Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1866 Page 5
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EUROPE. Special Telegrams to the Herald. MAXIMILIAN EXPECTED AT MlRAMAR. Tlic Ki-Lapress Charlotte in a Dope* less State of Health. Th? Prussian High Admiral to Visit the United States. EXTKNSIKR IKRKSTS OK FK*M*8. Military Precautions in London, Liver pool and Glasgow, hr. etc. fct. MEXICAN AFFAIRS. SPECIAL fELEfiftAS TO THE HEflALO Tfc. e %-Cm pre** In 11 llniii-li'w I'.indiliott ?l;i ? milium Kx|irii?<l hi tliriitinir. Titik-TC, Ucc. 1. Ix.x The condition pf health <il ihe I'llncc.., ex Impr.? ot Mexico, al Mimaixr, Ik comidered hupe|#*>, ?nd the '.he ie mud hy hoi physician* to In- beyond remedy. Prepare!'oris .ire lining tnvle here to receive Mixi nsdlaii. He in expected In arrive ?t tine port in iu All. trinn war vi ihel from Vera Crux. The Knwrtrd Occupation ?l tlnlnwiiru.. P A Kill, Her. ?. 1K,X. A despatch rioin Am rir. announcing Hie occupation of Mmntnrrob by I nttcd .Sinter irnopy htk cuucil . marked no.cation here. PRUSSIA. SPtr AL rELESRAWJO THE HERALD. A Hovel Navixl Pupil ilir I'liitol ^inlri Bonn, Urc 1. lion Priuoe Ade'lvrt, ot i' , m. High Admit il ol the Mary, i? preparing to underta," a louruny to the Cnlted Stale" wan ? view of stud} n ; the Ainencaii tem. and /'.porting the; of rum *iirh > mar thing ...Iv .hi. to he adopted In the Prussian nari. Me Is Co mini r.oricd hv ih. Km for the pnifio-ie, and it IS thojghi thai itie ( tilted S n'*~ tic-h rn itaproveuiouta in ooac ruction will he ex'?rcivelt adopted and pre. furred 11 the KugiMi plan.. FRANCE. 5?EC'AL TELEGtA* TO THE HERAtfl. A I'enal in. -enit villi. I lie I nlted IHInlea. I'akis, I tee. I. t M.rt The case of M. Arn-au hi'-. the 1 uiteil Stale* couocramg lite Iron dad huiU tor the ex reliei Confederates, ll'v-sm. Rrlauper, .-Ihlell aud Kill. Inc., wli'i U esiue up h. fort tit'- Fn at rrthnnal ?t the Meloe, It i* 'bought will ho -ettifl l?v arbitral on. IRELAND. Kitcnslir Arii ale ml I Vnltin<?. l.oMifiN, I lev ?, (Hrx Many ar.? ts of Fenian hare b en inait? hr tba pif. eraaiem offlcem in Iraiand. Misislaair ml' it Fenian tfaxrinrwl in l.ivrr pnol mad lt|a.??n. Lonox, Dec. 2. IsAfl It is tun# probable that troops will lie sent to Livrr. pool and l.U'.'dw on jo-mtiil off/., had ft'Uiu, that jne. anii oui-mp 'hr /, mi ... ti. ? c ENGLAND. Tha Wrest Kelarm llrniunsli Milan la ?Ian Yfillerv Precnullaee. l/diKu, Dec. 3 Itdt Alt the tegular troops in lie rtvwill be si ridly con fined to the precincts ot tbetr barrndts during the re fnriw aaealtug which Like* pit. ? hern on Monder Aw f x. Aaiericna Hrbel I .ended. I.'.oo! -nant Ma ty. la'# i<.al< ueiai* naval rotninai>4*r. bav arreted in Ixcdott. MARINE INTELLIGENCE. iMrKNnnii., I ie< I s'.r, The k'n.tit.U.p Palmvra. Captain Hi own I mm New York, aai arrivad <>nt MEXICO. Baraia. It.sniied la Fa tar at llrlet' far Presides!. Wkantao'ov, lite 3. imx latter. Uorrt lite eiljr ot VP, received here, dated the IPtn, slate the tact Ilia' fibnoral liars ne bad git*# anus ead atr.iuuulL.on to two Mexican liberals. and |i'o*it*e<> then that thnr should not !??? interfered with by the f ri nch foice... I'm. .'hvi ihev prononnced w IJeoeial Ortcpi. and pun I niried btwi an Pee- .trni of Mexico Maala A one about la ttaka aa laiparlwal tlas emeal. W*?MIS' TOM, lie.-. X l*?ti. Il ? nan id here upon vw?l aulhorltr thai -anta Anna I' e e. il naitlug A in.itemeui m regard to Mexican atTalc*, r I." h not only* the .ani non of the utnia liepurioieoi, hut will have au lni|e>rtsiit elte. ? on <i% euliwg ibe txte ol hi. ti'tire co inU). Tba 'diceapalian al tla/allaa br iha l.lbei. M la. A.*. Si i Istiilxui, I la-. 3 HbX (Xnsol I.odoey Um pieitlve nforinatiou of the on I,|.at on of Me/ailan lit 'be l.bei .1 lleo'-ial f'ornna, Novetnbci Id , l etters iroia Pre,.ldeBl .luare/ ?nd the Mm eer ,,f Plate, l ei ilo dtr Tojede, My that ?.?le-ra1 I'lar n o \i . < etpertnd ('htcuahne to i o .,p..r?te with H?n Pr. ,?le?i and hopes ara enierfamal here that Hi# lie ..i i, , death h rder of Corona, niev prove iteorr < i l?ti/uET TO TH^TREktH UIAXAA1 A Ptlbies la ba Meal In Ike l.ecmlniit rri al nil ? be siuiex Casada ihr fori nil. Nalrel the I'a la a I ate af Tbnnke la Ibe Ifeiald. A c. The .|e;egaia> la the A'rench t.'swadiaw Con u ?i held in Mil" city om -aturdev, were eater'aine., )?.< ton ? egnt a Mplend.d oanquet by iha Naw Yorlt meiwbors "t Aha as.o-latIon Colonel b.mrhar oc.nt.ed the ? Im , and no the removal ol the cloth eeveral ippiopr . e aeiriot.c w.n<e ware glee., in an ei. etiaoi nustti by mane of the gentlamea preeeat. Itie . ... mwis propo-ed the health of tba Pres .ent ? nd the poeiMneni or the tailed Ktaiee. which was i>> reixad with tha greatest eiiM.neiasm Mr H? ?<? I ? ? gave as a Intel '1 he Canada.?the'or Itrtb If l"l H?e thiry eevaotb Slate of the I nbm This replied to with cheers upon ? heere all pe> .an* ?tending and ? heer-ng aga n and again for the new stale. The neg' total propo-ed and received with appl.x-iM t ?t id the "rival of America, ' ?s|?cial'y tha haw T'?eg Mr I s Hoi-ar. of Cohoee th?n said It was oaly proper to propuee a ?| e. al vote of thanks to tba Bsiixt n lor hartng sent t'? repreeenlatire to the ('onrention and hanq.iet, thrrebf publishing th# latnotionn of tha ?ociety?? r Its Irmntnae on-a<rt only throngh. ?nl all portions ot thi? country, bet far b?>ond the ??eaa, where It sim mad with plearore, and where it# vnlea was lieard and would rea h tb# tbroaa of Victoria ?o Wara her government af the ioe# of ber province of ? aaede Tboaa prw??n? reapoaded lo 'he toast by giving ? fears, 'brae times three, for tti# Hsmi.o and its r>m. Mnoad proepardy. Att'rxl ether piee>aot .acidea'a rs enrred. and the flilari'y and eajevmeats of tba even, lug wore key. up until a late bour. wheo <be assamhly ad)oaraaA Wlahlag coatin ? d sn-ceee to tbe friends of HOorty air over The world sod prosperity to tb# short eww bolag mad# by th# patriot.c In lr#l#nd II I# tl># lateatloa af (he lr# fXiam nune. d.stair pi prepare a mem.otal for pr#aent oa to Cr.ngre.. and to lb# Icg'.latuie af aacb "tale in tha t o on a. ?iu?t fee pmjactod oaaf#deration a-beta# la '.'aaads UECT.WI Jf UNITE! STATU SCNATQR l? KINM . . ? . Arc.rrrs, Da 1. IMA Tateii.g#u.w at Cbnrlnaion rwport. tba ra m,'* k m U"^ *"* I" ?? l?n MUSICAL. Pbflbiirinwnlr Krkrarml. Tha Urut rehearsal of tbl? old ul honored society for tbelr second concert took pUoe at Btetnway Hall oa ?sal .rday aflernuoo. The prog ram ao oomprlsM Bee thoven's Fourth Symphony, the overture, "Carnival Rouiain," by Hector Berlioz; selections from Wagner's Lohengrin and Mendelasobn'a violin oonoerU. We are glad that the eociety has dropped the Meidartknytr von Niimbrrg from the bill; for, after the failure of tbe two attempt# which have been made to popularise It, there Is no use In such an excellent conductor aa Carl Berg maan wasting hie time and the energies of hie unsur passed orchestra on It. The eociety hat doue well la ?miring Mile. Camilla Una for tha Mendrlaeohn concerto; and now, |to make the programme of the second concert complete, the directors should add the Henselt eoncerta. Beethoven'a concertos were composed at a lime when tbe piano wae only a box of rattling strings and do not, therefore, develop tbe resources of tho modern grand pianoforte. The Hen.oil concerto. Independent of the orcbeetral parts, wbioh form a grand symphony m themeeiveH, display tha marvellous quali ties of the queen of Instruments to the fullest extent. Second and third rate soloists should not appear at a Philharmonic concert, where people look lor the highest standard of music, and It is time now to change the exploit'd opinion of the directors that eotos are necessary evils and thai amateur* or half artists are euSirjrol for thein. Ilia .fourth symphony is of tho chamber music order in simplicity of harmony. There Is little of Beethoven power m it,' Out exqiu* te /race and skill. The composer could not write anything uninteresting, and this symphony cannot fall of gaining admirers; hut we think It is the weakest ol the sense The four movement* are, Adagio, .fl'sgru nivaM; Ailagio. AUtyro tun ace, and AUryro nut nun troy fro. 'I he second movement Is the best. Wc shall re icrve remarks on the iest of the programme until tbe urn rehearsal oa Saturday next. We cannot close this si li le without congratulating the society on the excel leul choc ? inatlo In the conductor. 1 uder hi baton the orchrstra will maintain the high reputation they hive ulwuvt . /etl. If certain other conaucuir;- would take t-- -our 'rum him iu leadin.' a body ol musiciMas there would be It- s failures In Iheir alicniplu to produce the mil of 'lis great uiastei*. Irving IIisII tVrkll Melisre. Mr. James M. Welili, the dl-tlnguiahed pianist, gave a ma' n.-c nt Irving Hall on Saturday. He waxaaHisled hv Mi* tntoua llenne, contrail*; Mr W. (i (siupliell, ii new hnritonc, niul Mr. I'olliy. p srilat Wo hare spoken so much ou previous occasions of Mr. Webli'M admlrahls playing that we used only add here that on fain rday he ployed with hi* accustomed success, anil was eothii *i. -Orally encored ill every piece. tVha'er *r may he the op'nlon* of crttlcs and artl its regarding Mr Wehli - ver satllity aa a pianist, there < au be bni one opinion of his bravura play ing. We have no such other repr-enta tive of that school among uJt Kit* crutp, clear, emotional touch, united to bi* wonderful execu tion make bun the brim itl'tl or a bravura placer. M' W. i . i ampbeil has a voice of the Mentor an order, villi, however, a good deal of undeveloped music nit Hi* Kriutni solo wa* tnfclkillone in the esteem-. Ml Autonis Ilcuuc'e voice I* sadly lu need of training. In tlie eevatina from Afiwifen-ki nt i ttap<'t-ili -lie nam.' com pletely out of tuue. it i - a tine -uoe. ibd b ight to be schooled in s different manner. Mr. Wehli'.s uexf sp fieunnue will he al the Brooklyn Academv Muhlc, at the Monday popular i-nciil, with 51 ? a sir M Bomld ?ml Mr. \\ J HIM fourteenth v*iiii<Ihv t'uiierrt. w cipway Hull ws* urowd'sl again las! oyeoing. The programme was one ol oon.vlderald* interact, cornprhdug lor the orchestra the overture to the Magic Flute, i..?*t * Preludes. Beethoven's overture in opus Il.i, Weber' , In -i (ttion a la ddwsa, and tho R .kis 'V Usc U by Berl >? , and for the soloists, Messrs, Klcliherg ami Hill, ihe flr-d movement of the concerto for violin, opus til, by Bee thoven, Religion* Meditations. and two sougs by \bt sod Krebb*. Mr. Julius Elcbberg enjoys a well riexet "d reputation for bis dimming o)>erelta*, tbe Doctor of Alcantara, tbe Two Hadis and a Night ,n Kouie, hut we fear, Judging from i*m night'* perform ?ore. tlisl lie shall acquire Rule honor* there a* a violimat. The 'COHerto Is s breed, large and vigorous work, aheuudlDK in dlltii ullics which none but an artist of the htgbc-i order can euruiunnt, ami requiring great breadth of tone, faultless execuiiun aud complete ay in path" with the compo'er. Mr Kicllbeig poeeevse. noue of then* qualities. His tune la week and "eetntcbjr," hi* execution indistinct, and In some pari* he plat ml completely out or tune. His Religion- Meditation*, wil|i organ a< compsnimont, were remit red liettcr In every MfMN 'ban tlm -nncorlo. Mr. W. J. Hill sang ihe le-autiful tirMmfm M-Jif, by Abt, in < haruiiu* style, lie has au excellent tenor voted, and he use* it lik* an ar tist. Jle will alhg this evening with Ml*s Kste Mr Id al ihe Brooklyn A-ademy of Mnaic at the popular con cert. On Tuesday the Ocillen choir will repeal Samson at Steinway Hall, and to* Wednesday popular m ncert will ahui lie hold there. Mi. Harrison, in tliesi popwlar concerts has supplied a want which lis* been long (elt in the city, and the auocwe* attending In* "iitcrpii?* ao far it so * *,m*j,i "f < he good will of the public tnwsida uch eatertsnmenf* Q E O R Q I A. SKC Al CORRESPONDENCE Of THE MIRALI. Tkc l.ri(liilM*r?-'Vt k? Ikr ' f ?waliiwtiwMal Amriiilmi'*! mm* K*)rrlH Nf(r* Mlrifr lifnirr Iwr Northern Capital waif l.ah*r. Ar<'. M.t.' ni i.n, Not. 27. 1S60 fti* Near Ynea D an- nover raor? pnteai la I'* influence lu i.eorf I* than It i* *' the present time. Tru* th* paper I* abtia-d b".-* i<? It doe" *ol ?diu' ilt Ilia v<*?m nt ? particular ponton, pu.h lam Ilia radical*. laud Amiiaw lohitton, an<i ib#d K* la i drop of blixwi u 'ba define* of ob?olei? rS>ulberu ri?(lit?. Now lbi? l* all wrotu. Tbo cotiudy, au ladi-wnlnMe connected b. natural ?ud artWi ml bond*. mo?i bp atlll fortliar anit mora *tri>o|l)~ united br a national./.ad I mou md pair otic i.o? And (radu'.lljr but mraly lha work i? progr*??tar. Thp work of < "*l?pc?no* torn* bravely on, and tb* Hin> a i* 'ooaed to hr tbp poop* li..fp t* nri.ig th* p iraat jitd* to l?ad tliam Irani lb# labyrinth of ibair luiaioii'ia** . fit# l*fl*i*tnra of ttPorgia ha* been in ?*??-.>? fbur wank* out of tlie fort* day- ? I - Win* * I by Mr ?i?i# i unatitutlne to *11 Karl* in tbo bp*do 'b? amendment to tliP I'l.n^litution, aa .1 raadi .a anil know, rejected with but two vota* in u* farer. Tb. dlflleon hp in the way of It* adoption w#i* raprraeotad a- Iba** I mi, tbH -tal* bail no .-uarantea that il tb*- *liould ai'api tbp autPPdniani tiaotfi* would bo prtu up nlr re ator.'d to bar ralat uu i A i;?iuirat guremmnBi; and ipi-ouii, tho pp. pip look upon it a* lb* botyhloi lagretHadP and per ? ? tamI d* ifi jiIhiIo*. to dlafiaQ. b ??? and br .fid wlib infam" tbpn hero., aaldiere and a IP# at*t*Miirn wbo |ipr 1ml all for them U an r of Hipp Ir.t d and abla atao- u.oa wo .I* lit. entirely wIM as for Uip fuwr* to tot mtarih . n irorn inter, rorenpi- wltb "tale m oa' " *1 poliln-- It'll to li?v# * proti.btti.m of tliP P' f "p of tban di-i/wp r igbt* fari #d upeh th" o by tb? pHOple whom .art nil" tb?? *p?w u a it the tr\ ng Hmr> .1 ill" rehp' on, nimbi lip ?vmailiii . ?he. wuuld nIIIbar rel ti n?wforii p So fur i the i|iii ' of ni.Arof noincriiH' iIip ppopta of t ?"t a i'p*iin to look ti p pea ?>; " of ... btppenit I. "I-.*" tame of the pr> > <"ti. * method* of raw., o > :?'? ?n ... ivu pari . r lnth#a"ir? or th" tie- "Ml *?*OH?i"eel. ?*?< e (w"r i at "o iii? people o uaaf'a lia.Mttlr wi?b 1 lay praa )earn .or t The* < -"fr n ? m? torn* in tfceway or orp|..Pte Ira ? - to n n.?y ? r???iv*d by ??>? ,"tn :al ao- awaatit .-ii t?..? ,r ? n h "NUk* baa o'. . ?d in w' . b i.rgla . ' i' ??? " '"nit." ? ? ?n.i'ini.' ??? oeg.a* maw i>. <iai'd lomatt ta u t no a at? '...?I m?dp a frr t ? . .? ?? t ??! and iip# . .?? m? r? ?I ? . ao? wll rl I' .1 I I I" ?" that a;'II fi..;i> i j u* In n an i>pl" nl ? > ? <! to ' at \a ... w," o i. Ip pe<>i>lp itiPi i .? < << p <>f t*" iw. i'O . -ip ? .4 al ?> ' ? i. la , ip*ipr it Ip ? i. nt . ti p w . ^ . r "? t ? n. I In "P ill*.mn 0 " r g tl.p ||...>. .11 n II < I" *? . -i **nri-p i initial .at n ill" a M? * >e " b"aio - 1 .g? .n th* ?.? p . traoit.ia to tb* pPoplP bttfe. I. it tip- lis ? tiirPMam* ot tl." tpi-iler* in il.? attPMijitad r" b?'tpd ?:!?? bar* i? tmpo-wibla I am not prPMrpd to >av Now rer in* [mtipl* t:?or (?< ? ..iv b* willing in ro in Pitandlii'; WPlrowtP to than NatHbrre ofil.rwf Ilud tNtUg .? rurtail. thav d*?.r* to ' aipri.i/ ? Tb?f ". at ih*e I.itp a gntpl.* i .nd. and p..' Ip la2 al. a In pnp.p*a i all tl'Ptii"*!'p? tl.?? dwa 'p man o' "*| to "nne to 0? * -tad ot ndtrtkfdi fannttrnoa, .at o> lar tlial i "f.r. , mav Ipi? .e nt" a mora proud and iwrnianp;itlr gf**' N h Vorthern ? apttat ba i.raady howml into ibe dial* AtMMa baa eheurba.l a n. ll.oti, tba ikainl (ta ir??.d. to compia'" 'ti* r?pe r* -lipttnan mwilp nma ?ir? an. 'lirr to loon . an I now tba radr .vd laatltng to tba anaport if Hi t- * ?',k w 'I rmpitrw lor H? romp."i...n and wwl rap"it* ?' *"irtliar? rapital on a and a half tuitlion* of dol'tr* m re Tbmm *ra oalr twina m Hip MmuM. M*n. pti? tkurprtaaa bar* liata 1 won **t on iota won Nort'*rn .ap.ial, and at ail tba ..amatol ia for irnu tin ner w> mak* mbar "qua \ rood if not batier In "Miopb' Tble evplain" Mi* oft rep*#'.el qooat.on. wb*'- do lb* tlpofgtei. ? . ibair nx.ii" ' R l* aitll furtli*r eapl.ii"d br the l.v i that two i-mall indpp-ii i roj.r <* cOttuW bat# bent wild. Or ar? ?t II on Hie mark**, the prte ? ?"!* of whirl.. at l?a?t (Iftr million of dollar* w.ll ??* ?|Wu' Id <Jb>.rgM 1 ftp Siaia la on bar 1*f* a|a.n Ti.* fi?a?orer ha- pit! m?d# tlie pt**"lii( aabooB. aa.r:,t ibat b* will aot i '"d ||. irfwai aii l . r ho?d iia'."** m tmbalf Id o*w nt**- ii"? of I ' "'f. and that lb# . i *du of th* "W* >? up 'o tba top Of tba mark"! In ordar at?|f inrtber to aw ourag* tun. n to lb* NlatO. a* wail a- to ban-til lb r ..we p"Wpl*. tb* I *e tiatora hi* bad under ropmdantnou for aararai dav" a p'an for a aratem ot ? "Bin.on ? li'?ot 'dur ii**, in wblPb all tba whiterliildran maf rpp*lta th* r>dliu*ntp of an Kngliat, odni attoa Thorn I* bop* qf tlm p*a?. g* of lb* ti il. Tba color" I rblldn n or ? qaall* aa wall pi" t'd*d w ih Pduaalioeal o. -va- aa tb* white, from tba I '-anlll? of Kertbora bcp ipijt. It W an incub i* I. .osa ovrr ih* n,**? of lb* p*op'" Rraryilnag aril * dmadad lr<.m tb* North Tboy wd * Dl bang J?(I flat ia, . oobwai* all lb* Hcmlh""a p*?.p ? propnrtf, dPpoai Andrew Jobaana. ? la rat* lb* angT' m the plar* of power Tbeao and oU)*r Ilka appraboeai'?? kaarliy oe ti " * - - - ? ' ? weigh haorily oe tba peopto of tba Otai*, and raedor Ida la maey oaeea a berdoe ta adg'uae to ib'?. the war bit l?lv Ibg bulk of the puapi* aa d"bt. ?9etr??wd CM orally ia th# purchase at slbvaa which war baa mawa ? ittnd. Slay law* and eiompUno lawa have lieaa ??? acted without allot The people are still luriber *??* log from the change In their habile, occasioned by thw liberation of their uervaate and the impossibility or coa trolling them, and tront other cauaea too numerous to MOllM. AMftlaa of Koawlatloaa Kapreaelna Hy aapalby lor Jtff One la. Itrtwitl, (I., Dec. 1, IMC. Mr. Heuileraoa introduced the following resolution* j yesterday, ia the Houae, which hare been unanimously adopted In both branches of the Legislature:? W harass, The General Aasambly would da Injuatlee to the great heart of Georgia not to give some funnel eapreaalon to their respect for the character and of the illustrious prisoaar of SUte. Jefferson Mavis. AU ths generous polaM of that haart are iu full uulaou and symuainy with Ms suf ferings sad misfortunes Its Warm affections duster around ?s fallso chief of a once dear, but now abandoned csuaa. isre ther will duster and oentre while mea admire all mm la chlvelrtc In nature, wlill# they regard sll that la auble in virtue. Therefore, the Genera! Assembly Jte.nlre. Thai their slu.-araal condolence and warmeel armpalby aie ten.iced to Mr. Jrd'ersuu Marts in his eon* lusmeut. and they look forward with aminos solicitude^ to the day when a oiagueatmou* and palriotlo President khall put an and to hia cnilnemeiit, and, hy the lnturpmiiuon of paerutlre clemeury, rcst-.m him to s iienple for wh. in he so faiihfullr struggled and ou arvount of whom he cudur"S With ChrlslluB fortitude the hard.hips 01 a lo'ig and rigorous Imprisonment INDIANA. SKCIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF THE NENALS. hcsmlal nt IndUnupolte. - Kai-llrniewt In lh? I'll) 1'olltlra, tVr. Indian irons, Not. 2t IfiOfi. Kor at.ine weeks Ihs town has been rlngiag Willi the particulars of so awful xcauda!, involving the reputa tious of two parties who huve hitherto tutt oaly stood fair in th" community, hut have lieca f>eniiuiiiinl ly iden tified with the Internals of the mo?t anxlorr.itlo Method 1st church la the city. The mate party 11 a young law yer, smooth, eney. dignified, railier good looking, but uot espe. -laity iirdliaui. Iu addition to hi* Icgnl rbuiac teristici, he b.ts Ireen noted for hi* phuts and exemplary depor*ment. and has been s shining l.ght ill the Young Men's Christian Associnl on. He lias also acquired con ?iderable repuiatioa hy bis aarnevi ndyocat-y 01 tamper au< ? relurination. He j* a plionograplier ol cool# .tlrility, and bs< diversified his legal busmen* by John for tlic press, in the -lisf*' of repoit-ol |Mili(lml apeeohcK. The female party is now in the second year of her second widowhood, forty flv? years 01 age, l?ut exceed ingly well preserved, aud what Would lie called "a line woman " Of her antecedents we know hut lit tle Several yur" since he came out from Boston, a lair, gu-hlug young creature, with u heart overflowing witli nailed sabciuee for t!m elevation ?ud general re generation ol the hum in race, and an optic keenly pi-eh I to I lie "mailt chance" ol New Ki.ghuid female niHsmnarli in s|i ? llrlo marrjuge. She eneagod a*, a uii sic tea. he si *ire?-i|. utile, in ..n In lltution which hag the rspuuti Ion ol havlug turned out s large number of brilliant women Our younir mi lorc.rv m .rid. and in 'he due u-i i -e of lime lotlow-d lier liushand IJ the gTue. t's ,.y, du-hlai dow uulvaled another genlleman and led him to 111" li> m. neal sllar. The removed to'hi* cll v. wlime hhew.bercl down and be-jiii* excoedin ly pious uud rlg'dlt f'TpwuMc. H.-r sec.rod hurhaud was a g. nil'-iiia'i of him properly mid held ilic po-ill -n ol qua-lerm i-i.-r for a time during the lale war Hi- wife 'a-. . no acquaint! d * Ih the young man iielore no'-niloncl about cir'it y< -,r sine ? ?in.I aim'i-t immeillulcly ancciitn'-. d to the w.i-aof the gay d? ?iver. One of a'urge package ot /eire. now in lb- p.osc*v|ou ol her Sou-in-lstv, gti-hiiu/lv .inl.-it(# her Up-e from the psili of rect.tuiic. Ou s -ertaiu occwinn, si a social party, she was dug ing and pUyiugon the piano, when shoo., amen o- of a deep. rt-"h Uto acnowiiui'iintent; turning liet heed, she mm the .wriest soul ihnlllng oy>-? of the voting mar. brimming with pa innate admi' atioit, h?l.t fu'.i 'l|n?n her. Im-nntly she reougul/."d u?r iaie iu thore Stag like epticH nn-1 gave -p Without a st.uggie. .'She came down like Cspiiiiii firoii's rwia soil thi |Alr en tsrvd upon a car.-si of guilty utiles.-). The vouue men he.none so freeuent a .lettor, sod hi., if'ehltou* were mi markud thai It -made talk aia-nig the neighbors. To hlikd the eurious atxl outmtia oyes of the bu lybotlim . t was given out thai 'he <?rni'u* a. u suitor f.-r the hsudot her eldest -ia-i jhi'r, hoi oh rvsni eye uo Uce<l that 'he more Hie Us ignli-r wasn't at h?mc me ?ore the Toun ; as* ai tin house of the !nrty. A disscreeatile ihiug is nhargid ip-m the *sy ls>lha> o. It is said thai b.s woisliip ?l tenu.- was not altogether unnoted with ?Jovation ?! msinii.ou. and mat wh.le ret elllog hi 'Iin oys of Illicit low, he continued to thgr.llv leather hi- ne-t with lucre 'IV l-eiy ass rich, while the ^ontrg w" Impe. .n oiis He st first accepted u( -rusil loans, tlien is'p. i once, and flnsi.y deuiseded what lie !is>l si rti-l relue. sally wi'cpteU lull. w?j, it Is aliag.-l, lie on lained 1stge sums from ids lafatneted iwnn.imr amount ug in Ihe -iggrngste to a handsome otttfll fur ? nun-g ionii lust slar'ius out in Isle the eour.-e ol tr ?? iota was without a npple'Of some t.slt s dn/ek )? ?. . wliea a lover', q .rod lermii.sied in the u-lr-ng, of the youag wan to a h aiu.ful and iic,*,mp!l-hed y.-org 'ady of Ohio. Il IS "Sid lllet the lad V .l?lllted to ? cede lo Hie tspacious ftemeode of har pe-.eei .ur. su*t that h*- ^-ee-.| WliU won liia pre-eut Wlto to si' te Hie WI -iall Hut si soy rsie they mel sgsin, wer* I?-.?Oiiuil- d and kmuhu ihelr ClituiasI inteei-ourse Ibie ot tl.e ietlei of th young n.?ii inge- the ,nfsl.inie.l wid is t conv.rt lie)' lernpoisl |s> e? i.,n into har.l.' . h kud fly Willi hint lo eon.e [orei 'U sliof e, la* t stO'g n Hie -pi .. Isdsn h?e?.e' ol ilie inq.i.v they ran roll la olou> for Ho ui ther lite., with n<-ua to tool, it or r- -'.e airaid fib* oowsents sod heyne the work of .on . ft It., Uei real saiste. ."lie give Iter a (aiwi-r ol SH-irwey or woue legal lastl'iioewt, to enable bll/i Is handle ii'f pmpesiy Mslters approach a > ii.i wn the eipo-., hi I siu a.'iod aometbiug >u 'h nslme of s burglary ??* perfielrsl-d to !ie ds .gtiiar so l ???ii u law to g.-l hold ot the *?>??>. mif press bu' Ibev ai? now (be 'own twIW. We ov t'l |? I ? a S? uproot riemswdooe s|...rte were u-ade to ke..p lbs 1.tatter out IS ihe lomi pspe.g The lady ? son it. law, in his ni-iui rage against the young man weight a (?ill, won lite Ban.*, of ail pama. aot re. ii-ling the il -g..we thai would he oro'iglit upon Iwaoceat relw (ISM rt>s laie'st.lefl u hushing up lb# srstidal irltioipued. hosever, end s < pohii. stion hs ow n loade, turn-go 'liar* is os>rn'. s men of s .ioau who i- uot fatn-iiwr with toe wnole is-ai Tins I. iu lir>*. Ihe h loty'of the Wont stupen'i.e - ?? si Jjl wh on has sgpated lad fDap-o s hw msev years ruuu- < i. Ihe ear for the derma rwi so. ce-uiow ifwwa fierre* every <le> The earnest lie* lei cot M- rv.n s? ?i Jutisn Th* latter I- no.L ug an quevjeu 1*4 ...wot irrn.tii and ia g.wdiur bis pawdeiou ,.p|"-:-ent to <t. "leu Af.inag the ps |s* i" Whi.'li lis eoui. oof ,il I be den, Jutieii aie liie ludusiiapoi ? /?? 'y Tssise dw#., Ifo Madison /fs.fy tS.iri,r, Ih' U is.i .r *J A.-yrm, Ihe K, duo nd TV..' h'l ah >.oe. il Moll ? '<? ?? 'lw ? niou ("lie t oy", the Is'.soofi ! "' >?>, Ihe I*. sr.d Ada-. ? ItifM't.-y*e, Ih" .Newua-Ue ' Wr*er, the tern n It- >???. sad others la a Idilstn tw tb? "e psf.-r- pi?? e<t i-> t? ?lions < la fsv.e oi fit* a loeima r. an is?ii,"t lao- * Msnv prominent luet, uot aonds-re. am .ug 'lo- .lira radical Iwbioh* ol wdu Ii Jttllan us for >*n i ?i. th" iicsd s^> bitlsriy .Ofeisert u. M-wi 'P. "f the e Mr I reveas, ol Mvd -or., is lbs mo-i active sod aUoen irwi Ihspol Iieg-O# Oi lsnl rigul men' d an WM Mr I soil, be I'. Ml gsn oik I plra loss, . iiiuieiolu d Id deal II si-oi. with K.?W le aful Hof-ey, ?WMb M o. ii,a tih'o i en tawtlary, a;..l so. at litmrty l.v toe I uil?d Histes .".ipre-i - .? ? i? >.w lo-r. da s trial on in i .P 'ui'-n* fu nd s-s ost him l'i the te.len.1 .reirt *e -SHi a* I,te riled Irtun PalBUika*. Mr Mtti'tsa nps t? thw ? itw gave biro-1 -ri <r, isddMiu dt'i Itslis lie ibdclw. iu it lias i? o put ..1 ir?m'? mi <1 ii ' , at. t M i* now_psners^g Hi IdARt lit* ?t <1 u*rn? it. ? H" ?I < i* 1m> *|?i n ?#'?t ol r??fin *u<t Mfl im* ?n tot f.f j* fnM*' , Mtt'f, iu* git is*ir?c l?- ?? it t'i '? ??? m?#rj tif tifti iw .? if ?t *t$4 40V - TU" ?? !?# M I! R ? ? >* ???' I Ill U) lir ? .??? in'* |i?rl ol IKm ? ol rnmj m* f> f? mrtf t!??? Wil# fA. mfWTP * *1 1 lhA'i : ? "u? *U tM ini^D?liB| Nl ^v?rj f * . iRh I 'FR ml (III A'f ?fl? |>r* niooiiofy ffeilurw iC Ni |?<?u ?? lf?? riif, iiki tlis*r# ? pM Uhil roMlf ?K?fs >4 lh? m m+f fnmri?"t. Tl??i wl nul rt'tp f?rM. M' li? ? h?M Ijaoii MNl?<AlUf flowiug *?'?! fil.d d< b?> ?' -iii*n/ m I .*# "ifn r?'p, l^?> igti Urt?* b? i*t? lrrrtt?if ?ni b*' ?ti'l I *Ari?bAf untl' lijcfi* i# litUc MUinMlt u if. H'>? ^Iri, ?too b>>u|ln .IiitIi on f?jfirt >?: u n |^r r*u g^i bo mTnt itiitA A\H 'I* Air If)?1 a t*%if ?'*u! . ?*?* ^ !?*' It

Tat iifKM |m mug iifiMM hti? |of)t tnf" I'i ' ta *i < <??im of loaaaa ImM fin I tL ri|| I'M.k? n*4 atl?l p* ( lMf'1 I ??? ? If! lb* I* ??H. Arums m obcimati. Thr ?Miappnalna Rrl<t|r <l??r Ifcf Obis Htarr llrntb of 4 tlanrl Na?l*?, A P. tMHtfl, o? 2, I MR Pia <r??' ru"r?n?''>? bnrtja *t< "|.?a?d d?!y yaaiar d*jr, * <1 by dark f'try ?.? Uriaoad p?r?nn? ha-t rroaa*4 tliP airo'tara Today fully >,na hind rod t Wiaat><] paanad o?rr <ad W k. Tk' . mad an Iba btfdga all day ? an?d from taan'y Ara ImndraR In lhr*a lb' oaaod par anna, h il tba rant >t, o< lbs roadway ? ?? hardly y?r ap. MM# Mr. Baabliet ib? balidaf. aar lha naMaa aoald raadilr ?tM'a*a a douMa pr ^aaatoa of lvnantirm tttr lla aatlro taaglK Tua Mat ll aaa pal la MM*/ U Wabs bt Iba a??T-ai II will avar baaa. O .nai W K Baafay. lal' of lh? UltUi Obi# f?j Oltftt, hara lo day of asa? lapt.ow Tbara vara *>?bi Aaaiba frMB ahv>ara la Um cii j last "?"A* **> ji iillKI KAN * A IIU4TUI NTSltlAI. uJSTij.1 rw f, mm Or. a |. Whartpa. ? |flM?ll Naabrtlla yranl.uoaaf far flfuao run, aaa lalMlyllM amb a lyaai shila lakiaa a daaa af aaadlaaaa ?> lAaltHarof IH?irWla'i WASHINGTON. NEETIN8 OF CONOOESS TO-DAY. A Full Quorum of Both Houses at the Capital. * The Message Expected Early This Afternoon. CAUCUS OF RADICAL REPRESENTATIVES. That Stereos' Plaa for Managing the President. 1U capture of John B. Burratt at Alexandria, B;ypt. hue. An. At. ffAMMWrux, 0?r. 2, lid# I'lm *1 retina: ul l'?u?rriw. An additional ?i .'..ugweaab-ti arr,vtM h,n. any. an-, tbarw Ik now no doubt that . gll,,r.,n. ?.r iwltl nouim ? ,ii b- iu mundww. to-morrow. A? ?1Br,. ,B ?? urs??'^tlon to It nffw U'd, It I. only aw-wary ? ., ptTiunlnniy pro-nodlng t? ur.rinu n.? <Ht, of run. In the nummary , Ih, ?^e of beio< u, r,., rolI ?f bul (b.s no, lh#i 'Iijti, I'll, noil t?| In to appoml a jolM rum miMeotowttltontb, I'm ,unnl nnd in lorn tun. u-:.- ? q mutn or 'loth hou h?, haw. assembled and r-.dv to "0y c","u,'"'l|,*tion ho may have to mak-, pt o- dir-r. win not ?c- ?.py p-rhapa tuoro thai. M, and. -bonld thorn u? hmdo, ;,g oocurmm,-, " '.jyho t.,1 irarly n, tt.e allorn. on OI-I, - or it and ot th. rv.mrt* of nil tb* tmado or d pat t meat-, and ,.r th- i -io,?.r ?r Into-rut Kov.n.t;,, t?.0 tbtocitv. by p*-.I i,m ?? V1! , r r""n,r> ? y-neroua .11. j... i, Ot*n4Uy ill II, },, , , , ** flT. ??"*. at tb. -arll-id rfr"n "r",i Cg f-*cijt,r- -1*'p.rtf,,oiit Ho, T" """"" A .irorm. o., ' " "? ' '? n-? I "!'? wlnrh thoy that ,.v...y ,-m, .Ot;. 0 a?,o,-!d h- uk-n to ; r-v-nt ... dl. ' ? r?1,1 coolant ? rforuwoI?(?m >? b,. o/tic'aliy hot,.,, .j(,|.t.ra. ? ?| It,,,!},.,,! < Ao .d .troa.1 v,..,,. .. ,i? ra.i.,.| ,rf o. ?? ... jwatotitre war b-lu nvonln. ? I,H i "f tl.H II , ? ... Ai out fifty r. tah-n only pr, ??<. 1I,? ... t:M < L ,nru>r, Uy $r)mt Wtt,iilititT among tlx, ? l,r,rant. ||?n. j(1 ?? s ,,?1Tl,| ,,f V(r Th.old. -'<? a.,, athlra ?* ,| tlo, ?k. .:Um? lo? ..(.J, ,*t f?r ..or. 1.1. ,?h r.llad, a, i. wan to at.?.v cotjrart of M-tloo among tba rad.a,| n,??r " "*" ?'?. alawrtl Nt (' oaldri ililr langthft alto Id- . tba IT - toward ti,a maiortty of t?a |?*a| P-d 'aor If,.. u> io(ry, and r, ntu-otad upon p,.ll?y ?-i:.a m.Wm, *> Omgnn mmrnmSZ ?? ' 1 ' v ?*? clo-of ht. lottuuk, M dl',. draft or ? hill, w, li<;a iat?Bd<'d t-. oi'Kxiuoa In t',a Moaae l<. . M I,-la, .I ?,,|a 'r ?... | r? ,(t '* Ul" Pr bo. rfnwtmr th. oiaat Oi or iv.r r?. ,. r- arn, to ;u a I ramovaiH fr.,,,, an., a?,H .?i?,.uU B a ? t " thawao:, with nMrawmoa t!,am.,? a' 'barvoat, ,. .,11 -j.d Jt aMMMMMlMi, hi,,. ; ??| l.,r ,,.r hr di^i'ial,'?! (or tt.ra* ?aam Umraaftar Irotu lord,,, ? my o.Hoo under the ??? aroo,r?t. t? ,.... ?f , iffariton o, any aopotntmaot mada by I ha i'ra d* at Iba ..ffl, * .t,,n Hoot,l>a,,.|y rwvrrt " ??'?r pravHMady rnno*m), ?a,l ap,H,i-,t "ttoordloata lo ,ha w!,? h r.atioi. i. ? , ,..,Hria,t Imd , ,J| will, b, r. .. rtno, and r-v.n u, th.aoa , ro a .... h pi*. ,h, of a niatohnr a <aruMiitta? a a, a,,,??u,?| ,u lnAl(f i ?l"? or >ba aaoitrnaab, ?t it,a .?.i m ,??,t that to, aoulrtaalioof ofpr, ., app.ootme.1. .u.d- I r. r .1 tM. , ,M, ... (|)> the mdomlttea na .t ^ ...dtr, Wr ,a th ? . at ba nlo partomi ttmt do, o.u. atr I Mr B?of yf d,Itaiu, .1,1m, dot ???? o- j mar' n wl.i t. - ,^a?.., Bp y,, r, 1>f mr-v.?,M f'.o I'm-,d o. II- II,., bt IU. a . uhou'd la app.?at?l. whuaa dot* it .booId ha to into tl,a wl.uto W,h Jmin,r (nr p,r 1M ?t?d i ;,p-T? riia .i, a-.,.,)u root ? th ll,a l,a.?rty , ? t#f ?Mff uf tnib-r f${i At thi* Maya o; tba |,mra..,< Wr ??rfM r,ova-| Hat a r?mii,tu-? u at^.,lai..|, u, ?,,olu tl # rarlotu P"d?".-r,H ha tnt.mttu-t b?,| 0* lo a plan a-Hon fononar-a, to tJl? ^1.1 aommitt^ r.1K>tt tr, tha fan -.1 ahl-l, i. oall.4 for Vt -| ?#-day a,-ton/ n.T,. Th# |Wl?wta( than aaeu-n,*.t H...,taa|,t w.,,,h?n,- .,r lUmolt; 'lar*-td, til,"on - !i?a a. Hart, ttrth, Morr'.l ?fill th# j-rut-a- 'r of-bang t,? tba ?, . for h- .. 1 tha lorti-lh I Ottkra . from tha l?t Ot IV, , mi- r lo too ??'I, ot Mar tl *,? a ... dlar,:< ?d hut aitouul any -uo. l- tun imlga *-;'a? of a, aotamat?t dfB., n, a hiil I,, th--radio., of a d-partmanl, t,, ha < aliod ti.a Lafar-m. at of Rov-nu. ? 11(, h ? ?a? rtref ly j. -p.rad aa l hMt mat, a M- Kali-. with tba approtal of the atdoat jr,r,-te in tha land It ? a?i-?d .t I o th u. U,a j ,1W-J m ?l-pr ,v-i rh? Iollowing ,? . arnu, . t ot -ha mu Wm-i.-n "a- pr-yida. far Uia j urpoaaa of ?h- .. Mm-oi-ot ,.. l ,??|,,mm at uot-mal d-in-- t,. auiti|, dUf - I I -. w- -,r ap*. ,.| tat* alu. t, ?* now or ha horaaftar imp.,-4 t,j t.a ? "tZZTS" " j;r r.fcsjsrrs s Uaa'.T", 'J1" fci'^ma tv.uri ?p.? tf,? r,o.,?m -ton of ,b. . hi?f Juatho'd t,? ?m. a for ,,rni , 1. r v' "B" ''"n-ilr-ommt.oooar With a aalarr rl#f1' a" li 00 -MM awMcW aalary ft (am oa- ? mi -ol-rttor .alora 1 <aa, u oaa:.,ar . ,r. f a,.? -t.alt -rat Ibr -?? i-\r 1. -raa *m+, ? JUL ? .ark- ,,f l . ? t 'art* -I ?? "f I n>| I H- ,,f - ) , /Iftruf. . a I. ftily b.a foamJa-l.r.. ..." inr-. , Iiant maaaragam. en a-? tab., r. ?abtu - . Ill tba ahawa -tarb. and -opu.rM laha daaf -iial-rl ?-,d ap,mtrilMt hy tha rao.m r*f.?ar Ita-.""' -u-d .... .. addit,. r, -o Hilar a a p-rfor ?~l ,.y tim. ,,m ., ae-,ut?. amrarortha d-rwrt-?.ot, ? ,?l,Wlaa4 aod t-., i1 r-d to api?nt and --aiiw- a -,n all -o,la-tora rr,r "w -"w wa"t-'"i '"Or fwor 1-l-a for th- -orrm-oraman, * MPB.ot-.mra rrf It,a now .p|-?nu-a . andlh.t nt ?u ptatm- .u mada .1, -.,i?m .. -a. -w.,~l umta, Mwa alia!, r aariu. -d at tba * ma tht- at tafca* -a?, H? dutiaa of dai-uly oou nw, ua-r fea-Mon .1 proadaa tba- Iba aaabar aha.'t Dar'arm mnhd-ifr ?? in ,y ha j . ? rfbM h, ,i? "?'I -bail (tva tmoda a th ,.,,,4., tw ha at prwrad try tltarawaia ?wawar aad an|,> ipw ' 4art,..t. aayau pro daa that tba hood of tha -amir, ?nrn-r at.all ha *rpr?'-d by ,, ,?f ?f ,, . Mupmtoa ' -art, ao-t, a th ,h? ^ lb, -..h. . . ' i;r ..... V-',- ? ^ ">a aalMtBT I m in i!??? ^a, taw, atghl dattna- (ha d t of tha .dyw tah?-h art^aul-taalially tba a* aww fa-rfor-aad u; thai Ha. ? an r oa yaw* ??. that It,a mrrarmf -aHaatrao 1 iPtrm . .ail mm. a . w n.-| prwr-d-d that th- -oa. W?iol nb o>ay a-lar or r hantia ? h dirty t, ? u,. tloa, h,i ta no u, to-rom? tha nt?'?r Nor Uoo l-w pr >. d-a f.w lb tran-'.r of tba a?.,. ?ur?.? -r Intarn.l Ita.-nna ta tha r,-w t.- .m-n--. Na.-1-a *ta?an pt-, d- f.r aa Auditor d la-araal ?d?aawa with t'i- ??i dot.? iwrtata-ar p. tb. lora ?f th- wnaraf -'-iwrtmawi- * Na-1-oo lw-|.. m. t-a tlni ?ppPofnat -n* for tha ?aaaawa of th- d-pa'tmdat .aa,. ha utada "*m m ?a-f tl of tha dapart ?H ltri..>B thin?1 plmayihaa -H? mtt'.rr J .. tba aifwaaao of tba foort?1 ^XMdBI Narn m foaru-n mpnala .Uri-ltt par?t of ard* re ?oaawt. - t w th U. ? ?. t, .ad t? ^ Kl ^ aa lb- ItKJaan IM7 ^ M??aae?l Tba <?aeae e4<outaH In m-at aa Wadfttadaf ? Ban, at whtrb time tha ?-t^t,r? will he >Br>t#4 m oar. Iletpat* a the pnmead atra Mr linnmetl of fmaaay'ru A, fae?M Mr Me. flft" pfymed M\ mth-alMed iw iba eeweas tan eifha. Mpf eat roach a#po atmaatl made d.riag th. ^ *? kM. tbarafaea, yaaparad a MB, Bbiaft he KW4t iMMdiau y e-;j pt >w vee {MfK'. rpfdUM tie at tb*. PrnaldMt to Bead U ?h' Honaf fnr n.nflnnallofi wilh;n tea (Ufa aflor tho mooting of f'oni-aw * ,,m ploia Hat of nil app(HMfma?*n wad* durum U? means, and io Mm ?r*?l of bio failure lo dooo Mm *P(hho1iu?uu to bo oull tad void. Alao ? rendlatlon call ug up >o tho foutmiUeo ou Tetr!tori*o to brio? in bllla or<,aoiriog a* Tomutiioo lb ) lot# uncodod Htatoa not bow topra*?ntad III I^IDgrtMA' * Tbo radical neraborv of I ho toaota will bold o cnunn on Tuesday evening. tiuvorai tneiobon ore |>n pur iog bill* of o Tory important character wh.ob aro to bo laid before (bo cauouu. twmkllna Of tho Fortieth I aagrwu. The sutomoat chuim from a (mat wort by MUWa that Mr. ricbonflk will, la a few days, Introduce a lull prov Id log lor tho aaaamMIng of tho Kortirlh Congress oa tho llh day of March. Tbo I'ropoood H rlramr to I'aaarroa. Homo of tbn republican member* think tliat if tho prw ceoiinu to give tbo radical Congreaaman welcome oball rnai-h Mm f'apilol lo-fora tho Mr ,j? m oont to Con groan, an adjournment will tako placa aot'l Tm-nday, wtthoul waiting for tho document. Kernptnre of John II. Nurralf. Thia bad information an loot ago a* laat Winter that Jobn H. Horratt bad gun" to Knropa Tbo pernio who communicated ilia fact eonveriad witli h.m during tbo voyage arrow tbo Atlantic, and aim reported that -limit iiriioying he wan far raniovnd from a .agar, ?a? in an I ouU|a>kaa cxiucrraing In ounheciton <? th Mm awaaaUiaUuB oonajiiraluri. To-night Secrntety ?w anl reran ed a da-;iali ll !?? 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I altuoat aVarjr Piun.h of pau.i ug waa itfnw Ira y ilia ari ata laud. a par |?1 lainalaS. fiom,.rlnug, ant, . .uiiuada of otbar work,. Us* auixaor aiu.iiw or Han MUn_ U>a "t.Uan 1-a.dmark" of Heard, ai... of m, ? JOd ,b. Waat. by Hlrmtadi, wt .u.t ? ? prwM,nl by 1-a.ry. a. that of on n , ,,, ?? ^ aliinn akatohsa and ??, lh? Iul#f fdrmlafl <)itlU a uiuaaum by Uou.wlvaa; HbaUiKka "Nnas timet Harrington." "Iw'-i.i u. M-adia-," ??Hn?. mill Riant Scenery ilia.t 1 , ??? ?ttey U:?.d'' aai "I ant ifpiirgsWliiiaui Han - larval pasu^,n var* One now or hill and plain urar Hanaloflau. la far moat, and n>any brilliant biia of autumn ?s#r; Mo flu lav'a -Vni-r Srano,' ovritfn .1 up |>..wniruliy aitb baa gav anp roll autumnal viowa, Hubbard's Mooaiam Htranin;" Irignout'a "Kcfr Haa*; ' ivhuredjja a ? <114 Uualiug (Iround ' and I'bo Atlior, boib luybly ?ig gr diva to Ilia oi nil I aro as mall a, bnautiful, J T. Weir'? ? \ ,x, ?;? manna by f?a H.m.. and 4 o. 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