Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1866, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1866 Page 6
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BtTROPBA* ITKiHSHlM. ?feyfaiy? Clo?dcjr?K>m Sew^urk, 1A $3s8?^ IBLlDNA. UgDleln Dtion. from New 1J?;? , The Brtdjh Irtn ateamahip CKl-Lh -.?? "g"* i " 15?c r>i Na S North rtverNor London, dlrn-t, on Saturday, l>ec. ??2dw?l be taken, and through bUle of lading given, to For CTTaJply ^wf^nr^PIVWALL, Agent.. It ff ONLY DIBBCT LINK TO FRANCE. fl.wgjuL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL MTbSsHIPS "KfWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, The' splendid "new'veeaale on this faronle toot* for the -M>nn?Stw11l?all from pier No. W North rtver. r*OPB. Lemarle Saturday, December 15 _r i.tnttPNT Booan-I., Saturday. December 29 riUlit. Duchesne Saturday, January 12 YILLB DE PARIS, Surmont Saturday, January ML PRICES OP PAS8AOE IN GOLD. First Cabin, $131. Second Cabin, $89; including table wine <npal<enirert* ntending to land at Braet nan be furnished on Beard with railroad coupon tickets, and their baggage checked to Parte at an additional charge of $1 for first and $3 for aeecnd elaes. Theee eteapiera do not carry steerage passenger*. Medio*! attendance free of charge. GEO. MoKEKZIK, Agent. DH Broadway. Steam to Liverpool, calling at queens town. The luman line, sailing aeon weakly, carrying ?.e I'lilted States malls. n , _ . ITT OP BALTIMORE Samrdav, Dac. 8 [TT OP CORK Wednesday, Dec. 12 ?ITV OP PARIS...,.,. Saturday, Dec. I? CITY OP NEW YOR& Saturday. Deo 22 d B4?h HucceedlBg Saturday and Wednesday? al noon, from Kortfc n*er. ? RATF3 OP PASSAGE by the mall steamer, sailing every Saturday First cabin $fln Steerage $SB Ye London SW To London 84 T?. Fori* 105 To Farts 40 Renege hv'^th# Wedneedav ateam-rs?First cabin, $$0; steerage, $35. Payable in United State-, en rreocy. Pnewenaera also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Jbr , at moderate mica * Steerage pn-sage from Liverpool or Queenstown, $S0, graid, orthe equivalent. Tickets can be bought here by per sons aecding rnr their friends. For further Information apply at the Company's offices. JOHN O. PALE. Agent, 15 Broadway, N. V. National steam navigation company. tLi mlled.) RTF A VERS WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT OUEENSTOWN. Leaving pier 47 North river utt follows:? Tllil QUERN, Captain Grogan, sails Saturday, Decern be, r lib .'MARK. Captain Thomson, sails Saturday, Decem ber I.', t H.iilNIA, Capiain Prowsc, sails Saturday, December 22. PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Lewis, sails Saturday, Decern be, 2 Cabin passage. $100: Steerage. $80. -teemge paasare tickets, to bring parlies from Liverpool or Q leenstown, for $35 tn currency, Tlimngh passage to I'arla. Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, Be. t.i low rates. |>,..lis Issued for any amount, payable at any bank in ear. 1.1 Britain or on the continent. For freight and cabin passage apply at the office of the com r-any. 57 Broadway. And inr steerage tick-Is at the passage Office of the com pany. 27 Broadway and 275 Pearl street, neur Fulton. ' F. W. J. HURST, Manager. TIIK NORTH GBRMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP AMI-RICA, J. C. Meyer. master, eurrying the Un.ted States mall, will sail from the Bremen pie,, loot of Thin! street. Hobnken. on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, KOfi BRKMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, TAKING PASSENGi-'RS TO LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTH AMPTON AND BREMEN, at the fallowing rates, payable in gold or its equivalent in eorrency:?? For ltie brat cabin, $1US; second cabin, $62 60; steerage, $87 N>. To ne followed by the steam?btp DKUTSCHLAND, II. Weasels, master, on December 211. For freight or passage apply lo OLLK'.CUS A CO., 68 Broa.l street. 1BOR LIVERPOOL, CALLINO AT QUEENSTOWN.? ' Cnnartl Steamship Alt'RU'A, from La-ton via Halifax Decembers SCOTIA, from New York December IS ASIA, from Boston, vi-i Halifax December 19 PAS&AWI- MONEY Jr KOtt Nl' W YOIiK. Cabin A132 50 | Serntid C..bln $80 i-as-ai? i wom y rttoM ioiston. Cabin SU2 ?' 1 Second Cabin $85 Payable i- oi l or Its equivalent. For freight or passage a, j..y to E. CUNaUD. No. 4 Bowling Green. TAPaCOTT'S LIVERPOOL AND QUEENSTOWN STEAMSHIP PASSAGE OFFICES. M SOUTH STREET AND 23 BROADWAY, NF.W YORK Peisone wishln-: to -end foe their friends can purchase eeruiioauis Iroin Ql LENS -OWN or LIVERPOOL for $38 cr I'.RENOY. Alan by Taps- att's oelehrtied bite <>l weakly packet* from LONDON AND LIVERPOOL, AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE RATF.B. REMITTANCES TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. l-rafts for JJ t.iul upwarda. |-aysblonn demaud, issued at lowest rates. For further particulars apply to TAI-SOOTT. BROS. A CO., 86 South street and 23 Broadway. STEAM TO Ql EENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. Tin-In- l class lion siesmshlp MANHATTAN, sails WEDNESDAY. December 12, Fix in pier 37 East river. F?e?age In Cabin $i'*? I Stceruge $30 Ptivshle tit currency. For passage apply to WILLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. STEAM TO QrKF.NSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. From New York every H ednesday and Saturday. Steerage page*;-e $30, currency. Faysage to New York and remittances to Ireland, England, A*., allow rate*. WILLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. TUB HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S Iron mail steam-hip GERM AM A. H. Elders, Commander, carrying the United States mail, ?will sail on Saturday. Dee. k. at l! v , for Hamburg taking passenjora f-.r Uaiubn g. Havre, Southampton and Lorn I in First cabin. $F15; second enbin, $ii2 AO; ateerago, $87 55: psyable In roiil oe it* equivalent. The BAVAU1A will follow Dee. 22 KUNHARDT A CO., C. H. RICH llth A BOAS. Gensral Agent*. Generst Pa**ag?- Agents, 45 Exchange place, N. N. So. 6 Pan-lav street, N. V 8TEAM WEEKLY TO tVD I ROM I.VKRPOOI. AND OCKFVSTOVVN, BY Till: C, N AllD I INC. Al.EPPO Sj'Is WKDNKSDA V. December .8 I'r! in fare MO. in gold reel tge. 83(1 I lir.-erl'y. Pas-tage tn Netv York, J35 curren-", F'nt p-senge apply at F.. s't SARD'S Steer;.gc Office, 68 Brvtdwsv. S'.TAMER- V'tAGO A"D ITIT-IN FOR SALE. Prnnosals for Ih.- pi*rebitee of 'be nbnve re. el* will be rerer etl at the nllee ?i . lupany. No I Broadway, until the llth ? f December, Inst., at 12 n'- lock V. Any Infortiiatii ti ib- trt-d will be given by tin- nllleersof the ?otnpsnv at this n*'"ee. TI, ARA'IO will her nr\t reettler vovnge leariug New Vork on th- 22d in-t. Psi-gearii 1. 186-. No. 7 Broadway, N. Y. COASTWISE kTEr'RIHPS. A'-' AVD CHINA. VIA PANAMA tND -'IV rRANCISCP CARRYING THE I NITI.D J'TATI.S MAIL. FIRST VOYAGE. IIENLA" t I'ACN't I Y w ill leave n'er No. 43 North Hvet. fno* nf t'snal tr. e' New York, at 12 o'clock noun, ori Tti-'idsy. Tie,'-n,Per II. |8ft: ---nti?-lira VIS Panama Psll. r*--i with St.smer ?:?>T PI C1T' rm Fraru-lseo, where E.senr-rs, frelrht -III t-e trensf. rn-d tn the <ni|any ? s|,;etidid eteamfj COLORADO In le.-ve port at no-n uu Tm .|tv, ' mum 1, IV,", f?r Ynkobamaand Hunt- Kong. Through tu tela isnp ,'rem N,-w York, adtlIng tn regular belts eee New V?r> ul Pen Frsnrls. o the following rate , I ay?l,ie u gold i r its equlvau til 1st Cebin. 2d Ciihltt Steerage Sen Fri.m leen to Ynk : >n? J2.VI ?!"(! gsV Nan Frsneism tn Hmig Kni.g ikgi 23$ lot* Due nntli-e w ill be g,, es nt . ,pse,, ,et-t voyi,*-rs. FbUlGH r geevtveil and "t'-r , ? I ID nr laPIng" signed per Oeesn Sieen, De-ember I isle , and -erlienry Channrsy. Dr. rnii-u II (fast mi - t ri r v s? iitane. For freight through tnVets. and all further Information art ly at the t-ffiee or. the wharf, pier 42 Nerth river, foot of Canel slrrel. to V. K. IDU,MAN, Agent. PA1 IF1C MAIL ST I AMSM1P CD M PANT'S THRDI'GIl LINE Hi r at It tiRNlA. CAIfVtNG UNITI. - - ill' : "tic \ 1A PAN A" t R AH Pin D steeneis leevn pier C Nmlb river. f?s,t?f Can.l atregt, ai 17 - i .on e? ? Ue.emb*rl OTKIN Qi 'PI V Ceptsin M. i.rv, ret re. t. ||,K , III, GULDEN AGE, Capi lin I artidae. ft." e-i her 11 UP v I! V f! IA UNCUS Captain A. G first ?O.I. eetlng With GDI Dh N I I I V. tlaptatn Walk ? s I)... nil r 21-RISING STAR. ca|ttaia T. A. llatDa, eon p. ^ ng witt- Mt'NTtNA. Capfeln v l < rpsr-uiyi Imien at A' aputeti: of l?l and 21?t r?nee. at Paha -ne with -team-re fur booth Part he |-irt? l*i a.ul It'th fo> Central Amencao portr.and ihone ol Dt I- -? h el in pat ore nf 10th eiteh tnnn'k <-> t. - arta w ttb ire new - teem Pne rrutn T'aoam* In Ati#'ra,ia sti.l N-w /.eo'and. M. .m-of December 11. I MM. - ia ronttr-o with ?he flrst an i . i of the e. |i. my' ? t'blna f Ine leavng - an Franelwn Jae. ary I. I?7. for Hons Kong. tine honored pounds baggage ellowed eeeb adult Metll ett es and sit. naanee free Mrarts end all f Uher In', m Hon apply at the <6 >n the wharf 'rtnl ef I' nal-t est Nor'h rtrer, *?? Yn.1 b K IDG.MAN Agent. ATI aK r? MAIL STE AMSHIP COMPANY. 1 OR -T THdVAS AND Hllt/ri Regular l i tre.I States Mall S.ramets, s,n|iug on the 22d uUtlllNtt stvn. Car-,;n W C. Berry. De- XI.| iv Bit" t C'- tain L F Tltnmeriuttn. Jan 73. mil IP vvmit v. r.uiaii E I. Ttnklepauph. EeU li These. eeya tvll with regularity, and eall at Ft. Tbtwna'. 11 ava, bar, ,-ebonn Hahla aid Rio de .lanetrig f' ' * - "t.ti ng. gag -ner.s nf fbeight or pas. "??e applj <" OARIIISo* a ALLEN. Age la. Nn 5 Bnwltnr Green. New York. ATI ANTIC Mali sjh VRsutp company. CHANGE OF 5 \IL1NG DAY The regit ar d.owr urm nt ttna line will bereeflttr be Thwr?dae*, at nonn COLUMBIA, rnoenm. Thora.Uv, lie, a , hi. 6. 99J A'ASTLK, Adaiue, Ti.r sdtv, December IS. KAGI.K. fireane Ihotsday, 1,, LH. Oreene iluirsdar, Dernni'er 20 i pier Ne. 4 North rlvs, Bt la n-elnck noon l. ARUISOV A ALLEN, N.. "?TNITBD BTATI R MAIL To HAVANA. I/' ATLANTIC MAI! 3T?'.AM8IItp COMPANY The ateame- vVbttnbtn Moll he held nv#i far a ti Kpengere a.,.l freight will be l< rwarded by the elegant W ? lean.ship _ _ MTSNlSRIPrt, trip, and elet 1 Odr inns Imrther. Captain George Fcmtver, te leave rlee ?, North river, at S P M ort Ft TURD AT. December A Paeeetireee a ere mm.-tat Km way elegant and not tare Had #A Rdlni'V -?TAN*Ageate. No. I Bowliag green. N T COAHTW18I iTBA WffljPfc Havana, kibal and vkka c?ui The sidewbeel steamship M ANHA^fN wULsaiHrom wharf at Jersey City, oa Monday, Deo. 3. and Monday, Dee. St, at noon. ... 1 monrv to Nassau ?4? ' m0n9aj*bVa**n fid or Itaeqaivaiant. Per freight or l"*^ *BP, No. ? Bowling Orcen. REOULAK LINE FOB OALVBBTON, TEXAS, DI . root.-The faat and favorite steamship TTBEE, D. Caulkioa commander, will leave pier Bo. 4 North river on Thursday. December ?. at S o'clock P. M. precisely. For freieh i or passage. having superior accommodation*, apply to 6POFFORD, TILE8T0N A CO.. 24 Bread way. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The new and Aratclaaa ateamahlp OBORGE CBOM WELL, Captain B. B. Taill, will leave pier No. t North river, on _ _ _ , SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8. at 3 o'elork F. M. For freight or passacw having unsurpassed accommoda tions, apply lo R. B. CROMWELL A CO. No. 86 Weat (tract. The ateamahlp GENERAL GRANT will follow on De cember IS. ] FOR NEW ORLEANS-BLACK STAR LINE.?THE ateamahlp HUNTS VILLE. Captain Rvder. will leave pier 13 North river, on Raturdajr, December 8. at 8 P. M. For freight orpaaeage. hariog handaome accommodatlona, apply to R. LOWDF.JL Agent, corner of Cedar and Weat streets. DAYID McCOARD, Agent In New Orleaua. STAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS.?THE NEW YORK Mail Steamabip Company'* fine . ocean steamers will leave pier 40 North river, at 3 o'clock I*. M.. as follows:? MARIPOSA On Wednesday, Dee. 8 MISSISSIPPI (calling at Havana) On Saturday, Dee. 8 MATANZAS On Wednesday, Dec. 12 MORNING STAR On Saturday, Deo. 15 All bill* of lading signed at the office upon the pier. For freight or passage apply to C. K. GARRISON, President, No. 5 Rowling Green. Atlantic mail steamship co. EMPIRE I.TNR FOR SAVANNAH. Every SATURDAY from Pier No IS North River. Punctually at 3 P. M., The favorite aide wheel steamships RAN SALVADOR. Atklna. Commander, utile Decembers. SAN JACINTO, r.oveland. Commander, nail* December IB. Through ticket* and bills of lading to all points. Elegant passenger accommodation*. HARBISON A ALLEN. No. 3 Bowling green. N. T. Atlantic coast mail steamship lines. Tuesdays. Thursdays and Fridays for S A V A N N A H?Fit at cabin (28 Second (12 CHARLESTON?First cabin 25 Second 13 Apply to ALLEN K. THOMAS A CO., No. 6 Bowling Green. For savannah, oa., every thursday-thk Atlantic Coast Mail Steamship Company's sidewlieel steamship* FLAMBEAU, Captain Everson, rail" Thuraday, Decem ber ri. GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, sail* Thursday, Dei ember 13. From pier 38 North river, at 3 P. M. preeige'v. Through passage tickets and bills of lading to all points In connection with the Central Railroad of Georgia. For freight or passage spr Iv lo LIVINGSTON. FOX A CO., Agents, 88 Liberty street. For savannah, oa?mhrray'h line. EVERY TUESDAY. The favorite steamship VIRGO, l?. M. Bulkier, commander, will still Tuesday, December 4. at 3 P. M. precisely, from pjer lb East river, loot of Wall street. Through hills, of lttdlng and passage tickets given to nil points in connection with Georgia Central Railroad. For ft eight or passage apply to MURRAY. FKRRI8 A CO., 81 and 82 South street. AXSAli STEAMSHIP TICKET OFFICE.?STEAM Savannah direct, on Tuesday, Dec. 4, at 3 P. M. Pas sage to Savannah $13. For passage apply to DOHBRTY A REILLY, 11 Broadway. Foil CHARLESTON, S. <!., THE FLORIDA PORTS and the South and South Wert.?Regular United States Msll Line Wednesdays and Saturdays The A1 elegit lit steam ship ANDALUSIA.' Ira Blinder. Commander, is now re ceiving cargo ami will sail on Wednesday, Dec. 5. at 3 P. M., from pier 14 Ea-t river, connecting at Charleston with the steamer DICTATOR for the Florida port*. Passage tickets and through hill* of lading riven to all points In connection with the South Carolina Railroad. Rills of lading signed on board the vessel. ARTHUR LEAKY, 73 William street. The BARAGOSSA will follow Saturday, Dec. 8. iaor cii.M'.f r.sroN. s. c._tiii; people-r mail T Steamship'bimpanv. The regular and popular steam ship EMILY U. Sftl DKR, Captain Lockwood, will l?avo on Friday, Herein her 7, st 3 P. M., fioin pier No. 3ti North river landing freight on Monday morning, at Charleston. Through ticket* and bills of lading issued lo all points South In connection with the South Carolina Railroad. LIVINGS I < 'N. FOX A CO.. Agent*. 8" Liberty street^ IDOR RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND CITY POINT, ft The aldov.heel steamships HATTERAR, Captain Alexander Every Saturday, ALHKMARLK. Captain Hourne Every Wednesday. At 12 M., from pier 118 North nrer, giving through bills of lading. Ac . to nil points on the Seaboard Railroud and Its connections. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agenta, 88 Liberty street. TRAVELLKR8' GUIDE. Hudson river and harlkm railroads.? Trains for Albany and Troy, connecting with Northern snd Western trains, leave Kew \ oik. via Hudson Illvrr Rail road. Thirtieth street snd Tenth avenue. 8 and 10 A.M., mud 3:48,8 3d and 11 1'. M.: and via Harlem Railroad Twon It sirth street and Fourth avenue, at 11 A. M. and 4:18 P. M. The 8 SO P. M. train v.a Hudson River will run on Sundays. Sleeping ear* attached lo 0:30 antl II P. M. trains. On 6:38 P. M. iraln Is also attached a sleeping car every day ei ccriing Saturdays, which 1* run through to Ogdcnsburg via R. W. and O. Railroad, without chanire. Sunday train mi Hudson R'vcr Road. New Aork to rough and rotnrn. 'caving NVw York *t A. M., and on Harlem ito*d. Eortv-second street to MUlerton and return, leaving New York at # A. M. WM. H. VANDERBILT A'lce President. FURNITURE. 1,1 rItNITU RE, CARPETS. OILCLOTHS, PARLOR AND 1/ Bedroom Sui'v PlAnnfortft*, Af., at BRNDAM# A SCOTT'S 200 and 211 Hudson *1r? t. corner of Canal. Payment received in wcekiy or monthly payments If pie ferrad. TWO WALN1W DESKS FOR HALE?AT 833 PEARL street, N. MEDICAL. DR. D AM AND. GRADUATED IN PARIS.-CURE guaranteed for bom ?r*rs without Injurious medicine. Alio all chronic so-railed incurable diseases. Rupture or hernia cured on our principle; no more truss; freo ctinaul tilmn. 49 Hlcuker street. \rONB INTBRVIBW, WITH OR WITHOUT Mh'.DI cin-1 No deception. KenifcCle* lrom (1 to (A. Electri city applied tlure or no charge. Board provided. DR. and MADAME DUBOIS, 88Third avenue. ALL DtSEA; ES. FROM WHATEVER CAUSE PRO dill C.I, ?. c s Ifelv a ml am r???liilly treated hv Madame DKSI'AIil) at one interview. Residence 322 llowery. Honrs llo4. CURE AT UN) INTERVIEW H>K MARRIED ladle* h7 Dr Power- 195 Kim a|r.eei. Ills Mlu al Estracta guaranteed. I BLESSING TO LADIES?A LADY WK'TKS: /\ Poriugui--* l-rm i!e I'srimlt *1 Pill* relieved me in one day. without Inninvenletire, hue tnagte. i rtoe (8. Dr. A. M. MACItK'I. ,11, olh.n 129 Liberty street, or sent by inatl t M M M RD i. U. M I) . PKOFE -OR OF MID j\. wifery, tblriv years practice, nt 129 Libert; streei. Gnarnntri . eerUlu 'relief to married la lies, from w hstev-r esDse, at use interview. -MADAME OUIM0LR, PRMALB PHYSICIAN, NO. , t. Alilllv pin C, C..II be COI1 -lilted nil all up. f'h-11 -ant us .'or bi.I.e* who de- .o good u ir- a^ A A A CORK AT Off I INTKRYlflW. WTTH OR WITHOUT mcdi<ln?\ 'or qumtM ladle*. fwm whftlnfir 0*1-0. hy Mfttlitviif KK.S .'hi.L. Prof?**or of Midwifery (Ibtriy yn *r*' practice . t>4 Went Thirty-fourth utroet, rmar Hintn lyftnu-?. Ah ICR TO \\ tRRT! D I .AMI M \n\MK W?R> TKf.LW Inf. !lih> Krvnch KraialD Pill^. N,.. I pri.-o Sd, or l*o. 2, price $?, which enn never !%ii. Mile and eulthy. oflire o\ Weal Thirty-fourth *tre*i. near Ri&th ave lift. f*rnt by nmll. Ad itehn hoi % ' : ! , | 1,1 11 N.O., m BINlADWAY, HKA R J Twenty flr^t "reel, rrnf<*??or el hMViriK over twenty ye m nurceitfirnl practice in thi* city, tfitiir iMiet'H tin drain'ft relief to evfrjf holy re?|uirlti|{ Htxrukl niMicnl or utiritlc v) treatment, fioin whatevftr chiim*, w ithoiu pain or ftlpo-urt*. N. H ?-iteg 11 luting Mnllriti"* Mint by mail. (^ORFfl)KKTf AL r*ONf I'LTAtloMR,?DR. K CORRKrf, J inrmbftr ol N. Y.U. Mft4llr?i rollec* mii<1 II. 0. Hurgftona L0111J011, can bft ronmiltr l a* uinial on certain dlnrvises. Of hi ? Centre ?tio? t, nftwr Cham her a. N. B.?No fee unieit rurrd. riC K WltRRK A Vats OTtlKR* FAIL l?K KlRHBIIf1* U guarantftftd It* .nrdi* ?. I'nfortuoatfts try them and < I NNr'l>\ 'j4 1 tiv .jjorHtor* for impaired manhood. 196 Kirn. Dope R? u in r. may nr con I Hultftd nn all prifttft dKesiFf*y. Thirty yearn exclu?ly?dv levnted lo (imeanea ruMhlea htm to wairxbl a curft iu all 1 v?t K! nm 11 n S KF.MKDIE* ? I'llB WORST ? v I 1 uiinedi ?iftl\. OnloriiinaMNi lb em aud Kenned lavlffomlom for impaired manhood. 1M F.lm ulreei. 1 |H |TaKR!m>N, 43 SIXTH AVKNf'R, CtTRE^ T1 I ' !i ? ri fmmedmtrlr. artthmit mereury. C illation all hour*. Corr^apond'tiee HiHJtly private. pflHI i) HI I". UAN I UltK WORST CASES OF GER ?ic hi ?.?*?., Kithmil mercury. ID shorter Urns Ulan any pi J- !an, nr no pay utro. No 3 Division street, rim-is 1?8*1 i : ? 'i NOTHING I I -1 ein I nfii;tauDt*a use them and Kennedy's Invigura tors. VIMs msnlumd isimpsirad oflv-e IWS Kun ?trsel 1 MMKDtATK CURE FOR LADIES-VIloV WHATEVER I Cjsuav. at mm Iidrrvicw, by Dr POWERS, I* Elm Mrcct. Certain lire, h s F.--I *ue?l Rj?-s ta fl VOI NEED MEDICAL I RE ATM P. NT. CONSULT DR I It 4RRISON. *i nlith avenue, c*mM*nli*llyi rurcs lb* worst disease* inline,tint, ly. f AOIFS WHO RLUUIKL MEDICAL TRRATMR] Jj ab, uid consul! Dr TlVKltldON d}*uth svenna, rut dentlallr. One Interview quite *ntlb isnt. AdTBc*,-BK NOT IMPOSED UiuN It I , >. j J lo obtain only Dr. MAlUDEAI'.s freneh I'srtudi Bltracl*. so ecrtalia ID all cases from whateeer cause send for pamphlet II* Liberty sire*t, I A DIES can ALWAYS RELY on' DR TOWt H* iy 4 faliins trench Prriodnsl Lilrs.t. A uaitain ruts. Office, 148 Elm slWL Madame van ri'?kirf. practical phyrician, ran Iu: coueultsd at 34 Weat Fourth street. A cure g, ..ranteed at on* latnrvirw. ONLY UtNUJNK LMXIR OF LIFE.-PRRPARRD RT Dr POWERS. 1*8 Elm street. Restor** ynuth and inrnh. od; re-l?rr> Inst vigor; cur*s nrgDttle weakness UPB4 M l ri - ro UlitR ? -AYOIO RA*E IMI if utinnsof Or. POWERS' or'.y uafalling PDriodiesI Et na. is. ..I iff I'.lm etreet \1VHFN VOiniirPI. FOI.LT INDH. W.? IMPOTFNi**, vv In KKNNPDY S Mage ei Intheralurv oaa be r?Ued I '4 b U .Ir m evrf.ct rtetoratie* office H4 Flat ffircct PouncAt. AT A SPECIAL MKKTIKG OP THB REPUBLICAN ?\ Union General Committee. held at headquarters. Ho. MO Broadway, on Wednesday evening. Nov. HI, the follow ing resolution wut unauimouslv adopted:? Resolved, That the nomination of . ? ? RICHARD EELLY for i omptroller Is one that commends itself to the rapport of ell good citizens, and we earncsllv call on inters of all clauses and ociianlzations who favor municipal reform to give htm their hearty support. _ _ AMOK J. WILLIAMSON, Chairman. Wit. Dkukmonp, >...... . Cbas. 8. Stbobo. 1 Secretaries, CHA8. S. SPENCER, ) ROBERT L. DAKKAGH, I * Ubalrmen. Sinclair Tocsay. Treasurer. WALDO llt'TCHINB, Chairman B?. Com. A TAMMAHY, MOZART. McKEON AND A CONSTITUTIONAL UNION NOMINATION. For Commissioner of Common 8cbools, Seventh School District, Twelfth, Nineteenth and Twenty-aecond wards, RICHARD L. LARBBMORB ATA MEETING OF OUR OWN INDEPENDENT DEM endorsed:?For Comptroller, Michael Connolly: for Alder man, Michael Norton: for Councilman, John Flynn: for School Commissioner, Thomas Boean. John Haniry, Presi dent; John Kerrigan, Treasurer; John Murphy, Secretary. A NTl-RINO AND TAXPAYERS' CANDIDATE. FOR ALDERMAN. FIFTH DISTRICT, EUGENE WARD. At a meeting of the seventeenth ward Independent Voters' Association held at Cosgrove's. corner Tenth street and avenue A, on Saturday evening, it was unanimously resolved to support Judge M. Connollr for Comptroller: Nicholas Seger, Ilcnnla Campbell, John T. Kehoe and Thomas Daly for Councilman. PATRICK COSGROVE, President. Geo. E. Recretary. AT A MEETING OF THB DEMOCRATIC UNION Ward School Convention, held on Saturday evening, Dec. 1. at 46 East Broadway, RICHARD O'GKADY was nominated for School Trustee of the Seventh ward. T. T. TRACY. Chairman. J amis J. Consitt.LT. Secretary. CENTRAL EIGHT HOUR LEAGUE CANDIDATE. FOR COMPTROLLER, MICHAEL CONNOLLY. At a stated meeting of the Central Klahi Hour League of the city of New York dodge Michael Connolly was unani mously tendered the endorsement of that body "for the posi tiou or Comptroller. G. P. TAYLOR, President. Richard L. Nkvili e, Secretary. CONSTITUTION\L UNION NOMINATION.?FOR ? School t 'ommi'sioner? Seventh district, 12th, 16th and 22U wards, RICHARD L. LARREMORE. HENRY 1.1 KKENAD. Chairman. James ft. Pit acock, and Ricfiahd Kitst.TTs, Secretaries. CONSTITUTIONAL UNION J CANDIDATE FOR COMPTROLLER, Rlt HARD B. CONNOLLY. DANIEL H. NORTHRUP, Chairman. 11. 8. Bankvr. H. 8. Bankvr. ) C. I.. Thatcher, i eretaiies. (CONSTITUTIONAL UNION N'OMINATION.-FOn COUN. J edition?Seventh district, 12th, 19th anil 22d wards, llnnrv Murray Stephen Roberts, John F. t'lrlch. John W. Bennett, Julius Johnson. DANIEL B. NORTHRUP, Chairman. Gkokcr C. Newman, t Secretaries L. Thatcuxr. I ret a Ics. CTITIZENS' AND CONSTITUTIONAL J UNION NOMINATION. FOP. COUNCILMAN FIFTH ALDhflMANtC DISTRICT. DR. ABRAHAM F. COX. D* EMOCR.ATIO CITIZENS' NOMINATION. FIFTH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT, tort Al.llEKMAN. SAMUEL J. MONTOOMERV, D. 8. PAIGE, Chairman. EnwARn Gii.on, Secretary. Nineteenth W.irtl?THOMAS McMaNI S. with Tam many, Mozart and Democratic Union nominations. |A()U SCHOOL COMMISSIONER. T Seventh district (Twelfth, Nineteenth and Twenty-seo ond wards), COLONEL JOEL W. MASON. F OR COMMISSIONER OF COMMON KOHOOLS, OF Third School District, BENJAMIN B. MERRILL. JOHNSON A DOBSON WILL SELL POOLS ON THE Comptrollerahtp. at Lafayette Hall, Broadway, on Fri day, Saturday aud Monday evenings. Mozart hall democratic candidate t o It COMPTROLLER. RICHARD II. CONNOLLY. EDWARD B. BEHK1AN, Chairman. Lotus B. M Ante s, t Kn. H. Hkatii. i becrrtartes. Mark them.?honest electors or tiiis city, remember ihc following AMermen and Councilman,who voted lor and pasted the atrocious "gn* swindle" over Mayor Hofl'iuaiF* veto, and are now eandiaates for re-election:? John Moore, First ward; Mlclmel Norton. Eighth ward; Wm. 11. tledney, Moth waid; .lumea Loug, Filth ward; John Steoom, Ruth ward; Cornnllua Flynn, Seventh ward; Hugh O'Brien, Fourteenth ward; Bernard Kennny. Seven teenth ward; Anthony Hurtmnn, Seventeenth ward: Jama* O. Brink man. Seventeenth ward; Michael Halloran, Twelfth wnrd; Mllnor Imlay, Twcntv-eecond ward. Ninth aldermanio district (sixteenth ward)?Regular t'nlon Ilepubllcan Nomination. For Alderman-DON AL.ONZO OUS1IMAN. ? B. C. WAN DELL, Chairman. J. H. Lbibknao, Secretary. \Ti;w YORK DECEMBER I. IMA?AT A MEETING OF it the Wot kingman a Independent Union Club of the Twentieth ward. It war unanimously resolved to support the noinination* of RICHARD B. cgNnOLLY for Comptroller, JAMES U. DIMOND for Alderman and FRANCIS K. REYNOLDS for Councilman. E. CAM I'BELL. Chairman. Wim.iah Corner, Secretary. R EOF LA It UNION UEIM'H LICAN NOMINATIONS, EIGHTH COUNCIL MANIC DISTRICT, Eith. Rim and 21d Ward*. HTKPHKN ROBERTS, ANOREW 8PF.NCK, GEORGE \V. CREGIER, 1IENKY C. FEKLKY. DR. FRANCIS A. THOMAS. R BOULAR UNION NOMINATION FOR COMP TKOLLKK?RICHARD KELLY. ANTHONY J BLEECRER, Chirmaan. Tnos. F. SaiTn. A. Jacaaoa Pi.raa, t1 Secretaries. R CBBER KINGS FOR BALLOTS, at 136 Spring street, at any hour. SIXTEENTH W ARD REPUBLICAN UNION NOMINATION For School Trustee, samcei. n constant. UOMEItlNDYKK A AR MSTRONG WILL SBI.L POOLS at M in hell's, enrner of Broadway and Houston street, on the election tor Comptroller, on Filday, Satunluy ard Monday evenings. rpAVM ANY SOCIETY OR COLUMBIAN ORDER? I Brother" A regit! r meeting of tne In dilution will he held In the Council Chaml*nt or the great Wigwam on Mon day evening, lire at I df an hour at :-r theantltngof the sill. Geiitnal and punctual attendance is reiiurslad. By order nf I0I1N I'. HOFFMAN. Grand Saehem. Wn.soa Sast.i.. Secretary. Manhattan. Reason of (now*, twelfth Moon, vear of Dla Cnverv 374.It, ot Indei endeme SNb, and of the Institution the -7th. rjiiiK independent democratic anniM' and CiMis'ltiillouul I iron Nornlnaiiuns. For Alderman 1'Jflh Atih rmanic District?Robert Her For Counedmeii-James Ye\-enev. Henry Oberle, John Itevlin. Dr. Abtam E. Cos Michael Smith. rpilK PEOPLES AND TAXPAYER?" 1 candidate for, RICHARD B CONNOLLY. ' DGEI'IIU WOLFE, Chan man Gkohoi W. M, Li**,Secretary. 'J1IIE PEOPLE S CANDIDATE For Alderman. Seventh District, WILLIAM B. WHITE. fHAMMANY IIAl.L J REGULAR DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE F?>R t OMPTROLLKB. RICHARD B CONNOLLY E. 1). II ART, Chairman. W?. Hnrnu4a, i a-.,.,,..,;.. h 9. W.avr.H, t ""(llte* IVu THE VOTERS OK THE TWELFTH, NINETEENTH ? ml Twftilf wood wjiMh -m th* reqweetnf a major ity of the oon rant Iowa who hmi honored ma with tnHr nominations for f'01 ittellman, f rtupH*) fttllv Kwpt oil their nomination*, therebr withdrawing fnv (techtialton. iMMNunrh a* I never in Uv?*r ??!' Mr. Imlwyor dnv ether oan dld*u\ ami HMnie all my frlfiida thai I will leiiiAln their candidate wntll the cloving of th?? poll* on the 4th day of D??'*??rnH0r. and **vor 'Mafid hv thmie who ?tn?id br mo.*' JOHN V. UI.Kiril, beremieth atreet and Broadway. I>rrt *?f:n I lt**> _____ rpo TIIK Kl.ROTORS OfTtlK KN TH COUJICILHAMC 1 dlrtrift.?f>lh>w ?'lli/? nw- Having hewn urgently preeM?d to preaent myaelf a? * candidM* for tr.t* dhtrlrt. 1 dratre to ?t??te th?t T havr born * resident of tbla dlRtrirt for Wiany Tr.r?. and bare obtained the food will and of mw I ow ?itlfon*. My political reoord weed not bo mentioned fnt 1 bav*? newer held Miiy ottice, And therefore I ne* porta need In thf political NchrinfR and inamrMivrihff* <?f my oftponente. And therefore throw my I tit off! vt? entirely In the band* of Ihe h< nf>?t Independent voter* of tht* Aitffet I there forf apreal to ton for font rapport And Atd In endeavoring U>acwtirf my eHwiton. aMHAII aM h OOX. M. I?. TtTF.WTT SE?'OM> WARD. V'nion MeiruUilmn RognUr Nomlngt*?>n ? K??lt Mt'llttOfg TRl sTKK, JOSEPH Ct'HI?rt*V?. ___ TO THF. TOTKKH OF TIIK KKMU9TM M7HOOL D1B trlrt (Twrlfth. fftnttotfttli ond rw#iity-"or??nd word*? Mr n*nio hartng born plfood in bomlnittlon for thf ofDro of Mrhool OomrniwAlotirr for thl* dUtrirt by ono oortlon of tho doimx iAtlf pnrtr. and Tftmomny and Mot*rt Ilftll having pi???d In nomination *nothfr rindklat# (R. I< f.Mrramorf >, I bA\r. aitor aoB*?lUtlon with my fvlaitUa, mnrlndod to withdraw my nafno frwta tho cam h*#. drmiiit.g tht* ?t?p to b? (or tho boat lotfroatA of thf dovnoor* !flpafiy. flaturn Ing my iinfOTM* thaniif* to iho ??rgat)iitotlon? whtob Uaro ton d* ?h1 ma thrir nominalUitia ** alXo to my frionaa throogh th# diRtrto, I romain ia*W*? lfttlly yoor?. J AMI ft H BMADT, ? Foitroutli atroft and Bwronth avaowo. TO THF. EDITOR OP THE NhW YORK HERA LB h aw > lK, Df?. 1, Ira I hara bgon for totoral roar* pi*l vnd am now. an MMMf In thf fifth Aldrrmanlo Dtftrtrt of th# city of New Torfc, and bfln# dfAlrr-'M* of r.*?ttng my rota at tho rnxulng elfCtloo for tho hf*t mm, normft mo to arIk thA following qnff lion? ?I* rh?Hxiom Allan, m navtdtdato for Aidanwaw In tht above named dlatriot, tho aamt pemoo who waa aomifcd of

da'tAMding *hf gwrnynmenl goring tht ltffc*tltow awd wm noviflned at fort I?a fa volte 7 la (?aoc RoUiaeon, alto a fOW d?da?e for Alderman, the tame p^raow Who waa rwetntly of Mrp ( rv in nonatttloa with the X at art MM MAW M*iraa*i t Au aoawtr tn^b^abor* wU^oblj|^ T? POLITIC AL. TUB ELECTORS OF THE OITT OF NEW TORE. We, the undersigned, taxpayers, merebanta end bail nen of (he rlty of New York, Irrespective of party, cordially ?oommend to our fellow citlsena HA RICHARD B. CONNOLLY for tbe responalMe and important office of COMPTROLLER OP THIS CITY. Bred to commercial Ufa, and for many veara diaoonnectod with local politic*, and engaaed In the discharge of exteu aire financial truata and duties, Hr. Coooolly la praetloally qualified for the office beyond oomparlaon with any other nominee now before the people, while hl?public and private character la abore reproach, and la of lteelf a guarantee of an lion eat, faithful, ooaedeatlona and economMal admlnla tration of the lliianoial department of our city government We therefore believe that it la the duly of all tax paying citlaena, without regard to party, to devote themselves to at curing Mr. RICHARD B. CONNOLLY'S election. H. B. rlaliln A Co., Henry A.8mythe,Collector of William A. Wheeloek, Preat- the Port; dent Central Rank, Cbartea G. London, JameaRedmnnd, Owen Byrne, Charlea fowler, Peace k Seaman, N. A. Baldwin, J. 8. Hawklna k Co., A T. Lent Uarthwalte, Lewis k Stuart, A T. Woodward, John W. Cox. D. A. milieu. C. H. Bowman k Co., Robert Schell, Green A Laaber, 8. Churchill. Jenkins k Rabcock, Bdev, Kurmore A Co.. George Burrill, Thomas S. Negus k Co JohnT. Harris, 8. Wiuheimer, Plthlan k Co., J. k. J. Stuart, Kngene Kelly k Co., J. S. Winslotv, Wright A Mitchell, Burden, Jones k Co., Joseph W. Robb, Plum A Lainont 8. Munn. Son k Co., Wm. Brsdhuret A Son. A. Barmore, Dubois, Vandevoort k Co., Connolly A Co., Bee be. Pox A Co., Wm. Edgar. Bird k Co., WarreD, Mix and Son, George W. McLean, 8. Munn A Hon, James Hoy, KlrtlaDd, Bunson A Co., Tefl't, Grlswold A Kellogg, Carter, Klrtland A Co.. Dniiapaugb, Htillwell A Eastman. Rlgelow A Dayton, Pearaolt, C. H. Bowman A Co., Cox A Smith, Field, Morrla k Co., Anthrtip, Taylor A Co., Wright, Brlnckerhoff k Co., Campbell, Maghee k Co., 8. I). Bradford. W. T. Hatch A Son, Bowel's, Bneckman A Co., Kobbe A Corllea, Lyourgua Edgerlon, William K. Belcher, Garbuli A Blin k, William Young A Co., D. M. llildreth, Bullina A Straus, George A. Bobbins. Beujamin Babcouk, Carhart, Whltford A Co., Dowd, Baker, WhltBeld Wm. II. Black. Co.. Palmer A Co., Kll/Jnger, Rosenback A Co., Weekcs A lllgbie, Bolmson. Meyer A Co., Slc.irn* A Heall, Parker. Brooks A Co., Filhlan A Co., K. L. Tnloott, C. I'. Hunter. President Peo- .Matthias Clark, plea' Hunk, C. A A. C. Pollloii. Valentine Klrhy. John T. Yelverlon. Preaident IJdolpbo WolTn. Hank of Norfli America, While, Morris A Co., Wtu. J. Peaks A Co., Garner A Co., John F. Seymour A Co., bprogue, Cooper A Col- Bcruhelmer Brothers, born, Rabcock Hrotliera A Co., John Graves, P. J. Rink, Duvld WegstiifT, Paltee. Burhanka A Drew, Kegel - A Hainh?r, Meier A Selimid, Win. J. Schwab, J. H. A J. T. Edwards, J. Lnthrop A Co., T. A E. Hurtotr A Sons, Hoover, Calhoun A Co., A. Baldwin A Co., | J. M. Hradatreei A Co., John J. Ilitniuihs, T B. Woodward, Edgar Skinner, M. K. Rowe, Alex.T. Graaer, Wm. II. Peek, John Gruves, David l'riugle, John Hnek, Hprague A Faiirll, Jolin C. Steppen, Rich A Suell. A. If. Van Pelt Plaen A Seaman, wm, C. Breuning, A. Baldwin A Co., Porter & lllgby, J. S. A W. Brown, Demand A Wygant, A. Frailer, I,. Weltlieimer, And over H.IKK) oihere. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF New York.?Tbe report having been circulated that I would withdraw from Hie eontest for Comptroller, this is to nofl'y my friends and those favorable to uiv election that I net still ;t candidate and tvlll continue in the held until sun down on Tuesday, the 4th day of December, Inst. MICHAEL CONNOLLY. u TNION P.KPI'BLIOAN NOMINATION. For Alderman, Fifth district, EUGENE WARD. UNION REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. FOB COMPTROLLER, RICHARD KELLY. W u.Dkum.wom>. i CHAS. S. SPENCER, Ja-. M. McCaktak, SSecretaries. Chairman. Ciiav. :s. Strom;. I u NION REPUBLICAN CITIZENS' NOMINATION. SEVENTEENTH ALDr.RMANIC DISHUCT, TWKFTII WARD. FOR ALDERMAN, ROBERT C. BROWN. 7TH WARD?A CARD.?I TAKE THIS METHOD OF IN I forming my friend* and support. r? In the Seventh tvard that 1 have nit.lulruwii liom Inline a candidate for School Trustee, and not hating a do..ire to be connected with the republican parly, leat It may be detrimental to the democratic candidate for Comptroller. JKREMIAll CREED. 8TH WARD.?AT A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE Prairie As orlntlon, at IK) Vandam street, on Friday evening. Not. S), Captain John Klynn wan ununimonaly en dorsed for Cnnneilman of the Eighth ward. EDWARD EAKLE, Chaiimon. John McGkrw, Secretary. "IATH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT UNION REPUBLICAN X'/ Association.?At a large and enthusiastic meeting of the above named assentation, held on Friday evening, at their headquarters. Bowery Hotel, the following preamble and resolution was adopted unanimously :? Whereas. This association have watched with pride and pleasure .he course of Hon. Horace Greeley during the past twenty years; and whereas, we have found him ever true to liberty, to Justice and the rights of man: and whereas, lie Is fitted bv talents, by educntlon and experience to aid In shaping the destinies of the nation; therefore. Resolved, That this association earnestly recommend to the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York, the name ot the Hon. Horace Greeley fnrUnlted Rules Seualor. STEPHEN II*KSAPI', President. Hinbt II. Woons, 1 o _ G. F. LoMGBriN, ? 11 TH WARD.?ON DECK.-DOWN WITH T1IH RING. We. tiie Independent Democrats of tlie Eleventh want, held a meeting at Feller's, lrll avenue B. on Saturday even ing. the 1st inst., and have unanimously endorsed and pledged ourselves to support the only anil ring man In tlie held for Comptroller, the Hon. Mlehsel Connolly. Also lor Councilman of the Sixth Conncilmanlc district:?Bernard Kenny. Anthony llattrnan, James J. Brinkman. Patrick Byrns, John J. Renoe. .WHIN DEVINH, Preaident. Trios. O. Dosnklt. Secretary. BmvAftn SkxTOM, Treasurer. Ill III AI.DKKMANIC DISTRICT. The (inly Regular Democralie Nomination forAhlerman, JOHN S. MARTERSON. If-Til \\ MID ?HENRY V. MEAD WAS UNANIMOUS It) It 1. loumaled Tor School Trustee by a joint convention of lire Tammany Hall and Morart deiuoerscy. CYR1 S l.AVToN, CI.airman .1 unit Convention. E. W. SPAVLDlftt:, Secretary. 1 7T11 WARD HOFFMAN LEGION.?THE MEMBERS I I are requostud to meet this ? Ten big. at eight o'clock, st t.untxef s comer of Fourth street and avenue A, to make final arnvngmrnts for ihe 1 lee: on of Kit HARD B. ION NOLLY, for Comptroller. DR JOHN T NAOf.E. JAMES A. CARoLJS. ' Secretaries. MICH AEL J. OOD1 lOlil WARD REGULAR DEMOCRATIC N'lM INA I' tee Tammany. Mnsart and MeKenn nomination for School Trii-tee. Mn-hacl ltyao, Edw.irii Cooper, t.'hairtnan ol Tun,many llnll Convention; Daniel Mont Secretary; Christopher Higgle* Chairman of Morart Had Convention ; Daniel Buckley. Sei clary; It. Gould.Iniry. t.'halrniau ol Me Kenn Convenrtqn; John Husk. Secrekirv. IQfH WARD UNION CONSERVATIVE NOMINA. II lion.?For School Trustee, JOHN N HAYWARI). ltnnva; NTOMitnn, Sec. WM ATKINSON, Ch'n. 1 CTII W\HD UNITED DEMOCRATIC AND UNION lO Republican Nomination ? For School Tru"lee?-fOllN N. HAYWARD. Maurice Duty, Chairman Deint* ralie Union Convention; Mlei.n. I ('nastily. Secretary Henry Bectiy, Chairman I nlon Itef uhll-'an I'on rent ion; ri. J. Salmon. Seerelary. , ?)|*T W\RD UNION DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION. 1 For Seh, ol Trustee. MICHAEL GKIIEGAN. ?)1 >T \\ AIU> a* I the AL inbers of Tsnnneny llall Ward Committee are trqiir?tad tn meet at headquarter*. .Isrk-on llnll, .'<*1 Tidnl^avenue, on Monday evening, Deeeinher 8. at The members of the Kieeulive Committee will meet on Sunday. 2d ln*t . at H O'Nell'a, second avenue and Tweuty * ghlb street, at !l o'clock F. M By order of liavin J lis 1 y. Sec'y. I.P ANDER HUi'K Ch'n. HIM ELI.ANEOI H. BULLOCKS' BLADDERS WANTED?THE BEST MAR ket price nlil lie e veil Apply to P. A U. I.OK 11 ? I. \RD. Ilk 18 and 21) cb mila-re st. LM'SsEI.I.'S ICE ORKAM?BEST IN THE CITY; ONLY I (W , elite per quart, f air*, festivals, sociable* and pro vstr fatnill ?* furnished. 2u? Fom th avenue, near Twenty third street, and 1.288 Broadway. P'Eg PATENT I.AMI'S-PARIS. 18(7?WISHING TO I ?* vistc with us praetieal business men with capital, for the eveurtmi of Otir buelneea abpuul, we offer for sale parta of oqr Enrol 'an Patents, and Invite visitor* lo the Psrta Exposition of Ifltti (where spare ha* been allotted us to examine our Improvements, and the inducements offered for business, in which pleasure and pmOr mar l>e combined. Call, orsenil for circular. JI'LTl'S IVhs A CO.. All Maldeo lane, N. Y. T AW?CORNELIUS BURLING, COUNSELLOR AT Jjl iw M llusne, near Chsl'i ?m slrrei All lav, actions els mis. divoraea, Ac . prosecuted or defended. No chary* Ikl examination of e.aae. RUE! M ATISM AND NEURALGIA SUFFERED 1 flfteen year*. Alderman .fbseph Coxely, Phllade'phia. I" ! 'b-r'e Rbenmatie Remedy. Caw Wm (anted or money returned Bold by principal New York druggists CtVF. YOUR MONKT-EVRRVTHINO CAN RE OB 1. taiued through the of lufnnuallou. It*) Fnltnn street, at a Good establishment* engaged In 180 din-rent kinds of business, have lolned the Association tn K-duee the t nstof Living and will sell government eeco. ritira, merchandise. Ao.. wliolesale or retail, or give profea atonal sen ires at lownr rates lhan 'o any other ensUim~ra. Gel 1 irculars. D. M. ELMORE, Biiperlntendent. 1|7ANTF.D TO BUY-A HECUND HANI) ALCOHOL vx still. Aildresa with partleulare about capacity, brier, ffe , hot 8 888 Post odlee Uf ANTED TO rURCIIVKK-A BKCOND HIND IIOF Rotary Printing Ms.hlne. Addrena .1. P., hot All U*rald office, slating terms, Ac. ?"fk -1MFORTANT TO HOTELS AND FAMILIES ?U'lsr West'* Impmv nil paten, Mangle*. No*. 4 and 10 l.therty ptar*. N. Y. Plumbing, gas tilting, look and black smith, hell hanging Discount to agent*. A. A\ ATCHKh, JEW Kiill T. AC. FRANKFIELD A CO.. JEWELLERS. AM SIXTH sen is, corner Fdurtnenlh itroal. end 3IA Eighth sea, nusq mruer Twsnty-slitb street, reeominend thsir nor * nek nf Wairhea, J*xxnlry, Silver and Pis ted War*. Diamonds end other Prmlnue Slonee?W* are patentee* and sole men ifao. B'?fe of A merman Ciiekeo chwhe, Walehee with ee-ret hole for likenesses, Ac A. FRANKFIELD A CO pitftros 0' AM. FF1CE OF THB BOARD OF BDUCATIOJL CORKER 1 of Grand and Elm alroeU, Raw York, Daoaaabar U, lfiBL Sealed Propoaala will be reeel?od at tbta office untll tke 17th day of December neit, at 8 o'clock P. IIat whleb time eald propoaala will be examined, for eupplylok the Public 8chooU under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education with Book*. Stationery and other articlea for the uaa of eafd acboole for one year, cummencinf on the let of January, A liat of the arUclea will be furnished on application to tbe Clerk of the Board of Education. TIMOTHY BRKNNAN, 1 SAMUEL B. H. VANCE, I Committee JAMBS W. FARR, > ? on JAME8 L. MILLER. Suppllea. JAMES B. PUP1GNAC.J J>ROPOSALS f5h INDIAN GOODS. DxpaamsNT or TBI Ijrranton, ) Orrtca or Ihdian Arrxias, > Washington, D. C.. November 31, lank } Reeled propoaala, endoreed '? Propoeals for Indian Oooda, will be received at the Office of Indian Affaire until llo'olock M., on SATURDAY, tbe Iftth day of December next, for for nithine, In the quantlUea therein glren, tbe articlea named In the following llat. The propoaala to Indicate, In ceparffie rolumoa, at what price aald articles will be delivered In New York city, and at what prloo they will be delivered. In St. Loola. Mo. The gooda to be delivered at either place at the coat of the contraotor. ptrrt class MACKINAC BLANKETS?FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC. '2,500 pair 8 pt. white Blankets, 50x72 inches, to weigh 8 pounds. 2.500 pair 2M Pt. white Blankets, 54x56 inches, to weigh 5 pounds. 500 pair \\i pt white Blankets, 35x50 inches, to weigh KM pounds. 1.000 pair 3 pt scarlet Blanket!, 50x72 inohea, to weigh 8 pounds. ? 500 pair 2M acarlet Blankete, 54x08 inches, to weigh 6 pounds. 200 pair 8 pt. green Blanket!, 60x79 inches, to weigh 8 pounds. 2,000 pair 3 pt Indigo Blue Blankets, 50x79 inohea, to weigh 8 pounds. 2.8<iO pair 2K pt Indigo Blue Blankets, 54x56 inches, to weigh 6 pounds. ? 100 pair 1% pt Indigo Bine Blankets, 52x56 inches, to weigh KM pounds. _ SECOND CLASS. CLOTH8?FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC. 800 vards Fancy List Bine Cloth. 6.000 yards Gray List Bine Cloth. 3.0UO yards Saved List Bine Cloth. 7,000 yards Saved List Scarlet Oioth. THIRD CLASS-DRY GOODS. 900 dozen 8-4 Woollen Shawls. 500 pounds Linen Thread. 500 pounds Cotton Thread. 2JW1 yards Turkey Red Oil Calico. 50.000 yards Blue Drilling. 50,000 y art is Brown Drilling. 50.000 yards Red Stripe Bed Ticking. 5,000 yards Super Satinet. 5,000 yards Satiuet. 3.000 yards Hickory Rbirtingj 20.000* yards Brown Shirting. 20,000 IIIekoTT Sill its. 10,000 yards Duck ?tor tents\ FOURTH CLASS-HARDWARE 100 dozen beat oast steel Axes, from 3 to 3M pounds, with handles. 1U) dozen best cast Steel Half Axes, from 2 to 3 pounds, with handles. 1 OOOCamp Ketlies. assorted sizes. 1.000 hhort handle Fry Pan*. 300 dozen Tin Pans, 2, 4 and 6 quart, in equal quantities, pressed. 1,000 dozen iron Table Spoons. 1 (DO dozen Tin Cups. 2 500 .lozeujbuteller Knives. 5-Inch blade. 1.000 dozen Fish Hooks (assorted). 500 dozen Fish Lines (assorted). Samples <>f all articles to be forwarded to this office with the proposals, and the goods furnished to be equal in all respects to the samples. No bids for less than an entire class of the articles speci fied will be considered. All articles furnished under contract will be rigidly in spec ted and compared with the samples by an agent or agents appointed for that purpose. Such goods or articles as may in any resnect fail to conform to the sample* will bo reject*-!, mid in that case the contractor will lie bound to turnlsh other* of the required kind or quality within five days; or if that be not done they will be purchased at his expense. Payment wiil be made for goods received on invoices thereof, certified by the agent or agents appointed to inspect them. * The right will be reserved to require a greater quantity of ?nv of the articles named than that specified in the above schedule, not exceeding three times the amount thereof. Any of the bids, or anv parts thereof, may be accepted or reiected at the option of the department. No bids will be cons'dered from persons who hsve failed to comply with the requirements of a former contract with the United State*. No proposal will be considered that does not htbictlt comply with the following requirements? Proposals must embrace the articlea with the quantities thereof. set forth in the above schedule, with the prices annexed to each, and the amounts must he carried out and footed up. each class to be separately staled cm! footed up. Said prices and amounts must bo so given without any modi- j ftcaiiuii or proposed modifica ion whatever 1 ropoKals should be submitted in the following form:?"I (or we) hereby propose to furnish the Indian Department, according to if to terms of the advertisement of the Uommls sioucr of Indian Affairs dated November21, 1^ the follow ing articles at the prices thereto nfUxedl?( Hero insert the list ) rrpnred a? indicated in the first paragraph of this adver tisement. J Said articles are to he deliverable either at New York or Ht. Lou *, as the Commissioner of rndian Affairs tiisv elect, on or before tbe 2Cth day of February next: and, If ?nis proposal be accepted F (or we) will, vvitnlr five days thereafter, execute a contrnct accordingly, and give security satisfactory to tbe Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the faithful performance of the same." finch proposal must be accompanied by a guarantee in the following form, to be signed by two responsible persons whose sufficiency must be certified by a United States Judge or District Attorney. "We hereby conjointly and severally guarantee that the above bkklei or bidders), if a oontrac* shall bs gwiutied to htm (or thans) mo rdingto bis (or thstr) bid ?r proposal, will execute a contract accordingly, and give the requisite security t or the faith Or performance of the same as pre scribed in the advertisement for proposals for Indian goods, dated November *21, 1866: und lu the event of tyyjor their) failure ro to do we hereby agree and bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators to forfeit and pay tbe UnPcd States, as damages. ? sum not less than fifteen per cent on the amount of said hid or proposal." Bonds will by required in the amount of the bid for the faithful performance of the contract, with twoor more su reties. whose sufficiency must be certified to bv s? United States Judge or District Attorney. LEWIS V. I1QGY, Commissioner. LOAN OFFICES. AT 212 BROADWAY, KNOX BUILDING. DIAMONDS, WATC1IK8, PRECIOUS STONES, AC. mis old establishkd office PAYS THE UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHES. JEWELS, PLATE, PEARLS, AC., OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, AC.. AC. N H.-DI IMOND8 WATCHES, AC.. FOR SALE. OFFICE HOURS FROM 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. II. BAKRJ.NGEK, 212 Broadway, room No. 8. AT m NIS8 V STREET, ROOM NO. 2-\. NOKIGMAN pays the highest prices for Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry. Ac He alio advances on consignments of the above articles. AT HYMAN'S, 6S8 BROADWAY. CORNER OF BOND Street, will be paid the highest prices for Diamonds. Watches and Silverware, or will advance on the above arti cles. AT NO. 9 WEST TWENTY TlfTRD STREET (FIFTH Avenue Hotel), the highest price paid for Diamonds, Watches, Ac,. or advances madron lite same. Vi 6H BROADWAY 4 PAY TOR B20B88T PRICE! fur Diamond*. Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or advance on the ?atne. ISAACS. Diamond Broker, opposite WalUck's Theatre. At 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS WATt IfLtf, JEWELRY. Ac.. OR THE F \MI BOUGHT Al THE HIGHEST RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. \\ A1VHKN. JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Bleecker ntrert, up ?uira. \I?\ %NCR8 MADRON WATCHES, DIAMONDS, IBW elr>, Dry tin *J* ami Personal Property of every ?le sefipHoti. J. A. JACKSON, 1(1 Grand street, two doors wen of Broadway. Pawnbrokers noKRTs purcranrd of dia I muoilA Watches. jewelry, silks/clothing. Ac Advenes* mad** on the wi o, or bought at the highentcAsh prices, at 1*6 Grand street, near Mulberry. DEM Ivrit Y. \NRW AND SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY ?NO MORE toothache after using PI ETON'S Great Toothache Itemedi. It ncrrr fall" to cure it Instantly. Give it a trial. Price fiOe. per bottle. To be had at No. 6 Clinton place, and ail drug stores in the Untied Mates. i MOST WONDERFUL DISCOVERY.?TBBTH K.x A\ tractsd without pall bj ths benoaibtas ap pli? itlon ' narcotif ?lion v Laughing g*< fresh daily. Beau tiful teeth. $1. J. JAY VILlEKH. 166 Graud street, near Broadway. ?' 4 UKUGHTFUL PROUBHfl"-NINE TEETH EX. J\ tiacted in one minute, without tbe least pain " through an improved method of inhaling nitrons ntt<l* p.*a. No charge for extracting when tgstk are Inserted, at \ AN Vl 175 ^i atb avenue (NOLTON DENTAL ASSf)ClATION ORIGINATED AND J make a of the use of Nitrous Oxide Gas, and administer 1t in the only war whlbh uniformly destroys pain. Ws have given it to over 16.tNl0 patients. Come to headquar fere Office 19 Cooper Institute. I>CRB NITROUS OXIDB GAS ADM1NI8TI RED DAILY for painless extraction of teeth. Hcts $* to S'Ai. an* tenor In beauty and durability to all others Dr. WHITE, 122 Hlceoksr street N B.-Dr. FANNING. M D., in at tendance. IBTROLOQY. \< \ MISS WELLINGTON TELLS OF HU TNI theft, food Inch and numbers. 392 Bowery, opposite Sixth street. Hours 9 to 4. A FACT-NO IMPOSITION?ORE A TEST BUSINESS snd Medical Clairvoyant known is Mrs. STARR, from Europe, horn with a natural gift Sbe shows a correct like n*?*of your future husband and absent friend*, causes sfesdy marriages, brings together thnne long separated, tells hlstiame H12 fourth avenue. Hours from 9 AM till 7P M ("3f|*S. DAHM. THB ORF.ATRST ASTROLOOIST. RR. J veals your whole life. Fee only 5fi eenta. No. 17 Ewwi street, first floor. M AD. BTIIILBACH, from PARIS, tells on burl no?, ,tc Pan tea interested should not faJ! o < all. Oflftca 128 Bowery. Madame ross is the only medical and scsr ness Clairvoyant that can bo relied upon; shows ths like ties* of your future husband; tells his ne?ne. <m West Twenty-seventh street, between rtitth and ttevemu avenues. Ring the ha^ment bell. ADAMI If f 1 BY PALMIS TRY ON \, r \rr Ml", of life 135 Sixth atenue. Ladle* gl; g? nttsmen $2 M MAIMMK WALTSSffi DliTINOI'ISHBfl RL A IE TOT ? 111 Vl?tl brr for crorrlhinj ?lrkn??, bualurM Ih.ft, n.m.t nnmhn,, good luck SA1 O.n.t Madame bysox?ths ossatbet bumirrm *sn ?ii-.l <?l H|ilr,l>?ll.t known, rauwa aqicoilj,.. tit Fourth nronno. T.?dlr? >1 OA I ?MRP. HOEDER, K^OWM KliR TWENTY TWO X't". rrnr* in Ihla dir. for riving irno lofnrmntlon on ? li ?(T?lr? Ihr.ugh Ufa. ean bo rontullad al Grand draat, n?ar lha B.wrarr. SEVENTH AVB.XUK-.MM8. RAV. CLAIR ? JO" I Toganl and aatrolngut Lucky nurat'nra. Hprtd, marrlagi*. Ladira XAo. U nit Via. WKE WP PA PKKg. RFAO THE HOME AMUSEMENT ? FOR OEORM bar?Filled with cvntnali. raadlng, rhamlng poalrr, thrilling narrallra*. am.sing atnnaa, fun. wit and humor Rrarr anmhar ooaplaM. For aa a on lha nawanapar itaoda. ILt naola aar oaam THE PACIFIC. Uncertainty as to the Inten tions of Spain. Re-Election of Prado a* Preal> dent of Peru. Attempt* at Revolution in Peru and Dissension* in Chile, a*. sc. a?. Tbe steamship Arizona, Captain Maury, from Aspinwall November 24, arrived at tbia port yeaterday, bringing our despatches and dice from California and Central and South America. The following 1* tbe treaaure list of tbe Arizona:? ran* ran francisco. Duncan, Sherman A Co $30,224 Third National Bank. New York 7,(Ml J. k W. Sellgman A Co 74,700 Panama Railroad Co 25,809 W. Scboll t Co 87,084 Eugene Kelly A Co 58,500 Welle. Fargo A Co 108,125 Lees A Waller 201,500 D. H. Temple 700 Scbepelee A Co 24.000 F. Probst A Co 100 Order 530,000 from Tnr. isthmus. James Bishop A Co ' $820 Welle, Fargo A Co 885 Miller A Houghton 700 Rebuu A Munoc. 3,043 Total .?..$1,132,061 OUR PANAMA CORRESPONDENCE. Panama, Nov. 1868. The steamer Pacific, Captain Woolcott, readied this port on tbe 20th inst., bringing dates from Valparaiso to tho 3d, and from Callau and l.ima to the 13tb of Novem ber. The Pacific brings a large quantity of cottou for the Liverpool market. THR FERCVIAM ELECTIONS have terminated, and the Prado party have been tri umphant. The victory, however, in a political point of view, was not regarded as an Indication or the feeling throughout the country. The opposition did not muster half its strength, but will ere long make its presence known in anotbor quarter. Tho fate of Botta and his fel low plotters will act for a time as a wholesome ch^ck on political malcontents in Lima. PEACE XFOOT1ATIO.V8 between l'oru and Spain wore going on. In reference to this subject a Lima correspondent writes:? It is said that in consequenco of the favorable lorn matters havo have taken tho Suunish Hoot, now at Bio Janeiro mid Montevideo, will not pass round Cape Horn. The terms proposed are all ilia' Peru can reasonably expo< t, hut it is very much feared that from ihe pre parations for wnr this laitor Power has made and is making thai the diapos.tion will lis rather to dictate than accept terms. By tho overrun! mail from Brazil we learn lhat two iron-dads and two steam frigates are to be added to tho squadron of Admiral Nunez. The tonne of pncilicat on proposed on the nurt of Spain are all that Peru ion reusonbly expect, Tlicy are:?That i-'pnin is to abandon the revolutionary claims, amounting to $S0,(A)<),()00; that private claims aro to be settled by tbe courts of justice; and thai simultaneously Spa n and Peru are to ditto each oil er's Hags. The bar lint might have been set up as a ground for not accepting these terms in regard to tho botiioardiiicut of Valparaiso will bo got rid of at the same time, as Spain will arrange directly with Chile for any damages that tho merchants of Valparaiso might have sustained by the bombardment. He this as it may, the six months' armistice will prevent any hostilities before this ti ne next year, at tho end of which lime the allies will lie iu a belter position to co|ie Willi, and, perhaps, defeat In; Spaniards. Colonel Prado has upon many occasions cxpres-ed a desire for |ieacn, but only upon honorable terms The war with fpnin will be vigorously prosecuted s ould the efforts which are now being tnado by England, France and the United States to bring about a settlement of existing difficulties fail GENERAL r.'STtlLO'N ARREST, of wbieh you have already beoo inTorinod, resulted hi bis banishment to Chiloe, and (or the second lime w ithin two years this unruly old veteran finds himself an exile. When the news of his arrest was spread about it greatly excited the lower ciussos, whose steadfast friend he has proved himself to be, and hud lie been brought ashore a bloody rmt would huve ensu U. H ? was scut away, how | ever, without the shadow of a trial. THR AIIREST OF ntSHOP ItCERTA, which took place some days previous to tbe sailing of the steamer, indicates that Prado means to persevere in hn righteous policy of making tho religious potentatse subservient to tho State authorities. THE COMMIS8tovltKS TO rmj.X had not returned to Lima. The conference on the me diation question between Sr. Pachcco and the Chilean government was progressing with mutual friendliness. ECUADOR. Business continued dull nl Guayaquil. Titer' was a great scarcity of money on account of the redemption of the piper currency by the government, which had left the country without a suitlcient circulating medium. The rale of oxehanve on Europe had been raised to fifty per eenl Tho Guayaquil Custom House was expected to yield $600,000 for the present year Senor Artera has been nominated for tbe Vice Presi dency. CENTRAL AMERICA. Pates ere a fortnight l?t?r. Congress was to have met in Guatemala on the 19th inst. On the 19th ult., a sharp shook of earthquake was felt In Salvador, and another much stronger was experienced on the l?t inst. Indivn was abundant In Salvador. Prices range from seventy to eigbty.five cents per pound. Beffor Guzman's election as President of Nicaragua, ha* been continued. President Castro had teturned to Pan Jose from his tour through Costa Hi a Everything is reported quiet in each of the Central American Stales. Ofi/tttntA. Liter dates from ths Interior are received vis Santa Maritia The detachment of national troops wtio wero nideo I to Panama, were still waiting at Santa Martha for further Instructions from Bogota. It was under stood thai Instructions had nvn issued from the Capital to detain tbeso forces until intelligence rea- bed them of furt Iter trouble on the isthmus. The Star has the following paragraph relating to mat ters m Bogota:? Tho dispute between the Executive and tho Archbishop had reached a climax and the Bishop hod been expelled from the republic. At last accounts he was at Santa Martha awaiting the arrival of the French Mesmeric convey him to Europe. The Executive had -taken pos seswton of the Archbishop's |ialare and tho archives. Con siderable political exrltomenl appears to exist in Bogota. On the night of the 15th ult. a mob parndrd the directs, shouting. "Viva Tamas the I.I" 'Death to the Arch bishop ' ' "War against Antioquia and Panama'" A doc ument bad been circulated suggesting the aaeaxMiiatiotiol Mnsqoera. Th s news Indicates a movement on the part of Mos quora s adherents to r. volutlooizo the government, and, railing it a monarchy Instead of a republic, c ure the elevation of their leader to the throne. To nil intents and purposes the lorm nr government is monarchical already. The startling scheme of creating an empire of one of the oldest South American republics may meet with less opposition than a stranger would suppose. The people are accustomed to smbl-u changes in ths political landscape* ?nd they hare grown siotcal under the many variations of fortune whl <h have befallen them. Yet tho word "Monarch'' lias a harsh sound to republican ears, and in all probability U equcr* will satisfy himself Willi the extension of his present term of ofllrr' R"Nors to the CRniEi-f RS or TtIR PANAMA RAILROAD. The eflnrl* of Genornl Horrsn to induce the ixnple of Panama to nay some tribute of respect to the memories of Henry Chauncey and John L Stephen*, two of the original projectors of tlio Panama railway, has heen crow tied with success. The .State As-emhly before Its adjournment passed tho following resolutions, which I am requested to transmit to the Herald ? Article 1 The legislative Assembly of the Sovereign state of Panama holds in the highest esteem lh<- srrvlree tendered to the cause of civilisation and of the progress of ti e World by the rltltrna of the l.'tll'erl states of NriierR-a, William II AaeinwMl John I., -le iens and Henry t'looin oev who planned and carried eito etieel with as rnu- ti energy as good faitn and perserermtue lire Immense work of un Una Inn two oeeans by tn> anx of It ho i railroad. Art. A The portrait of each of these distinguished el'l reiis, at the i-osl or tbe public treasury, abaft bo ular? d in the .So'O (reception room' of the hie- olive Power. AST A A copy of this law .h'l tie sent b> Wiilsm H. Aspinwall and to the heirs of John L. Htepbona arid lleury t'hauncey. Given Panama. Ibe 15ih of November, 1888. PAIildi AltOHKMB.NA, PresldrnL The proposition to erect a monument to the rrrmorv of ittephcns and Chauncey inn not heon definitely Fled upon, but th ? energy and perseverance of General Her ran will tell in the matter, so that within a war at tar thcet the work will bo under wav, Th# feeling tieiwecn Americana and Psnamenos? never the most cord nlr-will Increase ID friendliness niter Hits Just acknowledgment of tbe great services rendered tc the countiy by 'he men whoso tunic It I* proposed to honor snd perpetuato. Ttts ADA t'RNMENT OF I'IE Lt'llSLATtiRt took ptaco on the 42th In t. I'mlng the session several measures of gen ral Icnporanro wore passed, Mining * hb b were arts authorising the building of ga*workw and wider works, both of wtvr'i will bo manppolM fos (dly years. Now York <?pi *1 ?"'? "? rwIa"*ri "> '?? work. The investment w I '? ? " good-one. - "B TA* TIIS MAI'S AN" T "-a i^ lusstioo ocraslnns consldei ? I! feeling between slesm Hup agent" here and the ? enldon authorltle* Th? Duvernnrof tbe Stain haa ?ppei!*d to Mnsqiirqi tore, tclnd the ohimxtmif or<a- i id in his comninttcatlon rather lean* to ths *-de ot I ? ugn CotepnnMe H? ?ays be is powerless 'o ? the orders and urges Lhelr tspsal, boih as a i - f - y and Justice THE ? I'll a. We have been having a - I map ' during the prut week The mercury ha .4 ' ? '"n M low a* srveoty Ibree degrees, and in- , . r,ge has hsen ?ighty. ?uch weather ?*i unprecedented tiers Th eslet.hsliment of I "At nr.ig has tv en -ugg-etrd but upon reference to the t f tb, ttwrntomeior wo ?nd that a farther declension of linv daereeo mist lake