Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 29, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 29, 1866 Page 1
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YORK HERALD. =2=32 IfHOLK NO. 11,048. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. . Y i. oZmo will"be rxiD on rbWrn or the JL. ?ill*, fit I ere valueless ",e to UuvMur. 0LARER-ALL BIOHT. rt ^ LEFT TOWN YESTERDAY (WEDNESDAY). cvifeiUf.r..Tgx" F LOUR.?I CANMOT KEEP APPOINTMENT; AM TOO aawelL 8 BOAR. INFORMATION WANTED-OF CATHERINE CHAVBB, r?jMU>T? Franos^by her deter, At Mrs. Weseeudorf's, MOTION WANTED CONOERNINO THE ?M of Quartermaster Sergeant John O'Keefe, MB O, Thirty-ninth regiment New York Volun ban last heard from waa at Washington An* ra i wtB be thankfully received by hta flBUr, Mary Mew Brighton House, New Brighton, STL F^?FORMATION WANTED?OF THE WHEREABOUTS ^?ef WUllam John Iredle; when laat heard of waa at Rotb ?ram. England. Any information will be thsakfullyreoelved by hie brother, Chaa. Iredle, at Thoa. Falvey's, v7 Jamea street, N. T. rFORMATION WANTED?OF LAURIE CRANDBL. Addreaa H. O., atatlon D. TNFORMATION WANTED.?BU8HARD CARPENTER X died in the King and Queens oounty, State of Virginia, some year* ago, leaving a property to his heirs. Any infor mation reepeotlng the above deooaaed and hia executojs will meet with a liberal reward by application to Alex. Man. kit trick, Guardian Eire lnauranoe Company. New York. JRRI lUIWrUMUUR WlAA M NHUIRIIUI/ nwptTtMpi IWIMUIltJO on Sixteenth street, between Sixth and Sbvenlh avenue*, Month Brooklyn, Go wanna IHNFORMATION WANTBD-OF MARCBLLA MALA ? ban, a native of Klllelan. county Klldare. Ireland; wan last board from about live yeara ago: the than lived with Nr. Nortbdrop, M Olive street. New Haven, Oonn. Any In formation respecting bar will be thankfully received by her daughter, Maroella CnUen Malahan, Carton Lodge, May. nooth, or by Mr. Bdward Malahan, Ballymahon, county Longford, Ireland. {F RICHARD OR JOHN DUOAN. WHO WBRB IN Cattfornla about the year 1S60, will address Wm Mul iger, corner of Howard and Franklin straota, Baltimore, ey will hear of something to their advantage. TF RO ROBERT LATOU, LATE 8HIPJOINER, WILL SEND hie address to Beattle A Fowle's, 935 Broadway, N . Y., greatly oblige John Letou. m CULLBN BRYANT?PLEASE CALL AT THE offloe of the Brandreth Houae for an article you lived. Mrs. a , of thirty-nixth street, will please remove her furniture Utla waek from 8ixth avenue, or A purchaser can be had. CAULINE.?WHEN PARTING. WE AGREED TO meet on the 36tb. I waa there Saturday, Monday, and lb# there neat Saturday, at 5 P. M. PAUL. s TADT THBATRB.-W., a letter awaits you in ' the N. Y. Poat office. 8THB heirs of the late bdwabd m. robin X ton, formerly of Now Bedford. Mass., can learn some tfl'lf UaS*Boa'bj commuDt*aUa< with J De W. matrimonial; YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRES THE ACQUAINT g|i|mEgm|nmamMK view, matrimony. Ad A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DE8I1 JX ance of a pretty young lady; i dreae 37 ?. box MB Ifarald offloe. TIT ANTED?THE ACQUAINTANCE OF A YOUNG ? v lady of talent and discretion, with view to matrimony. Addreaa B. F., Herald offloe. LOST AMD FOUND. T~VOO LOST?$10 REWARD, ON THURSDAY 32D JLT Inst; a Setter 8!ut. oolor black and tan, white feet and Breast. The above reward will be paid by returning her to ISO Washington atreel. IVOUND-AT THE FRENCH THEATRE, ON THE 1STII, If a pteoe of Jewelry, which the owner can have bycall k?^at for this advertisement OST-A BUMiOF MONET, BETWEEN WALL STREET? J and Beavar atmat Delmontoo'a; liberal reward for its povary. Addreaa box 8.M5 Poat offloe, T OBT?A CERTIFICATE, NO. 18,988, ISSUED TO H. P. MJ Hall, for twenty abarea xtock New York Central Rail Sped Company, endorsed with power to transfer tame to H. P. Eetebum. The public are cautioned net to pure haws the same, aa the transfer baa been ? topped. LHOST?ON MONDAY, A BLACK JET BARRING ? Ander will be rewarded Mmdagg|mm|MHlihJ||n jet earring ttie X OHT-1N OOINO PROM ts WASHINOT0N PLACE Tol JLi the corner ofThompeon nnd Fourth streets and from by car to Twentieth atreet on Saturday craning, a IffllkfflMritaMMrifeMDIi^Hardtil by ?RMR Fur Tippet The finder will be aultably rewarded by returning the mme to 18 Washington plane. T OBT?ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 87, IE OOINO FROM MJ Broadway and Tenth street through Broadway and Fifth avenue to Thirty-first atreet a OOld Sleeve Button, with coral ball In the centre. Tbefinder will be liberally re warded en leaving It at 41 Broadway, up stairs. T OUT?ON TUESDAY EVEN I NO, 17TH INST.. A ROLL MJ of Money In Washington street, near Fulton. The finder will receive a liberal reward and thanks of the owner by leaving? at 188 Washington atreet. LMOST?SATURDAY EVKNINO. OOINO FROM SPRUCE ? street to 81 Rapelye street. South Brooklyn, via Hanoi. ten ferry, a package containing paper, of no value to any one E^Bt the owner. The finder will be suitably rewarded bv ^?vlng It at No. 8 North William atreet, New York, or S3 ^|pelve street. South Brooklyn. T OST?ON WEDNESDAY NIOHT, JINT, BETWEEN MJ Deabrnaaea atroet ferrv and Macdougal street, ? cameo marring, set with pearls, filo will he paid for its return to 18 Carmine street. LOST-ON TUESDAY, A SMALL AMOUNT OF Money in green back.. The finder will be liberally re. * d by leaving the I street. worded bv leaving the same with Gardiner A Wageta P. 81 Fine atri "f OST?YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. ON BROADWAT, MJ between Twenty-sixth and Tenth streets, a drab leather Parse, Studded with steel, containing about $18 and a small piece Valenciennes edge. The finder will be snitabiv re warded by bringing the above to 8D West Twenty.ninth St. OBT?STRAYED, FROM STABLES 110 WEST Twenty ninth street a bay Horse, 9 years nld, had on donbiaj^rneaay wjth letters^F^ K. oc the saddle $10 re ward M John r. Kebler's, 410 8lxth avenue. T OST?ON WEDNESDAY, OOINO FROM SECOND XJ avenae. Tompkins Market, Astor place and Broadway, a Babic Cellar. Ten dollars reward will be paid at 183 Second avenae to the finder. REWARDS. R BWARD.-DOG LOST, ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, IB Fortieth Greet, a white Pointer, with email yellow on head and body; anawara to nam* af Don. A lib Oral reward ?ill_b* paid for 111* return to US M wllson ar. REWARD ?LOST, 0* THE MD IM8T. IN T1JK ~ undlaiid Pif. t) tidal IT of Harlem, a (potted Newfoun _ I on a '-bain ro'Ur, engrared W. D Sear la, N Y tSo Her, by calling at 61 Naaaau (treat, trill reeeite tha abora rerd. $5> REWARD ?LOST, ON WEDNESDAY. SI ST INST., alitor la Twelfth atreet, Slith ar Ponrlh atano* nr la ?roadway, a narrow rhaaed Hold Rand. Tha flndar will r*. i the abora riward by leering llal 78 V '~ fin REWARD.-LOST, BETWEEN FOURTH AVE fll" ana. on Twanly nlath atraat, aad Laatngtoa ara ana la Thirtieth atraet, a Pair Gold By* Glaaaaa. Ilia a bora Will be paid on tearing Ibam atdd Raat Twenty ninth Ureal. m REWARD?FOR A BAT HORSE: LEFT HIND foot white, while atrip* on forehead, with ha roaae of Raat Thirty fifth "treat end Third OB, loot rrom corner of Raat Thirty n I ih "treat and 7 areaue on NoramberlM. J. F KTAHMEK, Ml Firm i REWARD?LOST, ON MONDAT EVENING, *? SMI? ? L-"5 f 10 tba Nth toot, a large Maatif. two yeara old. anawara >a the aiaa ef Jack Tha abora reward win be promptly rby returning htm to W Waal atraat, oornar of North re atraat, and no queetlone aafcad ?in REWARD-LOST, ON THE I7TH INST. BE* ? IV/ Iwaaa Hamilton ? treat Brooklyn, and New Harm aiaemboat, a boodle of Paper*, with a pair of I.ad1*?' Root*, hieb ar* or no ua* to ooy one hut the o (word will b* paid and lb* thank* of tha owner by tearing ha package at P. En***'. 166 Maiden Una, oral I'herl*" raaater'a, aoraad of Pulton oraaaaaad Hamilton atraat, ^ REWARD.-LOST, A HEAVY BLACK AND Tea mat: baa brown eyaa, ooowar* to the name of J Tea Slot baa brown eyaa. ooowar* to the n* _ leal on or about Uat electloa day. Apply at L auer. 71 Oraaa* atraat. tl C REWARD-LOST, PROM THE STABLE, NO ?7 y lO Waal Saraotaanth atraat. an Italian Greyhound. Pawn rotor Whoarar wlU ratum him to No I a em Nina tee nth wraat, will raaaira the abora reward. $15 EEWARD-LOST. ON SC ND AT RYR NIHIL NOT. %j IS. In Blaeehar or leruratwi ? Coral Scarf pin r?p~ jntinf s uahap*c*'a head. The abora reward will be paid lea Tin# llwitb Mr Brlnrkarboff. II Laroy *t. fOA REWARD-LOST, ON Tt'RRDA Y NIGHT, fTTH in*! , between } and S o'clock going from Jonaa' Aa Mmbly Rooma to Blaaaker riraat and Broadway, a Bracelet a rireaant from a daraoaad brother. Tha abora reward will tea paid upea lb* aama being retaraad to ?S Fldrtdge . i atraat. ?nghB .HOTS AND DIYINES - INCLCDINO RKVsl Potter. Hopbine. Dii Trog, Imltb. N*wtan. Coil aa. Waataa. Huntington, Muhlenberg and Ylaton. alaj IT* Dora, artlat. Kale Batamaa. aotreae. Ring and p of Prnaala, Thlara. tha Ma lee men wWhanleto* na i ha pctam of Ahakaapimra, Rdodatton, by Jaba Naal. ^^^?Uaaattan, by Jaba Naal. ^^^?tng riaodt, A Natural Ufa, la Daaembar rBREB<'Logical oabto rrTJt^tsnwars OCR nurotcnoii. _ *a graduate^or^i^lwiviraSlMT^^^ A bridge, England. prisaaaan a ad *1-scholar of hla ool ' -i_Z. 1 "TZTla? 4- PlaaaUa Ualka^iL. DVl IBUHINB88 EDUCATION?TOWN8RNDK COMMER alal Academy, MO Bowery. Private Inatructloo, day and dMrikdlHHMlMriMliMtflHHHM Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Ac. Apartmeuta^mM^m A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS VIS1TINO OR A resident governess in a private family; Is competent to teach the English branches, music and French. Address A. L , Herald ogee. A * EXPERIENCED AND HIOHLY EDUCATED ..Tutor, with the highest references, now engaged with families of the best standing, has a few hours lor pupils in English, Classics and Mathematics. Young men prepared for business or college. Address A. M., bos IB Tribune oflloe. A BUSINESS EDUCATION?INSTRUCTION IN PEN manship, bookkeeping, arithmetic, correspondence, Ac., et GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Institute, 746 Broadway. Established 1840. Private Instruction. Rooms for ladles. BOOKKEEPING, WRITINO. AC.. FOR BUSINESS. Mr. DOLBKAR, 009 Broadway, teaches Bookkeeping practically, as used In the beet New York houses. He elso removes stiffness, cramping or trsmbling from the worst hand, and makes elegant business penmen. /COUNTING ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND INSTRUO V TION IN BOOKKEEPING AND BU8TNKRH AFFAIRS Established end conducted by C. C. MARSH, Author of the Popular Works on Book keepings US Broadway. Circulars. French in sixty lemons-bo per month. From the flrst lesson pupils read, translate and answer In French to Prof. JOSEPH J. OBIERRE, No. B Fourth avenue, near Tenth street. ("10VERNE88 WANTED?TO GO TO THE COUNTRY, T e French lady, eapable of teaching the French language and muaic, to instruct n young miss of IS. Address II L. it., St. Nicholas Hotel. PROFESSOR L. MALKJIEUX, FROM THE UNIVERS itv of Psrls. No. I Irving piece, will commence, neit week, classes of French language, for ladle* and gentlemen. Lessons three time* a week, from 4 lo ( and from 7 to H P. M. Terms o| 24 lessons $M. Private lessons of literature end conversation. Rapid method; highest references. Professor M. receives subscriptions daily till 10', A. M. SITUATION WANTED-AS GOVERNESS, BY AN ESQ Ush lady; eiperieaoed in teachlug the English branches of education, French and the piano, on which she la a good performer; has the highest recommendation. Appiv to a Rodewald. 38 Kirhanga piece. WANTED?A TEACHER FOR TnR SAVANNAH CATU vv olic Free School. No one need apply unlets competent to teach the classic* end the higher brenchee of en English education. Salary, $1,200 for the M-holaetic year, of ten months. Applications to he forwarded to rbe Right Rev. A. Verot, Bishop of Savannah, JOHN A. FOWEB, Secretary. TCCB Ti n F. CTASH10N COURSE. L. I. T TROTTINO THANKSOIVINU day THREE FIXE TROTS FIRST RACE AT 11 A. M.?Pur*# .n,l auk' or $KS, mil* heata, boot three In five. .1. K. Law* nomee sorrel gelding HI.'hard to harness; A. C. Wliltaon name* a. g. Hag" to wagon; J. H Whltaon umm r. m. Mary I-ntiiae to harness. SECOND RACE.?Puree and stake (T/8. mile heats, boat 3 In A AC. Whltaon name* h. a. Std Nichols to wagon, carrying rules of track; J, II. Whltaon nauiea a. a. Claranee to harness or wagon, carrying owner'* weight; J. Orogan name* h. h. Hnneat Peter to 100 Ih wagon, carrying rulea of track; owner name* b. g. Troublegnme to wagon, carry ing rule* or track Amateur driver to dr re Tba nbore rare* hare no dtatanoe eieept for font driving. MATCH FOR (HOO.-MU* boat*, beat S In ?. toharneaa. Wm. McRobert* name* h. g. Hrown BIU. Charlea Lang worthy name* b. m. h'ellte Baker. The above match waa postponed at SeCaiioua owing to tba bed weather and will come off at 1 P. M SOBOKEX COURSE.?TROTTINO THURSDAY, NOV. i?, for OHO. Mile heata, to harneea: beat three In Are, ' or par James I.udlnw name* a. g. Sandy; J. H. Far rant name* a. g Discount; E. DeCamp name* a. g. J. R. Me Pberann The trot to take plan* at t o'clock P. M preclaely. Alao a Rnnning Raw, four entrtw, nule heata, at 10k o'clock P. M. Other eutrlee for the ranmog raoe can be made on tbe ground on the day of the race TWO TROTS ON THE UNION FlAirF MILE TRACK, Keremy-aeoorid atreet and Hloomlngdale road, on Thurs day, November Sb aUlu dock. Flret trot Is for (100 a aide. F. Daley ogifigf Honest John, to wagon; E. Bloom name* a. m. Nelly, to wagon. Second trot, for $300 e aide. Tboe. Ogle name* Counterfeit, to herna^., Mr Brown name* Mary Brown, to mi pound waJfiT WflBttli, i . - ? JAMES FISLay: Msnagff UNION COURSE, L. t.?TEOTTINO.?HOLIDAY EN tertalnmcnt Thursday. Norember 20, at I P. U. Purae and atake of (ITU, mile heal*. J In 5. la wagon and drlrrr weighing 22S Ibe., profe**l?nala to drive. The owners enter b. g. flroeery Hot, hr. g. Franc*, cb. g. Captain, b. g. Corco ran, oh. m May(ow*r WM. 8HAW. Proprietor. MPtMlTI \ t J. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOB BALE?FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beam; about Are month* old; built of oak and eupper fattened; baa accommodations for eight persona beside* tbe crew; la well found In every re spect. Apply on hoard at foot af East Tenth atreet. Daniel poster, is rooskyelt street, hah all the choice breed* of Dogs. Foster a Infallible Mange Cures and Flea Eitermlnator, 7J rente Medicines lor all disease* DOOR AND BIRDS FOIt SALE-THE I.AROEHT AND best selection of those fine bred Doge la at B. DO TRY'S, MO Canal street, near Church. Small Slack and Tan Tar rtera; Fupa of the same, ?mall King Charles Spaniel* Italian (Ireybounda. Scotch Terrtera, Bat Dog*, Ac. Pock ing Birds. Canaries he In go-id song. Bayer* will do well by calling before purchasing elsewhere- Does hoarded, trained, he. MadJrine* for all diaeeaw. Mocking bird food for tale. YTIRARCIB BUTLER. NO 3 FECK BLIP, HAH ALL THE r choice breeds of Dog*. Butler's Infallible Mange cure and Flea Enermn.aior 7( cents. Sutler's new work on tba Dog, $3. Doga trained. b?arde<I. ha Mediduee for all dle r YNOR BALE?'TOE BEST ASSORTMENT OF FANCY F Foerta and fancy Pigeons In Amerlaa, of heel imported etnek; alao eatra Ane Heme Fowls By WM. H. PI I.LIH, 211 Fulton streak, N. Y. rl? POfllTTVEI.Y ' BRTAIN THAT THERE WILL BB great ?port at King's Eioeltlnr salttie Omuod lo-dar. aa several skillful players have algniAed their determination to be on band. ttv West Forty-Ural atreet. N. Y. TOHN ORAT. II ROOSEVELT hTKEBT?HAS K''R *) sale Newfoundland Dega Bull Terriers, small Black nnd Tan, Scotch.and Sky* r?vrleo gpltr Doga, small Poodlw. a*mil Italian Oreyhonnda. he. Mammoth ht Bernard pi p. i months old. S3 Inches big), weight ISA pounds, all Pup* ? weeks old of aaaae atoek; Seeto t'npa Still I'upa. Black and Tan Pupa, Barce Watch Doga of all tiraed*, Rat Dogs of all breeds; Pointer*. Betters; warranted, fair trial glren. on* Duck Dog of tbe water spa an I and setter breed, tbe heal retriever from lead and wale; In the country. H OARDN'EB m William street between New Chamber* and Pearl ?^t'i>r#ED-A THofcorOHBRRD BLAC* AND TAN TV Sim. ant to eicaed Ave pound* weight, muat be fully grow n . (30 win be paid fur same. Inquire at BO WCarter street. WANTED??M WILL BB OIYBN FOR A NEW. VV fnundtand Dog, either full or half breed: one that Is suitable to welch a stars. Any person having such a one may And a ready purchaser by applying at comer of Bar clay and Meat aireel, in tba liquor atoru. TIT ANTED?A LaROR NEWFOUNDLAND DOO TO take In the country; I am willing L,, pay about |*0 for a gi nd one. Any nue having aneh a dog lo dlaposa of will please call In tba giocery store. KM Madlaon street TITANTBD-A FIRST CI.ABS HAIL BOAT, ABOUT VV ? feet loaf, handsomely finished and furnished com ptete. Address R C. D., bei 114 Herald odlee. HORSKS, ( ARRMUBS, MC. A RESPONSIBLE PARTY WANTS A OOOD FAMILY D. Horse nnd aeoi.nd hand Wagon and Harrises, la good ?yMer, would |jg, t* pay in mootl ly leemlmaata Addraaa A POACH. THRRR COUPES, THREE f'ABRIOLAH, t?. one Dog ? art, all a*.end hand also 1i Arahlteet. Herald' one*. RRE I Coup**, at 10 par eaat leaa than Broad way stores. JOHN C. HAM 10 Kaat Fourth at. aoroar of Broadway ATM LIBRRTY STRBPT-ONB COUPB ROCKaWAT. two lap Buggiea and oua no top, but little uard. and new <*n lags* an) Harness, at reduced rrtea* N. MOON BY. A DOUBLE HORSE WAOON, LOW PRICED. WaNT ed?For farm work alee a man ta arork a track farm on share*, must he an etpertem-ed man and well rtmn mended Apply for one week to B. B. Dt'MVILLE IM Ninth avenue comer NIBctoemk oruet. Am TRUCK FOR SALB-A DOURLR FRED WAOON " gc-'M"'dm i aold for went of sea Inquire at feed 'tore. (43 Third arauue. sorarr Twenty seventh street ARCSINBSB WAUON. NRW AND SRCOND HAND Truck* for sale at No tg Ninth arauue, corner of Thlr leanlh street I. PRIaL Aorra? raroain -three close matched teams *f tba heat ' aoadian I'onle* la Ik* Stale*. I* hands rary pewarfal, St for any kind of us*, and very 'heap All jest from Cased* and meat b* aold la three day* tea Paarl street ACOAUH-SUTTABLR for first clabs city hackles. Mar lined, palsied and striped In a superior manner; wtf h* aakd at a bargain. To he eeaa at MS Waat Tuauty 1 ?? rF?*^'^Aanar^!A2nCy.*?S fhm*^i*j53rter?vJd mJU ft M Terref, OAXUUAOM. AO. U?OB RALE?A GRAY MARE, 10 YKAR8 OLD, X1 out or track, aheap; good walker. AppMMAfl* street, between Bleeeker an<l Fourth streete r?R BALB-A PAIR OF ELEGANT DRIVING HORSES. I ? Buggy end Harness, complete. To be aeen at Wilt's stablea, JBl Fourth ? rR BALE-A LIGHT TOP WAGON. NEW THIS spring: to be sold cheap. Inquire of Peter, at Mar chanU' stablea, St and 91 Wmt Twenty-ninth street F Twenty OB RALK-A COMPLETE TURNOUT; TWO ELE rant Horace. Phaeton and Ruggy. built by Brew.tar; Harness. Ac. Will be eold low, aa the owner baa no uee for them. Apply at 96 Fifth avenue. Fob balb-a horse, six years old. bound and kind; fit for cart or truck; eold for want of uee. Apply at 373 Second avenue. tflOR HALE-A BAY H0R8E AND HARNESS HUITA l ble for expreaa er grocery wagon. Apply at 30 Barclay For pale?a chestnut mare, six years old-, sound and kind; close to 16 bauda high; aood stock, ean trot fast. WIU lie sold low. Inquire at lift West Forty XjV)R SALE-A BROWN HORSE. PIT POR A BUSINESS r wagon, or for a fermrr, all years old; sound and klod. 152 Myrtle avenue, FOR SALE-ONE WORK HORSE. ASK FOR COL. Weaton, at McQuade A Co s etablee, Forty-third atreet and Slith avenue. POR BALE?THREE SECOND HAND CARRIAGES In good ruunbig order Apply at JOHN McQL'ADE A CO.'N stables, Forty.third street and Slsth avenue. For sale?a single horse truck, horse and Harness, together or separate; horse 7 years old. sound and kind; truck nearly new. Apply at 18ft Maiden lane. For kale-one bay horse. i?k hands high, a years old, warranted found and kind In all harness; also one bay Horse, 15 hands, 10 years old, to be sold sheep this week. Inquire at 447 Cherry street F OR SALE?TWO GOOD WORK HORSES. PRICE (114) Sold for want of use. Apply at 164 West Thirty tret at FOR sale CHKAP-A BAY HORSE; SIX YEARS OLD; lOfi hands high; sound and kind, and a nice driver; would make a good family or ooupe horse. Call for two days at 302 Ninth sveoua. First class private stabler for falr-on the north side Seventeenth street, west of Sixth avenue, lust being finished Immediate possess Ion will be given. Dimensions 21i?U feet. Apply to E H LUDLOW A CO.,! - - Government horse blankets, new, $1?; Wagona, Tents, Ambulances, Wagon Covers, Rubber Covers, McClellan Saddles, Mule Harness. Knapeacka, colt's Revolvers, Clothing. W A. CARTER. tt Cortkodl. Horses kept through tiie winter?address Oscar LlndHey. Orcen Village. Morria county, N. J., or Moreati A Parker, 11*1 West street, N. Y. H ORSBR BOARDED FOB THE WINTER. Apply 10 JAMB" K WILLETR, Roalyn, 1. 1. STABLB.-PART OP a new up GROUND STABLE to let. At 147 East Twentieth street. room for two horses ?o<l one carriage Apply *178 East Nineteenth atreet after (P.M. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A UORHE THAT CAN trot la 2 SO, sound and kind and not a puller; at laaat II bands high. Address B. M. B. boi 1.818 Poat office, ?tatlng price and all particular!. TIT ANTED?TO BUY OUT, AN ESTABLISHED LIVERY TV Stable, |u a good location Addreaa Livery, Herald Low prt" Add",.. %. U. Athanwum < tab. ^STKD-HOME \V three to all yearn, old. Jtevrret paw Nineteenth WANTRD-A BAROAIN. IN A PAIR OF YOUNG, aound. atyllab Horaaa, about 31* minutes; with Cunpe, Victoria, Wagon. Buggy, A'., la good acektlea. Address, with |*rtleuiara and Ion cat prlea, for one week, boi I.570 Poet office. SPECIAL NOTICES. /"kFFICE OP THE ATLANTIC MAIL STEAMSHIP ,7 CSKipsay. No. 5 Howling Green. New York, Nov. 1J lSdd ?By older Of (]je fiVPld fit illnytan, potloe U hereby St that In coniiNiaence or the election sii-olnlod to have held on the l*th of November Instant, not having been puraiiant to aoch appointment, an electbin or nine directors of tbla company and three Inspectors of tbe netl eueeeedtng election will tie hahl at tba offloa of the rompanv on Friday, the 11th day of Janugly, 1M7, at 12 o'clock M. Tbe transfer bvoki at Ifegogce or the Fanner*' Loan and Trtiat Company will be nloaed from tba 10th to the 14th of January, 1W. The nolle will bo open from 12 to I o'clock FRANKLIN ALLEN. Heoretary_ rrUE MEMBERS OP KKYRTONK LODGE NO ZM, P. 1 and A. M , are requested to attend a social entertalo, ment to he given In tbe Corinthian Room. Odd Fellow*' Hall, on Friday evening, 30th Inst . it 7U o'olock. CALEB K. BRUNDAOE. Chairman. Atrraourr Ysonass, Secretary. OKI UOOMi A FULL (IEE MINK CAPE (CARDINAL) FOR HALE low, at M4 West Forty-seventh street, near Tenth ave nue, cottage bouse CNARPET8, CARPETS.?II. O. FARRKLL. *7 TO 371 J Thlrty-llflh street, noe door east of Elgbik avenue. Panic prices In Carpets and Furniture. Look at the reduc lion ?Venetian Stair 4ft-'., old HOp Cotton and Wool iic . old SOr : All Wool 7Rc , old $1 25 Super In grain" (I to ?125 old il 75 in $1 Ml Our entire atock of t Arpets and Puraltoreof all kinds wrreepoml with the above reduction K Ory article mild warranted aa renreaented and delivered frro. Brussels Carpets, Blsnketa and Oilcloths redooed equally low. C7ARPETB. DAMAOED CARPETg.?H. O PARRELL. ' 257 to 271 Thirty fifth atreet. one door cast of Eljjhth avenue, has purchased at tt Asa A Co., .U Chambers I and 44 patent XX Ftrnaeela Cartels, slightly damaged nil the voyage of Importation, which will ho sold si a great bargain, for a few day* only. Also an Immenso a took of Three, ply sad super Ingrains will be also told cheap before the close of ths holidays. All goods warranted ae represented th street, one door cast of Eighth t the last great auction sale of Had ? Street, Ira holes of CrosolOy's K Furs, PVR", Fl'RH Indies' sod misses' choice Furs at reduced prtree Bl'Rn K. tt? Broad war. And 125 Fulton street Great sale or drv ooodr at CORNYN BROTHER*', <67 Eighth avenue ORKAT HALE of French Merlnoes, Plain, Plaid and Rtrlned Poplins. Plain and Htrtped Plain and Fig tired Delaines ORMAT HALE of Musiios. Flannels. Ltosua, TsbleOtolka, White ttoodA Hosiery and Kid Gloved GREAT BALK of Cloaking Cloth*, caaalmorwa. Ovaraoat trigs and RattaeiA ORF.AT HALE of Long end Hquare Bro, he Lone sad R'luors India HUk. Poag and Square I'lald Wool and Boa Hlella Bhawla and Balmoral Hkirt* ORKAT AND PEREMPTORY HA LP of Blankets, sad entire etoek, at CORNYN BROTHER*. 487 Eighth aveoaa. near Thirty fourth street. Great bargains in ladikh' fancy purr HKRZOG ANON Win mil. at their wholesale establish ment. No. 10 Park place, tbe large and splendid slock of tad lee' Fancy Furs, at retail, for fifteen days, at radurad prices. IROPOLD I.ANO, AGENT, 141 OR AND NTRP.ET. J near Broadway, formerly uf Maiden lane, offers Ma Stock of mannfantured Furs to hi* former customers and Ua public In get.era I He also will receive orders to make Bau of Furs as desired, and attend to altering and repair ing old seta His course- wlU be moderate, and he will es dearer to give satisfaction to all parties who may wast to employ him. _________ SMILLIE A CO , Tfffi BROADWAY. Between Eighth and Ninth etraeta. wttl offhr on MONDAY. 25TII INfiT . their eotlra stork of BILK* and DRRMR GOOD* al a great reduction. U < loan on before lanuary 1. hMILLIE A ?'?? 7M5 Hroadwoy Between F tenth and Ninth Greet# 8MILLIE A CO HAYE OPENED THE MONT RLE'? ANT ABHriPTMENT OF CLOAKH. BACQVRR BAH4JCEN. JACKF.TH AN|? CIRCULARS IN VELVET AND CLOTH, which cannot bFsuneaaed in America *<? Br-adway. between Eighth and Ninth streets WILLIAM RI'CHANaN MAI KKN1IR Hup'l r) MILLINER" AND COUNTRY STORK K REPP. H* ? At Orand Btreet < l.eep Htore see cut lengthssf Mlillneey Hoods cheaper than down tewn lootwrs ml' whole ptacaa. Call EDWARD RIDLF.VT 3f?. HI sad 111W Grand errant, and 45 5* and 70 Allan "t, fifth from (lower 1 r Ann WORTH OF LADIKA' Ft *?. OF MAIDEN

*t.l "JU lane manqlartory will ha sold on ninety ys With eadoesement Apply to H DEVLIN A CO , 477 Feari atreet. near Chatham iUILI?IO? '* NfPTK K?. AMPVfN KMRNT RMT ? "a- ft Nit ll will leeiure at Deeper Institute aest Monday night ill V ), ?A siplsla the dtaappeiniaaot si parteemd hy the thew made who Iwla4 tetter him there Ust finaday A -CHArm Off Ytl HOLT AAVIOt R t LATE RffiV A. Dr. lliiwks' ehaimsj. farvts? wtl ha aawttoaed ha the Patvasmty khapai oi WseAlpgtea aguar* until tba aaaa ctai MNo'sl DEL a CO*. D B . WILL FRRaOM k living arnwsau la the Warn FlfMilhmiist Fimo. aSKBS^'-'WSrs FINANCIAL. A WIDOW LADY WOULD BE OBLIUED POR THE loau of $50 for Utraa mouth*; security, household fur ultur*. Address Mr* Mac. station Q. G 8C1IMIDT A CO., NO. 1 CHAMBER* STREET European Banker* tud oldest established Pare*) Em press to Herman/. Bight Draft* l**u*d ou ED elites of En rope. Holiday Presents for Oarrnany must be delivered to us before the 1st of Daoember f ITTLB MIAMI RAILROAD OFFICE, CINCINNATI. 1j Ohio, Nor 'id, DM.?Thr illrrctoraof thl* company hare thU day declared a dividend of fd per share, aiclualre of the Income tar. which trill be paid by the company. Eastern stockholder* will, a* uaual, reoelre a check for New York Hudson and after the 96 of lieeember. Those who hare not hareinfore filed with the treasurer a general order to remit will reoelre their checks oo written application to the treasu rer at Cincinnati. S. E. WRIOHT. Treaaurar. M 0 ONKY TO LOAN, AT 7 PER CENT, WITHOUT DE. lay. In large or small amounts, on bond and mortgage on Aral class property In tbls city. KINO A CO.. No SI Weal Twenty-third aueri, Pifth Avenue Hotel. VfONRY TO LOAN AT SEVEN PER CENT, IN LAROE lrl or small amounts, without delay, on bond and mort gage oq Oral class property In tblk city, KINO A CO., No. 9 West Twenty-third street, fifth Avenue Hotel. 1 PICE OP PACIPIC MAIL BTEAMHHIP COMPANY. New York, Nov. 19, IWI Noiire la hereby given that the Board of Dirarlors bare this day declared a dividend of live ner cent out of the net earnings of the quarter ending October 81. parable al thp office or tbe Company on Saturday. December I. The transfer books will be closed Tuesday, November JU at i o'clock P M.. and reopened Monday, December 1. By order of the Board or Director*. T1IBO- T JOHNBON, HaereUrr OFPIcE PACIFIC MAIL 8TBAMHHIP COMPANY, New York. Nor. Hi, 1MM. NOTICE TO HTOCKIIOLDERR Notice la hereby given that the Board of Directors hating In rcssed the capital stock of the company, pursuant to the act Of May 1. DM, lo $ik),UOD.OOO (of which 511,00?) shares re main to be isauedi, hare reserved $5,000,000 In cash out of Ilia profit* of the company for tbe exigencies of the business, and have declared Instead thereof to the persona holding stork oo Hie books of thla company at ths closing of the transfer books on Tuesday. November JO, 1806. at 5 o'clock P. M , a dividend of such AO 000 sharea of the stork of this company as full paid stock, being one share of new stock to every three shares of existing stock. The certlflcslr* will be ready for delivery on and after Wednesday, .lanuaiy A DN7, al the office of the company. N. B ?Holders entitled lo fractions In the shore dividend will rerene a memorandum for the fractions to which they may be emitted, not carrying Interest or dividend, for which fractious, when presented lu sufficient amounts, certificate* of stock will lie lasiiod. Br order of Ibe Board of Director*. THEODORE T JOHNSON, Secretary. The mutual LIFE INSURANCE COJITaNY OP NEW YORK. Office corner of Broadway and Liberty street. P R WINRTON, President NOV I. DM OAHII ARRETS, $17,816,001 *? This company Issues Life, Endowment and Paid-up Poli ties in rations forms, and at raiaa aa favorable as is con-is taut with security. DIVIDENDS ANNUAL AND IN CARD, which may be nsed In payment of premium*, or oo paid-up policies, aa an annual OARH INCOME TO THE ARRUBBD. Attention Is callad to the INHTALMKNT FEATURE, securing to tbe beneficiaries annuities for any number of years after the death of the aaanred RICHARD A. McCURDT. Vtaa President. HHEFPAKD HOMANH. Actuary. 'foVk m ! ?wmtartoa. Fh1< K. JOH lludioo ??ro'. sSrS the trust***, ftom lbs nsl s*rnln|rs Afiir* of ths sj.t'*%3SiS1&Vtt???LS ??? D. r?a>t*r 1. I'M A BHERBJLL.Tr.MOMr, III Brood ,tr?M_ SfKSK - IS, I"*5- _. - ? ?? iVl?ATT?Ai* ' 551^-f asftSSsS?&er?& ? ^?^uo'il. i* ?*-? B %7$a Dlrr lor* yr KB MILTS MCO.u WAU,HT>Mrr. banker* ahi? dralrr* ?? riSVuWS^rJSSSf*""" "??'"r!!?"... i- * ' :|j _ ! l"?_ I I Sfiijj1 IffilB* fe"'? 2 s?ss Si 8Ji? t s Hldfliipon <* ? "? ??, " i 1,7 ? M.? i,2liI,1|^' <io (W|in^ WMD I 2?S m ' aS? d? fl'. UO'. IMJW ?? ffi., do ? ?2U.: ? i"*- "? . ? *"*1 oimmbi - a_ viitt BOND AND MOBTO AOB? $3.oon Msrwr? kt ?? .sr rbiwo"!. |..M WoBQW AHIMi ?.. ?> ? il3?I'l'" ,ir"; ??? ? i $100,000 S : !?????**?.sffiu ?*?>??? ,oPAirr*F.H?MiP?. :SSSS3 VOTKMBKH ?JJ-Js?", ?mnfJ.rnr.? T "" 4 w Tf< KKR r?rt?, Tr?u.?. kDWaRK r **5*^", MAN* W A?PMW?. ???>??$? fltr?#t, ?? ?w Pill LI F "TT.BN. ?|<,Mt Ml* KOMKNHEI*. NATHAN almrkbu. Kr* Too. *"* ' ,i?,m, of Id' U?? co|?rH??r?hlp XT^ESt? nV.K^ ?MB.M. RA? fZrrvr. of rohi^ai'A VJ! "u **-?. ? "'?**? 5^; .in**? r-~ o~ - -''^r^'u'ir: o. _ TJaRTMKK w * * '.',' J . m TM l'ii ?*?[ * * ?> ?? * Ap?,lT f> 7 V^7_*T MmT^-LAP iri"r.JVr?* ?n-? r?. B.D.foow Ira ? npo r arIta'? i- i" f*?i*J|*"*t!ri*h ? proeuW 1 WUA tr? $? ? r,.^iXi.o? AABro.. -?h rol SSTib^-' ?-'? ? ^ ?orA?TyH;mr .^S^TiL I?r?r 1 h*w~n ??!?? PMtl K. I.OIAKAp. "*"? "?'? r,--r - WA-M. .WAFTKU THUJ DAV '? *';r v v,', i. .. to*III. Il*r?ut |OA(| - I'ABTMEH WA ^^t/??\yiA?of ?U W? $|?0';^u*jf*, Si-oxain? 9L0A0;ruc^AHS&B .Ul -Of** ^.^STorTlOl b*0 wfco- *1:1 ' ?^I*Ar?? for Uro **r? * B ?tU _____ fcm |R> H?r?>A ?>"' .? ? ? ?? ~T 7?" A( TIVR partreb wartf.o. with JSi'!!"!--.." ?', V^M A44*-! t" . wj|*f jnt#r#w? ??? ? *y' TL wh*h 222TlLl * ???? \*+* SO w.?-?vrrv -i "ZJlnA l?%:xS?5iS'2S5 thb LWTVW fiifoRTAR* l-B' ^i??2r,3HB2C m ?S3?JSf?^S HURT A?P bavt Kr^s-r" -rn,?' Sw: AMWIWm Broadway theatric admission m canth, TIIURhDAy. thanksgiving bay, TWO performancer MR. CUaRlIs DILLON MISS KaTR*RKIONOLD*. Matlude opto* ?t lite: Utglua ?t IU o'clock. utHtoi* Florence Cl.hKMO.ST. the Arttai ......MR. CHARLES DILLON HK'tlBLIKU AT SIXTEEN, BICHBL1RU, II jeara of MISS RATI RBIONOLDS BVENINO RICHARD III MR CHARLES DILLON supported hv MR J. W LANEKOan aad full company, MAID WITH THE MII.KISO I'AlL. M1LI.Y. with Moot MISS K aTK KBIONOLDR KKID benant of Cll A KI.KH MII.LON. NEW WAY TO PAY OLD DEBTS MONDAY, DECRMHIR %. MISS KATE RBIiiNOLDB ? t>p.Ar lu kic I GERMAN THALIA TI1RATRE M4 Broadway,* Hi. Klehnlaa llotrl. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER ?, IM* TWO PERFORMANCES. Mature.. commencing .t two o'clock. RATAPLAN. DIB HCHWARIN. RIN Sell WIN DLL, Evening performance. .t 8 o'clock. (IRHRUBDRR FOSTER. German htadt theatre, aa and 47 mowrry. Thursday, November 20, TbanBeglrlng Day, Two performances Afternook performtiinA comm.iiclug .lie clock. PBCII-8CHVL2K. Even lug*, to nomineim* .18 o'clock. (li'Live KoulUet'. grand drama, D1,R ROMAN KINKS AKMKN JI'MIKN MANNES (The* of . poor young rn.ii. > 1) ODWORTII HALL, 8118 BROADWAY. TO MORROW (FRIDAY), LART NIOIIT BI T ONE TOR THR KkBHRNT. A CARD.?M. IIAilTE Ijrga to announce ihaLtha 11.11 having been pretlotialy engaged for an Annual fair. hall noiupelleil to illanoiitlutie hi. Magical Soiree* After thl? week, end taka? thIm opportunity of thanking th* public toe th. v?rv llh.rnl patronage h*atowed upon Dim. Ha Will reopvn at the above Hall on Monday, Ucr 17. TO.DAY, NOV. 10 (THANKSGIVING DAT). AtlP M., Kitr. Performance of the reuownad Dlualnnf#!. ?THE MYSTERY." "TIlE MYSTERY. A HUMAN HEAD FLOATINO IN THE A1K, And oilier Mira.lra will b* performed. THIS EVENING, NOV. 10, BIOIITVFI RST SB (NCR "TIIK MYHTKKY. "THE MYnTERY." A HUMAN HEAD FLOATING IN TUB AIR Mr. A. Sedgwick will perform en the Eugll.b Concertina. TICKETS ft. .; RESRItt'ED SEATS SH nan IM eecured .1 thh 11.11 from Hltll 4. Doore open ?' 7M: eommenr. ?t 8. SATURDAY MATINKF. ATI CHILDREN HALF PRO R. MULTUM IN I'ARVO VERT SOOB ryjRH. r B C<)NWAYH^PA?T|J^TBB, BROOK MRS D. P.'BOWERS aa LADY AUDLBY. aaaiated try MR. J. C. MoCOLLOM aa ROBERT AUDLBY. 1IIURHDAY?GRAND MATINEE?ICE WITt'll Tony pastor s opera house. m sowfrv. THANKSGIVING DAT, TilANESOIVING DAT. TWO GRAND PESTIVaL PKRPORMANCBs GRAND MATINEE AT 2W O'CLOCK. Doore open .1 |W. A MONHTRR PROGRAMME of BRILLIANT NOVELTIES. The great auceaeful apeoternlar burlewioa, TIIE FAIItlRS OF THK HUDSON, and th. entile niammotli variety troupe In a MAGNIFICENT olio OF WIT AND HUMOR C7HARLEY WHITE'S TROtPB, J at Brvant'a ' -dianK*' llall, 472 Broadway, near Grand ? Ireel, will gtre IXTIIA PKRKORMANCE THIS IIIANKSGIVINO DAT, i il tNKHGIVTNG DAY, flOMMRN ING AT 2H THIS AFTERNOON Alan uaual '.taint Knlertelnmant IN THE EYE NINO COMMENCING AB USUAL SRAVER'S OPERA no SB?LATE ODBON. BROOK lyn. V. It lloh'h < ?k Orand cLanwa of program, me Harry Leahe a. Mri . lopbalaa Rah noes, Geo II. foea, Mr and Mr. to *,,/Queen. Waah Norton, In a b'tdget of new Ar-ta. Songa O ? Be Matioa* TnaakagtGug day at t o'r lock J^BLLV A Lhon u MINBTRBLH. 7WI BROADWAY. K iithualaaUeallj ... spied by tha The LPON L over* of uitoatr. lay aa the Tbermly J.PtiN. I. irlng impersonators of The wonAorfal LEON. .L o'tng Afrlaa. I'nr., nailed Ming. "AhMm (Hung*" AMD imM with rae.rv ? il Hscio " la *?,, D,,V#e, I. slighter aud Aad with Um poanlTr K nomas many I ight Co madias aad iVxallat. N Lh, ?r KPWIW OUT l? tb ? w orand Nurlasqog of B'Uaarto. A hKTHITZ'M klt'HIi IMhTITUTR Ad. BeaaadoHr i'lMp.f, , _ KTHCK B MUSIC lULL. Ill Klfh'h street, Mtm Broad way oad Pnarth fret, ,e. P1RRT AOIRUL ThTmdaT. WW M. I At UAVdF AND BEKTlioVBB. To maiMM at 8 o'deeg. M,',iTnr1* ?" ??"*? *">?. from ? to g o'rloefe, ai tha ogtea of tbo faatliuie e. anhchiits. LADIES' fair. I _ i* a id or me , ... . r?**r" ? H DC AT. ESPRIT, founded In the seventeenth rvntury by THE Ifl'UUBNOTR, ivlU ho held at I DODWOBTTI HALL, HI BROADWAY, commencing 3d, < Owing 7tb Dmmbcr. Op? from II A. M. to II P. If A, T?? EIPTH EIHIBITION OP FRENCH AND ri.kM Uh Pbriar** la ootr open at lb* modi" banding. T?nlb at reel ARTIBP*' Pl'ND MOCIBTT?NOW OPEN THE seventh annual Rihlbltlon, at lb* gallertea ..f ike Ma Uooal Academy of Daelfri, aoruar of Tseiity third (treat and Fourth .venae, from t A. M to ( and fruet T In Id P IT open Thanksgiving day and evening. C"TREAT MANONIi: PAIR IB AID Of THR HAM. AMD T Aaylutn Tund. al the ooraerof Orand andOr,,.ny straeta Open* Wo.1na.lay .van In*. December A I obi Adoilatfoo * reat. Noaaon lleketa $1 ^r.dilrlb.i!of* are raoua.lad lo (and lo Ibatrgnoda allheal FI^RED K MOI.LF. Nil ACER * ANNUAL CONCERT? Hatuiday evening Dae I IWM. lo Irviag Hat! aaalaled nv Mil II J oh eon art,. Mad Zimmerman, ArVm hoateiy. *" "r".. 't ""?e?l>?M. M .llenhanar. R. A Wallah ate In. H K lliwoda Mooter r mil Mnllanhauer (oadurt.iv H*rr Carl Aaarhu'l. Ticket. gl ml p. be had lo tha prin cipal innals itnroa. mcbeya and RE^tm^D^BPATR run *^1. THE OFF. Mam. Onnrarte and planaa of am iwil for tale and an ,ra-l for any n gilt la edraip-e al Ike ottl.a known a. lha rihT'jki tk ket office. al ('bickering A Bon a pl.iA iircnai VrJ Rr ,.d?.y Wvmh a.M.|g and Rood at atraaia IJl RKvy;n RPaTV KtiR ri|K TIIPiTKI 'V Opera to be had at tb* Railroad TVh. t adc*. Metro polii.t. Hotel N V II If AIliHD O...I |>KNERYED HBATB PUR AM, TIIRATRRB I AB IV be obtained at the t antral Tlrket ogloa THKo H. (LA UK I at poller of MTinaa and Ta.a, ?I Mr-ada.r CE' I HP.D NP.ATH lot lM PUR i~ THkATRKN aND AVI gpMRNTN POR TO Nltllir ' Til A NMOf Y{ N'l for aale at Iba turn 1 fb let '>A.? at t'hir*rring A Anna m Bmadaay 'open till a".a..*od al iba Plfia A># i-ta It# ial reading r ?/tu opoa all day ?t d avrB|,,g HAI.I.n PAIRlt AC.. A*' ' AN MR AOroWMODATRD antb nlgbla al abbev of tha uaw . .d aptandll an |?ai Kieima ru Pil.r. II.II. 7rn aad Ttl afilb ...... and Lyrl. Hail romer of Mtradaay .od Party aaaanto aire.* Tnaaa r wa ungtrir UfANTFD BY t VOI'ti git A TPA' HRR >7f gyainaaue. aad arrohalie*. *<Kh a. .r? prrf..rmad m dfwrt lewaon. lo b. ?l.-n .1 leaehr, a .aatdaae. 4 1 J R?RMRggMttt?N, w B, Ma?Modka. IJARR UHAB4TR.?AM IMTRRKitT IV a PfReT CLtrt i\ iM7?^:^r' ?m i? ? T> RU II4NOR POR DRY oooiMl ~ _ a -fiatw and to ion a> kp.* or (.Ann IS a Waaler a M'ala to bar a small n*t nt mm ?, ,..a for a Waatgrn Ottkri Addtr.. I a "TP v p. it a, A3 Rt'mdway. room Ma I. flip. ADVRRn*RN IIam poi H RNTIR8I.T NPW I tnialnaa. ar"|erta Aotaita d anv ratiatM. u.,a r baslneaa aad having from 8?fi to gl *JTa fat* In (Moo addraaa lUmm/.n llarald i l.r $1 "kO V ft1*. AT "?"OMAL flOTRf^ vlt'o ft m II lo I If ytai waat baataaaa * $i .lino. esfsj3us~ -??*-r $10000 W ?**?"?. A W?OD Rt'aivpa* MAN T * "" ' "> 'aha rharoa .A a b ..tnaaa la a W.var fe.*~ ? oaaa -arrytng a .lb It the aala of two tmt..nar.t m-.. le-Tgraaaatr miab nrni Bt. A T HTMAM'h, ggg RROAIrWAT (t.MMP* A>.?f*" ?W ? p^4 ?ba blgkaat prw? 'or waAehaa aad Klvaraara ar mW>? -? ta. iMMPR OP MO?D fH??>11, A* NO ? A Avaama Watak*. Jam the aaaaa, WRtrr TWBMTT TWIRD wTRRRT iPIPTII ?Mil iba bMAaat p.tea said fa* Inaaaab, ?by aad arUatls af amoa.a? advaai it made aa A'-itT'S ? RADEON WAT< RB?. MAlKrBDa JRW p Maaik. and Parmmal n tgarW af oat Aa A iAt.'BiaO* III tfvaod rnaoat taa ?art larey srFai JMvupaossm nciKT? n^nmo or dia r WBirtii aA?A(#? attfei lllddlMN Aw A a am# air baaudii ad tea atgbesd aaob trmm at ot. a ear h.Vrtf I'HANCAIH 'rchaatra $|, 1 'fl* ft I ?a!lap? lUi << ANVIBNlllTi. dtWA. I i.H. ?? rT?*r'*<1 ?*?U ?> MU? . Till Iim>a\ K?KM?luJrwU? ?, 7V o'clock | raatoaJy. LE Roman 'j*?**** *?***<$ 'lOMkoT. ""MAN U I NK IIHCRE, oU 1. TO I. LB OAOl'RRK irw ni it?4 iiv *?> mm *<t. Ull CLUB "f ^KMmKm raiiUMi*. to act by Ltbtcht. - L *movh. yi'K yiTM-ktiT yc ci? fkIiSaTEvfevr h? "4iniu*kn'1 Nm^ Stiff*J X^Ti^I HKKRriT TO diaRSft?wwU,JJ"M ASI> phivbt. CtAI.ATiIKI, Ouffg ).? Victor Miaac SATURDAY, I)? I. ^ *' 7 We1or OHiKD OlJtllA MATINI'.R aT I O'CLOCK ARMIKHiiN (INK [SnM.AR Tlclw* oflkwat R**r *, ft'"/""fa. Rll Rroadway, aad Maooy A HsrwH'a, Ha And 114 Broadway. NEW YORK THEATER OPPOPfn M. Y. HOTEL. Mariagsra Lawla Hater and Mark hroltb ORirKITffOAnilT ATTHP^IKAM) TllANKH*ilVlK(? today, at I o'rloafc. Doom ?pan at' ny. Admiaabw |1; ckildran half nrtaa. Alao tonight at A o'clock and s?ary stoning. the licw, plalurcaRtta, thrilling an t romantic drama of the paaalona. ha August In Pair. author ..f laah. il.a Koraafeaa, Ac , founded oo ctiariaa Raadt'a grant u.nal, an Utud fiRirrrrn oaumT: or. jhalophy. which haa raoalrad lha alamp of Intmadlate aur. ?aa from orsrfluwiug and enraptured audisnccn which art tonaad alternately to amllaa and taara, or ant apall bauad with Intarrai. or airlled to nnhoutidad aDtkuataam haala ma; ha ?ecured all daya In adra0<W for flKIPPlTH 11ACNT RATI KpAY-liRIFKITII IIAt'.NT MATIHEE, at I o dork TIlA.NKhtllYIMJ. AKTKRNOO*, t F. M, l? K WITCH. KVK.NI.NO, h ?. m. HONEYMOON. Juliaia Mrs. D. P Rowers Puke ....Mr. J. C. ReColh tn IRELAND AMU AM Kit 10 A HOOLEVR oPP.KA H0PBB, RHOOXLTN. A OLOHIollH Ml I.I, KOK TH A NKAllIVIMO WREN Oraud rartaal of OH' III'HII Tha < hallanaa Haur-a. Not to id> Shaken, IA MaraaUaiaa. Daddr Coata Ilnraa, riaoia.. tha cbannar, Flnlahad Kduca lion. 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T"MY PABTOM, WIU appaar la a cb.doa aalactlon of bis lataat ortflnal toaja AN IMMKMHK VARIKTY KNTKKTaIMMKMT. By A full and powarful. ..rauauy of narllua artists POOBR OPKN AT ORP. O'cl/Mjit. Baa prngramraaa. TORY PAHTuR alnga AS fcUawa? BroOkfynTt. P . IK. N Y ,11, and ? o'clock __ IKVIMOIIAI.!. PIRHT ORAND MaTINRP. OP J A MR* M WP.III.I, Tha .wlahratad Pianist. HATCROaY. Itaoamhar I. \m Poo.a open at I, lo twain at I u otratk Mr WKIILI will ba aaalataA by lha following aril.I. - I Ilia Aral affsaarantw ) Mr O W '-'OLP*. C.iodwt.rf nt'KRm 4l CEMTK ? Raaarrsd Rcata. M eaota ailra. Pop aala at Bear A Hehirmar'a TOI Hn.adway. P. tid A' o'a Mr Broadway; Kullmaa'a Ttckat 'dBsa, 111 Broadway; I'litcgertng A hooa AIM Broadway, and at It ting Mall Yiro.HiRRFCl. TBRaK or katurr tiik WMQ. tt I.MdTOM T^irr born altaa. baaing *mu b**4a. 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