Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1866 Page 5
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EUROPE. Special Telegram to the Herald. Secretary Seward's Late Mexican Despatch to Paris. OUR DUBLIN CORRESPONDENCE. THE FENIAN POSITION IN IRELAND. <fce. fto. &c. THE MEXICAN QUiSTION. SPECIAL TELECRAM TO THE HERALO. p?<riiiiirT Hcwari-HI. Despatch to the Amer ican Minister at Paris. Paris, Nor. 20?Evening. j li ha1, beta ascertained that Secretary Seward's des* patch of \londay, to the American Minister at this Court, bia'ed chiefly to the withdrawal of the French troops woui M.-xIco and the expression of the hope that France iroatd carry out tta promise with referonoe tlieroto. The despatch, It to undo.tood, also alluded to the do Murtiire of General Sherman for Mexico, an<l g&va the Meou* why ha waa sent thither. Although the despatch Ira* a* unusual length. It was nevertheless couched In a loncil.iory though dignified spirit. or:: special correspondence. IRELAND. OUR DUBLIN CORRESPONDENCE. Jntin', Mtcphcnn' Promlae. of liberation In Ibllilt Condition of the People -Action. Mot Wor.w -John Rrlilil*. Nlmion a Failure-A foevletetl Fenian In Court?1Treatment In the Mi site Prisons -An Argument In Ap peal. .Vc. Pcbli*, Nov. 17, 18?fl. The reports of James Stephens' demons!rations and ppoec) es which reached this country by the lost few alls i a o failed to produce much violent excite, enl. vimbers of people still sneer contemptuously at Chat they call hit olap trap oratory, and declare It Is but iotbnr Mtompt to galvanize the failing energies of a Ciltln. wlndle, and If his promises to liberate Ireland ? the :>irtli of anothor year bavo awakened feelings of jpov In the beans of the thousands he counts on as his ||dI1ov ihey have been wlso enough to restrain such Edln *, and confine thorn to their own breasts. The ly r in luslon that an unprejudlcod observer can draw >ra this apparent apathy of the Fenian party In |irelai?i at present la that they are profiting by tho )utporie:ico of the past, putting their faith in his pro Ciees. old o^feily waiting for the fulfilment of the me. That the feeling* wht'-h sustained Fenlanlam so Bbng arc at all weakened must not be Imagined. Dtacon t and uubapplneaa eontlnuo to bo the household com jpantou* at 111, and all the cleroenta and nuitorlals whloh go o form a revolution aro scattered over e\ ery port of Mil coin,(iy. No country on the fhee of the world can present a Wider p. -lure than Ireland does at preaeof. Land either prasto or .-)u ckly being turned into vast pasture tracts for rearing supplies of "roast beef" for the English ?rkeie; 'onent farmers either the slaves of their land rd?, blindly following the dictates of bla lalllflT, or 'orced >y enormous Incr-aso in the rate of rent ? eke out existence on a minimum of profit, ild to lie thankful that they are not summarily oi"d Iron house and home; driven as a beggar from the Out wh re tlielrfktbera before them worked and alared, bmi the early morning of life till its vory close, to create ho?r< the natural resources of the country neglected; arbor* "line of which might compare with any others I the w rid decaying for want of the expenditure of a tinpe">M nly small mm; flab arise, formerly the source r much wealth, wasting away fur want of a little gov fn m?nt <><il to sustain them; these, and other griev sew. which I have noticed tn former communication*, orm the load that is bowing down the hearts of ibe Irish eople. lin t make them the willing follower* of uny man ?l-.o r* ? the standard of revolt. Km tint point that stands nut boldly at prevent Is, that 1 Hte| hens wishes to keep any bold with tho ?Ub p opto, he must let there be some deeds aud not I wor I* loo long have they been propped up by fair orils llriiuh governments?wh'gs, torle# sod nul ls in * "????? -mod?havs siaikrn kindly and sketched fu e pkii.-i of reherotia policy; roral commission*, grants moi.r.v, nobis help to the country bavo I wen prom d repo*.-illy, go, In th ir turn, have cteptiens, and ibei, , ind Hwesny promised great things; but, up to * pri sei,i. ihs result la alike from 411*?but "vanity it *?*?" of spirit." Whoever It may be that will Vo the id urs of the country in hand and try to rem 'y tli c o ill finds mighty task before him; aiiu. when ? tbii i. -of the nd results of the eflbrts of Emmet, tzgsruld ot 'Irftn. whoen be*t exertion* only resulted In loo* of noble lives and binding more firmly the bonds tba pent they sought to help, we must hope thet sses I*' ?? what atiended their day m*y not he revived, I thai <ho friends of Ireland will look before they IP 'lho m ? i'? of the Kn,-llsli reform party to conciliate i-tr br- i ? hi la Ireland, and set the latier to join tbeti nds ?n r't together, In a lailum. A wi a* 'orm i ' sgtte In Duhhti has been mad'' by tbn delo es fro- ndin; but thn result must lie rather d'S uragb ' wtand of the thousands who (locked round el*' hen first raced among the worklngmen of igiaun, : u only artisans at'' nJ d the mo t ng railed inib'"i I he population of Irelaad do not rare for the to. f "i;>i prescribed by "the I. ague." They bate i thel. ill in aonlWnttoaal rodraaa, and care not for e*i. . ? .u of the fraiK lilw. In fan, waay small men ti i atilaaaa In lha rural dtatrcu rather regret ?it M ?? r ?rumeteuee* cause then to be placed on the ?f '' v lor loemlmrs of Parliament Why Hit* zuld ? "? ea?? may aur|>risa a man who glories lit that vile .1 in ieh a country as the failed "'let is; bui for Irvrth farmer that freedom <>f opinion whlr-h lb 'l.o ? Irlbrlght In which lie would glory, >* bnt pun s. mel t to him, for Ihe years ai hit life during h ti ? ' ? ndilersd loo poor lo e<er un ?h * privi. be e not alratd of the latidlord-or hp bailiff so i'|i ad reut day , ai elartlM tint a he was lett jgtu'h "I h'? bom* while hie neighbor #m com ided, on ibo one hand by a dictating twill :, to vote h i'el etd, or prepare for consequence*. aud oa hll,.o ? m eiuiod the priest, whose she had ever <" ng bun In quite a contrary direotkiS. i 'ii the gift of the i raockle* bae boen deao.ed I of a blessing or a privilege iu Ireland, and her ha iural populaiinu n?r the city artisana art (he tog* of the Bright reforoisra. ng Mutcaoy, one ot tlio-e ronv . leil a? the >. i. . "lomiseion, ws? yesterday brought ti?fore I .r. oi r J stlr* for Irelsad, Imvinii arrlvod fr>m land i 1 etnng previous. Oreut ere u m nt pr? ii gbborbood of the court, and great ami ght of lha prisoner, but strict meaearag tp acre.akan by tba g,.vsriim<nt authorities, uiunied polic" surrounded the hlaeg ian hi, r y'id hltu a) double-quick |wr? Hope |, ti,? It no' allowed IO liotd ? oinmun ue,,iu,, wttb i, his legal sduseri, and to ?'..etn be bio -add-aing account of tha hardship* u. wtib h tba Fenian i ope wu hMV0 UD >y. time of their seniet^pe lh# flpit pli-oa we,r ireyrd to alter lenvir , ess Pem-iQ in 1 n c rigorous *jalee, ^mieace and I iaoiatioa dhi 4 Ucia. fher was ? apart fr no all other rib' * 'rolti each u? ,off Snd not illowe-1 to Speak; "it ? " ' ,nver^ ?r:th i warder probably lielng >ai tu h "f *? t> , m In tba moqjfi, Tlieir em *lJ ' u*t of tailoring. If (HUhing up ugp "tr i pftano garment* ran ao styled llue* > they were I ran-milled to Portland, and 1.1 ine ,, ggrlea there to .'orb -to hew und cul the y?' < r >ip and grind Hie fragmeais, and sueh like, eigiuiaga was f It much more severely than v *i ? ? a .le ?r?tem of ih Ir first prison, beoat in rot g i ? "ik they had to perform wan tu pt*r. I'd of ff r n died 1 'it^a doulby rre u- t , ? j ?? w> 'h lbs it ?7J; ,,r ,,,? . sad" i .1) imp toy no III, Ihej^fe",-with (reader in t'Je *f 11 niahment of gjfl"iiug and pounding rough i hiirning tt.i-u ha hands sou feet ? ovsred *"4 ^siars. aad eoi a raj of sympathy fH,i " "Ik'over Ibeir patli. heo" as 0f ti,? prt?.,n g. " ?nu? ~ da* uav muai rtat fnm hit wrk and touch tua , a*i ss ee'uta, la regu'ai military ?t? le OotuH K *i? was lately aesteu usl to thtee daya ie "? rs |'irishmen! oetla fur negldrnag thts ftirm u n - vi r?or waa |w"inK lura by a ih" i iil er got cold tba pnr. avrj cnmplalned of jMr. " .-i'lthiag, hat attiimt reaalt They must u r ?? the "'frtniyy cf uw aoid aaathsr ta the ? gd' b .> i'iv iTihT |.m( pf suntmer Some, in 1 ~0 days tr iTie wash Muses, wlief thev i to vaah all lha fuol and ffitby garirenta of rha rvauii f the treatment may he sail ftem ; e fact that Mulealiy, who but a faw tboatha wh i standing in the dock ie receive ihe ? an t n ,* ?a< "irndr hala yeotif mar. full of hope tf,., ,i ii dsv biwug ,t Up weak and lanky, hla aye* ied, ?'1 "II "ie vigor of rouih apjar- mly 'ifiel oi ? irame, looking as If twenty yaara, wi-li all . M-w and herd Hps that might meat a mar t,mo, had been added to his !l#e In H e .-.spy who had iton him when he >u th?fw , ; e vi Mi-m hu'' t a fan* of pty fr* v - i man y dim d 4f is ot *i>i i v'tawei at--t war '?;ai? Vin^n fc&SKs? pleted, are twelva In number, u follows:? i>?nu Dnehmg Muleahy ptatnUjf to WW m. Br Majniy (Kt Quern, dfemjaut in ervor.-On The argumeut of tbe writ of error Id this case II will be contended oh behalf of tbe plain tiff la error tbat tbe Judgment should bo rorerted for tbe following reasons:?First That tbe entire Indictment la bed f or vagueness, unosrtamty end dupitchy; that It la eo defec tive that no judgment ought to bavo been paaaed upon M, or at all eventa eo defective that tbe demurrer taken to It ought to have been allowed beoond. Tbat several of tbe overt acU alleged to each oount are not laid with eulllclent certainty or prevision. It will be eepecially contended that the ovort acta Is each count froin one to nine Incluelve are Insufficient, Inaamueb at tbe genernl allegation of a con spiracy la not a sufficient laying of an overt aet within the meaning of tbe statute under which the plaintiff In error waa Indicted. Third. It will alao be oontended tbat tba alle gatiooe with re.^ecMo the publications In yte Peoyle uewa paper are ao lulu to be repugnant and Inconsistent In point of time with the alleged oorapaaalng which they were aald to manlfeat, and alao to laave the oount open to duplicity. Fourth Assuming the court (o be of opinion that any ooe overt eo*. la badly bud. It will be contended tbat upon the Reculler trame of this indictment th'.a la aufflclent to vhlute jb entire Indictment, Ibe alleged manifestation of the felonloue oompaeelng being laid aa ooe afngle manlfeelatlon by ell the overt acta laid. Filth?Whether thle be eo or not It will lie contended that tbe demurrer ought to have lieen allowed as to the overt aots. wbtoh are badly laid, and eo much of tbe Indictment quashed. Hlxth?It will also be oontended that the Jitdg have been paaaed In reaped of all tbe mattere charged Id the count; ana if any of these matter* be badly laid, the judg ment cannot he auatalned. Seventh?That the challcugaTo tbe array on the wound of tba Jury being returned front the jurora book of 1M6. end net 18CH, waa a good challenge, and ought to have been allowed. Eighth?That tbe couuter plea of tbe crown to that challenge wae bad both In form and aubatance. Ninth?That tba challenge to tbe toll taken lor the as me cauae In the oaae of the Qnbeti va. Henry Fry waa a good challenge and ought to bave been allowed. Tenth? >r th That the counter plea of the Attorney Oeneral to thle chal lenge ti bad both In form and aubatance. Eleventh?If ne Cssarv, It will ba oontanded. upon the argument of tbe four it pleat, thai, It lutvtng been averred ?n behalf of tbe erown In the countar plaaa te tha cbaUengea that the Jury waa empanalled and returned on the 77lh of November. I8G0, thoae representing the cmwn are estopped from alleging that the jury were returned at any otber time, and there waa therefore a ralatrlal. as the Jury wea formed before any lasoe was found. Twelfth?That tbe challenge for old age to the Juror lames Booth waa a go>d challenge and ought To THE PRINCE OF WALES IN RUSSIA. Ill* Itepl) to the Britltsh Kcaldenl* to W. Petersburg Relatione Betweru Rnglaud and tlio llxnr. g (St. Pitoisburg (Sopt. 13) correspondence of London Times.) The following U tho reply his royal highness the Prince of Wales to the add res* of the English resi dent*:? t]vsii.eMEK- 1 am much gratified by the sentlunut* which Jou have .-(pressed to me on the occasion of my visit to Ht. eteriburg, und I shall not fall to uc'inaint tbe Queen with the leellngs of loyalty and patr.otlam that animate her M.J eaty'a anbjeeta In Russia. It Is alao gratifying to ma to learn, aa I am aure It wtll he to the Princes, of Wales, that you hall the connection note ertaWthoif Utirern us and the he relitaiy fjrnn-l Duke as a mcuru of Mrengthentny the frieiuity relalomt of Ureal Britain uith an mnpt'is fn vhirh you enjoy eo many mlvanlaqte. and I sympathize warmly with your earnest wlahea for the happtneia of the Emperor and the Imperial family, and for tha prosperity of the Rus sian nation. Von say truly that a community of material Interest* mutt hnve a favorable Influence on the tutereoume of the two countries, and It affords toe the highest satisfac tion pi know that those Internals are still upheld In Russia, as tlioy have heeu for the last 30U year*, by a body of British residents who possess the respect qui) confidence of the gov ernment and people, and who occupy a position at onoe hon orable to themselves and to their country. We have happily become awurn in England that our own wellhetng Is pro moted by that of ibis nation,and loongratulate vou sincerely on your anticipations of a further development of the re sources andeOMmOPMof Russia, ( I thank you again for the Interest yon manifest In the marriage of the sister of the Princes* of Wales with tho Grand fluke Alex ander Alexandrovltcb, and for the hope that you bare so well expressed of happy results from my alliance with the Imperial family. Tho deputation wns Introduced by Mr. T. Mitchell, her Britannic Majesty'* Consul, and presented to hie Royal Blghuetw l>y Sir Andrew Ruchannan, K. C. II. It con sisted of Mcstre Matthow t'arr, of tho Riitlah factory, who had the honor of presenting the address; Matthew Anderson. Edward Cattley, agent of tbe Russian-com pany ; Edward ragalct, A. F. Clarke, K. Colqahoun, Arthur, 8. K. Oregor, Rov. T. A. Hosteins, Inde pendent minister ; W. J. Johnson, W. F. Marhln, ' bailee Maynard. Rov. A. Thompson, obaplalu of the British factory; James Thornton and Bernard Whiahaw. Hi* Royal Highness, who woe on the occasion sur rounded by his suite, and rocHved the deputation In the magnlllcent palace of tho Hermitage, whure ho enjoys tho hospitality of tho Emperor, intends leaving tbe day after to-moi row for Moscow. After a abort etay there, during which the honors ol the city vrtll be dono by the Governor Genoral of the P'ovln'o, tha Prince will return to 81. Petersburg, aud perhaps ho present at the closing festivities. The Illness of Prince** Maria Foodorowna, which1* st-itcd to be brunch Ills, done not admit of the oiRclal progismmo being earned out for the present. AQUATICS. Dinner of (hp Prince of Wnlit. Yacht f'lttb. [From the London Poat, Nov. 17. J The annual dinner of tha above club took plarn yes terday afternoon at the Freemaeon'a Tavern Nearly Hfly geuilflunn ait down, presided over by Mr. t'ocil, the Commodore, aupportod by He ire. F. If. Le malne, H D?dd. turnip, Lowe, Mr ; the vice chair* being <>ac u pi ml by ilea re. Richard Sad 11 or, Rear Corn modnre, and Alfred Turner. The ton-it of "The I'nnco of Walca Ya> lit Club" ?u .given by Mr. Porclval Turner, 'ho treasurer. In doing no he dw"lt upon ths fact tha he woe the oldaet menahtr prevent It would ho a gratification 10 him to eouiinnc a member; he had boon aseo< la'ed With the einb .<ini?< |i* formation, and when he gave them tho tonal bo knew they would receive It well. lie dwelt upon the i lao and progrean of the club and, in c including, hoped It would continue to proaiier, capeclall) when gotciued by such ofheera aa It con had. The r.ett toe*t wo? "Tho Commodore and Flag Officers," giveu by Mr. Rirnia, and replied to by Mr. Cecil Long in htt u?ual fellrdmii manner. Mr. Sadder aleo replied Other toast* I ..lowed, and a very pleasant evening waa spool. BROOKLYN JTELLIG3HC3. Lacms o* rut ran or mt Catim in ? -t ?The Rev. B. O'Reilly will doii>?ra lo. i ire on f . day . ?-u log, December 2, at the sta. H> ter and Pa n - hnrc .. Williamsburg Subject?"Has the Catholic Church atlll life for the nations f1 The nihjact, In view of th? anom alous condition of the Catholic Church, aad particularly in relation to matters In Italy regarding the political sor erelrnty of the Pope, cannot but prove In cresting to tboee of the Catholic faith. Dev.a Barsan aid tub Hasan Ji/ar.? Nearly all the members of tho convention at which Demai Barnes waa nominated for Co Of roes wore ye.ierday s mmoued bef >re the Orand Jury 10 i?ai!fy relative to a charge against Barnes that lie obtained hla nom nation by the o.? of money. Aaonirn flrtu, SaiarRH.?captain T.'wy. of the f ulted Stato* Internal Rovntie offlae, took of ant II on Bolivar atreoi, for violation of the revenue latss. Its capacity waa a hundred ,allona. Hk.iiwat Konnutr.?Br. Goodwin. a physician re siding In Myrtlo avenue, wliilo drtvln.. n the vicinity of Quaker t'omelery, wag taken from I is wngoti hy two men and aevirely lieaten. . Aft-r tak'ng from htm tile wa"h and chain tboy (tapped Ibid 'be Doctor a was on and drove awuy. Tim ?Hereanta have n s f?! boon apprehended. A Fatal Jour ?A' a late hour on Thursday nigh' an unknown man made an attempt to jnmp ou boat I the ferryboat Minn" tola as ?he was leaving tl ;? ?llp at tho foot of Bomb rt venth street. K. D and mHeelrtitatinf bU distance fell into the <!<>? k and was Iruwned The unknown wore the i.nlferm ot me I oil.el -Hates marine corps. Hiahody haa m t been re iv.'fVl, Busvxrt or a UtiVAjt Gnu.?On Thursday night t ?i? fellows forced their way into the r> ib-nc.-of Mr. I -? Cole, No. 41 B- 'ford h venue, K It, ai.d were in lbs, ?. i ef carrying away i quantity of ,!ver ware from 'he dining room w lies they ?ct rprt ?d sod oohfrooicd by the eervaat .? il, t:**aed Aan< ?Tobln On" oi 'lie thieves he t a aMveebutuu u.Kt In hM bsed when tbe girl fntere l ?ne Mm, a. I ,? took > a .ay from lilm apfl then tried for he p. Tee fet <? - then l. ?me .ltarmed and pCd h t they were an' . pice' . arrc> ed by the prjteq AC the Forty-fifth pre. Inc. uid lo. e I up. Th?y wSD V examined by Justice Halt ... is RAILROAD SU?f-*T 1 Collleiiin on the ,Mt uiiihls nud I Hstrle?to? Kullrouil Heten I'ersons Killed nnd it l ame Number ln|nred. Nt-fOILlB, Nov. 80, IHOd. A fatal coll.eien between pa*, eager and freight train# occurred Ibis morning about one , clock, a f *w mile* frjjo CoclD'h on tbc Memphis and ' 'bar lesion Its, I road ?*t?u men, auiimg them ill* con In toy on the passenger train, are reported killed, and a large nomtT uoeaded. Both train* were smashed into complete wr? he, a n-'in ber ot earn h?l?g burned. TtMCBfi tfDSUTtK > ASH i ILL*, NOV ??, I "It*. In I'.e Ho i-e 10 day a Mil fa- <1 to a tblf reading and la now i aw. appropriating lb" Hermit ig PTiperly and two h in Ired a io? oi tlie h w 'if General Jaokeon to ihc gem ri' government, to be sed a* a branch of tbe Weat l on.' Military Academy tJ'r',T Of A RQTOfilOUS 6'wEKiLkA HMI'IUI, Nov M l*M A botorlot.e gu< rills named Fud liigg* ha* been er rested ||, rs, an t is now m jail He circnlased in Weat Tenlte^ice during tbe war, and l? said to tx- rnlllT of a* rn'iny muiderw of ? nlnll meti a* Champ Fefguaon II" will i? first seni in Henry eoanty u he ined u-r killing the Sheriff rf that coun'y, who endeavored t? arrest bins but -pi inf. \f.W5 MM SA1 f HARCICCO Ba* Fa?">nero, N'.ir, JV lad* John I' 1 r ha* been estabnabod in poe*e?l .s of 'he office i I t red -ta'es Aaasaeoy f .r ih# y..u-tb li?'rc ', h'a j re.'c.. t ha im leeo ejected by tbe t'nlted - tele* Marehnl Oa ; n Artcra *** ar e 'e.t rc,terdny on a e?Ahrg* ef com*' ;t ~<i ptiaoy on tbe high aene, hy aetaii^ the hr g Bast a ?t ( i| UtepA t^kflee- erl Men City, f r W"w Yorft, harrlee wool, tape res lr . valued at 11* ? Ml Mejmjr i| efwtlldent, *' Vt ? ,?i ."isii i"'Y ??m ???* r ? .... , f I !a .?u U ?K ?r* " ^M?wiee we ths WASHINGTON. WaaBntOTOK, Not. |0, IMft s. Mmlco and the Hadlcnlo. -idlest leaders here ore very outspoken In tbolr b Vv to military Interferons In Mexico, and oppoelt oppoa* and defeat.all movements that may t ireateu to ^ upon the reassembling of Conrrass and ten th we. V n unleee hotter grotinde can ho during lto ooni/hMs. ? shown for the earn. Ihe< " P#*?? ?*? Radical ? ???-"ee?. The rsdloai members of !M ho,d a ??*? either on Monday or Tuesday eretnln* of n0*1 woek Tho oaiinim of the radl'-of msnh!'*rs of the House which was to have taken place this .evening has boon postponed until next woe'.,, owing to the absence of qulto a number of promluont pentlemeu belonging to that body. Tha<l Hterens Horeahiidosrlna fhr f'owrae of Congri'M. TUad SteVbns is preparing very strong resolutions as to what will be the course of Congress during the coming session. These resolutions ere to l>e laid liefttre the caucus which will meet next week. A Down Knot Kndtcnl Prrparlnc Articles of An Eastern in o rubor of Cong row Id now In this olty preparing articles of Impeachment against ths President, and will iuiroduce them at au early day during the oomlng eesslon, unless the Prealdent altera his "policy" tn the meantime. Negro SnfTroge to the District. Senator Morrill, of Maine, It le understood, will imme diately on the assembling of Congrats introduoe a bill to oonfer the privilege of suffrage upon the freedmen of this District, and will energetically Inelst on an early vote. It Is said to be bis purpoee to have this new Isw In full foroe bofero tho next municipal election In this olty. It wee Senator Morrill who Introduced and named ihro'gh the bill emancipating the slavos of this Dlslrlot. If be presses this second proposition with the energy and pendslsnoy I hat characterized his eflorti for the flrst It Is more then probahle that It will be successful. Secretory (llct'ullooh In Favor of Psylsg The 1'iiifod Htiites Hands In field. Secretary MoCulloch is dsslron* that Cong reel should enact a clean law making It dlsi luoily underatood that tha United States arc pledged to redeem tho principal as well as tho interest on It* bonds In gold; hut know ing the opposition which all of his measures meet In that body he will not directly propose It. In another form, however, It le not unlikely that this and several other measures he has on foot will he brought to the attention of Congress at the proper time. Chance ot United Mtoteo Msrthsl In l-onlet nna. Mr. McKee, United Slates Marshal for the Stele of loultlana, bae been removed by the President, end colonol Eugone Murphy, of New Orloens, appointed In his piece. Tho colonel left for New Orleans this morn lug ror the purpose of preparing his bonds. It will lie recollected that Mr. Murphy's appointment ss United States Assessor for that district was rejected by tho Senate at their last session. The Penney I ?nn in United Htslss sfenntoreblp. Simon Cameron Is represented as being very herd at work endeavoring to obtain Ihe position of United 8tetee Senator for Pennsylvania. The light for the position bis narrowed down to Curttn and Cameron, and from IndloaUoDS reoetved here within tho last few days Cameron's ohaacee are regarded as the boat Protruded Unbind Meeting. The Cabinet meeting to-day was quite lengthy, lasting from twelve o'clock noon nntll a very late hour In the afternoon. All the members wore present Personnl. Tho prospective and past reduollon In the lam her of the diplomatic oorpa at this city will be. In a measure, compensated by the return of the family of Baron (ieroli, after an absence of some years In Europe. The members of the Prussian Minister's fnmllv have in years pad con tributed much to the oharmi of Washington society, end their return, which Is sntlcipsted th? oomlng we. k, will he oordielly welcomed by sll who rightly spprec.ate their worth. general R B. Mitchell, Governor of New Mexloo, Is stopping al the Metropolitan Hotel The Governor bring* with him fine specimen* of the mineral wealth of bl* territory. fj, ueral R fislxsr, Colombian Minuter, has arrived hero from New York. Hon. H. S. I*ne, of Indiana; Hon. J. ft. Morrill, of Vermont; Hon William Izswrenee and Hon Jamaa HI Hubbell, of tftiio; Hon. John Evan* and lion A. A. Bradford, of Colorado; Hon. L. M. Morrill, of Maine, General L. N Jefirles and General Nathaniel Head aie at the National. Hon. George W Julian and Hon. H. B Washburn, of Indiana; General James B. Steed man, of Ohio, and General r. W. F.gan are at the Metropolitan. Hon. 8. *. Marshall, of Illinois; Hon. J K. Benjamin, of Missouri, are at tho fteaton House. Hon. James W. flrlme* end Hon. William B. Alllaou, of lows, are el Wlllerd'a, and Hon. J K Morehead, of rennsylranis, Is at the Ebbltl House Finnurial .Tinners. The d.shursemenU on account of the ttsr. Navy and Interior Departments, during November w re as fol low* ? ? . 11 sr Department *2 i2o SS Navy I).j,.artm.tii 4 Inter or Departu) ui .. . ?bw,#is Total fTftWJM The Internal rer-nna recelpft during the month of No vtmber amounted to $21,107 122. Tho recalptr ainea the IIrat of July ??r? |lM,8M.Tlfi National Hank ootee to tho amount only ol $1,000 Oho can now be >aeue<| until further privlaion I* made br Cringretn, aa of the $ TOO, OhO,0OO provldad hv tha late acta, ?201.000,000 have already t>*en leaned. PrmtMentinl A|>iualnlmr-nte. It ti*? trannpired ibta even in* thai during the Uat eatt on of Cmigree* the I'raaldent nominated Joteph K. Cooper, of Tannev.te, fur Collector of Internal Revenue for the Third dlatrtrt of Temiaeaee who waa ronirnie.l hy the donate. Afi?r the adjournment of Concrete, however, the Pre?, lent not only refuael to fire < nnpor a eotnmlaalon. bit up)* mi-d and coin mi "tinned a pa' eon nam*d Aherne'hy who refit- 1 the application of a Colon oOtcnr for Deputy Collector tu Mr Mi an eonnir, and appo'nted n< Deputy a man who had l?e-n engaged during the rel>e'lloti in Imp" ? n. ni?a Into the r-bei aerrloe, end who wm? ditfranelilted hr Mm Slat- eon*1, lotion Two month* ago the Preeulent appointed Ana t,n *a<e,e Aaaa^aor of In'ernel R?"ii"i? for Idaho who l* *a!d to be a greet Colon man. and on fbnrtdav ln?t ha pointed Doeage That'har la tha' po-.i ni. wb> wet an a i'l-war detnoernt Tliotnaa R. Ha;don waa to dav appointed by the preei ti-nl I'nited rilaiet Attorney for the "ate of Nevada. Colonel I,. f) W. Corrle 1 ae I-a tin ap|<ointed Hell Ag'nt inrnnneetlou wllh the nee line ef ateamerf tie. tween ean Cyan i?ee and China and will accompany tha Brat ateamar tr n f'atlfoml > ? it? e mnaencetiwmi of the doming year Tile I iintrerl *'th o? tmanc Ili- I icrdi'icn. A letier Com an erniy olPnor n the hoo'h, tp relation to the worklna of Die em of contrarla heiweeo plant era and frtedmes, fepmeenta that the aya'em ean lie need to tiara deirtment of the intereeta of the freedtnrn lit many reape-m. In a majority of the oont/wie there la contained a elaoae providing that rhoold the freedman fall to atrlerly I-O0?|ily with all tha art u.In* o' tbe eon trvt it la nullified and he thall he dl?- barged with a for feiture of a portion of hi# wage* and In mh? ? on'raeta nil r-oir? d ite 'ball be forfet'ed Tha colored people, (? cause of pecuniary elr< umetannee, are noi enabled in oi.'ain redre!? in eatea where the frtVMoue tir#r??ie of d ahrme i -mp' 1-era tnav have earn red thnir dlvbergee and lhay are ih ? p a great me aura, at the marey of J their employ era The ?yaicm of abort -nntraeta?on* month, tor Inttnm a? n mnat 'nvoenhle, at thould any Kt< of injnrtlee he attempted Die frwdman could hare the nUtdailon upon the atplrnrlon of the time Cr wrhleh Ite bed 'orilrac'.ed to labor He would thoe low hut the wagee ol a etngie month, and woeld he at liliert* Uiaeeli employment elae where. II may be ?ugge?te.| that the p'nntera would he Inured hy the adeptlrm of e abort contract eyeiem geae rally, at the Inhorwiw mwh> atriae at a tsiay antann. hot aucb a rooyrwneot would not he eo'enaefnl withoei n Uinet fierfrcr romhinntloa but abonld atriben o* ur tbey would eventually be ijenefe-ti to thd ?outt. at t ey troold gtva rtan to g hen.thy compel t on and aoeo r?ge emigration, m?y4atenttnl to tha 4eye" t mem ot t>,e r? aigft "f Uje eonntry. ^ Re rtlwned. Ditl^iitigi pert di* bar# been pardoned by lite f'te ideny^or their complicity in the rebellion "n Hp a UVtl made uoder the flrrt ami th Heard h etreptmat of WHt pr lamttien of amneHy -f'?le?**n M Witt, W W. Carnaa, io' a H Tlnlcy. O A R?nry, of Tanneeaee. Robcw y r f'h, J D Belyhorton, fdtrard Johri?"n -4 j i ,t|'t ? Jtevea Irvine. John 2 Wt'ter ef A r'tut, I peu,tu.? 2neef? rhnrnet * vail I h. Sl?ajt o( Louisiana; A. H. Miller, Robert H William T. Marshall, of Kentucky; J. r , Florida; George H. Htawart, of Marylaud, Jam*, , . laud, of Texas; and Lloyd J. Boall, of Georgetown, b. A Tennesson Menatorshlp la Jnnpardy. An effort will be made the coming teeelou of Congreea to ouat Mr. Patterson, Senator from Toanassof Mr. Pattereon, II will be remembered. If a eon-la law of the President Tlir fuel Mortice with Ureal Mrliala. "I'b* Poet ortV-e Department baa elmply agreed on a preliminary bade for a poetal treaty with Ureal Britain

Tbe articles, ilmrefore, remain to bo formally ei-outed, and th? Horn. died for its operation. It if expected that ttie treaty will bo In full force by or hofore January, ih?8, at wblch tlmo tho present poetal treaty betwean the I nlted Htatee and Greet Urttata will eipire by lltu Itati'iif. The paragraph recently publlalted thnt a new treaty l.?w boen negotiates! i? calculated to tnialead, and lienco thu j>iplanetory etateueut. Ornna-c and Aleiandrla Hall rend. At a meeting fit mo stockholders of tho Orange and Aleiandrla railroad, held In Alexandria last night, Kolon H. llarher wea re-elected to tho presidency. Orer eleven tb'.usun.t ?bar>a were repreeented. end the road waa re ported to h- In a flouriablng condition. Tlic I'nlon Pnotflr Kaltrond. Tlte I ulon Piciflc Hull road Company, Eastern Division, has recontly Olad In the Department of the Interior, ae required hy law, a map abowinR the general route of the boundary line iielweeu Colorado and lo which point a map has heretofore boon died west to the r.ity of Denver to a potnl fifty tulloe wed of the meridian thereof ANOTHER PCTROLEIM CONTIAGK ATIQ*. Dootrwctlon of the North River Oil Warn. housing Company's tCwtabllohiomt--Between Mix lit no an nd and Woven Thousand Durreln of Crude Petroleum Buroed-l.oes About ?NO,000. Shortly after tlx o'clock laat night a Am broke out in the extensive oil storehouse on the North river at th" foot of Twenty-Brat and Twenty-tenond streets, which entirely destroyed the building and Ita contents, besides making aerloue Inroads on an adjoining lumber yard. The warobouee was a hrlrk atructure, two hundred feel aquar*. rtelng hut one atoty above the ground, and roofed w tb elate. The b ulldlag belonged to Barraa, flazleton A Co, end wea occupied during the sum mer by J. A. lioetwlrk aa eu oil etoroliouae. Isil terly It has been used ue the depot of tbo North Klver Oil Warehousing Company (D. Brown A Honl. and at the time ot the conflagraton contained nearly seven Ihouaand barrels of orude oil, valued at $10 perlwrrel, approximating In tho aggrcgato $70,000 Tour at) cars lying aluwgWda tbe building wore eleo deftroyod. Three of tbeae rare carrbsl two Buy barrel tanks ouch. The fourth car had been loaded with about forty barrels of oil, wlilnh during the afteraoon were placed loslde of the building. Ibe contents of threo of the tanke had also been barrelled, end stored, while the remaining three siieid filled at the time of I he fire. The sat re stock of oil, with the exception of ooe thousand barrels, b,longed to D. Brown A Hon One thotteaod barrels belsnrd to J-retell Mscy 's Hons. a rirxranor nvii.nuvn Tho warehouse wae count runted Willi a view to the risks to which it would !>?' subjected. The Klret'om mlealooera bed required Ibe oomiwuy to build up the doors with brick to the height of two feet above the sur face of the erouad, to prevent a flood of burning oil epreadlng Into the street in the event of a fire. Water pipes were introduced into the b tiding In e manner that It we* thou- hi would enable a deluge to l>e poured Id end effectually drown out any fire; and un the whole It was considered e disproof warehouse oriiup. or tux mt* Tbe disaster I* attributed to the bursting of en oil barrel, although this Is only conjecture Tho first Inti mation of It wasreceired hy Mr W D. B Hlnmso, thq foreman of tha establishment, In the fo lowing man ner:?Mr. Umnian has uoeo In the habit of sleeping at th i nfflou, which wot located in the northwest corner of the building. While In the act of preparing Me sleeping arrangements for the night an explosion occurred ?moug tbo oil barrels, the eonoussion throwing bun nearly across the room. A d*u*e volume of stnoka rushed in through the demolish <1 pertlt'on, end Mr Hid man was almost suffix at'd before ha could effect but ear* pa. ma arrxaaasos or res Has. In a very few minutes alter the first explotttou the Im mense budding was a furnace fad with nearly seven thousand barrels eg orude oil, and each Inure!, like a tmuib shell, Distributed lo tb* demolition of the Struc ture, which waa for tha moat part thrown down lo Its very foundations. A dense volume of black smoke rolled awav from the burning crater, carrying IU strong odors fur Into tho city. Krreot reins had converted Twenty second street into something very like a pond A torrent or the biasing liquid poured from tbe rulnad were like a stream of lava, and spread Itself out over tho surface of the water. At one lime s sheet of flam* extended entirely across the etreet, sod threatened to destroy lbs lumber yard belonging to Mr. Chnlres Bofferberth. on the opposite eld* but lha strong wind blowing off from Ui* river drove It bank again leaving tbo property only exposed to danger from tb* Inteneo heat The four care standing alongside the building on Twenly-flrel street were with iliolr tanks destroyed, dome ,des of Hi# Intensity of th* beet ran be formed from the fa. t that the rslls of th* track where lha oars stood war* werjied and brought almost to a white heat. oruxx uxwra. Adjoining the oil warehouse on ih# east towards Klav entli avenue, lbs lumber yard of Mof lave Brother, pack - log box mau -fa. torera, prnaeoted ? pruapset lor still fur thsr destruction Ibe wind blowing ftsab'y in that di rection ? erriej th* hoi i! hum from th* burning o'l dl rrclly agalnsi lha pdss of lumber. The flrtmen lal-ored untiringly lo keep lha conflagration confined te its original limits and aucewed d ao ler as (o prevent Hi* loss of more than a slngl* tier of umber McClav* Brother*' t ree i e.uineted st about is.000 Tb?y were fully la survd Chart** RoffarberHi, dealer, on the north side of Twenty-wend sir *t, auffer* damage lo the ex tent of probably $l.00u The nil waretione* was valued at l>elweeo $7 000 and $?,000, belt g cheaply eenstrxicted Tbi? so l the lose of D Mi-ten A "OB Is partly r v?red by Inauranca The lire departm-M were out In lull force and worb*d with a vim Tha Meliopoltlan fir- Department a pro pellar "John Taller' cams e,.rly lo lha scene of anion and did good seme* though from e leek of a audi, lent quantity of bos* the greater juart of her effineocv waa lost Hhs throws four powerful airaama nut only no- of them ex.Id tw brought lu l<eer on tb* fir* An n-nd-nf n- erred *bi h g#v> matter* a tinge of the ludicrous A grt.up of person* were standing on so embankment 'ti? f ? yards from oo* of tb* burn ng tank , era A ens upwnesd to be entirely empty, sad which bad not yet fail n a v.eil- i b. tbe flam"#, all ai once paee symptom* of an *ro;?? on The effect upon tb* group wax magical, sod in lb* I winkling of an *y* ?one seven r,r ?,gM 4-erw.11* sere heier-.genooualy niive.l up ii n padd.e of eUi mud, quit# deep ?eo .gh t< auhmeigx every ooe of theni BIILIAHDS tfairlr h$i?I >!? 4 ? c?l<if l? ?% $? t|r tl$r \V tiiNrr hy *1(1*1 I'olm*. T1j<9 m?(< !t - ? oi?, a ad J-Win M' i ' 'flit* off ta?f BiffM Irt riff ffaU, k lirf *11 V, in rtetd'tisait*. of B. ? I * city for |fx*) * aid nee, cmpTialiig man meteor player*. b ?|. [roe'at Tlile wa ih*d prof**?io|>ata and aI, c?I.Ugi? of flllMB' In fcinb trial of aktll b*iw#*o noted piwer' <h* b-w Torxet having b**n previous orcaaionu. ?e try t74 p-iuu, on re- >rd, f'el I be gam* *?< nlfbiwae the regular At 'mil o*rom, a i. Mr Ctrl* DIM I ,a a bea .nml full an looted omp-f* f< M D"Vlt' Th* ump re* ed Mr fi.aepb Do n H.s celebraled < ,am| u, as rfc .a*', at hi o .e? k tin iUria" ' ?' ' pr^iy e odd* '.vtng i.. sM.i eoten off-red |V? In told c.,. i | mi wood- ?' M Dev.,. * imvttt SM?w#rt gr^nervoueaeea. whil O b j ? a,a?M-1 sad e<*edr 'wi 'b* .1, \, 1 C ? - * ct ill and Mr 'f far wa* IJ7 ted l> DefiU'sAJ . , tl.>utih? tm lb* tbffly etxtb '"tut the I A* M. t'vvit* ?!??tb? lattnr tb >? at iwt"*r epirrt an If Vr>f " -??? mi qe> W? f'H hi. off. *?' . .an ft flora At# f.Sty B fltb er* AS" t bat-$* *i> . . . ??.?i: 'MT abend ?f ,'VIT.': p*r:L*.v;,. *? ? - ? *.* ? ? I - -i.J# >?? ?*'( *eft ImvID " l>,e beti i favor af fj?fd'bw I* sl? very v,M n ihelf i."-r* ,.a , .^-i,7 ,u of.' McImvM ran M) ar I t4 s. 4v-r.1lj Ax f. and 4* iallt| bis #r on tat at >' y lr*t' aunt Too, aawisg U ? ppr.n-ut 2ia abeed. (,oldtb*a.<e f*l awed w.Ui ? i.,-? ua ot 4A, afiar wfexb an nrrmimom of tea te.a ra* lakva The War* of t*e aan.a e< tb'.a in* ??* ioldlbwattx. I 0M M- Ibvllk "'O- tire former Being U* head (is th* s*v,[. e?h Int. ng UotdihwMta got U?? wa I aether sad eoted then, at Ifu'ly. until ba rat. ? 'S> 1 m I'm aevvn'y HH. trie I ',-dd'"* wee I 172 ui4 Ml lev lit SOd tb* I'jrntrr WW e'iea>j an! tacking oif It* of (Sine ?ulf 1$? of gem* ^,u ? y,? of n?'d A* ?*: xnikWve and tb- fins Hjwa.te, wh? |deyal J and etclsleg ?kill, making lb* ruoW diBcuu ^ a ,,, red urt Bf b from Ibis 1 Vk ?yptM' r- ... m [ ble d'.tae * fr-m g?m* to ,*?? T? h'f>, f'*4'? ?? *ndlj f n f ||, 1*"^* h^4? then d.oMthnepe. I Ml W-llevM I 'm' . ??cMstnem sow nrvi a.led a* 0- .dtSwalieftwi. It * tbsghm* abifa Irlxviu was behiad So/ ?' i-b-?*d that M?o*vtit wowig' ma, SX1.7-J* K -?T'da s Mlewve as* rr^tblem With atient h. rko.dlhweHa vattlUdth. "<|lll.g, fer ae m-- .1 . ... . , ,,b* ^ tvt >k 4 AMUSEMENTS place Is. The i^rfortw. Broadway Tboatro. Hr. nillou took bla farewell benefit loot Sight, sad I to b? regretted that ba bad not a bat tor house u 'fy thalr appreciation of bla careful aadaaror u Initiate drama before tba Sow Tork playgoers suooa commenced with Maaaiagor'o oomadjr ( "> l*ay Old Debts," lo which Mr. Dllloi ow ay v. f H(|f ()T#rf#B4,|, Hla aotlo| T T CT,#'^ '"o"- ?? ,h? ~ throughout lb. p^aFs ..cca^rol .. bf rapro truly excellent. lie #ae fa., . . . TT . .. , , * >m?o ilia defeat of iba aaolatlua of ilia rage c^aaaqu.! ? wall laid plots which aro dav*lop<i<l ?s ' ? previous acta. Ha waa v?cifsrouf*y fn* .< ui?|. curtain at iba oluaa of tba pteAa, fT.'Jr llau at Hxtaen" oloaad iba aptarta^"J?* tha ml. ?A'i l.aln. nl.o.l Kw If IBB tha tula rh't bang played by tfaa y*|* Keignoids Tba place ia admirably Bled to iBra gfBflb " dramatic powar, but I* too. loug and dragging to oU|? talu IW interest for tha audience. Minn belgnolds plaX rn#di\v bar part wall, and waa wall supported by tba Broads company. Miaa Olla Logan and Mr. Jack 1*11 happy la their rendition or tbalr raapm l f a pari t rttndt Theatre. Mllu. Ottilia (lends, an actraoato whose martin w? bay a heretofore alluded, appeared laat evening lu Iba two act comedy, Tba routbful Day* of Rlchaltau. Though Mil*, fiance lacks much of tha grace of Dbjaiet, wbo Aral on acted tba cliaraolsr, alia playad wltb sufficient brio la cause Uie audlooca to overlook tha minor dafaota of bar rendering The story or tb. place baa been so often rroouutad ibat Its Incidents nam! no comment at our hands. Tba subsidiary parte ware passably parformgd A very aniuslug fan a, Li*$U? HUf, brought the evening to a close. Thalia Theatre. At this theatre flabrbdar Foster waa produced laat night, and the manner In which It waa put upon the stage was not at all satisfactory Tba scans was sup posed ro oa iu London, which waa represented as tying on tbo sot coast, a fad wltb whioh wo ware btlberto not acquainted Then many of tba costumes ware unsuita bla, for one or two of tba alllaona appeared In tbo Polish na'lonal costume, aud It required a considerable alrelrh f of imagination to Justify tha amalgamation. There was delay In the eaeiierr, and at the commsnoament of an act the curtain was at on? tlmo MM for In ) minutes without any one apposing on the alsge, and waa theu dropped, and lad, but not least, I the actors were fnr from perffcot In tbolr words : Mr Lobtunnn sustained the chief rA/e?that of Steven i Foster, a rich morcbsnt and a reformed rako. In either ! sphere of I'fe be porirayed the cltarectar trulbfnlly and ! wttli real fooling Mr Klols, wbo Impersonated his . brother Thomas, In place ot Mr. Outlines, wbo was sick. also desert ee praise Madams Ktedol appears to triors id Incki advantage In comic than serious parts, anil lacked power in lbs expression of bar feelings There la muoh to be mad* out of tba place, a little study on tba part of ti e actors, s little liberality on the part of the management, and a good dual more attention tin the part of tbo stage manager, will '-Abet all Ibat la required. Opern Coitilaiue nl (be French Theatre. Ti.? uomplijneuvm j tendered to M net re. Julgunt M'l Itrtvet, directors, lijr the *u?> ....Here sod i wit of the above chermlog llttlo theatre, look place last ovo lug, end wei n *ub?l*utlal lieueSt, if a lw(t an,| brilliant audiom* l?? any evidence of the fool. Wo n*>? reroiy ?eon, except <>o tbn Klatorl night*. a* ealect tod fe?u< able on aaeomblaira In any llioolro In tbo melropoli*, and both ladles and gentlemen prettv generally appeared In full evening cwt.111.* It la gratify lug lo aaa that tbo dnllghtful and enjoyable opera continue baa taken S"nh a hold on the public here, and that the laudable effort* of Ita d rontora are appreciated by auch a claaa of people aa attcodad their benefit last evening The opera we* Uala tea, by Victor Maaa? Mile Naddle ae Ibo an mated atatue, teltpeod all liar previous triumph* In ringing and acting, and waa call d before the curta n at the end of the flrat act. Th? sparkling air, "AA I Vrntu Knrorf," when (leialee Indulge* lu wine for the Drat time and thereby become* hllarl'aia, wn? given by tier with Dm and ?|j|ll that nailed forth tbo moat ..nth.11.astlc. applauau. meUucholy Pygmalion, who fell In love with hla own handiwork, and prayed to Venua that II might he come fleeli and Mood, wa" mpr-aented br M Welter rba in iale ail rather trying for him, and lie aeemed not lo lie well rented In tb" rieaalcal echool of acting. Hla (lanymede (M t>a Hurmont) rave much aatiefaction, and eang In* rotipieie very commendably Old Mldaa would havn had an "*<? llent repreeentatlve in M. F.dgafd had not the composer unfortunately given him cmipleta eteo lo sing, and ooupleia too of e very difficult nature. Milt. Naddle, bowever, made up for all defl'teneeg, and excited aa much admiration end enOiuataem unu iiy Hie audience an ihn nuio* abe raprUMMul did with ili" *r ilplor and the ancient oonnolaMtii Th" en em we* nre. "d~l by the vaudeville, I.' Fowl c.mM, In wlilob M Julgnet appeared a* Kobertln. Ha acted splendidly arwl wee called beforo Ibe curtain at theeluae ol the plm The l)aught?r of the Regiment will be gtv-.n at ili* matinee lo day, and o-wnn-ty, operetta and raudnvM# in tbo evening. Pnrh Tkeatrr llrnnhlyn. At Hr* 0. P. llowem' beoefli at Ibis theatre lavt evening Komeo and Juliet waa gtveo lo a crowded bouae, the fair beneflclary repraeenllng the her one and Mr* Conway the love-lorn hern. Haatlli we* right when h ? aaid none hut lover* ahould wltnee* that tragedy , hut ?till the eudirnce at the Park, though probably n o ell of th* ultre-aeotlmental acbool, enjoyed the play i .cry much, and twice called lire Ho were before ( the curtain. W* never aaw but on* eio*H*nt 1 Romeo it'harlott* Coahmani, and greet a* la our dlalika , to witoeaalng women .a ma* ulie* parte we are com Clled to aay Mrs Oonway eta quite creditable In her personal on. Kb* looked bandanna, and wee graceful, ' which aeemed to nompenaete w tb loany lor eeine de cidedly fall* readings Mr* Dowera' reudena* of the ? age in which Juliet awallowa th* sleeping poll hi wa* ? ege Hi wnn.n Juliet awaiinwa in* sleeping p-.ii >? wee very fine, and awoke much enthusiasm In* if tg*d* waa, on the whole, much t>ett*r rendered than ueual, add gave satisfaction to an nudlenc* by no m ane artli ml Theatre Frnneala. A meet ng of the stockholders, eahsnrther* and pairnna of the Frennh theatre will be held at tbetheatr* on Moe day evening neat. A eUlomeal of the progress o( the onlerpr ae will he laid before them end the nreeent oon dnion of effaire fully explained. Th" Chilli* Frio;*.* la now In the alxth yaer oI Ita existence. It* manager*, havier aiieeeeded 'n th* r *< tempt to make perorioence* of French dr*n>* and com-d>*e popular with OUT playgoers, have hot recently turned th-ir attention to opera oenu-tue l he \r ?|w u | of tb ? entecjiVlee will be die umod on M-i ?day evening | A* to Hie apeedy pepular'tv of the French op. la ? 'Hatgu* the? i i* little doubt Th* *p*rk)lng melodies of th* i aktlled pnmpneersuf modern Frauee eiad the well devel- i oped plot* a* I poiirheJ dialogue m th* pla> < will ei >a 1 '?t aoprw-'eiad, ant erv many ??nk* shall here 1 stipend the anpsrlnr stirs. tlv .item of tl.eir r ? i " i list of th" I ?l a . . I w'il '?* -I# ! in on? uied. Moreover tb# tip" "igh vn-.wl.rdge o' ! the I rein li laug ia*o p?tw**e><t uy turnny of our n.ti.en* eneblea tic m io uo jer?ta?d tl? I tvrsry value of Ibe prodo Hull* which ere alike vol yei. e aa pi"?e* and I aa 11per I. With ?ucb proepe. * of ? v . eea I,,a luenegera of the Tb'dtiw FraO'.ate ha' * #*~rv ewcewrageiwenl to | ?pat* aw ?fhiri-< te ineplre ili* 'omoiunlty wl'h en eeeily | *r<|Mtr*d t i-ie for the erf (, of NaHtm end Du'R**. en I the corui oeltlon* of Harold, vdein Auh*r Hum* end ' OT-nlie. li Having ne f ire ed Vie e-w u under many dieeitvaalegee, however end (eevtag In erred heavy** penaee bv tb* eagegulnetit of talewie.) 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Finatu ilal and l omnmriial Intalllgaana, Marriagaa and Imntha, Ad*arltaainaaU, and aooouatd of all '.mporunt and ioiaraftia? aranta of tba waak. Tamna ?(tlngia aubearlptiua. 13, Tbioa aoptga, M l fit coplae, |t. Tan aoptai. lit llngla aoplga. ftro rania aarh A Hinltad numbar of adraruaamibU la ?ai'ail In tha Wmn llnatin MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC Tlia ntaamablp Ocean Quaan. Capialn beery, mil laeye ibla port on rtalnrday, for Aaplawail Ttm tnalla for < antral Amarioa and tba Hooth PatiiAe will rlooa at half paat Un n'dork on Paiurday morning Iba MgW Toll llnatin Kdllloa for lha I'amCo ? olll ba raadr al bilf paat u na o'clock la Iba maralag Minglaioplaa In trrappar- ready for mailing, ale aaoln Annannrrmanl. -Hr?. t han. ft. taTlk l/M. turae al (' >r.par luallt'ite M -ndar Light T-r aobjaaf. aa, ?aa ratigloat eutiaaa twardt la Bnrnatt'a Hinndard Trraarv ? loot--Tba following awarda aara mad* at Tlta lata YllleeU Mala Pair ? To JuhRI'II flUMNITT A ?'<> . ? .atao-Pbrw for PL,A Vi.RIMit K* rmi.T* far wwg ,?g pore ai?f>m p?Ma r? Tllfl-KT A MTl'I.P.* anlirtnti fix OtHflT ft/ iba Lair. PUiUIMRf. an at f.ltlla part ntaa -<F>t./ntHB b AtKH Ar Tba numaiHiaa trat ap*o amd fall* I In Car id a A ?nron I aniamlMea dtoda lha gwarda t< ai-ora, al lha nan Mam highly ra.-iatiaa-.dtaf both aria of praparal'oaa ? I 'iilaagri Tribune. ' Kt-i' al 4 A. Plural Hrady >1? d r llirrratia a ad llaat Aolu ???? anna In lata anaairf Moyt Toalka' and ' blldtaa ai'lalMag targaal aaaortama* In tba Illy, aid at >?; la a pltat H ft alt aa-d I inlaw* a Hla for III mck BHuK At* ttttoa ?t lafapaiia plaaa t.. I ? r- ,?h ?? A Mgat huprrlar Aril, la far Madtaa. Tpjl Hlac,fit. r.,t H - a l * lha Tl< ?* k kll V h 4 at ?'"*frnpK a M >.? all rf an I o-a-u hp T aTI.OK A VOI Mit iat 9Pitt* tlf**!, 3* Y A Tbaakaaltlaa Mlanwr xpallad h. Ifaatp ? 1 4"**dnr lniT'I, I JMHr f mi?? t *?. I lif ?t.t .? 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I a?|ba' and Mr nh' Mala la tarlrly at ? - ? . - ? ok ? mm Br*o4 a - * wi 114 i Han arw (I I II* nad IfraMb t aa b. Il'laf Iwd hm f a* I ta. lit *l?il > *? * a - ?, fll la'I dTRI f f r all laaw adk a.ah rRjAiai > ? f*^ ad. '? a?r?b ??? ? rlfttla Aid Ii r?Ifca ?? ? 1U?, m?... .r ?? ? a ? -t ?? ? ta?a a vbalta l flat a, . .,-faai aa'wy hr i? tha arltt-at par 4 r laaihiaf ry Aa I away at Vlifa. I a.a a,a- ll aa?,aa- a < a, h a?a ra af Aral U-t rf < ?arra a a*a ad IrHdp t-oa-' -a ?- ,..aalo I hgll-l-ia II* 'Illi. y Moat-4 taaad.-.aa 1 PMawNdpAia Pa lla>a| lliuaa l.wlirrn. Prlrra Paid !? ? a la'wy a ? ? -4 la v it'.l rtw ya Irrac-wma .ad a t ftadt af <4~ ? had a4|iay l??l 1 a f t Rafcau libn fba*. * V Tbr llaaa Itaiblhi If-'a Car a ?%iM.b b. - ? ?-1 11 ?? 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