Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1866, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1866 Page 9
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. M on day, Not* 3d?P. M. The .tort market ha. ?hlbiUd aa.-*; tion and buoyancy to-day, and it to - ?Moment has resumed Its sway, many tributrd to the .aeent Awry?-" now numbered among Um strong army of operator, for ? ^ Even tboea wko were mot timid while the squall lasted, because they were rearful of a further tumble, are reassured, and took forward confidently to much higher prices before the vear closes, instead of being the flock of sheep to which we likened them at pie.time, they are now as brave as a f,ack ef Uoos in a Jungle. and stand up like pillars to sustain the market, and as their fortunes impure their courage liecomos stronger. There has been a very marked restoration of euso in the money market, aad the general rate wni seven per cent during tho morn ids, large amounts were offered before the cloaa of buaMm at tie per cent, and second cissy bouses were enabled to borrow freely at nix. This immediately xuooeedtog th# publication of an apparently unfavora ble bank statement, Is a very fhvorable sign, os'lt Indi cates not only an absence of distrust among bank man ages*, but a general belief that tho supply of currency win bo more than equal to the probable demand hi the im mediate future, owing to the return flow of currency from the Wem and other sections of tho interior. Tblc taflat will continue for the next three or four mouths, aad, therefore, there is an opon sea for tha bulla m sail la during the interval. The coa-t being clear, the beam or the bulla who hesitate are lost, nnd ordinary sagacity will teU a man that, after tho severe full which tal taken place, nothing but n rise can, utidor pre "U circumstances, succeed. W. ray this notwlMtnanrtmg that some of the ultra hears are still selling and Liking the market down. The statement of the assoctated hanks referred to for the week oodlng on Saturday lust '? prettv much as It wa? estimated ou Satur day.' although the estimate was slightly exaggerated The deposits show a decrease of >8,477,.MO. the legal euder notes of $S.7?1,107, the loans or ti.4l7.0Tf>, end Pis specie of $806,269. The only item In which there is an increase Miown Is the circulation?namely, *127,1*6. The dctrease in deposits was owing, to a great est nt, to the hoarding of grocnlMcivS l>> the bears, with the eon umnaiii of tatnlc officers also on the "bear of tho stock market. The docreaso in local lenders was tho ..aiural result of tho draft' of the Tree ry ui>on the couu'ry national hanks whioli reacted upon the city banks This stulden draiu upon tlios. Institution hy Ibe goveram nt is regarded In well informed quarter* as a snsi'irious circurobtaiiee; but It will never transpire whether or not tho Treasury was actuated by corrupt motive <n deranging the money market at this centre, at a tiiua w hen it is universally understood that thorn i a drain westward und northward lor moving the cropr The Secretary or tho Ttwary lays open '? wnrpleien, at all events, by choosing this pa-tlculur mouth l<>? drawing upon tho country hanks knowtmr that It weld be felt more than at. any ottmr Miue ; and i. Wall etieot ice's certain that he has bo-u hard and p.nvc with tho hears, he cannot blame the public fur wholly or paittallv crediting the rumor. In this conoec-ion, con *sq*Mtivakwe shall advise Congrew, when it assembles, M d?Hn.- the duties of the *? salary of lire Treasury .. every particular, so that lire i- to corrop Von rosy he Imiiosod. Hecrnt old I muat he s'.'ppcd, and dnv. ing upon the couutrj hot. must be conducted periodically nt reg .tor intervals, so. ' that an ?* Indiana bank manager may fall into no danger of hav a* his motives mi lakon and the govern meat credit impaired. We believe him W> be a charlatan In gnanuo aud nothing better than he should be in his pre" iioof cam-des, but a Onnucial mountebank ? most 4xf*r% little or no consideration from soend thinkers. The mero fact, of hh baring ventured to acMi. *011 gold secretly is a-alnst him Je* now, and 1? .emv in accepted as a kind of evidence that he has been In league with the epocnlntors Tor a fall in both gold ana >took?. But It would be illiberal ut us to assign ?a* micU motive* for his conduct. At th# early session of the open board the market was trm. Kr.e sold at 71% a X, Michigan South' rn 81% TZ- Northwestern 41 a %. At the that regu lar board lb. market was sum*. *?? Yurk * J""*1 nosed K lower than at tho mm# ??me on KMur day, Cm %, Hudson IK, Northwestern ;i. Quick silver 2K Rending waa 1% higher, Michigan (?outhern Ilbnots Central %. Otovetond and Pittsburg K Otoveland and Tole-io X, Rock Island 1 North mturs preferred IK, Eort Wayne IX, litseiwUppi certiorates X, Padflo Matt 2',. Western Union 'telegraph X- ?overnmcnt securities were gen ?raltv steady. Oauptm slXSS of ISM were , lower, tve-tweartee of \*tt X- At the ?ne o'clock semtens the market was flrn., and at the half-pa*' two board there was a further improvement. Hew fork Central cloeed lower than a' the tir-d rcgu tar b>*rd, Erie IX. Hudson 1, Reading X. Michigan Boatheru l\, Illinois Central X, Cleveland and Flits trargl Cleveland and Toledo X, Rock Island X. North. UPWtrri. X, do. preferred IX, fort Wayne !i, Toledo, Wabash and Weutcr* X, Qutcksllver IX. Canton L 0oT* ernment were firmer Coupon sire* or trtJ were securities li.gber. Issue of 1M* ssven thirty noto ?f u.? mad and th'rd series X ?ih*equ*n"y the market rontinned to show great i*>wer end at half-pest five it closed Arm st the following quetstmasHaw York antral 111 a U Brie 73 , a Michigan .-uvuthern * s3 Heading 114'? a L, Nwith wesverti <1% a 4A. do. preferred 72% a 73, Koit Wayne 10$x e x. Ohio and MIs-tsMppI certificates "4>Y a 41. The improvement which lu>< Lken place la th- rullwav ,u-re oiaikst since Friday morning la thus anonu, by a statement ef Mm l*t?" t o,rd ,h' " *nii lb" uo?d to-day. ^ ^ Y r .,t ? vk/r ffewYork 'antral .......... ?? ; 1% lis 1 1 I XK >? >?: SS?S!sr"::::::::::.8i; j CleveUnu and Pittsburg ?- ? ygntiwesiara........ v ?;'* ? ? ' SSfeST tot ? iI ttXZ ' !??'? 10 Tha flo.d toark'l wa* orm. and d urine the aftrraoon ii lum?l upward ttodar ? atrttotfom uum-arnlng Maxh an iiouMw opantoe prk* wnn IM'f folinw.-d by a Maody ?fn>nr? to 141.K, cloalnj quotation. Loan vf mtii fwern qaacrabf mala "Oat. T1?o (ortri/n tixcbanir* oiarknt wan rtaady, tod bank-r ti lt* aa Koflaad at atity daft wan quo.nd at ttin ob>*.' at 1W; a , at three darn, 110 * IW'i, cofBm'rrial, 10 ? V; fr"" '* ?' *l*ty day-, 6. Hit* a A. MM. at ifcraotUya, 0i3\aM5, bill* on Berlin 71s,' a 71 >i; '? Brttn?n. 7S?< a If, no Kranxfort, 41 >4 a 4t)a, on Amf rdaaa, 41 ? 41'i: no Haathun. 3t> ? a fWl ?; on Aatwarp,'; a ?.M\. Rooeal mot a'ion* for Aatar^aa nor iritiaa and conaolr In toodm *w?m undnr - .v.- i6. Mm. u. Kmc. -m. C'tMh '?'? :? ? fttUOH Nlalna 40a Iwrnt," W N|f 71 ?Ho,... Vi'i -0 4lf? Jlltnota t antral ..77 , 7- 77', Tha itnobaatar Mrp-ru mporta that nt thn r<r? r inact la* of dlroctorf of thr W**tern I uh? T?i?rt>.i h Com pany H won r?K>trod that a mkmg fond hn rutaiaad from th? (ultun not nam ua? of the oouipan) for the puri-oaa of r*4*oalaf the principal of tha Irtndn mrrotly laan?d tor too pnnnOi ?a of ibo Koaaiao JtttrM n mo. ,, and for at bar pnrpena* Tfco dnOrtta of thn praaaat aad pronoun Mr taiuoota of tha aaao-Hatad kankwlor th? wok ara u iiMar V- IT A-* 24 Vtana .$*7.1 :W? ao0 ?*..'??*> tlf, Ppne* ".AH '.'4 r,rrol?l,.? T,... .11X111 Itapndta !.?*!, 4fi ."I 1,414,0*4 logol t-iMten xl fcUMtSM rha n tritgn aod buloncan war*.? AVr IT. A i*. 14 Clatmna- 1442,17 MM fitrid.iTtt W.iaixo* aa.WTHrj Tha Imimmoi trannactad at lb' fub-Tra ?'ory ,u thi> City W>-d*? waa a- follow* ? . Rial r-<- U 4M? Tl? map: 4 *4'. nl? tfalaqca a..l*i :?,?? CoaMtua . MMM OOW Oof.... 44*1.000 Tha TtwM (If. J.) Amnimn of tbo 74 Ik taya - Not- ? H prrn "at application Wttl bo mad* to tha IO(tWatar* Mtr tha -harttr nf a ra.joa.' from Trenton lo a ftn,nt at or aaar Kta*fvwn, to No*wmat -Tint; Alao fbr a mad from HlUtnn# raMiDf i.'ar B -yawol), *> Foomoathn, Marc*r cmntf. Klthtr of llir*'i roada l?oM oyoo a dlith H of emiotrr al praaaat rhnama from *?l)r"v1 farttttlaw and aifcrd ailraBtagad araotly uanttod, hut u ia iiuatUontV* *b?U "!f lltfinf, anlarjit^a Jffirui praro t^maonra'TYp It ? ?"n tntimdtwl that m ~ ?? mkU tbia ? ' ar to f ftf?d tb? Roa?i Hin " lUHbftiie r. ar, II ? c-ditit ntir Intnbaria. ar22"a',^s ,""uw S'm&z' % ?%( SALES AT THE KWJMK STACK EWHAKSE. N?r. M-IOiM A. M. ?1000 0 8 (fa, '8L a.... 1134* 80 aha Adams Express . 70 100110 U A 6'a, *74, e...: 108 * 100 Hmlth A l-annlee gld 7'i ll)00UH6s. 800. r, ?? IOT 126 A A N A M R K Co. . .111 4UU0 IT 8 6'a, 6-30. ?,'? iUH?i lOO Mariposa pref. btwk 07 MMO lT86'e.6-30,c,'fl6rfU lflHS, 10(1 do btwk iffy SOW do " 108 100 do btwc 37C 8800 0 a ?*, 5-10. e.'55 107 80(1 d? 27 15170 Trea n. 7 8-10 id a 104V 100 Ro?t Wat Power. alO Wi BbuJ do 8d aeries 104V 800 Canton Coraoauy.... 47 10000 Tonnoa**e6'a, e* c 00 KM Paclflc MSB Co 178)4 11(1 M Tennessee (Ft,new fl?y 400 N V Cent K R 110 iKXXM North lard's, new 87 100 Tol, Wab k Western. 40Id 80W Mo O'n, Par RR las 87 V 50 Brio Hallway 72 <, 8000 do...... (W OUO do...... 72'? SOOOO Missouri t'a 88 100 Ttiidaoii River R I1...19WJ 4000 K T TV II, r... 107 7?' Reading K R lixtf BOO Brooklyn 6*4, W L 98V 800 do H8'J 30000 Ohio A Mb* eer.. 2"V 500 do sflOlia*} BOOOO do 204* 1000 Mlob South A N Ind 81V 300(a) do. b!? 29* 9H0 do 817? 1QD0OOhio pref oer..., 83 800 III Cent R K 119 floor) MV Central tfA'ta SOU lOOCterekPltts RR... 84V 80(10 Brie, 8d mortgage Wll Wll do 86 woOhleA Alt Ine bda OS 30 Oleve. OolAUIi. Bit! 113 1000 AltAT H.ftd in. pr. 84 300 Chic A N W Rlt.... 416 4000 ChleAAll, 1st m~..l(liy 1400 do . J" noocier A Tol,81'; 150 do I.!.. 43 10 aba Union lank 1*3 IBM Ohio A N W pref.. 73V 6 Am Bsc-hangs Bank 114 BOO do ....*50 7* ISMaiihattau Bonk....135 liaa) do 73 10 OalUtlnNalional Bk.108 1500 do.'. 100 Western Ua Tel ..... 47 300 Clere A Tol H&. iS ft:::::? ft ??> ,*} 47V{ 100 llhic A ? I RR.. ... * 100 du 100 do 47 << SOU do 104?i 10 do.... 41V 800 do 1045 .59??*' T?l R" Fa.. 97 800 I'ltU, FtWAChl KB 104\ 100 Wlllceabam Coal ... 63 500 do 1(M4| 300 Q'lirkeilvcf Mining.. 40K 800 do 1046 I'M do...' 48V 60 do 105 | I'M 45 100 Alt A Tar HaUtdtB 40>* ?flS ??? ?V 800 Alt A Ter H pre' .. 07 <00 do...1 4uk. 400 Mil A St Paul Rlt.. U KM do ... i 45V 800 Mil A Bt Paul pref. 70 _ 'AO do....J 45 100 d? TOV ('O.H1HKRClAIs RKPOUT. Momiut. Nov. ilM P. M. Arum*.?Reortpta, none. The market continued dull, tut steady. at our Igat quotations. Biu-aosti m.?Receipts, 18,878 bbla. flour. 53 427 buahela wheal, 3SJ.COO do ooru, 88.850 do. odta, 33,510 do. rye, 6,610 do. malt, nud 45 (73 do. barley. The market for State and West ern flour .till continued quiet, and prima declined 15e. a 2Se. per bid., rlorlng dull and henvy at the rnneeiielon. The de iuaud una o<"i4ned I" the Immediate want* uf the trade. The ??le? were 4 5(1) bbla., at our quotation* annexed. Southern flour ruled In invor of the nmeha-er. with but little doing at the reduction. Kale* J6flbhl?. Of ryeflonr we heard of anlee of 150 lihla. at (5 50 a $7 50. Ci.rti meal was In limited de mand. the aalea ItIiik roiihnrd le 100 bbl*. Hrandywin* at So. indicating a decline. We quote:? ?'merit 1 it' nod W'ester" *8 0(1 a 80 75 KxtraState ,.... 9 (?' n 10 ?? ci.i,;. sum IR 70 ? it M C'linnion to medium extra Weaten 9 Hi a 11 OK Katr.1 round lioup Ohio Ill (ill a 11 Western trade brand* : 11 51 a 18 ('"'"iiion Soethrrn ' 11 50 a 12 Fancy Uiid extra do IS SO a 1(1 25 llye lour ".uperfine) ti fin a 7 75 ( orit meal, Jrrae- 6 01 a ? ( n I, lit -il. liran lywiii" " TO a fl 25 t'orn imneheonn 78 51 II _ . .11 heat dee'ineil fully Sr. pi-r Imahel. and the market ruled dull men :?! Urn ron< eM>!'in. mlUrra hnj ii.u oulr tor tludr lm niriKa'e want* The a?le< we,*e l'inlt?d td Vi 00(1 liuxhiilK, 1,t k2 4(1 for No I Milwaukee, f.'ltO lor No. 2. end (i I" lor No. :h Thore ??* lens acilrlty in the corn market w hich ruled lower, eterlnp hrovy a'the dei'ltne Hales 45 UOO huahele. at St !?'? for mixed WeaUnt. alt at: %l I'J'dt a $1 25 for do. lu itore. mid 81 a $1 0> for new yellow Jemey. Oai^were le ? active, but price a were wihoui derui" 1 rluMum. Sali? 25 "o I I'ualieis, ht (r -. a 6"1 ^r. for Slab*, fi-'lc. a (Mr for Chltacn and Milwaukee Barley w ,? unchanged. SuI 42 (M0 l o at Jl i) 11 pi for <!"? in 'JOforfon' rawed S'ota, and $1 05 *or iwriertnreti :tatr. Of harlfiv malt w? heard of no tnUMActlona. and prkra were entirely nnm' liaU Kvo waa scanely 11? firm. &M bn hrU Sta'e aOiil a- SI '.ta ' C'f.-TOjr waa held with ronetderahle firmtir?s; bill bnyai-a were verv cnutlous, aud operntlone were confuted to ihe 9 't:?l wants of th? few. The total aalos con.prlar 2..BW halea. Wo quote Vp'u l. f irhln No O JT.').<{? r Ordlnarv ??! !>i :si ll letw luiddlliiR. .'IT 8.I '4 .1 . MHdliUir sc; 8'. Good middling 86 llri 47 Co. i kjt WII ? dull of sale and nominal In vainThe tr.ine aefloii' wtv llmllrd In the linmivt'.ite iMoaasitlea of jobbera, and 110 -ale" were rnnda I eoiu hr?t han la. ('UAL.- Tlio I'oitsvlltr t Pa.) .Win. .??' J'wmut of the 24;h re porta:?The quantity emit by railroad thla reok H-IU),,'AI|; uv canal. 3.' 71."t for the week. Kl.2'21 tone, asaliiat 90 Al tons for the ">rre pundiiii; week laai vcaj-. The trade sums up lbl? week aa lollows, uiiniaued w ith laat vcar:? l-tsa- ^ If. t- Tnl il P. A R.KiR 82 517 3,7'>t 5?1 Schtjvl Can SSnUfl ?.!.ol3 9M.4I71 1.SUT.S57 I.e.higil I an 51,224 KJI.fiW SvrnnL S'tb.. :'l.413 OH ilf. Sorank S'tb 10,401 211 107 I'enn. C. Bv Railroad. M.48I 4'l.flwn iijr Canal 1.540 In..XI He' A Hudemi 28.J40 ,841.147 Wyoming Somh.. . ? Wyoming Nnltb.,.. ? ? ? Hhamokin 16.SK! *?,'?*' 17.512 021 "11, We "25 Shnif Moautaln ... n.45d f? x.59 2jBS I raukiiu County... ? "?! K.?i Rruod Top ? 3TI HW ? Total ?M.;?7 .4,915,781 361.219 InercatiA 16,472 I'm 1 niTx were ateody. with modei a'e olTerlnga. The ru gogrrnenta were:?To T.lverpiaib 4,000 busliela barley at lVd.; 7,01(1 do. uata at 4 ia?l.. und per steamer. l.blU hnlea nilton at ? d. To taeidon, 6.1iW buahela eorn at 5'id and 55 tuna of It-tie at I8?. 9d. To Kroroeti, per steamer -On hOla. rodn a( 2,. 4d., halra nottnn at Ir , KM te* bud at 20a, and lOUhlids. Virginia tohaenoitX* Hnrr. at jwr.loua price*, were In moderate jobbing de mand. aud we note sales of 100 bales American at Irani 'JJe. a #7r.. atntrding to growth and quality. MoLaoHia.?The aale of thla article waa attended with Trent dtftlnnltr. buyem. In general, holding olf fur lowei prion*, and only ?msll lota wrere dKpmscu of. Inriudiug 19 libd- (load iloupe at ,'iUe. and 40 hhda Porto Rico it 718'. 8 tval. Srnais.? Spirlta turpentine waa tu limited demand, *nd th. nu rkei ws* scarcely aa Orm, 150 bhla. bring wild at ?2n. a ISr.. chiefly at ihe Inside pnne. The roaln ma-ket Mill eonl nt ' qulel thi gh there wa? Inure Inquiry for the lower gr?de?, hut at easier prloee. Price? of tlic flurr grade, werr entire,y nominal. Sal*, odll libla. strained at lv l.'On d" ?'-*ine,| snd < ,11.mon d.. ut $4 25 a 84 SO. and pddo comm ." at *4 26 a *4 60. Of lor we beard of no trans actions. On.*.? Ltaseed .vmtlnned dull, bat the maiket ruled ateody nt |l 44 .1 f I 46. Puoti?k>*?. ?Reccltda, 1.7(0 bbla. |iork. Ml do. beef, 5W parkiiire. gat meats, and 67*> bbla. lard. The pork mart ' ruled exceedingly quint and a ?hmdi' easier, new mo. dtwlLg b?w v ?T*3 ciah The an V* svere lenDn-d to 2 ISOn bht* a* $"i hi a tt: tegular and cash, for new mesa, and P2u a 320 Ml (<>r prime Bee.' was In U'ulted detusnd. md m inel* a- Orm. I . .ugh prices were u?t qqutablr lowr. Rah { , nisfi, *od plj a AIM for new iiloln do. Of te -f )ia:n? nalea w. re rc|*cied ?K 2fsl Mils at fssi tit Tim lard mirke- w <a a abode better, and m. re active ?t the unpruvarnciit. the aisle re sob lag I.OUt) bbl*. ?t 12c. a IS'^r. 0rcs-ed hm* wrere In uv. itru.-d demand rod higher nt lie. a II' ?? for Western. Macon waa dull aud jiunitnoUy nuchaoge I. Mutter an i-haugnd. ?( 4la. a V for Oi cigw oouuTy In pall*. !.'?? H N*. fur tt cslei n. and SXy. a 40c. for 8t.1i*. ? hece was )r*a or Uxnand Ms-.-oiy as Arm. liu-ug.i wbhunt qm .? f- ? I,. ,,r at A- 1 lf t, '. for eommon d ilry m ebotce f.xcinry a- t* rnsmnix ?Crude remain* I qow but ooi pxr , irely atoadr at glVo. 111 bbl*.. and lac. lu hulk. We hoard of no h-iportant tnn* "tlons flooded ws* In mul. rat* rt ipm-i. thu'i -h the emiker. waa r tn-r mor* *tc?i|r. H il.-s J on bbla. nt83c. for prime light a'i?w to whlu. and 4 . I n 1 la d white: also ROOnhnl*. do buyrfrom , b* M the .nth next month, at Mi-.-, riryssixr. ?tt r notice **,? sof I'. Orsi lb* at I2*wc. a lie. Pi uOR?'The market ennUatwJ Ver y dult h it Wllii ih* Ini jsro' emcnt la the gold pramiwm Iin'der- were awuerally Onner m'bet-views, and Mr* dnsing rnic* f..r :'*Tr ypwl ?s- j i ing Cuba were jomlnsliy N'. e Mh*, aftair-t r' 4 III',c.|on Hatrrd*. Th-a.lea war* csl etncly li.nued h inr imuHned tu3U nlid* Cub. st lis-, a II',... and 31 bh 1* Heme |W|? at 12-. Rt-iiiied s-dgsi' was quiet, cloalng at I Iin standard haul, suit 145' fnr*tand*r l A coffee Tsi.inw tTas quiet, b"t ateedy: anb-a (tu.piu |ha. a' l?V' ? 1 -. Keoipu, borreUk lh* msibet itlll lu ie.i u.i 1. -,iij p ices weio eni rely anunnsk TEL[6RA?K'C iARKET REMITS. 1'mnMinn, Km, JH. id M.I >? an dull. Prnn.rlv.tiV itm 9). .Mini.a I *sl. Fl.iU.|> IrVu and Knt ttaBrnad dl't, K.-udi ' Itall raid. W,; l>Mii?yl??n ? Kadn?d. dWr Cold. w. K\-l ? J"I|?" KU >f lO lurk. L~U. H. ? ???("; oi.|l ?<ld alow .?f ?.il? 'mi ?r? nuMlrmd Wi<mi ? ? ndi-ii- -i ? I . I I .1. I'M . 1 ? ? . I aalna.,7 OKI tmriiela Uoff a: >1 17*11 J# Pork doll at Mdtorm. 1.1*4 ??Mr. Wbldtny nn"banff?4. TV nit!? imrki't i? dull and I*. iMnri looatcOl in. 11 r.'il h-ad ?'.d *1 15. . a I4},a for ritr*, IV. a 14c fair to f. .... Idr a 14' for towntn-n Cviri ?&" "born. liarort 17 'Wi ? .1 at A v. . ?> H Id., a. I -.1.1 ?? p." ? I l'?l I ? Hitnai.r Mar. *. I** VUmr Ip d?r? doll; f'hloaro rtJa i...lcd at til 2d a SI I 73tl atjpardnr tln.-lafll. Orali. una-tlrd. N??* e?ro. kev a SI 00 per l. irlwl Kc.' ?b*''t. f. S. < lata. .'A'. ? Km. 41 Si. <'?.:*? -t? id/. Hnga> du 1. Portrlalaoa mr? dull n I udmli.ll Cnt mSMd ?'d'a"lbfO?7 WMakry di It Weat ??n whl?k?* la v>t.d f.' V, ? *? prr .ration Aum. for. a* lane Floor tint wheat Til" ?Htt? daloa of dO.Wboi' rla ???'? Cora not" Kail"? -Halra U| -Hnta four rwwtidai $? Ik I'aaai.l I i oiiUo? jfloa.V . I Harlry, llaf '*i?. Ik of wtrti tt '.faFoai 0 of OwtrandS of m Hinm "d h* to,. ?. Com jOiflu hiatal*: ryo, a.oM boato-l*. ?uv/. JO,?"' i"li.:? ?? ? i '?','**) Itu.i.ala, ohaat, ...,kC l>ttah?|a and nttlt, S.""' i>U'h?K 'v? too, *?v a*. Iff Floor dull, ??lr? '.W?. at til M for *o. I nrlm fl.i SO 'or rod winter III kd foi wtntn, SU .?i for d'.ilir ottrr.d Whm? qnlm aod do aal"# t orn n a" N I b"id ai $1 |J ?c r? li.v UH ftyedull; ...a-"f l.lkkl t>u?A?la at ? 1 III 'r.? road Bomtral I' t'.al f.rttf? la "Ir?ly. To Now \ ork Whom and |?a< SO" . "<>rn Idr . I?rw II. .. ryo IS:., ..*? La To Irnf ao4 kllnuir?v. lorat and |ra* Mr., ? ???m I*'., bar*** I4r ry* IV , rata lit', laik* in i-rrt? l.'?,. O) hiiredtd tw?:. pn.**' <lo wr. .?.Uai .|o o%ia. TSirtJ d" a I ay. ".UMB-i rrr. -iHlfl d... ta?a. < anal r?ti|ir?? liail a 1i<mr TS.|??I hnaOr). S4.IB0 do barlrt S am dr.. rys, ll.trw dm poaa Br?rau?. Hot Id* Flour l? ThOt ? |ll? III S# for 5". I ?P",ns ifkoat 3'tt" Port dFaakinfaM < 11'. Hrld at $1 It a S-' IS, ?rtd an. * 'Vatikar imiat n * ** Id < Ora- idalo*, ?.#* I.a k?l. Vo, I llliltnla at SI iS. ? la a .jo'at hold at (So. Htrrr .i ilo; ('?.ad* l<*M at SI .It* Si ir It id aoadoal. l'a.<VM at ri A Malts ofMkSin - *t |l :ti F rk fl a If, W irtpi *? Can.l frr.gata It. ora. o I. r ... at*' tr ? ??? I- ? ' ? N'W JA td . ftliDr mfld wind ? lib. Itiaotina for la bonra, Rtnr |\d04 *M" wl aat SI ad: lnia|?D,< nrt, <n <*? b .aliala; oa'a, 0?*S? ? aahrla: ia?rln?, tV.OMI 'ittahrVi f"*a, I.Mr. Imrkola. Oaaal ??|a.rta? Wlirall JH..III bio'irla; eorn, ?7 47JI bu-'irV. oata. 7i* dA ti th.'i, bat toy. 2 Mil Norbrla. ryo. V 731 lotabrl*; pro* 7 lid iMiahola. Tb'to am afl' r' ' D ranal d*?t.i.?4 for Jdo wator, lorloiini f nr< *a) ' t "it f-..n Htiffal..,rtnl lt>f Morrotb. r? dud nlnodaya' from Oaa.-m, m int Borom. 'a* Jt - F our, 19.IV aliaat, I jul.dl.t 1. .abr.r, r-on I tcrifbua' rla.oata. TTO II.d Itaati*!-. boloy. Ml <Si,??,. taaStta. In Mots hofa IMS ria. ryo. 10] ?l loiabola In atofO horo ibt* n oralna? WUrat, ITi.JTI b'tauold. torn. 7* K? i"jaiinla oata, r70? bifbrif: rjr, a,?? bn.brl.. karloy, mm luabtlt, I raa. \ 4I0J OttabtH-. I ... ,. ... \ .,v 3d. 1000 Tha mark'ta arodu'l and (nlmo ooak to Mosr, MM ?nd irllaro ar* apard Hi thoir ton and aolri tnB'ag at Has ao Ooaroa Wksot Sa ? Si baOVr at ft if ' - v. 1 I do lor Mo I Coro srakar, II W' . Data -aa.?r, at "Bo. 1. Ryo flrmar, at *fo. for Bo. I. Barl-y .|>llai. at We for Mo I and 4b" for ra .octal. I?m*tat01.? ifc.r? I ?d Hair* of tnaaa I ' a at |*> for proacat dot1?ory and ?IS for .lanuaK d?l:?ary. Lard US". 'f prraaat dau ory aivd Ike for Jaaaary d. " d trarn ?bn ildrra, tUe. for .ftB itnr d?lT?ry to' S ?-?y*' i*ii s.m mmm Ml aad aawinal Vmr. AMY BULLETIN. www Oentwal Barton A Alexander, of the Engineer Corp#, to superintend the r >n?truet on of the defences of Sua Francisco, Cat; Lleuluuant T, K. Forben, Forty-seooud Unitod States Infautry, to report to Major General Mode ?t Philadelphia, Pa, for assignment to duty. Lieutenant Ueeiye's company of the Fourth h?vy artillery, front Reynolds' Barracks, Washington, to duty at Fort Whipple, TV mnrnini otrr. Pint Lieutenant George McCombor, Seyenteonth regi ment, Veteran Reeervo Corp*. Brovet Colonel Garrick Mallory, Lieutenant Colonel Third regiment Veteran Reserve Corps. Brevet Colonel R. E. Johnston, Lieutenant Colonel Ninth regiment, Veteran Rmerve eorpe; Second Lienten ant George H. Zetgler, Sixteenth regiment Veteran Re serve corps; and Second Lieutenant Fielding Neale, Twenty-Urst regiment Veteran Reserve eorpe. sreoiimo. & IP. Rabbins, to a captaincy in the Seventh cavalry, and Gharlen Brady, to a second lieutenancy in the Fifth cavalry. H. Jackson, Second Lieutenant in the Seventh cavalry. L M. Young to a captaincy In the Eighth Unitod Statee cavalry. imtaKn First l ieutenant Downing, or the Kortv-fourth regi ment, to duty In the Adjutant General's office. AWOISTID iUYK ISTaa. Major Justus Rtelnberger ha* been appointed a Pay master in the regular army, vice Brevet I.lentenant Colo nel Thomas M. Winston, Chief Paymaster, District of tlie Gulf, who has been removed on account of his fraudulent practices In cutting the roni>one from Totted Stales seven-thirty Treasury notes beroru laying litem out to the troops, and appropriating to bis own nee tlie pre reeda This appointment Alls the only vacancy In the regular army, In tho number of itaymasrors allowed by law previous to the passage of the Army Reorganisation bill. WAJOS lUPIXKAT, TSOWAS* STAVS. The follow lug oftli-cre liave been enuonnoed a* consti tuting the' of Major General Thomas, commanding the Department of the Tennessee;?Brevet Major < ieneral William D. Whipple, Major aud Actln'f Adjutant General United Plato* Army, Awtitdnnf Adjutant General; Brovet Llcntenant Colonel A L. Hough. Op'aln Nineteenth infantry Tnlled states Army, Artlm: AK-tstant Adjutant Geueral and Chief Oommi .'arv 01 Muidere; First IJeu tenant J. 1'. Willard, Seventeenth infantry Unitod Mates Army, llrevct Colonel United -tales Volunteers. Aide de-Camp; First Lieutenant 3. C. Kellogg, Fifteenth infantry United States Ar.ny, Brevet Colonel United Mate.- Volunteers, Aide de-Camp ; Brovot Brigadier Genera! P It. Sncke't, Unitod States Armr, In-oeclor Genetul; Brevet Brigadier General A. Von Hrhrador, Maior and Acting Adjutant Geueral United Mates.Vriny, Acting A -i-dnul Inspector General; Brevet Major Genera! R W. John-on. Major Fourth cavalry. United Mates Armv, Acting Judge Advocate; Brevet Brigadier Gunerai Thotiiu* BvronU, Colonel aud Acting Quartermaster General United flu'.os Army. Chief Quvr tormuj-ter: Brevet "*inr 8. R H imiil, Unptaln and Act ing QnaMsriuaster United fiates Voluntoers, m chsni" of inilitarv rnilroude and Mail Quurlei master; Brevet Colonel M. P. Small, Captain and Commissary Stibtds'ancn Tnlled Plates Armv. fnlof Com ml ,nrv of Molts istance; Brevet C'dmiel T. Simpson, Surgeon I uited Stab' Army, Medi cal Director. Tin; I timr uiTigrKKMASTM'.'" tWARTxti vr. The oflloo of tlie Chief Quartermaster** Depart ment of Washington, now III charge of llr vot Brigadier General M. i I Aldington, will, on Uio 1st of January uext, bo turned over to Colonel Tompk.n.t, Depot Quartermas ter of the Department General Court Mort al orders N'a 211 announce that Brevet Major J. C. Muni', (..plain and Acting Qnarter must r ('idled Still 's Volunteer alio was trio 1 by a General Court Martial at Raleigh, N'. c , on thorliargi ol conduct to (he prejudleo of good order and mili tary discipline, iras acquitted, ami thai Hie proceed ing* and nndiDgj of llio sou it have been approved by the Secretary of War. Ma)or Mann was charged with leaning and cult vat Ing a plantation near Wilmington, and employing a number of negroes under l,.s charge at that lime, while acting us Financial Agent of the Freed, men's Bureau for the Southern dt drlct of Nor h Caro lina, they being cmpioveiBfor in pecuniary lam-lit. Goueial tiriier No. 210 announces the eontencrs of the general cour'. murlial dl line in? from the service Captain J. II. McGoire. First Llenienitii Henry It Gard ner, aud Pecond Lieutenants William D MeGulre and W. 0. Roddy, all of the Tenth United state- colored heavy artillery, have been appro. ed hy thebe.-rrtarv of War. Captain McGalre ceased to bo an odiuer in the United Platen service, to dab deploi.vlMT *>. ladfi, and Lteutenanls Gardner, MrGnire am! Beddv to .talu Sop tetnber 13. IK8U. arnovAi. or MUM|CAim.'K*. Genera! Onler No PI. War D -partmeiit, Noctuber 22, IHdO, announces 11,at the In jdipi .r'erv <>f the Department of the Arkansas m remoreil from Liule Uock. Ankun-as, to Fort Pinilli, Argamuo- and nutborixi * Hie rnniinanding general to ehamo the location of the military liand from Little Rock to the permanent po-'t hating the largest garrtfon. IHtamMA Geueral B. 8. Alexander, so long in command of the defences of Washington, will soon leave for California to superintend the constriction of tho deieucea of Ban Francisco. Brevet Mgjnr General J. D Kiddoo, Assistant Oomml* slonnrof Freeiimen's Affairs in Texas, hasi>ee>i .pp-liitsd Lieutenant Colonel In the Forty-third reguueui. Vet. ran Rc-erve*, regular armv NAVY BULLETIN. AimoiMMinr rkvokui Nov. li Mato Jobu Hlnnotl. of the Vermont. eswnaaar Nov. 16?Aotin.' F.n-lgu Aloymut J. Kane. OKOf.KKII Nov. 14-Captain Daniel Amman and Commander K. Randolph Hir-e-o, to doty a members u( tbe Ktainluing Hoard at Rartiord Nov. 16?Flr?l Aviistaut engineer Charlf? E. D? Valm, to duty at th" N' Keo<t"xro'ia, New York ; T.teu tenant Commander francl* M Dunne, to duty at tun Ho*tun Navy Yard oa Dorrtnlier 16 Nov. Ifi ? I'nmod A'tl-Uat Paymaster Jareu Undrlej, Jr.. to the tlsreola. Nov. 1*. ? Hnnroon Kdwln K Denbv to duty a* Iterorder of lha Vnliral Board at Philadelphia. MTMW' Nov. 14- C ommander Walter W Qoenn fr?>ui ordaanee dutv at Reading, fa and ordered lodulv a- u maker of the Ktamioln,* Hoard at Harlto-4,?<?nu.; Second A? aUtant Knaiuacr David H ird.e, fr?tti the Pc utti baona, and xrmted leave of abwnm. 10. ? Artie* Kn?Wu Andrew Jvk-oe, from the Newborn, aad ordered to the (VtiMellati m, I'a -<?<! t?. air taut t*avm?*:er A. D. Ha he, from the Tfi"?irv. and ordered to arttle hi* nrmueta: Commander Jan lev I' Kf.ier, fro01 eomni.ind of th<; Tamuy. and ordered to eotam.vnd the Um 'oU; I.VUI?li>ifal -h< phard MiiIiiji tnen William J. Moore, Kdward Woodman, ll.-uinmiii M. R.' hard" A IT. Carter, l,. V Ho iaef, J. \ if, uipi,ill. Ktrrt A *?unt tingiawv N. B. t iara renown Avt't?tn Kt-XiPeera C K Towler and 1L C Hit*. IVs <ed A*?t?etaii< Severn. E. KrruchBW, A i n.' Volunteer I leoteojti* I* t; Vftsmle, Aelln, Mailer F It Napp>pha,i? Artlnx Kaetira* Hugh Jonea, N. HcL/ ?1 and Ailing th rd Aa 'UUiut Kn, n.era J. ( Voatoti a tot William iiollaod, from th Tnrowy, and ordered u> tbe l Na?e?tu. Nov. 17 ?Surgeon J. D Miller, from dtilv rone- ted with the Modteai Bourd at Itihidelph a, and ordered to thv Kbodv and duly i* l'lc'l Surgeon ot tbe North AtlantMe w|rt*dron; Carpenter C"<wfr W. KlilnC I ruin the Nl-bigiu ui Uet-tnlier ,nd placed oa wilting order*. nrAtivan. Nitvauata Id. ? Eitm Aaatalnat Ear.near I bum a* f (.'uunttigliau and Seeobd A-r'-tanl I agtprer tjeorg" w. Halt m rovoaatn.v trvaitrt?t> I. Not 17 ? Roatiwaiu ITiartan A Mragtloa from ? 11 In. J MIC anttiKAi. DAMicir v to mituti tnr *nm r?'in< 'yrinrut. a Rear Admiral Itahlvren will |nla the south Dae flr squadron abortly and u-wurii' command. tftanttxAaaoi?. Tho t'lnind Stale* iteamer Tt'oay. recently "if-hlp of tbe Atlantic Coast *fl' idroo, ha< gups cm- udrornmi rien aud i* now at Nurfulk Navy Yard, Alert *hs ,1 tuidergolnf rapier.. ?W?_IT??S. A S. oti l,man named ,Um?e Mwr, llvlag iiturnur . Whom wife head in Bulhlo, N. Y.. IreCame atumored of a par widow on hi' aide of Ilia boundary line tietween tbe two cooatrtee, went to Kc-li?trter where ha obtained a dUorre. hia wife not tie.og no' A*d of hit Intention then he rate road to Canada, married the wtdow, And now I* under arreet for bigamy Tbe Improvement* commented oa the RrieatlAr Mrbnol Hulldlnf at Yale CoHage are nearlv eompUind toe lata toe pi i* monaled asd reedy for u near vat mo > The me., data circle and aairoaoantoal i leek are sin adjn.teri SuliaariptKiua In Ihe atno inl >f 93.0UP have been AMd< id the sr entlD. Hrhool. A 'Cur e of punilr lecture* will be rtV' B At the arlKMl OlM wmier. In Homer. Mieh , a few dav* ac?. a ache-1 ??me<j Dyer, whipped a pqpll who had laadreitmtly ad dicted her wiih'mt ll?e acsAomed no-l of con won. nalll "he had uaed up three wtijw nearly aa lart# *a a tnaa'f flayer. She than took a ferrule, aa laeb i* dniuater, and acoarfrd Ihe hoy wjib ihle until b'r Atfepffh gave way flie -tM?, i of her dlict; Una It rov "red with *hoea>e? (mm heid lo wans, and hit arm haa heen rendered uaeleee The rg ttfrm aomruaree with aatewa that the TweIDh >'aii?4 * tala? regiment rtetlewrd in that oMjr aaaleiaa between hfteeti awl iweai* flra yeungtnea bt-iooging to I'nierM. .rg, who Leva been drl en 'all m a boi retort, by *tero onre??|ty. The Krpreu ralla It "the deaitrata "Ipedlent of ?ellit,e their Imdiet to the arm at Ihe txxintry wbrh datie* lilerty to Um land of ih? r balifily. Tbe number ef mea called fer by th? Prewideal dvr ac the war wee 3 M'ATM tbe qeota o' Maeaacbuwite beirta IWIM tbo'iyh abe rurnwimd 16a bM. aa fMlew* -In Imii :t6 out nv-Aj ia i?du. iM >04. it im,, m 1-04 6i,7'i*, ia Itof . ? d?; and rov lata ibaaeti moatbr. II,#12 man The atcgreraM numbev ef wegre Vwpa ae Itated dimy the war wae HM.A17. Of Heme laaanrhu. aatu farnlabed I.AAg, her Pifty-foertb a ad fifty BTIk rerlmeat* ant (wag in'leded. Tbe whole amount of rowipeeaat n amaey paid dor:eg toe war wae "f whi' h Mamaehu^tta paid tLHQ.400. Maamehuactia paid Stale boeatlee ia aoldiero aeiueeticg to fZi #H6 '>M. tif the lit,aao mea ftuMted by the Mato, M.IIO wera killed and wound d or died it dimwrn A Mm Trneadeii, of lenortn, Ind'ana, > tatted r h rags h*t week asd rwvseeded la j-*r> iwl??g two of her daughter* to abandon lha diarep-itwAe life tbey ware landing la that ctty and return home, A man ie l?wtt?ir?, fret da coeaty, Ohio, baying died of delirlem trnmena. ha wife brought sell far damage* against two men of whom be bad twee aceeetamai to bey tlqaor Th* f'oualy Court awarded her $M4 from ewe ef the mea, and $?>0 from lb* eUer A a umber ef roacteBW <4 Nerwteb, Ok, dtyed eflk Ihe amrfeet prtee eeaJL ataewtly t^m^dee*^i a ac bee^tav (a amke a trip from fhaef ?fpki? eak a f^iaeigii of Mmt vaieaAli arttcto The eaal arvived a tow bp ansa andprec?i iab*y yawiiaaifaabiy, vtotoawaaet to the subscribers it ?evcu dollar* ud a half par ton The ton* of ltd* coal weighed 2,2*0 Iba. each. Mr. Crane, want oa the Ronton, Hartford, and Ira Railroad, *on of the Vice Pre sident of that road, lurt Villi a fatal accldeut oa Saturday afternoon. He waa about twontyUve year* Of we, a gradual* of Vale Cut b'tre, and resided In Dorchester Young Mr Oann waa riding on a travel train In Mouthbridue, w Inch *nn .toing at n rapid spatd, and vaa aaatod ?n oue of the dirt oars. W Uon crossing a bridge over a stream tbe catrb of (he dirt car by aome tuetuut bscaota uufumencd and tipped. The dirt waa discharged, but Mr. Craue held on, and, eomlnglaaaviaat wtta portions of the bridge, hodius right arm broken In three places and bla right l?ir brouen at tbe initio Joint He waa taken to a plaoe of kbultar and medical attondanco eel led, but ho gradually

sunk under tha shock, and died on the 'JOth last. Jenny Page, a cripple, sixteen yearn old, residing at Rochester, N. Y., committed aatcide on the loth met. by drowning. ft i* supposed that she *t? 1?<1 to the sot by some ihoughUoa* re marks on her miafertoae. Major William B. Lewis, of Nashville, Tenn., tbe warm friend and adviser of Uoneral Jackson, died on Uu-12tu in*t., aged eighty-two yean. During tbo late war be was a Urm iriend of the Union. All biu-lues* was suspended at Athens, Oa., one week day recently while the merchants attended a religious revival meeting A man by the name of Kelly, ? sub-contractor on the Richmond and k'ort Wavne Railroad, drew his monthly estimate?$3,200, put It into hi* pocket, cat on his board and rtore bills, amounting to about $1,40*), and, without paying bis hands, lett for part* unknown. Tbe percent age retained as security for the performance of the i-on truct will enable the company to per tbe hands about llft.v cents on the dollar. The Fond du Lac (Miss.) r'nai mom wait lt> report* a dia bolical crime there. A Frenchman named Joseph La l'lunt had been boarding with a family named Ktnucy, and one evening proposed that be would buy borne wine and other liquors, and nil have a good time toenail, which was agreed to, and all partook except him.-eli. Shoitir after drinking, tbe entire family, ronshttiuj.of ?in old lady, her daughter, about twenty, a nice-, about l our teen years'of ago, and a young man, wore taken vio lently ill, with unmistakable situs of hat ing been poisoned. J>r. Cury was railed, end guvo his ofiukm that cautbarides had been administered, the prc.antnpilon being that ihe young scoundrel sought on oppcit ,ultir of gratifying hi* hellish lust with the young iad>, uud, git uig raoro of the poison ihan Intended, eamo very neat taking tbo llve.i of the whole family. About a week ivo, or ttruur M. Haagsm? CoWtol for the Nelborlaud* ut St. Louie, woe about u> bo married to a young lady of that city at tbo fagUkNkttbhi ? at colic t'tiurcb. tbo cercmoiit uao suJiionly pr*vented. When the priest made tbe iUihi Uetnaud that if tin v a anv pereon pre,- nt who b?d any obj ction to tha oon-'Imroa Hon of tie- uulon, In? cot-lit notv iam? forward and "show c?i'*e, nr favorer after hold his pence," a young lodv aro,.>- ami stated thai tbo would-he bridegroom bad ytwu a promise of icairiago to hen-el,. nod rho held blur lo lit* contract and fotliado the pre -t limn IV mg the indtsso litble knot. Tbo* warned, the pi oat refuse t to m-oseed tbo cort-iuavy, olid the unhappy couple loft the ctiureh. Bui th -r w< re not long .u -tot bung a o cum to overrode the dill,rutty. They called upon Ju-iic- J?? ko, who uiudo tbeto tmtn and Wife >u u very eiiort t.tur The neat thing a - hear i- tbe bliag ol a petition in Jt 'h ? Moody f eourt, tiy Mi ? KlouUeUb Ibn *l|. Mr Hruer it. Haugsino, tun ul lor tbe KetntNiaad*, w th breach of promt* ul tno triage, itud claiming den a ?"? u the -urn (i y io '**?. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Hurt led. Bi - vr.n . 1.1 -On Monday, Soveu-b i If*'*, *t tha rnudcie - of th 1 j, parcn e, by tbe He If. ,t. dar* h ii.Ptoi.. it. Hi k\.or to N - no, >oungo,t dun .litnr Seaman M> ki>, n-..| ail af this city. Mot PsUW?1 ham i . In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, No YQBbar ill, by toe Itov. l'r. Free I, Johv I im g, of l!r ?>i Imi, i" lii.i.u W., Jii'i but of II< ury i rum *?, U ?|., of flm tfoid , t 'ouU lbiAiniM -I'owtx:. Tu Brooklyn, Jt P..odTu" "lay, November ao, by tin R. .. ill i ..> m |i s. \f. I?u \. ruiM, of this City, I'lM.:' . d-cgLtoi Of Jobr rbtt" , K?i, of the former p.-ic . l.-.c.u ? Kl.tvk.-<m In- .lay, November 30, b? the list 3. liomUnau. at the bouo-of Mr. aihI Mrs. II ii-in hftf-J, at Savannah, Oil, Bw * 1. hi., of Niv. York, tu M> t K.ivvr Fatsu, oi Savannah, ?..> IIan-.ri ?Ti:i:*r.?i*o dund.i\, Nuvombor 28. b. the Bev. fiioo. A. FutQll, 11 - *nt J. II. 11 :vi \ lo Hi I A. fi aav, Isith of lh'< Uy 1,1x11-Dowuku. "u Thai dij, No;>-mbor by tiu> Rev. Father U'Hare, u ftL '". * chnrcb, iln inSL Ltm."i. Jr , to Mir Mvitv JlH Duwum. liotb of ibid city. Pouav?Hicnai i v ,t? r igbkeepale on Wi-dr'-* d.ay, Novemlier Jl. ai the r"*,*jou"? oi tue "'i do', father, by I bo Kev. A. n. I'aTti els'", fci'tf of t brls* Cbuurb, Brooklyn, Fat** it Ton r.v, - f Itmoklyn, to t'-oi .ton, yuuuvit daughter oi LranMlK Rlchaisi-on, I. P hamat?Am* -On Wedn ?! n . Nnv eiler It. rP I' "k erlbuff, W. V?., ?>? the IP- Wtlbam I. Hvtantf, in ras s Havns. t.irmcrly ?w tin city, to Avvir i.'., daughter oi >'r*-..leu M. AibtULS, Jw-i , ?"f th* turner plu-aj. Iailoi. ' .-AIL. In Baltlm -re ?"*> Tfiarrdsy. S-ivtn-| her lo, at Mi. Peter's"'liorcb, by tii? Bev. .Inlw* t>ram mer, J'*-*en Tavuh.-, lumiuriy o( New l?,?rp. Mt*t*u islaud, N. V., lo Ri-.i's a S. diA.igiileT ?>i K. I'. t'n?!e, Kvi, of UaUituorc. Vo* Swnea?KrtruaUl -At Brooklyn #? Thursday, Kovenaber?. by the H. 11*11, 1!l>kv Von 'iami, M. U., ul iir'Hjsiy u, to aL " A. KkTTum.v, of Mcbencctady. No cards, Wuuii v ? Pi art.?ubi Vt'e"lri?>'lav, Nngetther 21, by Itev. T. KaMon nntMh, nseuted hi lto\ larloc, I R'iu. as il. to. Miam -, of- UrButilya, K. f'. to M a* -A*(H M. rtATT, of \',- York OT IllrW. Annua.* id ?On Monday, N'.vrmhi" '1, VI r wnT*? m*. It Amu:''!*, ii: Hi* .Vtd nf hi t i?!" "And -tumid ite .ail ' ?-!???? i> .or? tl ?? ni -i.itiH have liltad their n?HMt% *re akd" n>d by worLx .if rij0itaoua> IX. winch W* have done, tint thiri'ifl. J nr.:. I ui,?i, rat tboiw, whom yeni arc n- l < mailt, nor M il.? bli 4 toaauurc-d by tonrr of tint but m? joy 1- full, mid um pl.aauran are fur .vcnnm>? Tb* ri'l?llrr? and fr.i'in! of tin- faintly am import, folly InfitP't ?? atfrnd ihr fttB'ral, fn.m Hl? 1 it* rwai donci*, -iti H.t:.? 'n. 1, I'.rok'yi: ??. 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(to -lay mornina, wharo a f*|Wrt? hyli niaar will boolf.-ra.) foritrrufr ? n''In ?i I'iob to r. lo H ri< tor ini.ruout i ? fri ii ia of ilm t/ai" |a? uljr it.t i'd t?. m no K?*n* ~ft?i -WturJ. i, Kiji. i?ti<if 21 Mjtifia ).?!? - af ? i Mt yaar-, 1 in "n'uaiut " ?!?) 11,.. r*l?: an.l Iriai.d- 4a? Hi- m? ml#ar <' t my !?? Ho . i vmpaay, >?. ?'?, aid u?r autrtjr <* toil! til H'li na .irr rqwuttil '?> atl. i.d lb" flmml, fo ri ll.r WaaJ.iut.tor Mt'iara Mrlii at.d t'y .?-ojaji rnar h, ,n r.nrth atiar* mmr B.ftli arrtio#. th!o fTi.f. ayiafior j no in, at i? i ? toi a III" inrinlr r' of (fit ilir'- f>? Bfi'oo* Bri. 0| -o .|y aia *MTObj NfMMfi in all. li t lb" for fat of Hr' t >\it tfiiliaoi K.*r? IbH (7ii"?i1ji> ifiariutiii., froiii tba Maitoid t (kurrb n f .orif .'f-n. n?ar ? 'ih ? irsta. WILIJAM l.t.WI" >. rriry M.arrr la An. Iyt:1!a. I I, on -nfl?' Vorn.i bar 'ii, fan .r flaiart, arn! ft ?. .? iai? ad ih* flrtn nf Jaic aC. ttuMoa *Co., afUil- rily. K iu ral tl.. ri??-4ai afiar mn. ati?i . i-l.a Jnnaafno In ltradl)? on o ur Nm?a tar 2S Viui a (II. of i#"ori|t ?n1 Jane Jw m 'on, in th" n i j i ar of li? aj". T'.a r. ttt a and fr rrd. of art H|? nt'i- Vr . f flril'l Horn ? otn|?riy Ki>. ? and It'-wOyn I ?,ri' I I.iii[>.riy, Jfn. 17, ar" rr,jn~ fulir latif-d In a|i nd " " f^linraJ, from t ." fltWytftlaii 'h IP 'i, rufff o* Ik" rat. a and TiH'.ry Mrwf Wit? tToradur) aflrmoot. al, Mt p Olwll. K^lMaaa -At l.martpkint. na Monday, No. tnh'r Jd, Tkoai* tun m, rr-<4 mi 'if Tt. nw< and Not. > K?i land, iyod I T' af? 1 rinntti i"i # dar Tti? ftrt??di and nualitaa of ih" faailir am iwapert'elfy Inritrd If aurad llik tiiHoiai, f hi tin r> > 4>a m I. ? pa-, a'-, lu?lit ?f *"?. ' ?l?a?i. fr?aa:m and t ? u # op"., < I Mia |Tk?aiJ.<Ti a/l'raoioi, at ".r?? ?' hru.t ?fHi "on lay. Nwatitt ti, 4a?'? K ' rr, afr.l dA yaara, nai a if tlik 'ouaiy I ifi, |?/krb el < nana ?laattkf, iratamt. nla Htflto Md fr land" of Ibt linn'- ar" ifjan fully ranted to attarvt (ti? ltn?r<! fun I < tn-t d n< ?, dao aa,,,^d artfite 'Il 4 (Tom ?*y > at'efaoon, at I* . o rinrk ? 'irtt | apeftpteoM roj'T Ian -(III tad t iMreidtlh emit t > ? oo Bun lay. te??iw >ft. >???<? Uu mm it yam ? KmUk attl Id day* I ho foa'-ral ?Ml iak? piac tl at (Taaadayi aaofnlac, at knif (?al aioa ? r"- a, loma ? fvio* a ckaark tol t.f 1Mb 1 r??l, Mttam Thirl aod lartinftoa ?vnwi Tin ai'rnr-r* of tho t ot .mt. ?n Votooiaor ( loo cod io< ff t. .da ark iMatd/auy Ikr.latl to all**4. kua-tl W n?ak? Ipo, M M Hilar Noraiator K, Haaaivr Btkui a i4o? of Jon a Mara. ..f >N? Toft, krad 14 year., Jtia rei*u<"i .ml fr"*4t of Id f??aity kra n.ivt to aiu id tba fai era' from I ha r>"l/li ckafk T?. 'd arati'ia and IT*1 rtroat. Mar*em. tm Nafiotif kaorn tna, al klat?k o'iork. * tt.'rot fknoar larttkti<? 17.? frr.? oa ?i!l bk !nttrr?.) al Crma* ?rt Moayraaa ? It IR" amaNotf no Mmfiy NpinWr 9d after a tor.a and aarara i,B?m Nmnirt offa of Henry Mnttayhan ? the Tflbraor af Mar a*" Tha frtenoa M4 m^oaiMdorak kf lb# family am r? .ardf?.If larded to ailaod lb# !o??r*. |ff?m ML Mary a rfior k, of I a mort aod Bakaeaa Mimu W'Uiaaidi irt, oo Widowdiy mamtoa, at taa a WotM. Mi mm -JH taatdf. Marf kmft. ??!. vm m Ttuicnaa Martin, aged 30 yen- || poiUu *tii IT lay*. eMMl daughter of 1mm ud fcieanor m laife The- (.veto* of Ike fnmlly M n apecttuily tovttod to attend till funatni OB W.-dnaadajr nflMBoon, at thf,* o'clootf, trim hue lato, eortu r ut SouM kind u'l Ninth utraeto, Brooklyn, K 0. Hun *rancuco (Cel.) Md Now (Mean* t -n- r? pla*"o Pi Mir ?Al Sooth Bergen, K. J., ee Sumlay, Novem ber 26, MAU.U4 M., wtlo uf Harateoe B. l-mlney, og. 4 - yean, ami 8 mouth*. The frtoadn a?d relative# are reapentfollr luvh-d to attend the furi-rul, (rqitl the iohmWiw el A. Beehm ] Church vlreut, South Bergen, Una (Tanadar) taunting, *t ten o'clock. Bo.-K.ia ?In Brooklyn, oa Werfue^dar. November Joaa W Hoots*. lb. eliimt aoa of John and Ike Iota Sarah Anu Roger*, m the .T8th year ol ho-ago.' Tin' rat vtivi-u ?u<t friend# of the family, and lute* * the l'nOi'4 Trad. - Horlety of Journeymen rvdlmakera, ?ri< ro-pocifully invited to attend the funeral, froaa tha real den- o of hi# uncle, S> Carlton arenua, Brooklyn, on wad Bandar. Traxhinfiion paper* picer?-|.v lhmai.t? Al -ting Sine, on Monday, N'ovrmhar 20, after a aliori and i-aloud iliuaa*. Knwaao O,, la toe both year of hie a^o. I'l.e relative! and fr.?nd? of the tamily are ranjmetfully Invited to attend tb<- fun-ral, frtim the l'raehyl*'!nM church, mdk Hint.', on Wednesday, at twelve o'clock, noon. Carriage* will be in wmiluc at tha depot to maat tho ton o'clock train from New Turk. Hui-u?-On Hnnday, November Sb, Haavn K., wife of Thomua Hn.ull, In the 46th year of her age Th. rnlut.veeand ir.cnd-.of tl.e lam l> ur* --vpartf-tlly Invited to attend the funeral, from tho rendm. e of her aoo, I'harteeti. r-nmll. No. S K.wU k'mlv fir . -t , (hi* -lav (Tuc-day), at 12 ^clock. noon, nerretuain- will to- tatceu to tho Turret own -'einevarv far lul-imi-ni by the two o'clock P M. latin ll.d.on Kiv-r RnlUond.*. On Han. lay, Nor era bar J V 0>:>utu# W., *on Ol t oruellir autl F therm- ph*liag-dl 22 ?eu--<. Tt.e relative# and fnMdH ot the lantth gre retpa. tt-ille invlt- .t to ttten.1 ti e fuimm', from the rwltU-uoaof In* fat)icr, KM Went Thirtieth ?tre?t, tlri- (Tue -1.. i in- rutin, at uiev.-u o'clock To* can.?On ri-inday alternmm, November 28 I Aim Minium, infant daughter id Kdv.rd and IrutiUn V. Tot- uw-ml. TLc rola'lvec and trend* of the fkmlly -re r< ape- r illy invited t-> att'-nd the hiuorul, fr-.n- tlie rr i-l.-in ? of tier l>erenur, Mouth- iK near Cer-lnn avenue, Month He- . n, N. J , the. iTut ?d.<> i aft- iMnti, at three o'clo.,?Uu Monday lanrniag. NovWii.lrar 24, J-M-.-.A, r-ite of l'et"c 1', Tyler, ag.-tl 22 year* I n>>??'.!> and * -U. v I'r. ndeof the family n i-eotfuily in*ii-?11?> attend the funeral, from \o. tu> Ix-no uvel Ni ... th * in lay) nfier-moti, at - ueo ? l Thmok.?At ilv-hi l.tik, OB Tlitir hay. No- in??- zj, E'Xamih U. t'KlJUtM .tao-. t.toi of ttv*Hid. <i ?..j!-. Th,- reuMthin wim Interred in n><- i-o.-ly ' ylng gum i I .-.I that place, V*i.i.i . i .? On rinnd nr, n'* 2i, ?.("t.-r a lorn. . id piuci .1 TnotiA* V AM.IU.V u ft. b.lh year In age. i to tri-u?t' of tho I... 'ttv ui ? n l-eevftillv :nv ited to l-ll-l th. Iiiooral, lliin III, ,ti.v) oltcrii'-oii. al 1 uV'ia from l.ia la.e n ai.t'in ... Iluit airnet, Mclmrft, vv tcr. Wai.iur it Brook lyn, 1^ I., <>u ,S?titr.|.. 'vtyenilM 24. alra. vu iii.u or, Vvl-lu* ->f J.-hit ?v. ?1 .barelntlveam<' frtau.ioof i!mi'ami-v u ?!', Invited to attend thv luo. ral. ihi (fu- iui ? , nt one o'clock, from h--r lut# rv'd-a- , ? ( II - ?? ?to <>t, bet*. ?u Iruf audhchenecta.lj avnup Wtumv ?Qn Monday um-nln#, Novf?ni..?i ,. .? i. : Mwrt and aatat- itnaaa, Wiuiam H. Bfn*?v I'llO tr.-o'la and rel't'lW ?? ngd IW ' r ? it'll I-- tit id ltd funeral, front hi tat .- <U , ? iirt-'-i. lOri-et, on lolm -al.'-' . twelve o ' -? tin r ii mi will tM- t.ik n to Port|, - t -n lai - lot. V?'u i-rv .-'ud-J uly. of pneeiamola. at ti-, -t, ]>. I., on Sa'.urdny. Noven l>-. U, J*vr.< Vi , i- . I i oar of |i|, ,i Tin. letativee *u I irl- odaof the family are re - ily luvirdla mi-i lib funeral, . u U ?ii.emt.y nit ui -me ..'chick, from MM inoti.e' mekAnwe nt .1 ... a J,. I <ara have f> r Jaroatce at ni?.- and elm. v m. it- 'it Jam- at) >pia(t*r>|.a -f i>tn? tut M' vicven * M hunt Ti rtjr-t< ?rt'. ?ir?-e* ferrv it., ter'a i'omt at 'iM'f ;i?-t mii?i and till,I f ?t ? <? -,| r-'turniOK nilor lioo tau- ra. SHIPPING NEWS ro# n w ii* 7 . *??<?%? m r* ... ? .Ij I ..t *4ft . mi uf new tow, umm% 20. llrwrrd. ?iHtt|n fir- (Jull, > mil Hid'n*?# S' ttik ti U' . .1 1 Air., tlmfcui -Hltli f?|' Mr Jll. pf*l)<:? K- HI" ?l4??n i H' Ofrl lor wW? v?? ? ? ' ? ? E'Mutc Uii? Hr??, Hjtk *<1i M r M < Hr , Murry,l ork f. ? .?*? p'Mil ?' ? ? -I t H lit. 4i*i n ?. I'lfSl, A*|>." * r* 1 I'. ' ?*u ? la'. i**. Hutf 1 ob iy (Hf , Er*n*. I?x I, I Hull! i. llriV V4*tha. !f?lrf?Oiv 1 \ t, , * V > Mug I ?\y 1 Hfninih'tn, -?n-ilV, ?.. ? II H t.? 4 ( H 'if n r NeUob (,K , A . t -rulu- . *1 J 1\ -I f? A'bf tfinttii kr|tiNlr, Canute i*tm??> ?rp i. ,*? i h?itI IidTUd, K> Koi* >+ S I. k Ck. ?fr-.j M \ry U.r*y. I#u(I ik * ? i ? ^?tf tPifi .1 Th 'i jt'On, V rP Hj rrt, r i?r Ta?o:i j !?!?? ?.??*? * Arrive*. * ' ? r 4 ?;> <t( e. i* ? njf itHtiU - I4?t. Hr ft. I ?i I #r|! * a } >, itlf! Ot|?? t IrhJl. W'l ?i' '1?'' tf?4 "^Ih . I.lf I n t??V lie"??. ii? ?* >? u of ? ' k i ' ti- ? i 'Ml* Willi ? ?ti 2(11 .1|? U""fW? t\ -f??? ?t# - J f . j 1. ttl H !B, Ibm M. nm r N ?ii?*I i A'* ? ., *?? i *tr. | k?*.i llfef K'tgl?l#4. ?3&fb I#1 Mill' h ???!? ul iHMMi/ Uf , % <M if'td,-* i ?l?**lr -iii|? ttirl | h j- l.fia, |?f I'lHf, W I,All fH-U.8. V , W.l.t ' * Jl* llflfV* ?fp I'lvrfft 'H# B#? m# Hf. 1 unft K?ir ? * Wt hm<l*-m .'??!* * |/? f,| ?al A I'o fdriMVI 'tikfd NOfOtOfRi h -n. Ktrhtr- I*a| . i So< , i ? ' !< .*? tlMl I l<??. 1 ir I A lll -r,!* *{4"" - 1 ? ? I. 'r<l, ' * T * Korft'ik, <r|?l# frTi? J M .i*' ? ftJtip M jmlt It-trk. H ?Wi? *br ?r'^xr|, V*f f Wffli rwiu* t? I, Jr <* ferfc m U ?*"MlI# *r J p. t-'l f# to#I iiMfp 'fo, I r. i w ?.? tor til to |r T to? ut M J In v Ur Ifrfwn if for *rw It? i" - fmmiKt V|??r?f H# imn - -w*. -*-**1 . J Mm I?r lliHiirri. j W ' ' ?ot. k a I r , ?. , .?? ? '?v ?( . aW# Mm* \ r. . Mi , V ?? - f i a a I i n < i ' ""> ? '< M 1 ? fl, yr. . .. *> * r|r. ?? ?ntrrM\M II I 1,-Mir ( < raa MIM tic I-..-I *>* W|? ?*?? MIM?| ? >? *>,? A h.ilr.l ff? |H f| ? .|l*. >4,??>? nil a ??! f It. *. MMr ??? "ijl ?l/"A'''" ??. JSC, ,a '*1, **? lk? iamm ?? ? ? '?ll , i ? ? * in <a I ? ?**?? ' H ?? ? ? ? , ?in. <ir |i?..' (?>. h,i,i i, ,, ut I ?t IM frm War?ia4 a a* J.c.i.r f m h|, I Ink* l|lr >< til IM Kwilwr .ll,?. <1 ? ? .c ? V? lii? ? ? ? ? ? 4 n -ami'* I ll miii lb* ?<*?**< Mr all-it. i MoiianirM ?*?*? f.- M ??. II. . >f4. .4 ?!*? 4??n.!???? ?**?. ??4 m In . >.r. II I. M /**I .miaajr ?f%4*i| in I. ? ll?i? * . ' I ? ma | x n,?. ? ?? '? *n ibar.a ?? m. III ??, i i t ,*,f . j*. u.a'? il<1 t*a ?. 4 *4 I * raj*. - M.i.i. i-i la*** r *#? r * .???? I *?ai 4JT ??.. ? ????.< f? rt i I', fi t ?**?..? i,a , - iatarcf 4 ?*4, a* U fa't ? FN J*. .? . | a jn?t l*?,'i,ai) ??-i i? avaa ill' *a ? mm Mraif ia?im| nut. ?rait ?-? 1 . t. K> iMfnar Mr* III ** >? AiMii I 1*114. I frr|. ? I.IN* ?? t a i l "mi , I. a . ?|. f , . , rkj i* a'lk* M-atif m "* I I . r. ...i#, a>> a ,? a< ??# al ? '? "2 ?'? V ??t . .. ,a. -i *** a. * * an W. MaaaMaa at*.. - 'cjf "* ?* *a* -ir, . , E ?<'*. *??? *? I ' 'r v. <?. I. in ?? fm (t -p-'.rt ?'?.? 'M* a I ? Mr* ? ? a, < k ? * < 'an. -l aanrr * ?> - '?#* at* ? r. . . ? ? i ilii t|ik< *,aa I' alia, fiaaa iiaiaa * a mt a>4 wm *M< uiM? <1. * * J" 'i,*:*lu? t'2 ?" T,? ^ ; " 1 ? ? " , I ' ???' I m. I'f ?? ? , MtM a |i ?? ? ? ?k?MMiian*a S..aira4a f?a la .ra at.. . * . a ????' ??r-??4 ?? a ??a Bm aaw, L .'?*.* '-a .a a* * a' >lAi?. *b? war aai -a".* "a. M> -ttaa. ?aai?|i?a l*<aa*ai u/H-aai a-4 In f Mi ? ? I.' ?" 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