Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1866 Page 1
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THE JNEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,052. -NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1866. PRICE EOIIR CENTS. ? psfeaoffAit. FHRHY?<lPBHA ^ OLAS^axTf RSAY, & o*clo<ik. light ro?t wttfc u?ro in HJil would ne pl.tuxl wr from ?ou. Addrou Long Afrtka, #o? ?0 RmriOd K<- RIVED BWISV&MU, LIKE IT VERT 111 uiMt you >? LOUISA. Tr MiinuoitK nikmAf? K)?mekly brhidino at X ?h? oorrier of Third yvoou" .mil Tunnllmh Mrmt, ?rooklyn, will oall ?tw? oSlo, ur Dulmun A rinharff. M Kx SiutriR*< ?od ? from J I* .l.liir in Hi. laud TMBORMATION WANTED?AH TO THE WHEltg J grout* of Mr* kiorp, nif* of 'he let* Bern herd rit'n-p, M|famerly lived In Eait or South Brooklyn. Pleee* ea Jreee id eeeeMulceiKiu' to Aug. Auinrmenn, W Er. h^nge P^e. New York. IKTORMATIOK W , YTED - BUSH-AHO CARPENTER died In tTO *lng end (Juniea coamy, Stele nf Vir?inle. ewe** rOereadh, le?vhig e prouei ty to hie nelre. Anv in for lpecltn* the.J^ne 4*c?.??d end hi. eivcntrr, will e liberal reward by enplicelloo to Al?x. ken 1 uerdlen Vlie Imuran., Company New York. TMDORS PIE RON IS BKQHBPTKD TO CALL UPON M. Mr. Cnerrnl, 118 Dnaae tire*'., aurne lmpvrteut new* ?i? Beldlem having arrived for him iU. FORD?TOUR DIVORCE FRIEND IS HERE. * el right. Lola heat from yon. ? AT EDRARDS. OK CU1CAOO. WILL IIKAB ROME tfclng to h?r advantage by addreeving Krlend, Herald 1/1*8 J. R RJOITRARDBOJf?WILL YOU Pl.KABF El i'.au at Vtlft Thornpaon it reel and aee an old friend, who MvevyahkT _____ FRANK. rt ADOPT?ANT RF.BPKCTABLK PAMILV WIHHINC a hue. hoaltliy fouiale Infant, can hare ami, by add'ee*. (lowanua, Herald uflla**. A have It by dovrrlbln* and paying oxpenvev. Addre B , bor 4,2211 N. Y Puat nOlre. n get hv proving property and payln Y. B. Vau Dynli'v ortira, .11 Broad ill flf ATRIEONUL. TOUNO LA 1>V CALLED PUTTY) (OLIl IT* m m the ai;duaintan<-e of a gentleman with a view to matri mony Calf on Kltlo Wadawnrth, HI Weat Thirtieth street. 4 N EDUCATED OBNTLKMAN OK MIDDLE A< K A. wlahee to make the acquaintance of a yo>uig lady with a view to matrimony. Addrnee O., Herald odice. LOST t*D TOtSD. Check lost on Saturday, drawn by alured I T. Beyden A Co.. No. 6 Barclay atreet, payable at Broad wav Bank, to the order af Otto lYIoaa*. for AIS1 711 I'ay ?tent la ampped. Pla.iae leave ?%me at the bank, and oblige the aartman who loat It. fOCMD?A HOUND. ON NOV *?. THE OWNER < AN IJIOrND-IN rOI RTIf NATIONAL rank, on no f?jiD)Mr 9), a t'nlted States Coupon, whH the owner a ...... . I ng charges. Apply at T OtiT?Fill DA Y. NOV. .*). AT THE NKVT YORK THE Jpj ilr?, a Fur Collar. pi t will be |#ald to the finger, at ?1 Fewer## street, Brooklyn. IOflV?A KtADfH FCB YIQTOBDfB, IT rm 8AM J Francisco Minstrel*#, on VrMii evening. Th? fludmr Hill ba liberally r^wardud by leaving It with ^ m. Wilkinson, aAao Hi. Nieholaa Hotel. LOHT-ON. BATl'RDAY, M IaEOR AIM A rOCKBT nook, cnnlHlnliig f 10 iii bills .mil Mom" currnnoy. Tba thavrip of thaownar ar.t! a sultabb* rowanl by returning It 10 the dooroMii, ivUO Mul>>arry Mrert, room 14. | Oil FBI DAY. NOVEMBEB 98 BETM i:n BO n J at?lh and Tooth straats, n ('oral Ksr Rlnu, atnia?-.n luting. Tba fli.uar v. II ba suitably rau .rd? ?l by Uaving nator at Whealrr A V\ ilsou'a, liroadw^y. OHT^a LA HO Fa FAWN COLORED OREYIfOCND. A suitable rrvvurd will be raid for him on dalhrary to at tii? Wind-'or n*?tal. ICav Fourteenth atraat batwaaa dway H?<i Fifth R M. HABDII r OPT?MATCRDAV, NOVEMBER 1, A NOTE I'AYAHLK Ij t" tha ordar of .M. Hfrahbat k. alguad If. Hutnt. VBciofr ntreot. tlatp.,1 Haptembor 17. to run nlnatr days, whoa ?r will return tha lutrne to I'n. HoaggSi rest;4iirao? will b? liberally re ward# d t Oar.-II" THE UKKTLRMAN WHO FOUND MY i Pochat Rook ??n Priua., night, on th* If mi1ltn*i aven ia rry boat or Ti. awenua cars, a 1)1 ??arid tha papers in it o me, Mkro .gh the poatort'.ca, hauiHV have th* money. [) !. aT.LRV tl Mo.ii* straat. N Y. IOST.?LEFT. r?N HA TURD AY EVRNfNO, OKC 1, IN J th?* barter's shop or wn*hri>o*n of tha Fifth Aven'i* ?'?V an Ivory bamllad r?na, with ? arvad <f ?g ami bor a Imd; uiwwo'd ntlalc. Tha flndor will ba properly rawafdad ?y leaving b at'JI1^ East Twenty fourth nrrat. Lout?on satlkday f.vknino. no v. as i>ooin<; from Forty-olgbth to I wai?tv-llf*l> streat, a Pcokftliouk, fontalnlng about f10 and papers valuable to none but th* WWner also a Oold Htud and Rlns. A sultabla reward will be paid if returned to be owner, at D. V. At W. *, Fear I aUra*-t. KK\V IBM. + Z BBWARD.-LORT, ON SATURDAY RVRNINO. IN ? / the vicinity ol ?lratuara> Park a small Hootch Tar. | HA * " v baad ami b!??-k b?Miy. J. A. Pit AKli, 4bH H room a street. mz REWARD.?'IkOMT, ON THE 301 If OK DECEMBER, fP9' i486, two Army HlaahNrges, Ndongius to W. Dwyar, ?ale Fifteenth Na* York K.n^litecro. \u> parson ha* Jog fitsm will raeelve the ?bo\e reward by leaving Uieru w.?h \Y. Byder. retu* of 46 Mutt stteat. |1A UWARD ?LOFT, ON SATUIIDAY, DEC 1. A f I" f ocltat Of cold and onyi. tny ona jettimlng the ?e to William Thome. 7# Hold airaat, will raoaive ilie above reward. #111 KB WARD. ?LOtiT,. ON THE 27T1I INST., HE m/l\" tween Hamll'on street, Hi xtkiyn, and New llaveri ?SUnVitt, a bundle, if pR|B?rt with a pur of l id/a Hqo"*. whleb are of no tisa to anv .na b?it the owner. Ihe ?bo\e sard will l?a paid end the t tanks of the owner by leaving r Bh' *1 package at J. Eneas I(i6 tfaulan lane, or at *;ha>le Faetiier's, cornet ##r Fu ton ??anu? ami ilsmllt ?n street BrooAJyu Isj of -urg,t>*i lostrttnianiii taken 16ft llaAtaeB - ? ? DR IfOYRH H A'f ? h i?\ \ i | i IB i. it's, a lady's mall gold Itnnt'.ng Wateh, "V \4 " on 'h? s ?.* iiia#'^ i a ?? u he*, gold f?ib oh sin, gent's lierke , erean eimme'lad. one anal, one goltl M. I Iti?? ,tb??w- reward will prosnpt'y paid by returning thern "> lltfauy e, .Vs? Hro.ntway #lA/\ REWARD AND No Q1 BMTIONA ASKED.? 9 I." " " Lost. In IJ?" ladles' fwblli of '".i# l? re"y tjiiv ferry boat. on Saturday even ???;. a Diamond cluster Ring, wrh ?wnet - '.s-m aagra side i ? above reward will be paid on return of ti ?: ; ??? ihe t?lbra of the Merrhant"' iLdel Con Y 41AA HKW klrI> l.csT OH HTOl.f'\ TWO fViu g-UU 4 | ha above reward will l?a paid If remrued to L.. Haro? a A Soma, 104 John street. r ~~ ~ _ MPKC'l \L \OTIC KN. V'IFA YORK LlQCflB Dr. 41 Elt-' NOCIETV. KIM. TV nia? lUonthlv in#-, itng ol tills n jl * e i,e|?j ?t ir.. Mairoixvilt.'n H ??n?N id) H<rU. street, on l'u. j-t evening. Da??e?ulier I, lred ai 7,g##>U k. N. II.? No pfcoi adiuitnui without hia nard o* m> u?b u ship. Bv order, JOHN II. HILLIAMH, Pres.dent. Joh> Mr pew i at, Riaordlrig Ne rataiy. NSW YORK AAl>DL?;ttH B .NEVoLhNT HOCJBTY. Tba niemhar^ .* a r#"|0??ted oatl d to flls' annual aw ni. oo Wedi ? s?la? eveni.ig. -r u. si Hour p<oni, ItSH lilm strict, #? 1 o ? lock, for i ?? akrftlon of odl.'ara firr the an stung yasr. Hy ?? I' r. ROBERT If. HAND, President Iteaav flaiasg. He. eia*y. FFXCR OK I MP. ATLANTIC MAIL ATE AMdll'P <'<Miipsny. No 5 B?-wl rig C.reen New York. No . Id i ? Hy oraer of the Board of IH?eu-tora. no'lor is hereby een tiist Uk OOPse.|t:of if,. e| ;,oo m pj o.i?t.'d to h . ?. m bold on t'ii 18?h 'i Nov ? i ol h iVl i j h -u Naid pursuant to appoint meat *i'?Uoo or nine <ir^ guroer.uing eleefioii wr.l ie nsi I at the o:flee of ; .a *einiMiif da Fr1?l*: . tha lith d*v of .V>?unary, D" T, at Ke'eloek M flie tiati-fei hooks at the offhw oi toe I . ai' .s* l.o* ? *-i.l Tni?tComnbiiy wlfl *?e donH from tlie IDtotbeli-l, ,t Jaauai y. lea The polls aIU be often fe rn l'J to I o'elor.k FbANkl lN ALl.KN, ^aeratary Till: OCEAN Y A' HT RACK. - \ YOl NfJ MAN WIIO baa >bi*i,ird fhi hlgl a?t |,..nor- h ins*Slid #|ao s i g s* Iron, n y at the imbt.o t ' o***l Bfb tois will #?e happy to anter la?n an engsgrmenf o rro?* Hie At' . ?tle In '.'is earning * Any uf the owuera reuuint* h - ae< viren in, , ndOte*a J. O'N.. Ilee.ktd ogl* r TMK CNDFBIItONRD RETI'RN THKIN TMANKH TO the 0renten lor i str *<ic a ful eff it* Ae trg their property #>n tha o?* ssl<?n ??f the burning nf t k? r*M- r * oil Warvnouar iod its contopis, K#.?t#d foo. ?' I'wenljr et. North ?tver, ..n the n;ght of ihe ?* h n't. B u? o##r gratitude t RF.LL MROTIIF.n*f. Timber De.lF.-s, foot of Twenty .second and Taenrj-lhlrl *? North i ;? r n t sit ti? A. CKS TRAt NORMAL MThfCAL CO ? story #4J West Tareatjr elsto ?? ie? t, ; ?#ur.'? -e ,uh Ay#'1 Righto **? ti'ie* Piano. \ Ml.n, OuRar. v ? ui>g ki Ffi^slr ieaft.r'ia. f Irmlar* ready .1 J. W \T-ON. A| RLINA FATT! * N D Ifll WO | i A . TlNl PAH A v \M.t, pft t f? .a- i.r# ^ m ?t# r eive. Mu pt! ? ? A LADY WILL <J!\K IN ? TRTCTloN ON THE Fift io Slid 4lngiog st pujd! s r? lri?-#t for$|<fper aaarter be t pafrrrnt ft i A'tdre^*, sith reasd'-n^e. Tea# her. hoi lit Herald '?' < AT CftlFVK MI hlCAL INHfllt f? , Owing to Tbart-k . we- i oignnr Rorr* r?o*tpone4 kh o|. t nf '.ee ' * ??,. % <? I rep.. allf rw ns who have hot alren iy * ? en lied *11 im' '1'*iely st tha Mhutuie Jr. .1-. ^ t M ?odP M I 7F Rrosdway. _ A T TDK NATION AL < oNARHYaTURY UT MCgfc. K\ A Msdtaori arauue. Plain#, Athln Iti -ry and *1 |4Hdc; terms fl't i?e ?4tink er. ? ?n-erv4 Ts Inatni't, o I?^ MOLt ENff A JTi Nabiyhartn's build''g Br#adwtf.?Ins*rwotldws in voaai aad Instrumental kO.?V ||i) a tr'rm. MR>* R A RBBRL, THFk I F.LF.BRA TED TBACflF.R toe PUno, H.rp, J. jjMir - i ?<!>' ' *?!?!'*??? S ISO rsnrs poplki Terms reasonable, Addre.s Mr Keerl, aare . f II r*ee U.,. p WM I. RATTRmgoN, PI a.NHT aTTKN'?a P A RTIEN wsidtawi. M. at u per evening, flolin furnished at Wn Altlh avanne. usar Fert'.s'h straa* 10 rro*Jf <nTB3 f'J1 tKBSOBF OH TUB J.L# K?w Fofk kuri* Ir-UlMl, IT * ?rv I *nrn*r .;f Ptk* a.,Bttg if... ?r ? raKM fro Mrkr llflTRVtTIO^. X-ni8TRrCTION 1 , Arithmetic, Corr Commercial Iristttv Established lW. Private tnatmcUou. I T 9*L PENMANSfllP, A*!THMETIO AND BOOK -*\ keening le*?ont unlimited. Grammar, Spelling, fMad tag. 96 per quarter Ladiek' day and evening VVrltlngLea A CCOCNm 40,~rN8TRrCT10N IN BOOKKEEPING, ii Penmanship, Arithmetic, Cnrregpondetioe. A<\, at GOLDHMlTlf*8 Commercial Institute, 7M Broadway, Established tND. Private instruction. Room* lor ladtea. ? tag. 96 pbr quarter Ladiek' day and evening Writing Len tous, fc/ 9L* Bowery and MP Fultgti street. Brooklju. From Gov. Kini ~ ... * "* and exped Gov. Ring?Col. Palne's plan of instruction Is systematic KUtftoua. A LADY ENiHtlKD IN TEACHING, II AS A FEW hour* to dm fo to inetruot?on In #he PrgjDh brncrhea, Freueb and Music. Addreas instruction, box l.AH Post offlee. New York. BOOKKEEPING'.' WHITING, AC., FOR BCSINKS8.? Mr. DOT.BK A ft, HUtl Broadway, 'e% Ves Bookkeeping pra< iicrdly. a* used In the best Now York bouses. He also removes >ufTno*e, e/*mpiug or ircmtdlug froin the worst baud, ana makes elegant business penmen. FRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES, LATIN, ENO liet Unuumtr, and other branch** ot s gentleman's edu'iMtloii. *>7 Broadway. All lesions private. Establish ed in New York 1AM. Prof E. TKLLKBING. PRIVATE LE880N3 GIVEN IN KURM'H. GERMAN, gpar.uh sud Rnglidh l?ng\*g*s: terra* 916 per?uarte?. Address Professor J. Wavier maun, 908 8)lib avenue. Home in tbo forenoon and evening*. froWNBEND'B HE3IKK88 ACADEMY, Jtft* BOWERY. - I Private Instruction* day and et cuing In Bookkeeping, Writing. C> tntnerclal i'orr^?fMmdsnos, Commercial Aritu* .... ... - ? losni WANTED- RY A LADY (WHO HAS A CHILD), A Yf ?lt ',ation ?*? teat her. where her services would be ae eepted U remuneration for her board; *1?? where ibe would be Glowed a few ettra pupils. English. drawing and French taught. Adders* Madame Louis Costaluy, station G. TUB TTHP. TDK MANAGER OF THE T7NION II ALP MILE TRACK, Seventy-Moond street, HlooiniuKdalo road, reaped/ ul!f invitee the member* and their t'riei da :o have linn**r at the above hotel oil Tuesday. Do sintlmr 4, at which time he offers two silver eup* U? bo trotted for. Kir rleafor first sod see ond ? ups jiioat he made before 6 o''-luok P. M , Uecerabc' K, at the uotet, on '.be giouitd. JAM KB leJ SLAY, Manager. 9IHIRT1NG. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR H ALE? Pi I'fV .\ eight feet long, ten f?**t beam; about tive moutliH old; h iilt ot oak atid ' upper fastened, hae awommotatlona fur right person* heaidoM the crew: \n well found hi every re spect. Apply on hoard ?it foot of Eas Tenth ?freet. Daniel fohter. is street, hah all th<* choi r breeds of Dogs Foster's Infallible Maiig* Cures and Flea Exterminator, ?5 <-*jtts. Medicine* for ail disease*. For sale?pointers, rtykf*. pointku pi ph, Setter Pupa, from si, wee.k< to al* BbOQtii* old; tw ft ft. clan* A No. y Setter Dog* TOntn'Ootb St.. Bernard tn>l New fouiidhind pup. Siv*u MOjC'ts old, T5 !n-he? bijth, T26 Ihs weight; tier**" wV h Dogs or i!| v *M?; t r ? Jiog*. f nil breed*; Newfoundland Pup from stork 'iwht, one go.?<l duck Dog, extra riever Irtmt land and wnte. : one Itelicn Houhd. lineal hr ?*i, woiidev uf the world; one of th?; Gr- ; t Dane Dog?, or Gcrninn H ?< Hound cl^n? ?? ?n?h* old. large* e?cr **. n In the emiu' *y H GARDNER. WilRim afreet, between N *w Chambers sod Pearl ?tre* , New Vora FTOft SALE- \ Ni:WPOr\DT.AND DOG, B 'IT. TER. rlera a p-dr of hands true Spit/ Dog*, ' .ii H* ' ? d Tan, St,1 gfttK ve !'? i r er> g ?od Appl> to .G)HN GRW, IIRooa olt street POP* ?\LE \ LOT OP Vol VG ftOGEY MorVT\I\ r Elks. A'' li??*a Charles P lohe A Brother, liiid *tor*. Afi Chatlotui e*r??et. FTRANCIS HITLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP. H AS ALL THE ??hoire nreode of Dog*. Butler < Infallible M ugc Con* and Fi"* Ext ? untuiGif, 75oeiit*. BuHer'a n? %? wo. k on the Dog, $2. I fog a trait.-d, board ad, Ac. Medlelnee for all dis rpHOROI GmiRF.D FANCY PpiTLTKV OF THE I choice, t y ie*"is, purity of a'.ock warranted. Send atrmp for ur? olur or ml! ?nd *ce *mmpD . a. T SCHAEF FL1.H, v ipeiiiPendanf. American Lira SUm.W ( ?mp*ir?y, o(R? e i*yi Wutpi -? ?o*t, om?roi Fulton. flORNKA, ( AKItlAGKN, A< . A IIAN IfbOMKLY MsiCHKD PAIR OF FAST YOCNG rrwd Hoi c* for *aie oheap. ADodoUlde and etnglc 4 BARGAIN TIKLE ClXfSKLY MATCIIKI) TEaMH iV of verv po ve ml t ati 'dUr Ponie-. o y? ?*ra old, abon*. net l?e eold. alio a Had A MILI.IN f.RV .*!">? K. FIX n RE ' %SD LEASE f?P Htore ->''a ial ;re- wuh rent tiald np fo.lenuar.v 1, half It* value, by applying a* 3$ J W. LEVI IH \ splendid yolng make, soend AN/1 kinvl not c er seven ? wra old, a im TTaraca* atui an aim"*t n^w Top Ma* #n, for ?if. a 1<G Xonnaw avenue. Will awis burg 1 OOACII Kolt vur-i OMMR *' I TV haeklng. bin* l!n**d, panned arid ' r.jw J in * ^ui^r oi manner; **ii? t* ?*ol4 at * bargain. Toba ?til^ Vl ^it Tw#nty*?*fiiiUi Hrfrt. \M GICMM.MAS rTAVlNO A UMi TKA* OK llor^it, f'nuiK, Harp*** A'*.. w#abJoR to ^i^hai.n# for 1*1 tld and Hdvar watah* , f4#v? <Hll apon Kli HAItMNO.V A PlMTT, Ifldu.d I.'4 Broadway. A DAM' A OINR. *M BROADWAY, IW1TK PI R ia to in*r* r' fJii'ir * ? o-lv* ?-iaoniivtit or ?r*i eitv built ranliif*, ?? Oiwnna", C'tipti, I tNluf *? t'oA?'III-> *t?d ??? .wr An** .-lo** ,tn*l opfu w< rlrf mad* of f beat in^tariaU and t?y lb* to workman, at thoir own loanuiaetory. tlAKIl! AOK-4. f*AHItIAGR>. / i;UK4T KKIrl t-finNM IS PKICKH **? t-OR oAM-:. IOl "I.KiOliH. Ml maknkhhks. 1,'VM > I R.W'N 0.1.100 C. VI11 lY S ? irrwic Warrroomt, Uf4i UU- 4'k' i I/OK KU.fc rUKFK HWOND flAM? ? * YRRIAOf I ? k ' V pl/tl JOfIX M?1 .1 UK A t o 'H m. K m ty-tlmd -tr at *iid Plvth nn??r F^UK l Hi IMOTUL, IfAND^oMII ICfM K away, jtint r?n pi. in pwrfati order. Iii|tilra*' Hr?. toort 1 -4 Big ith ak.?wt, bcitt'-fu Pifth and Hitih avanoat. KjK>K Sil l. % HAY lioKHK. tAV. II\Mfig 110,11. * l r'*p? old at <1 fa*' . in ? tl wi.l h? ?.?!? ii* p. Iniiolraot I* W V' ?ti**?l. Hr . >hly n. ni)K HAM I sfHUiMII H VXIM'OAf'H ; *'\S P.K If AD J Ipp'v * '? * tltOI.M - luory at-ildo* No. rt H+rjn<i ?U**t, near the Rowry. F^ow s II V. A RM AM. HI*A? K pom . HI III PU' I OK .* I, II aoda prU* $*.. - Ui toi n?nl oi .!?? Apply at 171 t anal ? <?? % near Kroad vaf, livery ?t?tde. FVOH *Af.K~-A Tt \M OK MOJMIKICKM' NI.VO'K flar IV*rA PhjM-f"f?, lap Waaon and llnrr'-v* -|p -*r ?,r ?? i . I in .rly 17 bands kiat, <1 -n** -ptrlt no ?: t ? . . ? i?i l noo kin t. Ilv ph.i?'<?r. hirvW l>??m M??td rirotb* p*? of thfirtf- ni ?k? in<. on* 1 ti* fh ?p m?gnn wan matt* r> Hti*#??jbu?*y .1 Van Mm f In th*l !????' i *w. *o'#l tor n?nt,of ?'* ? >!,n h* ?oor ? n 0 ?r?<1 |i t M. at to* hr*t prifat* Hab o la Waat fairt,. ataiith ?4ra?M, fa#; of Hf*a- i i i*#?n i?v FVW vtl.l A SPAN Of USE lUM.'M HOIIHA.S; ?|?rk hfnvn. H r? *r? t-lrl l"? hand* Mfr icph at fUI and II* H. .t?i.* it Wtli'am#b ^ I. a.*-. i*UI"? L'OR fiAI.K--HI*PK? l?>R PAIR OP MAT* !U U lAMU.Y r ar r?M?d ftaraaa, fontl** and reri faat. Al*<i * Phaeton, mad# ??' Brawaier; ???* HffcAWafan. a?a Mlv Hlvigh, ?*?n ? u^> Slay . A vppl. at yiivnUt aakla, t'W v- .th H . th ? r??ft. Vt It* ?b t UKm r.AI.B RROVVV MARS, bight yvaiui 01.n. I 15*t h*n^? Mgh rf?tfH ?Mnin<t at: t kia>l prH $'M?; tU" a Ik' t 11??*m* .?? la hffh. a*t -a y*?m utd; pr;**a $lfJd; Apply ar 1AA K** fl?fr;**atn ?tWMt. FPOR SAI K- \ HtlK Or -rYifHll HRRYJt'K ART.B ? airla^f If - ? lf?\ haad" 1*fV vrral. t #r ?Kh llar^ ?? t'#n ? -n a Wl1??Ni ? aiabta*, Twr ?ta.*?i?th ?trr#t, iwtwffi fmifji and Mad ton aranaa* h%on *AhK tmo sr.% p.irmp-a waqos*. m Hanar a tram ROflRRT R1KI.IRO F'op KUi-iai r ??A** 'MRWi ri 04#irm. aF:?; ??nd *?i.? .?rv-T? < .? h, a,??# \*ht W*?n?ia: a.?n light 4 no h?H "Kip -? Wagon* a< Woat Twr aty ?rstntti la'Wffii aigin i|tl "Mo nth aaottwaft. I/Olt RAM nil VI* \ aORKP! M\RF aRVPV a > if -d. U? i ?*i4? hi*lb amind ar^ I k-nd. a raf?? U?non for a?*y i#i'*.t? t*??i*ur'i'f * apswl worker, '"an h? *f#n tt fio. 6 Gofivk ? v, ? aroeand. / * OY K 'l \ M P"RT Mmi I Hl.tMKl.l^. 1KW, ft AO ? ? f Atn a Wit VHankfta. W?*?ma AflBVRlnMMa Wawou t "ffr M it* Mm ? Me' Indian M#?tdl?% tfm| ?lothfiif, Piatida ?V. A.I ? It t, K. M ? land aVert, nwaf Ur^o C OVKRMP NT H?K\BMR RAIMM.KS. MR I OMR, Nar"iagt*?, H *t.?? i*. a ??*?#, \?tnr and Sa%* fJ\otkim?, Tifiti, A i\ M. M?tar.M %N. 4t*i.?i* 0 n^loiWM KP.PT THKorol* Till. W IMTRR.?ADIlRfUW 0*r*r I?ia4?i<t| (iron Ittlagf Rnpfia ? ?uaty, m. J., if M?? f*?? A r t.rr |;?? vt, . it. . N f. | A M KM IBM KIM At ? riosBTR WIf.l MPItfj At ? I poet.on ..M w nti ' l .). Of .? . II 'iVdr?fA, ? I *'1 Rr? ??i r i*r | m i?( tirw. Ili*raf ?? * 'arrl*gr?, II ?a> top ?r?d notaf W ?|'>n . Rviroa* *b?.. Ml#(gHa. Holla, and doobtnand ali.gte Mat n?*aa, A< A'\ Hal** poiStirP, 1AMHP Oor hi.P. fkffRIAia: FOR SAI.P-APPJ.Y J at m A ? f .ftJrtu upait, Mwan ||'> I U A M, fjvi bk aoi.p a i.or or riKst ?i.\s hormrm 1 fpin the ?* nit :? for -art- fr o any bulana. liUlrr at al Mjinal a-rant of Wa?h ng*tm. V%7 AM"TPfl 4 RAPOAIM is A PAIR OK TO! %Ot " MM styiiah H-mmp. nbotit 5% miant**. wtlii f"onpr, Vfr'ori*, Wagon H i** , A" la t ???d '-'i-i'tPliwi Alir* *a. With MrUrtiUfv im f'>ar*( proa, WW MM UM Pa*' o4f,M4 A MI I.I.I IF.HI. WR? c |.RT(P?, 0 f1tV*RHirr M.ACK. Ki.-rn: luwl <o 'nr takti.. ..f ^.?l Twi Wd rtiaju tkM ilw ,? ?!!:,? *<l I'..' -?tan.?' nf tr nir'r ?tlo?i i f r-?n?^ Ronnato, t>r??a ' .pv m>4 J???4 mw pr1~. M?f. NKWRKRKV. n. MR.IAliWAV, HOUCITW THII ,t:?at)on . f m OToarmllo b?r Brl'.i. mtBtaar* art Itraimrti?| nmm- A.ra alia *tU ..It -l.nng Ikla ? aaa Ik' '.malait.f .tnak of Fraaak amfr Ranaal* ?? pri aa haVi? ? Laitlaa' avat iu Pragii? ar.? .*.|* m? at I*. *.r*ti aailMi FIVINCUL. HaJ.K-PITTHBUBO ANDITIDIKKTILUI RAIL 1 road Company aooond murtfapt) bonda. Apply U) WIL LIAM H. BCOKIELK, 1U? Broadway, third floor. REHITTANCKB TO GREAT BRITAIN ISO IRE LAW*. Oral w for ?1 and >ipwar<l?. payable on Aamaua, la med at lnwnal ratna by TM'WOTT. BROB. A CO., St 8nmh alroot and XI Broadway. SOUTHERN RAILROAD, RATE AltD CITY HON DH and < onpona pui heard by 4,'ilA 111. 1.8 I'AllpONS A <JO? la Ki. ?? i- plam. TUB Hl'TI'al. 1 LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Ol' NEW YORK. Ofll' a oornar oi Broadwar and Liberty atre-l. F. 8. WINSTON, Pmaldnut. NOV. 1 IHiih. CASH AK8RTW, ?I7,?4,0M W Thla company nana* Llfa. Endowment and 1'ald-up I'oll ? i?? in Tarloua forma, and at rain* ao tavorablo as la couaia irnt with an urlly. KIV1HENKH ANNUAL AND IN CASH, whl-h may b? u-rd In paymeul or pri-uutuna, or on paid-up pnlirle* aa ail annual I'ASII IN'OAtU TO TIIE AMBUBBD. Alt-ill inn ia 0*1 I'd lo thr INST A I.VENT FEATURE, aaeunnc lo ilia bdnafSdariaa aniiui'l-a lor any number of yeaiaaiii-' the drain of the aaaurnd RU'llAHI) a MrCrRDY, Vloo I'rraUWnt, HHKPPAKD HO MANS Actuary. Taaan .Aar.irr, i John W. Sruamr.? sa-roUro -. rpiIK TEN PER CENT MONKS Ol' TUK CITY OP MAN X Era - no., lalllua duo In (bo -tiv of N-a Yorit on tho lot of Iinnouibnr, I WW, m-i*: bo paid lu gold liy LI', 118 A WALLER, S3 Pi?" i.real. No internal ? ?? ho allowed u-liei maturity of bnnil. Nov aa R 13, IMiW. V EU Ml LYE A i O., N't I ? ? tl I, si HI I r BAN ft IBM AND DEALERS I Hay- |8nH-| I lop. | Iii|f. Regiataind. HI .,. Ilflti 4llOI??J Line, ;.:W Coupon 'SI ... . lllNdlX |1Jilly, "..An ft-'-'O Ki tjlnarrd. (II liW1. 107 1 .luna c I Nofca,'Bt ? lUH^.ltrCil'July. do IIW?. HW.I Aua. do StllS ,11AM A-'JO Coupon, ilO R 001 oupon, 04 A20 Uoujain, as AaocoAi.Ho. 10! Ill/' ,1 > do. OA lid |IUM Km., do M IIS 11.1 VS 10 40 RonlaUirod *??J WailMay. do. . tW.lllk II* 1IM0 Coupon .1 W<N KM I Auk , dn Mllll',110V Gold . . .141', i4P?,|s..| ., do '?A ItlBVllllHA AUB'Mt. ? HI lllfl.'n t'lA'a |<V ., dn 'iW'lOOAillWS ?4> I Mill FOB SIXTY DAYH; BBcrRITT ? ,wl'R ample I'idax'ral'i ami C.iii or or addrena tfi a day, ?. W S? ?? H-mdi t A '<? 'a. 31 Pli.e a tract. JI.1-A fkllM r? LOAN ON BONK \N'Iz MORTGAGB M " | on K?mI ft- -?m?* ?r? hi" rltv or Hrooklvn. JOHN F. (!ONKK\, It' Wall ntuMit. room IJI L-'ao t\i\i\ m?\n on Ni vi roRKCfrr ano m MI.UU'I ItrrwiWlyn K?m.I 1%. ,t?\ at> hug* or ki&bU ^?inin. o promptiyton<I?<i to. ft'lTAs V Oil.MAN, 11H Bro?'! wny. r?w?m No H. *.m<h0()0 % prompt ?Uoiitlon <' K. WILMS A ? o,, .1) pine *tr?et A met t.iMtiiA, r IJCilMVKN THIS WKIiK ?HI.KW V Imp to (hp nt'H It, lo Pi UN ? OjaUHs <? ft'l IMNt'V. \v<m?uj:ns\ Tb?- ?i?* ivrtmon'r6pi^m?*hoil wlfth noveltl#* ju t rf?*F ro|. RTltll fill I'l \IIM I IHl'KKH, In I.AKOK AHNOIil MI NT, Vll i || HKI 'lW t (HI oF IMPORTATION. hkfathst hovklty of POP I, I N s, OTTOM A NS and N1LK V Ki.OI KS IKIHII POIM.I nS JN Mill COLORS. KithNft.'II SU.K PoPUNS \N!? HlIaK VliLOt'RN I I ?aKNIPa POPLINS. aM.W ?;oLoRS, at $1 Ai. CLoTH kmi; ri.iMKiMi. At r.y lai?s n?i<liti'>ii m Aha 8 HThUHIVi! ASS'. HI MEN r All OFFERED At 2& i?i c nt BF.1.0W MARKET VALI K ASTRACAN CLOTH. In all NEW SHADE* aim all W IIITT. and NEW MIXI-D I l.l.VXKI.,1 A.\i> BLANKETS. TIio LAKOP.MI ASSORTMENT in tin' rlt>, anil f. ilT 10 par Will HKI.OW WHOLESALE PRICKS anudmnn LIN EN II AN UK KIH III HI - I ROM At'OTIOW. DOMESTIC QOOIIN. All inakra .if At ualilu .'I to A n*nt? I" ' yard rhnapai than ? nv oltn-i liotif 1.LORAIN 7-Y Rmadwi.y. Vtamrlny pin.r A'JRK X r I'ANIr HAM W haU)aa|.- ladn irry dull and n aaafw-turrra falling RETAILERS II'LI. HI DEAR OOOM aid no injaiidnnra ti. Inn ttMini Th" raaaon ia, OLD ?T< lOk . Al(F SOW W HI III Hi I MS' TO THE IX >1.1.A K And rn..?' lnTr- taani* ara not will i>K In Hf-I a leaa hj ult If Ina "M tl.rh fundi at hall iir.-w A HEAVY I KAMI IN Ml SLINR. FINE MI'KLINH 13V '? tnrmmr print AV HO'MIX IP- and Idn EX TK A Ul Al.lTV . AV and 30c HKSl A 4 WAMSt IT\X Itm nrilKK TORES i .11AKOK 44 . rhrdrdlnn in Minima i? from t>- to Ida. * \ard III nut/ Hl.ANKP.Tx AT II ?t FORMER I'RIt K $t SB. A I {'.< Ul. MillVII It I'Kil P. il ill. ALL WOOL. IIKAVV. M FORMER PRICE V> m l-.XI it A vl Ai.iTI 34 3" ano$? Alw> HIC LOTS Ml RINOS. AI,PA< AN, POPLINS, DHLHN HOODS. Ac.. RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICKS On Mualina and Plannal* you ran ~ii? Ir niA- in Ikn a yard: on Alparaaai I Mr-vlnoa fhm 15 nflr- a yard, ton11 OKI. in; hi* .:I. ar.. naai V'th at. And KOHTKH BHOTHEP.N, S72 Birrs Koi -i-<~ A T KINF.EV s A STOCK Ml i-T HI SOLD. v it?HI. in LKT, SHUT ANIi KIXT1 RES F'K I VI.P. ?J* I I HIT. I NS '.'<1 IKV I 1 I OKNTs1 RKMR'tlDERED liA.NDKKRI Mil ls III MSIIH III II PHOM Ha . iw73c. I AI F. I jiai lio/EN.s Tl i BED AM" LAOII.s 1 A I K lliii.lil 111 (? II ANPhCBTHIKF* H ANDS PRCIM K' - V. tn Ml. lib n. !*? mum varus neem.hwork, n. jv yard 01 A) IN i MM .N sKTS AXII I OI.I.AKN. I.i.i si I K SCARP-. I J' '? In SO* lyjun ' a-HMI III vNii Mi.HI NO, liy "i 7(1 It tl Miii' A I. KRIBTN, ''HPA I'MT IN TIIK I II V coons most hp. s'li.n AM, TUP RiRHON STOCK AT 3Ki* ON TIIK ImiI.I.AK. \ El.VETS TO cemmb LOTS OK SILK VKLVETi-. Ka\. 14 . r. aadSL ann-aa. Willi-; HIl.K TBIMMINO VKLVKTR rn-, W; yard I f II-IN'I, ll' \ N n I I HAS 1 HIM MINI IS. !"ii v vlllis in, *m Ml OI.K AND ItK vD Ml Al> AMI Ml <)LK OI MPS. OIISAMKRTM, m A v Ills. V A Hit HI III COD ri m vv. ro i>v m?i mi -i.K a*i? rrah ?i-'.r- ro do i HI.Ill I'LII I HON 41 I ? LI MKULOhli FHOM IttMioVA ?t I CHEAT "AI nil I< n ON itr rroNS. Ml' All VELVET Rl OI.I ST' EL. Oll.l II SILK. Vl.ltAl.LluN AMI FARi V ?' s. Ml ITONS kkih mU> ro t it, ' MI7TTORS KRnOtV'll TO A J,' HI TTIIN'M Khlil ? 1>I? ro III fta Hi TTON ic in CPU TO I. , $1 Bl I rOMN KKIII I BO To AV FANt V 'I'Sllls CI.OKINO OCT NLKKVP BCTTON' PISs > I'aI'LR. kAKKINi.s NKBDLBM, *1 anddr IMPIR. SkEISTPINB IIOOKH AN I# KYI d la. CHAIN'S SPOOL SII.K S, In. MELT HI C'KLKa MACHINE sli.h. m I'iiHTPMONNAIHS sttlt HHAll'S. Jr. NEOKI Ai l s HAIRPINS, lll'Si l| |a hi ni'CKU r" worstednhaini v. HALF PRIOR IIAIIl NETS He. rmils Wl si HE sot.n OltARK'B ORNi IM MB VARncurri N a Old'SI NO OUT OLOVBM ?BlMRKNS UaI'IES'OLOTPS, <1. T' -flair VM DOZENS OP N r'S' L'TKll) -? IHtO MBIHttKMS OENT* Ni;? K MITs _w CLosINO OUR F.MPRRaS K III ULct KS. IM. i lAisl.N' ? ENHI.I 14 HINc We'll' OLOVRs. . I10RIRRT. THIS WEI'K I Jtn |I"/.I It" I. tniRS'.OKNI a, MISsLK' ANIi I " i - ll"s||.i?V. rMfT.NCclTKK .SiV- T?. ny PAIR A r IIAI.P PRIOR. SONTAOS. VMM IDS. NI* Ml AN. SHAWLS. LROOI NOw 3'.i"l W'.RTH or noi . it a > ooci's Pit'iM i.asi RBAR'IN MT?T BR SOLD AT WIVE PRICE FANCY |">y I S, nil" P ASIAN ANI?i n|N \ DO'III", WILLIS 'LOSr.ll AT HAI.? LA NT SEASON M PK|cM|| M M.c AI N- I ..It F AI Its ANIi "HiKI KEKPLHs CLOSINU ALL Ot R ?M T ANII STRAW II A r< AAV KINZBT HI %Bd TZ1 Flfthlh .TMt.-.f, IWfadi Tan ty Aral and r?"ul) aaannd S>?la. IT CRAMP STREET OIIPAP STORE W*TRRRl?. a'\ Brm . , an I plain KiSS na at.ll rhnaiwr th'? <ar?|i t.iank and -- Imnd s.u R .nnri A a'rrta unuanally 'Snap W lllnw, Oairi'h and m|i?' EaaUaara and K|..wrra.inafnll1n?nt aaanrt tnant tn-da A ilr Trlma. ?|- M ig'r Oia>| a Rnf.- Ki ir a?a, S'lil' aha ."" a RH.iam Vataaia R in ?..dl?a? lartnr p.m i"fa and Slraaaa -lual. K ?-l 1 a-innarM I loth and llnrd Clnaaa, rhr .|iaa yst'.(farad . harralna in Una "?y, YanAs" *, Psit, Rsaasr an I straw llala aa 1 laaMU; IWfUiai nsw BOW dli HinLET, V? 311, 3111, Orand, B*. An and 7<r Ailsti a.r-si, ffUi td-? a aa at I Cn. M.ta.rr, (I'lRsErs, CORSE rs, CORSETM?AT ONEATLV RE J dt?rsd prima Wr Ml ? ?b? larfaal and ? naatwai a>a? k ni Parla i .rase, frsti f I 24 tWi mlww"' ' nr-sia, a|| H.a ...? a'fl-- In "k.rta "k. ta mads in - H"r atEld.KR'H, "HS and WA1 M> ? a-l?aj, na.f Nir.sis?nU? atrrsi r?S atda GRBAT RAROAINS-IN FOREION ANII DOMBNTTC l)ryO'rt>da. ynh WHa tf' *> aisalnn, nmjnilnf Prsns* Marin ?, Em|rsaa t I dk' ?r|i Pawlina. Caahasraa A nn raa. I'aratiMiUa. ' ...taa ? aaalimarra Flaanala, fF.rnaatliaa. Ar . A. a.s 3IVCO1 War h m RiankaM. y-.ilia, Bkaaia, hair M .ttraaasa. PHi'Sta Rs I SarRa, 4 .kr..trom r?'a?t fwrrainant atiaUos aal"?. wA'.lraals and 1WII by WIL l AM MATHEWS, m ' atkartas atrawt Saounoft HAYS OPENED THE ?OST ELEGANT AMPOiiTMEMT OP CUIARS, Mi yPPI hi.sui FS JA' KEfS AND CIRCLE A Ha IS vr.l VET AND < LaFTM. wklfk aaaa .t W anryaawd In AaiarWa MS Brwadwnf. kntsamn Eiaktk and NlntkjiraaAa VI&AM Ml ? I1ANAN NacRKNIIN Swat B DRY CiOODK. A KG AI ?*? BARGAIN'S W? uk?- s*i?*?? p|?*H<uiw la announcing to our nu?tmn?r? 4nd th* injbit that we *re u??w IMPO ,1KD AND DOMFHTK' DHY GOODS it price* wlii a will idiwin'l th**rn of ibe Um?? before in tern*! rovocio taxm" and tho "war." Thecattem which enable in to utuiMin-'i tbla fartiriRI(,RS"?IVIi importa Tionh ok Foreign* goods, kxfkrrTvk. manc F ACT I KK or DOMESTIC GOODS. hod trad* at the Mouth and Wilt, an4 In ?omo porta of New York, thereby fnrrltig Inipnj t#?m, luaifactunri, Jobber* and overtrade** to ?laughter their merchandise ?t i>?cb auction muma *? Wa. Topping A Ci lohls A Curllee\ Towneend, Montant A Co h, f l int* rf A Go. ?, Wllmcrdiu. llo|U8t I Oa'a, and

Wtimer-ding A Mount'*, in all of which we have been pur* chasm*. he*viy, at our own price?, alino?t. The fo'lowlig liit of g'KKln and pi lcoi will cl^irl? Indicate the condition 5? the lry goode mat Act ? PLAIN DKKSH GOODS. French Me luo#, all wool, only ?6a j*u yaid. Very flue do. do. at 73a per yard. Superfine ?ie. do. it $1 per yard. French Poitllna, ill wool only Me* per yard. Rmprea* < With*, all wool, only 00 per yard. Kmi'itua C! >th?, * .p*rh ' 71V ., HIV*, and *1 per yard. Black and colored Coburg*. only Me. par yard. Black and ? AI pa- a*, wfiiv *2br. per yard. Bia?*k and (? norod Alpena?. very fine, only HI V. per yard. Colored l'at*m*Ua?( very fine, only 5ft.. per yard. FAJK'Y DRKHfV GOODS. Hand .me die k Poplin* at Hftc.. actual coil to Import, i% , Ri -h PlaM Poplin*, double width ai ,10e.; coat to Import, ?*?? or 611*. HLrl{>ed Ponline, vary handieme, Mty ?V7t?*,; worth Rich t'lg-irort H.'uI.mI Poplni, wnljr 37'>.; worlhTfie. Rich Moire \1uU4ue Popline, MA-.; worth ffiWu. Grange KopKu*, new gooda, only ?lfn\; *ciu*i met to im port, <17r Klight Flanl French PopUoe, double width, at 50a; worth H7V Wry t.rh high color French Field Popline at $1; worth $1 AT>. rtOTHK. PAwKJMKRK.S ANDCEOAYINGS. On th*?e K' vd- there l* an ..waJ Ion to the mauufactor era and'.itei* of fr<-in .4) to t*) per cenL Blarir (i ???kin?, all wool and aoui.d. a' fil yr yard. Fancy ( * ?stmerei, ail w?*oi uod sound. $l poi yard. Double and T wl*l Kar.:y ? ataimeifta, ail wool and lOUDd, $ I 26. hlla ?l*i-4i l',*n ry i*a??twerei, all wool and aAnd' |1 .VI per f nr?i. ft-4 All Y t'il Hearer tTothi, ? olora and black, at f.'l AO wort! f*< 2* iter yard. RJ.AN K r. T?: B1 A N k KTK |0 4 ah wool and a*, ft per k ,\\r. 10.4 all WnUueyVatWP" pair. 11*4 ?!' wioj Br th. at pe per pair. 11' I Hi wool Whitney.*a a' $< .V? ret y-Jt 6-1 A'' W*m?! Whitney Beaver 'W do. f'2 VI pf'tie two month* ?r". $*> AI SO. woof. l.| N f]<>Rl I'RV, I. A DIES* BRF 4 K I* i AT SHAWLS, NITHI AR. scaRf>, Rr., tn aouie thlnga actually lower than helot* ti war. Ml** M'-riitn Ho*e wh??e andeotored, at IJ'jr , per pair, worth Lad' ' V?-rln? llofc#* Wlii'f anl ( olored, at TO*, pet' pair, e orth 14'-. Ladle-*' Shetland Wool Hrrakfaet Shuwle at f! J*, nold About two vnonthi ago it All Nhetiand Wool N'intan at .'*V* , *?e!d revnuy at AL <'h?ldr?M?' /?*|?byr W 'Mil e-ai t* . *or'h 40 t 'htldreri'e Rephyr Wool fW^rfa, large at lb- JBe. and % . Cent'a Merttwi Drawer* only 76c.. worth more than Ludb ? h? i*y Merino Veata ai Si &>, w irth $.! IX* (touta' Merino VoHia at >40.. tffr . Ai III to $1 ?? AImi, Ore -? redocUon In prlree or f.tnenr Darna>ke T*?wr:?, Table Clothe, Huckt* oud ? ra oe?. ALm*. Kali .oral ^ifrta at $1 V? $1 71*. f 2 t"d upward. Hal moral SktrUnge at 37Ha, Vl". and nya ird A. .0 A rnitrriifSeant alo.-1t of TllCf! SfT.K^. HlfAWEs and PLDAKSof aii the latent atyiee W K. 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