Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1866 Page 3
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iitwwwaiMMi M5?r3&?Q!sS Aamg^<g?sffg8 8UTBEBLT FURNISHED PARLOR 1KDROOM.ON Ant floor, wttk flovd, At No. 1 bring plboa, oornor But " iM. A 8UFB1 A. Ant flo< PNltMMk AND Win AND TWO 8INQLB QBN 'U, Ant elua Board and houu, whera tbero aro ? j% at KM Weat Thirty. atatb street a (W doom from Eighth avenue. ATOUNO MAN CAN BB ACCOMMODATED WITH Board In a ?mall reapactabla family. Term* fld par ? ? Apply at Mfl Plrat avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFB, OR TWO 8INOI.B gentlemen. can ba acoommodatad with lint claw Board and Rooms. wban tbare an no other boarder*. Apply at 881 Waal Thirtieth a treat, between Eighth awl Mo|b are ntsea. AT 110 MACDOUOAL STREET?ELEGANTLY pur. nlahed Rooma. with erery necessary for housekeeping, In order that a faintly may bare a oumplete bums. A HANDSOME PUKNI8HRD ROOM TO LET?TO A gentleman and wife, or two aingla geutldinen, Board i $6 to |13. Apply at 84 Barrow street comer Hudson. Aback parlor and small room adjoinino, of an Bngllah baaement house, to let, furnished, with Beard, Are. gas, A 3d; also Second Story, front. Southern ex poeure, |30, small Room, $8; references. AS West Twelfth street. A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM, ON SBCOND A floor*' * lady or gen Washington place. , floor, tp'let, with clouts, bath room adjoining, for a lady or gentleman and lady, with Board. Apply at 39 W set BATLY FURNISHED BACK ROOM TO LET-TO A intleman and wife or two single gentlemen, with , at 111 Waverley place, near Washington square. lie fl T FROM $8 TO 97 PER WKEE-A FKW OENTLE. A men or gentleman and wife oan obtain Board at 118 Charlton street. A NEATLY FURNISHED BACK BOOM TO LET-TO A fsreacas exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A PLEASANT A. Room, furnished, to one or two gentlemen. Apply at U6 Henry street. N. Y. A PLEASANT SINGLE ROOM, WITH BOARD, I'NE A person. 88 per wwk. In the modern built house 78 Meedougul street, St. Clement'a place. References ex changed. ALAROB THIRD FLOOR ROOM TO LET-TO A gentleman only, without beard; also a Hall Room. 41 Bast Twentieth strut. A HALL BEDROOM TO LET?WITH EXCELLENT Board, to a gentleman ouly, at No. 8 But Thirtieth street between Fifth and Madison arenues. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with good Board and Room at 304 Weat Eighteenth atreet; house has gsa, both. Ac. Terms moderate. A FURNISHED BACK PARLOR TO LET WITH BOARD. At 187 West Thirty-fourth street, between 6th end 7th AVE NEATLY FURN1SHBD FRONT ROOM TO LBT TO a gentleman and wife or single gentleman, without rd; price 97 per wuk, ffre and gas Included. Apply at 93 t Fifteenth street, near Third avenue. L OENTLE MAM AND WIFB AND S1MOLB QBN L tlemen can obtain htndsomrly furnished Rooma, with at class Board, at 881 Fourth avenue. A DOUBLE ROOK, WITH BOABD.?EBFBRENCE required, at 148 and 148 East Fourteenth stmt, corner Second avenue. A' A N ELEOANT 8UIT OF ROOMS (ENTIRE 8EOOND S_ floor), with Aret das* Board and private table If desired; id handsome Front Room and Hall Bedroom op floor ore aQd extension room on first floor to gentleman and Se or tingle gentleman, logetheror separately, at 00 West r!7/">5 7tfc?t,jgtwn Fifth and Sixth avenues. Bl'IT OF YTBLL FURNI8BED ROOMB, WITH Hoard, at 189 ana 111 West Fourteenth strut Dlnnlr o'clock. Referenew exchanged. A T 60 WE?ST SIXTEENTH STREET-A PRIVATE FAM *T l!l hl( tW? Room* 10 let- aior'y furnished, with or with A SUIT OF KOOMif TO GENTLEMAN AND WIFB, OR A angle gentlemen, with Board. In a first elau house, ft Weel Forty-fifth street, between Fifth sad Sixth avenues. ROOM, TO A. let to one or two single gentlemee. In a prlrate bouse. Jpqwlro at 43 Sixth atreet, between First and Second era A -FAMILIES AND GENTLEMEN CAN PROCUBE , rety desirable Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with er without Board, at the handsome house 107 St. Mark's A PRIVATE FAMILY OF TWO, OWNING A FIRST A. elau houu, in an unsurpassed location, would let a raw handsome furnished Rooms, to gentlemen, wllheat Beard. Apply at 118 East Twelfth street T 18 AND 30 NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND ATK: with first class tame If desired lith aveuuea?Elegant Floors aad fine Rooms to let. Board, lnYreneh and German styles. Private ,TB> WEST FIFTEBNTlf 8TBBET?TWO 8INOLE Rooms to let without board. Terms 91 and 93 80 per Beet of ralareeu required. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT A HANDSOMELY JL furnished Parlor, with Bedrooms above, with suporter ?Write table. Highest references required. Apply at II West Blsteenth street. A PARTY OFOKNTLBMRN CAN OBTAIN A PLEAS. A snt well furnished sell of Rooms on second floofef hetiee I3fi Ninth strut 7*w doors west of Broadway; break fast if daalred; terms sa ode rate. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LBT, WITH OR WITH. A out Board, a Suit of Booms on second floor to a first Base pat ty. Call at 86 Wul Twenty-eighth strut. AM IMALL f'RIVATB FAMILY WISH TO LBT BOOMS, on the first or second Boor, to two gentlemen. Apply at 79 Bast Fifteenth street a large FH<>NT ROOM, ON SECOND FLOOR, TO A 1st partly furnished If desired; also small Rooms. Ap {y at W Hudson atreet Rent low. A LAROE AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT A Parlor, with or without the hall room, can be had. with irsl due Board, at IM Fourth arenua. near Twelfth atreet LARGE PI.EASANT FRONT ROOM ON TUB SBC . eud floor to let furnished, with Board, In a prlrate ally; terms reasonable. Apply at 8fl East Nineteenth at m A WOOHTBR STREET, THREE VERY NICK FUR d Rooma. with elu clout (M and water, separate r, to gentlemen or gentleman end wife. IACDOUOAL STREET. CORNER OF AMITY. A l to let with Beard, to a gentleman and wife for Rooms lo single gentle men A R ELEGANTLY FURNISHED SUIT OP BOOMfl TO A let. on second and third floare. Alu single Rooms; house and neighborhood first etese, table d'hote or prlrate; terms reasonable. 84 West Twenty-fourth strut g HANDRoMK.LT FURNIRHKD ROOM TO LET-TO oua or two gentlemen, without board, bath, (as, rant derate 18 Third atreet, near Second auenne. OARD-AT ? BABT FOURTEENTH STRBBT. WERT Broadway. A Parlor Floor M let with or without te table. E oard,-first Clans board, in a privatb l family, nan be had at 110 Kaat Thirty-fourth street. rte evenue ears I OARD. -a COSY PARLOR AND DORMITORY. WITH separate kitnhea facilities end ntlendanoe of urrnut ? * enllclpaled lllneu (?r s qnlet ?gr" " 1, in a family BW?Wi may he had by a lady during anticipated lllneu aeuple de-lruus of rupectablc retired lodgings), y iLo^ without children or boarders. Ineation up town. Ad i Place, boa S7 atauou F, Naw York. T>OAKD -A LADY HAB TAKEN TUB MOFFIT MAN AX stun and Is fliUnp It up aleganuy, hu one suit of Rooms fa parlor floor and one Room on eeoosd floor it a Last letaaieauib strut between Broadway aad Fourth avenues. Boarding.-a large hAndhomelt furnished front Room, second floor, with Are gas hot and eoid Water and Board for two, AM n wedh, end one for fllu, la flte first class modern houu M East Ihtrteentb sweet, two do rs below second arena#. BMOARDINO.-A LARGE CENTRE ROOM PoUMTH II -or with fire gas. and Board for two genllemeo. flIN a week. In the first cjeas houu AM Sail Thirteenth street, two doors below Second avenue. BWBACK FAKLOM TO LET-Wirn BOARD, Tt? TWO gentleman or gentlemen and wife; also Hingis Koome;i mndet u improvements; dinner at A 141) East Twelith strut, new flecend fLEGANT APARTMENTS AND ROOMA TO LET? jli With or without Board, to genilameo. Apply el the pri ests reridenoe. >1 Went Twenty third strut neat to the tilth Avenue Hotel. rHUHNIRHRD ROOMA TO LBT?WITH OR WITHOUT I Board, to gen milieu. in s private family *|V. ? l'<' ry t, nur i.reenwk-h avenue, with modern loiprevrraeuta. class refeiruce requirrd. 1 (tree g first FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM, with Bedroom If dewred,'.te let to e gentleman and Wife at fl fiu Mark's piece. Dinner at one oVlsrh. Also a Bo- w. for . s.ngle get.uernavi Refsreneu sn-henged. FURNISHED BOOMS,SECOND FI.OON, W foil BOARD. ? for three ilngfe gentUtnen. te room i--getaer. or gentle, men and wife. Inquire at 311 West Fourth strut between Beak had Meet TwelftAetaeUa. rUBNIAHRD PARL'iR AND BKDNOOM, AT *1 WENT Twuty-fuurth strut aeer Fifth hreaae, te let la we or we genUemru. Furnished rooms, with board, for four or fire respectable eerwn*. at No 8 Wul Forty first street, gau Ruth avenue. Location convenient end pleasant Ke BARDROMEI.Y FURNISHED ROOMB TO LET?WITH er Wilbuat Board. Term" from 9* t? 8*' Levtegtea nrenue, hetwun Th rty ewood end Thlrtf Skint stvansa J BRUT CITT.-nBRW.RMKN ANI) THK1R WIVEB ?*e ?'?#* asnsleuna can And liable Koumeand exaaA >m* usu ill strews. Jersey city. ?VTICELY FCRNIRKBD BOOMS, WITH BOARD. TO rn set la e Prenefe prlrate family. Fiteu very moderate. N Rent T wetfth street two doors I mm Br->adwey PaRTTRS IN WANT OP ROOMS AND BOARD CAN ebtale e lung list, with loaaMeno aad prieea by ealllnA U the Hnltetiu oWse. AS 4-adar ecreet room Ne 8. WJLBA8ABTn ROOMB Kt.K'iANTI.T FURNISHF.D. X with flFMB. for gentlemen. In e grirate Souer IM Twenty first strut, nur henmd svenun. P^HRIVATB ROARO -ANT I ADT CAN FIND A fXlM I fortabte, qiilel home, with erery requisite, during ?lefei.eas Msuitine. Louise, midwife. K West Fifty third gtruA between Sisth sad Aerenth nveauu jWAMMUi utWi fco??Rm? WAyrap. mmtmmm^, ?<??_? qmi^ _*ggg. SsSSS'S M Met Twenty-third mwt mwo suits or elegantly ypbnishbd rooms, 1 with or without Board; private table if desired. Apply at Mo. S Fourth avenue, aaar Cooper Institute. rro FDBNisrnro rooms?with double buds. ?uitable for fuui'persona, and Board, la a prirata f imlly, oaa ha had at reasonable prices; pious young man preferred. Inquire at the store >70 Eighth avenue. TWO HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FLOOH8, SINGLY or an auita. three Room* deep, with flr?t claa* table ; Cvate If desired; terms moderate; houa* and neighbor - >d flret olaaa. at 238 We?t Twentv-flflh atreet. mo SINOLB GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES?SECOND J. floor en euita or alogly, with or without Board, 21 Weet Twenty-second etreat, near Fifth avenue. Servants not taken. Refarencee given and required. To BTKANGERS AND OTHRRB.?A HIGHLY RE ?pectable Herman lady will let a choice of handsomely furnished Rooma, with Board or prirata table. Apply at lit Eighth street, Clinton place. TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN, TWO NICELY FUR. A nlabed Rooma, In a private famllr. second and third floors, with or without Board. No. 6U Leiiogton avenue, corner of Twenty.(ffth atreet. rro LRT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH CONVE X nlence for fire, to gentlemen; rent $S and $1 60 per week. 29 SUth avenue, near Fourth etreat TO LET-A WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, without board, for gentlemen, at 61 West Thirteenth at, TO LET-A BUIT OF ROOMS, ON SECOND FLOOR, handsomely furnished, to gentlemen, or a gentleman and hit wife; also single Rooms, with or without Board. No. 4 Harrison atraet. TO LBT?WITH FIRST CLASS BOARD, IN A STRICTLY prirata family, a handsomely furnUlmd front Room, to gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. 78 West Forty-fifth street. 10 EAST SIXTEENTH STREET.?TO LET-ELE XdLt gam suit of large Rooms, front and back, with eloseta attached, to gentlemen only, TO CHARLTON STREET.-HANDSOMELY FUR AO nished Rooms to let, with Board, to geotlamen and their wivss or single gentlemen; oomfortable borne for the winter. Terms moderate. UNION SQUARE, WERT BIDE.-HANDSOMELY _ _ furnished Rooms on parlor and other floors singly ana en suite, to let; private Cable If desired. First class ref erences required. on WEST SIXTEENTH 8TREKT. && Elegantly furnished Rooms, en suite or single, on parlor, second and third floors, with or without first class Beard; private table If desired. VERY SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS Of | UNION SQUARE. OV A desirable suit of Rooms on second floor, to be rented, with Board. QA WEST FIFTEENTH STREET. WITH OR WITH Ot out Board, middle and extension Rooms on second floor, comfortably furnished and very pleasant; location un exceptionable; house Aral class. A A UNION SQUARE, EABT SIDE.?HANDSOMELY TTT: furnished I'arior Floor to let, with private table; alio second story front Suit, with Board. References required. QQ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH Ot7 and Sixth avenues, a large and nicely furnished haok Parlor to let, with first class board, suitable for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; refereuoe required. fQ EAST TWENTY.EIOHTH STREET, CORNER OF Fourth avenue.?Rooms, with Board, for gentlemen, from $fl and upwards; also a few Rooma for housekeeping. Releraaoes required. 1 BAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, ORAMERCY X" "r Park.?Suits of handsomely furnlahed Rooms to let, auttable for families, with Board; private table If desired. Also one single Room, for a gentleman. 19 avenue.?Furnished Bedrooms for gentlemen only; rirate table. Single Bfldrooms from $1 60 to ?2 60; double lOr, EAST TniRTY lttOHTH STREET, THIRD iO'J avenue.?Furnish' private table. Single Bfldr ByfoofflX <2 60 and Be ppr wegk. m FIFTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-SECOND street, elegantly furaithed Rooms, with bath rooma oommunlcatlng, for gentlemen only, without hoard. WEST NINETEENTH STREET, NEAR EIGHTH avenna a nicely furnished front and back Parlor, 0ra aodjaa, on first floor, riogla or In suit; terms moderate. Qft7 WEST FOCRTn STREET. BB1WBBN BANE 01/ I and West Twelfth streets, front Room, second story, private family, few boarder*, oomfortable home, French spoken end every facility given for acquiring the language. 192 SIXTH AVENUE. CORNER OF THIRTY-SIXTH atreet?Plainly fnrntahed Rooms to 1st to quiet re spectable portoue; tingle Boom* for geatlemea, fll ao par week and upwards. 618! BOARD AND LODGING WASTED. A LL WANTING BOARD, ROOMS OR HOUSES DT A. rented without charge, at the Board Exchange, 632 Broadway. Board wanted; also Houses, furnished and un. fnrnl.ked, RICE A AND RAWS. 682 Broadway. BOARD WANTED-BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. IN a private family, where he ean have a pleasant room. Addreaa J. W. L., box 2,476 Poat office, statisg fall particu lars. Board wanted-bt a oentlbman ard wire. In a oentrel locality. not lower than Fourth norhigher Uud Fourteenth atreet; a eecond atory front room, partly furmahad. Term*. Including gaa and Ore, not to exceed $1HL Frtrata family preferred. Addreaa P. L., atation A. N T. BOARD WANTKD-BT TWO OKNTLEMBN; LA ROE well farnlahtd Room, with modarn Improvement* ra Quired; fccatlon botweao Eighth and Fourteenth atraate aod Fonrth and Sixth avauuaa. Addreaa R. and O., Herald ofBca. OARD WAMTKD?FOR A OENTLBMAN AMD HI8 1 wife; a well furolabed aeoond atory Front Room and Bedroom. Terma not to oxceed $35 per week, Are and gae Included. Addreaa, etatlng particulars, John, bei 1,030 1'uet ollloe 1DOARD WANTED-BT a widow lady and iier D daughter, with eome private family, In a pleaaant local ity. between Fourteenth and Forty-arvenih street* Urtoe B muet not exeeed $3B weekly for a neatly furolabed roam and the oomforte of a home. Reference* exofeanged. Ad dreaa Sidney, box Iff Herald oflloe. Board in brooeltn wantbo-near fulton or Wall atreet ferry, for e young army nfleer, In an Amerlean, French or German private family. Apply to BRYAN i CO.. 68 Liberty atreet, roomll rrwo square rooms-om srcomd or third i floor, nloely furolabed. wanted, by two gentlemen ead their wlvae. Immediately, with f nil Hoard for lad lea. private table preferred. Addreaa L. C. L , bet IM Herald ofllre. \tTAirrtv~in a respectable strictly friyatb YY family, by a-geaUeman at prevent in 111 health, home oomforte and needed quiet. Flret?laaa rafereaaea. Addreaa ?., OS Broome atreet WANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A BED room, with fireplace and breakfaat; English family preferred. Addreaa. with loweet terma, P., box ROM, 117ANTED?BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFB. PARLOR VY and Bedroom, on aaeuod floor, In-a qnlet home with Board for lady, between Twentieth end Thirtieth street* and Fourth and Seventh aventwe. For (rot elaee eeeommoda Uone n liberal prteo wlO bo paid. Addreaa fl. 8., Union square Poet ogle*. antbd-bt a single gentleman, a neat furntahod Itoom. with fire etvl gae Applicant will an atate number la family, with peiltculara. Addreaa L. H., etatlon G. w WANTED-WEHT HIDE. BETWEEN BERING AND Franklin atreet* preferred, by a gentleman, wtf* ?nd ?on. two uefurelahed Beonia. with Hoard for wlla aad aon, end Board rer the gentleman on Sunday* only Terma moat ho moderate Reference* exchanged. Addreaa J. L. Gro ton, lieu etreel end avenue A, cere of 8. Roberta, Esq , llarlem TIT ARTE D?TWO FURNISHED ROOMe, WITH BOARD, VY for e young men end mother, location between Tenth ead Fiftieth atroete. Terma not to axreed $30 per waek Addreaa for three days, with particular*, W . box 47 Poet ?Sire Beet reference. HOTBU. A ? MBB1CAN HOTEL, BROADWAY AND EIGHTH atreet. New York, on the European plan; Rooma lu aalta or alngly at moderate rate*. Atlantic hotel, a nkw bowf.rt Chatham equaro, well fnrnlahed R otna at moderate prtoee by the day, week or moaln. Open *t ell hour* JONN OK Kit P.M. Proprietor. Devon house hp blp.ei kf.r strket, near Broadway, between Greene end Wooater aireete. on the European plea ? Furnished R'?mt for femdlea end yei.tlemrn trenetent end permanent Iteitaurar.i a lacbed PLANTERS' HOTEL. AUGUSTA, GA. - REPCR nlahed and reopened October 8. 148*. THOMAS S. NICKKKSON, proprietor, late proprietor of Mill* llouae, Cbarteeton. S. C\, end of Nwiereoe a Hotel, Columbia, AJC. Hotel lodoinos-at the new brgland lintel, corner ef Bower v end Bayard atreet. 3G> Mghl rooms wi'hgm. nigh tiro#) eenta. weekly $? to $4. for g?c liemen only. tr rlNTINE HOTEL. 4T AND 439 BRGADW4T?ON THE European plan, branch of the Tonllne corner of Cart land! and Weet atieeia; aplrndM Furulahed Rooma, for gan t ainen and families. from Ml ccn<o to $S per day. CITY RICA I, RSTATC l'??H MAI.R. ?FOR s*t,F? *VF\' ELLEN1 CORNER 'I . two hlneke from Madiaon ci'iare ?. h lir.uo-d ,tc eeeaion; flfleen rooma, with nil la.pruvatneuUL Addiaaa Owner, hoi 848 Poet onUn 4 N ELEGANT HROWN STONE ItOUSR. NEAR PARK J\ avenue, for aele. at e bargain, If applied for aoee. Firat elaee fleiah throughout ^FtBH A BLIVBN. ? Fine etrooc. For sale-a four btort brown stone front Hone* deaign, materiel end flnleh ef the very be*t hind. Apply en the prem.aea, r.orthweet oorner of fating, ton avenue and sixtieth atreet O. J. Hamil'on. builder^ ? BAU8-TWO HOUSES ON UNITERRITY PLACE, between Twetftb end Thirteenth aemeta, weef aide, end ef Lade. It yen ra from May aait pvtee $g.<*? each, Appty at the paint atoro, 84 I'alvaraMy pfaa* ft IfOR SA1.R-TO OLOBB A CONCERN. ONE LOT ON r Finh avenue, edjotnieg saethweet eoraar of Ijflth atreet, two Lota on I4M at mat tlHvaea Seventh and Eighth ere eon*, one I at on 101 at atreet between Broadway end Eleventh eveeow, end one Lnwoa noveaty Seventh atre-t, between Socowd aad Third aveauea. Apply te CllAKLKH Mill 101 Broadway I LB-A FIRST CLASS FOUR SToRT BROWN Hcnaa la Thirtieth afreet, near Fifth avenue, poaaeeaton Apply to HaBTBT BAKER A dlate poaaeeaton l.Ml iroadway IB FOCB BTORT la Nlgth atreet CITT Mil. IHATi If'ORHALR?AN ENGLISH HAXEMFN^T^I^inI J? Thirty-fifth street, with ad extension fur pirtitra (?) 1ery. thine stories kuk. furnished ooiti;U.*.?ly, a .i u miasm gMMMbTrit. LUDLOW A CO S? I Pin- >(? For raui vert cheap-eight lot* on the corn-r of Fifty-ninth street and Madlann itrngh with two on the i-eer. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 9 Flue t treat. ' For sale or to rent-a four btort brown ?tone front House, *0 East Sixtieth street. Splendid bouse and first class looatlun. Will ba sold cheap for oash also a furnlsbad House to Ant; ELMO. For particulars ap ply to J. A J. FBTTKBTCH, <18 Third STenue. Fifth atenue.?elegant extra bibrd hocsb and Stable: possession 1st March; prloe $110,000; for sale by B. It. LUDLOW A CO., No. 9 Flee street. Lots for rale cheap-on fiftysecond street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues: 117th street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; Ninety-ninth and 100th streets, between Second and Third avenues; Fourth avenue, between 118th and 119th streets, also other up town property. Address HOLMAN A HILL, 1 8*4 Broadway. N.JT. Murray hill.-for hale, furnished, a four story high stoop brown stone House, In Thirty -eighth street, a few dours from Fifth areune; house thoroughly painted; location unsurpassed lu the city; price $63,0 0. Ad drees owner, J. B. 8.. box 190 Herald office. a Rectiftino house for BALE-OCCUPYING 8 lot* of ground, containing t French spirit stills A a., lu complete order for immediate use. Inquire at 198 Front street. SOUTHMAYKD A CO , REAL ESTATE AOBNTH, NO. M Cedar street, offer for sals very desirable olty and oountry property at attractive prices. SEVERAL DESIRABLE HOUSES AND LOTH FOR sale. Apply to the Hudson County Real Katate and In ttranoe Agonoy, 79 Washington street, Hob-ikon. flYWO ELEGANT HOUSES IN FIFTH AVENUE. BUILT A by M. Byrnes, Esq., In the most elegant manner, with extensive dining rooms and the very latest improvements, for sale. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 8 Pine street. A fiHA -POt 9ALE CHEAP?A CHANCB ?IPAvJ.UUU, rarely met with?A splendid three story beeement and under cellar brown stone high stoop House, nearly new, replete with all modern improvements, com 6lately and elegantly furnished; furniture made to order by eat olty makers, all of which will be sold at price named above. For permits apply to GEORGE GREEN, Comp troller's ollloe. City Hau park. <t1A -EABY THRMS, BEAUTIFUL THREE iylU.sJl/". story high stoop Brick, 17x66, all Improve menle. 111 Forty-fifth street, between Sixth and Rsveuth avenues; half a block from Rroadway oars; nalgbborbood and surroundings entirely uuexcepilouable. Appiy on the premises or of HAMILTON E. TuWLK, owner, 78 Cedar street. Immediate posse salon. BROOKLYN HEAL R1TATE FOIt BALK. AN ELEGANT MARBLE FRONT HOU8K IN FIRST place, Brooklyn. Farina In Naw Jersey, near depots; good buildings and choice fruit. Apply to EDWARD H. VAIL, WARREN UAItDENBERGH, 6H Vt all street Brooklyn heights?several beautiful brown stone Houses for sale, furnished or unfurnished, at low prices. Apply to or address P. P. VAN ZANDT, 1? Re mean street, near Court. Fob balk?tun iiandsomk two story cottage House 179 Duflleld street, Brooklyn. 90 feet front; lot 11)8 feet deep: all Improvement" and In good order, Prloe $6,000. Appiy to K. II. LUDLOW A CO., Ne. 8 Floe street COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. AT NF.W BRUNSWICK-SIXTY ACRES, SPLENDID Country Seat, flrat cUea Improvements, four oroharde of grafted fruit, stock and crop. $18.(KW; ISO Acres, e'egant Oountry Rent, on tba Rarltan; splendid buildings, two cr ohards; only tSO.Oun. J. H. FERGUSON A CO., 39 Nassau I treat, room 96. AFIRBT CLASS PLACE. OP $9 ACRE8, AT NEW Brunswick; new house, ten rooms, naw ontbulldlngg. plenty of fruit, prloe $7,600, will take $6,300 If eoldsoOn; must be sold. J. 8. FBROUBON A CO., ? Naaeau street, reom $4. AN EXCELLENT FLOURINO MILL IN 80MER88T county?Doing good buelueeet buuee and seven acres of lane, all tn good order. Price low. Terms easy. JACQUBh, 908 Broadway. A'^TOVn^ell proved fecit landb. Beautiful end thriving settlement of VTNKI.AND. Thirty mUes touth of Philadelphia by railroad. Population In creased nlna thousand people In four years. Good society, Retools and Churches; l,0u) orchards planted. Price $33 per acre, payable in four year*. Village lets for business and manufacturer* also for sale, Climate mild?perfectly beaUhy?ooualghly fertile. IMPROVED PLACES 'ALSO FOR SAUb. Addreea ClIAB. K. LAN DIB. Proprietor Vlueland, New Jaraey. Papers containing Information asnt frae. Prom report of Boloo Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune:?" It is ona of the moet extensive fertile tracts. In an almost level position, sod suitable condition for plenum farming the! we know of this side of tba Western Prerlae." A FIBRTCLASR COUNTRY PLACE IN LLEWELLYN Park, at orange. Near Jersey (onljr one hour from Barclay street), for eale. at 990 OdD Alau a Cottage with 4 acre*, at 98.000, and a building Lot of 8 arret, In the Park, for aale low. Apply to tbe proprietor, L. 8. HAHKELL, Library Building, Orange, New Jersey, An excellent country btorb, rarn and garden. In Homeraet county, more doing a large bual naaa; will be aold low; beat aland In tbe oounty. JAQUE8, 208 Broadway. An unproved farm to exchange for any kind of merohaadlae In the oil region of West Virginia; with steam power; good buildings aud Improvement*. a great bargain. BIOOB, 77 street room 10. CIOAL LANDB FOR BALBOA LOT OF OYER ADO J acres of Coal Land for aale In Penusylrsula. upon tbe banks of tbe Delaware river, within aiitjrrndaof tlie Erie Railway and the Delaware and Hudson Canal, and must be sold as It belongs to heirs. For further informstlon apply U> JAKES ALL8RT0N, Attorney at Law, Port Jorris, New (DOR SALE?A HANDSOME NEW FRENCH ROOF COT. F tags, oontalning 18 rooms, lot 4Si 190, IB ralnutae from rMt of Libert? street via New Jersey Central Railroad rlee 97.0A). Terms ssst. Apply to JOHN A. CaDMPB, Saltervtlle, Hndaon Bounty. New Jersey. FOR SALE-HOUSE. TEN ROOMS. ONE ACRE OF Land, plenty of fruit, one hour's ride of dty, five min utes' walk of depot. Also House end three Ai-ree. J.h. C MAR8II, 84 Pine street. (DOR RALE?IN NEWARK. A FINE FROrERrY, CON. r slating of b'.ues, with gas and water, goad barn, plenty of fruit, St.; bargain for a gentleman doing businaee In ea'walk from depot For partlcu New York, three mlauiee' walk from depot Foi tare Inquire nt Nee W8 end Ml Washington street K. T For sale-a valuable farm or lis acres. rich loam soil; ne waste lend; good bones, barn Ae., fine fruit, shade, Ae., 80 inline from New York In New .Jer sey, every way daalrsbla, and very nbeap tf sold at onoe JOHN WOOD A CO . M Llkerty street rR SALE?A SUPERIOR FARM OF ABOUT TWO hundred acres, between Plalnlteld end Rabwny, N. J.; healthy locality and pleseant situation, good bnuao. very superior barn. As ,; apple and pear orchards; will be sold low If appltoatlen la mads aooa. Apply to B. WILLIAMS, IBS Chambers street GEOROLA LAND9-THB UNDER4IGNKD OFFERS for sale bis two valuable trac's of Land In Wllkas and Llaeoln counties, Georgia., oo the waters of New ford sad 1'lstol creaks, containing t.7?3 acres mors or laas. three to flee miles from the Harannah river If tl.s purt haaar doalree III wlU sell stock aad provisions with ths farm. Said farm la well improved, and will ba sold at a bargain. JAM KM H. WILLI*. Oanbury, Wuhan county, Oa N" RWAKE REAL ESTATE FOR HALE.?FOR BALK, the two atnry and atom brick liwajflng House,)! Park street. iu the city of Newark; two miauled' walk from ike Ceatra street depot furnished with rangn, kaaler.flna.kafl aad cold water, with bath room, water ??luaet, Ae, Oompiste, and In all reapoeta a Aral elasa resident* There le a good barn on the premises Inquire of F. H TKKHK, Newark, New Jersey. An rnn -a tract or land in Pennsylvania. ?piiiUUU, containing 4dD aerws. wttbln nmsty ml las or New York clty,brav.1y limbered with oak aud ptne, aad arrll adapted to cultivation, will be sold now for fl3,MD sash. It la In sal ltd no lbs bank ? of a beatiliftu lake. Title ladSepstable. Address A. S B Howard Hotel. Near York N REAL EHTATK WANTED, Farm wantbd-of io to ii acrka of clear laud, with fruit, Ae.. and common to mi. buildings, at m.-lerale cash price Addreae L., bet 8,919 Poet olDee. e OTICE TO REAL F.Nf ATE AGENT* -I'LEABE SEND address and terms to l<oi d*j Post sfl?, F lugbkeepsle. "TXFANTED?IN WEflTt IIR8TEK COUNTY, A IIOUNR YY and Stable and W or I acre of ground between Ford ham and New York; price not to eirred fle irti Principals only seed answer. Add.e.s, ststlag par cu.srs, C B F., Herald olfloo. 11? ANTED?TO PCKCHABK A HOUSE WITH FOUR YY to ten st-ms of land, situated on the lludeon river, with river front and easy af ? eas to Iks city Addtcas, stating leeatlun, pries. terms, Ac , J. M c.. Herald oBii-e WANTED-FOR PROMPT CASH. A FIRST CLASS Paper MlU, capsblp of mating rmm two totbroe tone of paper a day Address, with full particulars, Alpha, bog Adit Poet odtnn. New Terh. foh s m i.. "a FEW mINGER dKWIMU MACHINES, NO. 8 BRBN J\ In usaonly oust uiot.tb, for sale cheap Apply si Broadway, between Twenty stub sod Ttssnly seventh

atmota, _______________ AOI EEN'M FaTRNT PORTAHLR FOHGK SI T LITTLE tracd. also. PlatL-rm. Counter and Market Koa-ee, ta pert set order. for aala cheap H. Yulikil, (fl t'ertloadt St KINBLING WOOD KMTaRLIHHMENT FOB * ALE? In,leg a good Ira le aad In a goo 1 I.'all >n In Mr "hlj n Ined reaauOS f-w selling given Applr to O. ld)PKR, In W'alw rth street, three Jo- re oooihwaat of W'lllo -ghby nv Apple*' applkm -sh barrels or < notes Iraatern. all baod pi red For sale wbdeeale cr by u-e single barrel by PAI.MKK A TO WEEK, W1 Washington Street. N U. ?' >rd*rs for shipping promptly Staeated A -FOR BALE THE SCHOONER HlCgoRT, CAR ,\. tying about Hi Uu.s dra ? i ng 4'k fbot ef water, lylog at foot -rf Houston atraet Nnrih river. AMLOOP?l* TON*. IN flOOD ORDER AND WELL found for sale. Pur further particulars inquire at Me. A Jams* slip ____ A RARE CHANCR-POR 8AI.E. A RESTAURANT, leeated d.rwa town, dnee a Una buaioaaa. Alau i igar ?lea. Liquor "More*. On?rten MITCHELL * Stor* Aganey. 77 Cedar street A GOOD LIgLOR RTOBE. WITH LON'I LRAflR. fllTU I sled ta the Fourteenth ward, euitabld for a 4lauilery, will be aoM cheap. Apply le WILLIAM ABB' iTr, ITfl CheA ham square AOORNBR GROCERY. DOING A GOOD CASH BlWtasaa, lora-loo etc.-en' .--ng lease, low rwM; J good tmrgnla win be given to a buyer. Apply at 870 fourth avenue. A DIN I NO SALOON FOR saLE-AT A *A' RtPlr-R Price only 9??> Applr oa the t-remleea, 18 Kueth streak Billiard raloon for aale at a bargain? *7 *l|?h evenu*. smh Laaas Litsim and eight Tsbloo. Apply to Ay oa C A r\RUO dTORt FOR balr-handbombly fittrd row n\i.E. WOR MALE?THE MTK W LfflHTK* OK*. HIOBL. MO Jf fciat Ions B (wl Imw T fwl I i in bnl) u rylludera Halt, with ahoisting eugllav Alto. ? ntw Hie tin Tuf 100 feet ht>, It feet (*??,m, A feet A In. lift bold, 2 cylinder* IMald with Lui t ll'o con I mer Apply loj. H UNDEHH 11,1., at Webb A Hull's shipyard, Greeupoiul. FpOR HALE-ONE OF TUB HKvr LOCATED ?PAT, flrh.jpou'try, oyat?ur and r?"?ei*iile Markt-ielu Bnoaiyi. Apply nl M Mouth street, Hie York, In hmiern-nt. F |>OK MALE?AN OLD Kj^TABI IHIIED PAI'KK MUX Manufactory. with nil the muni perfect uachlwry. second to nona'lntha I'nttad States, with None nee 1. and ?tc?dv cmtomcrt. No anen.ui ? one >ri.. ? ply who uannoi command over $11101). A^nli nut n niril. Addreen A B , boi ld2 liernld ofllce. lOltNtLK?A STAND IN WARHINcTON MARKET, eery desirably loented. Addrcna llawley, Heraldultra. F pi)R MAI.K-A BARK CHANCK-THK LBAJR, STOCK and I uturea of a fir 4 rati Meat and Butter Hncket, nn? doing n ,.U>"1 buatnoaa. Apply on the pretniaat, Myrtle i nuc, corner Urahaut atreet, Brooklyn Fj*OR 8ALK-A PRODUCE MTtVI), WITHIN FolTR doom of t Union Market. Apply on the premie-n XiK Hprtng street F OR SALK-A RARE opfORTtTNITT FOR ANY permni or prrium* w.*h)ug to go into a lucrative b<i?d. ..... an. !>??? Apply to W WJLTSK, 81 Portland avanue, in the evening. Nuoo but prtuclpal? n#*d Apply. For *ale~thb nkry, fixture*, and l.fiHw, if required, of a whole**!** Pa**Mm?ntcrle man ufaotorv. machinery compriMlnir Thfiillle Machine*,* Cord, wheels, Ac. Inquire ai 74 Warren street, up Htalr*. ?OK SAInK?LICASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF corner Grocery Store, 922 Third avenue. For sale?stock, fixtures and good will of an old esUbllihed Faney More, on Grand etr#??H The very be?t location and low rent. Inuulre at A. MhSrilN* very o?j?t location and low rent. Inuulre at A. Mhbrt GKR'H. 825 Grand * treat between Orchard and Ludlow. For *ale~a fir.*t class restaurant, lono eetahliahed, now doing a good trade with Fiiturea com ? plete and ten years tnae<*; beet location 1n the elty, west side of Kroadw.iy, bslow Canal street; oniy priucipals" dealt wkh. Addrc** "OnvfhP " lti?ralil ofTifai ? F OR SALE-HOTEL I.RANK AND FURNITURE ; EI', rupean plant prop into; in ill health; mart aril at onoe. II Al l. J. HOW, No. if I'lne street. IilOR SAI.E-A NKATI.Y FITTED LIQUOR STORE, with Engtlab boar p imp, muet be mid thla day, for cash. Apply on tba premboH, <M Madlaon streel. FOR SALE?FIRST CLAMS BCCOKMSFITL Lfqi'OR Store on Wat* street; ointr getting Into the wholea.ile Wat* street; ointr getting Into the wholi trolo. three yr.irr' lease, price caab. Apply thla day at 10 Battery place. MOR SALE?TIIF. I,EASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES Of the Tee and Offee Store No. 13 Eighth arenue, cor ........?.... Thla la an opportunity aeldom FOR HALF?A LAROK. FINE DISTILLERY, WITH flgtnrra complete, In full operation; watar front. with in 3t< miloi oi City 11*11 Apply to W. P SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. 10R 8ALE-A NICE CANDY AN11 VARIRTY STORE, cheap Inquire at tba place, il Eldrldge ?tract. Ii^OB SALE IN RROOKLYV-A RARE CHANCE?THE Lease. Ntoek, Plzturea and Hood Will of A Houaa Fur nlablng Store. Apply at No 9 (dates arenue. For sale at a haorifice-a fine ldncii Room, with fiturra; a fartnoa to a man with a rmall capital, price fifty Apply on th? prculaea, Ki Duana atreat. For sale ciieap-a ci ?ar store in a oood lorapon, with Stock and Fliturra. AppW on th? prcml tea. No S New Chamber* atrert. oppoalte Hhakrapear* Hotel. For sale ciieap-a fopltry and fruit Stand For further particularsInqu.r - of WM KEIN NEDY, 193 Cili.ton Maiket, Spring atreel aide H OTbl.B AND FTORES.-A KIJNFEH OF FIRST c'aaa Ifote!| and Storaa af Brrgcu Point, Nrw Bruoa. " ~ ,g5 |1| 1 - wlrk. Bound Brook, MIBalohe, ltocay lllll und Tarloua otbar place a to he aal l ohrap FJkTTir A FEA7.EB,171 Broadway, room No, 3. O CHABRBS-FOR SALE. A CHASER S OVEN AND lante Benzlue lank. Apply at 100 Nasaaa atraet. top fro tiJysioians-for salb.-a doctor, about X lasting for Europo, doalraa to (Uapoao of b|a oflli'i. with fprnlturj, luodinamaiita, Am, tpiDv yar* practise In apa efalty Address A. Z., aUllon D. N?w York. Ann -SAMPLE ROOM AND OTOAR STORE FOR BXaUUUa sale. Vary elagant. Moat bo arm to b? an preclated. Very cheap. Apply to WALLER A BlClH, Ift Chambers street. 4ft"nn Husns.Ls oakrots roit hale-by the .IrIM/ cargo, ton or barrel al per W. fo t if Ch? rjea ?treet, N. R, Inquire .m bo rd ?rho.insr I Robinaon I kaa -urrnr for ialr-oxr ok the nldeit and mn?t rtlnne ra Lanndrlea Intl.* belt pdittlon In thl? city, lowly ttttad wlib aarry re j ililta, including ?Mam, ar.J enjoy.rig an eiten?l?e and reputable a atom will ha old Immediate poaaeaelor. far rath la la tba !>? pnylurf and moat reliable buatnree in the ally, and will beer Ir.apectlr.n. Kifeier. re eicbangad. Addraaa for or.a week, B. A. bot ISO Herald ofllea. HAl'HIMRHV. At inwASiiiNOTON hthekt, nVw yore, br. twaan Cortlaodlaid Day?For ?al?. Port?hte and bin Uonary Englnea, JliH, CHAMPION. Fob <ule-a 11 horse fowrr knoinb and Roller with ehaftlny, rreeee-, h?ltt?y and chopper, and iwo tVagorir. been naad for lw? irara la kindling wool hnrinaai. Inquire of Martin Ruler, to.nar Moninwo aran ,t and Leonard - reel Wllltamaburg. FuR SALE-AT M PA IfK STREET. KIVE POINTS. Slaam Engine and P olar, al hire# a I eonnrctldne .em plata, aa good <? new : gl.iron. WM_ MrKBNZIR TjlOR HALK-NTKAM BNOINK BOII.BR AC. OF KTVE F or all h .raa powe-. Lalhea I'lanar with Eiiluree, Skeft lag. Pullea aoi a rarlair of other m acMnlet'a inola Apply to J DANK. dr. V Hamilton etroet, Newark, N. J. FOR SAI.P-d 0110 FRET IH PIPE, AS OOOD AS NKW. Will lw ao I al I. .1' p , 4 i I new. Apply at .1 Llhk ABIH1 - '? 1- ' 1 . For sale cheap-two *tkam tonp* size no I, Oau.pbrll A Hardwirk; ?lr? No 5, Slrren'a pateoia. P. It. IIuKOAN l'?5 Iniou atraet South Brooklyn IOCOMOTJVB B'lILERS FOR SaI-K CHEAP TO J aloae Iheiu oil. Three Ho. era ktl to fci borer pnaer. tan be aea.1 lo lie atraet, In ra^r of llnhoaan He e. Hobo en. N J Aprlr on r.e apoi to JOHN sTI" A It I Deel?r In laaeoniotlraa ai >1 Maohiaery, or at hta offae iv Broadway. New Totk T>ORTABLE hi KAN ENt.JNI 0 AND 1 CIRCI EAH HAW MILLS. The beat and ai*l complete la "an. Olrrolan eei.tpn appllt ellen. Wood a Mi?.< stea* pnoinr company, I'HOa, U and U4 >i elder, lane, New York QTF.Akt I.MMSES ANO BOILERS VEW AND RR< O ond hens l'i u.n.iar Engloaa. ne tUraa, all and twelre hor?.- I rahfe Rnpine" two a.e?m bolal beat r? Table#. She lilt k Pti..eeerid Heltloi WlLLAilO 4 Mil l.WARD. rM Water atr-el W" ANTED?A fioon ENOINE, THIRTY TO* FORTY bnr?e p . wr alio two Bnilet a. ebo .tforrt horae power each; flue bolien pyeferred. Ad, prlre, Ao., c. F. ?? boa k.TV, Foal nltiee. P A/WI KEBT FIRST RATB LEAIHER BKI.fIRo tJiUUH ait.lfu e alao i ten hm?e powe- holler ie -a~la~>4t . ' ta! at g.'?< lit WAVER 4 < <> H i atraet .aar Union atetua, IF! . arna irg nol'IKA, R(M??E TO LET. A FT7RNT 1IEH RO'?* ABiI BKCROOM ft> RUST J\ la a prlrate fami r at ti Haat Tblreertth atreo' Be' afwwcwa aiaba i??'l A SUIT OF FOCR El E'lANTI.V Fi RMAIIEH Rii'iyi, with fire gaa ath A" I . let a n?l? or to^ather, at Broadway, oalwaa-. fwenty ? rth -: i Tavfl i a? mmmk A? HOCHM TO RENT, F(*RN(s||BD, 'IN TWELFTH, aTwaaty aeroad. Nineteen'O, Thirtr intrd, forty ?e and, hly dfth atreeta and tA'aa'n .r i t Laaa It ua h liar, l?m, aafum eried FftEi. ' '4 1 r TlJH a len AFDRNISHED R'JOM TO LLi -f.AH IP, AND HAND aoaaaly fnrulahad. on Broadway rwtwean I walfth ar | rtaenlh atreeta. haltahia for ona or twn |n,i>.??n ?J" Broadway A FURNISHED BOON AND BEDROOM WITH COOK lag atoae. lo a ama I famtlr. wtrkout rhildran a an for a atngla peraor. a arnail to m Apply at nit'. It'liif ABTORE to KF.Nf?CORNER, WEST hlDK EKIHTH aranne tollable for any buelneaa gx, par in Mi na tnraa If Waated For partieu are apply la 1 Hod. o. aNLAN, Tdd Eighth a<r - A SUIT'I c ml PURNIBBED ROOMS FITTED J\. rip for Uo'ia* (eepina oonalatlea of th rae, on flrat Bo ' Tarma low ?? III Waat "trite nio-h aww. AHBWI.V r< RNISIIED riiKF.': -ToRT brown ?taaa llooae to (at np town ana looatiaa. thai una waat alda. near Fifth araaua BI79. A OA Ms ? CO . MA Broadway partially fornihikii room and bedroom la let. In-i'iira at ?# eaeond aeanua A FARTMETS TO LET-AT IV EI'IHTH STREET J\ hetwaen Broadway and Fourth avanue, Iwa e|ee*r.ilf furn la had Parlor#. alau iwa or ti, raa alugka Aoama, wIUo .1 board. APARTMKNfS WILL BR LET CMIaI' TO A DEN. I tie mo 1. wko wil. than < newiey nm tba hmiaehold far ortara, aaar Vary VarrL Adlraaal. T. E.. Brooki/n Foat _ ___ A FURNISHED ROOM aMDONBOR TWO BI DRO'iMS J\ la lat, with r..neeola I ' <? to a geotlemar, aad kla wrfa Apr ry at Ml Waat Twenty fourth atraac ArUBNIsllPI' H f**R f i I RT '.It W I li >i u. Eurn't r e at a fair ra' tatloa, runt of ho .aa gA ran Ba of hoti*e and farai' ," V <*M. tarma ?aay ta peed par la^uire at 17 Weat T wemy.femnh mraat. ^ A T |i NARROW STREET -TWO OR THREE Rr,.,Ma J\ furaiar.ed or an urnleked. Edit glA One family *a itatovaa ? .1 early A a ee eppaetuatty II ONFT'ENISHRD HOI'RR, BRVBRAL NI'Ef.T A for#ratted llauaaa aad lira af Ruma r -S e.aeUaaa Eaaia fmaa gl* ta gdg Ala. a Farm, m aptaadid aa??'iioa Blfciawaai AflOBLT FURNIBHRD FldtOB all BrWIWS OB TaSaty olath at/wet. ght par waag aaaurgiaaat ?sMMMaad eJea aaeaymJ aafarawhad ?mm. paadd'ewlt. Wea r??U at-teraae lit Te r r aeaoaa fray ar? aeaelag. 1JROADWAT aT'.ER T'r LET- FIRST FLOOR. fr.R A# tba boOday moatae of Da amkai aad Jaaaaee. m%? of atoea^Sib feat larpa thaw wledeaa Apply al aaaa at QBOURLTB HKIORTM -TO LET. A THERE STONT D lull atead Houaa with gaa aad nath. farataaad Ik renal ML aad Rara.taru fay aata Frve g? an aaah. laraadleg mat la May A tdreaa attaey Eeanlai Feat New fart ? BOON TO I.RT IN A SI n.r rt hNI?HEO ii n.t~ wr?4-?? m HOIWI, ROOM. SC.. TO Lvr. FjH'KMSIIED HOOK TO LIT?IN l.RXIXtlToN 1 avenue Complete order. laimtUn powwun f m >U| lot inirate boarding bouee. HOHKRT T. HERBS. 1 OKl? time, bM K.NISHED SECOND FLOOR Tf? LET-TO SMALL, private family of adulu, at It# Kul Twenty atitli atieel, between geeond and Third areuuee Hut fW par month. LX1R REST-TO A PRIVATE FAMILY ONLT,THK I liir*o* .(iny bri vrii .(line ffrat daw Dwelling, 7? Real Klahleenth atreet two doora from Fourth tntN; poeaea ?i hi ?i?vn on tin- ?ih u,. ?i.,b?r Apply on U>? preanfaea. Hot SK TO I.KT In AHTOKFA-A MODERN BUILT "?rick llouae in jarrfe, t ontar, with or without part of Khinnlira. I-oration excel ? i. ami ?!.# reeldeeee every wey II '..hie. Maul low Addieaa hoi t IkS Poet orttw. n. y. ANDSOMKI.Y FURNISHED HOl/kK IN FIFTH avenue to I^t?r?. i'nv?i.- ,|ljr oi.ljr, for one or two ra i.'t iiUaiijr 1>H tad imuie n .r.- i>.*pe?elon. K'lIirKT T. MI.I KS, Ht t'adai TTAtFOf A COMFORTABLY I I KNIKIIKD OFFICE ? 1 to li t. boy'a war' ? and "I ??( ftp I to he equally borna. Api Ij baiwat ii J and t I' M at 71 ta?.>i atreet, room OFF It KB IN PHILADELPHIA FOR RENT-IN TUB building of it.6 N '' Hank of the Republic, SOB and All ChwtBHI aliect Che Broadway of Pluladrlptila), ihroe communicating K elite, aeronil .lory, front, and two Ronma BOxSb, Willi vulendl I north and ? Illtn light Tli? building la ?u| plied Win g a, w itar, Water docile and healing appara t-ia Apply at tha hank. OFFICES TWO ROOMS ON THIRD FLOOR. No 74 Na.aau atreet. In good repair. Heat |300a year. Apply to SAMUEL OWEN, room 10. Roovs fur GENTLEMEN, without board ? ? Two Bedrooma la an rlaganl houaa Id Twenty-third ?treat, near Fifth n?ntu,|ll; gaa and Ore Included. Ad drew bog rt H i 1'oal office. STEAM POWER, WITH MROE ANI? SMALL WELL lighted Fiooia, ta let, at M and II Baxter annul. Apply to the engineer. TO LET?PERSONS OOINO TO IIOITHKKBBPINO OR having llooina to let call be auppllad with OerpeU, Fur niture. Bedding. Ar , at HEN DA LI, A SCOTT'S, #18 and 211 lludaon atrei-t, crner of Canal, and pay by weekly or mnntbly p iymenta if preferred. 110 I.hT?THE SECOND FLOOR OF BUII.IHNO Ml Broadway, oppoelte Bond atreel, aullahle for any light, gnnteel bualneaa. Apply to Wk, L. BUKKB, 4dt? Broadway, TO I.F.T?THE SECOND FLOOR IN TUB BlULDINH No. S? HattAry place, oontainlng Bee roeme, front. Rant $3Ua month. TO LF.T-A NEAT COTTAOB or EK1IIT ROONB, water. A. . In Proa pad atreet, near I'eUeade arenua lludaon city. tent $8u per month Apply to 0HARL8M Oi WENT, 664 Waahiiiguni etreet, near Cnrlatopher, New Turk TO I.ET?SPI.ENDtD REBIDRNCB AT BBROEN Hill, 16 flue rooma. 6 ar ree garden land; plenty fruit end ahade. Immediate pnaaeaelon. P KIT IT A F RAZEE, 171 Broadway, room No J. TO I.KT?A THRER STORY HOUSE IN BANK 8TRKKT, with all the modern I ruprotomenta, gaa. hoi and rold water, hetli, A . rem ifuD. poeeeealon let Deeetnber. Ad dreaa It. O. P.. Herald olflee, O I.F.T?A LAROF STORE AND DWKLUNO BOCSR In the heal port "f Fulton atreet; rent only, for llouae and Store, 81,400. Flituree fur eele. PoaaaaatOB can be taken Immediately, Addreae H H , box UN Herald ofllce. TO LET?FART OF FINE BUSINESS PREMISES. Parlor floor. No 4 Carroll place, Bleecker atreet, lor httalnc. or dwelling. For parllmilare apply to J. WIN CHESTER, HB Johu alraal. TO LET-A LA ROB, HTRONOLT BUILT BUILDINO. on Klevenlb avenue, near Porty-eeoood alreet; lultable for any heavy hijtlncaa reoulring plenty of room. A W. BARNES, 1B2 Chatham "dreet TO LET?#46 I'BR MONTH-TILL MAT NF.XT FOR A nice llouae and'Irouoda, eleven; ellualed on ear route, two ml!'a above Jnraay Oily Addrew U. O., box I'M Poat office. TO I.ET-A ROOM AND TWO BF.DROOIIB, .FIRST Boer, front. Apply at SJV lludaon atreet. T TO LET-TWO J. A ROE PARLORfl. #S0 RENT I'KR rr nth; In a private houae 116 Oreene atreet; eultable for famillea or hghi m.nuifactarln|. TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. FIVE Hoouie, all ccmmunlcathitf, 144 Raat Fortr-flltn atreel. to a amell Umtlr, gaa and watrr; vary daalrable; rent #? ADAMS. #63 Broadway T?f!r5V.? n'lOoKI.YV 4 I.ARGB HTORE, BUTT T''.tri:?'?,r.'IE, ';AR,,Rn nij"n,N'' "? nirKci *"?<??? *v.ffl-tera5.'r ** WWI Tw?u" """ At T"2, kKT?SKriiJUj PLOOH IN IJOUBR ? CIIARLPH t?i?trt!!I ? nl V t>*'" t'f'oi-", tedro-JUi*. wbrdrutxnt ui K.W ' '" ""a *"ler "" "? pwolBK&MO T?J.,^TrA fARUiR ANJ? HEDKO^M PI RNIHllVIi i ?..hJ7 ^ ?n" """* f" ?' U"?"i loi Al*o llirm ? nf ? j ?..bM Room. ,u? ^ur ?1Ui J,"# I ''*"'HRI?I1KI?, WITH IMMkfttATr T? tfjas 0A&fM&2:Mfro*az: !s% jnJ^ ?PJ*?AglsflJ,_/*yo?A?L|i tkrmh thf worn _ Wan., ? ?"??'??? *wmr "? ?'?n> m 'f*^ >jK^T-h i.r.v n H>mnr.r>, in im . >. ,? II H OA MNANN.1I 7w Un'1 AW" l" * 'mSwnb uk,.,h A.m..* M .Ui,,,',. l'"M"*r Br..!../ A4 TIm.*' ~J?r'V/r?T""'Kn <t ?*?'"? TrtJiVi "E '? WANHINurn* IWU. i' ^ ,",WBl|' #lc.t 'lif I>|B).?C. at. | | I m. cl0.>,t An"' 10 ***?"*<"?>* MHiKAT, ,17 ? r mm! "III ?K*. IIIMI1IA, ?k< ., H AVTKI), A *KM PI RKHMIMl R/W)H WANTHD-n- T..WN Afcrirxzw r? ","'i..A?'.'rT*V*<VU"* *#n** I, \ 1 ' " 1 1 "v 1 Wl Ml ',1 ? I A V . ,11 ? 1 ,, V A ' " ' 'f ".".?<?< 1 *?? ??! I<l< I p ir^?*?. A . ???!., r urn , A1' - 1 v v,..?? ,iv""'-"* ?'?!?>?? TiuTi .. rM j ? f..r",'. " J ?r r""r V *?... .111, j | __ Af.ANA RmI I.?UI?A|.?,,, ?M|, h?, ' \ 7,!''L*"Mh S**!"* wn* mrani ami A" *? ' ffi#' ? ??'#.??! ?> ?' 1 n ?, f . ? , , I .'mI " " . ' ? ? SiR;.' '1,' '* ^TMIBWWBi II"1 *p ? ? ?nttii -in f.K. L; ' '"? b' -"??tmm mi. ? , 1. a, ~u, WA?'!,"l 5V.|* rA,"L* WITMOI-r ihiliirrn a A A m . 'lAA I- .1%,. " ???.. tL'AIKEJi ?N I Nri'NM HPn KO'lM. M> A YljT , i r ? A. M..W. N twaa, r?; .,*V^T ' ' ' ?^-^ssjwx'ss3 oa'w Tun^r | V""I'." '* "M ?1 ? ?Ma of U* , lj J?. 'it x'r W^gypir" woo?trw. .t'.ry /. i ?! >u ? il ,.? n??l A ?' ?!.? 'rrr .. JAi nh DfA Rl'IC .1 r? , ?? ^l'A^-Irr. run FM(ojii ro nuu niu T Mb Wa th'.' ?,rr."^SK- *ir" a?"*i*tw|n"tr. 4 "?? ?- , W'., W ,.' : . ly/gyj r.r- r? v;v:?H3:r * -" Al rt-A*l. *?l U *: . . ; / 1 "" T?.r ?pt ?rMA.u. i| . , I A4 W4v,k*!;:r a " 'l - - - - AfcN?4? U- AHA. AAM ?? Tl, .h t?,. T'~ ' ^ yyiANTRu To R,, 4 _ ; -- PilN... ju fT""*"*;?? *~*TH7 If ?N.lM K^rr ?u RlliLIAMIn. AT, A "? or nmrr u.a ? iiujam rJT'ri ? IM?I .^ .Tl .TT^.r_ "?? "? ??- "P* AM mm Ato^Tt ???Ml ??! #4 r?Mi Frw mm. j ._ ?? ? # **1 Blr * a- ? ? f. ?J?# ? Y , A Laiu*ii ?7<^ ? '.f ?rv amj? -r/ > ?>i .ft Tb%MB r?M/ fM ?A l?*A n is ?? ftMM rt rait* 1^-1 MM, WW a* W'l Ml Pf?" w. vrry-a a^jyjia <A1EI J|[f At'fTIOIf. ACOTHJM NOTICR. ?HAM! Kl. WVNN A m |L ?S| wor?m*?oiar?..iiiuuArtid riSi '*?!! 44 ,*"?' 8,,,~n"' ?<"?' |>WNN r^nTCJ ass ^r-FFS 2? ?=&? feF?Mrig ?"?. "bud r'litr .?!! u'*".1'' offarad *4 auclloo (klo HO Bur*. , Iim?i#Ia? w . c ^k'1 ? '"eawond *ad walnut Blanket*. BUvd. i'. u, ? 1 hi'r '**"* XalkfOMfa, alrgani s*?.1 I 1 ,,""""" ? it#n?|i)n Tabla. BuffaL MlTt' *?*?? ?t3?i AW ^'''T'NKKr, will Houaahnld f?,^vdl" ?I5',000 ,worl'', ?-?>>l4e*nt roi?w??i I ?a.,r,f II k t!5 .*8* f n*r%,u *'%rp#ui rultl; Works of Art %u<l h2T 12?'!V i ^alu* 111 Furniture, (hi. **..???!,?-'***? '!*?? ?nluul rroa prm-taalr. *1 lib. mu.. l'#r IIU o'alaeE and Hlmtk PwK,?Tnd'flr . ""J***" "'?S JLhrae beautiful ?olid r.^? 7, "?."IS* ??"m fur.n,'ur? ? ?ioiil I'orlot Turk* antra and on# menu. ate**..! Hrracatel and l..r* i Pro#. of oil 1'alntlriga, KdAnaring., u,? " ? '??' "?gl" m?fnl V?nI romiwuod rUnnf-u Nt ,a,i %n.j rliir^L Inairumrnt wi.h ...ui.d .".?r" logo ami oaair, Willi all tn...lern *?nw ?J12225 bna*. fall Iron ilnltt Broach action full ^ mutt ' and Mark walou" Relate*,1. Mora..,a,^?f2 I'kalra, Kor-kera, Mlrrura, Clock* Table* H*d l,r',n*?J? Hprlng and llalr Mattreaaea. Soda llUi.tau T.? rJffiS Ma tension Tabta, China, olaaa and Hllerr War.' ?;U|i-J, V B - Reliable men In altondaiice to cart. i?*k an/Intm gocda for purchaser. on reaaonable in m. " * ?bl? AH -RAMI Kl. WVMK, ACCTIONKRR HRI.Ih THIH ? day at II o'clock, *11 Ike aleganl Furniture la kouao Ho. 3 Kemn.t arena*: Bruaael* Car pete, hair cloth Lounge* and ! halra, Coiteg* Bull# Mlrrore, Bureau*. Tabla*, Ckalrtn FlUow*, A*., with all tka filch.n flan? alia. In lota. Bekj. f Tiuuix, AtrnnoMMjkr " date aalaamaa with H. II. Ludlow A Co.) BOrntBOLD FURNITL'RK. MIRROKH, CABFBTR, AO. THRALL A HKOK will aail at auction tkta day iRalur, dar>, lirnriubar I, lw. at low o'clock at tkeli aalnaranni li ah'VZ.*""1 "~r Nl~u- ? ???"???gm?o7hm^ SuVia i,r? m "? e?n,l"t,n* ln P*rt ol '-'Cred roaewood FarioC 'apa, walnut an.t utaboaany Froaob led. 5 J ; f , "1 Bureaua, W**baianda, Tablea, C'kali# aaif Kaaj t balra. ..otinaea Nofaa, baorftary Boobaaaaa, Maalaf !2.nK.MS!^ ??"?. H*" Ofaoc Mailcggi JTfl rco'Aer Blllowa, Velrat Hruaaelaand IngralB I'ifftlai OUbaVfer''' at ihaarirtfoaaaraoKao^ .. ?CIIENOR. AI'CflONRKR. ? BROF I Icrka, Hlaluatla'i ' klr.a V*M| Ar . Ac. Conlla V* Ma*??*"" *'hKI??'V ?">? lay. kl H~? * ? " tba aalaaraum. No ?0 Llbei ly ?treat Hal# poi aoctiorbrr. im!i 5 H. LKiln A HI.NKH will nil by luodM. on frldsjr, >or?mb?r 80. ??<) Riiurdiv, I)er?mb#r J. ?i lOjJ o clr?<tk, ssoh ?1st, *t thsir Mlssrnoiu yj Litxirty itrtti rJur|V""r!r,,,,a of Hl,w TU144 Wftrb 4n l Tsbl# *? 9orU " *' T6"?- "apkorij r? >4' **? **'mnn Dlabaa, do. Tonlaen Diahaa, At T"r**na, kaary platad blah t'orara, faja of H r! turner blah*., with nioeabl* baoaiaa. Can Ira MUuda r rulA Rowla, Tan and OolT*a kau. with Ta* and C'oVaa KatUaa to V ?|U.7* "f ? r Wera. Alao I earl Handle Table Rnlrei, In aaaoa 0f ela anA iT?1!^ a*?1!" I'!"' to Mlali, Irorf Hujia <o., lUS] .1" ? ?*'''j""''"'1 M ^ "audi# Flak Oajryara^A ry '??aty four Olacaa Mother of Bra^ 41a Daaaeit Kmraa, with allrar f*rue|., kllear BUM Borka and bo-aina, Iio-aart Bur., n.if Rtaiona, T m caUtoiuT' U I HAWtlf j>. MQHR. AfcOTtAwRfcR. Halaaroota Wt Naaaau atreet, oppoalla the Baal ol DA?* BROWN MARR, I yaara old, lk baada Mgb. walk '"tl. aound, kind lu ail biarnaaa and under aadlla; aaa IrM In I kl. frao and atyllah drltar ' , wv5?*a **?wf J*0,wa* ABR black hawk) BARE, S yeara old II handa high, warranted aound kind Iff all barneea and unAar lad'lla; rary Ira* endaiyltah. i aitf. ?l!fA* HORHB, eboul Id banda blab. I yaara old, kind In ell barnoa*' w^ pull IJg loafi wHllog Mortar A Jl aoalno top Road Wagea, cll/bullt. Iblood ordor, i a! "jq*1*."*?1**? P'rajal bu-klaa. I# Ira!Tela ardor. 1 BaraiMI aoto of Hlnglo and Xluublo II era aaa, iSeAtau, tap Robea, An, Ac . Ao. w Regular Korea aalaa at Colon flat# Stable* a rary Tuaadey taroagboal tka yaaA ~ Regular Bora* tela daya at aalaaroom, IT Roaaea atr**|, a rary Tburadey aad Baturday. Raaara MIRF.R A kOMRRytl.LR offgy aaauraaaoad adU rantagaa In I oration, atperlaara and bilffaati Maglf 9 pertiea wiablag to buy or daalrtag to aail Buraaa. Carrlagaat or anytbiag pertalnlag to tha horaa buataaa. * * TTRRRT D. MIRRR, Al'CTIQRBRR. SALRRRdOM H 1 A 'taaaau atreal. pppoaiu tka Boat -dlaa. T. EIBCt fOR'M HALK OB A I.aRhR AMD BIRR OOIe UllN r ARD NOOkRR imwi'/L Lk< TION their aalearuom *7 Raecau airact. by erg** of tbo aaot of tb* late Mat haw Morgan, doraaegd, a large aod lb* < Hon of aoctenl aad mMara OH Belatlngd, af Breneh. Flemish. Uorman and BtigUab ackaela, pglrtd among'.than, a number of tk* flnatil aacteat Mlatlaga *k| bar* bee* offered at aortloa la many yaara In tbdmoAg aehnol will ba fouad Ika work* of ika fk lowing aatlhaat I tlate elr ? A. Kehoalder, R Caao*. M A M Saab. , T Mwlerae, f il Vartlp, T T Baerkurg. J tin U" |m!.o, k M reba.It A Rearaag. J. Ppohlar, B Vaa be ban C. Lewkarl J. ar.dtr Harden, B Vaa HarsrilaBrh. II Raaaab aad nikara AI ff'l a number af llr.a f.i i.a aad Colored B.ngra* Hf.NKf f? Ml b KIT, ACcrmiiii; ~ Af k OB HORIRM, carT7a.iR.. IIARMBM. AC. MJRBR A hOMERV||J,k. Tl'RAPAT. D?C, A at ? doijk^ A.TWjA?raiiirwal?^ RI Alt Fill.'Km ABr.NI R H^HFKRT BBI.TMAR. ACCTIORRRR- OFFfCR g tig ton llall Will aa I tkla day, al 10m a *|o#k, at Ilk I etraat. Ike aaura Burnllura oontelnod Ik the Wr ~ 8loon, roneleitag of ckal/a Taktea. two Raffk aba Oaa Fiii-nee A' wttk tbo eptlr* Ll'tuxreaad, met dun galieea *1 be neeltltelr I n )a'a Ll'|n?r dealer a aa wel Inefted tit ailaad thla aale aa aearytlnag reaaree. In lot* H^HKRRT FKLTMAR. Al'CTIORBKR. ?CllaRLRS Noll HKRRoTH will *e:| tgl* day. at HdffWei, at IlkBag fwalftk etroet. th* enUra ktetk aad Allww of a MHuW H ere. Bate pooll'y* Mmm F.RRT FRLTMAR. AI.TTIONRRR -CHS. ROMLI bore will ar I Ikta day. *i I o>.o*|L *1 US Beefo# Mr aornor of M-roteuutoffr ewoet, Iko taeps aad Wafi efH "oraef Or??rrr ?c?a Tkla aaJ* will be pooluea, *#A la t worthy Uraoiiont. >n of all buyer* nKURT 1P.I.TMAM. At CTIORP.?R. *RLL* OB BOI day. f>e ember k the ar.iwo Buralter* af * Frew* 'a a..,J Ol >. a II t a a lira**.*. fTooko. I boo la, Fori 4e babifiglug to tr.e fan. If JH R'MIART A( CTIORKKH -THIS DAT Al o'rburh at I' * aartle. r*e>n,e, Ro I Merffl I | .ireel a em*.I >m *r llouaek' Id r .ra'lore ?n#at#MBg Collage Sulla B.iten.1.? Dlalag Taktea, kureOBd, wag e-aude Bed..oaf . tao Ml/ri-ra Rod* Bod Radflag, Stew K rraen yarn t<,to, sal aiao a let af 'Uetklag. faatrM Ai ??l Patent Waak Boat la MHB IKIfiiMr. ?' ? r ? i, w rrR ~ ~ | l?rgo a,le uT wa and aeoed kaad Furallgrg. Ikb d r *4 1*1* a I*t? k al ike aaiaeroom IB Uaaoau MMM. iki# Oaat.kga P.aoorofte r-ieowood. walayt *#4 M pif " badibor Inning Rom ant unrurf Far kinda and AoearlytPi*, aaenrnl Inrga VraaW. lilaaaea lerg* lla* ? ? ?ndollofa Hair Rwk and Ilea**. ? ,|[-U a Ware* I'pna ? r-eBery A* , _ large -anartmant fk# wtooa to ka a#ynanpt*etly a* ta* n f ika aiteo-lon of daaeeie aad^-iaaakkepaf*. Ili '.ap' l au* : T ? rm"'T " ~? ? 11 Ml. * I.OLke' ?? iff * 111 aeil *1 ay ue *% lb* Rib 4tf nf ||* rrr.kar ai vn I'alva a reel Hroeglra at It ?'lllia. I led* n Tan In betwaau hfalk and l*s(ft Hratta fror. lag oa Ub* r*rk. _ g g I 1 'd* on a rtr oea- earner Plgktk arena* en# FogrWoot# run.: * tn# aren .a aod I an ta* etroet It Inde n analboaet ewrner P al ? a*? aornor W al* ***? .* aad Rraile# >?? .# I.d 4 on Uk* ?:*??< Fee mape aad l?'' ' *'? *H I .' *? -t- *#' ...ry I) RLH ?AI.K I or 'ikHRARt F. ARl> ORDRARfR ?T'iRBI, AT II aRPI ka FRKR*. WFtT vIR/j|MIa. "R Tt RefJAf; Oka'B.MBkR II Ink! ? ? ? ? ? t Wy of to* < ai*f?f Orgnaaee | en. afgr I* tka t id** at pubiaa auet, u *t ik* **??* Ufci and A LARilB I QraRTirT "F IrKlia a kf K rT'iMA* t oiiurii . I Art,lory llarnaa* R*4d>*e Rrtglea Ha tee* llwna* t ..try ? ?.U a I** a eta. Tarpn-,1 <**, lafaniry and ' eral*y a e. reane. a aauie. ?I at a dlilte' a I* aaiu/I.P.** f'toLS tlrlmt O one* a tea nf | ?.er taray It-n Imiaul **-*g lead I" y* !?*.?. Rofaao* ka a** n. a luyreaf car* 'new, oaa* light day ?t "t i ik i. ii s HBkfi TH'it'* A n fr BR|. g. ?aiwa -* one II >*? ai> 1 many net an: a* nor doeauoA laenera f y to aa *?i ? . .* farma caib o t a ?d uteaT.-da hay "Wtmaaa# ak Mo Moat A M I* y ff It * . M a * of 11. d aaa * fig. J?a* ?.??<? ao-t-oeee BtRilt.t aRH f?u p: ? I|j?u*? *? I.rrl' k |MVBI. Nil Ha #.'? * a I i ? a atifHikfcRR, Ry nrteo *r *?*#?* ai o?b -nu end r. eeg.r o/M# He#, ia* ?ge ii i at . rd ?-* f IM I- *e of ta* NwflWggBff It nf Ue ? eie of ? a I o l> ef,eaa* y. OniO ai *M#a or. Prtea, * ki>, 4*1 at Be'.mboe IBM ,, Tl . -a a is f'irea a bo If, '?? iMlin.knrml aa# riewamtwr MM, aa || ? Vro# 44a. r ' ihS'rt "Ml f Ai/W B* ?g.ay tbroe 44aa l>eoa*. ' nhaa, on* leaagw Fr*aa too ' M*e. a a ??*? TrwaR# ami <rgha# ?!" re MenAnf >k# ad day -rf tuimakm, MSI M II 1'a -R Daorai Hu.mrao. tmpnt, nr^T* ^ ttr?';I.UM kBA^TF, ACCTI.i.pRff a,rjfi, | ,% ; **18e" *ff**"W'* aea.rdiy aa l ? #? *?, 2* * o*l *?4 Bit[o*m ad lb# MagA **. * ml IC le>m>wf JSSV^kCSSV^1' ? ef Fwhi-aim. tXBATa Hit#. *nf? It ffaRLR B* S kBFg,