Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1866 Page 3
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MARDEM A^HT TUB GRANT HO I.'SB. 40 MBW BOWKRY NKAR Chatham fj'uun, Bxoim Mc. to Bin. per daj.JJ lu A3 per week. * Board, from wp?fc; fadBU^"?yf^gi__ | A T FRANKFORT HOC SB. ONB HMK BAST OFCITY Aj* gcsjf jissb t"i svnjtr* a a Private UbU. HlfkM nl>IW tdsalwd. Apply at tl WW HUIIMIB turned . . , ? A N ELBOABTLY FUBMIRHBD SUIT OP BOO MR Tol A. Twentieth Mmt AJm a euM of three Parlor* adjelnlngl Boon. _____ I A^m BVIT or ROOMS, ALKO SINGLE ROOM TO LET?I with or-wttboei Board. Apply at IBS Broadway. I ? T IS AND JO WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR NKwl ?Si--'-" SSK. ~ M'S; SSSS 22 AT IS J A torl Bedroom* TAW NEATLY FURNISHED, HEALTHY BED. | room* l/> let, to tingle gentlemen, without board*, bath and P" Befereneee required. Apply at U Bleacher atreet, ,Wat of Broadway. A HAMDBOMELT FCBNLSHRD SUIT OF SECOND ?Beet. wear Fifth eeenu*. B BABE CHANCE.?TWO BOO MB, SONVY BXPOS easBBiQKKaBt IPWM to.ealL^ APPtf at Idjfttath avenue, flm^duor from doom BM roowtiy cmojm 4 PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A surf OF BOOHS A to maa aNB wife or two pillBaw, With Brat rlaaa Board. Iloiua has all tha modarn Improvement*. 1S4 We?t Twenty Brat ?treat. 4 YOUNO MAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITn A Board In a ?mall reapoetabla family. Tartne $6 per woe*. Apptyat MS FWat avenue, _ A^m FEW HANDSOME ROOMS TO LET FURNISHED? I with or without Board, to gentlemen attrt their wivea, or (tngi* gentlemen; private table U lequlred; rerereueea eaebaaged. No. IS Went Pirtaeatk etreet. AT 63 WEST TWELFTH 'STREET?1.ARCK ROOM. A with email Room adjoining. eacond Soor bark; Hoard. I lower terms ? for two; etngle fonileiaen rooiwug mgeiher ?; one ?mill room $8. Referen, AT IS AND 10 NINTH STREET. BETWEEN Firm and Sixth avenue*?Elegant Floor* and line Knora* t* let. with Bret darn Board, In French and Uertntu aljdee. Fnvwte table If dealred. 4NEATLY rtlBMSHED FRONT ROOM to let to one or two tingle grntlrmen, WITHOUT HP. Term* moderate Apply at 177 Bleeckar atraat AT 133 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF BmadwAy^-A gentlemen and wife or two tingle gen lid men can obtain plearnnt Hooma, with Board, in a modern A CHEERFUL, WKU. FURNISHED LA ROE FROST Room, wlib Hoard dm, gas and bath, for one or two )tlrn?a,oiDOdi ' ?ington avanue. jpntlrmeo, on moderate larmaT Ml f areiitynUih euaet, near LA ROB OR SMALL BOOM, WITH OOOD BO ARIL References unhanged. iSOl Bleacher street. Localiou taant and oonvenlrntiu ears. A -LARUE THIRD FLOOR ROOMS TO LET, TO A A, gentleman only, without board. AlaaaHall Room. ?i East Twautreth atraet. FURNISH ED ROOM TO LBT-TO OMR OB TWO gentleman, without meals, In a prune family Refer rtqutred. Apply at #7 Amity atraet. LARUB FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET-TO , gentleman and wlie, or Mingle gentleman. UN Weei keiernth street, three doora went ot Eighth avenue. AV tihll T HO. 7 WK8T TWKNTY-FiKTU ?TH?bT?dUITd OK Room*, on flrwt *u<i <MODd floor*, to Irt, with prtmu* LooftUul uiuiiiy od, ?t*4 bou?e lint cUw*. A WW IIAITDSOMXLT FTRMWHIfD BOOMS?FOR jfN genua men and their vrtvan. to lot. with drat claaa Board, m flOKarl Twno if -eighth atreeL A LARGS, WELL FCBNIHHKD ROOM, WITH *V A. ary cooventeAbe, on aacood ?nan er a gentleman of refinement Sit Mark's pteoa. od floor, In orte or two gentle Meat with another. AJZ ?Qilhlii FINE SUIT OF ROOMS, IKCL0DINO BATH. Ae.. wRbflret elaae Board, la a private family. Freuuh and (larmeu spvkeo. Apply at 74 Wen seventh atraat. A^OTT St BOND STRFKT-LaKOK MEW AND ;H A NO ? nomely furniahail lumms, tarlth ample olimae, and prl tra la tablet family FRITATR FAMILY OFFER A WEB SUIT OF I with full Baud, eittteBle tor married or atngia Ufl Ninth street, wax of Broadway. Refereeoe A PABTT WILLI NO TO UU FART SECURITY FOB A a Ant claaa bonae near Mm Fifth Avenue Hotel, ran Bava the ehoMs ef Kamas, with Board, Ah full ar part pay Ihant Apply to HUBMLY, Uh Bmudwny. A FRIVATS FAMILY WILL LET TWO HKELY FI R A nlahad Kaotna, to gantlemen, wltb or without Hoard. Xpt ly at Hi Kail Twelfth atraat. aaar Faorth avanue Baf & Irritate family, livtmo om korttnimthI I atraat, hnlwaaa With aad Moveath aveauea, wul Second Boor, with Board ?? three <tt four adults of etnglo | ^^^^?Addroaa hoi ROT Foot oBoa. AS SUIT OF ROOMS, HAMUNOMEIT FFRXISHVO, eat twvntyaseond afreet. wRh or without TA RLOR FLOOR AMD OTHER ROOMS, fN WIIW t etnglo, with modarn latpruvflmrtiM. u? leutuatu aad wife, ur genUcmen. Board tor lady 'J3u Cut rnth atraat, rornar Ptnyveaant aquarv FINE HUT OF NEWLY FIRNIJHBD BOOMS, AT 91 Weal Eleventh otre?t, three doom aaM of Fifio ava FURNISHED PARLOR AND MKDROOM TO 1.K i - . Wlthnnt bear J jar ooo Oi tan gauli'iuer, U a prutW ally. Call lar two da>a at dp' Slain avenue, lop doer. ? i moderate. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED AMI VERY I'lRAX. A aat I'arior, fronting -uuth, I th Bailroom tf rwtnlred; plea a terra Room on (lid third floor, wuh fladromaa. to lei, Wtth ur wuhuat hoard. Terms maeteabU. Keferri.oaa at ?hang*1 US Hammond or Weat Kin rnth street widow lohDY has a handsome netomb ?loiy Frani Room to lei m Irvt daaa gentlemen only. IV at M Waal Tweuty alatb atraat. A I* It IV ATE FAMILY WILL LET I WO NKtTMT F?Mt. oi.bed Kooma. with Beard >m <? ..nd fir gaa and boi and <u;d water throughout 'be hni m fendo maoderaO' Raforaooaa re<|uir?d. Apply a Thirty BID, atreat FITRNISBBD HKOONII FfOOR TO I.KI ?Tr? HEN tleaien. aa antto or atnglv, wttaom hoard. a bra ateaa aid reaklao - - U rat rmii teen'b ait ?I f iCr dodm M SMALL. NEATLY FrkMfHHl.D ROOM TO RENT To ageollaman, will V Amtiy atreat gent lama a, tvRhear board: rrfaveuona required. LADY. WlbLiNO dy f art' ' LINO TO ?,hV LIHKUA1.I.T FOR A itrutwhad sammd Floor, with Board ^tti <tb an e:derly a Mow lady, with every dt Ion*, ?urthet K , T ? BOND aTRkl.r fltlJ. RiH.Me OB alUTIMi ?nor I mat I v I umiabod, a Mb i.rat ideas, lw> atta Rotnranrita r vhaagad. AT NO. 11 WEST hLKVKNTU *TKI'ET -A I EH A dunre from Rroada ay. to I'd, a nlraly ftrnteh-d frnal Farter and Bedroom on i#v ed flo?r", alao_ MVd Room, well faratnhed. for gentlTnor. "TUt tlrai eiaaa Freaah hoard; naa ddaommodato a faw day tr urdara. Tabte d'P te at g watoeh, K? PARTIES IN WAN! OF IU???N-, WITH AMD . without Board, mo had Seoorual.a llate, wiUt pr.eea, mraMad. Naahaiwe HRTANA'fi M Llbdrty atredt, roda '.1 aorand atorv FI'RMIHHRD FRONT RtXtR Oh HRt'ONn STORY A" _ to Ml W gontlawion. wtUaoot hoard, amtpte. par,tries aad batb room adpv mug, pr ^gtea from BdUJO $d? p*r nmn'h _ tpplval Idl Weal Tb rty I a treat. Roferaiice requnwd -m WMNT ELEVEN TU STBi.LT. NP.AR KROtD . wag, -vaatlev four H'oot sing'F " *" a.tlte. 'am a or iwrty or gentl-men iraayoaoura botato far ilia wuitei, vow labia If aaani i A Fl BRIMtBD BOOH. WITH OAdt, BATII. Ac . to A Ml?To a atadte gentlewaaa, wltl, ur WtlMR l par a' Ford, la a paw aut family. MWeei Sevvteeah aUeei, be ?waaa Ruth aad aaeeotb evennaa RMALL PRfTATR FtMII.Y WIH1I To LET RUOBA, ea the arm uv eeened Beer, to two gaatteewe apprya* Kaet rilteai ?tf.SII.RMAN awh WIE* ?")R~..ENTLhMI;N RAT have pleaaaut fnrulehad Boa ma. with Boo-d. a|v> a Boom. Apply at fll tlro-awi ,t even to. near <"nrb-a a1. A\% gjaaitaaaar iter H" T U BOMB STRRKT-E1RAT CI.AhN BOARD) large and email Baoaaa, aa thir l aad fourth Bwaa, ?ae'.f laranae^ logaasar or aiagly; aiao ..neuafl at Hnute b -ate 1 FaofU SUIT OF KOOMR ON api riNH FLtNiN Tu I.Rf wild Board, together ae wparntely t atea frmt Ma I ?at third li ?4, to a gadttehtan apply at All Weal th atrvai. .TBI AST FOrRTH xYRFET BANIIS'PM FLY EHR t a<h?l E'? of tu te', w. h Arm Mm tome lo* gentb-mea pritatm family mate aJlKAYLlHUMUi Raaia flora ran Uemaa aad wife a tw.> den'lem?n. .loo ativ fur- .? i . tgla Ilea Uir.gton avenna, oraer. a# fliftb itraei ' A Family ?m ofiEYivH a bhtt of boom* at nrr reaear's. AA Foarth avarne, am about ft abrued iRa.iaa, with pmat-teu tony te had ?y art g .? A hoob T<> t rr f jA teaf.mti^?,"* *J? RFM*_OM HLt ONIr'tfn? ?te .., nadaay "? U Irvra rt plar. y~ath ten I At'lM flBfl WMLL F:'RN'PHrO - ? .eaaia-t M an,-a a pt IB* Kedt Fnurtoae 'n arret 4". PI L Rrtig M |.Ry. jf) ,,IBT man r ,'y. ? t iuul buai I. a a priraw luu-t u> wHke * ?? ..*r*> Hi tf F atb t>,b# ?OAKDH* An* A ?*Ueei?e, wnaoM >w?. mm MooraeeWa*. Agar Kutpara. Ah niobly fi'bniihkd boom to mkbt-yoonb or two gentlemen, without board, at. % Amity atmet, second hloek ftxim Broadway. Ah pleasant wit <r? rooms bob a family. will Arst clam Board, la a IW"00- ? mirtaamh street, Bret loom aaat of Fifth avenue. AHFrRVIHfTPn FROST PARLOR TO LBT TO TWO ? tingle neatiemen or to snan aad wife. Apply at 416 wirh street A LAROK ASH IIARDUOUSLY FURNISHED FROST jEL Parlor eah bo had. with, or without adjotnlegroom, with 6rat class Board, at 110 Fourth uuut, near Twelfth A Torso MaS DRRIRBR A BOOM. WITH OR WITH, out Huard. in a private famll* loakllna n?ar Hooper " oaltato. Addrwao, with terms,W. H. O . Hetald offlor. CAS BR ACCOM. A UKNTLKMAN AND WIFR OR TWO LA DIRS CAN f**Uy> TJOAltD ?AN AMERICAS WIDOW LADY HAS FLE D gaatiy Furnished K xraaa. with every convenience. to Mat In gentlemen, with or without partial Hoard. 119 Eaat TwrlRh otroet, near Second avenue. TJOARD?AT tt RAST FOUKTKBNTH STRRRT, WEST D ft Broadwayi a Parlor Floor to bo let. with or without private table: "DOARD?WITH PLEASAMT ROOMS. FOB SINOLB &gSTs-T??ar"' ThOAKD.-fiPI.KNDIDLY FURNISHED ROOMS AT 147 ?P Writ Fourteenth ureal; hoot whiliu required end iresiCTiJHsraf jst Apply at SO Boot Twotlih aUwet. TJOARD. -THREE IOIIMO LADIES X) mo.Lied with Board at IM WOoator SHOAKJl- AT 78 MtCDOCOAL STREET,' ST. CLKM-H eaia' place, a large Boole Boom, one pereoo 18 or two tons lor pl.t; referenbee exchanged. UOAKD-IK A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, m WEST f? Twenty-third atroeL A large, handsomely farnlebed Moooi on the eecond floor, with all the modern eenvenieaoee. Dinner at 8. Relemaoee ?i ohenge<l. Board.?a okntlkmab add wife, or two slngh- gentlemen, can be aernmmodated with Soard and Room, with a private family, when there will be no other hoarder*. In ThlrtT-flntt etreet. near Sixth avenue. For par tial) la fa add mac King, Herald Mm. ' HHOARD.-PARLOR AND SACK ROOM. UHFI'RNISU. ed, |u and water; aleo nl.vly Furotehed Rnoma on tnlrd floor to rtngle gentlemen or gentMmen and wfvoe; term* modnralr: convenient to two llnea of car*, fall at 270 H eat Twelfth street. ARD AND ROOMS?IN A FIRST CLASS HOCSK. in Tweotr-nrnt atrert. near Fifth avenue, four ruoma on end and flmir and two on third. Apply et lowltri Board Di rectory. Twenty-third street, earner Filth avenue HuteL^ BU OtRD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. IN BANT SIXTY* second street, fourth house from First avenue A Second Story, furiiiahed or unfumtahod, with or without Board. I ABO IN .IBKSEY CITY.-A F W ALL FAMILY . would areoirtmortaie a gentleman and wife, or two single ntlemeu, with Booms aad Board. Apply at IdO Montgom ery street. Jersey Cliy. BOAROINO-TWO OR TURK* ORNTI.KMKV CAN I I hnd tood Hoard, with plrasaut K hiih?, et Hit Fumy lh atren, two doors chore Broome A1>0 a lew day Hoarders. Brooklyn two orntlemh* can find a largo doiiMe Rooiu. with Hoard, in a puvatr From h fatally, at 1M Clinton street, a few mfuntes'walk from South ferry. Dinner at ti>g. B1 B?. IJK'JOK I.YN BOARD?A VEUY PI.KASANT LAKHE I) Room. Aim. mil H?tl Room, with lint and arid watar, at 114 Kli?t pto'-e, n rookJyn. Relrronon roqulrrd. BROOKLYN-KI-l tBANT ROOMS. WITH BOARD. to. jiuilrm-j and hull nlr?a or single gniillnmen. at BloroMMk Mtr.o?. iotar Wall alroet farry. itl ECANT BOOMH IN 80ITS OR NIJHIIiY, ?> KENT, ?!j without board, or wiih pnv?ta ubio, in a ftrrtd.a* bouar, BP N'rtli Washington xiaaro Krlaran. ?? taqulrrd. >o ? hildren or ??r*aiita wham. B ^'lll.NCH BOA HIE-A HaXDBOMK BUIT OK ROOMS a on ?<w>nd II' "r to lot- Moi ona Room, for a al'iglr Imthtmaa. Apjdr a; So. ? Clinton plaar, aaar Broadway, |k>rii?L at.(I Carman .pnkcii. ?ANil.fKM AND OWTERjn!* DKRIRINO FIRST ?daaa Board tor Ikawintawoan Bod aunt. by apply** at JO Brat Taeuiy fwiiibatrnri, todwaeu Fifth ??<! Bl?? ??*? Fl RNISIIRD ArARTMKNI^?WITH BOARD. I* A r>-'iwrtai>lv tntai And nuamptkmahb-altnatlon. I?ra oolr'd by thr IbUi of fur a family of thrpa adult* add tworhildrm. Addvao*. wRh lertoA, Imiaitoo, wMtid irfeioasa, Hoawd, HnmW oUb*. FURNISHED KOOMH TO RJM4T-TO UKNTI.KMKN, allhout Hoard. at Id Rrwnnrt pi**, Tar lb atrrct, uttar Broadway. Braakfaat If daalrod. FCRNfRHKD ROOWR TO LET AT ls.1 EAST TUIR ?cartIt at-oai.-Board for ganilaman and lady. Full Board tor tba lady only I FUNKY Orrr.-KIJRWfKIIKD ROOM* AND FIRST via a (Board, at a how alraab larma I ram U to $7 par waak. L adier AND oevtlkmkn can be twntio. da'cI witb VaraUb'd Uoorna aad Board ou ir?a?ahla ian> at No. IBB Kart TbIrtiatb wraot Ml'RKAT n OX.?LABOR, WRIJ. BTRHTNHKn K?H i?a Witb Ba room, oo Iba third and fourth Wary, with Board, at 3d Waat Kortloih .trnat hatwaan Fifth and Shtb I KO. SO KAsT FOrBTKR-NTII STREET, WUXT OK tuna, any plaaa.?Tola-, alih Board, aovarml da?lmbla lb Mima (Ml ihwTaarwad and third floor, furnlahad or rar.iatly raNR OK TWO MVTLKEJIM ? A.'? OBTAIN A SICKLY v" furmtba.1 Room with Bo?rd Rafarour# totwlrarf. Apply at ud ((rura -irwt. Saw torn. S.NK OK n?<> OKKTLBMKM MAV OBIAlN AOOMB. ' rliu Htxi .i? in a Wrtrlly pri.aia faud'y In Btoiilyn larae-a. ?tr .uga.i Addrr,. Inlagrily. Ilrr?!d oMto PLEA HAM BOOMS TO.LET. with Board. P. .lug's grM "n.b or famn.ra, at So. 17 Want iaatilj autb aUaal. IRU tTK BOARD!Mil. a>Y LtDY I AS nvn a uNjrr rr?..' * * 'r? ra^n -i ? tarfnr wlra -- Madam Mil tsK. Emwifr. n. Waat r . , - a s I.?town blfh .,,,1 Sa>cn 1?r,n ,m r .1A VKS <.IT ..I, .Tl.hiiRN tSI.J'lETR ~tm me. tit. ..tala>l a.In olrawnl Ki.?n. and aa-ii h>M'd III m?ja> llr sa tar. b> antsy tog l N", 1'''libel rnlr'y Th'ti atn*o haiM-aan TWrd and Iwilogtan aaaouaa. B Ml. ? a ooprv aaii'iSa. ^i.Ni'Li nh\ rtiKMi.s A\i< ?>K.sri.i;?|h asO| .11* ran f.nd fmldtrl Room, arl.h Pr*t riaaa loard. a'bo.a tl>? < miaw ? S a A aw au M anr'yad, at ?V Wnatnarpn aralli anaat, iK'mt I M. ??hum m.u o? (<h>?4 <in i?R-i. *>d iW'iTn ri.qfmd . Ir , with Brat ala.a Babrd. VBB>?p ptaoa. labia Lmi if ? labrn. fl'tl ?.rittMiBJS." AM? nT'lM ? -V nilillhd It h I iiemii. l.dy all' H ? rp. wa if bandtomaly F iruinl ad Uwwna atth B-ard ur ? o .U' labia. A|>|lya' 111 h gt?1 ? foot, t .lm'. m I TV t) l-ltnr II ASDsttWF! V ITRSISMrl. StblV. n:iUi' . to aiouptraf ?ri.iw:ara,a. h,. |inili.'..-t.r'Awi r"<i tod ItWL* ytil'M AMKHJf N 1 ?Dfl .?. Fh'.liiFfi DIT I (a* tld- a it in buMtorw. aBI dad iv la I B mrd and lha uOl. tfTXS '' * A al n<* " rir*l intn ki r?; ism.T rrnNinRRD bi im or imkimp, L a ?h.waiAaut Iba..'. ' tohtbi'toa. ft Appt I Hi. iTmini armor ?aar t ..n?r laaitto-a. rrwi. si hmbiik.d RtHiM- wirw nn wtTiiopr I Baat'i aaitobla i.w gat. raw . ana aalr ?"'aoraii?0? full-,nr., Krdfim H.i? ta'l bl !'? W aa? rwraly nr.% r Mlnb aranna r. RXI-HKD nitoHA. Of am id r.wi.i, Zm ? LjL*** .V*"* wifa rpwRNn rniKD ktkkkt. bkab kit im *JMtl I llata* -EandWitaa-funn.bai H.?. na. manli* or aia#a; ai I g-n'l niaii r~ifi??' *' brai claw da. Boa. I. at If l a. fmmu-r tblri ati"f ^fli I I'T TK * r*|\ tTK ifWCNR. TWn NRtTl.T KCN 1 ? i,rd liamaa. witb ?a?. -olt fa. amtlamau AA Waat fb i tee nib Mrrrt, fataa. ti ?to '.tb abd r gn'S arntniaa. fpo I.F.I II A rHIVATF llol'AF IE A 1 bry. aa? plraiodh i?r w?tS iw wobatat fotoaf.Wjar.itd of* in as flAirranaaa trn .'rad Addr*?a ba. 90 Naw TiWb Fa- wLar rl.FT I SlllR bs.cohll .fnHT fWlSf t*lf ?all Uto-toiaa, r?ri ito*ooMnW. attb or altaau: Board, at MI Third atrato, ntto I'irat aaanoa rpr) I,KT ?DTK OB TK'? MWtTLT I '??WI?1fVD FRONT 1 Rdarra. aiitnl Baa rd. aaitoola '"r two at UiWf?d? mar. tafun m .tmn'9. ywfatow* topnirad. prlraio ramlla. ?M W 'tb axaat brtwaru I ariy algblb ami vurl.-a.ntii at. I I KT-ifAMwtou I.i BRfRBBBOBD B'KtMs Fun g? ii.n-ii. a* i: wi ?< foilrtb .v ?? uaar Btoa-'way. TO I.ET-A FAKIiOR A*l' BftpEOoM AOJtilNTMB; aim lb too dad., wm Uannam?l? f?raw<>f t to Bamt. R. M.y A pp., a. 4t Wto. atg?. h toiaaA balwaan ?'wh an'dfith atanna. ? ? 1-KB STVRK AND rFTtBM FOB B"4M>, I wn? aiavW Haata, at tor.' U mm. Iludaun atrf . appiatto ht J*%a ? Far* itoailan aa raaBfng Ingatbar ? raaw a. bty- ianta.naa 14 B?lNI. ?T lbJir-TO LIT. 'IN F. I.AH..B KRoh I I b'Mifa I . i lo. arl; ! ir H.Sod .a m -iod (ndr. .ton aao wood H- at oa IMN bar. ? Nri d* aiTTKKNrtl BTRF.I.T- KLF'tAETLT ou f i .i?bad HiMMii.. .n >i ? ?r i.a?.. 'to pare,i, ar ?aJ and fnird 4< wni. wits 'tuar' , pi..... i.nta a daafrad. >f* ? AMI'lNOTMh Plitl | M Lift. BIIM VIBsf mm' I ? M ftoi ? I. . ' . gr. I ' lb-a a. 9 '0 bait r"wo r Milud .lai wroMi .i.'jgla l.onmm. iUtTTi?am^ ri NNrafi ?! 2^' ?If ?Ht Ft I raFlfS MTRKKT Ml DDI. i A NO EX ?? r tot wan Karl aoii toMa-itoiur. with or wWmA In .rd. raat". pwaaan .i da -dy 'uinia>.? I#* ttHrv#a ah ?. 4j'i- ro irtrtt pnisn I* * rimtTR ? ? '? ?'IrJ^gmril) f irn iti If ill""1 ? 1 iif?# an aor-md Pddr. M 6?'?a atnna b>r o>. a*ar Bwolat. to <ma bnnaa, iwar Brna 'way to an-t Son to wtih Tar. ra>t BW Wtot ? fiy I 1 r*,'iN ,<1 IRK r AFT ufDF "ANIftolNRIT '1"T ' - ?raf n fad.' Flntn w"b ?? toto af'i aim a ttoay ?fJ?t ? ?>', WB> fbhard Ij^l'in 'ABB 'iMhl pr ?. OhPfFIdt't laid %a-*? ?MADflU AMD UUWKIIV WilTm 48 71 "CI GREENWICH AVRJCUE-flANDSQMELY ETR ?11 hiihed Room*, with gaud eloeetst on the mMIT third Soor, in a Ant cUu house, with good Board, to gentle men and their wtvrs, sad single gentlemen, at moderate terms. Belcrencea required. _____ |He 1ST TWBNTT-TIURD 8TREET. ?A HANDSOME ?? anil of Roome mi second floor to let, with flret eUee Board. Befernooee aschanged. ^ 7A* FIFTH AVENUE, SEAM ORLMONKHVti.-LABOB I I) Auouw, newlj and handsomely furniehed. to let, en auhe or singly. Man)* if e?red. Keferenoc. erthaagnd 1 nfl Fast nrmrrv-rntar street, oramrbcy J'mJ Park.?Suits of handsomely furnished Rooms, suit ehte for (em(Bee with Board: private table If deal red. Alao one single Boom for a gentlemen. I rt,T VINTH IYBRBT.?&KCOND STOKT ROOMS, Lai'J handsomely furnished, to rent, to a party of gea Uotneo. Rreahfaet if deeired. Alao etugle Room. I C7 WRIT THIRTY-NINTH MRKKT.-HANDKOME lo I IV furnlahed Rooms to let; alao a very elegant FUuso for aale at a bargain. mm FIFTH A TEN HE, CORNER TWENTT-gROOND etreot. elegantly furnished Rnoma with both reams meeinunteauag, for gentlemen oaly, without hoard. Onil LIfJHT I.OTHHNO ROAMS-FIRST CLASH. _(UU ' with ga*. K W> M weekly, je oeuU nlshMy. fur gao tlemmi only, at ibe New England ifutel. comer Bowery and May ard. a treat. 909 W?ST TWENTY THIRD STRERT ?A GENTLE Ait'AI man end wife end One or 1W0 single gantleuien dan be aoo.mmodatod with flrxtdaa (joard, wbaae titer oaa ? joy the naanlorUAf a home. References eichanged. ?77?> HFTH AVKNIE.?OVK ELEGANT SlIT ? I ') front and one rear; alao two single Rooma. Above Tweaty-nluih street ' , , 41 r GRAND STREW, H. BRAN'S HOTEL.-NEATLY Till furntahad Rooma to let, wtin or without Board; alao I root and Bach Parlore. A BOARD AMD LODUIMU WtVTRD, ?-Wanted, rooms, en suite and singly, for. I. ulahvd and unl urniahed, with and without Board. II and aire full description. Parties waiting. BE VAN A CO., A8 Liberty street, room Id, neoood story. A KCHMSHRD ROOM WANTED?FiKB EVENINGS CT and Sundays, fur $4. or with Board for f? or RIO. Fif teenth ward preferred. Add fee Kn,mpi Fey. Uaraldofliea . A LI' WANTING BOARD, ROOMS. OR HOUSES Di rected without chat go, at the Hoard Etrhange, tn Broadway. Beard wanted; alao Houses, furmehad sa l au ruriuabea. RICE A ANDREWS. tXl Broadway. t GENTLEMAN WISHES OMR I.ARiiK ROOM OR A il Sitting Room and bedroom nnfurnUhed: Would hire I'arpetall desired, muet be in a good location, below Thirty fourth utreet: with or wHbout Board; atata terme. Aitdreea O. P., HeraldoMce. A<;knti*;man desires rooms furnisukd, OR initially ?o, with Board for (bother and erlf. In a pri vate family " In New York or Hraoslyn. Addreee Mr. U. Charles, elation D. Must stele lorality. term*. An Refer euoei. ( Board ?a gentleman desires board in a pi irate tamily wlirrc hr ran enjoy the comfort* of an Englfth home. Address, elating terms. Comfort, Uarald ofllee. Board is db*iked--hy a lady and sop. eight re err old. Addreee stating locefloti end terms, tneiiid log fire andgea. M. IV. C.. Herald nfllcc. 3AKD WANTED BY A Vol NG LADV, IN A OK.N. (eel pin tie family where there are hut few hoarders. w , Iti a il??aanl iocaluj Auu\e hum loeutn etree;; r?Ier?nc<.e re<|tnred end pnvi?rtvwlll be rnada In advance. Address n,en M St. hkuiulae Hotel. Board wantkd-hy a gentleman and wife. on the west eldr; N private family or where there area few hoarders pref< rred. Address J., Ida i.tlM, Fast olllce. Reference* required. TJOAKI* MAfe'TRD?YTITlt AB'H'T TilREE ROOMS BY * fantlamaa, .vtfr, wllli HireO'thlfelrirn, .if ihr.-e, live and Aere u?.?r?, would |urtiiuli *11 or purl if ladurorn'titi offei ed. KrHewurt not eireod $'J? ,*tr month. Addrwee. ??! todHnpaat prloe, JuwHiu, omnia, Ar , n , bot 1.441 R Y r.iei BOAWO WATirn-WY A OEMTLKIflAN, WIFE, CHILD Hnl nurer; Ihrre n.iau. between lu..rt*-.,th end Eny. IWML etreete. Addreee. .Intin* ttnui, Hoi 4 Ali Fnel .iMIee. ?ROABl> WaWTKD- FOR A OKVTLKMAR WTFK. TWu ? A WANTED- -ROOMS AR I) HOARD -TWO HI.RKFINO Known And fAi Par, or email Milan* Re-m, with Hoard, T?AgwiH?IAW, Wtfr and nnrw lore i ion Ikivmi Tblrtl'th awl Iftro m*hUi aireata ?nd Fifth And hmlA Iranm pn. ?7^v?:ft, a<m"- * 117 ANTRD? A COWfoRTABI.R (DRYISH ED ROOM I df*. Ac., fel AR? par midlife; Incnoh f4R and a low Intone woolly on tbo piurn or Ooi iaaa IaoaUac** W AA oipor-wiioo-l pr-taawr Reference. *iraAn*ed. Ad dree* Kceunlr. I nion ey-iara Foe: ?IBea TlrANrFn_Rr a NTMtn.R m\s. of qdift habits. ? rurwiabod Kooia. withmu board, a* a wdniM prteo; Bm reeaiu*a and s>ii..U??, near Thlny funrth ?tmei and fff?aTr letme, C. W B.. Met WARTED-TWO ROOMS AND BOARD BY A SMALL ?' faintly Rnoma furnhhaj or AnforAtahod. Refer ?Roaa?lvaa, Addroaa A. H-, aUUeo L. W| ARJrRD-RT TWO OKKTLKMRN. EURNIRHRI1 , "nnm and Bedroom, with partial Board, In a ATI rata AWiertoan family. UrwHon from forty.*rift in rifte-Aflh aWoeiaod Fnuidh aronqa to Kaat Href Addroaa RAF, Ho. 19) IIfraid eBp-e. UTAYTKD?BOARD, KITIIICR IN RRW YORK OR " Binnfelju. tor afaaOenaao. wife.-hUd (two mn of a*-> and nuree Rootu and Bedroom reqnl-d, with Boom far nuree. Iuna a aool Reference .iraaned Iaqaired Addroaa I R., bat fVl Boat afflna. j tor ATM V BOARD. i -JM-DYOMT A YD COMFORT-BNI.MOMT HALl* ' ? V. Raw Br I (hi on. Malan lata a A w:lt remain epen dnriaa ?or winter lor boerdera. frraaa rary laaaonaMa. rail at M Ka?i Twr Tit. -drool IIHTRI.I. 1 A MFRIOAM HOTKI.-RROADWAY AND KfOKTH ? V ?treat, >e? Ynrfe. on the Kjiopaan plan. K ..,u ln Mine or atnrty atmodara'e ralee nHB LAMK*r Ifordf It west FOF riFTD strnnt froni'ii* lleam-rwr imife?M?U of tferea He-ma ea br?l Jar; p'ltate tfebir ar table d'boAr tlao iwa Hal'a ea teen ad flitor. 1 |ON*DI BO'lVCLe ' KMIIAlal.T UMMTfcl*, MROAlJ. J / w,n utirt fhii if thtril -.t w# Kooml lt> unit or t'nflr f'M %i ?1 (rt. )nr ?n. ?1 h -w or mlvpt# nn<r' I i Ntr r*i*>b \| Il.l.n rtOl HR. OIIARIiEMTilM B. r ?TUB PRii i" pnaier bet Ibr pwaara P? It.lorm the trtieliu pale II' iAoi hr how Kiropu-u^ *tioo?Ke *b<l IwiLruvff m>'u h lr? +b- t - c*(*lilli|| U row f%r thr I ?"W! I'ls! l? row .iron ? llh . hwUin ?Ttr| ?ff h.ftHfc .lOMKI'H rirn? f IX. I NHKW F.MOi.AHD V>TMIr-0> Till. KIlROfRA* 1 per ,R?I !?(*'""???, wilH eat Indy net f .r (a alle ataaoMly Ml root ,.i??.t:a, R1 o f4 waaAly. ?fa> ,wr fbwery and Hrl.rJ at.aav |>ll 'iKKf.-TI ll'll .1 HB.Mil. VN IIKD.HTd ? TWO I i.~ - ? . -v 4>,mnm. for i?m1hn- a Ian win ? ? .tea twr I f-niimneii, at .ea rod pr.rra, la de uMurpoi ad Aau'r *?"> II r rBTKNd 7 ipiyniWK III if 1 L. ir till O* BRfiADWAT- OR TMR I Bur 1. an plan. Hraurb ei the Touuae.e.>rner ?( Coat l?a*it end Mae. dim. aplondid fnralabed R/-.<ne for aaa. loaaewand ramMlea. from*room w?l paw dap. t|' AM. MOI.Rr.. WII.MAWRRI Bff.-RAHT Of AOORUt ?? tu all tofta uf hew to. k r|iy, ednra . ipartoa b del aono.nmodawnna al aaodrraU ratea Roma an enMa ar ataaii ? ITT Willi KRTATR (BOM MIA A^m RTAT TIIRKI. HTOHT MfflR PTtw.f RHKIK ilo'taa, rrainr,..., r..m|de4r o> i,d>l.ea, Twenty. aniH aireef. weaf .if P.tphU arano BMIRt faBli W Kllf.hi It, ffB Ninth irate \N l i l.niM TIIKI.K dTOHT MDiil dTOup n m> , w v ai-w- lion a* onmpMe order ImmadioAr p. oaiO a; Ml net Thini Ab.rd aiieel iBaormoa ptaeeijltttjmj tlKO w. flnVfirBl Rfntb arenae A TKKV flJIR BROWN RTORK Wl<m ?Tf?nr HOfHf I .1 for mle ua to P-t. I.mediate feaaaa. to I by air* to ? HiiUr'li .team .aortb ahiej, eaot vf leitaaton arew.e, of IHHI '.IdAIM. " A Hfll TrrtT. I ARM Of Sf Ai'RKA. I RII.RPR/iM I ?? Hew Hnt ?awl"A . f"4 la -ae II mae. dee onibnildlr pa . belra w|e. ...m nf fia,H; a.41 aTa.iperi,,, a.talMy; R?e lone ? Ob n It earl at a' for Pf ?y rlr Ala- aaod fam af nn|f|| fe ll Af I >f n BP R> .11. If fodar atraaA A LlRf>IOHTPtlL CiCMTRT Rf-IDKRff., ONLY 9 ?7 ?*? >??*'"Mi tba.ltf. rt. Harlam Hat.oed, and bra ?'aylea' eaib from dawof, larfa bullae, with barter. ? nai water m ?? f-ef .rdor and afeot U atly h?, mS| MHarb.'imat fmlia. far patur i.ara apply pi If re. D. II air ? . 1 a* wllh I.NW IR. a I HP IIP AB.H T M Ai'BBd Of i;....r> I AMD iV with bvltdinpa An. fer aala?twa milaa irorn Fort aaawr. 'in the Hie I etraei reod. Klht. A CO.. hi t Wra. Twenty tfelfdrArwM. fifth Ayeaoa Natal A CM oil R TAHUnr Of fARMf, ali. RISK* AMD Pre-ee in at: parte of Rawlaraey. WaaP baatar. 1 lUmi-Kl ar 1 -thar wniaMoa. aoaM tary a ad aaay ?f I'atlee wiabHip tr VrT ~ T 'i kaaaa llini nail Or addraae W. M MRI.ICE. ? Rnmdway. " AM RV'RILBRT TRRK.R aflR* IMOII ATOOf y\ HfM.k II Hiae. 8iWil>(l Twrrty afafetb aireef weal NifHiH areane. haawdwa paMeoWnm frvw Ai;.?n W M ThNlrR. ZM Nlnlb eeewwa. AMiR RALR. AM M If "El I I ft ( ophNR Hoi*t|T . tare Idiiawa free. Ma-nana ayr >|? with MWWWRMba ma ? b^j'wi' fCd'^At "Addbia A TTMT OOOD fOI-R WfORY BHOI.IRO RaRRMRmt /% '?rrrfe lluoae. 14 I (AT Or. A at Wm| Tbtrlr awmd at raa. Wlikn a fo ira-ory fiaiafe >aain>ia? bn 4 ibetbafM an' Waaa Ttnity-ihwd ?iw. (AJRA fliWTMD If MlBTTWR I CT Rreadwwy A ORE IT RaROAIM flB HAldt I* A f.RARR Of 11 Wmiae la ab-i wni i i-awoea atrma . aeal ureas e-aj V. arm tr-TOMNR Pt.R A BMAU. Mori BR afeuil Alb MOD la a iaap??lab<n MawIRt, anw nam no am - * A Oil, "* ? Ram Tweeny Ah f t ? r-al, Pioh area .. Ma-nL AinfPJt afORY II I RAfBRKhT I ?DRR < El . >nP Hfde A and br-w. i. a ?l . tea and re?., aaa-r, mm banter in, p-ew ?*.*?; alao a a id aed wait ?naabilafemi Viai-aea w .14 Pa r .. ? atye, ? r a farm eifb ar abpni Z. w-^mia. MM* firiRRfbRi i? w m mrm m.w m *NMI

m. *, wei? from M m . AM. 4Mb. aim aeUfabM Lam, *J'" '. -?M M 'MaaA alaa earner if ,ami ami Wear rp"ti a'ieam fa' ot W If asuri ?i fraad-.r crrY hkAii omn ?wm mlk. HAROA1N -FOR HAL*. A FOUR STORY BROW* MM" ' H'?p MuiiMi beet loneUuu luultj, (riot i given Immediately POTTER BHOTMLKS A BELLAMY, No. Irina alreet. up aUn iA alone high stoop H?um; b $24,7sn; po?j*??|.in ilrcnlnimMW A three STORY nroil stoop house OR FORTY IfOi street. Ixitweeu Fifth and HUth avenues, for sale; feflRabed, haaell modern Improvements a^d^ouyenlrncea. *o. t Walt Twsety third street, Fifth Annua Hotel. A* Ri.tUA.NT BROW* STONR MANSION, ON MART ?on arenng. with stable: let 44xM>; bouse SXtTJ; M Well ? treat. A FOUR STORY FULL KRORT BROWN STONE J\ ll#u?a and Lot. la Fifty-fourth at reel between Fifth and math avenues, for eele, and possession Immediate. Apply to JOHN K A VANACII, northeaal corner Forty-, end Huth evanua. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR HTORY BROWN NTONE RRSI* J\ draw. In Forty.aerenlh street, botwaen Fifth and Bltth ?venuea, with all the Furniture. for Mia. Foaaoaatoo In Jan uary. Atibly to John KaVANAOH, north*eat corner For ly-aeoano alms end Sltth evatme. 3 . A massive four story krown stone maneior, ?*Ira alia, with ell tha Furniture, Witt ha sold for tuk or ox aba need for a mueBer lleuae and ate Me altacW Ap ply to JOHN KAVARAUH, northneat oorner Fwiy-aeeood street and Sixth avenue. BWRI.OW A EGOLKSTON. RKAL KSTATH, GENERAL INtil'R\Ni'K and commercial BROKERS, HHHR STRI NO. M FINE STREET offer for aele and to MM all kinds of city and montry pro parlv, among vrbInhere.? ?JJ Lota nee r P. oepaet Park ?WWh HMuhlyn. S lexta ua 1th e*., near tleotrel Park, New York 1 Uu on A'th at . near Nth ar . Raw York. it 1?! S1017 brut Houee on 4Mb at., nner yth nr., New York. 1 H story hrirk IP me* on SIHh et < near nr. A. Now koih. In atorv hi irk House on Grander., our. (letaa, Brooklyn. 1 5 story brlek Tlonae. MS 1st ST.. Raw York. Othar property In ret ious parte of the city. Property of au kind* wanted to sell. Apply td BIORLOW A F.OfJLEBTtl.N, ' 7 14 Pine ytraet. P. 8 Rererel Veaaela for Mia. TTN1R HA1.K?A FIRBT CLASH FOUR BTOBY BROWN At alone hours on Murray Hill, between Fifth end Madt aon syenite- bandanmely rumia&ed. In perfect order, end reedy for immediate occupation. Address M. II., box ITS llcrMd <i|Ure FiIR SAI.K?HOUSR AND LOT. SIB W>.HT FORTY sixth atreet and (U Jane atierl. with nervals and fnrnl ture II required alao South weal corner of Ninth end Waal Forty-atalh streets. Apply to B. J. OBAY. 6IB Went at. For halk-witm immediate possession, ihf. |rat viae a brown atone Hnnae, aeuttieaal oorner Of Lei Inaton avenue and Fifty thud ?Uu*t, piHI $J6,0UO, Prun rear. .tie. the Furniture and rar]?et?, Ar. Can he seen from II A. M to 1 I'. M. jpOR HAl.V-A THKEE STORY MOWN HTOKE _ from l.igl. -loop llouar. containing all modern Improve* BierUa: al/? TUthxlOU. Apply on the piemiaee, 144 Beat Fitly.hrat etrent. Pop* sale-two first i i.ash four story iiiuir etoop brick Hoiiaea on I'liiilon place, between Fifth ea<l Statu it'Duf- Price BJAMn each, hints eavv Lola SbxM Po?* e.vlor. May I. 1WU Apply Mil. FHV FK, 17* Sr adway. room No. b Ipoil MAI.K-KOR BMM LESS TIIAN IT* VAI.l E. a rmir at. rj ami baaetnent high *l.?ip hr.wn etnna lloute on one n| Umi beal -a.rt.-t? <in l,eYii,,ioii aveum-: a atr.ctli Br?l rlMi, from $in,i?10u> BUM** <v*th i.nlrv Juirni; w?* bull: by .taya'wmh, awl it on- al the bent built hi.uw? up Wen utr 21 ??5Uklon.i, ? ltl> * courtyard of !t ft t 1 *? h*'"l*"t," *T h*'* "*?' MN>1> U> AM Tliiri arenu.-, bo tnaeu Thirty -in<r>ud I id! *tr-*-elt VOK HALT. -ON WEST TWKNTVXllRTII ST KEPT. F two th ? .?<.ry high atnr.p lluutea. Urith. lot half the bl-vk . in y xxi ordetr, 1.,-ntxfn Iruproveturnla aeighlH.rh.wd Aral rate; pure BIXMti tub. Another, on Wimt Te?uty thlnl Blrvet, ? Ibreu nUirj lilali auto|. hroap atone. u. ...rfr-t order; prte.-, wtlh Carpeta. Oilcloth* If .Tor., Aiaa l.tiurr. ( >ml ?. and hhau-n, $.1I UWI, -n-lr p .ixu,., If wanted lAMES K. EIIVAAKDB JTJ Wat' Twenty third ttr-el. liVlK 4M. - NhAlt THE ST. I AMES Jlorl-1., A tiooll r I-.... rtnry h'Kh .loop lli.iee, sj a Mid i?plei- with tn.~l crn .lapro.r .nnuto and In thorough urge., prl? i.M'U. I .(AMI.'dlt KOWAKHR, ?I7 AA-at Tw-otr-tt.'rd street FAOK SALE A VERT MEAT TIIREK STORY TtlOFI atonp hp.wa alone ll.iuae. well looa.ed, moil ro Imprmrnianta, |.rlc- BIO NAJ JR. r. IRELAND. ?ll Htoadway. YWiK s a I.K? A POOR HTOKT 4NU B ARE SENT BRICK 1 lliiu.'-. with Store, pa/iog g""-f luleroat, < ir JOiUi annate tn sitthsrenne none f>rt cloth *t?. Apply Pi I'VE * THOBNALv Broadway, b-iw?n rurir-aiabiVah.l E->rtr aintb'ii-wta. FltiR SALE - A SPLENDID fl'-OPERTY IS TWENTY third ?tra-t. |m 0UU4J. with a.gui foot .anlageway loaning. I. rough to Twenty?|?tt. AT?t with large Ail.le "soon. Toelv heated. Appi; h. DVB A TIIONNAL. MruoJ. way, hetweeu Eerty.alrh'h pod forty.ninth -tr?-a L'ok Sil.R AT A HAKOAIN?H t.NDBoNK THREE r alary blown atone ll.maa on Morrla place . Waat tort, aaconl 1'rernL, AUAiiW p. prl? ??,.?ri na ?>. lore.: term a fair PlRf A Ml.I YEN. * Haa atrv-l. IjloR P A I.E. OR WILT. KXCIfANUK-OOOD r AYINI. r peeper"y. wenfa about |Ul.onD, la tbia rlty, I re- and cigar, for a '-"Titer How .S'ore preferred I. in fair neighborhood. Will put la Irota BLUM to ?Wi.iWd in ceab if a good bargain It offered. VICTOR SK AM AN. ftl Nor roe atreeA. JJ. IrtU-TH AYEN'CE 1/lTB EOll SALK. TWO TKEY |)E r lira bin Lota nn treat aide, below tfee Park; alaa a in* Eh-h wllh a rorner. IM feet deep, below the Park: win he ?efara'.ed If dewred; Irrtaa eaary; alaa a a timber of Lota aM 1'WAa on h if lb iiniua. tn.otlag ihe Park . all to the aim* owner Apply b< K. H Lt.'OLOW A CO., No > Etna Ol RES EOF MAI.E?Bt A. lOI.'ltVKAY. Nt?. ( TlVR a. reel Yett Mtb at , 4 awry. b. a , li. t . J.I4A. lo t? blk ?IW.nilO 'Ant IM ai 4 ~ b * ha. PI StTu. ?? 40.M Kkainh'. at. J a. a, brink, wllh poaaraalon 4.SU1 OllkKtlfl TKI< K lloERRS EOK KALE-ERttM lb tlAWO by A. .1 BLEU KEN -ON A > . '? . . la. tIrani. OR PARK AVKNEE THMKI. Ell.l. Mllrril LOT.-, (#r Oral eman realdem-ea. for ml* 'heap. T'toa, wub InnaaMblnoa praml.-a, tat.MP on* tkl.d ea-h Kino a wo. No. t Waat Twenty third atreei, Etttl. Are. in lleMA. 1 >RAL ESTATE rot BAl.K. IV TOR INVESTMENT On B-nogwar opputMn Ike city Ball On Rreadwx. pear 1.>? ?..?. I e -t.ra ? /- len froaM On Broad wav, near KrtoAlhi at. -lire ? ae, two free la Op Rraadway. abort (Ah.t- it , a tare- pi??? an . tun 'In Priedwit. abort Trtn-e atreeA, Wl3N> leei Ob Mraadway. abor- I'M.on ?|i..n i -pieadi I e.aer On Canal tt.eei. large More near Rr.edwsy On While atreei, nee' Rne tway. a foil ;?> |:A (Jtrt On White tlreaA, 7H1I0 >eet on a eeraar On tlfeena a'raei, In ledn. near Hencon. On Mowaid airpH, n>ai Hmadway. ?. I ?. lee . Or. 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