Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Aralık 1866, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Aralık 1866 Page 7
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I ^AljaJn^"C0|J5J?CIAU. fusiT, Km 80?0 P. B. KimbMbMQl vlsibln Improvement In the tone of ?baling ob tbe Stock Exchange to-day, and the evpecta ?loa to general thai next waak will witness a stronger market for the speculative railway Sharon. The Dumber Of operator* among tb* onulde puulic, both In the city ?nd throughout the country, I" very large, and with rare fiction* theae are all buyer*. The bear* already ttiow great timidity about Incroaalng their contracU, and ?he aggregate "*hort" Intereit I* probably greater than It haa been at any time (Inco laat apring. There I* a ?nil ugni of talent strength among the bulla, who with mood the WW1" * bock and held their Block*, but those erbo joined In the panlo and *old at a heavy eacrtSce when the lowest price* werp touchod, are crippled, and Afford very Utile real support to the speculation for a ytaa. It waa eaadftitllj' k boli panic, and to some extent m grand aooop game oil tbo part of {J1* brokera to pocket gbe marglna of their customers. If, fit worda, th# trails had atood firm, there would bare Wen no panlo; tat not a few of tbe bull bouaci produ-ed It t>V g.'?[D8 wag to thalr fear*, and tailing out recklasaly, In antleT Koo of lower prices. A broker has, like a cat, nine I, where odtalde operators hare one^ and therefore ?ha latter are tbe ohler ones to suffer whenever a pquall passes over tha market. It la this knowledge which has given blrlb to so many new stock bouses In Wall street mtthto the last four years, and which ia coneiantly adding ?to tbelr number. If n broker falls, he, roughly speaking, owes everybody, and generally pays nobody; but an out ?Ids operator who la unauooeestul, almost always lose* his mosey to the full extont of his losses. H*nc* the Advantage ef the broker over the customer, the one In tnoat Instance* reoelving more In commission* than the other does to profits. There are many honorable ex oeptlons among broken, but In still more numerous In stance* they are not to be trusted. Wa write this aa a warning to that portion of the public which teaks sudden wealth by taking "a flyer" in Wall street, and who walk as unsuspectingly Into a broker's parlor as the fly at tbe Invitation of the opider referred to In the well known nursery legend. Money la In abundant supply at six per cent to the Stock Exchange, with exceptions at Ave on government securities. The dlecount line Is Inactive at 8 a 7 per oent. Currency la slowly returning from the West At the early session of the open" board the market was Steady at about tbo closing prices of Wednesday. At the first regular board It was without material change, and the volume of business was moderately large and well distributed. New York Central closed X lower than at the same time on Wednesday, Erie X. Reading V, Michigan Southern 1, Illinois Cenlral X. Cleveland nnd Toledo X. Northwestern preferred X. Quicksilver X. Western Union Telegraph X. Michigan Central was X higher, Ohio and Mississippi certificates X raclflo Mali sold a 170X a 172. Government securities wera steady sad dull Coupon flve-twentloB of 1882 wer# X lower, oevon-thlrty notes of tbe second series X, Tennessee and Missouri State sixes were X lower. At tbe one o'clock sessions the market devoloped a tendency towards In groaalng firmness. At the hal'-past two board It was Strong, and more confidence waa shown by buyers for a rise than haa been observable alnco the panic, North - western being the most buoyant of tbe railway shares. Mrie closed X higher than at the first regular board; Michigan Central X. Michigan Southern X. Cleveland And Toledo X. Rock Island X. Northwestern I, do. pre gOrred 1X, Fort Wayne X- Government aocurltiot wore neglected, and five twenties of 1865 closed at an advan-e *21 the open board at half-past three the market wa* dull but steady, Erie sold at 71*. N?w York Central 113Xi Michigan Southern SIX. Beading 112X. Cleve land and Pittsburg 8&X. Northweatern MS ? 6!iTl, Cleveland and Tolodo USX. 8??* 1*lanl1 1041*> Jforthwestern preferred 73X ? ?. Fort Wayne J06X- Afterwards uador tha dulnees of business prices declined X ? H P?r CBnt> but Was steady at tbe close at the following quota tlona:?New Tork Central 118, Erie 71X ? X. R?*<l'?ta 11'JallkXi Michigan Southern SIX* X. Northwo.tern 41 a X. do- preferred 92X ? X. Ohio and Mlsssalppl cer tificates 29X * X. Western UnlonfTelegraph MX a 47. Compound interest notes were quoted thus:?June, 18C4, ilg; July, 118X; August, 118; October, 114; December, 113'; May, 1808, 111X; August, 110; September, 110; October, 10WX The foreigt exchange market Is very firm tnd rate* OXperienred a fractional advance. Bankers' bills on England at sixty dsys wars quoted at the close at 109 X O 100X. *t three days 110 a 110X. commercial bills 108X O 100>6 franos at sixty days 8.13X- a5.12X-. *l tbreB gays 6.10T., Mils on Berlin 72 a 72X. ? Bremen 79X ? JtX. o" Frankfort 41X ailX. Amsterdam 41 a41X. 00 Hamburg 88X a MX. Antwerp 6.17 X a 6 16 Gold la 8rm partly In sympathy with axchanga. Tbe gpeatog price waa 140X, followed by a decUn# to 140X, oad a subsequent advene* to 141X. the closing quota tion. The prioo of exchange la now so close upon ihe ?hipping point that exports of apacla are looked forward lo. Tbe following tabular statement shows the raise of oxobango at monthly Intervals since May 1, IMS, to gether with the highest and lowest prices of gold during gfca same months ? 1806. 18?A Mav 1 ... .109X ? 1??X March 1 108X o ? Jane 1' .... .100'i a 110 April 2 10BX ? 10?X fu). i 109X aJOOX May 1 109X a ? luguat 1 ....108X n - June I lOOXalOUX (tpiomberl..lOOX alOOX July 3 October 2 100\ a - Augusta.... 107X ? Mevember 1... 108X ? 109 September 1. 105* e 108X pecemlter 1. ..10# alOOX Peptember 20 10T a 10. X ? 1840. October 1 107 a 107X tannery 1... .100 a ? November J 109 X a 109* ahruary 1...108X e 108X November80.. 100X ? 100X -1806 1880 HiffhnL Low A. UUkmL Mav 1 145 X 129 X February... 144 X 138 June 143X l.V.', March litrt', 134*4 July 147 188 April 12?'J 125U August 144X 1M>X May 13<?X 1MX Sep'ember.. 146 142X June 16* X 187X 0<"lobar 149 144W July 16IX 147 X Movember. .148X 14','? August 162X 14'.'. Oe. euiber...148X 144X September.. 147X M3X 1*00 . October 164X 1**X January. ...1441, 137'* November.. 148X 107X There la a strong feeling growing In the public mind Ogalost the ooeroua taxation now levied by tbe national government, end there la little doubt that a majority m Congress will soon declare Itself In favor of a reduction ?f taxation and a limitation of the power of tbe Secre tary of the Treasury to contract the currency, the pre ?ent scale of reduction being excessive. Tbe volume of legal lender notes should be reduced so slowly aa lo vender the process almost Imperceptible, end the reduc tion of the national debt should be sren more gradual, as It is clearly unfair to the present generation for the government to saddle It with the burdens which should be shared by posterity. Th* duties of the Hecrsiary of the Tresaury lo this and other r-apecta should be made ?lore specific, wo that tha one man power over tbe national finances may be reduced to as low a point as la eotupel ible with the due performance of the function* of th* Treasury. This would Inspire confidence and put nn end to suspicions damaging lo th* pnbllc credit. Tbe leg*1 <eud*r notes should be reduoed on adecllnlng ecale, Aommcuring with not more than twenty-five million* next year, sod decreasing at tho rat* of at least flea millions a year onUI tha amount of annual reduction reaches five millions. Th* sinking fund provided by act of Congress Should he pat la fbroe, and the reduction of th# national debt limited to about twenty millions per annum, lb* Surplus ravens* beyond that being devoted to current bx pen d.1. urea, and lb* taxes reduced correspondingly. The Murean of Stallvtlo* at Washington has Just Issued Its first report, which con lain# the following statement If ili? vsles of tb* Imports and exports of the United talcs tor th* month* of July, August, September sod Oetobcr, 1*08, ea far m returns bav* been received, the Mguree showing that the Imports exceeded tbe exports In <vale# 10 the extent of |44,981,95d for the first four ?tin if tli* Steal year ? ??roam ris sod bullion 110'M tM 1 g>,. is 6.481,874 lal.ic goods >-ni*r?d for consumption .... 88. MX), iia hil*l> 1- goods 1 >uiered for warehouse 43,202 144 Hal I'up. Hi*. 127.657.819 Falue in.pons wliLlraen from warehouse... 48,786,262 SI cost*. Jpeeic and bullion ?mtSsh'* lorslga net handlsa. 8,072,301 pas foreign 278,998 M>oib..ti laartiliandlas IMIb.840 Tw"' mPOSTS ST sows*. 'f 187.130,621 October ?2*,787.989 "f"*' 60.731,811 80,901,6111 Total |1JT,667.8I9 bxpoat* BV most its. ?27,400,088 October 118,641 448 in fx W?-V Aagusi 90 049,003 ? jUp'cmher 18,148,068 Total ?v2,626,60J As. hswever, tb* Imports are rained in gold and tb* ?sport* ra paper money, the ninesary allowancs most W* mad* for lb* premium ta estimating tb* former ) Mining stock* are qui#*. At IM eeeond board renuai oioee i 10* lower than at am beard, selling at 91 to ^M>*d outaa 10* aelllag at 14 76. Consolidated Oreg. ory OoM sold at $8 M (a 8), Oorydon gop* OoM $1, Bonton Gold f 1II. American flog 12. Tb* coupons duo December 1 oa the first mortgage bond* ih tb* Bwin<1 Atoou# Railroad Company will be paid on M th# Naflonal Baulc of (lie Com monwoalth. ' * " The bast bom transected at the ilub-Treaaury in this ottjr to-day was as follows:? Reerlpts $2,563,468 For customs $24(1,n<X) Pavments 7.866,162 Gold notos ? 267,000 Balance 100,219,288 The Ohio and Mississippi Railroad earned In October $'110 782 October, 1886 872.817 Decrease this year $81,866 The comparative earnings from Jauuury 1 to Octobor 31 of 1885 and 1884 were:? 1886.. ?8,098,138 1$68.. $2,796,544 Decrease. .299,639 the importations of dry goods at this port for the week ending November 29 compare as follow* with those of the previous week:? .?Nov. 22?. Nov. 29?, rig*. Vulva. Pkqt. Vulva. Manufacture*ofWdo':,. J.Tl $277,818 218 $83,419 Manufactures of ootlou S?3 102.802 191 64,610 Maudfvtiiros of silk... 124 l2* .*27 112 117 076 Mahufscfifre# of flat... 878 167.217 118 86.404 Miscsllanoous 291 98 496 We 71,742 Total 2,048 $770,46? 800 $872,161 Withrtrnwn. Manuraclures of wool.. 429 $188,161 2*6 $93,248 Manufactures of oo'ton. 88 28,507 lot 80,232 Manufactures of silk... 89 98,224 82 71.136 Manufactures of flax... 807 84,017 288 61.881 Miscellaneous 28 11,284 1,887 18,995 Total 934" $408,818 1,999 $272,488 Warehotuad. Manufactures of wool.. 639 $276,901 423 $194 077 Manufactures of cotton. 473 189,894 88 29.144 Manufactures of silk... 82 103,636 123 110.887 Manufactures or flax... 1,019 274,809 822 179,939 Miscellaneous 6,632 88,108 79 16,641 Total 7,746 $924,299 1,347 $630,888 The following la an exhibit of the business transacted at the United States Sub-Treasury, Chicago, for the week ending November 24:? Receipts $824,804 Disbursements 288,261 Cosh on hand (of which In colu $344,100) 1,146,072 Last week ' 809.619 Week previous 806,700 Columbia, 8. O., has subscribed $83,300 to the Colum bia and Augusta Railroad. When this road Is completed it will savo at least six hours in the travol between the two poiuu. An extension of the {Jouth Shore (Mass.) Railroad Is proposed from Cohasset, its present terminus, through Scltuate and Har<b1n:d to Duxbury. The survey was commenced last week. It Is announced that the Raltimore and Ohio Railroad hss secured a lease of the Ohio Contral for twenty years. Fifty-four thousand, seven hundred and eighty-eight acres of Minnesota school lands have been sold since January 1, I860, for $243,366, an averago of $6 94 por acre The earnings of the following railroads for the third week of Novombor, 1965 and 1866, were: ? 1865. 1866. Virginia and Tennessee $19,267 $10,396 Toledo, Wahach and Western... 78,857 87.291 CMcngo and Rock Ialand 79,164 88,096 Marietta and Cincinnati 24,772 24,299 Messrs. Georgo Bolton Alloy and H. J. Mardonald, the last named gentleman being e member of the Mock Ex change, have ontered Into copartnership for the transac tion of a general stoek and commission business. SALES AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCHAHGE. Frlvtny, Nor. ,10-10:30 A. M. fKIOOOUSS'a. '8lcn.... 119 1000 N Y Cent #'?, 'Kl.. 96% imvwi 1 ci jo. near 1)000 Mich South a f b?. 91% 4000 Chle A N W 1?L .. SO 20OI Pitta. Ft W A 1: Id 97*4 26 shaRk of Commerce 118 1<>? US It's. 630c. '65. 107 2X Shoe A leather Hk. lit 15009 d W7W RO Fourth Nat Rank.. It* flOoUBB'v 5 20c.'66,ii 1 l<?% 10 Continental Bank . Kit 400U do lot's 30 Del A Hud Oanal. . 166 SSnoii do 108 300 Weal Union Tal Co. 48% 4O10 Tr n 7 S. II). 2d a.. Itvt 100 do kSO 46% SOUf.OTenn 6*s, ox en.. . US 100 do 4*4j 20.MI do MU WV .*0 do 81 <w)l. KV bast Trnn *'?. naw .. 89 300 do 30091 N V ? < 74 93 300 Weal U Tal. Ruaex. P8V 15000 N Curfl'a. ex-en.. 67 II do 94% I0t" Mi?-?urt 6 a 87V 100 Quicksilver Mng Co 44". tsntl Mia ??*. Pee KR.Ia *7% :ii)0 do 44'. lOW) Ohio A Silas rer.. 29% 200 do 44% 2OUU0 do 99% 201) do 44', 20"<l Erie.. Mm P7U 100 do 2.1 call. 44% 200) do 4tli m 92s 10" BrunawlokCltyLand 7% 6 aha Amme in Ex Co *4 200 do 43% 3*1 Marlpoaa nrf. 28V *U do 4:1% 100 vtlan'loM SSCobSO 101 100 do M call 42% 19*: Pa.-18'i M 89 Co 171 100 do b.K) 44 2"0 do. I.OV 100 do..,. 44 20 172 SUOChle A N Wast'o pref 71V ?? !4Y Central It K 113% *?? do Tlr-t 100 do 3d callus 100 do blO 72 *vi Erie KR 71 *4 3t?) Cleve A Tol KK 113% 9*) do 71% Itn do 118% 800 do 71% BTOCbloA Rock I KR.. 1481 vg 800 Reading KK 111% 300 do lost, 1U0 Mich Central RR .. ill'* 100 do .2d okll 10Ct% 100 Mich 8 A N Ind RR 81 23 Chic, Bur A Quln R. .1*2% SOU do Sli?4 108 New Jereev Rft 130 400 III Central RR 118% 800 Pitt*. FlW A Chic R 104% 300 do a 0)118 100 do 104% do 118% 168 do M8 _ IV ? , ., . 100 do h 81 114% 100 Chlo A Alton R 109 16 Cleve Col A Clo RR 111% 36" do..... 108 8 do HI 18 Chlo A Ot Kaatern H 10 auCluc A hvstn RR .. 43% KMINEKCIAI. Hit PORT. Fbiimy, Nor. 80?? P. M. pkp. At prertoua iDoUUnni ib?ra waa ? email trade. We quote pot $9 75 a $10. and pearl $14 a $14 90. BaejtDetrrra. ? Reoelpte, Ml.ftBO bhle floor. IIJ do. and EM hagarorn meal, 81,01* hnahela wheat, 70,900 do. corn. 10,020 do. oata. 14,100 do. rye and 107,MS do. barley. With eon Untied haary raeetpta and a limited Inquiry the market for Stale and Weatern floar ruled dull and beery, and prloee, though Irregular, were tmm 15e a 20c., and In eotne eaaea Sue. per bbl. off, and %ut little dlapooltloa to pnrehaae. eren al the oonceaaton The decline waa mainly on medium and choice grades, the lower grade* remaining comparatively ateady. The market la overMocked wltn choice grade, which were alumat unsalable to dor. and the abore decline doe* not Indicate the reduction whlrh would he allowed to Induce pnrrheeee of thoae gradre. The eh'pptrg d-mand which waa dereloped a few daya atnee proved In he of only abort duration. Inquiry to day being eouflned lo the local and roaaiwlee trade The tranaaetlona fool up D.Odn bh|? at our rerlaed qiiotet'one ap pended. ForHuutlum flour the Inquiry waa alao ver, mo derate ee compared with the offerings, and decided eoncea. elona ware alao noremary In order To elicit any demand of; the ae lea were limited to 9n hhla. Rye fl onr | w%a t<*tl find prlr** hud a Unrnwrard tmid?n?*r; lit a aaW In lud* ht?|a at %?'* a f? 7S Corn m**l ?aa dull and uminal In ilia* ibNn * -f b???in???. We auote ? >. . b d .. . ? .. . 1 tl'a.l. cm A T **? e Ptiperflne and Weatim... - ? $7 75 a ?!> a In I KstraSUte ? 7ii Choice State 1" ISO a II 28 Common In medium evtra W eatern k 75 a III an 1'ilra round h'*tp f ihto 10 31 a II 40 Weatern trade hran<t? II SO a IS SB Cotntron Southern 11 SO a IS Its Fancv and ettra do IS 10 a ISM'S Ityaflour feuperflne). S 26 a 7 78 Corn meal. .tervev ft 50 a ft *4) Corn m?al, Brandywme ft 96 a S Ml Can it- tel. put.die. ? W SO a ? ?The demand for wheat continued lla' t, and though there waa a g.. tdlv atienthio e of tuiyara on 'Change, they r..r.!y erlneed a del.e to Inveat, aieept at vtieh prteee aa ar I r? were not authoriii I t accept, f'r cea ruled nomtriallv ie a Be. lower; hilt quot ill on a vreee merely nominal at beat. The aalea amlir. e 'A.iati h lahela, InHu.lIng No 1 Milwaukee at $1 ?, an l Vo J at g.' III a 62 *?. The corn market ope-ied quiet, hut ateadv: hut the hide weie a'l at low flenree. which, tho-tgh refttaed at Aral were nlilmately aeeejied. Bound Weatern mlv* I via a old at 91 Ml In at,,re. Th"'i ana - aetlonv embrace 7ft ">i hnahela. at $1 211 for ahlpptng W-aiern ru'ted. In itore g| in for N- w Jeraev v allow. ar.l f 1 27 for old while Booth.; n. i tola r'Be I nominally eacter. with aalee of an pun hnahela, at (tin. a 6.V for Chicago and Milwaukee, an l flft a S7n. for Hate Itye waa unaalahla and aa hnidera relnaed to giant ibe r- ! " mended hp huy*ra no aal'a of any ronaeqn'ure wre effaoted. Barley waa dull and heayv al a reduenon 'if So a Sa. per huattel The aah a e mi-Cae lo.oal btwhela v. 9Sc a foe Caaada West, In bond, and $1 Ml for t 'anada Weat duty paid. Malt vm? ova loeted and tiomtnal, Bvtawai.?Tbe tnad>i enntlnua<l dull and n mtnal al 40c Cann- v.. ? Adamar no were unchanged, being ateadv and Arm at JStgo a 2Sr. hp. mi and pataul were ateady al 40e. a Mia. Corroti ruled dull and lower, 'loalng with a continued dowaward Ian dan ay at nor quoU'lona. flixaiav. fined to the w tnta of a few needy aplnnerv and ahlppera, ape.- latqra holding off In antlet|iatinn of a mo a marked .!?? rllna. Tba Iranaa-n na enmprlae 6 0 tialea We quote ? fy.aed. Ft-H-U Jfef t'a. ftf i/.J-r Ordinary., 2* Ml 29 ftn l,ow middling, 14 ftf ? SStg Ml idling. SSJ< S4 96 V Oo>d noddling aft * S7 *7 Coreaa?The market for Arcerte-?ii ingot waa very quiet. The aalev , over ataiut tftl"'to lb* Including flO.lflU ibe. I>e Ir-ftl al 2M- . 99(>?1 do. at 2*V . 7ft Bet Portage l.akr at 17 He- and email Iota Ha Umore at 2?H* . though for la ge lot a 2fle waa the prl.-e demanded Hew abaaibing and J al low metal ware nominally unchanged. t orraa waa dull and heavy. All deaerlptlona wera alike neglected, ar d iwdera were generally nominal. Wa quota good to prime Mi., I*.. a IW- . gv'd duty paid. llarua tap llyt. h,v? larn la moderate reqoeat hot prleea hava not vart'd materially The aalea Include 7ft !? na coda aah at V a S',r., Ml tona nanatir a,eta at ?H? a *',e , JaP kaga Mewctetle i,i.-*r!> a, da a f'V' it tona aal at ale al 50 caaka bleaching powdere al Baker ? eaator .dl at 22 Tt madder end 14, 00 Iba fceratao white auger lead on private terma Drawoopa ?The market aoatlnuad lull but ataady at $2*1 ftty Ht. Dntnlngo Itgaaaft Faaiunta war* mora quiet, hut the market waa firm at the quotatlona appended:?ToI.I??rt? ol?CotP n |?rlh..9-lfld a lad ; Smir, par bhl., Sa . petroleum. 4a.; heavy gooda. iwr ton IIU .-I! Wk. V..Ik t Waaaeo. t^a kitahal ?. I . a$ - .TFWPlSIJP all gold quotation. t v_. a 7He., currency; 3U et a $2 fl* X 'aeka lluleh mad ten. Ifla ; oil, Mia ; corn, hulk and hage. par btiaheL (tjlt ; wheal bulk aad haga, ftd . haaf. far toe., 9a., pork, per " vuia nn>t ?no (r*. nq , ummi. f ?? vw.( ww,, yt hbl. 9a To tendon?Heavy at-ale, per lou, 17a W , rdt, 9?a.; inttf, par bhl, te. a 9a 1 pa r ileum, fti ; twaf, per teo.. Sa ftd, pork, per hhl . Sa Sd.: wheat, far kuakel fttpft , corn, gd Tea enaagemenla ware?Tu l.lverpool. HI balaa e ttnn at ft-1 ftd a CtT, the latum fnr unntmpr* aeal Mkl to tea 'heeae at Mb.; and, by ateanjer Jtgl halaa r- tl"0 at 7 Ifltl a H4 andlftuno tmaheia wheat, corn or barley at 7d To ^d and IftuOS huaheia wheat, corn or barley at 7d To J tertteame-. I lb naekagea mat neil | bw To Bremen Mil bMa petroleum at fta ^1 a" I f?r ateamer in hhda tobaram al Ml hula, lard oU al MM , * bhda. (allow al MM. and gt' tea lard ai MM Tla-harUia ??tapA erb '.ner ta Ja. kaoav.lla an 1 bat k lumbar, |19 Fian. -The market for dry ead rontmaed dull and haary, ?t. (leoeeaa Iwtng q to lad at $7 TS and hank at ?4 78 a ?7 Maefceral ware la hwsltad ? ' H9H Mackerel war* la ha,Had requ at, tbotiak qtuta ateady. al Sift a lie hi for No I bar II? a (17 10 l w >o I do.. $Mi f..r No I above and klf a $M far Na. S da Am- kod barring ware quiet and arm in rh Wa quota ?na\a4 40* , ahdJNa. I 49e (imry < nora waa dull aad aa rlaw of tbe email aopply. tlralv nonaioal al Wa a eu(2uK.!tg^,m 0l,0fcw,?-- *? Rii>m._Th, market ruled very <?nt?t. but eriea* w*WU net ?IMllllBiiJ*1'*^' Tl" ??!?? w.-r* ouly 1.500 salleu'cow. S9lb?., at 1?, Tnu .JJ? Buenos Aim, It lb*., on urhMc term# Mmn. RmtTHMuA 1I1?'J Aa lollow*:? ?uanoaf Avras, Uo ? 23#. ditto t?) V- a illfe. I Montevideo. lS'.c. ? lite.; Rio Grande. 14c : Orinoc# Ik:.; California, 1> ? 20b. ; Central Aru'rlcm. Ik-, a 18'Je.; ffiatamoro*. 17?*. u |7toc.: Vera Crut, 16ko. a I fir ; Torn pirn Idler.; Bogota. lH.n a |7o ; Mararalho, It1,.-, a IIV>'.; BaUla, IS)*, a l-tlea.; l*orto Cabello, 14 V. a IV., all cold quotations, net oaan. IIear continued quiet but firm, holder* demanding 12c . (old, tor Manila. M a beard of no transaction* of Import. "Vlor* were nominally unchanged. A moderate de^nd prevailed endaelea of 100 bale* were wade at from 20e. a Me. for American. ? 1..1B wee held with flrmneaa at ?%#. *old,- , * Sued waa dl*|>o?ed of at 6%c., gold; but otherwise thur. was no bualneaa separata froui .n.all iobhln* oaroela. Lath#?Male* haVe been made of 300,000 al $4 ?? . . T.taa ?Rockland waa In moderate demand and eteady at $2 10 for lump and $1 70 for common. Ijkathrb oonitnoed dull, and though prloee were n nuotably lower the tendency la downwanl. bnb^nWl air the nominal quotdlooet-Ruajina> Ajraa,, ? heavy Jo. Ide! a 87s,. and light d#TnKe_tBIllI Ortn??. middle, 31%<*. a S}?e ; heavy do. M# a 81# andllrhl dI > ? . a ?#; oak* aUughter. middle and hesvv mMh a Mc., AW? prieea wtre nominal, with 'feSiS^rude turpentlnaa aal. waa made of 84 hbla. odtfmft at $?. Spirits turpentine ru'ril ^'ll^3o '* the market waa arm, though aora* whal-.SEld and u,, i 73e? with amall aalea at 78%). RoMn?fltralned "J . , were more Inquired for. with nome lmproTemcnt artabtl?he.l on the former, the latter being "Wady. (."id ^t {he oin tjiilel, WU arm at St 80 a ft MS; WO Wa. sold at1M ?? aide price. Tt.e aalea betide# i&M l.tWb^ No. 1 at ? a ' Si - dA?M'e qudl* blfdeh, 8too.; etit, na a w.; .v.*. .P IF^' iP6 ? ?'?-,!ifeneao do., ZSc. a 24c.; oopper, tie. a SOo. and yellow malgl Be. ? r?? ..o.'Jf;-T.ha PUi1!}1 Tide Bah remained (fritet l?i( lulce ateedy et f 1 35 40 for Jdcached winter whale, $3 85 dulle steady at fl Mall 40 for bleached winter whale, #r t? for erude epcrm and"$f 88 e S3 00 for unbleached winter do. Lard oil waa without dadded change, being dull and heary at $ 1 IS a f 1 tO. Of dire oil 80 til.!*. Western aold on prl rale term* City dlatlllad red waa 1e moderate Jobbing re quaat at Me. Llnaced waa quiat at '.<1# a Ma., gold. Cruafiera' prion# f 1 40 a f 1 tl. Ott Oaan ?Hale* warn made of 180 tona Western on prt. rale terms. 1'aTNOi.r.tin ? Crude continued quiet but eteady at 81o . at which pnee ainall aatoa were elfaoted. Bonded waa dull and unsettled, with aalea U> the eilent of S HOO bbl# at 88 V. a 84c. for atandard white, with a sale reported aa low a* 83c. Also prime light straw to while el 83e. Paovuuoes.?Receipt*. lt& bbl# pork, 8M do. beef, M package* cut meats, and 73 bbla. and 480 kefs lard. The pork market waa dull, at a considerable reduction. The during price of new mess was nominally $31 87, cash, though even-lea* would hare been readily accepted for Urge lot*. The aalea comprise 8,000 bbla. at $21 18 a $21 81 for new mesa, eaah and regular, end $18 Waa $20 80 tor prime. For forward delivery the aalea comprise 2,000 bbl# at $21 28 a $21 76, buyer's and sailor's option, for the UtUr half of l>n. oemher and $31 75, seller's option, for January?all new mesa The market tnr beef continued Inactive and heavy; the sales were shout 280 lbs. at $12 e $18 for new pUIn mesa, end $17 a $22 for new extra mesa. Beef ham* were negleoted end prices were nominal; the aalea were 75 bbl# et $28 a $80. ac. cording to quality Baooo waa quiet and heary; the sales Include 1.50 boiea at like, a 12%'n. for Cumberland cut. and I2n. a 12'?c. for short rib Cut meat* were dull and droop ing: sales 180 paraagea at 9o. a 10k# for shoulders, and I'Jc. a 121 fur hams Pressed hogs ruled lower, hloslng at ltki. a 1054c. for Western. I.erd waa alao easier; sales 800 pack ages at 12c. a ltc . the Utter price for small jou eitra choice. Butter and cheese were dull and uomlnm at our prurlous quotations. Kirs was dull and nominal, with no disposition to buy further than to supply Immedlala w ants. Ht-osn waa quiet and heart The salsa were 210 hhds. Cnba, part at lite, for fully fulr rudating. There waa stone talk or sales for shipment to Kuropc, but no particulars were revealed. Refined sugar was dull at 15%"., and lt.'j'c. for hard and soft while res| actively Tai.iow was rethrr nominal. having a downward tenden cy. The sales were till.000 In# at like a 12c. Tobaooo waa dull an-l heavy. The ?alcs comprise about 100 ihds. Kentucky at from Br. a 17c ; 144 esses IHg.' crop ? aa rases elate ai ?J5J??V8Sr Tli'.ele. were nnlmpyUnt Wc urn f ftTitcL ?k and strait. 21V a 22c . gold. Kngllsh. be Sng qttlie out of Mock, was nominal; we note saTe. 1,080 lioxes Torn X on prlvnta l?rn??. Wiii^SKT I 7V4 bhln. Th? market waa quiH, hmvv and nominal, with no aalMi of motneni. Wiiai ? no** waa dull but flrtu . ln?t talo was made nt $1 &A for Arc'|fc Wool.-DwmUc flnnrnn continued to morn alowlr, though the market waa mm what mor? Mtlv? nodir an 1 ? pro f WHUM from llMI BiiifMtofW, who. kovffir, ltnttod IMr i?urrhMa4'? t<> their (budmUK rtqulfiMU. Roldan g?n?*ral1y w??n* rnthnr firmer In th^lr vl^wa. though rm ad VMM w aa ftt?bH*h>d. !l forvlgu thrrw *M nothin g doini ?mm a (>w unlmpurtaut tranaartloim Tho ?r$lM* cutnjuliwn IHft.OUO lb?. domcHtl'' ? nt 44c. a 70^., Ineluding nmnll lota Oregon nt S7^c a 3d Vs.. Michigan mid good intra WU ronahi at r/2!4r.. dotihle XX and ahoro at for % 70c , and a amall lot Dolaiiio at 67*4c. ; d,^>00 lb*. Tutu a at t2o. a IV.. 1911 hale* tubhoal at f)3V|C , 20 do. double ritra Marino pullonl at OOr , 2D do. cuinel a hair at 13c. gold, and 3/ttJ lh?. combing ou private tertua. Albnnr Cult In .Market. AiaAKT. Nor. 38. I80>1 M IUNT, m??r. fettle ere higher this week. r7b"h" Icntr The adranoe, which areragea afeoulI k? I" sigbi. I* attrlbouble In a light ?..puly ralhe-r than to any laAed Imptoremenl In tlie demand On the l?e.t g a'!## i.r'i. .k?,? are ?er tb while In the power grades arVpfj imnioramonl in IM ovniioa ,/n *1' * , ie rise Is only shoot %r. per lb., whde In the poorer ** k? " kc Kecclpi, R.?fl heed nearly ell of whir^ hare isnped hands at prices varying Trom 5%# a ?V ? P" ?'h. ?? outside flgnte ror7 pr me, aretsglogl.#?I lbs Shtwpare fcriaaai .v t?ip. "?r ^,a mi' .quest Bt 8kr-; attpplr l?8 week. i.OUO heed, THE LORD BOND ROBBERY. Conrluelon of the Kkitinlnallou lie fore J nailer Howling- Prnnk llrllrn Admllfed to Hull Tudrr $'M,000, uud IV. K. Ilubrerk Ceui. uiltted lor Triul-Impartuul Ktldene* Caa rrrnlua Juy Cooke ft (!*,, Ac. Tbn further examination of wltuasaaa In tho raae of Frank Heilen and W. A llaboock, for aa alleged emu pllcity In the Lord bond robbery, waa eoutlnund and roooltided yesterday, before Justice fowling, at the Court of Special HeaaloD# Aa befora, Mr. flunniug 8. Bedford, Jr., represented the proa* Button. Mr. Algernons. Hul llvan, ex-Judge Stuart, ex-doreruor Lowe, of Maryland, and Mr. Clarence Seward appeared aa oounael for Frank Mel ten and 0. L. Stewart for W. K. Babourk, S. B. Bragne representing the Intervals of Rufu* L. Lord, from whom tho bond* were stolen. TSJCTTUOST or a. p. riavarront. The first #Hne? onllod waa Mr. IL C. rffelMlVCft, m the firm of Jar Coolie ft Cn , who (Mllfleu substantially aa follows:?I know Garland; be Is In our amploy aa a government clerk, and purchases and sella gorernment securities; I know of my own personal knowledge that on Oetoher IT, 1048, oor firm, thrnnih hi* agency, bought one $8,000 ecren-lhlrty (No. 1,100) Polled State* Treasury bond, and alao four $8,000 aercn-thlrty bonds, rutnberod 8,000, 1,801, 8 040 and 1,300, from Frank Heilen, Mr Thomas IA>rd bad several interviews with me last spring, but I don't know lliat he warned <>r urged me of ths necessity of examining those hand, hills; he eec mad to be excited about hi* brother's loss; I doubtless said to him that to examine and compare the bond* rct-elred with the numerous printed hand billa would take much more time than the whole of the bual neaa of a banker now did; happening to lie In Washing ton I discovered the stolen lend* there, and saw on them that some name had been erased, I hare my telegram with me containing the numbers of Ih'HM bond*; those bond* were sent to W*?hlnfrU>n throuxh Jay Cooke ft Co., by whom they had t?en converted Into five, twanlle* at the Rnl. Trea? try, the numbers of Ihnm were 1.104, l-O 101. I.OftO and 1,118 by Mr Garland's attldmvtt Ihewi bond- were obtained from Frank Mellen; by that It appears we bought of htm on the ITHi of Orio lier a eeren thirty bond No 1 100 and on Gctoher 24 bond. 00, 101, l.tWO and 1,118 or ?5,ont) each , I wa* In Washington on the 17rti of November; Jay Cubke ft Co., I 1 BOW, d'd not bare those l>onds conveted to Washing ton by Adams' Fiproaa Company, th" "ub Treasury mav have done so I am not aware that Mr Ts.rd or Mr, Bar run In any Interview w'th me told me in express terms not 11 buy any oflhoae ato an l>oiid? pror to <?cu>ls.r; yea, lie ccrtalnlv re-pieetwd far me not to; It would take atw'Ut five ni note* to look over that one list and compare tb> bond allb It; I never nurobevt any of those boud* 1 row examlnalion by f'Un n< <1 8ew*rl?After th* dla rovery that tho?# bond* hail been "tolen Jay Cook* ft tlo. did not refund the money to Mr l/ird or return the bond* to hi.n; they are not now In our poeeetMlon; we purchased them and tliey pa?"d out of our bands by Sale-soma of tbn c|ri ulara Ipforme-t u* that they were Isird'e bond*, Mr. Garland's a 'tdavtt la corrert, I never to my knowledge saw Frank Heilen in oor olfice; w|,?n I eas In Waabtngton I bad no kn .?led/e from whom 1 Jay Cook* ft Co had obta:n*d th?.?e hnr.da, Mr l/>rd'* name was t,.rt v-'ida on the H.udv, tl.e, bad the nam# n?me wae gin ? ? ? ..... ? PWW-.# . of Mr I/ird legible, payable to blank or order; atn> s my return from Washington I have not once compared bonds with the list.; the hones haa always enjoined 00 Its clerks rare and aiteut'on In no'lee all stolen bond*; the bonds are reeelveu by lb" e'erk* and not by lb* firm J If the clerk ba I obeyed inriruriknna he would have notified Mr. Ileben that then* bonds eer# stolen. I know of no peril tilar Iratieactlnu where the houea has notified per sona that such bond* 4^7* Itrjeo, although such caaoa may have ovc irrvd I have known (ba clerks to examine lho>e li.ta; I lonverted the bond* ou tb# 19th and IMth of October, two days after I got them, and transferred them to the Rub rreaaury for Jay Conks ft Co. Mtrect examination reaumed. ? I never notified the ?necifVallr about tbeee vtoi- n borda, I remember Mr. Garland ? examinilig tb* printed handbills aometime last spring, when be detected a seven thirty note aa stolen and returned, It waa received befora the rera pt of this tiendb I . It was returned to the branch office in Philadelphia, where it aw received; an officer cam* arid talked with me ahool It, I don't know who tha officer was, I then warned those la th* house agamet re.#,v eg ettch notrw, and to be careful and compare lb# number* with Hi# prints,1 1 lata, they obeyed the metro. Hone I hare rnaroa I" lelltTt, aa a rote, there may nave been e?\n,o"i byR II Brogue ?0- Md pw before _ . . ? . . . _ - fc . a _... a, hi.nAa r.ntltltMraxI r ( r-w ffiiMirnib?i t.f n ..^a ^ g, - tlie 17th of fVtebyr, purrliaee two other bonds, numliered 384 end 23 137 7 A I bare no knowlex* of thane cmwb; I had no nccgvlon to look Ihem up Q Ton aald you purcheeed on* from Mr Martin, In Boston 7 A. Y-v I rememtier tb* >eae; tbcae three bond* wat# In addition tu tb'W* toentioned in this I'd. f'roao examined by rwtnael for Mr Bet-cock?cmr ho-tae pore baaed > h* $ , '"fit hood In Philadelphia, it was returned m pbi adeipbta; in the hurry and buttle of* |t la Mnmon tu buy bnicle oa Well street wttft. out looking at tbeir rumtiera, but lb# eismloatt-m tg frerjuently me,l* at th# rioea of lb* day, when th# notn bera are reghwere,!, and then II It n?t likely bonds would he dlecov-rH a* etolen' ti'eee a list were ta Lb* bouse, but I never do thai nureeif CrtMN eiamloed hy A. R Rolllvan?T h#H?ve there to a ?tilt pending again*! the hoots of Jay < upk* ft On., In fOeor of Kill 1# L lAWd. lo fwovrr the vain* of two of these ato'en bonus, tliey are not Included In these, Mil are alleged vo he a po'- ' " W* 8M8ft from Mr. lg.rd, that Bull we* commenced Iwf'tre tb* data of the p-ir> t.aae of (be first of theae from Frank H*i en. this did no* toake tb* clerks move careful they were a* careful aa they could be before, It I educed ao a lira vara. Tit* luatoriM of fffi* w taeaa aw n-ro oftflaftt rrjrraovy ne inn # ailMfk Jaman A Gariaad a gnvernnaoM clerk la the ban*a of Jay Cooke ft Oa.. wa* next *?*m'n-d by tlx* Dletnot At | lorney, aad as b'a atatemeate wre* principally gl>*u before lu bin affidavit* previously pebt she* la tha I Hvv. n, sad fovea ? *ed In th# t#?t m -ay of tha |,. 1 cedief Wltoeaa Ills ami ?r. >he f h , ?'i,i ' r?r gwiao !??r At>x l I BOUghl one $4,000 seven-thirty I know JVJrT ?- the ITth of O lobar, It turned out to bond.; ontho W-lof A-to i ? L !: worth of m\m\thirty not** r" r . ?#u* ?. x^ ' }. ??f tl?o b-ml* In roy from hint; ll?.* numi*.. rc,| tasted to search* ?In1 ?'* .e?ZmLJ^. ->? of them might vigilance In taking toad*. |e.f w. .,? ? lUt

be stolen or Irrogulirr; en hres-isf a. tmil a CO|iy Is not (tone delivery on the street. 1 has* e u,a of the list of atolen bonds on my duek ever ?i.. robbery; I examined the list at least one hundred tin,, prior to ilia 17lb of Ootobap; I tiki not examlue It then, as Mr. Hellen was ? banker on the street, and I supposed lie knew alt about them; I gave bltn the market price and drew a check payable to the order of the Arm. Cross examined?I bare heard that our bouse pur rlmeed bonds that wore euppoead to have been etolen prior to the purchase from Frank Hellen; whee I re ceived the telegram from Washington In reference to the bonds sent to the Treasury I had no recollection of the numbers of lbs bonds purrbassd from Hellen; I do not remember whether there was any person with Hollen wh'-n he came to sell tho securities or not; he bad frequent business transaclione with our house. Ro-direct?As soon as I received the telegram from Washington I went to my books to $nd out eboat the bonds mentioned ? 7 do net fe,,.rtu-i any of the dates on *h;eh thbtnifili Vers purchased; w# tfo . .....11 counter business, and when n stranger presented him self, whom we did uot know, tho list was tboo looked at. "ijEjieea.." TBI rnmwrrMM m/v/an. The cium for tho prosecution was closed with the teg llniuny of this wttneas by-ths Assistant District At tor nny. Aftor some observations In referoncs to the Aral cxiunlnatloo.of Captain Jourdan, by whom It appeared 1 hat from tho confessions of Frank Hellen the bonds were not knowg by him to have hoen etolen which ho subsequently sold to Jay Cooks k Co., the prisoners wore Informed that they wcro at liberty to make any atatn mcni they pleased having reference to the > barge of fel ony for which they were arraigned. sramMavr or w. a. naarocK. William R Rnls'ock was then duly sworn, end testtAed to tho followingI am forty-two ysare of age: was born in Rhode Island; roslds at No. 110 Woat Forty third el rent; nm a speculator by profession; I am not guilty of tho charge nere preferred against him. sTiTsxrirr or mask mkli.k*. On being duly awom and examined Frank Hellen made the following statement:?I am twenty-four years of uge, was born at Washington, Dtstr.ct of Columbia; I am a hanker by occupation: I am not guilty of the charge preferred against me; 1 received the bonds from William R. Babcock ; sold them to Jay Cooke k Co.; re. reived Jay Cooke k Co 'a check for the amount; handed the money immediately afterwards, l?sa tho commis sions, to Mr. ltabrock; I lied no knowledge of the bonds being stolen, nor tbst there was anything wrong about them; I don't know the number of the hoods I received from Rabcock, or whether they wore the same that had lieen stolen from Mr. I<ord and the same mentioned in the complaint. MoTioa to niscnxmiK osrsxDiNT*. Mr. Algernon 8. Sullivan made a motion to discharge Frank lb-lieu, on the ground that the utmost that could be proven against him was tho alleged fact of having ro reived goods said to have been etirb-n. But as the evi dence showed he had no knowledge as to whether the bonds had been stolen, end as they were received by him from a party who had obtained thorn properly or Improperly, tho counsel did not deem that there was u Just causo to hold him, and therefore asked Ills dls ?diargo A similar motion was made on the part of W. R. Uuboock. Tho Ouilrlct Attorney contended that the bonds had les-n stolen, and that defendant! should be held for liu\ inr r cooed and dlsnoeed of them in contra vention of tho law. The Court denied tho motion. XPruoxTioM vor salt. The counsel for defendants then renewed their appli cation for ball. Ticking stron ? and lengthy arguments in bdialf of then eiiants. Kx-Judgo Low, of Maryland, and A. H Hnllivau aud cWvm Howard spoke nl con ?iderahle length, ur, lug with much emphasis sua renting tho enl re rolcuse of Hell 11. Tho Judge Anally decided to commit both the acrnsed for trial, consenting to ad mlt Frank llolleti to ball In the sum of fOTjs)!), which will lie given to-day, hut rofualog trot! In the case of W. R. ilabcock. NEWS FROM VENEZUELA. OUR CARACAS CORRESPONDENCE. Trouble* of That Itepnbllo With Kngllsli Nnlloro?The l.nilur Itnn Awi? Kroui l.u guayrH Wtlb the Nteniner Hnlivnr. ruiTil, Oct. SI, 1AM. Tin Venezuelan Minister fir Foreign Affair.i had sd dressed a to the consuls ol that republic abroad, in which lie give# an iv-count of tba manner In which the steamer Itolivar tlola out of tba port of laguayra. It appoara ilia', un tho 1:1th of Octobar that rcaial ar rival from I-ondon whom It bail liean purcha-ad on tba 31?l of laal January for Iba Veunzualan navy. Tba go* arnmant of that rapublie had forwardad Ilia neraaaary papara, and the Hollvar |waa aant out undar English officers and sailor*, with a Vannzualan rnglatar. Tho cmt ract, however, niada by tba Venezuelan Consul In Ic.ndon oould not ba rallfled by bla govornmant, an, among otbrr thing* objectionable, It attpulalad tbal tba captain, John Fuak, abould not serve undar any othar official, unlaaa h* warn an Eugliahman of auparliir rank to hla own; alao that in eaa* any iranafar or dlrt aion of tho ofllr.-ra and rraw war* mad*, tb* Englishmen abould not amount to I*** than on* half of tba body Into which thay might b* merged, Tha < ap tain w*a Informad that, according to tb* V*n*zu*laa constitution, tha aancllon of the national I-aglalatur* was nacaaaary for tha admlaalon of foreigners Into tba aar rb-a, and tbat tha only way to got out of tha dlfflcul'y was for tba party to heoom* naturallzi-d citlzana In caaa thay would dalarmlno to rarnain British auhjnota tha antbnrttiaa would pay thorn off and baar their eiponaea nntll thay oould ranch horn*, lb this the oaplaln agreed, Staling 'hat h' did not aaa how the Venezuelan go*arn mailt could do otherwise, hut that, a* to tba craw and other*, be wished to consult them. Thereupon ba JWfti Ir.'Piixzp tot :-*->?* tot lhrmpntf ronaultlug with the rest of the party, and oBrtvllfaing praaantad tnrm* of aaUlomant, which tha government would not accept. Admiral Benjamin Arrlana, command lug the smstn*. * <? r ? ?! to take peasant oo of tha veaaal Attar he haddona ?o and gone on eh ore Oapt fork propose.) a* the ha.t way of settling amicably with tba craw, tbat he should go aboard alone and after them the of their i>ay, Ac Aa all along ha bad antarad into Ilia via*, of the goTornmant hia proissml was ar captad , ha want aboard! and during tha night Iba vaaael put to aaa, last tug tha t enezu'lan rraw that Anions tied |. it. s boar I n ?? small boat, without etlbar oar* or sails Thar managed to aara Ihamanlvaa hy attracting tba at tentlon nf a flabtng smack, Wblcb Inn led them at Imgu ayra about una o'clock in tha morning. "Hi" Bolivar I* da?crlba<l aa a twin scr*w ataamar. of 930 tons burden, and baa two ang'naa 'AM) bursa power. Ilcr l?n?th s 330 feat, beam 27 fa. t, depth 30 feat 6 In. he*,.dre'ight t# to 10. Hlia carries two ataal riHud ?una?70 pounder*, two 24 pounder., I'd rifled carhlnaa, Oil bra >? .1 pi Oil* and othar *m? i arms Mi a la flitad out as to helterie* tha SymoBd'a system U?r stand* Ing tigging I* ail of galvaolzrd In n CIITNARf. Tliotnav WimmII. nf New A orb. This wa'l known mar bant died at tha Cramer, y Park House on tha Astb 'lit., after a few hours' l.lnaas, baring Just returned from Ilia funeral of hi* wife at Tarrrtown Ha w ? * director of tb* Metropolitan Hank, Conti nental Kir* Insurance Company and New Turk Life InMMSnc* ? mj sny MARRIAGE3 AND DEATHS. .Married. Casm'TS*?H?T**w*t r?n Thnraday evening. Nry. VMnbrr 20, st -t. Puke's (.arsons*., try lb* Kat I?r Tutlle, K.uwasit < at r? si > a to Mast llsiazwav. tins' -u t aper* pleas* copy pM". h - ?n At )P>-*vlll* H I , on Tuesday, No vember 27, by the Krv John Morgan, Ks?*a r linn to I/>ri.A P., ?id*?t daughter of Kugene Klasam. f2-q Ctle*. ituKale and Jama ? *, 7. I . papers please ropy i.i i Mors. <'n Vtrdn.adsy, S'trrn.lirf 2s, at the r 'dunce i4 tb* bride's father, by the K, r ' II K'ord WnUAS (Jiasr, Jr., to Mast K , daugbtar of A. la. Haven*, kisa, all of Ihla ally. No rard*. Jam - Ilia**.? At Boston, on lues-lay, November 37. by tl " Itsr Wm llsyt.e, l.i.nma J J.*i*? of haw York, hi K Hivas, of North Bu' k sport, Me fl.ssi.rrraar??u. ?At Cherry Valley, N Y , on Wednesday, November 2*. by tb# Hav K I' Cardoer, Frr* I II? '*'"TT. "f ,V#w York, to sasan O , daugbtar of paw it C ' ?ni| Iwll, laq . of ? harry Vallay Han't* -Wool ?At Nnwtlys, on Thursday ayenlnr, Vovamliaf Jw, at the rseston. ? of tb* 1*11* a parvata. by tb* Iter Oaorga f f brail, Darin A llauraa p. As*.a B., daugbtar uf John Wood. |*| Hnt"r ? -f)n Thar>dsr Novawihar 35 at farson, H isset ? ounty, N. J , by the Key f H Vai.4#r rear, HtaaR 0. Haaai- a, af Ihla city, to ***** J gup iro, of Warwick, 'irang* coantr, K Y No card* M ii.tR> H"srr ?lo UroklyR, f- P , on W?do#olav, v >?#mh#r 3*. at the r??.d?Rc# -I tb# b id* a rirer," 1 <>?>" ?? vt'LIS# to Mast A , deughtri of r.-.irf . ? II ft all "f tb# atv.y# elty |Mr.i> l.ansT ?Id Itr.e.klyn, on TV r?dav Nnrvws. bar 2U, at tb* reside.,re of tba I.. 4a a fall.' by tha Rev Dr. R. A II'flinao, R'l" tee lloisaa. af Sew York, to Coesrua M da ., liter of K larey. k*?j No.ards W lt?si. tsH At P aioS?id. S J dar, No*, mlew 2* by Hot Iter pr. Y#rn*l*, It a art rot Weaves, of Saw fork to MasaR U KavtsdgR, of the fanner pi* v. *ru War- ? Kr '??? ?'?? Thursday, November ft at tliare.d of tha brula's parvMa, by the B?r James B P<u.n, Wiiii.? W. to Mast li iiuta, daugotsr it ' bar;, a H Kmeraon. fas filed. Art" b'f d .ea r of the brwrt, at M* iata raetdasms, Igato s.r?et, east .J Third avenue, on Wednesday morn Ing, f ,ftni t |. n tt.e ags af tl years and 2* days. J Hi.* a tsar A a, ae -r'nrr to lb* Rayor '4 Horn York If is friareb- nod the fr). od? of b a inotbar sad famtiy, ?r. , ..1 i , . ' it.a f naral at Ml Calx ? rbufrb, Kaet Thirty art sath awaai near Bweand *v*a .*, Ibis ( aiufday) m m ug *1 tea ovtoeg. llansa'T "n Iddar afloriKma, Nov*m)>*r Sd *rtav a bo,g au>i jwlsfal llleawr, liaimu, wife of Owan Daryatt, a nativa if 'ba t si ?n of le/taem.!*, cwanty Con, Iro kar d, ag'-d *? j*or* Tba rehtivoa aad f 'uds af tha family am map an Ifulty Invited to attend U * ' .navni. Irawi has lata raaetano*. aa* Tt. id a> ***,?? i m lay a/ a, a* ana Wntaah pea ataaly, lis a v O* Fn day Nuiambf R, Ruaanvva In*, tn feat dang ?#* "f B H aad C *e'>oU. H Boa a. at*d S montba and Id day* fi.a rtisi'vo* an t fvaat* of tba fMb<>f or* Id*Aad la s*^4JMri?r asajs-a Tha.relatlvea and frigid. of the tamliy *m r(u.w. , fully Invited to at land the funeral. from lb. re*,?L , her m,n. Richard A. Harbin, 213 Boulh Sunday afiernixin, al on< o'clock. ' 'B TliuHI!." ~AS ha r?,,'1',ore' 121 But B mail way on j ?rT X' 1JV"U,K,r *? ??*??*?? H Hoc, agod ? tl,?ihrh-"rrn<1" *"d ?"lualntanraa will please taka ootlca y^AZT WU1 plM ** afternoon" *lW-Ai ""T^',..Polntl L f - * consumption, Ja*. J. llffh**,.' ?? y**rn The funer*: plans oo Sunday afternoon at two o'clock, to which J*# friends of tha family ara'in "^>n T,""Nd?^ mornJn#, tfof amber 22, " ..n*.H*u' C*"J""rr ??h of Tbaophlloa C. and FlU Th. tH 30 \Mr1 ? f,Mn 10 months and 2 days. aii.V i .i v ?|?a family ara reapeetfully Invttad to attend ilia fuonral, fmm tha raald.noa of bla uarvnta S?"t c"rn,r ?r Henry and Pro td. nt alraota, Brool? ly it, thla (Saturday) afternoon, at ona ovloclt^ T4*? morning, November 80. at two oajMrV, * Ungating iUoeea, Wiu.i*M Oiuaa, agad tn^".r!l*"rM 4nd fH?D<li, or tha fktnlly am r?.rv*otf,.llr iwisi^isrs^'ss!"1 lt^*LT??n Thursday, Noven>t'~ Cauiutu u Funeral al (en o'clock Saturday morning, from tha Chuml' of tha Annunciation, Manhaltanvllln. ? pin'iiwrr.?On Fridar, November 80, Ha am wlfa of John Mitchell. agad TH years. Tha funeral will taka placa on Sunday morning at eleven o'clock, from tha raaldanna of liar aoo, ?i W. Mitohavl, cornar of Boston road and Havauth atraet M?r rieanla. ' Mokvbixv.? Ia Brooklyn, on Friday, November 80, Makt As*, wtfo of Michael Douuelly, aged Id year, and 0 months. Tha relative# and frtnnda of the family ara raepartfutly Invllad to atlond tha funeral, from bar lata reatdanoa, 120 J'eerl atraet on Sunday afternoon. at two o'elook Finale.?On Thursday, November 29, Riouaan Fikrih hi the diet year of hla age. Tha frtenda of tha family ara Inrlted to attend the funeral, 1mm tha rnatdenna of bla brother, Jam?* Feme, at TTtmg'a Nock, WoMchsaler county, on Sunday after noon, at two o'clock. Funaw ?Oa Thursday, November 20. Joss Jams Kk k**, only aon of Clan* and Reglna Flcken, aged * yearn, 8 montliH and 1W daya The rnlatlTea and frlonda are raapectfiitly Invited to attend (lie funeral, from tha rentdauoe of lla parent*. No. 48 Spring street, thla )8alurday) aflarnoon, at una o'clock. Fitwirraijv ?On Fridar morning, November 80. V.av widow of Kdward Fitzgerald, in tho Diet year of her age ' The relative* and friend* of tha family are raspet tfully Invited l? atlond tha funeral, from tha realdano* of F McSweguii, :wo Kant Fifty seventh atraat, on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock. tiara*. ?On Thunder, November 22, at Sing -ing, Dr. Hotuoa (Irrrs, aged 04 voara The ndallvee aud frlauda of tho family are reapoctfully Invited to atteud the funeral, from tho Unlver.lty place Presbyterian churrh, corner of Unlrenlty placa and Tenth -treat. on Monday aflarnoon, at throe o'clot k. Ckkkv?On Thursday, Not am Iter 20, al bla re?l,l*nce, Matawan. N. J., Captain Joan Ottawa. Uamt.vkiit. ? On Friday, November 80, at hla reai-lrsM No 880 Cherry alraet. after a llugertug lllne-* (',? *,uira Haht.hkht. a uallva of the par-*h of Clonakllty, < oualy Cork, Ireland, aged 44 yean and 4 tnontha. Notice of tha funeral will be given hereafter Ifrixvira. ? On Friday, November 30, Lout*. I!a* kru wife of W A II >111 er. The relatlvea and frienda of tha daoaaaad. and of her aone In law, Kl. hard Oliver, Sainuol 8 Hlall .pl aud Albert -alter, Jr., are Invited to altand lha funeral, fr .in 'V;' '"'o re*,dome. No 841 thtld atraat, Mrooalyu, on punday aftemu.,u, ,wo v?"v".rAl wl Tmi?*Drm, ? Waat Tlilrty-aar?ii | atraat, i mm. ?t -U^r' November 22, Auui aic J tact lain ot Ithlnnbeoa, fb>ir|i??i county Funeral Harvlcaa at Albfcuy s Y Kbrrkt ?On Thuraday, Noremiw. aa, .rt~ , iona ... painful lllneiw, KiritRB, wlfa of Thoina* daughter of tha lata I'atrtok Murphy, aged 28 yeara Tho relallvoe and frlauda of the family, atao tboaa of her brother* In law, John and Nlcholaa Kennoy, and tha oz-tiionibere of Kxcelalor Knglno Company No 2, are re apectfully Invited to attend lha funeral ftorn (he re* , ifenre or her mother, No. 4M Oraanwich atreei thli (Saturdayl morning, at tan o'clock urnctaaly ller re tnaina will be taken to the RomenXatboHo Church of St. Anthony of Padona, In Holllran atraat, Itatween Prior# and II'Muton itreau, where a aolemn requiem in* * will lw* celebrated, aud fmm Ibenoa to Calvary Cemetery The Athlono OullJ of Friendship la raquoefd to ilirnd. By order of JOHN Ft,I tN Locsamoti.?On Welnowlay evening, Novambar 28, Fawt WMnBLea, only child of Chariaa i. and ChartoiU W IxK-kw?od, aged J year* and 3 mouths The relatlvaaand Iriendaof the family ara lnvtte.1 lo attend lha funeral, from tha raaldanoa of her i?renu, No 124 Weat Forty-eighth atraet, thla fSalurdai t n<?.n, al half paat twelve o'alock, without furtnar uotli *. Re main* will ha taken to Seymour, Conn I/ir, ? On Friday, November 20. after * pp,. traded llluea* Hi.??r, eldevt eon of Blaaa and to, ..a 0. I-orlllard, In the 24>b rear of hla age. Hak-haix. -Oa Friday. Noyerahar 30, Jawai Mam riialv aged 48 year* and 10 tnoatba 1 he relativae and frtauda of tha family are reepact fully Invited lo attand the funeral, from hla Me re?|. d. noe, No. 101 Waat Ninataaalh .treat, en Hub lay after noon, at ona oVIook. Olaagow (Scotland) papers please copy. Mrp irru.?At Yvnkara, on Thuredav evening, Norem Mr 29, after a abort bat painful lllne v. Jaaaa W Miphkm, agad 88 yaara 11 months and u .lays Tlia relative* and frienda of tha family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, fr?.n hla late re*l d nee Nepperhau avenue, on Sunday afternoon, al two o'clock. San I ran-leoo papers please eopy. Mcueag?On Friday. Ip.vember 80, ?i?* T.ugv Met. LAvn, age.) 28 years and 8 mooUta. A name of Malloa, county of Cork, Ireland. Friamla and relatlvea ara InvlHiMm alt. o I tha funeral al her late maldenoe, TO Bayard atraat, oa mday after noon. al one o'clock. MoKbvka ?on Friday, November 80, Soma MKavaa. In the eOih year of her age, a native of the pariah or Tulllcai^ r""ntf Monaghaa, Ireland Tha ralanvU;??d ^e fatnilr ire reaps, tfully Invited to attend tba funeral, fmwi the revideaoe of h*r enter and brother, Catharine and Franr,. MrKenna, No 84 I'ltt atraat, on Sanday afternoon, at half past two o'alock. Cal.l .rnla papers plaaea copy. MKra ?On Friday, Navan.lter 30, MABitarr U'Ooa, at the reeldenc# of her aoe-la law, I'atrcfe I atbary cw nor of Hilary and Navy atreei*, Ilrooklyn Tt.e funeral will lake pla.e oa run lay aflemooa at two o'clock. Paovoer -On Thurwlay, Novambar 22, Mabt I/-raw yoqt.gaat rhtld oT Audrew 1 and Harr et Provost, aged 4 year*. 8 tuoalh* and 10 daya Fnn.-ral on Sunday ru-.rn r.g, at alavaa o'clock, at the residence of her parenta, Flushing, I. I. Carr e*** at tha care. lUrevr.?At fill' won villa South Carolina, on 8elarday, November 24. 1m"ua? M Kit an, sge I .14 ??ara. Further br.tiCe at the funeral will be given ""V ?At l?over, N J , oa Thoraday, NovemMr 29, laaeaLLa I.airi>, wife of Peter Roy, age.] 4] y>ara Hoy rematna will b? takes lo Cre*-nwo.#4 thla day (Saturday; Carrkagae will ha .a a a, nog at half t-**l nine u'ct.*.k. Ku an. At Winona, Mian . on Saturday. November 10, ? iiAatae F. K. -eat.., a native of New Tatfc city, la the 2dlh year t/ bla age KontR* On Friday, N.crember 38, of "maumpUoo, Mr* F.rilt T. k-Tur* *ged 81 year* fho friend* <4 the lainily are revpect'ully lavlted U> att. n-l the funeral, on Swr.dar morn eg, at ten o'cl>e k, fr.rn the reatdanoa of hey dvufhlev w: lo* rrf the lata < ap'ain M> Dunougb, No 10 ltain*?ii atraet, Wdltao.a burg. Newark paper* p ea** ropy Si rutj* ?On ihvrwlav, Nnranter N, (?*>*ai;r# M St ui* A?. age] W ye*,-* 4 'o.mthe aol 2 dara The relative* and fr.ewda of the f.mllr at* reepaetfully Invited to aitead lb* f'rueral, fr.-ro U.e at I. * hrothev. F.uges* II , No 48 |*t.p,e*r nreex Ho*nh Hro?,kl> n, oa?today af'anv.en, at t*-, -h Alan tt.a member* of N.wnnl l/?lg*. No 4.'.1 ? and A M Na/ ?ii Jxetga. No 4-t8 F and A M , ale. Hrnoaiy* Chapter, No 14' HAM and tee p. *a of 'h. |-?v nf New York and m*ml*r* of Nvpt .oe (.lab ar? re*p*>.t fully Invited u. attend S*t*LL ?On Wedneaday, Novewiber 24, Ta -a?* *stt.r In kit diet y?ar at h . ag* Til* relatives and Mend* '4 lha fare I v are r**;eetfv|ty Invited te attend the funeral, fr>"n *t Raf-ot 1 Vireh rweaty eer.mdatrewt hat wee., MfUi and Siitn avaaue* b- day 1 Saturday), al It ? ctork M H a rao ama will ha taken to tna Tarryt. *n ' awanary f.r lilwu.Hl by th* two P M tre-s th* llutonn Rlvar Ka.iroad P*- #o*_At Y'inker* N Y , on Wela^iav Novem ber 28, Maav. wife .g lletiry Kw- rta, age-l a, y-.n The r?at.raa aod Meade of tb* 'aa. y are r*{*ofully In V led Ui attend lha 'en-r*l aart *e tithe Twenty thlfd **r*el Rapt at -huvh, betwaea rift* and SlaU new noee, th a ^tatordayt aflarnoon, nt onn o'eiwk. Tl.a rn ma u? a III be liken lo O.l'haatef. ( one . for nt *1.#.**a* -Im TT.ureday Neaewitwr M Msaav Jaaw kwneaaav, aged 28 yaar* T rr- cue and 22 daya TM r- laiivaa and fr n. la of de? ?naa? are r-a^-*vtf illy la ?u*4 to attend Ua* f ia*f*l, from hla leva ?ai 8 a l 1 ?. 1 otlwa ?'reel. Mou Haven an Monday afteeooia at two o etvl Tl.# mamha/v of t r.atal Rireart. fSvtMnn Me *| +ma of T'tt p~an-a MoU Haven, and of I t en and Har'-tr. l?tv|a .-na, Harlem, are lavlted te attend withe,l furiLer j f|g -? ?"? Swr ?a ria Friday momtrg, Nevenatree 82 t en at*? Sayrma, aged *4 rnn sad 4 moettia. Tta rewtlvae a n-l frwnda ntn renpertfoily m* 'ted 0 nr. Und I tie fueeenl, at the rnatdae-e of her e,a 11 .w Alheft A tree, | re WW. Waetr tipalef With /* 4 tdey *.'*rn.?w at half-peat three a'rXurh ro ve Ml Fr .lay, Novatwhav M, Matv wa * native ?g Klognrimr*, 'euaty Cavaa, Irate ad at-d 32 Hrf retailra* and frtenda are vivllad te a''e-4 the funeral on -.ndey moratnr at ten n' '? at tLa reai dene# of tier brnther ia taw, Jamea ", 1-tnrel, J town nf Wane ? arena i Rv.ttrt,- la Iteaea (eeaa-t . -it, -* Tl. I'-day One '*? 1H, l.r ejar M nvreaat rf a l-rn ;f ? ? ar I kav a - ?v agag 82 yaa-a **? Aevwimv ?Is Marrtana'a, *wt/txatw eeeety e? ^n44v. Noeeanher 82, at the real ?n e a# H 1 Iwgraaf Ma. (teaser Yea tvtvrtr lata of C-namhte, 8. ? , ages *?feeva asd 8 anosthe Tha retattvaa and Meada era reep#*H felly la? ted te attend the fenavwl frets the above res-deem, the ('er W dsn l aflreaone, at bstf |-ea? two ?-w? t'tz Taeear ?Oa Wadnamlay, November S Irt I. , yo-.aga* daughter af N# .'we S and Rcaabeth ' *fc Tag* set, aged 2 yaere, T mootsa vat II rlava Tha reistivea asd frvende of Ua faaafly are reapert fetly lev.tad te eusad the faaeveJ. from lha rtsliss af her poreta We i HamlNos ntere, (Tywvev street Rreeg. lya ee Svodey m or stag, at he t teas *,ee a tlttk Wanees are ft nredat. Nat am has IS Naseaasv Wg *** te ltd 12th r ar '4 Age aga To* retmrva* aed Mead* 2 toe favv.ty ara >tty.'|, f. r .naitei t? a-y*4 tha ,'anare' f'wv ha- in a rhai I ~ m fm f Thlnl ,r?oa?, * Ml4v ?????*. J ?Jr!!BArST?Ci"JPrVU'' KovamUr M, I.tram, fonadl ?M daiifhlarof MlnhAal and Urtdggt Aim* W Uoall** 11 ttOBthl lod Id (Ujri. ? ^rf lbs reUilvM *ud mania of tbo family an roapwetfgUff Invl ...1 to attend tho fuuoral, from lira ra?l*lotuw of hZ s*>S rtnib molus, Una (Saturday) afiarooa*73 On Thuradgjr, N"??n>!*or no J omr* A. 011,1 f**r of ^Ib *f* Tl.a r*l?UvM and frionda of lbs family aro raapgotfuil* ci ' t if* f.'.W "J* f"iwral, from tbo wwlilonea of UM m?, J r Wlgiana. 14a draml itronl, Wiiliautatour#, am ? "i at ?uo o'ctork. ID th.u. n" ""W* Wovoiubor 30, Jxara WraaMff, ??? hla ago. Ixtr. In!" V"1 1i ">? fanilljr, alao tbo tuoaa InvHnd U(1,Ur C..mjwr.y No 4, am rr.pootfallf oVlMk ,ii fU" fuuoral, oa ro.rn.iay morning a* uZ UraoofMHbt. 'atAfggidoooa, rtiird atroal, u*>*r ('alps* SHIPPING NEWP. ALMtair ,,w T " oa*. arm laa,,., 7 id, ? ' maa? ... morn I av aoa aaaa ? ?* ' >"*.*? ?ar?? mora Iff mo*?W mi. mmatEH 30. ia&o. Clff*ra4. blaainthlp Iflbsrat* (Br), Munroa, nUtg,w .la Mo.ltU-? ?WkMHkOa otoa?i-?,|p Taolonla (Hag* I, llaark, Ai'ithamptoa a*4 llamtHira-ba. nhanlt A On. Olaainanli Hr>^.,en < flram), baynabar, Amlbtaiplrm aa4 bratnan-Oalrtrh* ?.*? Hlaamahl# Villa da rwog (fly), Runninl, -fj **? kanala, Hioamth.p Monaka, Libby, C'w^aaiaa? Ijrmgtloa. Torn A Hiaamaklp Wm P Olyda. Powall. Boao- w p riyda. Hhtp HklrVa*. Mullln. Has Praeelaee?Vr ? <'.u\anian A Ogu Hblp Molrtiao. Nkhota, Hong iodif-Mairham a. OanwaS Ship liar what (Haal, Pradarlot, Aoiwarp?*!"-.?? k ?l*0 Orphans (Pram). Wasaala. Rramaa-OarroU A Mayo* Ahip < unAdane**, Johnson, Ch*rl#g|o*-W A 4 Nataoa, Hark Mag Morrlli-a (Br). l-oadoo, Bydnay, NHW-R W HurkCtimharlaad Hri. Park or, I.I?* T?ool - ?'? ??*> ? ?*. Hark Aa"a Hri. Hbaw. Aoiaaru I) If OaWolf A da. Hark Kdllh H-rao, Alaaaadar, Monrovia, Aa?Takaa A ftA Urfl#,d 4 ^ . - Hark J *rd%?, Hu?*noB Ajrr????(jBftw A Rnrflflk )Urk KaihiI<? Mar?hfn?n. N?fr (?rlmo?-fou?I d OoflJ Hr^T A Uimll ;Mr> A*?ry. HI Viaowii. OVl-?Miwki^ A Cirfrvaii . _ . ^' Hrig A H P%tt?rA.n Hri, PlfcA, faAfHAjmi 111 P#rtA Oil bAlli>-D?IUtl. ttltta A ^ _ . Hrijj SbIJU, Taylor. Hi OniU rU flraod/wtA#?Mockf Ml ^ UriM riarm (Jit). Whilt. Han Juan Nla?J t WMlMfv . Hrig Kilan (Br), Kraaar (Hanfuagoa?Brail. M| flrtg Elli?n Barnar?1, Bargaaa. Haw < irlaana??f fl Br1(duMA HrUr Hu|?eru>r. fliuitb Hati Kranclaaa rta ParlA AMkif T II IIrowo. ^ _ ?M. Srlir F.mllf Ann rHr), n-i' kwil.1t, Anllgoa-O WMMlli H?;hr Can?lln<* A (f'oriialla. Darla, K???nnih--MMUr,MBl A ''o . ^ Hfhr la !. Taplay. Jonaa, Char1iHit4?n ? BanUf, Hmllh I9A Hf )?r Ar'lo?{t->n. Halaajr HaHlworo? BwhUI". HoaIIH A ll#| ? h|o<?|? IDioda 1 aland, Hull, Pru?idawaa ria Brialal ? Q q Hlraualiin ? _ rll'Mip I'roof 'llaaa, llalla?'k, HrldgajMArV Cl-Jonii RaM A Co. tiiaamar H'varly, Plaroa Phlla Wphla ArrUada Htaamaklp Tha Qo?*ao Hr?, Oroaao, Liverpool Mot Id, ?gA Qiini-n l"wu Itlh, with n?f1?a and ill t?aa?anirra. W> IKa Hai U ' HUiin Navigation (' ? S?* II. ?n tk* Ohannal, IMMl ai#4inal?lp Vlralnla, l?nn?a f-.r Llrarpooli IS-l lai fr 10. 4! 1H, atnamahlp I ugUnd d ? t ?r do, aama lUf no l?A M ap<ik?tarhi t'arollnt Brown. Wind K. HHh. 1 I M. BSOnWB# tiaiwaaii Ughtahlp and HigkUn<la, lauaa fug. BHL, ? AM, prn<<#? 1r-l. datain?*d bf f'?g V) hoora ?afitahip Itlaiiig Kur. itarrr. Km 4. rprnamliua* lilt, l'?ra lSlti, and Hi Thomaa 1 m in lw> ?n t iiaactig^r* in <l?mau. A A linn. I..?? all 4*j . .jr.g* by d'tonUoii at Nt fti >?*?? ood bar muittb m AOMl III r If or. Hl*>ni?hi|i I'liDoor, Au.lin, Cow lla/, wllb ooal, to A llnipiM Mr.rn.lihi Martpio*, Q'ltrk, How Orloonk No* M, aAM M W I'ua 2M. with indsa *? t rooonogora, to C K OorrtMB al lb* bar WHi, at t I'M and ?ai daUlnad ootU M M V Wth on arominl of frig X... M TNI A N uaoaod atoiuNP ahI(? kflaannrl an mlloo A by N of Hainagat. HiaamaMp Knlaw llaiard, Wilmington. NO " aiaatnaliiii tan Prannlani. Hahrn, Norfulk, M hour*, la olillg*! b> raturu to thla port tn Oi?naol|iamWr"k IT!' " Ixiilnra, aa lirfnra lafairl'd liar paaaangara prooaodod tho afanwhlp Hamlago do Cubo, wbkb woa aool fi ~ port fnf that purpoao Hb*.ni.titp Norooa. ifarwi, Boauia, wlik tudaa *a4 gar., to loam- "Hull Hark I ord llallimoro Hri. I^wbaig Rln Janrtro. it 4*>% wltti inlTra, io Pandngoat Itrwa No data off KwaaakgNl aa w hrtg Pa. irtl Nor I. from Rio Janatro for Row f iwfc. Hark lfrrrlmar rof H'-aOoii. Imiw, <tal**otoo, II doff*. wMR lotion oivil bldoa. Ar lo Tbayar A Haig*i.l Hrlg Honrtatl. 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