Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Aralık 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Aralık 1866 Page 1
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.1 n THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,050. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 1, 1866. PRICE FOUR CJ A B. '<:-??? WILLBll PAID ONRBTURN OP THE . note*. Ac.; tn raluoloaa ?*to to th* ow*?r. rofti-yyM HAVE TOO MOVED Tor ADDRBHB INFORMATION WANTED?A8 TO THE WHERE 1 aboutaof Mm Stoap, wlfaof $e Ute Berulumi 8to*n, who fomarly N*M In Baal or Bouth Brooklyn Pleaaa ad dress iJTroeemuicaUons to Aug. Aufarmann, ? Bionenge plaoe, Mow York. TF MARIA WILLI AMU (COLORED), WHO PROM 1 toed to name to Mro. A. whenever ike wonted her. will rnrnma now eyrything will ko aatlafaotory. IF THE OOACH DRIVER WHO ADbRBSHED A NOTE to morale* etreot ysntorday (Prlday) will ooll on Jm J r ColweU, 111 Broadway to day, between II end 1 o'clock. or to-morrow (dun day J, at 8? Third avenue, he will be libe rally rewarded end protected. Madame baker-letter for too. port oDco 0, 6U0 Blath avenue. /"hNLV FRIEND IN THIS WORLD-WHBN WILL THIS V7 hard time t<e over 7 Your*, MTfllll.BR SIX CENTS.?WILL THE OENTLEMAN WITH WHOM the Overcoat waa left laat week for all centa phew coin ran n tea te with J. Saalth. No. IB Bleeekor etreet I gTBTKAN-flATCEDA*. DECEMBER 8. IRENE ipo ADOPT.-ANT RB OPE (TAB LP. FA 1 to adobt a fla*. healthy female Infant, a/ldranalng Oowanna, Herald oBee. FAMILY WI9HIVO oan have auch by YOU AGAIN DOUBT ME. WELL. I SUPPOSE IT '? Jnat, but far what reaaon t do not Know. Were you a* true to me aa I am to yon I would have no cauee L> iluuhi you. SNOWDROP IWATKIMOWIAL. Aforeion obntleman or noon family wtehea lo enrreapond with a lady of good ed icalion anil a capital of 1111,000 to 130,000; oojaot matrimony. Addrr*>. JtidhoBp W? Herald office. UNT AITO KOI-YD. DOO LOST-RE WAED.-ON WEDNESDAY. NEAR Fortieth atroet, a while Pointer, with yellow spots on hi* head; auawara to the name of Don. A liberal reward wJU be paid far hi* return to 3G8 Madlaou avenue. IflOUND?A POCKBTBOOK. CONTAINING A SMALL r amount of Money, which the owner can have b* catling at the Great American Tea Company, 31 and :*B Ve*ey street Found aoTbay-a bav mule, with habne*s on. wh Irh the owner cuo hare by piorlng property and pavlnir expenses, by applying at 83 Willett alrvet. before 7 o'clock A. M.. to J. P. Mark/ LOHT-A WALLET, ON FRIDAY MORNING, NOV. SO, on Morrla and Eaaex Railroad, between Moutrlntr and New York. Contained a aafa key and some mem ir?ud? nolea and draft (payment a topped), and quite an amount or currency. A amtabln reward will be paid on return of con tent*, and no qucaliou* naked. Address W. P. 1... box 4 UJ4 New York Poalefflcd. Lost?on thanksgiving day. on ninth aye nue, one pair Gold Spectacles. The Sndar will be re warded If left at Edaar A Co. a. PAS Ninth avanua. LOST-SHIPPING RECEIPT BOOK OP THE GREAT American Taa Company. The Under will be liberallv reward*d by lejylpjj It at 86 and S7 Veaay atreat. I HHT?ABOUT SH P. M? ON FRIDAY EVKMNO, IN ' J a Rroadway atage, a small black Leather Bag. The 8nder will eoafer a favor by leaving It with the etarter of the Madison avenue stages, Wall alreet ferry. T OHT-A BADGE. NO. *. BELONGING TO AN IN Ij iterance patrolmaa. The Sndar will please leave It ut 1U Dub ti an cot, and receive the thanka of the owner. WM. REDMOND. LOBT-SS KF.WARO-LADY'S qoi.d aNd BLACK <>ojx Hreaatpln, single pearl lu ornire. Sgure eight on loalde, round ahapa. Return it to too Weej Twer^t}-flfth at. Lost or btol8N-this week, fi.too. in two isou National Bauk and oae ?100 legal tender note*. A lib e *1 reward will be paid if returned to E. Burns* A Ron*. 104 Jehu at reel. SI-BAYED PROM SlIIP OTHELLO. PIER H, LAST rlear, a large black Newfoundland Dog. with leather collar. A liberal reward will be p*M If returned a- above. $? REWARD-FOE A BANK BOOK OF BANK OP ? ' America w .11 t>* paid to any on# returning It to 84 Lib erty auaei. Tho owner* name la on it $r REWARD.?PICKED UP, ON THE AFTERNOON ? ) of Ner. 30. a amall Black and Tan Dog Pup; left ear lope over; Answer* to the name of Mlo. Whoever ruin the dog to 178 Lexington arenue will receive the above fx REWARD,?BLACK AND WHITE WWi DOG i) ic?i In Madlaon aquare, on Friday a*anleg; reium ir We*t Twenty-fifth a^reot. No qnejljon J Cadi. djOA REWARD.?LOST, ON T|tE USTH OP NOYEM ?PiU brr. en the corner of Bleooker alreet and Broad war. a Black and Tan Slut, anaweriag to the name of i.ol*. Whoever will return bor to *0. ? Dopau row, Blocker alreet, wf!l reeetv* the above fewaflV ? ?- ??avow- ?? * ~ " ~ " " A - A REWABD WILL BE #A1D POR THE RI ?i)Yv of Mateelc Jownia, taken from tko room John s Lodge No. I, K. and A. M., Newark, N. J., and no ?(iieatlonb "ak?jJ. FR0F08AI.8. pRiiPORAldl FOR INmANfJ'JOlJK. Drraimurr or tna Inreaiua. t Omen er tweux Arraia*. , U aeuiXrtyojt. D. ?V November Ml, 1N40 ' Sea'.stl proposal-. eudora?J ' Propoaclr for Indian flood*." will lie received a', the OIUou of Indian Affair* until llo'elo-k M .od SATURDAY, the 18th do* of December nail, forfnr alaldca, in the quar.tille* tbetelh given, th* article* named In Use following llgt. The proposal* lu ladlcale, In aopnrate colli una. at What puce apM article# will be delivered la New 1 Tor* otty, and at what price they will he delivered In "? Louis Mo. The good* to lie delivered at eliher plaee ai the ?cat of the eoatvMtor. MAi'KINAO BI AR OR DOMPRTIC. IW rnlr 8 pt. while Blanket*. 40*73 I ecus*, to wnlgh 8 peundr. t.fio) pair fig p* white Blanket*. Mi88 Inoboa. to weigh 4 pound*. aSOjalr l't pt wbRe Blanket*. 88x80*, to woigh TouOpalrtpt. scarlet Blanket*, 80*72 iaohea, to weigh" pound*. MM pair T\ scarlet R'.anVma. ttxd8 Inch**, to w*tgh 4 ""jS0 pair ? pt. graea Blank*!*, 40a7t inehaa, to watgh 8 TSyi" ppir I gt. Indigo Bin* Blankao, 80x73 Inahn. to "a Sbe^ ylr'J^pt. In^l|0 Blue Btoakata. 51x88 ineho*. to irtilr 1t4 pt Irdigo Blue Blaukus WvM inek*#. to wsigheVajr ? , ' * Dn?P.?TI0. - I Woollen bhawl* i pound* JJnak ThrwadT HMMBM Krdnd. ley Red Op Caipy. be Drilling iruwn DrtHlng. - Led Strip* B*" lick t * (super RaUnet (HMiDR lOOOO vard# ftnrik ; for taiits KOPBEI clash- Hard*\Rfc llMdoMD b**t eaat aieel Axea, from 3 <0 ??( pound* with - ndjet idOrioaen ha*l eaai Ntoei Half Ale* from 1 to 3 pcur.dv. ev iklAbdla* I 88) Osnip " rb't. assorted alr*a t flMI shoeThabrns "Vv Pan*. ??i dorrn Tin Pan*, J 4 and 4 guar', la agnal unantliles. siaad l.lkio for an iron Tabl* dpounA l OA< *<<tm Tli. Cup# ?> M?i 4?r?n|lbo*-h#r ffqlvea fl.|iwh blade I 'fjO doivn Klali fliaskv I*#*?vtert). vai Pish L'naa ass,., <?1 B ?stnplea of ail article* lo he forw*r<v?l in this offl, r will, its piopo'ala. and toe goods furnished In he equal In a'! r?sj? 's in urn samples so ' M# for ln*a than aa ontue Has* of th* arttelaa ape i. ? will t* nbnMdored. A 'I a") * ss r-italahad ondar rontraet wnl be rlgl I > o t, *. s.; and rotnparad with the aampl*- hv an agrnine's app tlnlsd tor that purpoa* Snoh aooda or arf'-l ? L, Ii sny rtMii e. t fall laeonfarm U< the sample will . s. i*t. add In that oaao the ooatr."-mr will he hound t? i nisi, other* of the r?iiitr*d vlad or quality within l>ve sis; or If thai bo MM done thsv wOI M purchased at Ma i f r l-avos u >rld be mad* for goods rwelvod on mvoh-oa ?#, u*, rrtlflail hy th# agon! or agents appointed to Inaperi W1- . . [. Tra rtgiil wl.l be f?>*erva4 Ut roqulre a araaler quantity l\nv *f ihe ariletes named than ihot apoHfled n, tho .?Nure ?nVd'tis. n<d S|. -ding three ttmeqth* amount thereof any "f ih* old*, or any parts thereof, map he accepted or ? I* en at i' r option <<f th,- department Vn hp s all) lie > una'damd from pemon* who hove fb'lnd I rotrp'.v with ihe requlr'm*ttta of a forma* iwiitins t with t nhe I flialas. o in* all! lie ennpitorsd that diMta not VTVirn.r ir ? with ths followji.g requlrrn-sid* - > rdsasl- mnat ooit rsi-e thd arlMea wilb the unantitiea f of. ? sot f'W*b IB 'he shove arhs.luls it ' h the press .axs I in e#<-h. and the sm<>"n:s' ho rarri-d , in and Inoted IP. ? '.'.ass to he sepsrato.'T sla'ed . od footed in Lot p !???# and amotinis ptuat he *u u,.on wlthmtt any modi 0 ? to or nroro-ssd itiod'flra l"ti wbsiavcr mi; osal# should he s'lhtfilled in the fullowtim form:?"I ivs. I sr-bv propose to furnish ths Ind an impaffttnanl, fdl'ia 'n the te,ms of lb? sdtsrllabiunnl of thot'omnila isroi ludlai. Affalia dated November 11, I48f Iba follow Sir isitssl Iba prices thfii to *ITlva,l: ? (17*10 loaert lha s\i rrp isHu imil staid in tin las; paragraph o' 'hL a.lver. >. o#"t s?lrt Srlklss are to I* d?l!v#r*'.la el'har at haw pat I"*, lasti . ss iho CunimMniOuer of Indian Aflaim rkv r.n r,r hntnrs the Jflth dav of February nn?l, *"d, hr. i o! rami ha ^tsLki i (or w?i win, wlihl'' fro day* *f or. ovssrnis a .??trart ,ervtv4'nglT nd el' a a*rartty >.fai lory to lha ? 'nmmtaatonar a| rod gn Affklm for 'he . ..I ul per'ormiben of the nam* " .1 it'poeal must be aenrurpaoisd hy a guar# a tan In Hie l?a'ng m -m, to iw signs* hi tan reap-malnl# pettona snfTlc ??-y must ha nertldod hy a VblMMt Riales Judge I r*< t a "#?nay. ' * - hatsbf enaMully and ssasrslly guartnta* that tha btdt.'sr oy 0 ddarti. If a onutraot shall be awarded to n 'pan> i *?n>rding to his (ay ihalr* bid or mnpnaal. "".'"i'sT'ssS,*'? *'"'"8h?tlF. and Hvo thr roqutatt# 1 -7 "O Of lh? aatp' *a pre. bee If C Pad^mmaiH fc* pKpownla far fndlar apoda Ld Nw "0**[ *? v*; end la th* evont of hla toi Ihntri t ra ?t O 4AW" V?r rby sgra* and but* nursalvea our L' earf of (ha JAjirart, with isltraZ ii\ . ? aa < fl'sl. at AllrnwA mr/kvcnoi. 4 GRADUATE OJ TIIB UNIVERSITY OP CAM Pie, alv&prlvMO tastnicttog to Olaaetci MAthematlcs. Phi ^l&m. THE CNIVvfRBlTIES, Ac. Highest references. Address or Apply to CANTAB, Boom No. 9, University Building, AT gJO - PKNMANBHIP. ARITHMETIC AMD BOOK keeping lessons, unlimited. Grammar. BpelUng end fWIP 8 BusHiessVoltogea,avowtry end Pu^Seffeet, Brooklyn, opposite the City Hall. A BUSINESS EDUCATION.?-TOWNSENDii OOMMER eiel Academy, MS Bo weir, Private Instruction, day end evening. In Bookkeeping, Writing Comma role) Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling. Qrammer, go. Apartment* Tor Udlee. No elaeeee A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION aH VIBITINO OR resident governess In a private family: U competent to teaoh ihe English branches, mnvlusnd French. Address A. L., Herald ofBce. Add applications for teachers, schools or . pnplla answered Immediately by sddrraslng the nation al Teachers' Institute AKI Broadway. Teaebara wealed for every department or aa educational correspondents. Bookkeeping, writing, go., fob business. Mr. DOi.BKAIt. *<? Broadway, toadies Bookkeeping practically, as used in the best New York houses. Ha also remove" atllfnets, cramping or trembling from the worst Hard, and makes elegant business penmen. J [TRENCH CONVERSATION AND LITERATUBB?BY Frufe?sor Parialn. diplomats of tbo Catholic University n Loura o and >'ormn| Scnool of Fault (teachers school). Tuition warranted la throe months. T Bond street. \V ANl'LD-A COMPETENT TEACHER OF FRENCH Vl and lenvlng ?'a inllilnry post Addiese Army. Herald office. *rT" ~ MPORTISoT A BTRAM propeller yacht for ?ale-fifiy T c'glit frrt long, ten feet beam; al>oui lire months old: boll: 01 oak and copper fastened: bss accommodations for eight perrons besides the crew; Is well found In erery re spect. Apply on hoard at foot of East Tenth street. Double ousb. si->. ?is. $20. ?*> ?to sin ?f? SMBi s'so sTsiletr ol Fishing Tackle. Sent by express lo order bv J. A .1 BRI'WII, 181! Bowery. A lew second hand Double (Jims. ANIKL Poster IS ROOSEVELT STBKEf HAS ALL the choice breads of lings: Poster s Infallible Mange Cures and Flea Exterminator, 73 cents. Medicines fo. all discuss" D FTR ANOIH BI.'TLF.n, NO. H PECK BLIP, haw ALL niR choice breads of Dogs. Butler's infallible Mange Cure and Lies Kil?m?lnstor .Scants. Butler's new work 6ft ITiA Dog, 9k. Dogs trained boarded, go. Medicines for all dis ess?s. -a- -- - fr IjTO R SALE?Tit K KLOOF YACHT NAUTILUS, 47 " feet long, J* loci beam, rnnnin,: ngglng and sslls new last .tune Cabin I urirturr all in comp ete order. Apply on board, footer Conn aireer, Brooklvn. Captain DAVID H THOMAS. TOIIN (IP.AY, 11 ROOSEVELT STREET?HAS FOR *1 sale NcwfouadUnd Dog . Bull Tenlars. small Black nuil Tan, Scotch and Kkya Terriers, Splla Doge, email Poodles, as mil Italian (iravhnuode, ge. KOB.SRB, CARRIAGES. AC, A GRACEFUL AND HPTRITED LITTLE SADDLR Mare, never broken to the shafts, oan bo bought for 990 Apply Immcdlatoiy to MATHER. 114 Clinton place A VERY HANDSOME PAIR OF DAPPLE GRAY llorsea foi ail* about 16 bands high, six years old; stylmh and gentle. To be sold cheap. Apply in the confer, tionery, liftj Broadway. 4 NE * KI.V NEW SQUARE BOX WAGON. HARNESS j\ and HI mket and Robe for Sule. Apply to UKKKY OLINHMAX. Jr.. 104 Canal street Bargain. - iust from canada. three _ closely ms'cbed Teams of lieavv built Canadian Horses, 1.1 hamK five vaars old. A1|0 a saddle Pony, very cheap. All must be sold. 4dft Pearl street. Afliw iinRsTTw can be kept through the winter, lu good oyx "lyii", at tne hi ceding fsrm of ihe subscriber. ?i Copste Hie stand or .lupusri. Particular at A A sold tertian paid to loood mates. Inquire at 111 East Tenth ?tree;, between Broadway and Unlvoralty place. Mahogany bay morgan horse, is,1* hands high 7 yejrn oid; kind la single or double harness, and nil si-rogot of les'ng his mate. Apnly at statues llBand 117 Wes, f weuly-'.^jiyl street. CTAJtlti A ?JC.4, carjuaoK" > GI'f.Al REDUCTIONS in PRICKS 81*1 1 on SALE. ItU SLEIGHS. *? HARNESSES. LOW STRAPS SLEIGH BELLS. c. Wl r I T'S Car.*lsgo Warerooms, Proadway, tlelr Blecoker strye^. CARRIAGE AND sLlfuitl ROBES, IN GREAT VA ilfly a: gibsilv redn ed ptlees. Call before purchasing. HUUK L. 4ft# Broadway, sad CAOCPK L GIIT bl/.F AND rASHIONABLE. WITH ) Hurra anu Harness -A bargain owner leaving the city. Inquire I.lNE A Mt.MAIION, colon place stable, Union piece. ? tTO ACHES AND OOUPEB.?WAMPJID, A CLAHKMCE J frobi > i.ijw must bo uearly now. fashionable and light and In good order Address (', P. P., box 1,140 Poet office. For sai l-a pair ok superior coach horses bay. loog toils, eseellent travellers, perfectly sound snd kind. Appl > in H M. G \RK Nineteen ID street, near Irving plat*. rjlOR HALK - I wo H0H8E- and TWO TRUCICB, WITII ' en eeVrb'.ahn.l '?r nj hti.inr?a A4<1ma? Kdwarde, Herald ?BK? El'ifc <Al,n: ? ?~At!t OK K .K'iANT DRIVING HOUW. f Hottl ?n<l ooip'etA To bti areu At Wall'* nlAblne, "I rotirlh inmiA L^OR ? tl,K VIIKK > <0.00X0 p in good 1 ..Miilug uidrr. Apply at FORM Ml^I'ADK A CO 'S atablne K?. t? -?bn A airmt and Slllh avanua FAOB BALL A ;.PaN OK CARRIAGE HORHKg, 16V bm.dt llgh.hit.iTn Ion* till*, good ilrleeri and eoutxl. Piwartf o( > |>riii|na4ii. ado wM for waul of n?e. Price $W0. Aauien Stable, tool ldT> Naw York PoAt oilier. For malc?a small natiD'.k horhk. can rr mum At ,1-htn 117 !.??? I hlrtr eighth aireet. from ? Mil U. 1,1011 lAI.K-A MtJIll CURTAIN QUARTERKD r CnA'-b; But tain nrd-r. RR' WKTER A BALDWIN, 7 UK Broad*ay. comer of Tenth ?Lett yOE AALU-A VJjRT MO.'IT LANDAl', ON PLAT r rorm ?tr'i,p*; good A' n?? Rn'-WVrtR a Baldwin, tv> jLoadwey. _ - vm: ?r fc? Fk?b hale -a vert hanTmonr and dTrf.ifiH ?Addla llo-ee HIV l,*nd? blf to; will too aoll muob bdlow real value; bound atd I0o4 I trim;" A? prlAAtA lUlilf, M Wnet Ko' O A't' ? tragi. neat toemntb LWA A SrBtoTANmL. HANDNOMB ROCK r awaj J"?l "OOU put is pmTont orjjr. luqulieat Bra dlou Qtablae 1 in Eighth a'.r'n between Fifth and Rich AWM*. ?? ?v> ?' ??atAEgywyB. -4B" *_ * ' 1DOR HALF. CORA^?TWO LH1HT ROAD WAOONB r i.narlT now . aIao 00* ttler I (tot Cutter Melg b. all clip mad*. Apply a1 ?( Naaaau (tront. itorhi. pop ?Ai.K-rirK tbarhold. hound and ri klDd Rt tot grew or h.n.bvr buftneea Inquire at Si flrel A*niiun TTORRRSKEPT rilROUOII T IK WISTBB.-ADDREnH [1 Oncer I.looilev Omen Village. Rorr ' ' Boraau A Parker, ftO Wo*i ftmet. W. T. H Oncer I.ln i?l?? Oman Village. Rome county, N, J., au A Parker, <80 Wo?t timet N ORtOJj gOARDPirFOR THI WIXIKR Apple o 'AMBB R WIL SgY F.vFN HI'N ?Ale?ii ap Apply at root. Horbk BLANIKIW HCTALRD AT WHOLBBALR prim. . ft OABTBKLL, ao fourth Arenua I WILL KK.LP. ATA MODKBATS CHABOB, A HORHR I 'or the nistor, in my ??D j'iT?Alo Atatole. 10 tallea from city. Addiea* V. I., Herald ofllne 'jvi LRT?A LtROR BBICB HTABLK. M KBK.T I Front Alt!? two iofta orerhOAil. raor of M t?ndam atient. Arply Ir, ROIU'-RT MAULAY. " CedA' AtrArn T? IILNT-TWO HfAI.I.H AND AMPLE < ARH'AOF ? ' commo<DttODa In a pnvAte alable in I totitAontl, atrent. ...I UnitrrailT plaoe Aifdrnaa h-?bin. hot IM NOW York Puat 'ifltre. T> ItAlLRiiAlt CAR PHupriF.roRH drod good TP hhif lliirtv Collara for ? ? tttoeCoIlAi Mao 1 fa (dot. d: ll;r?u? O WANILD A HAUL UN IN A ?'Al Ol To! N'i, ?? Aetiod, ityltato llnrtOa, Atonut in minulea; wtto CcopA Vie orla. Wagon B ,(ga. A- , In pend < odlUon Add'eaa with partlrttlari .intT?*m?? prtnn. f or ooe wen k. hm I Aid poat onto n U*ANTED- A Tut til HAT HORSE about It b*ud?. ,,of pony bull1 Irarel tQ lie no faneor Priea. tildina. oaac<iblnc akadn, ptloe. Ae.. W H hot t Ml oat offien XD ANTRD-A "ITLIMH MAHDLK. HORHK. Af A ROD it mat* eri.w Addrea* w ito pt <?. O If Herald offies W iMKIi. t t'oUPK RoCRAWAY, HECOND BAND, IT to 1, it'lle need. Addreaa boi I IM .N V PoAt odi, *. wltb doaenptlor and ptIre \V'A>TLI?-4 1 OITpp RIO K AM AY. I.N QOOD IT nri'n, ala moderata arlre Addmaa atatlng pri'-O tool J M roai oflira. 11* ABTED A t'l. vltKBCK FRONT COCEB ML'HT HR II tiearl, new Audio fra.d .ondltlon, wllh atoalU and pole Adnreaat. P.. h,,| I ,tO I'.wt odlen ?mUlAli tOTII RI. Orricr. or ihr Atlantic rail btf.ambhip ' AO,pane No I Bnwligg (.men New York. No*. Ik lAdd, - gy order of the Board of I>1m-ar>r?. Aotloe ta toemtry Cot, 1 Hat In "onaeniieAre of 1 ton n|, etloft AppainWd lo bore m held >,n the Klh of NnT'wtoer Inathhl. not baelna been hotol puteuenl to aneh nppolgtmaat. no elenioA of olnd dRer-lore of th,e ?owpeej and Ihree lAepOPiora of the nail late a aa elortng PreoMooL AM /awmA A. he Trtuteea ?*? IdflOO Qloe|! Walkor, f am cyma Irertwn Hipw PviucA rium. I AM PHYSIOLOGICAL TTBW OF warbiaoe-oon-| ? mining noarty MO payee and ISO fine plat** f.^?dr4^^7Gr,Mb^ir-mD rabt# cmmmImoM upon the uihl aai bod* with the mubor'a plIS of^tm.nv-lhe only rational ...5 ...<?? ?.,ul , mode of euro, u shown by lb* report of caaea .teated A truthful adviser to tbe ptarnad end thorn contemplaUng | mart-lag*, who would know then physical OMdltloa- Bent, ^?oy^up.,to*0yr^,oo ^BUrf ft-teaum,* KiaHOTB AND Dmynj^^NfTuDINO^Itl^H Potter, Hopklaa. Dli, ryng, kinlih. Newton. Co*. We*ton, Huntington, Myblenoei'g and Vinton; alto HVIt Dore, artl?t, Kate Batoinan, Ootreae; King and Queen of 1'ru ii*. Thlero, the ataia-man. with artlolea on the organ Ja?**? _ ?? O UKII, tlltJ BUOtr'UIIIII, WIIHWt Character* of Sheheineare, Eduoatloo, by J Soatatfi Suffrage, walking, Kb* king Hand*. A Natural Life, HoaUn, Bleep, Oeatii, In DeeetnEsr P BRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL. Pictorial Double Number Twenty cent*; a roar, St. Nowaaen hare It. Addreax POW LEB A WELLS Sell Broadway. _____ Make bcre of it.-thb phrenological JOUR NAL for Deeaniber contain* fine portrait* of Dore. the great French artist; Ihe King and Queen of Frnaala. twelra distinguished American clergymen, Mtas Kale Bale man. with blograpbiea and sketch** of character. Also a boat of interesting matter, including What la Kdueatlou ? by Jobn Neal; Characters of Kbakeapere; Falseness of Society; Thlera, the French Statesman; Ourang Outanga. An. Only SO centa; $3 a year. Now la i be time to aubsoribe. Anew volume begin* with the neil number Addrci* Fewler A Wella, No. TN" Broadway, New York. B RKL.1UIOCS VOTlt'CS. A CARD FROM REV. CHARLES R. ffttYTB. Rev. Charles 8. Smyth pieaenta hi* compliment* to hi* frltnd*, A. P A., F. A. A. M and to all the root of the thouaaode of moat intelligent and respectable persona? lad tea and genlletn-n?who flocked to tbe Cooper Institute to bear hi* *eootid lecture on "The Naked Truth." ta*t Sun day allernoou. but could noi gain admltunoo. He feel* that a long and ample apology 1* due in them for the disappoint ment but beg" to a-aure them that the causa of it did not II* with htm, and beg* further to *dy that he will leetarw on "The Life Chnraeter and Drat'or of Jefferson DarK" *t thoCooper Institute. usil Mondav evening and will on that occasion evplaln f ully the cause or the u-appointment. Ho hope* to be able tl*o by that time toannounr* definite ar rangement* made for the continuance or Sunday afternoon torture* regularly, and without lularrnpHon, In a respect able and commodious hall. Am- saints' oilmen, corner or iienbt and Sosintnel ?lreel?. -The Rev. Mr. Morrla will in each In the evening, service* commencing at T( o'clock. The public are Invited; I,BECKER STREET UNIVERBALIST CHl'BCH, corner ?f Downing etreet, P.av Day K. I.*e, Pad Of.* at 10\ AN, 7kg P. M Subieet n? lo monow even ing'r lecture, "John Calvin ae a Christian Leader." CNkS^KTT PRflftvffijflAN 1*11 CRCH-HAVINO RIf j moved from Broome atreet, meet for worship at Lvrle Rail, Forty seventh atreei. junelloti oi Hroadwav and Sev enth avenue. Preaching by the Pastor, liev. James B, Dunn, at WW A. M. nud ,P M Evening subject. ' fbu House of Inleipreter." Sabbath School at 2 I*. Y l'e*toi'a Bible Cla** at 3 F. M. CTHURCH OK RESURRECTION - THIRTY-FIITU J street, neti S.ith avenue, Rev. Edward O. Tlagg, D.D , Rector, will pre?rh morning and arenlti * In ihe evening the second o'a couvaa ol aermoiis on the "Prodigal Son." CtHBlBTIAW <'0PROH -TWENTY EIOHTH STREET. ) near Broadway. Service* l.crd ? dav, December 3, at lUVd CM and 71% P. M. Preaching by the pastor, Prban C. ilrewei. Baptism In the evening. Ei-der kn*a pp. Tin; celebrated revivalist, will pi each in the Blnomtngdaln Baptist church (Dr. WeacoU'ej, aouth aide ol Forty .eeoood street, between Sev enth and Eighth avenue*, on Kuiulay *1101* A. M. sod 7X P M Also everv dav nail week eierpi Saturdar at 3 and TJi r m. FRF.F. CHURCH OFTUE REDEMPTION. EAST FOPR teenih alreel between Third and Fourth avenue*?Dl fine aerrfce every Sunday, at ;0 Vg A.M., and 71% P M. The Rev. Dr. iilgben wlll preaob to-in?,tow evening. IEOTURKR FOR THE JEWS WILL BR RESUMED IN J the Church of St. Mnttnlaa, corner of thirty-second atreet and Broadway, on Sunday, at 7}i P. M Nait lecture on "The Hope of Israel " by lie, llu Werdiaw All are Invited. VfORTR PRESBYTERIAN t'RURCIl? TIHR AN ly-first ?'reet and Ninth a . rnuu. Courae of I-cctiirea to Voung Men b, the pea:or, Ilcv. T. Street, at 71% o'clock. Subject Sabbath evening?"Menial Dlaupation." PRF.ACHINO IN THE FIFTIETH STREET I'KHsBV tr.rian " " " "" " b*r r man church hv tlie punter, Ker. Samuel II. Coy. Decent 'J at I0>% A. M.'god ^_rt M REV ROBERT KjMIKU WILL deliver a lecture befnre the Iinntar Memorial Mtnaionnry noclet-. at Ihe Macdougal street Hnittat cbuich, on Mi.uday u??i?, liecemberT. 1WIB. ai bal.-pu*%7 o'clock All friends ol ml I UN H DEM A BEST, Secretary KKV. TRBSHAM tiKEUO WILL (D V > PltEACll TO. morroK morning, afternoon and evening, at HOO Broad way on "Who to Ih* Last Day* may Lipid lo Escape ?? REV. o B. FBOTlilNUHAM PKKAI III 8 AT IMS Lburch on Fortieth street, between Fifth aud rtulh avenue*, every Bund-y, at 101% A M , and 71; I' M Subject on Sunday morning, "Eltraiagauc*;" eycttiug, ' I'be Post'? Creed." Beafa frc" In the evening. C"AMI'KL M. C'oX, dTd., will PREACH in the I" Waal Fiftieth alraet Preibyteriaa lAnrcH, near Broad way, Sunday, a* HP, A. M. nnd 1% r. M ST. ANN'n rRRK CHfRfH, EIGHTEENTH HTRKKT, near Fifth ar?nn?.?To morrow. tbo Ki. Rev. Rlabop Pollar will administer nonbrmailntj al ;jL A. M Rot K??l hura Benjamin will praarh al 10'k A. m., Ray Dr. <1*11* u dot at llFT M. and Bar Wflium CI. Hugh** at 7X T V Th* aflarnoun uarrbr will ba for d**f muTaa. SB. KNOW. TIIK MRBBKKdKH WIEt PRKAfH IN . In the rnlraralty, W*?hinaon aquarn, on Hund.y. at * P.M. Seatafi'8. H .oieyt?"<'hr!*t a* Propb*:. Prleat ?ml King I OT ttrfcPIIES'B KPIbAMPAI. flllH.II -REV O Joaapli 11. Prion. II. D., rabir, formarly Vuial ipainc at tha ournrr of Brooron and Chryatla atirata will hold dl.lnr awrrlt" In lb" hrcnrli "taurah, on Tw.-n\r ?emnd MM Fifth and Mlw aaa aa, awn Monday ai 1'i'a A M and 1\t IV M tin ?b" n?it Niind?y the re .or will p-aaun ai both ran |r?t. THE ItltillT KfcV. IIORATIO POTTER, U. II. RIBIIOP of New Tork, baa kindly .Mn-antad to irpaal thr aarinoa pr nacbad by him on Hun.lay araoing, loionNr II Tbla aermon will ba tha aavond tba ?n..irao on bahalf tka Saw Tor* Prolratan' Epi>r?pal Oily Mlat'ou M* rl?ly, and will ba praauhvd <D V i In Ht. T.uha'a Cbur-h. Hudaxi r'.raat. uaar OrOTa, on dundoy craning Deramber X Barrnr to cuiummoa at IX o'ebak A oollart'oo w'll ba mada for Nt Rarnabaa MM The Mr. on dkkmh pmraohm kvkrv nun day nooning In tba Oliapat of tba I nlraraliy Wa.h. lugton aquarr aer?lora to-morrow moriilng at II o'clock. Q1 | BBOaJwaY-Nl'NDAT MI.F.riN<i>l; *PaTS 01*X lira. QoaaUnnattF II ? "l? h?ppiaa?? 10 ba tha final ridi'if-n of all n-ankipjl) AI F X Iba Div.ndr offhrlat." Irt Snatnory a>?r> W' dnaaday aranlng. f'tivla orory fueada) a "ti.lif. Mai' .iur Inrltod. Koctuieg and |aa?una on PurOa /log) ere y Monday evenlnjp NEW a'K6 SfifekiMtJ jjirSOOYERV -NO MORE tootbacba afiar ualng riRTOir* orkat TOOTH al HE KEMRpT Tha ingrwdlaiKa omi".<lng ib>< ramady are of tba rnoal barmlaa* kind, and may ba uaad wnbotil tha laaat'aarol auy dolalaiKma afr-i. It L. effort .?r> almoal inai .i.>aii*oua and paimai.ant "lira, aa wall aa pro ranting aay ie*orit!ioa ol thai <1ep.ea?lng pain; naing tbla Inralunbla ramrdy '.?< ba aoldarfiil poarai of |a-arant!ng lla a*ar . ri 'irrl.ig "gain. Prl'-a Wl "atita a boftla. Ta hr bad al Kn. (t itn'ou pb?a and at all map*, labia drugglat*. t 1.1/ OKV HEaDDKR AfANTED ?TilK BKMT MAR ket piiea wl'.J ba gifrn Apply to P A II I.ORIE AKD, if 18 and 'Jfi fh-ir'-*r? at FHI d~KI.Lt ICR CRP.AM-BKMI IN IHE' IIT, ONLY KOccaia narojart. Farra frttirala. ?ooiaMao and (Ml r?fa fgmllja* fttn.Uh'd. Win nth aaanoa, naar Twauty. iblrd atraak and I.AM Rpiadway. fi (} t'EKI AIN, 1? RUB 1>K I.A PAI*. PARIH AMHItOblAl. ORf AM I "R SIIAV1NO. I'ABHIONABI.E I KRU HKb lor Iba handkarrblaf ? EAt' I.LSTRaI.E for tl.a hair. RAO Dr. < nEfulNK <P'*t nrallor. aprclab) TThf I"A TPBT I.AMrB-l AHIfA. DMr. -M [Ht!IJDJ Tf> I aaamuala aUh na prantlral man ? nr. rapltal. for Iba ayanalot. of our htulnao ? n>a'l w? olfar for aala parta ?.I our Kn> .(man I'alauia, and Iniba rlailora to iba I'ana H| .aiU ii of IMi . arbara aj a< a ha> haai, allnllad aai lo a> .mil.a our ltn| OTrman'a. ad'I.a iiol-iramanla ..Tarwd for iniaioaaa .n atirh plaaaora and aroa- may bo r..mbloaal fall, or aand for elnmlar. Jl Ell Oil.. AP Matdan !*na. N. V. IAtT.?A'OBNP.I.I I'd Ht-'JJI INil, firNBRELOB AT JltT 31 lluana. n.-ar f.'lialbaiw alrar' Al' l?a a ll ina. nlalma, divor aa. Aa., proaacnod or dA"-nd"'L No "ha, fa for aiaminalloo of .'aaa. >ABIN KXntBrriON IM- Kills ARTlM'fl A ?" 10 rii" ? aal'g ion? Ag"iila of tba Hr.tlal and A*i artrjn aaa.a>. ? ? a.1 ll ? r.ra ' I.' k ? pi ? ill "a bib tora Hunk and Ei"hanga llooaa arid Kaulo Agaota. < n.naiiai'on. Traual' Aganta and Wlna Mamhaiita F?ar? li/urmaiioi. grrl ? PI'BI.ItHr Ha KNQRAVRitB ANI> PRINTBR* - BK liaf I'UIM lor I'owai Pr??? 1'ilp-ing Mfia>l a..rrii. li.g cannot "impcta ?itl. our oria -?a of angrarlog fall and ?aa aampla* IIKNRV A t A.NDNKAKB. W Pullnn at. 1>AtHINH RAlnlNb. RAltlNg-Mt WROEK B?>*EN J V naw l'.yar Kulaiaa will ba aold at H :?! par la.t by V. D HAWKINB, No ^ \ >?y atrart at la o' Oidlagbw Markai. I T1IIKI MATIPM AND NKCIIaEeIA ti rPfREP j|, Of'aan ja*r? Aidarman Joarph fomlr. Pbilad" ptra. auradbyDi FIUai a Raaotnallr Krrar.|r ' if warrmt.lad or mooay raiurnad bold byprtO'ipaJ Raw York drugglau SHI VP. VDUB MONP.T.-BVKRTrHtNf? ? AN BK OH talaad ibro'igb tha Paiaao of la orrwanoo. Idn Pnl'on atraat,al a dlaenooL Eond aauh'ial.mania. angigod In I3u dlffaranl kioda of lioainaar bara J u?a.| iba Aaaonallan to Badt.oa tba I'oaMif El ring. ?ul|wlBaall aaaqrlnaa all mar cbandlaa, Ac , whalaaala or rwurl. or glra pruraaloruU awr rloaa at lowar rataa lhaa to a><f oibar ca fan ?raA air. aulart D N lil.M'iBE A.ipar.ntandaot. UTANTED-A WIIKBEKR a WIEfON WBTHIil MA. f T ablaa, for family naa. hal 'waa or rablwaA prafarrad Addraaa Edgar Tramama. ?? ,i D Nary.ok TKTANTBD TO PUB. 1IABR-A rB? 'IND IIAND HOf" ? Rotary PrlaMag Maabioa Addraaa J. P boa MM Horn id oBaa. auuag laraa, A ? K/l -!J?roBTAirr to hotpia and raHii-iPd? IOU Waat'a taproaad palom Manalaa Moo A and 10 ttkmtf nlaaa. if. T/ n?blrig. gaa (ftlng, lock and atoag ?raltk. boll baogpag EHaau rat to aganio witcm. LiaroitN. ?c. ZiBBAT HAHH4IN. I If A PR III BOBD I rQTOW w aoaalaMag to part of Cbalaa Wloaa, wblob I daaara ?? #oaa op at nana; wilt aafl tbaoa . boap far aaab or ataaaatp* far raal aalaM Oil* BDNRB, bamnaaat Hpaak. "rail BaaoBlra. or II n*m4 atraat. N. V. FINANCIAL* n^ICE OF THE BENNgHOFF RUN PETROLEUM y Co HMD}. No. SI Mr ?adw?y. N?w f*ck, No*. IS, lW ? The truMM or the Bun Fetrolautu Company b*?* thte day darUred a dMAwg ?T 9 per oaot on |h f Cpl Ul (took of the oempeuy from the net earning* or Ike com pany, parable on and after the Slh day of December. Tba tranafer book* wuThe aloeod frost lite 1*1 to Mb nf Dfun her. JAMES Mi'M ASTER, Secretary. THR MUTUAL LIFE INBURA.NCR COMPANY or NEW YON* on.c- rtimer or Broadway and Libert* ? treat F 0. WINSTON._Freeld*nt s'OV. 1, IMS. CASH ASSETS. $17,816001 m Thla company ieeuee Life, Endowment and Paid-up Holt flea In rart nia forma, and at ratee ae farorable a* le onat# tent with aecurtty. D1YIDNNDH ANNUAL AND IN CASH, which may bo ueed In payment of premium*, or on paid, up po'.lrie-t, a* an annual CASH INCOME TO TUB ASSURED Attention I* oalled to the INSTALMENT FEATURE, aaeorlngto the beneSetarle* iuinuHIm for any numhei i ana year* ariar the death of the aeeureit lUcHARD A. M.-TUBDY. Vie# Preeldent. SHEPPAHD IIOMANS. t,'Inert. ?IoVk m's^w.) CINRINDERFBB mining company.-a dividend

Cj of 1 per cent oo tint capital etock lie* been ileclated by the nueteei. from 'he net earning* of the mine*, the month of Oetob- i parable December 1, at the oBlue of the company. Tr,.nefer books closed from No??mh*r M to De cembers. 1*06 II. A. KHERRILL, TreaaurerlS Broad street UIXPgNNV 8AVIN0S BANK. ASTOR PLACE.?THE tJ Board of Director* are i ??epeetfully requested lo meet th.* i Saturday i morning, December 1. at the banking room*, at loti o'clock, to proceed lu a "Udy to attend tbe funeral of Thomas Snitill. late a Truatee of thte Batik Br order. J. S. 8LO/.N, Kerrriary TIIV. TEN PER CENT BONDS OF THE CITY OF HAN Franclaeo, tailing due In tbe elty of Ncvr York on tbe 1*1 of Deeamber. IMS, will be pr id In fold by LEKN A WALLER. Bit Pine rreet No Inter, <1aan be ellowctl *futr maturity of pund ^Nontaair* Ul. 160T _ a B'NlnN NAVIGATION COMPANY. NO. ?SOUTH WIU llaui rtreet, New York. N?r. ?1 IBM.?Notice la hereby giteu thai the Hon id of Dlieelora of tbl* oompany hare thl* any declared a quarterly dirideud of Are per oent, payable at the nsiee *f the rompiur >m and after DeeemberS. The tran*fer booka will !>?? c|,,b?d Monday, the -Dth tnal,. and remain eloa-d until December S. Br order of I he Board ut Director*. JON B. CHAPMAN. Hecrelary, VFrty iTWT75..~''' v NO. 44 WALL STREET. BANKERS AND DEALERS GOVERNMENT STOCKS AND COMPOUND INTEREST NOIIN CLOSINO PRICES. St* Yoke. No*. At, WM ^BufRell ) ln?. | mg. June,TikT ~ i|t*r!iof.>? itie |in0'4 lis IhhJ IISt,ll?V IIS llh'J ins Regi.teied.Kl llSVs'llS Llune, 7.H0 Coupon *1 . 11-lit lift [July. 7 3U 4-1* llegMiemt.'tB iodHilnttWlJou# C 1 Notea, <H vju Coupon,ISi |I'SaZ.lOSjJl 'July. do. M 0N>< oupon, '04.. Uwl 108VUAog.. do. '04 ... US Coupon, St.. 107 lOT'a lOet.. do. ..*?4 lid MOUou.'t*, ;ie?. 10e?r loev.ipe,.. do ?t 11# HMO KcgLteied I W1! 100 IjMay, do .. 65 III J HMO Coupon I OFK'IOO AOS., do ?T.l 110> Gold I41U141', 1 -lept., do WHO A...,. . -'MY ll.Rl/ 1. at til.) A/> Itt I?l1 US'* 111*? 111'1! no'; 1110 OSf) OCR WANTED?FOB BOND AND MORrOACK "f MSI) on Icaaebitld prop?rty. acid l**t for |tl.0i<l r>ay?bl. fstlU yearly. Addreaa J Winkler, bot IV, Herald o f-4M*AHTNKKNItlFM. AeWhKKLV COMMERCIAL PAPER FOR SALE yielding an Income of gtl.OOO to 06,000 prlee 06 raw ? ash Adilrera Fiotune. II Wild MM APARTNLK WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE FLOUR and pntaUiou aUjia; a man with 0f OQU or 0J.OUO ban have ? tt'.od , 'ianee Cu.ll at la**'- A, W*i" k S"" *, ** Na? ?Mat. __________ D" IS0OU*TION.-rHK FIRM OK MAYER A FgUCHT wrn*erl? thl* day Jiaaolred by mutual ? onaent. Th hooka of lu? Brut remain at the old atand BP Chatrbai* atreet. Mr M. IFeuebtw ,'iker la au'Jiorlrad te roller! our ' uittaediftf i-lalma and algn the n.yme of th* firm In Ht)Ul d itJo A F MAYF.R V;w You Doe. 1. IMS. M. FP.UCHTWANOER >y OVFMBF.R I. IkW -1HE UNOKRslGNLD H AY P. t formed a cdpaitne ahlp lor ih. wmpoaeof tranaerun* a bnnUnv. eicbanae and i ouiuilaah.n Iniatu'ao, under the ilrfn of I ,u,ea W T? ker A Co . No*. 3 8c,lt"' Pari*. Frame. JAMES W. Tf t TTEH. r aria, rrame. KDWtHO R. ANDREWS Rerrr rented toy FRANK W ANDKKWS, MB Waahlnitoo atreet, Boatou. Nolle* IN IIKT.PRY OIVKV THAT THf- COP naraMp bytnof.ira aarriod on uo.l?r th? nama <if Hti>i n, 'ir A Co ha? baon ihlt dby dl??<ilvad by mutual <">B PHII.IP HTF.HN. viumi \n uohrnhkiM. N ITH I N AUIBMIIU Ni a n?.>i , _* ((*/.. All Ok -.laiKTiic tl*l>i< on I nlii'iit* of iba la I* nootr- .laraVri Will baaOplod h? 411.HN A KOHKNHKIM Vo ? Park plane 1> n JOHNSON IMH THIH HAY AMOl'IATRD lli with bin. Nr. R < iinda anil will tmntlau- thn muon hnl'HWM'laala ?f tha IVnain Rlark I.nbd Roof Paint,Uo.lnr ? ba 111* aauio of H II Jubeaun A On., ?l 1?" t'narl riran' N'BW Toi a. for. 30. IIM fPM*" AIIVhKTINKK I'FVIIUd a I'AKINFK WITH 1 from SlO.OOn l? SBI.UMi raplul. In Mialdtah a naali buil naaa >m a b?*la pi?nludlii? lha poa-iMU'y of loaa and whluh, at all llwwa (and. la 'ariar during lln.aa nf prarrtira and iwnlo and lura o( laiga pr-.flia. Tar .drartl.rr, a pr.uni. man of bualunaa. *Tll guarantna m. ar. and raauaai Iriflar* no< to aoawer tlt.a adrartiarmaut N. H N . Ilrral. ndli-a. W~ AMTWIi?a PARTNER WITH $i.." ai. IS A ill 41 nana now pajtor $IOn par wnak nr.1 and abnrr ail ai panaaa, and nan ha 'analy In iaa'ed Ad Irraa Ir. V ? . bua M R'ull ..(boa UfSWTF'D A PtRrsrR OR t'l.FHK IV TIIH AIT Hon and aconroiMlon ?uamaa. I.a m rat Ira a d.-hi rnr rnarondan". in T.ngtM, and rlermao. In.|nlraal flbriroat Jiinraat in A M tlf ANTKU- A KKNI'Ki'TARMt 4CTIVF VAN WITH TT aorn ' apual and wioaln'od wlib Ika rral ?rui? ooal aaaa. Id farm > cann- >a w,-.b I. ?kl? raapoaaibla iwrtiaa. Addrraa Bna! KatatO, llrtaid ulll a VI'ANifcll A COVM JSRMN, Mot.'f AND 'I Hrnk* Inf .ai.clr.g a * ? ??' tiada daalira In maal with a puilani.n ot *|i'al wbh a r 'aw to partnartblp. Or would dt^aca ntih a.*' abliakad i "mm i.aloo buuaa aa f aab'.arot alixk n|-ik. wkara bia a*r\Icaa aod trada would Im fairly ran-ioa-amd r< fa.ap. a? uaoanoplt. r. .1.1 Addrraa I r i a., day* Hroaar, llaraM olB?a S" C|l I ?TA.NIRD-A NAV. WITH THF A WOT P. ? abv.u .' aa i-nii,rar and panaar in a firai elaaa anianaloinai.' loal w II |/ar HIO |>a.r .aol Ad Irraa Xaiin. Ilaralfl qdiofr AHA/I PARTNER WASUD. IN A VKK1 PJ.I. kR VwT/l/. ?n* bntlo* - **hkb will ii?# ? profit of f 15,000 rmrly. Owll or, Mr BIM'I.AIRK I'l Cntoa a.j lara. Iron III ?1 AAA TO 11 lino .-A N1N4IJC NAM. ? ft AK- 01 apt daa'raa a aH'ia'lan or pariBniablp A mar baa. Aral raM a.laainan. - will raun.ra and a ?a nndoob'ad aw urlty aod itfain. aa Addtaia < aah In.a Iwi llarald .dbrai. for fl- a dara ?Ual*K??^HPPOKTl VITIK4. ARARF i H A h. k AV IXTKRK?T FOR ail.J; IN A Oral niaaa finely a 1 aiTUnamiai papa. IO4W $d .W0 or lata Ad .rr?. I'jpar. 1.01 IK Herald ..dpa \fisRKb north*arn*r,o .vo m< fhar ntrkkt. jyl ba*a aavaml (-'Kl upp ? unl'iar lo ?f"r 14 ? apt'alia, a of largo aad amall aruoun" Wa Inrlia Iba a'laayb.B of Ihoaw who ara anaklof In xlmanui 10 our llal. WAVTKD- T" l.xrHANUC A NU B i 'iI NTH . HI - denaa, fnru.'had. witb a lua gardao of an aar* foi a ra'ail Drwd No.-a and 'w <?ah. on Nroa-lway or Ruth AoaOnr, WHb partb-ulara V l 8 KA? l'r.?' >lbaa Ia?>r? TO $|qn It'll,L, hTtRf AVT PFRNON IN A ?Taro apt. .d..l inan ifa ?>r ?>? 1 >a.a*?* from whlah ? lo.tllld ran M ranllra I lu all noniha witbo?i naidial gnoda aupla aa (oar I'ali and laraarlgald, al Id Carailoa alroof AI "A To $4.>'i -< AU. AT VATIOVaI. IIOTRL. 9JLtMf fmrr. 11 ' . you a.m ..ialnwa? Al (Win f" N INI'FACTCRIVO IRWKLRRN ?a*I."'?FU, I ha I a.J Fllturaa of art aa.atollabad b -?luaui for aa.a ?r a a? fnialra arf J. 4 Ml RI'IIT, 'M Joba at.aai It d 3.?r, l? - AO. I gr.R RALE?AN IhTRRKNT IV A LDJIIT VfMfUv nanufwi'iri a hwafoaaa proi. tad b? p?? aoi . now In a .' a.i!, .ipa a??n Addraaa hoi *JTd P.MI Milk HFFII F*. XTN'I. t HOJil THIRD "TKF FT FIFTH A- any# ||?. ? ' | .?a. p>1 a paid fa- IHam da. Watabaa Jawglrr Rdanlr-iaa. r? ?, nr ad <a?'?? rwada an Iba una. 4 fit A VI FF MAHF'lh WaT< HEN, HIAMONIM If*. ?Iry Dr? f. aala aad F?ta a.a Froportt of arary la ptloo. J a 141 d-oN. Ill ora?d atrawr. Iwa dao?a Waal <.f Nroada ? \T n .WORRY I.I HI H 4 l.l.l AliYA.V 'KD f?V DIA VON flu, 'I noil' JF.WI I.H*. Aa OR TilR hamf. noi-iiiir ai 111 f HioiiFn ratf? ai^ki FAV4 hRRo(?p. Til bololir FOR |i|4WOV|i? W ATI If RN,7SwF I.KT Aa . ?> T Blaa- bar afawat. up ataira ATSIkRRoa" ? RNOI Hi II.OINIJ llll Tf M A. VAI.I'F r 41 f 1 TOR IHlV'IMin. IftlFI.RY WaTOHFH BM) IIAl.fl* II A.K, Tl ARIdt A< A' I. If R4 Kl'l I'll H. HJ Rr wdwai. im* N". 4 PAW NRRORI i< IICMNrn riR.HAUFO OF lift in'O.'.a wair-a. aoatry ?ilai.Vi" Sing 1 4 lu #? mad. oa Iba Haw.a ?. a >1 ai ma blgban aah prkaaa or IMftmod a'aaM. am' Wnilaarry 1 )4 w V HRriK ran rl.kfH pi RlNAdPH OP u 14 I mooda. War ??, }'<?? l? h.iia <'10100$ Aa u* IM aaaa. hnn$M fur -aa. , ?< U a d >ur1 IS) H'.wry. Aral, ?our, froat wpataira. TIIK I.F.I T1RF 0W.4??? V. IWFfjWTANT i.K' fl.RRn OA IDT-TO <ld.VTT.FMFV oaly, a< *04 Now 1 on Mna?io of Adovuwy ma b-nad way T oaaua.m aiiaad iba a |^a<nr>r v??i -v^i ?f AaaAonr ?N lr-?4*<f fpw r. AfTRWTWl' BTt'Df OF HUM A u V4T<R<< I kf raauan of Iba Troala-a ,f " Tha ewawr I'tw fw ? u <*4t laa. oaaaa.-'la laa?'aa.| Iba a I.a-- r.? h,. - a '"1-wordmg <au .awl* Addrawa a?rata/y ?' Vow won .f AM' ai n|A By-adaay HFWT1F!' BTt'fTT OF Hi V4U VaTI ? ayiw, .1 Iba T.,f fh- ? a.r^ ' h tba At.iaaaii ? ay <?!??< awd Ad' Fraf^aar y T'iPW$Nu WIN daH'Or Mafaotar* ao Iba ArWw'tV ?t of Naiaaa Varw-a la ib? ryywai Rati af -ha <h*4|at la ?u'a aaWaitaawdar lw ? ?i ? a ---* P M Adn-aamo l<aa By ardor of Ma Tf-va-aaa arram n wbwirr u,..? AMI'NinVTIi D ROAD WAY THEATRE ADMI ?lum &R& JSjghth L ? _ <M(i4>r. DeeainbAr I?Two fwfcnMMA uti DMA | mum. i op?o r - ... RK'BRLIKC AT It | MILIUMO PAIL. PfMitl>niloo by ?w4. Monday. December 11?Pliat night at ike Mike OLIVE LOU A.N or Wllklr t'olllne' I armadale /NKRMA.N THALIA THEATRE U alt Broadway. oppuaite Ht NkihoU* Hatel UTIiVal Deeeraber I, IMS. "OKBlUiOKU FuSnkll" Drama iiilxMi by Dr (bailee lueprei booumil DAVISON, on ? amount ol a hoaraeneee, la out able to appear ,u Satur day nigh', but will rommenaB bla pnrfoi m ancee on Memiak, December .A, la bla Croat oharer.ler of Lot4 liailatcb in ?IB 1ST WAHNRfNNIO, and BonjourIn DIE WIRNBH IN PARI* (1 REMAN 8TADT Tlir.ATRK. 49 A ND 47 BOWP.RY T THIS (SATURDAY) EVbNINO. DEC. 1. ?Ill lie preaeuted floerner'. original CowMk In Ota arte. MEINRS ONK Kl.'H HCIILAKKOt.IL tMy Coot. 'a Morning Ouwn i, with a powerful una' DonWOKTH IIALL, MM BROADWAY. LAST TWO ENTERTAINMENT* OP M. harte -this day. MATINKK AT 1; DOORS OPI.N AT IV? Thla crnnlng at (I-Eighty fourth parfnruaaiioA. and laal nlfhi until Monday Dec. iT, of the popular lll ietonlet, the Hall having been preetouetk engaged fur aa annual fair M . Hai Ik tekea Mils oppurtuplty of thanklug tha public of New York for their vary liberal patronage, and liege in au nounoe that ha will leanau at the ehovo llatl, oti Monday, Dar 17, with wondera and rmra laa ol the moat eitraordina ry rhaianMr. "TilK MYSTERY" ??Tllh MYRTKRV " A III MAN IIF.AII PLOAT1NU IN THH AIR. eihlbliad for the lAat time thla afternoon ami evening A NedgwVk will perform on the Kngltali <'onranliaa Tm katt flu rniu: lakarvad aaatk Bl. for aAio at the Had Chlldieu half ptlna to matinee Nullum lu pareo rery euou. \T H. K M. CONWAV'B I'AHR TMKATI Mre. P. P. MOW Kits, Ml. Jj V". McC'iLLOM IB the gleet Inab Drama of PEEP O* PAT. Thla '.Haliirday i evening. K BLLY A Lliti.N H MINHTKKI.S Tan mtOADM AY nthuelaaUrelly aeepted lie the The I.CON. L overa of mlnatrelar aa the The ouly I.EON. L Irlog liupai lonainra of The womlerful LEON Y turns Africa Dne'iuallad Slnga "Ah Non Plunge." AND greeted ?lib nterry "II lleelo" In Twu D. vev Daughter and AO'I with tha popular iiooian many l ight Comedian and Vocalist, O D raeh Mr. EDWIN KELLY. In the N ignt. ilrand Hurleequn of Hellaarlv. 'PONY PAETOE'H opp.ka HOHEB, Ail BOWERY 1 OP AND | KOflTIVELY LAST TIMER | MATINKK AFTERNOON AND KVKNINti. In.Da V I of the great Miertaele. AT I TIIK EAIHIKH Of THE HI'DR'lN. j>: O'clock, a splendid oli'i or novkltii ? Monday?THE HEARTOE ERIN. OR THE MEN or A rtBAELI \ WHITE'S TUODPK. I..' rO NirillT THE LAHT CHANCE I.ART TIME OP KKMAl.K CLKREH I.ANT TIME OP FEMALE CLKREH I.ANT TIME OP PliMALK (LURKS f tsr TIME. LAST TIME. LAST TIMI TrtNliiHT. TONIUHT. TO.NIUHT. I Ol ABLET - IIITIi?MATINEE. OR!. \" MaTTNKK Tilth AFTERNOON. OKI ?! MATINKK THIS AKTKKNOON. THE SKCttl THE SECRET. EVA Rltli'.'T Uneeii of Hong EVA BRENT NI.W HA I.'. I T COMIC HINOINO. SP.OROIBMH. A' tltHM I COMMENCE* AT KM. NOTICE -'1 ' < ? ? | ual'ively the teal limeDf Ige Kr male ujc aa FU IRKD'K. MOJ.: ' ACEfl'h ANNUAL CONCERT? Heturiiaj lieu. I, IMM, In Irklag Hall. aadi>'"l by Mnd. R .into Mad. /. Imlurr man. Arlon SoeMly, Mu.ara H. Mull Ed. Mullenhattkr, E. A. Well." (t/iu. H. k ll.taou Va-ter Mollenhauer. Uondm I' I Ilerr Carl Antrim ? TwktMe $1 eerh I" be lied Id the pru. olpn) ritual'- vluia. ? (NRE.NCU THE A ritK, WKkT PoURTKoNTH STREP f 1 NEAR MXTII A YEN I E. THE DAI'OIITEK OP fHE RKOIMP.NT WITH P1I.I. ORCHESTRA. ADMISSION fl A LADIES KAIR. II AID Ol TSD FRENCH CHlfRCH III' HT ESPRIT, foumtk't In ihr Mvru'eenih ?nluty by -eaew 1 It I. III Ot'KNoTH will be held kl IKiDWoRTII IIALL, MM BROADWAY, romnwri' Ing Hd. during 7tb De.-eial>*r. Open from 11A M to II P. M. MR CORDOVA WILL DELIVER THREE LECTVPKh kl the Keerett Kuoma, to aid In tha rnduetMef t'.a dnbi of lIan Proleetnnt Pplaeopal Churrh or the Iteiunao tlup. Tha "Miree will eokameuer M of Deeembar. at 4 u Clnrk. Hublei l. Mlaa Jonne' Wadding NaCerda. f f M het* t'aent". eunraa $1. inaai ind annta Ts r?rrf? Mi EEOADWAT. US IBtltllWll. V, ?)0o ON'WARDI ONWARD1 ONWARD' MORE ATTRAiTION. BRILLIANT NOTE LITE* MISS CARRIE KINO TEE COMIC VOCALff, TIITN NIOlIT THIS NIOIIT, THH Nil.IIT. HARRY MARTIN. IUHKY MARVIN. HARM 1 MARTIN, rule NTOIfT, THIS NIOIIT. THIS Nlollt. MASTER ( IIAHI.KY. THE BOY WONtH R THH NIOIIT. THIS MliHT 1IHHND.HI M. HOI.OMON, THE ORKAT TENOR MARRY t'OLEH. THE MOUNTEBANK coMIt ALL THIS NlflHT. THIS NIOIIT, TIIH NIOIIT ADMIMMION FREE ADMISHION TREE WONDERFUL FREAK OP NATURE.- TUP. ? Aeil INOTON TM INS.' bnm allee. baking tw < h>ada four anna, ami bt.l nne iu..|r and one nalr of leg.. ala<> the l.aa 1 and ilghi arm ol I'mliaA, 'he mu'loar of the Deerlng family luaeth' r with iha magmr>e*nl oulliatl >n uf nbjeru In Phralelngy, Anatntny, I'alliolagy end Natural HiaUiry?all of ? hifl' are llluntrale.| dally by Leetnrea .ml kviwat" View* at the New York Mueeuin ef Analuiny. *1* Rrnadwaf Of fc i,i SAM lu 10 P M (?TREAT MASONIC PAIR IN AID OK TI|P MAI LA BO |T Aeylan, Fund, at tbf '?uarr of Oraed ?nd ? re'Sk *!?*? Opena Meiuaola? evening, besnler k. He. Admlaat-vn ? Nkti Haaaun ttehelk Bl CmaMibuiufn aie re.iuaala-1 u> aeml la Ibair g .ula wltbenl 'Inlay. STEIft? A J II ILL rini.HAKMoNir unrisTT op bkw tori P l'BMC HKIIKAIdAl, Kn. 4. BATt'RPAV, I at ft o' lork p M A<lau?aion Mk tarolaari ?' Nrl.arianbarg A f.tila' "AA R??*.]? ?y ?? 1 llaar ft Bchlrwiar'a "01 Urn. ;*??? I, urilift, Hwiltan rmitATRr re?%'<?%!? 10 let?im?rimi thp ab. I aar,r? of ftfadanta RlalOfl from Baw Vofn, (Of ?ha a ? a Inga Monday, ftnlaaadao Er.dar ?r>4 matlanao. for uproar tliamaa. rom art. lonimoa, A'. A|*jhr at <'blrharlng ? S") M roadway Ni'iirAi.. At TOK KATIOBAf. COXA HitVAT"(4V Of Rf'Bli . ? Madlooo aoonnr, Plan" Tl-.lta, THaorr ami V'awl Mo ic: tnlw ill J" k?0#r C<,naOf?a'"rr tna- irtt. B - aa fia# Ralal.i'-had 1*1 ___ \TOCKO Ml LAtf, ??ft HOOD VAMILf wall oduradad, Ul'ly from ilaimnny ? . >14 l.lfl 4? aot? aararal boura during tfta day to 'f a i?atr<>ri|?o .( (to rhlldran w ??,,ng ladiaaofa rarporubla .',inlr ,a Vua". (lanatr and Prom h of In iba mtaof bamhaa of ad'- .i|f>i VYmiid nab* '"ff .aaaotialla ta. ma Ptaaao nddfaoa for rafaraa" a lid f*ai tVo ara, boa A. 41. foal rdBoa wiu. wivft ibhtpc. no.a or inr. riai.o and a aging. at yipti'a ioald?% a for |IU ,or qiitiltf Rral of ra'ofani aa glrao, Arldraaa a lib fraidofi ? Taaabar, but II" llafald odlrr V* KirKRir.Rrr.D trackpb or runn a no all.glog glfaa IraaonA nl'.b day? [ faaitra Ma' araa? aod t'rop.oaalfa. Tarnta wltMa V?a iao< b of all m r, irly thlid meat f?ri<n> of Rroadoay / 'P. irat. mirmai. INK At. COHMRTaroRT. Ml 1 / Waal fa :. f ? rl atrial, botwran Moooail. ao4 I igaili aaanina Piano tmlin guitar ?' o<l t g fnnia Ifaor.a Koilaaaaa I Irmtafr fOAn*. J J. WATBnM. Igar,' IKAWif" I* 'IBUlWQ- RV A* ITAI.IA* Of Bfl.ft J man. Iboru galr ? lopatant aa" of ai:p?rir?r? |. i.? .. Itig a ail mnafr and lb# (daao "afarai^-a. g ?ar. 11'oa K r. OT, bol IfO llarnldotiao Mrnn ri'RAiniifii ro? rARrif a whorcm* a< ?I Ift* IA a* arlay plora na#r bull, aaanna >f R" W all ?I.ARr*r ABO 0. A It f a I, A I naa . f il a "f t.y J B Tlr -.ti ' , tg ? 1 ?rtylt iiUr aaga, Br- 'Watt-nf for lb# lorad (far ' a'1 'ill In! iaof Mr *..?li,g "r'f 1 > "'??("? ? Wam.-ig (, laii i, by llaory TifAar loo . tlat aoraral <nr1 ftmoa |<a-M all of Mil'. Pafoya'a anaRa A TRaab a * . I I r ?|a'l tl raa pi of ar ia I M. IBRM AIBB. BoMlabar 4a| liofair B f. Ala rr.B Of tBTRB foB l.b?a?.bn an gift Riawo It I ' " a itiiat bav 1 ? B?.|r. It n.i>? ir *a" Flafa- a a- -a'l, i i .*i of alifa ifaaaa 'if a bana* fr?i o t BUI Pmolaia for imrtloa MM IMI Af AIIHRIKI. \J>OII*OBrii n f#A bl I n*l A' A0P.MV Bo It) firm AtRBlb. ARB YORK Ror oaya for ma, if O'aoaa all f ig a a.>volar Of. i, tBB'l* ROOB THIRfl rilfriOB < tfBTAIBIb'l -41 iguana m oil iba iRadflRB, Imaat of iba IBnmr ' rdfl" A t'ro nofy fi,r? *' lanfa A y,.' y #1 or >44|i ?a Ag > ifib man maar PoiirMnot: afronl. RIPRRMIM. ft ' l-OBi r.irm n? cnvrABf -orrii t bun <bi> i ' ft Bar ??r atyoof ftiaRWa Bnl!<???>?. laaagarpry ?*,? H Broad* ay, . _ B?w Tom. Boo- I* >*?* fba 0 ob? Ptynoaa ? r?u r o I ib>. 4,, (l| ar ? ? ?no boraaaan Raw York. firiiaAoaybU lu ?"?' ? ? IIRAVT I RBI'SMT ARB Bit BA<f? Tl??$ ral f-O and dolirot y ?y"r > oa/? mif-g It'll a r? r baary frangbt i? f I.1ada4<.kia . ?'? far I ?) lb. for hoary f'mgbl In paHinoar* f" f* ?** '"?* r>K IroQbt |>. Waal IURI- 11 I'm f** '* ( * Pan baoar frntgai In ilongn ion |r I 1 aa i- ' f" l'< Por booot froagbt to Aloaand ra MB frar IB U* l ataga. aanft ra'oablaa will bo iaa?? a' aa roaaooabAa 'alar a* by any otbar raogro ,11,. .- ?i, ??> Tba ijoai.yoay la arrangioa o layidii <?no a *ea?? #< ?" MaynrtaM RaBmu Iba ngb tba ? iiitl An |r?.n#fr Rnroaa r?ii,b|atf "? faa,and In |af ft>??r"F f"?aa.? 0-0 Of AaiirOg. (Hal maa 'frar Or?aoa aany ba oft aiarUba* aft IbOan a "? A uaiar RrMMfM a * " I' r Y faroia fromaawa- 'ARB a4?a? *o??-in ? RlfRBMAMft PI BBIT' R?l * B Ir BArM.A' a pat # '!?,.? lib ? aa? Rta ?? * a ; oar at an an - fan " a a* AltlUBRVJ, dr? l^i72ir"1""1' * *' r-taaiwad mJ BUMff:*? Bro~"r^ ??j "??r * THE DAI'OIITKH (>Vt AUMI<<<ION ORt &*???!*troUWV *n,J N*ZJ255.TBK A TRK ft), day! 7Ti ???took, Mir. prtJmZZrft tWrFifh Sfef DOOr' 5* Tb# u#w. ptcturaauua, thrilling and rota.nito dun. of tb* I'taakiua. by Auguallu Kaly. author <>t l..?[i th* >nr mIn."ic., fgiind?l go I'bwin U-*1?. r.?*i Mn| ?|i UtUd umrriTii uauvt; o*. jhaloimy. wklab hu r??tn?l tb* a tamp of laun~fUt .'Kioaa from o.orflowlug ami tni'uplurad audlomoa, wtu-n at* lao.oj altaraaiaO In nulla* ?ud laart, or am apnllbound with la ?r *?(, or airitod to uiiboundad milhaaUMD ho*i* May b# .* aurad .la it*y. in advaocn far IIliFrffll UAUNf! Hl? P.M7.A NliWrTON, tha hfdHb Coaiadl.naa. and Mi LANkltl. AN llm popular Trapbllan. will apeaar .'1 MONK. V KV KNIJIil. WAN riiMXi '< MINaTREUf. p MS BROIDWaY. Till: I KOI HI.I- IVIMMRNCPB II1K KAIl PA M KK. INIMITAH Wamroi.k, HKRNAKK A MAC MIN -I HKI.ll .uin ?<!? lia*tiarar i?t.o.maUa-l by any ?luillar rgauliai .in in lb* world. Maw and <-b<ia?ful B-ir. ? nauAKWAi. VBh^LA *WfhM KM A HArjcrh' lUIf FMANCHCO la%.|iio* nrary work Motonrlr Hkowara. or YafiliMI NAaia. rir?l?|.w?.M*. ?l W P OlilBK, lawi. TrwubU al tba IU If .11* r*. Mom bar* of LaRMlaMra from - ? B Ma*?dcbii*rita. Nuiut* .nit <>ro*ay Blank Cook, aad Air can Ballot Tr cuwokrH'M MiNNTitri.a rirrn avbnum oi iia llou**. ndioluli.a Ki h tionu* llutol, ? ill A NO MAIIXKK rilKAV. wbaa A TRII' T<l A A TEW TO Till: A THr. MOON a MOON. FOK UAKIKh AND i'HII.KBKN. Aiitol *loi f*> , I'Uild an, la rooorwod ***<*, ISc, ] Ml INC If A I.I. PHT OKA NO MAT1NFK Of jaMBn m vaimii.t, Tb* oal'bmtnd FUaiit, Till. rt*v KAI l kIiaV.i M. rmbor |, mat Dnuraopo' .ii ia 'fgla al S o'tdook Mr. WMIl.t will h? ..-al,.r,| bt iho f. Mowing .rti*t* a<la. ANTONTA IICXNK. H'.prairi. Mi W. r i'aMPHBLU B.rfiano, . III. ?-*t iL' Vi O. *' HOI.BY i andur'or Ticwiri M < BUY* K"??..n| Rotia IV- .out. *Ill*. For aalr .( b<'or A n. fairih.i . .iiiHi .It.i P. i.d A Oo 'a M7 Hi *ilw.) . It u II limit ? I .*1 . illi'-o 111 Broadway. 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