Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 29, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 29, 1866 Page 5
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EUROPE. Special Telegram to the Herald. THE FENIAN RISING. FRANCO-MEXICAN AFFAIRS. United States Bonds in the English Market. Ao. Ao. Ac. THE FENIAN RISING. Ttwh to Irel>i4-H*lxire of Fenl.n Uniforms uf Aram. London, Nor. 2S?Noon. The movement of the government against the Fenians continues. Another regiment of Infantry will go to Belfast Immediately. A box of uniforms and arms has been seized at Liver pool. The box came from the United States. The London Daily tfewt denounoes the fieroe threats of its contemporaries, and eaya the rebellion must be suppressed in a soldierly THE MExicAil QUESTION. French Colonization?Interest* of the French Bondholders. Pauls, Not. 28?Evening. It Is reported that an arrangement has peon made be tween the government* of France and the Cuited States that a tract of territory in Mexico shall be devoted to Fronch colonization. It is also stated that an arrangement has been agreed upon that the French bondholders shall not be disturbed in their rights, PRUSSIA. Connt Bismarck's Position. Brrun, Not. 28, I860. The story that Count Bismarck bad been disgraced and ?eslgned Is officially denied. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. SPECIAL TELE6BAM TO THE HERALO. (Jolted State* Five-Twenties In the Enaliah Market. 1,0!*dow, Nov. 28, 1866. United States bonds have fluctuated considerably within the past twenty-roar hours, sales being announced as low as 9?% and as high as 70JL the latter price on aoconnt The cash sales were generally from 70 to "0%. The London Money Market. London, Not. 28?Noon. Con- 'its. for money, opened at 8#X. five-twenties. 70 M Bries 47 Illinois Central 77)g London, Nor. 28?Evening. Con o s closed this evening at 89'\i, tor money. AMERICAN SSCPRITIKS jlosod to-day at the annexed quotations United State* five-twenties,. 70V Illinois Central shares 76*? Crle hallway shares 47 The Liverpool Cotton Market. Liverpool, Nov. 28?Noon. The market for cotton Is quiet at yesterday's quota tions. Salsa to-day 8,000 bales. Middling uplands 14){d. Livxrpool, Nov. 28?Evening. The cotton market closed uuchanged. The sales to day reached 9,000 bales. Middling uplands era quoted at 14Xd. Liverpool Breadstuff* Mnrket. Livbbfool, Nov. 28?Evening. The i<r*edstut& market remains steady and unchanged. NEW JERSEY INTELLIGENCE. Fart Lee. Tax l'ANMNOta Lms Disoowtimu?d. ?The steamboat rhomaa K. Hulas, having been disabled by an accident lift Fr day, while on her trip from Christopher street wharf to Fort Lee, the |>aaseoger tine la discontinued for the season. Although many passengers were on board When the framework over the engine gave way, no one was injured. Newark. Latino a Coaraa 8tons.?Yesterday afternoon the softer stone of the new Metfaodlet Episcopal Mission ?l, in North Broad streot, was laid with appropriate lonles. The preliminary services were held fn the Quarry street Methodist Episcopal church, BUhop Janes present, after which the congregation proceeded |e wltmnai Ihe laying of Ltha stone. The chapel Is to b* built in lb* asm* style a* the other mission ohapela re cently erected In Newark by the Methodist denomina tion. Poos rot Aoxd Woman. ?fte building procured at No. 106 East Broad street, for the eatabltshmenl of a Home for Rc-pectable Aged Females, we* opened yesterday, jnlte a large number of applicants were received at Its inauguration. The rooms completed are all oocupied, being tafo persons In each room. Everything Een fitted With a view to the comforts of tne In Tbe managers have already made a public ippeal for aid. Drroaca Cab*.?A decree has been made In the Court pf Chancery upon the application of Trayton Muddle, >r Newark, granting blm a divorce from hi* wlfo on tne (round of Infidelity. Oraigr. Fatal Railboad Aon dswt?About eleven o'clock yes terday morning a man named Patrick Moiane waa run tm by a loeomatlve of the Morris end Knee* Kali road, Erange, and instantly killed. He eras walking along track near the bend In the road, and It is supposed he did hot see the approaching train He roaid d la Heche street. Coroner Sandfocd, of Newark, was OOtflo I, and will hold an inqueet this morning. Trraten. Octmt or AnvALa. ?The case of the Tile water Com poky cam# up on Monday on appeal front the decision Of Chancellor Zabriskle to dlxeolve an injtnctloo. The Injunction was Issued on the 27th of Angus, agreeably I* the prayer of the petitioner, who claims i?i undivided In'-ere-i' tn fee on the* thousand nine humked acres of aurab or meadow land, bounded by the I'aaaic river, S shark Hay. the Hackensack river and .-awutll < reek. it Chancellor held that the grant of power n this act liia commissioners to 'make a contract with the way to bind the property of tho landholders h beyond ^authority of tb* Legislature and void. Ibei aaeis k THE BOSTW EWIIEERS T8 VISIT HEW VOIR?DEATH Of REV SVLVESTER HOLMES. 4C. Bowroir, Nov M, 1*08 fha notion faallteni have voted to viatt New Tork af the tmeata of the Seventy-flrvt regiment, end a com Btitten haa been appointed to make the ooc-aeary ar] rtpfemenia for the aaae. Bev Hjrlveeter Bolmea, a lead I ox divine In the Ortho dot Con (rotational body, died at New Bedford yea tar tar. at the ago- of ooventjr-eeven. -Cher* waa never known to he mioh a number of ToLtkatlvlng holla an are announced to lake place thia he nty ta very fay, and all the placet of anoaement crammed at ovary performance. Oft era AFFAIM M CHICAGO AM fur Iteetltnte Colored People In Wee team 4,'ltlre?Tho Chlraco Tonnol-dtov. Ofleaby'a Claim \?nlaet the Uovoraweal, Ate. Cnictoo, Nov. 2S 1HM Tba Nrnlhwfttern freedman'a Aid CommliaioD have forme ) tin aaeootatlon in thla city to procure help for dealttutc colored famlliea to WMarn citiaa. They ap fanl to the fumera ef lllinoflBflaronain and Iowa to o Wmtern ?ooiiiitc ?MMnnH&ninaB>mAmmraH|i Mf imouivv uu wi The Hoard or PtlWIo WorkfWBBunce to-day thMtba, lake Tunnel w|ll not be read* for uae for lhr? M account Of other work to bo done on tfpe a claim of Ael^ko Am ealltn* InfPoe r ' .. .I.J Bl.l -Jpovacnor Ogl??bv l? aettioa lu'fne United Btatee. ?Uf.oeo, which llliooie hae af|Uetiva, la in Chie^e. ?- Bui, a Na# JCid Burdali, of ? firm of r. n. Hall, a New ,xtd Burdali, of a Qrm ol *fflL ?k 6 B Oeliina C-4 Ihy ?d T^H |4itt a olark have made aeverei ?ratlor IT ? All ALUyO MUMCBER MM Npr. IS, l m. with the near THE FENIANS Exrtl?Mfii la the City YXwrlxy. Owing to the European telegrams of yaliNxy morn ing with reference to the revolutionary movement in Ireland, and the comments of the preeo thereon, the most intense excitement prevailed among our Irish citi zens and their ay m path tsars. The itnorrn fast that James Stephens has left for the sceuf of action, together with the bloodthirsty tone of the London Jonrs&ls, ay shown In the speiuM telegrams to the Huutn, seem to have thoroughly aroused the Fenians and Irish Americans generally. People who have hitherto held aloof from the movement, In the belief that nothing serious was intended, are now exceedingly anxious to enroll themselves in the ranks of the Fenian Brother hood, or send substitutes in the shape of greenbacks and rides. Yesterday morning the headquarters of the Brotherhood waa crowded with military men, officers and privates, all anxious to be sent "over the water." Colonel Kelly, although a hard worker, was almost pros trated by the severe labors Imposed upon him. All those who presented themselves and who bore honorable evidence of former service were at once accepted, pre ference being given to Fenians. Tbe entire staff at headquarters was engaged daring the day and fhr Into tbe night receiving money and examining the creden tials or volunteers A number of prominent merchants of this city, sympathising with ihe aspirations of the Irish peoplo, but who have been doubtful hitherto that earnest work was intended, waited on Colonel Kelly and authorized that offioer to draw on them fbr large amounts. The threats of the ferocious editor* of the Eagllsh Journals are laughed at at headquarters. Although thore is no "On to Richmond" excitement among the Fenians tu tha city and those who congregate dally about the office in Chatham straet, there Is, neverthe less, ample evidence that in the opinion of the best in formed tbe English, in their "stamping out" proceaa, will hare to lift thoir feet ottoner than they now think will be necessary. Arrangements have been perfected to outflank tbe English government, should tt dare to praotlse upon the jieople of Ireland the barbarous cruel ties perpetrated In India and Jamaica. Something not hitherto known In warfare, and which, It ie claimed. Is far superior In destructive effect to tbe famous needle guii, ff|IJ SbwUr he brought Into active use. Hearty blessings were showered all day on the "men in the gap," and curse* deep and strong were levelled at the loaders who, in spite of the appeals of the straggling insurgents in Ireland, retain the arms and ammunition contributed by a confiding people for Irish llberatlou. The Fenlana In Buffale-A Fall Brigade Or ganized In Thnt City nml Ready tor Imiae inedlaie Movement, dee. BcrrxLo, Nov. 28, 1880. The news of the outbreak in Ireland created groat ex citement among Fenians here. The Erprat Of this even ing says it Is understood that there Is a full brtgado in this city now all ready for Immediate movoraent. Tbe men meet for drill every night by companies at their rooms or In the fields adjoining tha city, Reviews are hold at t'niontown on a large seals It is estimated that the Infantry branch numbers between 1,600 and 2,600 men, the most of whom are familiar with the manual of arms as taught in the American service. One battery of artillory Is said to be fully organised and ready to take the field as soon as any movement le inaugurated. Tbe want of this eflectivo branch was severely felt by tbe leaders during tbe raid last June. The agitation among tbs Fenians on the straet to-day is intense, and it is very evident that some extraordinary movement is on the tapis for this evening, and meetings will undoubtedly be bold in tbelr circles. Though their intootlons are Involved in the deepest secrecy, they evi dently mean work, and thore Is no telling what a day may bring forth. THE FEELIMQ IN CANADA. SPECIAL TELEBRAWS TO THE HERALO. Urett Excitement la the Prnvlneen ea the Re? reption of the Newi from Irelnnd-The Fe nian Prlonnem* Ace. Torosto, Mot. 28,1M2. The nowa which wm received to-day regarding the contemplated Fenian rising In Ireland baseaneed Intense excitement. The OM?, Ttltgrajh and Uader leaned extras, which were eagerly purchased, and matters begin to assume a different aspect to what they did a few wcoks since. People who believed that Stephens was a humbug, and that bis boasts of landing on Irish soli before the first of next January wero Impracticable, are now beginning to believe there Is much to fear, and what heretofore has been slurred by the Canadians as a mole hill, is transformed into a mountain. If the rumor is true, the movement, so far from doing tho prisoners under eentonce sny good, will Infinitely harm them, and from the tenor of the Loudon Times' article, copied to day In the dally papers, the hopee that were heretofore Indulged In by their friends may provs fruitless. The Courts of Queen's Bench and Common Pleas failed to deliver judgment to day. as expected, on Mr. Me Konzie's motjon to set aside the verdicts obtained against the convicted prtsonere, and at Oegood Hall It Is said that the delay Is caused In consequence of the judge having decided to give an elaborate decision in writing as to the course they Intend to pursue. In the event of the Judge refusing the rule It Is the intention of the pris oners' counsel to spply (under the third section, cap. US, Con Statutes, A. Ci | to hsv?rthe question referred to the Court of Error and Appeal. If they do so two of the judges In each court must concur that the objections set forth on the part of t?o prisoners are well founded; otherwise the Judgment already given will remain In ftill force. If the lam -eeorl tails, uolhiog Is left but to abide by whatevtr c< .10 the government may choose proper to adopt. Excitement in "'lontreni - Tears of ? Raid from the Vermont Frontier. A'-. Moktrkal, Nov. 28, I-UW. The arrangements (or the removal of the Feniao pi la oners from the jail In this city to Sweetsburg are com pleted. The prtsonere will be accompanied by a strong military guard. Crest fears are entertained of a raid from the Vermont frontier to HweeUburg to release the prtsonere. Judge Johnson, the presiding Judge daring the trials, Inform M the Crown authorities thai he would not stt In court after four o'clock P. M. unleas a strong force of regular! were stationed in the village. The greatest excitement la manifested lathe city ever lhe news of an ou'break In Ireland. The leading Irishmen of the city bsd a grand banquet at the American Hole! this evening one of the speak ers. in alluding to the movements of Stephens, re marked tbst England fear* Stephens while they laugh at Koberle and bis plans. On the announcement ol an outbrmk In Ireland, the audience rose to their feet Mid gave three cheers for "the men in the gap.'' CANADA. A stchooner Cyslzed and the Crew Rnppneed to llnve Hern I.set. Dttrrre s Cssaa, C W , Nov. 28, ltdd The schooner Swallow cspsixed and drifted ashore near y.t.dilcoke creek. It is supposed that the rrew are lost. Me loaded at Highland creek for Toronto. From the appearance of the wreck It Is snppoaed that she sprang t leak and became unmanageable The captain was Wil liam Hutchinson, a well known skipper on the lake, hav ing sailed on Lake Ontario for over thirty yenre. Disposition of lhe (.unheal* for tho tVlnt. r. Toaorm, C. W., Nov. 28, 1WVS The disposition of Uie gunboats for tba winter is as follows ?aw. it* ron 1-at Toronto, the rhernb and tba Ooodrtcb era prolactin* . , Pr|||fa jufred, wblC|, ? ^ laid up there; the Brt^msrt an- _ t>in0T,i,? era pro tectln^the^Heecue, lhe Hercules and u. Kingston Returning Doer Hnnfero The One llnndredm Rrilwset. Ortawa, Nov. 28. 18dd. A party of American deer hunters left for home yes lerday, they brought twenty deer with them. The rumored removal of the One Hundredth regiment to Toronto is contradicted. Toronto Printers Remanding Increased Frteee. Tea!ami, No* ?, 1826. The journeymen printers struck for bigt*r wagae. In consequence of the increased prices of ?<l neeaensrten. The demand is generally conceded to by rmployere. AFFAIRS A ST. LOUIT. Proposed (anal Ar#?M |.tda-41ald Dwl Om Jxri*, NOT Jn, l*fW "W1.,1!*"!zLz!V tha coD-rtrn-i on of n canal aroua-i SJ'Saii bM ronana of improrllif tba nariga }?*m ,*f.rf!?ar the Mrrrhaata Si'hange of tbMattf W a aatfpa of raaolution*, rall.og all tbo cMlaana of Mlaa bordatfng on tb? Mtaanaippt near who arw In Mraatad la tha riwcr common a %> raaot la coaranitoa la tbtocnjr, la January nwat, lo Uko "tap* to bring tbo (pallor wpoadily bafor* Coagrma 1 be raaaluUon alao proridaa for a oommittat of mor-banta to watt <* Oaaaral wllooa and rapraoant to him the advaatagaa of a canal or at all othrr laprorsmaai*. Mltobail. of Now Matten, a an road* to Waah lanaral Mita iafton. mart bo mil apand tbo wintor. T. w. Tlppoo, .1 nltad StaUa Sonator alao* from No. ^raak^ naoaad through bora yantcrlaf, m npila (of tbat fptn 11 R.OOO 000 to Rl^to^tOO of Rictus oi eoTToi ^ ^ #ru ?aa, t*. 'M nrs: ??,.? *> ban-xi laat waar "? AMUSEMENTS Theatre. R to satisfactory u> tad u^' ?*wlU?uodlM ?*? ruge fblch ?>?mi to exist Just now f0, *P*ct*culmr ?n* *?*" t . .... . * immnl sutr wbichi _ ?fc?kt plays, Ultra it In Nsw York a BUta^5*n>*'*"? citntly enterprising to product, mad audiences ly appreciative to attend, representations of tbo tsgn. mate drama, Knob Ado About Nothing was glow M evening at tbo Broadtrtjr thaauo before a good ktui. Tlio piece was supported by a powerful cast and pal oa tbo stage In a highly creditable manner. Mr. Chants Dillon In the character of Benedick proved fHmaeU to be belter Qtted for rendering a roU of that kind then for many of the characters In high elate tragedy which bo has been attempting since bis prsssnl engagement. It ts In rlilet of this kind that ha gains an undoubted right to he claaeaed as a natural actor. His rendition laat night waa good, and waa not at any time marred by the peculiar stilted manner wbloh now and again breaks out In ao many of his more ravorite porta. Miss Kate Relgnolda' Beatrice waa almost beyond criticism. The rftls la one { which developa this artiste's peculiar and agreeable powers In their full force. Her conception of the author's meaning Is good, and her rendering Is cer tainly far on the way to perfection. Her handsome face, phasing and easy manner are In themselves enough to tmpreas| an sudiaoce favorable; but when to these la added admirable reading and considerable dra matic power, It la not to be wondered at that she laat night carried the house with her from her drat appear ance to the final falling of the curtain. The rich aban don, cold pride and rollicking gay ety, which ao curiously Mend together to compose the main elements of this character, were all fully entered into and well displayed by Mlaa Relgnolda, and her capital by-play combined with theee excellencies made her representation very fine indeed. The support given by the Broadway oom * lis I - " " 1 pany was good. Mtm Cells Logan, aa Hero, displayed more than usual ability, aa also did Mr. Jack as Lsonato. It la to be hoped that the management will repeat the piece bofore the cloee of Mr. Dillon's engagement. For Its second representation a crowded house may safely be prodloicd. Ntadt Theatre. A dramatisation of Bulwer'a Kugene Aram wan given at tbia theatre last night for Mr. Frank's benefit, and waa put upon the stage in a manner highly creditable Jo the establishment. Mr. Htemmter played the tlUe role well, according to Ills conception; but he lacks the gentlemanly bearing, tha scholarly address, the refine ment with which the character was originally endowed. Hta impersonation savored more of the country gentle man, and an almost total absence of the clerical attri butes of Kugene Aram. Mr. Frank, aa Richard Brandon, was warmly applauded, and after the scene where be receives tbo news of his child's aicknoss, the crisis of his life, waa called before the footlights, probably rather because It waa on the occasion of his benefit than from appreciation of bis rendering of the passage, for he waa unnecessarily loud and melodramatic, and it was Impos slble to ri-cogn ize the fallen gentleman in tbo arrant knave represented. The support waa generally good, >f Madelln and Miss Inschlk, who played the part or Madeline Les ter, deserves especial praise. Tfcnlln Theatre. The Thalia theatre was bi^iartlally filled lost evening, to wltnaaa the drama of I Will Remain Unmarried, the principal characters by Messrs. Outlmsnn, Lohmann, Hiirtlng, Dennor and Mesdamee Hess, Fell(paan and Ahlfleld The play bss many pleasant features, Mf* which we have before referred, and contains a good deal of humor that waa fully appreciated by the audience. The impersonations might have boen batter: but, as they eeemed to please the house, we have no objections to urge against them. A little more corn in costuming would add to the ocular effect of the representations, wbloh have certeluiy not Improved of Isle at the Thalia. Next Saturday eveniog Bogumi! Dawison, the prime favorite of our Oerman friends, commences an engage ment at this theatre, and there is no doubt it will be aa eas.( eminent succees.1 French Opera In Brooklyn. Under (be present able management the French opera bos been very popular in Brooklyn, and lost evening La KUt du Regiment was witaeesed at the Academy of Music by one of the largest and most fashionable audiences that has assembled In that place of amuse ment during the present seasoo. The balcony, parquet and family circle were full, the fair sex being In the majority, and all greeting the representation of the pie with loud applause. Mile, Neddie, as Marie, sang a acted charmingly. She was repeatedly encored, and was called before tbs ourtaia at the end of each act. M. Aothelme, as Took), and M Vert, as Rulplce, sang well, the former being portlculsry sncceeastil. The per formance of the choruses and ocheatra, were, as usual, unexceptionable. Charley White's Variety Troupe. The ontertainment* at this highly popular plana of amusement continue to bo of eg exceedingly agreeable character. Last evening the bill was varied and attrac tive, and tbe acting and singing all that could be desired. The attendance was full, and tbe actors received well merited approbation from all parte of tbe bouse. The eoncludina place was The Female Merita of Waahiogton. which profee iea to daecrtbe eorna Inoideata la ibr civil war. Han F react era MlaetrrU. The neat and compact theatre of the Han Francisco Minstrels was crowded last evening with an eathuslaatlo and fashionable audience. The programme was loag and varied, bringing out the whole strength and beet points of tbe company. Wambold, Bir-h, Backus end other favorite* appeared to appreciate the fact that Tbaokt gtvlng Kve was a time ror an extra share of enjoyment, so from the rising of the curtain nntll It fell with tba disappearance of tbe "Falling Btara" they put forth their beat efforts to repay the hearty applause their many capital hits elicited. The programme embraced comic colloquies, si-ntimeatal ballads. Intricate clog daaces, lively music, and several novelties in the shape of mete oric showers, all of which were favorably received by ih* audience, and eltcltad mucF applause and several encore m lirllv and I.raw's UlaetrrU. A crowded hooeo and an entertaining programme were tbe prlncl|?l features at Kelly aod loon's handsome little theatre last evening. Several eonga, admirably sung, were followed by tbe Taming of tba Butterfly aad the Two Doves, In which Weaves. Kelly and Leon brought down the house. Tbe champloo clog dancer, Hands, after axbtbl'log his remarkable dexterity In the heavy-xoletl lerpaicbnrcsn art, ami receiving around Of hearty applause, gave place to Messrs Christy and rev mour'a Hhaksparean revival, when the rate of tbe gentle and sympathising pcudemona. contrary to eetabttabed usage, elicited uot the tears but tbe laughtev of the aiidiem e The balance nf tha programme was equally entertaining, and the severs! pieces were heartily ap plauded. e Fifth Arenac Opera House. rhiegmatic audience* do not, as a genarti rule, fre quent the minstrel halls, yet occasionally there are some few individuals troubled with the blues, who, to dlaai pate their -sum, drop naturally Igto that plajjj gf amuse ment which prowl**# the llvetleat enterslnmcnl and the fiinalset sud meet pmaeiag sport Should such per. ?ma accidentally And thtmaelvfg. while la this mood, seated in tbe charming little hall of Budwrth'a Win sirele, while the screaming pantomime of A Trip to the Moon remain* nt>og the bills, they would And It intpoo tlble. no matter how stoical, net In Indulge In the heart iest glad <>f laughter It tr. ?about cxcaptlon, the most enmlcal and mirth provoktnv production that has hoen presented to a New York sad once for manv years. Aside rrom this pantomime, that "casts all other* in the shad*,' th* ' Echoes Fatherland," hy J. H. Bod worth, would alone amply repay a visit. "Bweet Rlngen on the Rhine" Is n'ghlly given, in the inimita ble. original and unadulterated High Dutch, bvthe same authority, end mast be heard to tie appreciated Taay Paetor'a Opera lloaae. This popular piece of amusement was crowded last evening with a highly appreciative audience. The en I attainment was of tbe usual diversified character, the beet features of tbe minstrel troupes being pleasingly re "j^red with Clog and ballet deaclag, acrobatic feats, sad tl.e'nlaf Ptccs* The farce of The Black Mao With Uaa of tb* adu ' "otlrue# to siclte the ngible laouU otnatng and lmrr*JM> ? d'gce* poeitltelv dangepme, tbe relitbed. The eaterta?ofl-'"'?" especially gneeracular aad patriotic *t\. concluded with the grand the Hudson T-my himealf, howF??? ?t The Falriea of attraction ta hi* own theatre aad ha**"""" ttnat called again and again *?<? ?? IFodwartk Hall?llartv, the fllaeienlei. The (eoaerg glvsn by tbla papular amsi are taking a mora Brmly growing hold upon lb# atnueematu loving peopt* of this city, a* hi* cocatantly tmraaatng and In tare?ted audienoe* will osaifv The eenal bell, ike starti ng 'tnvstery" af Ike b?ad rsetiag oa th* floating cushion and lh? I ad tea haekeg f*n* are laauanaa nf de caption aad lllaat'ia which are o<d sgcailed nor even squalled hv any ndbea lllufltoclat vbe his blth?-to ap peared la thlacMf Weaver's dypern Hawse, nTlllsmibarg, At the seat Utile opera hoe a# .a Williamsburg, under tbe directing of Mr. T. W Heirer, ? really flee enter talomcat w?A rrsaaated last evening to an audience fair In aomberr aad evidently appreciative. The programme romnrtsod the o*nal Dumber of tonga and ballade, later, ?peraed,wttjn ogss aad anecdotaa, Tb# Irraalerihly eomte "Hbartow /aaomimsa toe clog dance, by Mrs Queen ? tb* Ble^aigi Twins, by Kph Hot* aad Johnny Queen, ?ol magical, 'augUeWe paiiwaMmr, son tied MepQ'stophsh* If. the ooragaMis# th* vefergn Cpb Horn proved ta JP srterty as err, aad was ably assisted by Johnny Qoeyn |u tbe paalokimee Barry f-eeite, of Niagara nobwtefy. d is pistol fc;a igiltty and verMlllttr In a style worthy of c?mc,afl3#ti?r while the rest of the nompemy ware SQeayy gong m their rseprotle* port* The MH pre , ImM lest evstung w|H be enqueued dttftag th* r-me n i cyfofthe week end gt 'he mauafl* tkle afterpon* I * 'f et- ? Tha flbd Academic. A AWrflr Jf umiak wee gives at the Steubea Heoae lam alght hy ike flmg AMdamle, a male aad feaaato ckorug, aommjad of ekaat eeveaty stager* The piagiammd embraced e ekanta ef Brack awutled A be ?*d fkden, wbh h was reader* ! by a fall rboren of mule end fme's Staierg vtok ? em?n *,i.: -mm nf Uaedn ? aeeagim ^w^sesaWE nsrs Sassjs r^.-a=S~3 Swat r:s4?hxnS'': t ESS&rvfS: ??'""????X",srtsz CUT INTELLIGENCE. Aaaivu. or Arortk^t CimlbbAmui- ?On yesterday the bark Jesaie, from Hamburg, nrrind at tits lower bay, ?lili oue caae of cholera on boar*. During the voyage dentba from the same canae oc,*urrod. By order of the Uo.ilib officer ahe waa aent to'the Quarantine ground for disinfection and cleansing. Tea Cirt KtiuotM tio tub Pout v. ?An order baa been issued to the police force to atop and afreet aoy Ciraon* who may be engaged In tearing up the atreeu r the purpoee of laying additional railroad traokai Mttrrouj or thi Km CoagBMiima ?The Metropolitan

rim Commissioners held tbetr regular weekly meeUtg yeaterday, the President, Mr. Pincknoy, being in the chair, a communication front Mr. Hergh waa read, in which it waa requested that tb* department wonld direct the driver* of englntM and tendera to go at a slower pace through crowded atreeta. Several ether oommuaicatlona on uuimportant matter* were read and appropriately re ierred a reeolnUon to aurreodur certain promlxee to ;zVVs!L"d Commonalty waa adopted; alaoooe award !S5 a B*r"*rdi ?* hu bid, the contract foe supply ing the department with cannol coal at $11 38-100 per ton of 2,000 pounds. Some other unimporUmt buiinew Wadneeoay?*4' Wh8n "** Bo*rd ?d>orn* until nest or a Cntmoa.?The Protectant tfptaoopal Church of the Holy Innocents, located at Uto comer of Broad ?*y ?tY1 Thlity-cwcnlh street, waa recently eold to Archbishop McHoHkev for the Kotnan Catholic congrega tion of which Rev. Ifar. I-ark I a la paator. The name of the church will be retained. Hi *' kwill'* Islawo P?xiTg*TuaT.?Testerday thore were Ave hundred and forty prisoners In thia inatitutlon. One bundrod and lorty of these were fumeles. At one lime during the war the number of prisoners was re duced to ninety-six. Of the many charged with or con victed of crime who "volunteered" and went off to tbo war the greater portion relumed, resumed their old practices, auti now, on invitation of lha city kuthorltloa aro residing on Ulackwell'* island. Nearly ono-half or the re male prisoner^ are pickpocket* Those people say that ?* a general thing they collected a largo amount of money end portable property, talcing It altogether, and that it weul, in tbo nmn, lo the lawyer* who defended them In court, or to "th" men" they "travelled" with or for whom they tratelied. Tug Nsw Toag Caraoijc Sonnrrtm' Union.?The New '-atholic Societies' Union held their first meeting last Monday evening at Association hall. T81 Klghth av enne. The body Is com|>oaed of delegates representing the various Catholic institutions and organisations In this olty, and their object is the erection of a ( atholio Institute and the OHtahiishment of Catholic reading *,room? 'n every parish of the city. Each society in a? lowed to send three delegate* to this union to serve one two and throe vear* respectively. The following officer* wero elected by acclamation for the ooaulng lerm. President, J P Travel a, Uloomlngdale Bocieiy: Vice President, John Mulligan. St. Michael's; Recording Secretary, B. P. Piunel, Catholic Library; Correspond Ing Secretary, J. J. Mct.ork, llarlom Catholic Society Treasurer, w J. Bergen, llronaon Institute. The fol. lowing gentlemen were also elected as a board of dlree tors ? ft D, Hearty. Illoomingdale Association; M. J. Breeo. Cumiulng's Uhrary, and W. B. Kennedy Har lem ( atholic. hoclety. The meet ng adjourned until Monday, December IT. OvNKts rt< hool Kant.?Under ihe auspices of a com mm * of (Jcrtnan ladles a fair has liean opened at Ter raoe Garden for the benefit of the Uerman school in the Nineteenth ward. This school was established some ; eight years ago. The Institute building, which wan com pleted last spring, Is lo-atad in Kifiy-aerond street Borne five hundred pupils are accommodated there and instructed by able teachers In all tba branches of educa tion, and a good many American famiUea send their children, thai tbay may acquire an early knowledge of the German language Tbo fair at Terrace Garden la well patronised, not only by the German residents in | the upper part of ths dtv, but by others who take an Interest In the welfare of the new institute. The eihibi tion is under the direction of Mcadamee Abies, Kidllti laenburg and others, who are supported by the German merchants In Ibis city There era several thousands of article# on exhibition. Including many specimens of art and premiums of considerable value. The school house' which is built on two lots and forty feel wide, has becu erected at a cost of $3.1,000, and It I* si per. rod that the proceeds of the fair will be audli-ient to pay the debt, which la nearly $8,000 A German glee club, or mu sical iKiciety, u performing at Terra s Garden each even ing wniie toe fair I* continued. Taa Union Bomb Pcnoot Girt Conduit ?Attention has already been called to Ibll laudable enterprise, but up to this time no report as te the probabilities of Its lueceaa have been published. The people seem to have taken 1 held of the affhir with a determination of making a *or ntm of it. The uffinn at No filfi Broadway la crowded from morning till eveoing by those wishing lo oontriboie their mite to tbia charitable undertaking. They appear raanlved that (be little orphan* of our fallen heroes shall be properly provided fur. The concert will take place at Cooper Institute, on the 33d of December. Pm*o* CnmtiMo*.? A meeting of the Kaecutive Com mttlee of the Prison Association took place last evening la the Bible House, Dr Dwight presiding The other mem hen present were Messrs lasher, Grterom, Keytar. Allan end kdrnond*. The prison agent reported that the number of visit* since last mealing waa five bun deed, complaint, examined,; complaints abandoned, twenty seven discharged on account of large families d-peudent, thirty one . discharged convicts aided with money one hundred and ten, discharged and Introduced lo work, seventeen; provided with clothing, twenty.thrve A r-snlotion was paaoed authorising the agent to lake (be usual action la providing a Christmas dinner for the destitute families of prisoners A mo tion waa adopted lo appoint a committee to memorialise Congrce* and visit the President on tb* subject of am# I tors'i ng the condition of Untied Plata* prisoner* in the Mtete prison* No further business or public Interest came up. Antarryn (Jri- A DuTOWBtxi Caga or Portnrr ? About balf-peei -eveno'dork laet evening tbe oocupante of a U-or men V i*e 10 Uaxter eueet wore ataxlled by (be erf etna of ? woman, proceeding from a ro<>im0h ihe fourth floor A rueh w*e immediately mode in Ibo di rection indicated, hot the door wm found to bo locked. A few minute* mule id to *moab it open, when * night of the moet melancholy character eu preeeutel a Cing won,an, kno'vu by the tame of Mary Powell, who reel led there for aorae time |?at we, dlaoorered lylnj "O the floor, almoet eulforatad rrom the font** of Char'?*', With b> r tongue protruding Tbe nn'ortunate ! creature eat q i;? *ly carried down elalru and rwetocn [ ttrae applied, wf.lrh happily pfoeed aueoaarfel. Accord I lug IO II I n?u d< no-Ut It appear! Ibal abe ha? lately endured much p verty, and concluding that death waa a pgWtoraM* tale attempted to put a period to bar eilat euoe in the manner dr*cnbed. . Lar-rcni ft* thi At>*aarra<iaa Tnaom Oaotaitt notie -A no-net "ic a<aembly of worklmrmen tlateeed lam night to a lecture by WlUiem hllioll, al No. tM Klflbtb e> enue The epeaaar expatiated largely on the advantage! 10 l>e derived from the co-operation of workluyii.en tl.r i.hout Ibe country That a aynopeta of the be trine of the praeant moreineal waa conuicad in lb? ailoui. "A fair day'a waaaa lor a fair day'a loll." Twr Pt am AaencuTtow. ?'The Ural reception of tire Purim A'ae latlai, waa bald I eat ereriug. at Parrere'a rom - TV rep' tation daaarre |ly enjoy a I by the mem ban of ihia aoe.'vy Itnufd a large but talari attendaooe, and tbe many #?; iyel?le fnatoree of tbe programme were dnly appro iated The order of feativitiee ooreprwed a ooorer ? >npper an 1 a Ml. ibarin| being introduced ?a en a> -ee ury rather than ?? a principal portion o f (be etttertain r m'. It will aolhca te aey that tbe rendering of tbe m'ih<: by Tli"Od"re,n?omaa or haetra, under Iba dire- n n of f. O Eletn, wee uoeirwptloanMe, end lb at deep)', tbe euHnueee if tbe weelber, lb# laterpolel ed welue and gap,pa paaae-l net by uuhonored. Tbe mfc?c. eh ch waa nrctly a fwhionaMe prtrate galhe r lag, peeeed ,ff m en pl< aaeiitly, under Iba peraonal auperv ?i m of en efficient committee of arrangement!, prnmded over by Mr Ad'dpti L Manger, , I Tee Jour Caowe -'taatn ?The mam bar* of tbia l*** eigetieo, *b# motto reea fli-l/ * tapu, 1 o '*?'"*-0 th tr third wwen at Hack a lla-l leal even og 4'.**"* """Tjpla.a orlar of den' ag, a hendeomaiy ancoraie-, a goodly aeeembkge and parfart arrangement- , aucoaae, for eta- a the oemmiuee ? charge?of wTT., prit,g, Baevv and fpringer war* iba principal ware awarded due aradil by the delighted gueeta WCIfTlO* T| UltriT rtufg*! A wplenelld (teal low wt the faint. |,r>|a, g |afc K*owia?Addrraaee by Uraalar r-weafea, kraalnr l-rlaiae. Weeera. John Jar, tg aefe bwrne and'Alll*?*, Are, La?t arewing ia a northM* with the cectem of the I'mon league Club of tbia ct(y, in welcoming viaMora of dictln Tie from other -taiea who hare been affl.,atad with the t'a on ee ?? d ie ng and ? nca lbe war a epten did reeeptton waa tendered to Senator W p. I1 me a den, if Ma,or, who bee been aoj-mrnrng in tbw rtty lor arr-rel deya peat, at the fawn league r?n< on dnventnmih atrwe- nppomte takwi aquae. Th* vartooa hnlle end parlor' ware brtlliantty l ?bted, and praeoatwd ? cbearful end aoeiai appearance, cr-cwded aa tbay w?ra by meiabera of the club. I owe beTere the %e*wnted hour for the arrival of Neweior y?anden. bnrU and other rahtetea ware cnortantly driving ta the league b*nd-ng with rnam'?ire of the cia? and a tow invited |?aea? A doe mutter band front <tevarwer*a Inland met U the deb m'bre-ieh 'be eeerteey of Mater feeneval Hutt?deid, In aitendnaoa frmt an early hour and etaewied, with ran teinrmee, rwoi- operate net-oaai and pear ertee?i*wa a- mncw ihreettbawi 'he evewM^m ? fbettir pofrte a.oa e anew ???'? h M atlMaotah (MM Mt wna wnrmiy welcomed t>, m*m ^.-w of Ike liifMtna and of the orcuiiiaUoQ. dm dm*. * to ,b* roo*l' addwa, Of welooute 'tvernd on the part of the i aloo U*g?. hy Mr u. Prtstdaul of the aawtclatioo, in which oomph i. 'Hou were made to the pwuw, political ? 'r dtaUngulebad guset whom i|iey |tld ..iilJL. ' 10 "eU>?,u,> *n(1 J0?" ""U?rk. war. moT2i!SCf^,.,b- pr*"Bt pro#poru" ? ol national affaire. -<U of welcome. Mr Koeeend?n Ik ^ ** *?\ Hreeldeel ror tbolr kind ?p. thanked thui League end Iw a country end Uien alluded praclation of hie aorvlcae to tu i nollUca. He xuuke ,.r lo the prexent xlatua of nailuoa. ,u labor. durliw tha Committor on KocouxtrurUon . -we, nnd elated tiua the recent protracted seMlon of Congi. Hand omphalic the rreull or the late election waa a Jo. the conalitu verdict of the American people In favor ot decided tional amendment. Thu having been n lh? It waa not Tor the rrealdent to Ihww. effect of thia wlxb, which the people bad . footed. In the moulding of our politico Ho atron. ' condemned any oompnumoa wincn ahould deatroy ot lujurw tho lealllmatu frulu of the war, and eepcclnllv that which ahould pinna a premium on treaaon l>y ettcn a theory an unlroraal amti?aly for Impartial euflrnge. The question bad been aelilod hy the people, and thatr wlah It wax the duty of their representative# lo msko tangible and efficient In the legUlalluU of the country, and ita practical enforcement. The remark. of Hr. k'caeenden wore frequently ap plauded, and at their cloae brief addrimae. were ma<ie hy senator tlrlmoe, of Iowa, and CougroMiueu Waehburne and AllUon. An elegant collation had been prepared for the occa sion, Which waa dlamuwed with due appreciation hy the vaitoux gneeta and memhen. At a lain hour the a modi blag a dixperaed. POLICE IHTELLIQEECE. A K ilirL* nr DiFrtoffLTT?Iterr o? 1 Oomi Warr* 4,? i"' ~0n To??l?y night at a lata hour Mr. Dottrel I (?rl tilth, roeidJng at No. III I^onard .treat, ,u ,u*lly walking up Oraanwlch street whan a man, giving hi* a*mo ?* Christopher C. any, canto op behind, awl locking arms with Mr. (Jrlffltb, walked with blm Tor ? ?onr"r"ln?t u ??>af walked. Hhd.fenly Mr Griffith f?lt * hand at tita r?*t pooltot, ftftd at (hut mo. meat (>raf started off on a run. Mr. iirifTiili missing hU watch. followed In pnranli, and aa n.Trt rm? " fu*UlT* ?PPr"e<"b a airangt r and S| ?BI? " If passing something lo Inn, Mr (.rimtli flnallv arrrated Uray and pawaad hlra to It,. 22**n. ??)cer of K.rth pmcinol. Tha prisoner lo lh" "'?'Joo ?>?"*? m l-aonart atr-n, ant yo?t, rday morning, before going to ? ourt. a mau un. Mn??T lJ ' (,r,nUh ?pproached and banded 1,1m tl,a rinlh, Pron"rty. Uray was i,kan bafora Juki ,* Doarliug, and on Mr Urlitltb'a complaint tbo mna oratr ",#TombH for mm In default of |. ro-j ?!.Hnn Va o ,y"n* ?Tn"r' "f ?*?. ? farmer by . cu ST.!? ' r? ' "Mr '"ngbamton, llrooma , oom'y this yir ?v,m 'h bl. guilt, ana olalm-u,., Mr. ??n(Hih tii mitftaltea In the mau. Laacsvr or A Iloaaa, Wauoa, lianas*-., Et. r?, Timr Aanaarao 1* ru11.4ur1.ra1a. ? On tba tth in-t int Mr. -arauol W. Andrawa, living at No. 167 Waal Kurtv fourtli Htroot, had atolao from liltn a horns, wagon, har Ht'ti'!nn*}? rob*' b|*nk"1 ?O'1 ?? overcoat, valued m all at $7M). It aaoiu. that Mr. Andrawa left hla bono, ,01.1 dn?n. 1UDd'n* lu <jh,mb"n' ??real for a abort tin,, and during In. absence .Samuel Wark lunitretl Into th* waron or h,. , b'1' Pr"PPr,'r' ?n<1 ??? tha eouraa J b" ln**?"gallon Information waa received that fnlH.J1, . 10. Philadelphia. Mr. Audrewt ?!. ?,r P"r?ud. and a day or two alnca surce-lvd In " *? *B<i ?rri-"i'i"f tha fugitive. The priaon-rcon ito?Y^ with*1!* u,j)r7uwl ? wiilinjneaalorai'irt, to How York with Mr. Andrawa. Accordingly liter took VmSftSZr* y???arday Wark waa arraigned I,.for., of . g'r. ' comn"t,*,t him for trial In dafault or 1,ail. rin- m cus*d, wbo bad dtapaaed of tlm properly to partiea In tlila r|ty and Philadelphia hat SSt?oT^ IUf"rm*Mon " W* to tb"rw'ov.ry " AaaatM.r aao Darraav i.v Ovaa a Child ? Krnc#t Millar waa arraigned at tba Knee a Market Police Court, charged with having, while driving a butcher 1 wagon at a furious rata, knocked down and run over Henrietta Burraa, aged live 7cere. The eomulaint wu enswsr' lh? cbll<1 ' Miller waa bald in |6oo w Pn arockara o* rna Ciaa? "Rvnnr, ran ?utonewim, Oa.:? Moat? Mr Almandar A. Vance reaidaa In Nom< town, New Jeraay, but la tamporarlly stopping at the Mcrcbanta' HoteL On Tueaday evening Mr. Vanoe, ac companied by a party of ladiea and gentlemen, attended one or the theatres, after which they alerted down town ?nn^ "" I0?0','b" ,,lp~k" ?traetcntwailliae?rne*of In ore and (roahy atreata, Mr Vawo aaoouulem-l . mob ofpirkpockeU on lb# rear iilalform, and lbr> ?o obetructed the paaaage way that It waa with dlflrullv that the ladle# could enter tba ear. While Mr Vance waa in the crowd be fall aoma one rumbling about but panta SzzzSi&xft !uvnD*hu h?? "r?o?d ,h.u.rei:. charged that ha bad atolen hla aecurod, but hit arr.,mplt -a Jumped Tvom ii.^ti .c and ran away, one of then., d.aibtE!!#, having the at/US? SrnTd h*J??ot Ju"Ul ? imwliog ,m mittod Keddy to tba Tomba for atamlaaiioa. Boij. Arrairrar Bcanuar.-Robert triff, merchant tailor, doe# buslneee la Eaet Broadway Kruger has a alore there la which ha haa a Mock ha value# al (5 140 Over the .tore le a dwelling bouae tenanted by famillea Running at ooe al ia of tba bouae is su alley, way leading from the street to the rear of the prem-ene, the entrance to which la cloned al night Kr iger in e room adjoining the More Early yaaiarday moming at about a quarter before four o clock, l,e w?> awakenni hlee^raaAU,,P'>?,?f .b,1,glMl<>u? loierf-rance will, b" *1?d' ,rt cbattele he Immedlaulr got op lo in.|?ire into lie canae and wbanoe it proceeded VlelUng Urat la." 0O<, *ke?e, he relumed to 1. whan hla altcDtHm wee alirartau by . f.^lV nt .bfL"!|k5 *b0n* ?"?I'l' louslf Ihrourh lb a keyhole of the hack door. At tbia dilatory fear look po-ewnoo of the watchful Kruger "Wlo ,There V be Inquired. In trembling accent. There wee n . re..MM. h?n JIT". L bM*"r ibmugh ilm ball reached his ear. Am the Lioiee r? ed-d Kruger a Courage returned and he o|?n#d tba door When peer. I*."*1 b* WM ?rmiOed with the alghl of ? man a heTk rapidly disappearing down the alleyway Uiwards J,, .MT ,i"1" ,,m" ,b# mi-onon of the en poet in IbU neighborhood wae aura- i*d by seeing three m-n running out of ihta alleyway He raited Io lbeui u> atop but ibay paid no attention to h m Hetng la fnmt of them, and near a gaslight, be obtained a good Haw of tn??1r f*' an-1 u lb?f rsm? n?srtr b? itiuil tA ooe Who ttireataeed to kii'e k oul hM captor a t rains If be did not release blm He waa not released, nor were tbera spy brains knocked out The other two were shortly after arreted by three other other* and idenl fled by the flrat o?ref They gave ibelr natnaa as Jacnee Martin and J'rhn Harper The man Bret arreeled gara bla name ai Kraacla Wmar la ble poeaanuon was fouad a quantity of burglar'# tools Utev In the day they were brought bef'jya J ijtice Hliaodley, and Mr Krigar ap peering te eoler compielnt, they were ee??cally roienft ted pi answer It waa aanattalne.| thai eolrar ra had been etfer ted by Aral forcing tha alleyway do.r at. I then prying open the reer door of tha house with ? twwfrnr Bmsric-sn Oraaanova?Between eight and n ao o'clock in tha eremog of November 5W Janie? llaaly walked coolly Into a store in Division air wi, and picking up a etoek which lay oa a sewing machine, partly made, Started out with it. The proprietor of tha store, Joseph A. Daret, aaijed hold of blm, but after a abort airagala be ?u?r eeded In getting away, the 'km* with h rn. Tneeday night Derei me hun in the street and. eailing an ofllrer ravs him m charge. Yeaierday after noon I'barlea King went into a clothing at.wa 1. Oram! Mreei and picking up an overcoat rusl.'d out ef th? store The .ale rroin followed la Jruraut Kiag raa fveiwd the likeb which broighl him op|vie,w the fta-.i MtsCoSIt, where the cry of atop thief al>rv le-t tba attention uf one of tha officer* of the rnurt she anon run lbs fugjiva down Tie# onl waa found 'in I a p-? eeawtor. Ilealy aad K ng ware both hr .ofht hefof* Juste-e -l.arilley ) eater day and commuted for rrvei A faaVivr Oiat. Amrwr-re rira Rcrtg o? ? wrrn I LA rtrr-MA -Margaret ?ei 'h ame to tbia cwuatry a few fsara ago to aeak a livelihood (the waa tb*a young, hor.eet and Bllad with a laudaMa purpose Uer appear anew waa tidy aad neat, and she bad Hue difficvMy in obtaining an easy place ia a ootafortab;# aad Had hearted fam"r Better fee her had *ba haea oO g?d lo e .rk Iter Bans 10 h-r flngara dad. far ihta ah* would bars beau kept out of the rent, of the lemptatums ehi-h are Ibruet upoa one frem ervry a d* la a greet city Tb* girl sevenmga being generally et h-r ? apuael ahe ronaorted with other aerrtBg gtrl* of bar i-ounl rf. tome of whom were not of the beet roputaiKra or character The raealt was tbal aba laa Mired a last* for *ttr*?a?s*l sad r-oetly 4.-p.ay wbtefc i*d her to the oa rants! af petty art. ef dtehenerty toward, har empl"r*va lb*** wra (oor.d out in 1 ma sad eh* tost ker jlac-. as ake td sirny 1 Nrmediai Mtuatom Tr m imd aba fall .peeduy no wove* and M* Men day sbe nae tempted, being wjibeet muter to ?'*?! ? ion eorth >4 riothm from the roam of a young man 1* sbwh sbe had teem, aba was bet a r irwey th'ef. and eae seared twfove ah* eoeld ?-+ h tb. lewa ih-rp with the garrueeu Arratgned >refer* . In-lg# taeaerlay m.-raiag Ue* aw, bed gtrl nept Miter tears - ' repentenee and retst^ay Mm Thee Saw. r ia# nut ha a aad ne *b* >aa com milled f?y trial at U? 'rea. ra daontrrna tn ranrtvrrma or res flcaaoa - peter Jarkma as I. am- and decreptt darkey, whom best days ma far i?' k >a 'be tmei Want baa oant apoe th* aged abade aad he has a hard struggle new and then 1 keep hi* feetde life from its lent* of bta aedy En y yae ??'?Jay newaiag b was rraeiiag dee a ?*sa H?ow m street .be, be e*pt*?i # laa tsrk.y h*?g 04 'a fr-at ?f a atom The eight ef the nor . b M a? Ae e tram '<* ?pl?y aiein*. t* in* brem ef ?H !**?end lih net fetded, he teeaet agate*1 the . le of e admoent bo ltd: eg .al a. Ir. bar a,?oa dawn Over bla eyes r*,; 1st- g-ey rued tet. ?. e-e tt, |?id riad time* b* lived Hn,lb. *r 1 td A.a Meat'* I a lone at Tbatikag.iag Pan* ?? ?? ".era em f pr? og among adl-elev. and frw fl sidy -bv pm* awoa* anUvt pal ion, far tb* kia ef *M feet a lei we* '? Beer 1 ad to rtea -aetmealy, frem ' ae??'k nhnA hi* era was eehategiy bet My ir (sard syoe *he feel test ag * haMy gtan** areeed he akad* a Jean, and, ae^as '? tarfhey, burring .war as teat as k ? tags nwoid eoy btm The nateey add Mrtuawy ?ae ''*> b*e? y a re ?*#, howevar, gad V***- na. ea red a 'h* ; -i*'- a dkli dm 'Man* He * a* arO. rbt V* ef* Jeetdha t *ge, and hw T? .a . / . r . art <? Me ht a Tor *e <>r 3 BROOKLYN INTELLIGENCE Av>rifn UifOMl Suit liiinawi Or ?Tlx raf*r?*a to whom tha CAM of Auguallue Thorn** r*. Madura Thoataff wa* r?rorrad, In June last, reported yealerday 10 faro# ?r granting a divorce to th* plain lid, no the ground or Ilia defendant'* adultery. The report wai continued b,' Judge Gilbert, of the Supreme Court C'lHiirawtN or tub Htbwabt Dtvoary Srir ?Tha St*#, art divorce r*a?, which haa beau occupying tha au-ntl during lb" week of the court over which Judge Gilbert! priMidaa, to dupoaed of yeatarday, Ih# Jury bringing 11* ? verdict for the |ilainttlf on the ground of th* ? ilmlnel J'"?dui t of Mr Slaw art'* wlfo with oue William 0 Uml ,\ (>n*Bu< ia* or C'arrai* a. N UaavnoBT ?Th* funamt of Captain A N llrnvoort took pl?' o yerterday after noon a; Hi# Marin* Barrack*, in Fluahiag avenue Th# funeral Kcrmnu wu try Kav J. It fbomae, paalor of tha T?*rwj>ont >tr*vt Baptist rhur> h. A battalion of maw rluad, Ub'i*r th* command of Major <>?orga W rider,' ?aortal, a'lth arma rarrraed, tha body to lia raatia place In UreaStwix.l i>ij#t*r> Tha l?ro< aaaloo no. through I'urtUnS Mvrtte, Clinton, iiab<e Fulton nraouoa Th* following urntlaiuau wore It Bill bearer* ?? Hoar Admiral il. II Col anal Hhutllawa a,or Doughty, Capiat* Niahot*. t?r Palmar, Cniaf ginaar Wllllnmeoir surgr<?? nto.vtgood, at A*vtr Burgeon Aokley. tha r#r*mr*?y w?? an imposing and |i*ind off th h aoleum and mprriwiv* h.iran r Tm arm ar Chtmr*. ? During tha parfortnanaa of Utfl oratorio of Samson, at tha Plymouth Ctmrcb, on Moo* day night, una of tha mttntotan*. Mi Hw.rga tl Allan, off Now York bad hw oaoreoat atolan from tha trustee# room. II U mora than ProtwbU that th* u.i*tm wh# vlattad Brothar Baacbar'a dwalling a ahort tun* *lana and fouad hot little to lb air Uala to carry aff. thought bf caiuhg at bin church to ha?n tholr i?veng* Aocinbur ?d A Wu Know* Cim*, _pf. Ahlartnan William If. WnUb wm thrown frown bit irJfiT1*7 fPf^100* "J bbbUlbbd lBjurl<w about tha head !L k"ly to ISJ*1- Injurwl (?nii?nikB n .1^k'Do " ?5'rtu* Moray at anus u f, ? !)? **? accident, and, when near ?>!u>a 2??.' -PV"1"??' 10041 W?b? MMl daohad fur.ou.iw ?bout u pestling tho buggy and smashing lo to atorad ?tel throwing IU occupant to tha paramaal T?r Hetsfc waa in an luaanalbla oondUlon whan found, and ha waa promptly run. or mi to tlia City Hdaptlal, wbara ba llm la a critical condition from IBM uTlbM mTV**^ roaonlad tha Klavcnlh war<l In lb* Hoard of A Id train A Kmr Hernia It, , Oraa .an Haur la/raao ?4 young man uammj Itnhart Allan, raalding at Na, '?rand street. K I), wan run orer by Victory alaa glue, No 13, atmut aionn o'clock la-t avanlua w running to an alarm ol lira lu th.- Kifib district, and both bia log. frightfully tararatad, but no Imnoa warm broken Tb? y?'ing man wan a rontiani runnar atS tha angina, and bail hold ol iha ropa on tblt nnraalaw when tin accidentally fall down and waa run orarnl nhovn .tatoil, lla w u, rainovod to In. ratidauca aud'w. calved prompt aurgicat aid. Itrai Kui'tr or aa Aoouaar ?A laborar -ntl lloury Haymolalar diod at Ina roaldanco, 14.1 tloarura alraat K I) , ynt.rdty morning from bamorrbaML, .TiiTn u 7 ? f*" Th" aftarnaon pravioua toW ioTi. *U ?"?fed m carrying a bod Altai with bftek down a I add or to una or the raulta of frbTS now brnwory corno, ?f Morrail and Kcholaa alraot, wbew ba loot hi. footing and waa pr-clpllalad a dlatam a of winia Iwoniy.n vo faot ||a waa immad.ali ly takan l? bta bono by bu follow workman, and llnyarad In grant dlatreaa until daalli rallarod him [lo- oaaad waa a an. family for,70?" yoar. of ago, and a man of roaa on rni Tama awn Tan-urn* or rna Cntmiw. In tha courae of ona hour laal night tha Kar. fa Mmarlua, of Mlaaourl, a eery tnaloua Jesuit, who bean traf nlllug a graat dual for three months pai apiuking publicly alinoal avary day, dallrarad a la?.^, le-fora a crow dad audianrc in ft John t Komaa (atboTli church, ou the rorpar of Court and Courwi aire Brooklyn, on tbw auhiact of tha "Trial. nod ' umph. of the Church " He opened hit lactara wtUi review of llm trial, and trlnmpha referred to .bora aa Ihc paracc?ti00i connociwd therewith Coming down I tha present hour, ba look ad at tha iwroacutlona aad at fwctod triumph, to ba mat with there H- aaid that I all confliota l<?t warn Church and Hut. tba fbrniar wouk na aura to triumph by tha will ana powar of (M if poiniod to tba otraor of Napoleon t Kapolooa Bra] part, anaarad when ha waa Informad that tba Com ba aieontmunicatod htm. aad aaxl ?'?WlU that ?-V- in btO"kola i?i fall from tba bands of my man " c. srsnged tha Popo Napoleon retreated from Mooooe dafoata and tba arangmg froou wble -VT"?1* UM<1 Mtlnel hltn lalt him only IOO.M of th? too 1)00 hrara haorta which want out to do blttlw und-r bta Hag (lv?l m Una day will muba bta pow. W|ua"y signally acknowledged Homo aoch fata i a Ht Helena may ba in atora for Nopoiaou U So-rat fx.lctlaa may do all tbay an. ImiTbotr i will not produco trait for tbem ?. bate to foar from tha paltry editorial in tha nawapapar wbia tbay 'ail a laadar. which characientca th- If .ly Path* aa ' tha old man of koma, ' aad adrlaaa blm to lourt It to tho I.e. f voluma or n .ral In arary for* la faith avaallod hr tta anamlaa. and pa,ha|ia tbara la m danger from tbaaw than from tba bold, opaw Ira ??*?? again.! ua ftpan Bra makaa martyraand aalnta: but tbaaw ?"at aland am of htatory, be., or* rary apt La waakaw and altnka tha faith of tboaa who would oonliaua la b3 llara. H?nd down your faith to your < hildrao M yob g3 It, pure Kaop tba ohuoiloua pampblala and bowgf pap*ra out of tbalr baada, than, and with fkgk iy dangara of our day will ba arartad. llara faitb I Barb faith' Thau lat para** u I ton brook out la acta of rl?S ianca W# arc roorlr to ba tuartyra, but narar raady lb ha traitor. ' Tba procooda of tba laetara aro la m t*. ward rapa ring and Improrlog tba cb'treb adidoa. A 0 fif Bit IILLID QB A RM.BOAO TIACI FdiriMnU, Bar M, ligg llcnrr H Wigblman, a daaf man, >o klllod nior ' iff 'Irnonaicb laal craning whdo walking ou tba -glltaaw TMl ST(AWB B?MTlR(AU N OtJTBUI ? H nut go' If ,ua. Mora. Nor aa. 1440 Tbw ataamar Nigntingoia, t.'aptaia Breaker, fro* No* Trrrk for lloatoo waa UiWo.1 Into tbia harteir today M ? he otaaiuey Hoorga Appoid Tba Nigbtiagola baa baa abaft brokou xlaa'4 kit 4 -mo add efr UJa ia? 4 ?,| w -.{J wnood by Ikauaaoda wba f iwad ibilbor t> k?od Annnun to i it* at ( Jageroon fia. ?i^ mam aiperlenwod hf Ikvaaav la wba hi* laal d'jaday aa l aireugUi.uiag ike Irritai. o, of iba ikraf aauuoatly in. toot J Jd ' 1 . I ir .eo .|>1 mats ky TAVl.oI A YOl'N'i lit rrtM airoot, N T At flliabreda'a. Braadwar, lu Obaw Wlu. d-.w lit. a -k . a ?*w W.44iog ? u4 *??? U| ','a Arwuiatlr awlrirala, fur bu T?e nd I on, r w ,. a j ail 4> a. mTfaury dad A I Hewn. Ualld t|al|re?a ?ed Pllltw, frrarb ?pnog It- ', and f* Mat I .?a ky ? K< ?UKal.. TO > out atroot, oaar Ca*oi. *. floret II end i .tfudw Otaraaafa and llaaf* aoae 0 . ? a *, Mt la tkw WQttH Itt* ? ? ?"?I aad 1 kllOidii ?V?kC. pg, larwew M.mao| la uw - ?? .- d a< eery low ff)naa M-yT all ? *d < ea. *>??? ? tlia f / 41/ aark MM'ikaw it Mill * Lafayatta ylaew aad it f net .? i. Ctcm Br to- If! ?motway Nai'kelar'o llutf f?ro. Tba Bom lu iku a o-d t*a auly LO-fee. fry* if* ea f? a* ? oMtMaa, wt f a Ua*y t/ m rtar a."' . f f laduduru'a llufr f?ra. The Boat raay Tfauum fact .fad W k 'a..' a* f I?? Ue. oyel at ?a 4 tn* Buooa llrlaara aaltuaadar Oafat. 4 too WdakaafB ltd rtkliie aifl- at B M*f/ay at>ae< ?aarafbo <0# pturu Hlllpllr f a-kaiM' k Ueartug Jlaebtudfa. 441 Ifadat; |fw -w tea*. >? B.rrla.t It. <a oaf.i kud ftt a ra.rO, iwd #aohi>m r M f.'tleiy Mao r e? y I * Try ftalloa'a frtark B aba kkli I a. *, I* li.t.if x/ataryalora , A Maker'. ?htl Pramluui flowtt* a??| I'et >?? *0 broodo.y la..,.., Prleaa Paid fur fMd ? i * .* . ?u f.wd < a ?>uaao poo i f iu1 ndt rfilBan ||b *a?aa? atroot Heat's If ado. Wka? ?aa "tea a fayaHarfy ?edb' ? e.1. m> tat ../ Wt* iryj tot tors ttAfWI bgaouwom ., m.t le .a >4 K|l It M WO ad MMOf ? Ma ffl I.o :a?i 'k.' *d d ..ion aicaoo Hit la-ati atyta -4 gso leasee ? t?i e gdMl*t t4w i*4 Id Id tootedul to w red ? rv? a* 11 -d If tiler Ado, |k? laoal Utroet LjAle*. tf ? ?. e at eta,> f ^beata 4at fleas*, totr-ame ill A - A Metal |^M??rr._rytra4 1 I d If/aw a fweuuf flu > gbau ra'ea ja ' *? b oa*e . aot til t aio ?f f,aM bM fi.^? UfMik JTu iwino Id *M arte * t mn jtoiL2u5aBto?rti|Rrw - I W(dM> Taoorra pud !' ll