Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1866 Page 2
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SITUATION* M INTED-FKHf.4I.BS. A WIDOW LADY (AMI.KICAN '. MIDDLK AUTD, DF a.ra* a im-itnt as t-o'i-ekacp. i would prefer ? WMtnar. ?r'a or tun halor'a 1. nor or would take :? iioshiuii aa com pulnn wd uurae 10 a lady; ha? bud imicb experience; m rehaala an 1 of rtiHerl'ul disposition. Address Mia. Ray, 42 fly mar at., William* burg A WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS HOUSE ?\ gae|iet or to atteud an invalid; ha* no objection in ihr ?biiati/ Ke.t ol relereucea. Apply at 111 Wesl Allh at. ? YOI NO LADY OK EDUCATION AND RKKINK maul aruhes a ailunliou c.liter aa housekeeper or com I 1 i i lirai i la as party good rehrrnca will to-given Address lor three days, with full particulars. Blsnehe. Kliaabeili, V. .1. AWE f NURSE'S SITUATION WANTED-HY A b.-ilthy young married wumuti. wHh a I rush hrenst ol milk, w 11 las loat ber nurii hahy. C>u Iwnrrn at 11 Slaii ion at second floor, front room. A MAI OOMFKNUn < ? I It L. WITH tJOOD CITY RE faience wants a situation in tba chy or country, as chambei maid and waitress, or as cliainu-imaid and nurar. To ha aa-.i unlil auuad at 64 Wcat Washington place. Ami i ti aTIo.n wantkd-by a yousi; uirl, as ch in. .ermnd and waitress; good < iir ref ieii.c. Call at HI We*. d9th at., between Rrondwny and flh ar. \SI 11 t I'loN WANTED-AS CnnK WASHER AND iionrr; city or oouutry. Call a I W Madison at., id the rear, tiiat door. Arrspectable woman, well accustomed to the sea. and ajieakina the Krencb and Kngliah Dnctiages fluently. de*lves a ailuaiii.ii a? stewardess bo board or a aleatuer or sailing vessel f..r auv perl or In travel Willi a fatally. Apply at 163 Weal SOtli aL, second flight of alalia, left bao.l d<s>r fronting the street. A YOU Nil OIRJ. WINIII * A SITUATION AS SEAM stress and ehemherniaid: one who enn ???w on Wheeler A Wllann's titai'hiue and can come well iecoiiimended from lier la at place, and will make herself generally useful. Call ai 6B West Ifltli ?t.. between fitb and 7lb av?. A YOU Ml LADY. WHO UNDERSTANDS BOTH KNO. It-h and Herman, wisheaemployment as eeamatreas In a faiuilv: no objection lo the charge of rhildren; aatiafac Aoryreferei a given with regard to cbaracier and experi ?nee Address Visa ('. P. fill Arm, No. 14 Deiancey at. ARRSKECTABLK Y?M Nil GIRL WANTS A SITU A Poo as traitress, or as chem> "i inaid and plsin sewrr; eau do all kinds ol'crotchet w ork, has two rears oily refer - eiiue loon liar last place. Can be saen at 124 East abb at., idciiiiil Kwr. a R' .4PECT4BLR YOl'Mi GIRL WISHER A S1T(T. J\ * -in to il'? ^mimal lion*#'work for u, ?ma!l private U i? D Br at of city rm'erencr given. Call for two Jays at 79 ldtii * -. first floor, bark loom. AKl sPKCTABLE GIRL WISH'S A 8ITT7ATION AS . corin??*(<M)i vr.iitjvNs or ??? rbaiuh niMid and vmVr; him ilttyen*' . ,ty i#.|h nicefrom her I.??%< pla> ?. Cao be sera ?i I I! Went si., near 7rl< ;tv. VII . ?? ? I xf'.tK ELDERLY WOMAN WISHER \ wiiii i:<o i a* chambermaid ami wnitre?a Apply for two d*/? <i si -i.. room No. 4. A RESPECTABLE YOI KG WOMAN WISHES A SITU, if hi as 'i'H?~-ii:aiJ in h prim e tumtlv. Best reieteuco from her U I pta -e. t'all H( *.7? We*t 22(1 at. # \*K PABL1 PRO RTAVT OIBL AA ISHKR A titiMf .iii ;?r i-u inherit! im| and hum-tie?*; no ohje< lion t? lo g-n.-. houHeiroik. U11 v rctyieu--. Call at 120 East Jflth r. A .SITl aTIOV WANTED-BY A RESPECtable x ww * 11 (ill. i" lio olui nbtrs ?rk tod taitltu; no i?hia :i'i i > *o!ua oliil'tren: in m good ^aidh' rea?; goo?l city reterenoe I'iitl ;?i 267 7lb a v.. over the bakery. \TION AVA NTF.IA?BY A NEAT. CAPABLE 15 >' m ifo cookmc or hoimework; is an ?*cel \ 1 *.i'" 1 ml trooer ami willing, ecoDom'eal una respect ful: 0. -o r trv be*t it'leieiictis given. Call :*l 121 At lui '?? ?t. it?ooKlyti. \mr VI IN WAN! n BY x RBRPBOT xBl.i; iro i'i.* vvoiiiun. - cb ;iiilx'i iuaol and weitie** or clmm- I ner.iuid ;?. ?1 to us-'at m 1 im wm-hiug; ^oo?l city lefciofice give.i. * i 1 101'Rn-si .Tki Hi. As'!- VTION WANTED RT x RESPBfTA SLR vrooii'i. it flrf ep.-sq cook : n?ider<?and"* all kinita of |?'eie.i?i a t'-rnl clJ4?a i;'mruinj; ?lnb hOiiW: ttisf ???Oieih.i-c-. t'all tor fxv?? d ?? ?4 149 -Phal, nenrhth av. \N MH r ATKD (iKK.MAN Cll!l. 01 ? i KEV A SITUA i> . . -1?". maid 1; 141 * 1 A me, A ill HI. WIHIII'M A SITI A < tON-KINK WASHFK V iimJ wiine;*; hklbi'M of 1 > ir-em-i * luoiliet aa latin Hrea? am! vra<ire?N. C'iu I**? *??n ?> Pf6Kih ar.. near 8th St. \BI i I ATI O.N W A N IT (?? AS iVMik Of IT IK FIRST oiitf,: ro k in a ioata iimu 01 ?*??.?*; under ?land?? a I kind ?* of rooain?, "ithn in pruvo or prblu* r?4M->y: iMNf iy referm&rc. ?n. lo? 1 it.# dayaai 6 4 HmUon at., 'urn .Una, ser.oud floor. AI.A5IY AYISHEB A SiTt AJto> FOR UKR IN an'4 ntir?re, who can t#e highly 1 tvMninemted from Ii-m i 'miiou. Can bo aoon for two days a 1 177 5th ay. A NUMBER OK OKRMA.N UIRM WANT 81TUA Mm. Lowe'a itornian luacilnto, 17 Suoloa at., uwr Bowery. A HKALTHY TMWO WOMAN WANTS A 81 TEA 7a lion 14 wot nurao, the bra! of lafe.ear-. t all at 20 XV ??<; M l || . to day. ADUKenSMAlCKK WIsHP.s TO OO OITT BY TIVR day or week to work for famitiea. Addreai 3J7 Kaat Slat at , third floor, back. Beat eti v reiorottee. Ah kirht clash cook.?an English woman who nderatauda Kreneh. Kngliah and Americwo eook lug, Hie i?tt4L of city reference. Addr*?a tor ixro dava A. 0., mU nr. ARRSPRCTABLE PERSON W1MIFS A SITUATION <n a reapecUhle family to rook, wanh and ln?n; preferi a eteady pur e to the highest wagen; refererim given. Call lo Bey at it, 18th at., helween 7th and 8th are., 111 ine baae auaut ? ARB SPEC TABLE WOMAN WISHES TO GET WORK by the day at a tnodeia'o pnre. Call at 99 lPfh at., between rich and 7th nth,. In tho tiont Haaeiueut. A SITUATION WANTED BY A PROTEST A NT (URL, 44 iiit tdien'a nurse; if capable of uktnic chMt je of an Infant from Its birth; ran produce the heal ot ?*atT reference, (.at) at No. 7 Varick place, Hulliyan ?%., hetwrea Hou-toa and Hleecker ala. A ABl.sPECTABLL Yor\(. WmAIAN WANTS a site at on .in chambei uxaid and M?Mi4it'4i?; b williug and oidi^cig; good city reference. \ ?ll it h; West 46th 4t., be tween o' 1 and 7th ava. ARI hPKCTABLE YOt'Mi GIRL W VNTS A SfTt A tiiio in 1 private family ??? d?? v*?nerut aommwork; tkeat 4>f raierr ht. i;an he aeer, ft,r wo ifaya >?i AV#at 4<ih at., net 4 1 it. ^ PROTESTANT ROMAN Wlelll.s \ elTUATlON IX a i? vme family aa owk and '"i-ia' 111 wai?Uing and Kixi 'ig -?J 1# g '0>i h?Vt* ?? re.ei4?ia#?e. ? Kaat l.vii v , between ?>. V and lei ftrat flimr ARKSPKCTABI.E PROTi.Slwr YOI SG WOMAN* a *4 a ntnati??r? 'o e 1 r'V.ita lamilv a- . UnmbTimiid aad watfteaa. or wo old mni'1 ki.iIVii |i inkirvii ? *i o' 1#! ei Xpply 4'te Mae B*i n *?., n^iween |?| av ?od A. ?e # kI l.ior. ipm r ??.:i AKEnl'Ci T4BM. Mi i.M!l WA\I< A SIT'' A I ???? ? tike rart, ol . hi dr? n jfiti ???w .me .Tha in kind ah I i.ii'if tig; !?an f?e?? reii re'u-f i nun 11w! pl#?4 e (.'an he *#eo in T.i dny- At 149 West i, 1V* - AJ414TI AflON WXNTI.O R> A KKSPK* TABLE GIRL, a-. g?HHj plain cook :<*id fit ?>* ale waalcr ami ironer; Id w> tog .4*1 obllclrii;; < ?* i? ??f ? i 1 T?rei?*e fmin her 11 d jil* -i. ('all at x "9 xx e? iPih #? t?eiweei? ttlh ?ud 7tli At* f* * ?TARI! ?;pri XX I > f t ?? A SITI ATI ON TO t'?jp*mrij! 4 ? m good waaliei and imner, ??<* *?<?n fo v,<? a ?11 d ? mnt e III ;u#- i-ouutty Callaf ru r-, ?: ? . A si . . X f ION W xNI I I # ? HA a K MS PEC TABLE i\ ??? >m wortt'? do .11 Im i c and III a pi ivair fa ?.S, tin v?o nty lefernn a ? *fi i.e Mf Ije XVeft *?:. 4 o 1 day. AKl -n |*|.( r a hi r Cil 1:1. VX X SITI VTION AS Mit lerttiah' .??..! ? do hue w?*hing. ??? waiting: hj?* f?? ? ( 1 <? ? ftii' f. y . n ??? *ii li?i 1W4* ?i* v -< at !*i> AA ???.! It e 4 AxO v.; \V?'M xN VIUSlI t - A SITI A 1 H?H AS Rl Rv|; iinl ??4rt n?*t?. a n wke r h;irge of a babv A si I XI ION M 'M|.0 a- CHAMBERMAID. BY .?e ? \i wi" am Young eroni-in, d? ?dr?'4 ee?* ;? ? ? r '???? ? .w. iM ,il Mr?| wtllii Cail ?' 17 Deab '?? ? 1;. ASf A XI .m i s *x 1. II A AHPAIJt WE 7 PC IN THE ? Would e: , ?!?? in * i .m. v ?.? . ,?t and lit ladiea per.#tr < i1'n?Ae? ? 14*I boy*' Jr AX il?-ni ? *i ach -.e ( a | 41 'A; \x a.i ,V??li *1 1 iu l k?-u funir r?" n to. F . I . at 124 i 1 A R J i. vol N? ? ? '?r? !| 1 If :> IK 1.4 III . t IS A" ".sV" At X ? \f? ' Tk || I'll Till ? Altic or Ami !-? ?' . O .0 n 4 ml i?r iii. I . n? Y ,4 I '-ml. ?r. in-Wing im- rale Smiib ?Ai|, av A .M^rhiTxH XA ??XI XX \x X M X MTt xriMN 1 y "hI ? tii'v I li I e4pe : hi? ntuli ; HlOLMIghlv Mil deiftift'cu ?ei t . ( ail - ,W. I.m-i 24th ft . third fleoi * 1.11:1. Wlsllt - x SITC \ "i d ? lb* .m<4? y?ih ingao.i - .iinif P.fci ? 1* tetem-e. ( uil toi twuda>a A T;h,: a si M itts w . . r: 1 > -n% a kopbotaBI.I. tl ?, ' !.? It. ? us s I IS n.tlVJS, I,est .,1 e. ? . t. >? lit ninn s'ourt, Unt??raity A . r|.? w?, ant 11 ? Aj : Aj:r Call n?. 4 l? U A 1 at a sirr\TD?N as oidft etgbmg and tilting Xn 6 h nt . u?*' ween -Vili ? * \ GIRL AX |s?|l-;s A <1 rt* * ? ? ? ?? 1 in taking rare ol ona .'it a\??* hiti it., for iwo day*. max xvoma.x d; sift eh a hit. "V iftdl alt k I nit ft of .. H?*?t ?.ify refeieiKt. * nea? 1% at , aernnd floor. ' ? Ol ; RA | IIK DAY Wot LD * ? nr?- ci imert hv the day r?r * x xv -oa't .a,yiag m(chine. At.ii.MI LI ..Nl It ? U't.l I.D I.IKE TO I.OOltr < ti'- .* ? ? ..II , .,f la .t. ??'?<. 1 1 ?*? in, una., tiasd ii.| i-ftraftf< li.^ -s Hi V. a. zt\n st A .-lYt CIlt'N MAMil HT A HKflPKUTAHLF, J\ pM.i|??n.t> ' J . ????. ha. lira re*,, t ?. <? e ti.rlr.'iti Ei't Ifl'hsl, t>at??rn 1st av ant ?. V ?i ijtu Jan. A*||| l|,? V0?r> WOftAN, IK?M THB HiiHTII (If U -t.i.4 sftiil ,tt .tail'in aa* aafl lannb..., go nl ui e t ??. Mvlfn M Ea*< Ifth a' 81TI'ATI(?> * WA?TKIV-FWM*l.ir8. A YOUNG W.iV AN WISnKH A SITUATION AS flrat ri>i*i w.iiirri ? shAmbermtld u.J tn in-mi ir the washing and ironing. lend of cilv reference 0*U *1 |6I> We .t [8th *( . Aral Hour, rear situation wanikd-by an experienced miiJrei*, 1indrralaud , l!u reference. OaU for Iwo liuuJni* 'in IcraUmla fluting ami e'impui.;. Ill* be-t . ? 1 ,j*y* *| bth *v , near 23d a SITUATION W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young girl. In cook wash *ud iron, or lo do goneril .-work in a auiall private Tamil;; good reference. Can be aeen fortwndeya it III East 11th at. AS WKT NURSE.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, wiihonl lorunihranoe, is capable of taking charge of a hahyfroiu ila birth, la willing to make herself gonrnilli* agreeable; nn oiiinetlon to go in the country or travel. Oall *1 35n Raul ill It at., near av O, thlnl Moor. V SITUATION WANTED-BV A FIRST Cf.ASS MEAT and pastry cook; uuderatand* jellies, *ou|ia uud game. m> objection lu a flrat class boarding liouae, or lo go a abort dial* ire in the country; lin? the beat of city releronce. Call at 7a Waal 17th at., in the atore AtlOOl) MEAT AND PASTRY COOK DKSfRRS A situation: underaunda Kreurti and Spanish diahea. Alan a ynnug woman aa chambermaid; would go In the nnunlry: heat reference. Can be ?o?n for two daya at 101 East tilt at., uear 2d amine, room No. 6. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A HlOHf.Y RESPECT utile yotiug woman, ua no raw, can take full charge of a baby front lit 1 -- ' " * ?rinulrnu. la Inrth and feed It from Ihebollle; to a good Can be aoen at 264 Weal 281 b si., top floor A SITUATION WANTEO-BY A CAPABLE WOMAN, aa brat class conk; underalanda honing and lardino. ?ad alt kinds of desserts; has good references from her last place. Call for two daya at 183 Weal 27th at., between 8th and 9th ara. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO GET A GEN tlnmau's nr family's washing at Iter own cosldence; dime ji mnderaie terms; French filling doue neatly. Can lie eeen at any time at 183 West 27(h at., between 8th and Bth atra. A SITUATION WANI-ED-BY A UFSPKCTABLE young aa cook; ia a good baker and can make good desserts; Is willing lo aestat with washing and ironing; good references. Apply at HO West 18th at., (irst floor, back room. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY WOULD J\ like lo nrersee lite house of a widower or bachelor; would hare no objection In oversee a respectable clubhouse; reference If required. Address R. S. K , Herald offlce. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. WHO HAS lately landed I'rom Ireland, wishes a situation to do general housework. Inquire at 408 6th sr., top floor. A jST^J?!J?!^ja^am .so Ironing, mi objections In a ,.rl?afe hoirut * v""hl,,? And -fcieuces ? 0l?j -fc ?ood A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION J\ :is muse anil In do plain sewing; la fully competent to t ike charge of a vnung baby; haa the beat of city referenoe. Call at 70 East .'tOtli St., near Madison avenue. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN a small private family as cook, washer und ironer; ahe Is a good Inker of hi cad. Can be seen for two daya at 220 West 361Ii st. AFIRSf CLASS LAUNDRESS WISHES A FEW OF.N tlemcn's and ladies'wnsliing; all kind* of French flut ing done to order. Call at 34ft West 25th el., second floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, lately landed, aa good cook, waaber and miner in a small private family. Can be aeeu for two daya at 291 Ka?t 14th st., first floor. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS LaUN dresa. or would do general houaework for a small family no objection to a rhort distance in the country. Call for two days at 176 East 17th at.. New York. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION na nurse, or to take charge of an invalid ladv. Alan a respectable young girl, lately lauded, wishes a situation in a pr.vale family. to do chamberwork, or to tnke rare of chil dren and nssiat at plain sewlrigjor If required can work at embroidery. For either call at 236 East 10th at , top floor, beiweeu lat and 2d ays. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as flrat class cook; will asalst In washing; ia an excel lent baker of Inead and biscuit; nn objectlou In a private boarding hnuae; alcady home preferred, in city or country; gnnd reference. Call at No. 23 5th tat ., third boor, raar. A SITUATION WANTED AS CHAMBERMAID AND seamstress, or chambermaid and waitress; is willing, obliging aud not afraid of work. Apply at *19 Weat 33d al. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE y?uag woman; la a good plain cook and au excellent washer and ironer; nr would do chamberwork aad asaiat wilh the washing and ironing; rnn give the bed or city re feiencea from her latt place. Can be seen for two daya at 187 f sat 22d at., between lat ay. and av. A, third floor, back room. A SITU ATION WANTED-TO do general house. work in a small family: ahe u a good plain cook, wtiobei and ironer; good elty reference. Can be aeen for two dava at 428 8th av., between XM and Httb ate., in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPF.CTABLE WO man aa< hamliermald and wnitieaa In a private familv. and would asa.-t at waahlng; beat of city reference from laal employer. Apply at 178 East 13th at., Aral flour, front room, for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE worn an, to go out by the day or weak la work; Is a good washer and trnaer. or can do nov kind of housework required, or would take plain aewlng to do at homo. Ad dress 206 Kaat 371b at., basement door. FIRST 11LA8S LAUNDRESS WISHES A SITUA tion. Apply at 84 Weat 17th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa Aral class waitieat. in a prirete family; understands ber duties perfectly. Can ha a?en ai 13 Uuloo court, beiweeu Illh and 12th atl. 'University place i A YOUNG ilIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and Ironer, or would do general housework in a small fainllr. Call for two days al UU Weal 37th al. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tion as nurso and seametreaa. or lo do cham'terwurk and sewing; good city refnence. Call at 411 2d av., neat 34th at second floor, front. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa cook; Is willing to aaata' wilh the washing and Ironing: best ol .Sty reference. Call lor two day* at 411 9lh nr.. between 35th and 36t'i ats. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CH AM barmaid and waitress and to assist with the waahlng and ironing, nr to do general housework In a small family Call at ICIEasI 29tn at . belween 2d and 3d nva. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO r\ houaework. la a cou<| washer and ironer; best of cilv reference. Call from (?till 12 o'clock al 210 Weal l#lh al. A WET NURSE SITUATION W ANTED ? BY A healthy, young married woman, with a fresh breast of milk, highly respectable reference given. Can be aeen al 5f?7 2d av \I)KKS MAKER OF fWENTY-FOUR YEARS' Ex perience, who has worked lor some of the tre?l families in Europe, and shots perfect in all its nrsm-hes. wishes a rm.snetu Situation, nnuhiecttou to the i-ountry. Apply at 615 Hudson st. A SITUATION W INI ED ? BY A RESPECTABLE younggtrf.^s chsoittcrmaid or to do general house work Can give beat oily references Call at :?I9 West Ibih al.. for two do vs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU, altnn In do plain rooking; ia a good washer and ironer. Has ihe heel iii city ref erences. Can be seen for two days at 2MI r.:,th ,'. between 7th and 8th are.. In the rear. I RESPECTABLE VOI'NG WOMAN WISHES TO GO .1 out by the ilav as aeameireaa; nndai rinds all kinds of family sewing nn W ii-eler A Wll-on a inachlnes Good cliy reference. Call e> 428 7lli sr., near 37tli at. PROTECT INT YOUNG WOMAN Wlslll ? A SITUA lion *? nurse, and I* willing in do rhanibci work The of reieieti' e Apply at 273 lat av \RR8PKCTAHI.F. WOMAN DKSlfllS \ SITUATION phtin rook, hM no nhpftion to grt * abort dlatance In the country. tfood city reference. 1'itibe ??(>n for two d*v* Mt 83 < hm Itnn *t . t?e;?r Hudson. k SITUATION WANTFD BY AN KXlKI.LKNT rook who fhornn;*tily underntend* h^r hmlnM?; will *x<*n? with the w."?lung if required; he* good cltf reference. ('*11 at 312 Wmi ',35th between Tth and Sth *v*. \RF*?PFU t' ABI.K llim. WISHKS 4 SITUATION AS flr*tcla?* ?ir.tinairran; **t? ri?t and tit Indira* and chil dren * dre*-?e?? c ?o?| city reference 4'all at Mt Keel *J9th at. AN AMFRIt AN OIRf. WISIIV* 4 SITUATION 44 \ rhamberinntd and wettrcae or aeatnatreee. can operate on Wheeler A Wit*on'? aewinf machine; ha* the brat cltf reference Add-*** 428 7th av. VRF^I'RiT AHI.K TOI NO KAUKIM) WOMAN, WITH a tre-'h breast of milk, who li t* lost her own child, would like a situation a* wet nur?e. lte?t city reference Cell fot two <tar? at ;CV1 F.aat JW'U at , corner of lat ar., aecond floor, back room. A rOIMJ Ol III. W ANTS A SITUATION TO DO OKN .V. oral housework C*o tie aero for two day* at 77*1 Waah nig to 11 at . ttear Jane, third door, iront room, at 13 M. A SITUATION WANTKH- BV A RF.NPROTABI.K Tdiiaii woman a, Ami rate r-ok . hai nn iililwlam In > idtni; ho .aa lwat of ally rafarama < all al ICS prirva loiar ?? t JTth ,1 sirrtnoN wtNTKn-Bi a rispkctari.B iliMii.i l g 11 -n dn aanarnl houaawork In a amall pn. Tamil.- Call at JHt Baat ?Aih al 4N tMEllHtN WOMAN. WITH A l.llTt.R OHII.P In dd, laalraa a alt na I tun aa aonk, waikHf and tmnar i.a.l nf lafarama given Apply at IM Waa tiki hat \m SIM 1 T4HI I Vol'NO WOM IN lYISHRS A RITI atnoi ,a'nndatainndt iti-a-maklng and h 1 lr-1 r"- -i ? r, ,<a ,>n Wha-lar ? Wil.nii' maihina. or aaa In growing ? hililrrn. r,n l? v. n ,1 Ihi- honH ?l har laal amploTni. ;."i Wi-at tilth at. Ilnn-I rataranaa. HrtfATION WANTKn RT> RKAP OIRL, aa nmaa not a-amalraaa ran mna ladlaa' ami ahil. oo-n'i iliaa?aa ami aaw on Whaalar A Wllwn'a inarblna, good rati-ram - Appli *1 7b Waa- 2aih at., tap fl-mr A A TOIIMi AMRP.IC4R WOMAN. WITH A RKRHH hraaal nf milk, wlahaa a allnalion aa wat nniaa liaat feranaaa. Apply at *7 Van.lam at. III ?MH.CTAHI.K PROTEST4NT OtRl., I.ATH.T _ la iota I. wialiaa a altnatlm. la a good a-war an.1 would a|tt will, tha aura of childfM. CanlMaaan Tor two day* at IIN Eaat ."N'h at. \V<H'NO Otni.. I.ATKI.Y I.tNPKH it 4 NTS A . allitalhni lnd? ItiMtaawiH-i In a r' fai" fatiill, liaa nn nbltallnnt In th? roiitilif. Call at 21 Waal 44iH at. naar Atta ay , aarnail floor. YOI'NiI Otlkl.. .l.AlP.fcT l.AMDEP WtSIIF.N Uf . ? at i' mm in i am ill f mi r a t. I I In iImIii, ny kind ai hi iiaw >rk Call al #13 Waat ./M at . (or iwn \SITI tTION WABTE1>?HV A l!K -PI I I tHI.K yipins girl to dn rharn'jar < nrlr and wailma, nr In m ka h.-raalf ganarally laalul Ua.l T-w two d.tya al 71 T-riy a|. A .dlTI'ATTON TABTF.II- by A HBNPRCTABI.E AMP. n?an wldnw Imljr. a? kmiaakB?|iar mil a ..amaiiaaa or any Hghi work llond nltf lalaianun If taoinrfl I'a. I at S7J#iti a*., -.wrna of 2il at UTl' ATKINH WAJITK?-K(M?liKS. ^ ( IOPVINO WANTED?BY A vR> A V ' Iilnin. bald buaiiicie liand Cell on or Udreea Copy, 1* Loroy wtiwi _ 11 O'KIi'il'.l'I'fcH'K SITU \TIOS WANTED?BY AN Amman.. wem . ti. who la well ?eparl??icel ui domaalle Mil in-u in timid iwiiinliu ? ho or gentlemaa'. fnnuly. t 'v?,.?hh In M^nea* "ti? ?'>a make Wih'drtjjei; u willing to make t.-r.ell us'lul be-_ . d ereuoc c... be given. Adilir... tor two day* II. U.. station 0. TrTOlW.KBEPBR -AN AMERICAN I'ADY H .114 of the alum* podUoa IU It prieaie family. hotelor Iv.srdinc hm.?e . W....M accept any PO"Uo? of trnal; ha; long oalmiiii iiio IIrut i:U? City refereuoc. Address Uo? 21 Herald ollkm. HOPARKERFKR-VTANTin, BY A v??dow a Hou'te family; good reference giren. Gallon or addieaa Houae keeper. H93 *W1 nv. HnfTflFRKEPFR ? A MIDDLE AtlRD RNOLI8H tt-Yl iw hulv ilfiiroi a nituatiou with a private fwnilfl would"* ? g***" family. Ad drew Houackeepei, host M Poet onloe. TTnirsRIf KKl'PA'tl 3ITI' ATIOH W ANTED?BT A H yoifu* lady or education, in a m-lrate family. beat of reference *e?n. Addreaa O. B R.. Herald offloe tyAiTQVirPFPRR'S POSITION WANTRD-BY A WIO? comfort i of a home can be realued. Aidreaa C. W., "taiioo O., Slith arenuo. ?hTIIUSF A HITUATION. BY A THOK K ooghiV nnree. to the *tlw^h?nje ?Of an Infant or invalid Ndy. can furnwh the hutbjjt citr rere ren?- Apply at 817 /tli a. . between 34th and ?th ate. rap amarnMS?A COMPETENT PERSON WI81IKS A S Stoofu r^otlhl. family: underataod, dkm? making. millinery aniTplain and fi?? ^''Konat *^n branches. OaU Oil Or addreaa M. J. T , ?? C harlton St., rooin No .5, seooml floor. . I CI ITU ATI ON WANTEO?BY A GENTEEL PROTESTANT O German sir), to do plain eee-ini; and ohanjberwoi k. Ap ply for? days at & We., lib at, corner of Hammond at. S~ miATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRI-. aawYaber and Ireucr: no objection l? do general houae work^n a imAll pr,rale family. Apply at her present em plorrr'a, !KI2d at., Brooklyn, between Simla and Court als., For two daya. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, S a. cook In a pricale family ; underetands rooking end linking thoroughly. Oaoil reference from her last place. Can be aeeu for two daye at 23 Carroll at., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RK8FBCTABLE WOMAN. S lo go out by dar'a work to waali and Iron; no objection to take ladies' and genllemon'a washing al home. Hc-l ctly refereo'e^ve..' Call at 604 6lh nr.. flr.t floor up atalra. CtlTUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. S aa Chambermaid andreferanr<' C*n be aeen for two daya at 886th ir, third Boor. r,iT.r at.ON WANTED?BY A GOOD LAUNDRESS AND SITchm?f?rm*dA^ Inquire at pre.ent place. No. 8 Weal 37th at., from 10 to I o'clock. ?*" ri"SS?'K, SITUATION WANTED-BY A TRUSTWORTHY WOMAN. S to do plain aewiug and chamberwork. or aaala^1.11ine wanhinff and iron ins. Oood city refwnoe. 101 Vt I9tli at,, between 6th and 7th av*.. third door^ niTtTATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN", S)w^h and Iron^or can fill the position of latin rfr... n^oi) Action to go a ahort dislanee In the countrr arrr,Vd,?; at 157 MOU St.. near Grand, wooud floor, baok room. ? ?? OTTriATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE 1 BO - S teatant girl, aa chambermaid, Uundreaa, Ao. Inquire of Mra. Clark, 161 Weal 25th at.. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRLS. WISH SITI' ..innJ In nri.ate family: no objections to go in prlrate and 9th vrr. MTn.| dv a RESPECTABLE YOUNO AMK.RT W^nlo^o. actuation wwat nume; canglreth. beat of refines! Can ba aeen for two daya at 10 Prlooe at , Brooklyn. w'HggAgjg^^vas%'^? Wanted -a eesprctable young scotch wo ..iiii.tliHi In a family aa aeamatreaa or Addreaa K. 8 W.. bo* Ms Herald oBoa. ane al . room 1A ? W*5^AiS5Bw?^?MU3K wM^wss^r?sJa?ayi ierempmyero C.?bo see., for two day. al hor preaoot employer'#, 416 6th >r. TTfiMTvn (IV A YOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION TO DO .mail,r AppW ar two days at the houaeof her present employer. No. ?l t annua at. Beet ally references. WiNTirn?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUA ilon as Aral rlaaa cook: h?a no objection to go a ahort dlal.nciTn Vhe"ro?mrV Can *>'? the beat ofclty refmeooe. C?n be **#u et HI We<t tsnh 9t. (or twodeye. W. tfTL.n ny A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A ERW gentlemen's or famlllea' srae'.img; the beat of flna argeANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL A W attuatlon lo do chamberwork or iaaaial In ??*blo, sad ironing. Call at III Lamena at., third Boor. backj-oom ~ ? BV a SFSPECTAliliE YOUNG WOMAN, A W .(In.I? M B?( "^2^"ri'MWo'l'' 11. ?Ri-ag-jgs w w'gg^Afg'sggfga'sgw^ goor. back room. ? W^a^wrok in aTpn?." XSht: ro^ do alfkind'ff Clinton place. 8lh at., nam '? *a r a sTFD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ? ?; =Ei5;!SSnr"' Gd at. W^n'Unu^ Cily refereoce. t allI at 88 Wet loc. __ '"" , ?bv a COMPETENT WASHER AMD UTANTFO?A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS. BY A W orsen fullV compelenl; b.a two year.' roferonce Call at 101 East ?th at. m A VTKO-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, Ecs&w-4'"" St., rear. -A iitaNTKD?BY A PROTESTANT OIRL. A SITU AtlON W aa chambermaid and wattroaa, or chaaabarmaid and niii ae. tleod cly referenee. Apply atWOOiha... room . _ vgr ASTFD- BY A SCOTCH PRESBYTERIAN WOMAN. ianc# in th^ rountry. -ny ANTED?BT A RF.SPECTABLE GIRL. A SITI tTIOX W in a pri.ala famllr. a. rham^rm.ld or uurMi. Can ba aeen al her laat employer's, 1.2 Weal l*lb at. Tm r an TFD?A HITUATION, BT A RESPECT A BLR W clrl'tc lie general a i^F",n cook and a gixid waalier and tioner; baa good city reference Call atMWnl What ittAMTtrn ay 4 KKHpK(?TAHLR YOUNfl WOMAN. A KHS's Sn ir-" n?*w?pnp^r depot. 71 N>MHpth t, M?9" * j , W ^TKL:,B Vne A^-5rk ?i*T ANTFD?SITUATIONS BT TWO YOUNG WOMEN. \V laleif landed, aa rk.mbertnaldaor In 2J'," objection to the country. Inquire for two a y at , uncrnid floer, froel rwiB- ? . man wASt-eVy bran, he.; mealsj^llrT^mw ^d amipa. doee 14,MI washing: aragae ?H. Call at IM Beat ?lat a*. WANTED ?A SITI ATIGN. BT A TOUSO WONkN. rhambermcd and walire.a and[lo ayiat l? a| h, ?*. w mine and ae..m?lreaa; ran oporale oa Whaler A w iiw.n a machine, lha led of rlty relrrooro gDan. tall al .? ad ae. t#(*ond floor, fieril room , wa^:d. e,ire /'all at V Wert ?.h at . nearlh ae. tar anted BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. BESPIT. WANiIhi u!!le.A and pirtMm*?' hneaa; e? do ana kind M' Proneh ?Mh rily refvrency i on be oron ?or iwo lit, Up deer. _ * WANTED-ASm S.ndTo^lVr^U'VSy f'- be. I.rt 1 an In1 wwn #4 I3C1 4 yvt ??h e. ?? wA",rv; 7 Ag^rs^kTw^v^A iSLmirIf sM-??Md nan he aeen for two daya-i 197 h%#4 l9ih ??., a\V.W rfrndrt h." ?- ",r l"n " III"; We I Ht'i ?! - w,,i.n'.T , c-rrjjaj.rjrovK';, w,gS:;: ImI i*o*o U?l< el 114 iHb ?*., for two ? ir AUYirii 11 v a l( K SPP< * T A HI 1* PROTI'^T A NT W g it, emprnymeet h? lb- dar ?? and Al ladiea and eblMron a drew, chargea .mrterow t an be aeco for iwodera hi Mra. Oieaa'a. ? ?aat Wtk ah BITV ATIOWW W*rrK!>-f?IIIAlBS, NIT ANTED-A GENTLEMAN'S FAMILY'S WASUINO, \\ by t first rale laundress, Willi most respectable rei el f',w. other washing dolt *'? atteutjno will I* !?' ? hj SWe wishing A.Wro- it It; ?? Mi al l<?7 ha.l M it, buck HW-nnu fl(n?r. c*' iMTPbi A SITUATION jtY ^ OOMfF FBJflj W young girl, UK ook nnd'to ?MU?? wuh Uic ?"? Mid irootag;?5Suud? all Ui..a- .rt; I t i ?a.l ha Uui'v liAiit o|' lv HUtl WinlPf fPI6l PIIW. ".T^wae7a^ .i n weal Nth el . Mm. W. au J 7th svs . lu the mar. i_ WANTKD-BY A Yd 11NH W OM A N A ^re^g^r" iiurte am! ohtinberm*nl, itatUfatbwyk Can he icon fortaro dsy.ll not ,? n <ag"d at Ml Sth a> nr ANTED?A SITUATION A.H WET NURSE, BY A W married woman, with a rre.h lireaet of 1 * * toat her own child. In country or nly. A'id U aU" will * make herself generally useful, good refereuoe. Apply ?SM Wow Jtilh at, WANTED?A SITUATION. HY A girl aa chambermaid or waltroaa w general lieaaewor* iu a aniall family < alUVir two day. at ?7 W *' , WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOLNG WOMAN. A situation to do enauiherwork aud aewlng; uo obje lion to lake ?'are of children, Call at *1 Baal Wlh at. wsVs NTKD BY A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN, A Vr altuallou aa seumstreas; will aasiat with cliamherwork gar in thft ciiru of arrowing children; (lrcuHC'i Udie? hair a ell and doe. nil kind, of family aewhig; 110 objection to go a abort dlatanoe in the eountry: beat olty reference given, quire for iwo lava at lldjffeil 17th at., wear7th av. WaNTKD-BY A RHBPEOTABI.K AMERICAN MAR ried woman, a baby In dry nun* at he, o?nhomo

Apply <ortUr*e 4*y* or wdfllr*m 319 We*. 83d ?!.. floor. ? Tir4KTKIV-RHIRT^ AND AMj KINDS OK KAMILN W rfcwtui done by hwud. Inguir* at 8W flth ar.t top floor. hack room. ? ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A HI?*' tlOB aa waitress, tine wa.her aud irmer maid. Besl city reference. Call at law 7th av., near ?? ?'? Washing and ibonino ok a bmali. family wanted, or geutlepien ?; ladies . or genLe men boarding oreferred: will waah for ?* WLitfr on rea nonalile tertna It suited. Call at 143 weal Ana 7th av. . HELP AVAN'TKW?KKMALKS. A MIDDLE AtiED WOMAN WANTED TO IH> THE A meat cooking in a first class hotel; situation wages liberal. Windsor Hotel, between Broadway and Wli avenue. ? ? tvRPSSMAKF.K WANTKD-TO CUT AND FIT; MUSI D he a flood operator on Wheeler A WiUou ? machine. Apply 1.849 Broadway. In the atore. _ W\ ntpd A GERMAN GIRL, TO OO TO KUROFK with a email private family. *? flrat claaa laundreaa, to , remain on * year! "oa'l for two Jnynnt ?? '??'"? WANTED-TO GO TO OKVNGE. N L. A WAT 4?P iii- I'miAHtiiit ffirl to do floiteral housework in a Iv consl? ng ot f o persons; must be a gooalcook. washer Tnd Ironoto such a one. with kooliefereime liberal wage* will,>e given Apply at II Nassau si., between 3 and 4 o'clock In the afternoon. W- TnTED-FOR LI01IT HOUSEWORK. A VOIWI girl, fourteen or sixteen years of age. A n orphan pre ferrod. Address Telegraph. 1ms 176 Herald ofllco. ?lirANTED-A NURSE TO OO TO THE COUNTRY W who Is capable of taking charge of a 7""^ w" li will be exacted to do the ch.l,f s washing Onlv those w lb ill. best city reference may apply si 0* West Aitn at., Monday, between 10 and li o'clock A. M. W" "antkd-a beambtbebs ? who understand eultiug and fitting children's clothes; must have go. d city references and be wllliiig to Assist in the nursery. Ap ply between 10 and 11 at 63 West Jitli at. TIT A N TED?AN EXPERIENCED L AUNDItESS AND W to assist in ehamberwork. Apply nt L. W e-t ?d at., to-dfly, from 10 to I TXrANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAN, BETWEEN 30 W and no years of age. to take care of no aged and'''Ul'm lady; shemnst be good lemperod. tidy and willing lo uia?.e herself useful. Apply at >4 Went IBtn et. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS SEAM, stress'wintug to assist iu ohamberwoi k; ipiist .nv. good iTlty refeienc.. Apply nt 1(1 West 39th .... between ? and I o'clock.. TIfANTFD?TWO OIRL3. COOK AND CHAMBER AV inalii, for one family, at Orauge, New Jersey. Apply to J. W. .ludd, 161 Broadway._ nrxVTHD?A OIBL, TO DO ORNRRAL HOUSE AV work for a family of throe, residing a abort distance in the count" m?ot be a good wwber and Ironor, and a good .uin eooV Apply at doak H.Mauhattao Oaa oOlce. No 4 Irving plsoe, belweea the hours of Vand 4 o?etocfc. Wanted ladies, to lkarn phwooraph miulinr Porcelain Ivorytype, Hislorlcal, laindscnpe. in OII, Ch?. Indta "k Al?7 Waiflowcrs, Drawing. Ba? taught alse; ererylhing furnished Coloring done. Apply si 166 6th nr. ? ANTKD-A WELL RBOOMMENDKD FIRHT CLASS ?oak. Apply between 9 end 18 A. ll.itWom ?*. WANTED?A THOROUGH DRRSRMAKKR. APPLY, with reference, at No. ? Wast ?h st.; work on Monday. WANTED-A PIRBT OLASS COOK ONE THATHA8 good cltv refereooos mav app.f at 11 Woet JIHb at., Monday and Tuosdny. from 1(1 ta^ 11 o olook. tit iNTPI)-A RESPECTABLE ELDERLY WOMAN,TO AV make horself generally useful In a family of two per_ ."s.Tne who will accept .'good hom??ud wage, for her servines. Per particulars apply to Mrs L r. Davis, NO. i Allen 0t_ Wanted?a protbbtant oiel. about nt years of ago. to go a abort distance In the country, U. do light liotiwworK eod teke eere of rhlMren Call m 70 81. Mark'n piece, between ID end 18 ? clock WANTED?A OOOD COOK. ONE WHO UNDKR sisnda hor business, for a first class private hoarding bouse Iuqulre at IM Watt 14th st for two days. The heel of reference# required. Wanted?a oirl to do ornkr%l housework; one who understands ber business. Apply this day at No. 8 Colugo place, near Bleerker st WANTED?A NEAT OIRL TO OOOK, WASH AND Iron; must bsre good oity mferen-e. Apply nl 146 East 1Mb st. WANTKD-A WELL RECOMMENDED WOMAN. IN a small prlvtie family, for w,k'"JJ- w"shln,g and iron lag also one IW a small family residing in 116th at. Har teni At>ply at?? Spring et W~ ANTED?saleswomen. IN A I.auk and fancy _a?;?'lore' lk,,^frrrT.:^Fu" w ANTED?A YOUNG GIRL FOR HOUBKWORK wltli refersnoe Call after 10 o'clock nt 677 Broome st Wanted?an experienced saleswoman, ap plv st 1M Bowery. rAN!ED?A CHILD'S NURSE. WHO CAN DO FINE washing, must have good city reference. Apply at 161 Weal lllh at. WJ WANTED?A HEAD LAUNDRESS, TO TAKE charge of a reatanrant laundry. To one competent, and with good reference*. a >nd vun will be gtvea. Apply at 41 Kaat 14th at. ( I.KKKN AND RAIiRMNRII. ANY INDUSTRIOUS CLERK WILLING TO INVEur a law dollar*, allowing I he ninaey, ran hare oonataut emnlnymrnt. Etplainrd. part Internet for aale. Ronni So. 1. lid Third avenue. S. Y A CLERK WANTKD--IN A PRODUCEHTORK; AI.SO a bonkkeepet for Chicago; Apply at M Hioadwav. room No. I. ATOtTNO MAN 11 AVISO A THOROUGH KNOWL edge of drr good*, now acting a* a bookkeeper. wnuld like Ineonneel hitnrelf with a No. 1 home. Addreaa Safely, bo> IAS llerald nfllr*. D RUG CLERK WANTED-AT ? WHITF.II A 1.1. sr. D RCO CLERK WANTED APPLY AT 410 EA*T Hon Hon at , corner a*. D. IIT ANTED?AM ACTIVE ENERGETIC SALES*AM; M one to travel. Staple article In good demand l.iheral rommlaalon. No H0 Clip al. WANTED-BT AN EXPERIENCED ROOKKKKPER, a alluallon In a banklag houae or broker's office Ad. draaa R . hoi 2tW Herald nMcn. w ANTED?IN A CASH EANCT GOO DM AND hnalei T honae. two or three aaleamen, having eilr or connlrv trade, liberal arrangemema. Addre.a, hi i ~ Herald oflire w ANTED?A FIRST CLASS SAI.ESM IN, BY A LINEN importing houee. Addrnaa B , boa I,IMP Pnat ogl.e. COACHMBN AND <*ARDKNKR*. (NOACHMAN WANTS A SITl'ATIOM-IS A RESPECT J able amgle man; eaa give the very heat of env teeiimo niala from laat employer* Can be aeen ai 400 Broadwny, or addrnaa Coachman. OITCATION WANTED- AS COACH MAN, RV A RK O apeetahle Proteataai vnnne man. who un<l . underatanda hi* bualneaa thoroughly; haa lived In hia laal place nine year* and ran give the beat of elty reference, t all ai Mr. Camp hell'a harneaa atnre, 10 4th av WANTED?BV A COLORED MAN, A SITIUHl N AM coarhman. Or le lake care of horaea and make himaelf generally naef til Addrnaa Henrv .lohnaon. 70 Fnlton market W ANTED-A SITUATION AH COACHMAN OR GROOM In a private familv by a nnrlr muter aland* the earn of borne* and l? n aale driver, nan produce leatlmonlal* a* to hnneaty. snhrteiy, Ac Apply for two daya at 624 0th av., between 30th and TUili ata. NITt/ATIONN WAXTRD?NALKS, ATOUNG MAN, LATF.I.T ARRIVED FROM DUBLIN, well educated, and who haa heen employed for the laat all yeara In a wholesale lea wine and aplrlt warehonae, wlahea n altnatlen In the nhove hnaineaa or In any other rapacity, balary nol ao much an oh icct aa immediate em Wrnent. Haa Aral elaaa referenrea Addrcaa .1 P It., care nhn William* Egg . So 1 Howling Green ASTUDF.NT-A VOttSG MAN ENGAGED FRO* *i, A M. An I P. M., wlahea a place wheeebp hla aervma he can aecnre In whole or pari board, room. Ac. Addree* Student, Hainan F A SOBER STEADY. TRlisTNTHUTItr YOUNG MAN, a I givid bnaineaa haMH, .lealiea a al'iullon laa alitr*. aalary no objeet al Aral ha. dr-t ?I*.* referenee Call adrlreaa Emplovmem IS l-eroy alreel. A -to dry noons men.-a young man well . ?. ,.|e I in drt goods,hartn* aorne acinalntanm thrnngh Souther n Michigan would like to connect hloaaelf with an A No I homer Believe* he ran enlarge hla acaiialnuiice and mike Limaetf ? aleab e, Addrnaa J,, ho* jjj llerald office MAN WANT* A SITUATION AS PORTTR OK MEN tender, or vrril,I make hlm.elf g?mer Jlr naefnl can panl keep acennnU; WOnM go aa MSlf ar ?Irerage Mcward'on <ie*m'K??i, lian h? i AJ'Iraaa "X. Ml M King at VOt'NO man WANTS A situation as bar tendar, or aa groon, * .dark , haa nana ai> yaar* in naM of relertnoe If reyolrei UaH at Mi Pearl bnalnga* heat at. turn da* nrrtTATirw* wawtko?*AisiR?. A I.AD. MXVKN YKAK* OF AGK RR8IDINO Wi l li hu imkhiU, desires'a mtuan-nr iu toe oilier of some wholesale huu*e, or in A broker s office. \ lilie' * .1, I* II , 3UH 6' h a v AYOUNU MAN, i.a ; I I." AKltlVMD FROM IRELAND, Wtsbesaallustinu S?a > AAAlslilst ill < store. W himself g*ner.Uy useful. City reforeaoa 'All lw given li re quired. Addre** J. J.. SM 1st sv comer 38h ?!? A SITUATION WANTE.D?A.S GROOM. RY A YOUNG man Utelv from Denmark, who speck* but liitl" hu| ltsh, t horoughu understands bis btUIHMl, having lief'1 ertu rated in his own country for the training of horses, if.-. wsgr* not ao much an objec. ai a permanent situation. I all on or address Wm. Iloinwaui. 4?< rherry Hi. ^ _____ SITUATIOM WANTED?AS PORTER IN A MKRi'Alf tile hoiive. Or en erperteuoed vouog married uiatt; apeak* French and Herman, refer* In In.* present eoiplorer. Addreae M. M., boi 3,4iT> Foil office. S'lTUATII >\ WANTED -KY A YOUNG MAN WIIO IS unemployed until 3 P. M. aa bookkeeper. or iu any ulhn OAparlty; can furnish best of relerenee*. Address A. R. Ilenpld office. OmiATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG M VN 21 YEARS i ' of age. who ran furnish good refemicea; hea hud oon aiderahle i.utdaras eiperieure. and ?* willing in ui.ikc luin*eir f aerally useful iu ? wholesale lumae. Address S. P. T? eratd office. ?\ITANTKD_a SITUATION, BY A WELL EDUCATED YY young man, jual errircd from England; writes a good baud, aud Is willing to do any work toearu liia liring. Ad dreaa bo, <163 Poet office. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN (AMERICAN). A MTU A Hon as porter In aomn house, or to travel, oau gtv satisfactory references as to honcsiv. Ac . by calling at 9.' Washington at., Huboken, N. J., for tbrrcdaya. TO"ANTED?A SITUATION A3 WAITER OR STEWARD. VY In a 8r?l class family, by en Englishman: thoroughly understand!* tbe duties Of an indoor servant. Call on or ad drees James Gartlaod, IH|| Oneoa at., between Bleecker and Amity ats. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MARRIED MAN, AH agent lor long Island: well acquainted with all parta; good reference and security If required. Addresa for Iwo days, B. 8. L, Brooklyn Post office. w HEliP WANTED-NAUKS. ALL DKHIKIN'Q SITUATIONS?CALL THIS DAY AT 81 Chambers St.; collector, bookkeeper, oonyisls. grti aery, dry good*, drug olerk*, porter, walclimiu, conductor*, bartenders, brakesmen, co.tehuten. AGENTS WANTED?IN THIS CITY, FOR THE SALE of a new work of art; nunc but energetic and business men need imply; rapPst required from $90 to $5U, proflts from $5 to $10 per day. 65 l.iberty'sithird floor. A YOUNG MAN WANTED?TO M SKF HIMSELF UK.NKRALLY USEFUL IN AN OYSTER SALOON. CALL AT 23 CLINTON 81". BROOKLYN. Agents wanted?to sell brown s glass Cleaning Polish; sells every where, city and country. Large profits to agents. Sample 00 cents. C M. BROWN, 74 Hleecker at., New York. A YOUNG MAN WANTED?ONE WIIO UNDER alands opening oyatera and waitiug on tables. Apply at Earl's Oyster House. 358 8lh av. AN ENTRY CLERK, SALESMEN, AGENTS. ASSIST, ant bookkeeper, coachmen, gardeners, suited this day. LYNN i CO., Ml Navsau St., office No. 9. A YOUNG MAN roit A COUNTRY STORE SOUTH ? Salary $UJ0 per month. Must loan $20(1 on good security. No others ueed address Edwin, Ileralil office. Agents wanted?in all parts of tiif. united Stales, to sell "The Lives of the Presidents," a new work, by John S. C. Abbott, the great historian. The work Is finely illustrated, complete In uue volume, and ready for subscriber*. The author, the tbeuic, and the elegant style in which It I" Issued, combine to rentier it one or iiie beat book* for Agents ever published in Ibis 'country. Kvclusive territory may be secured br addiessing it. B. Russell i Co., Publishers, Ho,tun, Mssa. Agents wanted. * For the (Juld Medal 8evrtng Mn^hiue^ In mrerf city vol county iu the liniou. The leant oouiplieAtod two Itimad ma chine In the world. Addreta F. Johiutau dc Co., U Wash lugton ?t., Bottton, If Nan. B OY WANTED?IN A CLOTHING STORE; ONK NOT afraid to work, at 267 Greenwich sr., corner or Murray. CYANVAHSERS WANTED?TO HELL THE IMPROVED J Folding Pocket Lanlsru. Very light, a'-nug and durable; can be lolded and carried in Ibe pocket or traveling bag with safety sod conveuien*te, occupying tbe apace of a cigar on*e, and are opeued and closed as readily. They contain i? bethei open or closed) mutches and extra can lie*, and, heiug always ready for use, are moat appreciated Iu the greeted emergen me*. Prices:?Nb. 1, $1 each, (Including two candles; No. 3, 75 oetita each, (Including three caudle*, j Additional candles, (pure sperm.) No. 1, $1 per lb.. No 5. $1 25 peri!,, l.'ver.l diacuiuit to dealers sud canvassers Mend for samples. JULIUS IVKM A GO.. 49 Maul - ? h?ae. N. Y. Manufacturers of Ives' Pateut Latnua and dealers in K? u ?ene goods generally vaKKaKnc aohsth wawtbd-to inik idiok an Jj nrtlale ol rare merit *ud lor-go pi litre* P'*5t; OlOi'ialeo Mil {Titrtatrfl far town* and ooimtia*. fit in luueaidut.* I li Naaaau at., room Mo. 7. WANTKD-A TOUMO MAN TO ACT AM UUHT I'Oit tor la to ottltx iri Mmitil Htrnet, nriat be willing to make htmaelf (aneially imotnl A,Lima. tut l.iije t'oat oMee WANTKD-A OKRMAt* BOY ABOUT IS TKAH4 >1,0 who baa aouin kuowlmlijo of tlio rwtad granary bnoi noun Apply at. TV M av WANTHD-MBN TO UHLL TT duremanta otfarod Apply to I WANTKD?J4HVKB AL OKNTLKMRN (>/ HOOD All Iron*, tn art ?n aitviartiaing for Bald #'?'?' Via ?Olidalnd Boauiraa Dlrncbn-y of New V n-k. Km ton an.1 Phil adnlpbla for PW7 Kaperintioed t anromnra p.'itforrol Vp ply to II A Baldwin 4 On . W Oedar at WANTKD?A0BMT8, BLUI I'KIt MONTH, KVKltf whore, mala an I founts to aril 'br genuine t) minion Ron an Family Hawing Manhinn, thn grrataat lit >000011 of 1 to ago Pi ire $10. K iSrr inni-hlat war nlted hton y tori Add rata Booomb $ 0o . Otoeel md, Ohio WANTKD-TW > TOUMO MEN , <VI f DOOR Will*, fi t par rook, limokenpar add c elotrj wt 'r It*! Nit aan at . room lfo 1. WAN TKD?AN RXPRRIRNCED BPMt Mono bat a A<ni. rata band uital aoply. wlch a'. !? "A t TEAR AND INSTRl'tinOM UIYRN TOR t !}>? TIT ??m1 nor in a aiationerr atorr Apply ai I tr Library, Writ J4'h at. TIIK TRIDKt. DENTIST.?WANTKDA GOOD MRrHAKII AL WORK r 1: none otlior need apply. IH KKIN 4 VOITMO. Art Pan l/.NORATKRR OX STONE, -WANTKD. HOOD t.Kl Pi irrria, fo l.lonl'a matntnoib map nl Now Vor'a r,l*. Apply al Lloyd'a map bureau, Ml Uortlaodt at IRBORAVBR WANTKD-OMR ItsRD IN* I.KTTRRIMI J on lilt or, Ae Apply 10 Thoa. Hroiia ISA Broad way PI.P MRP!If WAMTED-A (IOOD HANII. APPI.V l?? ?loeeph A. Wootl, tat 10 A. M.'l ? Parooli a . le aey I Illy. N J fpo .IEWEI.I.KRS.? WAXTI.D, A MAX fO PI'RPIIAHE X the alock. Itutla and good will of abort in Brooklyn; brat rale chain-* 1 tpply al S77 Polio 1 at., Brooklyn. WANTKD? A TOECM1 It APICAL AMD ABPIIII r.Pfl'R al ilraoshiatnao Apply, w-Hh apocimooa, at Xn. Ill Hioadwny. Trinity Building. ntotn AT. w fANTRD?jl ri BUT f! !?.%** iJ fllfn; it k I'U fvrtr fm ?wjnni?rpi4l w??i k. MAVEIth'K. STKP1UN A ? O I .?? r?iH<$n ??. TIT ANTED?A FEW MKN T? I.EAR* ?'l4? %K M \Kl\f. ? ? Uu^tH in fiHirdivi I It* Mi* ?Hfi?h ?*., ?nii.iru* on (linitir, rinim lit. Alio ? l-'urn<?hf I Hoom t * It1 KRK.VA II AID KRTIaKtiKlK o N OEM AN DK?CNF. FKMME Kit AffC \ ISE OC a t. iKmatxl^ jHMir ions l?lf Ian* TTNE .f KCNK KIIbLE HMNC^HK NOI VEJ*I.CMK NT V,' urtivi , d*?i?iro pin* nt tinm** iM?n# H fnI ?.t * H'm 1I1 ???>??! an No (Hi) Marion ?(. CITT RRAL RNTATK KOH "*\I,E A PUUTi'LA"* BROWV MTDKK HOIfSI iNIIMii . Weal Twenty-arrond atrnel $14 imd. it , a.,,. ?. $KiMB; do. We-i Twelfth roe ?:"tOr |o. >ao* 11 ret, $!* lyar two rholee I.Ota. W e,t w 1, ,? -1, alreer, i.UOO each; nuin plur' In BraoklD from $?.lk*t opwatda. W. II. MJflJUA All nr... l?ar Artllfll STORT KMltMRB BASE MEN I IIDI SK KOR aalr on Martiann attnnr ne*t Thirtj e'fb'b aireel lm mediate itoareaalon flat looltaa fm ? nl.aaina.t S. P I KM. t X It .HI Kmidwar ABARRDAIV PUR RAI K. t P' aloop brown aiiin? lloiiee Hr aeaeion yiven Imined ? el? P *$'J*.7A' POTTER BRH.'S A BkI.LABA Mo PI AHAMDSOAIK THREE SToRTtlll'.H MoOP RIIll k Some on 1 weniy ?? ten'h ? ne 111 ei< e'ieni onlei . well loi rieii, ani4Jili?i I"rn e ? ,nly $ 1 .Viiai POTTKR BROTHERS A HI I I \M\ No ; Pineal <???< a ?Till Pit AVEM I Mil; R emit HHIi K PI RUT J\, rlaae Hnaine-. Pio|ierl? rem l*b 1 -i r $| I Mt-OAHIM. A CO a Heal I I .. n,n?e A, I fbn I avaiioe. APIRBT OLASn Eot.'R STOIIA H li. I ?1110P HROW \ almie llnuae, with ele^ani tilliiree inirima, A . ail new fnr $A3.A0V. Xlx'A leei. ilnee w.i.o dnneu, wa 11111 donre etaira A<* leieailnn lae nlmieeai, Inirtr n mi b alreri aaal nf Slitb arenne with |a?aae?aioi, .irtM.hT l>.At Ala P011 rib areune A SPI.BMDID THRKK aTOBV HIi.M SfooP Bllli ? Hoiao*. in Tblriy-niotb alreel. neat l yblh areour in aplendtd ordet. mndern ItaproirtueoAa All .ea) |n$n o 0? SKIXAS. T;? Knhlh a?eti.i? ASP. AT I'ttTTAHE IIOPSB? KI'M MiT IV HIIY. foortb alrnot, ooor Aetnnill arertoe ,?ni (initial prne $7,WH. InAolrOOf IBJUAr "IB P itjlitb ar, toie \DKS1RARI.I. I'M ATIOM.?Tlllll E 11 1,I Mila. Hill? tbll-d atirel. onrth atde :a*l Irrt ol Para ITtl nan! nl Rritilerattl. will la eifcl yboaii lllle ytnad. tettna liberal TIIOH. h- tNI AN. T*l KtgMl avenoo, AilOOII Lot AThI.N.- TIII'KI PI I I, LOTS ON II II If and 114th aireou. i?t*-e. Plittt aeenta* aid Bottle rard $1 ran term, llb-nl, Tllos at \Nl.AN, 41 r tghih arenne BP.LOW MtDISOM SQII.AI?I ? li 1 1. afiiKT BIIIH e|or>|,. all the ' . (|# $14 |*4> Al*n ? moiWTO bMll fnn a walnnl ai.lira, donre. At*.; foce $71,0111 Mi 1 VIII LI. I ill S (teal Itiale Pi batige, OTI Tn i t a*, enoe. JOPLKVARD LOTS?WK>f I v|i voRTHWKtT 4)OR > nai I44lh ,liee|, A.e and one naif iota in one rir.fitti Apply *> WADIII.LL A AltMsTROXII. No II Ine at rent L'OR HAI.B -AIOl ?K Nil - LtlMMIN TERRAPK [" (Weal Trei.tjr lhlrd eiireii Piir $|i ??i inroora-y. TKiART A HI.KKi.tN .'>W Nroado 1' r-mill HvoR nil.I.-ON VAIhi' 1 Hi vi V HKi'OMlt hTRPKT, fnm ahed. with imoia lute po.aeaa 0-1, a bred amre h Ah atoop M,rtna? Ihtee rooina deep, in c aid oidai I'rlre >14 it" A te tair lea ?( $t ?<>? 11 a '? i AX tt bllW anilH $.. fae I wa . ? lb rl o'root CITV RKAI, KOTKTR FOR MAX.K. J.HIR |4IC -TWO II H'SES ON DVI VRH-ilTY PUkuu P b<*l*ccu Twelfth aul TiinltMuth uliffU, wmM ?><!? iJ l.-t'UM of Lnl,, IB years from M tv next, pri >? V'.'KIO e*rb cub Api'ljr ?l the paint *tore,tl Uuivrraity pUo* rjKlR HA.LE-AT A LK8AI' KAKCAIN. TililKK FULU ' l.ol? 011 <ve,l mile of V?Ji-no m oaue, near Fori ,'scconl *lre#l. Apply linuieihiitelf. S. r. UIEI.AND.UH lln?,|w??. F.AOII HALE?f?N WESI1 TWF.NTV FIFTH KTKKKT with Usrpel m, Oilcloth*. Mirror* a oil U u Fixture*, * foot rnory high (loop Hoove, about Si leet wule, with library e*. teiialon; II h*a just been thoroughly rrpalml. patot.u, dor,, rated, Ac.. tin* lilacs wnlnul panel *1 airvrtya, marult, Ulo4 lull, nil modern convenience* and Ik In Iicrferi mil apleo <loi order from (op to bottom. The [mi .or* .ire elegantly 1 remoed in nil, the oarpets juat laid and am the neat that tin* cnycoold produ o It i? ready for flumfediate occuuau ev Frlrr $^1,01)0 J 48. It. ICDWAKDS, 277 Weat Twenty* third atreei. WtlB HALE-A MODERN BtlU.T THKSR STORY HIOH r aloop brown a'otie llouae. Eaal Forty-ninth atreot, i*? toeeo Sarooit aiol Third avenue*. Teunaeaay. Apply to IIOMEH MOROAN. No. 2 Pine street. For sai.k-a two and a half story double baaroienl fr.ime House; lot 23x30 fert, in gieei repair: free from euriitnorant-e; water tax ami laaura ire paid until May 1. Will be aold rheap ioi rash or ea*y term*. Irma tloit Delitncay atreet. N. V. Call for two day* a! HP Naasnix aiien. room No. 7. flOR KALE?A VERY FINK THREE STORY BROWW alone high atoop llouae. 'JitBO ami 74. on Tbirty-olntfc alreet. near Seyeotn avenue; S 10.001 Four ilory F.ugtlMi iia-emeul brick, M.txAO *nd 98.0, on Thirty-aecoud alreet. near Sixth .avenue; $10,000. EDMUND H^MARTINK^I,273 Broadway. L"?H SALE?ON WIN f TIYF.N TV-FIFTH STREET. P fnrnlalied thoroughly and handsomely, a four afiKy high atoop llouae. built in the l>e*t manner and all in |a>rfertor der. Price, with tKnaemion. $36,00u. Would take lea* and vacate 1st Mav next. .IAS. R. EDWARDS. 277 Weal Twenty-lliird atreat. TxVMC SALE-NEAR ST. JAMES HOTEIi. A FOUR I" atorv bigh atoop Houae, 23 6x60<98.9, Id line order. Price $26,000. .IAS. R. EDWARDS, 277 Weat Twenty.lhlrd alreet. L'OK SALE?TWO HOOD FlHJR STORY HKICK r llouaex and Store: lot 21x1* !>. ou Thirty.xerotid alreet, near Eighth avenue: $11,000: three aiory high atnop brick. Ill IS,Mil, ?n TUirty-ftrat alreet, near Second avenue: $*,AW. EDMUND II. MARTINK. I.$78 Kr.?i.|?rnjr. LKllMSALK-TUK VALUABLE PROPERTY SITUATED r oiPIlie *outhei??derly corner of Chatham ami Roosevelt afreet*; i*lho a hamUnme Cottnge Hottae, with htil: mi *crw of ground. Ml Tarrvtown, ten minuir^' walk from 'lie depot. Inquire of TERRY A BERRIAN. 20H Broadway, room II. FV)ft BALE?A TWO STORY AND BASEMENT HOURK. 18x35, lot 2fi*10b- all imjn oTeuienta; excellent neighbor hood. Inquire at 10*2 Weat Tweulv-nintli Rtreet, up HUlm. IjlOE RALE CHEAP?A SIX STORV TENEMENT 1 llouae, with lull mi zed lot, aituared on Kornyth Htreet. BLISS A JAMKS, 'M6 Broome utred. IOTS FOR SAf.K ('HEAP?OX FIFTY RECORD J alreet, hetvreru Eighth and Ninth awnw, llTltl Htreet. between Fifth and Sixth avenues; Ninety ninth and HNRA Mtreets, between Second Mnd Third avetmeH; Fourth utfenue. between llHtti and 119th Ktreet^* aIho ottier up town property. AdUrenn HO (.MAN A HILL. I SH4 Broadway, N. V. IOTS IN ALL LOCALITIES WERT OF THE ( KNTftAt J l*urk for Hiile-?Two Mplendid Lois on Eighth neetiuw. near Blxty-eecond Btreet. $15,000 eaeh; four Lotn ou Fifty fourth street, uoar KiuhtU avenue, each 25v170 $A(MJ0e?f*h; oiharaln svsrf Iai*m1iIv Inquire of SKI X AS, 7TK Ktghtk Murray iiill.?for sale, furnished, a fou* atorv high atoop brown stoqe Houae, in Thirty eighth street, a few door* Horn Fifth avenue; houae thoroughlr painted; location uo*urpm-u*d in ibeeitr; price $53,0,0. Ad dreaM owner, J. B. S.. bo* I9(t Herald oftioe. Murray hill, corner of madiron avenue.? A superior Houne. cxiru aixe ami fiuiah. Immediatw )M?s?e*>alo?i Apply to WADULLL A AKMSTKONO. No. It Flue ntreet. WEST FIFTY THIRD STREET. NEAR BROADWAY. A nen brown atnne llouae, hainLoiuelv furuishM. ^20 000. half on uioi Applv to WADOKLL A AKR SritONU, No. It Fine at wet. WE OFFER FOR SAI.E-THIS MORN!NO. ONE Of the nioM imrfmi, o??4r, little thiee alury iiigh ntooy brink hnuaea erer offered in New York city; turnlahed com. plelejy; price only $lff,0dh, with iuroHu(*e: n-wiv pauited and papered tbi'iuigtioui. KINO A CO., No 9 \Ve*? Twenty.!hitd atreet. Fifth Avenue Hotel. <f?1 r r/\A ?K \SY TERMS: HIOH HTOOF DWRL ?u I t?ng. modern linproreuieMfH, Forty dflk elroer, he;we-n RruidwavMud Sixth avenue: uetinbornooA ti'iex?efdWmi?bi?-. P?u?pq|au. Appir t> HAMILTON B. TOW LF, 7? Cedar aireei. (Will FOR A FIVE STORY BRICK STORK (IV ' Maiden lane, fttibdt?oft?tJv built m4 ?vet! Located. Y?1V dea?rab!e property rOl TER BRi#T>IHtts ARBKi.loA M V, No. 3 Piua atreet. BKOOKI.Ytf RKAIi R9TITK POR HAI.S. BKOOtLTK.-9i9.tlW WILL Rl!Y A NPW KIRNf f'Aman l?r?wu hiouo front if 'SJx.-SO, four Maria*, h?#g. ?n?*P and oei!%r: lot "Jtl'ID, in Aral r>ln?n lot'olioo. Otfort ria*r Lftfayelte ?*nnue P.v*rx molem wnitiut ?t*lr? %nj ? ml ririu'tod t.rv?gj? it ??? efagftiit fttyle, HH.gtou piA^meM* In itrwri. Wi__ $21,09). I hi rim J ?t* {?' ?n *'<?'(>'j Apply tot*. W BROWN, ??liJt'iwMt COfrte. Pulton arab'-itf uil i'1 ui'Mrtircl iti-eef Fmr. balk tjik pp >pkrty ok \n kbiwtr. nut (l ii* R*?.demrt On th?* HO'it i *l<le u' PttMtdeot street tfljk )!*??? JJumklfa, *>1 vje, thoroughly (mug hf dtiT'a V?i|| * ?4<4ru to tx? opjn wijitod: Jut rMkiJd leot, two etim I.o'i if enuted, itelg)ilM?rhoo4 n^llaut Vj **i4in'ua Uj* iicmi*o Ai'ply ?? lit JVwnlwi* street K K RKLIeHKL *4 ?hwf*r Hrwt.. N T f?<)R HkLR-THft KIRST CLA*A TOREK HTORY A It 19 F o(Uo brown uton* House No, T? Booth Niotii otrwM, t>w I ween NoooiXl lid I'hir-I *lrewt?. Brooklyn. within thr ?j??u?u^4' wiilk of tii* icr-ie*. being tin* r??4?niw of VYtllioan W%)t. K?1 . $he house .? 33 Of 70 'eot, well ?rmn#?d '?nUl * Imshe I In -h** vity hes? mini*; hw the owner for Md_ iw*. i jd U In r unp! ?(.- order throughout; lot SO by I jjtOK balk -ru ri.oat ah i:statk. in <UR*OU? I1 * rw, I51i"fty?4i ?f Third orwun, 8rix?lilf?i. * urg* i w ? Hi or/ end utiir frame-lloute, wel! built And in ffO>?d fn* nin I t ii) n<; lintiiw'JdiiO; hull H (?*<it wide, lol *4)41%. wHh defile in the vnmr. Will be eoht for ?i.ur?. ?1S# riiH, be! scire * to suit ihn ptirchooer. IroaM root. H. *i?nle (Hi*<*e?f4?oo aire*. II V. SI'tKORI). K W^ll afrtnt. Y , and ISO ltetn?nM! street, Kiooktrn <1:7 rj|A -roit sale. in ilkrhont ayknotl ?w I .? M FU. Brook I vn. ?? thro# ?u?i t brl?*k Mono, lit COM order; de?i'A.*l<* lo.i'ion, K. Jk <?!).. 4J*'? Till too tvMM. ??( NTRV RKil? 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