Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1866 Page 5
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EUROPE. Speokl Telegram to the Herald. oca? nptBTirrraoi oelaip. A Fttiu Rising ind Intense Excite neat ii Engliid. Stephens ?t or If ear the Scene. Minister Adams Presents die Alabama Claims. lease Aiwa Victoria, the Sarin ud People of Great Brltati, Prance tad Ipaia ia Corroheretien tf the flerald. An. to. to. IT TIE CABLE TO I0YEIBER 27. ENQLANO. IKCUL TiUMkfi TB THE KIU.B. Oetwil Alan ud XmIinimi CmcwiIw the Intel Onbrmk In Irelaad-"N* ?? ktWnwt li ik* Rck*l*-Ci*iar?d PmImh H ten lluckiwid mm Dlwited Cutli-Trwy Mi OukMte killlni for (ten Urm III*. QcESn'h HoTSU LoNDOM, I Nor. 27, 1866. f There exist* a marked and universal sensa tion here to-day, in consequence of the pros pect of an Immediate Fenian outbreak in Ire land. The London newspapers of this morning, with the exception of the London Poat, simul taneously express strong and bitter language against the Fenians, warning them that no mercy will be shown to the persons engaged in the rising. The London Times says that a rebellion in Ireland must tee 44 stamped out" as we (Eng land) 41 stamped out" the cattle plague ; thai it by tlaughlering lhe dilated catiU. The London Item saye that England must put down with a relentless band any sbd every Seditious movement, even if stirred up by her own misrule. The London Tdtgraph say* measures must ha taken to render It certain that the very first symptom* of a revolt in Ireland shall be 4< stamped ont" with an iron beei. The London 8tar saye that the English peo ple dread to be placed under the odious ne cessity of crashing out any rebel movement la Ireland. The London Standard says that the captured Fenians should certainly be left to the rigor of the law, and that there la no hope for thorn in Ireland from the United States. The London Harold?Earl Derby's organ? referring to the condemned Fenians la Canada, says there it no loophole to be left for the eeoaps of Altaic offenders of that class. Tsssps sad Oaateaat* Hell las for Ireland. Qcbbn's Hotki.. London, I Nov. 27, 1866. f Her Majesty's troops, with several gun boats, are joat sailing for Ireland. inelanp. Tte* Poalaaa 44 U*"- KiilaM'a l*rrwaratleaa for War-latNM Kxriirmeat a ad Alarm - Jemaa Hsepboaa at Ha ad. Losoo*. Nor. IT?Nova Tte# reeiaa troaMsa Is Ireland tesrs mm mod cm StSsrakU proportions, sad (for* il as dnaM thai ? Two rsflaoeta at aotioaol troop* woro urfontly eetored lo IroUod y?lorday afternoon, *od transport* woro kolas prepared all last night *i Poruaouib. 1 A laf|o ImolMMM of inariooo wm sion tost over to Qnooastowa on the war rtoomer Plymouth A fwaboel as rhothsm teas boos ordorod lo mil for Much alarm Is felt at Cork sod throughout Irolssd gsasrsUy. Jaaieo Hlrpteoao. ' Tteo Loodoo Thaw this mom n< boiler*. that tka Ckitf Orgnmmr, StySiai, wd! am mrr.vt <m Ik* wv, tf. <a dmd, tea km art mtrmdf. f Caltod Slain Poller. Tteo Loadoe UUk$ odltonally blow thai a mor? sorioaa Iroutdo with tteo Caltod 8utm It roaily ml IM buUom ? Ka?laad'o Hopco from iter I ailed Slain. l*>*nor, Nor IT, IMS Tteo Londoe ffm'd baltevM that tbo aorurosMat of tho t'ouud nstss will eadooror to d?r<mt iha rraioa ?time TNI RIFORM MOVEMENT. Lord Darby's Uorrmmrsl at laar with tbo Proyl*. lofooi. Nor. IT? Noon, ft la oOelefty inmtrot that tho gorernnrat baa par. oaaptorily roDasoS the use of tho parka for trsd* rufono TNI A LAI AM A CLAIMS. Ulatotrr Adsa* Prrnlas a ?ariilrmrwt. I*>unn?, Nor. 31 -Noon. Tteo t/mdoa JfrraM to day soys thai Palled -taw* MtsWtor Adams hM rarlrod tho Alotoamaea* A Cab loot maotias will aoou bo bold, witeo Iter ram will ft Solrs tho rosaldmauoo which IW Im^orioeur dowrrss THE MEXICAN QUESTION. M I.fbiiIit Itroaatrh from Waoblaatea fa Par to. Lorn.>?, Nur IT Not* ? A lotsf raphK deepen h wo* rur.*.r*d ymtrrday from W?shia?tou by Ihs I'd tM <?>*?#. m sH>er at Ports **? tayrnh wm s vary loos ooo, or iipriog assay , sad . 11* balloted that it rois??w la SNAN C E. fteMart Cteaagr* la Cwateafolalfow. Paaia. Nor. IT, IMC Tte an or* rumors thai Chang** SM eb>?' t?? bo ipaia |s tte* Ptaweh pasmet. ITALY. FINANCIAL ANN COMMERCIAL Lonot, *o?. IT-Mm. fh. MMf MrkU la qotol Ooaoota, tor mo?j, opoa MM. Ill tollowlof m too oanoat quotation tor AMtteai MeurittM ? Ualiod toatoo lr? twtatlw 78# Crt. Railroad aham U llliMta OmM Mhm< 78 Lo.dok, Nor 37?Croaiap. Goaaolo oloood IkO aftoraooa M NK, tor atoaojr. etoood at too toltowtag prtooo:? Ualiod tow >W lor?tw TOJ* llltaoto Ooatval ahorao 78 Krio Railway Maraa. it Tfco UtwimI Cmim Mark at. Limroot, Nor. 37?Nooa. fbo 00U00 markot opaao doll Oat Moody. Tho oaloo to-day will approitmalo 8,000 boloa Mlddlmg aptaado at too opaatao.waro qootod at UH<L Tho bmtoift markot to witoocu ouiotiol ehaaco. VIm Uforpod ?ooodo?adh Mark or. Litis pool, Nor, 3T?Rrowlwg. Tho broodolato ma (tot oloood to-day wtto a (iraoii il toodooer. Tho latoot qaotolioa of oora lo ot ?8 OfcH Iibji por qu.rtor for aalaod Vootora. i<trorpoat ProfMoo Markot. Uraarooa, Nor, 37"~Rroktod? Tho prorMoa markot oloood with lard laaetlro. MARINE INTtLLICENCE. Low ooo mb r. Nor. 37?Nooo. Tho atoamohip Pamaooao. trhloh loft Quotooe oa Noroabor 17, louoliad haro to-day as hor way to Urar pooL ?aria, Nor. 37 ? Nooa. Tbo Oooocal TraaoaUaatie Oosapaar'i lUamer Porrtra, which loto Now York oa too tlto lath, arrirod at thlo port oarljr tola morktof. WJS I eight BT 8TE1I8HP TO I0YEMBEB 18. The lamia steamship City of Washington, Captain Roekell, which lad Liverpool at boob on tto 14th aad Quneastown oa (he 1Mb of November armed at tbla part early yesterday wniit Tba Canard mall steamship Sootia, Captain Judklns, which lait Liverpool at two P. M. on tba ITth and Queeas towa on the 1Mb at November arrived at tbla part at an early boar yesterday morning, having made one of tba seat rapid rnna across tba Atlantic yet an record, bar }e from Queonstowu harbor being very little aver dnya The London Hemid, the ooanervative organ, editorially advooaleo the consideration of the pending question* br ibe United Slates and Great Britain, evan by arbttmion If neoeaeary. The lords of the Kagllah Admiralty have reaaived upon ma.ntamlng In the Chinese waters a welt armed flotilla of guabaata to defend peaceful traders from pirates tram tba Sliaita of Malanra to tba mouth of tba Tallow river. Severe galea bad been prevalent around tba English coast, and especially in tba Irish Channel. Suadry wrecks and lose of Ufa are reported. Tne moat serious waa the lose of tba steamer Ceres, bound from London to Dublin. She struck off Wei ford, and almost I mated. ateiy parted la twoi A raw pasaona oa board wara saved. It waa ant exactly known bow many wore lost, but thirty-Ave dead bodies bad been recovered. The stamina II no by the Jags d'Instruct Ion of tba numerous students arrested la Parle oa the Tth last, bad been brought la a conclusion. The charge estab lished egsisai them la net that of holding an Illegal mealing, but of belonging to a secret soc iety. Prom Switzerland we learn that serious dtatafhnacea took place at tba sled leas In Genera of members of tba Grand Council About foartebn wounded per anna wara taken to the hospitals, bat lbs attacking party carried off their wounded. Order waa finally restored by the gendarme* The "independent" party elected sixty three members agaiaat forty one "radical*." Racnmmeadatleos of tne Oosamwsiooers an Roc raiting la Osoat Britain Involve an additional anneal outlay af half a million sterling for army purposes. Mr Jobs Paklagton will not be able to Increase the iron clad fleet at England, oa aeooant at tba ladlspoal Una of tba gevarn asset to l a crease tba navy eatlmalee 9?t K Mayas, ChW Commleeioaer af Pnttoe, bad de oilaed to wake irmflle erraagemeats far the eonvialence at the Trades Deform demoaatraUoa Is London on the fld af Pee em her, aad expraaeed to a dapatatloa bis dis approval of bringing great bodiaa af men into crowded k thoroughfares. A ramor was earreat that the Prises of Wales bad mat with a tenons incident at x. Petersburg; but It waa pronosaead oaf sanded at the laiaat date la London. The Spanish government bad addressed representa tions to tba Cabinet of Brussels relative to Spomah refu gees residing in that capital, declaring them to be en gaged ta moat span intrigues to disturb public order la Spate A royal Italian decree bed been I weed granting aa imeasly to deserters from lbs army sad navy who bad enlisted ta lbs Austrian service. THE ALABAMA CLAIMS. Kagllsh Tl*wa mf Mr. vw*rt'? PmmwI aad U ArkUrallM ChhImIh The DIRk-alllea la (he Way. (From Ibe London TIbm, Hoe. IT | An Impraaaion haa uf 1*1* pratniied itiat a royal roa miaaion w about to ba appomigd with a viae to tbe aatUnaiaat of the Alabama claim*. I'robaMy Lord Dor by'i conciliatory a|>occb a th. Maa.ton Hour may bare contiibotad to (Ira carrancy to lb. nmor, taAtcA ?. ma da Muff of a etruum /wade ? a in/a -t Wa ara maided, bowerar, to alata Ibal bar Maiaety a gov* no praaant lataniton of rar.rrlaath.aa particular elate* to a royal Oammimhm? a cure. *h?b, If adopted at all, ought to bara baoa adopted in Urn flrat In ataaea What >? really in roni.-mplaiian M to .mpowar rucb a Commcluo to luqutra raaerally into tba operation of our o?a Nantralltr lawn, and to repart ttp?a iba pus.UMliiy of amending tbaai, ao aa to tirmg tbam into mora complete ooofomn y w tb onr international W. bara reams to beHree toll tbia deelgion which wan aenownend nt Iba aad af laat aaaatae, nod dinar* but. in principle from tba a tar nania tinea edrorat.d n our own column., will abortlr he cam?d Into aad Ibal Lord ( ran? worth will probably ba I ha rhairmao of tba propoaad comfnlmloo. We naad bardlr add that aa laqu ry tbua It ml'ad In no dogma preetad*. or preyed.<e? any (utara atop that may be takaa lor lb* adjustment of Iba Alabama < mM k arc fill cafe ft' rewrcdreelow tK> / aa.aaaa.(, awd atow 6* mlcfaiwrd r/rm Umr '?? mere* Tbia mod. of daaliba with two quaatlotie Independent mdred. af aarb other. but ckaeir <001100 ad m 'balr pract cat hearing* aa aall aa la Iba public mind, baa, doatrtleaa, ion.* ndaiotage. though it * alao up?n to aoma objection. To re .pan tba Alabama can. afi.r h?T tbg obiaioad tba report ?t a cutnto a?n on tba .11 rieac* or ana aBlei-acy "d our neqtrallt* laea w one thing, to reopen It la d.f.raaea iu rape.cautilona from tba Palled Mat** and e tleoui ???.iing that report, la anotbai If tb> ground. Bpew WbMb laird Rab aall dacllaad arhi'ratioe err* roa' iunit a laat yaar, they ara bam labia, now, for there h*? haeo no chang. atara la tba facU. and no light he* baeo thrown upon tha la* At Ih. mm. Mb*. wa are far from blaming lonl Maal.y for rwiiddering tbo *hola Buttle* upon his own luditBi.ol and leepou* b'l'ly VV? hava not coa< .ulnd our donma whether Uwd Roarell't a element at it, thumb ??ry raacinnng from oaa point of .lew, waa not twitly foondad on a fair, le iepi. r that assumption being that ?ur imrrwatuia.l duty aad liability are awnnd ny the i.uD'pal law o< lain on .atry It canaol b* c.m*td.ced .there lea than a nb fart una Ibal ntr Roundel Palmer, I hen At'Of nay n*n.ral. alinqM liata n* writ nan ted fi t giant a iiharttr le tbia *iaw. It in not. to urn ham uf anr Wcf, in a. ord aaoe With the bene atdaian amru? 'awywa, and .van if it ware, It would ba n.auifaeiT* aoatrery to th. delate* of Datum iaa?-r aad aqqn* To hold that a can demand of a uauirni etaiaao moo ihaa a dua a mention if th* neutrf* own taw* ?? fa ?#fu r*af mfrif>ar'hial')'V rt "ri aww > f fl fir Th. naatra mala might bat. a? >ae app n-al.:. to iba ?ub (an tl all. or a law aulborlrlai piracy cud yet, upam fbta tuppoaubqi. that- woald h? w mget of ra'rp Now, although latarnauooai aw n a vary in. at an. ih ng raamming u llitl. qjcra man emga* red dMire, aanctumad with mar. nr l.w .n'O'Si'i be ?. *? ktl ?"atentioa., it ta not au ? b">iy hi wry a> ticlo rum ap ? ion of it aooid imply A fr.ue.ieea'al dm.erooi. ha aleay* baao rerwgetred ret wren to# rei. rf at r* naad of w?r arid tha eouiPWtoni of ariead *are.U WdbfO nan trel territory, and tain dent art lew ao ild liaaa ao mean tag if both aa ild iw .qualir nbocaot hot fn'tha cywatrl Chitqi'oa of tha loiter ha nei n telle* In'-'Uitandiat. refor. that wa eaaid n< i ?" -pi a ?"*' au b?' ??" tt would nut ta metre tha J inna ef the ? onatreeimt of oar own Foretgyi KoH-im.M *< < hr oar own .aw obhare, lacrd Ruanali or.rtooked ih. prertaua nu?r?icw. ?hat hi r Iba Forwtgn tnl act P?atf r ad.i|uhia for Ha put pre. It may or ma* hoi b. n<i>gb tied to ?ere*.t to'a a gqatolaa to lb. jadgmem wf * for*%n ptima Of a bre'r nf foretga Jortata. but ll retinal ne *at *a d*. *ad at> In fhet. treated aa pr.pi n fer iw < ??.<* ehre the tare ogbrad to rat tea, in ooa- art with tha I aurg j H riaa, tha n?air?Jiiy taw* at both naltoe* Wad -a arc-dad fa Mr bwnfi pwpearf. fee pr ?f fa '.*? tog dntdaif bp ak( OrhWrw ar rem I e.^ M> i ? ? a p*rwrefadtah af n?v fr-i f* f?i^ <?% i Mn< mm dngwrtflW M* Ar mm ZZSjaiJgUtAZS only on# eNaMMC-^Mtar, atiaoid rinototooaf WmNimIIm), i ad larotwa^^^^^^^H HWfmJ I NMM attending Iw MHM m I aa to lafHt Mr liability tot to* HMltokK opoa Onto Mm. It tolhtoVl^H^H ?? presume, ?kwt to new Mftoto ?# toll ef OM I gorarniueat, u4 m totor to |iitoh?l I nop* (hat to Mf futon dtoimton or It I to i>n m ariaoH oT itoritoiMNi^^^H I mini PHiitoHiihroiltntltoto^^^M I UM thM to Mtllllltof totWMB I mm to toman MM Ammriem tow rafhead |c<Mr? ?m??c*ai an a fa* n? to (Ami ?/ to* Aimtat, bnt I luuleae it ou ton to toft that to* rafuael mm MBi I b? that higher cad*of tolanallnatl motility which nto* 1 I upon Umoommi iiMMlif all oifUiiad I trtU tor* ban homo* by tto danoaatntla^^^^^^H I Tb* diflfcully la frantog a mora enact Ira neutrality I law for throe latoaita la twofold, Pint, thoro to tho denser tbtl aav btgbty pmi iMlalaUoi ipimt tbi m* I llafato of BriUob auhjecls to Tto aarrtoo of a foreign I Hwould practically to a dead lotto* whoooaoa to ^^MtotoMtototojm^^M^toif. MM tore! power happened to cootoet with popolar sympathy, ?ataaoa, tho rorolga Kallatmaol tot oouid bo I too* nfatead against tto Kao'tah tphttow t Garibaldi, araa If they tod tachnlcally nolaiad it. and wo know iimi tor ksUv rooMMM dm ZJOdtnI jmv pow I Im iwlnclnnffp WmM mm mm ^ Ma iaatoi ad ly to hmau. feceodly, than to tto old dlflMUy, already manltoaod, of to mgtotoi aalaa from aqalpaaaata of raanto. to* thla bora felt by eome Jartota that I ? eoeetaeoat against the eiportatioa of all I erUclao ooatoabood of war hea been suggested aa the I I only remedy It la ortdaotly aa aamadr that one I foreign belligerent may arm all Ita toad foreaa wtth rifle# I from Birmingham. aotflett only to tto riflk of captors ad no, whsraaa the agaata of aa other aanaot, with oat breaking tto tow of tto toad and Incurring the riak of hoary peaaltlaa. fit oat a faalof-trar at Birkenhead. Morally tto two action* an on a par, and If any attempt | to aahto to place thorn on tto aama legal footing It ahonld earutoly to rather directed to rogu lain tto fonaar than to eneooiago tto latter. It would, bowerar, raatly tacnaao the Injury e by war M aaalaala if, while It paralyses a branch of com aa ana aa oar cotton trade, other bra ache*, aocb aa tba manafhctan of am all arm* for warlike purposes. should bo daprtrod of thalr lagltlmata | daralopmont. rot tto prase at, wo mnst aoquioaco to I the uMtateaaaee otato ostotiag Ilea batwaao ordinary I oontrabaad and ah I pa of war. aad tto prohlm to, bow to control the building aad anlo of than so as to oheck i aboass of neutrality. Kipar.enea has shown that, partly owing to tho onormooa proflta that may bo raalfxed by ?ach rontons, aad partly to tho taoAlty of cranio# when the proof of guilt must chiefly depend on latoo- I lion, tho prospect of aonnhmonl la of IIUlo a rail Tho one remaining expedient la to arm the oxeeotlr* gor ? eramast with more atrtngent, If not mon arbitrary, strtngoat, powers of pnmMoa. THE METEORS. DuiUw Detail* mf <k* BrMlkurt Olt?lar Kcth ?r Klgkt ThtMtal Hturn VMM*? Cr.wDml Head*, Sara** and Ik. P***l( (Jraeraliy Oat mf Bwd?Mrwetlaa af tka laai aarl** -Mreat Brltala aid fraw* la Daaa? Ima* Cwaflrtaatlwa mf tk* Harild'* Do*, patch-A Child I* th* M. mf Wlfkl Mere thaa Prwfaaswr lwawls. dec. t*? ifflm* HrwTi [From U>a 1-ondon Tltce, Nor. 11 ] The Bcry shower foretold by tb. ultoa of Amartoa ?ad Karcpo fur tb* night of tb* 18th-14tb of November In Ibis y**r mat ***o in ftili ipl.odor ywtordny mom lag botw**n tb* hour* of tw*lr* *od two. From about ?I*tm o'clock ne -aitonal meteor* might b* ***a .ltdlag aloes tb* iky from *a*t to wast, but Uim* wore only tb* ?Mai iMrrurr of tb* great legion that followed at a tat*r bonr. The nam bars increased after twelve o'clock aritb great rapid-ty. From Paddlagt*a green, a fairly open poet, tion. 301 m*t*ora war* counted between twelve and 11:30, and of the** th* greater comber fell alter 13:10. Tb* neit hundred w** o*ant*d during th* *l( mlant** that succeeded tn* half hour. Soon after thl* it b*oam* impossible for two prop)* to oo'.'ot tb* wbal* that war* VMk from lb * nation i and doabtlaa* from poaitlnii* with a purer atmosphere and a wider horlioa th* a pec teel* must have baaa on* of ?urpamlng aptendor Iad*ed. iron a window at Highgata looking N. N I , but wKb a ?-iroumaorlbed riaw, aa obaarver counted 100 mateora in tb* lour ml ante* b*tw**n 13:33 and 11 '36, and no loan than 300 la tb* tw* minute* between lSrST and 13:5k A* tb* oowtrtlalton Lao roa* over tb* bourne north of Padding to* gr*** and cieareu ite*l[ of hnsa, tb* diver gam* of malinr path* from n point within tt became ob vious, mot marnly in the direction* of lb* *tr**ma that shot from or through th* wa tb. but in tb*** that t*ft their pboapboreacMt ***miag trail* m th* any toward* Ifgff DCHqI of lbs COtBDAM. Homatlru** thaw rockat-Hke line* of light wonM gild* out Ilk* sparks lying from an larandaacwtt maaa of iron a odor the Mown of a Titanic bam mar, but with the die tracti\o features, (tret, of tboa< lingering tlnon of IMnml oated hasa la their track, and aarondly, of tholr rarely app**rlag as If I bey originated in th* region of tb* aky from wblob thatr *eur*** *rid*ntiy di rat-gad Bomaiitna* lb* m*leor araa orange and elm oat red la it* color, wh.rvaa tb* lomlnoo* trail s**m*d el meet always, probably by contrast altb tb* surrounding light, af a bluish hue. In mm splendid loatenc* th* trail, after havlag nearly dl*app*nr*d, together with th* rockel head thai bad product! I', bar am* again 111 up sod vtsl bie noiactdeoily with a sort of rotusettottoa af btlghiwaw in lb* hodv of lb* meteor. Now and tb** ? lltrt* illum inated puff ball would appear In th* middl* of th* c*e ?taUattea Lao, gnaerally more or lane olu*m?l*d or ollipUr in form, a* it wanted to bo man or law distant, end at tb* mm* lime eonv*rgent from aa imaginary point that wanted about tbrw dngrvw aouih by awt of th* etar Onrnmn Laoala, nod on*, w aw* w wold be ami ma'ad to mob n point, ww (imply a star that wacad aad waaad and dianapanrad w aa* looted at tt. comatimm a miaute point of light, Ilka a Brady, would i dart with aa angular J *t>ag laoriaa and stgwg wane hnher and tblthar, but mill aa if away from Lao. Only about lb roa met earn wan ana daring an hour and a half to lake a direction manifestly ippwad to thJP ?f them diverging multitude* Tk* m*l*ar? which a hot towards tb* waali rn boriioa warn ad man brilliant and larger in tbair oouraw than thaw wbteh dropped into lb* samara, indeed, vary few wamad area te r neb lha roafe af lb* house, from behind which La* bad arisen. Thl* ww poaatbly only an aflhet of parspsollva. or II may bar* artwa from lha rartaiimaal of tb* view. As ragnrda the long tlow af light that lingered la lha paths of lb* mateora. H warned that gen*rally they were man da am and brightest (awards tb* middle of ib* vbubte path at th* meteor, while lbs mate or itwif aaawad brightest jam before its at unction, aa affWu possibly da* to so nbecurniloo In th* middl* of it* counw by matter thrown ?<! from tt The reeiaon ?earned aim te low velocity w tbay want, bat this I unfit bavo bean the rvsnlt of porspartiy* la thaw paw iaa through the wnlth. On. singular renter, in thaae celetelal I rework* ww ib* rapidity with wbiafa the mania em af frequency isaa on sad weal af again. About two o'clock lb* utatoon warned te have become w erarra a* tbay war* at twelve, though tbey continued la msailar number. uU th* vargo of daybreak From IS 30 or It 4* until about I II or 1 30 the hearea* ere mad veritably aMv* with star, rustling la maov parte of th* sky, la groups of tw* or three together or la immediate .urcroato* oa emit aibev, wstolng aa tbeugb racing over in* blue vault, except that ibstr route*. aa rapidly dive rged. Tb* rl'Htdiaw Imnnty ot the night aanr Uadet wan n happy circumstance, no which we mar congratulate ?very -waieber of th# skies," not only w allowing the forecast* uf the aatronnmen to ba thaa dgaaliy sad splendidly verified, bat still more a* onvlog, w* tram, enabled inem to take such a star* of facta regard ag the nature of the I ght sad nf tb? motion of, sod m many .-ainhaaeou. UhWH ationa of thain la d fferent pert, of our islands, a* may lead In noma accural, know, led.* nf their lane and their nature and add one more ? liapiar te tb* ?ubilm* volume of eetruaomi<-al phy.ica [From Ib* fxiadao Fast. Nov U I Dur ag tb* of lha meteors Uu ftpM j Ms iter Han war -oerofy h- te wt e d. Th* effect produced durng th* simultaneous paswga of meteors in th* 'Srl ua parte nf lb* banrawa ww teas pr sssfc'y i mp?t'i** The nnlnelMa one roe pra a thrill iLat on arlinrtal apteudare **u|t1 ever produce. Tb* aim nf ibaw ehonuag bod*. varied la aoine cases lb" passage ?? brief awd the light (ami. la uthero a larger portion of the ?ky ww trmvarwd, and the lumiaouaum* both prutnagad end miens* Th* soft glidtag motion. If swen a i*rm may t>* amptayad, ww a sinking rbarae lanetlr Account, from vartone part* of the country sr. of a mm lar nature though hern sad there aloud a end Bit*, disappointed the walaheia u< <au wntii oaT or nam [From tho Isrwdoa Rh'pptng tiaaeMe. Nor IT ) From Windsor < stele the mwaidceal ptiaeoeiana whirl, tapi nolf of th* p opt* of F.ngtamd out ot tnear bed* oo n Mneeds/ morning oar* tea te gtewt advaa lege Her Mateoty. it la niMlereload, rota -. /?( ~p end was au eernrot idiaarter at the nsuroal aperient. fw w-ta*. IMk 1?? ttr av us rmi . a rule ? The Rev Ru?i Ma n, Hi# Radrllfl* etaasrver, at Ot font, gives lli* laliuolag aft o .af of I be una teal dngvwi phenomenon - A. Mriy m the ev.aahg uf V. ember li a ?inr i wet-h w.i kepi up or the siipeorware af tb* , ,i, ?,r i,.,t ib* II If it peiwl ue far. mate, the what* Mf bakw oveream. who th* *ceptto* af a tew m la'aa, wuan a law of lb brlghfer ?'*--. showed ?lira aalv w in a si-wrt rap >a U a clouds *?*' ih* seniih, at I 30 A h , the arm* betas nil th* Ima rney high and tk* nf* Mim m mawante # # g Th,. - rr-at di-pf.y hc.aa etmit lib tor <an* a'ntaatk in lb* mawaiag)-n-J r*a had u. m.iim iiw at emu- 13b Mm , attar ehrab i nae It grnduaily hegaw te ?lMk*a In. watch, was up till lib , iltoatgb after IMi 'her* were on nanny m*l*or? ares in nil tbea* arwee t.tewrved no ((War tbau 10M daetdg 11.e i, if hi of Whtah ohw-it'i WW Mi hmweea lib ahd ' I rlNWWk ?M and turn A M. A. te th* gewwr*; ?PVnrinr. of lb* maaaw r it war aatw-ed that the ma jofity nf Uiem aver* ar ? eh-tieb nr yeftowteU wlur Oaan*. beuevce, area- r-doiah xatarrad, sod owe meteor ?ue o-'eel I* I? hlui?h The hrtghteet kfl sesersK i ? 'ram -ehir-d iiiena. she'll ww to ha awn* fur s tea enx.iida al'.-r lha meiaror bad u- appamad I* mar (las ly ?-id ih. he-* ww *? "W* Ms* ? aw ah# r.*b uf dietw h|,ktni*g ----mlng -rwan a dark rlwi near I th* worth temar-o. end thai i mi i-m* hetevw (wwvtw th* oni.r.1 I gt,' ?i,? nwiirec in b* ??nuroafly Tb* ! ph-uovrupi i- -> . eoi .sdea e say active etar trimiy at ib* owe ? f ih# daptey VWirvt.*?* - sewrusev vae- nr. I y.. t.( Pro are -,e roe (/aurure T'W?e - ' *4 .hnwer af moteaar. baa hami wfwwmsd I h-i*d.r?sm ?h* r?w atgtii under rrrj femrnht* atWs who rial emwmwatwM la addli <an tw Mr. tw Md | . maeeK. a.- utn.rr na '?n? erlelei M du ( hwilie IWha | ki*illr"r.. .-niaw-ea ha. ?? !*?*.* an the <?*?<?.-apt aa.* ' km from fwads-fha an emanatm-h, 3 K Aaqyhw-'h Una. I,IT* Uieaa-ar. war- stted. Ihghsmndl whdnaMr weiamewg From ?** A ? .III mmm la a i hit earn t-runted, eed we were ronw earn or at. ,m mtmmrn revy RMI, oetng te Ih* rnpWv.v ?, wwtw* gy u? wtiai ateaarni l>n V? n ramm ntln ii iiiu to m WBm ***** ?Mrt rtliun??i Ttot'**- *?* aA** >>*?< tow mum lli 11 iw m. ?? M l*JS a?piTml lb ? *???.** ? >Miaf*l?Ml kMMH w *2VMB ?Mr, ?e Mn mm art par*. ?r Ito* ? p wbteh ware rMto a IK* meleore Ml fW Mm* of llMk ?f ?he April ^?ftrbwh to* had ?niwiil Mm ? ?***,** * toto*w Atotoft ?ro?n IHMll 100 w*r?> actHered, ftwp I* I* >M 100: (IMI ftokliki !???* "* ?M 11, tad ib**? MMtlf faint, aad from I lilt ? Mlf Mr. BmomI OmOMW, Wmmui. Mo*. Il ran hum or rn man To tn Kmtm n *ur bonw Itonw:? OWT 4?*ta Ida subjoined tUUcwA todtoiiu lap night wo.tb OOWMQt W f Mli O. /SYMOMS. Oum Bonn, V. v.. mm. U, WOO. iiiftoi uo^ii NOMIM 00 Leowtn. NmOM#|? Kmkm p Milim i. 1,8 uSTr *?r m?ii p r 0 0 lM It'll 6 A. to'.' 82 ft 82 ft: OP 4a. lis. 10 S. I S d*r . Ill 4*. IB to . 1 M 4a. 1 M 4a. . IM C IS s.. ? 0 4a. ? ? 4a. . IM oo ill 4a * 14 4a. 110 4o. *? 4a. ?5 4a.- i:::::::*.::"'/::*: 0 0 4a. i 4 da. U ft 55 ft IP do. tlO da. 4 0 4a. 4 0 4a. 52 ft lift 1 IP 4a. 4? 4a 4 >PiiU-Mmi|i BMP aumeroua p 1:14 A. whan (bay were failing p iba MM of oaa hundred par piauio?la (Mt, tba Per ?u aoorad In PI dlreetiooa with their trunk; tba Inrgap was not twlra tha apparaot brilllaacy of Hirlae; Iba tralaa warm, la ama taetaucaa, VlPbla In a 3% Inrh tPaaaopa (tor two mlowtee. Prom two to tbraa a M. tba pitaan waro mi m large aa be fore and after that hour, nor 4>4 tbay appear oo uniform In direction?two paaaed in parnllal limaa, bat oppoulte d reetion* No lifhfata* wae aaan nataar it waa p Ob tOla., whan two flaabee of light warn aaan. bat tbay waro auppoeed to be from mHeart in tha north, ff animate iba total number rtaible at about T.000 or t,00? mx a no ramie TiWMi'i niBrrtno uron.

Ton? Borrua or m Loano* Tinea ? . IbMto enclose ;m til results of u bear l St lone I mirft M this Observatory last algbi oa the greet November me teoric showsr. Ths sight uu am mnt As be farfoUm. sad must greatly bars rrteembled that shower dsasrlbM by Professor Olinstead, wbtati was ?t?rvod in North Amarus oa ths 13th sad 1Mb of Hoe?her, ItH Th? Follows of the Hojral Astronomleal Society ware duly ap prised of lbs sv-nl by a circular from lbs President, con taialng general directions for oheerratlon, he., which had been compiled by Mr. A. A Herechal : ? 1st obsert cd. ?From Man to fltrloa at II: 10: ?? Lay toa a?a lime; duration, three seconds; Baa l?a of a reddish color. M -From 3t deg das east of Polaris at It: * 10-, duration, Bra eacoada; One iraia, direction oorthenat 3d.?From Polaris to tO dag. aaat of that star at 11; 31 .16, equal to a Ant magnitude alar. Two small ones started acmas Orion at ths MM moment Bth ?Too started from west from behind a baak of ? luuds, one from Man to 6 dec. east, and oaa from the centre of Taurus, all at about II: 41 - 41. 6th. ?On" small oos dua north. Just shore the hortson, at II 43 68 Bth.?Two from Rate Caacrl at 11 43 3d Till --Oaa with a Bon train A dag north of Capella, at 11 46 A 6Ui.? Oaa very small from tha calth, and two from the nrntn of rs?us, leaving Boo streams of light behind Mli ?Oaa vary email dua west, sod oaa etarted from Delta ononis, taking lu conns dua west 10th - One started from the Pleiadae, durallaa 6 seconds, leering a vary magaiBoMt trala. Time, 11: 4T: It llih.? Three from Urea Minor et 11:80 9, Bno traias of light; duration three aoeooda 13th. - Owe small one from Zeis Urea Major el 11 -.81 6. 13th. One Bne one started from en altitude of TO dag. (M ) and d?ppaared below the hor.eoo at 11:63 54, N. 14th ?Three started from L'rsa Msgsr end one from Una Ml ear. 16tli. -Two very Bne ones etarted fbem Delta Caasrl at 13:0 33. both testing very Bne trains. I Bth?Several enMll ooea started from the neighbor hood of IMta Onsen end Delta Ones la shoot the ana time. ITlh - dor oral small eon appeared a ear the * t hen mo 13th -Ooo as bright aa Venus at liar gruel? brill Ian cy started from the cenln of I^o Minor sad became ei boot c lose to loin Ortonto-lime I1JU; two email one* wan nanus in tha saolih at too same ttaee, at * ? alow to Zata l'r? Ma/orts. 1Mb ?One small oos from ths P. I of Taenia 30th. ?Two started from tha centra of I'ancar, and tra velled to s spot 36 dog. weet of that imaalolUUoo. flat ?Two vary Boa oaee at aa altitude of go dag. and 38 deg. la tha A K. at 13 * 4 33d -Om from near Man to a petal M dag. M. W. of 23tl?One an bright as Taoos started from Zata I'm, Msjcrts to a point 30 dag. N of that star st 13:0 64. 04ib ?Two started from Una Majot. 36th. -Three from the 1,113, awd N. A N started IfentiatMsNNMij 33th.?Oaa from DaUa Dim Mlaons aod aa ether from Mara 3Tta ?Ooeftnm lOAeg aouth of Mass at 1* U tt 33th ?Pour Ir m tha oenire of I?. 10'b - One from Una Minor aod three (bom the eeatre of ('??? at the same tlma. OOtb ? One da- A, altitude 13 dag , one N A, very email, altitude 10 dog. 31 at ?Two from the northern port of tha ooaOrltailoo Urea Malar 33d ? One from Oeorer to a point 16 dag w?, aod two from tha north aod south points of the as me can. MMMta. Sid?Una from I tela Craw Malaria in a point 40 dog. I* the Nortawoat, at 13 33 37 64tb ? fhraa la the aenith, ooo ageoi to o drat atagm Iq4? Mr 34th ?Una from a point 10 dag. anuth of Man at 13 33 41 M<ii ?Two from Irae Major, two from Lao Minor, ana the reacts of Taurus, two in tha aendii, and loo from I-*o Minor JTtli ?Una from tha eoethaaat to northwaot, a4 aa alti tude from 10 dag to 34 dug . end three Inrn Lao Minor gatti ?Twelve el eoce from the H K by A to M. W. hy W , ell very smell Mlb - Five treat 'ha centre of lea Minor 40ch ?Right m the tenth, ai 13 SO U, 41st ?Two la the sanilh et It 11 36, aod four to Urea Map./ 43d -foe through Alpha Ortoate; length of path SO "Tm . Ooo, very See from i spells to the hariaon, rotors blue and red. 12 33 40 44'It Two c? Andromeda. oaa la renllh, one ?all om through I'm?pw. aod Ova I rose duo east up la Zota L'nsr Major IS 46th ?Five is the tooltb, at 13 JT 54, and Ihres from the reel era bores 'O to an el'Pude ef 16 deg. 4d(h -One due H. at aa altitude of 46 deg, and II from If. to areclh, et 13 30 J4 ITlh.- Two d'te N at ailttodee of 30 deg. aod 06 dag-, four from near Mars aod two from Rata Cancel Inwards the weal, paths S deg end 10 deg toes 4011 -errs from the east lu it a towards Pniarve, and cue l rum the N A 40th -Three e SgoMh eed two from Zeta ''WO Mejerte en from 'he d A OOtb ?Doe crsr-reed several degrees along ths north ban ma at 13 II 64 51.t -Meveo spp-ared loataa'aasaealy la tha M. Ac aod noe from 'ha maltha! potat in tits Milky Way 63d - Peir Da palls ?? 11 deg Veer and 10 from g. A d 6va sacuads irafora and after IS 40 03 63-1 ?Twentv 6ve from 3 lei by K at 13 44. aod Bra from aa suitada of 46 dag to the aeatlb hdWt ?Thirty ems from It 4T to 13 4T 30 from ail peris included between N to N. hy A 56l)i floe h ndred aad meetly moving M , rr,m 13 4* t? 13 53. Might ckroda coeertog the sty el the Urns 5A h - The nuavhevs new herame o> oomwoee that I only endeavored In 'weal thnm, eoitrely dJsregardlag any [. ail .cie> HO HO I If. A. f ft II hi l<> IJ t' ' "ousted 111 I 1} n re It IT I seisisi m ii 57 ? id i in it V ' P it ar M I'D t - Miii a "ii it - a ? ?run " 3?t | II if ? II M A U II l| IV IT * ' ?* e mt ; l? 4? ' u aol 1 II W ? 13 Zlt | I it if ' ' H ur It V * H " lit 14 f ' 14 II g e 314 I It ? " M I " ur I in k it * 1 9 it I remarked use peculiar feeteve. eke* nan thai these i.bcirc ehteh apoaored south of th- sen th were of uoger d ratten end left Acer treuse ihao those to the lurch of toe sar th Reina needed there vera, of Scire soma eh ae t gse I fat ad In nam, bet these lloses It, rh I a .tired cosy be retted apes I rrmt i, air, your mem ebotieei servant c a rALMAOR. r. A A n Mb Rentier ?".eesvserev, l^ykyt, lams two mm? esc ?. r.) ran kw OO or ret l,a. s Ham Ufa had a magbifc it display of 'hta >A team aia h s.ghl. or more .-..neetly I hta mora ag Tim I Ate had Imeo uooeuatly net end arer tha rlcd htccecag fr. nl tha Sec lie neea, bet en tha I'M shift'eg s 'b? eraaicg W> the earth sod o? e? s clear/ bright alondgib?. wee hrsrelSs Ahowt Inn .?'stars msoy s are wr-A ins n-re eo Urtmg frem . Ik* horoeo la the Mde?3 thee annexed. otthnet n. - rarest .a as tor aa regards cum'-er .?I a "ML. ifinr nstdr ighi, ehen they Mm seal m W?e brunaory I eed retnrt'v eat.t tea mot mem wee rsai aaa shone en* ) .. rieck lb# elghelhre ee* eer?dosglf start, eg h re [ dr?d? of b sdng vratmre 4er.cag at lie kpnse enarsl I fr ? a pmas tp the haaveoe eh ? bed eon ?so in I 0b"W twenty its r agrees share the Is. nose seer |c* lm < oeesvnthM ->? lye win h oaa lha great mot ? e he an a ? tb-y aii?4 In a, ill ?? I loos tea n rvesaCTict aerowr Tha v/cnec e-mmeoted 01 onoDismptoO si half ? ps- sieves *0 Tur-etai i-lgh1, baveoilw. U. ami Alt 0 ' socjr y " m.r I ail n riwe to Urn an-wot eg Tea , ? t ? ' ? >? s em from ?eed ' ?* e ens t a A g . of mm <d 'torn 'astad Ave op rat mr?w4a am4 M I carea m big ae a r'tcsat no.c T ay ware eg a dm *S smor . ha wneltn- rwrkavwe erne dais 'Ae .?/i rod re'er A treat aotohea er Mm ?otoaWctne ? m4 I iM pkPmu at icosr- 'M wmsco sboot.c^ aia??t 'ha ?vy. from 1 hat* a *"r roivd'ty aod hrdllabry, farmed a magb 4 rsa* epmrerta ? ?a triwii ? i. ear no * ft was rOcmdy and a I," IS ? a 'I(*l lha ute OF,?e phi'ScrQ-Se War* nets' ed tar n.ih r'aai sage ed|y, to mar pones ? TWtam atoM ?*??!?*, juM mScmai to art toa ^htaMto af toa abaartan, Ami titm - jint. ?at fr? ?ralwto mm aad btdTpaM um wi>n4U,u aer* r!T MM, ?< N I Mb rf BMk S..,,,* *f fltoMMMM llblBlailll toa abate tor aith ? (tar* Ilk* ?>MI?. a* mm rati ma *ith lifbtalaa flatoa* aad toa atgkk am aooaaiooaliy Moray, to* ahtd Maaiag ftaat toa aarth. Shortly tofur* m,j ^^?'Matw II, tb* toy elaarad tad to* ..r ^^^^^^^^??tnalaii from on* ^HHHMIBPaaf aaaHaaaaaly atr*akad| prom to* ao^'a^MHfat UMM Sm mltoiw'twitwl ?a froma roaaiaia aarar fallinc la Ma aaaply a# Man. ">m ttoaaa up lata toa ifmamaal toay droppad to ibto aarto aad to toa aanto. etoan lylaf MW to# toy! laavtof a bright Maa Mala bahtol. aaSl laal ia toa aartl aru hortaoa. A Kottmcham ninmptaitai ailtoa la a LatoM^I laal Mat a toaaar of mmaow am <toWi la Ibit^H Uy la rarylag daftaaa of anil umcy from mia?i?bt aanrtea. Oa toa prartoya moraine aatr a fa? aa^^H warn mm. at laaa latorrsit nnana| llmyh to^^H Ian A Wattmaham niimpiaiaat artua ta a Loadaa Joar | nal toto a toaaar of mMaow ? toBWtoi la that laaal mi la IraiaaA 1 vaa tvaui aaroar. I (Dahlia (*or. 14) oorraapootfeom at I. j a Bub foatj to* aMraaamiaal pradtetioa* atto r*(*rU to toa too a-1 era af toatoaw or ahoMiaa Mam a*r* amply rartlak1 Tfc*> maA# toMr appaaraaaa at a ton* befora Malta ml4-1 aifht, aad from that bear aaMI aboat a qaartar alter aaal M. to* dark aTaytoMmH^^H IliaMiaatad ay ooantlam aam t?ruo| *icu'j*i raitltr matiafi)' from aaM t# aaak lama oC tbam aam M mdM daazliaf lallliaaey. aad Ml btoiad tbam a l*ag toad ef ticks able k am riatbte Aw ama minataa alter to* kaad or rodent l tad taattoad. Jiang ?f uSm man aam la apM 4a M* ear, aad aaaw paraooa aaaart toat aa tbam aomalam a Mat aalpbarwm odar am pafu*pUbl* Afiaraaaartor mat oaa,or tbare aboula, toay dlialaltoa l la aaamraad totoaaMp, aod by abaui taa A. M. 4ba dtaplay eaaaad. ? b n? mnh urmr. [Krura lb* kftaborg Hrotoonn, Nor M.| At Sdiaburg the n,<MNial<?r rtUAdio# *m IM Kill, IM Iwklif ?111*. with th* otwtiuw; Hiking out ik? Ufbta at Pnaeae mini, it w*o ?i r?r lb* ?ye to delude lb* imagtoaiioti lota r?raeyiu? ??? y bombardAtor Kdlaburg Caatle riMn l.** nip, ud the oocMtowl nhbUm of th* abowur for a law eeooada, oaly t* bn*k MMgalh with wm aumarou* ?nil mora brilliant drape of dpi, peered to enilima i* UiU fancy la Wa law rwwaawos iwmt. fPaaaaara (Nov Ml eormapaadanoa at London Trua* | The predicted Mower or metoon tfaa aao* liava <>a Tuaaitaar might hr ?**y panaaa, the time balng ftum midnight id I daybreak. bat tl?* griaiaat a am bar wi about on* o'elook. Th* arlod waa thaa blowing atnag rroaa th* aorthward. Th* malum to ooma from tho aaatward, wboooo they www anfaatod north, aeutb ad waat. Tory few foil leatrda tho hoftaoa. Th* eta of th* water and lira loagth of their light won vary waro from tho amall?I ortaUllattua of Thay waro from tho amaitaot ortatiilatlua of light to tho brilllaocjr uf a planet. Th# amino of otm waa aioat remarfcabl*; It waa vary brilliant, of irreat length, and loft a atraak of light whluh mnalaed to otght for a oaooad or two altar th* laatanr liaair bad dlaapptwod. Wndnnaday sight w*? cloudy, and th* watcher*, after reniatoiwg *a th* lookout till past two oUtock, retired diaarpwatod. but oaa paraon who wa* nor tag afUr that hour report* that a break In Uia eland*, about three o'clock, mealed the aat off ecu aa won noticed on the pneious light. Th* 1*1* *f Wlwht. a "a?*oiin wi marker" waa it oowa?a owito * oa *narr<ioM oo run aoonaa or raw araaa To rna Komia or Tea Uwoon Tina*. Th* predletod diaplay of (hooting atara waa olwrrted ban on a awgniOoeot acoia during the early Bonra of thia morm ug, and aa tba aky may bar* paaatbly Wtt ia few placaa to clear aa ban lha aotas I mad* amy par hajpa ho tat mating to aama of your aumaroaa reader* Mar | During Mo half hour preceding midalght about attly ? IX wan obwrrad. Prom raldolght to IS IP about SOD war* ohaai i ad. Pmm II IP I* IS VI alMiut SOI ware obeerrad. Prom U to la It M about IPO waro nbaerred Prnm IS * la I OS tbool SOI ware ubaerrad In | ail am lee Pi uiu Md lo IW ibinl M ware Mwrrrl la I alnuui Pruio I IM la I 111 aUetil 111 ware obaarrod la ? minuet Truin I 10 d I II ?limit inn ware obwrrad lu t mluule till I * " ' Pruiu till la I II ebeut SM ware obearrad In t aloiilm The fall* now bacamo aa luccaaaot thai It wa* impum bla to count cumbor* fkal enough. t*a l* a do**a fati ng atari balng at Intonate all Tiatbto at oaa*. Till- rapid fall roatimuad rlaiMa far alsto** mlnuiea, when iba aky, whtah had b*n atoar IM atldolghi, bacama ohacand, wMh heary reiaa, aad lata Ml aherpiy I M It ror noma tea mieutao. At 1 M li claand ap a HtUe. atara wan at lit fklllag, but aot aa rapidly Prom I 60 lu 1:64 war eighty-three wan ntaarrad, whaa the ?ky again bacama araroaat, aad a Utile rata agaia Ml, clrer lag up at 9 :9b, whaa atari wan atlll fblitag. Prom s so to 1 W eerenty three Ml I* tfl**o alnutoa, lb# aky ?gala became aloudr, claatiag up at I II, wbau rery few, mm* two or Mraa par mtauto, www lain eg. u,d after fir* o'clock none wan oboe re ad A few at tha ?man appaand to bant, lotting * olaudy baaa, aad from aaa re pan lolly that Ml m I li. paaalug wuatward, nearly through our a-nilh, aad dieap bra dagm poartag at about forty Era degreea ah*n tb* horlkoe, the emoke or rapnr waa viaihl* fur rally llin* n i ,i.i ?fW it aiploded. gi (Add wha Aad Aaaa an wild la laab at IAa dfgpliy fnm <1 wtodeu Inalriax wudueied. ruMried IAdT ?I wag Idu 'A* /redder* 1* a Aipby nf ruaAet >iwfh, "nip," Ae Mid. "<A?p waat IAa ween* way " I am, air, your rbedieui aarvaat, N. Cuwaa, Uia at Wight, N*a. IA la Praara. ? u?w>a* aaacrmj (Ina Mi* IMl|al?ai Batga, "?? Idp II Aral t??it ? faa *t*r* vara Bntbiaald*. fl*rting off *1iA great rapidity tbraagh apaae. Thaa lb*r X.m off la pair* a?nI, at tauglb, la ??oapa. tying la *11 titration* A* many a* thirty la aaa lataata war* r>j*at*d ali of didbraat aaa* At UmIJi it baram* in nuaatbi* to count than Tfca ?*j ally X than la ft bahlad tbom a lantaaad trail and **plod?d Unm*di*iXy h*f?r* diaappaartng la thair rapid <onr**a throigh Lb* baavaaa tbay appeared to *ha*a an* another XL* eLol* Irauiaal *a nothing but a bril.tanl rac* ooaraa ThU remarkabla trill laalad boa l*? lo thro# Hour*, durlag wblrh lima on* nigh' bar* en*nt*d **<*ral nil lloa* of ? bean nalnatlal riaMora ordiaartlr *o rar* Aa in tba ilatoaalioa* and vhletllag vond* ibai >i*-ially aonsm p*ay i'jo *p(M*raa#* of ancb t>h?b?*B*n* II aai rut pa* a? Ma lo baar warn owing la iba at mag * b<! praaaiaat at tba tna raa notrp* un *r Tba 'VwrrlTT da ffdor* af N'rvatpbar IA haa tba fX l< aiu. conrartilag lb- atolaorWi ahuvor Tba *haetl*g *!?'? that had h**n aannaprari by aatro* mar* for tbia ***b ware *a*a al Roue* oa Tnaada* night and Wad an day mom tag |bna 14 I4i Aim* tba quay* **lla a a outer of th? rintra* vara gaUrarvd, aad -dm*r**d a larga inalw of Iba meteor* About nt<1 nigh I a go* tlamaa vbo witimii lb* d'tfday from Mant aai Ma ladaa ranaud nor* than irraa hundred of than in a arfy *b"ft a pan* of lima d-?m an "pn a ?!> Inf h? ?narT\ Tba bavaaa* at that hoar bod bar. m* rlaar of lb* aloud* ban* af tba notour* are r bad a* ra n.arkahly eaotifal. In "r*i?. rm ataxi a * garner, To tna Karma o? tan U?i?? 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Tba Wrllar of Ibto attar adda, ih.i iba ?laU af bar MAaaly It awing to lba? ?* Um Ciaparaa'a atlad by urn to* ">? I'opa Tbr ruawf ba ibtaka faantoat eemiia, tmt what ta eartaia it laaa Aa aqiuulroa haw afdlia to aall o? too Mlh. i . 1 barn. at all artait, ibara art (Naf lru'li kh- Umpmaa mall la Hoina,^^? htt baa* rnpaatodiy taikod of fo? toatt tfton paai. THE COTTOR TUBE. ganladaa al itoa Llrtrpaal At all art. Tha Uuipial Caitoa Brnbaraf iaaaoMtt adoptattba faMowtat ranntoUaa ? ? That It la too iplana of IhU Aaroeiabaa l| of outlaw abault. ff i?4 after Dream tor I. aapl Iba iaap iiiatotoliy wiik raapaal lu frautaia K4??l, da?gad aa aniuorubauubl* rotlaa I baaa aa fti a?ally a iwallat of dtapuia I and aallor; ant Uul aflat ibal tato aulma far aaafe l abould aa altowat Iwuika ??twa of iba ?uwa4 aallaa Mai' of ralura. If aacb latum m tarda *ut iba atolM afWitor wrtbia la* tapa and thraa luoaiha from ton tato ar I?r MOTKI CAMWATC fM UNITED STATES ICIATM?ND ?mil CAtfi ii ts&t. iitui, Nwa IT, IMA Mamua P NMna.if Banaalaac aaaatf, appaaaa m to naatldato for I'mlad Hlalaa Haaalar. ant bla aaaat ?any bn addad U-tha Mai from nboto Ibnobatoa wA ta lllncaay i)mm?I Maaiindaia a al TWy laWIMllHt tba alt haaaaalarrnaumy mortar maaa. A* VMS CENTlAl IAJLIIAA luu>. Una. ?l, IMA Tbw Board of Dbaatora of iba Maw Tori <antral NaA road waa in aaaMoa barw to day, but oaly liana? of to routiao aalnra wax laanaai tot Tba Itunrt will moot ? |bia la Aloaay oa Iba tliii of Darren liar oral, Iba tap tmfura Aa aaaaal amotion for Dirartorn. ?U^MSA^jCHBOJD ? n.H Rmaoau, Va, Nor R. A an tola r a aaaat Moating, of iba Kiaramb U Hi alar lafaairy, prrlraat anar Uita ?Uy by a ooaarada yaMaritop THE CMC AM TIMMEkOUMATAS POJTPMfi. Qtoctta, War t% IMA Tba a?a af Aa lata- tonaal will nat probably to I aland far a day ar twa in aowaa. a unto una toantit to bring <ip Aa bruiting to tba aaeavaitoa, and a Aw daya will ba oaaauamd la patting aa iba grtngga A Mb lata and 7a Aa a?nitoto Iba lalrtraliia baa baaa dafarrad until Halurday naab MAILS 701 1UE0PS. fha Cunard sad a?ahtp ParaU, Capltoa LA, ato laara Ala part oa Wadanadap Ar Urarpuoi Tba aaaiia far larapa will ekaaa at balf paM abM 0*01*4 oa Watatoday aiwiai Tba Maw Yoaa Maaiu> Kdiima for Karapa- wA bto randy al balf-pato aaraa a ctoafe A tba am?or fttagto aaptaa, la wrapptofo randy for mat Mac *? TaTu? 10 (UMl atraai Mi AraagMtt. MM If cmaiaa. ?,v i*7v./fiw * At IllaakfritV SHM ?u?<??|. I* akail N lli 4 ?? ifcia ???-ImiM, A MrWiiilM i.'a/4 KoMMAMi Ik* i:rfiuUiM Ovi liirva PaIImIi * Nm. MmtmUmm far4M/?ra m aaa/ laurik Aim, M T I>m ?Ml If. ufiAt. fAfllAA, Willi ?u4 AMMAtAi A.- I.yaall'a AraaulM Mwtaiaata, (?? Ik* f?ik am '??< fn lAk fcy All A/?aaIam a?4 l?M| AaaA m A. T# Ik* liAAirri at -??/?! Op# row* I U IAA MmI (Hi aa..: IMkMIIM fWA ta ii liwil la iha Aaaartnan |?ul? aaH 'if iU ? ????*/? 4Ma4 baa waaki mIM/mI _ #? T aMITM ? OO. ? T A. Klim ll/?4? M?4/ Oi/rrAtli mm* I aaa* W'? A"/ ???? la IIm mtmmtry ft?r< V'.'itkA AA4 < AII4f.? ? > Wabia* ?'!*? u la i Aa '*? aaA a* >?/? Iav |kmaa Haf r ail a?a <1 M'Uia I at 4II AAak A. TTmII'b I kpmlrnl l*AMiaiir IIbr*f Ha./ aaA la Intaaafy M MA lb' ???l Wilf HI WIAHll aa. loilf >1 Inji'A/ Alain Maltaiariarf. IIati'a lllawilfca tlatr Mr?T<lft4TlMH Ml. 1?T 14.1 I Ik. a .14 OA Aa" b> a f i 'M? III. A alricla ? nai A*. Aal /a ? iiaaa Mar*/ (alia i Iim|M< M awl/l Ail Kriaas I iak/4 la La?al I-All art a ?- 11/aa. a/. aa4 Iia/i -a. aaai J < MIT* H/'iAar. I? f Mairbalar'a Hair Dt?. Tb# faM > ? | >wa ~ !??? UlAiAH AAA" a MA FaMM/ ?/ r liar Hlll/r'i Hair llta. A?a aaA l>l a a aal. AAU.IA. aa4 4a/iMa aaai Ay ?! /".u'A Hay m alaf ?Waal I rlataiora'a Hair !???- t%? Ham ??*/ Maaa> far. .rm ATA All nil AA? 'Hail AM* ??*'?< AA ?A I Ma Maaaa Itlllpilr /.aahaUlaAi VAlag MaAiaaa. AAA InaitAf IflflM |AAliA A.i/lai Im AaA> Aa a Vara ? a4 IbmtfltuiA ?ua ra/ra. law Mac iiim ma Aft ArWia*/ *A- T?%. Mara! Mara! IMara! A Uraa aaA TarlrM M?.i?an llii.lii >l? |#??ia uiAiliiai ap'ai ? AaA Aaff >a?A?ka, at lllliA Mr<a'.l aaa a/ oar Iaam l.ra??r A Makar'a Mlral Mraaaiaa. riaaila AA. a aaA i*?M l<~M "t1?J lat >a am tAaalaif Kerala. Maikaiaaaka aatf Urarral fla/ar ?M a. ?Rf Iraa<a4 Ay Dm .1 ' M 'aba* MlaaA T. ? aMi A'-*> M4aa< *?<nr / ? ? -I'Al ?-? ?aaai ?a> HraaMa. aa* Kiaala llal iA - .*aaa J Ib-bAA Aa aralatlf a4) Iilaa u a. i ha 1.1 i < li<?* Mirrtau aaA f rTtbar ? . la laal *1 ttir*. laa rat laAauoi tar ;????? ta>. a ?? Iftaaaaa AAA lriaa /..uiia ? & f ? ?/ft wa." aam Maaaa A' >*ilaf * aal f-oa rf - mm M wM Mi" ?? *? ??? AA4#aai |H 4 ?KlLXIA ll" ?..? I * M ? .:???-m-aM. Mara) llaiaaa I a aayr. MHrra raM la aS la/rraui aA a*-- i ?v# > ?M? aim raM fa laiw aai .J K*?4a/ HAi ??! ?' _ . Fatu.r. 4 I'AI . aa ???? i4Mak?MA ? * IT laa all. Sa*a*l*?. a I nraalrairi r*. l??4 kf b aa'l ball I| lira* MtaAMplI AH'iM ?A A ? a/I A# ?? ? Mriwa A ,i b | |ta> I|n ? ?taA *"I l?A"/ ? ' -aaM? Tk> lk? ?r aiaa Ta.Ma/a I ?/tMin4k r f ??-.-*# .-.4 r??? 'i <? a ii ft" ? w.*a | '? |??M at , Taw. r. 4 ..waaaa ? A- 11 a r ?? m ? i TV "?la/" llallrr Htal Mar/a. Ma/Mb. ? >4 'Mat in' .Mr b? ???.<' a? *? an ?? ta>i| n - am ? Ma .??> a .????' ib". f aaa Aaa '/?/? .r* 4 ? in I a" Mi' aa an ArHT am* ig <<ai aa at Wi'i ia.4 ??? ? '*???? Aaa aaa 4A4* * I II. AT Ma ?<?" a rM, a 4 -* "? ? i "/???.< -ai i?ta anl/irH M''l ? aaba >?a bo II yM"M4Mar *ar?er ?/ PaMaa a.r.1 Tka Atafri Maaafaiiarlta I Mar?af*? *?? ? ?a.>* ?AI'la * Ml Ml a a ?.? 'Vai. Jb' a if it .4 ..Jf AaiMIX 4M A rMirar W 'trrlri A H Haaa'a IrakaMrt ?ra/aa Ha *a ' ?yar 4 a?ii'*aanil aA*aa. - 40 ft. *4?. \k laa. Taaai/a aai lhaaa>aii II nr fl'M r^/ r u ^.VriP ^' ? ~ . **arr?aMM4 a Air I arr fa? t A V* ftAf |m* 1 'I ?K<! "? * ? #? 1 Rffllf ? L%M? f t?k aai |a,l>*? '^ra ai *?*"" I ?aWwV.AA im/ ? aSaM.l a ?4'i ? _lf|? ?* 0 ?|?|M??. iaaa *? L Va> 1 A all'itt