao laM to a harral of poadar ? Mb tba int> atloa at borylbf tba wboit aba Ml tb* ?ut*r# at tba Cbiaa aaa, bat through tba igartUaa of tba anrrtrara, tba In aaa atllagattaod aad tba tuomI bmsfbt aalbly lata port IllaoarraaUy raportad tbal *kan I In imwiaaal ad tba PaMad diataa baa aaUlad mm of tba yawta*! ?|aakaiia aaa am haad la Waabwgme. aaat* ?aaaarat ?d ba hroagbt fnroaid far tba prator'laa od tta rtbaaaa abroad, bat tola ray?H la ruwoaUy dtabaliaoad. tba ran at tbg Aatarcaa (oaaraaaant ad lb* lira* aad lataraata ad tba Miiran*, fooliab ?f ?> i?h la Hra oulatda tba pair ad bar aoiborMr keriae pwoed rata * prorata aaaaag n. 11**4 aaooo* scientific liTiuiMMK. Tba Karlaritaa tad ?aylaaaaaaar ad Wraad* ffmrn <?*!)( aaa It Maaaaarar, <n IT J lb a payor addraaaad to tb* Arodoat y <4 brnaii'ta, Pa iiuyua on aa amM bat **** ad tba tawaala tbat bar* dWaypaarad !rnm Ma" 1**00 aad 0*adai*ipa On* od thaaa m a kind *f dog, "b <b *ltat*d la taaat at tb* nlkaaa ad tb* Waal ladtaa. aad aaa aM dab Rayataad brotna. a lMaia'r*a friar, tab* tgadM ~ " a la IdM, d * * ago*. "I a.tddUag auiaa* oiU. *ara *raat Mb* 2aa* ad lb* fat. Tb* aaraga* lr? add t u. kaadtag b* m tba aormty aad tb* laard bnag aaaaaMaad l aaa tba aaUraa aabad, tbaa* 4*g* artaaad groat aatipaiby tar u,* la r ap tag* mam tbay ana I ttttbad. It* barb *aa tbaayir or mkrtOaa 4Mb Mb od M Ml lb* lb*. Tba aaraaaa Ut add lb* aaooty aad lb* laard ra? abri olJMf |3f (Mlfoi tfUMMI Hit IfctS [if Hdi at Cab*, da nag a* lilt royag*. n ItaJ That bag I* dtatlaouy atatod IT I'oiaakkaa t* bar* kaaa daaak, it did mi tart at ail. Ha furtbar at at at ?ta bar* baa* lint Id aad *a*aa*ao*oy aaalaai t* tb* taay ad baaau* vatrb, tbaogb tdbaralat dadtbtal ''tit?bat alaa ttaarrod aaatbir ad a **ry did fara*t kraod at layu, Uda tba Baripaa* yag 4*?ka otb*r aaotkal* that baa* -1 ?yf*arod art t?a aaaa ? aaat ad try* parrmvtao ynw .? y*H|lb*. **d | a mad of frag Ima Baraaad* ika ana ad 'otaaaaoa, tap* tba* kialatbar doaad tara ?#? rarrata, rat dlttr *M bM tar tbaa baaaa. m tb* krta ad lb* la Watt tab* baataa daarnbat Ik* am I* baa* kaaa lbMa MMM Tba Maa ad tbaaaMOM* yarrt, a*d ta baapbpd d btaa abd ar*ag* ktaar N k rmtrtiM *al Mb* dia lbaa*.\7ubTX -*4 ta* ?**> lX> lb tta ai MI 11 k aaatary tamram ta* amttm? tba* kaaa a*W rr-_* aad da lat ?**>?? tka< Ok Mb miM aa ma at 01 t htI*, Ml abtak kaa u *a dMtnbad by Ua id tag '? ? UifHWHTd La* 1 aaa nam do* M, taab A la *<maa ant aaar tba *"*??( ad fb rd aad 1Mb van nraM* about ta* o'cdor.g aa ??<?' lay *oa*?a#. daatrr yiag #ra lilKM, aaaapdad k? lynaabaa b Co dry good*. L ?. batbaabud. rkdblng, C baaibll' kawta aad ak'taa, f b dbatai'd tot* aad I bo# aaa. M WMbaU aad K A l*?-*"0, traaara* TV akvba aara aaarly *b *a**d a la ?*** '**?!*< far M M ta tta Wa*m KmIw. ad baa Tarb M ??? '? "?? l ataaao Oaato... r aaa a tb* barl/ord < -raroay <4 banfard ?* tt.? rt*ai aaai|l.*dd 1a tb* btaballaa. *( ba? Tarh HI Vfiitt aaa naarad ba ?| tad aa bttMtag a a4 Potaaa laoaraa** < a aaar od Martd*** I. k b balbark kl fl tag ? tba braraart, tl bb? ?* (ba b*a*a*M. ad boa Tarb. M Mb ? tba Jrtaa *d banbad. <* bnrb claabtag aad |l M tb* Va&ar a mart t aaa mat* Caanrta tb> kotldMC ' giarklar t* aai'td far |M* a Ik* barraga*#- -I fit nli aaa, aad ptda ? tba >4 Ct ****** , ** <M keidteiaed MM ta lb* iMni- I ta*. at Ham T ?*. f ma Taab. *? a?i> at bat* i f >** _ I b M 1 >a Maartl dor |l 0*? % tba aarragaaan, at V J f'timamm*?? aw ? tb* ??? m boa T*rb, aa alo*h ad gr- **# M b WadkataH bad aa taor?** aa ?* *y* **db *1 | csr-TrssA"