Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 29, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 29, 1866 Page 2
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SITUATION! WAMTIO' 4 ~TWNO~CiTRL WANTS A SITUATION A And to do plain sewing. t9r on? *? Pr8Mn? cmpkoyer's, *4 west 4?th st A VOITNfl LADY WISHES TO TRAVKL TO OIL A fforuto or south, is willing to maka herself useful U? MY oaperliy not meJlsl. Address or o?U for two days, M. P. K.. 48 EI ng "t. ~s LADY wbll qualified in evert respect A to tuoanuieud a first claaa house, wlahoa a poattton aa h,u?kw? '<> ? widower# family; would take charge of and ln?truct young ohlldrou. The heat of reference! given aud reuulred. Address for three da/A appointing au luter *lew. Beatrice Norwood, atailon F. An evolish widow ladt op refinement wlahoa a position aa houaekeeper to a widower with small family or a bachelor; no objection to a hotel. Addreaa Sngliah, Paolflc Hotel. Greenwich at.. N. Y. A young lady of kxperienob wishes a sit uatiou to attend a story; la an excellent scholar, and quick at Mantea; can give toe beet of reference or security. Address Mies K. Sanborn, toy atore, 222 Chryatle at., N. I., for three day A Ayounq woman wishes a situation as lady'a maid; can do plain sewing alao; good reference given Addreaa Mlaa M. Davie, 225 Ross at., WtlUmsbuig, Long Island. YOUNO LADY OF EDUCATION AND REFINB tuent, and having a thoiough knowledge of housekeep A A tug, desires e home In a gentlaman'a family, In any capacity where thaaarvlcea of an Intelligent person would be appro Piatad. Addreaa O. H. H., Herald ofllce. ABITUAT10N WANTED-BY a PROTE8TANT young woman, aa chambermaid and plain eewer; haa the beat of raferenoea from her preaent employer. Gall at 477 5th av. MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A situation aa Srst claaa cook; underatanda French and English cooking in alt lla branches; beet of referenoe aa to capability and onaraoter. Call at her preaent employer' a 477 Mb ar. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, wash and Iron, or would do general houaework; beat or city referenoe from her last place. Call at 57 Went Slat at., oornerSth nr., second floor front. A DRESSMAKER WANTS 8EWINO FOR FOUR DATS tn the week in private families. Inquire at 133 4th ar. Avery respectable widow wishes a hitua tinii In a gentleman'! family for herself and daughter as seamstress, both can be highly reoommeuded. Call at 849 0th av., between &2d and 53d ata. A LADY, WHO HAS NO CHILDREN OF HER OWN, would take care of a child at her residence, where It would have a mother'a oare. Apply at 191 West 20th at. A8ITUATION WANTED?A3 CHAMBERMAID, BY A neat, steady and respcotable young woman; deeires an easy piece, not expecting high wages; la faithful aud willing. Call at 17 Desbrosaea sty first floor, * A MIDDLE AOED WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTA blllty and refinement, owing to a change of clrcum stances and having a sewing machine, would like a Home In a first claaa Christian family, or would take care of au Inva lid. Address B M. Fountain, station D. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A private family, to do general housework, or aa chamber maid and to assist with the washing; good city referenoe. Call for two days at 264 East 14th at., In the candy store, ARESPEOTABL'E GERMAN WIDOW WOMAN whose husband fell tn the war. wishes a situation as ofllce oleaner or to hfte a place aa housekeeper by the week or month. Inquire at 122 Norfolk at., In the rear, first floor, la deslroue of getting work down town. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUA tton as ohambermald and waitress, or to do general houaework; best of city reference. Call at 684 2d a v., be tween 87th and 38th sts. A YOUNO WIDOW OF EDUCATION AND REFINE, ment would like a position as housekeeper. Address M. R., station K. ARRRPEOTABLE QERMAN WIDOW DESIRES TO take In fine washing at her house. Call at 419)4 01b av. A YOUNO LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION to tend (tore; confectionery or bakery preferred. Call upon or address A. B., In the atore, 236 East 37th st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as nurse or to take charge ot an Invalid lady. Call for two day* at 236 East 10th at., between 1st and 2d avs., first floor. A bundancb ok oood servants can be had. J\ promptly, at the large National Female Employment House. Also good Herman help. Also good situations ready. 106 Sixth avenue, above Eighth street. A lady In attendee oe. A OIRL, 14 YEARS OF AOE. WANT A A SITUATION /V to do light ebamberwork and watt on table. Call at M Hubert st. ATOUNO LADY. OK SUPERIOR QUALIFICATIONS, desires a situation to write or attend tn a store; ooafee lltinery or bakery preferred. Address 0. B. B., Chatham square Post olMce. AQRRMAN WOMAN WIBHE8 TO TAKB IN WASH. Ingpr to go out washing. Inquire at 814 West 49d St.. between 8th and Sth avs. third floor, back room. 0 TRIED WANTEO-TO BRINO UP BT HAND FROM J the mouth; no other ohtldren; good reference. C. 8.. 0 Market st CHAMBERMAID.?A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE for s prompt and faithful servant, no longer needed, a g?>d situation as above. Iuqulre nil this week at 217 East Housekeeper.?situation wanted, by a re. sperUble widow, In s genteel fsmily; best of reference pres. Call for two days at Obil 3d ev. SOUSBKBRPER.-AN AMERICAN LADY IS DE. slrous of the above position in n private family; has J experience and first class olty references. Address Mrs. Woster, box O Herald ofllce. HOUABKF.EPKR.-A MIDDLE AQBD LADY DESIRES a situation tn a private family; would not object to take charge of a motherless family. Call at or addreaa for ekflfc v* lot week 2)6 West 36th at. aOUSEKRBPER'S POSITION WANTED-BT A LADY in a widow -.dower's family or a olub of gentlemen; Is will ?g to leave the elty. Address Mrs. Morris, station 0, 4th SI. BAMSTRESS. ?A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS WISH es Work by the day; can cut and fit ladles' and chll Iran's dresses, and operate on Wheelor A Wilson's machine. Bail at 184 '^jst 28th St., second floor. SituatioK wanVed-Bt a respectable mar. rled woman, as wet nurse. Has a fresh breast of milk ynd low hsf baby. Call till suited at KM West 39th st SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNO AMERICAN gin, who wishes to go South, to do watting and fine washing. Can be seen st 419>4 6th av. WANTED-A SITUATION AS young lady or education, In nlsh the beet of reference. At HOUSEKEEPER, BT A a private family; can fur. Address Uramercy, Herald nrANTBD?BY A LgDY OF TEN Y?AR?' EXPE v v riem-e, a situation u nurse to an lnv lid lady or gen tleman Host.of references as to ability and character Would urot Refer accompanying a party to Europe. eek Mrs, M. A. K . boh 3,70 Post ofiloe. to Europe. Address for cue w ANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. THE washing and Ironing of a few famllllea. or would go ynj by the day; can give good city references. Call on Mia. Idler, ourder of 9th av. ami Douglas st , Brooklyn. w ANTBD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, BT A respeotntda girl Call at 340 West 39th st. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A TOUNQ OIRL, TO DO Booking or general housework. Apply at 194 Varlek It, flrat floor. WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL from the provinces, a situation In a private family to do plain sewing and take oare of a child. Address No. 101 Tib ft. . WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION as chambermaid or to take cars of a baby. Can be seen for to-day at her present employer's, 634 Broadway. tXTEt NUR-ip.-WANTED, A SITUATION BY A RK ? 7?""K American Woman who has lost her isbaod , first oblld has a good breaat of milk four weeks 7taav{ 'UT* " 67 Wo" 'W1 "" 1,1,1 I?; WANTF.D-BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, A ^^ gJth Ji'? "P 00 111 w ?*?. dne door WBT NURSE -WANTED A SITUATION. BT A RE epeclable young American woman, who has lost her husband) first child, has a go d breast of milk, (kvir weeks ?ld Apply fox two days at If West 63d st, between fltb sod 7th eve. HRlaP WASi'l'KD?KKMAI.El. 4YOUMO LADY WANTRD-AB oPKRA?OR AND saleswoman for eewlag machines; meat he thoroughly patent Address, sutlng salary, Ac . J W. D., box I.7U8 AN SMBROIDBRE9S WANTED?MUST BR COMI'B f\ tent to do all kinds of gold and sljvsr embroidsry. Ap ity at the American Masonic Agency, 494 Broadway. A N AMERICAN OIRL. Of EDUCATION AND INTRL. JV llgehoe. wanted sa housekeeper end oempanlea ? tittle girl twelve years of age, a good home and no meals! eervtoe required Apply In person at 108 fllh av. BONNBT TR AM IS -WANTED IMMEDIATELY, 100 hands to wire bets and bonnet frames Apply Friday morning, to M de Lort A Brother, 081 Broadway. I^KRBSMAKERS AMD IMPROVERS WANTED, AT oai.bswomen wanted?roR a fanct goods >7 store, muet understand the business well end have good Oily reference Apply at 342 flih av. TV ANTED?TWO OOOD PLAIN SEWERS', THOSE AC S' customed to dressmaking preferred Apply el98 Meet 4tn st, second bluet west of Broadway. WANTRD-IN a SMALL FAMILY, A GERMAN OIRL. v v or one who lived eriih Germane before, as cook, washer ami Iriqlr gwi wages given. Inquire at 14 East Mth St., near It! av .gacd reference required. WHONEST MIDDLE AoED WO. ?Til rC ; ? souse work In * small family. Apply at li Thompson V . in the paper stprp. OOOD COOE. IN A TAMILY Of TUBER LPi!&r!iH2 I'^DBHsTASPS WA8HINO, [M th? hour* Of 10 tod 2 P M , ttltf B'fi, i^sswsiKisisaLag0 ivivl lJS.s.rSzt;,rim J w?SL2gf?SS=SWg m/ANTRD-SMABT HANDS TQ SEW ON CORSETS, TT at No 3 AiaMy 1 WANTKD-KXPRRIENCED hands, to work on (macy bead work. Apply ml 138 Laureus at., teoood Soar, front room, on Friday, before 10 o'clock, A. M. WANTED?A STRoNO. OBLIGING 01 RL, TO DO GOOD plain cooking, washing and ironing. Oall on Friday and Saturday of the prunenI week at No. 1 Wpst 18th at. WANTED-A COMPETENT FRENCH NURSE, ONE who can oome well recommended. Oall at No. 13 Weat 81th at., betwaeu 10 and 18 o'clock. WANTED?A OIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK! alao a young girl about 16 yearn old, to make herself ?enerally uaeful. Refereuoe required. Inquire at 360 Weat 83d al, between 8th and Ith an. WANTED-A OOOD COOK, TO HELP TO DO WASH tug and Ironing and a email part of Uouaework. Ap ply at I6u Duane at,, tint floor, on Friday, between lha houra of 1 and d P. M., and on Saturday between 3 and 3 P. M. VST ANTED?A FIRST CLASS OIRL, FOR CHAMBER TV work and walling, at 73 Eaat33dat. Good ally refer ences required, noneothera need apply; a Proteatant pre ferred. Call between 13 and 3 o'clock Friday and Saturday. ?flTANTED?A YOUNO LADY, OF PLEASING MAN TT neroand good address. to attend reception looma, mount cards, Ac., at Hope'a Photograph Gallery, 338 Broad way. Reference eaaential. A SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAM, TO drive a light wagon; no objection to theoountry. Ad la Driver/box !?? Herald office. ARBSPEOTABLE YOUNG MAN, SIX MONTHS PROM England, of oonalderabla experience, wanta a poaltlon aa bar tendar. Addreaa A. C., box 138 Herald office. A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN, JUST ARRIVED FROM London, wlahea a situation in some wine or bottlln* establishment; has bad many years' experience, and can produce tbe beat of reference from his late employer. Call on or addreaa M. Cass, 80 Dtb ar. A YOUNO MAN, 33 YEARS OF AGE, WISHES A situation In a whole-mis house. Call on or addreaa F. S. M.. 87 John street. A YOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUATION, IN SOME wholesale house or office; It a good writer and quick at figures; has good city referenoe from last plaoe. Address Nelson, box 206 Herald office. QITUATION WANTED.-A YOUNO MAN, NOW OUT kJ of employment. Is open to an engagement to represent some reliable firm In thia oity and travel for tbein; bas travelled and Is acquainted throughout most of the Southern and Western States; good references. Address Charles Stone, 176 Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A OERMAN AND HI8 wife; the man aa waller, and wife aa cook. In a gentle man's family; beat of city reference: both first class ser vants. Apply for two days at 113 West 80th at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A MARRIED MAN, AS porter In some mercantile house; good psoker and mark er; is willing to make himself generally useful; refers to late employers. Address U., box 107 Herald office. TO THE TEA AND GROCEBY TRADE.?FOUR Ex perienced young men, of steady and industrious habits, are desirous or obtaining situations at the above trade. Ad dress 8. T., 108 Greenwich St. WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, LATELY FROM IR3 laud, a situation as porter In a grocery store; best of reference. Call for two days at 60 West Washington place. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE man (Oermani to take care of a sick or Invalid gentle man; has some years' experience; the beat of referenoe given. Address J. K? Herald offloe. ^ACHMEN AlV D OARDK?ERg. Gardener wantbd-to take chaWe of a gentleman's country plaoe, near the city. A single man, or married without children. experienced and well rcoom mended, may oall at 11 Weat lflth st, forenoon. WANTED-A SITUATION A8 COACHMAN, IN A PRI vafe family; can give the beat of city referenoe for capability, honesty and sobriety. Apply at preaeut em ployer's. 333 West82d st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE COLORED MAN. A situation as coachman. Refers to his last employer, with whom he has lived six yean. Address 137 West lfth at. CLERKS AMD SALK8WKM. nLKBK^TANTBD-lN A COMMISSION HOUSE: ONE \J able to lend from $1,000 to!13.000. f%*h?.h and ?ervloet a fair wiUry will *>? l'1*?- AddrtM, with refer ences, C., boi 178 Herald ofQce. Hosiery. Yankee notions and white ooods. An old eetabllshed houee, newly ocganUadon a more extensive Mats, will make liberal axoangeioenU with two ac tire salesmen who oan poalUToly^xinaroj a Urge trade of their own; none othore need anawor. Addreaa box M? Foal office. WANTED?BY AN IMPORTING HOUSE. AN ASlftST aat bookkeeper, one who fire food reference!. Addreee Importer, Herald office. TXT ANTED?A SALESMAN FOR THE BROADWAY W retail Je*?l>7 bualneti. To oue ">oronfhlT aoqueJnted a llberaJ aairy will be paid, situation permanent Addreee L aodc Tox 140 Herald oboe. HELP VT AWVHD?MAMBS. Y~LL DB8I BINO SITUATIONS CALL EARLY THIS A day at #1 Chambera at. Bookkeeper, ooltootor, oopylete. grooeryaod dry good* olerka, portera, watobmeo, conduct ora, ooachmen, groome, bartendera. A QENTS WANTED.?YOUNO MEN OF ENERGY CAN A reallxe handsome profile by selling the unfailing prerenitre agalnat ruat for Irou and ateel. Apply at 428 Broadway. AGENTS^WANTED^ 8 ln_ jiaohtnea, In ereir elty and countj?n die Union. The leaa! complicated^two thread ma chine In the world. Addreaa A. F. Johnaon A Co., KH Waah lngton at., Boaton, Maae. . Agents wanted?in all parts of the united Staiea, to aell "The Llrea of the Prealdenta, a new work, by JoW 8. C. Abbott, the great hMgriu.~tk? work la finely Illustrated, complete In one volume, and roady for iuboorlboni. The author, tho theme, and the ?trie In whleh It !? ltaued. combine to render It oneor"the i.a.4 books for Agenta ever publlehed In thU country, find ualreterTUorymaT be Secured by addrneeln, A. B. Ruaeell A Co., Publlahere, Boeton, Maaa. All desiring situations in hotels, stores, offloea, warehouaea, bookkeepers, m watchmen, bartendera, ooachmen, call on LYNN A CO., 81 Naaaau atrect, office No. 9, thla day? A WAITER WANTBD-WHO UNDERSTANDS OPEN A ing ojitera. Apply At Oyster Bay, comer of Broadway and 8th at. /1ANYAS8RBS WANTED?TO "SELL THE IMPROVED C Folding Pocket Lantarn. Very light, strong and can be folded and carried In the pocket or traveling bag with aafapr and oonren lenoa, occupying the epaoe of a cigar ceae. and are opened and oloaed aa readily. Thy owtadnjwhdthw aMD or cloned) mntchee end eitre candle*, end, being at way reaJV for use, ero most appreciated in the greateat emergen at a*. Price* ?No. I, $1 each, (Including two candles;) No. 8, Y. Manufactnrera of Ires' Patent Lamps and daalera In Kero aene goods generally. _ mHRFK YOUNG MEN WHO WRITE A GOOD HAND T w.nL thla day iThnraday) at 113 at, room No. 9. Alao timekeeper and entry clerk. WANTED?ASSISTANT BARKEEPER WHO UNDER W aland' lb" bnelneaa and la well recommended. Ad dreaa Thooiaa, Herald office, slating time end place where to be seen. WANTED-A RESPECT ABLE BOY, ABOUT 13 OR 14 feere of age; one who la willing to make htmoalf gen erally ut*ful Apply at30 II-. wary. fXT ANTED?A STOUT. ACTIVE BOY. TO ATTEND \Y the office and run ol erraoda. Muat coma well "TC0? m?nda.l and reside with hie lie re n la. Addreaa. lu band* writing of lbs applloant, O. A oTHerald office, with addreee and rereienoe. WANTED?CANVASSERS TO SELL RELIGIOUS and national plot ores; good wages and steady menl; good refercnoaa ra-jnlred. Apply at 307 Uudeon at., N. Y, or at 310 Atlantis at.. Brooklyn. WHB ANTED-AOENTS, $140 PER MONTH, EVERY Where, male and rouiale. to aell the genuine Common Aenae Family Sewing Machine, the greatest toenUmi of the age. Price fiU Every machine warranted three years. Addreee Becomb k Co.. Cleveland. Ohio. YET ANTED?A FOREMAN IN A RAILROAD STABLE; W none need apply unieaa thoroughly competent. Ad dreaa L. box 1,437 j|oid offioe. Wmm anted immbdiatbi-t-canvasskrs to sell religious end nethinal plcinree: good wages end steady emplovmini; food references required. Apply for one week allifiAllentie at, Brooklyn. | * " tiik trader. V CIVIL AND RAILWAY ENOINRER, LATELY AR A rived from Europe, who baa graduated at thePeWecb nlcal Institute at Uarlarube and oan furnlab lhaba* of Km ropean and city rcferenona. dealree to findi an angagement AJtreaa C llablch, pare of A. Dung, 81 Bowery. i MOMPOSITORS WANTKD-TWENTY STEADY BOOK V oompaaltore. naeueinmod to the hast atfie ply 10 llenry Marsh, foreman of Harper k Brothore compos | lng r oih S3 cllfi at. PLUMBERS AND OAS FITTERS WANTSO.-STRADY employment to good worUon.JR. t SITUATION WaNTRD-BY A FIRST CLASS PERFUM er end fancy wrap maker; has had twaoty y-are eiperV enoa In iwn of tee llrtt houaea In Philadelphia. Addreaa (or on# week Perfumer. Ledger office, Phlledelphle. WHITE SHIRT CUTTERS WANTED ONLY THOSE fY who nan bilng good reference need apply, luqulm At IE Fulton etreet, up etalra FRK3IH ADVKHTIMBMKMTEe STNE FRMMB DB "cHAMBRE YraNCAISB, TRKS J bonne nollleurn el eouturlern. qui pari# at ecrit Pan ala. cod)pren4 trole eorlea de mechlnet k eoedi*; Cile eat ?oie do inn bonnes r*?>mmnndatloaa. Call for two day* at ill AjalV?k, near Ah av. UNK FILLE FRANCAISE. NOU1 ..y^fflWr ? 1 bi^iardr, *('. ??H' \ HA YE URRATLT INfRRASKD OU^TtSUn leans''.,- sfflwgrrus; feSar mSm: RLE. PROPOSALS. """ ?Ifx** "* "WMfrri "i. pROPOSALS VOX INDIAN UUODd. DuimMforniTlMMi, J OrriOB or Iudlas Amiu, I - . . , Wamibotoh, D. 0.. November 11, UM ) fltoftled propotill, endorsed ?? Proposals for Indian Good*" EtoolfoXql?r^^ columns, at what prtoe said article* wlU b? delivered In New York ottjr, and at what prtoe they wtH be detlrered In St Louie. Mo. The goods to be delivered * Let titer piaoe at the ooet of the oontreotor. FIRST CLASH. MACKINAC BLANKETS?FOREION OR DOMR8TIO. 2,506 pair 3 pt. white Blanket*, 60*73 inehee, to weigh S pound*. 3.600 pair IX pt. white Blanket*. 64*66 inehee, to weigh 6 pound* 600 pair IX pt white Blanket*. 36*60 Inehee, to weigh pound*. 1.000 pair 8 pt aearlet Blanket*, 60x73 inehee, to weigh 8 pound*. 500 pair SK aoariet Blanket*. 64x66 Inches, to weigh V pound*. 300 pair S pt green Blanket*, 60x71 inehee, to weigh 8 pound*. a pair I pt Indigo Blue Blanket*. 60x71 Inohe*, to 8 pound*. pair 2K pt Indigo Blue Blanket*, 64x68 Inehes, to weigh 6 pound*. 100 pair IK pt Indigo Blue Blanket*, 41x66 Inohe*, te weigh 4X pound*. SECOND CLASH. CLOTHS?FOREIGN OR DOMB8TIO. 600 yard* Fancy List Bine Cloth. 6,000 yard* Gray List Blue Cloth. S.OuO yard* Saved List Blue Cloth. 7,000 yard* Bared Liat Scarlet Cloth. . THIRD 0LA8S-DRY OOOOS. 160 dexen 8-4 Woollen Shawl*. 600 pounds LlnenJRirsad. 600 pound* OottoiWhiead. 8/06 yard* Turkey Bed OU Oalto*. 60,000 yards Blue DrUUng. 66,006 yard* Brown Drilling. 80.000 yard* Red Strip* BedTtcking. 6,000 yard* Super Satinet 5,000 yard* Satinet 6.000 yard* Hickory Shlnttng, 10.000 yard* Brown Hhlnuig. 10,000 Hickory Shirt*. 10,000 yards Duck (for tents). FOURTH CLASS-HARDWARE. 100 doxen beat east steel Axe*, from S to IK pounds, with handles. 100 dozen beet cast Steel Half Axes, from 1 to 8 pound*, with handle*. 1 000 Camp Kettiea assorted *iie*. ? 000 Camp Kettle*, assorted 1.000 short handle Fry Pan*. ?00 dozen Tin Pans, 1, 4 and t 600 doxen Tin Pane, 1, 4 and 8 quart. In equal quantltlea, pressed. 1,000 doxen Iron Tnble Spoon*. 1.000 dozen Tin Cupe. 1.600 dozenlbutcher Knlres. 6-Inch blade. 1,000 dozen Fiah Hook* (assorted). 600 rioxeu FMh Line* (assorted). Samples of all articles to be forwarded to this office with the proposal*, and the goods furnished to be equal In all respect* to the samples. No bids for less than an entire elaas of the article* speci fied will be considered. All article* furnished under contract will be rigidly In spected and compared with the sample* by an agent or ?gent* appointed for that purpose. Huch good* or articles a* may In any resneot fall to conform to the samples will be rejeoted, ana In that ease the contractor will be bound to furnish others of the required kind or quality within Ave day*; or If that be not done they will be purchased at hit expense. Payment will be made for good* received on Invoices thereof, certified by the agent or agents appointed to Inspect them. The right will be reserved to require a greater quantity of any or the article* named than that specified In the above schedule, not exoeeding three times the amount thereof. Any of the bids, or any parts thereof, may be accepted or rejeoted at the option of the department. No bid* will be considered from persons who have failed to comply with the requirements or a former contract with the United States. No proposal will be considered that does not srniorLr OOuri.T with the following requirements'? Proposals must embrace the article* with the quantities thereof, as set forth In the above schedule, with the prices annexed to each, and the amounts must be carried out and footed up, each olass to be separately stated and footed up. Said prloes and amounts must be so given without any modi fication or nronnaed modification whatever. Proposal* should be submitted In the following form:?"I (or we) hereby propose te furnish the Indian Department, according to toe terms of the advertisement of the Commis sioner of Indian Affairs dated November 31, 1866. the follow ing articles at the prices thereto saixedk? [Here insert the list prepared ae indicated In the first paragraph of this adver tisement. 1 Held article* are to be deliverable either at New York or St. Louis, as the Commissioner of Indian Affair* may elect, on or before the 30th day of February next; and. If I nil proposal he acoepted. I (or we) will, within five day* thereafter, execute a contract aeoordlngly, and give security sstUfactory to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the faithful performance of the same." Each proposal mnsl be sooompanled by a guarantee in the following form, to be signed by two responsible persons whose aufiloleuoy must be oerttiled by a United States Judge or Distiiot Attorney. ?'We hereby oon jointly and severally guarantee thai the above bidder (or bidders), If a contract shall be awarded to him (or them) aeoordtng to hie (or their) bid or proposal, win execute a contract accordingly, and give the requisite security f*r the faithful performance of the same aa pre scribed In the advertisement for proposal* for Indian goods, dated November 91, 1866; andJn the event of his (or their) failure so to do we hereby agree and bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrator*, to forfeit and pay the United States, as damages, a aum not less than fifteen per cent on the amount of said bid or proposal." Bond* will be required 4n the amount of the bid for the raiUifut performance of the contract, with two or more au relies, whose sufficiency must be certified to by a United States Judge or Dlstriot Attorney. LEWIB Y. BOO V, Commissioner. WATCH Kg. JKWBMtV. AC. AFRANKFIKI.D A CO., JEWELLERS, 300 SIXTH . avenue, oornar Fourteenth street, and Slh Eighth are. nue, oorner Twenlv-slilh afreet, nwinimwl their fine atook of Watches, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Warn, Diamonds and other I'reolnUM Stones.?We are patentees and sole manufao turers of Amerloan Ouokoo Clocks, Watches with secret lockets for likenesses, 4o. A. FRANKFIELD A CO. WATCHES AND JEWELRY, SUITABl ulatlve and gift purposes. Gold and SUrer American Watches, Fire Qllt and Plated Chains. Sen Watches, Fire Qllt sod Plated Chains. Send for prlen Hat. LIONEL JACOBS, 177 Broadway. MEDICAL. A DVICB TO MARRIED LADIES.?MADAME RES* TELE'S Infallible French Female Pills, No. 1, prion ?1, or No. 2, price IS, which can nerer fall; safe and healthy. Office 64 Wast Thirty-fourth street, near Sixth ara aue. Rent by malL Address box 2.MO. A CORE AT ONE INTBBTIBW. WITH OR WITHOUT medicine, for married ladles, from whatarer cause, by NadameHERTBLL. Professor of Mldwlfsrr (ihirty years' praetloe), 6* West Thirty-fourth street, near Statu arenue. A -DE. ORINDLK. AOCOOOHBOR TO THE PRIVATE ? Lying-In Institute, No. 6 Amity place. Oood rooms, board, nursing and medical attendance. Ail female com plaints skilfully treated. All onfortonatrs should consult dr. QRINDLB, No. 6 Amity plaoe. Sura relief n all spe cial complaints. Consultations frso. A CORE, AT ONE INTERVIEW. FOR MARRIED LA dies, by Dr. POWERS, 10 Elm street. Avoid Imposi tion. Curs at om trial. ^ A?TOOTHFUL VIOOR AND MANHOOD REGAINED. . Use Dr. POWERS' Bllilrof Life; especially all con templating marriage. Office 10 Elm street. A-MADAME ORINOLB, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, NO. . 6 Amity place, oan be consulted on all female com platnls. Pleasant rooms for ladles who desire good nursing and tnedloa! attendance. A BLESSING TO LADIES?A LADY WRITKS: Pnrtiigiicse Female Periodical Pills relieved nie In one day, without Inconvenience, like magic. Price gs. I?r. A. M. M AURlt'KAU, office 129 Liberty street, or sent by mall. Am. maurickau, m. d.. professor of mid ? wlfery, thirty years practice, at lit Liberty street Onsrsntees certain relief to married ladles, from whatever causa, at one interview. A -YOUTHFUL VIGOR AND MANHOOD REOAINED. ? Use Dr. POWERS' Kllilr, especially all contemplating marriage. Offica 1M Elm street AT ONCE.-NO DECEPTION. ELECTRICITY IS THE only Immediate emumnagngua (monthly restorative). Ho aaya Professor Thompson, London University. J. .dies' advice t teller I free. DR. and MADAMK DUBOIS, 88 Third arenas. ALL UNFORTUNATES, CONSULT DR. KENNEDY, I'.to Elm street. Use his only guaranteed remedies. Debilitated parsons, buy Kennedy's Invlgorators. (NONFIDBNTIALCONSULTATIONS.?DR. R CORBRTT, J member of N. Y. U. Medtoal Oollega and R. C Surgaona London, can lie consulted as usual on oertaln diseases Of fice A) Ceutre street, near Chambers. N. B.?No fee unlets cured. C1HARI.KS LUTZR. M IT, MS BROADWAY, NEAR J Twenty first street Professor of Obstetrics, having over twenty years' successful praetloe In this etty. guarantees Immediate rel lef to ever? lady requiring spe. la I medical or surgical treatment, from whatever cauao. without pain or eipoaure. N. H? Regulating Medic loss sent by mall. DR I.ARMONT, NO. 178 BROADWAY-TREATMENT from 10 to 6 ' Medical Adviser and Marriage Guides," on his special irestment of loaal, eonstltutlonal sod nervous diseases, slriolures. fistuls, piles, An 61 W. *, Publl ' K. WARNER, Publisher, No. 1 Yesey street nR. HARRISON 62 SIXTH AVENUE. CURES THE worst diseases immediately, without calomel. Consul tation all hours. Correapondenea strictly privala. DR. HUNTER'S RED DROP IR THE ONLY REMEDY that will root pul prisonous virus of a eertaln dlsaasat all oUars dry II la (ha blood. Na. 8 Dlvialou si reel. gj. DR. HUNTER CAN CURE WORST CASKS OF ORB. I tain diseases, without mercury. In shorter time than any edber physician, or no pay taken. No. t Division street, since DR. KBNNEDT'R RKMBDIRR CURB; NOTHtNO RUHR oan Unfortunates, use them and Kennedy's Invigora* tors, where manhood is Impaired. Office 196 Elm street IMMEDIATE CURE FOR LADIES?FROM WHATEVER cause, at one Interview, by Dr. POWERS, US Elm street. Certain cure, his Periodical Extracts. SADIES.-MRS DR. B. MUNROR. FEMALE PHY ci?n. hsadB years' aiaarlenre Consullation dally, oetsr street, near I anal T ADIRS CAN ALWAYS BELT ON DR. BOWERS' UN I failing French Periodical hlis sad Extracts. office IX Kim J ADIRS, BB NOT IMPOSED UPOMlBl CAREFUL J to obtain only Dr. MAURICBAU'R Freash I'eriodlenl xtrneta so oertaln to nil onaan from whatever causa, ar ?end for pamphlet 10 Liberty slrest I ADIRS CAN ALWAYS BBLY ON D? FOWRRS' UN. J falling Preach iitrasts, oerlaia tare; eas Interview suffictaat Office 196 Rim stroet. VfADAMB TAN BUSK IRK, PRACTICAL PHYSICIAN, IVl ana bn eoaaMMad al 0 Waal Fourth Streak a aura gnaraataad at oaa Intarvtaw. _ ,f I o'k. %y.'g w?jomrsss^issa 'm "wwyw^yi^ | A i IfclEOKBl, a. a. ITblbi op Tanadar, December mImiiiwi* Avenue A pod 116th street?aolhlc House pad 6 Lots, n. w. uShSSit-f LoU, n. ?., 100feet e. Mtb tng^^H Bthavenue-l Lot, p. a. corner of MM streeL^^^^^H aans^YSrtft'aaK'fttf-JBil^B WBDMSttDAY. DEOBMBHR 13. ,1 Ua'Ouok. 8th arenue Old ptraet?Premises s. P. oornor. Wept ?th Ptreet?3 story brick House and Lot, No. 118. ^HTIIUKHDAl, UECRMBPR 18, it It o'otookm wumBSAubmL^ imTsSiyi^Smm ^?NUB. 86TII. 86TH. 67TH AND 68TH rtTRKKTH ?? 6th arenue?6 Lots, between 66th andhdth streets, east side. 66th street?MjOta, a. aide, In rear of abture. 66th street?I LoU. n. Ke. 460 feet w. of Hh H 66th street?S LoU, a side, 480 feet w. of 6th arenue. 67th street?6 Lots, a side (100 feet street), 176 ft w. 6th sr. 66th street?1 LoU, s. aide, adjoining rear of 6th arenue loU. . 671 h street?6 LoU, n. side, 1U0 6eet w. of 8th arenue. 68th street?3 Lou. a side, 1IM feet w. of 8th arenue. Maps and particulars at Auctioneer's office, 77 Cedar at. A UOTION NOTICE.?E. BOTH. AUCTIONEER, WILL J\. sell at publlo auction $16,000 worth of masulfloent

nnuseh-ud Furniture, Velvet, Brussels And Ingrain Oarpela; etegsnt rossweod Pianoforte, benuttful Pnrlor Butts, In bro* eaUl; *? or as of Art and Bro uses, black walnut Dining room Pumitura Ikis (Thursday) morning, Nor. 39, nt ll>? o'clock preotsely, nt 11* Ctinton plaoe, Eighth street, between Fifth and Sisthtavenues, Parlor and Drawing room Purnlture. Three beautiful solid rosewood end black walnut Parlor Sulla eorered ta rloh Prenoh'natln brooatel and reps; Turk Uh Bear Chairs and Lounges to match: rosewood Centre and day Bronze Clock, rich China and Parian Vases, Parlor meats, elegant Brooatel and Lace Curtains, a fine collection ef OU Paintings, Engravings, Urge Mirrors and Chandeliers, megBidoea! rosewood Pianoforte, Stool and Gorer, cost $660. an elegant Instrument, with round oornera, beautifully csrred lags and case, with all modern improvements, oreretrung baas, fall Iron plate. French set Ion. fnll 7 ooUre; rosewood i and Maok walnut Bedataada. Bureaus. Waahstands, Sofas. Chairs, Rockers, Mirrors, docks, Tables, Bod Lounges, Spring and Hair Mattresses. Beds. BlankeU, Tea Tables, Extension Table, China, Class and Silver Ware, Cutler*. Ac. | IN. B.?Reliable men Ut nttendaaoe to oart, pack and ship goods for purchasers on reasonable terms. A UCTIBN NOTICE.?R. T. HAXELL, AUCTIONEER. JUL FRIDAY, NOV. 60. at our salesroom, H Oortlendt street, at 16W o'otook, s FRENCH AND GERMAN PANCT GOODS AND TOTS, comprising a fuM assortment of desirable goods, in lots to suit the trade. ALSO, RUBBER BALLS-30 oases Rubber Balls, assorted. Cateluguedtearly morning of aele. B. T. H4ZRI4. A CO.. Auctioneers, 31 Cortlandt etree t. Auction notioe?samuel wynn a co.. auo tioneers.?$30,000 worth of MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Pianoforte, Broniee, Paintings, Statuary Brontes and Works of Art, at publlo auction, on this day, Thursday, at the elegant Ore story brown stone mention 44 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Suth avenues, sals commencing at 11)4 o'clock. Superb Drawing Room Furniture, covered Frenon brooatel richest description; Etageres, Centre Ta bles. Secrete 17 Bookcase, Cabinets, Kncolgnours, Pier, Man tel Mirrors. Laos Curtains Shades, Velvet, Medallion Car _ . Paintings" ' pets. Rugs. Turkish Reclining Chairs. Oil Paintings by emi nent artists, Bronze Clock. Statuary, Vases, Rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, rtohest instrument offered at auction this season; Stool, Cover, Music Stand, Books; rosewood and walnut Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Hair and S, DUUlMJBtlS, TV Ski All "DW>, samsa mesa* Spring Mattresses, Blankets, Sheets, Eztenslon fable, Buf " ' . . aiass. Silverware. Sale positive. fet, elegant sets China, Office Auctioneer, 397 Bowery. A J. BLEECKKB SON A CO., . 77 Cedar stlW, Real Estate Brokers and Auotioneers, buy, sell, lease end exchange Real Kstate, both In olty and country. Some very desirable Estates now offerod at private sale. BY HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER On Friday. Nov. 80, and Saturday, Deo. 1, at 10W o'clock each dav, at their salesroom, 96 Liberty street, a large as sortment of SILVER PLATED WAB8. AO. Full partleulars hereafter. BENJ. F. THBALL, AUCTIONEER. Late salesman with R. H, Ludlow A Co. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MIRRORS, GARPET8, AO., AT AUCTION, by THEALL A BROS., on Saturday, Deoember 1. 1866, at 1(>X o'clock, at their salesroom, $1 Liberty street. Catalogues morning of sale. Edward schenck. auctioneer MAGNIFICENT HALE OF STATUARY, REAL BRONZES, REAL BRONZE CLOCK8. BRONZE (1 ROUPS AND STATUBTTTES, SEVRES VASES. FRENCH DINNER SETS, TOILET BETS. SILESlAN GLASS, , BIBQUBT STATUETTES, and other magniSeent French Goods, Just landed, ex ship Villa de Parte. To be sold at auction, by EDWARD BOHBNOK, bv KDWAl to-morrow, at 11 o'clock, at 60 Liberty street. The above are now on exhibition, and ta the most beautiful isle of fancy goods that has ever taken plaoe In the elty. EXECUTOR'S SALE OF FURNITURE IN BROOKLYN, by COLE A MUKPnY, on Friday, at lO* o'clock, at the southeast cornsr of State and Nevlns streets. Mahogany Parlor and Chamber Furniture, Mattreaaes and Redding, ~ Parlor and are. I twit'I SUU VIIB1UUUI ff uiuituip, m?Miwi.i W'"S Extension Table, Rraaaela and Ingrain Carpets, Pa Cooking Stovea, China, Glass, and Kitchen Kurnlt 1 H ENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. BALK OF HORSES, CARRIAGE!, HARNESS. AC., BY MINER A SOMBRVILLK. TUESDAY, Not. 37, AT 13 O'CIiOCK, AT TUB UNION PLACE STABLE A, 61 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. REVERAL VERY 'INS TEA MR, SEVERAL FINK BADUI.K IIO RHUS, TWO ELEGANT SLEIOIIS, AN BLROAKT COUPE. TWO FINK ROAD WAGONS, BLANKETS. ROHKS, AC., AC. CATALOOUES ON MORNING OF SALE. Regular Horse sales st UdIou Place Stables erery Tuesday throughout the year. Regular Hone sale days at saleerown. J7 Nassau street, every Thursday and Saturday. Several splendid Teams and Saddle Horses at private sals; also a Flue Coups Kockaway. Messrt. MINER A SOMKKVILLB offer unsurpassed ad vantages In location, experience and bnalnc*? capacity to partiea wtahlng to buy or doatrlng to aell Horses, Carriages, er anything pertaining to the horse business. Henry d miner, auctioneer. Salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite tbs Post oflloe. EXECUTOR'S SALE OF A LARGE AND FINK COLLECTION OF ANCIENT AND MODBRN OIL PAINTINGS, to clOM tho ESTATE OF THE LATE MATHEW MORGAN, ESQ. Miner A Homsrvtllo will aell st suotlon. on Monday, the 3d, and Tuesday, tba 4th December, at 11 o'eioek each day, at their salesroom, 37 Nassau street, tnr order of the executors of the lata Malhew Morgan, Esq., n large and flae collection of modern sad ancient Oil Pain lings of the Italian, Flemish, French, German and English school?, particulars of which will be given In a few days. The above will be on exhibition on and after Friday, Sisl Inst. H EKRY B. HERTS, JR.. AUCTIONEER. PEREMPTORY SALE OF ELEGANT STUFFED BIRDS, ANIMALS, A&, on Friday, November 30. at 11 o'clock, at the Metropolitan Salesroom, ISO Broadway, Comprising a very flue oo lection of Birds of all nations. Hears, Deer a Pheasants. Monkevs. Snakes. Chickens, Dogs, Ac., well worthy the attention of counotassurs. Catalogues now ready. JOSEPH HEGKMAN.?FRIDAY. NOV. 30, At 10 o'clock A M., at Central Salesrooms, corner Wllloughby and Pearl streets, Brooklyn Rosewood Pianos, handsome rosewood Secretary Rook e...ea, pier Mirrors, high top Bedateada; Bureaus, Centre and Kitension Tables, Mattresses, Bedding, Carpets, Oilcloths, Hosiers, Stoves, Ac. Also, at ll M., one good close panel Conch and one good road Buggy JOHN L. VANDKWATKR. AUCTIONEER?FRIDAY, at 12 o'clock. Horses, Wagons, Harness, Ac.; brown llambleinulaii Trotting Mare, 7 years old, sound and kind, ISt? bands high, without spot or blemish; can trot In 2 IS. sura; warranted, also black llorae, I.Ik bands, 4 years old, and warranted to trot In 2:30. The whole sold to close an estate. Also several othar valuable Horses. JBOOART, AUCTIONEER?RATURDAT, DECEMBER . 1, at I OH o'slock, at the auction room. No. I North William street?Household Furnltnra. consisting of a get eral aaaortment of Partor, Bed Room and Kitchen Furniture; 301) patent Waablttg Machines, and a variety of other Goods. SHERIFF'S SALE. SIXTEEN EXPRESS TRUCKS AND WAGONS, SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS, OFFICE FURNI TURE. RICHARD WALTERS. AUCTIONEER. By virtue of severs! attachments and by order uf tbs Hon . George G Barnard, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of tb# Slats of New York. I wilt expose to sale at pub lic vendue, on Friday, the 30th dav of November, 1M0. at II o'clock In the forenoon, at No 83 West Thirtieth street, all double Truoks, oue single Truck, nlns single Wagons, Ave acta of double Harness, twelve seta single llarnsaa, stable Fixtures, Ac. Also oo Saturday, the 1st day of Decent her, 1AM, at 11 o'clock In the forenoon, st 2B6 Broadway, three oflloe Desks, one Iron Safe, one Offlce Table, one Letter Preaa, Ave Office Chairs, one Platform Scales, tlx Store Trucks and Oflloe Fixtures. Also on Monday, tbs 3d day of December. 1IM. st II o'clock In tbe forenoon, at No. 74 Broadway, a qtunlty of Oflke Fur nlturs. Dated New York, Nev. 2.I.1SM. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. Dixtit Gilliam, Deputy Sheriff. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 170 Yf Chatham square, sella on Friday, SOth Inst., at 10W o'clock, tbs contents or the Grocery and Liquor Store 271 Monroe ? treat, corner of Jackson. Barrels of Flour end Sugar, Teas, Coffee. Spices, Iwo barrels Liquor, two Ino Beer Pumps, Kegs, Counters, Cigars, Ac. ^ KXPHKMSK*. /~1LOBBBXPRKB? COMPANY?OFFICE NOB 3AND4 U Rector street. Empire Building; temporary office MB Broadway. _ _ ? ,_ NfW Tots, Nor. 19. 1AM. The Globe Express Company will this day open Its 11 rat line between New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wash la ton, tor HJ?AVT FRBmlJT ABD PACKAGER. They win sail for and deliver promptly, at tbe following Firrbivy freight to Philadelphia JOB per 100 Iba. For heavy freight to Oeori^toWn, D. 0....lK per 100 lh?. Con?A"eVto*arrae)SyAt raffTyngsn Its ofllees st an hnpoifnt points throegh tbe Boulh and Bouihweet, aaafuU K*T5o-~y >fe piM^Vkd to pay promptly for ?Ry lorn ?r damage that may omar. ? ... "T ' yThco., M at Fapanx. frsaeuicr, I M? a*way. Mpartatoedaak. A ?Sm'Sei!'/- A8Pt *4404011 EX p[ # 5 ass "*-*. As.. MUwnlK WILLIAM* A i3U10>. Z* fcortwir. STEAM TO QUEBNSTOWN AND LIYBBPOt*.!*.?THE SCOTLAND sails Saturday December I. PuiW MP currency; prepaid tlckeU $36. on Itogtand "ff* ??? land at lowest rates. Apply at THOMPSON'S Puu|t ,offioe. ITS Paarl street, naar Fnlton. T ONDON AND NEW YORK IHEAMSHIP LINE. Li Paaaaga to London, dl re<*. 890, $60 and $30, currency. Plunge from London. 373, $80and MO, gold. OKI,LA, Captain OleadeU, from New York, Don & W*. P^NN, Captain Bllllnge, from Now YorkDro. IS. ATALANTA, Captain Plnkham. from Now York. Dm. SI. BRLLONA. Captain DUon. from Now York, Jan. 10, The British irfln steamship OBLLA, 2,81)0 tons, will leave Cor No. S North rirer for London, direct, on Saturday, Dee. at ISM. Freight will be takan, and through bill* of lading given, to Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam. A ran ionium and Dunkirk. For pauage apply toCllAS. A. WHITNEY, 26 Broadway. For freight apply at 64 South street. IIOWLAND A ASPINWALL, AgenU. rriHH hamburo American packet company's A Iron mall steamship ? TEUTONIA, P. H. Haaok. commander, carrying the United Stales mall, will sail on Saturday, Deoember 1. at IS M., for HAMBURO, taking pamengera for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London. First cabin. $106: aeoond cabin, $62 SO: steerage, *37 30, payable In gold or Its equivalent The OERWANIA wlU follow December 81 KUNHARDT A CO., C. B RICHARD A BOAS. Oeneral Agenta, General Paaaage Agents, 46 Bxehange place. N. Y. No. 6 Barclay street,nT t. 0 NLT DIRECT LINX TO FRANCE. THE OENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAYES, CALLING AT BREST. The apian did new veeeela on thle favorite route for the Continent will mil from pier No. 10 North river, aa follow*:? VII.LK DB PARIS, Surmont. Saturday, December 1 EUROPE, Lemarle Saturday, Deoember 16 ST. LAURENT, Boeandl Saturday, December 26 PEREIBE, Dueheane Saturday January 13 PRICES OF PA88AGE IN OOLD. Flrat cabin *1381 Second cabin *80 Including table wine In either clau. Theee steamers do not carry steerage passengers. Medical attendance free of charge. Passengers intending to land at Brest ean be fnrnlehed on board with railroad coupon tickets, and their baggage checked to Parte, at an additional charge of $5 for first, and *3 for aeeond class. CEO. MACKENZIE. Agent. 68 Broadway. STEAMER VTLLE DE PARIS, FOR BREST AND Havre, will leave pier No. 50 North river, foot of Morton atreet. on Saturday, Deo. 1, at 12 o'clnek. Passengers are requested to be on board at about 11 o'clock. THE NORTH OERMAN LLOYD'S HTEAM8HIP BREMEN. H. A. F. Neynaber. master, carrying the United Slates mall, will sail from the Bremen pier, foot of Third street, Hoboken. on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, roa BREMEN. VIA SOUTHAMPTON, TAKINO PASBENOER8 TO LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMITON AND BREMEN, at the follosrlng rates, payable In gold or Its equivalent In currency ? For the flrat cabin, *106; aeoond oabin, *62 60; steerage, *37 60. To be followed by the steamship AMERICA, J. C. Meyer, master, on December 18. For freight or passage apply to OELRfCIlB A CO.. 68 Broad street. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL. C ALI.INO AT QUBEN8TOWN. The Inman Line, sailing seint-weekly, carrying the United States mails. CITT OF WASHINGTON Saturday, December 1 CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday. Decembers CITY OF OORK Wednesday. Deoember 12 CITY OF PARIS Saturday, December 15 CITY OF NEW YORK Saturday, December 22 and each succeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at noon, from pier 46 North river. RATES OF PA88AQE, By the mall steamer sailing every Saturday, FIRST CABIN *P0 I BTBBRAOE 3*1 to London 99 to London 34 to Parle 106 I to Peru 40 Pavabla In gold. Passage by the Wednesday steamers? Flrat Cabin, *90; Steerage. $38 Payable In United States currency. raasengrra also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Re., at moderate rates. Steerage passage from Liverpool or Queen* lows. $30 gold, or the equivalent. Tickets oan bo bought hero by peraens sendlnrfror their friends. For further Information, Sfy^Nat the Com^an jU offices. ?'p BmlvVWjwYer*. rR LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUEBNSTOWN.? Canard Steamship AFRICA, from Eon on via Halifax December 6 SCOTIA, from New York December It ASIA, from Boston, via Halifax December 19 rasaaoc worst mow nsw tors. Cabin $13". 601 Second Cabin *80 rASsaaa wokvv mow aoarow. Cabin $118 60 | Second Cabin *66 Payable in gold or 1U equivalent For freight or paaaage apply to E. CUNaRD. No. 4 Bowling tlrean. CJTEAM TO GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL, Cal'lngal Londonderry to land passenger* and mails. THE FAVORITE PASSENGER STEAMERS OF THE ANCHOR LINK SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. HTBERNIA ...? sella Saturday, December 1. IOWA sails Snturdav. Deeeinhern. RATES OF PASSAGE. PAYABLE IN CURRENCY. To Llveimool, Glasgow and Derry, cabins, *90 and $70; steerage, $30 Prepaid certificates from these porta to New Tnrk, $36. To Hamburg. Havre. Antwerp. Re., *100 and $37. For further Information apply at the company's offices. FRANCIS MACDONALD A OOTAgenta, No. ? Bowling Green. New York. National steam nayioation company. (Limited.) TtRPOOL, i QUEBNSTOWN. Leering pier 47 North river aa follow*:? SCOTLAND, Captain Hall. aalls Saturday, Deoember 1. THE QUEEN, Captain Grogaa, sails Saturday. Decembers. DENMARK, Captain Thomson, salts Saturday, Deoem ber 16. VIRGINIA, Captain Prowee,sails Saturday, December 22. PENNSYLVANIA. Captain Lewis, sails Saturday, Deoem ber 29. Cabin passage, $100: Steerage, $30. i paaaage tickets, to bring ] or Queen stow n, For $36 In currency. STEAMERS WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT Steerage paaaage tickets, to bring parties from Liverpool Queen stow n, For $36 In currency. Through paaaage to Parle, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, Ac.. at low rate*. Drafts Issued for anv amount, payable at any bank In Oroat Britain or on the continent. Por freight and cabin pemage apply at the office of the company, 67 Broadway. And for steerage tickets, at the passage office of the com pany, ST Broadway and 178 Pearl atreet, near Fulton. F. W. J. HURST. Manager. STBAM TO QUBRNBTOWN AND LIVER FOOL. The flrat class Iron stoamahlp MANHATTAN, ?alls WEDNESDAY, December 11, From pier IT Bast river. Paaaage in cabin $IH0 | steeragi $30 Payable la currency. Por passage apply to WILLIAMS A OUTON, 39 Broadway. TAP8COTTB LIVERPOOL AND QUEENSTOIFN STEAMSHIP PAB8A0E OFFICE. M SOUTH STREET AND ? BROADWAT. NRW TORE. From Now York every Wednesday and Saturday. Steerage Passage, $9d currency, PROW LIVERPOOL or QUEENBTOWN, fSB currency. Draft* for ?1 upward!, payable on demand, at the lowest poaslble rate*. Apply to 1APSCOTT BROS, k CO. 6? South itreet, or 23 Broadway. QTKAMHHIPS orPY OF WASHINGTON AND CITY OP i ' CORK will rommenee lo discharge at pier A3 North rlrer on Wednesday and Friday mornings respectively, Ooodi not remoeed within twenty-four bourn will be tored at ounalgnee a risk and expeoer. JOHN O. DALE, Agent IS Broadway. American European express. 72 Broadway. AUSTIN, BALDWIN A CO., Proprietor!. Ship Pamela, rackare!. raluabtea and roods by mall ateamora twice each week, for all parte of Europe, at low ratea. COASTWISE STEANSIIIPS. PACiriC NAIL RTEAMSHIp'cOMPANYS THBOUOII LINK TO CALIFORNIA. CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, VIA PANAMA RAIl.RO A D. Staamere leare pier AS North rtrer, foot of Cenal atreet, at 12 o'alork noon, aa follows:? December 1?OCEAN QUEEN, Captain Maury, connect Ins with OOLDPN AOE. Captain Lapblge. December 11?HENRY CIIAUNUBY. Cantata A. O. Orar Conner ling with OOLDRN CITY. Captain Watklna Peremher 11?RISING STAR. Captain T. A. Hal He. ron ?lag with MONTANA. Captain ' I departure! tnurh at Anepulco: thoee 0f let and Slat connect at Panama with aleamera for South Partite porta let and 10th for Central American porta, and tboea of IaA touch at Manranllto Departure of 10th each month ronnecta with the new (team line from Panama to Anatralla and New Zealand. Steamer of December II. IWt. will eonneot with the Bret Steamer of the company'! China Line, leaving Sen Franclaoo January 1, ISO?, for Hong Kong. One hundred pounds baggage allowed each Adult. Medi cines and attendance free. For passage tickets and all farther Information apply at the office 0% the wharf, foot of Canal atreet. North rtrer. nefljo New York. 8. K. HOLMAN. Agent pACinO -AIL ^^IP^OMPANt'. JAPAN AND CHINA, "* ''"'"'wwa.''"'1"* ? FIRST VOYAOE. steamer HENRY CHAUNCKY will lease pier No. AS North rtrer, foot ef Canal alreet. New York, at jrovloek noon, on Tneadar, December II. 1JW, coenectlnf'yla rename Rail road with ateemer (JOI.DEN CITT for San Franclacn, whern passengers. mall, and faat freight will hn transferred to the Company a splendid ateemer COLORADO, to leers that port at noon on Tuesday, January I. WW, for Yokohama and llona Kona. Through llcketa leaned from New Tork, adding lo regular prteea between New York and Han Franotsre the following rnlae, payable In gold or Its equivalent:? _ let Cabin. Sd Cabin. Steerage. San Franefeeo lo Yokohama $2W) RI70 M San Franclaoo to Hong Kong Ik) 10U Dot notian will be given of subsequent voyages. received and "through bllla of lading*' Queen, December 1 (alow), end per Hen -iryS'M.'aa.t'dra''' signed per Oneaa ? Chmunoey, De COW rnture ^???1 mklng connection at St. Thomas wtu "j,*")** for Jamaica and ths Windward ! elands. For p>.^t'ul*4 ? pply to SMITH 1 DINNING. OB Houlb at real po? SANTIAGO DE OUBA, VIA HUE VITAS. Ths flrat cUaa fast satUag steamer VAHKEB. John Stirling, oommander. Caij^ln^ tba United States mall, will leave pier 27, E. It., of SAT. lit") AT, December 1, 1866, at I o'otoofc P. M. precisely! for the above port. All letters must pasa through the Post office. For freight or passage, having superior state room t modatlons, apply to WAYDElL a CO., M Booth street, corner Dover. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE TO HAVANA. ATLANTIC! MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. CHANGE OF SAILING DAY. The regular departures of this Une wtU hereafter bf AGLP, Greene, Thursday, November 29. Thursday, December A iMOKRn U8TLK, Adams, Thursday, Deceml _ , -? December 13 From pier No. 4 North river, st IS o'clock noon. UAJtklSON A ALLEN, Agents. No. ? Bowling Green, N. Y. BTAVANA, SISAL AND VERA CRUZ. 11 The sldewheel steamship MANHATTAN will salllMH pter No. 3 Not th rlver, ss above, on the luthpf each moatM CHAB. A. WHITNEY. Agent,* Broad wejri IJIE XAS UNE. FOR OALVEBTON TEXAS DIRECT. EUTERPE, Bldrldse Commander, ? Is now tending at pier 10 East river, and will sail wlthotf fail on Saturday. December I. I freight or fTIBXAS STEAMSHIP LINE. X For GALVESTON. Tsiaa, Saturday, Dee. I. First eabin. ?78 I Second oabtn Apply to ALtEN E. THOMAS A CO.. No. 6Bowling Or EMBOULAR LINE FOR OALVEBTON, TEXAS, DM reel. ?The fast and favorite steamship TYBKK, JM Csulklns commander, will leave pier No. 4 North liver KB Thursday. December 6, at I o'clock P. M. precisely. Pol freight or passage, having superior scoommodatious, applffi to SI'OFFORD, TILESTON A CO.. 1 21 Broadway. I FOR NEW ORLEANS?BLACK STAR LIWE.-TH1 steamship FUNG BHUEY, Captain Wadeworth. will leave pier 18 North river, on Saturday, December 1. at 8 r M. For freight or passage, haying handsome accotmnodal Hons, apply to R. LOWDEN, Agent, oorngr of Cedar i West streets. DAVID MoCOARD, Agent In New Orlaaoa. New ori.eanb s-beamrhip line. For NEW ORLEANS direct, Saturday, Dee. 1. Cablna. 858 and 845; second class, 8?. Apply to ALLFN E. THOMAS A CO., No. 6 Bowling Green J FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. __ The new and flrat elaaa steamship GEORGE WASH! INOTON, Captain K. V. Gager, wlp leave pier No. tf N. R.f on Saturday, Deo 1. at 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or paaaage, having unsurpassed aceomn datlotis, apply to IT. B. CROMWELL A CO.. 88 West street The GEORGE CROMWELL will follow Decembers. STAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS.?THE NEW YOB? Mall Steamship Company's line ocean steamers wf loave pier 40 North river, st 3 o'clock P. M., ; a follows:? MERRIMACK On '-"aturday, Dee. 1 Mariposa on Weinea.iav, Dec. MISSISSIPPI On Saturday, D'o. L MATANZAS On Wednoadar Dec. IB All bills of lading signed st the oflioo upon the pier. Fol freight or passage apply to C. K. GARRISON, President, No. 8 Bowling Qreea. F OR SAVANNAH, OA., BVERY THURSDAY?Tffll Atlantic Coast Mail Steamship Company's stdewheal stesmahips I GENERAL BARNE8, Captain Morton, sails Thursday! ?IEKMAN LIVINOBTON, Captain Baker, satis ThursdaJ Dec. 6. From pier 88 North river, st 3 P. M., precisely. Through passage tickets and bills of lading to all points I connection with the Central Railroad of Georgia. Forfrslgh| or passage apply to LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Agents, 88 Uberty attest.. Atlantic mail steamship company. EMPIRE LINE FOR SAVANNAH. Every SATURDAY, from nler IS North river. Punctually at 8 P. M., The fsvorlte sldewheel steamships SAN JACINTO, Lovetand, oomanander, sells December I SAN SALVADOR, Atkins, commander, sells Decembers. Through tickets and bills of lading to all points. Elegant passenger accommodations. GARRISON A ALLEN, No. 8 Bowling Green, N. Y. EOR SAVANNAH, GA.-MUBRAT'S LINE. fcvERY TUESDAY, i favorite steamship VIRGO, K. M. Bnlkley. eommae will sail Tuesday, December 4, at 8 P. M. precisely, ft pier 18 Eaat river, foot of Wall street. Through bills eg lading and passage Uokets given to i point* In connection wlui Georgia Central Railroad. For freight or passage apply to McBRAyTfbrBIB A 00.,81 and88Booth street. ATLANTIC COAST MAIL STEAMSHIP I.INP.R^H t\ Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and flatum days. FOR SAVANNAH.?Osbln til, second 813. FOR CHARLESTON.?CshTnlMMBHM -.bin 38. second 818. FOR NORFOLK AND RICHMOND.-Cabin $8, 8? end I For freight "r psmagp apply to ALLEN K. THOMAS. Mo. 8 Bowling Omeo.'1 PHOR CHARLESTON, S 0., THE FLORIDA ? end the Bonth and Southwest?Regular I'nlted Mall Line. Pier 14 Eaat river, Wednesdays and Sat ^^^^^^^^Hpopular side wheel steamship oommandar, la now receiving cargo sad ^^^^^^?uyfrec. I, at 8 P. M? from pter 14 Baal Charleston with the steamer Dictate! CITY, win. H. connecting for the Florida ports. Faaasge tickets and through bills ol lading given to all points In connection with the South Car* line Railroad. Bills of lading signed on board the vessel. I ARTHUR LKAKY, 78 William strssl Th. |gP will follow on Wsd^da^ Sro. . ?R CHARLESTON, S. 0.?THE PEOPLE'S MAIS ? Stsamehlp Companr. The regular and popular ate asm ship MONBKA, Captain Lobby, will tears on Friday! I November 80. at 8 P. M . from pter No. 38 North rlvaJ F?\ lln^frstght on Monday morning, at Charleston. steamships of this line wdl In future leave New York am Tuesdays and Fridays. I Through tickets and bllla of lading Issued to all point! South In connection with the South Carolina Railroad. , LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Agents, 88 Liberty street.' Fob wilminoton. n. c. POSITIVELY EVERY FIVE DAYS. EXPRESS STEAMSHIP LINE. Tba line steamship EMPIRE, D. PRICE, Commander, , This Una of steamers will tears alternately every tea Java. _ .?? ? - the above steamer Is now loading at pter IS Boat riv lORdlBC 111 and will sail on SATURDAY, Deo. f, at if M , or sooner loaded. Freight taken at low rates. For belanoe of freight or jtjJ j^f*|f '"j 104 Wall slraal R B3EWDYOBTr NORFOLKt AND HI04?MOltf| UTBAMHHIP LINK. CALLIKO AT CITY POINT BOTH WATS. Tba fine steamers WASHINGTON. o. CHiniKBTFR, Commander. A WD VALLEY CITY. H RNYPKR. Commander. The above stenmcra r?oelre freight dally at pier ft - ?J river, and will >all regularly every SATURDAY at 11 P. Mil or sooner If loaded. This line Is prepared to recslvs and forward goods, despatch, by sit the Southern railroad routes. For freight or passage appl ? A MBS HAND, KM Wall st real. F OR RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND G1TY POINT. The sldewheel stes in ships HATTER AS, Centaln Alciander .Every Saturday, I AI.BrMARI.P., Captain Bsunie Every Wednesday.! At 11 M., from pier 88 North tivtr, giving through bills oil Isdlng. Ac , to an pointa on the Rsaboard Railroad and IIT connections. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agents, 88 Liberty ?trust. PORTLAND AND MEW YORK STEAMSHIP OMffi psny ?The flrat class steamships DIRIOO and FRAN* CONhA form s semi-weekly Una oetween "New York sad Portland, leaving pier 8A Eaat river everv Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 o'clock P. M.. connecting with Grand trunk Railway for Canada, and alao the International Steamship Company for Kaatport and St. .lohn. N. B. For freight or paaaage apply at tha office, on ptsr IN Ras8 river. jTr. AMES. Agent, pier 38 East river. IAILIHO TBMEU. fpOR LIVERPOOL.?OLD BLACK BALL LINE SHIP r i? W* r. srORKR aaila Friday morning. No* Bl. Foff c*hin or wind aabln pimp apply "n board. foot of Hook man atrooi, or to KOtTlB BKoTltKltS * COPPKC, lltui lift Hooth UrM, naar Pack allp. TRAVKLLKHft' OVIDE. JJUDHON _ RIVRR AND_ HARLKM RAILROAD*.? XI Tralna for Albany and Troy ronnwtlna with Nnrtbora and Wratarn tralna, laara Raw Turk. *la Hudaon Rl?ar talk road. Tbirtioth atraat and Tooth araauo, H and 10 A. and* Ift.ftAOand II P. M. yr-auth alrrat and Foil rib amour, at 11 AM aad t IS P. M. "ft* 6.10 P. M. train ria Hu d?.,n Rlror will ran on BundiafM" Bloaplna car* a'tarhcd la d 39 and II P. M. tralna On I ? P. M. train la alao atlaahod a ataoplaa oar rrary dap ad Nftpf crptlng Saturday* wblah la ma tbronafe to Oadaaaburf ata R. W. aad O. Railroad, without chan . W. aad O. Railroad, without ehanaa. Sunday train on Hudaon Ulnar Road. Raw York to Pnn?fc. kaanaia aad raturn, 1*0*1 aa Now York at I II A. M.. and on 11 arlaiB Road. Porty-aoeood atraat to Millar ton .and mtura, leariuf Mow ^ABDKRBILT Ttaa Praaldaak. CLOTHWO. A TTERTTOK.-AT Tftl ORIGINAL M. An., a* I moat bar* iboaa artiotaa to auppiy ua wratara markata. Ladlaa and aontlamaa will ba kind month to -all on or addraaa M. Mark*, lh? numbnr an a bo* a. Ladiaa waltad upon by lira Mark*. In aad OQI of tba Wty. IMRN?I WILL BUY ANY Op A NHYY OP' aad Loft Off Olatklaa for tha Wratarn niarkal ?aaaTllOff. D. CUHBUY. 101 I'oa? Call at tba atora or addraaa atraat. batwoou Contra aad Chatham lAs&AtestJSn