Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1866, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1866 Page 7
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tfotiQn. A4 mutters now stand, however, ?either Greeley's kink nor Bryant's crotchet is pf |ny great Importance in relation to Greeley M a candidate for the Senate. The hitch be Iween the poet and the phUosoper, as it can't be settled in this, will have to go over to the next generation. Thi Mexican Question.?Whether Maximil ian is on his way back to Miramar, as assumed by some of our contemporaries, or is still at Orlaaba, Is a matter of very little importance to Mexican interests. So far as he is con cerned be may be counted out of the diplo matic arrangements now pending. The whole question of an amicable settlement of the ohange of government lies in the instructions given to the French Commissioner, General Castelnean. It is asserted by the Paris cor respondent of a London journal, usually well Informed on diplomatic matters, that directions have been given to bim by the Emperor to sup port the claims of Santa Anna. This corres ponds with the vifir we took of the position likely to be ussunrd by France. We have no donbt that Santa inna has offered to guaran tee the whole oi the French claims against Mexico, if the Bmieror wonld sustain his re eleotion to the Residency. As Juarez has equally pledged bfaself to resist these claims, on the ground thatbey originated in fraud, it Is unnecessary to ky that his continuanoe in office will be (Tenuously resisted by the French. How th? difficulties are to be recon ciled we do no very clearly see, the more j especially as ttf are complicated with con siderations touchg our own interests. In the abstract would be a matter of very little importan< to us whether Santa Anna or Juarez is chod to fill the exucutive chair. But inasmuch a number of important grants have been mu< to American citizens by the imperial as vl as the liberal government, we should ha to consider which of the can didates offejthe most substantial guaran tees for thefecurity. We recently adverted J? fiyft f Juarez, under a pressure for " money,"bad?ncellecf a grant which he had himself mato the Louisiana and Tehuante pec CompaCBd ooncedcd it to another com pany with any legal pretext whatever. Now there' various other concessions which have beetcqu'red by our citizens in the shape of 1 grants and charters, whioh may be simlladeult with unless their protection is provider. They are as important to the material gress of Mexico as they are to the tnterestfthose embarked in them, and it is but riglflat we khould seek guarantees for their lability. Th# candidate who will best a' UB these is the one to whom wo should6 our support. Whether he will be dispo^0 admit the justice of the French olalmin?ther question. Asifg the most friendly and accommo datiikposition on all sides, which in Mexi can in would be something unheard of, it |g pjbftt the choice of a President will be one^aat difficulty, and that until that is settle evacuation of the country by the Fr<* hardly to be looked for. The skill, pne and firmness of the commissioners w(e sent oat may expedite matters; but wf. of those qualities Is just as likely to dshe realization of the objeota aimed at ftyral months to come. STRUCTION OF A FERRYBOAT. </ fa NimM-Ntmw Eac.p. ml Ike Pu* W-LuI1m and UwiImm Hmmk Hmfoty lumping; Ororboard-They are All Bm> ? dee. jfteen minute, put ntu hut evening as the Ut Idaho, of the Brooklyn Ferry Company, was f the slip, foot of Houth Seventh street, E. IX, for fork, flamee suddenly buret forth from the centre t from eome cauM at preeent unknown, and the fearfnl excitement immediately pervaded the crew Mamngen on board, and with good reason, aa they M with fearful rapidity. >rtunatoly there were only about thirty passenger, ward at the time, or the loan of life would doubtleM e been fearful. As it was, those on board were res d with great difficulty fhe ferry boat Canada, of tt)e Division avenue and and (tmet line, belonging to the unit company, waa rklly approaching the dock when the Are broke out on Mrd the Idaho, and her pilot promptly ran her along de the burning boat and took off her pssmngcrs. Thti res done amid the utmoet excitement and dangar. In leed, the flamee spread ao rapidly on board the Idaho Aat the officer* of the Canada were apprehensive of being engulfed In them, and drew off, leaving several persons to their fete. Those left on the burning boat were Michael Corralck, of 94 Fourth stre l; Mrs. Mary Wood, of 49 Bedford street. New York; Jamen Q'Nell, engineer; James Kelly, deekhand, and Mrs. Pauline Dorfer, of Brgen.N. J. these Imperilled persons acted most heroically, and looked death In the fact with the composure of martyra Engi neer O'Neil, seeing no possibility of saving the boat, gathering those on board about him, slated succinctly the situation and pointed out the only mean, of safety, which wee by jumping Into tho river, with the possi bility of being rescued by several boats then In the vicinity. A glance was sufficient to convince ell that this waa the only means of escape from a horrible death, and, joining hands, they look the fearfnl leap. O'Nell's heroism on lb la occasion deserves immortality. I Mi Is efforts to sava life ba waa severely burned about the face and bands By hia herculean and noble effort* those who committed their Uvea to hie ears In the treacherous waters of the East river were saved end brought safety on shore. It la understood that the husband of Mrs. Wood and bar fbur children were on board ibe Idaho at the time aha took Ore, sod got oe board the Canada In safety. A number of parties In email boats rescued those who jumped overboard, and they received prompt attention by the ottlaena when brought on shore. After the burning boat waa abandoned sbe drifted ep tbe river towards Oreenpolnt, and ras followed by other boats belonging to the compenv, they keeping constant streams of water upon her burning bulL Victory steam englns Mo. 13 did good service on board one of tbe boats; but ell efforts proved unavailing to extinguish the flamee, and the Idabe drifted to Qreenpuint, burned to the water's edge sod sank. Bar value was eoodt 140,000 sad It is mid that there waa no Insurance upon her. During tbe Are s man, named James Tariey, aged twenty right, residing at the corner of Third end Lewie streets, went to tee tbe sight, and stumbled over a log oe (he South Fourth dreet pier, bretkieg his isg. He was eonveyedlto the hospital. flM AwTt. I,*'.ire's fine picture, "Queen Mary's First ham at Holy rood after her Return from France," peiated for end in the po#*e?en>o of John A. Hilton, Esq , has been select ed for exhibition at the "Peris Exposition.'? A remark able feature of the painting is, that the portrait of Queen Mary closely resembles Madame Bistort, althongh it wee painted eome time before the arrival of the greet Ire pddiswm la this oouatry. Tbe flfth exhibition la New Tort of picuiren, the oontri buttona of artists of lbs French, English and Flemish sc hools, opened last evening el the gallery ef the Studio Bonding. Me. || West Tenth street It comprises works by Jerome, Beegnlet, Metmonier, Rom Boeheur, PrXre, Millets, helps res, Scbreynr, Vrrboeckltoven, W litems, Plasmn, Tred Uoedalt, Hick* and several other eminent Hurepeen artiste, these pictures ate o eicd for pvireie mle, and the eahlMllen will be open f"f s inoutn. TCIiMMM CAIU tniKM. Burro* Nov. M 194A Tbe Waetera Oaten Tslsffiph Cemp.ny have Uud a mwe ln Vmoyscd (W.od, m-iM*tlng tiolmag Hole with Woofs Hate It is propeadd also .need tete?*?M?' m hinblm WASHINGTON. Speculations as to the Course of Action to be Adopted bj Congress. THE FINANCIAL EXCITEMENT. Its Cause Beptrted to be the Withdrawal of Oovertment Funds from the ?itional Banks. The Preiident'*Mei?ige Completed end to bo Mailet to the Press To-Day. As. *?. ki. Washington, Not. 39, ll,98 Speculations to to the arena Will A*pt With Reaard to the Pram Members of Contra* we coming in dowly, andwlth their arrival spaoqjrtioa 1. Incoming Hf.-POU the ?M?. of action Congremwlll adopt In relation to the qnedMox as to whether anjffort aball be made to effect ?*????? l.tlon with the Resident or an ?umnpthn *l?" poach him. The dee of preferring article, of Impeach ment against tip Pros,dent, although peraeveringly (liscumed, la gemrally regarded by loading men here of all parties as whdly inadviaable, If at all practicable, ana It Is thought thai the proposition wi" ^ riously entertamel, much leas be supported, by a autre of members of tm House ofRepresenlatlvos It is understand that bills will be Introduced at the coming aeaslon of Congress to abridge the pardoning power of the etocnttve ?o far ae to withdraw from him the authority to pardon any but those who hare been triad and eonvlffed. It is also aaid that a bill wUlhe presented remorlng from the President the authority to appoint the Suptriulendent or Public Printing. The President's Message and Oepart mental Reports. The President will authorize printed corloa or his m<n. gage to be sent by mall to the press to-morrow. The reports of the several heads of departments and the chiefs of the several bureaus are in a Btato of grea cr forward* ss than ever heretofore previous to the ses sion of Congress. Some of them arc partly in print and the others nearly ready for the printer. The Secretary of the Treasury has finished his report It is short and pointed. Reported Cause of the Excitement In Plnan elal Circles. An able financier who has access to information in the United states Treasury here, slates that the prosent pres sure in the money market and the downward tendency of prices is owing to the demand of the Secretary of the Treasury upon tne national banka for the government funds on deposit During the past few months the na tional banka have made largo loaas on call to opera ire In the Eastern cities and other manufacturing and com merclal centres. When the Secretary drew on the na tional banks and authorized depositaries for the runds deposited with them by collectors of Internal revenue tax the banks were obliged to call in the loans made to operators, who, having tha money tied up In largo stocks of goods, were In turn forced to push the goods upon an unwilling market. The banks, however auo ceeded In honoring the drafts of the government by be ing permitted, in some Instances, when It was necessary, to satisfy these drafts partially with compound interest notes. Tha announcement Is now made that the gov ernment has ceased drawing on its balances In the na tional banks for the present, although nothing la Indi cated at to how long the abatlnencs will continue. The Invent lent tons of the Retrenchment Com mittee. The Retrenchment Committee were in session the greater portion of to-day. The committee's business is still confined to lbs summing of cotton frauds The more these frauds are looked into the more fewful they become m magaltude. The committee wUl continue their examination of these frauds for several days yst, when they will turn their attention to the different de partments of the government having tbel* heads in this Mnwcalatloas la Reward to Mexican Affairs. U^Tm .t3eruln?l that Mbxlmllton'd toxscity in holding on to Mexico baa been due to the egpertrtlon encouraged by the reports of hit late agent In the I nltea ytatee, Mariano Dfgollado, who has Just returned to Mexico, tbet a new civil war was on the eve of log out tn the United Slates, and thai this would certainly be the case if the radicals carried the fell elee tlons. It is expected that all vulonarlea are now disep pointed The faot la known here that Degollado could not obtain audiences either with Johnson or Secretary Sswsrd whtle in the United States, ail his ?Sorts to have them having failed, notwithstanding his statements to the contrary. Parties here differ greatly about Mexican affhlrs. Those who sympathize with the conservative or Imperial gov eminent In Mexloo p ace no conhdence in the many dr. spatches and letters purporting to come from that noun try The Inarm party avow that thay have late tntsl Usance from Chihuahua, at El Peso, ?>?' 'he liberal gov I. still mlh. ucendani. still bains on the Mouth side of the river. It is currently reportod Ih.t SonoraU still trus to the republic snd I'eaquelra fktv *n">r Our Claims Aanlnet F. a. I and. Nothing definite has yst been received from the Hritldi government in relation to th. clsim. for Indsmo.ty growing out of the depredation, oommitted on American comrnsree by the Alabam. and other rebel P"' The correspondence Is still '*? pw? b*lw**n ** two governments. Th. present British Ministry, how^ ever,Show . better disposition than the former one .n lbs consideration <* the important subject. The French Minister. _ , Although Minister Moniholou has not bean offl .y ad laed of lbs intention of tha French govemmaot to transfer him to U.bon in the same official repsclty, there a<-ams to be no doubt of the fsrt thsl auch a ? han-e trtU moth, made This will be a to the European standard, ae the dutl? there will be lighter, lb.. mlMf . ""hVmm" Wl^ n.ianra to Parts shorter than from Wash ington U Will be remembered 'bat Count Hartlget and I-ord Napier were almt.artr .go having been transferred by tb.-r respective gov ?rame.ts from Wmbl.gton to th. |Uf "_ Prrmleetea Net Oraeted ts Jake TksaiTass Rotarn to ? Ma reentry. A statement bu boe. pehU*|d has given to Mrs Thompeon pcrmiesloa for her husband. Jarob Tbsmpaon to return home. Thta Is outrun Ho positively refused to g.v. any auch Thompsoa must ukc th. conaeqU'nee. of mtumlag l.ka other prominent rebels still th?*4 The White Hssee Tlsltere. The usee, .amber of visitor. of the ?to Honm to-day. The Attorney Osoerrt and ftarra torieo Wallas and Browning bad Interviews with the Pmrtdot during the dey. No general aud^nc ? ,1f** The Hell Unto Ohhtrwetlhh. The articles id the Saw Toad HadALn on of lb. obstructions in Hell Oatohas had. very effect Colonel fbaffner Id of "pinion that "N"" maks the oecstoery appv priato. during the next B- w- ? ? todn.ttont.lmt tbera wlU be fort tar the terror of th. ptoce, and pli asant msaoln, to the asm. It bmx Thl. effected by no nltro-glyoerins. Our Nesreasi Defaaraa. Brevet Major tlenaml <?*<? W. Odtam.?* of Kn (lasers, sad tote Bur'toimd-I df the tan* Hates Military Acedamy he. b^ detolled m a m^nber of Uie hoard to consider the of th. extatiog aeacoest fortifications Oemwrt Callum will be etotteoed in tble city. Price Mhwey. The prirt money rsm.ltlng from the cptor. tf My two hales of cotton by the Mooriertlo on ibc tth af July Iddl, la nearly r.edy Mr diatribe not. at toe Fourth Audi tor's ??ca ?DeafulchM to Ooaeral Daopstcbe- of ? vsry Important asters from tod 1 red deal to LMXtoomrt Oonoral Bbermaa wora forwarddo to tba latter on fletaritor Into Appotetuseais. tt iring tho port throe days ObeM oevdoty f* wm basre horn displaced, nearly all ef ?he Amood llto n?W wpatotmeeM mil N the mtr -V( iflwinf:?Hiram Edgertoa, Franklin, N. T.; William a Parker, Unadilla, N. T.} Jobs McK#e?e, Rhine beck, N. T., and Jamaa A. Fairfield, Kennebec, Ma The following appointments of Internal revenue offleers have been made:?Edwin O. 1'errin, Assessor First die trtot of New York, and Tboe. a Benton, Assessor of ibe Sixth district of Iowa The PwMIe I,aa4?. Return* received at Ibe General Land Office abow that during Ibe month of October 40,638 acre* of the public land* were die posed of at Iuna, Michigan, and 13,032 acres at Brownsville, Nebraska Total, 64,470 acres. The (renter portion of the lands were located with Agri cultural College scrip, and taken up for actual settle ment under the Homestead law. The Commissioner has under preparation a list, which will suon be presented to the Secretary of the Interior for approval, of selections for the Central Pacific Railroad of California, embracing 42,000 acres. Personal. lfr. West, the popular Chief Clerk of the Treasury Department, has sufficiently recovered from his late severe sickness to resume the constant duties of his office. Hon. John Lynch, of Maine; Hon. Justin & Morrill, Senator from Vermont, and Major General H. W. Ben ham, Untied States Engineers, have arrived hem Internal Revenue Receipts, The internal revenue receipts to-day were 9866,271. The receipts since November 1 were $18,840,888, and since July 1, the commencement of Ute fiscal year, 9143,000,081. The Beaton Press. The report that the Boeton press had abandoned the old New York Association is entirely unfounded. Tret ting at the Natlaaal Coarse. There was another race over the National Course to day. Two local horses, Lady Clements and Unknown, being the contestants. The lime wee nothing extra ordinary, but there was a good deal of exottemoni among those in attendance on account of the closeness with which the horses kept up. The rare was a match for $600, mile beats, best two in thres. Lady Clements won the first beat in 2:46, Unknown the second In 2 .63, and he also won the third In 2:54. The Cholera. Several cases of cholera have been reported in Alex andria, Va. On# death resulted from an attack of this disease. Advices received here from Matsmoros within the lest few days represent that the cholera i* raging there to a fearful extent Our Consul at Trieste, under date of November 6, writes that official notice has been made to blm of the cessation ol cholera at Trieste, risen nills of health hav ing been granted ou and since the 23d ultimo. . AFFRAY IN AN OYSTER SALOON. A i>Inn llangi-Musly Stubbed-The Perpeirutor llnde ilia l'.??e"ni?e?Ante.:ilortem Stntemenl of the \irliiii. At,, Are. On Sunday utternoon Coroner Neumann was called to No. 83 King street, to take the ante mortem statement of Alexander CuJmxa, who I* lying in an exceedingly dangeroun condition, from the effe 'is of a stab wound of tho left breast, Indicted by a uiin kuown as "Handy Slavln." From tho statement ol the vic tim It appear1 that there was no just provocation fur the commission of the aot. The statement of CulruiJ, who has but \ery little hope of recovery, may b# found below. ANTI'NonTKM STATLUK.vr lout Friday night, tho 23d lost., I left this, rny rest denco, at twelve o'clock at night, and went to. a public house at the corner of Hudson and King streets. 1 met there a company of friend*?among them Henry Cham bers, Walter Coleman ami Patrick Brooks; we altogether started and had two drinks In one placo, corner of King and Hudson otreets; from there we went to an oyster saloon, In Spring street, near Hudson, aud on our way there we met a man whoso name I. " Bandy Slai In; it was Slavin who invited our periv to have a drink in tho oyster saloon in Spring street, we had a drink, aud Slavin paid for it; I limn went onion the sidewalk and stood for about five minutes there, when I beard a MM and a a ofik In the ralnon. and opened the door ol the saloon to see w hat was solng on; I bad scarcely opened the door when Slavin made the remark "Let them fight," and at the sumo time "tubbed me In my left bren.'t with an oyster knlfa which he had In his right hand; 1 staggered out on the street saving Hint I was cut, and soon after fell on the ^.dewalk; Chambers sod Coleman then took me to my residence, where a physi cian has treated rn ? sine#; I have never bad a quarrel wtlh Flavin or the re?t of the party before; ibis all happened about hall-past one o'clock yesterday morning; at the time 1 was stabbed there were In the oyster saloon WsJler Coleman, Henry Chambers, Patrick Brooks, ths bargeeper.pflaviu and myself. The rase was submitted to the jury, who rendered Hi# following verdict:?"That Alexander Cuirass came to bl* Injuries by a stab In the left breast, at the hands of Bandy 8iavin, on the 24th day of November, ltd*. Cuirass Is twsoty-five years of age and a native of this city. Slavin mads his asrapa immedliiely after the subbing and la still at large, hut the police are in rearch of blm. FINANCIAL OPERATIONS OF THE ARGENTINE REPUt'JC. WasHixurow, Nov. M, 1844. [I *u staled a few day* ago thai the Argentine Con gr*aa bad autbortt*! the emission of treasury bill- to (be amount of 94,000,000. Tho following la the last lately received by the l oited Shim government:-? The Senate ami lieputlaa of the Argentine Congress bave sanctioned tbe following law:? ArrtCLS 1 To meet the sip-neee required aa bylaw of .September I, l>xM. tba national wecutlve ta hereby auihorntad to emit treasury bllla to the amount of four million bard dullest, with tatereat at three-quarters per cant a month, to mint from the day of ibeir delivery, la payment until beiug amortised. Anr 1 for the aaiortixation and parmtnt of inter*** on tba abova mentioned treaeury bllla, an additional impost of live per cent la hereby put on *11 Impost* ex cepting aucb article* a* are comprised in artiele three af the prevent custom house l??, end two per c-nt on all exports, paytble < aab down, to count from thirty days alter the promulgation of this law. Anr. A Tbe entire on asposSa tbnB a?ttawe ta b* re covered after January I. 1*07, In caee tbe net onal ? ham be r conoade* to Congress tbe faculty of continuing to levy tbe name. In aeontrary event tba export duti?* aball caee* on liw-mhrr hi of the current year. AST. 4. Tbeae bill* will oe amortized and reoelved In pavmeni at all Cumtom ilon-eeot lbs rapuhle for the aitm dutle* hnp<r-e<i by Art i Art. 5. Tbe Cu-mtu House* ehall remit directly to tbe national Treaeury ?u. h amount oi theae extra duties aa has not i>aen paid lu treaeurv bill* lor llie *inortisetlon of tba name in aucb manner an tbe nationei Kxecnuve may detemilne. Aar. fl. The Netlooal Ksre-ulive ?hall di poee of these bllla In tbe manner deemed moei extiedieat end ac cording m the oeoaniUee or the war may require, being moreover autltorl/ed to g ve them at par mi payment of onerfourth lbs ?a arlre of MMH employ ? who receive over |Ah a month, and of all whnae payment not stipulated in gold by ape lai taara or prevtona con tra--ta. til.en at the ball of f'ongraae. in Hnenne Ayrea, this 1st day of .September, l*M. FKDHO t KINI KV. JtrSK K l ltlUI HN. ''ASt/w H. Havana. Secretary of the senate. Hauoa B. Mi its, -.creurr of I "pull** Brian* Atsne. repi a, 1H0A. fat tble be held for law, etecuted, promulgated and published. I'A/. U Ooexaun SOUTH CAROLINA LECISUTlfft Tbe Usveraar's Wiaaaga te be Mewl la Te lia r-ft Oppose* tba Ratlbratloa af tba Caw* etitatlaaal Amendment. Uouratu, 0. C., Nor 28, INK. Tbe State Legtalatere met to nigbt. Tbe Oovernor'e message will be reed to-more >w. It strongly op press tbe constitutional amendment and recom mends >be postage of tbe Horn eel eel lew and tbe adoption of mean* to discourage the emigration of negroes, and presides for tbe mi be! st eads of indigent black* Re thinks the etpertment of free labor will not b# a failure He eajre the grain crop l* short, and not anougb cotton baa been raised la many of lb* dlstr* is to buy tbe needed bread. Tbe debt of tbe Mete, escludtng the war debt, ta Hen and a quar ter millions. THE gflHIU LEMUTUM. Mil l torjBTTLX*, Soy. an, 1*48. In tbe Senate n Mil ban been Introduced repealing the lawi prohibiting ale ns front owning real aetata. Tbe House baa pawn ! a bill graai ag aid ta an air line railroad tad prob htttng railroads sad rtaautboats raaning oa Banday. 99 UMTEI ITATEI OHCUlT COURT IH Ricnwnwn, Ta, Nor. 14,1484 Tbe United flute* Circuit Court wai to bold its Norean bar Term today, but neither Judge Chans nay Under stand bare arrived, and nothing has be-a beard from tbam. HAITI019 ELECTOR Haareoae, New. N At tba town election to-day tbe repuMlaaar tbeir satire ticket by majorities varying from thirty.four ta noa hundred and assents alt Allyn II Mttmaa repubtman rnadtdn* for Bret AeWtman. rereived tba blgbaat najunty Tba rata wee light on beta Wee PMHSEO UAH EHUTUnijALL N ?? HANHMBf Onnreen. Nor N, ltd* Military etaer* In tMa Rtata are making preparation* for e grand anil end reunion on New Tenfe day, wl the organ:ml?"? >' the Veterans' Unwn will he r? elated As eren -a lets be deli, read en the ear sens . ?ftgadtar 'faecal aaron V burses, af Naab ml nbd a puma by LteeUpnant iiiw A Harden. ef benpl VNgng. AMUSEMENTS. ftt^advrar Theatre. The manastniient ot Hi'* popuUr theatre deserve* Kuch credit fur preeeotldg W iu patron* on* of the beet ?f tbe old English comedies, and of having (be protiy M<1 clever acireis, Mine Koto Reignoid#, to support Mr. Otarlen Dillou in tko fourth week of bte successful oigeiutnent. Tbo vivacious comedy of The Wonder wae g ven last evening with Mr. DUion aa Don Jtelix and Miae Reignolds aa Violante, to a verjr fair houae, and was warmly received. Mr. Jantee E. Murdoch ob tained an extended reputation in thla part in thia country aa well . aa abroad; and though Mr. Dillon's reading lacks the mercurial and elegant ciiaracleriiation of tbat gentlomao, It was a vary cradltabla, and, in many portions, a capital per farmaoee. Wu were vary agreably surprised in Mr. billon - Felix. He baa far more versatility than we had aippo**d, and bo gave us a genteel comedy Imperaous twn tbat few who bait witnessed htm in tragedy would Kippoee him capable of. Hia Jealous and lender words were quite true to nature, and elicited most earnest ap plause. Miss Reignolds played Violante Iluely, and bor handsome face and tlaure appeared to great advautaga, ? tboy did in the comedietta of Antony and Cleopatra. We have no space for a criticism tbla morning, but we hop# our readers will avail themselves of an opportunity to see tbo repetition ot the same comedy this evening. Wrench Theatre. Signer Kirinl gave hia ooacert at this theatre last sight, where a large and enthusiastic, but by no meant critical, andlenoa awembled to greet him. The enter tainment opened with Neeb'a "Liberty Hymn," wbicb was aung by tha Coiona Society, and hardly merited tbe applause accorded to It, aa its execution lacked spirit Mr. Mnllcnhauer's rendering of "Sounds from tbe Alps'* was very Ine, and showed the perfect mastery be por Besses over bis instrument, each tone being given with a clearness and distinctness refreshing to haer. Madame

Jobauuscn's voice dees not possess that power and fresh noes for wbicb she used to tie eu< b a favorite, but she Is s good musicians and san; tbe bolero from Lit Viprtt gUilittmtt very well, blgnor Farml played a faulasie from I" Huyunvii, and was loudly encored. Ho then gate tbo "lest Rose of Summer." Mr. Pollack also as sisted in the concert. Altogether the concert was good, and Mr. Farinl may lie congratulated upon Its success. I'nrk Thenirr. Hrooklvn. Mr. D. I*. I lowers and Mr. J. C. MoCollom commenced an engagement at tills pretty theatre last evening, and their appearance was greeted by a crowded house. Bui wer e favorite play, the Istdy of Lyons, waa the place produced. Th? character of Claude Meluotle was well ?Hpined by Mr. McCollom; lu some part* of the ren dering, however, the effect of otherwise careful a ting wan spoiled by too stugey a inanuer and delivery. Mr*. D. V. Dowers waa, of course, excellent In tho part of Pauline Deschappellea, this being her favorlfu r.'.ic, and le equally a favorite with her admirers. Her tuning in tho third act, when she discovers rho Is the wile of the gardi o*r'a s? n Instead of nn Italian prince, wu- a One delineation of the conttlot In a woman -hrea-i hetw en iho feelings of pride and love. Phe t arried the sympathy and appreciation of the aitiileitC" w ith her throughout th# perlonuanoe, and was twice called before Iho curtain. Jit. Chippendale win particularly happy n his rendition of the part of (ol?nel Paint*. Mr. li. Wron'n unpleamnt manlier.sin sl'o geiher spoilt tho part of Monsieur |)*tchappel)es, and ll> . D*t Is wras equally unsuccessful Iii lo r ropre-enta Hon of Claude s mother. The rest of tho support ac. curded b> VIr u Conway's company was fair, snd It mny safelv be slDrmod thnt th* piece has seldom bean belter put on th< -to e or mors shiy scted lu ilioukl n (ban it waa last ?'? eking. Itrooklvu Aeiirfemy ot lluslc Msnilm Popu lar 4 oiirerl*. tin) popular oncert at lliu Brooklyn Academy last evening 11. atiended by un immunse audience, a favora ble and unexpected ometi of auocew. The at |iopnlur concerts supply a want that has lieen keenly felt hy the music luvlng public, for tha majority of concerts tilth orto have been beyond the rua> h of tho ma -us both as regards price aud eelection* of musio, The progrnmrue last night waa -uftlciently varied and attractive for all rlas e-. Tho dashing ovurturo to tho Merry Wire* of Windsor, the |>opular Visions In a Dream, se lections frorn the Midsummer Night's Proem, Limed 1'olka, flchnenbrnnner Waits and th* Turkish March formed tho or. hestral piece , and Buto trombone, zither, contralto and piano solus tnsd**op Die r*-t of ili? programme. Miss Florenc# A. Rice, the con tralto, was evidently sullormg from a cold, and therefor* Ming ii a dhuuDaohige; but wo would advise bor to < til tiv ite mors the lower notes of her really Una voice so as to remove tbe harshness which is too apparent In thorn. Willi mora experience end stuilv she will no doubt achieve F ioc< ss of a llallenng nature among American "Otnltcie. Tlie soloists were Me??r- Heindl, Letsoii. Pen so and Colby. They w-ra in gensral auc reeaful in their UMpMUve aeleciions and well ris eivnd. The next popular ouncort will lake place on W'edneiday next, at .Htciuway Hall. Nlrinwny Hull Pcaot- anil Mrrerlai .tlnftnra. Tli>- Ural matiiio#. or morning concert, w II >a oddly namcl, or IVim# and Sevorloi took placa yaator ilay ariornnon at Hir?4 o'clock, lo tb# atnaller ball of Merwrs. Hit n way. The andlanca waa ratbar ainall and contiilad principally of ladlar. Mr Alfrad I'aaac played the iU la Jfeiaa, by JUT, aud bU 'V. e la Onmar* du.-t with Mr Colby. Tba polka la mora atlrac llvenhan Haft ? worka generally arc. and po#*#o*a aoma rery brilliant point*, which w#rr wall brought out by Mr. Paa?n. Tlia t'rlaplno duet, of whirb w# ?| ..k? on ? jirariou* ooraalon, la ahowy and hrilliaoi and aaatly work ad up, w.ih ilia oc-apilon of ilia On.Ua, a ralnar commonplace ending of ?>icb a taarllorloua Iran* rip Hon. nlgrior Mavennl baa many good not-* la bla mire, but tba uppar onaa ara l.araV na?ai and auacaplibla of llttla aaprcHvlon. Ua Hang ha a mr, however, better Iban might ba nvpeeted from aurh a voice. Mlaa Kale MrlVinald rang Khcken ? " Taar'' wllb tba awaat. neaa of aspraaalon and laete tbal < liaractariraa bar vol a. Tho nait met n.e will laka plana on Ibcciuber 6. bandar Concert nt blalnwar Hull. Hie thirteenth Hunday concert at lb* abova ball ?b"Wtd no dliuloutlbn in point of nmni>*r* in lb# aud. anca 1h# principal faatum of tba i oncart waa lb# ap paaruii' a ol Mud mi# '.??/?inigu, tb# rata bra tad prima donee. r-be mug Ak / e?o? fiU, froin tba I'ropbat, L* Is and hrbobalt'a Maria Ilia brat ia a piaca which faw arti-ta rra aurcerofut In, aa It require# a gr-at 4ml of dram*' r power, and a voio<- of Mmpaih'tic,Ci pro*.ion and bigb training. Hui b <pia!lUoa Madam tJar.i*mga t.oe*> >'?>? lo tba fuliaal ailaui and bar ran d ring ol (Lia grand aria aaa fully equal if nol ?npart> r to anything ?? liar a had in tba cotn-rl ball thl- aaaron. II wv received ? v tba audience altb the rno-t enthual aatlc applanw, arid an -t?core wax loudly demanded Ilia daa Jfjrui waa mug by bar with rara delicacy and Intanv* alpr* .100, tba pureeing balng clearly and aainaaily dabucd. liar volca in i?.th aalaclion* 4b plaf?l rtebneae, power and thrilling awietaota to a hlgb?r dagreo than cvau durng laat aaawm Ah' will appear again "U -unday, and freq leully during tba eeae-.u, and will pro>a a welcome acc aalon to our uutBerou# concert wngera. Mroera. Mllla, Ruaa aud 1'iirt iu al*o mdad in Ui? ?oncart. Mlwrllanraaa Theatrical mmA .llaalral. Mia* Mary M irhcll and J W. Alhaugh ara at tba Academy of Mual'. Louttvllla, Ky (In iba 224 ibay appe.rad in Iba principal character* of tba Mutual Friend Mlb ball played in Kanchon on tba 284 and in Llttla Handout on tba 24tb at Corinthian Hail, Hocb arter Edwin Adam* concluded iba tb>rd and laat wa*k of b? engagement at tba aaw Mampht* tbaalrt, in Memphia, on tba 24<b. Ti.-bheiiini and -hiatal oparn troop* began a aaaaoo of tan n ghte al lb* new Metnpbi* tbeelre, Mampbia. on tte UHb. J to ley Hill I* playing at tba Or eon law Optra Ilouee, Mampbia. Uro>ar ? op*r* tro-ip# gar# tbroa performance* on tba ?21, 2M and ;4ib inaia at iba brwxnlaw Upam Houaa, ManpbM. Mim kmily M*lv!lM l? at tba Olympic tbaatra, "t Lou la John Brougham'? #ngag#m#nt at iba Academy of Muatc, Frorxtaacw, tannmaled oa Iba 234, on wbl'h aigbt ba look a te-naat, appe>rtng aa Captain Cub la. In Bombay and Aon n* Hal*mac. 'oncart Troapn wftl a"ng at tba City Ball. In Hrr.alAenca, on tba jOtb laat. Hai#n Wantaen will play Bon Cmaar da Baron at tba Aradamy af Muita, rroaldanna, on iba tTtb mat John K. Owei.? loak a baaafit at Iba Mallaaal lb#atra, Cin- anall on tba Aid Inat. appaar og la Mka Btanpa to CoBd'iaraad Forty Winka Emily Tbarna and Aaaaual E. Ryan played la Tba Longmnka, nt W.iad'a thantra, CAa'ianaM. Mo#amb?r 23. Holman'a Eng'toh ?>para troupa wera laat wa?k at tba T mag Men ? Mul. in Dwnl. f anaf Morgaa IT??lp? ptayad tba part of Jail a la tba Hatchback at tba Atbanmutn, la Batroft, am tba 1M, Tba Bataraaa Cannart Trwupa trill wag at Ally a Ball, lartford. an tba flit mat Tba Eitebing# Oparn Troapa part arm ?4 at Ma'aerott Ball WMbingtoo, on tb* MtH ??WJ IU! fllTVU BCItX I artro Movaoa, Hat CI, I MM Tba aaaoei aowfaranra af tba Matbodwt EpMb-upal Cr.ofcb ma?th and ? *U(>.? m #-?-?? ta Marl^i am* lie !??? r?, it la tb eugbl, will canaaaaa tba grontar part af aatt waak y Tbroa large wbalaa waro #>aaroad In Ikynprod road. Ibi< morwltg Maarm PabIM *-Ww.". "* roeyblfr earn# be*a fr ?m Qraaayewt, I. I n#v* baaa pwpad by uU asiboriuaa fa< gtd M (to <? a apn a cirr nrrxii mmc*. Aw *>" Wma, 4 pastor or the colored Be pit* cbtwefc I % AlJ1 *'"? ***** ta now in ihis city soliciting ?**"*?; u,,' u?. poee of erecllug a piece of ^ endoraed coiifiegaUou in Itiet plaee. Hi? rrriiewxm. l(^ citlxeiia ?>r lb* Mayor of Alchiaon end nteny lee* ^ nearly He liu already be?n so far successful ee I* Dsita Titi KeetwuBrr. ?the twenty Uuuih i4nu'1'' eery of tlie fouiidetloa of tbe Columbia (JhapiWP ^ I telle Pbi Fraternity wee eetebraied el tbetr ledge* ' utdey eveuing, No*. 114. Thle veteran among col'e#% I'M fret -rattles wee founded et I'mou College In I be yv t 1S2T. The I olumlile Ctiepier reoelv ed lie charter In 1?^ end ha* uaver beeu In e tuore dourmbing condition team at prtuo'ui. ASM' vL I'ovvsWVto* <w Fakem Ctttwun ?TMn Fr.-w U Canadians bold their aecond eauuel convention on next Nalorday, the let of Decemluer, et Clinton Hell, to take into consideration the requisite meaue 10 pro mote tbelr national nutty and consider tbe political queatioit" uow egllatiiig Canada, particularly annexa tion. Tun UaMMio Pain. ?Owing to tneuy uuavuldabte de lay", the MaaottiC fair fbr the bcueOt or tbe Maaoiuo Mall and Ax) lum Kund will not be opened before Wednesday, December 5. By tbal time every proration will be completed, and It la anltelpnted that the fair will be oue of the uioat numerously attended and moil tuccerfol unterpn ne of tbe kind ever held in thla city. A Pouaouau.?About Ova o'clock tart evening Hr. Samnel < obeo, realdlng at 381 Eighth elreet, dlacovered a Que healthy female child qnlntly re|vwilig lb We hall way of bis housg. No meanage having been left with Mr.' Cohen regarding the little euioger, and no prepara lion having been made for lla welfare, It was glfcn in cbtrgo of tbe police and neat lotbe Ontrei CHBc#. Muotia (Kx-cumrca in a Bmut Qanani. -eWUde em ployed In reeding a baking machine In Wlleon * tteam bakery et No. 331Cherry elreet, yeaterday, a man named Charlee Hheeran waa eerlouely Injured. He bad been ?upplylng the rollera of the machine with sheets or dough when, unfortunately, bla right hand herein? ? u tangled with the machinery. It wag crushed abd mull, luted in a ebocklng manuer. Hla a rial and arm were also brokeu. Ho was laken at once to ll>.< New t.irk Hospital. It la leared ampdiation may have to be per formed. A'ViitiTR ?On Nunday last Catharine Frleden. re? d In.* at the corner of Seventh avenue and Thirty-Kith atroet, win run over by a homo and light wagon while attempting lo . roaa the ?tn>et near her reeldenoe. Her Injuttee worn found t'> he but eli"ht. A lad four veara of age, oafttad Kdward Ryfngel, while playing on tho "treat opposite hie residence, No. til I u-t avenue, waa knocked down liy a t'Utcher'e rnrt ?' h was being along at e furious rata, fi e driver, af-ef tho occurrence, never "topped to ascertain the ex tent of tho child's injuries, which, very fortunately, were not of a serous nature. Frederick t'urlry, residing at the corner or Third and I-o\vi* nlreels, while walking along Houston aire-l Inst evening, allptmd, and, lulling heavily on the xuiewulk, broke Ills l"( H" was conveyed to Bellevue II pi I* I Martin Burth v rwldlnvat No. ?a Hector street, while at work, on u hirge at the foot of Unauo sitcti North river eecdeiiUllv fell I hi. ween two I,urge- and w.m Jumtto l ?o tightly as to cauee a compound Iru? tor- of the Uiigh and other severr lojurton. He wee convey-d to th" N"w York IliHifilul by ?n ofBoer of the tilth pr olnot Hartley's wountlit arc of such a uature thai be'an nul survive Morn i'r.-adv is vlewiug the Hit* preaeolatton in Hie park . i-sierlat. when one of the Iron pueta t" which tl >? i biiln-itr li?-i< nod at the main entrance lo lie. park accidentally fell on bis foot ceu?lng e routined wo ml He we- c..n. e> ed lo th" New York Hospital by en nth cr of th" Twenty "i*ih precinct John I'err n we" run over htr a "luge yesterday .'"r nicn, st the Iniereeclioo "f t\ bltehaU and l'earl ireei iui.I h id hie leg Iraciured. Taken lo the Now kois Ho pual by uu otQcvr of the Firm preelnct. AMoTRMl t rrv K*i: Uiieo Can AuabtNT.?I'eople have ceased to wonder ?l the occurrence of accident* and iuJ iin " ooto-equenl upon the Juinplug on and nil horse cats wb.le in lo'dion, and almost dally soma one or mure are hurt by carelosruefls and rreklcvness. The la'ant case I" thai of lsme? mllb, who aUompt'd lo Jump off one of the Htonu' II rare on Rast Broiolwav b it, mum bling fell an I nruk# hia leg. He was picked up hr a poifcemaii (torn the Seveaui precinct end a?*uudt.?ht? llOUl" flgssHAi. Bcrtsn's Lmoatmnt? Me forther action has l"-"ii taken In the Bupreme Court regarding the notice* of action served upon General B. f. Butler on Haturdav last while at dlnn?r at tbe Astnr Hou?? Tbe suns are In tituled agaloet hltn by John H Uater, a f rmer resident of the tfoutb, but at preaenl a inert haat <d tbl" city. On# complaint allegne faba' Imprisonmant. and lave damage" against him at $100,000, the rehrr charges bint with unlawful convaralon of property - damage" at gU>,0U0. During the late war Secretary Btauloo granted to Mr. lewler a pass to bring hl? fan. ly from the -outh, hut tienoral Butler olieea to Ignore the order of Hie Heeretarv of War. and Imprwooad Mr. I-ea ter ami it is for thle action that tb? brat named suit ?? commenced. General Butler, meantime, has returned to Maeaei-husettn. I,T< at " Urrrvta.?A lecture wa? delivered et Clinton Hall last evening before the New York LjMvn fov U.e Improvement of Yonng Men, by one of Us inonit-era, en embryo pollU-lan. Tbe eubject wne, "The t eolreliu Hon of Power la the rederal GovernmcoU" The lecture was a rrltl' lam on the present administration of oar national aBhlra by a radical liongvase. an aliue'-Hi to Presidential laebrtety and a dtasertattoc oa ottt' iai cor ruptlon. No remwly was epectllc*!) pronoeird e*cept to make iQtelligenoe. honesty end aohrteiy n< " ?arv .iualiH. alioti" to entitle men lo the elective franchise The opinions of divers distinguished wrltete wne cue.1 lo prove ihat popular guverumenu were iwd things un-t our* wa? made p< rfe?-lTy hideous under th? n.anlpnletlotie of the radical party. Th" onneiltmional amendment m vol red ui unwarrantnloe eiepise of lederal autnority over the Houthern rtutee, and it abonbl be re;.-?tod by them, and from tbe hreaking eel of the rebellion down Ui the present line ibe government bad r vgrole*! ui? uoustiluilonel powers, eoow of which, however, the -peakei .iould allow f? r the ^tergencie? fmr is Cav.l Hraear Hhortly alo r mi o'clmk last nl^-bt a we- dlacovered "it the tlfth ' >??< t th i ! lug No. Vi? < -inal elreet, in lite pr. :r. e< "f I ?'.rr kC?, manufacture!" of <.orii"r "tu*nda Tlie extended up ib" partlt <n to the nu t, when the ?r-men et I tinculalix l the vre rt" k Co loes ?'ll Ih? a??.ut a-It. ineored. The front |wrt ?f the ?eme Boor le <"? np evl hy J bn Gray, ahu ? inanefaclurer ??! corner stand" lit" *U" k It damaged lo the extent of I Sttl. The foilrtli Qoof of No Jia and also of N > Jio la ?e ? cuptrd h? the New fork Knawwl Coitar t. aou I a. i ,ry, FuStP-e k tov, proprtetor" nieir aiock is damaged ?>y waurtothe extent of 4B0?. fuHf I" ?f"l Tt.e th rd floor f No 241 I* occupied by r I Htil a Co . ho<?p ?kirt wire menaftu turer? and of No '.'is by Vi tender M' Ver inodhl maker, '"Ail st-H-k" are eoo.ewbet demaged hy wet. r The as* -nd Per "f both boMdlny. are ui iwl by Joseph rvchetd'r, IcWeo luea -feo turvr "toekdameged hy water a"'..,i |l iyw The nr?t floor ,. ..erupted b) UlaUe * A'?'"T. upb"i*ery ^ da, at- <k "llklitly darnageil hy water til" boikttng to the ..stele of John Jar It U dam vg'-d t? the etlenl of $ 'SI The > au-er of tbe ft re I- uAkn -wn et pr?eeot f ss is Ftvvse " rearv. --The alarm et helf-past 'Sue oV|?k this morning eae ."-.eeiowed by the discovery of a Hr - on the flew ft , H ?f the ?*?" '* * No l?A I "Utre St met, ocopie-l hy Welter Clark, lewt. o th u n were iiromptfy m me ground, and ?vtn-guiaj?e.l the "is. -rforc ntncfc demege waa d- ne Th. by hre Stud wa'er will aot f I0U, wbuvli ? n.urmi fiea is F'troe -tatav ?Abort two otli.k tl ? morning a life broke out m tbe basement of Btgslnw A Paial and t>,luf W'wke, No Jt rtifUm etfwef Tne tlvmee were epread rig mi rapidly wh-n the Ore man arrived, and la a abort tub * - ?ral -reams were poured into Hue ba?enw.l, and at three o link the f* men appeared ?onhdenl ef preventing the "preed of Ihe : '? ?b? upper ?owr?. BP.OOKLYfl LNTILLIOLNC'L Julio * r?un Carrot* ?la tha N^rrai* Offlrt Circuit f <MUr'!af lb* jury l/f#ugl.l >1* ? 'M'iKl (if |il for ? briMfkn n ai, arttao w? i,*t ? aptaia J?. - ' ' * ? ? ? a , ' ? h a prvmtoa* l/f braahtag Uafoigh a trtafew, >0 pf avail of Inaralaf aoiaalhl*g aJ-iol HUa.4 aaiaa of It'i. <ra R'-irtna ?About aigbt a alark '? kuadar ova* rtf a nan hf lha bam a af Ma Hotrfcteaaa, t**aif tkraa y ana of aga. Unrig at Ma ? Waioo urmt oron 11*4 rjl c, la ti/ taking la .4nB'.mi l/vaai hmltii au t. .lift ad A ?tir mo invrma a la ika mgifaM Court paatar <Uf, Jalga Oilbort, tb? rua of *?arart a* k'oarart, for 4iroro*. naana of tha aall Ik hrnight n* th? grouad of adalbarr, an I iha 4*'a*ro aot up la adai lory of tha puiou* Mr dialing M kuoart fitiaa iMLiBvawra lauaa ma ?nifia Ua ?at a ap*( 1*1 lag af tha Board -<f kupaft laora, yaatordav, a a aot i a* r*n* tguia lU trtltl of aall* nag flaaa fm? thirtaaa Ihoaaaal paraoaa ItaMa to m larr duly, aha bad f allot ho apaaar boh ta MM aatborltiai ta ab'.cu Ibay *ara r*ftuir*a ta aaataar Tha M'i*r oaa H-aiaf to lk? lata aoaawMln , ?o4 tha B-.ard id/?n*l llil U> tia af Haaaoihor f mttrm of mi Mamaa - Tha aaaa af ?l? 4W ta ' aar a? Mb* WM af thta tbiHi ?aa aahamiM ta Muaday Uat, altar tha m- ra<*g aarrta* r?u thar-anr a or tit OrriMiitt I tia -Tha pall. Coo of Mkha?l '?ougfcatty. who aaOatad a fa* a. -a-14 aa* Ik Ika aatr, ta ba tataa-nd from Ma Ian* of am a* a#a I* Ika aarf, t* ba rakaand from Ma tan* of am r* am tha grot ad that ha au latoiraaaa at lh? l aaa -4 Iha I'tiM %*toa Ctrrm* (mart, to a a lot ta tha authortlioa^^H yaatorday by fudgt kaaaax*. f iH (mart, aai Ika prtnoaar f? TV rrutjw? ?n??wt k*?3 vm M P I MM TtrO M-aitttl' af tha all' MRth'P ?.af4rmr** k 'ooitmar a lt*a Rk -h tan Utarpart a* tkaat*i<*4 for ?**,? rttiatf ta tha friam* rf Ika paa??ngan oa larl miniw v tv vt v i&invav. h.i?Vtm?i <r ta iaaa. POLICE INTELLIGEJUCZ. t?i AnarLT 4*11 Koiikknt A Jam-orate rag V urna. ?On Bflodaf cveDini i^r^aiiih O'Otuiior, llriBf In Htidaon City, N. J , anati orerlo Now York, and meet ing wuli noma acquaintance* drank u>air?M. Being an aide or unwitting to return homo O'Connor alerted up Wo?i it rent, and at ttirae o'clock In the morning mat Timothy iNnoran and aaked if he rould dirent hint to a' judging bonne. Timothy vol an lee rod to ahow tba it ran IJL'rTL. . hnd acuotuaiodatwue, and condoned ?Lli- further md of the Vreey (treat pmr. Hup Ci? ? 00 on'' *"? 'B neighborhood at tint M !ni!ri' 10 UIUrf'r? ?'"> hiin, Donovan d? kbemtaiy amrk o i onnor a powerful blow ia( T* , with hie tut, and knocked hiut rim*** )"* be Jumped ii|M>o hl? proetrale no-* ?"f.VJit *"'1 1)1111 '? the moat brutal nan tirLmiiX1UUi" ^ff*1 deantatUd mepcr ef 0 Co^ofe,"''1 the latter replied thai ha had none. TLrte, d?larntlotc however. u,i?d to aatlafr Uie eeealleot, ehel ibrvet hie I***" Into OXoaatra pockete end and* gg itk that feeing af? th? tuon.y n. Nfet hetng aonteml with U?e gpaff amount of plunder obu-ned. Do?veal ?tripped off fKud. nor a coal and vaat. and at that me meat John ?*WTW. a wan umaa who bad beard O Com nor arraatu, and algo witnaaaud the aae?li In part, nmW hla appenranoe. wlmaeupoii the highwayman jumped up and ran away, paraded by the waubmnn, who cried "stop tblefl" Officer lorn,aught,.Ui ?f m. Tbtrd precinct bearing the alarm, joined in tba cbaee, and the fugitive IhlOgiPf to avoid airrud ran down to the Weal Washington Market pier and mcreted hiRiae t among actna old barrwie and buxae. The oittcer c-ua mended him to none fiom few biding plan, imt do?re* rat need, and It vaa not till Ibe officer threatened to abort him that be contented le autke an advance movei?at. Aa he cat? ont Donovan bad O'Connor 1 oeat and veet In hla pomntna, bat the ntolan money no a id not w found. Yftterday morning the prisoner naa Una be fore Jit at ire Began, and on tba vtetim'e complaint the magistrate committed him to the Tom bo for trial. Hone van la twenty one yearn of age, but ban been in the country only a (bar toon thai Be la a awaacro flnlabvr br trade O Connor, who la badly cut and bruited about the brad and fare, a aa rocamilted to the Houae of Ueten* lion vat itneea. ? WitTto a Coat. ?Jrremtah J. Corcoran waa la a Ihpiot itore in the liowrry Sunday after?op, apd Bad lug it wanu bw>k off hie coat and buog It open a nab provided Tor that parpoee. Home time after, when about to l< eve, be dlaoovered that It bad beep removed, mad upon Uw niitkiiig inouiry Uie barkeeper informed htm thai ha had m?i aeen an indit idual aamad Joliu Nebula walk out with Ik Corcoran followed quickly to pprautly and upon urning upwnb ncbuU found that an uT had already taken him in ruatody upon auepteiOB. ??? brought before Justice eUandley yaalrrday, 1 cnniojiued htm for examination Ptamo AmviT ?r II utut On Sunday night J Jn. gl. aleward of the atramablp City of Parte, waa walk ing along Creonw.cb atreet, uu In* return to bin vaaael, wh<n be w* nuddouly approached by a m?a, whp grabbed he wairh chain, draw tig lux walrh from bte pocket, apd attornptrd to make olt J*gg- wga prepared by 1 hi - time, and Is lug a iroug apd |?o?<rriii roan eeo? reeded in deUlniio tba fallow until an oltlCer arrived.' Th" man waa arraigned before .fustre Dodge yesterday, win u be gave Li* aHne a ? J?oi<" Hh*nahai. and wag committed lor tr.r.l wilbo it Irall Jaggi waa scat to Uie Uouae of (Nrteutlou to tnaure In appearac > to tealify Un:t?l I nomas itoblau waa arraigned bp furo Ju<t iw Kelly y -lerday "n a e|,aij;e of larreny. aad toroporartly comridll. d In the aheeuce of Ibe rompletp ant It appeared from the rtaien.eal of detestive Nary, of the Twelfth pr rlaet, that Inforniailon had been glvep 1 in a day or two aim a by y runs.? King, a rnaidxai af Barlrm, that a gold wan b and a valuable ?kl <)f jew elf\ had been abdeu Ir in bia boom- ami the datecltve was artv.M'd tl at a young mau naiuail <<oldnn, who bad b"ert In the hubit of opting there, nil ht know aome Ihlna about II Cpnn Ihta hint Iweorv hi r sought <b.U d 11. und meeting bun on the avenue i-liarged bun with tin theft. 1 lie *<-ri|*ed, taken by aurprt acknowledged b r guilt, and lu?k Twenty four to a lager beur aaloop, win iu be dellven I over the art of Jewi-lry lainetbyat and pearl, value,] at $ I Mr) and gave information ut bow be had dUpoaed of the wab h. Ha was arroaled and dti|h> ed of aa above l>TriwriM to Wgt !fmi.?On the loth mat m unknown woman railed upon a Mia. Klliaheth r'ulemaa, ai N'o 00 Woet Twenty eighth atreet, and birad har la a't aa ?at uunte for an infant, which ?h? carried in bar trDo and wr.t.'h aba left with Mr- Oalamaw, "aylng that ?he lived at N'o I'M West Tw.-uly Bfrli rtrM Hebse queatly Mm. foond out that Ibe m of lha child sou Id not I* found that the mothar Id aM Itvp at tfel W'Wt Twanty fifth street. Yeatenlay the child w? turned over to Uie r*.<otm itotiemof Public ' l.arrtiee apd Corrmtion MSVEVCMTS or CHItr JUJT'Cl CIMtt. Pittwu hu, War J*, iMi. I'r.rata edt irre for?h Mt b?re I" day elale Ibat I >-< ter ror i?aerjr, Chief Junior Oiaee W.rtou klrWlclieet Ml other dlningmrhnd grntiaimrn erri??1 un Seiarlay a* en. ? UK at Harrtai.urf. I'a , from a rUtt to t|rttr?tMir| fa?P ?vara (UMta of Si moo Cameron < bief J nation Chaee Irfc yeelardejr for Waahiti|loa MAILS FOB BUBOPK. fV> Canard mail etaamablp Parana. CepUla l?U. a||l lea to Una port on Wednesday for UreipM Tbe mm in for Knrape will does at belf peat e*M o'clock "B Wednesday mora I Ad TbaNa* Ton a Haa>u> -Mitiaa for Cam pa -at* bp reedy ai balfpaet terra o'clock la tbe moeetsj Miopia, In wrapper*, ready f*r osalttaf, mm tan la. t at rftb mckp ah :i bakuac hthmt Prof ream Wl 1.1.1AM eTAK* ?? At (llakrrdr'e iisa llraadteay, la Nfcpw Win. doer Ibte veal- H-.e*.e, a near Weddie* I'etd En>?i .pa. end tka I ry ?te LUt * I a> 4. Address Pallaeb Ir baa. brrrvhaaa Maaa> <?'??.?n ml lr.?^*a< near rV.r'.l. ?treat, ? T ripe# cot to uritar. repaired, biatled and awr-iolel A Mast "taper liar Article for MaMlu. TWI HlaoitAIVrn Braarf A. th? rT'<S?P.II TP-a-P ? 'iblWr Sol i f alt own end loada by Tat!.'?? A ?<???? MM frat eta eat, * T "pulled be llearr ?d! mala del. .a Sr.! i e ?;i ^ >e*i, y liia M.iti ?#* *d sod aaadn del- a.a er ?/Np.Kk riaie/ruWuKK A ee I ?! ? <*?r la .alas tbe fl'l A. Floret ||male Hod. fteerooole aad Boat. oaee *',iu area eeen ta tko aoaatrf Maya Ttr.t ? e.,d ' .ildrai. a < Mb oa, l?r(ea? at* "?"e* to ty, end al tery hw prone Soya' all a-ppl UeesuaefM K- lr 'rr |1| e*A SKOKAW BtU'A, ao lafayreea pleat en ! ?Pe rib ar. A. -I.erell'a Arnattnlle Hwlrtratla. far Ibl Treat, end <<.??? Tea eeet ? y all drepn1*** e<U fan./ daal ? All i'rlcre I aabed to Ugal l.aiierlaa. -Clrm ????.?! ,r. e .aa ?eot 1 Br'.Mr, lib Breed oaf Hntrbrler'e Malr lire.- Tbe Beat li aba * <A . ti e f panbr Irye 1. rains. r.nasit I .aaae1 m . '.a Pec lory at Beratey ear eat *oytr(ili|a. From Mr. ft. M. Mariner. Prlo ?,f ike I a-spra y. ?-e Ir.stiieto. b IT M.y It **?' I bete ?. . efle-tad e ??. b onbMt dnrtef Ike pee* e? trr. eed f ,mt ee re. ef ? ?Ut 1 feaed letr Ire-bee ' ?M/*? e ha it. II lei. 1|m< IIP*, or ?'..?? I. i?>.|e, *t?* pr- a pa aeitrf In t ft,a. I'ede and Tkfael li teaiee. at 4 ere 'or ee ? ti.r-.04a , .1 Ike Called Mate# eed se-ei t ?? e>aa ooubirtaa ______ * ('rial adarn'e llalr llya. -Tfea Bead Featr 'Ilea ?art. re. 1 W W o eeic a*, refill. 10. applied, n be la .tar ban p 'I'vW.'r^rrrrar'.v a etea ??aer I ?et.ty etgkt ' acre. IPr. Tat Rieeatberr I rree ?|| |?ler#ara oflbr ; : ... II, ...lafeal e ? .k- -idUe, Bl r ilk areaaa aornar toe-.ry e at to ami , Or. ran Ml? ilir* I area ? ??"eertlea. ('? ?breta ee taeet rf aw.y < eler'? o ateey baa trbea. Ml r.rte aetaee, arrber Taeaa? M?ktB etreaa Detaprr Fire and Ber?lef Preef ?afae . torae a. aea t el f? Mer,.y m,- tee. ef e?e BMao ^_e?m?? Bttlpalr f.orbaatirb Or eel no Herbla.e. Ml late' ? t y H . eet ? re? aae Ijoead I ?. <se a ? a Trr* aad Paa> ey.rand tteaa fa-re. InM furo.f4 wrtfiMrr' ? t<-(|ia?a p/broe e.f let faa%. Fore' Fare' |Pnra! A l.ert# aad Tarted eeo- tn - 1 ef r re r? idm are a ? I ? Area atyatea ek- a tefy maipe tea at BAbta ? ' ee.l aareaa -ar (.rater db Oabea'a Fir* Fremlpna Flnoala ltd' * aad Lark *vtre dao'aa Bene nan aad Ine e.y ret* el'net, u .e-atp petreeied lent toe ib- e a a ratk far k>e lai at Or a ef ya ilamta a Mat a reawrteMa P?ad ^ let- '? ?ear| raapaiA And a eery e .perker an,-l?t f. r a Br 'rnta-a |taap Mebrtaaa eelab Ann a, Id roe a-ea b ' yfilt.d 1/ *< t? b nO*? ApnaUdae MattaMad nataaa Vtnral flaeaao l?M?ff, Prtlea Paid la |" l-'e-mAtaea 7 are Ilk dA Tba kpten meet pea far V ? et tea a* kVnAa af 1Mb ea4 U n Tar bub 2 < -r .pare tare MWai akreaa * t. kraiak'a Had Be rat Paaael ?a. ? et Ike ate tea ..a pa f iMpn or -on. i| ike p ? *?a Br-*! bed oeta * Ilbnrlee eeT-er k "-ed ?r at** ko ett'erl -.eld l*>Wf V-k PMkf '? ? "J "'H * Ujll" Ik * < BKA'ja Is Ike el* a ef .be- .e. pa^a-?*ea ?e aba * baa aaa Mae i>ra|H ?riftr.Tr.rr. tf/'I p >4 Bead ?"?