Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1866, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1866 Page 8
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UNITED STATES CUSTOMS. >*. UK - ??? (k? t kliwiwm 1???J OSmiw. TO TUI BDITOB or THB HJtHALD. Tt.? crust: tulion vests th? powor for raising revenue f01 support of the United >lat<w goveromont m Con gress by declar ng that "the Congress shall hare power u lay and collect taxes, dunes, imposts and excises.? tin word "taxei'' M uie<i to denote alt contribution imposed t v the government for the support of the State. ?'Pi.uei" ; ud "imports have reference to merchandise 01 other property imported from foreign ceuntrtee; | while "excise."" have application to Inland input!- I wen. Unlit a recent period the moneya needed for j meeting the public expenditures have been m-md Bja nly froui Imports, this mode having been found the leert burdensome to the poople, as well as by far the most efllc'ent. ? Many years hick it win a favorite policy with Congress to trpose high on articles imported, especially inch nr were similar in description to those manufac tured In this rountry. This policy was, however, than Onueu, it being ascertained, from experience, that it tended to defeat Its own object (the encouragement of .American man ifactuieeVowlDg to the multiplication of manufacturing establishments to which it gave rise, ft' settled conviction, both in and out of Congress, has appeared to be, for a long time, that no more revenue ehdld be raised than might be sufficient for an economi cal admin'sirttiioii of the government The enormous expenses growing out el the recent war. H is known, have interfered latterly with this recognized theory of low tariffs. rte principal officers employed in the collec tion of the impost* or uoHtoms duties, are *k? collectors, surveyor*, naval otBr/rs and ap praisers of merchandise. toe three former classes were pre- Mod for by the great collection act of Jd Mureh, 17M); tbe last mentioned by statute* of a much enuri' recent period. The very elaborate act referred to, which may be regarded as the fundamental law still In n istenc* for regulating the collection ot the customs duties, made t the duty of the collector to receive the enirv ot ail sbi|is and vessels, and of merchandise im ported ill 'hem, and to record their manifests in books kept, fur the purpose; also, along with the naval officer wbco there Is one, to estimate the amount of the duties pavitiue thereon, endorsing the said amount on their re w|-?-> i ??? entries. Also to receive ull moneys paid for dunes, and to take ad bonds for "Boring the saiao, as well as to grant all permits for the unlading and delivery ?t goods It also made it the duty of si:--h officer??, with the appretwiion of the Secretary of the Treasury, to einpmy gangers, measurers and inspectors, at the porta wi'.bin their respective districts; also to provide at the jeiru-. expense stor-hom- s for the safe keeping of poena The rt-it e* of the naval u/Beer are to receive copies of al manifests aud entries of vessels arriving; to est1, ina'e the duties on imported merchandise, in connection with the Collo.-tor. and keep a separate record thereof; te countersign all errolta, ilearauces, and other do--i menm tfunted by tic Collector; to examine the Col lector's abstracts of duties, end his other accounts, and to certify the sam? if found correct. The surveyor a- directed to superintend the inspectors, wetghorn, measurers, Ac., w;th:n his port, to \ sit and inspect tie vessels arriving therein, and make a return in wi ung every morninglo the Collector of voxels ur rlv a,-[ the previous day from foreign ports, Ac. wtucnocMv a i cry Interest rut feature in the customs Jiolioy, adir timtered latterly, is the warehousing of Imparled men hand'ue. Prior to 1846 no extenrru or genera! pro visions en 'his *ubtet had oocn authorized, so that the Impei lenvaa not permuted to unlade bin dutiable aoou* dill be bsu nasseu them through the Custom House, A Jaw was passed ii that y< iu exempting merchants from the t-.aytueut o. dutlw on their iinporinlions until the desire to tuke iiiem into market, or other motive might make it expedi mi to make Mich payment. A privbego ?f ttus kind afforded a great facility 10 comtnirue. Con gre-ttwus provadct! on to th.s great boon to mer ebst-'s principally by ihc ireuraeuts of the Secretary of the Treasury, Hob-re J. Walker, who had been led to eveurne and npprei :ste tho "**t hec?tlts that had re sulted to the B> itlsh government from her warehousing rymem. H? h?a l> atceu that under the io? ..once of 'his J?panv?m* ut ui her re.enuo system her d>.?s ui.u ware house* had btaomc a storehouse for the manufactured products of the world, cml that her customs receipts guaitrupjed u a comparatively short period, while a fcrth?r beneficial retail bad be< u -i at vesseis arm log in Bet ports wore tusuied to ohuin n her grand ware housing depots without dairy assorted cargoes of the fchruw ano mechanical saill of every ration. The ae' of IMS alluded to diverted ihat " !n ease of IS-In re or neglact u> pay duties within the period Bi'ewed bylaw To iu-por-eis to make entry thereof, or whenever the owner, importer or coneiguce shall make ?D'ry in vruug lor warehousing the same, in such tori, and b'ippcrteti by stub proof so shall 1w prescribed oy- the be> ret try of tho Treasury, tho said good*, wares or merchandise shall oo taken pou oh eicr of by the Collector and dspceite-1 in the public stores eg other stores to he agreed on by the < oilector or per een n charge of the reten i# of the port ami tho im porter, owner or consignee, mere to be kept with duo aad T-iuonr.b.o -are, at the charge and rUk of tb? ovner tap*-. t?r. or co* gnee or agent, and subject at all times 4e Uivir order n jen payn.eni of the proper duties end ??. Cue*, to be as wrtaJcru on duo entry thereof for ware us'tig and to be secuted hy a bond of tLe owner, 1m C-'cr or consignee, with t.arety or sureties to the satis of the Collector in double the amount of aaid Ait cr." II " act of M it-h liW. added fmtber rac'liilc- >n IB* n atter hy ruthoriT.ngthsproTia.on of private bonded ware'ounce These public stores or warehouse* are of dllfs eo' descriptions, as follows:?First, flume owned 1* fli* T'nRcd r-'Uttes cr leaved prior to lt-fij Second, Acne n the ne'e pos*e-,*iou of ar importer, secured by the government and his own locks. Tor tho storage of mm>* of bis own importation. Third, Iboec occupied V inu riduals n the storage business, and used coleiy Mr the storage of warehoused good* and those unclaimed m sc.zed. Fo .rth, ^beds for the a<or*ge of tm'ky arti vml as m-ifeogany. dhaln cables, Ar. Warehoused mevhatidi-e c*n he wiihd-awn at toy ti*? for s?le ah1 consumption <>n the |?)rt collwtor's pern, ja, aud the payment of the dot es, or for iram-hip Mi.'l'i other pc'uis (where the dunes are to be paul>, ?pn<J t.eneu on glvlug ? bend for uu ihie ms nmount of the d-jtns, aci-i lL? r ate iranvp irtat ou to and delivery * ibe plaesof dw-'t nation '.th-n a spevibwl period ?uch warehoused articles a* are net taken out within tho per -I | rwacr.Lad b< a.r are t-isju'red be -old at public, and mi ari- r goverameat ?bp..i seaient. The f?|l? riim I* a ? -I ?l tho t'olleciore, Purveyor* aad Uav.,i ?'ff'aerwtu the l in'.sd Sums, vui. CaUfitux ?My" l I'hWiM ? Mat) K. 8. N'anl'ey. Win. cro?'>v. PH-worth Wonroo Youug, Kennabuiik N H Sargtul. EibiM Tbomaa A. H'..p>?. ipon....i '. WaahiBgt.j.i i n? R Ih If. DovArnux. Portland fbru'l A unburn, Jr. Kmc .f"l n Hcnrutu. Vbl''ulMr i.igb. Joint* A. llal Wtf umm. Krvt ?is KmHn, 1m i Jeri'iu,?l. H. P .nmNpan Ea?i pert..,. J If.*m<ir% t*rv^r4 C. P. Iimbntt no nr. ? ci> 'nr. rb .i,?aPb B. I>Iik ?Vu<- 'ft r. Wu::?m Hodga. A*?<U "ffi-tr. Mr Kdow'ii.o. \ih ?n*T. ' "t|r< trr. Bar- rytaa UWMR* J. N.n.ij?rd. am !?? iMii,, Eb)l *0U R. Taylor. P?*i *ih tv Voajr. .? hAf'?s ? Bll.nltT A?rr<y>.Tfc ?rblol Jf T. TWnr.eif. ?awyort H ''ran.lrlL C>vi.J(??.? J. B. K.Ml'?<i. win?* ,. Wiu. W. i.nrtor. Bat: t.raanwicb JmhI hwww. Wairati r?d Harrington Charier U rfcug. Mar b K.uga oa AM HL W?,i?. tovarti a Cjrraou* m..?. Paanatnrg ttaorga l>. Chav v? ?i Ofr'.n. JHwfor'. fliania* B. Hush. ? Manna. War. r. Rta-'gair. Mrwrt "tr. Pv (led John Hrrmlr*. <? |f?i. I Ms I't a inmm F Hanrwlc. ?aw Is 'ion . .i.H.i/ud iv ?biiagri... P'Waca M Irnnb.ilL Arirery r?. Mi< -I ??? Hhnpiutt ?avtroi- .. 41 n* H >nr, parWoPI II. at. H? laiih. *"? lohdtB i. M?r hall ? *?*? gr at i s ?traaubta Hhlrn-*. ?o*1"? 1> S. Co-,.in. Bdaarioaa j? Vtitaia. ?h" *""" ? Jfti.w i Hrmiljr. Jr. ,v"> < )**w Marti I?hna4 ,v.n. Jf.OUir.r- ; I ~ V H tf.l;;?r. BiWlj' tM rbba Urntlirll Jfu ?hi.fypo? rniwn t; Cr.iT'ar Ply ucutb. i hxmas lairing. Holmd 1. Raeioul _ Aarm gay a, ponton ... a h i ud"iwood yioucvior ? tl It tteji Marh ehra<l. loin. I'rrr t Eboryi-ort ll. ry - I .,... 10b....... v ItribM I latilSM. a ...... " e I ?|f .Voert' -?r? Bn?(na.. . J ihr U a^ify t'rmhniyp<>rt t.e.i*?aj i (x>lhy m ? roil* tlgftoflfWI MhRaio i iiari** I? y..rto* #10? Ptroani ). B. ' *rp?nt?T Ptai sbarv Ja<fil) r*rninal?r Miiattrlr ..raorfii M A hall. rhi'iof John M UMry i V ig Usury A smyth* <M?*?b'iiw t- M. corua. Oa?agn Aedrsw Van 0y?? ? . . V f> llasan* ftaayauaHi. Bru?r ,., # JroaMfac New Tort Abraro Wakeman. Troy Loo Kirchaor. (Jroenport E. E. I). Skinner. Karat Officer. Now York ? <*? mUlT Collector*. Jersey City Phlnras Detainer, Asst. Bridgetown.*.*.* .* J??,Ph H- E,mer Lambertou. Wm L. Ashmore. Bargain town ?"??> ?* Tuckerton iirv ? Newark Peter W. Martin. Perth otnitiry ? ? ? ? ? J- I* Bogga. Surveyort. Camden 8- BlrdaoIL New >ir*nawick Jamen By no, Jr. rWSBTLVAJfU. CoUtclo*$. Philadelphia Wm. P. Johnson Erie Thomao Wilkiae. Philadelphia Rood Mycr. Pittsburg Junoo Lowry, Jr. Naval Officer. Philadelphia .Edward Wallace. DBLAwan. Collector*. Wilmington. Theodore P. Crawford. Georgetown James A. Magrader. lunuitiL Collector* Annapolis John G. Taylor. Baltimore Edwin H Webster. Oxford Wm. H. Valiant. Vienna James V. Webb. Surveyor* St. Mary's John W. Bennett. ogham. Nottingham Tho& M. D. Baden. Town Creek. James Jonea Llewellauburg Benjamin VozwnB. Baltimore Win. Wales, Snow Hill. Wm. C. Mumford. Naval Officer. Baltimore Wm. Smith 1 VIRGINIA. Collector*. A.exandna Andrew Jamleeoa. Lwtvillo Lloyd Moore, I "?< hmond Joeaph M. Humphreys. ' Norfolk Uwi* W. Webb. Petersburg Win. ?. Welta. Tappahauock James M. Matthews. Surveyor*. Alexandria & F. Boacb. Aioomack, 0. H. Ilonry P. Parker. Yeoooniico Wui ?. Snyder. East River John W. Dixon. Wheeling Thomas Horabrook. Parkfrsbui* Jumes E. Wharton. Aiaoal Offlu'er. Norfolk Khsba Pendleton. MIRTH CAHOUaX. Collector*. Beautort John A. Hedrlck. Kll/alwth < itj" . ...M. II. Culpepper. Edonton ..Charles*!. Manning Newburg Richard W. Kin#. Ucracoke r. ?v\ chad wick. Plymouth J. M. Barrett. Washington. Wn. 11. Ohoriy. Wilmington. J. p. Foster. Sure yor. Windsor Siark B. Smith. SOn II l MOLINA. 'AlUci t'irt. Port Royal J Bnrnweli, Charleston Albert G. Mackey. Georgetown R. It Cong don. Surety >r. < hurlnston Cecil C. Noll. A a cat f/flirtr. Charleston Thomas T.. Catkuert. *.K JH' I1A, C< Hector*. Brunswick M. 8. Holland. Savannah James Johnson. bk M.try s, Robert N. King. A (UNA* A. < Mivior. Mobile Albijrt Elmore. Surveyor. Belum William Q. Smith. nsnnri'i CoUei.Om. Shiehlsborooi-h Robert E.oger. Natoiioz F. J. Mend. Vir.ksburg John a. Klein. IjOUISIANA. CW U<*0/\ Now Orleans William P. Kellogg. iSur-ryor. New Orleans K T. r? Anna I Officer New Oris..ns. James h. Sellivau. IL IKIIM. Collector*. ApalaeUlcoU A. w. * bap man. KcrnanJIna George!* Roux. K?y West Charted Howe. PentaoMa Benjamin D. Wright. Ht. Augustine Pedro Henet. Jicks lurliie Paran Moody. St. Marks Thoenaa A. Stayner. raxatk VotUetnn. Brownsville Richard A. Robertson. Inuianola Char's* 1'ayloa Q.iiveelon Loreu Kent. KJ Paao Will am W. Mills. Corpua Chris a Thomas W. Word. Surveyor*. U Vara W. & ? bobeater. Vf 'aeoo William C. Wagley. saNTDcat. Surveyor*. J.o.lsviB# P.:. card ?. Belling. 1'auu- ah J. F. Bg'Tta TwomsMca, Sunvvor. Memphis 1?. C. 'Taoer. ? -so* m. .Survey,,,-. St. 1-oul* R. J. gona d. ?mux OMkctflnt Cleveland John C. '-rare.* Toledo lAwiaC. Hum. ijanduaky John Youngs. S't riNgS iia>"tir?i| Oe* a? W. Neff. UHasi. Awio-rye. < New VjSm v l?ob tiubony. ?.van l*aa- * e-*eiherrv Mudieoi ...(David ?*. Raid. " M h iMi c j ? B-*rt>er W l iama Mi-tinu*. ?bt.'or tore. Detroit Hcurx A Morrow. Sa illSte. Maris JotauW. M--MaU, Poit Huron John Atklnsor Grand Haven H. ?? Akeley. I I1JJNCIS. Collator, Chicago Willi* r R -catee. Sw-yotr. James Newman. Galena ....Daniel 11 ann. Qdinoy Thomas K. Ourank Cairo l?ao'?i Artur. row a. Surrey,r*. ugiou lohn Aber ramble Xeokok John .-'.annua I'ttbuvu... Jol.i. H. Heuiua. SKllMI). Collector. Milwaukee p. 8b< '?* ainHsaora. ihHolnr Joseph l.en.ay. ?uuimru. I VI 'trior. San Fiui > ? o John F. V,|!?r. Awreewer. il.< K. "hanrotj Vara. Qfim. TtKanae ?r?? ??n?u>s. Coite lor h lURIrOU, tK'wtrr Poet Ar?? ce. Frederick Wileon. ? ClNTAWA iPMdd?. I W rr$,r. c?a Patrick" otiaer. HO# TNE 01EEH ME; ARE HElCEk ??(?*'?? err af a Bsnblrr't T? leantpb nt IMrelli ,l"r m the Detro.t frraprere, Nov. M.) Ti e im-rat removal atid of an old frame ftrv ? e ft?im the rei.fral {portion of the ctty has laid ? are the earmarks and footpr nit ni' a race ot atiarpure wh. ve arient mi aiiatemeate and ruecbankal appliances let ?r.i i?a''.e,r liwde l avs hardly lioen ? nnierms I by tie 'Tbeek ?r 'onftdaaM operiaor* and that Ilk7ef the prwent *4. trie mot,,, I he new'paper, contained a deecrip .* "r.imbter'a te|,gia|>n, dtsooverad and up roo."'. in ...a j,, |r? ,n gt,?j r iy ?f ?an Fraoc|w*o, t ah uw eie pi eitr a id n-wty mar pulatlon of which, tbough IL. ' 'l*** well, were not super or to en ap J'f''1. ' ..fy deiigned, end which wa, recently nagerrete,! here Meny of the old ronkerlm of Detroit's een or day- may have affordd like rendezvous ami pro UutU>n |, _ Ire dvk lecde done 'u the ulgbt lime, or niMter rover ?. th?e nnfeo^oente I rtsifi. ,r p,>,ma ^ (a rornraJ of I' e .emee of nrde and chance, as in peter where a., tnnch dep. nda upon knowing the e-snp .?.tion or the victim s "I ,n i > a, upon skill in Civ!'. il i r'cn v,n?o, menlmnice! decioes liare ?men en, iy?d for ..m i.nmK ti.o -I ..' red kimwlndea. A ronfeder tia is ofl-u .-nrdoj ~j tb e purpoeo. some times w.tb egrt etutkera w.'-houi the zdjune.t <J mo ban." k-si oontelrnn .le. Hm apfiiira'i.e a wn; a,? l>u djwTil d we? dt?e?eercA hv some wcrrkm-n under Me p,,.?tB okI ,,m,dlnB wl! re >1 he.d hm-o pcrttisnsaUy bviated and bml svi! deiiUy |Mvrioru\ed good service for Almeo hy wnom it had e*wg ? igstrdc, ol. A roo<h bwt,.| fn ihe -wrrei flour had ha a removed Hy , awing thj nigh ucar una of the Joists, alfriiiling recti) lor tho introdiu i.on of tbcapiiaratu*. and "gslne"' r.r elois ru* In Ilia lop of aeverel of the floor timherw, slot, which w?* run s ropier hull wire ab* ut acren tact a length, at oaih end of w bidi was Deed a common "angle to ut," mch ea Is ue-d 'n pass Ing heW w'ree from room to room, or In turning the aiigiae and enraere. To one of tbeuc had "TidecUy Vun al gc,h?d a etrinr, or piece of elaec ; rubber, to be aetrud by the hand of the confmkarate. At the othar .said og ilia ccanacfieg wire waa a srlral spring, .flted upr.gbf 'B a fran a Atot* -ha In var port on of the sprnl ? tinnsv?i-,s piace of m wal held a spindle of iroa wire, a gj'Mor of an neb ia ihicl.naas, parsing ip through the gentre ot tne rpirai coil aod tbrm-ab a Lot* la the board reterrwi i<g n,aning lent evea mid the imtr sqrfabe of (be igu f wh u in its p.nper pgaitlcn la tfim floor. The Joiice and aenne i "Be ?f the gpparnfca war# carefully woaae and mn?M wm? tbiae ?cd gawon, to prevent any mr?c ,n !?? wutk i gTr wirnlp italic# arranged . .a Ibr r rcGae aavi SMBblar seated at the table with hla tool on the "telegraphic" wire, hie confederate, stationed behind the victim to be fleeced, at the other end of the table, carelessly (?) notices the "hand'' he holds, and instantly communicates the information of a "full," "flush," "two pairs," "empty" or "bluff," Ac., aa the caao may by, when the game la played and bets made accordingly. WRECK OF THE KINGFISHER. MM HAVANA COMESPOWDENCE. Fall Purtlcalam ef the Nhlpwreek-Nasim of yf the Crew, and the I<oat and Saved. Havana, Nov. 20,1868. The steamer Klngflsher, on her trip from Baltimore to Charleston, wee caught in a storm not far from Hatteraa, which commented on Sunday, the 11th Inst, and she seems to have struggled against It till the 13th Inst; hat the leak she sprang and the immense quantity of water ?he had In her proved too much for her, rendering It impoeeible to work the engines, and she was given up as lost The first to leave the ship were four colored men, named Alfred Renn, Oebriel t hen, John Dorsen and M. Hardy The captain, F. H. Harris, crew and passengers had te take to the other boats, and the steamer foundered Im mediately after, which wee on the 13tb Inst. Nothing Is known as to the fate of the first boat with the colored men. It is hoped that as the bearings were only sixty five miles northwest of Hattcras they mav have been saved, the more so as a schooner was in sight The other boats were picked up bv the ttasqoohanna, the persons safely landed hers and transferred to the care of the American Consul General Captain Harris and part of the crew get a free passage on board the Liberty, and the rest will be shipped by another vessel homeward bound on the point of sailing. It has not yet been de termined by whleb conveyance the three pasKongora are to proceed, but I believe tbey will go by tbe Liberty a)sa Their names are:?Miss 1L E. Smith, Mr. & h Jones and Mr. II. E. Hoeegood. NAHM or THS CHEW OF THK RTKAMIR KINGFISHER. P. M. Harris, captain: A. H. Mordecai, purser; R. B. Boggs, first mate; L. J. Nelson, second mate; J. H. Refhl, chief engineer; fl. A. Dean, first assistant en Jineer; E. H. Brown, second do.; J. B. smith, pilot; . Appal R. Revel, J. leach, G. Pascal, J. Slaughter, J. Mullen, firemen; A. Spence, F. Smi'b, J. Williams, F. Smith, P. Peterson, F. Detken, seamen. NEWS FROM THE WEST INDIES. OUR HAVANA CORRESPONDENCE. Ne further Quarantine at Havana?News Kimu Jamaica, Ac. Havjju, Nov. 18, 1868. The steamer Liberty and other vessels from New Orleans, which arrived yesterday, wore exempted from all quarantine. The order has not yet nppeared In tbs public prims, but I am happy to say that tbo ob noxious lustitution will no longer ail'oct vcssols from any port of the United States. The Spanish steamer Moctczuma, from Aspinwall and Intermediate place.", arrived at this port yastorday. She brought tbe following items of news:? JAMAICA. The duty imposed on the distillation of rum, which measure passed the JToute of legislature, created con siderable dissatisfaction. The bu.-iticss, already reduced to very small profits, would henceforward leave no ad vantage whatever. Another mess ire, also approved of by tbo Legislative Council, was a contribution Imposed oa tbo public for the subvention of the steam communication between Kingston and the l ulled States, which was very un favorably received by ill classes, and it happened Just when tbe contract of the United States and Pacific Mall Steamship t'ompany expired. In the mcamimo there will be no direct cainmunidation with the United Statos except by transient sailing vessel*. ' Havana, Nov. 20,1868. QUARANTINE. All quarantine on vessels from N'ew Orleans and other United .states ports Is entirely abolished, provided they bring a clean bill of health and there have not occurred any casus of disease during the passage. The order, dated the 17th, d<d not appear in the official paper till Sunday. KiecEii-ix Bors. The steamer Savannah was not told to tho Spanish government for $7."0.000 ..urreocv, but that mm, In. gold, and tbe debt cancelled, fho men have been paid and discharged. UTAH TEBBITORY. SALT LAKE CITY MHRESPONKKCF. Pjr.r ?"rrv, Xo\. 8, 1808, ran INU' '.hr ov TJIR t.ATR DR. ROSTNSO.V.N The coroner's jury n the rw of the lato Dr. Robin ?on, after a s?a?iou of nearly two weeks, terulnated the r labor* on the 8th .nstanf, and returned ft verdict that deceased r?tne to bir death by a pistol ball and by Mow* from a sharp iisirnnvnt. In the hande of some persons or poraons unknown to said jurora. Over for'y witBeews w?re-viimlned, but the mystery >.1111 clinging about this I rightful tragedy is km (he secrets of tbo gray* ?.akawiablh -noma or a -- awns ftp rarnraw wkcd. Frederick Weed, lorn eily a nontenant in the 8econd California Volunteer*, committed suicide at Taylor's saloon in thla city in the early part of the week. Ills death was caused by an over d >-o of laudanum. De ceased was nephew of Tburlow Weed, of New Vork. On the niyht of bis death lie penned a vcrv practical and bush)ess like letter giving minute directions as to what should be done with bla few rorlilly effects, and con cluded 'hue "I take my b ar into tbo unknown future ' without misgiving- ' am tired. I am discouraged." No other cause 11 assigned. It is raid that Insanity was and is inherent in his family. His remains were interred at Camp Douglas and were ouriod with military honors, a swivnikft. A fet'ow named R. R. White, ongn.-ed In tbo freighting business, perpetrated a firaiil swindle lately, on two well ku'iwn hi-in"** mm, the fa. is ot which have Jut eonc to liyh*. fine of the sallbrwi is A.J. Broom, of tb,s oity, who Huflon to the amount of 12,000 and tbo other Is ?n Atchison freighter. Ceojrse r. Chaills, who la a ioeer to th? aiitonut of (8,000. White was a partoor with the latter. and, ommg hi advance of the train, made such re presentations as gate him the desired op pnrt'in ty of couiuitlin^ the v.tndlo. He hae been tracked to fan Francisco, where he Miuand red (ii.Ooo on wine and women, after which h<- decamped with "no of the lair hot fssl) sea to the dominions, co called, of Maximilian. MIMVO VATTr'H. A large number of miners m i sotciitlfle men arc in ters ting themselves in regard loilie dev u.iptnont of the mining interests of the territory. An a. .oty has been made of some ore taken fr< m Bingham Onnon, which Bfcves to be very rich, tl.o fbllowtn ? helng the r""i!t: f-old. ooBces, 916.27, value *4.470 '17; silver, ounces, 160 ltd, r Ine (ifo? B3, the total value b"ing (4,678 id Bhould 1 here N- many mure snch specimen* discovered wc may look fur a large iutlux m' population the coming spring. rsusov at. tlencral During depi ne l?-t "venlng no his tour of inspection to flin rs *tflc. E'der Hnghnm Young, Jr., \>lio for the pet thr'S yea" has been >m a ml*,ion to Europe, and lin'lately arrived hers, will rstnru In a short time t ossein a-mu me the po? i tit,u of Pot pre-.d' n- y of the church throughout la the B? liftb lit** and the i oei nent. As llrv i.vm, Jr, is s prmrr and aditer, h" will al?o taks s Uvcly intersat In the Mormon paper putiHi-tied at Mvarpeat, the Vtilrnriil 51mr. I most - inrea" that Mdar Tilling is one of the moat genial and acnomplisbac gentleman I have ever had the ples-.u's of tnsenng. J,.?eph Knight, one of .the oldest tt'tnlters of the Mormon i hafrb, dle-l or Junday nig tit last, aged ftfty aeveu He war t*.| iired In June 18.10, at foaleville, N. Y. niscriLvssoi a. "he irvings are still p'a) lug at the Malt I.itks theatre. This evening they appear n the drama of If a e Kearney ai d A?m<?!<-M or tie I Hue Devil The work ot. the Tabenwrie it pro, rai sing dally. When auisbed It will be the largest ard moat elegant place of worship on the vtner rsu Continent. l. ;vorts from various part of the rarrttory "peak of the Hour an I gr?l mills helng constantly at work end tha paoff) pre; "ing tin o. s ?? for the w n'ar ftVfllTIM. PflLFOIIiOk. OmI'narwo* I ur lui i at a lliturdlnn Trwrrdv His Valine Mn r, |From the rtk ?p? Times. Vav. 2H.) fi. .irge M'dMo*h i, a mm wh- s hoary bead and henil?<l Iraroe are prcuoiiOnrv nf the near approach of that mtwai'iome gneal who ?? pro<encoeten the good, the pure and tirVnom > ?m. h dreml. tin has lived the allseed period <* thi?' ?-ore ears nnd ten. and is, flgura ti' tly, entering upon tin liriak ot eternity ?trembling at the verge of'he dark shy a whow r"Ki na never have and novor will 'ie 69pi' red hy ni'W j|s. This old man was yMtenlay morninr no oc'upgnt of the pnectier * box at ths armory. Ha w is net charged with any iudeona crime, hoi name forward u> plead to Urn n <tai complaint of ' dlsiir terIr ivniihMk ' Tho witn-ss agnlnat Mm w? a beautiful ).ma< glii. wheae lair form and ruddy eho"ka end bright eye* and tm,i-|i?ient purity wore ?drtkmgly Indicative of a cha le mind, and 'hat moral loneliness which la the mo it t harming attribute which a hecotVu nt Creator ran hss'ow upon woman. She gave her name as 1 laair Marie Kcbrlh r, and stated that tha prisoner was h"r unci-' Wl.ep tha little hand had been raised, .md the lips of the budding w man had pro nottneod the aidf mn wool-, aem hstp mo Rod,' this core little girl procevdetl w.tb scalding Wars pouring duwa h?w shame reddened cbetka, and wiih putntul Sofia feud ing ber bosom, to reirie the p t'ful tale of ???hhhga, of per-.-cuiion , of wrowgs and of ,.ert|? Wblnh at oo -e rivot ed tho ? lose att nt ion and enlist est the warm sympathy of all who listened to it. Nine years ago the father and mother of fjrrto Marie Mtnber died, lea- Ing her, an orphan o> years of age, to tho cars of Iit oncle, uv irge Mcintosh, lhewiieof Mcintosh wa? siso h irie<l ?bo*ily afterwards, and thus I ir > snd h. run>l were sft .1 -ne In the MM a wr'nkleil. veoerahte old man and a bright Vihrsom wlio was de*pne<i to hud nnd ripea and mature for good or eyil nndsr his irmihlaga and a cording to his eaamjdes, A fearful responsibility re-ted d|Km his ahould"ra. The dosioitaa #f a dead" slater's child were place,) in hie nanda, and to him that child appealed tor love, a'Jen'ion, kmdness, support and win atlon iln reretved none of these, in place of that love which the ttas of coasarsii nliy should have promptad, and which common humanity aotild angge ', ah" rvoelved ktcV - and cuflh, and w-rd? whose harshne?s and ooidnese aad blttsrseaa sent a hi chill to her warm, yoting bran, !W let was in let * otlwrthln one with no father to whom *he maid look for tha love which a igao alMava ferie for an oily rntld; with n? mother (rn whdse bosom ta rest hsr h?Kd and rwlaW her hnie u>ea of sir'lah trwiiWi with as broth*** aot ii(Mn to shara Mr jm and mingls la bar sorrow*; wtb not even a single ptoymals itssmted, daaolata, despairing?she waa shot out of the world and oon flnod to the society of aa unprincipled old uncle. She was made his slave and was treated worse than a man of the commonest nobility of aool would treat a dog. Education was denied her, and she grew up In attar ig

norance, not knowing one letter from another?scarcely even being awaro of the existence of a Supreme boing. She was compelled to drudge from morning to night, to cosk, to wash, to Iron, to mend, and to do as much work as Is usually allotted to two stout girls. Not only tUigu but the unole, she says, compelled her to steal the fuel which kept him warm In winter and cooked bis victuals In summer. This abominable coarse of llfs continued foi several years, and Lixsia at the age of fifteen waa almaat as Ignorant aa on the day when she was brought Into a world of wickedness and misery. It was then that a fearful calamity threatened her. It wm then that the baseness of her uncle waa revealed In all Ita hideous enormity. According to the child's story, when she became more mature m years, and when budding womanhood revealed developments of rare personal gifts, a new feeling entered the uncle's breast. Bis conduct towards bis niece suddenly ehtnged, and instead of cowardly blows, he lav ished upon bor the most ardent caresses. Th|s change was not wrought by any feel ing of manly regard for the child of a sister whose ashes arc now mingling with the clay of the cemetery. Aa horrible as it mav seem, the girl asserts that George Mcintosh attempted to accomplish ber ruin I For weeks and months, by entreaties and by threats, he has en deavored to gratify bis unholy appetite at the expense of ],lute's virtns, ber fame, her name, and all that Is dear to tba heart of woman. The native parity of the yaung girl rebelled against such an outrage, and sbe resisted bis importuni ties with an energy worthy of the noble clrl she Is. Finding that neither entreaties nor resistance were olTvctual in ridding her of the annoyance and danger wbioh sbe was daily persecuted wlih, Lizzie finally procured a warrant, and the old man was arrested and arraigned at the police court. These were the facts related yesterday morning. Jos tles Sturtevant, while expressing the contempt and dis gust which the facts suggested, concluded that a flue would not remedy the evil, and therefore required Mc intosh to furnish ball In bonds of $600 to keep the peace. The soourlty waa not furnwhed, and Mcintosh waa sent to jalL SISTER OF HON. JQHW MORRISSEV. A ran,- ol )><-Nt(tin Inn and DUnm- t Brutal Hunbnml The Concrmwman Eleet Send* ltr llcf to bin Sinter. [From the Chicago .Journal, Nov. 21 1 One of the muni dhitrusalnif casos tlmt we us journal, toui have ever had to r.-eord, came to light this morning, thtak to?? 1:h"?UMUJl<*> <>[ proaperoud follow citizens over think for a moment of the amount of distress at. present prevalent in the city. Seldom do any of them see die. thMSirar"?hr"nt l t^ted ia auy "lore vivid tnuntiar that in the i>erson of some cbaneo bet'ear who mav happen to supplicate alms at tlio door of'theT woil furnished offices or comfortable homes Tiiov never poop behind ttiosconoi of lire at it wore, and con ?eqneuUy know nothing of u bat is going on there They oscillato botweon their homos and business places choking won paved well lighted and gaily frequented thoroughfares ou their way to and fro. Tlio bright side or h?? a'^ n"Jul?'heir gaze; thoy know nothing of the rough workmanship of tbo back. Now an I th-n dyr'ptiops of wreicbed homes, starving families and heart rending so mos appear in tlio dnily papers, and it is through the medium alone that tieoplo ordiflarily " n''ul" "ware of the ex.stenoo of dark scenda whtoli encompass fli"'!, on all sides. But oftentimes the i. i ! m. want ?! Power, no matter how fil m r, i? '"I'1' ?e,'D,,t e Mrt "f description, in drawing a faithful picture of the Fconc* ho witiio-s.s ofthehnr rors which daily come under his notice. The happv fat.ior of a happy ramily glides through the article in bis morning paper while sitting at his bountifully sun pl.o'l breakfast table. He, perhaps. !h possess %<l nr kindly feeling. He shudders at tbo details lie has just read, lays tbo paper to one aide an 1 in a few minutes either the cares for his own family, or the call to the circles of business, drive from h - mind roc dice tlon ot the wretched case. Ho may deter mine to forward a donation from h j banker to sorao chart tablo Institution. A lilieral suni is nor haps run , hut his generosity does not, and probably uover will,, bonsflt tlione v.-hoso destitute circumstances ?nu'' ??.. "coutiy come under hi? notice, hut ho acts ?vc.i, tills Uesiro to help lite follow creature* generally Pirompto him to tbia siep Instead of immediately ron trili.ititig alms to tlio one finally in particular There ?,?h^7r wh0 do this every day, but, comparatively, olf *L'hlOoenci Is wasted. If thev were r-j, j|?|q j0 <po iri1"'" own eye* tho sights which newspaper"! poi L*r? see for tbezn and attempt to des?rlhc tlie.r bounty would flow direct to tho p.,or smrercra themselves. llow many a ?<irv toiiworn mother, who herself lie* ^ick upon her miseri-' Mo pallet; whose children, for waut of parinial oaro run wild about ilic streets, thieving and committing oilier crime; whoso husiutmi lies bononth the groen sod in the graveyard-bow many such a mother would bo made glad, her children reclaimed and educated, and nor retched exiKlenco mule comparative huppy by tlio assist moe of which wo speak. ' rT,"rn'nv, only, a case of diatreaa came under our ncti-o. A name appeared upon the police dockot at the Armory ol onu John Murri.-wey. Much in Inc.I dent at the present Utuo croated no email amusement. The charre against Mornasoy wa* '"'V' disorderly conduct. The mar ran,o into he dock. A woman who bad *rl<tont)y bean at 0110 timi good looking?nay, evn pretty?waa led to tlia front of the Justice's bench to testify, on! blind. A policeman acted as her guide. Hho mid that she was the prisoner's wife, and that last night bor husband ?tnt home anil beat her horribly. Her featuroa *eTfr?ghtf'jlly.< 'l<|g*r?<< from the offset of the blowa A# had received. hho waa so weak as to >rt hardly able rJ, f'*1. ' J prim;ncr k*'1 ? horrid gash upon his fo.ohcad. He was a?kad how it camo there His wife SE12' rph lhM her "tile hoy had Ill tod tho wound with a whiskey bottle, m hi? eodeav or* to m-ciio his mother from the clutches of the savage ?lualfco ordered tho broto to boflnTtf* and to bo imprisoned In brldewoll for thirty darn. ?r '.UKr.r?,p0rter' ^,u? ?n*,on? I" l?nrn more of tbo Ibcts of the rase, proraiiod apon a policeman u> ahuw him JortUhy. *"J '?a 'company bunTc ?" S'tuatod u'.l around the Armory building are dense in ,i dire. tons. These Muta are occupied by wret bed families \0 more wicked apot oz.sts in Chicago The inn 'httaufa are mostly given to dr.nk and Immorality but there arc exceptions. In one of those sbanttos a low, rotton -tnictura, exist the family of vii.r r.iscy. Tha mlcrtor la divided into two comwut moats, oUo of wbh-h tho Morrlssov'a occuil^d When our reporter entered, tbeie, fying upon a iio'Sttad, upon nothing more than the s?s w ? "X * fll,by Patchwork covert wis lira. Morrtvy. 8be was groan,ng heavily a r-tui atnsosphora pervaded the apanm-ni. which w?i ab.> it eight .oet wide, nine lone and "Ight In height To- wn.Ts were bespattered with blood, u.rt end tobacco J""/' cnmbled beneath the tonch. No oilier place of furniture than the bed.toad, oxe?ptinv a rtckely rCr food rio"!r 'n tb is abode of deatltutlon. No Are. no \ food no friends. To be sure, tbo little boy who r??..i,?.i h i mother from her bu-bsnd , .^7 to'a '^keloLnrf * h'althT child was almost reduced to a "dtoleton. It was a po tiiroof horror. Mm Morris sov tnudo uinuntially the following HOuument'? tbout founoeo years ago she married her present husband whose n .roe la John Morris, though bo a called Johnny XVSftSZff 1?' V. >r "0'"" - m li ttied her well. Ho is a ?? wiper < bv calling?that bhnd''n.mlAboul "* ?roshibo if >riiK took to Urlukinc and ha>: finer *t*rrm\w lrar?"T ~Vl i? 0" '"mlly. b" ^^ 2f ^ mwbiii 4baa*fuli/. in prii 1864 hei was ?] s- l.arged Iko.n Jollei Fs?lta?t!a?r, having "7e .HC#K.?r '? ,h', fat tu. tony. fHe has since boon in BridewoU eererml anT"' u-r* * ronflrmed wife beuer, drunktrt and l-iefer. The hov .Ihuh i " wppostod hrn blind mother by b-scanftSStofl^gx^Sf by carrying in wood and coal. Mho positively aver, that her name is Morrisaay, and that sbe to a d?Jr of , J ^ ^wnoiJuM, Morri-sey. ,hu mllllona.rC an^.homoro. , r ^ Ckm*** rieei for Now York ci it ?iiA 1 tailor to ibe editor of iho ( Upp~r Imi 8uadav or nthor clmtaTe i wrUtrB' to forwarded to her brother It umtomcd supplicxnon for aid and assiatonce. ,-h? does Wot know tntj(? ibr ho will innvrfp *? <>r nni ?_ .? ",IC ?D'1 M* destitute. . .' '> ir ' harlteblo sod benoeolent citizens s'ret h Bli 1 From the fhir-igo Poet. Nov. 23 1 r .1. !!!*T rn*y J" bought of the morals ol John Mor ,'in c*oaot be denied tbe pxmwiou of some >f tbo 'r,.'7 "h';h '"""Wo the human eWSutor ^o m? "el w.pun. ha. war h?.. aui*.wl. able war't H,a chorlileo ore 'not ln<w?s^ h* ^tribution. bay Knowing these trstts of tbo honorable graduate of tbe MMtof r Pn'?"c wore n u a little anri>Hsod at the tomi eW"r i1?*'' .0n H'rtDMj,'Ir '??, ? onecrning thodee ti tip n of tils unlurtnnate aNter In Ibis rlty sinetT t^iT^laitfld "by ' a* large'*narohIlw',Tr'" won?*n have be-',. XraJT aa* T* nbmtwr of people wno ;rjTh?; sarrji rssz&'gssi ~i-2?rzrs?rr -sar^SS kite? 4. ,*""<"??? wlms, mom of ',, i ln?i?ttsl on leaving eouieth'nc dsi. r] rr"*?ng want of ona whn had seen brti4 ?!l!? i r)l ^ oomrlballoOH, Ui Mich not Urn* Jbrtahtorlre? in*' 'T >!Z ^ on? 'nil. m^ii ZL" "lood """ " in need, an.l on, IUI. moil, whose name la not known, *>nt a load of J""!. why h tna row, rhilling winds mode Very M.i'.fT'n ,b* ?rronnl >? tbo Ptnf, setting forth bor n'. ',D;, destitution, Mr 4. V. A5 er. of tho "to ' ' 'I I"* lo' W* 16 "n" 1* ^"lls atroet, kir, . P? .'it0 "or"**r, ?t N?w York, siattof the sat? lon ut'Lur^"- 'hm mOrni0? hc rett,re'1 M 4if? roro Arm of HaJe7JMf\ for si ..ul "'!''"r"*d Mary that I h*va not seen true r**7' r,n? ?"" lf ?bw report In tbe r<m to and d-? ? ? Si*??* h*r "wo hundred and ffly dollars' s s a.,w on Bio fur the amouot Ar-wSr by telegraph. eell7T"|r*r*'Vl"?thl,'",^Mfth rolUj'i?!;. ZTt.I.laausfled of the truth of u? r *i*i*m*tit v-t11* ?? '???? ? portloa of H, wo* ptno-d m ?id Sbe to, for tbe preoent at least, .,?e .1 li!" r ?" w"nt '? ui her imemloa, as 7? "17* -smry arrangement, rm bo mode, to m turn te TYoy, where her meads rtwldo. . 'T7 "????? earnestly wish thai tho worm of bor rZTZ' y "**r- ??? tha fsw yeoaa of Itro whioh Hl Mj^u I?*r ^ ***** 10 <to?ltni THI COTTON CW. fO TBS BDItOB Of TU HSBAUI. Qmnuii, Brooks county, Ga., Itov. 19, 18M. At great anxiety is felt by speculators and manufac turers, both In our country and Europe, to learn the probable quantity of cotton that will be nlsed !h the South the ourrent year, 1 will state the impression made on my own mind In reference to It, and report some facts that may assist others in forming cotcluelona for themselves. I will premise, however, than I have no personal interest in the matter, being noltlur a planter, a speculator, nor a manufacturer, but a mere "looker on In Vienna." Tbe press in tbe South hsve generally represented that the crop of the present year will flail short if 1,600,000 bales; some express tbe opinion tbet it will not exceed 1,000,000. My own impression is that It Mil not fall abort of 2,000,000 sales. This Impressloi has been made by what 1 have myselr seen of the cap in South ern Georgia, East and Middle Florida, ant by reports received from reliable sources of the crop it other sec tions of the country; but 1 will procee; to notice, eoriatira, some of the data upon which thoa who make tbe lowest estimate of the growing crop bee tbeir con clusions:? First?The general complaint made throng the papers of short crops, ef drought, excessive rainq boll worms, caterpillars, 4c. Can any one remember tig year when such complaints were not made during themmmer and early autumn f I once was young, but no warn old, yet can I not remember the time when it was ewr admitted, through the Southern press, that there wolld be a full crop made. Genorally some cause would'be assigned why the crop might be expected to fall shoe one-third, one-half, or more. These representutionstro made to keep up the pr ce of cotton. Tbe product bat invariably, 1 believe, exceeded the calculations made during the growing and gathering seasons. Hratwi?The diminution In iho area cultivated and in the force employed in the cultivation of coton. It is true a very large proportion of every largo pisitation has been left this year to grow up n waste of wiede. It is also true that the force employed has beongroatly di minished. There has been a perfect rush o' the freed men (aud the women too) to the towns aid villages. Many of these find profitable employment, act are doing well; but very many more loaf about, hcing tro la/y ana viciously disposed to labor regulurly for themselves or any one else. This latter class, however, is boitg-educed every month by disease and conviction or offeicos in our courts of Justice, which subjects them to imp-lsonuient in the penitentiary. The offencos for which they are thus sen tented to con finement are often committed a-ainst person) of tbeir own color. As an olM to the reason last r,seined for a short crop, 1 will state a few luciutrovcrtibio facts:?1. The dccreaso in tho area cultivated allows the planter to select tho best lands for hit cotton. 2. Frequently new land, ami laud hitherto planted only In com, is now planted for iho first time in cm ton, and cotton always does best on such lands. 3. The proportion of cotton planted to the hand this year is much grea'erihan usual. 4. Muny of our poor book wood a per pie, who never culti vated cotton before, have now small fields In which it Is cultivated; nnd in nearly all < ur country towns and vil lages the rich lots hitherto cultivated as " truck patches" aro now put In coiton; and the coltoo is, of course, doing welt. Third.?A third reason assigned for a short crop Is the Idleness of the hands. It is truo the unnecessary Inter ference, in many parts, of tho military and the F'roed m-m's Bureau, during tho flmt part of the year, operated very mooh to Ute prejudice of the planting Interest In tlio South, and eonoutaged the frsedmen (though not intend d to do so) to di8rej.ard the nstructionu and authority of tuolr employ-re, and to be remiss In the discharge of their duties; but in sections reraoto from military encampments ihcv have dote we I; and in other parts, sinco tto withdrawal of tho military, they have done much be tor tb-n was anticipated. Large fields of cotton and corn bare bcon given up to tho grass, and the roagpn assigned for it has generally been "the freedtnen would not work." In very mnny instances the true reason bos been (be planter was too avaricious; ho planted too rqm.h to tho hand. I repeat, as a general thing the freedineti huvO done much better than vas expected. This admission Is frequently made by those who com plain loudly of the Idleness of their hands. Rome few have tried white laborers and found them lull/ as indo lent and as disbonest as tbo blacks. They all require watching. In conclusion allow rae to caution speculators against drawing hasty conclusions from a comparison of the re ceipts of cotton during tho ensuing fall and winter month's with tbe receipts during tho enrao months in former years. Tbeir want of funds will compel most of our email planters to hurry forward tbeir crops Into; but many of our large planters and wealthy speculators will hold back their cotton until tho spring or motor, under the belief '.bat the shortness or tho crop this year wilt cause a great increase in the pries after manufacturers arc convinced of the fact that the crop is a short one. I spent a night not long since with a planter who calculates en making thirty hales of sea island and seventy of upland cotton. He informed me that ho did not intend to sell a bale of his cotton before spring. The fa< ts stated above may tie relied on as correct. I leave the reader to dodueo from tnem bis own con clusions. mi ir ciooD*. . AT ORAND STREET CHE A I* KTO HE?W ATERED, Bro-he and Plain Rlbbor.a, til II eb-epcr this week: black and co!or?d Kilk Bonnet telveti, unusually cheap; Willow. Ostrich and othor Toolbars and Flowers. cent assortment today; Bugle Trmmtng*. Bogie Unripe, tingle Fr'nges, Bugle Ornaments. cheapest yet offered ? all the dcairable Khades In Hlhbon Velvets, B nitons In end>e* variety, embroidered aele Cuffs and Hleeree, cheap- Kid. Caahmere, Cloth and Clued <Roves, cheapest .ret offered: bargains 10 Hosiery. Yankee Notions, Felt, Berver and Straw Hate and Bonnets; everything new. KDWD. HIDI.KY tell. 811 and 3UJ?Urantl street, fid, W and 70 Allen street, fifth block enet from the Hoerry A GREAT PABIO BALK. Wholesale trade ? cry mil and man. fa- torero fading. KP.TAlLh.Kb RIM. OP HEAR DOOM And bo customers 10 hue them the reooon la, Ol.D STOCKS AKE 1WW WORTH B' T KOo. TO THE DOLLAR. And nii?t mer-bant* Are n>t wl'.ing lo rne.nt a .< aa by >*-?? lag out their eoodr, at half price A HEAVY ' UASII IN MCKLINB. PINE MI'SLINS, . fonoer price lbc. FINER HOODS, 14c. and l#c. EXTRA GCALITY, 'AM.. Stc. and.fl BFKT 4-4 WAMkCITAK S?k. OTHER SttiKHS flllAft'IK 44 . Thade-. me m M "ills la fn.n. CM. to lie. a yard M.IIO0 BLANK!ITS ATS: l?. FORVKR PRICK, |2 hu AT SI! Ml. FORM BR I'Kll |3 u.) ALL WOOL, HE ATT, S3 PllKMKR 'RUT. $3 <W 1-riRA DUALITY S4. $fi and ficl. A .an BIO LOTH MLK'ROR Al lAt.'AH, POPLINS, DRF'H HOODS, Ac.. RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PUCES. On Alnahne and 1 launela as can -a?e tromfi. to 15c. a yo-d. nn Alpn -ea and Merlnoa from lbc. to MM. a yard. FOH1EK BBOl IIKRh, |?;y glghth av., near Hflh at. Ant. FOSTER BROTHERS. ? B.eeckcr ?tr-."t, Baku a ins. bargains. Wc take gfiat pwra-upe n ann ,-ir.g to cur customers and the public that we aball "m ne-ic- on HON DAY. Bet-tuba* ?. TO BELL IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC DRY OOODB, at pri ea whioh w'U remind 'hem of the tlme? " before In ternnI revenue Unas' and the "war." The causes wbioh enable go to tu n vun?a this fact Are EXOSSNIYB IMPORT, ATIONB CP FORI.ION <Mjottw, BXOBnfflYH MANtf r/t..TDiiv. or DuMSsnc kioimlImdtntoafi thajtoqth and Wert and In ?oir.e part* ol New York, thereby fhroing Importers, icanuraclurern, lObbera and overunders to slaughter their mer-knculse al a ; n suction rooms as Wm Topping A Cot's, Kohhe A fori lea1, Tmrnaend, Moufaut a Of **. llar*-erty A To'a, wllmaifilofc Heg lit Al O.'a, and Wtlmor-'lug A sfonnl* , In all of wFi-b we ha. e been pur chasing haa.lly. at our own ori-e?, nlcmet. The following 'tat <>f goons and prions will clear'y indicate the condition of the dry gu>. 'a uiar*rl: - PLAIN DKKHS OOODB, Trench Menus. a.i wool, only 44 i -utn per yard. French Pup"n%aH wool. MR fi# cento per yard. Empress i lotha, all wool, jn!v A) cento per yard. Black ard -olored ( ob .rga. only 9 cents per yard. Black and -olored Alpa -aa, only Sf eota par yard. Black nod -olored Alpacas, 'my bad, only SI'? cd?t? per yard < olorod Paramattas. very "ne. oe'y eOneota per yard. PANCT DRKhB UOODS. ITondaotne Chwk Popllna at '?'&> ; actual root to import, 4So. Rich Plan. Topllne, double width, at 30c.; cost le nport, otrr teic. Silk striped Popllna, very hoodoo-no, only S7V 5 worth TA RES Figured Eouhnl Poedlra. mly S7>Ja.; worth 'fia. Rlrh Moire Ar.ttqdd Pop'tr.a, MM. ? w .rlh ST'od Hrvnlte PopllbA new go-da, only tie ; actual eoat to im port dir. bright Plaid Freneh PopUna, dec bio w.d-.h, at MM.; Wur'h Wide. Vary H< h high color Pren h Plaid Popllat at $1; worth *' CLOTHS, flASf'MEHrtt AND CLOANINCS. On these g'odo there <a an a-ikna, loae to the nan no facto rs ra and .mp-rtera o! from Mi to Ml per conk Blocs Doeak'-io. all w-wl at U eo-md. at St per yard. Fa my OkanWIM all wool and eoiad. 11 per yard. Do-.bin and Twlot Pan y Caiuutor ??, all WuOl ao 1 lattad, $1 % Silk Hlxad Paooy Coaaimerea, all wool and round $1 to Fr,*r<1 Bf AVKF.T8I BLASRRTdt 1(L? all wool heavy, at S4 per pair. IA4 all wool Whitney a, at $3 per pair. 11 4 al' wool hath, at t* perpet 1*4 all won' Yt hitney a at |7 Ml list Bnlr. WQilLLBN HtJHiLi'F, l.ADIKs bltgAPF.Ahl BlIAWtAL RI'BIAF, HI'AKTH, Ad, In acme ".'bga antcally .jwer than before the war. L'mfdran'a Merino Hoae, White and CMatad, at Ids. per pair, worth -Jfic. Mime*' M< DM Bona, White aad Colored, at UPfc. per pair, worth Ale, Ladle**' Marine Hoee, White and Colored, at *0e. per pelr, w-rth 44n, Is. ilea' Hhriiend Wool Breokfaet Hhawla at $1 9. told ahotit two ncntho go at $K Hhetland \t <*d Nnnlaa at KM., Ooid xaantly at SI. Hhtldna'a Sephyr Wool -'ctrs si t*r . -?oeth 4>j. Child ren'a Zephyr Wool b caw fa. largo, at Ma , 9c and He. . ''cnt'a Merino Drawers only TSc. worth more than du-thia. tMoto' heavy ribbed Drawer*, enl* KM. ?i hes I'.cavy Wrtlun Drawgrs at KM , >-?nh *1 7? sdteo' hoary Merino \ .-sta at Ml AA went UA Uenle' Merino Vcota at N. W . Wc , *1 10 to St AMM, Heat red.icltnn In prleoa oi I lain a. Damaeko, foweio, Table Cloths, llucka and Crnahed JkftHk Ba moral dklrla atf I Ml. SI 7). f and upw. -e Balmoia. "klrtlnga al Ifftge . tea aad npwar-l A loo. A magalQcent (took of Rlt.H SILKS, SliAWIJI and CLOARS of all tke kate-t -tylea. W K, PRYTON, Eos 773 and 374 Bowny, near M<ro.<t<.ii itceet. rtARFFTS, CARTETH.? IT. O PARRRLK 97 TO STI IJ Thirty-fifth atroat, ana door east of Eighth avmne. Panic price* In C, rp?'a and Fnrnitnre. l ook s! the redtm t'on ? VeaeUna Stair tfie , old price MM ; Cotton eMd Wnel ?a, otdAtkc: All Vt'eoi .6n., fld $19) turn ingrains gl to ?i Hi, ..Id gl ?? to Si ?. Dot eniite em. h ?f carpeu and i nKnreef all hiada oorw spom. with tka anove reduction, I ety ?rtlt>e .old warranted ae renteaanted and dsl.yarvd ft a. Hr -???le Carpc'., 0b,i In, tad micletht rr 'oced DBT GOODS. Fob rale chSap-a ladies- mink capb. labgb dm. Inquise as til sold at 1W Forsyth streeTnaa, HuM. GREAT bale or DBT GOODS AT CORNYN BROTHERS', 467 Eighth avenue, GREAT RALE or Enoch Merlnoes; Plain, Plaid and Striped Poplins; Plain and Striped Alpaca*; Plain and Fig ured Delaine*. GRE AT SALR of Muslins. Flannel*, Linen*. Table Clot hs. White Good#, lloaieryaud kid Glove*. ^ GRBAT SALE of Cloaking Cletha, Caesimerea, Orarcoata Inga and Satinet*. GREAT SALE of Long and Square Broche, Long and Square India Silk, Pong and Square Plaid Wool and fin* Stella Shawl* and Balmoral Skirts. GREaT AND PEREMPTORY SALE of Blanket* and entiro stock, at COBNYN BROTHERS', 467 Eighth avenue, near Thirty-fourth street. ?REAT BARGAINS?IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Dry Goodh, job lota from auction, compnaing French Merinos, Emproa* Clotha, Rep*. Popllna, Caahmrres, Alpa ca*, Paramatta*. Cloth*. Caesimeres Flannel*. Domestics. Ac, Ac.; aim 4190.000 worth of Blanluits, Quilts, Sheets. hair JfsttMseee, Pillow*, Bed Sank*, An., Ac,, from reoeei Eivernmenl auction Hale*; wholesale and retail by WIL IAM MATHEWS, 64 Catharine street. Leopold lano, agent, ies grand street, near Broadway, formerly of Maiden lane, olt'ere hie ?lock of manufactured Far* to hii former cnitomere *~* the public in general, lie alio win reeeire order* to make Set* of Fur* an desired, and attend to altering and repair ing old set*. HI* charge* will be moderate, ana he wUl en deavor to give satisfaction to all partiea who may want to> employ him. SMILLIE A CO., _ _ 763 BROADWAY, , Between Eighth and Ninth stftete, win Offer on MONDAY, KT* 1NBT-. their entire atock of , BILKS ADtl ? DRESS flOODS, at a great reduction, to clone out before Jaiatry 1. SMIL LIE A CO., 7*froadway. Between Eighth antNluth Mreet*. SMILLIE A CO. ..... HAVE OPENED THE MOST ELEGANT aS.HORTMENOF CLOAKS, SACUUK8, BASOI ES JAGETS AND CIRCULARS IN VELVET AND CIiTH. which cannot, he .,urpas*cd In America. 763 Broadway, between F.ighth and imh *treeta. _ WILLIAM BUCHANAN M AOBNZtK. Sup't. TO MILLINERS AND CO ENTRY RTORKllEPBIUL? At Grand Street Cheap Storu wc out lengkoi' Millinery Goodi cheaper thau downtown loohers wulhole piecea. Call. EDWARD RIDtY, WW, 311 and 311}* Urahurnet. and 6d, 66 and 79 Allen at., fifth Mock e?*t fi\ Howery. dp f GAA WORTH OF LADIES' FURS. t MAIDEN iJt.g' lu lane manufactory, will be ninety days', with cnduraenieiit. Apply to H. DEVL j,, 0., 477 Peurl street, near Chatham. A*~LL IN FORTINATKS SHOULD CONi^t'dIL GRIND!JS, No. S Amity place. Sure relief *;l ?pe. del aeniphtlnt*. Conanltatione fine. A-MADAME GRINDLE. FEMALE rHTSliw~!f(>, . 6 Amity place, can be consulted on all let ooq. plaint*. Pleasant rooms for ladie* who desire d'uurGne and medical attendance. Advice to married LADras.?madaIm*. YELL'S Infallible French Female Pills, N>prjM $1, or No. 2, juice $5, which can never t&ir, s and healthy. Ollice 64 Went Thirty-fourth street, near , avo nuc. Sent by malL Address bo* ZJt69. 4 Cl'RE ATONE INTERVIEW. WITH OR W'OlTT J\ medicine, for married hidfc from whatever u.,,, Madame RKSTKLL. Profes-or or Midwifery (IbmC# j l'actiee). to West Thlrtyfourth atreet, near SUta ay.. A?DR. OBINDLE. ACCOUCHEUR TO THE i"?rg, -Lying-in Institute. No. 6 Amity plane. r.uodjy^ board, nursing and medical a'teutuuoe. All icacq^, plaint* kilfully treated. a ?VOI TIIFl'L VIGOR AND MANHOOD REG Ah* Jim I -o Dr. POWERS' Elixir, specially all coi. eo'tg iiu. rridge, i) files 196 Elm street. r A J-L UN FORT! MATES CONSULT DR. KENNEttj .A Kim sticet. Use hi* only guaranteed "remed'-A. Kennedy's Invlgorators where manhood !? Impaired. ? IT ONCS. -NO DECEPTION. ELECTRICITY IS ' J\. otily ImnuMlfAtA ?#WMI (moulblf tive). Su Pj-otcMHor Thompson. f^ondon Urtivcr AppiiM by Dr. and Madam" L>r?bcM?, 3S Third avert*; A BLESSING TO LADIES -A LAPY WUiTlll Portuguese Female Period eel Pill* relieved ine in i day, without inonnyenlenoe, like n.agio. Price Su- Dr. M. .MAI B1CEAU, dwe 128Liberty ?troet, or sent oy ma A M. MAI RICKAU, M. D.. PROFESSOR OF Ml A, wif.ry, thirty vein practice, a* 1 'M I.lbu, ; *trt Goeranteew certain relief to married ladles, from v hate* A LWAYH SURE.?A PATIENT WRITES:-' ! FPKN A $40 mi drugs. All failed. Itieotriotty reU??ed me In \ mln ilea, w Itheut pain or expoaure." Dr. and guhMjIt B1H8. St Tliird avenue. Monthly Regulator SB. A prlvat aduoe lelter tu ladie* free. I flHARUB I.FTZK, 89S BROADWAY, NEAB TWENTY, V flixt street, ProfbHHor ofoimtetrica, hevlug over twonty year*' aii''rfi*Hful practloo in tbl* oily, guarantees Immediate relief to Oyerj* lady requiring tpnoial medical or -urgleal iic.itii.rnt. ii-oni whatever oauto, without pain ore>i o*ure N. B.- Regulating Medletnea -ent by mail. COKflPBSTfALOONSCLTATIONS.? DR.R. CORBCTT, member of N. T.V. Medlonl' Vrilejon and ft. ft H irgeoo* London. <-an h<- ooniultod a* imJ on certain Ui*?--.?a*. Of 8 <j x> Centre near Chairmen. N. B.?Mo foo an tow cured. _ _ DOCTOR /WITTER'* BOTANIC CORDIAL RESTORER vigo. of youth in on* wff*?; glvea health and -trength to the iu"?t debit, ated. fftiierviu'. 3 Division strati, ?>noe 1884. Dr. hontek can curb worst casks ov ckr. lata <ll?*a*e?, without mar- nr. In shorter time lliasuf oi'it nl.jflelin, oi no pay (alton. No. S Dlrtdon *tro?t. ulnae IKS. DR. ELMERS RED DROP 18 THE ONLY HKMRDY that will root oiit poimnoaa riraaof tmrtiui >1lna ?II other* dry it in the Mood. No. 3 Division eweel. BX Dr. pom ers> rr.i\ fr ov i.tpe rkbtoue* rim ujoat shattered'"tuiitntkin, remove* all deuiliiy and perpatuatev the fraahoena of youth. OlBoe, ISA Min *tr*r-t. DR. COOPER, 14 I it! ASK STREET, MAT HK OOR. a-ilte-l on n'l private dhtHM. Thirty j"*i? *>c'.>?Helr d*- 'U-rl to di?*H?*a i-natilea him to warrant ? euro In all uaaen. I8LTX1R ov T,TFR.-TIIP, OFAUINE IS SOLD CULT J tij Or POW ERN, Ihfl Kim timet. Raatorea lo*l i Igor. 1APir?, BE NOT IMPOSED ITPOK: RE CAREFUL J to obtain only Dr. M.lL'KICEAL'S Frenca Periodical Litiacta. *o reri In In all <n?.*< front wUtr??r ?? no, at ?? for pamphlet. 129 LlbePv-treat. Ladies can always rikt on dr. TOWRwrw*. failing Penndi.-al Hf-ranla, aud on nothing Idea. Cat* tain- One trial ? >i!r.'Juul. Office 196 F.lm tin*;. LADIES. MBMARB-AVOID IMPORtTIO*; be ?.ke 'tin in purdhtto dir- i-U) ur l)r. POWERS, 196 Klin aK Madame van bcseirk. practical pkvsiciajl i-an be ronoailea a' 9 Weal Fourth at.-**'. A cure guaranteed at on* tutorrlaw. ? ONLY OFM1NK ELIXIR OP LIFE PREPARED IT the original dlerov.-rrr, |iR. POWER*. 196 Kim '.teal. Roatoiea toat v.?or, enreaargam wcakneia. OMIT OKMt'lKK KMXIR OF LIFE?PRRPARED RT the nrlglual diecjremr, Dr. POWERS," re-ton- loo vigor: '-ere- "rg*rl* w-tano**. o r originaldu' rvrriir. Dr. POWERS, 1911 Euaa'i I loat vigor: ' NEV i.l XVINK F.KIM It OP LIFE?PREP tUKD Dr. POWERS, 196 E'nt *t**at, reatorea loat *'R?ir. CJFBCIAI. CAPTION TO 1.1 niKA.-ATOID BUR 1*1 AT taiion* of Dr. Powera' u lv ll*f*lll*g Partort'eal Bl ' rarta Pomfcaaa Hat gaaula* at" H? Bfcn atraet Relief l?. tweaty-fott- hour*. WHEN VOl Til PPL K'lELY INDICES IMIMTP.NCT Dr KKNNKOT'H L.tigo aiomaaa be railed on -n nra d>toa n eampiate reatormtioo. Office in EMm atraet. Can or writ# for clri alar. TOO I,AYR FOR ? I. YNRIFIfAYfOX. ~~ A CCTIOK NOTUtF. J\ WE WILL IXCEPDE I* OCR regular sale or FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC STAPLE, AND FANCY D' V HOOff THIS DAY TUESDAY . NOV EM BE 1: J AT 1 OCVtClT FOR ACCOUNT of LXDERWRITERS, Sllthtlr damaged on th* v.ivage? rillNTINO l APKK.-lNl i-iima Prmung Papa- ? Mm ?lan uaed Ijr tb* N*w Vorlt dalli- a. HPRI A Ps _31 alee. M |de e. p) ;o*b Burhtpa c-uatngi-.e- and nunplr. nuv. toady. MM. TilI'PINf; A CO.. Am'.toi? - IS tlffuven at met. ATA MBI.TINO "F TUP DELEGATES Of THE A Foort'-eti'h Ward Sehuat Conveatlon of Mo ir-t Rail, held :<t It I*t-ln> <> Mreet. on Moniay e-emng. No: amber M ll-nrv D Rennrtl-e-efved Ihe ?inaniinoita nam . .ition for School Trnataa of the Ponrvtcutli ward. ROBLUT H. RACET. Chairman. Jaw* M. Rnrrn, Secretary. AT A MKKTINO ?t? THE RED BOTER ASSO- T 4 flON, held oo Meiidty memng, November II. at :ill Wee# llouoon gtreet, PMpt""1 Oe?rrgr Oanivaf wan unammo ialy ni.ruinated for Aide-man of the ifth AMe-niaui- Diatrh-t JAMES E'l RRV, P-eeideiir Jon* J.1 rnroLU Faeratar/. 11 I KElbV. MILD AT 146 LRROY STREIET, MT The Yrruna Meo'? Pi mnmaUe ai 4 CoDaerva 'ta cinlja on Monday *v*i I- g, Nov. W, Pan, Captain n* > Cru,* ?y wn? ? r.anl-nomlr r ..ruinated for Alderman of fifth A'Serinenla dialrV*. WILLIAM 0 VSSTRKC, Piratdeat. Jons Mr.DoaAtn, Se-retJ.rj-. ATA MBKTINfl OF TPR YoPN SRhT llMfh il. aMMIn Con -er atlre A- .JOI.,:i<m, tar-Id at ?A M.dlwe ?treat on Monday e' -ning, Nov ??. lAM, I'.trleh O't.'oaan* waa ananini'.oalt rr.miaei.-d a -h h o! Ti nataa TH'iM IN MdORAfKi CBat. M n Ota. ?? I'tK.*,*, SeertiM.}. Damng O'N .i. Trc.""irr-r. ' A OKM EKV AND l.lljl OR STORE FOR KAI E.-AP .1 ply at 3SA Ek-I Tenth elreei. _ ? ? Vol, Bo ULRL HANTS A Si TO ATIOE WUHIjKIpL Ing and gonflrnl hoiiE^frnrt. C*a ton ?tnn tu* W* VH \ark?k ?(.. ftr?l lionr. . A 1IX1M LADY OF RDP' tTiOM AND RFSINIL mem, havtag a Itaor ??f him?R?i|F nlraa * '.iot>.? in a ge"'1' ro * *"o i. '? *' 'f Ihtenlma.if anTnlr-IUeeot peraaa atll taa*tptnaa Ing. daai. whara ttaa JL__ . mad Addraae o. H. R . H. ratal Mil.LINER WA|m?>.-^rt^Ar?J BED i OCR wegja Arpty to Mm MTgtey ? Pom? Br I roadway. WANTRO-A SORER AND INDLtTUOCS MAD ,,fr?!srMar? jr* * --1