Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Kasım 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Kasım 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,049. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30. 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. A a c.-ut will be paid on return of the . MM, Ac.; an valnaleee ?" to the owner, g D. WILL PLEASE OALL. !2Mew? JSssffiuS^ jy*? NJ- ?- *--.D*AB JIMMIE. I WAS OVER TO '.gyp?01 *^SPSyf.O* ?ot M? TOU. Plena* meat ^^rTjsr T"Sr.SiAT?E^ >I.'m?* WOMAN IN ALL THE A ?rtA Da art fret and loae haarl. All wlllbe wall. ?ASI -WH? ??COOWlE?D HER FRIEND ON iPnlton fmrybaat at?:!? FT M. Wednead* will eon SmKataSui. ?**dta?keraddrenaIooTsTS., Brook '^KTRBINOCsfbS baa ?,? Pool office. F??S Oiarber #a LOHT AIP WPm UND-ON MONDAY, DURINO TEE KKV1KW IN ?affiaaa Part, aaum of money. Apply to J. Nllla, **"-'0 Inatltam. 41 Raat Twenty-fourth atraeC J0MO-A POOKBTBOOK IN A BROADWAY 8TAOE APP'T 10 K N P?Wr??n- f ? ? IpOUND-AREP SETTER DOO. IF NOT CALLED FOR 'saRtfrthavmuaT "* *" W ,l|i,n*e* ^'P'T TOff-IN GOING FROM ? WASHINGTON PLACE TO ?Ek TSS2?^**l> T Og-O.X TUESDAY. NOTEMBB R W, IN OOINO FROM "2* W?MS T ?W<t8PAY- A0?1"? PROW KBCOND ifcuItCSIl. aEK S ' ? *"d BfoSSwn*, a ?rJnaatoUe flEder ?w?rd will be paid at 1SX Second T|a.1Tr?.* TFtTS,DAT A SPOTTED CARRIAGE DOO. flle?a2a^7rlJ?iiil "a .?T,Dua- anawara to tZSK&ZStfu&T r#turnta? hlm t.awpmb 8IHuIN8T;'lIN WILLIAMSBURG. A *r?'.,!p. l"?b'-?Ha. "U)> lrt?F band's, geld plate I * * m"ra"" t^'T',?* V?T I" TH* HUNTER'S POINT PERRY esasts* __ REWARDS. {hwnoolor Whoever win return him to No. ? Weal Nlne "ft, will reoetre the above reward. 1(50 RPWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN fffl. *f-**jyS*c-J*we*a,. taken from the roam of 8t MaaUon^SL^r "d A- *?> Newark. N. J., and no I $100 REWARD-STRAYED OB STOLEN FROM fltan ?? Iv !? lh" evening of November SB, a "4r*i '6 hand* blgb, a witch Ull, hsd lentchM on fjot; tllTwrpUt^1 HtrotN, Dutch Collar. ST, ^Wyn, red atrip on running gear, fore JJP'but not on) the abaft Una not on; alao Blanket kobe 5?8jr^?b?hTsrii v-; ^ john *KW JPWWWIOIIL m lA?F<? ?J2?*S? - INCLUDING REVS. fe-3SrPo":. *? Tjr"S? Smith. Newton. Ooa, S . nb,r* ?nd v1"ton; alao ""** , "itf Rale Bale man. ectreaa. King and ? eteteaman. with artlelea ea tba ? .Jfd,"5tlo5' &~Joka aking Handa, A Natural Ufa. it.? -'a.j7-7-7v~-^.-"S,a,"?r phrenological IJlAJL Pictorial Double KooilMr Twenty cent* a year lewaaMB have it. Addreea FOWLER i WKLlZmS time to aubeerl Tea wiia me aeit a la. B? Bread way. Naw Y READ 'alaaneaa of Society; Ontange, Aa Only ibnrrtba. mwH ? THE DEATH STROBE. UNITS Far m B f SITED STATES FOLICE GAZETTE. Far aale by aew* dealer a avarywbere. "THE ROGUES OF NEW TORE." UNITED STATES' FOLICE OAZETTE ~cr aaie by newa dealara everywhere R Had "TIIE GAITER WOMAN," "SITED STATES BLlC, GAZETTE. Far aale by aewa dealara everywhere. "PRR lecture srason. th?.'TU?FM Da,LY-TO OENTLEMEV A enl^j at the New Tort Mnaeum of Anatomy. (IIS Broad **I .*??** '"arte to attend tbeae Leetarwe aaav obtain a y* by feewardlag ten eenta. Addreea Seoretary ?l New ReAlfumum.fTaatmny.dlSBroSway. * MUSICAL. #j*??R.Air *?*MAL MUSICAL CONSERVATORY ?C1 V ,r>*t ?"W. between Sareoili and Eighth !r . Flano. vtolta. guitar, alnalng Prtvata **rtaaaaa ' irmilan raady. J J. WaTKo.N. Agent A. PaHL'-.'y WIU. ltTE instruction on ^ner-rffi\srss a vr&.'g ^^2^:^..ssTm,poicr ^ "TWTLIII ht dreams WALTRBE" &^WB^%Bss,Fhr^s FRRDKRlCk SLUMS. BIS Bawetr /yWANIST. WANTED IMMBDUTELY-FOR a~PRO. V Wrtaai aBarcE up tawa. Addreea. gtvtac ---- - ealery eapeeaad. Coaductor, Herald oSi * "" "d tin l11* QUARTER for lessons onthk piano SftV (se eleeeeaI. Naw York Muatoal laetltute. |J7 aMt f&T%2nlaia<h?^Irtlaa',U****"* OBc* ir.m ? EXPRBSIES. A ?L'M."_am'8_ furniture and'baggagf. K* ana ^f!Hi??I^ t iU"* ^!n"' *"1" ave S'r ?r cmattr. fnml ? P"1 pftokHI cud ahipowd; furnliurw stored | flW ERfRKSS COMPANT-OFFIUE NOiTs A*MD~? wwdnj Kmplru Ha tiding tcrofarary *flr? M9 Ba?briwaerJnXTT..Lt'Ttn"?! 7'L' "'?'S *attn fT York, PnfUrlelpbta Balumor* and Waab 1" {JW f^Blte Waahingten IJUr i?r IIP n. I*' fJJ!J frwght to Heerpatown D. C IdUe per HM I be ?f a to AiRiaodri* iflOu (wr 100 lt?? a?aSipM t^ r%ftr1lv at an Kjvom ^ tbraufS in* Mtaiii and fbiuthwaat. ?? ? full ?r?ZfT?at ?JL7W rrowptJy far aay Wm# -r ^<k- ,br r^uN.n P I &?. Ibaaamii. t ft 0 ad war ftuiwftaumdaai Ml*? BL.UAJBOUM. UBW AND TIKWTtnc ^ DlffiTmKRr -NO MORE after ueinj riRTMR-M ORRAT TOOTH if Than ' ike moat harmlaea I lEtlf The Incredleou . h hied, aad au | i fear of anf deletertcma effort U mwr (ula la effort laeUeianaoua and permanoi* .-ore unllMm mi rKurrua of that .Uprntam pain. <i?t| Ihn Ma reaid; ha* Iba woodarfttl ffowaref peaaeattaa Maaaar oreurrHtf affata Trlea K on la a Nntie fa ha kaI .RfklCMatna plare a ad at aU reaper* able lriijRUla. 1BAM WORK-roR OOPPRRRHITHII. DIRTILLRKR, ?arh*aai?in< tm Oe abo*e 52*! .ffH/* *'?**? gas* J A i *ORKOOR V 1BIMU ?LADDER* WARTRD THK ?F.*T MAR. be (woa Apply la r * ? UORII. 12*227iS,,iSf ^52o?ffLi?wV:^ U*"1* 55g TaIRIRR-MO "HOW ?0*M atmtiw?r?*l'J*"' ??" ba aaM at B ? per hat k? t. i BaHIIM ffoi t aaaf atreat aide of Waahlttftnn Market mBMsmssm ?SvHaaMH??a"!1 A-VISITING OOVBBNBWj OB OTHRRWI8E-ADULT ? pupils preferred. Com,mam English branches Maths. BMnftuttor Df 4r*^*mllle? SrSfSW Tor*' AT f?rPB!"'*,rrHI^ abitbhbtic and book As5S%fe=53&j>TRa ttaa; Brooklyn, ANU81NB8S EDUCATION.?TOWNSBXD8 COM If BR etnl Academy, MO Bowery Prlrate Instruction, day and areata#. In Bookkeeping, Writing. Commercial Arithmetic, Reading. H polling. Grammar, *0. Apartment* for ladles. Noetaaaee. A LADY DESIRBB A SITUATION AS VISITIMO OB resident govern*** In a private family; ia competent to teach foe English branches, mnale aad Freneh. Address A. I- tt office. BINB88 KDUCATK 1"1 1H4? '?f^etd ** AS NURSERTGOVERNESS.?A YOUNG LADYWANTE a poeltlon, or would Uke the whole charge of growtnr children: le a good eeamatreea, aad a Protectant. City refe rente Call at <71 Id ar. , M BOOKKEEPING, WRITINO, *C? FOR BUSINESS.? Mr. DOLHE AR, 60B Broadway, toaahae Bookkeeping practically, ae uaed la the beat New York houses. He alao remoree stlB'ness, cramping or trembMng from the woret hard, and make* elegant business penntea. COUNTINO ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND INSTRUC TION IN BOOKKEEPING AND BUS IN BBS AFFAIR8. Ratabllehed and conducted be C. C. MARSH, Author of the Popular Worka on Book keeping, 516 Broadway. Circular!. French in sixty leshons-bs fer month. From the flret leeaon pupils read, tranelate and answer In French to Prof JOSEPH J. (IRIERRE, No. 83 Fourth avenue, near Tenth atraet. French and german languages. ton broad I way-Prof. TELLER! NG, favorably knawn In N. Y. ?Ince 1881; aire Inttn. English Grammar, Ac. All laasona private; no Illusory claaa Inalructloo. GOYBRNE88 WANTBD-TO OO TO THE COUNTRY, e French lady, aapable of teaching the French language and muale, to Instruct a young miss vfll Address II. L. R , ML Nicholas Hnt*l NPOHTINU. SYR AM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY. C7.. ?'Jlht feet long, ten feet beam; about flee raonlhe old: biilU or oak and copper fastened; has accommodations for eight person, besides the craw; la wall found In avery re. ?P?g?- Apply on hoard at foot of Baal Tenth street. DA5E.Bt 13 ROOHETOLT STREET. HAS ALL theeholee breeds of Dogs. Foster's Infallible Mum disease*1"1 F*** ElU,rmln*tor' n <*??? Madlclnas for all *ETf'F?.' HO I PRC* SLIP. HAS ALL THE Z.s Butler's Infallible Mange Cure ?"* Rrtermlnalor, 75 cents. RutlePs new work on the Dog, $3- Dogs trained, boarded. Ac Medicines for all dls P*OR 8ALE-THE BEST ASSORTMENT OF FANCT A Fowls and fancy Pigeons In America, of best imparted MSVJSfYV??' "??" TOHN GRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT STREET?HAS KOR ej aale llewfouadhnd Dogm. Bull Terriers, small HUek nnd Tan, Scotch and Hkye Terrier*. Spite Dogs, small Poodles null Italian Greyhounds,-Ac. ' HORSES, CARRIAGES, ?C. C?AP?' ,TBU* OOirril, THREE CARRIOLAS. * '"???"? amn Dm *??? ? ' ? jg Broad 'T~? ?aaaamaj sevwi UO, f fllsreQ l < A n rv 1 < ?L1.. ninl. ,to"l ??* Do* Vert: ell second hand; aire 10 Msrance* and Coupes, at 10 par cent less than Bros way Moras. JOHN C. HAM. M Rest Ponrtfa at., eorner of Breedaray AT ?I LIBERTY HTRBRT?ONE OOUrE ROCKAWAV. two top Buggies and ona no top, but UtUe need, and new Cai riagas and Harness, et reduced prices. N. MOON FY. A TRUCK FOR SALS?A DOUBLE FEED WAGON In goodlorder; sold for want of use. Inquire atfaod store. Ml Third avenue, eorner Twanty-eeventh street A HANDSOME BROWN MARE FOR BALK. 15 BANDB high, warranted aoned aad kind In all hsrnees. A nlee mare for a doctor. Inquire of W. H AR AN. M Slilh avenue AM COACH-SUITABLE FOR FIRST CLASS C1TT becking, bine lined, pointed and striped la a superior manner; win he sold at a bargain. To be seen at 118 West Twenty-seventh street AFBW HORSES CAN BE EBPT THROUGH THE winter, In rood box alalia, at the breading farm of the lh* ,UBd ?f J uplter), Particular at meree Inquire at 111 EaM Tenth ?fOAdwmy and University pUc?. tiMNB ROAD AND TROTTING IfORgRR FOR SALE AT ?y. SSHXa*? hlaefc, 181, high, very handsome, eened aad kind, 6 rears old, warranted to trot In 150; eaa be driven by e lady. These horse* ere line, rapid roadsters, either single or ,, '5*. worthy the attention of gentlemen, and t%"?^ Uererei'di''"*10 d0W A" U' A1*? |DOR SALB-A PAIR OF SUPERIOR COACH HORSBS F0?s5ALL-r\.NiCI! BLAC* horse. 7 YEARS OLD, J IftH haod? bt*h warrant*! sound and kind; wlU Mil Herald '* SAiR-T,Wn HORSES AND TWO TRUCKS, WITH en established carting business. Address Edwards. PINE DOUBLE SEATED NAM fCR SALB?A VERY PIN U Uy Sleigh, made by Gould. Also a Ins single Metgb, both beautifully upholstered Alao Bells. Beer Makes, le. one single Wagon, no top. Pole end shafts Apply at MB Booth Ninth atraet, private stable. from balb-brown make can trot in i to. F sound, kind, free driver. |gl? haeds, 7 years eld; also a rood young, kind and sound brown eioreas or truck Horse 'IV hands, very powerfully bulR. Far seta low at stable A37 8evsnth avenue, near Forty seenad street CtOR BALE-A PAIR OP ELEGANT DRITINO HORSBS. F Buggy and Hsrnees, rempleu To be sees at Welt's stables. Ml Pesirth avenue. EH)R hale?three second HAND CARRIAGES, r la good running order Apply at JOHN Mctjl'ADE A OO.'S alables. Forty-third street aad Blith avenue CVM BALK-A SINGLE HOKSR TRUCE. HOR.uR AND r Harness, ingether ar aaparata: bare* I pears oM. eoead aad kind, truck nearly new Aprly et HI Balden lane y*OB BAl.R-THKKK Large DOUBLE BLEIGHll. r twe bay Hemes, nee black Horse oss Posy II hasda high, hhd dU Gnsle Sleigh and oa* tap Wegua. Mold re the eweer ia retlrtagTrom business. Apply at 771 ? 'retsI street, near Broadway LN)R BALE CHRAI'-A PAIR OF BAY CABRIAGR I F Heraee. ISM hands tied and aeadle la stadM ar denbln hernesa; atse a Tap Wagon Can be seen at nervals atablas ' 73 Baat Nlath s reet from 8 to I o'clock First clash privatk stable* for balr-on iha aerlh aid* Seventeenth street, was* of htith avenue last being 8nlshe<l Immediate p-weessmn will he given Dimes aloes HxdU feel Apply la R H LUIlLOW A CO., No I Pine street HORRR FOR SAI.K-B.W0 AND No I kSH l/l* HANDS. 6 year* old. werraated la every raapaet, auitsble far aayperpuaa. 3hl Pearl street H. DAVIS HOBNRS KEPT THSOUGH THR WINTER.?ADDERS* Oarer Llndaley Green VUlsge, Morris ooealy, X. J., or d Parker, I5fi West atraet. X T. WANTED?A RARGAIN. IN A FAlK t.F TGI NG. anend. stylish Hoisee ab>?il Xlq miames with U' spe. Victoria, Wagon. Soggy, A , In *'?d ???mdltioii Addiesa Pret otD 1snd lowrst prion for one week, hot I tTS r?* A Tr*M ,,r "*T YOXIEB; ft*. FOR A Www team at hlneh Mares; |i;8 for s teem of dapple Cy Narses; all about 15 hands A year* oVV jnst fr,,,* < sns. All warranted snood ?#ry powerful sad grant sctloe. am I'asrl Street mpk< mi. mmoii. DHLyi brothf.Kit'kii? ? m? MBMBBRfl or the F Wolfe Tone Cadet. Circle who are in the my are ra yueatak Vo attend the rneeUna 111 " FrVtxf 1 evening M * ??'?lock. at 1* Chatham aiiMI, heakd'iarvere K R Th? 11 fil ial u won uIW luiHtl element ?n: t?e reareaei.tek T. T. OORE1R0, Contra. Tmii krOun kc rtacr ftrric-B or thk atlanwc mail rrr.AMMHir Vf rMMf. No A Howling ? MM*. ??w Tort, <?? l? IMA ?By nrkar of the Hoard of lilrartar.. notice la Mfehy e? thai In iwaomnK* of the alemion appointed to have k?M no tka Mtfe of No*emher tnaloo' o? b.etna Waa MM pnreoant to a*rh apvdntawwt an election of nine director. of ihia company and llw? laaonrlara of Um noli 'lactloa will no boM ai the ?*'? of tho J election will no boM ai U>* oHtee of the oompanr aw Kndoy, the 1Kb day ,f January, MB. at It eVtoch M The Iran.for hooka at iM ode. of tM ?armor.' Uu and Trim I ornreny wll he rloeed from tM NRk la Iko 14th of Janaary. IBM. Tho golla will ha none frwot U ha I PHaNKiTb A I. LBN. Ban Tmb mrbbkrn or bbtwvdbb i/nnnu, no. m, r, an* A. M? arc rau'iaaa?4 m attend with thalr famltlaa A aartal entertain* eat to he glean ir, (he Corinthian Bun Okd Fellow.' (Ian. ooraar of "Iran 1 aa4 Oaatra Mrawta, aa PrMay tan Mr Mb inel.nt TU a'ahe k f'Al.kB IT BRt'NDAOB. Aaraawy Tanaaac Naaralary. PORT orrics WOTICS. fK B BOTtrB. aaalla far Ureal Bo lata aak tM OoeNeeat, rteHewtb anptaa aak Br. ana par Waanw Brcwien for I re tank ?ia Qaaaaatcwn. par a" at nw Oty of WnMaMaa aak Ifjnmm, ?a Bran aak Baawa. awr wianw Tilie 4a fart# w*l tfaaa at ibia aBa aa NatwMay. baa. I. at 10 ? A M.. aak at tbe poir "irricB boticb. POB I ALB. APPLES! APPLES!?600 BARRELS OP CI^D Ike b^TA^ME^A rOWNMJW WaAtngtou ?treat N. B.-OIWM far shipping prowiptly iuouw^h shipping promptly axeouted. A -FOB SALS. THE BCHOONBR HICBORT. OAR ift-jt&sfXrMKa'*? ASM ALL FRUIT STORE FOR 8ALE-#1?0; LEASE, ??MM Slock; ben location In the slty: pfM&Bk told. Apply ?t No. ATryon row E. M. MASON. A -FOR SALE, RESTAUR Aim. LURCH AMD SAM A. pie Rooms,Liquor Stortt. Bakeries, Confectioner*, Cigar Store. Stationery end Newspaper Store, Fancy Ooods Store, a One Hotel no Bloomtnadale road Market Stand*, Oroeertea. MITCHELL'S itore-,kency, 77 Cedar atraet Billiard saloon for sale at ? baruaih 17 Sixth avenue, w lb Lease. Fixture* aad eight Table*. Apply to-day OB tba premises. EDRUO STORES?SEVERAL BONA FIDE BRI O ? Store* for aalc In Brooklyn. Nsw York and Jar say ?t lrom $1,600 to |?4,000. Apply to HALE, 01 T\ISTILLBRT FOB SALE?IN RUNNING OSPER, U complate Id every rasped. For particulars Inquire Id drug atore corner Broadway and Lee aveoue, Wllllanisbitr*. ? DDISTILLERY FIXTURES FOR MALE-CONSISTING of LM gallon Still, worm. Maahtube. Ac.. Ac. Apply toLTNCIt A CLARKE, 1M Eaal Forty-fifth atreet, bqtweao Second and Third avenuea. _____ F TOR SALE?TO WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS, _ the Leak*. Stock and Fixturea ef a Jewelry Hloit, lo a leading buaineaa part of the ctly, doing now a good hufoaas; aatiafactorr raaaon for aelllog. Apply to MR. JOHN QOOK, No. S Liberty place. N. Y. DOR SALE-THREE LAROE SOAP KETTLES. (K)AP r Frames, Hecks, iron Tanks. Candle making Madilnea, Ae. Inquire el 481 Seventh avenue. -L IjTOR HALE?A BUTCHER'S SHOP APPLY ON THE 1 premleea. US Fullon avenue. Brooklyu. JilOR BALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED ENGLISH ALE ' Houae, doing an excellent buaineaa; alio the baton which It etaude, aTtuated in the city of Brooklyn. For par tieulara apply to Mr. FREDERICK BAN -NF1KLD. 1M and US West Twenty*fifth street, near Seventh avenue, Ned York city. No agent* need apply. FOR RALE?VALUABLE PROPERTIES FOR BALE on the w*at aide of town on moel of the leading dreeia, between Veeev and Le Roy atreet*; some large front* end a number of corners, all In fair buaineaa neighborhood*; *l*o ? number or small and dealrable Investments. Apply to JAMBS PRICE, Ski Hudson sMat IiHIR SALE?A LIQUOR STORE, DOING A OOOII 1 buaineaa. Inquire at X! Broome atreet. In th* lager beer aaloon. For rale-thh steam liohter okn. sihhl. ro feet long, X feet beam. 7 feet 8 incbea bold, S cylinder* 16x16, with shouting engine. Alio, a new Steam Tug 100 feet long, 16 feat beam. 6 feat S Inrhea bold. 2 cylinders 16x16. with LlghtaU ? condenser Apply to J. S. UNDER HILL at Webb A Bella aboard, Oreenpolnt For rale?a first clarr liquor haloon in tba city of Newark. N. J., centrally located, 2U yaara' lease, rent low; doing a good buaineaa, cheap for cash. Ad dress L, Herald office. For sale-butter stand, in Knickerbocker Market, 284 Elgbtb avenue, inuet be sold to-day. Call early. Fob halb-toy and grocery store and fit. turea, good auud; price 9K0. Apply to Mrs. RICE, 221 Fifth (tract rR MALE-ONE OF THR BEST LOCATED MEAT, flab, poultry, oyster and vegetable Markets In Brooklyn Apply at A South utreeit. New York. In basement. TOR RALE-THK LBABR AND FIXTURES OF STORE DM Broadway. Apply at k A. M. I/IOR rale-a first class successful liquor r Rtor* on West street owner going In the wholesale trade. Price S2.X6 rath Three years' tease Apply imma 1JTOR SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED PAPER BOX r Manufactory, with nB th* moat perfect machinery, aeoend lo son* In the United States, with extensive (look and steady customers Me season mnaarn. NAnk need a(t who rannot command over BIO OJO. Agents not wanted Hlm> A. B , box 182 Herald attoe. a; TOR SALE?THR THREE STORY BRICK HTOBB, ?helving, gas fixture*, Sc., MS Grand street William* A grant ' " ? - ? ? burg. A grant ohanee for any kind of bualnea*. best block In the street. Apply to PETER A. RKKT, iUU Grand itree'. Or 10# south Ninth street Williamsburg. IjIOR RALE?A CONFECTIONERY STORE, STOCK AND J Fixturea; will be sold cheap for each. Call at 'JIM Eighth avenue. METALIC LIFE BOATS SIX SECOND HAND BOATS. from IB to 26 feet long, at half price. 2f. wood Roaia Apply at fool of 114th (tract and Harlem river, or ?t iron bo* i ?bop. MS South street STEPHEN ROBERTS SAW DUST FOR SALE-FOR ALL FURPOHRS; ALSO a driver wanted. Cnll at 132 Nerth Slsth eireei, Sjwat lyn, B. D. JOHN HCOTT A1 AAA WILL BUT ONE OF THB OLDEST vi(UUU Llqnor Store* In Ible elty. This la a ehaeoa thnt la seldom mm with. Apply to D. M ULORAW. U Knat Twelfth street MACHINBRY. VOK 8 ALB?A U HORSE POWER BNOINE A NO r Bailer with ahaftlng, prmir. bailing and rbappar. aad two Wagona. baan uand for two Tiara In kindling wood buatooaa. Imiulra of Martin Kuiar, aaraar Moatrnaa ataouo and l*nnard airaat. Wllllamaburg. LX)R HALK?STEAM ENGINES, BOILERS, PCMPS. ranka. and all klnda of Maablaary. Apalrto J. LEONARD A CO.. ABO and MB Want i P1R HALE-STEAM BOILP.RN PROM JO TOM HORBF pnwar. Hnrttoaul. Tubatar and lamiaetlrr anltaMn for dwtUlora. Apply to J. LP.ONARO A TO., MO and M Wnat atraat CVtl r hi poa ? R HA LB-AT M PARK STREET. FIVE POINTH. Htaaa Rngloa aad Bol'ar. JO horaa. all conaacUona mm ' a< good aa naw. $1.200. WM MrKKNSIK 7RTABLE (TRAM ENGINES AND CIRCULAR RAW VILLA Tha baat aad aa*l roaplata In naa. Ctranlara aant on appltmtlao WOOD A MANN RTBAM ENGINE COMPANY. ftlna. N. f. and M Maldan UnO?aw Tark PORTABLE ENGINE TWELVE HORSE POWER, FOR X aalo low. Alao gra and inn karan Enginae Haraktag JOHN Mcl.ARBW. M Uontto airaat. UTKAM KNOINKR AMD BOILERN. NEW AND NBC O ond band; PmeaNar Rnglnaa ona tbraa, ait aad twalra bora* pnrttbla Enfina two atnam boiri boatlag Tablea. Bbaftlag. PulUm aad RalUng WILLARO A MILLWXRD. 1M Walar i Wanted to purchase?a second band how ?alary PrtaUag Maablan Addraaa J. p.. hot XV Nam 14 agUa atainrg larana. Ar. DRY WOOD*. A HBAVT ( BARN IN M17BL A FINE MUSLINS, 1*Ur. f. FINER GOODS 14a. aad Id BITRA Ul At.lTT. Mr . JOr and EM SECT 4-4 WAMSUTTAS, W OTHER STORES CII A ROE **?. Tbadaellna n Mrultna In from do. In lOr a yard IB.RW BLANKETR H IN MUBLINB 'om?r grim fbe AT fll M. FORMER FRII'B. |3 M AT MM FORMER PRICE, Ij gp ALL WOOL. HEATT. JB FORMER PRICE, i? ? EXTRA Ul MUTT BA. (A and $4 Alan BIO LOTS MI> St A LiTT RA. M and RB ibos, alpacas. POPLINS, DRESS OOODR. RKTAII.RO AT WHOLESALE PRICES On Mnahsa and Flanoaie yni ran ?ara from Be. In lie. a yard on All*' ?? and Mrrlnoa 'om ??. *o Mr a rard POSTER RROTIIERS, 147 Eighth ar . naar l*tb at Aad POSTER RR'TTHERH H Rlanckar atraat CMARPET* DAMIORD CARPETS -H O PARREI.L. I BWtaTTl Thirty dflb atraat nna doormat af Eighth aranaa baa p'rrrHoaad at Iba laat rrnal an'tloa aala af Had daa A Co . S3 I ham bare etreert, II,a ha aa of ' rmatafa k and 44 pa tan I * X Rrriaaaia (lairwta. allghtly damasM an tHa TMjraga of laapofiaUntt. whtah will >>a an Id at a granjbargala. for a faw Aaya naly Alao an Immanaa iuat af Tbdna ply and annar lagratna will ha a tan arrld rkaap hafora Iba atoaa of Ike hottdaya. All fnoda warranted aa rrpmaeoMd CM* RF. AT S A LP OP DRY GOODS AT r CORNTN MSOTHER* ?47 Eighth aaanua GREAT HALE of Pmtirta Plain. Plnld aad striped Poplina. Plain and Hiripad Alpaana. Plain and Plf 'trad Drlalnaa GREAT SALE of Muallna. Flannala Llaana, TalAaClatka. Wklla G--oda llnatnrr and Kid Obirar. GREAT SALE of cloatiBg i lntaa, I aaaitnaraa. Ore-mac Ingo and SaUaata GREAT HALF, of l/ng and A*oaaa drain Lang and ?IMHMBBMHalMMiM Baa Strum India Htlh._Poa? and rrprara Plaid Wool SALE af Blanked*, aad Sia'la Sbawln aad Balmoral Hkirte GREAT AND PEREMPTORY I an lire etark. at PORNTN RKOTHRRR'. ?47 Rlgfctk aeaaaa. naar Tbirty fnnrtk atraat. (TREAT BARGAINS IN LADIRM FANCf EPIUt - r IIERRO'I A SON will eall, at ikair ---|?,1- mallal lorn I, Nn TO Park pttm tha larfa and ep'andld oarwk af ladia- laaay Horn, at ratnll, for Oflana daye at radaet " prtaaa. SMILLIR A CO.. MB BROADWAY. ?at a.? a s.igbtb and Slntb ? I main. will nffar an MOkBAT. MTH INST, thatr anllrs akaak af SILKS aii4 DBRAR OOODR. M rtaaa ant haforo Jaaaary I SMILLIR A OO lOt Brand wo Ralwaaa F.laklk aad Nlakh ts-ee?e s MILLIE A ?*> WATT OPENED TWB MOST BLF.GANT ASSORTMENT or M/IAIS SACGI EH RASqi BR JACKETS AND risrri.Aiui in telvIt aWd <um. md whleb aaaaak ba anmaaaad la A mart a. " ? MMHARM NRMBatr Sapl <t ba anrpaaaad la Amartaa. wan T?? BKW carpet STORB -WB ARB ?TPMRINO INS atraat ana* i batbaia. FINANCIAL. Q KF1CB OK metric mail steamship companv.? New York, No*. It. 18" ' lUTR. IV, tow Notice to hereby ft too that I ho Board of Directors horo thio day doctor*/o dlvtdead of flop oor oont out of the act arnlnge of the quarter eotlnf October 81, payable ? Boo or the Company on Saturday. December I. The i ranofor hooka will be rioted Toeada*, Norotnhv I V o'clock P. M. andreoponod Monday, December!. By order of the Board of Dlreetora. THEO. T. JOHNSON, SecroUr* OFFICE I'ACiriC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, New York, Net. IklNM. NOTICE TO BTOt IE HOLDERS Notice it hereby given that the Board of Director*, baring Int-rrovod the capital atock of the company, pnriuant to the act of May 1.1MB, te MO.OOU.OOt> (of which 6U.UOO ah are* re main Mi he lmitltd), hare rtaorrod t-VOOU.OOO In oaah out of tha profits of the ootnpany for the regencies ef the business, and hare declared tnatead thereof to the pertoaa holding etoi k 00 the bonk* of this company at the closing of the tran.lcr hooka on luaaday, Norember M, ISM, at S o'elocfc P. M .adlTldendof such ftO.IWJ aharea ol the atock of tbla comiuny aa full paid atock. bain? one share of new atock In e*er? three aharea of a listing atock. The cnrtlOoatee will be ready for delivery on end after WednMalay, January A IW, at the odor of the oompan*. N. h ?Holders entitled lo fracttona In the abntn dlrldend will receive a memorandum for tha fracttona to whloh they may tic entitled, not oarrylnc Interest or dividend, Mr whloh fracttona, when presented in sufficient amounts, < elllfloalaa of (took will he Issued. By oider of the Board of Director*. THEODORE T. JOHNSON. Secretory. i^kPrinE or THE BENNEHOFP RUN PETROLEUM V I'nnipa unpany. No. 87 Broadway, New York. Nov. M. I KM ? The Trustees of the Bennehoff Run Petroleum t'ompeny have this day dels red a dividend of S per cent on the capl tal atock of the company from the net earnings of the com pany, pavahle on end after the Mb day of December. The imneler hooks will he closed from the 1st lo 8th of Decem ber. JANES McMABTRK, Secretary. The mutual LIFE INHURANOB COMPANY OK NEW YORK. Office rorner of Broadway end Liberty street. F H. WINSTON, President. nov. i. 1Mb. cash assets, ? 88 This company Issue* Life. Endowment and Pnld-up PolI rtea In various fonna, and at rates es favorable as Is couala vT lent with security DIVIDENDS ANNUAL AND IN OASn. whl'-h may be iiswl In payment ef premiums, or on paid-up policies, aa an annual CASH INCOME TO THE ASfiPRED. Attention la called to the instalment feature, securing to the beneficiaries annuities for any number of year* after the death of the assured. RICHARD A. McCCRDT, Vice President HHKPPARD HUMAN*, Actuary. i'oVfT { Secrwuartew. TO LOAN ON MOETOAOP.-FOR A TERM OF YEARS, on city property worth double the amount of loan,

B8fltM) In sums of (1,800 and upward*. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 210 lludaou street. OINXINDERFKR MINIMI company?a dividend O of 1 per cent on the capital stock haa been declared by the trustees, fiom the net earnlnffe of the mines, the month of October payable He. ember 1, at the office of the company. Transfer books rinsed from November 18 to De ll A. HHERRILI,, Treaiurer, 19 Breed street. THE TEN PER CENT BONDS Of TIIE PITT OP SAN Kranctaro, falling due in the city of New York on the 1st of Dei-ember. IBM, will lie paid In gold by LEES A WALLER S3 Pine a root No Interest can be allowed after maturity of bond. Novawire It. IBM. UNION NAVIGATION COMPANY, NO ? BOUfH WIL ltam street. New York. No? ?. 1MB ? Notice la hereby 5 teen thai the Beard of Dlre-tora of this company have thle ay declared a quarterly dividend of live per cent, payable at the office af tha eooipany on and after Oeoember 8 The transfer book* will be closed Monday, the Mth mat., and remain eloaetl until December 6. By order of the Board ol Dlreetora JOS. B. CHAPMAN, Harretarx $100 000 70 LOAH 0,1 ?o!"> .*?.?T _ gage on Improved property. In New York or Hrouklyo. In sums of (39000 end upwards, Aa this I* money to be Invested for minor children It can remain ff?c or aeyen roars. Address or apply to WYCKOPF A LITTLE, Mootaane street, near Court street, Brooklyn. nn nnn to loan, in sums to edit, on ?PyHU.UIMI New York real estate; 8b pe cent of valuation; aerond mortgages bought. CHARLES K WTLLIS. II Pine street, basement. $111 nnn Loan on new tarx city and OltJ.UHH Brooklyn real estate. In isree and smell sums Mortgage* hough' Prompt attention given. t IIAW F. OILMAN. 118 Broadway, roots No ? N LOAN OF PICKS. AT n-MOXBV 1.1HKRAI.LY ADVANCED ON DIA MONUH. WATCUKJt, .IRWKLRY. ho.. OR TliK MaWK BOIJOIIT AT Tllfe HMMKHT RaTRN. AJJO PA WNHROKKHH' TIPKKTH BOHOHT FOR DIAMONIIH WAT< HKM, JKWKI.RT. Ac.. At 77 Blee'her etreet. upelalrm A T HYMAN'A, A* BROAnWAV. CORNKK Of BOND J\ Mmt will be paid 'h? highest prtoea for Diamonds. Watches cod Sllyarwara, or will hdeaoee oa (ho above artl rlOA. a r NO. ? WF.BT TWENTY-THIRD HTREKT (FIFTH 2\ A venue llotali the Mghayt print paid for Diamonds, Welches, Jewelry add arlielaa of eeloa, or adranraa blade on the ADVANCE* W tDP ON WATPHEH, DIAMhVDH jfw. airy, Dry Oonda and Ftrannol Property of orary do ?r1p'H>A J A <A? KMox. Ill Orand straot, two dooro wast of Bruodway. 1THI BROADWAY, KNOX ROILDINtJ-TflK DTMOAT A VAM'E paid FOR DIAMOND*. fRWKLRV. WhTPMKH. RYP.RAl.HH PLATE, I'F.ARf.M Af AO J. II HaKHI.NhKR. 113 Broadway, room No a PAWNBROKER* TICKET* PI R< IIAARD OF DIA inonda. wai' krc. jawalry. altfcaJrlothlag. A< AdTAOoaa ?le on the aatoo. or bought at mo highest raah prices, At llraad street naar Mulberrr. ? OPAHTNKHNHIFh. AN A< rivB "It HILRHT PARTNER WITH $3ML TO tAk* a ha.f Interest la a aerr raliiahle patent, fa rye prolita. many orders. Addreaa P I. . MP Broadway, room 13 Aparthkk wtrtfii-wini t*?. to mancpac turn a alapie arliclo of unltm'ted dernaad read? aala far an, large , oftts, iiiltk teturfta Addraas R. Hope, bos MB Herald oft.? OV RUBER I. ltd*.? THF DNDRRMONRD HAVR formed a rnpertoerablp for lha purpose of Don seeding A banking, epebange and rom ml talon boaineea. undar lha Arm of .lames W T iehor A Co , Boa 3 and I Sua Berihn, Pane, Preach. JAM AM W, TUCKER. ROWaBO r. andrp.w* Raproaentad ha FRANK W XBDRRWA. 348 Waaklngton street. Boaloai EOTICR 18 HtRKBY HIVE* THAT THF POFkRT nershtp hore>?fore carried on under 'ha name of Ktarn, eobeira A < o I aa beae (bla day dlaaolrad by mutual eoe PHILIP NXRRN, piflyrtNr aoaenheim. NATHAN ALhRKKd Nan \ aaa, V - > 1848 All on'MAi dka a debt, aad claims of ahe lata ewp*r'narahtp wl! be eeuled vTP.RN A RtlAENHKIM. No A Park plana. PARTBKK W ANTED?IN A BAFR AND VRRT PRO. Atet a 'Aaa. manufeeMrtng bnelaeea. a ahanoa seldom offaretl tpfdy u> NiHlDT A CO, # Pma atraai. n am II, e? t? IIAI P at -t e wataiaain M PuMaa kiraat. Braaklyn OFPH.'t OP IIOHPORO A CO . BANKHRB AND RROR. era, I* Broad or eat, Wew Vara, dor U I AAA -The hater eat of Wr il M II u mpherr In aur Arm eeaeaa from And after thia dale Tha hn.,neaa will ha earr'ed on by the remain lag parterre under ihe aae name and atrle aa heretofore IIOHPORD A CO WABTKD-4PKCIAL Partner. WITH Aft' Tn fim he wo yn .eg man of onneMerehle huelneea 'itrerlence In tha he ir and r-ain ommlaaion Iraala In Philadelphia one of Ihe perllea k.* rerelletl for earerel yaara In the Weetara eoon'ri and ean ? mmand mnetderebla 'rerle Addreaa O K . hoi I W, Poal afflr a, PhllaalelphU. ? l'Ik/1 PAPriPR WANTED If A YRRY ri.P.AA apfjlMI. an' i.oaineaa wbPh will aiaa a pMifit of tIA ill) yearly I all at. Mr MINCLAIRK ID colon erjoe/e. from IT ?in nnn * anted, a partner to ppri hahr gll'P.'MMF, half of Rtoee and Vannfaotnrtng Bnalneaa In Rnehe. . ' ait) .alaa orer %r (IB maa.'hly long ..tah itehed a' ? aea g-ee tae open ng Addreaa fieri Heralrl agpe HI MlNKNN OFPORTHNITIRA. AVERT RAKR oPPORTtlNITY POR A PARTY TO lare.t AA.ffal in an onierprlae ehien will laaora a taat large lonoeia Ra.rr -pporleallr afforded for a thor ? .?? lareai g. F ar . .'tleaiUra 'all at Ml Bre*dw<i) raetm ]A. third Are.', beteaen the hoera of 10 A N aad d P M \T'|I Nil MAN IARARI.ITR WITH A FKW III N , dred 1 lam tan And a fared rnaeme hy laraeting n la a ataiihier) hoeiaeaa ret aatahllahed one aor|rialoied with the hriaineaa frofarred Addraea fer tare* day a Aiatloaerr hot I?. Ilerald off ee A lag haaalnaea that baa r o ? ompetiuoa In thla ett. )M{ | Wan IIATIWf, PRtiM %??> Di g*d? |N READY aaeh ran hate one half Internal la a maaafartur TIDrMPHdN 7M Broadway IHAVP A PI MP m*tt.DIHO AITPaTPD IN THF Right ? airft ? 'I a 'Hy aoitahle for a diatlllera wow Id latere.' maaelf with a i-erlf deaareoa of eaubl.ahlog aaa?a a btttdaeaa Addrnaa B B . Ilerald MBA rptlR A DVPRTDIRR IPFRRA FOR HAl.R HIA OFFIPR 1 taaatka f iralabaad naaaaateea a ready eataMaahed aad pajrtea aandeoanoty. a made foe 10 go ahead reaaea fee aetllng ataer lattameea ? ai.eiMM ret|oire hka Urate eapttal rawetiad -ery amai Addtaaa Braaiaeae bet IM Haeal i At in Naa?an>a toaiarl ^ ? Of. TO I '? WILL BY ART ABY PRRIWiN IB A 9d?a) aalaadtd ma. rfaetorlatg blalaara. from wbha 0M3M ran be reaUeed la Ml waoalha wltharbt mtdtal I'da ategta aa Ar.'ir ( ail aad 'oaaettgata. at H ' a/mine at raet $i,r)0 ""T" ? 4inn TOgBW WABTRD-IN a will RffTABI.IANRD fall/U BbW a am OWO pmrt of tho aaamey patd dew a Apply ta T J M'MAHaB 4A4 Brwadeay Willi/1 A MAN OP BPBIBRAWtgt ALIFtCATIORh .1""!, wasted ta hoy half Haki laat la a naRablt a ad araAtetla mat ? affama already am Hiatal Addreaa J, lot rn llarald ?-e la A M( I * ta A< ADMIRA. a. ayicwvtw Fee day* tar ma ha . ilmaa aaB tar a Weenie/ ae idhtwfmt aaaaaa, ??7e .? irteeadT aaeeea 4iviuunt>> IYKOADWaY theatre?admission SB CENTS. Friday pAT 0U) DEBT?, air OHaa Orwrraacb i oalf tin* i Charlaa DlUoa Af Mr wklrb iba charming .omwdlaua' MIKN KATE KKlUNOl.O*. will praaanl bar rtMloiini paraooali.m of UOHBUTuaT Hixri.ts Saturday- "sual tnalluaa ai I', o'rlnrk. Mr UUlon ami Mia. ltaigiaila. bulk appealing KYENINC. IaaI appaaranraof Mr. Dillon KICH.IRD III. Monday, Dan S-Mlaa KATK KKIOkOLO* win produca A dram* Illation by Miu OII*a Lagan, id Wllht# Collins' giaal QOrai, aaUtlad armadai.f. Gkrma.v htaot theatre. 46 and a; BOWERY. ' Tfcla Friday) aranlrig, Notambar M, will b? piaaaotad KIOHKI.IKl'. I)<!??? All! Ehrmann r?n fubftrkn Jthrair .Tba Youthful Daya of Llobniioiri MMb. OTTIL1E URN EE la bar groat rolo of RICUr.LIKl' I.IHKTTB HII.F, .orardv by MrgawalJ Mme Ottilia li?m Llaotta Thalia theatre. kl4 Hrwlaar. opuoaita 61 Nleholaa Hottl. Friday, Nnyrmhar ,*) DMb. "UKlIREUDKtt FOSTER." I Drama, 10 St# acta, by Dr. Cbailaa T.-apfar. DOIIWOKTH HALL, HUB BROADWAY. ' MAUI/.. TOMORROW (HATUKPA V). LAST NIQ1IT FOR THE PRESENT A CARD?M. IIA in /, baga to aanounn# that iba Hall baring boon prarloualy angairad for aa aggual fair, ba ta ?Ilad to dlauoutinua kla Maftral Hotrana altar thlawaak. rriry IIbanal palroaaga baatowad upon aim. nr. wn.i. he. OPEN AT iHK AHoVE IIALL ON MONDAY, DEC. 17 THIH KVKNINO. NOY, 10. ElOBTV HK<X)ND SEANCE. "TIIK MYSTERY.'* 'THE IIYNTF.RY " A HUMAN HEAD FL O ATI MO IN TOE AIR. and'takaa tlila opportunity uf thanking tba unhlU fur tho al palroaaga baatowad upon him. HE Wll.l. HE lOVK IIALL ON M n?,w *810 utj,; IK AD F AO ATI NO I A ad otkar Miradaa. ^ Mr A. Hodgwlek wlllparform aa Lka EagMah OoncarVna. TDIKETSauc.; RESERVED SEATS |T; Can br .aonrad at tha llall from Still 4. Doora span al 7U:aommm. a at n. satekdat. matinee at j. children Half price. MULTUM IN PARTO VERT ROOM. Mrs. p b cosway'h park THKATM. BROOKLYN THIS EVENING, RKNKFIT OP MRH. D. P. BOWERS ROMEO AND JL'LIKT. Romao ... .Era F B. Conway Marrutlo Mr. J 41. Mrr'ollual Juliat Mia. D P Howara CHURLEY WlimCH. / OREAT MATINEE TO MOEMOW. OIlftAT MATTMKE TO MORROW RNTIRF, CIIANUE OF PROOMAMMK The whola Company will appaar la a fuou and dltat killed Mil, oonoludlog with tba amuaiag plaoa aatMMd the NKokwrT WFMUif A LEON'H MINSTRELS, T? BMOADWAY. E ntbaataatlrally amwptad by Iba Tba LEON, L ovrra of mlnatralay aa tba Tba oaly LEON, I. (ring lmper?ornU>r? of Tka wouda.fnl LKON. Y ounf Africa Ifnaqiullad Hlaga * Ab Nob Olunga." AND grnrtad with mrrry "II Haclo, la Tan D.rraa, I. augblar and And with tba popular K nnnraa rsbuy Coaiadlan and \ wallat. O n aarh Mr. KDWIN KELLY, In tba N Ighl. IJ rand Burlaaqua or Ballaaria. r.NY PANTOR'S OPERA HOIftB. M MOWERY, La?t mono of tbr grnai ?pe- tamUar barteeque, TIIK FAIIHKR OF THE HtJtMkdN, TIIK PAlKIEh OF THE HUDSON, wbl. h mint br wlibdrawu Is glra plana to tba naw Irtab dra ma A NMl ANI> .NOVr.L VARIETT OLIO, Tout Paainr and lha antlra tmupa appaarlng MATINEE i \ FRY WKIimTrIiaV AMO SATPPnAT Monday -TIL HEART OK ERIN. OR THE MEN OF m IRVIJfU MAM i ih r ORAND MATINEE Of NP.H M " " rlrbratad rlaaltl. A tTt-fii ? tY, Daeambar I, lUE Dn.!?npan oil "? i. gin at 1 q'Bhiak. Mr. WKIILI a >11 .??iated by Iba f.dlBarlng srUalt - Mia. * nr. I Ml A HKMNK. Roprana. Mr U t ? AMFUHI.L, Baruaaa, IIlia I'.iat appaaraa.-a.) Mr a vt COI.BY Conduator TH'KETN W OEMTti. Ratart a.I UaaU, IS aanto agtdb. Fn< aala at Baar A Snhlrmar'B, 701 HMadway. Pond A < o 'a. Mi Hmadaray: Kollmaa a TVkat odtaa IH Broadway. I'hl. kailna A Hunt 46"i Broadway, aad at Irrlog Hall Tl.a Ida una uaad a. all M a?'Wabll'a uanaai la ara from tba rata braia.1 maaofartory of tba Maaara. Chtr-kanag. No 4M Broadway. I A TH (IRANI* HI'NDaT COHOBBT. 14" HTF.INWaT MALI-, rcrday p.\knino. dec. % at# o'clock II L BaTP.MAN and I. V HARRISON Dnrln i Tba aUaellon Of thai public la raapaa(fullp allad U> lot following progrnmma ? Mr JDI.TI ?< Kit IIBK*(i. Iha nalabralnd rompoaar and rtatlnlat wbl porfonR'hai morrmanl of Hctltitfun'i Cononrto Opt HI, nnd Rolig pnalaaaal. IIILL. i MM tba Ural nun Mad I tattoo a, with organ nrr-otn|.?niu wr. W. J I"" Iha faaaritapouag hmtIIm appaaranol at lhaaa annanrtai, "I Think of Thaa. bp I rohha. aod Ktarp * aU. Ivaat A^f|J't) ^HA(^|A)|, c(UNn OKCIIb-rRA. Inrraaaad for thia eacaato*. btUl..pnr'an| i..??!'? '-am brat ad wart, "I.BR RRBLITPEB," with Harp OhHpata. br Mr. Toulaaln. Orartura to EaubnrHoaU. by Mojart Imitation, a la Daala, bp Wabar, arrangad for oirhaatra bp RarUoi. Orartura In C opa lit. br Baalharaa. and thr oRand Mahoii by KaBOTZT. Thaeharpafor adailaaloa will rarualo aa uaual f.rt'ta Mi eania, raaarraR aaata Hraala aura. Iha aala of which will oomranna* Ula mornlnt at Raar A Kobirmar'a 701 Hroadwar. pnnda. M7 Rroadwar; Riillinaa'a Hahn off.' Ill Broad way, and Mtalaway llail. Steinwat hall. Mra. MARIR ABBOTT uutr oHand concert THIA NRAMOR MONDAY KTININO PRO A AT I O'CLOCK Tba following artiata l.ara kindly tradarrd Ibrlr aarrlcaa ? M a. MaTIIOA TOK1IE .......... Vbhnlat Mr w. RTI'IR ... ... Marttonn Mr. ALFRED PKAhK ... Klanlal Mr. fi. W MORHAN '.rgnnlat Mr J M ABBOTT t oad..alar TICK Kin OMR DOLLAR. For aala ai tba innate ator?? and at dtaiawap Hall A LA PAIB. ia am rtr ma FRENCH CHURCH DO AT RRPRIT, la tba aaraoiaauih r.atory by THE HUfJLKNOTB. will ba bald at pObWOBTH BALL. MR BROADWAY, noanaoatna ad.Iloalag Ttk l>* an.oar. opan from II A. M. la II F. M. TBR FIFTH EXHIBITION or FBRBCM ANDFLKM Irb Plr'urta la nam opan al tba Mtndtn butiding, fanlb ?'mat WOWDERM'l nirm OF NAIYIRR - THR W A a II InoTON TWINR. ' borr. allra. harlng two haada lo ir nrma. and but ona la. I, gad ?? pan of b .. atno Iha hand at.d right nrntof Frabat. Iha anirdnrrr .4 'Kn Dnarlng fanolr '.wotfc?r with iha aaagaibnaat rollaal on of oAI?ata In rEpstatogp. Aaaumtp. Palbn agr and Natural If tatary nil of wifah aF? alwl dally by La... i ran and Mhrnorpta Tiawant tba Raw Tart M .aaota of Anaioaty. ?l? Nroadwiy Opaa frodti A M wa II F M GBF.AT BVrcKBBOF THR CK< If.lAM <JI"IR HMRAT dOI'CBHP OF TH? I K< II.IA.?f CHOIR RTF.INWAI Htl.f . TI'KRPAV ETRRlNO I'M' A l*d Tb-kata M) ? ?oi ?Uarrrad Naala 10 <a?in artra Randy Ihia mntnlag at tha 1;< owing plana* Baar A h. hit mar J?)l Broadway Fond A ' *t Broad way TV-bat off. a 111 Rraadaaf, nnd dial, war Mall ATTRACTION" "TILL OR THR Id' tr a?F i/kik at rnr akkaT of tai.fnp i-pr-t/iTRn RVIRT Mt.lir RMIARPLRdR OF BlFRNnF in OCR TIIF DIKF.I TfON PhiiI Rh">K F U'.l.l d t* kott MKVF.H* MOd* RoftHli.t'F" Holt ART till RON a CaRATBl.tJ. dll.M.K VKl.tlOO, dli.dOH ROMKI.Mi. AMI fllF. Cd.l F.RHATFII RCOLRR ?oi? t?R'i*dl, FI It FORM F. if HV dltillT. AT %t. B KOA I'M' AT fHK ORRAt HI VRII.I.K Mf'RIi otKOM, AT. BROAliW AT AfkilMklOHFRRR ?IBF.oaDwaT /ORFAT MAdOtfli FAIR Id AID OF THF H A ? I AMI IT ?ar!?n. Fund al Iha "rnw of Ortod at d f r.jnh . atraala O|woa Madr^adat araataa. iHwatar t I*. Adaataar .a ? run n-nr-.n llatola gl t 'oaulbutar* >ra raaoaatad lo aarr4 n ibair g >4a wHbowl Aatay STRIOR AT HAH AHM' Mi- UOI IKTT 'It' If* TORI r' hr ir- bkmIarbai ? ? rati ruai i?r.,i?, i atka'alma F ? Adoriaoroa Pa Bpbar lyUo ? >t -trad at Hctrnrfanborp A Lata . 7Id Broadway aart H'?r A Bat naar'r, "til Broadway I. dFIRR naratary rpilF. Fft*f or A ?FRIF~ OF t/RAd fi aryf Rr R?. TO I aaglrar. m 'ba prttdla of iba N I ?.?! t ooar ? ra'ory of ?yr Wia ha fitaa In M .?4ar r pop-la at iha i -w.rarralof) FCk Madiwn araaaa FrtAay, la ?! 7 F M. I II Iff ? K. Mnnagar A'tTRA -TMKaTRH Al. d'l.l.FTIN RITRA-HAY. ri lag alldrran frora t - Otiaanui tMnbr. baton, I aha i raaniyd u> f.a?rn>aio for ataa a- papa?aala man a awrw R. I- DA .KbFORT, laairn urm. Baphnrp. Maaa TICBBT* and RT -FJIVRD *F.ATB FOB AU. THR Tlf F, aTRFJI. tlPRMAB ( owarta and pfwoa of aaroaaaaawl far aala and aa. rad 'm any ? gbt in ali.ira al IhaadVa ? now a >? I bo RlwToRlTIi RRT OFFICR m 1 hFbarlag A ?? n a ptano aiorwai ma Broadwap, bafwaaa Blaackar and Bond atraao Bil-LM FAIRA ML, tc cam RF. AC. .? If . aAth oigMa at ailbaraf iha aa* and aaAa. lal a. ban ?aan. n* - Falaaa ||ntt. W and Til *liia ."an .a nnd Urw Hajf. aaraar .4 R.-aadWhy aad Mr aa.?*t* aama>. orn. Tiaaa w ARTBD RT A YOOO MA*. A TFAI 'Ft '< awrb nr or ynftac^ad I ran at tanrtary R Ham id ???? ri'UYITIBB. prtRiyt'RR DF flBAr?~frTA?l "R Baa B aad fl lanarr and IB 1 1'fa a a -Oai rriM. COBTIdl 1 To ?? THR I. FcdBIII RK MARIfAfTt Rl t? ft fit* ?ITT FaBUiR. Din I do Dd.i rHAMBRB a?# BFBMHBr CABOFT ARIi at' TfidiA ?OR THR ao'rfMFRR TKADBa at ? gar aaat rnf nar aa H prtaa II RRDDtd'l L/jdiRIRO ? dtr.r a A ' tRrBFl.t. ? i and If i taa i. a -wo Faraat n i ad a a a/ran ad aad An aa-ad ANI/IRNIITS. Nl-W TtiKH TliKATKE. OFFOHITB *. T. HOT*l. Lawt> Maker and Mark imkb tO-NlBHT. at H a cluck, aod K\ BKT RMBMINO. FTuraeuue, Ihrlllio* aud ramtuUa drama of ike reaatoo* b| Auguvitu Daly, auUtur of "I.* all, Ike Foi MJl . foundad oo rtiarla* Raada'a great uatal, ea ... . oaimTI! OAJ'KT. Ok, JRALOC8T, WhKiji nta reialtrd th. aump of Imeuidlaia aiior#** from ? iia. I' and earaptnred audieucra, which *r? ma veil alteiaaleir In ainllr* ant Uurv .jr ara apetlbouiid ?ltk Inter ?at, or VIMUt In uoiionu*.,! r?ih i.taaiu. Hael* may b* ?? Olfjd for liRIFFITII OAT NT ~?Tu?H?4 aJU* 'arnrtta Comedienne, a ad HI* BifXIB HINi K.KT, fi?m u.a Callfarela tkaa'ra, will ?mtrM MONI1AJ KIK.siho iLArvZoAT-aMirririi ?ui ut matinrm, at onk O'CLOCK $1; rnaarvad **ata, Me. aalrk; ibar 1*1 alTS o'eltoh |im>i**ly. _ NRFIT W Mr?n MAIM. JllllNBT re drivkt. Opera, bv Viator Maa*. Saturday. Daormba* 1. freed Malta**. at I ..'*!.** |innl tatd'a charming onara, )? thre* aru, TUB DAUOHTRR Of T?V. RM.INKNT Admlavto* ft. to all pMtk oftbe bona* Ttokal uftoa at RtW ? jfNwfa. TOl Htnadaay and Man.y A Urrwlf'a. Iljaod Ildtvadwar (JAN rHAMCWOO MI N STB BLR, W# HROADWAT. TUB TROUBLE OOMMBNOKB at a QIJARTTU TO A iHB FAB KAMBD. INTMlfTBUr. AND ONI.V HIH' l|. WAMHoI.I1. HFRNARD A RACECd' Nam FRANi IIM.O MINdTRKIAt whoa* aaanaaa be* aaaar btoaegeaUel to Any oinllar urgaaltalion In the world. Maw aad dnarlul laaquea atary weak, M#t#<>0? jUowera, to_ Feting War*. Ural appearance of *7 OKIRK, Ravei. Trootoa at the Metropolitan llutol. T<r<> Nekton of Laftalatore from Maaaaahuaatia Norma, aad Ureaay Buck OooR, aad Alt! can Hall*! Troup*. JJCDWORTII'S MtNhTRELB?FIFTH AVKNCB OFBKA luuan. adjoining Fifth Araaua llatal. y r THK A TKI F TO ? - 4 NOOK A BOON. F.VKRY KVKNlNii. N..w A-u, mwi. Naw Foal Ballad*. Carnal anil ulh" Solo*, ato. _ _ . _ ? matinkf rvrrv hati kiiat. at J); r. It Grand oobckrt or haiiikd and nbci'Lam Mualc for the a>lii?"in?nl of Irlah aatloaailly,klh tola way llall, Saturday . Dane tutor I, at 8 P M Tba following rmlnanl art lata will appeal ? Mine Lla Lnaaan Frim* Dona* Sopraa* Ml.a Frednrtoa Toller Bapraoa Mlaa A. rhUtlp* Boprafa Mm* Coletll (a* trait* Mlaa I.lvincaton Cetilralla Mr. B. O. IT Iloidar Prnao Tanur# Mr. .loaaph Langrnbaah FrlaeTaoara Mr Chart** Oontalei Tanora Mr. R (Jimuln ... Bantoa Mr J. D Romti*r(h B*a*o The (irphaoa (jiiartau* and a rhorua of anient valor* Mr*. R. (lonialrt . iirfaniat Tba fraud Organ of th* llall will to oaad oo Ihla ancaaiua Mraara (inml*n and llarmano j........flani.u Mr H. lien 1*1*1 Maatoal Dlroatar Admtaaloo ?'.US Family Uohata. admillluf Ihraa |i*r*nna I ?* Tlnkata for sal* at lh? nm-a of lh* Irlah Faoal*. MB Taarl atraal. th* Caulcal udln* F. H, ItfChsiham atraat . by SB# odinar or Clrela of lb* Fanlao Hrull>*f hand, and nl lb* 11*11 on tba ul*hi of lh* contort. _______ Grand mat< m at irvinu hai.i., rBIDAT BVBNINO, N"f ? _ WILLIAM OOLDTHWAIT AOAINNT JOHN MoDBVITT. Carom Ham* -I tuo pntata up TVskaU |l; raaerrvd aasu |1 To to had al IU* principal haul* and billiard raoma aad at lh* hall BHOADWAT oband ohabitablr fair frkhf.nTatIoh fkhtival Momr'aMP bcmool for tiib maintjfnaki f **? t> 616 MK AND BCMOOL FOR TUB MAlNTJFNANt I' ? KDCOATION OF THB DKNTtTCTB CMILDHKN or OUR BOLDIBRN and NAlldlRh. am Arrr.ii. to thk rujLtc Wa. lb* oAoara and nn?|rn of "Ola Hwt And fXAnul'1 or Iba Kit oration and Maiataaaaoa of lAa Dnotitakt t.'kil ? who ml IU akattar and pro tooOoo Mr. Uanarnl ri.YBNRN II OKAdT. P?? Mra illAH r DAf.Y, Artlnp Proatdaiil. Mr. Mai nan J C PRKMiiNT, Ural Ylna P'"aidant Mr. KOHhRT KORMTKR. Nfnood Vow Praaldant Mra JOHN * YOORHIRR. Traaaurar Mr. t?*Tin IIOTT Aarr.lary M> ? WR ? IIII.I.YP.R Cnrfaopoodlng Mrrr atari Mr. IIKRVRT U. UW, Maaa?./ Mr. t J VAN IiaIjMP'.M. Mm.apwr Mia W OKRMONII. Manapw Mra. K OMrfORIr WAlrNWORTII Manppm. Mr. NP.U?(?M PLAOR. Managa, Mia W ItP.RKIAN. Manaprr Mra H. J MIRRRAM. Ma. .p.. Mr. 0 MAII.I.KH Nana far. Mra WM MAll.l.KM, Manaprr Mra IIRKRT MAfJrR Mnnapa. Mia JAMRP OILl.lP.a Manaprr Tba Pair will opon on lb* KKi of DwwwtPar a..4 wmPiOag two *aM>. at tba Pl.'Rljl' II Al.l. ? .roar of Broadway iM Twaatj (bird atraat. Maw Voat ** " '1 ??M !kW?% RMPRITTA TION PKPTIYaI. to (m* ll < OOPPR INHTITI TP.. MRW TCJRR. KAJI'NIlAV RVKNlM'i OR. RMMRM a uodar tba inoaiaal 4lr~ iioa of Tkrudara Tfeaaaaa Hat an wbiaA w ? anion a < oiuailuaa will I* ? kwaaa by tba aalnata to award giouana in phpoRnt*. Ir. aurk lawful man or r aa tPay nay datanpina. Par lb* Paw tlial ibara arill br latuad THJIIM Af OMR IMII.l.AR RACII. B?<IM PRRRSMTK RRIMO OMR TO KA'II TMPP.T. IIOUflKM. I.irn or PMP.PRNMi TO RP. AWARPRtl I Praaant ia Coliad kiataa i|(?.ol.anp4 ... $M WO I bpla?4i4 Hp-miry RaaiAan-a la WaaMkaaUt ??maty. aaai Maw Vor 1 rny . 11 WO I C/Wbar llo iaa au4 Lot, J.iN.ta. tiwaa, Raat Maw lark . ?PS I Mawa iihI ItA adtotalnf aPara ARB I Itao.a aaBl at in Mr oaTyb MY.. 1MB pa. Mar., ao * 1 itraod A It. ?????.-??? '"'f ?. ..? ? ? ... ? .. i t nat uf UlaawMa i Km p. Rnrrtupa tat M? i I Pai4 op I*"liay vl (.If# la. nan a, far I RIM. Palpal H?t W.tar Ay,-a rati. Maaliap OwWUpft I rm Palatini of i.aaaaai < a oraat IA Urwta AO# <tai4 l.ara. Wat. baa. awn RJuj U LpMpt' 4", at RIM I R Infant Plaai Pram>ww krayarr ?aw ?p Ma. IP Ctlaplatrd lap. ?. op Mara.nan nwa no aapioiuoo at lartr aa?r.?.i, .11 Mro*4*ay 7 Ml P t i.ln4 faa Mala, at *71 I MM I.ouo ? W|?a. ? J w.lo . a. kalnp a rmaptaia Ilia. Ir.'a# lunaiy af It. War 1 P* MO U'M i ana Pan.II. a*.4 a war. lluiiaaA at R IBM MO Takta an# T.aJpuui.a aa4 Nana a Mlapa a#P IAa . IM) ? ail Mali, and l .1*4 Pro i (mtaa, Mil (MM Yna uniawo iwrnwatat af iaa Inlawing aM.'Ira. ... - ? iraawy'a iAtaaIng a Iramg a and iv.|4r a barto. a a# i'man <4 otnar a..ik.ia MoaWal fa I I', Hnra. and llarn.a# rap lata I MO Pinna, rtainwar . IPO :s atrnanaula and HM" Para.tnra. VmP i aaaa Ladm. Wari H tan. Muak laao ij ?liwawa. Pn.nup.apa tlwwma nraa <|in?a>l fiapai nap. Irani. ?..a i km a a I a4iw Hold ? hatna. opait 'iiaa.II I. kl.rp wtlad PHH Prnaaaa. iranitaanana fnaaa.waMaPUl II. W I a MM' > awaal atyw I'rana lima Aarout RattratiaMl fur Porto. AnmiMtl Pnpra.iap. af l^yaia ??wan. a .'u w *.? r w. www ?ra and likraaa >. .aaw. iat.ap la M MM Iba ap.r pa la Mr.1, <AO Praaat u talooda* RP?tW lii'a IU ilNlAfb (II Apia I aii* N iMnio n .'.a I..4I a l ufiit Want. I ar ? '? lara and oi'ow Mat lap in lb <i?4nra mar ba a?.,t Pon U aa. la-' aiad tba man ay. frnaa II tip ?. a rapi.u *4 aim ai aar i if win aany fnr mart yiupi l..<.aa awt.ii. In anvuld na awn I tn dam a. ar by atnraaa at Iba fmn.winf ? 1.1 M RATRN $ lira ai. in ana ad Ira*. It ka ? - ? ' ' I'l 'n 19 lu in kata b. ana a# ir>?a 17 pi ? It. lata u> ..aa wlJrata M M an I - tat. tw una a# Ira.a M .. lar in rata ha. n44<mt al tn MU ikvPa'a b> una ao Iran. t ar Addraaa at! araara a'td amntma iaaa to Till iM AO * t*i> . Manap ? f l? ?#?? -a. aa ia * M II AT I P. A gaol far DM llama a> 4 a.kwnt 414 Mmmanay, >aw I a. I PPRt lAirpriTH-l ? W# lata ytaa.wra m .'lw?i> an kabai' af inw Hwwta and -l?.i Ma pan. . - ' ??' annla by inn Panadra nawinp in a# Pa .14 at adw.y .aw Tort Hwnatlona V. iba Pair WIS ka pa- If rarwraad pad a> .nanmown# at Mia ???? TMOMan p 1*1. Manapiap |i rwifi PI P'~ndway IC liyafait kt bad >i Ida ba .at Tva.t >B?a. Maaan twtMan M-dat ? T M ? AOlMa apaw T1"''**** TW.RP.7 r r: n 1 Maaarrad aawta'w ??? ?'.' ?w T ?a?-an, ' - nwu A ?aawattna. w ? a i?? Tiir ? n r TU APT OPPI P.T Rlra IU III kl"IHPif OR ?4 P *? ? A li d A I PUROPINTM. a Mill r MANfP ?I?P P' I.I. T (MTATR PIANO '?I. na ... laanrwaaanawm Pfdandip nan nap T ?. ,... I iaan'n.w f-n ia 'r j O. ivwi Aaa aaawral aaw Ptan-rforsoa >ary law ? p.-artp aaaaaa ipp.aiia > a|?< laatt .ia \T RRDIM Rf! rili?i rll?oni?f?.| WARRANT al iiift'i uw aid aaraAWiy aaw nqaai I aaaa I ny trai -uaa m>l ari rt.a. far >?aP 1 PI 'HI r II A ?? 'r ar.aai nana I . LAOT MATIb'i P' MTMPR f'pM ItPR RMdP .'1 nr.I Pmnaf nw wu aati fa* namrly MflMlMba. a Raw !??/ .aaaat. ' www a Paaa. NMI UMPiI . m?|wa r.a,, n B TPirp Mrawi A Ma (Ml PI' PbT 7 'd T A TR RfMSVOnp f| A *0 li'wsKn-s* aaftamcra <?aa ParVw a?wa I laparaa *-| "kmaa PMaPM Watm "?NO' and lo? u fir. lira, t Plan. Olapat ROaar Wa.a, a an.''W Raw ? itaamp piraoA. aana PamP a?naaa |,T|RaT rl.A0P PIANO* TO IT HH r- a a.l.P i n r.-Ts-?ix5s.r maaa* af T *.p Prat at.aat Vrf WPUI ROPRWOOO rt PR'IN ANT PUbORORTR POR ?pui AT A RAPnafN TIP I ? P* f ara and p tall ?tar. PtfPwnt aanp pad an r-d aadaw r nil at IM >ra?n4 a.ram - H SRTRR PI A nrrPriRTpa | piKHHOI ARM TWfrM. ?.Rbif InopRt m tba lOmm naawaap ?radw?. luilll I. ' awNfOwn nmpTmdn, wm- Pmnaa ?? aa* a? WM *?R M f.rpit A? MP i.mnd ataaw. I-PRIOMT PI AN.* Ll MARTIPt A Ot TPIRP ?a? 'w w. M Pa 4 kt tot pi root ruaaa to '?aa