Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1866 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMWB MMOR EDITOR AMD PROPRIETOR. ?rrwi i. w. ooim of mnw m* namao m. THE DAILY HERALD, publirhod cwry day Al Abfmt, amhi pw etyy. Auwl auheorlpUoa pnoa, $14. MO Monoi UkM ?r un^ni n?rfnyiw<M?A We JOB raumsa * mar* lawyliiii, Mm fil?* XXXI Ne. 333 Aninuum ran eybeimo. I ROADWAY THEATER. wv Mm BtrMA?Ml m tou raBArax Mm. oppose mm tori l ?0?wriTR Qacbt, or Jbalocit OBBMAM IUM nSATBB. Mm. a ?d ? Boirerr Snhi Amur DODBMTVMUL HlMlMf.?riWHWl Habib tiu IWMm BM Mibaclba-Tbb *???? w mntWAT RAIL, PourtAcuU ?4rMC-Triad Warns*. One* Nniw flllMI, noriAR FIFTH ATEETTH OPBBA BOUSE, Km * am* 4 ' FMM^MHh RMl-llOTtWA M.?TR.LR-?t.,0 luntuui. BvRUMtfM AC- A Tur to tub loom. KtLLT A LBOK'S MIMSTBBL9. TBI Broadway, Bppo Attn Maw fork dotal.-Ib ram MmDum. Bcasb Mima, Ac.?Bbloabio? Tabibo a BcmsiXT?iulas biuua VSIDTIB rrasiAB Rbtital. TOUT PAfTOK'l OPBRA M00S8. MB Bowsrr. ?Cobio Ten 11IIR ramr Mibotbblbt Balls? Diriitiuami. Aa?Tub Faibibi or tab Uubbob. MbUbm At i)i o'alook. 1 CHABLIT WHITE'S COMBINATION TBOUFB. At Msohaaia' HsU. ATI Broadway?fa a Tabibtt or Lion abb Lacorabia Kbtbbtaibbbbts, Cost* db Bauii Aa Embalm ClbbbA ib Wasbibbtob. BBOOKLYM ACADEMY OF MUSIC.-PbbhCS Opbba Tbb Daommb or TIB Kboibbbt. MIA F. B. CONWAY'S FAJUC THIATHK. Brooklya? ZtABf AOOLBT'i SbOBBT. BOOLBT'S OPBRA HOU8E, Brooklyn -Itbiofia* Mib Bbblbmci BTBSUT. Bah. AM. llBUNCa abb Pantos BBATBI'8 OPBRA HOU8K, Wtlllmraaburf. ?ETBlorLAB Mimtsxlat. Ballads. Comic Pabtobibbb, Ac. MBW TOBC MUSEUM OP ANATOMT. lit Broadway. - Laxna witb tbb Oxt-Htdboobb Mioaoaoora twloo Abut. Hbab abb Biubt Aba or Pbubbt. Open from S A. H. till 10 r. M. STUDIO BUILDIMO, U Wool Tenth atroet. ? Exbibitioh or Fbbbob abb Plbbiah Pictdbba NATIONAL ACADEMY OK DESIGN. Twentr-thlrd strmst And Fourth araaua.?Abtibm' Fobd Socibtt Bxhibi Wow York. Wrdaeaday. November 38. (MX ?B1 NXIWI. XUBOFX. Bj a special cable telegram from tondon to the Hntto, dated yesterday evening, and a general news report, ws have the highly important intelligence that a Fenian outbreak or "rising" has taken place in Ireland and that Jamas Stephens is very near the soeae of action, if not already oa the spot. The London Journals, la words of alarm and indigna tion, demand thai "no mercy" shall bo shown to the Fenian rebels and that the movement shall be "stamped nut" as was the cattle plague, which was by the slaugh ter of the diseased animals. Troops?infantry and marinas?with a number of gun boats and quantities of war sop plies, have boon de spatcnod from Bngtaod to Ireland. The London Globe, which bears a semi-official charac ter, asserts that a more "oerteas trouble" with the UaKed Statee Is at the "bottom" of the Fenian outbreak. Halted States Minister Adams has renewed his demand for a settlement of the Alabama claims. The London Bmwld, tha government organ, think* that the United Stat** will "ondoavor to defeat" the Feotaa movement. The United States Minister la Paris baa had a lengthy eaMs dispatch from Washington, supposed to refer to the Mostnoa qaaetlon. Change* are looked fov la the Preach Cabinet Italy sends a special mission to Rome. Lord Derby agaia re rases to permit tha Loadoa parks %o bo naod for reform meetings. England. Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Wight, Franco sad Spain furs lab, by mall, th* moot interesting attesta tions?scientific sad popular?of th* genulaoaoss sad accuracy of lb* Haaaui's special cabla d as patch report ing tha appoarancs of tha meteors. The details, which we publish to-day, corroborate the account of our cor respondent In every partieular?the number or the la minar! ee, the Ume of their sppearanoo and direction of th* stars. Queen Victoria waa out of bod to witness the dleptay. Th* recent overflow of the rivers In Laocashlrs sod Yorkshire, Ksglsnd. was attended with most disastrous ooasoquooos*. It la said that tho Empress Eugenie will visit Rome Immediately, gotog to Civile Vecchts la th* Imports! yacht. An tron-ctad squadron la to follow from Toolon and embark th* French army from Rome, the squadron returning in the wake of the ysoht, following th* gag of the Kmpreeo. The Prince of Wales, is his reply to an address pre sented by tha British residents In 3l. Petersburg, all udeo la cordial terms to the friendly relations existing between England sad Russia Consols closed in London M 00 V for money yesterday. United Stales Ave twenties ware at 70<g. Tha Liverpool cotton market woe steady yesterday, with middling upland at 14Kd. Breadstuff* were down ward. XISCKLLAirXOUS. Despatches from the seat of lb# war In Paraguay, via Kio Janeiro, confirm lli* Intelligence formerly received, lhat Floret had withdrawn with hla Argantine troops from the trtpla alliance against Paraguay, tjeneral Milra had alao I ft, O acuatiug Carina with his portion of the army, and Jtrastt was left alone to continue the wer. A new com er has been substituted. Marquis Cezias, and it was . I thet the cempuigu would be vigorously pro sweated The Cenedlen Hovernment mntinue* to forward troops to the frontier between Niagara and Windsor. Tb* militia at Moatrsel will do guard duty during th* *p prooohlag trials. No decision has yet r?e?n rendered In regard to tb* applications (or new trials for th* con demned Fenians It is now sta'ed that the remainder of the prisoner* will not ba tried until January. Th# prisoners at Montraol ere confined In vsry filthy cells and crowded together without regard to health. A municipal aci of tbo Toronto authorities prohibits the appointment of Orangemen on th# police, end much indignation lias been manifested on account of It. Caaidlan officials stale (bat James Stephens sailed from New York for Liverpool oa ftaturday in disguise. Levi ( rowders, Tom Stephens and Peter Goods, ell no. torlous character*, who were confined at Lebanon Ky., on charge# of robbery, were taken from the Jed on Satur day night by a mob of about two hundred men from lb* adjoining cooatrv, and banged. No resistance area made by tb* authorities, although thirty soldiers wer* In line wlitle the proceedings took piece. The investigation of the charge# against Comptroller Hrennan was continued yesterday Ei-Mayor (luother was the chief witness, and hla testimony throw some light on the fifty thousand dollar testimonial to Mr. IUtint, and lie secret history, how contract* for street Cleaning ere romet ma* made, and many other topics of Interest to the public. 7h# case of John Develm. charged with complicity la Uta distillery frauds to Hrouklyo. waa before Commie sJoner Jone* yeaterdar, but a* me District Attorney waa not ready th# rase was adjourned until December 4. Tb* can* of Jamaa Fullam. an Inferior of Internal Revenue, waa also befere the Conimlex 'ner. and he was held to hall la 13,000 * r Div ? another inspector, was bold la gA.OOO. and John Gnaaingham in |l oOO Judge Neison, ib tb# laited state* Circuit Court, do livevwd an opinion yesterday oa ih* bbfj v*)t of tesar Cook ?S lb* Tnkt tf A*?o?|AI|on Tb# alleged libel charged the plaintiff with tieing a defaulting paymaster, having lost fgOO.OOO by gambling, and that hv was a full blown knave and scoundrel The piaiatllf was* postmaster IB Chisago end proprietor of a newspaper there Theailegod Dtml charged inm with being party ?g "UtbtfUtlA (fOCuJMtvus I? IMS Willi.r, i ddg* Ntisve de eiarod ladgtaoml tar Ml pUltUft* ell demirrasa ta the phaa, with laas* taaasaad am Mi aaaal tarmn. An tatasaott^hssash of promise ?? wtWmjMMM ??00a m< a Jury. hWIKta Oaert?Ciioait The ptataU* Oornelta Wiggle, WUllam r. RuaiU VMM knack at promlea. am* admits the knack, bet allcfM la wlfai thaiaftarUMpromietof marriage was made kc beard that the plaintiff had formsriy kcca plaintiff Mi a asdeoUee case, la which ahc charged another maa with eedoeiag bar, aad obtained damages General Gushing, la erldenoe, etaled that each wee the oeee, aad the plaintiff had ehown him a letter mm Hornet! aad tatd htm not to ?or anything aboat her former emit. The oaee wttl be warned thle morning. A libel and eiaader earn came op oa a seaMon before Judge Barbour yesterday, at apaaial term ef Urn Superior Court. The plaintiIT la a young Genaaa lady, named Lena atelnhardt, who hrlaga aa aeUaa ngalaat Ohartaa medlunder for $M,Mh damages. She aaaaaaa htm af ctraulating a report thai aha had beea Ma mlatnaq ta order to break off aa a?agemiat at mairtaga halwaaa henalf aad aanthar party. The defendant daahee mart ef the complaint, aacapt that ha wrote a latter he ptais ?iff'a mother ta whteh ha atated that Iftm Lean aad he had ban n tar ma too la ti mate. 1Mb ha did la nulla Uoa for altagod ahaalra ooaduet n their part towarda him. Xba mottoa waa to atrlko oat porta of the aaatrar aa irrelevant, whleh waa gmatad. la thaflnprome Oaart of Taanemee, held at Kaoxrtlle, the Judges daetdod yoslarday that wOscuit Judge oauld hot erfode attorneys from hia oourt bp praaorlbtag pa Tha Mayor aad GMy Oeaaoil ofWilmiastao, wUfca driagajtlan of bmdaom maa aad othanaf thai otty, vts Mad Norfolk yaotorday, on tha aemMoa at tha opaalag of thwaew route from Washington to Norfolk, aad ware elegantly entertained by the mnntelpnt authorities. Kden F. PUUbnry, the lata democratic candidate tar Governor la Maine, hag beea appointed Feaaton Agent at Augusta. Adrloea from AeapuJoo, Mexico, by way of 8aa Fren claoo, atate that Coiitna waa hamagnd by tha liberals. Seven hanarod French troops weak defeated wtty heavy ioae oa tha Bio Oaliaao. The moorage of the Governor waa laid before tha Month Carolina Legislature yesterday. Itaeya that neither tha Internet nor tha honor of Urn State will admit at her ratify lav the eonatitatioaai amendment. Motor HI nee, formerly of the guerilla Morgan's staff, has been arnated la NashrtUe oa a charge af complicity In tha recant robbery of a paymaster's train on the Louis ville and NaahrUto Railroad. The Iron ship Cayer waa wroakad la a fag an Saturday eveatag near Peecadaro, California, and only three per sons were eared ont ef thirty on hoard. Tha ship belonged to Liverpool. The cholera has entirely disappeared from OlnotsaatL The United States Circuit Court of North Carolina hold its oesslou at Raleigh yesterday. The calendar em braoea oases or Postmasters charged with ambasallng funds at the beginning of tha rebellion, and general offences against the United $t^too. The stock market waa Arm yesterday morning, but afterwards declined slightly and cloaod steady. Gold rose to 14S%, and at four o'clock waa quoted at ldtjf. There was a good deal of Irregularity In commercial circles yesterday, aad Utoegh merchandise was generally bold higher, in response to the rise la gold, there waa bat little confidence in the future, which seems, for better or woree, to be subject to the will or the Secretary of the Treasury. Hie "policy" Is vary difficult of com prehen sion, and people are quilb generally at a loss to aooount tar the drift of events connected with monetary affairs. The only thing which appears really certain la tha ad vance of gold. The cause of the advance is ooqjeotural. The merchandise markets, meantime, must remain on settled and nominal until there Is a mora aotUad state of ffnanolal affairs. On 'Change lour opened dull aad heavy, but cloaod Arm. Wheat advmnoed to. a ho., with mere doing. Corn sold at an advanoo of la a ho. Oats wars unchanged. Pork opened scarcely aa Arm, but closed steady, with aa upward tendency. Beef was dull and heavy. Lard was more active aad Arm. Freights ware quiet and steady. Whiskey unchanged. Oar Foreign and Domestic Trtikln md A few short woeka ago the national horizon seemed completely clear and sonny. The dif ferences between the President and Congress had behn decisively adjusted by an over whelming popular vote. Public opinion at the North and the South was drifting towards uni versal amnesty and Impartial suffrage as the true basis oi reconstruction. The English orators and organs appeared disposed to settle the Alabama claims promptly and justly. The Emperor Napoleon had promised the with drawal of the French troops from Mexico in November. Maximilian was upon the point of abdioating. An informal alliance between Russia and the United Slates had been cele brated in countless bumpers of tea and cham pagne. There was even some talk of securing for this government an island in the Mediter ranean, with the consent of all the European Powers, as a depot of naval supplies. But all of a sudden several small clouds began to darken this serene sky and a subtle coldness was felt in the air. Rumors of critical compli cations with England crept into the news papers. The Freuch circular denonnclng Rus sia and the United States as dangerous Powers was read In a new and threatening light Maximilian was practically superseded by Marshal Basaine, and the French troops were not withdrawn. One Power after another pro tested against our purchase of a Mediterranean island. A sensible and ominous ohange bad occurred in our foreign relations. Whether this change was the result of the approach of the meteoric showers described in (he II bra u) telegram from Greenwich, and which Queen Victoria was roused from her royal bed to see, or whether a new holy alliance between the French and British governments produoed this remarkable effect, it is not necessary at present to discuss. Suffice it to say that we are upon the eve of startling events, diplomatic or military, and that President Johnson may find It expedient to add a few more words to his annual message, now announced as ready for the printers. England is foundering amid a sea of troubles and is likely to turn against us at any moment in a desperate death-grapple. John Bright and his faction are preaching re form, but tbey really mean revolution and de mocracy. The Fenians, armed, organized and disciplined, with James Stephens at their head, are pledged to a rebellion before next January. Canada, through her leading men, her clergy and her public meetings, is declaring for an nexation with thin country. The Interference ot our government in behalf of the condemned Fenians has been courteously received by the Canudians; but the English press, forgetting the offlciousneea of England during our eivll war, is already growling sod grumbling at the variona dishes of bumble pie which we have recently placed before the British lion. The demand which Seer tary Seward has made for the immediate payment ot the Alabama claims Is answered by the appointment of a packed and prejudiced commission morally certain to decide against uu In a word, England la in a frame of mind extremely favorable to hostili ties; the government has all the pretexts re quired in our endorsement of the Fenians and our demand for the Alabama damages, and the only point to be decided la whether France will act with Great Britain, aince the latter Power fans became too cowardly to act alone. France is in a scarcely better domestic con dition than Knglaod and is equally anxious tor some foreign complication to divert at tention troui home affair*, ffapoleou has la deeply in debt. fttiihlin hare been dteoevsied la Paris. The K^M oTaUi, an theyoug fr, l22r ?!*? **aBI <trt atffctaa ku bean oMoially rerlrsd. Nim le>on ? dsMTtioa of tba p?pa bM offended in iba "^-OjAalloi, W^ai by Bogdnle, wba fo going to Rome; bat it has by no atw H-infi foe Protectants, who aoaoi the BmpST* doable-dealing. The CaMael baa ruolved la business at onae; bat tbb rtsolutfen b my eqnirooal, rinse Km -aitbul b aot stated. Napoleon (ban tbat ha cannot1 afihrd to withdraw hla treepa, acknowledge bb tbttaia aad giro bb aaaaJoa another oaaarta ?Mf to daaoanaa him aaa spurioas i Oaaaaq?By be doaa nat kaap bb la regard ta ft# evacuation, bat leaves Pa ?riho aad bb anay ia posswsion af the Mmd ?** wpebllo, with Mwlalllia at a man pan. pet in their hands. Although tba troops wero to be removed by November, we era now fa. ?med traaapert float wQl not soil from FrauoeuntilChrlstmas, if at all. PMri bl7 tboaa nuaora of aaother civil war in this pooaby. wiieh are aeld te have oaeoaregod NmriwiUan. bars abeaaaebed Napeleeab ear* ?ad altered his previous plana. Tl b nnatalu tbat ha expects to gala aonae advantage by stirring op strife batweea tbb natioa aad Hag bad. Tba commiatioaara whom we bare de spatched to Mexico to confer with ^ aol shrewd enough to forestall Napoleon. Sherman aa a dlplonutbt b more daagerona to newapapor oorrespoadeata than ta Maximi lian, aad Campbell will be haiUbllow well met with an oomam. Under all tba circum stance#, therefore, we eaa readily understand that from Napoleon's point of riew bb MexL e?n projects are not yot quite impossible of realisation. But when we oome to surrey our foreign and domestic troubles and entanglements from aa American standpoint, we see that we bare nothing to dread in tba future If we tread firmly in the path marked eat for as in the pre sent Congress, which is soon to assemble, has the whole matter in its own hands. There will bo no Impeachment of the President and no new civil war. On the contrary, wo ahall not be surprised to find Congress aad the President standing harmoniously upon the fcroad plat form of nnireraal amnesty and impartial sof frage. This once arranged, all the rest will be ?say. The Southern people may not accept these liberal terms at once, bat they will be glad enough to do so before very long. A foreign war, which will only aggravate the in ternal disorders of England or Franoe, will end all our domestic troubles and give us a more perfect Union. Already Southern men are en listing in tba regular army, at Petersburg and elsewhere, as if anticipating n foreign conflict. The Fenian invasion of Canada, managed mainly by Southern men, showed that there is no great lore for England in that section of the country; and the enthusiastic oolehration in this otty last Monday of "Evaenation Day." "when the British ran away," proves that the old revolutionary Ares of animosity towards England are not yet extinguished In the North A costly naval war would break down the finances of England and Franoe, while we oouid more than reimburse ourselves for the war ex penses by privateering and the confiscation of I foreign property, to say nothing or the capture of Canada. In sooh a contest we shonld find allies in the Fenians of Ireland, the reformers of England, the republicans and the legitimists of Franoe and the rut horde* of Rossi* at tacking Franoe in the rear. Our superiority in generals, in soldiers, in arms, in sailors and in irou-clads, has been too recently demonstrated to be denied. We hare only to press for the payment of the Alabama claims and the with drawal of the French troope from Mexico, and whether the result be peace or war, we shall be equally victorious and equally benefited. Let Congress aad the President act together with dignity and decision, and England and Franco most yield or be conquered. End or tbi Pabaocayan Wab.?The lite de feat of the allied Powera by the Paraguayan forcea at Curnxu, In which It will be remem bered the fleet of the former waa mneh disabled and the army greatly demoralised, appears to have summarily pnt an end to the war. The campaign had long been delayed, tbe war on the part of the allies had flagged, the energy and enthusiasm of the people bad drooped for some months previously, and tbe signal repulse at Curutu appears to have been the last feather on tbe camel's back. The triple alliance has in consequence been violently dissolved; President Floras, cursing Lopes as the cause of the quarrel, bad turned home ward to Uruguay with the remnant of bis army; President Mitre, of the Argentine republic, had followed his example and hastened away, gruffly declining the prof fered assistance of the Brasilian Admiral to transport his troops out of danger. The troops of Brasil alone remained on the ground, but it la not probable that alone they can accomplish much more than the conclusion of a favor*hie treaty. The war was begun several yean ago for the ostensible and declared purpose of freeing the Parana river to the commerce of Brasil and the Argentine Confederation. Western Brasil, Including the rich mineral district of Matto Groaso, has no other outlet to the sea, and the possession of the Parana river, which is con trolled by Paraguay, is consequently of tbe gravest Importance to that district Equally so was it to tbe Argentine Confederation, which depends entirely on tbe same river for an opening to the sea. and to Buenos Ayres and Uruguay, through whose porta the products of those countries fonnd their way te a market Little Paraguay manages to retain her control over this stream and will continue to levy her contribution on their trade, and the Brazilian* snd Argentines will have to get by treaty what they have signally failed to wrest by force of arm*. Manaobbs and tub Pciua--We give el*" wbere a paragraph from tbe Pall Mall Ouzrtlt aa to the reception in London of Mrs. Wood, once of this city. Mm. Wood won hissed. That, however, is not tbe important fact, as abe would be hlaaed to a greater or leas extent in any city where there waa a good dramatic taste. The important feet is the airs assumed by the manager, who attempted, aa the aame class of persona have done here, to manage the public aa well as his theatre, and dictate what they ah mid and what they should not applaud. It will be seen that John Bull doe* net take Ihc managerial discipline verv ktndlj?

We fin elsewhere ia utrnk from tae ?ux hh papon a fell .ad atkfcetory aeoouaTJf "nteorie *#?* M MM la OfMl Britaia m the moraiag af the 14th iaal Knglish as , *oao?M. estimate the total numberofi obeorvod at eight theasaad, aadgtee Ik* aaa I ** "" J"lDdped atiaato. Newly the whole J11"*1dwaUi *** -0W w am extravagance of expression bbm Ike an*. f"^iN^aflke^Lrtwto. Tke heli ia relation to tkle astroaeadoal ' *<rfproit ^*ep?Mloki a way ' !uT??.y7? P^tfag ? Iwa la reletioa to I j "? i ... p?w? within the memory of eiea etill hvlng WO would hare keart of tke eUrry J ekowere only altar the lap* of week,; at I more recent period It would hare reached ua in ten or twelre daye leckape and that hee I been retarded ae a wonderfel result of n-vTin ? "" *?? hk preeeota the mm I**"?? * ?* ?M?r xUtutbii/ u U?7 ere given ia die eooouats printed la Lon don on the lftth. ^ , Awttwl?, lh.lnM.wwi It la u u \ newspapers. For at the game tine that people reflect oa the woaderfel program that hee ban ttTZ* TJ "** <? *? "If jOWMl that toenfflcienUy up to the spirit of the age to ij*"*****1 re,u,ta nwdern invention for | ^ #f ,ta reader*. We alone of the I """ ""WW printed In the United States i WkrlyMU,e i? ?*B hands would permit Other Jonrnals, I 0,6 prlac,pl<> ** "?r too will do, will give aa account of the etara, now that (j;r,y Md eoonom,??ii7 ?up n out of the English papers; that is, they will give to the/th?!!!!!" Uhd*T ?* UH*or?w ??e news that the readers of the Haau^had twelve day. [ ego; and this event oonvealently fixes the exact degree In whloh the JIbuld i. ahead of [ the other papers. Having the credibility of our sows thus bril y ?onflr??d by the very etare themaelvee fh>m lh6ir "P^ndor to' bestow a thought on the illnatrione dnlnee. of to dta?w^'ZlT "protound ??nceit" is directed to aetronomy. It ia, however of record that on the 16th instant Professor Loomis wrote thesa Zhkh U * d*Hy P*PefTbe *naA display thu L- r Mpp0Wd ml?ht Possibly occur State! 51 b?*n w,ta*ssed in the United h.T^!' iBOt to ""*1*'or 'twould .eZ^n^r .!0 J!" bj l6l8?rmph- Th? telegram la this merning'a Hbsald, purporting i?" ?reenwloh, is evidMU? Nothing could have given wry ght to these words Mve that tholr author I m .1!T reputation that was staked We wonM Qr new"- Md toe r#iQlt b known. ^ 1 6 Pr?r-WOr not?? * tare to a^tact^7011 *Uthorlty of hU theories alf.^1!!^4 M BeW1 ln JournaL We do not expect all professors to admire the Haaaw. It* an evidenoe of it. value to the that moss-covered gentlemen generally are not revaUH^" "i!"" *** ^ con?,<tep tbeir ^TSU { PM"ln* 00 ?ke other ride the .. ^ choose, and not by committing sr/710 ? ^ 1 ? Citj' ?rid'?nUy pab llibed Professor Loomis' fetter, has noticed proper!7 the confirmation of our despatch ?7 *' bett6r *PPreciation of tbe spirit of courtesy that eboaid rale in the*, matter, than is generally prevalent in the Lbctuhom and Lrotobino.?The ehtlmu of a lyceum committee, evidently oontoonding of with Horace Greeley, Henry J. Raymond, Wendell Pbiltipa, Henry Ward Beecher, Presi dent Johnson, Charles Sumner or Secretary Seward, has forwarded to us the following communication:? TO TBI SUITOR or TUB fltRSLD. Joaius, N. T., Not. 9t, INS. As ebsirmsn of Mm leetoro Commutes of the Jordan l.yroum t write you desiring your services as oao of our lecturer* during tho coming winter. Please writs mo ta regard thereto? rour poeiUve Urns sad amount of charge. I am, yours truly, ANTHONT B. PORTKR. We have been in the lecturing business for the last thirty years and have supplied the oratorical lectnrers of our day with most of their ideas, grave and gay, lively and severe ; but instead of delivering oar lectures from the rostrum we print tbem in the Hbralb. The fact is that people are so anxious to bear what we have to say that no hall fa the world oonld contain our audienoea. Without straining our voice?which ia quite powerfol enough to be beard across a table, but which might be called weak in a public buildiag?we are enabled to address millions of people of all cissies and conditions, from kings on their thrones to pea sants in their cabins, from traders In Africa to explorers at the North Pole. Other persons may prefer to talk to a few hundred people and aee tbem free to free, but we lecture the whole civilized world every morning, in fluencing thousands who have never seen ns and whom we never expect to meet Let the lyceum chairman secure the eervioee of the small talkers and be salisfiod. We are ea gaged every day for the reel of onr life to lee- < tore the multitudes who read the Hrralo or And its articles translated into every known tongue. GiRRUT on the Trch Basm or RacNsaixrr tion?A Bid roa tub Suutorship.?Greeley, being about, as be says, to start on a West ern pilgrimage, leaves behind him the pro gramme upon which he proposes to go into ihe contest for the United States Senate so plainly aet forth as to Induce the hope thatM it cannot be misquoted or misapprehended." The principles to which he eemmita himself are, In briet, general amnesty and universal suffrage as a settlement of all onr national tronblee, each resting upon Its own merits and independent of the other. Let ns have gene ral amnesty, says Mr. Greeley, even If uni versal suffrage should be postponed for a time, for we cannot espent that the country will be property settled and prosperity reatored while pains and penalties ere hanging over the beads of a great portion of the Southern people. To a suffrage based upon intelligence Greeley decidedly object*; for by whom, he pertinently UiQuiree, U the standard fff titiellig nee neoes aary to quallfa* voter to beiMUtif sad he pototofes objection by ashing whether Mayor Monroe aad hie peliee in to he the judges to Maw Orleans to ml a turn. Greeley's declaration of prinotples has at tornl toe merit of candor. la tola vtow II ie to refreshing eoatrast with Harris aad Mecgaa, whe am both non-comaalttal polittotoM, upon wheat position at aaaa too safely pin his frith. We tooltoe to the opinion that It will help him with the members of toe Legislator* from the rami districts, to whom he L so well known as aa ctoeteat worker to the repablleaa cause, d with whom his bloat, straightforward eaaaolatlea of prtoeiptes will he likely to be peptlar. At all events he oaa he depended open as a Cm opponent of the Jacobin pro gramme of hanging aad impeachment, and aa his toltaaaee to the Senate would be for greater than that of a eoora of Morgana and Harriett combined it ie probable that ha will receive toe rapport of all wha are oppoeed to the radi eal policy of Ban Butter and Thad Stereos. It .if to he preenmed that Seaator Morgan, from his position and aseodettnaf, would deplore the turmoil and disturbance threatened by the eourae of the Jacobin leaders in Congress; and M he must he well aware thetGeepley would bo aa active and effioieat opponent of the revolnttonnry policy of toem agitators, it is to he hoped that he will study toe welfom of the city he represents and resign his position, so that the main diBooMy to the way of Greeley's success may be removed. Tbi Fuiun Unsure n Innmn)?Inronrajrr News or mm Cabli vbok Ewolamo.?The Fenians are up to Ireland. The revolution which has been promised and threatened so long has already burst upon England, or else the people and authorities of Great Britain have been badly frightened by the shadow of that coming event Oar despatches by the cable aanoonoe that London Is alive with the sensation; that foe rebellion has assumed threatening proportions; that two more regl ments of troops, large detaehments of marines and parts ef the navy have been "urgently ordered to Ireland." Stephens is believed to be actually to Ireland, or near nt hand, to direct the Fenians, and already n serious out break has ooourred, but of whioh we have BQ details, The London papers of yesterday morning ire full of comments on the uprising, though they give no particulars of the outbreak which Is referred to^ The bitterest language is ess ployed by all of them and declarations are made that "no mercy" shall be shown. *The London Times says the rebels must be "stomped out" like the oattle plague, which was done by slaughtering the diseased cattle; toe Nmna claims that the government must not promptly and with a "relentless hand;" the TtUgntph wants to use "aa iron heel," and toe Standard says the captured Fenians "should be left to the extreme rigor of the law," while the organ of Earl Derby announces positively that no' mercy wfll be shown to those who are cap tured. The people here will look with the utmost im patienoe for the farther particulars of what thus early promises to be a revolution of au than ordinary dimensions and of absorbing Interest. The United States will feel the more Interested in the Fenian straggle since the English papers insist en Intimating that Great Britain entertains evil designs against us. A semi-official organ, the Globe, announces that serious difficulties with America are at the bot tom of the Fentan movements, and It is also announced that Minister Adams has made a positive demand for the payment of the Alar bama claims. But England will soon learn wisdom after the Brat flash of excitement is over; for she knows well enongh that a rebel lion in Ireland and n war with the United States are more than she can stand. Thb Brooklyn Fkrrt Disaster.?To the ?imple (hot that the ferryboat destroyed by fire at the Williamsburg ferry on Monday even Inn was on her way to this city instead of going to the Brooklyn side when the disaster occurred we are indebted for the providential escape of. hundreds of people. Bad the fire broke out when the boat was on the return trip to Williamsburg not n soul of the vast crowd which at that hour fills the boats from slem to stern would hare been saved. It is not due to any preoaution on the part of the terry company that we are happily enabled to record " no loss of life" on this ocoaslon; for there was not at hand a single contrivance to save the passengers, nor does it appear that the bands of the boat had presence of mind enough to back ber Into the slip when the fire was discovered, or otherwise provide for the safety of the thirty people on board. This is a fearful commentary upon the negligenoe which prevails in the management of the Brooklyn ferries; and when we remember that the lives of many thousands of our clti eens are daily at the mercy of these monopolies, and may be sacrificed at any moment by such an aocident as that which took plaee on the Williasssburg ferry on Monday, that negligenoe becomes a matter of vital i moment Surely there mast be some law to compel the avaricious managers of th?se ferries to provide means of escape In case of accident; and If there is, why is It not enforced f Between the hours of five and seven in the evening and eight and ten in the forenoon t?e Brooklyn ferryboats are loaded literally to the water's ?ag* with hnmaa freight to snch an extent that the passengers can hardly move a limb; yet we will venture to say that there are neither boats, life preservers, nor even a rope on board capable of saving ten liven In this condition of things even a trifling aceident or a panic would be attended with awful con sequences. The companies should be obliged by laws as stringent as can be made to run additional boats on the ferries at these hours, so as to avoid the crowding which Is unavoid able by the present arrangement. They are immensely rich. Their franchises are la foot a mine of wealth?a perfect EI Dorado?and they should be compelled to pay some regard to hiissan life. DfCJSIM 111 KLATIN TI^PHmUL TUT OATHS. R*oxvn.ta, Teas., Nov. ST, 1SSS. * In tbo Ruprsmo Court ol Me Slate sa important do* duos was mads to-day la tha caae of Thorna* B. Champion against IS* State, Is which tha judge* held that a Circuit Judge mnld ant airlnde aiioraeya from bta court by prescribing political tarn oaths Osaaral rhamptoa *u an oH?< er of tha Union irsir, and dsolsd the ilfhi of the Jsdge to force him to *w*ar to tuppott all lb# acta of th* preeoet 8taU? l.**,. (XECWTIVE AWOWTKNT FOR feAINE Aruogra, Ma , Nov. ST, IMA l'.dcn K. Pillthury, of Farmtngton, late damujattc candidal* for Uuesruor of thla 8WW , baa boon appointed and rsootved hi* commlMioa aa \ mud -Satoe *?an <m Agent at thla city In pfaooof 'barlea t otto* ramovo 'i U? will take ixmsartoaof the oA.o immtdlatdly. WASHINGTON. Wianiwtna, Wot 1?, IMA fit hwn< Aattoa mi (ho It Cm* The ratio*! members of Comnm wUl moat toe tatter portion of tola week sad adopt (Mr >n|iwai far thw [turning aamtea. It to uademleed that they wtlt pass ? [law oaaTaalag ths Fortieth Conor?? o* to# tto off tew deya only. to tba^^^^^H law will ho passed glvtag Um power la tfea tbo hntoi ut Speaker of tto* House I* oaH Osagram at any time that la their Jadgmaat Iha^N ?and toqnteaa lanthar toUl wtotcto han^M^^^H upon, and which wHI uadcahtilly paaa, la HBHQH aaa wilt ba shewed ta tear tola salary whose appalat ?mat mb rqjeotod top tha Senate aad the* raamteto toy too ftiana tMln tha raeaaa of Congress members. The maetiac wao qelte lengthy. Tha laTaart?rtaaa mt tha tunatewl Cwa Tha Ratraaahmoat CommlUaa war* la i emmlnlag wtwaaaaa la regard I* oattaa fraud* Miltolag of a apactal nature transpired. Bat lltQa bnrttea of aa importdat'cbaraotas^^^H itko rendering of <fooirioao to questions of J too. will toe transacted toy the Internal prior la thaalUlaf ofOoa0rato? aa amtoy gtoaagaata tto* paaaoat Uwa wUltoa BeggaataA tending bote to tto* ps? taotlaa af tfea ravaaaa aad tha toUaf of marobaaU aad prddten who labor under disproportionate taxes Tha Heath Garallu Freodmea. A report meowed from aa ofltoor of the Troadmoa'a Baroaa la Soath Carolina rapaaoonu that la tha Abha> Title, Ed?e$etd, Aadonoa aad BarawaU tertota tto* fireadmon are goaorally well treated, aad, labor briag ptoatlftol, *e doaUtatiea now exists Tfea oiril author!, tloa of Barnwell diatriet are dtapoeed ta take peaaapt oogaiaaaoa of oaaaaof tUtraatmaatof fraadmaa aad taao oarajaatioo to thorn, tofawoomplolato hare raoootly boa* mate that planters hare drtrea their employes from tha plantations, Urns defraodiag them of their aharo of lha cropa gaaraatoed them toy the terau of their ooatraeta. It la ropreaoatod that the foeUaga of the intelligent aad respectable people toward tha freed men la fotorable, aad from the poorer aad more Igaoraat itlimaa alone la iajwa tt oe recetTod. to state of lawtaoaaeoo estate la aoma porta af Bdgeflald diatriet, aad much terror ia araatag by lha oatragas of boobwhaekera, who boot aad kill negToaaaad dsotroy dwolUage with Impunity; bat la Edgefield Coart House aad immediate Ttoialty a better condition of aflblra exist*, aaeb proceedings est bllag sanctioned toy the raridoate aad cirll authorities I* Colleton diatriet aoma daaUtutloa is raportadpaad aid amy poaribly ba repaired daring tha winter months. Tha t'onToralaa *f SoTsa-Tklrtleo tat* Kra> TweatlM. Parties deal rota to convert aoTenthirttes to to At* HnrftrslodJ twenty coupon bonds tto reminded that all oonf oa aad after December 1 will bo made ta flre-tweatMt bearing Interest from Jaauary I next, and In transmu ting or adjusting their ?oren-tbirtlm they will make up tha interest according to thai data Cask lw the Treasure. The goToramont has in its treasury about $100,000,OW In gold and ooln certificates; about $$>,000,000 af (ho tatter. Impwdewee af a Pardoned Rebel. Kx-rabei General Bdward Johnson, baring been par daaad by the President, to-day called span Tiaaemm Spinner for the payment of a check tor $000 or $01$ doe tofetmoa settlement oa a Mnfor la Iho United Stateo army in lMl, lost before ha joined the army af tha saw fadaraay. The Traaaarar rafaaad the pay mini tola man ner which waa anything bnt plmmnl to tha snpUennt Rate af Ticket* Bar cbq Rtotwrl We anna, waa weald uppoai that tha Waahlagtoalana haw* jaat toagna to oeailaa that the grant tragedienne la to appear among as by the rapidity with whleh the tickets w* ! being disposed af. Madame Bistort's agent, Mr. Charts* j Peodt, reached bam last eraalag to awau her arrival and tola morning tha mtt mt Ucketa a?aaag at ?ntaarotta'a music stare, ton Panaaytfsain arena*. Judging from the eagerness manifested ta tha tickets for tha seaaea will all ba arid before to-a row night CharaUor Vladimir Bodisoo, nephew of Ooaat 1 formerly Baaatan Mlalalar la Washington, la aotlag a* linhaamiUr In tha Hum of Bonn Stocks!, remits* Military Ball. Tne officers of too Pint battalion, Twelfth lateatry, atatioaad bar* at Camp Augur, gar* n nnmpllmealary military ball to Iheir Mote aad ladtao to-night at Chair quarter*. U waa aa otagaal and rMtarett aitair. Tha Dlacharaoa wf KaUsiod Baldlora Traae forrod lata tbo Nary. Mm dlsoharges of all enlisted man who worn transfer red from too army Into toe nary, and wheat term af srrrloa In toe nary has expired, are deposited la ton Bureau ol Recruiting and Equipment, Nary Department, and will ha supplied la ouch discharged lenmrn oa a*, plication. All tooao man who ware thus traaaforred ware regularly discharged from the army, and tosetd bare la their poaaaaaloa discharges from hath lha army aad aery. Death af Calaael W. A. Cayla. Minister Blgelow, la aa oBelal latter dated Part* November d, asys that Colonel W. A. Coy le, of tto Catted States Army aad Judgo Adrooau of too State of Ken tucky, who woo shot through too luaga at too battlo af Pea Ridge, In Maroh, IMS, died from tbo edbete of bin wounds, ia toot oily, oa the 3d Inst, in too Utt year af his age. Ba wont thither two weeks previous for I oal advioe. mun. Cmw JtkMM, >fTw>rm>. Cave Johnson, or Clarkavtllo, Teas., died at mm ea tha SSd last, at kla paaldanoa, aged nearly seventy-four years. Mr. Jab ansa waa bora ia Robertson county, Tana., January 11,1T9S, aad was liberally ad treated Iter the pre feasioa of law. Be wi thee elected a rircalt Judge for a fair nan Repreaealatlae la Ike twaely i enbeequeotly re elected te lie aeooed Coagraa He was eubeaqueetty re tweet;-third, tweaty-fburth, twenty-fifth, twsetyeer eatb, twenty eighth and twenty-nloth Cnngreeasa, la none of which, however, d d he form s coasptoaews S*? are. He reeigaed bis peslUM la Coarresa te assume, on March I, ISM. the Cabinet ofltee of Peat malar Oeaarai W the United Plates, which he continued to held until the aspiration of Jama- K Polk's term. He then returned to Taeasease. where be lived in privacy, holding no oBca other tham that of President of the Beak of Taaneaaee, which ha resigned ia ISM. He waa a quest rebel, blowing hot aad cold aooording to circuasauaeaa. When Oraat waa bat tering sway at Fort Donelaon, Gave Johnson waa at Clarksvllle, engaged la Ulagraphl ng oaaraga aad goad newa to the Irishumed cllliena of Naahrflle. Whaa the fort wae occupied and Clarkavilie taken, Jena home disgusted, aad has over alnco kept quiet ott pounct Daaoomano Umov Ceoaottaaino Nownuvrows. ? Tha Damoeralla Union CoareaUon of the Math Coaaatlmaaie district mot leal eeealeg and made tha foil owl as aaalaa Uona ? Nicholas Seaear. John t. Kahoe, Mdward J ashman. Simeon Haselton, (leerye Hah. Nonintriona roa Scwoot Ovvtcaas.?Tha following rad teal nomination* far ashool olleera wars made last aesnl eg: -First Dlatriot?Hath Bloomteld, Jr. Pourth Illaw*** i Samuel Patterson. Siith Dlatriot?Jamaa Underbill. Tha Conetituueaal Union Oonvantloa for School Truateo, held at Rayeor'a room*, ljutb street and Third avenue, nominated Charles PUaa. INTI CAMUIU UMtttATMI. RtuMN. Hoe ST, ISM Balloting for United Mates Senator took piaoe to day, but without a choice The prominent candidal is see as Judge Manly, ei i'oagraaaiuaa Smith aad John Peal It-United Stataa Senator* Bragg aod Ctl pet ia nomination after ail. HUTU STATU CBCWT CtWT OF MtTR CAMt.ltA. RatJnoa, Nov. IT, ISM *d fuaiaa Circuit ioert waa Tha Grand Jury of the United Stataa Clrenlt i empaoneiled to-day, Judge Brooke presiding. " endar embraces tha cease of Poatmastora with appropriates United Mates funds at the beginning or the rebellion, frauds na I be Revenuesad gaaaral iimanaa against tha United Bute*. There will he ae present - maata for treason TIK SOOTH CAMIMA LSHSLATOIC Coimata, R? C.. Nov 3T. ISM Tha Uoeaewor'a a I WW laid before tha 1 agtMa sS^'i^xr4tars aariouitura and busleeee la the Mala to the intoieraaaa Th!rlMaaaA**aed efgea that the while pope iuoTsrSSTZt SmmSl to work by le'uUg thorn aoo that labor ia honorable aod Idto nem reorabanaibie Tha message a mainly devoted to Mate aflhirn, end say* the resell of the ttaaneaat e? free labor has base highly encouraging under the el/ It eaacladaa by referring to tha coast Us tiooal nmeadmont, which, be neya, aeither the inters* aor the honor of the State will allow bar to ratify. C00TM0TI0M T0_TM PAW E1MRTWR. TX ?uo, Nov. r, ISM A oar lead of Nortbweatei contributions 1 th* Paris Is pee Ilea leave* here th.* weak meet)* from liimeta.