Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1866 Page 2
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arriiATions waiytbd?rEMALKN. A^m ui>r. well oualikiku in every uwscr t* Mup??niit?iid ? lirat oU?* Uout*o, wUlies * poftjtioii m la ? widower'* ffttnilv. wouM uk#-^kftrgo of ?aid UiftUuut youiif cUUdreu. The biw* ^ **7?" nud rtautrML Aildroaft for throe dftjrfte appoliHig an inter new. Beairioe Norwood, aUtiou F. _ 4 YOUNG LADY OK KXKKaiKNOSWllWeS A SIT A ualiou to attend a atory, la aaie*3stort MlfcttiaiYSiM nuiok at da urea, ran giro the beet 'V' Addraa* Miss K. tiauboru. 10/ store, 2Si tnjyalle at. N. *., for three days. _________ a DRESSMAKER WANTS ff^RSSFS A In the week In prlrale lata'hoe- laquire at IN tut ar. a I ADY WHO HAS NO CHILDREN OK HER OWN. A would take car, of a cnUd .t hrr r^.lonre^eh.r, it would h??e a mo thar*e flare. Apply at 191 Weat akk A A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. aa waitress iu a private family; beat or city reterence. Can be aaea for two da/a at 144 Last Slat at. between 3d and ft YOUNO WIDOW or EDUCATION AND REPINE A m<?,( would like a position aa houaekaeper. Address MB, itatlon K- _ AoRBMan woman wishes to take in wash 1114 or to 40 out washing. Inquire at dtt Watt 43d at., between 8th and 3th ara. third flour, hack room. A KKSPHCTAHLB PROTESTANT GERMAN OIRL A wishes a situation aa 000k or chambermaid; can give reoommendatioua Appl/ at 434 7ll? nr., In the baker/, on Wednesday and Krlday SITUATION WANTBDtRYA RESPECTABLE CURL. as ' ' 1 ' """ 1 be 3d ara. A8ITUATIOM WANTED-BY A COMPETENT PB*. sou, at chambermaid and fine washer, or would do fine washing aad plain sewing; beet of city reference. Call at or addreea for two daya 847 nth ar., betweeu 21at and 23d atn, la the faawy store. A GERMAN GIRL WIHHBS A SITUATION IN A FAM Uv to do housework. Inquire si M. Schneider's milk de pot, gist St.. near 2d ar. ARB8PMOTABLB YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITU atiao ta do chantberwnrk and waiting; good cllr twfer eooo. Call far twodaya at 8! West 3?lh at., ttrst door. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AM ohaakbermaid and waitress, or to do chamberwork and Sue washing and ironing; best uity refsrenoo; na objections to the country. Apply for two days at 185 Bast 3&th St., and 3d ar. ___________________ A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WANTN A 81TUA tloo as Arsl class waitress. Can be aeon at ber present employer's. 477 Hth ar. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIB8T CLANS Uuiidreaa, understands Hilling; best of rnferenoes. Call for two days st ber present employer's. 477 6th ar. 1 RKBPBCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN IS IN WANT _'\ of a aituallon aa aearaatresa; can cut and At ladies' ?tresses and do all kinds of lamily aewing. Call at No. 9 tith ?1 . near the Bowery. ARKSl'BCTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKB washing In ber own bouae; understands fluting; best <>r oky reference gireu. Call at 147 Eaat 33d at., top floor. A COLORED OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION AS chambermaid, seamstress or plain cook. Call at 493 Hr.iome st., second floor. A YOUNG OIRL W1SHE8 A SITUATION TO TAKB care or chtldien and do up stairs work. Call at 318 West Will st. A SITUATION WANTBI)?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. as cook, washer aud Ironer; haa no objection to B to a boarding bouse, or make herself generally use. ul; st of city reference. Call at 78 Laurens St., between Hous ton and Bleeeker. ttrst floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, who thoroughly understands her business in all Its branebas; also honing end Inrdiug; no objection to a hotel or club house; has got the beet 01 city reference. Can be seen for two daya at W lienry at. A WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS HOU3E keeper, or to attend upon an Invalid; no obieeiion to go in the couutry; heal of reference given. Address 111 West 30th at. An amkrioan lady WISHES to OBTAIN a SITU atlon for a young Lngliah girl who has been In ber ser vice already In Buro|?i. die la an eicellent cliamberuiuid, and ran be well recninmrmicd. Call at Witt Eaat 34th sL, be tween 1st aud 3d ara. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do ? humberwoVk; no objacttou to take care of children and make herself generally useful; good olty reference. Can be seen for two daya at 275 9th uv , second floor, back room. A YOUNG MARIULD WOMAN, WITH A FRESH breast of milk, warts a situation as wet nurse. Csil for two daya at 281 ltiiitaon sr., near Myrtle av., Brooklyn. A "YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN DEblRKS A HOMB la aoato good qnlrf. plain family, for which she will maka herself generally naefttl; country preferred. Gallon or address A. I>. A.. 78 East 19th St.. near Irving place. A GOOD MEAT AND PASTRY COOK DESIR88 A /V. situation; would do some washing; would go to the country. EtoeUeul reTem-noe. Can be seen lor two days at 114 East Houston St., neai 3d sr., lit tbe basement. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RLSPKCTABLK Protestant girl, to hike c ire of children and sew, or aa chambermaid and sesinCr-ka. Good city reference. Call lor two daya at 324 Wret ldth si. A situation wanted?by a respectable wo man, aa 000k. wsslier aud ironer; la a good maker of hiead and hlsouil; lias nuwbiecliOo to the couutry. Beatof olty references from ber Isat ( lace. Call at 337 Weat 23th at., between 8th ami 9th ava., ,01 two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young womau. us good plain 000k, waaher and ironer; can do general bouwitvork ??isid citv references. Call for two daya at 151 Weal 43d sc. first bouae from 10th av. A TIDY YOUNG (11 HI. WANTS A SITUATION AS rook, waaher and ironer; understands cooking and baking In all lie braorhea w iling and obliging. Can bo well recommended from burin,1 pi ice. Call for two daya at 381 Eaat Mth at., batwren l?l av. and av. A, In the store. AWBT NURSE. LATELY LANDED, WISHES A SIT nation: with a fresh breast of milk, loat her first baby five weeks old; or would take a baby at bar own realdeuoe. Pali at 185 West 81st at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN OIRL WISHES a situation ia a small American private family. In quire la the grocery, 134 Lli/abeib st. AN EKPBRIBNCKD COOK WANTS A SITUATION: has no objaei 011 to assist at washing; ean runic well recommended. Cad (or iw? daya at 184 Weat3tllh si., be tweoe 7th and8th av, , flisi floor, front A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION AS nurae; has acted in ilial capacity tor the past siiteen yean; u fully osmpettihi to lake Hie sutirs charge ot an in feat froattIts btrtb. can do ,11 kinoa of family aewing. and has unexceptionable city reference. Can be seen at 33o Esat Slat at, between 1st and 3d ava. ABBBPBOTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN WANTS TO take la a private family's washing or to work aut by the day. Gall af 153 Ea-t 24th at., between 3d and Laxing A FIRST CLASS COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A private family. wudersiauda soups, meat, pastry and sank and all kind, ol nocking iu the brat manner; would assist with the housekeeping or washing of a amall family; beat city referoooa. Can be area at 139 West 33d at, second floor. ARKSPKOTAHLK J'EltMIM WISHES A SITUATION aa nurae, who has ne rd in that capmdty for tbe last airteen years, ami is Hilly ? oinpetent to take tbe entire ?-barge of an lulatii < ruin ? bu.h, and fan glee unracep tumable city reloren. r*. Inquiie at 158 83 av., between likh aad 17th ata.. for two days RB8PB0TAHI.K Yol'NM rilRL WISHES A8IIUA Uon aa 00 k, vraahrn and Ironer; can be well recom tnandod ffom ber hut plane. Call at 116 West l&tb at., front basement A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testanl woman, 11- Ural rate rook; understands cooking In all its branches and ia a K" '<1 baker of bread and blaruU; would assist In washing 11 required. Can be seen for ItVo daya In tbn rear.01 237 Wsat l&lh St., betweeu 7th and 8th aminos * Am situation wanted?hy an iionkht. indus trloua girl; willing 10 make herself generally useful; Call al 219 \\ eat 26th at.,betweeu "III slid Hth ava , for two days. A^m SITUATION WANTED-BY a kespectablf. young woman, a* ro ik. understand* all kinds of i ng lish and American c-1 .kin; b*St of city rafrr.-uce. Call at IU West 13th st., In the iear. AMITUATUIN \v\Nl :>- UY A PIUiTESTANT WO man. a* first das* laundress; does KiVuich Amine baa Bred in the beat 01 pr.vate fimlliea. Can be seen for two days at IU2 W e-i 2,lb .1 , between fitb and 7th org. RB8PRCTAB1.B GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO general housework In a private family. Can give three yearn' refereuoe from ber laat phur. Call at 216 \le,t :Mih at for two days WOMAN WISIIKS A SITUATION AS TROPES, atonal 000k. understands r.ugush. 1 rem h and German ? outing In all ill branches, and ia an e,rs;irai bread and tHseolt baker. The rery host of ouy rairrence given if re qtiirmi Cell at 15 Raal llth at A SITUATION WANTF.D-BT A OBRM VN TOUNO J\ woman, aa flrat olaaa cook; underaunds ail braucbea of cooking, besides baking and pastry. City reference Call at 411 M sr., near 34th St., In tha butler store. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girt, sa cook, waaher and ironer, haegcod city reference frim ber laet ptnne. Call at 161 ben At st., front house. A situation wantkd-bt a RBsrErrani.R young girl, in do general iMWnrt tn a liMpartable family Una be Men far two daya at UM bib between let end M nee AOOMPBTBRT YmtRO WOMAN WtSIIBS A SITl'A uoii to <tn rhamnnrwork nod welting, no objection tn ? prlcnte boarding houee. nuy reference*. Onll nt 411 Jd ?? , n??r Mill el , eeoond Boor. A PIRRT I'LASA I.Al'NDKKH.-i WIKHBS A RlTl'ATION; jiV can gi*? beet of reforrncea. iinderetnnde Noting belli '7 bond end machine work. Coll nt *M Jtlh at, beteero 1Mb ill end 11 lit are AMAItRlEii WOMAN tllHU TOTAKB A BABY TO nurae a' ,ar own kouM ("ell for Ian daya nt 18- Kaat 47lk at, ibhd fln c, berg room. A SITUATION WANTBD-AS wkt nursb. bv a ?emUiy rung women, who hea loel her owe he be, would[tin to lake one to Iwr own houee or would go out. Hell el HI Kaai flfld at, third floor, bark room. CWTpO WANTED- ItY A LADY, WHO WRITRR A plain, hold buamtaa beni Call on or addreaa Copy, It Lflroy HOtTBEKBRrER -A Mll)I>I,R AOBD P50I.ISH ia"L'2rWi.? 7 . ,* [** f euualion wilh a private family. would not obja. I in tah. rhnrge of a rnm.iei Iwaa Ad draaa fleuaekeep^r, boa ? mo faat nfltoe SITUATION WASTBD-It A FIRST Aj|| COOK. Q who la a good bnher aa.l can maha r,nd deeaerla will iV&Ah^w^aiwit&M.r8f*r,*c* ?"?" 'all for two day# QITgAYIOI* WANTBO?TO DO i'H AMgP.Hiv oRS AND tJ aawtng If a good family, by a barriWorking, nonoat awl rial; ab.wiu trfio ptaeee blghaet refaroneat T^raaTy V bat 11# nerwideSoaTfor two day* "TOATIOW WANTED-BY A RRhPRiTARCB wo". 2 men.aeeoohertoaoatwat^iwiwriiim waabmg, atwrew tmr* <Mf iwfac?oo Call at HbNm ?th at SITUATIONS WANTED? KKMALBS. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO O vomM, to tike cin ol ohtldieu ?uJ Jo pUia apwtng; haalwuvea. s'reference from bar last plMaMOTBjH|jpMl iSiiuu frKw> Wd S OlTUATIOS WANTBD-WT A BBSPKCTAIILS kT man Premetaal ?jokh, (? do general hoaaewi ?Mil prtweMAueUy. Call at <17 Broome at, la the rant C*STUATM>N WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, O to rook, was* aid Iron In a small private family; city references oaa be firm. Can be seen at Ml Slat at, between lat and 3d av , aeoond Boor, front room. Situations wa?tbd-bt two respectable young woman; oua aa e tool lent cook, weaker and troner; the other a? chain bdneald and waltreaa; the beat of city re ferencea ean be given. Cell at MB Weat 27th at, room 10. Shtuation wastei>?as chambermaid and ? waltreaa, or to tateoare of children; can glee unexcep tionable reference IrMa bar last place where she has lived orar three year. Oal at Ne, 4 Carroll park, between Smith and Ootirt ats. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ girl that ean do aaneral aooklng; also plain washer and for two days, at No. 168 SHTUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAR. IBs fiSjJLL'gtt M Has afresh breast of milk "d lost her baby. GUI till lulled at 910 West fflth at. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE MAR p rled woman, with a fresh breast of milk, and who has ? % wel nurae. u wiring to assist at the I be well recommended. Call at 930 East > floor. Situation wantbd-by a oirl, as plain cooe, ^ waahy^mtd tooaar; clt/ refereaoe. Call at 144 West QITUSflOM WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TO HMO O wilt delight hpuMMrkor mled a baby. In a small private Teagl'y, the beat reference given. Call far two days at 911 Duaae st. QITUATIOEWANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, O W do plain sawing, take ears of children, chamberworfc and waiting; oau also de French fluting; beat of city refe rences from last place- Call for two days at M Wast 40th st ' SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, as wet nurse. Can be seen et 90 Allen sL, second floor, frobt. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A TOUNO OIRL, WITH O good reference, aa waiter, chambermaid or uuraa. In quire st 71 Perry street. ^ WANTED?A SITUATION "AS HOUSEKEEPER. BT A young lady of eduoation, la a prlrate family; can fur nish the best of reference. Address Orauieroy. Herald ofllce. WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. THE washing and Ironing of s few famtlUea. or would go out by the day; can give good city references. Call on Mrs. Miller, corner of 4th sr. and Douglas at., Brooklyn. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8XTUA tlon ss cook, under* tsuda cooking lu all Its branches; Is an excellent baker, and will assist In washing nnd Ironing If required. Apply at the residence of her late employer, 75 7th at.. N. T. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE WO man to cook, waah and iron In n private family; three years' reference I roui her last Mutation. Call for two days at 114 Weat 31st at. * WANTED-BY A TOUNO LADV. A SITUATION TO learn ladle*' bairdreasing. Address C. M., Herald office. __________________ WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT MARRIED WOMAN, with a fresh breast of milk, a baby to wet nurse, at her own residence; best of city reference can be given. Can be aeen for two days at X?l Went Jbth at., between 8th and nth are. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8ITUA tion to do general housework, or aa chambermaid and waitress. Oau be aeen for three daya at 180 Prospect at, aecood floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS cook, who thoroughly understands her business in all tta branches, best city reference oau be given. Call at 8/ West U?th st WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS nurse and chambermaid; satlsfsctory reference given. Can bu aeen for two daya If not engaged at 294 8th av. WANTBD-BY AN KNQL1SH PROTESTANT WON AN, a situation aa cook; understand* her business iu all Ha branches; besHOitjr references oau b* given. Oaa be aeen for two days at 998 Mb av.. between 94tTi and SMh eta. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE-YOUNO OIRL. A attua lloa at plaia cook and la ndaist In washing and Ironing; best city caferaace; no ufcjecttou to assist fit up stairs work or take care ol children. Can be aeen at 138 Weat 27th at. ? WANTED-A SITUATION AN WET KURSK, BT A healthy youag woman; beat references. Call at 96 Dean st.. Brnokli'n. New Yark preferred. W WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, as wet nurse; her own baby is four woeka old. Apply at 49 Th ompsoo aw, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WAITRESS. OR WOULD de chamber* ork and waiting, or chamberwork with the waahing and Ironing; no objection to go to the country; hat good city references. Call at 184 West 25th st. WANT ID?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE girl, aa good plain cook; la an exoellent washer and ironer; In a snull private family; ean give Ave yaara' refer ence from her laat place Call at 163 East 34th sr TAT ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE VV young woman, aa cook, waahor and Ironer. or would do the housework or a small private familr; can glre good city reference. Call at 208 Weal 82d at., second floor. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa rook, waaheifand Ironer, or to do general houaewm-k la a small prlrate family; good oity refer ence from last place Oau be aeen at 77 Weat 28th at. WANTED?A SITUATION, NT A YOUNG WOMAN. 10 do houeework; ?? an excellent washer and Ironer and plain coek; melers to be the only servant: ts willing and obliging, will not ?ro to (bo country. Call at 81 Weal Washington place, top floor, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED cook; has no objnetiou to assist with the washing and Ironing; good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 111 4th at WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as general house worker: willing to make herself useful; lately landed from the Old Country. Would hare no objection to the country. Call for two days at 187 Baat 38( h at WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNO OIRL. AS chambermaid and to assist as washer and Ironer: or would da general housework In s small family; good oity re. foresee. Call at DM West 46th at., between 8th and 9th ava.. Brat floor. w ANTBD-BY A COMPETENT PEBSON, A SITL'A ttoo as seamstress and chambermaid, or would take charge of an Invalid lady, or young grcwu ladies; has no ob jectton to the country; has the best of reference from her last place Can be sees by calling at 149 Wast 4th St., third floor front room YT7ANTRP?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO TV man with a child, where ahe can hare a home; can s'ked; good reference. Call for two days at Ut Column at, between Carroll and President ate., South Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A COMPETENT COOK, who understands the busineas thoroughly , wilt assist with washing and ironing, no objection to city or country, good reference. Can 'ia scan for two days at 89 West 19th at between tith and 7th ava. YirANTED-A SITUATION AS COO*. BY A SCOTCH TT woman, who understands her business In all Its branches, no objection to a tlrat rate boarding house or a hotel; good reference Can be seen at 89 West 19th at., be tween nth and 7th ays. TITANTED?A SITUATION TO HEW IN A FAMILY TV (dressmaking And plain sowing!, or would Uke to go In a millinery store, understands the business well; no ob jection to Brooklyn Address Sarah, station P. TVrANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE M young woman, to do general housework; luts the best clly reference from Iter Inst place. Call at 11X1 West 97th St., first floor, room No t. "llf ANTED?BY TWO RESPECTA HUE OIRI.B, HITUA VV linns; one us cook and fine as chambermaid or waitress. Call at 348 East S2d st , near 1st av., third floor, back room. \ITANTKU-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, TV a situation ?s seamstress and chambermaid and In assist to mind children, lias ihe best city relereuoe troiiilaal place Inquire at Ifit West 38th st. \v 7ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT WO man. as first class cook; thoroughly undeisuands cook ing In all Its branches, is a good baker, an I can mats all ?* ?* ? We ' "* kinds of desserts; good reference. Call at 109 West 19th st. WANTED?BY A THOROUGH CHAMBERMAID. WITH excellent city reference, a situation In the city or conn try; does all Query la excellent style; wagex fit). Call at I9J I .sat 81st st. WANTED ?A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do chsmberwork and wslting or assist with washing and ironing, has good reference. Call at 198 Hold sU, Brook lyn 1X1 ANTED?BY A TIDY GIRL OP 18. A SITUATION AS TV children a maid, sews neally. will act as chambermaid slid Walton a lady who hoards, quirk at the needle, wagee $8. Call at or addreaa 191 Kaai list at. TXT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN. VV washing at her own residence, 4X1 East 19th at , at 81 perdoxen. ran da up splendid The beat of city refer ence. Inquire on the flrst floor of the rear building VTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPEi'TABI TV Tomig woman as conk; willing to assist In wsshlu and ironing, best elty references Can he seen fbr twe day K.a I s. I. .. at 339 East ISih si. \\f ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A MTUA TT lion as nurse and seamstress; capable ef taking charge of so Intent from Its birth; has experience with Wheeler A Wilson's machine, an objection logos short dA tanca In the country, best city rsfersnce. Call at 344 Feast Idth al, for two days Uf ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, A Vdb7 V! **' nurse, at her own residence. 337 Eael 19th at. Mrs. Heffersn Can be seen for two day*. \17ANT1D-BYA OOMPFTENT LAUNDRESS PAMI VV Ilea' er gentlemen's washing; French fluting neatly done; shirts done up In Ibe best manner. Or would go out MUUVi seas w??ew ?? y - is *?sy -vw? ? ?iniiiltll ? VI WViilti (O ( to do day*' work, fall si lei East atk st , near let ay. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TU dr. genera! hortework. In a small private family. Can give good city reference. Call at 171 Wnet J?th st, for two days. WANTRD-BT A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AR chambermaid end laundress, or would do tha house work or a small private family. Oood rtty reference. I all at 188 West 43d st. UTANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WtiMAN. VV a sltuaUea at wet nurse. In a private family, haa nursing taough for two shlldrea; her nursing Is only Are months old. haa no ob lection to go la the country Caa he seen for two days at 1.1(1 Broadway, oornar )7th si. w ANTED?A Jl'CATION. BY A WERPECTABLB Ming girt as chambermaid and latlndreaa; would on)ecflcns to mind children; east of city reftrauM. men fer t wo days altU west ttd eu have ee Cm be seed fer twe days irrVATIOfll WUTKIt-rVIIALBI. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIKL, AWITUA lion an eook. wnnhsr and ironer. Hu good reference trmm her lag*plaoe. OnU for owe dajpy 861 West 46th B.P WAWTKIjl-??MAL.1 -YOUNO LADIES, WITH SSXL"*""*** acUn PONBONBY'8, 78 Neeeen ?t., offloe Me. 4. TJONNET PBAJIBS.-WANTED IMMEDIATE I.Y, lot -U hands to wire hate and bounet frames. Apply Friday morning, U M. 44 Lort A Brother. 489 anwdnf f * A\TANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY, A GERMAN 01 HI,. II or one who lived with Germans before, as cook, washer and Ironer. good wage* given. Inquire at 14 East Mth at., near 6>h ar,; good reference required. UU"ANTED?A GOOD OIRL AS COOK. WASHER AMD Tf ironer; referauoe required. Apply at U WUloughby ?t., Brooklyn. WAMTRD-A OIRL. WITH REFERENCES, FOR QEN H oral bou<ework, must be a aood washer and ironer; wages 69 Call at Ikr. C. Muller ?, 66 West Houston St., cor ner of Wo " TAT AMTKD?TWO NRAT, TIDY OIRLS. WITH OOOD II referouoe; one to do general housework; mast bo a good washer and Ironer: the other as nurse and to assist is othsr work: one used to the care of ohUdren preferred. CaU at 147 East 89th sA ANTED?A WBT NURSE. WITH A FRBBH BRBAST. Call at 67 Pitt at w YET ANTED?A COMPETENT FRENCH NUR8R, ONB I YT who oan come wall recommended. CaU at Mo. IS West 84th at, bets een 10 and IS n i In 11 ^? ^BaNTEdTZTcOMPBTENT YOUfiQ WOMA^BDn w ^??lrons of obtaining n si (nation as lady's maid aad ^?Mpeas, or aanuieaaad aeamatrnas; has the very beat referencesf'?e? Bar last employer. Can bo soon for ana week at IW 7th?v.. agar Mb aL, aeooad door, back nr ANTED?A OOOD. OBLIGING OIRL DXfWRKU A ft eitualloa la a private family to do general housework; saa bring goed refernnoe. Apply at DOSsd ar., between ad aad 33d ate., pear house, drst door. WANTED?A OOOD PLAIN COOK, WASHBR AND Ironer; else e chambermaid aad waitress. Inquire at 81 Wast 88th st. ^ WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN A8 NURSB ; city referenoas required. Apply at 88 Beat 99th St., between ? and If o'clock. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS; one who oan sew. City reference required. Apply st 76 East 88th St., between 9 and 11 o'clock. SITUATIONS WANTBSD?MAL.BS. A SOBER, 8TEADY, TRUSTWORTHY"YOUNO MAN, of good business habits, desires a situation in a store; arlsry no object at drst: has drat class rcferenos. CaU on or address Employment, 19 Leroy street. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNO MAN. TO AT C> lend bar or to work In a store. Addreee N. B., Herald odlco. No objection to the country. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE inau (German) to take care of n elekor invalid gentle man; has some years' experience; the best of reference given. Address Jr. K? Herald office. WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS his business, s situation as barteuder; good recom mendations. Address J. S., bartender, box 90T Herald office. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS. A COACHMAN WANTS A SITUATION; THOROUGHLY understands his business and has the beat of city ref erence for sobriety and capability. Address B. 8? box 210 Herald office. An englishman wants a situation as coach man or gardener; Is a drst class groom: will give city reference. Address R. M. Jervis, box 168 Herald office. C1OA0HM AN.?SITUATION WANTED BY A MARRIED ) man who thoroughly understands his business; is wil ling and obliging; best of references. Mr. Kearney's man, 23 and 26 Knat 12tn St. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE COL-. ored man, as coachman, or to take earn of horses, or to do waiting. In city or country. Csn be seen for two days nt 817 3d ar., rear. 8AULSBURY BAYNARD. CLERKS AND SALESMBH. An industrious, competent clkrk wantbd Immediately, in a quiet office business; must take (8UI) Interest; salary 880 per week. Apply at 114 2d av? room No. 8. No bronora. A SMART YOUNG MAN WANTED?AS CLERK AMD aaloaaan for sewing machines; must be a plain and rapid wrtlor. Address, stating salary expected. Ac., J. W. D., box A706 Poet offioe. _ ^ Hosiery, Yankee notions and whiteTToods? An Old established house, uewly organized on a more extensive scale, will make liberal arrangements with two ac tive salesmen who csu positively control a Urge trade of their own; none others need answer. Address box 4,442 Post office. anted-a First class salesman, by a linen importing nousa. Address B., box 1.389 Post office. w tVANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, A8 v v clerk or salesman in n lumber or timber yard, by one who understands the business. Address D. A., Brooklyn Post office. WANTED?A COMPETENT ACCOUNTANT TO WRITR up a set of books: work light and compensation mode rate. Apply to T. J. Morse A Co.. 113 Water st. dbrftft-wanted. a smart, active salesman tprJUVf. for s first class auction house, in Poughkeepsig, N. Y,. Salary 970 a month; must be sble to command the above amount. Address or call at 403 Main street. i'ough keepaie, for two days. HIS LP WiUrVKD-NALBH. Agents wanted, Fur the Gold MhUaI Sewing Machines, Id every elly and count/ lo the tin ton The io?st complicated two thread ma chine In the world. Address A. F. Johnson A Co., 334 Wash ington at, Boston, Maw. A OK NTS OP EXPERIENCE IN CANVASSING FOR A Hue works of art are wanted for New York, Boston and PliUadolphla. to obtain subscribers for the steel engraving of flicks' nrw picture of the Authors uf the United States. Liberal Inducements for first rate men. Apply at room Ne. 6. No. 7 Beetman St., N. T. Agents wanted?to canvass with middle. ton's nil portraits of Washington, Lincoln. Orsnt, Ac , for which liberal oommisslous will be paid b/ D. DOUBLE DAY, IPS West 27th it. All desiring situations call this day at SI Chambers si.; bookkeepers, copyists, grocery, drug, dry goods clerks, porter, watchman, conauutort, brakesmen, coachmen, bartenders, waiters. A BOOKKEEPER STEAMBOAT CLERK AND COL lector wanted at US Nassau St., room No. Si Alto SLA. tnvMft wntio u mi it* awaaeau ??.. ivwut ow. m r*'w? brakemen. Merobants desiring help furnished gratis. All hare references. AT 385 BROADWAY, OPKICE 48, SITUATIONS PRO cured or no charger; 2 porters, collectors, steambost olerka, conductors. 10 men to go south, $76 per month and board. 4 LL DEBIRINO 8fTUATIONS IN HOTELS, STORKS, A olllces. warehouses, bookkeepers, copyist, portnrs. watchmeu, bartenders. onachmen. call on LYNN A CO., 81 Nassau street, office No. 9, this day. HO FOR DIXIE.?AGENTS WANTED SOUTH AND North. Besot II ul Works of Art. Commission or sals ry given. KELLOGG A STONE It, 29 Beekmsn .treat, N. Y, and 154 South Clark si reel. Chicago. Those wishing immediate employment should call early at the employment office 2H1 Broadway, room No. 8. Clei L for Clncago WASTED-CANVASSERS TO SKLL KKLIOIOI'S nnd national pictures. good wages and sU idy employ ment; good references reqnired. Apply at JU7 Hudson St., N. Y., or at 210 Atlantic st., Brooklyn WANTKD-AGENTS, $150 PER MONTH. EVE It T where, male and female. In tell the genuine Common ense K.iinily sewing Machine, the greatest Mtl a If on of the age. Price $1* Every machine warranted three years. Address Sneoinb A Co.. Cleveland, Ohio. XKTANTED?A FOREMAN IN A KYILROaD STABLE; YY none need npplv unless thoroughly competent. Ad dress A., box 1,497 Post ofllce. WANTED?A GOOD MAN COOK, OYSTKI'.MAN AND YY waiter. Apply si 835 Broadway, corner of Utlh St., In the basement. Wanted?a young mait ro make himsklk uaeful in a house furnishing store. Apply st 128 6th avenue. THE TRADER. A CIVIL AND RAILWAY RNGINEKR. LATELY AR rived from Kurope, who has graduated st the Potytech meal Institute at Carlartihe and can furnish the best of En. muesii and city references, desires to find an engagement. Address C. Ilsblch, eare of A. Dung, 81 Bowery. CNOMPOKITOllB WANTED-FOUR TWO-THIRD MEN J Apply st 111 Fulton st. PRINTER WANTKD-A YOUNG MAN WHO UNDER, stands making forms ready on Adams' ; reaa, reading proof and making up pnges. to supetintend a i >b office Ao box 118 Herald o~ WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FIRST CLASS WORK man, to set sa foreman in a sash, blind snd door shop; none but competent men need apply. Call on or address Npicer A Ross, ria.nflald, N. J. WHITE SHIRT CUTTERS WANTED <>NLY THOSE who can hi ing good reference need apply. Inquire at 194 Fulton street, np stairs V17 ANTED?AN EXPBRT CORKER IN A SODA WATER YY manufactory; must understand his busltisss thoroughly. M<ply to Lynch A Clarke. 164 East 46th st, retweea 3d sod FREBCI ADVBKTIIKMKIITB. U' NF. DRMOISELLK FBANCAIHB DESIRE SB PLA eer dans one Camilla pour Instrulre el prendre tola de grsada enfant*. Bile pent donner lee meilieores reeomrnan daUona. S'sdreeeer an 895 8ma av.. chaa Mme DteiUa. UNE FR4NCAISB DESIRE SB PLACER COMMR bonne d'eufants et coudre. R'adreeser su 116 M a? , between 1Mb end 17th a la.. In the fancy stare. DKMTIBTRT. <1 A DELIGHTFUL^ FBOfTBSS."?WINB tbbth bx A meted in enemnute, withonl Ihe lesel pale, through an improved method ef breathing pure gas, a* TAN v Licit, 176 Sixth seesoe /?NOLTON DBNTAL ASSOCIATION ORWIBATBD AND V make a spec,stly of thauseef Nitrons Oxide Gat, ?M administer It In the only way whlrh uniformly destroys pale. Ws hats given li to over H.W patieaU. 0?m to heedqesr tera on** 19 Cooper institute MARBLE MAWTELi. [ARBLB MANTBLS THB BWt PLACW IN THE at Eighteenth street, neer Third sr.. N. T. Chi this out. irty elsth POLITIC&L A T A HPBOIALMMBTIBQ Of TUB ^'^SSkdVellt ^ (l.e him tbelr Wty^ugjorj. wilUaM80*, Chairman. Wn. DiowioOi > BeeraUrtrt, * cau * Bk9r ra&*. i <w~ *^',TW,$I^3uTOinNg. Cb^n?A? K^Com^ a* kuobmk WABD. "7T"a MBSTIMO or TH* DBL^ATS^&h>n-Do TOOEBB - our candid*.. lor Bo"yi2a5t|?' HAtLKISS, Chairman. Wiluab H. Wuxu?. Boerelary. ? A'i^S-yfe]r5? the naonlnilioo ofa *""{?* Ruhard 0. Hunt, tho uaauimoualr ^tVnl^fTiili- be withirewn, bo former nominee far Bohool . and Ibnt ilUobord ^Hu^l ^?ln<bA? oooeent^o ptaoethoro to. ConroaUon. L J? WOMW. ?O0W?0^ Ik Ten. >or.?. W?

%&> 2K^"SW5?? Borombor rletorr fla?l tnd complete. 8m,|WAMi Frlox. Horember 90. ^ rM^ttlb Wort Hotol RS.JSS-. .yJK'lvgSs; -rr ...fri?,v"s^~. m. ? Sftturf /i Obrtitoptier and Hudson streets. IflAW. Miohiel ConnoUj. K^ward'j^MoutaauCi i*eni? al? i.hit Captain Joseph Mitchell. Nattpnwbtt. Jobn ^ Thompson. AmpnUQc K. botteuo^^n WARp BPIAKKRH. Michael Connolly. Daniel M. O'Brien. Edwt'd J. .J John A Thompson, Z*?hn S Philip J Mo^ulre. Nalh.uNeabU. TWKLVTHWABl^ HhU.Tb.rd Baturtax. Mlohfl ConnoUx. j?jjj J' Dijft"' &WcaW MxWomwuJST' -? U^^,r,'.CRTBEMT^7XSb^ B(wm. _ _k? ? 7 u i* M ? IJ nlon Asesmtny noouw. BalunUX. ?^,r8?|rkud4.nd Elizabeth etreoU. .raaaaua M Mlphvl OonnoUjf^ M. O'Briio. Ueoer.l C.iU. Haipiur, Jolin J Duffy, l-hillp ' MoUulrr. Patrick J. Mollear. Capum Wm. 11. "^"fsENTD WABD. flfKAKIU. Michael ???o?ny, captain Wo. a"'Hogon, Oeneml C. O. Haipin ? i.mae Qlbbona. John A. Thonipeon. Kotlion Nnetut Uaptulu Joeepb Mt^^.}:..rpuTu w AKD. v^^ -U l- M Wew York A.a.rablx Room*. Prld*J onrtTwentyeooondstreet. ?roAO*"? ? . .. _ Michael OonnollX. Johu J. Duff/. P.J. MoAlear. AnhrevC Wilson. KaXi,ib^"'u^7kFTRKN J?lia^rAKD. ? ermooouo. . Michael (poonoljr. Cii UoMobo. Bwar* " 11^m^WKNTY.?^?A*?heMl ^ ,f S?tn"U^ S^I^ue^.nAh.Ay-ihud mroot. 8FVAJLBIIM. Michael Connolly, ItaSol M. O'Brien, ^B^rder*ofib.mooretlc jJ^^.(^u8^vMll!r'^k'rin?n. PiTtiM Rioubt, > riaercunea. Jamka Coma*. ) Democratic citizens' nomination FIFTH ALDKP.MANIC DISTRICT. rOK ALKiitms. SAMUEL J. MONTGOMERY 1). 8. PAIOR, Chairman. Howard Oh.ok, Secretary. ICKDEKAL union nomination. F For Comptroller. < HARI.ES L. FLEMING, Taxpayers' and People's Nou partisan Candidate Fbdekai. union executive committee-thib bods will meet every rT?nln( until after (be eleetlon at the headquarters, room 19 Clinton liall. Eighth street. By order ol KUOENB P. BRUNDAUB, Chairman A train Snaa, I qurreliriea a.ixus Lroaa. I secretaries POR COUNCII.MEN?EIOHTH SENATORIAL DI9 f trict?Twelfth. Nineteenth and Twenty-second wards ? JOHN D CRIMMIN8, JAMKfl 0 OOPFBY. FOR COMMISSIONER OP COMMON S0B00L8, OP 1'hlrd School District, BENJAMIN B. MERRILL. CT RAND MASS MP.STINO OP THR PROPLB OP NEW X York in favor of RICHARD B. OONNOLLY Por Comptroller, will be held at COOPER INSTITUTE, SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 1. At 71s o'clock The following eminent apeakers will positively address the meeting ? HON. JOHN T. HOFPMAN, HON. JAMES T. BRADY* O. OT1KNDORPKR. ESQ., HON A. OAKKY MALL. HO.V ALBERT CARDOSO, HON. JOHN K. HACKMTT. Rally I Citizens 1 for our honest, energetic and competent candidate. Ry order of the Executive Committee. UDOLPHO WOLFE, Chairman G*oao* W. MnLcas, Secretary I HEREBY DENY THE ASSERTIONS MADE BY ED. ward Degnau. at a meeting of the Ward Committee, held on Wednesday evening. Nor. 28, concerning the candi dates at the Cnaiter election, as I bare had no oonrersation with bim oonceruing any of the candidates, and will back my words at any amount whatever WERNER BKNN1NO, 2*1 Seventh avenue. New Yon*. Nov. ?. ISM. JOHNSON A DOBSON WILL SBLt. POOLS ON THR ComptgoUerahtp. at Imfayette Hall, Broadway, on Fri day. Saturday end Monday evenings XTATIONAL UNION DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION OP 1.1 the Elctcnlh ward nrtll hold a meeting On Friday, the 30th of November, at 307 Raul Twelfth street. By order of J.(UN J. BOLAND, President. Aktuont Joan AS, Secretary R EUULAi: UNION REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS KH.HTII COUNCILMAN!!' DISTRICT. 12th 19th and SM Wards STEPHEN ROBERTS. ANDREW SPENCK, GEORGE W CltKGIKR. IIKNHY C. PKKI.BV, DR. FRANCIS A. THOMAS Regular union nomination for COMP TROLLER- RICHARD KELLY ANTIIONY J BLc.KCKER, Uhirmaeu Tno*. E. Smith. i A Jacaaoa Pi.una, 1 SeereLtric. ^ SHOMEKINDYKK * ARMSTRONG WILL SEI.I. POOLS at Mltehail'a. oornar of Bro.tdway and Houston alreet. on lite elnetlon lor Comptrollar. on Friday, Saturday and Monday erenlnga. The citizens of the eighth ward, IRRKSPRC. lira of party, mot at 1W Spring street, Thursday even lug, and nominated for school Trustee, DAVID WALKER. WILLIAM Tl'CKEK. Prealuent. Walts* W. Anana. > CiisiaToeiixM NION REPUBLICAN NOMINATION POR COMPTROLLER, RICHARD KELLY. W*. PsturaontK ) ( Has s. SPENCER Jam M. McCastan. J Secretaries. Chairman. Cast H stbomo. ) _ _ TH ALPKRMANIC DISTRICT.-AT A LARGE AND ) Influential meeting of the cltliena of thle district, held on Wednesday evening, November IS It was unanimously resolved that we hall with pleasure the nomination of our well known fellow citizen. Mr. Samuel J. Montgomery, for the office of Alderman, and we recommend him with confi dence to the voters of the district, and aak the help of all good cltnena In elect him. CIIAB. C. WILCOX, Chairman. Johw J. Bains*. SecrvtgJ. fTTH aldermanic district.-at a meeting or O the Warklugmen's Aaaoelatlon of the Eighth ward, held alios Vartrk "treet, nn Wednesday evening, Nov ?, ISAAC R( GtlN SDN was unanimously endorsed for Alderman of the Fifth Aldermanic dlaudet. and MICHAEL CONNOLLY for Comptrollar PATRICK fPCONNKK. President WM WAIJMi, Vioo President. Teronoaa P Erm.v. Secretary Micinai. Treasurer rn WARD DRMDCRATIC MICHAEL CONNOLLY Association.?A public meeting will he held at the Bo ll nW Hall. ? Hoot Broadway, on Ule (Friday) evening, Mth Inet.. at IK o'rlook. The mom Sera of the above orpaama tiona. the friend* and aupportetu of Judge Michael Connolly 5 (the wort ngmen'a fnond) for Comptroller, and all other alter Jove ant user alary: Michael (Iinna. Treasurer. Connoll; order. ? I dent. Captain yrHSha of the ward are regretfully EvMo4_nr Walter Joyce. PrMtdoakt Then, Beany, Ylee Pfeet ?ruin P Dohertv, Secretary; Michael Geary, Aeeiet. "1 QTH ALDRRMANIC DISTRICT. I a IT he < Inly Keg ator Domoeratte Nemlnaiteu for Alderman, 18 Only Kegalair Domeeratu Nenaiaat ,OHK *? mahtkebon.M TH WARD UNITKD DEMOCRATIC AND UNION 1 Renubliean Nomination fti School Trufa- JOHN N. HAYWARD. Maurice Daly. Chairman Domooraua Untoa OonrenUnn; Michael I'aealdy. Neeretan. Henry Beeny, Chairmaa Union Republican CoavdoHM; i. J Salmon. immwtary. 2od ward.-thr mbmbrrb or thb young ti Men's Aaaoetaunn an requoeted to attend a meet'ng. to he held alUr iWola'a. Weal Fifty third Street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, at ? o'Moek (his evening. .. Y. Pans. llaoretnry TMOB. BTAR, BMillll MiiiJDWMMr.. ~ ? Madam* babis, l? ?A>T^NOrpi . f?B?T, wiu sell out tor one weak. u?tw eeoh P*m, her tM perted stock of wtulor Bnwfta s EPROraniV ITEARSHin. TEAM TO QURKN8TOWN AND LIVEUFOOL -THE -- - - - Dmaktrl fi ? rafts on Re at THOMPaJ&HPB I ton STEAMBhJ fcJJ ML $90, $?? a.u^BO, < CELL AT Onpiinln tiimdalT.' from New^r?.?Dec. a WD. PENN, Captain BllUngn. from New York, Dec 1* ? - - ? -'u from Naw York. D"C. 31. TONDOM AND N^T YORK STEAMSH^UNeT rai CEL WN. PENN, Captain BllUnge. rrorn Naw lork, IMC II ATALANTA. faptaln PInkfiam, from Near York. Deo. BHLLONA, Captain Dlion. from Naw York, Jan. 10. The Brftlah Irfln ataamahlp ORLLA, 3,1100 tone, will leave nler No. 3 North river for London, direct, on Saturday, Dec. Freight wttl be taken, and through bUla of lading alreo. to Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam. Amaterdaa and Dunkirk. For paaaage apply-to CHAR. A. WHITNEY, 90 Broadway. For freight apply at M South atreet. * ROWLAND k A9PINWALL. Agente. TU HE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S Iron mail ataamahlp TEUTOWIA, P. H. Haaok. commander, carrying the United flu tee mall, will aall on Saturday, December 1, at 12 M., for HAMBURG, taking paaeengera for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London. Klret cabin, $100; aacond oabtu, $02 SO. alee rage, $07 so, payable la gold or Ha equivalent. The OERMAMl A will follow December 0. KUNHARDT A CO., C. E RICHARD A BOAS. General Agente. General Paaaage Agentt. 00 Exchange plane. N. T. Mo. 0 Barclay atreet N. Y QNLT DIRECT LIKE TO PRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT RBK8T. The aplendld bow veaarla on thla favertte route for the Continent will aall from pier No. 10 North rtvrr, aa fotloara: ? YILLB DB FARM, Seraaont Saturday. Deoatobar 1 EUROPE. LrmarM. flaturSar, Deeember 10 ST. LAURENT. Boeaadi Saturday, December S? PERSIES, Duoheana Saturday January IS PRICES OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. ?" Paaaongera Intending te land at Brest can be tarnished oa beard with railroad coupon ticket*, nod their baggage cheeked e Paris, at an additional charm of $6 for le Paris, at an additional charm of $6 for flijg and $0 for secondoUaa. GEO. RtcKENHK, Agent, 58 Broadway. STEAMER VILLE DB PARIS. FOR BREST AND Havre, will Inave pier No. 00 North liver, feot of Morton street, oa Saturday. Dec. I. at IS o'clock. Paaaengera are requested to be on board at about 11 o'clock. The north grrman Lloyd's stramhhip BREMEN. H. A. F. Neyuaber, master, rarrylag the United Statesman, will aall from the Bremen pier, foot of Third street, Hoboken. on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, ran BREMEN. Tf A SOUTHAMPTON, TAKING PA8SFNOERS TO LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, nt the following ratee, payable in gold or It* equivalent la currenry ? For the A ret cabin, $100; aeoond cabin, $6100; steerage, $37 SO. To be followed by the ateamshlp AMERICA, J. C. Meyer, master, on Deoember IS. For freight or paaaage apply to OBLRICHS A CO.. 08 Broad street. QTEAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN The Inraan Line, aalitiffi aemt-weekly, carrying the United Slate* mall*. _ OlTT OF WASHINGTON Saturday, December 1 OITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday. Decembers CIT OF CORK Wednesday. December 19 OITY OF PARIS Haturday, December 15 OITY OF NEW YORK Saturday. December 21 and eaoh succeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at noon, from pier U North river. RATER Or PARRAOE, By the mail ateamer tailing every Saturday, FIRST CABIN $90 | 8TEERAOE $M _ |o lendao 96 1 to Ijoadon M to Parle 106 I to Pari* 60 Payable in gold. Passage by the Wednesday steamer*?Flrat Cabin, $90; Steerage. $36 Payable in United State* ourreney. _ Paneenger* ateo forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, ho., at moderate rate*. ,.n ,. Steerage passage from Liverpool or Queen*town. $Sft gold, or the equivalent. Ticket* oaa be bought here by peruana Handing n>r thai' friends For further Information, apply at the Company'soffice*. JOHN <1. DALE, Agent 15 Broadway. New York. FOR LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUERNSTOWN. Cnnard Steamohtn _ . AFRICA, from fco?ton via Halifax... Decembers SCOTIA, from New York December 19 ASIA, from Beaton, via Haltfa* December 19 raaaaon wowr raoa irtw max. OaUn ?V38 69| Sooond C*bin 180 raasaoK aoovr rttom noaron. Cabin tltl l? | Second Oabta $86 Parable in gold or ita equivalent. For freight l?r pannage apply to E. OUNARD. No. 6 Bowling Green STEAM TO GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL, OxUtag at Irfindouderrr to land paaaenger* and mailt. THE PAVORITK PASSENGER STEAMERS OF TtlR ANCHOR LINE SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. HIBKRNIA tail* Saturday, December I IOWA *?H" Saturdav, Deoemlier 9. RATES or FASBAGE, PAYABLE IN CURRENCY To LlWjpool, Olaegow and Derry, cabin*, $90 and $79l ''prepaid certificate* from the** port* to New York, IB. To Hamburg. Havre. Antwerp, An., $190 and $S7. For further information ?pplv at the company1* office*. FRANCIS MACDONAI.D A CO.. Agent*. No. 6 Bowling Green, New York. National btbam navigation company. (Limited. 1 STEAMERS WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN. Leaving pier 67 North river aa follow*:? SCOTLAND, Captain Hall aalta Saturday, December 1 THE Q11F.EN, Captain Orngan, aalla Saturdav. Decembers. DENMARK. Captain Thomaon, aalla Saturday. Decem ber 16. VIRGINIA, Captain Pmwae, aalla Saturdav, December?. PENNSYLVANIA, CaptainLewis, aaila Saturday. Decem ber 99 Cabin pnsaage, $199: Steerage, $19. Steerage paaaage ticket*, to bring partle* from liverpool or Qneetiato*n, for $66In eurreney. Thronrh paaaagr to Pari*, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen. Ac . al low ratoa. Draft* laaued for anv amount, payable at aay bank U Great Britain or on the continent. For freight and cabin paaaage apply at the offioe of the company, ST Broadway. And for ?lee rag* ticket*, at the paaaage offioe of. the com pany, $7 Broadway and $76 Pearl atreet, near Pnlton. F. W. J. HURST, Manager STRAM TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. The firat rtaaa Iron atoamahlp MANHATTAN, aalla WEDNESDAY, Deeember It Prom tder 37 Baal liver. Paaaage in cabin. flW | Steerage $30 Payable In currency. For paaaage apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 39 Broadway OTRAM TO QUEENSTOWN AMD UVRRPOOL. l3 From New York every Wedneoday and Saturday. Pa*Mgo ieftiwYork and remittance* to Ireland. England, Aa.. at low ratoa WILLIAMS A OUION. 99 Broadway TAPSOOTT'S LIVERPOOL AND QUEENSTOWN STEAMSHIP PASSAGE OFPTCE SS SOUTH BTRRET AND M BROADWAY. NRW YORK. From New York everr Wedneaday and Saturday. S^L#EnTo$omQURKNSTOWM. $36 currency. Draft* for ?1 upward*, payable on demand, at the loweat puaalble ratoa. Apply to . __ 1APSCOTT BROS. A CO , 811 South atreet. or 0 Broadway P rOSSTWIRE STEAMSHIPS. ACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY1)* THROUGH LINE TO CALIFORNIA. CARRYING united states mail, VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Nort P Steamer* leave pter <9 North river, foot of Canal atreet, *1 It n'clnct noon, a* follow*1? December 1?OCEAN QUERN. Captain Maury, connect lit* wllh GOLDEN AGE, Captain Lapldge. December II?HENRY CHAUNUEV Captain A. fl Gray, connecting with Gill,DEN t'fTY. Captain Watkln* December91?RISING STAR, Captain T. A. flair!*, con necting wllh MONTANA. Captain All departure* touch at Aeapulro, thoae of lat and Hat ennnect at Panama wllh ateamera for South PacXIc porta; lat and 10th for Central American port*, and tboae of lat touch at Mani*nim> Denariure of 10th each month conocctawllhtbenew atnam line from Panama to Auatrall* and New Zealand. Steamer of December II. IN99. will connect with thr firat ateamer of the company'* China Line, leaving Sen Franciaeo January I, 1SS7, for Hon* Kong. , . One hund.'cd pound* baggage allowed nech adult Medi cine* and altendaiice free. ... For paaaage ticket* and ell further Information apply at the office oo the wharf, foot of CanalalrMt. North rire*. New York S. K. HOLMAN. Ageai. i ACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S ? I THROUGH LINK TO JAPAN and CHINA. VIA PANAMA AND SAN FRANCISCO. CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. FIRR1 VOVAOR Steamer HKVRY OHAUNCBY will leave pter No. 49 North river, foot ef t ana- atreet. New York, ot II o'rlork noon, on Toeodui. December II, IS6K, connecting vta Panama Rail road with ateamer GOLDEN CITY for Sen Franctaco, where paaaenger*. mall* and faal freight will be tranaferred to the Company * splendid ateamer COLORADO, to leave that port at noon on Tuemlay, January 1. 1S67, for Yokohama and Hon* Kong. _ . Through ticket* leaned from New York, adding to regular price* between New York and Sen Francisco the following rate*, payable In gold or Ita equivalent? _ .. ' ^ M Cabin id Cabin Steerai San Tranctaco to Yokohama . $M> $170 ban Frencdaco to Hong Krmf... 306 *? Una notice will be given of aubeequent voyage* FREIGHT received and "through Mil* of lading" atgned per Ocean Qnetm. December I falow), and per Henry Chaunoay, De cember II (fhet) connecting cloeetv aa above. Pup fMpM MMUUgh ticket*, and all further tnformatten apply at the office on the wharf, jd*r *1 Nvwth river, feet of r*Ml atreet. ta B. K. HOLMAN. Agent. T7IOR CALIFORNIA VIA FANAMA. JT The Poet lie Mall Nteemahtp Company1* ateamer OCEAN QUERN will Ball on Saturday, Decembav I, at 13 o'ehwk M. Kgbt received aa naval. rate*, he., inquire at freight office on company1* pier 61 North river, foot of Canal ?trret; a WBLIrtfFAROO A CO., Solo Freight Agent* P M S. B Caaffiiany. A TLANTIC MAIL STBAMSH1P COMPANY. FOR ST. THOMAS AND BRAZIL I ilar United Stataa Malt Hleeanera, sailing oat the 93d ?1 every meatk ? ? t Aegnl, 'oUtRSfPsTAN. Captain W. C. Berry Dm 93 NORTH AMKRICA. Copula L F. TUamermaa. Jan _ SOUTH AMERICA, Captaffi B. L. Tlaktapauph Feb tt Thee* elegant *t**tn?r* evil with mgularlt* and rail at St. Thomaa. Fan, Pernambeeo. Babla and (tie da Janeiro, gnlmi end retorntng. For enameementa of fretght or pee eege apply to OABRtBiA ALI EN. Agent*. No. 6 Bowline Given. New York. JjiOB SANTIAGO DB CUBA. VIA NCEVITA4 The firrtclemSffi^HIa,rtvmmrr John Suiting, commander. Carrying Urn United State* mall, will leave pier 97, E. R . on SATURDAY, December I, IMh. at 6 o-elocfF N jiieideol All loiter* nut yta through the Poat office h,TlM M'r,rW* *ut* tad"' WhfflndU A oo . IM South etroot, m/m Dwor, COASTWISB ITBAMRHin. ht THOMAS i.aopavra AUn rtiate. nail a leamaw O0LP Kant river. Saturday. Da perUcuMea LINK TO HAVANA. _ r STEAMSHIP COMPANY. CHANOK OP HAILING DAY The regular departure* of this Uae will hereafter neap ? MTVBI ITnitb?t?.taanV,?; ?The reculer daper^^^^^^^^^H bu noep. Hcni.iTNtn a. RioeusmmmmM ? moicrO CASTLR. Adams. Thursday, ? kagLE Oreene. Thnrpdear, ? Pruui pier No. 4 North river, et 12 o'cli COLUMBIA. Sloeum. Thursday. DeeambarS. yar?dM^??^M?ber RL pier No.~4~Nortb river, ei 12 u'cluol none. GARRISON A ALLEN, Agents. No. 5 Bowling Green. V T. Havana, sisal and vera orui. The a i dew heel steamship MANHATTAN wtil eett frees pier Mo. 3 North river, se above, on the tilth of eeeh month. CHAN. A. WHITNEY. Afeot. W Broadway. FOR HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P. The Britten ana North American Royal Mall Steam Packet Company'* new ateamer CORSICA. CapC Le Mee aurier, will aall for the above porta, from the anmpaa^a wharf at Jersey City, on Monday. Dec. 3. and Monday, Baa. 31, at noon Passage woaer to Nargeu RIB Passage money to Havana ft Payable in gold or tta equivalent. For freight or passage a^jply to ARD. No 4 Bowling Oreea. rHlAS FOB OALVBHTON TggAS DIRECT. RlitfidjB Oomftindor, la now loading at pier 20 Baal river, uid will aall fail on Saturday. December 1. For freight or peaaage. hanog superior Tnmidatlnaa. apply to O. 8. Mtl^UOaY ACQ 153 Maiden lean. . Saturday. Dps,' I. K A$pffi? AM** B. ?'^m1<*QO. .*Me?j BoartlngO^SS ThllPldaf, VBUCHWI W. mm ?? w uawva - ? em. mtmrnwif. rwr freight or passage. h?vlM euperlor awommodatlona, apply te 8I OFFORD, TILE3TON A CO., t$ Bread way. FOR MEW ORLEANS-BLACK STAR LINK?THH Nteamahln FUND SHU BY, Captain Wadaworth. wiR leave pier IS North river, oo Saturday, December 1, at I P. M. For freight or pas sage, having handaome acoommeda. Bona, apply To R. LOWDBN, Agent, corner of Cedar and Weat streets DAVID MoCOABD. yent In New Orleans. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT " _ The new and Brat elaaa eteamahtp OROROK WASH INGTON. Captain K. V. 'lager, will leave pier No. t N. R.. on Saturday. T>ec I. at 3 o'clock P M. For freight or passage, having unsurpassed a Boom ma (UUoui, apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO.. M West (treat. The GfcORQF. CROMWELL wtU follow Decembers. VJ-BW ORLEANS STBAMSHII* LINE. Xi For NEW ORLEANS direct. Saturdey. Deo.'I. Cabins US and 145; second claa', $25 Apply to ALLEN E. TIIOMAS A CO.. No. 6 Bowling Oreea. STAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS THE NEW YORK Mall Steamship Company'* Bne ocean etnamera WUi leave pier 46 North river, et 3 o'clock P. M., i>a follows:? MRRRfMAOK. On Saturday, Dan I MARIPOSA ..* On Wednesday. Dec. ? MISSISSIPPI On Saturday. !?*?? ? MATANZAS On Wedmtadar. Dre. U All bill* of lading algnedat the otttce upoo the pier. FoV freight or paaaare apply to 0 K GARRISON, Preaident, No. 5 Rowling Green. Atlantic mail steamship company. EMPIRE LINE FOR SAVANNAH. Every SATURDAY, from pier 13 North river. Punctually at 3 P. M.. The favorite atdewheel ateamahipo SAN JACINTO, Lowland, commander, aalla December t SAN SALVADOR, Atklna, commander, aalla December!. Through tickets and hltla of lading to all point* Elegant passenger accommodation*. HARRISON A ALLEN, No. 5 Bowling Green. N. Y. OR 8AVANMAH.OA.?MURRAY'S LINE. EVERY TUE8DAY. f -?JHH the favorite ateamahlp VIRGO, R. M. Bulkley. commander, will aall Tuaaday, December 4, at > P. M. precisely, ft'CW pier 15 Bast river. foot of Wall street Through bills or lading and passage ticket* given ta aR points in connection with Georgia Central Railroad. For freight-or peaaage apply to MURRAY.FBBR.lB i CO., 51 and d? South atraat. FOR SATANNAH, OA., EVERY THURSDAY?THE Atlantio Oaaat Mall Steacaehlp Company'* aide wheal fltfl4HMhtp# HERMAN LIVINGSTON. Captain Baker, aalla Thunder. Dooember 5 GENERAL BARNES. Captain Morten, sails Thumdar, December IA ? - From peer 3d North river, at t F. M. preoivolv. Through passage tinkala and bill a or lading to all petals tat connection with die Central Railroad of Georgia. Par freight or passage apply to nNOBTOy pox g no Agenta. SS Liberty > treat. FOB CHARLESTON. 8 0.. THE FLORIDA FORTS end tbs Honlh aad Southwest ?Regular United Staled Mail Pier U But river. Wednesday* and Saturday*. The elegant and popular aide wheel eteamahlp QUAKER CITY, Win. H. Weal commander, la now reeelvtnMparmaM will etll on Saturday. Dee. I. at S P. M.. from pier Id Baal river; connecting at Charleaton with the ateamerDictated for the Florida porta. Pa-wage tloketa and through bill* al lading alren to all point* In qponectlon with the South Carta Low Railroad. Bllla of lading algned on board the reaaeL ARTHUR [.FARY. 73 William street. The ANDAHTBIA wlU follow on Wednesday. Deo. A IflOR CHARLBHTON. 8 O-THE PEOPLE'S HAIR 1 Eteamahlp Company The regular and popular ateaaat ahlp MONKKA. Captain Lobby, will leave on FrMapy November 10, at J P M . from pier No M North river landing freight on Monday morning, at ChMteeton. The ateaaiehlpe of thin line will In (uture leave New York ON Tuesdays and Fridays. a Through tloketa and bllla of lading leaned 1 South In nonnecttoa with the South Carolina Hal LIVINGSTON. POX A CO . Agouta. SB Lihi FOB WILMINGTON, N C PGSmVKLY EVERY FIVE DArs. KXPRP.gR STEAMSHIP LINE The Hue eteamahlp BMP1RB, D. PRICE. Commander. Tbte Itae of ateamare will leave alternately every dee davs The above ateamer la aaw loading at pier IS Eaat rivet end will aaU on SATURDAY, Deo I. at II M.. or aooear H loaded Freight lakeu at low rate*. For baiauoe of freight or passage apply te I AMES HAND. 1M Wall atreat. Reduced rates NEW YORK, NORFOLK AND RIOHMOHD STEAMSHIP LINK. OALLINO AT CITY POINT BOTH WAYS. The flee ateamer* WASHINGTON. ? O- CHICHESTER. Commander. Aire FALLEY CITY. W. R SNYDER. Commander The abnv* ateamer* receive freight dally at pier IS Real river, and will *ail regularly every SATURDAY el I-' P. M , or winner If loaded. Tbl* line la prepared to receive aad forward good*, with despatch, by all the Houthetn railroad route*. For freight or passage apply la. ?IAMBS HAND. t04 Wall street. FOR RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. The ?l lew heel steamship* IIATTERAN, Captain AletanQer Rvery Namrday, ALREMARLB. neptala Bourne Every Wednesday. At It M., from pier IB North river, giving through bUU of lading. ir . to all paints oa the Seaboard Railroad aad Ha cootincUnn*. LIVINGSTON, POX S CO . Agent*. SB Liberty aire**. PORTLAND AND NKW YORK STEAMSHIP COM. panT -The firs' claaa ateamabipa DIKIOO and PRAM. ("ONIA form a semi weekly Una between New York ew4 Portland, leaving pier A Beat river everv Wedneeday and ?"afiiplav, at 1 o'clock Pe M.. eonnectlng with Grand Trunk Pillway for < a?*da, and alao the International Hteemahlp Company for Kaatport ted RW lobn. N N. For freight or pasaage apply at ibt aMea. on pier IB Eaal river J p AM KM Agent, pier M Eaat rivar. TRAVKLLERS' OIIDK. Hudson river and harlk* railroads.? Traloa for Albany and Troy, counseling with Northacm and Western trains leave Mew Ymk. via Hudson River Rati. rot'l, Thirtieth street aad Toeth areon#, d and 10 A. M.. aad I 15, 'i 31 ?ud IIP. M , and via llarlrm Railroad, Tmg. ty-suth street and PO'irth avenue, al 11 A. M. and A IS P. 18. Hie d VI p M tram via Hudson River will run on Snndaya Sleeping cars attached to B VI and IIP. M trains. On I'M P. M tram la aleo a'taehed a sleeping ear every day ea epilog Saturday*. which ia run through te Ogdanabnrg via R W and O Railroad, without change duu lay tram on Hudson River Road New York to **?gfi keepsic and return leaving New York at i A> A. M , and uw Hgrieto Road Forty.aeunnd street to MlUertaa and rrtura. Laving New York at 9 A. M. WM. H V tMDERBILT Vto* President. '??CUE?I8W. XT ones -TSK oXd link TO PORT LEE IR no* il discontinued, and will run one trip per day. from feed ui Christopher street al ll|f M. Sunday* eacwpted: oat and after Dec S ? MP. M. VH BI I.LI MI OS. AC. A LARGE STOCK OF NRW AND SECONDHAND Mb iiard Tables in* ready for skipping It I* well kBoWW thai Rherp's Patented Cuaaioaa are the beet la uea 014 Tabtea sl'ered to any aire Manufactory S3 Marecr aiaaal. corner of Hrooms street An aborted stock of first class billiard rallies. Wit# oar improved cushion, at |M each, nam ready for delivary Second hand Tables. Trtmmlag*. Ac. KaVaN AGH ? DECKER. ? orner Canal and Centra mat AS WE HAYK GREATLY INCREASED OUR HARM, feclliuas. with new buiidtnm, muhlaeiy, 4a_ we are enabled to sell drat dt? UllllerdTablea, up to SWT ataadard of workmanship < beeper than inferior labia* ham heretofore been sold Having tbo largest ead beet aeeort meat of ail article* appartaioiag to Billiards, which w* man ufacture and import, we cea (ill at favorable rates. Prlna hat* tent by eaail. FHRLAM A CULLENDER, ?.?,<! and ? Crosby atreat New York. HILI.IARDS -WM. H ORlPriTH. Ml YULTOI? street, offer* fo, sale a aplandld stock of o*w and avmow kind Tables, with my new Improved cushion* 0?. Ordevw by mail a,tended to to^wtfrii " IX NEW BILLtABD TABLES. I'SKD BITTA YKBT 1 llltl* for sale, ei * great saeitflra if soid ihia w*eh. O** a?*ti Jk D*rUr? biikf lo^ntrc of C. tATWIIAK, ? 4(bwm st/tNM . W ANTED?Tti BUY A OOOD SECONDHA NDJABLR, If WM far aaah Addrre* J- ? R.. H*reld omoe IWTCHEd. JKWEGK*. A S CO JNWRIXRM. ? HiXTM A. avo ir, comer Fourteenth WrseL and 31>Kl|kth are sue, comer Twentv-Wnk MraM. reeommenu ia*ir nae Hate m W-Wbee. loareiry. Silver aad Plalad Ware rsamaaga aad igh.r Preoioos Stonae.?W* aro paaaatoa* aad aata maanfaw larers of American vliiako# OkvnhA Watoha* with aaerM ?trkal* far lik nir Sa A FRANK FIELD A CO. PrCHF.S AMD JKWMLRY FCITaBLR FOR SPBC u la live aad gift purpwas "I Mvar Amenreat om -? ...