Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1866 Page 3
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?yunf? m?m OWtWii OH KB. OWD FLOOR WITH Uhit. xtr fl(tk|M?iii. No 1 Boot * flint of three Parlors adjoining mr sjnulk obnylmmbn can as aicommo. with mrd Beard andpleemnt Rooma, on ntwu |M (eardere. Apply at ?S Greenwich street, loloL ? l T TBI GRANT HOUHR, ?H MEW HOWKRT. NKAK L Chatham square, Rooina flflc. to tOc. per day, fid to ?3 A * MO. ? BONO STREET?PLEASANT AND DK8IKA blo Rooaaa. with loard. on roomuoiil* lorms, for single or mnrrled gentlemen; or Ueumi without board. at lTd AND ?7d BLBBCKKR STREET, BIX BLOCKS west of Broadway, pleasant Kuutur, with rioalleut from a? U> >11 par week; fumUioa accordingly. * FRANKFORT HoUmK. ONE BLOCK BAST tlP CITY Hall. eorui r of Frankfurt and Wllliaiu airoou, IX) 3b to M nente per day: fll 90 to $3 par work ALS A 8UPKRBLY FI.'RMhliKO PaRI.OR BEDROOM, ON j\. Brat floor, with Board, at No. 1 Irving place, eoi nor Knat rotuteonib street. Ah magnificently fi knimhed parlor FLOOR. alas smaller suits, In let. la a aupvrb private reoldeitoe to a faabttinahlo locality; kouae never uaad for boardora; ea adaalvely private tableo. Addreaa A. B. M., aution 1). FAMILY RESIDING AT II WHAT SIXTEENTH ? street, will rent, with Board (private hablo If daatrad . ktaoltof elegantlv furnished Rooma. on aeOond Boor: other Baton on parlor and third Boor a; terms moderate, fl rat ? laaa la^D lUiironoM. I A OENTLBMAN AND WIPE AMD TWO SINGLE OKN A tltoMn oon baneeommedalhd with Brat atoaa Board and Swans. la a neatly furnlahed oottafh heuee^wbere there tie ?ootbogkwwfiwi. Call for torae flays at Of Wtat Thirty Mirth ureal, a few dome from Kigbtn awemue. _ M privatb family will _lbt a pleasant A Front Room, with brat alaaa Board, at SMI Lrtmgton ?no MAN CAN BB ACCOMMODATED with ^^^?ud lu a mull raapaetahle family, forme an per ^?ipflyatlMfim owaei. A Wl>, Ape *2 T NO. 7 WB8T TWBNTY lf? 111 STREbT-HLTTS OK ? Rooma, on Drat and aocond flours, to let, with private Location uuaurpnened, and bouae flrat claaa. AT MO. II WK8T ELEVENTH STREET?A FEW J\ door* from Broadway, to let, a aiealy furnlahed front htorand Bedroom on eeoond floor, alio two Rooma well formatted, for gentlemen, with flrat claaa Freuob Board: ?mniniunnnte a few day hoardara. Table d'hote at d o'clock, An eleoant buit op rooms (entire second Door), with am elate Board and private table If deelred; ?ho haadaome From Room and Hall Bedroom on floor ?hove and Mtenoloo room ou flrat floor to gentleman and wife or tingle gentlemen, together or oaparotely, at W Weal Thlrty-oUto aifoet, between Fifth and Mixth avenuoe. A YOUNO WIDOW LADY HAS A HANDSOMELY A fornlabed Perlor to lot to a gentleman at 131 Weal Thirtieth atnet. Alio an Afghan for aale, bright colore. FURNISHED THIRD STORY PRONT ROOM TO lot?To two gontlomon, with Board, at Mo. M Weal otroet 4 PLEASANT PURNI8BBD FRONT ROOM AND A oloohock Room, with Board, aan bo obtained by ap ptyiag at KM Woat Nineteenth ?treat, juat below Eighth ave MU. Family email. TMWEHT TWENTY-THIRD RTRBET-A SUIT OF _ three farniabod Rooms, alio a atnglo Room, with Board deal red. Oood references required. 4 PU1 fifeveSh A A8BCOMD FLOOR EN SUITE, WITH BATH; PRIVATE table ir desired. Families at crowded hotels may ve to re boms eomforta. Apply at *1 West Eleventh street, ? few doors from Broadway. 4 WELL PUBNISHBD BOOM. WITH BOARD. SUIT A able for one or two single gentlemen Apply at 3V Greenwich avenue, corner Charles street. 4 T It BgMD STREET?-TO LET, WITH FIRST OLA BR A Board, largo Rooms on third Boor, and smaller in fourth, handsomely luiuiabod, also una First F'toor, house 4 T loa BAST THIRTEENTH street?a A forlable Front Room, with Board,suitable for two gei. MMo or gentleman and wife; hot aud cold walOi, gae and Bra, convenient to Broadway. A^m OENTLBMAN AND WIFB. OR TWO SINGLE ? aanUemon, can be accommodated with Ural clans Noart nod Rooma where there are no other boarders. Apply a fit West mruotb atraot, betsreeo Eighth and Ninth are 4 privatb family can accommodate, with A Board, a gentleman and wlfeor oaa or two kingle gen MflWin; ono la ran and small Rooma with pantries, hoi and ?old water. Malty furnished; house Brit claaa brown Mono. loaaUon central and rory dealrable. Call at 181 Wast 1 wen ty-eighth street, near Eighth avwaue. 4 LL WANTING riRST CLASS BOARD AND ROOMS. A. go to POWLBB'S Free Board Dlrecton. and save ?hooey and lime. Twenty-third street, corner of Fifth Arenas A PLEASANT, WELL FURNISHED ROOM. WITH Are ana goo, to lot, without hoard, to one oggwo gentle man, at 10k Wast Twenty-sixth street. 4 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO RENT A to Ms or two gentlemen, or gentlemau and wife; fam Hy private; goo, bath. he.. tarme moderate, references ei ? gaged. Apply at flf Third atreaL 4 LABOR AND UANDROMELY FURNISHED A. front Parlor, with or without adjoining room, can he ?ad. with first claaa Board, at lltl Fourth avenue, near Ywadf? atroot. 4 PRIVATB FAMILY. AT ?l WEST TWELFTH STREET, A. flaa aocomuiodate a gentleman with one small furatahofl Be SOI and first siaaa Board. He fa ranees required 4 FURNISHED ROOM TO LBT ON THE SECOND A Boor, front: fire, gas. Bath, Be., $10per week; one on ?to third floor, fit per weak, at fit Third street Xnforourro required. FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR TO LEI N M ?an. en stilto or singly, without hoard. In n fits! <? aaa pel rata raatdoneo. No. J Wast Fourteenth street, four doors west of Fifth avenue. 4 ?PARTIES IN WANT OP ROOMS, WITH AND As without Board,flOA find descriptive Hals, with prreaa, ?tour office. RkYAN A CO.. IS Liberty airoot, room Fi, aocond story 4 N ELEGANT SUIT OP ROOMS TO LET-ON SECOND A and third floors alsnain?la HOflftu, house add neigh horhood flrat Mass. lahte u'boto or privala, at reaeouaolo Apply at M West Twonty-fourlh street. 4 M AMERICAN WIDOW LADT fcflLL LBT. WITH Jk. BMi-d. lbr? i.ioelt Kumlstoftd froiU Rooma, aingio or " ? ? ?naWa. r?Ji a! 17f WavtrMy plm a, naar SWUwr; la ??imnad I 9ABD ?FURNISHeT> ROOMS. FOB ORNTIJIMRN with partial Board, In a private family, with all I Improve uvea la on too aomo Boor. A pply at It Board.?n wbstthirty-biohth street, rooms liilmmaly faratihad, n Moewod Floor and front Hoom ?a third Boor. BOARD?AT ? BABT FOURTBMNTM STREET. WBBT of Broadway. A Parlor Floor to lot. with or without HOARD?WITH WELL FURNISHED BOOM, IN A J) Brat atom private family, tar a ??ilamaa and wlfr ?* maw two atoma ^gao^laja' a at ?? Knat Tenth 1>()ARD.-TWi> RANntlOMR too?? m YhOARD ? A OENTLBMAN AND WIFB. OB TWO X> atogh gtollaman. can be arwoiinodalad with Board poem, wtto a . a private famllv. where there wUI ho oo other hoarders, la Thirty-Aral street. Mar Btsth avaoae Fur par flMulart adflrai i King. Be raid sBtoa. Y}0ARD ? KLYOANTI.Y FURNISHED ROOMS AT IN AJ Woei Fwnoeoih street Kpli^ii required and given. Board fob two gbntlbmrn in a privatr family?In a p easant aud gentsel neighborhood, aaar mew. with warm and oold hatha, tmmediaiaty, at H Ring at. BOARDING.-A WIDOW LADY WILL ACCOMMODATE two aaatlevuen with Beard on the aflennd fleer took per wash Apply at 0(7 Caoal airook HOARD IN BROOKLYN WANTKD-NKAK PCLTO* X> or W*u aire*! itrrj, for * juuug arm/ i.ff ? ? -? * a fir. AamrMan. Prrneh or Unman p,"al* famllj. A |ply to BKYaN | CO., i* Llkrrtjr >imt re-Ma B. E 1.K0ANT APARTMENTS AND ROOM* TO I.ICT r>M rnaotniu*. 21 Ami fwmt; iktmirMt, unit 10 ibr I A??non Hotnl latLKOANr ROOR8-IN HI, I Tit OR MNUl.Y, id li R N T, PJi without hnnnl or with prtratn lAhpt. i* a frti.l aa W North Wanking.,o aqitar*. KMnimre* inquired _ 01 Mrranta takm. "TjftjU# ROOM, WONU FLOOR. WITH HOARD. ? ?*ntl?fo#n l? tmnhvi toflotttor. or m+n\U T. frntJotnoii 11* wnhti togHHrr. or f-nflw KV ? 1 tt A.I M *16 v%0?4 ?W.* oirooi, tm???o Nt anrtJ*a?? V.jirtu ?WI>1 lin| atrnri hnmrntt gPRNWinrt,#> Rfc.t trrrw board, to ? K! r??'E o. U. g ?all T trail lit rtin-t. naor lunadtrat twiaawuwi ir ruMciiED roorn toj nri,iTJs. v ?rr withnm It-*''I "n l*r MSlSltJ; 'i*' OKLJntam una 111 RAM Tonih otreM, Italarnnn (In-alaa? aT** ***? Mir l-tA? ANDHOMR PAROIR ON P1RMT PLOOR. Wi u . . u..,i H,tit. pnrauiault " artinrrwt A ana n?i* KaaO fifsoMlmOn Aril ?"?" *?* ?' TnolfUl Mr?' H ?f AMR PVRNI-KTtD mo* m l.p.r TO two .,KR. Ij tinawn for p"r ***k *"* *** iati.iAaA. I> Earn? MreM AM iW-k?r. matrhay iiiu, nkar rimi avkni.r !yI an sHr fiiri<*n"4 Rhia* ?u J?1* AH RmoA ?? *r?. AINIlNt *7 Wam T%lriy???'rat FlTAta tank- If AM'AH WM RI.Y PCRfl'"W D ?fNill.R OR DOI'HI.K ROOM*. IN an lain* for MArk* and main nf hnrwta ti N? ?A Pnur* an ant, uufmnirnl la Bruminar All Ik* ifc*Airn* asA Ik* Ia*Ami? kanall o ,nr hinihp room. ? wlht nrntKNTB merry. f tRi^iK am> rit mum* m i.r.T-"f RNisMf# *?? nr rra r? iitomaai wlik i i n.ri II ? in pi ran, n?ar BaaaAnap dblO'ljf HtNTMTWRS 11, PAMI'.* < AT* OMA.P t lAmiM raWRH fvntt, mm >r mt., it Noa-d, u ?TWrww a JJ'mp oiNii.i.Mr.B Am urnri.RMrn *nd t If. OK 1 11 * -* - - - * ? ? - fr -????*- ? , ' ??' ?"/ ' Ami Rntma, irl'fc ArM Mnar boabbiri abb W? Wawrb. rTBB ENTIRE brcowdplooiC bn mtitr or apehaa. Apply at7?WftThlrty-?o?U bjgoA r o LABOB, HANDSOMELY PUBNIJIHHD BOONS. ??unn.-r.llnf. to let. ^ti Board, to gentleman ud wife or small family AUoBoofe for atngle gentleman. Refer enoea eitbangod. 71 KaalTwelfth Urni. fpi) LET?A FURNISHED PARLOR, PORONEORTWO 1 gentlemen. la A prlrate bouae. Apply el 113 Moil prwTbilwwn 8p-ili| ?nd Braraw nrMU. rno LET-IN THE PRIVATE HOUSE M WEST TWENTY L eighth a treat, between Hrpmlway and Slgih m aun-, a handamne fnrnlened Parlor and Bad room, with all modern linpiorrmeuts, to gentlemen ouly. TO LET?NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO TWO grnta In private family, second Br or, on leeaoneble tarma. with Bra and wmblnf.SH Kim atreel WITH BOARD?A OBNTLEWaN AND WIPE WILL tind a denlrable Room, on tbe third floor; ?Do a Room for aaro single gentlemen' terms reasonable. Reference a eifhauged. 187 Ka?t Twentieth rtrrrt. IPO Fi(\ -FURNISHER HANDSOME. LARGE RED ?P ?. '"L room, larfr Hboia aocordingly, reoond floor naudarn unprorameaia; without board; gentlemen; bait raiaranca; private family. Call aftar tan, nut after aaran. at ?M Ulstb a > nune. tlemen: the hunaa baa all modern Improvements. Al ICR Waat Thirty Brat street. Rereremoes required. TO CHARLTON STREET ?HANDSOMELY PUR. lu nlahmt Kouma to let, with Hoard, to gentlemen and their wives or single gmtlemee-, oomfortAble some for the winter. Terma moderate. _ Ol? WEST SIXTEENTH STREET?A HANDSOMELY AiU rnnilabed Patter and Badroom to let, to two gentle anen, with or without Beard. _ tC AND K WEST RLE PERTH 8TRP.BT, OMR DOOH <J>; from PI rib aeenne?eteeantly fwntlahed Rooma en aulta. alao ball rooma tor gerulemeu; rafanaarea unhanged 1 fid' NINTH RTRKET. WEAR BROADWAY -TO LET. ll'U with Board, una large Kmiu, aullalde ler a gentle ma* and wife; alao stogie Rooma to gentlemen. Retereneaw eich.iaged. MACDOUGAL STREET. NEAR WASHINGTON m Mqtiare ? A plaaaant Room In let. wilh Board, to a gentleman and wile, Cor S*" Alaaoaato two fentlenaou for fill mfirTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY SECOND atrcel. elegantly furnlabed Rooma. with bath roonia aommuoh-ailng, for gentlemen only, without hoard. 142 BOARD AMU LODUIhU WASTED. All wanting board, rooms or bouser-di rerlad. without oburge. at the Boatd Eiehange, Ml Broadway. Board waatad; alan Hnuaea. fnrnlahod and on furnlabed. RICK A ANDREWS. Ml Broadway. A SIM.I.F. GENTLEMAN DESIRES HOARD IN A family where there ahall ba faw or no hoarder*; lore Hon Twenty-third and Forty lifth atreota. weat aide Ad dreoa boa 1,404 I'oat nfllee. atatlng tarma Board wawted-for gentleman, wipe and nnrao; not ore. fill, .uelndlng arerytblug Addraaa Rob ertaon. Herald offlne fl'RNIKHKD ROOM WANTED-RELOW TWENTY aenond aStoet, by two young genta wltb bath, gas, (lie, Ae. Addraaa with terma and particulars, H. B. H . Herald odiea. WAN1KD-. BOARD ' BREAKFAST AND TEA) IV AN Atnerluan family h? a tingle gentleman; If agreeable. Wilt ba pormaneut: terma moat he reasonable. Addreaa Comfort, IJerald office N R?Can bring gentleman, wifa and obtld three yaare old: alato terma WA*TED-BV A TOt'KO LADY, EMPLOYED EVEN logs, a nine Room and Heard, with noma lone lady, where there are no utber boardera. $13. Address E. tv, Herald OlDee. COUNTRY BOARD. A-economy and'Comport-helwont hall, . Now Rrtghton. stolen I aland will remain open during Ibe Winter for boardera. Terma eery reasonable. Cell at Jl Kaat Twelfth street. hptim. Hotel lodginob-at tub .new J?OL^td Hotai, (lornar of Bowaty and BayardI ?l U?6t room* with g?a. nightly M? oanta woatly V to $4; for gou tlntuen unlr. MmkTllh HOI OK, CHARLBPTOH. B. r -TIIE TBO on# lor b?- lb* pl*o?ur?i to Inform lb# travelling |?ub Mr that Uo ban rourptrtod atuanliro allaratlon. and larproya menu in lha aim? enlabhahment. It [???"? mady ''Wibo recaption of gaaat. R?nUr .wmm.inWwtwm I- ?nw mwn with Blond# and ail polpta hours. JOBBrll rl Rl.KlrL. riSf 1KB HOTEL, 407 AND 4JW MOAPfAY O* THE Kun>l>*au pUn broneb Af tl?# Tontlna, < oroor of Curt landt ancTwoat Mrooo; anlandM K.trnl.hod Boom., for go... Uanru and faanfltaa. froaa ?emta to >3 par day. | lgr aI.1. HUCBF.. WILJ.IAHBBmO. KAPV OK ACCESP W to all uartaof Ha* Vorb Hit; oflar, aupai'tor botal nrroraiaodaliona at aioderata miea. Rooma an wtiln or atiiglj Cni HKtl. BbTATB BOB SAlaK. a k.KK OH .JH'R?FOB BALE ?lb KIKOaNT A brown Ho..?a ta Tor**lll?. lib 5t?, lot IRiA J??' 8nI.hod; baa all madam Improwm.nL; haa a.taobad a handvitn* hnrk auhle wtlh aatrway, aiablaa. Ac.. buttt br tba ownar tor hla own nao; b.H lu rrmao.|itenr? of HI J""? la coma to Kuropa; will ha add at ln?? than whal It coat FoVpofniltt applr to T J BcKVII.Y. PW Th.rd aran.ia ^ FW) B~P ALB?WITH IMB ED I4TK FOPHERSION. THE flrrl rlaaa hrowt. .tone Moaaa .out! aunt Ingtonaranua and Hfi. third alreot. prim B*M?*1 Jajrna aaay Alao ibo Knrnliura and Carpnla, Be. Can ha awan from II A. M. lo I I*. M. . For nale-a firm clam four anmr rkown atoua Ho.taa la Thtmatb ?<r?^ n?*j, ?'?> JIT.?*! iBUDttd'tR pMMMlun Apply to EARVRT BAKfcK A SON. I .HI BroAtiwtf _ balb-.>r nu'iMf "tkkkt qowpuxu r it..a. a lit atory Biora i imoIi For paruetilora ?oil ??? MAM HK8TKK A ?.?)??* LIN, MNaaoou atr#?i. _ ^ TlflR MALB-*tllODD; RAlf TERM?; HfMEDIAflB POK F?aaaaton. ba. I'tHOl litre# JflfLJ!ltMUiw2m nil bBororemenie fin*- tr?Rr. Ill Forty-bflb Rrm. betwoon Ml lib and Raranlh ?r?t?w. j, Mgl IT^JaVfWrJ Eatlra aurroandlng, uaaieaprlnnablo Baforoll aad nrtar 1 PR RALE - 4 FIVE VIAR* I.K4SB Of TWO TIIBP.K story brick llo.taaa art doing, "oa attb more, la Iba Ftabih ward, not fa. from Broadway. ? umiiuroof Iho dwaUtug frn tola A. B o.. station A, hprlng otfoat ynrra Tterub lots ? H nlrmbU LoU ou w??l nM. bniow ll?# r?r?, ?w ? ??" | p|n< a>iik inomfr. ISO frH bolow tbo P*rl; will b? ?MkBrtiH M dniiU'l i (run* *?ay; iltn i nafibtr ?f Lotn ??! PjJJj on Ktftii iTtaun, fronimn ?h? FnrJ nil belong to ^ih? mmmawmmr ipptf u? E. M KcDLuW A ?0 . No S ttoo r itrrit. fnoBTTdlBVK.VTH PTBRKf. BBTWKBB BIXTH ANf> ' HoTimtb ?%*!>?????."?"Ftn# thr^o nfort blgh oU?op brttmm ?tosa llouaa fraaaoaa ?<>?platavrrtar. b ornTtora if datlrad, rbaap; iMMdlata imaaaa^o o^ nrg0D)| ^ B,?aaw,y. MHMOItRBATB Kl'.im a'i'aitrV?? ifaa MOOlt to ?!?.??. by A. J. BLEEi BAB. nOB a | OO . T7 radar RBortmriNu hoi'ak u?*aaa^hUalra at I? KVool UTW RB4I. JCIT4TB BOB B4LB. liboR BBMB--THB ribrt f?L lomHtti* poo^-?l#? oo ooo. w tho prr?<H? ?nd p7rth*r porii?*u(i?'? U,W A OO . No * Flnw xmH ^ow Yotfc. ?-?/%? Btf <kg i.14WK-^FER NETf DOI'ElaH EOI7E Mary HanaagM I raatda-.t atiaat. "roaaifn, !l^tjX'?rr 0 bfrltl Applf ?*? Ibn pr* o1?Ot, ** u? KVttKRR ' ?1*4 LIKE, tl l'3*> *r**< CODMTBV BBdlr ??T*TB rOR ? %1>R. ' A^ftTOwV""?>1 ? J'lV?,n,'*iiK,r Hm?'tfm| 4?fi |grl?lOf of FfNRIaAPD TWrif ratla> aantb or Fhtlad?lpbia ay Xri t'wrt"* tMBMd bIm UioQtni? >( p^nfplc In f*?*nf f**'* (i*wvj w ?, Pabaoia aod Cbor boa V-rtT^uardt Mian'od Pnaw |Rpar amr paraWr ta faar raara *inaga tat, tor ...ataota aad .aant>fw'.fraal?. CMom<? adwt- .Wffi-I?y hajBbT-??' b>gbt? far'h' IMPBOVKI' ?*i.At Bp Al>"? ft'* Ul.K 1 tdrhwoa I'MAP b l /irVl>IP frnpnatar, Raw A TTHArTTVy ?RtT? ARnMorapt A ? I l2. i Bwotrrpdl; -???' -?"V7"fr'ot % try Pr?u. W1IA r?"? ?l*4 ,4#w1ir ?* g.1 nil (o gji m?? Htin." I ? FF.RfirboS a El NftoaAti EroiH W A DELI* .HTM I. (Ot'Nl RT RRilDRXn. f A 'b* dry. ... HSCr^'r^d.^rdby. m.naww' walb from ??wr; ht'B" ??""* ,? *J|. oV r hJT ard wi'ar In parf- I .. da- and tb-'ot IS ??? lajw Alia' with the. b.deeei frnrta b?w partteolArr apply to Mr* O. I.. I.BWt* Trainoat /ROAL I.ASliP flip -A LOT or (IVEK P" (> arr?.,rfOoal Uad tor ua fann.yltaaU ?r* "* i,.n|i q/ |hn hpUiriid rinrt wlfnio *tilf r<?i* of tn# ArtOi NoRorAir ?r>4 h* o**?l o>.!d aall hatoaga >o (."rt * ' 'R''*' j'^L t? ij tMKP AI.LKRTI.R Altar oar at Jaw Boat Jarrta. Raw Tort. ^ t /iB'iRti'A ibu>'? > irk "Rr ' * '?yi?*rtf ' It trarr of A ??i aarw? aiW.'ltM 'ImtAA TJnbar Ian J.J bo noid Iww or I'adrA A|R>i? to *? '?? B'MilllM. ?l " dw.y, aow> H ? , VRB. uo h|. | KnfATK f* tAlih-fiB^'tW. tba*if, . ,.?*/?,.> ilfH'M Ifao^.wK'l nrw-L i. tV .!P_, v__ .. .... mit..ii?a wota front wo To LcvMimnr i hi 4. i v'j?r itBA'-r tir bor Jkotog; p>n*, rkarrr wintawaod and Ptbar abot^a, rib rmibtr I'a na?r ,4 Pi /*' a t Aro<f at 3 tryot, B.H MA?"b, B?T4TE Wiuri). PR BA*TRI) oooat Ida Jua. \ll'rPol! WA?TRr> BOB ? CA?H ?.'1HKR fttw I BBBM^^^W jriB'1 I Co. . I*n I w?m TRomy tMrd rtroat, ytrta Aronoa ??? tL ARTB.fl fit rt KlHAPP. a ittRRBR PR'*' ? IIo 'ao up tiiva ot.k a,tf? targa llba?> w .Mil I ? ' '??' i it' nU" ? > i+ f f hrt.R - b! " * '?'? ?W.d H' * N?t*?wo? rtiltb niNl *#v#filA ?#w|??O0 ??4 tbff flfJE mob Apo't (? Rl'dfc *iE A |?<?V'B97W WF?M??rbob HOl'IKI, KOOm, M., TO UiT. A first clash, fully furnishrd, *5rown ?tone Hour, Aral loot ma Fifth ??? oppoalte renwrvolr, to rest for tit or eighteen ?mm to ? miDouaibto and respectable tenant. KINO k 00 _ Wl? Awa?BatoL A PLAN* FTTRMIftHRD FRONT ROOM AND BED J\ room to tot oa lb* third floor aattabla far a gentleman and hla wife, with aoavenlenue* lor bouaekaeptug. Apply hi 171 Blccuher street. A SECOND FMXtK TO LET-UNFURNISHED, WITH J\ um of kitchen. In Rnglfah basement bona*: modern improvements; food naighborltoud. Apply at MS Wato Nineteenth ?lreet A N ELBOARTLY FVKMHHRD HOUSE TO LET-SIC J\. tour Fanrtoaneh etreet. near Fifth avenue, fUflpet inpnth, al*o Aral claaa four story, up town. ^ ADAMfl k OO- m Rmnflway. Apritatr family will let a suit of rm embed Boom* to ? partr ot gentlemen or to a gentle man ami lady desiring a enmfortabTa home; aN convenience" for keeping Louie. Apple at 71 Kaat Fu'lr-aeaoad "traei between Fnnrth and Fifth avenue* Handy to Hislh and Third awaniie ear*. AN UNFURNlftHBD HOUSE AHtlVK TttTKNTV-FIFTH atreet; immediate noaaeHlon: alao aereral Floor* and Boo tan; rent motlarnta Ninety rurnlahed Hon we- and Rootna nortbaaal oorner of Twenty fifth atreet aud Siith avenue AT 114 THIRD AVBRVK-UNFUIlNI.SHhD HOUSE keeping Bloom ?l?, (IK. *X>. 130. ?M and flaipe. wontb: two whole h<*ite* aud aereral Furatahad Sulto. prt rate, open dey and arming. A -TO LET?lb LONDON TRRR'ACK, WENT TWRN. ? ty.tblrd atreet, pnri of n furnished Hotiee, to a f??lly ?f udQlta, eonalaunc of front atul bank Kaaement, tbree room* oa Mwoml ijoer. one lu attir, houan ie booted with for Pare- ha* all mdern Improveinrul*. and emu en law. for buttaakeaping. Apidv to h. J APIIA. It RateUy *treet. APPRNIBHKD HOUSE Ttj l.KT-WITH IMMKDItTK poaaaaeton. ooeuln* twaotr fonr rnoaaa and all modern impreremaot- Inquire at 17 Weal Twenly-faurji adeual ANKATIV FURNISH HI) ROOM. BEDROOM *NT> Pantry, on the second floor, to lei, pan. water and all eoarenleiK-* far honaeAeeptag. Call ei M Wait Mao* afreet, near Hudson eteeet. j_ , A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET-IN THE new honae. Ill Kail Fbrty-*ixth ?' reel, Mel ween feoond and Third aeennae, top floor AMILUNKBV STORE fO LET. STOCK. FIXTURE) and flood Will far $7(1) Thnae wishing to make a goad bargain will apply Immediately at ? Carmine "treat, near matte in eprri BItoADWAY STORE TO LET?FIRST FLOOR. FOB the holiday month* of Deeember and January; tlx* nf ?tope Iflifln feet, large ahow window* Apply at o#e* 413 Broadway Desk room to i,etin a nicei.t furnished frontoltlfl*: only oa* flight up: location rary deMrable Apply at It Chamber* atreat. room It* 1. |lOK RENT-TO A PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY TUP three atnry brown etoae drat nlaa* Dwelling. ? Haei F Eighteenth alreat two doom from Fourth ?tenue: aoaaei ston gtreu en the Nth Deeember Apply on lb* pramne*. FURNISHRD FIRST FLOOR TO LET^lF A VKRV nlaa front and haak Parlor, with Brdrueana tola* aap* ratal. 174 Ninth atreet. near the Hlble Bouse. FUBXISHED HOUSE To LKT.-HMALL, NEAT, aouvealetit. pleaaantly leaeted. rary kandaoaMfly fur nlahed. Immediate poaaeaamn. No 4 Eaal tilth atreet, be twean Third aud Fourth amine*. HANDSOMKI.Y FURNISHED HOUKR. IS FIFTH AVE nue, n> lei, lo a prlrato family euly, for one or iwo year*: i-enlenlly lone led: immediate po*ae?*lon Ri'HEKT T MKYkb. m Ijedar ttreel, (J TEAM POWER. WITH BOOM. ?*?. WELL LIOHTKD. t~ adapted for ineehaolral nurpneea poa*ea*lon imioedl alely. Apply to.I. AO. It. WALKKK. IU Caatr* aiiaal. corner Heeler. fpo LRT.-PERSONS (IOI.nd Ti 1 IIOOSKKBRPIIfO OH 1 having Room? to let eati tie supplied trtili C*' pet*. For. nlltire. Bedding. Ac , at RENDAtX A SCOTT n. iull and 311 Hudaon afreet. noroer of Oanal, and pay by weakly or monthly payment" .1 preferred. To LET-FLOORS IN NEW HOUSES, JUST FINISHED, on Forty-atitli "fieri, near Third aaanu*. Rent lib lo t'JO Apply Ui I.OI'fcR A DAVIS, Corner Thirty-?lilh tuaal and Flr*t areutie rRKNT-A THREE STORY BROWN flrONE HOI NP naailr furulthad. Apply at 41 Eaet Forty-brat atreet, two door* bul af Madlaou avenue. rLKT?A KM Al l. FRAME HOUSE, IN FIFTV FIFTH ?iraei. hrtwaau Fifth and Rlllh aranoea north aide Impure an Ilia preralta* Bent Mfln r LET?TO A SHALL FAMILY 1N0 CIIIl.DltEN). from Deeember I, ihe Seeoad Floor (three SMraM hathroumj aud two Room* on third flour. gas, hot and < old water. Urge yard goad naighbm hood . W Hnraltn alreel, neat Oieanwidb. Kent $40 per maath. Apply front II to3 K TURNER r> LKT-UNFUSN'ISIIKD, LOWER PART HAt It Parlor and Kutenaion Boom, with f re t Bay "'Set. to a email Until* of adult" Rout 13d per mouth Apply afle. 10 o clou a At Ml Heat Thirl* fifth atreet. flW LET?WITH TN MEDIATE POKKKSHION, TWO J good Flooi". each (tour la newly painted ,n<J pupated, and In perfaat uifln ??(?> ?n wh floor; no On# roflioi^ on oarU floor wtth poaui?*a. eiotboa piatw, . m ? ffoixl four nory tirlrk Hoiim*. IochuhS in Wool Tiilrtf wrpnin i?fH. DOM I ho'T^nlh k<ni4 iiFiibborbtHNi F?r on. tnfls Mppljr to WM V4S W AOrltl N, fT2 Suih ?*no if rpo I.KT 4T **? HI KKCkf-H STP1 KT A J (iirnlahott with antibiof for h4?u?^ll<*?fMtip ihroo bort room*, |?rlur, diuing r?*oiu, l>?UirtMUii, |si ami wair f|V> LKT-THK PIANOHO^IIC 9TOHJK. MONTH J. a?Fnu?. two iloora from fortieth boiween KoiiMiih *atf Kartjf.flrrt olntrlo flood will and flil irw for aala 1 ldF!T?VTIINTTritE rOR maI.K- A riMMT CLAM* _ buoitliriM hou??. in Mloorfcer *?rrM. w**i of Hfot4?iy, fill! ??f >?o*rd?rs aud on fin* wall f 040 ire of W. J Afcll U AUK A CO.. I01S Wo?( fw?DU flfih rtrwl. f|V) f#KT?ftSCOKf) FldOrifl FOI'* FlHiliM. TO 4 I amtli fomltj; MrblMffn. Applvol thro* oiorf fl^owo oolorod F(*m? Ho im norih ?ido Flriy *1*111 etroOi. botWMO T r. ?mill faml,y; aaeklMran. ipplval thre" al'irt peawu red Flame Hanaa norl' " "* First and Second avannaa. fpo LET, FURNISHED- SECOND AND THIRD FI.OOR* 1 1 flea raomai. plenty afetoaem. prleliege fee ooohlng and wnahlug All modei i, tmprovemeni" No other brxiJe * Uneteaptionohte netghhrirho -I IS* West Twenty.foorth at. RHWT?FHLI.V FUBNIRHKD, TO 1ST ??F BAY _ netL with linioed.ale pnsteaalon at Fordham, a a?a*?ni foltag* Houaa. with two acre* of land and ataSle Appiy to H. H. OAMMANN. II Ptn**tte?L rpo RBNT-FURNISHBD HOUKR NO. to WASIIISli A toe aiaca, ftilly and eemfartohHt farnlahed a.'d m a?e?i leal order Apply u> WAiUINUION Ml MM AT. 17 lomd Bry. ? rlRXr-IMMEDIATBIY a SPLRNDIB parlor Fl?ar. far bualaaaa Ninth atrewt near MVundway. Ad d'**a O R o Mall an D. . t . STORY CORNER MOUSE TO I.BT-TMIS MTTM Noeamhar. Purnitore af aocttee at Itt^ t M fldto par year. <1 Navana atieat enraai of Mate. Bmehiyn. HOI'BBR. RUOMI. 4H .. WtRTRD. A i.AiuiR r/irr. with noiitvat. or a out rcllAf nootod t->> Murui Addraao. alaliaa illMUIni al>'i W r B . b<it IB K'llM "Rilto.w A bkbponmibi.p tarty INIIL riHtLtlBtl J\ hi |M to RMO por toooik for a rin.iaNr.t IImih to ? goortror' rol loroji't RlltJ A ''O.. No I >W TtoRf-IIM towl. PtliN ANON Row rlUnaURO ROCR ATONf RIRBT (.LAW lATfl wnotod. Of o law f uf adnUr. in ? riNi.loto notolt hortooA. until Mao to hiR^tr Prlurlnola wtff add nab nit ROrBoutojoOOd print, W , Pom oRtoo Itol %|K. Now *WL Kuona WAffTHD?a rahii.t or no. no own. droo. wool o p too too I owl ,4 rr.tly forma Nad ? poi Holly furaiobad Rnnmo, fnr tiooaokoopmf. Addraoa ?tli, Hereto eaOe?*r*' ra*> IHo "iborn HOOtoMI C, M. C.. Boor WA>r*n-A nrau. boor to minntr a |trlrol Ofkt In: loot OPIOt NO tow. ?l?l IQOOtlllt poo ?ladrin (Iron. AMnohmW HotMolrr. WIMM. rwo r*>rRKiNHlst? niionp, for h'HiooArrpliw. Ill 0 Rtooto tm.lf, wltkto una toilo if Tmtk otroot toil Broodoor'ora ?<oAHif oortn n Ion onrt toiao. r B . 'on of Toitor A i'n Bo I Proot otroot. BruntTrn 117ARTtl>->'lR HRIRRKaapIRO PIVB ROORN UN II Nnof tnor ??U tm??M ?t' ?|H IW?| Mlrom .OA kilo bar Ptrwit in front Pari Innilntr pir'amd No * hiMroti I.innl nforti-? l?llmiiii ootiott RANt'tlRR. TKK Ai1NRI.IV m Noma., otroot WAN I Kit-IN TRK MUOIia<>KHOot> op UNION ' 0'|iiorr o otroltr iitroMhoA ffniti t'wi, fi r a 'ndf not (OaOotrioa ARRRlt Wm 9k0? 0, Pool ?"ro. WpA>Tri?-iN jr.::-r v ? irr. a pi rni^mrii r?>or. with, nt hoard hj t frotlotoon 0d'lirno ttolloa tonMt An* 1 I >A Pont vBtor, B V WANT Bit- A TWO OTORf IJOTTAOR I IOC up t to lb" i| J" pn't INo r ') fUltt fi'Mh RtflO to $ii?l Addrono K. I'M IN J "On NTKIt T'l RfM nThhP. till ItARP.RRNT nR lUooinrt.' orit " ib "*IVr fltoA It by INI a*' N. fnr l^inot^ni noo--if PImh o??nm- i?i?-?o Tw?nft-tb ?ad flirt r'lh ? lOOto. Aditroar. otolina iMitli olaio. A. fetoto. ' r i Bo war J. '*?? lOiluoin *raa>, botonon W?,| alrrot *nt Cnf'.f, Nil o. f.* o 'an? "I froro A . i if ui lull l,f it* A t.iiOM ?rTO*. 14 rin? rlrori abtnommav. a P4i:t NO IRPO-ITION I.NlATRNT Nl'BINPoR J\ and MrnooJ < toirrnfaui k'."On la Mia AT A It M I 'I'"1- br?rfi ?'IN o naiu'ot Rtfl Nbr ohooo t < fart ko ?#?? of . >or 11.into boooond ond abaanl frinortr totitao ofOO'I* n.trr'onr- pti f> tdtfotnr. koto io< | mim-iI*A,I' lo htonoior AllHoioooo Hnnro .'root ? A m I'll 1 P R till*. UAH R. Ttl K OttPArP.NT A KTHOWtOIBT, RR J rralr fuor ol< Ir Ho Irr hlf If nOOtO No 17 Roaot 0'.r?f Am Roto MABARP Rf?A #*I.AT NaT! RAI. rt.olHTftTABT. _J frrno ? fn-.f ob'i ? lilo. OA n No. I '.'moo MTrwt. f ?NOtl nf l iOQl I MNtliltO (I MA HI HP tlvRON TUB IRR.ArRNT Bf?l?l ?B AMI .. ..a ? ? , . 'N knnO ?Mtoorttiokoowo Lodino $1. Ml t MB. MRVtRAMIHtNRIt I LtlRtftT. oil Twt Nr' for rrt/INim . tnim IMi natorr nxmboro, fOM . rrk ?l !a. al tw-ri. ?aaa. RotBR.p a born roR u tram ir ^ oil. nor I o ?o at rffotro 'tad Ogoio 01 id* < 'OO'I Worrt t.'? *r Ittfll ?dirol BpRRBBBdl kmwo. ? onoan ?( i tor noorr -fa* rr ma LnNmw fl R BB. BlnTINot lHHRR <t.0|R?OT rwi Nr' for r-rtyiSim Ot-Aoaoa t.wan . nootkort """ " ' ~ ill | ?*?? BOI ?alt. 'Air MV t-itokRi tfM. <ao '-r I ?IMIn Wftdtlt. At . | ?>A?.. C 'A*. I OB N'lW ?? torn T ?M TO R' t t' I'Nl Ibobrr. If rod Mod Ml ?" 0?N I . totod ? <4 tot m* R t- . ?" to to a* I'to or M4 Ototkttoo3 fo*?l M Parti rtr ? iKt t RrI'TRRAC. / lit a I a SB Hon B i f ftl* ni ? T a At-' it, at BR I,' dntodBkiro itatirorod lot rra.aia'f Afr>| at not wot

aodooAA .R'O .to'. TN't l aroo I noor t.flrratN Mrart UAd U CtUU Auction notion.-ft. t. Hasmll, auction rrr. f HI DAT, NOV. IN PANCT OOODR AND TOTS, comprising a full aaaortmagl af daalrable goods. la lata to aui l Ibe irada. ALSO. RUBBER IAIXD-Niwi Rubber Balls. assorts*. Catalogue! ??H? Morula a or aala. R T. flAZELL * CO.. A uotiaassra, II Coniandl street. A I'CTION NOTfCE-R. ROTN. ADCTIONFKR. WILL J. 1 aell ai publto auction B?4.?? worth of mean l toast Household Ktiriii'sre. Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpel*, elegaai rosewood Ptgaofnrta, beautiful Parlor Nulla, la be*, catal; Works of Art and Brnnsea, Monk walnut Dining room Fori'iture, tkla < Friday j aborning. Nor 34, at ItH o'clock piwctealy. at lTlClinton blocs, Eighth atiaet, between I'litb and Hutb areauaa. Parlor ana Drawing ro an Furnluirn Ttuec beautiful mild roaawood and hlarb walnut I'm lor Mutt*. covered in rt? b Franeb aaaln hrsrelel and rapa: Turk nh r:say Chairs and Lounges la uiat, b: roaew?od Centre eod Pier Tables Ktagarwa. Corner and Hook Kiamla, tweulr oae 'lay Hrouse Clock, rli'li Ciima and Parian Vase-, Parlor Orna menl., elegant Bruruiel an.1 I sea Cut talus. a One oollartlou of Hi! 1'alnCngs, Engravings, Uige Mirrors and < baudallora, mag 111 doe a*, roae wood Piaoofoiie, Btaol and Cover coal RilMI. ane ? gatit instrument, wllk roundcoiners. In-auul nilT tarred lega and rate, with all modern improvement*. overstrung baas (all Iron plate, Kiench aulton. t?U ? octave; roaawuad and idaA walnut Badateada. Burr ana, Waahatanda, ?nt<a. Chairs, Rockers. Mirrors, Clocks, Tables. Bed Lounges, Bpr :,g and Hair Maltreaaea. Beds Blankets, Tea Table*, Bsieual' u Tabid, Chios, filaaa and Nltoer Wars. Culler), A N. B. -Itellahle men in altendance to >art, (lack and sldp gwtel Sur purchase reus raaaou .Ida terrna. \J. HLEKCKKK HON k CO., ? 77 I Vdai air set. Real Palate Brokers and Auetloueers. hue. tell, lea a# and eicii.nsi Ileal Palate, bulb in elt) and t> 'Unlry Huiate very dssiirl'Ie Ketalea now uttered at private sale AriTIO* NOTICE?KAMUEL WVNN k CO., AUO Uuadafi. WORTH OP XAON1PH7KNT MOL'NHMiiLD PURMITURK. Piaoolorte, H ran tea PalnllapL HI duary, Ae , at puhtta section Uila day (Prntav) at lbs elegant five store brown Stone njenaien, 41 Waal .sixteenth street between Putb and dtstb a. enuea, sale nuuunataaiif at 1IM uVlnsk. Butwib drawing man Fsrollurs. covered in Franeb broralal. Fla Plar au Carpets, . _. _ ssnsai artist- Hr.insa Clonk, Vaaaa, rosewood earvan urlava Plain ? forte, rlclisgt inatr nnienl offered at annum tbia aeaaon. Stool. Corer. Mutlr Stand. Hoaowood and Walnut Bedateada, Ruraaua. Wardrobe a, Hair spring Mallraaaaa. Blanket., Sheets. Counterpanes, Pitenaloa Table. BuFnt rlagaulaeu of Cblaa. Ilbvsa and dilverwam Bala poelllva Ofllea uf auctioneer, .117 Bower) UENJ. K. Til KALI. AUCTIONEER. D telle ?a lee si an with B If, Ludlow A Co. WulsKHOUS FURNITURE. NIKKtlltd, UAHPKTH.AC, AT AUCTION, b) TIIK ALL k MOB., on Saturday Daosmhdr 1. lWk>. al IUt( o'clock. at tbelr salesroom O l.lbsrty Hi en. Catalogues morning ot sale. l/l?WARD MCHRNCK. AUCTIONEER. Pi BAOXiKICP.NT SALE OP bTATUAKT. BRA I. HRON'ZKS. REAL ItHUNZR CLOCKS. BltONZR liRot'l'd AND NTATUETTTRS, SP.VKBn V tsHH. KR7.Ni.ll IHNNRR HEIR. TOILBT Htrs, NI1.KS1AV IILABR. R1 Hid CUT RTATI'RTTP.M. and alher uisgsiilceol Kiem-b Oooda, just laudsd. at abip Villa da Pans Ts ha wild at minimi, by KDWAltD SCHENCK. ihia day. at II o'i lonb, at 40 Liberty street The above are new on eibitiltloo, and la tbamoal baaullful sale of fancy goods that has aver taken plana In Ibo city TNXECITOR'II RALE Or FURNITURE IN BROOKLYN. J!i by CO] JC k MURPHY, on Krtday, at 1U)? o'clock, at the southeast corner uf Sia'r and Navlns atrrota. Mahogany Pa.lot and t'bauibai Piiraltura, Mawreaaoa and Redding, Kil?n?lon Table, Hruaeeia and Ingrain Oarpdu, Parlor and Cooking Stoves, Chine. Class. and Klleban rarnltsre. teraa, Seoiotary Bnokesae, CaMnata Kosslgaears. Pier an I Mantel Klrrnra, Lace Curtains, Velvat Mailalltna Carpeu, Ruga. Turkish RdCHuieg Chairs. Oil Palatlnga by ealneui ITRNKY D. MINK*. AUCTION*** *ALK or IIO*N*N. CA*IUAQ*M. HARM*** A*' , NF?A* r.?U*TU AVKNUR riKVKHAl> VKKV KINK TKAM*. At.VK.KAI- KINK ?ADn..* VoHHA-. TWO KlJtOANT ?KK1M?H, AN KLKOANT ? Ol rh. TWO KINK HOAK wAMON*. ?ATAK?MVoVr'.AK*. *.-? ^SSSg^STyST *,r,ur ??? *m*w> .Imi ? Kim ????????. V.aai" NIKfcK A AOMA^UIX* *1 I E-jSSj. UW r- ?? r, arA'JSFmS'R ^SUno* or A*?%W ANf^OD**? ?>IL PAlNflNO". o<i an! aftar KriAaj, ??' ">?<? U'^.? if!lW?S?'u -.1 at f^itlur? dlrf f fr ? ?*? wrk* of Mr Thom? ?MP,ire S?S?#Si iu?dW?o.. r?,n::r^ oiJJB; ri'V'/h.'i E^iIaJU% . *?.?. *-. A" Ml. . * . ? ?? H'"' ? "m'Ai.S?iSW f^-V.2? w??-. ;rra: "Hrir.7/%^3 Ar ?' 1 ?roit?* >?? aUAaOaa ? MHlBAMWa" ' alal??iiaa L.aa iralf. ? 1 II vvfcNlf m.TMA*. ALCTION***. OKf!ICR I? H ' uata* Hail mU. >>?.**}.? *&. ... jnT~<*VT H^lT.i.r. ?.ii t? ??*????? ?" ????? &?mSUS *?* ??"*? MM ?* M*K ? ??r WOI* Al < TIONE**. ?* WM Wol.r WII.I u *\zzuot ..ilM AIM * !'?? '1 ?** Hm W??aa *?* j ???"?? fff.,V52 Mgvug r&JZLESi rJnJI. ?o.i o wiriurr tesr.i^5r ti. * . .,? ,?.|U ? . . ~ ??'?? 'iC*uU"iiwtr?"?*. & rusrusr Jsr4sus ? to* ? ^ _ ,- - .... ? ? nrf f ? ?' - - .lflKi ,01 ?l.r. op |?*l .IJjToRB, '?NK* ' *?**? HJr-'sr. rVs? s? " xsrs^s? ST*s wt ri!*,,ur.. ?T? *"?;!??. I? "!??"" 'A4 '??' Kirtai* h.i* . - NAI.K. **LL A '""NAM AM Will. P*" j'""" .1 ioi,-I-*, m ui A,. ??'? (a* !?? * A * W?l, IN BT? . . r,.M lr -AO* a. i roil I* - A < " Al'tTIO**' *? 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Va l>aj?a, . w I ?m?. P paaa A.a.^a* **?'./?? Aa? af l>aia*?' 1?M. ?? 11 #'???*? lyL.f*. waro. . . .. m,,tT ll^f IliMi Owjaari*. *>A??*., ^ |t nll . ... ?* ,. aa . ,1 II a* lU'fl"* ON a'NNH'NT or WM' * ? ' aLlllLrAAA *aa*M.' A I a-^R'aTSSST''T.r^aa .ii AiiM/v. fLa *a.'. W.?.I Oaaa. a lAata^M ?' AalwaaiMMWyj, WMj tf"?. 3?fe*w'.' ? ad-a " aia. I Wa. %'*a l*a? L* 4 I? IW"? ?" '?>?* 0^ 1..1M' ' ????? A*#? aMAtai* Aa *?? a WITTRRB Al'TION***- PKI.|af NT ilia ."? al P4 ' ? ? ' a*< ?. u?a .. Z1 i at ahAar *mawiTfew ?w?*> *'?* -*?* KViua.1 a wittrr? At'fioa***. r*M a w? i?a* at *H AMaaagoMMMAy" MMI 'Alia ?.f rmm INMBM |??r Co ^ ?* X._- 4 jut t*r *Af* -?*??? ' * * I4** ? ?*?????#*j ! Ma- 4 ?? A ^ana-A ?** ?*aT '. I 1 mu* ina*a| "aa T ?*??, Tairr T. , aa4 ';rj7".. ^r.i a_ a_.T a. M|r^,| fwrl '|?m4 ' 'IV I Al* , 1,14* u? rr i"fMrr? Mfi ? "?'? ?* 11 '** '?* ?( t " m. 4 r . 'mm 1 4 i. *'. r t- '< w L?*** IUM IT ACCTIOW. Tjnu-IAM ABBOTT AUraOMEMIt. 'irrioi i;a 1 Chatham aquar*. aatla ikta day (Midday). SOU la*L, at 1?M o'clock, the uoatanla mt tka Oruaar* and U*?ar km n Baai Tampa, K.p UwHf, 0(pr% Ac. . | AM CUBK at ONK INTHHTIBIT. WITH OB WITH OCT for ma. rtad ladtaa. from whalerar cauw. Or Madame RKHTKI-I. Profaaeu of Midwifery (thirty year.' praailral.l* Waai Tbirly-fum th alraoC aaar MM* a.aaaa. Am -madamp orimoi.p tbmalb physician na . i Amur plaoa, can b* . ?nauli*l <>tt all tw?ll nona .taiafe. Plea-ant roonta for Igdta. who dealre good nurmlag ... 1 madia* ailendaaon AMT OMCB.-MO DBCKPTION. BUHTKICITV Ik TIIT tiuljr immediate ainuiaiiagoaoe .aioutbly rw v*y. rrsfeaaor Thorny. I..,ud >u l.'ni?*rwiy. lmdla." <U> M'* .latter) f irf. OK. and MADAMK 01 HOIK. ? Third arena*. AOVIrK TO MAKRIKD I.AMK.S -MtlUMK KP.S rki.l. H iDlallltM* Kienru IV male PHla | > I, prt<w SI. or Ho J, pri/a g.V ?huh ran >uir full. earn and healthy. Ulh* 64 Woat Thirty fnu.ih nmi. una/ Hiikh arm our Hunt br mall. Addimm Inn 2 US A^m -OR liuroui iooODnHUB to TUB PR1YATB . laying In Inatltiita, No ? Amliy pUn. Oo?i rrax.ta, l>oard. u imitg .nil ineillcal .il.n4.fioa Ail ro w plaint. .kill ully treated A^HI.L I'MTORTUN ATKH HHOUl.I) CONMII.T OR, No. t Aiolly ptare. Suto ralaaf u ail apa rial complaint. Uo.i.uhalioua fra*. buouhno to lai>ikn-a i.ahy wbitrn t'ortugueae Fi-mal. Partadlaal I'lU. relieved mn in utf d.f. without lni tnagto Price $6 Or A M. NAUKIt'HAU, olb.e MDT.Ibarty alrce.. or nam t.y mail AM M. MAIBICKAD, M. !>.. rB(llT>miB or Bin ? . wifery, thirty roar, practice, at US Liberty .treat Ou.iaatnee certain rntlaf to m.rrtnd lad too. fiooi nh.i.t.r Sanaa, M oas lugarrlew. /All ARI.RA Lt'TKK. a. J>.. Id* BKOAllWAV. Nk.tlt \J Twenty llral atreet, Profaeanr at Obatetrti*. bating urn tw/hlr >nar.' a iooaaarul praaitea in lata oily, guarantor, immediate rallaf t? evert lady retailing avwUI inanmal 111 aurglcal Unatiaanl, from whatavar cue*, wttbuui pa.u ai etpuanre. N H - RegnlaUng MaUlnnaa ansl by ma<l ClOXTIUKNTIAI. CONSULTATIONS.?DILH CORN KIT, > in.tnber of K T. f Madtral Doting* and B. C Hiugeon* liiiudon. ran barouaultad aa nan Una oartaua dlanaae. of ?Bee 'JO Centre atmet, anu Cham ban. M. S.?Ma fee ..Iilea. tUI'il Dr hunter cam curb wob5t~?7abbh or < kr. lalu itlaaaaer. without memory. In .barter lima than .or olhn, or au pay taAen. No. S Utrtaton Wei, alnoa DBll KKNNKOV'N KKNKOIKK CUHK. ROTHINO M. >?. am I'ofoitunataa u.e ibnin anil Kannadr'a limgora< nr., wbare manhood i. tmpalrad. tMBoo Itk Kim atreal DOfTOR lU'NTKK'H BOTANIC I'OKOIAI. BKaTORRS tigm uf footk in onn rat, giro, hoallb and .tiengtii In the moatilaliUualad $A par rial. S Olrtatun etiaei, alo a INMKMkTK CtKK you I.AUIKH . PBOM WHATKVKB nuu. at una lutartlew. by l>r KIlWIlM, lSb Kim ll'eel i>itain Hia lil. 1'erltnlloal Kxtmita. IAD I l;s." H K MOT Tii POHKO P POM .lit OA KB Kill. J lo obtain only Iir MAI HICKAIT'S Praorh Pen ,dual hitrarta ... rartalu la all raaea frum wkatetar laaae, ?? aend for patupblal IS Liberty atroot MAOA'.IK VAN Bt'MKIRK, TBArTIOAI. THVHI. liH, can be ..intuited at J. Weal faurth atiaei Arm. guaranteed at one tut#, viae. OHLY OKNITNK KI.IXIH Of^-fSErt HV Or I'OtVKKK ItM Kla. atreet. BaaAan. ynulh and manhood. r.gar; ertre. i S~ FBI'IAI. CAUTION TO CSDIRS.?ATOIO BARK IMI laitoaa nf lit POWKKH only uufalbsg Portoil.ral Ki Iran la, at IIS Kim atreet VI* IIKN VOt'TII ?'f I. POI.LY INOOCBM IMPCTR*. Y, o Or KKHNKOt R Magical InrtgaraAara nan he r?i.?d oa to eauaa a perfrm laatonillno oitToa Ml Kim atreet ?OLD COHFlOCHCt MAN ADO A ULLNIE TtCTIi. (front the Ungate Commercial Adrarttaer, Ma*. 17 1 Hitting in the Court Houm ^le?My_aftdrnoen lleuo lay to the teitlmuoy of the old MM, Rodolpb Zlmmar, wim, li la alleged, waa vary eertouaiy vteUmlaed by no* Bab fiutee. emitted By una or mote of hie female frteoda, we bo laager eooderrd thai conkdeaee mam mad Jeramv Indrilare generally make a good thing ml of their little game.. and flu l plenty of rletMns la ptaettca upon Hal we wire a-trprtaed ai Uia unheard at verdancy am) aim ||||| iiy of Hi" (lid man; II Beamed alrnoet Incredible that any pa nam In bta aaaaca ooold have baaa eeatlaua ly and ^ n4t - syswimaitiaiiy swindled by a aartan of bull ?wrn, mien aa thoaa with which, an it la a Ilea ad, ttiH accused, Bob tfulaa, MMoeeded in 0<vem Zunmer. He (Ualaa) at ?aa Uma at. cording to iha testimony. repnaoBied to tfaa Old man that bo had Married like doaglHOT of a oiaa named Hade, Id Hamilton, who woo Tory weelihr -mo wealthy, id fact, that he eoold MB compete bta ruhea. tmlaa alan prod aad a note for AM.Mb, atgead br John and Hannah Hade bta " wtfa'a" pamkli ? aed dr. an ib bta (Uuiaa a) favor, on tba atrength at Which be obuiesd money from lua victim. On another no aatun Oalas 10M Zliwaaer thai ibara ware |iM,0tw in <ha eiprem ofliia for Mr Boda, ami that ha, being Mr. H?l? ? agent. maid not gat the mm i W.lhooi payimi $njJ /.in.mar gave him a note far |700 end r*ini. in uufliii. wMb b)M where they ware to OIM Iha panu wary amonai on (lie note, gat the fid ?<0 out of Ibe eipraaa "fib e aad dlrtda U, giving him fglmm-rt the biggest part of It, aa Mr Bed# allawad blm lUtnavi to nee ibe money fur bl> own purpose ' Ualaa. laavlag tba old man ?t the Uenaaci House, wrat down town and shortly returned, aad an Id be had pad to ib? money at the eipreM offite and eould gat the I'iAWXl. but that Ibay bail advised him not to take the aioaay out of the office aa there ware reaiaa eo Id l era area ad aad b? wonbl not be nefa, Lr Mr. ZI mm or did not gel aay portion of ibe |M,ooo Perwoaeemployed la the Veitcl Ateiev end Amar? an aipreee office teat fed that they bad no knowledge of aoch a package of money aver being re frtnd At another time Uelae uiiiagwiled in X. aimer thai Mr Bade wee in New York aad bad |i,000,000 in hie vallee ibal they Huat go to New York aM eea Mr Hede, aad that lie would divide the roaaar baiweea iheat. Tba wilaam weal on to My -! fhrnlabed the money to go | with, heaaid be had aotblag to go with bnaavit eo<i that I must get htm money to go with, liaise aald the eipanre weald lie ftA each from Rticbeeier to New Tart. I gave him |6g, I weal in New % orb, did net aaa Beds. he then weal o# and laft ma at tba Astor Houae, aad ra mmed again end eaid that Mr Hade could net be lAgfe I right "IT Mil wi-'ild lie I In re in the inuree of Ibe even ing after diet we weal about the afreeta from one place to UN eume I ?? la (fea evoaiag. h it BO Hade appeared It bed time, end I weal up eutirt pad weai u> bed, he teM ate a*at morning that Bed* hod been there after I weal lu hod, bet did pot want to dwinrti me to Isle at eight aad did got waal to call rue, pail morning be went rawed beta aM tbare. aad ba left rw, u, i#e Wr Hade, be Mid, whew be re tamed, that Hede erntd wet reme to aee aa at vpesd aay time with ma. eg be wwa gethg t? lake the neit train Wrat to eotne to Robin. aM pertape ib?a te (,1a renre; i.eea mid tbM be wanted to gaea tM mate train bat we were tea lata, bad to watt till the avawlag inua. wa alerted for heme; I did net let fiaea bora say e n money while we were gone I bada I get ?t r hm mar la answer le a gaeatioa from one of the ceuaeel. Mid that be relied npon the proa aad toM him by Name, '? Uiay i Wa have riven enuwgh te show owr readme the ? oahdiug aetata ef t aaw aad hew aaetly be MgM te atrtim lead by amh aa Ualaa. provided tM latter happened to be aey ee< A men ' (he aw waa i aaa mi < thia gtorsMg and eerrmi a* dnlOBAI Willi I mat e seaweed When ear reportev tort. aawMtaiag Mr. XiMtwer The ire will gmhabiy areepy w oat of Ibe day to m- rrow, R<(TIIMUS NVMCR M LMftVUil. IT A fbtr*#* INI* ?wr? Pmmmt >? tb* Rlitr Ultb Hi* 11**4 I'M Op?. [I r?>* lb* ..m II* &**'?#**? Hmt IS) Aa a r* ?*4#r <4 4*114 ??**t* ?? af a oft*# ra, .at afoti lo(|**tb? k*rt.<-yi#/. nt ?(.at#* MHk ??l<l<,rn thai OKI aitnfiil## It nail"! Ui ? ' r *>? ?>ai *| t* lb* ua* abwb ?? a** about to nbh ?r.4 ?bub *??*< a ot/ftara. fa tbt Jt-mmrml of ;hM4*| ?? m*4* khiiM iif IM fait that ih* M? of a imh baa latlhitiM tbanaaf mriM aaoutf. if ( im Oat, with a <1 ?p 'at sa 'i.* in; h.a t**4 .??ry i..l? aU' i. am## laab<>? k? k*.i '*?? fau.if bin ?. k lb# < >TMtrr, out taa n? ai a to rumtutu a ,*tj ai tb* tia?*. loam ft. i lb* buAf to !?>? Itf *M p!a.?4 It <a ib# #??? ?ra ? ?ia?t?ra ?b*r* lb* rvj . -i ?a* tw 4 r*? "*?? m"faiafl fr?ui < fa- r I' ' a Mwo *? >**rn tb> I* i .*<*? '?-?* t* ib* ? mi ? Tii* 4?**#*4, ? *? b a'.??i*a# *a> t* ? icbf** W*lu**4af lb* Tib of V ' **4 * ?* at th* h*M of <.*- A in ?a Itrt *ft?' br*?o?# Mai* a*4 tb* rlt?r At ib* MBir '.* arr.iwt Unit b* ? 1*4*4 that *a? a >l? Ir #f%?H 1*4 tbat 1* ram* froai '"b a ? Ha ba>l *ftft> b* |-??*#* *4 af*u*4 ta oat* la a l-il a 1*'." aania ?# ? j, *i, -1, <>a ib? lut .*4aj 'a? I .am a b'? airnal ? ? ?m**4 t* a?" at no* a# tb* bank in* n* M* t. ti*i m tb* kiki b* mm ?S?r** a <] *.>t'? o ? ?!,. ' i M' i - ?? r? r*fa?*4 la *aM A|a l hi M<">4*jr b* itba ii 4 ta a*li tb* m**#f. bat Dai* ktxiva ab bar b* a aa.- o* that i*| ** ai H* mm m-u at ta* I. <#?* < ???* Iwa a* M ?U| ***aiai an I II *M **n t! 1*11 ?| tbaaa ?!.., 'r*itii-ai. n ii a barn*. ?>.*? b* a*4 a u**iia?abta aw*. at af t*?r.*r bi.mi*r **? a*** aftaf Mali. #r*a n? ??# ?H i* *at p. it*# f a ?...?? th ,a ? a* ?no** *at'4 lot-i* tl>s Ur?*f aj*rr l ia* a* b*4 ??*i f.ioi * T i*? !?f m mt af WV* ?.* i*f>. if* ?, r?M at A#* *a * . ta? ***at*| ?* Iu**4*? n. 0*1*1 ?i > a it aa*/ b*i* i/*?o k- ia*m?4 "tbai b* ? ?Hofl tli l?m la a ?bofl 11*1* .0 . abi'?, b* aa? a**>r b?ar I af Mi /*?? f? ?*???*. M* W-4f -4 tb* BMf> .It IM b"f ** HM flWI ?ti# I.#4 ti**?4?i a .in i, , ??,?! ,t ? a* It na ktat tbat lb* aba** f*,?? ?*. Ia*m*4 Mr t ra ** ?1 Lb*? lb' 4*a~***4 u*4 *r at k- I k.ia a.. ( |MM r .? <14 b* lt,f? a l* ia<4<.<r? It It .. kt ?* U *1 i lia 4ta**i oa* a ? ?*r ift af l* I <* *aaa ??**?? ba*H l? a**.a *1 ba* *L ? at In#* . lb* I. .* -a ? . lb* ?*?t ,a*? *4 Mm Himm > ? '**? a?" ? M*M M '?? H"W* ? mmmif I4?ia i 4b**t '*? *?? ?? ? .??*-m% an* l ..... . . i* |. ? ? ,11 *?1 ? '?*** ii iaM *a ->? Mi ? f ?!.*??? * kt ?*?*. ?' I *? I .11#' '.#*.? i* b * ii < # a ? ? *? ? i** ? a a a a* 4. .**?*? tf *** 1 r. .*4* ** *-?? -? ??.**?. * ?A j r>, !>? * a> ,U*I ' ft lb* k*4| ?a# f> (4 fiaitti; ? a ? * ?' 4i 'l*<??t ?-a* t?,* *W* l*laNani a?K ' * * ?? b-'i*4 a* K>1.?*1 INI ? Hi *!?? b* *4 ?? #k *" u* | ?I !?,-* a a. *b Ml lata* * ?.??? * 't lb* ? -a.t '* in k**? at* ?? *?t ?<<- * (in ai at tot. *?i4ffM a*4 lb* f*? ' *1-i ?. .4 4 11*|*4 i lUi K f'l briiar* ?? itwr t?r*????"* ?? I4a? Oe W*4a**4e| *a*re a# #t ' ? ?" ? ' *?"# ?f I ? r>l 4 hi a- t I ' if >'?? ?|M ?*#f ?i ? ? ? ? lUt ft# an ? ,'t a f it* ta<* K. i *t *? ?* ? ? *"| '4 '' ' i *. i, b.* | f**k ?HJaoat b*rt*( tb* " ?If #?*** *a l aaa 1*41*.* I* HI !???*?.? *iaii.M a *a ?aaa* *J Mm aft.'.** north euroim* mrnci. KM liiopi cmtiftimc. The I'MillullMtl An?<f?l Is ibo Mrlk ( aralta** l.*|W*Mir*~l>*lrlMlr ?<???'?? "? m lutaa M?ak*r, Ar. tUuaum, N. ft. for M, 1MB The Brat attempt lo evoka taglalaura acuoa ou iba coualuuiionel ameudmabt tu lb.a Hiale >M made u. day Id the i?oar II ,<iom *' l'|M, itMit|iriwnttiir*friin Rafhorford ? ounif, OD uBi'uiuiiimnai 1,'o.ou Iiian, toUoduied I be iilbjo'l di Mo lonn of a raaolmiou, toil *e< coded it lo ? OH*1 patriotic tpwi n Hi| language l>oll to ehaiue Ilia dlaioyal ?, ?i?, ,(1D1K1| uf the puna govern men! live rttaloi-oo ear aa follow* ? Keeolvrd thai u i. tha aaoOa of tBia Hooee ibal th an* la pmi*oai d 1 ? the l.on*r..r of ibe I until '?u.i.r er 00 amwdieein to Ilia rocd tatton of lha reran, known aa Um Howard muaiulutaM .a l on,, la 14, rhoo.d la ratified by Ibo lieueiai 4m* idMj of N'-ilb t eroiiae now arm* or a* u,,,, Mr boa40, Id oil no* th- NmIuIiuo, u d lhal llto tab tact waa of paramount imperial- ? Congcm ?a? m?ui lo iimI and tli no Id bo inform*-*! what North Caroline in Coded lo do. If It wae iuleud*"l to i am or to reject M, lei it bo ktiowo Tba time had rotor for ai.ou . * < hao?o Id the ooiiatiluilon, and bora au ainradmeat war pi* a. Died. Ha brld that tllO h*BI eoclioo of lie proponed anieudineui cooiarred do am* power* 'ti the uouraiia tloa. Tlie ? < *>od arctlon met U*a euieigen y i-rah-ie lb? M OM prrrenled MMhIMO al ? ?t. Bg Iba nrivlrgea of lt? rltinaoa, Ihia ooe gave ihnn oat*lrul of Ilia Miiftrago ifuaeiMW. H**a<?eiiy one ?| p *?*?*! lo >1 *la 1 laird blliiaair uer'ti OOTllj lo far or Of Itaaro ai-Braa* Tba third aorOoD prraeaud tha gnat d.Bealiy II* frarod llial gentleman rtiuld Out rtae alMivo aalflab ? * a aldaraliaaa The eriilua ouvarad aad baooed lniti.*-lf a wall aa otbera alio had bald eSro under K r cuaiada rary , but l>a waa willing to aular lolo <d>l|galiaus Darn lo bold or inik ' Hi- a again, if by (hat act ha could aac.orr ibr r.-aturei >*u of iba Hi ale lo bar former paailtao la tba t'aloa lla thought fuithar aat-nDraa nh me Dart uf iba (aDllamaD of the body would land to tba honor and pn?p?n|J uf Ilia flair Ha dapra- al'-d tba thought which UDWlfli gtf ror. rd Itaalf <i|tuu bun, lliai tlirra war* preaenl aiau au darp dyed in guilt ibai ibey f.-aril ibla amrDdmaat aooid rorarar aicluda il.riu iron* ill. a?for which aalfab am enterali?u Ibry oppoard Ibrairalraa to Ibo loloraota uf the Hiaia aod pouwta Id < ? ?urimion, ba appealed lo lh*-m lu aarriilre a I ula otoie and atd in raatorn.g atOOra and foiever tba bariuouy of iba glorioua laatiUilloaa ua drr whli-b they bad rub au long a race of prooponly ood bappfuaaa rna areoLtTMiv urn-aan A motloa waa mala to rofar Iba ruaolutioB 10 <ho Com milter on UlO Coualilulloua! Amendment, whlrb pre vailed by a vole of 93 lo Id. Oo tba goal euro, wbaa lha report of lha rominlltee la praarnird, iba l'un>n roan a* Bt to ratty a vote of about Iwanlt firo la Iba biwai taa and all or aaveo mora id Iba Maoalr 1ND1AH AFFAIRS. VfOAl COMlSFSaOfBCC Of TIC IKIU10. Unprndailaae ml tb* Indiana la Nebraahe I apt urn ml a New \ mrk >lau. On ran Marram', Fiftt Hu m Herniaw*r or I I orrontroon, Mmili Nor It, IMS ) i liara lieve hai a>N different raid* niMli an ll>? ireveiuag public atroae Uia plana id ihia locality aiibio lha laat moaih, and eaeerel bead of iu> k hare beea stolen l>y ibe bnetrle ladlaaa, ?ho appear la b? patiiaa anna ibao eeer Among thaaa raptured aaa Mr Jnerph tannine. of Hrm Tork oily, routrm tor on lb# I'atua 1'mlfl' ((abroad, and tbree uf bw luan, a bo arte a<il |ni?|arllo| lu Iba Republic ? irmu lor timbre In.a of bla man notepad by rr.npiuiiug a (Ml boiaa af ? ? i easing f'eadlllea mt Ml* Hyper tflaaaarl aid klaya Trtbne Tardlaoea mt iba llaerraweai la ifar dnrmlaa lia frawlaaa Traaklr Aallrlpalid la I tiaaunrare, A r. Vtwaimia Mom 9 I MM Tba foHoeiag aaa raraieed to-day by Iba laetma ba teau fruiu (local aoe Kalk ? Cava I'atM una, Dnoii Taaerttme, I I'd 30, if* ( Tie I haea tjte bonne la mrbtalt toy mumble iap?.#i, for Iba tuunlh df raiobar, l*dd of IM OWdfltMl Of tbe t'ppae Miaanurl aad blob a ladlaaa. uadce my ?i.erge la tuy report far Mae maatb of Maple ruber I et.'ed Ural f frarad dtiAaulty Might ha tba of it.e ti?o ateital of tbwr etiBuiitaa la eta* of Iba tateaead of iba u-uda I Ibao thought It improbable I bat Iba pee da v?uld nrrlpn by boat, if at all. Ibta tall, Iba ktw wage af wlie tcadar ing nat (gallon of tbe I ppae Mleeo >fi tMpraet'able A 1mm da/a <a feraratdtiig that report tba aa uuitiaa alluded ia/Head at Tastaioe la ? uarye ..? a epauial agaat, aad a abort dlatoaaa aboea Yabkiaa tba boat mat ?l\b aa aorMaat, abn b trill delay the del.rare of tba gooda at tbe proper petata aa* ae lira cnli Tba Indiana are note aU eat no ihair fall I. .at. liaeibg bran mlt eml by mm antes Bra at or a,eke > not tu fail la prueld ng Ibair usual elalet eu| pi. of meal, liy walling fur tbeii aaaalllaa. ar>a"eaiaa ahieb I aaa auabi* la ga.a aay laferraatloe. 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