Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1866 Page 5
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the courts. SUNIEK COURT?CHICIIIT?PAftT I. laiereMlng lanruei ('??? Beforo Judge J. F. Barnard and a Jury. Tea .sans, Jr., vs. Th* Pacific Pin fiuuranc? batpany.?1mia was an action brought by Uta plaintiff to Mayer $?,600 on a policy or insurance issued by tbe efendant. On the 20th or April, 1103 the plaintiff In fed the property No. 64 Greenwich street, which ex through to and forms No. 66 Washington street, BUI September 20, or that year. Tbe polley was then aaewed irom that date until 1804, aud subsequently pon Its expiration, until Septaml>er 20, 1866. the pre aiaea were destroyed by Ore, October 20, 1804, and as Hatred in the complaint, due uotiue waa given ol the B. Section 10, or the conditions upon which the policy a hsued. reserves to the company the right to rebuild nature property destroyed, iu l;eu of paying the claim. o |nv|rwi*y -i ? ? j '*/ '"j *?v ? twiuiy ad the defendant npou consultation with tbe Citizens' Ire Insurance Company, and the Jersey City Insuranco Company, in both of which the plaintiff i Ibaurad, determined to restore the buildings. A con st waa entered into by the couipauiiK anaa builder this purpoee, and, an alleged in the answer, the intlff then entered into a new agreement with the tractor to erect additional aud more costly buildings mw those destroyed, involving an expenditure of nearly ?fBOO mure than lite value of ibe promisee destroyed, ? wpresented m the policy. This was done without tiro went of the defendants, and they now contend that ly are thereby relieved from any liability to the plain Case still on; for the plaintiff BP -? and Cedwaila for the defendant Oyett and Towusend, SUPREME COURT- CHAMBERS. 'nlTcraul -tuffrage. The Question of ('Al?r lo be Derided by n Jury. Before Judge Sutherland. The People ex rel. Jennet II. IhttnaU rs. The Hoard of hpitlert Inspectors of Elections ttf the Sieooiut District f tke tHyliltenth Ward </ the City of -Veto York.?This which waa reported In the Hrmi.D ol' 33d ul:., came up again before tble court eeterrtay. Oa Thursday the cine was set over AtII Monday, In order to allow the counsel for ? relator to trnvorae the rotuin of a writ of alternative Adamns to compel the Board to register the relator's me or show cause why they should not do no. Una ? counsel had done, anil appeared lu court yesterday proceed with the case. Tho following H ? copy of beitaverse:?"The Pooplo ex roL .luuios U. Darnull ra The Board of Registers, Mr. The rotator herein, amei H. Hamuli, truverses the retnrn of tho ilefoudiuils, id, for pis traverse tu said rctum, atatoe, avers uud de ees as followsThia relator <ier>ies that ho is a man of ml*ji a>i said return allegoa, or that he ever has boon a of color, and thin prays may tie inquired of by the -u ... ??l, ...... ,..?j ....... entry. K. Gilbert for the relator. Vtpon the cage being call- 1, Judge Sutherland atated ?at upon Investigation he bud found that he had no V to allow tho counsel to traverse the return, and JV It might lit> entered in a plea; and that lu Piling ?M it was a question of law ou the previous hearing, he eu Incorrect. In common taw the return could >t bo lll 'd, hut It might he demurred to. <>u the ueaiior of i ..lor being brought up, Jus Ico .: itherland citod tho laws of C'ouuecticut 29 Johnson), which declare that those are decided o bo black who have African blond in their veins; uud bo mentioned tho fact tha' the const I'mion does not lenilnn tba word "negro" at all; and called the auen ion of connrei to the circumstance thutvre bavnt.ln?. tea which muku it a felony to "tuveigle or outi. " out f a .State a black, mulatto or other colored person." rhe Judgo then sta'.od it to be his opinion thai tho quo Jon wns one which should be denied tiy trisl before a nry, and recommended tho counsel for iho relator to Mtve ft placed on tho (llrcuit caieudur, after bavins ai ?red tho tic. verso m the form of a pica. The counsel hen staled that bo would do so. For the relator, E. Obert: for tbu defect ? i liliss At (MNIMk COURT QFJJOMMQN PLEAS. The Hoiinlng of a Provision to Kt-poli jn ? lirmr. Before Judge Brady without n Jury. Prtnrricjc W. U>rk ft al M. JK U 4 -The MHoiiCa nt this cam ore u-a^uee, of a lea,., of premiss M Veeoy iirc,?i, of which the defendant ii the |.nir, the 'earn ??. given In February 1V;4, tor two yean with prteilego oI renewal for th-?.> yean more. The wee or'cinally made to Poole ,t Co., who i.SHtuned to Beck who went tmo partnership with the pUtoMfft, putting n SlT,Keoal>"n"1 b,a ^ar"- ,h? u|Min WMif. Ml'l ,..,r ami u re and the leal,.. ?,? orih.nallv Irnwi, mp. ,-.t the tenon la to malt.i nil repairs; hm hefhr.. he execrit^on of the the words '?dajii?iie.j Mcepted, ate r<, be repaired by the p.t- ..? ?t ih?, nr.t fpwit tine ..bier and deloudaoti war.. Inter.,nod. the ?.soa were damaged by (Ire in March ltuw, au.t delate nllmft? according to agreement, plaintiffs bnrig tbolr action to compel specific per nance on the part of tbo hutdlord, who, tliec *av aec to repair owing to a reluctance to oontlnuc the t TV * hi n r renf < an no-r ho oli CI?' 11 ^1* H 1 :kithBl th" arcr,ll"?; rem a SR. , r,,,*'r ? ?*U.J -hf.Uina/e? for ihe de.ay. ?11 i ? *"? 'ht' "f totnic.-o nianctactorm - ?ew'loiB, larocqu.. 4 Harlow for plaintiff. Ucnodi. t a. ?*ardinau .ur d?fcD(i'?ut Ouoinion iv?iv6d. What OuirliNffi a Pnrttt*r*fiif?. trifrVen Pint na Ma mm Ormrhe*. ?Th la cane, whlh aa been on (or the lent tour davr, wan rM,r?i?y 1 m 1 - ? """H^.r'11 UrjiALO the suit was brought Uniisoohea partnership and obtain an accent <??, the dcondant denying the partnership and main ttlning plaintiff had nnlaefnlly tiik.<u awav ami ?creted defendant's pro|ierty irotn hie gallery, Tin. 411 r?adw?T. this taat representation Ormabee an. - ?mdedioccttmg.nordb, 0f arrest agaln.t I'lna about the < th.s action was jmmenced tm ihe of tbia action the plaintiff proved that t?a ?nn name was pUhled on fhe wagon used he them. Plalnllff ?J.? rivr:;:' STT 'T* nlllf. ' ,'"1 "'*d fSa'partleTl'ere T <h? 1^ .;: k 1 *tn-? *"* ???< - ? Sf.? t" ' oot'four*h aerdict for p'emfir on all tin. h?n,... ,? |W. >. Ho, ep,. for plaintiff- <11.. - : sh * =???? * Coon. h. for .l.'fendant knii ,:?'r J ?* unikb suns coimissiaittRs orncr. *rrF.,.r,.r/ 0""Irr'"""* ' "??u.Hi.f?rr ^rtrme',,u,rn * ?ra Hlldi.w ??d Teaiat,* .... of ?w.^,lrea ? harartl m Irh ?,.il><c Iw TiVenl ?hywhlileaBtrffritm. "nl1" Before i 'oitiin turner f >m. Fwrick H. Kmk?r>u huh ? htr^ fl w?<ii k?wi. |UM. " 1 Wil4j man k?v IiinkI .our eoui4t?'rr#ift( #!?? ikm . F * ^ <M ,na MlOfAlllMlOti of Ity rent !raciio?ei nrreu-r. ?r. Roll appear..! p. is. ?overtMBcnf. and Mr. Mpcneer for the daf.-ndnnt. Marram: MtW, ?w.? , twew u,c d^end?. have kaono him orertwo eesre I never r.- dc ,, MDi b('J6 Kl(h ll.ftl 2? iM >1 If lam ... _ m' fclK,Ut OlOflttif Ji^O I rPvi,Jee,| * rwenty eigUh Itr^et, the d^ce :.u,t came n, .,ur hare, he did not do anything In nUr . an*. fh? Vn r Jrealded la Hudaen fcw... nrooirlyn, In Ma. <M de fttdavit finjH to O'lp h' JKA' I .,u h ,n . r . he did week .here- th- .!e,*ZTn v'T.'/el' 1 'h"'? ?reu'ii 1 tree' | heve Wo la hhl house several ifnw . ' . . ,n ''is plhte* Iffy -Bt , V., %n:y. 't 'W"'1 ?" * hh.,.,1 Mil ttrii iMftirH* i .? l*'4 ? hav# Augwd; I Ua.'n ,, - twkMty . jghth Mraet In Of a.. . . .1 ? f .0 ? lie Inter c?,t - " , ? ""7 ninr or "V'nfainhmee ? t . | Ut d?.ifii,d?L' ^ ho< ? 1 i?i 1 ? .*r h ro-Ai^lr ?? a ftw r -^LLV11* ^ ^ IWU> ^ '"Ml looniu ? in ai thai I W*ldl Ap'tiri a f n rlnta. I a * wii?. Hr "f dere'ndant; Ihee- wa '.,")^! '"PiW "?m, I .|?, n.a i.?.i , f did nut nod .iefenrtar ?pnlaH I" mc; Mr. 4 7Z7rn' 7"'T ,0irt ,f,n,r ^ "I* *" *' '*"?? '%?*<'! ? OU11 II. ?.c . ?b# MM * pf.i}-; tltPTA ?V?s ?tw tu Lb ??* ?t *? ".*1. Mr Ho MI l? ?rt J .JSftfd Vr. Brli wMr| W Q r Q Tbii 'O'titi'Mi ' ^??w,?rin7 I ^ M* tlK? If ib, Wlfltuf ,.n tfw p. ^>?rM tb?* I ICHlfc titO p| I Matppfjff |||t<| | Mivo Mpr ba?tt a ' ' ?.#!> it ff ,1^ '* lly! Mr. Ball?DM you aver see the defendant working on pletea if your boose r Wttnaas?Yea. <j, Wneur A. last August twelve monliut. 1 have Carried plates u> defendant's house: 1 hare see* defen dant working on other plates In our house. Mr. Spencer objected to this evidence. The Cotnmitieioner said it was well settled that If there was evidence to be given rsepectlng other plates they must Iw produced. He-direct.-? 1 have seen defendant engraving plates? fsou woiV at our house. <A Did you ever eee the de feudaut do face and ornamental work ? A Tea. Q. What kind of engraving did your husband dot A. Let ter and card engraving. Ki ealielh Bergin, a married daughter of Mr. Atkinson, ealled and sworn. Mr. flell said that he now proposed to show by this witness that she had carried plstoe to the defendant. He could not produce the plates. Mr. Spencer objected. the witness in replv to auctions, said it was to Res son's wife she h.i 1 given the plate; she did not give It to Reason. The Commissioner ruled out the evidence. Mr. Bell said that was the case for the government. Mr. Spenoer said be uslced the Court for the dismissal of this case us an act of justice to the pubHo. Nothing was more dangerous tban to deprive a citizen of bis lib erty ou the unsupported evidence of a felon. Mr. Bell?Adhere to the truth. No felon has been here. Mr. Spencer observed that this lady knew all. She took this plate to Reason, showing that she knew it was a counterfeit plate. She gave instructions to Kesaou about it, and thai was such possession on would render her liable to indictment and punishment, if she was to bo believed in her statement. She perpe trated a fclouy in taking an active part In having that plate perfected. Without disrespect to the lady, .who was not prc.-ent, if bar testimony was to lie credited, she was guilty of the perpotratlou of a felony. Mr. Kesxon was charged with engraving the plaie, or s portion of it, and the only person who came e evidence touching the charge proved on the .ound to give < bcr-jolf an accomplice, and It was un.-afo to take away the liliertv of a subject on such testimony. There was every motive lor this woman to tell any kind of story? to <lr.?g in somebody?for the purpose of savins her hits b ind, flnr public were getting rid of these Titus Dates eases. Many of those counterfeiters got clear and be came government witnesses and detectives. He did not blame Colonel Wood, the head or the Secret Sen icc tie psrtment. vrho waa an honorable man; but he (Mr. Spenoer) knew that a great many of theee oountei-feuevs twlstod i.ud sbdod out of accusations, and tbree-fosrtbs of ihoi<- people apparently engaged in breaking up ibis Counterfeiting business were men that were in com plicity with counterfeiters to day. This plate was found in possession of tho woman's husband. With this plate the pioeecuUou sought to couuc. t the defendant. Ho moved to dismiss the complaint on ihe ground that the evidence was that of one witness, an accomplice, whose testimony win unsupported. Mr. Bell, in replying for the government, laid they could not go into churches to And evidence for the con viction of counterfeiters. They could not always find perfectly reliable witnesses. Ho contended that it wan the province ot a lury, and not of the Commissioner, to decide ,,n w hat weight should be attached to the evidence of any witness. Where a witnei--1 ou the stand bod sw >ru plainly and unrwertedly as to the crime ?ud the defendant V connexion witli it, it was for the jury to say whether, under all the "in urn-lances, she h to lie lie lieved. The Commissi n- r observed that IT tlm caso rested wholly on the evidence ol the wontau who hail appeared on the stand, or if the <;rsnd Jury would not meet for three mouths, lie would know very quickly what to do In the but by deemed it his duty to saj hero tbut the woman was an accomplice. How much of an accoui pllce it should be the misalMI of a jury to decide, ihc woman had told as much to ooodemn her husband a-( to condemn the defendant. He would donv the motion to di.-rni.e ibo complaint, and ncnd tan ease b< lore tho tlraud Jury; but, m consideration of Hie testi mony of the woman, ho would reduce the bail from $ii,UO0 to 11.500. colonel Wood, advert tu to tho slatonieiit of Mr. Sp-nccr, said th- government would give him $1,000 if he could name any man in the secret service who had been cuv-erned In counterfeiting. Mr. Spender- What about Lowell? Colonel Wood I never believed him to bean honest man. Mr. .wp?ncor- Judge Shiptnon got ri?l of him The defendant subsMm ntiy appeared, and gave iiail m the reduced sum nanus! liy fie Commissioner, and thus tbo ce-e h.n ended for the pre* ut. COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS. Before Judge Rusoel. iill * VD l AJK'KMKri. The calendai yedcrdny wa ? large, but the Judge and Assistant District Attorney Bedford disposed af a largo uuruber of tho canes with great despatch. .lames >?t'le> pleaded guilty to grand larceny m sl-ial Ingugolti waMt \ dued it $70 and $51 in greonlNivks from Micuap1 Cotter No. ?tJ0 -'econd avenue on the let of October. ilinmav We/llcan. Charged with stealing $M$ In money from Mary Jane Hel< nrtoiu, No. 12 Mulberry street, on the kth inst., guilty to the indictment. On hM arrest, "ic prisoner admitted taking tho money. Farley and Madigso wore each ? ut to Ihe Mate I'rlaon for three y--?rr -iid mx mouth*. John Hatch, wtie d?ie $2ox In money from Robert Li ght foot, No. '_'0o i' I vision street, on the Ud of October, pi'-adod guilty In the offence. A portion of the money was round upon bis jiereoit when arretted. Otto Mnsch piead-d . iiity io grand lan eny, he having otto mi'.-'in pleaded ..uuty 'o gianu ian eny, ne naviug been Indicted for sfealiug, on tho 4th of October, a cfiao dotlor aud sixty-iiw do/,on ot lamp shade.-, valued at gu-l Lhe pm|iwir ?r 1'lgur IV. CUrr H' orge Van Ness pleaded guilty to burglary In the third d-gies. On the night of the 1Mb of October be broke inie the preniL-cD o, Moir." I.. Murphy, 42 Market street. There *?- over $40o woith of li'i ion in the plane, and Van Ness, who was arrested in the place, confessed to tho udloor thst he intended to -toe' some of the prop erty. Hatch. Rusci. end Van Ne- were each sent to the Mate Frixon lor three year-. Judeoti Oliver, charged with stealing $100 worth ef clothing, owned by William Mit'-hell, pleaded guilty te an attempt at proud larceny, ami was sentenced te the Male Prison for two yours and six months. John Bradford who smle on tlw.>th n' August $4A m iu iioy una in clotuinc, tiie property of Lawrence Doyle, <17 Wootiuull tre?' Brooklyn pleaded guilty to sn ntiempt at giwud larceny. il? was sent to the Stale | Prison for two vsurs. ? oor.oi - miUi so.i John fucker, rbaiged with I gold chain, xulu d at f ' o. from John Mitchell, No 20 City Hell plat*, on the 2Mb o' (Liober, pleaded guilty to petty larceny. , rtl.nnn K ill, indicted lor stealing twenty-four satinet unmade cunt#, valued si flvsi. tlm property of Jacob l.owi-, pleaded .nllty to an e'lampt at graml lar eny. Philip I .'teeter pleaded vulltv to stealing a truuk. con tain'ng ??.- worth of wearing : pparel. Ihe property of Kdx.ard R. Krclk-'M, which. atfliotimeof tl,*' lavccoy, wis in charge of the New Jersey Ktpre** <on,paoy. Mori 11 Worn - pleaded . ttllly to an .Hteinpt at grand )xr i ay. having lie.-n rlisr.ed witn stealing about $.100 I W'atb Ol Woaruig SMxrei Iwloiirag to Harriet Mood, No f I'd Meet Tenth sirebt. ihc above prieoners were re nuMsini i?r sent'-ncc. , or.i r?- c John If la*nb?rt. indicted for c' enl ng $43 from ' -heel Mare, ilk. rarslili re-i, ou Ibelifttof ttcto '?r; Joseph txuu,, tiid ,ao I* titan), i. irged with -.tenting irs-1 pieces of urw ? grvoc retued at $TS, the pp-party i Mr litai rhnll'igiiut A and Kll- n Shaw, ?cured ofslc'Hiig tv worth of ?? nag appsrel from K;l'n ?unders, "ho Fnet Tweiith nirtc, were aeverally tried and U'lvMad, tfce itstitn u, for the prosec iU >t, lieing ins . ilci> n: m sustain the charges. rtCISlONS W iUMFBF WORT. Ry Ingioham. J. Jcol.ji II. ?ac? tf./'ord I trio ?f are -ett'ed By I" -uer J. IIAiaaew r>. B?r*. , rU.- J idgtuenl for lb* defend aut on the d'tni'.rrer. w"h leave to pia.nliff to am nd his i omplalut mthiii twenty dayv on i*tm n' of rnata of the dcoiiirjsr loom MIHOAH--TU 04T. *i nui; Oni'RT?Cmnti lr*?. ?vdjourri,! lor Uo form. O.O'frr -Pot 1.?X,# 070, <m-i mi. 743, W3, 4T?, 21 aoti, i .71, 164 ., a*\ -ns?. hmm, sat*. 22*0. I"97 i Ml.;, .MB, mi I'.rt 2 Nm. MM. 3440, .'.42 M\ 3i?1. :tl2. 14. I?V>> 1044 1404. MS, 1234, 034, JO*'-', M14 l oa, I .MM, 1.12, 15X2, I V 4 T?1 T?*i lo.? t.frr' Vi* II, 1 >, M, 14, 30, ?.!, '24 ?'.>? KT op Ondd.o 1'ii.jr l'nrt 1 nrd 1?Cnlnodnr lor to dor narnn ? y n? torSoy Mi it*'"* r ?Adji 'irti. l for Coirtiw liiwui *?. v . n.o P* .pin rn. Fnlr' K Omnorn, Jmmm McNally, J'.-nph HtU, Jnmoo Hmdy, r i.?>cry r (*i . 1'aai Cl.r i?imu, ??mII ui) Ml it l*.?"*??? Mannol fort.-'. f*l?o ptmi'ikm; llonry MilVtr, John y. HikkIius grand Urroni- or mooor; < lin? ijim - ihu?Uer, p.,ih *n ! good l*r . in , Henry K>r??e. im B .rn H T ir*4mfl, imad inroonr m n. n.. r; ' Iwrlo" Mnrmmll, growl Ufonjr and b?ml?ry , H. Fo? ML Mich* I p..r rr. b rgWy, tl.rd ?Mree, A. Wt.ilmno. I J..rm4<<, J Mailimo, J"hi Hroijr, John ?to. i .ir -Oir) .logri " ?nd o*b4 lomooy. Ohrtn i *i. atoll, grind Urrogy of ui*.tioy I aoinln Akmlmw X. Iirr?oori, I tilled Molr* *11) rl hi I orp?. Tt 1 nUMr, olio tiao Ixvn for * ton* tint* |n*4 In ? i..01 of tin Kirn" rorriUln.- ?4*ltoO ?l Me* Vofk, Jl?l liroMIr |?o?r.|?r of dnijMr, opid mrdfJMf yriore. < .(404*. Hr ??., IV ?o horn .0 \?? *'H4 Cby, Uiitotoor ^ I7.<2, .n4hi..,u^ I io Dm . r.,i illy of Ui iumi din. fn, n',1.. I In ttik cfly liwi'try of ib>- city ?nd ???inlry. ii i ??' r '.yrt.ner ?? Mm Pop win ||. ore B. Ifi'-ntrrt who w?'B?tJ .1 4.10 ,4 on leurd tno .Vugnm In Porry'o ?td?nd'' i KMoff on hotci ivr?, and rorn. .J o nuror m?dnl from ? lOgr- m l.? bin mtr.r?> on li.dwn?i ii. ,lhn b*' Hroi ooft ? uli-r-rj Lhn onrlln . rp. ia Vhirrb 1?'20. tnd hfl ??'|i?? n!?y l??o In fhr ?rT*'Vn oi-?r f-ift" 1 * rrifO J'? *?* P'MtM>l/4 4M0 limtrOiMrt nf t|i? .vtfy. IfrMriOombor 10 'i, no t in ]>MA ??? ioromticl ...pi'.ioior In. jmn' r?l ' ' ' rrlc.i " II' rriM *I(1| h |.?1, |I.'0I ?nr ngb I' in t .loo *|ih 100 on** tbroilgk tM >!?? i .ii *?. 1't in ] ,4* to lMSl ho ?m empluv id on *.r? 'I'ttjr. On Votointior SB, of tin* lutr- poor, no ? VI ft ? ?l on iborot.rd Iim, m<i m 1*?2. pinond hi, r-. ? o ino M.rinor?n,w.rin., ji"* York Ci'-uln ftr (f r* lootrr Oto, donjrMoo, ?ho * n nrrto i to ld*?U n n., M in. M-r no i nrpn Urn i' rinlt.o of (no J* i?<?1 w || i^< .n-or? S l> r? (M 'lorlu Bifrnr* ? Mow to '.roonwood i ?mo ?ory, by > w???, ?o M tho tvrpo to lovrrnn, V KooMo 01 .,# . -ok I* Jf CHARGES AGAINST CITY OFFICIALS. THE COMPTROLLER. The ImetUcMln I'sMMietS WHt Bills Are HrW uurf Why Nut- Fernando U'umI'r Hv(ut t'lalm-Tbe " l.ri'Kl 'Head Kabblt" Testi mony of Anna llerrlek and the Kapleyee of the t'owpireller'a Ofltae, See. The Investigation of the chnrgeB against Comptroller Brennan waa commenced yesterday before John Sedg wick, (he Commissioner appointed by Governor Fenton to conduct the Investigation. There were present at the police headquarters, where the Investigation takes place, the Comptroller, the counsel on both sides and a num ber of spectators. The counsel for the MUte were Deputy Attorney General Hammond, James hmott, G. T. Noycg and J. F. Daly; and for the Comptroller, Jae. r. Brady and A. R Lawrence. It was half-past teu o'clock when the investigation began. The uouuhpI for the State explained that the investi gation look place uade^the authority of a statute paused Ukiit winter. The connect for the Comptroller stated that though it might pay legal gentlemen well to have these Investl Klion* brought forward, he thought that any one would objected to except the Attorney General or bis dep uty. He quoted the statute to show that an investiga tion conducted In any other way would be llegal. His client had had a great deal of business to attend to. and waa desirous of having the inquiry concluded as soon as possible. He was satisfied that the commissioner had no Judicial iunctions in the mutter, though he would ad dress lutn as bis "Honor." The counsel for tbu State argued that the referee had the right to take testimony und forward it to the Gover nor under the statute.. He argued that a statute paaaad lu DUN gave the Attorney General power to appoint deputies when be could not. attend himself. The Cotnmb-siower decided that he would look upon the counsel appointed by the Attorney General as repre senliu" him. lie then stated thai, there were two eels of chui ges, oiA preferred by Anson Herrick and i.uother by S. D. Monlton. William A Herring was then called to tbe stand and testified that he Is au auditor of accounts in the city, and has held the otllce since Jannary b, 18(13; thai he could not 1st! whether iRhlnif F -man do Wood again .! tbe Mayor and Commonalty of the city ol New York for legal charges (Kissed through the Comptroller s eftbie, without referring to his hooks; he could not recall ail that he did in lour years. CouuncI for the defence bore stated that if they de sired papers frou. Mr. Brennan t otlice they would pio due.) them on notice at any time. lameo W'utsou was next called to the stand and testi fied that he has lawn County Auditor since February lRfl.H; ihat lulls of Anson Hernck were paid in Iha4 and 1*0.1, though not properly pas-qui hy the Board of Super vtsors; they were not projierly rertilled nv tlo. officers ordering tbu work; one wu- of Nuveiniwr 7, 1103, and tbe others were in lsd.4 inul IRtii; I how are the bil's referred to hi the Hiibpo-iia; those bills were not pas-od and paid In tlioyears; they have i.obii unco paid; In February direction or the Court and a writ of mandamus Istid by direction of the Court and a writ of mandamus oi the Supremo Court. Ibe pro. >?? din,. wa.. held before Judgu Sutherland; did not knuw who represented tbe Comptroller In the pro.-e.Ulng; tlie iimonnt covered by that nnuidauuis w is el44M>. tlio atn.oiiii of the lulle lia.d tiy tbe order of the mandamus wa- flfi2 70; knows Air Herrick by aiyht; talked with Mr. Hriman once in re ard to Mr. Derrick's claim, never more; that was when the l)r<t bill came ti|> in thh ollice; could not giro the exact conversa tion; could give the .?jbstmcr of It it was that the hills were not properly authorised, Mr. llix unan $ aid; never prepared any defence .u the matter of ibe iiiaodo intts; Die lint intimation lie had ot it wsw wlieu the ; t torney showed i,im Die order; lour or flv-< mui.ditmu'Ci have IsMn-d iu tlie put two y irs from tlio courts to the < oinpivoller's ofiice to pay Utile; was not consulted in these other casos, tluiy were for the payment oi bills rhe w lines against tbe countv (fh.-vi'n *?> wax lo re dir-ctcd to point out the imperfection- in the lulls, which be did substantially or be had previously toatitled.) these weie Die only bills of Mr. H< rDok that pa?ed in the i aat lo ir year-; ho rememh red a warrant drawnfor Or.son Ulnnt in lain ? was uot certain as to the dnie part not tlie warrant with linn. (Counsel for tho defence here staled that It w e < n warrant for $50,000, drawn on I Die Jd of October. ltiMi; Die ontendhle otiject of that van-ant was .o pr- sent a te, to .Mr. Blum , it Wii'i lor ffio,OoO; it pa- ?-4 Die Hoard of "Oipervlxon the same us ill molieyh drawn hy the volunteer committee; thai was .Uftercnt from the or dun-ry routine id the busi tess; hid received money from the subordinates of ib> coinptrolier s oiito* for political purpose- did not think that he w u f ound lo an -or on whaln. m-lons; never for tho jmrpovee of Matthew r. Brunntn, never on any occoiion, Mr. Ilreunan'shouae waa built in 1S44; knew of no contribution i -em Die oftloe at that time in f>-or of Mr. itjnniian; reduced lo auxwer whether he gave an; - thing hiuieelf u.-not, a* it wo* a private matter there arc over ton employed in tho room In tbo office with him t Dover talked with Mr. Biennan on tbe Muhje. ? of collection* for mm. U If you perl nnv m>.o*v for llat tliew T. Brennan to whom waa It paid f A. 1 have not said that I ever paid any; that !a my p' vaie ho-me-. Q. You refu-e to answer the question f A. I think you have no right ui go into my private affair*. Au-oo Horricfc waH then cailvd, and testified that an agent of his pre>wifi?d liills In 1MM or lkdS lor advertising; be preauined the advertising waa ordered by tbe dim riff; a veto was publish ed by order of 'be Hoard of r! iper. isors; preaenied 'he bill* to ibe Boatd of (Supervisors, they were not paid oi the time Ibey were audited; had n<> |iereonal interview with the Comptroller in regard to them, waa rot In tbo Comptroller's off! e for three year* and more: did not know why they were not poM, they were paid after tho order of mau laniae wa? obtained; bad no Interview with the Comptroller ?luce tbo Feiwunry afior bio eiectloo; tho reason be did not gel out a mandamus before was because be wanted to aee how long It would run?(laugh'"rj C'be wiu.-sh Hero testified to Die names of Uie wyers wb" oonducted Dm r?aei, hod no .onversation with Mr. Mores In rogarl to tbo Mils; did not know what tbo court decided m regard to the hills; waa gu d.*d by his laa>ere in the mauer, rould not say whether la June, 1 Sflf., central fail. Dock woe III or 112, and awardo.l to Die f ?inptro!l?r - daughter at 103. to ibe amount of $45 000, does no' know that Central Park stock for whirl 107 was refused was afterwards ? ? arslad for 101; be beard these things, and rated them in bis paper in February, IW.?. Counsel ..?r tbe deftmo oq,ect?d to this line of 'iinii nation, rtrt* led to a discussion between counsel, after which < lie ' .immlssloni-i'decided thai under th- statute auihotlring inquiries, ?u h as tbe one than fo.og on, the lab'ogcf ? widen a Mich ..s that than -akau wax adnn?Ms. Counrel lor the d fsnee hero 'tated ?bat the Hran r> contained an iu**riit>ng account ol e Ineteori- ahowsr which O'v.'rrrd In I on lou, sod tho .gh it waa .vrrob.. rated bv Dm Find 1st. papers It was doubtful wbeiber Mr Renue-t wou.'d uwear lo it or noi. TT'fnc f d d ne' kn"w whether the V'upetrv|ser'a com mittee ka.1 derided 'hat fi-'so.oon wa-one.igb to give a suitable left .poo al lo Mr Blunt; heard it. Here tbe wilnev lestlfieJ to ibe ailb.wslnp of severs, articles in the sew York A'J.u, and that be <;.U not the truth of what tbcv contain--.!, |d Mo *a- the ariiOoni of d.-n.-T" ..btalned scaiest Ui?-Corporation, ot wb.cb the - out ess over f.,,Osi. he hoard, and so ?r<de in hln paper, he wrot- on fsepiemoer IMA, that the payment of a bogus claim to Fernenwo W's>d war a condition of the Comptroller'' nomination, rould not swear In the troth of this, toil wrote it on the eutuority of rLmIis hsd heard at that Ur.e, wllsrrs bilk were peid bv lulhor ty from the court; the reeton He . banged bis ro<-tb?d or sua king Die comptroller was because the lovo-'i, sipui. in loo.., imfoie I'm(Jovenw wa., nut ? on dueled in a manner to Rati 4y Hire, and he govs the mat. t.-r up, be never stated that he made $10,000 uy geing over lo Mr. Hreonui, rbanged the poll y of his paper tow ird. klr. Hr-onan on the HP h 'if lleceniber, !*di i?. fmv 'hat Lie had-alb*! Mr Hrennat. "the a real deed '? - (Vineel to%the do'enac objected to this one of esaraG hat iii. Wlta?s? had prrrkrm to the fltth of He- ember el locked Mr. Rrmioaa, h it since Dion dropped bra. ' w*s'.. v?.niu?d C..uld no? tell which rf (be atate. menu n bis i-sper were true in regard to Mr. Rrer eaa; if the ataicments were not true, be war willing to stand amenable to the law, U s letter to the lowers or was pub lished in l>?c?niber, 1M$, on tbe 2S4 of Deoenriber Mr. Brennan was not paid or prom.ved any cm?ideraf.ob for ae-tllnc the dntin wltnee. bad agaiast bits. It wan only 'or about?(AO, and out of ibat be bad to pay hie own cent , he dealt rl Mr Brennan at arm's langtb. i KM not bow whether the terra "Dead f was cwnpi'iaeotary er not; Mr. Bvewnaa m igbt L.vr-i taken d so, tbsve was once aa ?igaalrafty kn-wn leethe 'Deal Kabbtta la Urn ftmh ward. iLbbgfclir.) g 4. D I yen eommeoos to jhuli evtsne ,-afjr fro Dm corporal am after January 1, fbla qu- .'Don "as ohje- ted t?. Comet' f.if the ??ate argued Ibai after a rereerlll*. I low, wbvb be cDuned was e?e-?#g between Mr. H't unao tn l Mr Herri -, had De? n ? on* i-.imated, the bills were paid sa l titsnslve eoipvratlea advertitlng glv en to ibe T? e t .immP-'orec der'tsd heb'd no power to role owl any endetiv. In Jaa mry Mat be p b'Kbed an ad eernmmcDt for the t ona.rgi.oa ?b. b ixr.ii'>! d> $C00 er fTHO, ahv-b was paid t ruer examined-H unde-stoo-l (hat tee < erap' roller ? as opp xed'o giving him any advet cng. awev had any to hit knowledge teem him <* his ef*lrs; beve n-K 'pekeb to Mr. nrsboen n tbe lent three )eera. The fr-toe-l fur the ?-.ste now aekel sn ad. mn wetil of the -Rsa till turn murning, et ten e rle> a wk! ;h, after a st. .rt -ler.alc, vac agre?T to. The 'nreeiiga'.ot was than adjourwsd. THE STREET COMMISSIONER. T%# I *M?lMUnrr R'Mtl la I arnrll l?wa aat la Tk* Hi fift* .Hakai aa I i|U*uiaa Maalr af Ikr I n??. A r. The invent tat oa lata the bargee again.) Htrae* rtmt mlnetoaer Comalt eae to bare emnttaeeag jrene rfag, at lhr*? a'eloeb P M., la Uia ?? ,'iatna Coert oeaaral Term Rooai. Kt Judge W':???, MM fkwmoHa O&mma. mer, ?t># t tnmf '...tiffaJ ea?i <b* rej-iriere of lh< pt*m t?? i>nant at the beer, tat Mr. < <**? I MM to apnear tVtfnin'taiarp Whlt'nf ??> 'atinf Ilia a?at fail On (he ITib 4a* #f NaewtMbar IMM, I ff at* ?d *!>?? em iflint) ? of i f?rrr.ifn '..a I ?<e?|. w / tna I.avriter of iba -Hate ??# m ?fti)ri|ta?Wiia? t* hear the o?a?t' rat >o at ?a?rr*? araia-t i.umIm II. Cornell, "treat t onamiawoae* ef Tott ivreeaet toifcat authority tbe tttura' t Oaonal nan t r?n a< ire to thai on ciel to ipj*ar at a dmguv.r ] la} 'he da*. far the pnrprm af nan og the bert'i <mM Mi* Ti?e !>?p?rtr tilara'f <l?r.' ral than -aid the tl 'i pre ' IIIMat Hi brder emilg ha ta earl Mm oanaa of Mr far aftl i -I r ?<tarr WDHiof th?t? tfre-iae that Mm a mm of Mr I bailee ?< Ceraell be 'ailed rhf m doar. aed aa reepvta# being rereiret U?a Deputy Attorney General Mid:?Mr. OorneU not appear ing ?'?ts rtO' e tho appoiuliuent of ths Commi ion and ? service of :i not:od <m it in of tbo intention to proceed, the mventigiUioa could not thou proceed. lie i ml.or remarked that he (the Attorney General* had received a ? crrutleaie of the re-u/uap in of Mr. t .irnrll. rum ti.e office of Mtrftei ( eurio. elonsr. Commissioner Whiting then aid 'in rhe Attorney General conceive* thai thore is no further ueccaaity tor proroedloit m the matter, he would there, foe? not produce any evidence in nupport of the charge*, lief ore UWoiisciag iho subject, However, he VOtlid bog leave to say a few words:? Hie Bxcdlenoy Governor Kenton, wholly uneohottod by me, did mo the honor to appoint me a i ommladoner to lake the testimony to be offered on the invaetigatloo of the charge* in the ca-to of the late Street CuuimiMtoner. I received this appointment on the 17th day of Novem ber, end the Attorney General on the ean.e day gavu the street CommiP' ioui'r notice that the Investigation would proceed thia day at throe o'clock. On the day the no

tice we* served upon the .-'treet Com an lev! oner, he eeut hi* re?i|fnation of the office to hie Honor the Mayor, who oommuulcaled it to a special session of the Board of Aldermen, held at live o'clock In the afternoon, when the Hoard Immediately accepted the seine. *a they My ?tfor the reason* stated by tho Street Commissioner." Ttio Attorney General deeming that the \ m ation ot the office r"ud?r? it tinnece *ary to proceed any further in tho matter, of courha my duties have "ended oofore they were begun."' If the Hoard of Aldermen had simply stated that they accepted the reel ittiat inn, without affirm teg that su- h acceptance wa* caused, for tho reasons stated, by tho Street Commissioner, (hue gtv ng olflm d kanctlon to the asnertioc of that official reflecting upon my character, I should have deemed the redaction* un worthy of my notioo. I therefore take this occasion to mt that. I have no recollectlou of the pernor, of tho late Street i/'omroiasloner, and have uot, nor did I ever have, any personal animosity towards hita If I have oarer seen him, which it is probable I have, it must havo t* <m on some casual occasion, and which has escaped my re collection. 1f I hart ontnr'a iied against htm any |*u *i ble prejudice or bias I would not have adopted the ap pointment I wm not, in any sense, his pemoua! opi*> nent 1 do not know to what iwrty precisely the late street Commissioner n<dgs:ia if he meaus tlial party which do.-- not love the country and (is prr*crva Won bettor thAii all things elee, Mien 1 am hi* pollti vil opponent. If ho mesne the grout democratic party, which put-, rill parly prejudices under its leel to or the I'n the integrity or the Union, then i writ n?>t hi* political opponent. I was rot apiiolnte I bis "fudge." I Imd no Judgment to pronounce not even an opiuiou t-i ijiiesr upon the question of Ills guilt or Iniuven e. Hi* case was not to Imi tried before me. I was to do nothing ??e to take tho testimony, ueli as tiogbt Its ofler>-d upon the one side or the other, and report the evldem a to the Governor. One would suppose. Irotii a hasty rcaJing of his letter, that my lieitig the owner of the contract tor cleaning ilie street* and avenue* of the city of N-w York, over which street* bis department exercise* a wide and extensive jurisdl Hon, that l..- lutd MM super Vision over tint contract for cleaning tho street*. Ores this contract he had no Jurisdiction whatever, and nothing mak'-n li bis duty to mt?rfen in anv roenner with tne, or ni" with liitn The charge Uiat I nocu pittd the re?|ie<*lve puettton* of judge, accuser. ? outlaid and Inure u*l lainfrsctor at one and the siiirio time 1* utterly untrue, and not one Btatemcul ma !u by the *iroct romtnissioner to prove his a sertinm have any foundation in I'art. I am sorry 'o la- own strained to eay that "if I had any revenveful spirit to gratify,' tin* inglorious ruomug away from the inve*li KHtiou would more than Oomtuuisale it He say* he h id no fear and had no cnu*o to fear, 'su-auso he unew thai a fair investigation would n-rult In his vindication, and then Charms Goveruor Konton Wlfh tKr-onal and political Biumoeilln* A* tho Governor rannot sutler from any audi ? permon it* tin or .ny'tnng contained In the let'ei ot ret Igoa'on, his vindication Is ea*uy found in the and* den flight of thv ' oramlsstonsr. luls, guntletr in will end l.ho celebrated proceeding aga'nst Hie street t orn mlusio*?r. THE LORD BOND ROBBERY. t'oniiniinfion of the Kaitminutlnn Itc(ore .In*, tire Holding llnil Agoln Hrfuseil Calpttble Arte bv Holler (llflirrs, Ac. Vc "'nirty morniii* tho examination of witnesses in tb? cti-*s of Kranlt Hellen and W R H 'icrk, ? hsrg-d with hv.lug received bond* l* longing In It ifus I. Lord which bad been stolen, wa- retimed before Ju*t:oe Howling, ?t the Court of fipcnal Hessians -Uist room being "elected a* more ? onveniont and comruodlous Uian tho other. Mr. Gunning A Bedford, Jr., AssioUM Dis trict Attorney, repreaeub'd the people, while M?s?r>. Algernon H. Sullivan, Orlando I. .Stewart and ex-Judge btuart appeared for defendants, and Stephen G. Rrng^e for Ruf'ia 1* Lord. vmmwoat o* rem" LOUD, rhoma* lord, be ng railed sr. I duly sworn, wn exam lned by Assistant District Attorney Hcflford, and It -llfed a* follows:? I am a brother of Rnfu* I. lord, I compared the printed list of tba stolen bond* with the txtok* end fend they were correct; the Interest on gYJS.tJOO, the ten-forty bond* and twetP'y-Ave oi tee one thm tod dol lar bonds war fsihl on the 16th of Decemlier by the Hub Id*-usury to my brother. tTics exsni,nation by Orlando I. Kfewart? <JL Did y >u enter the numiiers on thai .bosk -?i| of them' A. *?: ? don I know thai (hey were correct of my own per on*i knowledge, Imi. I know it from the fact that the .dab jtea-ury paid them; I do not know frbm having M?in them >be penlcilar claie of bemds and trcuruies my brother owned; 1 bar* seen route of tbrut; of inure I have seen etnre the robbery, (bore wer? bonds of f ft,OOP aeven-tbirties, bonds sr * loan das in DMI and Oregon war bonds; atmut ISO.Ooo of the 14.000 seven (tiir- ts wore returned, oe? or two of the fl.MO seyen-thirtite an t $4,000 in (lies of 1SS1; U>? senberr af these I cannot toil; there were about $l#n.oo0 returned in ell, the mator part of which, scout, were regl* lered. these were rei irned in parcels at three H ffereut penreis, within a month or two apart; *? in time they were returned, a* far as uiv memo-v aerse* u,- they were In the l?< scwilon of a Huston t r>l'"ahi*u Mr. Heath Yet* or Mr. Jonee. a'osg with s Sew York |*.!|. -roar -flap ts.o Voung, I think, (hey we.# bro gh' in hy three odiera. cifiraat* >r>rjr>eatr, prr JantfO Dow .ng litnriiiiMtU4 thai t!.o * u**t would atriva to (Ito i irar tfotuuony in rwgcrd to tho .>m- or*, m ardor, ita much ? emplane t>?i w?u baai l agatnot *"fao of th?m. that the* *>i w-n pm'-owirth* from thaekilJ and MWHinlty the* di'aplayed :n lorrwttng nit the bor <1? nn?l ttileY*a might 1)0 Mpeialec! from ir??* wti., j .?<ij? l**arv* cnooorn Diro t *na-iiiaa'uin rm owl?I Know Vr. Y' I'rnwi ?Taoiinol "u rr?,i *d Tti* .1ret two parrx'a I ?in<tor?eiod wrro takan frotti a pr)?on*r ?nut tolw a tut'i; iho> did lea bung Iho lb)*' to tha of a, ihryu.d n.ay It'" litem liom Had Audi-. *k' id ttu v mM 'ho I n -ad wtutr* Vor.tbet W??/ ott. ?? Newb-irype-t, b.! arrrwtid, m>w ?f I bane lion lo bad Irtwij ditto (*d of a hntk*r ? naafd Kir bard P 'anibVH, who. h* *at I, had i.rnriy the aoe of thnbi , ti pwal fa. it hi" plana of . n?aa U n Ho ton ; inoy w*r* ?*?*a th I #? of tho 6> nomination of 14.000 Ihroet wTatnioatnio r*atitn*d-.Tlio Ion*'" noro ro turaad py-I'dy two or ihr** month" att?r Urn rototwt v ; two par-una am* with lb' bondo, they war* (mono offl . *ra'lr**"wd a* c ' ./*n? my hrotbar .ax I bare, I norar know anything alionl the r"M>*ry evoopt what woo p'b I to hod IB tho newapepara and I'Tto* potee, m v flrd know Mr a -if tb* "napoo* ?w olit? n-d iron two of lb* nol'.oo wb<> auBonnr'd that thay had tbawi at prntoa hoatirjuarlorY?< tghl'OOpon*, wli.ih tad ha-m .'.ipjx-d h' lh- rlarlta in th? dap*r?tnent: tha,r name" wwrw Mr I Mar ami Captain JourOau, 'imaa www iba ' ctia .w . poll" now toeing wbKb Mi. Ha 'nii waa . latu nai unia waok* ago; thara waa n<> Brmogatitae' >?l tntwaan ma aod tha partlaa who ret'trnad ibaa? b< arta, I paid ?? mower for I Nam Br tho Omul. (| Hair you pat m %oor nlBra a main I.iandutn ol tb* aapaoaa-of tha ofBcwi* .n tlua.a-af A. Wa hate goi an a>-< on at if what la* haon pud r.?t and of lbaai|-ab?*a Ibat bare i**o paid law^rd lb* ra eorary of 'banunay, I hava paid ae atj to tlia Boo no oflcora. Ihroot aiam nat.oa roa mad. Mr hrothaf p. d for Iba adT'fta ag ; thara W?r? othar diannraan.aota inao* atdaa Una wh.rb 'haaaptaia of poJoa ran toil batiar tbaa , feauitbo moaay waa pa d to h.n ?>iua | ooo or 94,000: Iba arpao>aa of ??trar' alng ware naarlr I? ?0, I Wa paxl tha mow y tofapta a Vow kg aad got I,.? ra alpta, ainapf ona hill of |7f), to Hanng. Hro k 1 ? a wrlttoo powar of nuoroay wa rata to rapto * Young -n art la tbia looti'r oiid ra?r? tha t ooo- tip all lawfal taanna; Viat pow'r nf attutwy hao alia a n?. n ta-okwl rhaai.n. t.a top of thia williara waa liar* iudad. i? anr:if ?: ??? ant. ? r Alg*mon f fbillitan, ? finaal for ?>ana Ba ion. b*r* (b'Malttad tf, n vmwol tha "lain,'. ': ,p not rw at aa4? U for an< aral laya, and a view a'ao or a rnTtar ?* aahrpwiral of Iba fa>oa to'ha oaaa, tha Jitatn * woo d a<d ra>;oaetd*r ma foiiaar d* ooO and no On' to odtn.1 had for daiandar.t Ha ??k?d tf II war* not a pt'-p*f "aoa lo Wb'"b to la** bail A'tleUiit Inatr.- ltorn?y H? Iford wmark*d ihat. though *or .palled lo ha ptaaan to tha I ourt of l.ra*"?l "aoaiooa in a t*m ininutyr, h? wn.14 be rwady p. por? >a tho *iawiiD%' oa In 'h? ?t?rB??.n and ' "w.p'"o 'ho '*? mor.y a? aaoo * injmih'i. On tb* pan of *" K. Br' ?- k. M. O f. -fiaaart r* oawwd hta ?pt>.; ?.uc for bail on th* gmaod that wiw 1"0'? air??dr thtiaad b<a ? ttont waa out napii air d ?n kha a'raMng if <ba trtada. tmt a' tha o-n ?' on It bo dtiargad ? Ch havtog bad ?tot?n gowlr to h'.a two oaaauia. aerirna why li. If .n thia U'U > t waa dw.i-1 ao W? ho, ronkl oa pwn'*l.*d a* lha d'?'r '"dl of tha conrt by o Una of all p irw >r mpr ?".oio. nl <a oa "tota 1'naor. Ha * ?0Tid*r*d i' a IwUrdo ? aaa oyl kaww lha aw l? of |drUw* wooul ba anw 4 w? arofl by aa ?fmiwioii t? nail la lb a toataar". Tha 4?at<lafit fMatfi ;1 4iP-amy 'a'ad '"sal i i fira Itowiiag Pari oinpbalirailr ml i?d ha I far >baae a *w( and f,o ka*w him to maai wi.?i bo aald. iodrO Hmaitb.' fwnia'**rl 'hat hto op pwwi aw lb 0 polbt trad no* tw^ii atuwa t 4fl?r*i'?o rntihor 4toe<.a. rton by M*?ar? lln?r??ri * " II' an, 'klr lo f. H*aad and iba iiintrP i a'lurwr ui'la *14 t.< roona >o iba *?."u.aa .on, a< .'.rl Id* lh" , *aa< I - 'd; wifwrw | to 1*4 fdktwa* t?" ?al >f "wmI r?r nitf 'it il tn riano, 1V. mat Bar"* "*ib,' ba a OiU'W, * to d .If awrmti w an thn follow -tg '**?a war* all" tad a aa or ato'on on >if Jootfo Ibt" mg I a.- at d n ml o;' *.p lh* pr b'?? mf own Ha* www mode nw hy my -all t f>-?w it w ha ? run. I baoe rw r*or*t |j i -bi a ? itri.ebOof ,**gi- tihoii, 1 room *rwd |1,MB ?' *^ i ' r df MM* #a '?? of th* !*'? of INI. aod * ?* ? a ft uaot ? II V/Mt; on the *t*.-i ng of Hart T, >1 ia f. t?rl ?B,m to gr ' O'.'oa oorl li d <ao hr my bar, wh a*k bod ioao dot* .lot o aofa for aai?rai yaarr Ifortdb hat Vwa - Jaw 'ay a" ??? w h bw a wo, that tf 'be fM 'bfa i'gaifa I had of i io Ibaft, Mr. lord at>d m/"i lli'-i a "it to tha p* ' hoofamor* i* Motwai11 af*wt #'W' wa *ao two or tbrao . Okraro am., op ID a an ? opto n Yooor. **o aat4 "at wt ..4 bo Mpwa a??( moroiap af oiaa ?im o?h*k for tho pw. po?o of raaoi aoiwn ihoy tax ?w11? "imtwg ?r* *? pan**# ware pew* by oa f ? ro t I r*rri?? t tH.CN, ma j on too of tfc tao roooro. *4 at too 'twia Mr i .ad rwtuwl ON, a boot two aaoaiba aftor lha robbery . I raooivod 'bo hoc do 'row Mr Lor* tkor ?wi hoaO'f lo k'm Mr Heath war 11 ueeut, be kwd obUuaed them from ? "nm that wi?? .rre 1,-d by tr. VVe l ott, MRWl Annie, 1 be lteve; ! recumted Mr, I ird to pay tbe tnnaey then, which be Jul uni I the re. ueerlrH wore made w lieu I paid about ?U,500 Tor uiy ibaro of the $31,000 recon'red, a ?ortlon of tble money ! understood want to thl? man WoelCOtt. CMw examined by Mr BfefDO- Ilure ware noma $1,000 in bond* in Hokum in tba hand* <>f the polio there and a* H'.Uh and Jonee had Kone to'"anada and ?aid lory hail dun" a 1 real deal to reeover tba othora, Una money, $8,000? 92.000 paid by mo and ?<1,000 by Mr t-ord- nu given to tbeae iu?n for tbelr im rvicue and ?a kept the hondes there y.cro two |>owrni of attorney, one of whi"h waa returned, and the one held by Mr. You of, which he mud be l.vl loot, we neve hut receipt for. illilll KSUKXT After a Dumber 'if oth'-r querc >bh, which elicited nothing new or important, 'be (urttior examination of th??? raeen wae poMpoueil until Friday aftenvuu, at two o'clock RATTING. Killinc tfntrh for a Wtake of I'tUlt H<-iwm>i farrcu Doc* Imrrrmini ICsrnt tmuni the Kannr? lirlworn Moll Terrtrra. A ratting match occurred yeetonhiv afternoon at Kit Bum's Hportatnao's Hall, 011 Wat' retreat, which was pro ?luctive of much ei. ltcinent tmon;; tbn circle* directly interested, although tho strict set nrnMura were .id"pU?l to prevent imi of it from reaching oat.Mo nenlu. A fsw w*tkR amce a party of sporting oharoctora war* assembled at a sporting house on Uouston at root one .evening, when, after considerable par.eying, a match was road* of $100 a aide, Isitweeu a dog owned by tba torpor of the house and a mains '??mlrolled by the captain of ona of the river steamer* suvreediBS In despatching twenty raw In the shorten apace of time to b* declared tha winner. Nell her of the .inimala thus pitt l had an mod a imiae for vat killing; Indeed it was utidcrd., ?,! that thl* was lb" first appearance of each In m Hltptt. Tt wa* eeseutlally * "mnlfln" match, and ttewas designed more to afford amusement than t? win a large huiii of money. The Houston street man s dog. t "barley. is a wine ootnred panic! of very han.l'nme build, und Waa yestaflay in tho finest noii'lirten. The oonte ting dog m a hlaek and tan of clmnsv form and action, hut h. 1 die mn.-b aptnsaa in r id ug a steamboat of taw ai u lortner per si. siava or Tur tin* At two o'clock ye terdav the perils* Interested met Willi the dogs at u <rxii1iug hourc III HotiMnh street, whence they proceeded, reperailug Into dlirerout wjunda, by '.an ous r on ten, to the aceao of action In Water -iraet. this place hart been prc\ lettsly deeorlbad in ile-lUuam an.I reunites now no 'pii-lal mention, save that it is Hie a. know (edged heedfi.ii ? rs lor dm'lighting and mine, irienlt of tlio aamo rharaoter In tins city. On i his occasion ?<i completclv had Ihs ehalr imcn busbad that ouly the pfln- ptila, the own or* ot the dog sin! th.-r adherents were present. The cnntitulcl a gathering of about Itftv. After stooping m the barroom to pny tlmir r<wp? ? ic hi the pun* mr in' the con. . ru hy ilrlnkloj his llipior, th. a santhlage pn* tin ugh tho dcvion* and winding passage* to the ampMUtentre, In the oentra of winch was located the pit. rbepertv ranged themselves ibool on the scale, iriii d<!ga b in;; held to prevent the'r le ipln/In before the njoiottoed tlni" A referee rinl tWHweepsr were appointed ind the usuhl prellmiuarn - arrsugoo, n-hnn H line toon m ide Inn api>"'iran:? oi the pit with a lar;" ., e ?ii -eloped in ??< ' n tt'i en this had Imen removed there were se< n about fllty rat* (i? ked in a cage, having a .,;i|iBrll) hardly larger than ucotnmau pail. Tin .-ago was deixwltod on die Boor. At th' moment tint dog* Cr.t e,tamed asUlit of their destined victim*, at whieh they began to how I most ?of ally and n.iid.' dm ( ? itc ell .rts to leap into the pit. They Were liruily held, bov."v?t. and the go irdltui 'if tile rage, pracpnga long bundled pah of pincers, Uirosl It through th? door at tiro top, wh' ueoiio drew lorih, one at a tiui?, lw,-My rat* ih? reierec ooiinllng tbeiu one ny one It the little animal mrugg od heiiled the baps of thoir prison, they ?re morn 'Ively now when let Into the p i. liny gillapsd uoont Hie walla in d! ??? ut direction*, meeting and ? rowding into u III" In one of tho corner , wto'U" they tried ini ttee'o.JIv to ?.-.tie the top of ilie po. Then thov would eparate again aud rvn frightened ai>oimth? flo >r, trying nvury orerhsi and corner tine or two ran >.p the trou?-r? logs of ther.ige boldei, wheu'S be cop)|>o*wtty and enrdesmy ?book thein ont again. VHf I II ST. Fin illy, at the w ,rd. the lilac k and tan w.,s lei 'nlo tin pit. At frst, una ustomed to the work, he stood .till, and looked up confusedly al the spec' dors, who -honied With laughter ai 'he novice. Pre* till* Its wa?l? a rush at one of tho rata wlUch ran e|.,ie past him, ami eiring the anlmat. h?v,s nud ? nite bed tt till Its pnipitsMui: heart Wss till - then for * few womla be was rwi bard at work trnong tie-m, tutn; and snapping at them, an, tt In a sereecUIng v h alarm, they crowd, d imio more lie.up. While among tiittqt cite of th? 1st* bit the dog CO tins leg, at which hs tamed sway howling; but 'toon ho returned to the (daughter and 'lie boor of the pit ute ? end with the victim*. c.ea I or. *b? -mgly mangled, treiahltng get with a little life It ?'w?u the Mark and tan five luiBules and u half to kin them all. und then ha w** taken away. Ibet.iM, Inch l!ls!"i ual dying, were gathered together ?nd thrown ;u a pile wpI vit tlie pit. T1i"n the cage b'd l*f buey ou<-e more with his pin cers, whi c the witae e. link on wi the ?puiming thing* sre drawn lorln, lauyl ug al Ibsm end making J'hsjsc remarks a* sun # dlmlaOtlvtt specknea er a THwei he.nler" old yeteran tsthP'vii nut "lake ears, there, l/ry lar i.rns, ' "He *m timugbt up la h I,an war* store, "That ua ? old se-sf. sia't i e i ' were a fsw of th* stpie -,.,n? wl.ieh weres.igg-v'sd bi the appssrait. a of the utra Wlng. terror ?U ' .en tlc'm*, Ttra H?-i .mt. The twenty were now ? tuning and alsi tt the p.: wlo-n the i" ii .1 we* If. en; ,ug tbeta. 1" the right and lei or him they scattered, <*blh- he <la bed Into them, gelatin t e life at *--ty grip, with on eanw.ti?'-. and determ ration wb h Isltlftd the fa t that be at least bat utd pr.or evperlea?a. In pre? lae y two lull!' lee and a e-ialtar lbs spei.ial Led ...mplei d hi" t 'sk, when lot w*a Ink. I- fiws tbe pit tbe s, am>d ?tort, apptonse. >;? '? "efs. ?? 11 sr. "Hold '? 1 i yes " . t I tb* mcr.iu-ey, "f'hi getu' to gi e yey pis* alitil* ?i ?k* op." whersed th'cs prwaal r? ses'e?f Wiemrelvct Tw vpieadidly 1 nei! ten r?. ?>B" yellow an.i white ?>,d tb* > het ap ,ttfi bl,v k an ' eh.'" rreitt < Are-d oto the pit a man holdiag ? ?eh tt a w ont tbee ??f., 1st gin I bet wont at wli -th r wi'h i : h del woe - that the ot>?t. th- w th-tr. p' its.. fo fe atid on it tr hi*d lege. 1 bey rues up ami b and artpttf tt.e mu. -te the ,a?t. U>* nef and ?ar? of e.eb ot* sr w ih terntNe Ml nest'.'*' T'ler wets *ovo ?t. ggiiag erer and o*. r on* aaoth- ? a ii." floor m ? ? p t! et, teetb gas ' m* . they re in id itieir aio " u:-?,'ng w.m a du.hhariid clan throwgh ihs tougb de "f ttis r op; eent. lb* aper'.tet ? h"ered witn del *. -.or u. * ? U.s ?i> tt thsy l,s,ei tie,ii 'e 'he i r. , v?i n - fmio ihe lacerated ihros'? of li s hraiw httla tfot* and thu hreoth ng he ?">* at ? j 04i- i mor< aod tn re tats'fsi >'n It, aTer five "? sot"* bad < lapsed yny and ?tb sua led, >? -t still *,?u e, ttwy e ece i*wa - serf, and the .sremh'tge Mloe iig 0 t, tile r, ihi'bea- ? wae or,, a more le cited A MAM RAT KILLER. mem cwwswootf ?f w wu.i Miaial <h ??f tm?*? "iltr In Ikr I in a> Hraikrrti l,?la, PKu.<Him<. V?j* U la* Vuia I 'D# alt ? *? ??-. iM iw-I to tUita rat n.. I a ilia Mtr'tiara piH>i? uf l"tulad*!pbM?. ???!, and r 1 r poidaa'# o* a'?knnair.p on. iiran ira* ta p '<< rhm, f. nd rmraalt*# in f"mi *<f aa "?l'aary h? kin.' w ?ta, a ik-aa ?t?rjr or ? b> ? ? tk a tall atya pw W* raB"hn?* th'a pla> a altar trvamum #'?#??# and *!:#jrr I had nava? M*a hafurr la it ll'itn ?ij i'rf ? ??*' ?;ja of ?(,*[ par* of tla . '?* ?i id aaa r.M fai fr??t ** <*.?! ?lal I'apar Mraata. '* #.. ? 1 1 tla '*i n> on thai# ?*# tioiblac ta <tf ?p t -ft t fw at iadt- I ? imldf plan I liait Mm, rfrp* tfc t Mllml tl a > ins'-lar tad d* ab'ar l? ikrt m atar rat. afa'<n.a -m* ?i4a >y ti,a 1 ,-oti tbara Mv?J, hm a h -? it. '?? ?i ?? r ? prat I a *?4 airxlaat 'f.ikn ( fo naf prl -.-alty di "?|1 and ?tin'tap ?ba | r?.-a ? ? ?t ?..v? "n. wt< ' Ui? ? d?r wrd. ui I 7 ah" k rl ? aw poppo ndad It aaa a fiaikl *1 Ik" tkat alia uiu> lua a bad *?* a* |?i1?i'?, t'n,Li " la aaa, di ta latMNMrl ikalib' ??' tba b? ta. Ian* .?** and atiU mora "ttai t?ai ?f tba ? fail < aba tartnl a lib drink, lb* rfiaal*f part %A tba "Kbpnnp, "h* mtaraaja ba!? a#i difikr foa ta I raixl * id** ia tba rutddl* nl Ik* ??? aaa a1 <b*t 1 mold t? r*'4*|?ta*d a' a giai. a aa afmti , *????? *??*. alar,**, 'd p'fni/. thd?a ant' at*i a apptnkflbf ?f at * tit* '!"? 1 lb* Hi" 1 a) rai aj*. and n* of tan iiT'infiNtaakipiil art n tba hub*. Tba j.r? ? 1 or .f I?.a kn?*a. a I' ? aai I tif' 'taiat -d aa.'i a ?. u.'naai altk mr "??' mar. lot r.a not only I .motif"' t,-.?t* (of or adoi ?*#? t? 'ha 'data* f t t*,t mf!-rm 1 to lat o* bp our- l/> aa bt* aaa ba in*o*.."ri* Mr #i f wt? 1 lb* >f mr. and > lib.'md up l/t itM an;. ? tifatl ladt S. ,?? ar*M|ii, bf|1 |M of '?d m lb" kfiroim rtai. It** *> **d to la dap* aii *>?**, Mb, anapaa od kjf?. lb* arnpfi../* prr-iarad Im or tt a*. pod fitf*/* I'* oar a'lmtraaioa dlian*! ?* iaa aa par nfttp trf baa Jof- rnmrt tlrao Mat db?b ?.*? fa a?ub ?r. lb? '? |'t, ai ' ? 01* m aba al'ar, 'at ?/?f. H. rrtblM waitia'lk* (*i*b 11 *m a -tart, t rip p ? a, fmiali p dbl ?*'? r ?o U*?' fr'di Uta pi la tt a i-ab'ra to ta" rroaid; ?*?! tra-ka-l *?fta tritb tiaf* .>.4 tba-aa .-?* ItcM't ??*?: ? ! tab?*t? ?t?i'bn>t in val.taa 1 * tc it, 'l*t< Tb* rn* t ' it* f aat 1 ir "Ur, ?Ir-' *?? faat Mr daanJdar, btUt a b?a aaaad ft la ?-av aba mat H.ra aatbiHnf aat lb* '?* I '*1 *?b !?" 1 atth akadom Tba ?*'? aara warn ?!W. aa t (Imb a twit baa?' 1 l ui" *>?*. d?b-**l m *yi't4bb tflMk ?brta >*1 (bta >u # in* f ar af'**?*<( a* tkat ha **? d'- itv **?*?? ?* Ihr awa antral -d a md*a**Hd da? b* - Ipi* > frto* v|? 1 *k, w t *r ft irfiH ri| t?* ~ - -|?* I ??* fad. atamld la pot *1 lb# fia| aad ha adbM #*?*? '?4 b * duf mt bia i.a|. mi t tba Hi, o? ktN tbaat 1 l? ?of, ji*t a a# pi a?-v (%a #-?? of rb* <**?* *?/*?! ddlk 'v* n tat*, aad baa *?*?># raam* t*a? hd a?..M kill J.?f.i ktt.M*ie A bo mm Mr |M? I fp* '*?. aad. katdibf it bp (ba aoaa. S aw ,/? -ad taa *?'? ? ?? p /?m Oat af it lato 'b#"Jbt, fftp ??rb ia lb# My la in*t pprfaaawr dbdapadb Adkaa ott Ma agy tana TW aadtpMf ar. 'tan f tab raoad in* at' ,'qp a fb? an:pads "tta4 ?? N?p iaa f??<M W bb4 aatbd otHar at*da *r ?dp, 1* r.? M h.a u.p -*to i-d id btaab ?#7 ? *??*% " i'm rlu* ?p?" rb a np ''kaVada. ? %' fat natiaa th*-> p a?,ad lata tha p* aad lt*H 14 p III ? .1 ' 4 * 1 ? f( .1 A at' "I* "ta at/rod I *d ltd*, n 'dfid a atdi ?#?" ??, lit ltd r?r* pl*a Ik* ?4p td Srp.a Ihatt ? *#K ? MbltMP *p*'tb r*. t4tM'b d* Jtf' ? ?? f? a {*?" t'i * * 'tf at rata, a tf*d rb* "p'tirba-t a*'?al M HW Mw*lb- ibf*. s ?**# k ?a* a ***#*? aad Lb* ? I'tmm aa - i?r *1 mi Ml M da a r a t* par ****** lh?t rtlt fnuud wuut |iniu on and that there wee nn ee- >|*i for lb' nj, the* attacked thu man, < limbing ip < ? hit thigua, but ho vttu. too <|ulck U> lat them got higher, ha kept both haud* kktj and looked aa if Un wa* a ma tucuui, pulling a coualaul atnioiii of <1ead rata from hi* mnutli. liriurn u long aa It ha > taken to toll It, tb< bot torn of ihn ,,it oovared with dead bodiaa. One or two terrilbd .timvoM a ore caught and killed, and lien, aiuld acclamation, of delight front th<' aodlcncw, the nuu Jump-d up, felt hi* lip which had been bitten once or 'J"4 1 Ui? ril halri. from tieiweou bl* teaih, and WMBed away tha | ,-rta wnh , gp,..* ?y ||,JU,ir S'.'h ? description neadx uo further no in u> nil. the distillery frauos. Mnlxtwrr ml Other IM.illleHra In Hrwwltlv* I.W tauter MrJwd W ltil*'HrluM Taken Tbrounh Heat klrrela, Additional Miraiva of llllott dlttiMerioa continue to t-W made In Brooklyn. Kanh day adda to the nuia of a r I - lend already noruuiiil'aled, allowing that the utuat atu. peudona fraud* agaihat the government have Iwen prac tl od in the Third dtolrtot. I'mhably it will be teund tnat they Intro not been altogether confined to that par ticular locality. rrrawa arntmrt or nqro*. Yesterday tnorning, at eight o'efock, Itapuij Hlggin* diaoncored .even btirrel* of whiek*y tiemg caitad tltrntltih Klnahlng avtkM. Brtmklvn. Huppmlng the xame lo have laoiu bfandod without having paid p,# lav nMpdrci! br law, he nel/ad them and found that there nut a aptirlnne brand on the barrel* aad that ilia d tllller ? u/.tua bad bevu omitted. At ten o'clock ??>? mow i.trreiv of liquor were alan aoiand near tb< aania place by (hi. I ,.direr and taken to tbo Mdfuhal* ofhe No owner for the IU|hur waa found. ooi'Ln a or oviw it an. Cr.'aui ToblB, one ot the depot ion connMtWd with Ihn Coilontor . ??t?tce. wired a doxcii hnrrola of wblakay attlio old en in<- luiuan of f 'oiui any No. 4, la Uaaum alroet. II. tamed! .ml* plac d a la |*r In charyn Of thnxt"? wlulo he went to look for a rait to got It away. The pvrtle# owning the vpirtt* . "ni'd ta feel pretty had orer their hat" end determined toe oure *?oto of tbo properiy it puerihla. A (? llow with a a harp auger waa i luploy ? d to *o underneath and boro hnlea up through the tluor and barrel* and draw off the wl okey, and It waa thought in tin. ?ay a good poruott or tho *lh lo would Ih> rchiov. d, I icin : noihlu* but tho empty tiarre!* for the officer l"n|l?, hue kept, tulia, Bo., were got In r> .tdlr,?-? to I itch the Whl'kry ax It cam* down. Another .'hap itt the Intcreal of the owner*, to drown tho uoi-ool the hoi tig and .julat the aiuptnloan t f the k*c|>er who had tven |.-li In charge, Part a *w*t u|wui ..tie of the barret.* near the keeper in.l wblai'ad "V.iiIl ? * Itoidlo' n the iikW vlkuruux rifle. keepMf tiuiewiihh" l"?'t. To the i <to".*hlll*Bt of the keejay, up popped the .otgttr lw.ur 1..* foet. It waa iinpoaeiUa for tho heloa to U-lt r\urt'.r wlu-re the tutrre!, "toad, and !>? w uufortannt" ttnouglt not to ,trlko our. <?r cour-r the little game wax nil up, and the wlnak'iy waa ie'7*d. N i ,rr> were iiiada. t'.iptain I rt ' w m n?| . dietillery In I'tvro "tilt dr.i t, which It ? ml, it owned hy t'uief l.i.yineei John i ncjnlrr trn ai l Willi .at Davlx. Quite k '.rgu quantity of wn I >?> w*a f. nd npou the prrtni* ", wcfilch war Utk. ti in . hitig" hy tho officer*, A warrant ?,?# i* u.?! far the wrrwi of the Chief and hlx parth'r, . nd ilnjy w?r. taken into ciut.Mly y? mrday nmrnln Th..y liniuedi ilelv garc hall for li.elr ap|**, au<I I ollector W mh! I irned the c.. . or r to tha Cnliett Statee auUtorl l ea. There wn* an love-ligation into the buwae-- of III!- (1 tllv-rv a 'lion lime aifu, and It we* found to be . on.hi i. i m accordant* with the law, ' .plain Tot.ln I n diatlllery Sunday S-loiigiar to I ill' h rrlg tn, on 1111 -on treiiii". H. '??' a .Ull m I pfierat un why-h wo* runhliig about coe hundr?<t p.11 ma I ? 'ley Anil'" t olrt llerv aJ dg I'urtlan.l aeet te, wli.t aa" i rutiuiu. Ai*rut one toindtad yaiiunx, wae ?icd ou naior I *Ur 1 \a i11 .1? dl't icrv, at llie e .rncrof H idxon a> en in md Tillary "".-.-t, wax ?ei/.ed hy I tpUin TuhlO, lie' .eeti iwrlv I I line .I I I. k v. t' ? lav IP nntig. Th ' "till I w.u pinning .1* it throe I.nndrcl ysllun*. { Another till. It dl uttl. rv a. < *. '..ed bv f'epteiii I "ho In Hud win atetiti., ri.ef.- wa a walrhtnan u tbe pr <n ? ai th hut tic r'nptalu gut lb the phi e J tl ?i ' t .| ... lit the 11 it I Ii-n bard alwutk. Itw I fbuhC ova h. irt ia of the wbi'k'.y covered up wilhwitne [ boapl* in ib. > nd. datarday night fapt dp Tubin xelrwi a dletltlery'iu I Ren -ot. ..reel, near plunhlttu ivenne Ibe piaro wart I rutin the i tr. , ot.' h? only found one I ioa -if ?t| "k?i on the |?tnnii>*? V IK G N I A. IflCIAl C'lUMIhllhOftU Of THt NIIUO Awa*d?aitaali I'l ierakiirg Ifnlreaeewf ike (?cti-rnarMlkrl wwwlliwltwnnl Ataradieeat llow ihr Ifotlraad* are- Operated, Aw. Mi nit - an, Nov. 24, IW. Oa th wtght oi the taeug of OMhrt Uat a voung map i tinwl Adulphu* t lattoa. of Patervnuri, wae ai tarLed on Ur" -treet in tl at oity hy aorua unknown P?W a in. t colored man. i>d in f -i-ttng the negro 1 ration wo merely caldmrl In aevnral p>rta <4 hi - iwidy and "arrived In* woul d* woiy a few day* The, of whom no one anew anything m apt now lire wmnde-l nit, Immediately d. am* .rad, and waa not heard id uahl t|?ila retwi.Uy. Ik* <i*ef of pdraauf botecrleirg haant thai the aian had tuf 4 btmaaif to ? piaatei la Bertie . ouaty, N. Thither an idwr of tha pan" wan aeai a Mday* ? ima, artnod with the ? to ?*? rure the irurdet. r"? a'r*el, and yrcuigy rot-mod t* I'etei.hur,. hi vi Br hecn ??.< or Jul !? nixku, tbo arv 4 Tb- negro ngit*. nie?t . hating denwd that he run ratir ted m rrdei tiefore any . ha-ge wn* preferred again#" hill, n- now Hi ! I at H-' rahtirg awa.linga .-'va.Bi rot inn vrl.i h I* lo ovd for aid to With inw. li labial. 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