Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1866, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1866 Page 7
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(to. ftMM wa ou suoota-fXiUyoosapele with *?? Tork astabltshmeata tub ncnc up u,?r of New York, urn at work "' ,-f-T* u,or ?ubMDM???, -^tnrTs:Th# ?????? niill Jt niwti ionovatloo. and may give the T^^.tST^me trouble !..*>"> they ?? ta"y ?*>'? I" ri'? ,u lh* bu*,u#** T *!J I^hr ?t TvlYlnws. wl>0 woulil u?* any U'^aoil W rid M ?of.1 a dawagitMCouosru as tin. will be lo Uieir Interests ______ out ia?ti*6I cwrepawEKf. Santiago, Chile. Nor. 1, IMS. aiuujoi.ATtows ?? t.? srAMWH not miksts. Noibiuc uew baa been received here respecting lb? ultimate destination of the .Spanish fleet, and everything relating to the Spanish-American question remains In a Male of uncertainly. Each mail which conies across ibe Andes fross Buenos Ay res brings conflicting rumors, end the government here, as well as the people, are in utter iguoianoe as to what Mender. Nudes will do. Speculation on the subject baa ceased, and everybody mmss te have settled Into a sort of patteut waiting fur something to turn up. Indeed, the majority have about arrived at the conclusion that there la to he no more lighting, and thai Spain ia mniniqlnlng her present attitude with the view of exhausting the pa tience of the allied republics, and to afford au op porta ally fer the consideration of peace negotiations, prc eeated by the diplomatic agents of England and France. It la expected that if the Spaniards do return to resume hwrttlltiea they will commence operations by soirtng the Cbtncha Islands. Valparaiso, with Itt fortifications, and the allied squadron In the harbor, present too many obstacle* to a euocesafnl blockade or attack, and the other ports on tne Chilean coa.t are not of ?ui?cient In porlance to attruct the vengeance or. ?UP'^ ,lJ'e onamv Doubtless th? Spaniards would suck to e-lah nshTnavat nation at Chlloe. but this would beeitreinoly iiflauit to perform, as Chile has already sent troops that island from Invaa.on khvurr about the uxiteu mtateh istrrviirixii. A report has reached hero from Peru that Mr. Seward bw intimated he would not permit the eelxore.of the Chiuohaa Tor revenue purposes, or any other ob)ect than a atrnteclc measure In a vigorous prosecution of the war. Thin rumor has given groat sitisfk' lion to ibe allied re publics aud revived the hope that a repetition of Opani'h outrage's on thin coast will If entirely prevented by the iuleritrouce of the United State*. pkk)*aiiin<? ron WA*. The preparations for a rm-wal or liostllllles have not relaxed, however, nor have tbo people receded Irom thuir demands for roiaballon upon H|iaiu. Thair Ideal of the med? or offensive warfare to be adopted are rather vague, and arc uot likely to culminate In action immodlately. Many of the leadiug men of Chile nod all of the press opposed to tbo prosont ail uiiulmrafou advocate tl>? lilting out ot against punish cummerce, but the tardiness which tins olisraclen/ed the growth of the Chilean navy thus far do*?* no' Jttcoumge very brilliant anticipation* In that dlrenl'oii others recommend the sulxure of some or the Span *h islands in tho Pa' 10c, but thisJnvolves the embarrassing questions?auppose Monde* Nufler should smldeiilv appear here whllo the allied sun' on its conquering expedition, and what wilt publics do with the Islands, should they be so successful as to got iwssesslon of them 1 , CARRY THE W AR TO COPA. Some war leaders hero advocate ne underground or ?ubmarino raid upon Spanish authority ln (;''"V? one h lenis to iindenund exactly how any olu? deriaklngs are to bo carried out, and ibe shores ol Chile Ii:, l Peru defended at tbo same time l^ proba hilltkm *ro that the pretoul condition of aflalrfl will unchanged to "an Indefinite period unless he ?iinnl*r?u initiate operations So Ion* a* ?T ?'a" awav there will lie no peace negotiations accepted, nor change In tho situation along the cossb The allied -quadron will drill around between and I allao continue oa the fort.flcatlons, ibe nowapapers wUl make appeals for a "vigorous preee eution >f the war." and tuo people will wait. A* all European Intolligen. e reaches the HeRAtA.bytbe.ale four week A If lore It is received hero (.nd m fact the gawAAobas become the principal medhim oawa for this coast), the [fople of the ITnlieAState* Will he aunr ?-<l of the prospect* of the Pacitlc campaign long before we arc ourselves, sod no doubt already kuow Whtl.ot .Spa,a contemplates devastating this ooaat or AOi rcacR patchwork. The attempts of the English and French Ministers at ttanltaa.i to patch up the dlUlr.uhy betwoeu Spain and Ike South tmertcaa republics are still unsucccssf^ eud meet with great disfavor on the part of the poblw:. The government of Chile no doubt entertained hones -.sstll very recently of effecting an arnica Ki.-and h-toorabld adjustment of (he question, through ths medialiou of ths English and French; and at the date of my last letter the opinion had ho^'u* ceneral that peace was as good as accomplished, fhe opposition newspapers, of course, ouslv awl, being lo tlie majority, mcltad tho public mind to a great degree agalosi the arrangement. Thta waa followed by exclt?d debute In Congress, some.of'the most prominent leaders of Mltlcs denouncing *"?^f and French mediation as insulting lo Chile, in view of the course pursued by tho dlplomat'o sp?1? ?r two Powers during the o|.eriil..nii or the Spanish flecl io ibe Paoltlo Tho men best lined lo act ae oominlseloirrs an tlie part of Chile to oonaider propositions for posse smpUadnally refused to act a. aganta when the ...hjsct wee aiiKKMtnd to them by the administration, and Anally reru notifl kl Chile that ir she settled with Spain it emnld be in violation of the good faith he ween thvial tad rm ?mbli.M and exoeedtnglv objectionable to Peru. The peace prupuuals of the Kngllsh and French ar. notat all ilkelv to be acc?pied now, although they are believed te bo still under consideration Thevs.two Kurapean agents do not occupy a posltloo here calcu lated to fscllltale mediation on tbelr pari, and Europe must accept tbe fact tha' she cannot sxpect th,uc??" denes of small Powers -especially;ol republic# Media ftiAti hr thu l ulled ^Itie^ would b ' iiihI 111 a rn^naiy manner, and might be successful. The silled republic* know thai oar government Is ready to lend Its good offloee tor ending this unproflisble war, hut Ihey also know that It doe* not seek ior ilie poat of umpire, oof eoro to have anything to do with tbo subjocl without the desire of all the reepe. live belligerents ATVA.n CSOX TMI APUlVMrRATI.'V. The opposition lelheadniin;4tratlun or I'reiPdent lore* ouiminstod last wsek la a violent attack m QjNiglTOS by SedorDon Manuel Matta. deputy from Urn Coptapo dhj tnct Tb's gontleman Is the Tbsd Stevens of t blta, with the exoei. ...o of the fact tba: he la vers popular and wields a rroat In tusnce In the ropublle Hie prim-tpal theme waa the iow.t1vlty of the sdui.nletration rtonng the pre? ont wai. xnd bU speech ?? insisted of a most l.tlter esult upon all the members of the < ahmet. In con lass lis offered as a renolut.on thai tho be requested to resiga ia onler tlmt a new i abinet might ho termed, and since doing ? > lis. Moodily hjf moti.wi Yesterday be -poke on'lie q?*iIon all the ar taruoon ind uotll eleven o'clock ?t night, and Is at it again to lav A vote will probably be had some tun UHs week, resulting, It ia expected, in a large majority ni(a?i tti? rwaolullos. Th ? agitation of il?? Pt?KC , however le a der dedly unple.utanl thing lor the artnnn laf Mien an t the charges mads In lbs ?peecbe? ?t Se'.ur Malta bsvs stirred up no lltll# feeling among the |ieopie Ho severe wet? some of the attacks on the Ministers? wtio at io Cungresa and reply to members?that the ??? moos hove been se ret sine- the introductory ?i*e< h on tlie reeotutlon. How the bitternese that Is being engen dered mgamst the present administrnllon will end is a se rio is run-deration. A WAIT. AT VAI.PARAia) are la nhout the same elate aa when I last wrote Work oa the reTiItoallona la progressing, and a few heavy Par roll .no* have lescn moonied CMIisfv are na hand reads to ">s put In position, end the defvuren are rapldlv assuming a (ormidable chrre. tcr. Ths allied s.pis-troo at .11 liesii aacbor, wli-le .Xdm ral Tucker ia in Ths i ol .owing new appointments have been made to lbs command of Perivian vss-ela:? Monitor Huais or, t'sp tain Xlsvandsr Mufm*; Ir-n clad lnds|aodeocla, f'op Is.u JMarts Hare*; - oi velte Amsfl't, ' aptaln -'?an Psrdo do 7.?la, eoweUe l nl. n l aptaln J.ion More at earner Chsiaen, t.apuiln J"?e Hecerra, thief of Ord nance, (Inpialo Juan kaii-ie! Fanny. Tho Indepcodcncla arrived here a few day* ago from Cbllao with supplies and mnn.tiona for the levovlan sooadroo It ??a roptwtd that ?'ie was b.u.ging down a Bomber of the prioclpnl oonsplraiurs against the govern ment of U?n Prado- and. be-eg rrel days overdue, the rumor interne c.irculeted thai the c*r.apiretors had oxer miwered tha othoera of the vestal and taken peeeemlon of her The Monitor Huaecar Cred up, and the corvette Ualen left X aJ pa raise to look for tbe in latang steamer. She flnallv came in all ngnt. bewever, having stopped at 1 a termed n t* porta. res roaiirmAT..*# a' Aix-t ensno Ths Peruvian -learner Ha ha- a lias aw e arrived, with the fmiowtog prtronern on Itaard. wno were implicated In the re.lent altsmpt to ov.irthrow l.eneral ^ ratio ? tjeuerais Felipe Rlvas au I Manuel Bliogt-l-a - J,"'0"*'" Tomes Uullrrea, Jne- Bsl-a, B..vl*wi Utime* *?4 Manuel Knoaaqntn; Uantennat O lonela Maauel Heiln-t t'ano and Manuel (i-tuaalea. ( Mara Its-ranlas, Burgeons loo- Hllva Hantotman. Jose Julian Arguedea and Prsoc e o horalee Vnldlvia. Her esanl Major Nlc^me Rlvas. Felipe Rivse. an ofllcer of C new , awl Ssftor- I'edn. Ilurtado, Fmnciaco tbunue U. Fraii-ueco I .una, MUnrto Mnnos. Bsuigu Morales and TertWo Moniovs. It la reported that them persona are U> he sent t? *?" i ago where thnv will lie confined to the limiunf the utv oo per. a The prisooor* raptured Irom tha -panidi flaet at the taking t>f Ihe t'oxadonga are still imprtat.netl Hi this c,iv. and the Chilean prsooets remain on ship ?joar I with lh* flpamsb ?*?' AL SA.vTW CSV. This is All -'a.nla' day, and tbe chnrvheg are fltM *** __jTlnusre whttae attention isdlv.ded between the re worehilMter* ^ A|| Wieinaaa Is ,?speu-lod sml the city wcare a very quiet Huudaysir a .real tnanv lamlbes hove gone out to tbo cemotafv t?J?VSirs and cm- sru ap?? "? ?ra?e*, and wiaaili- hung upon the maible moaasseou . ths ckkXTvnv ta ta-nts-ned under retoe, - eg.irn ^.tbme.^e of Whteh -np -ta .^Vretttatnl-h who spend rrr^A sad mottaMonms. end lb. Hirowi ipoo ??olbfrf, ^ lh# th. pta ia full AS tbe earn' ground hne "? Mart? of tbo poor for tn?ny veara. Md has been re poatadiy dug over, the su'iwe is MtoomwMk sa t hoS^ Becb pit xn ?? '? n new d <powt ,rf dewl thro . s *i * ?aman i a 1 remains, am"o? wu-ch -??e "d ^ diaUnguiehaWa ?nd from wh-u a '"'rr ?, ,_B , sends lo soother port of lb* emctery J'" V*". 'f^''n wiu kf tM-nikw.nfc, aJKi'ii an . #l hlft* tad IWfil Saasstar An iron grating shap-d bhe # f UMBO rw spta' lea, 'ate wl.-ch the dead of those wno am only ?Hn t<> rent a grave for a ?boil pero.1 erothrn ?, ?ftar hex lug tain Ike a|t*< .fled time in the laaaed somo^ i Whan a mi?uMnt aumbsr of - orpsen bar* aecoirolatea^ In IM* pita they are aet on lire with aom* ?*???? I manstai and coneumad. The sight of tho interior of the *?- for all to |ue upon who chanoc to look isto the UBVBtUI KIUMTBIfn's MARHolJt ,._Wa.w"1 forget this unpleasant subject. however In Mofu!? ?? tha wwIiUb* helta or ftenurid Kilputri k\?,r m Lif. Ctl,l#' who8# marriage takes place tomorrow morulas at aeren o'clock. It will be a very uuint eTsir unattended with any display or rush of curious 'stlnnna' ?ilea Nous but two or three of (ho General's Intimate friends and u few relatives of the bride will he present ?I tho ceremony, which is to Ire performed iir the hrid '<* uncle. tbo Archbishop of Chile The i.idv, Refiorlta l ouisn Valdlvleeo, ia very beautiful and accomplished and bol?n?ii to one of the best families of Chili- a rel public which, though rapidly throwing on the forma and ""I*" ^ of Sphhlih pride and aristocracy, snh rllnga to the glitter of noble auceelrv. The patriot i.ou,r?l < errorn, whose statue front- that of 9? Jtar.'D ,?! father or Chile, was an uni te of the hi ids and th* present Minister of War ia In r cousin The -*rlrr nf Hiato, Senor Cnv.rrubias, and the Mml?? ol War Sailor Bmuuru, a-n as grirmsmei m the marriage Immediately after which "here wVn ^a "tUe breakfast party at the ^omTrJ t^^^Leral ??d?hl rT *. ,ha ??nilnfs fest.vl lies toe General and his bride w,ll go out to a beautiful country scat ol a relative of the family where S" once! Vtrln m?ihVr<? re,,rem"n, ^ ^noy. "?^rllttle- "Prtnga, In the Andes, alid weeTa oYYiZI ?? ? ,IS ar" PUl""*' follow the first dehehlfuI onnm ?'lu00'' <b? summer months ?*ywy of the winter season rails bark n Jlr iTn?! v t On the loth of No Uaaiien ?r Philadelphia, attache of SLtw!. t?' AJn'Ila Va,<flvlcao, sister of homel7tr?n! 1?' J, w#ddl,'? w"l ?l?<> bo a 5?"'-'^??*; *tjt*nda<>only ? few intimate fnonde. cssion L -Zl M ?nU, K?*?riz will act upon the oc. Vic-kora nfrfn?,n!?"' .!f??u af'8r marriage General n?,?d\?P. 1'**111 |H#VB nn ? 'Tidal trip to the the Chrtamf^ P"?t>fb,-V ??hlng New Vork in timo for tad.h0'"1??* Tbe gratification or the Hsku.!. fsrZJF^f?I* rB,P#c,l|t? 'he bridal apparel must Im ds 2lp?tieutaSy nexl,8,t"r' 1,1 1 to R've The Chllenn Press Accounts of the Nltnnlfon. [From El Merctuio (VefpurmiMr*, C.), Nor. 2.1 WAR TO IUC CARKIKO ON Wit H VltloR. Tbe principal difficulty which our naval preiiar.itirtnv have to alrugglo with is the ecamltv or seamen The ZTrilZ. uavv opposes a powerful coni|?litlon tnil.e war navy. Thua, ono of ihe Enou?tire4 adorned tiv ihe new Minister of War ia the ? re itiou at Valparaiso ol' mi office which will occupy itself with the recruiting of seameu for the State, as also for the inrrchaiit navy. An efficient organization in this department, while pri> iidtug for the ueo-mslties of the war by completing funv0rem ?1.ZT ehipH- |W'" i,l"? c"?"l,'Uto ?,w,r fully to moid desertion, unfortunately now so frequent. foreign vessels. When we sav that our squadron is not yet auppliod with the tiereesnrv comple. ment of seamen for beginning a campaign we clearly m dtcate the fact that the day on which we .hull abandon out-emits to carry on bosiilities appear. Mill remote ' Zi ia .? i belligerenta ia. consequently .1 most Mentleul. tsp?i? is not In s condition to a^imo ti? at 0 PreJ">nt niomont. and the allied re publics cannot on their part und-riake operations of magnitude. We nro of opinion that the lime |,a? gone by for fighting the enemy In detail, and r<m -equeullv that he will havo concentrated his fore s tmfore the allied squadron will be able to lake the oRcn-lvo. Wlmt tnuy be tbe scheme of our government and the plan of operations of the chiefs of the squadron is. " ? supposed, a topic enveloped In my-terloiis daikrio-. Circumstance- are awaited In order to an win, effect' and every possible latitude will he left to the -earnen to hoiw i1i7r\ hav"r(,nfl,l?d 'heirfuture and ll.eir .h ?2 .1 ^al w# are a,,lH ,0 s?r. In conforinliv with the authorized rumor- ol the past fortnight, i? thai the war will he carried on with obstinacy Things being In this state, public opinion has received atVmlZ^ *|,OCk??r """"?'"?"m from the criminal ? aiao?h? S 'i" i " ?y '"4r'r "f Colonel Malta, asaleo the polltlcal dtaunlon which boa Just come to a head in our national i*proseniatlvo hmlv, having lor its object to demand from the President the dismissal of his wns of* plr? C,rlBllnal froJBC" of the unworthv f0?* of, Ppr" bare caused In Chile nrofoand indignation. The crlrno of conspiring against the life of Colonel l'rado, as described bv the Peruvian hU.rnM8.mcW?"lr J,#Te *rn au blot in ! '? PBru' Mllt 'b? decided manner .11 ?|n"","n """P0"* ,h" governinenl of ITado, w?dch?. Jim . Imm"0,i" roeponslblllty on ihe few into whoso unscrupulous ambition disappoint ment has Instillad the virulent poison of rancorous fortunately for Pont and the alllanre Colonel Prado's government has shown itself equal to the oI-c2.i?m Ik *lI^r?ZKal t?. WIUa ?ntrRT ***lnst the disturbers of pub Ik conspirators arrived st Valparaiso In ?he steamer itachare early on tbo morning of the athh of tost month, and wilt shortly pursue their Journey to the of Cbhoe destination Is the bland More fortunate than In Peru, we have'not in Chile to b^"?'an'''tB,0P?? rovoluUon. tUlnga here do ?^ puMtMyooa Ptriiaraonury tomp^tts, which may luduce 1. Jh0ri .f ?allghttiHlhR situation and prosam to whan the storm Is pott, a pure and sareni* *kv in SMS MCl,aiDib?r ?r heW on tha*2Tth of Octobar, Don Manual Antonio Matt* Drawn!cd * man lutlon signed by himself and his political ooifrrrc/ concaivad in the following tarnis- ' oJ^dn^?.rKDepUt,?"' 'nconsideration of what has JltoiSTTh.? .kf?v?! 'T1 Jr"ar of w?r w"b ?t>aln. do. aWSJSa^^" 004 ?,#rtt 'u confldenee or MANI'EI, ANTONIO tfATTA, THOMAS O GAT in MANUEL RECABARttO.V, ' KICARDO CI.ARn Tun Haastosa' Hsu, Oct.. 1IM0. r, AtU) All these gentlemen belong to tho radical nartv which la ^presented In the Chaml^r, by ? wW ffiWy Don Manuel Antonio Malta, who may be coLsid ?red as tbe chief of this party has recentlr iiii.i lb. office of Minister inenlpomntu^ ^ th' Jiv ernmenls of Colombia and Venezuela He is a mm h? poeaaesee great reputation In the countrv for talent Ptratdani'^lniZ'? .P','rtn'f b,i ?b<"-noe the re-elm-lloi, of rrealdant I ere* wax brought alwut, which Sefior Matt* *ifk hT T,rto?t? esuses, which have nothing io do with a vote of confldenee given by the country to the govornment. Among the* muho. he h Menu mere tod o^lnw'^'-^*' ."ablt"' "h,0,, c?? 'be ra election to oe viewed as a ne< essary conventionatlsm as also the XZZZ?;*1" ,h? peop,? 10 ,b? mo*tl Mr"<o or The mottvaa adduced by the propoeen of thle vote of ^era w e?T V.? - A,<r,Dr" 0f bet ween w.rT.nM^.M s po?pl# " ,h" "Tectrnn the war should lake, and incapacity. The government ?? accuaod of having filled to prosecute the war wl h ac I.r . u* energy, and of having shown Itselr Incapable " "'V of lhr "'"ourcea ot tbe ? oun place it upuii an ad*<4uate war footing #Jfc? htr* anawared with iwrfart jusllca; that allege?"""when1 a!" ,h"n> "mU th" ratkZll 7. ? , ,,r'"wnl government ws. hr "n Ifmense maiorltr ? Of the ctunlm T'h !r lh,t ? ""n*11 frai tl'm or the Chamber should pretend to he the only taithful Zrr?'" "I""'00 of 'bo couniry . rooaaquentlv JT 1" "? lea.e their duties at the dwir? of four dopufi*** ? .!"* ha,r*,to "'v " account of another piece of legis f"ork' m^rh, " '''r I'f'foc of the same Seoor Matta, for conceding to all the rlii/ans of -tanmsh An,nr. toa the privileges of t:hilesn ctttr.enehlp and the evoiup lion lrom custom house duties to all th? natiooal pro duct loos of tlioee repel,he. ? [Krorti Iji I'atria (Valparaiso c.J, Nov. J | tits a.m< at. orromrto*?rwa virrs. It appMra lhat there war-not wsudnv curlona and characteristic cp,sode-fu the course of inn debate a f,r ?i?c thn govern moat credit for all tho patriotism and all ihe -elf <arriIcing devotion displayed during th.s war and n-maea the ul ?cottem and mesnne?. Anolh-r memln-r 52!* r "*"r lb* ?f?'" Xatmleon. Washington and Henry the Fourth side hv -id- with alhrre wretched pollt! ian< now at tbe bcait of Elually the majority declared that the niamher was io secret senator, and afler a last debate which was pro longed without interruption from one p. M -lav imfore ZZHSTJ.k -I A ,M V'" '??r- 'he 'tiamlmr fm, agafnat l'g. r'r'Ur bualnes-of the day, by U vot-s Although the r.hinet has soccmafully prevented the country from haaring the vote* of Ma rnprewnfatlv** #?t Rl! ita cfTortx wiih fIkhm of tb*' prc*?i dcTotr<<f Ut fta hud port, have been unalde to cheek tho general protest against a policy wnirh has lowered the pr-aitce of the natloa and caused Chi'e P> lose the adrautage. an t ? portunltiea presentn I by ihs war. 0CCEM9CN TER_* Of THE COURT!. Tha cirll law rourt? of tbn city will oonimama tbar Harambar torma cc >l?r Tha aaaignmonu far (It* otiria, ?oTiru made, *ra v follow.: ? Juaticaa Hima.-.i .n<l I lark* to tha Pnprama Court, f.lfrwlt, Portal. and II . ?n<i Jodta* from oth*r dlatrlct. to Part III land lb* *|>a? .?l Torm. Th* Cbamtwra ar* to be bald or Mr Jiatoala grabaa. Joatwaa MrC'tao and Mondl bold tha Trial Tonne of tha ftapartnr Court, and Juatlra Kotwrtaon tb* Mpacial 7?rw: lha olb.r throw Jueilcna bring aa?,gna<l la flana. rat Tartu and Cbamiwra. In lha Common P1??. 1'idaa* Bradj and Oaljr will bold tbo Trial Tarma, and Junta Cardoao tha Bpanal Tarm and < bambar? lha Marina and Patriot fVwirta will ha bald aa uaual Tha I n tad Huiaa iHetrirt and CiranM Court* will hara Jury Tarma. Jndga ilanadlct alttiog a' lha c -aiar and J'tdra Hmallar at tha lattar fla- oral liaarr ra-aa ara on thia caiandar COURT CAIEROAR THIS OAT *1 can*? Cotot?CnhTtt?Ptat 1-<rr?a atn Tana * ??. ?Noa. 3TB, #ao, 076, lnh.V 74."., SOT. 21.U. Bill 1671. KM. 1MB. 23*1, TIT*, !0?i MM 2240 1037. IM', 6*8, M-\ Part t ?Noa. Mi 219* !*?. 1004 M2, S3h, 070. ISO. I ?2. 1Mb. IW 1674 167*. UT* 16*2. I?l?, I#2* 1*2*. ISM 1*42 Pan 3?No. 12.4. 1MB So.. Ml. 1MB, 1070. 1071, 10T2, 10711, 1074 lit:; :4?., 2T.M 1172, 1AM, I6M, 1?B7. 1007, Iflll 1*1' ?'rwiAt Tan* Hammrar* So- A. 0. 7, *, ?, |o II, 12, 16, 17. 21 Ion inrluairo. I tan'* ol law and I act ? Nob 170, IT4. Pi raan.a Curat?Pari I No? 26*7. 2771, 1601 20*1, 2M6, 2630, 2676, 2*06. 97*1, 270'. 27'h?. 2*63 9031. 27iT 2*M Part 9? No*. Ml* 2MJ. J002, 2*0*. 2?WI OTM, 2040. >60*. 262*. 2*4*. '237* 2*10. 2* .'4 J*.1* 2*4* ? oaao* Puu" -Pan 1 -No. 166*. 1641, *06 1*62. 1*00, 1*0*. 1007, 1*03, 17 01 626, la-'T. I'M. 1*30. 1*00, 1170 Pan 9?Noa 111*, KB0 1*14 1*74 2'rt l*IT, 1*41. 1733, IBM, 1006. tun*. 1BH7 IHO*. MOB. 1BI0 Mantua Cheat.?Noa. 1 to JO imioaita (hmo o? aa?mui. ?Kohharr. lha Paofda ?? John Jonar. grand larrmr. John Wii.on l#rran< ? Kavaa aod Michael Mar inn . hnrglarr in th# third da?raa, liaorg* Malar, Jama* Robaftoon and Complin* Dooohna falon ln** aaaanll and battery, Jamaa Hogan HcBBfaiara'a raiBnnaa to* !>?<???"?* -Th* "orrog*'* will <*11 u.a calendar af ronia-tarl n?u*t of fart ?n hadnaadar. December 6 ~Wili of Patrn-k M laar'm. ?HI of Patar Roaaall, will of Thorn** H Otillmao, will af Margate* Haraar, will of Alataadar l?un< an, will of Cat hart ?a MefMAwr, wui of Kdward P, will af Mtltaa Plnkla, will af liaarr Hrrnaa. adiaiaittretta*. Jatamoa Hart, admi*iauauaa. WUli.m Hasdaa , gward. 'P a< HafMraa KmaahX aad H.aa iji*t?s*f. w il af FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sum dat, Dec 8?? r- " The slock market hu labored under depremdon during the pest week, a natural consequence of the recent ae T?re shock. But there la every ludleatlou that prtc?? hare touched bottom and that a Tlforoua reaction will act in a* soon an the euspeuse with which the Preddent's message and the Treasury report are awaited pa-"*?* away. Considerable amounts of the leading jnilway shares hare been bought by investors and withdrawn I rem the street during the last few days, under the im ju-esalon that they are cheap- at current quotations; and this demand Irotn a conservative class of the eotnmunlly la significant of the real value of railway pro|?orty. The earnings of all the great lines are very large aod on the Increase, while their working ox idases have lieen steadily decreasing einee tb# termination of the war, the proportion of net to gross receipts being considerably in execs* of the average of previous years. Of the ultimata future of the railways of this country no doubt is entertained even by the mom confirmed of the lemr*. They are certain to grow in value with the growth of the country, and their stock.; Will permanently command far higher prices thin they have yet touched. They wilt thou be held almost ea tirely for investment and Wall street will loee control over them. The incentive* to bad management, for S|ieciilativa purpose* which now exist will do so no longer, and the safety and comfort of the travelling public will be promoted accordingly. Tt Is notorious Uist those road* whose stocks have beau taken out of Wall atreet are far better managed ami more productive of good dividend* to the stockholders than those which are managed ou the Slock Kxchang*. Tlis "chert in terest in the market is iuvl now probably larger j I ban at any time siuce the beginning of the veur. when , the tieai* were successful in iloprsasiut price* to an ? uuustiirnl extern. At the same time there is en evident lndlF|>og|tion shown by them lo extend their contract* , ponding the publicatinn of the public document" referrref I to. The bull* have also shown similar herniation during I the week, and both parties mav Is- said to Uava lieen. to j some extent, what I* technically called "on ih*' reuce. | The bull* liavs lost so much by the panic thai fhey are | disposed to await a favorable opportunity for a trial o[ : strength with mo bears, and hence. In some degree, the | alMU'tice of largu operaltons lavi week; while tlic isci that notwtlhutanding the temper of the market ?t?ml1lv : Improved goe* to show thai lis natural tendency is I towards recovery. At half-past. Ov on Saturday it j aired tlrm at tbo following qnuianou* ?\sw York j I Central 111% ? Kr1e 71 ? * 1,4 * '? : j Michigan Southern HI *; a S, Cleveland snu Kui.?burg ^ | 85'? a'., Rock Island 104 a Northwe tern 15% * li ? preferred (W'? s ex-dividend. I'ort Wayne 10". a ?? Ohio and Mississippi certificates Wv*tern I'uiou Telegraph 40% a T,. Ooyerument securilio* were dull and rather hesvv In ariupeiby with gold anil the general ?lurk market but towards the end of the week ihev beeauie firm, and <|'lo lations advanced slightly. The niistiellaiieou* sliuie ll?t i was negleeted The money market win easv throughout at six |?ei run! for cull loans, with exceptions at live ou choke collaterals. A rattier active drain or curreisoy frmn the West Is now loll, and them is nothing to disturb confidence in prolonged mouetai v ea?. at this centre. It I* prubabt* that fonprre* will further limit the authority or the Secretary of the Treasury to c?utract ihe currency, the present rate <g reduction being too rapid to bo consistent with the en tcrests ol the country. The rale of reduction ol the national debt should likewise be strictly limited, an 1 tb* duties ol the Secretary of the Treasury, iu every tin portent parti -ular, clearly defined. w? that au end mar ba put to eecrei ?*!??* or the Treasury gold : to ualimelv drafts, arcordiug to the Secretary* caprice upon Ihe public dapoaiUr es, thereliy deranging the tnonev mar ket bare and elsewhere; to secret manipulations ol the public debt, and a variety of other operation * of ?Uu li the public ha* had to 'Oiuplam If ihe legal tend-T noles are rwlu ed on a declining r, s beginning with twenty-five million, a year and running down to fly# millions a ywir. the contraction will ?!>* sufficiently rapid to lonure the and in view, and ib-r* is no reason why the national debt shot! 1 be r do *e>l 'a<i r than at the rate ol about twenty milhous per annum The preeenl exeats of the revenue ahouid l?e m*i by s reduction of taxation, which i* uow on a deal* n-"'U.*!v oppressive. To follow out bard m.mey and rs lu-a! ro-i traction theoriaa would be to involve "ur?ei>aa u the seme ruinous consequence, which overtook Ri a' I '* -u between 1816 and 18*10. and whk h had tb- ?"? l of making the rich richer and the poor poorer The gold mark<*t, after opening at I d'i on t'enday. advanced to 148% on Tueadav. hut ari-r?*rd. n-Upwl to 140% on Saturday, and closed :.i 111', * t, The custom* demand at thi* fort aggre:;sled |l TJ0.44A and of export fdae,5.*l 4 the larger portion w?. '? gold bars and silver. The foreign exchange mark#! wss Arm, but not very active, and banker*' bills on Kngland xi sixty d?v? were quoted at the close at 109'; , at three day*. 110'.; com mi>trial hill*, 10* ? 109 francs *? sixty days. V 1.1 a .? 15^ at three days, 6 11a 4.1'JiJ. Bill" on Herl-n. 17 a . - .. on Bremen, II a ll'i; on Krmkfort, 41b* 41?,; on AmvlscUm, 41 a41'.; un Hamburg. 30'. ? ? . <"? Antwerp, 6 IT?. * 4 Tbl Iethmue staanser errirad todiv bring* 81,1*4,0* 3 In trenail re. Tli- rec-ipt* of gold Ivv see from "en t rati cleco and A spin w*H since Janiarv 1 aggregate 187,116 - 60.V against $ IS, 041,707 to lb- -ovrei.|eindiiig |*riod In 1*06. .Man I ranciv o papers of Drtnlier 9 report sn eisier money maiket an i !w-* . omplamt In commercial circle*. BO fnr a* hank accoram'Hlation* are concerned 'ban ro month* pa.I. rh# menantil" con.mum v, however have been pursuing a veiy coiseervatlve poll, v rerenn.v in anticipation ol a more .lri?geot money tnar'.et it -fore the rlowe -if Hie far Ktr-t cle?* !?|c*r and oilier good aecur ties were readily negoi ?hl* is bank at I'. a I', I tor cent a mouin. It-' -ipta of lrea?.ire from dome:', amrce- continued up to the usual average and dunn. , U,? Oral week of October amounted lo itaarh *1 oot'eei The-spuria ol lre...ure fcmii .Men I ranc o from '? <?' ' 1 l? the *th an I vnce the romntenremeat Of Use year* wuli in* ? orre-pamliBg per, >d lu ISA., were a- fol Intel -unce ik-lober 1, 10410 'iral i Previously Ibla vear To. al a.nce j.nnary 1,1'M .. ??*?* ' t orrea|*indmg l?*rio.l of ISA " -e.g.. Increase thw year '? Ihe highest pri.ea Of the leadiag sto. ks told at ili flr.i sees on i?f the Rxcbang* oa w'i -aturday ol the l**t four weeks ware as follow* A"* 10 Ace 1* A'ee J4 /te.l AUsnltc Ma.f ?I3;. 1 ?i l?-; ??' I All-.n A Terre Haul* Kit W) , *- ?' Alton * Tetre Ha ie pref ^.*, 7" H<wl.>|) Water Power ... 38. 3., . . *> , Centoci ont|?nv. 57 , ?i ? ? ?? ClereMnad 4 flltaborg.. 91', *? *? rieveland k TWedo .... !?? ]'?' J ? li. * I blcago A Bock latand . 110 I'W'g 10 . 10*- , < birag" k Voriliweeiern 5. *? *4 , J* ? I hicagoi Nor hwesternpf 7v, 71 ?, . Ccmiwviand t'cal ?? "7 ? ** * ( levaland, (M. A Cln.. IU ] ? Iielswsre* Hudaoni anal lu? 16* . ' ? . Hudson River '?*'? \? * IIIino *feiitral ???'* J1.* J! Michigan CcntQM... J| i. gan *?s"i* ta .. 4 ,??-se? m f*l. Paul 01 , a. Milwaukee* Ht Paul pre 74, 70 01, ??', Mwrtpoea Mining ?? 1 Marip wa preferre.1 .*9, ?? \ ? J. , New York ? eniral IIK II* I"" ? ??*? * Sew York 6 Kile KB M'. . , > ? . ?, New Y.WS fc krw prsx ? J" s Ohio k Miwwtippi i*r ** . -* . , 4* . Pacific Mai ' 1 17 ,7J Piti.burg * Kurt Wayac l"9*. lo . , i?? . io-', yuiekairiar M n n? .4. 4^ . 4. v, 44 . Heading BB .118, *'i? ? Toledo and Wahnali *4'? 4. 4:', Western I'uioo Ielagrapl. *,l , 4s 4. 4*?, (H,verament aacurltiev w?i* q' oted ea eact, *amrday Six** of 1881 (Si fee of 1*07 file# of 1*40 ... Trodortlew Kiredweoiiee oi lost, fisadwaatie* of 1*0* Hive-twenlies of ISA, 7 and A10ih*.lst arete* 7 and J-IOibe. >1 sre #? 7 and 3 lOtba, ?d sevia* The total imports at November .? rempsre aa folios.* # n threw of too two weeks pre io'i-i? Me-t redom A'oe, 14 *? ' 74 A'??? 40 fry g'wwla . $1, 171710 I eo* 7C* IWM Ursortl movclioiid.a* 2,418.741 - *40 ?J4 8 074 *41 tresi 4tf.8M.4M 84 -W. tn $1947.eon Tbo imporia M dry |?4i cotnpei, ssuh freasre redwrnt to fellow* ? *r toe seret 18*4 l?M 1908 Enured al to* poet 1970. 04 $ *?**? |?W vm Thrown on maiitre. CTO./J. i '*49.m 444.417 iJwdre'thl prel 8*4 8?,sai ?7?.m.|i3|li?,sw ?-*4 Thrown on ^arkot #4|f7?,587 K,4li,lN 1U. 744.988 116 117 Ill's 117 C|17 *7 *1 8|< ,Ve- ID A# 17 \?r 74 tf- 1. III . . il.i yta U> l.? l?7 1 17 i n I -; 1 II IM . 100 ( W9's 99 . 110'. I'. 1"9 10* i 107',

IOC's ,00 . 107 ?, low's 108% ItTT's *?? . 100 , 104% 184 , 107 ?? 10'.lo4?. 10k B IDA , 104', IM Now York for tb* <*?*? *ndiB( Th? ohtpuioftt-i of spado from (bin port IwM w*ok ant during tho yowr to Aata oomparo a* follow* Willi thoaa of tli* rurr-ipoadiati panod* la 1AM *?<1 1WI6 ? 1M4 1HH'? NI4W Fortvotolith work ... |1.62:i i5t |Ok,T?U $?UI..->7t l'rovioiialy reportotf . .44.0*1.1-7(1 tT.'flA.ttto i7.!?::i.#7J Total 94S,MA,3Aa $'.(T,7U,!>97 |.%A,MH.?4H Tb# Tanne**** and Alabama. tli* Caatral Southern, and ilia Tnnnmaaa aad Alabama ('antral Railroad* Ua< * I loan runaoJldaiad aad a n?? Mmpaay for mad, In I* known a* tha Naahrtll* and Itacatur Railroad Company. Tim tint of tbeae road* atlaudod from Naabrlll* to Columbia; Hi* aoroad from Columbia southward to tin Alaliam* Siata Una; and tba third theac* lo Hocatur, with a proj -clod continuation through Cautral Alabama to Minn Station, mooting with a rood to Montgnmory, lni*ii'r|iiiiig tlM Solina and Blue Mountain mad. malm* a dirrci (unnoi'tinn with tha arntaina of Writ flnnrgia. Southern Alabama, Florida and Kaal aad Conlral Uiwut Klppi Tli* two tint named are compWod. and hurt boon aororul roar* in una Tho thlnl has boon ooinplolo.i to Decatur for III* aam* length of lime, aod baa the aurroya mad* to I,ime Station, and aid baa been obtained from the 81-ite of Alabama and tha Unltod Stale* towarda ila full romplation. The N'asbvtllo tfnion, from wblrh we gnllinr Hie aimvo, maton that thla aid I* to ba carried iulo the new < ompnnv, and by a resolution oHorad by the proa1 dem ilot conwolidulod cumpanv propoao to Imua iKiuds not to otreed iu aiuouut fl ,000.(MM), for the purpose of linitUiiiit( ine work, ho hood an authority can oe ob tained front the legislature of the Hlate. The l.ouhrllle k Frankfort and Frankfort k taxing too ffHilroad Companies propoa* lo tap the former road tlririv mile* from Louisville, Kv., witti a M*vm>ty six mile hnnndi to Cincinnati. and complete it in two yearn from commencement, ai acoafo( $4,000,000 $1,000,000 to bo rnW III Kentucky, and $600,000 in i inrtiibati, through wren |?er cent thirty year bond* th?* wotk then to Iteglu ft in atafed that the Main# fYutral Itatlrnad Company intend to )icriiu?u the unit V* irudatur* of that Male for pertiiiMinn to form u runnerriaa between their road and the Kenncliet arid Cortland or to extend tho former troin it? present terrnino* at I tunc die .Junction to Cort land pruning through the town-* of Vew (llouriulir, Crav. North Yarmouth, < utttheriatid and Falmouth. 1 lie Ohio and Mitniitfippi ICiiilrond Company propone to build ? brunch road front Vernon to .r*(fersoiiv?lle. Tlu* \lhanv Arfjut save a surv ev ordered hy the State ?** \ w York with reference lo a *ht|i canal from the Hudson river to I.;?h?? Chantrdsui han ?howo the prow to be entirely practicable, an<1 if the calculation* ti iw iudlilted in .IihII prove to lm correct the Itnportauce of the enterprise can eearrely ho overrated. It will open tip * ennimun leal Inn for a huve ? Hi of ves -eh between the Hudson nver Lake < liamptatn. the r rer St. retire mid the great takes. d K? hioond paper publish'?* t he following statement */( flu* p por? of the Treasurer of Virginia for the Unci! vc i A-nding September TO, IMP!* 1 iu* aggregate balance m the freamir\ on t !?*? inoi nun of the 1 -i da> of O tober, 1406. aa p-i !t?l iinu iai fl" It. u.m. f'JH Qi Kcct i .?(! noui I- t ?? lohft ?, To :UHh eeplem* iter. |H?p?. iiiduviMt. . bPO.OU i oiH $1,007.1'iti !? l?urM?*d fioiti Ut 'nuober. I$d$. to .'Pith ep. IfHi F-I. |H??n. tnctueive ...$7ti1,ft$M Ihl.inrc nil hand Hi <>rt??h*r, isthi .... $<ktf?, 1 All r>i the redd of the C ?mm ? ?? in the folio winy l*b,r,t*r? Valhmal Mank oi Kiclimom! $7H,'.!l"i n luik n Rk hmewd w i T11 !? ? -l Vaiional 'tank of ffichmotid NmIioii.iI Ktrdan^M Hank ??? ft cbmond Hj.4d.? Total .. $.W? 1 d? ? O II til ,K? 141. If KrilKT. e* cini, It ?? 1 Ai n? I* ? -? ? ???*??#? l'iM?'(intiii"'l f|o!e? but 4 m ?? $? '? . t; ? INvg' WM" t ill an t . ?m ml at $'4 a $U wl Hvunnr ?? !? c i.u.1, ;r, ,i,j* 1??. I.e* C.U ml It" Idp CO*., meal, >,<.1 '? ? ?'? ^ ?a?*,4i, 60 l? ? Mi.t.Vt 10 oat , 41,.0 iiii'. ? (i*. d.,ad lie ?ej y u I ?i i>m <| ? rta ?. The rotrke' "?ig tail Wa?' *ru . u *? I |u'* aiil Hoi I ?r?ti! *1 ? fur' i-? ?? . . ? .'???? ??. IV 4 ft oar *?bl . . i |o?cP ??? * ?e r.|? ?a^l h+%tf l it ? ?a* ^ e l A #?W bhU ? ifi-ietAd <| ? >' a*I ? ??? f ? d.- ? ? r? d ?* a o? eh*r? e le nt .<4 ??-*?< 1*1 ip Ur 4i ft. ?-? a* ? o lowei. !>??? .Ci>X'f luan -rml 4?'at M .' !? ??*1 * TO ???*! mi a :*%7 ?4 rn kTl .1* u>ui' H Ida. . $i ? $. rii- ? lit . I . i n ?%l > ? ?i* H .^h i i.l i . ?.?!<? >*** ? * *?#!.( ?? I ? ?* ^ ??. ?'?*? '?..? $'? i w >i*e e?> ?the* ?. 011 ft VKftr ,-u We -I'.vrt# Air- ml Weme-n |T V? % ft ? t? V. i *? ?te I itl 4 111. C .??-# 4* ,?# ? ' ftl ? t J I lorimca Id iu ? I . ? ? ,. -r a k) % I I - I ? t* a r*? ?<l ?,? ??'? o ?> a II . W ? n ra t# . *>t ?*. I! ft) ? I.J : I .* , ?? ? . . 4.* . II it a |J fi . I .-fl . ?! * ? 4*1 t 14 >? ?*. e, h. ' ?,# 4 Hi i 1 vl H .d? ? a e f ^ m . e e* . v+rf ,-i m ?., | i >ui *? * * ? % t ? p ? I. ? \ ?... ^ I , ftj .???.? ??l' ? ? ' I i ' ? ?(? i i" ' ? l'? ' I . ? ? ? t ? ftf if N?? JUdWa-k#- '..owl i-i... at* I A ? V i" a.|. , ;? -i . , ,r . ? |j 14 . ft it ? V .? i ? in* ?( i . . ,<f tg ,? f ' i? { III c# <?aia w. '-.? I?| --a?.#if * I e|?i .* *? , ?4 ??rt . 01 : ? - ? ? )? ? i?ei- ? w a KJ fcw f. 4 lll.lo . em A l.| 4* *T ft I.I* t I 4 ?'* )(?! ft WMll. .1 ,t,.| , $l I". - ftl " II- lev ,?4 t? $t ft ;id <V ?r v% e . a 14 0*# I ?H ? H-'v Caea-la .I ho I.i .# | l?n Ha > ! '* ? * - ? ? i ? ?-? ?ji -?* "? ? ?,m ? ? ?"< ?l* '.I - ? Iuya .witrrol w?m. *-* ?... , til U< ? M> - - ,. I | WW. Mi...' ? ?>" .1. ,??! ? !??' '< ( t4 e 4 ti' ."Of,. ?Wa n , 4w. I4MMHV Hal#* I HI'IP Illy f ? nam. and P ? H-'-a At.. . ,? vzvstr. ; '.t ! U lefia c fa'|??.te e?-#r?a a# i?,d U? A|f'F|tC a. mi * h?4 a fair main*.# ft. .n I Si V.ftU . 10 , m 4m ?'. a > M :?? hh'U ? at ?U d?rw '? 'loaflit He? a <(* waa 4*1 * ?? for h?<da and l4\ fo at- el a ? nw at? i* 'larttand **#!#? v <?ai iVa ?i 11%, ,? *a?y pa ? ?< ! ?? ? ? T * n a'km r ?a *\ |i M>t ?? ? rt tm < ' ? Hat*a* it Iti# foao wf -[.fdlMA ????{ T M?|tT| "?W.liO II*. I ifW .rut li.w ?>?1.1-1. .1 tli if'-' ??? I % .1 I w t ? * (? wl |l> ??* f ' ? I . . , #> .*4 A?l-aiw? c.-re *?ia> #I>4 i .l|r ??#. fia-Ucy in* - ?, **4 law*i Kr* . < .rii r-Wft * l>**!??>??. T'. n-w * i?? I *m f- a, p. a #> a?>f ft and rye. 4 at, |4 a ? To T'? ? and A'e -t - ee? *>4 le . a 1% ? ? and rye. 14 a 14 >?a'Uf. a l\ Id* . naotA d '?? h'lahela ? Heat Canal #1 . I 414 > ? ? r ,r *W ?y* ? tket Wliea*. # aft# ? U A- . a?e|a pit ??a# ?? iae*la ba*ia; ?Uft t*?*4 ..#1.14#* T'l'tfto Ilea. I inM * ail *i .(?*? a ? r tad t $ i 74 f*.? tfh'ff M (ff $4 71 f v 'A V *? uu ' ?4 '* a(.4 le hrwa*, ?i<?e4 ? cw>* 4". fw | 14M , ? ??*#??# art ? a**# ? ' ' -'o 0 | a tMaiytai-y am of tea a?ar?ai a*?d t#*a t? aeia? rr**?a ar? namtlaallf anrbao^M. a . , ? ? *4'. . ?a ?? ft- V ft" A' , ? ?* |4 a $44 0' f'r ip %i at W am awHafeJIf iaa%ft? |#4 r trw Wo I ? T tl *1 (n* ?o 1 >? ragnlai luyn. ., s ... -oo?? fur ?i>w?M Vy raft. #*?* 4 In or* g' ill**' ( ra ft* low** *4 ... i?* *o I ??* ***y ?oii 'mm a **.?. of?? *1 Jf* Jo* Wo I fty* loftaifM, ait* k .*M4 ,1 trn> *4rlft?up m h iowat ? k*% faakar**f ? . -.* fiW> W w* luai - -WW* *4 Wo farji* * *?4 ^>* *?'*???* r>w*-?Mw> w**a lo*. i*k Maa* * IP, r.-H m |l* on |p. *,.? t-1 git a ?ai?4*'* a* o >o ?i?/ *?? ?? l?H ?a a* ?r? ??*# ?* ieyo*w **#* free. th- [*<rh end i! eeti h?tn? ?( 9^>l ? deliver*t and l^n from the h( N'k, *1)4 0??y ???? ??? P^m ?f AII 'Wr'lHl'U.. ?nM llghwinea niffii*oUNi. RfltwtpM? l! 14. SbU ft ,ur *v?.!7l i.uabcU ?rtt**L%.flQ0 buabeU out a. !V7*? buaheU .m* Uu ??'>?? la rye. Preened bog* 14T bnnd live i . ft, mo heed c*iUa im iHiad. MjHU $$? .*Ht??u*uU b??U fl-nr. M$? tMflhflM wh#*' SUUi baali-u - ?r?, u *. Htiah'l* ?.ve. TH #?eed huge ISA !???%*!. ov? hog* I.S.47 U?a t, tnmU. IfW. 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A , daughter of rbouim Mill*. Km) . iilt of Brooklyn, I. II. ftF.KKM?s vfR<?r ...|n Jtr*Ajr Hly, bv tbo lb*v W If HnrtnJjr. H. )*%?.?? to K>n? t Wubt, duoghtar< Henry Hrnt, l>?| . of Railway, N. J. No c?i*N t;*AY--!! ?n * Tn Brooklyn. K D 00 WiNlti**!* Vovouilxr 'JH, *1 the rvtld^uco o' L W ?m . !?? u. . Hoy J. It Well*. Km f, t? 11 an to Matti* It Alt Hroolcltu, K It. S#v?? ? * I'tnwrrr ?- (Mi Thurador, NnvomtMir t?. I?'*\ "? H. WimIoii, Ift.NHr Himioio I# IIi*.h Sihaii 1 ??? irr. ImmIi of tliin ?ilv No mrd* Wkmou Bmiik ? m Tl??i'??1ay, Nov?*mlN?r ?'i. t!m f'hmrb of thefiond Shopherd, by the Ho.-. ftalpb lloyl, ( im??\ 1; W hk* i ka to I'AN Mr. M Hkrak all of thia Uy! Hint. Runt*.bat On Hondov moronic. fWombar 'I ? ip tain Kmm Bkmuikat, aged .'i4 y*mr*,6 nioutb ;*ti I 10 dOVn. The relatival And frt?nd* of tb* fa'tiH? or** . t*d to Alhittd tba, from lit* lute le-idiome, \<? 7 l'*? tiin plan* tiiM (Monday) ovenltig, .it aeveu o ?lurk l'i r*. main* Mill In* ImUvii to Now lirutuiwick. N J , on iu*? duv. for interment fit.In Halotn, N. Y . on Saturday, V on b#r VI. ANTtto\? Ifi.a\diahd, aoa of I In* lot# A il!, my and Kii/uNwii M ISlfiuchard, fotui*rly of Albroy. a<ad MJ v?*or*. R?U?rrn. 'to Saturday, Deivinbor I, at Itrl VI ink N. J . IUwn I . wi .i of M Aiatikliu H'aiMed. and 001% daughter of William M?< lane, K*?| I lo* telatlvaa and lrt'?uda of the fannlv 31a i I v Invuod to attend the funeral, on fuaalav al^iuoo i at it" oilaek, In ib# lupim ofean b H*i li.? 0 L n?? un*r Im?a Hoyt will leavo pier foot ol Ihnut iinwi At *lu??MI O OlfW4 n?cvt>' ?(iii Monday. Doremhor t, Arrau W it*****. ? i d '?* li y?*ra. 4 month* and 11 day-*. 1 U~ iH.'atUit* an I fiiortda of the fatu'iv ar*'*<(>?? : v >uv t'd to aiiauJ t:?a itinera! ?ervi'*o, at hi* 'at* 'oilnti ? ?4 HiH>rman pla<*a. 1 Uirty.tli rd itiwl, ?n Tit day a aiu ?'?fi *t fo.jrn'rl ?ck fit knmIiu *ill Im t'i fan v town fur itita* manf, in tba lt?n ?V!o>;? trim, #1 Wwiin'?*?lay moni>n4 Hr?w?t In ?iiu ? itr, o? Haftttrlar. !>onat:iI Wi, 1 * * m H ? "?s irt?*t lurmaif of I #0 too, K04 auJ, 10 ta!? 4 .1 Tba it #tid? an 1 rniM**? of Iha I- '#a?oJ ar? iu? ? ? I to 1 attend tba f'iQ?r?' o.tfio'it fnrt'aor n ?'i 1. tli ?|M.?i1ay ifl 'Ti ion %l h a ? > IUI .'- 'a lu K04r!##a'li ?p.j ?4 ?? *!i* A-*at#fiif of M m fi raaia ?f L?. *?'??! Mailt' ?y. i;U? J ;? ? 1? ???/ I'n.r- h Hal 'lay DramlMr I, <|nimv X f*H(t ?4?* i ?d /*ari fit-* frtaotfa and ralaU ## of Iha faoi''/ ar a iq ?tt#| to i'ia.iJ *1- harrii, from (au tola ??.dTi '*. ^ ? H I.* *'* ? - fi't M'?nd? / altorra<H?o. ??'*-? ? ?? 4 prao - ? y ('? % * a At Tariff ton. an da*, r !???. f>* 4 n air I, Wra f.a ?* If t!9.%hk in h#r 7??U T'i.# "?a ft 1704 and ^flotila ar# fnMf I f in "ol at'Ati I tb<* fdiinral, tro? b? I a?-o r*<? I?1 ? oa P-i ?lay marntng, at Ih tm.' -l#y^u o'nl? 1 In n I#a t'a 4C'a 44i##?, Hu4a)3 Itir# Itai? ??|. % Ufl ? % Af 1 ,14 ? ?f? ?On 4j?? Ifa anW I 1 IT) f>./'a>? 4 r <?+' . ft 4 /111 ) 4 A * ia Off If? 4. 1 ?|f ? ? 4 ? all I Mir/ % ? ? ? ?!?! id, a ; ? I I . < month* ?f? I It t|/* i* ? id *lpfi ? ;u ,w?r* |? ? dp/. It f>rtf In /tro ?Vvca, on ^ tidlT '? 'fi'*** 1, !*?? ft??. i>, w.'f ?w of tV?tti?m M?*on 1 r of f'aluionth W *nd ifiha 74?ii y*t' ?f t??r *ic# Nar ' tiild ?* and 'b* fr"?nd? ot t!i? fam it ?' ? /? ?p^* fn! ifivi#*! 10 alt rod t la-* f?n*fai. fr on b*? l*t# r* dffii'ff So I ol'.a tlv t:? jvumi' Hfootljro "o r?iaad?* afternoon. *t '?o 0 ?! h w 1,-ai <?.il 4ltd . alriio lta pafiwrN plr t # ? ' ? !?*? '?ti otnrday -mi*1 I M' ia?it H Ibi, hi t|??? f.aih yrif of liar ag* Hi# r*Un ',?## *nd tiirnd* of lb# faaady ?r r#?f?arifoi|y invit??l to ai*"nd 1 'ia f??n#ral. from tt? 1* i-n^* of l.#r ? hi Job'i H Ibf So 'fH Wrot tort *.Ui rd tla. )!'>nd? af'TO'-ofi *t o?i?* ?#' ??* k I I N ?lt. 4 I . |?r in? 1 \ 9 III** 1 ? . #-i ?* |4. ol .inhn Kraa* 10 lb# 4t#<la t#a' of t?^r ah< I ? r t t?'?ol pf4|W*rr pi** ? 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I ? ?ii n a?.d ? aiiif mtt (a# |/?M p}?m?a "?p" MiifAt no ratatUaf, iNrtnhar i,Jo<?ro I,. N?t | >Na < 4)4/4' arm of tbo JMa Kav, JtOffc I* Hiftkill, o I 1, Aib ?*ar nf Hi* tn t!?# ? b ifrhof tbo ftadaaniar K|tity #flb MH>t 'I L"'w.? nd and Piir<i n#ii ?? '.faa" ??fi #at??tda? f?^ a?n' ?f I Iff f|** ? S ??o ' ?r? 'U# ?.*tb ft i < I !#? frt*o4# atad a *|'*a?1 oiooo of llaf*' ?o ?? ipardnlljr 1 IT Had tn OR* at. I 'i?? f i*ara , tb>? f I) rod ? ? * j if ni.MB, at |Va a rlarl '1 if* !? ? lata f* d*i ?? IJtt i. *m1 ?? ta#d Wi ? a<*t ??a ??Moda* !t? *n i-ar g^Tar-f ? M l#*-* Hit \m ?t M'td' W o*?a'f b ifVf Ir aod. tgad 7 J yaafa lltifrirol' i?4 iiaoirri aif tli'*##' lb* 1*mvt, ar/ tf*|a tfulff ra? jo?iM in al'ao4 (ta f |#f4i fraio t- ? it* ' '? ?'**? - a . *n? * arr*? 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Ilivoia wm-a*' v. a flat i .'nvft an I aavrra illuaaa, a^ail 164 yaara, 2 tamih.aBd .. day TUa rala' . ,,0(|-,,r Iba fanrl* alaa tha mam b?r?uf II Twalflli r?* N K N T , aio ro?|?<-. unit, iiattad In attaod ttw fuannl. no Tim day BflariiaiHi ?? .m. orlo. . from thaTOaidaBna of hi? fnttiy. N" &li? i>ail .na.-i Wm.u.ff ?i'i - inlajr I la. amlMr 2, aflar a alinrt III Hi***! Id*AO > w'? ? i 'i Ui yean, 10 moiittia aud IS dava. litcnda and ratal t*a< or tha family ar# r**|Mrtfutly illvllad In dltati.J Ilia fn.niral from lua lata ra*ldai> *. Hixty-aiiih alraal and Tumi waasaa, Hut (Jtmd.tyl aft.-r dim.d, at half p.vat ona u > not SHIPPING NEWS. ?n* liuc, ? I PPPP m?m .. tnortt 'A St %tl * lit* a a * * a ? ? B ' M AT AO >11 ri II I 14 POUT Of .1EW im. DfCIMO 2.IWi. Hl*a?i??hif> Atirone Ma>? v, A?niuw?ll N?r with mine tiiuil* nii<I la the fd'Hfio Melt Hnnrmlitp t'n S'. imthlfi MU?le?tppi. xutufMN. N?w OHmm So* K, with lU'ld'' atxl |idi?' ll?d. a |/?i' K (?d'i IWMI. 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