Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1866 Page 5
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ByJ 9,VM.mA Am M. ????? ttntywTiniy Mr MM Jim K, UN, and 8, IBM Mircii l Plve-twsniy year bonds, par Mt March 3,1MB w;,?\k,047 Intel $712,851,648 Brtnl receipts 8*4,173 fctacti in the Treasury Ju'T 1, 1M6 h68 jou ffiewbleh add amount or sundry trust funds heretofore deducted J,217,732 Taul maani $1,274,900,215 urcaiHTojuw run the rsa*. Iba expenditures for tha yi-ar were a* follows:? CIVIL. Oufieas, including books.. ""secutlve Executive Jfadiotary. Oeverumenl in the Territories aot Treasurers and tbeir clerks a of the mint and branches and essay office at New York toparvlaiog and local Inspectors. be...... torveyors general and their clerks Total civil Hal rOKKH.S ISTEIK ocasa i of tninistere, bo i of eeereunei and assistant secre taries of logat ion Salaries of oonsuls general, be., including loas In exchange I of secretariea of legation to China, Japan and Turkey as interpreters batonee of Interpreters ta the consulates In China and Japan Interpreters, guard* and expenses on Uta oonaulalee In Turkish dominions OeaUngent expenses of all missions abroad Contingent expenses of foreign intereourao OtBoe rant for consuls not allowed to trade Tnrehaae of blank books, stationery, be., far cons usi. tolnrtes of marshals of consular courts in Japan, China, bo Belief and protection of American seamen Bringing home from foreign countries parsons charged with crime Expenses of acknowledging the services of master* and crews of foreign vessels in rescuing American citizens from unip wreok Psosecation of work and pay of oommix atooer, per first article of Reciprocity treaty with Great Britain Bant of prisons for American convicts tu Japan, China, Slam and Turkey ?nances of carrying into eflect the act of Congress relating to the habeas corpus.. An act to encourage immigration battlement of claims of Hudson's Bay and Paget Sound Agricultural Companies. . Expenses of convention with Ecuador lor eOnaiineni oi claims Payment of first annual instalment to wards capitalization of the Scheldt due< Caveator receipts, per act of April 14. 1792 Bxpanaen of execution of the Neutrality net Compensation of Commissioner to ran and mark tae boundary between the United 8tatee and Britlah possessions bounding *a Washington Territory ?wards under convention between the United Stale* and New Grenada Compensation of Commissioner and ex penees of commission to adjust claims of eitlsena of the United States against New Grenada and Costa Rica Compensation of Commissioner and ex psines of commission to adjust claims of oitisens of th* United Mm against the Untied Buuee of Colombia Total foreign intercourse $1,II3>I,:W8 ? men. Li i nor*. V?r mint establishment M4 Contingent expenses under act for sare keeping the public revenue j5>t noii Compensation to persons designated to re Miee and keep the public money ?> "it Compensation to special agents to examine hooka, ho., In depoeitones Boildlng vaults In sixty-six depositories as aeeurlty to the public funds j Surrey of the Atlantic and Gulf coa-ux of the united States ls Sarvey of the Western roaate of the United States 0 NftJ of tbe Florida reefs and keys i FahUsbing observations of tbe surveys of, tbe coasts of tbe United States .. i of steamers used la the coast xur Bay and rations of t ugineers for seven staaasors la the coast survey Telegraphic communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Males Faymeot for bornos and other property lost or destroyed In tbe military serv ice of tbe Halted States Bapensee of tbe SmitbNonisu institute.... Continuation of tbe Treasury building Fain base of sites sad for building court booses sad post offices Biffin of nommlasloners la insurrection ary districts of tbe United Mates Onattageal expenses of commissioners of direct taxes la insurrectionary districts of tbe United Mates Pepsi Uneni of AgricolMre Bipsasus Inctdsm to carrying into etlect national loans. BW?tlon aad bringing to trial counter falters of cola, he., of tbo United Mutes Flntes. paper, special dies and tbe printing of circulating botes, he Bodcleociss In tbe proceeds ot the money order system ' Bapeasss of searching for missing roiu.>-r* Of the I'm led Slates Army Bafhndlag principal sad Interest of pur abase money for lands redeemed AOs wanes or drawback on articles on which lotoraal tax has been paid Bxpensus incident to the sasessment sud collect I oa of internal r venue Bhteadlag duUes erroneously or illegally i af eellectlng the revenue from drawbacks, bounties or Bsfaadlng duties under the set extending the warobeuse system Bepoymeal to importers of eacaaa of do _posMa on aaascortalnsd duties Debentures aad other cbargea BMartes of special examiners of drugs. Additional compensation to collectors and an vol officers Lighthouse establishment . Stal establish! i botu Of foods, wares, hi ll ar sailing reveftue rut iroMss of" p^octaofButes in 'teisumel lion Faraltars and ropairs of osriain buddings adder tbo supervision of the Treasure Dsprtnest f If offiosa for surveyors general " it for laods erroneously aoM. . for swamp laad sold to mdi of public lands of special counsel, he., for do tbe title lo public properly in ?oppression of tbe tbe -Jove trade. log tbe eighth census , Sir sssossary expenses of IfMropeiitan notice 'rSis-Jr? t'S bou-e. Isptuu, Fbel for the Presideut s house "** pHs'lag tbo President ? bouse ?analrlBgtbo conservatory of lbs Pre?.. Bsfaraiablng the iVslsWent s bouio . Funeral sspeases of tbs lata Pree.deui Altars I loan sad repairs o( bu Idiugi a greaadsTh. ** laiprovement of OsatDoasaUon it' public gardsaeV' gats Bpsh, watchmen, he Ostaasbia lestuute far Deaf, Dumb ami Hllad tn District offTol omnia.... Osapletias tbo Waaniagtoa aguedis r Fntoma. aad Eastern Uran.b ond*e compensation of draw keeper* a Bspport of trati si sol paupers la Dlstrtu of Columbia Fluking and d.asrlbuiiag congreaeioaal jourmUe aad docum. ua Knt faad "' at Offl. c building f named* of hioua ressrvauuin ,a Kmt e sot* and Dakota Anppoct of luaano pauper* er Di.irb t or t'oiambia and army and navy of tbs I 'nitsd ttatss. Preservation of colls.Com of the stploriua expedition Draeinge to illustrate tbe report of to* OsmmuMmoor "f Palsou. Depots by individuals for evpcn?.? of surveying the public lands Bnpport. Ac., of coovtna transferred from tba li'Stri. t of Columbia to oibei prlsone Osnl for library of longreos Five per ceoturu b> Misueeora Five per centum to Mlrhtgaa Fine per eentam to tirsgoo Flvn per oeatum to Wisoonsio Two end three per tectum to Miwiuri "** 1 of sundry Individual' < mtorotiaoeou* noma.... T***1 ? "trrsiAsso repoymeaw on scceuat of appro "*? under slii'fi then oeie no ffifili mlscellaneo. M fST.4M.TM ^^"???JwjtaaarTpM op rs? ; *rtaio? osraavsaar, P* DjPwrtment |?.34i/*4 mmm mm ?-u.~- *? "?^ESTieaM The hy DspmMMini - ^??!B The Qininxnaary Department. .... 4q'S?S The QurtwMitorTftvaiMK ?-*?.?? * Tb? Ordaaaun DepartmmM. a *??eo5 Tti. Engineer's Department J**. . The l*rovoet Marshal General 6,779,114 The Adjutant General ? *A*. ?????. ~ fjj'ljil The Secretary'* Office (arm/ expenditures) 3,MM,375 Relief of tandry individuals to^ Deduct 'lew of repeymeata la Depart mi nt or burgeon General $2.003 477 Total for War Department $284,849,701 t'\oK* THS binecnu* or twc iuvt imrnTOT. The secretary'? The Marine Corps The Bureau of Yard* and Dock* 4,777.868 The Bureau of ikquipment and Recruiting. The Bureau ol Navigation The Buroan of Ordnance The Bureau of Construction and Repair... The Bureau of Steam Engineering The Bureau of Provision* and Clothing... The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Belief of sundry Individuals Total for Nary Department $43,324,118 KarariTULaTioa. ToUl cinl Hat Jl'52 Total foreign Intercourse . I'l^oSa Total nuecellaueouv.. *g4u|M77 Total for Interior Departm nt I".?*-*'? Total lor War DepariuieuL *84,46?,wt Total lor Navy Department 43,-124,118 To which add for internet on tho public debt, Including Treasury noioa 183,067, i?i Total expenditure., exclusive of principal of tho public debt $.>20,. 60, .HO pbini-iimi. or tua reman dkht. Bedemption of stock loan of 1842 " $114,m.i Redemption of bouuly land stock, per act February 11, 1847 1TO Redemption of Tnsan indemnity atock, per act September a, 1660 " Reimbursement of Treaaury notes Issued I prior to December 23, 1847 Payment of Treasury not?*, per act of I December 28, 1847 J0? Payment of Treasury notes Issued per act of March 2, 186t '-ww Redemption of Treaaury uoloa, per act of July 17, Redemption of 7-30 throe year coupon bond*, per act of July IT, 1861 , ,9,lo0 I Reimbursement of temporary loan, per acta of February 26 and March 17, 1882. 20-i,-46,29a Redemption of Treaiury notes |Kir act of February 2R, 1802 32,t?o,*27 Redemption of cerUOcaloe of indebleaues*, per new of March 1 and 17, 1802 143.493,000 Redemption of postage and other .lamps, per act of July 17, 1802 3,007,208 Redemption of fractional currency, per act of March 3, 1*52 12,037,540 : Redemption of two year o per cent Inter eat bearing Trensuay notes, per art fnnlMrfl March M oOO.t**) Redemption or one year 4 per cent Inter eat bearing Treaaury note*, per ai l . March 3? ,,ouo,""o ? Redemption of threo year 0 per cent com pound Interest notes, por acts March 3, - a 1803, and June 30, 1804 7>,928,l->9 Redemption of gold corlillrntis, per act March 3, 87,711,620 Redemption of 7 30 three-year Treasury no tee trr nets ol June 30, 1804, and Marah 3, ?"> Premium on purohans of 7-30 ilirue-year Treasury note., per acta of June 30, 1844, and Mar I. 3. 188-'. Redemption of 10 40 bonds, per act March 1,661,000 Total principal of the public dent $820,321,726 Total expenditures, exclusive or principal or public debt 420.750.040 ...$1,141,072,000 Balance iu the 1 reasury, 1st July, 1868.... 132,887,548 Total debt $1,273 980.216 rt. B. ' Oi.BY, Regt.ter Tar.aaiRT D*r?STa??T, RiuierraH thru*, Nov. 20, 1800. BTATCMB]aT or run nacsirT- avn vxraNOiTinra <>? lint c*itu> maTur ron ran ?u*bt*k kmjimi ski rsaii. K ?? ,M< W. Cumorn1- MWU Hale of public lands. Direct tax Internal revenue.,.. Mitcallaneo-t* Total recetpie. evduslre of loans $148,681,386 8 per cent 20 year bonds, act July 17. 1801 $0 0',0 United states notes, art Kebr i 24, 1802 22,000,000 Temporary loan, net February 25, Postage and other stamps, *cl July 17, 1802 8,779 Certlurates of com depomta. art March 3, IMtt ???? 27,109,378 Fractional currency, set Mar-b g, 4,378,305 0 per cent 20 year bonds, sol March 8, 1803 8,100 0 per cent compound mtaieei notes, act June 30, 1884 28,731>J00 $-20 0 per oent bonds, art March 3, 1865 ... 83,489,150 Total re> elpts froiu l,s,?ii.o-4 $332,473,008 k/pntdi'-vrr* Civil, foreign intercourse and mhcel laueou Interior, (pension- aud Indian) '???***'?; '?* War Navy 7,874,809 lntereet on the puld.c dub'- 38,804,300 Total expenditure exclusive of pr.n-.l pal of public debt $' * ' JVia ipal <4' /'aha 18W. Payment of Treasury noire, ar t March 2, 1881 4^ Redemption tf Trea--ury noic, set July 17, l*?l 1 Redemption of 7 :W three year coupon bonds, art July 17, 1861 *?.** Bedemption of Unu^l >tnles neten, act Feb. 2f>, MMT:. .. 17,430,787 Reimbursement of temporary I ten acta of February 25 and March IT 1802 64 487.182 Redemption ol certiorates of Indebtedne??. acta of March 1 and 17, IMS 27,340 now Redemption ?f poeiuge and other stamp*, set July 17. IfflU JW.-ili Redemption of ftpci amal cur ranoy,act Marrfi 'l. 1883 ... j,291.ed?i Bedemption of two year Use por coat internet beariag Troneery notes, m-t Mar h 3. IWi Bodemntlon of gold certificates, act March 8 1883 J6 817.626 ?odomption vf iniee year 7 3b ?-e. Premium 06 tU WnTf"" ppnhd iftflSst ?????. rs K lMW and June M, ^ ^ Framldm en purrbeee of 7 ? Transnrf note*, ecu June .?>, UmTx2d March 3. 1864.. . 147 414 Redemption of three year six per cent compound tBi?r,-?t mm, irfa March 3. 1863, ST5l-.? .... 4.1^041.768 - 11 VOUT. Kenntrr Tsta?r?T Im iii em r. RmnKS'lOmni. No. '21. 1886 CUT LHTKLLIGEIICE. Tna Shim stout Honicitw.? Ymterday aflaraoua Coroner Neumann imI<I an lnqiiea| on tba body of Alex ander fulro-r the man who died al hi* lai* maiden re, Nn. ?> King *?met. from the etlari" of a sink wound In llctad by a aaife in ih? hand* or Ihotnaa akaa - Bandy" Slav on, duria* a iiu*rr?-l wb-nh o< furred la lh? ny?t*r obIoob of Ham iel MC ullotigh, No ?.! -pring /oreet, early on tby marmot; of lha 2M alt. lb* jury brought in a rnrd rt agaio*t tbr aerated. hrwrw* ne * Wnxit It Turn Ottur Ann? l!t??. ffiii* U'i nil l iti>i - <*ori'Otr''tie wan yamerUr railed la Uk* bouar. of lata Kotilmaan, JttJ fait Howe ton -treet, to bald an laqnati on tb* Wlv of Augiata Rady. a Herman woman twenty-wght vea mo' a** wf>* 'Ifad from lb* efH-cta of i-ivow adn?o>-1- rwt by LereaJf the mnae la *-ip|"**d to f># unrequited lora. Ar.tatiui Corrmaavn T.-qron lime ?An odlenr of the Twentieth pre- in- i r**t?-rd*r nfternoon levied apon a intafc laden ailh lea t-trralt <4 raotidad eptr la, from lb* eaubuahmnnt of B nebwartx, ..on Waal Thirty lltlrd timet Tb<> barrel* bore what purported lo be the in aparaor t brand bat a -napn ion thai tbn Iwand an* ?y-i rtoaa, and that >bc oen>n of tba liquor had I wen at t-mpUna to defraud th* mienne, ' aneed ndlrinl interim ancn. Tba matter will uoderto ineaatigntioa. T*b Rmaki Ilea* Mi -erwan K-iaa**r ? (*an.*l <>*1* who wna arretted la-t ?al<ifUT na th* < barn* of twin* oae of the part la* onnrrrtwl in robbing Mr. John V. Cockrafl. meananger of the Naaraa ha rib. at tba f-net Ofl??. yeaterdny bad an etamloaitoo Iwfor* Jnail-e Howling No evideri. e waa ? ted tending to * too- rate tbn prisoner trom ?-ropliclty in ilia robbery, and th* magistral* rommitiad him tar tr*l in da salt of 12.MiO ban. Tat Rii an Arxonnae if r*a hrw Htftia Ri uw<* - Daita ?.r laa linen. Mtv ? riionia* Mullen, U?a man who rwoairad a fmetum of tba nklli and othar tajanaa by being p-rahed into fha raflar of iho now Kg*ti n build, lag. Wr and way, last Aaturday moraine, na prwvtoaaly reporind. MfannquaaUy diad >a Balfavia flo-pitnl, whlthdrfca had bean removed f'nrvmer Wilder y*a?ne _ __ war* aiaimaad. aad (ha testimony WHbww that ml and rUrwa ?aanegan had s afikiwt *f wand, hi BBPOBT OP THE SECRETARY OF WAR. Warn DViimiT. I v. 14, IMA f Wamiixutom City, Ho*. Mk. Pkmudryt- Dlsbsndment of th? volunteer force* In servloe at the time the rebel arm lee eorrendered; col lecting the arms, ordnance and military etwee scattered over the east theatre of war, the sale and disposition of unserviceable material; in arsenate, magasioos and depots that which might be need; settling and ad justing war claims; recruiting and organizing the regit tar army UDder the recent act; the establishment of posts and garrisons on the frontier and In the Indian country; tenting the various improvements of breech loading smaH arm*, and supplying them to the army; practical experiments to determine the deetruotlvo power of projectiles and the oomperatlve resisting qualities of materials; completing seaboard defences and providing them with armaments; planning and sarrylng on harbor and river Improvements; these, with the ad ministration of tne laws relating to refugees, freedmen end abandoned lauds, have constituted the chief opera tiona ot the NVar Department during the past year. RKMICTIO* or THK ARMY AND WAR MATKHIAL. The entire nniuber of volunteer troops to be mustered oat was on May 1, 1S05,1,0-14.0<14, and my last annual re port recounted the operation of disbanding this for e until November IS, 1K65, when 800.0t;.; troops luid been transported, mastered out and paid. The work wur actively continued after thai date, and on January 20. I Hon, 91*. 722 volunteers had Isten mustered out; Kebruarv IS, 902 442; March 10, 907,887; May 1, IWO,782, June 30, 1.010,070, November 1, 1,023,021, leaving in service 11,043 volunteers, while and colored. Tee aggregate reduction of the coiured troops daring the year has lieen 75.024, and at tins dale ouu regiment ol' artillery and thirteen of infantry, numbering about 10,000. officers and enlisted men. remain In service. Commeni'-d In May, I8A5, ibe work of discharging and returning to their homes 1,034.044 volunteers would have been completed within three months but for the necessity of retaining in service purl ?f that force. Post ex per .-nee shows that should aoy nations' emergency require a larger lorce than is provided bv the peace establishment, armies could be swtllly organized to at least the full strength of a mil lion of men. The i eduction of th? army ban lieeo attended ny a cor responding reduction of material and rclrunchuienl of expenditure*. The .idvan- ed deisits of the Quartermas ters department, which had been established as be sea of operations, have been broken up; the grcatnr part or tbe material Hold tt advantageous rates or ? onceutruled lu live pnueipsl depot* and arsenals, and all an necessary employes discharged. From May 1, I8d5, to August 2, 180(1, over 207,000 kMWS aud mules were sold for $14,2f>9,u75 Altout 4,400 barracks, bo (utals and other buildings bat? been sold during the year lor $447,373 The Hale of Irregular and damaged clothing m store produced during the fiscal year the sum of 7902,770. The Boot of 490 oceuu iraiupoits lu service on July 1,1H65, at a dsilv expense of $82,100, was reduced before Juue 30, IsHtl, to 53 vessels, costiag $3,000 per diem, and moot of the**' have since been iiechaiged -ocean tiausi>ortalion being now ultno-i entirely cou4 ictsd by est dili.-lied commei cml lines of learners. Of 202 vessels which had been employed in inland transportation, at an expense of $3,193.533, uuiio were remaining in service on June 30, 1800, saics of river transports, steumers aud bargee during the year are reported as amnuniiny to $1,152,895 Tbs rates of wag in transportation lu the Indian country have al-o been i.-duced by favorable < onlracts. The mili tary railroads, which were operated during tbo war et u total expeniluure of $4...422,719, and which are olflcially reported to hate reached an extent of 2,030miles.and lo have |sstseese<l 433 engines aud 0,405 oars, have all been transferred to companies or boards of public worLs upon condition of the adoption of loyal organizations of direc tors. i a-h rale* oi railroad equipment lo the amount uf $3,446 7 .u are reported, aud cr dit sales of $7.444,07..; upofl tbe InUer there have been paid, principal end in terest, $1,200,085, leaving due to the roped .'-data- on June 30, 1804, principal and Interest, $6,670,074. The military telegraph, which attained an extent oi 14.389 mile* of hue-, constructed during the is-riod of hosiilltlen, with a total expe'rdtlure of $3,219,400 duriog the war , aud $547,637 during the last fiscal year, has Imrn dtecon tinned, ilie material sold and disposed of. aud the em ploye* dl> charged, only a lew confidential 0|soatora being still retained for cipher correepondeace with <vui. mender* of important districts .inch suhsi leo'-e stores as couul not be retained for supplying tbe reduced army have for tbe luosl part been wild at satisfn- lory prices fhe sale of unserviceable and surpius store. |ieita nlng to the signal corps n* been nil s ted , mosr of the officer* have been mustered out and the employ** discharged AU the temporary twdaancu depots established during the war, with the exception of thai at Hilton Head, ? bare the work is in progress but sot completed, have been discontinued aud the supplies have been rent to arsenals for steiage, or, wlien not worth the .-net of transportation, ba>e hem sold. The ei|>*ndituren at arsenate have been greatly dimiuiihed, and I here opera tions limited. Ueeeral hospital*, hospital transport * and null >ad tralnr, ambulan. e corps, end a number of medical pur. 3iog depotr have heeit dn-p?-n?ml Willi, and all purisb iarieler.of medi< ines and b.?*pi *i * .ppiioe in en ?ss of tbe rnquiremen's of n peace e?iabil?limem have l?**o dmpoead of by public aaie at adruir'SqptMM rate*, and the reserved supplies cotrceruraied at live depots The pro coeds of old or ?urplua m dtuai aud ho*p.ial property amount to $4,044 261. WAH UlTr.r.taL HI Hut lk? Mir and disposition or these largo aiuO'inu i?f unserviceable iui'1 |> ri-habhj - tores allII lento on hand an I adequate eupply of war material to meet anjr emergency tlial can puMituy artac. The at Oik ol cfotluug, equip*,.-, quartermaster, uibaiaience, liospn I and ore ... i r ??>, arms, ammunition and Held artillery l> sufficient lor the immediate equipiii til of largo arm ? I I.. I , .aiuled troops aland nadr 10 respond to (tie national rail, and, with our traat maana of uaa?portai|<>D aad rapid organ 1 aatton developed during tin war, they ran no I zed, armed, equipped and rone en ir.tied at whatever points Military emergency nuy raqu re. While. there lore, tbe wer expenses have been reduced to ihe failing of s mod.'rale end eeuooma al poena ?*tobh?huieat. tlie cat tonal military aireoglti remains uaimpa,ied and m loudliieu to be promptly put forth. aarariTiBu n? rus ao.i i.?r aant. While tbe reduction uf tbe vol miser lone, and ibe ad vantageoa* diapoeition or concentration of war ma I anal were thus au< cereiuily accomplished without diminishing Ibemnl'ary power of the wntrf, recruit mg end reorganising the regnlar a-iuy ferorably pro greened Id ? ouaequeuce of the dilllcqjty id procuring enftetmenia for the regular, while *o tnaay men were re quired lor tbe tsiuoteer service, one bsndird and afty three rompee'ee of Ihe regular army as then authorised, were unorganised on day .11 IMd. bat in tbe middle oi tbe following July thee rum pan iea bad been am plated 1 ml. r the act of July '.'I, ltdfl. the regular army now comprise* fa regiments, or one hundred and twenty compnnlea. of cat airy, lire regiments, or ?my companies, of artillery, end lorty tee regimenta, er lour hundred end fifty companies of infantry , of which two cavalry and four Iniaotry regiments are rompo-ed ef colored men, end four lufantry regtmeula of men who were wounded in tbe line of their duly floe regiment of white cavalry bad been fully recruited on "eptsmher II, the other regiment, eaavgu-d to the Parti coast, (? very nearly completed Forty eight of the Bfty four companies, required to conceit into reglmenU tbe single tollslinoa ol tuc nine thiee-bet taboo regimeeta #i the former organisation have been completed 1 and aval to inetr regime a is. The four veteran reserro rwgmtanta have been amigDOd to dim tela where tbe men may be emfatfy employed in guarding storehouses aad cam* lories aad onaimilar duties Tbe colored regiments will be recruited, a* for aa possible, from the colored volun teer* ntlll m met*?. foe law snibor.aes an assignment of one hundred privatM lo a company an the maximum, Bfty being tbe laleiiaum. and tb? Maximum atreagtb of tbe army M thus placed at ;?,MJ mak and Tie. Tbe preonot etr-ngth of eompanlee in Bred at sixty four privatnu for oaaalvy. artillery end nfaatry, end oaa bun drud and twenty two privetci for light belterlM <4 nr. tilery, making in aggregate strength of fiflXH Aeam.a M Uie make shell be well 61 led it Is devUg oed to meres*, the efb'lvncy of the Miluary force by raiatag the standard of qoaliBeawoa*. rtmu or int. ta ore. Tbe troopa la service were regularly paid, end the de mands of ib tee dt-cberged and mi ate red out promptly met l?'iriug tbe Ibaal year eliding June 30 1MB, 110. Ml ood were diebur-ed to the army ai d military academy $J4A,Md,aU U. voienuerit; and in tbe die hjia-'tnent ?t millions of dollars in amall eqma, and amid greet diOeulUee end haaards, tbe total neat or Utn government, in elpeusaa of every character, it but a fr? to nal portion ol one per cent er.vrraev macameam ten vetaraaey. F.varr effort haa been made 10 promote tbe com fort and health of the army, end te give the beat nv-dl' al treatment to tbe wounded aad etck. Well grounded appreb?n*lone of tbe appearance ef A'laU cholera as aa ?pld? mie, early is the ureeeat rear, required prompt actem for tba prelection or oor iroope A rigid military quarantine wee established oa ibe ?staili era AtieuUr . uaet sad een.iary preieettnan enforced. Tbe adept Ion of th-ee measures availed to control or eradl cats tin- dte see at the recruit ng depots aad forts where it appeared l< lore t assumed 11a usual alarming epide m c form and nfltciat recognition has been given to the mer. torsos- esrvme* of medical olhoer% whose ndaluy, aad ekilf Is Iron. strain.n -u. ? ?eded m aiert.ea 1 oc dimlnlehlnr the h?cr?ive at widespread pev It leans In other recpe. le lbs general health el the irooan has been goeL Among while troop* lbs prnport.oa Of deaths from all ranees te ranee ' reeled bee been eae to ?very If y two Among the colored troops the pro. portion of rases taken evrk Dm been greefer than with the white troupe, aad lbs mortality rate one dealb in every twenty nine resee trawled Tbere were reiweie og tn general hospitals, June .10, I(44, ami edirutted Uis ymr, Bd.dd* iwtienu. of whom, on Jans n legg, only ninety seven remained under 1 rsni ueu t foe comfort end pfupvr medic si treatment of the elrk and wounded are secured la well arranged pet heap its N>, ef wkl b tbere ere M preaswt one hundred and eighty seven, with a total apec .y of 10 SSI beds -eei rra gun >rimvt -uhaiatenre wees ef good qealuy have bene nop piled to the army, sod though the larger part hwa been obtained at ibe prerqmi market eaatree of the Northern "tales, j.i the general return I ef the rdteena Soetk and H011U. tn the nrodorUveaam of penes and ibe annseqoeni rw.|?t. eg of the cum ornery rlunnsle end sour-ee of trade have enabled n partial reeoxaption of ibe sserae at proeertac eupptien al tbe points where they era lo he reeeumsd. Dnhty nine root recta for fresh oaof have been made la foeboaifoepa fow. at a rvbsral ever ego prire of U.M mate per pound, and In the alerter ef those ktetae other arUcfoa Wv e mwou sviewt booo ban per rami 1 Tbe market at Mew orieaae le now aa well famished aid baa aa for revum-d a bee tbfol moreaatilo eoad.ttooM to rewdee u ymUkii to preram to are at mli^nn 111 pvteoa aM ?f U* gabnfoteam worm reqabed le tbo OswortmeM ef fte ?t'f. )Bt **" ? tttbt *~ r?ntlmm&m tm \ fmi* !? ii?iiii to mm BMm, dl *? eoppliw far troop# iboro (tattooed wore r*qwir*d to bo ohipped (row Now York, bat an ornplo ud reliable market. compn ting tb# pruaucuorckliforoiaand Oregon tad !*? foreign omin trio# bordering a poo lb# ?? ocean, it now found In Son Franc i?*??, and wont Ot the Mfeeteenoe Mora# for troopo tn lb* l)i waMM ot (ha FMlOe liava boon thof obtained, la general the aubatatonflo supplies pnrnhaeed dutiwc the y?ar have been pro arad upon contracta. concluded In puiMiaucd of adrrrtiteineat# fur *eal#d propoaolt, writ* teu profNMitt and acceptance MtanoH-UMOimi h*4ii tan# The importune of apeedily providing the arrov wi'h breech-loading email arm# Of the ben pattern lia# born recognized aud aetod upon. IJjr au order of January d, ibtw,u.ard n( competent MMnra wan convened tar it# purpot*- of tsauiuiog, tarring aad report, agon the vert Out m.i.telH of original br.ierh loadem, aud tin' varloua plana for the cooennqen Into breach loader* of tbe arm < Lcratolure borne by our troop#. 1'bu board tun on March 10. and con tinned In aesalM until Juno 4, when na repou wna aubrotlled, and direclionn bare l<e#n given tho ordnance department for the np-'udjr muuufai lore of brrrcb.loading arm#. In new of the great number ot amall arm# on baau, it ha# teen doomed advisable to> mi vert Springfield rill# musket#, ?t a ? oroparai.vcly <niall root, into efllmrnt bieech-loader*, rather than t? incur ibc co?t of (he entire wauulaclure of new aim-1 of

that description, at a tiuir, too, when the Intention may not date boon pei.'acted. Ihi? alteration of (he Spring Held musket ha# been vflbcted #o miccesrlully ar to rcu der It .in arm lieUered to be better in all reepocta than the Fruc^aa noodle gun, wtilie iu metallic ainmuniiiou i re .irili il a# superior to that of the latter 1'lir If* partiiM-nt lia# alrenly on baud breech-loader* of up piovod pattern* adequate for the supply of the ? a airy and mounted and light tufnutrr *>>?nu.v iN-runo##. Reside# the me# ur?# thai liavo l?e#n inentionei' lo provide tor in# c mfort aud promote Hie efib ,ene> of the army, riofod monluly iiiepnliba* bavo bean made In every military command durltig the year, with a view to bring to notice aod promptly remedy any irrw*uwiiri** and defei m; and numcroue spa, ial in-pe Hons ttuvu also larau raailo tbmagb'iut tbe whole country, forth per p.i r of c .rrecting aimans, suggesting Iraprorctnenu aud sheeting retrenchnacat in tho ?crvlc?. The .nnpectlon aarvieo ba# net boon < bunged by the return to peace, tho riyciein developed during ihe war, meeting ibe r# qniremeot* a# Marly a* pro- tieable, i# ettll continue' oKu, ,irtt.'ii.v or ran himtakv oneaamKNT# um di rmione. Tue pro cut organ/alum of nulllary department's and divismna I* aa felloe I ? The Department of tne lost. Major General George i!. Meade id command. toombraeo the New Kuglaiid state#, Now York# New Jt-iney, I'ennaylvanu and foil Mela warn. Ilo.elquartors al Philadelphia Ihe lleparimonl of the I. iga" Brigadier and Itrevn' Major General JoeepD Hooker lo command, to etuhrai ? the States uf fflilo. Michigan, Indiana, lllinoi* and Wis couaiu. Headquarters al HetrmL Tin' Department of Wisbiugion, Brigadier aud Brevet Minor General K K S. Can by lo command, lb embrace the Districtof Columbia, Alexandria aud I air fax count# , Virginia, ami tho Mates of Maryland anil Delaware, except tort Delaware. Headquarters at Wasliingion. The Department uf tho I'ototu in, brigadier aad brevet Major General John M. Hebodeld mcotuuiaad, tormhrare lliu Mate# of Virginia, except Alexandria and Fairfax counties, and W' #1 Virginia Headquarter* at llioh niond. The Department ol the South, Mrvjor General Haniol I-. sickles in command to embrace the siatae of North aud South Carolina. Headquarter# at Cliarlostou. lha Departiueut of llie fenuesee Major t.enoral Ceo H Thoinna to command, to enibrai n tbe state# of Ken tucky, Tennessee Georgia, Alabama and Minua ipju Headquarter# at Loalm Ille. Tbe Department of the Gulf, Major General Pnil.b H. -Iieridan to ixnrioiaiid, to emhrace lb" Hlai m ol Florida, l.oiu uana and Texas. Headquarter* at New drier u Ihe lle|iartm?nl of Arkau**-, Hri/aunr and Brevet >la|or General K O. C. did to command, to embrace tbe Mare of Arkansas mid Indian Territory We,t Head quarter* at Little Kork llie Department of ibe Missouri. Major General Win field S. Bum'Ock to command, to #mbra' e Hie Male# of Mlwwiiirl aud Kansas, and tne Terrtlotle# of I'olotado and New Mexico. Ilendquarters at Fori I-eavenwortb. Ibe Department of the I'latle, brigadier and Lievet Major fJ?n#ral I'uillp Sr. George Cooke to command, l" embrace the State of Io?a the Terriioilcs of Nebraska and I lah, #'? mltcll of Dakota as lies wo t o, the one hundred and fniirth meridian and s? much of Hon tana a# Ilea coatiguo i* lo the new road from i art Larauile to Virginia Ctty, Montana Headquarter* at Omaha. Ibe Departiueut ol Dakota, Brigadier aud Brevet Major General A. H. Torrv to command, to em on. e the State of Mmueania and ail Ibe fcrrltor#'* of Dakota and Montana no> embraced iu tne Department ol the I'laito. Headq larter* at fort -netbag llie Department of California, Brigadier and llievet Major General Irvin McDowell n> com mat,J, to noinrac* the Slatew wt I alilurnia and Nevada aud the territory of triaona. Hsasiq'iaitcra at .san FranciMW. Ib< Depa/lmenl of the i ulnwhia. MajorGeneral i res I ern k Steele lo oomm Hid, lo embrare ihe Siale of fbegun and Ibe I'errltorie* of WiiMifton and Idauo He*,i quarter* al I'urHand aorniiwin or TW* Tnnnr* lb# principal hkimiK of troop* have li#*u in lain*, on tu* Uniiim IroiUrr and in tbe Inmu.rtt*, lb* de tail* of which am gyvaw In Hie accompany Int report of lianeial I.mill, coitiuiafldittv llin armtai nl the I u.tad Mat**, anil tlia report* or di\ t.inn and dojlii in*nt rum mender*. to winch reference i* mad*. <Inderal *inuit report* inai. a military force h*< hern k*pl 10 all ilia laiel* rebellious Mate* for ih? purposes of Insuring llm ?i* niton <i. law and pruiocuhg hie and property eg "?*l the acta uf ihnaa who, a* yal, will *? kb"* nl/' no l.i'r but turn* -? olaea <mail*r. m bla ottlnlon, ihaii could have liKeu' tpw i' dafter Much a conflict ita Ihat through who h wo bava |m u*d hot sufficiently formidable to jus tify tha course witch ba* ie.n pursued. Wlhlary movement* bava aim henu directed aitti a view lo lb ? protection of emlyniBte on tnelr way to the Mniintain territories, ngeiuai Uis ItunUllly ami oppoatuou of Ilia ludian*. imi Biraecne n tea rouynry yrnnwiTncaitb. Heal'ln* I lie operationa lliua recapitulated, of raduc tum, conccairallon, retrenchment an<J reorganization of Iba military eetahi -bmenl, and i'a>in-ut, complete e<|aipmeut and dlspo-llioa of the army, otbar maltiua of nal onal Importance and intarait h.iva received iai ran ful atlaut.ou of tba tVar llapariuieni Toe permanent tlef-D'?r of the . ens try hare Imeq atremetnanml llmir <ffi< irjorr baa airawly beau much lu rra**d by atibntitubug >a?uon ol larger calibre and improved ni'?lel for lighter gone, and w net/lit iron for | in carrutges Thin work ta "till in progre** aud will lie continued diligent and ? arafm adore. tweed upoa the d**tga* and r coo tn iic-tidai Jena of r-impotant board" of engineer*. bava iteen mac* to t'lapl old work*, a* wall a*thus* In procewi ol con ir iclmo to more power, ful nrm inienta. i uoacru. itoo be* le an *u-pau in I upon eini" work*, in order ut await tb* completion of irniort | ant 'Vpeiimenta ha . lm in vlaw the uaa of lion *b elua or armor for tha protection of gaaa and gun bar*, the result" already attained glae th" prom as of a practical and highly m-naurial apply-anon of lb< know ledge obtain' 4 by these Inaia aot-aiim ><? tnu ? ar m mui>re A and israf'ti meaiute* bate beao ta?t|tui*d for aoo.eeafullr and speedily carrying Into eflw t | gene-uue provision* of (vugreae im tba benaltt of "urvtving aoldieri of the war fur tba I ninn. rh* a-ibjec' of the payment of *nr* boqnllea to discharged soldo r* sod ai'rj pay lo Hi* harped 1 oflcar* has received a sod ion* aitan'ioo. Til" r cut I law devolving upon Ibe War Itepurioiant. Inataw I ol lb* a. MlHI* Ol tba lrea*ury. the duties of a tarn luation and mttli-inenl of clatnt. of tht> nature imposed ! a vtet a?ra mulatlon of labor aad reryu red tba eon t>l*ra tin* uf aumeroua acta of tundra* an-l the regoiiteni and practice ol w??r*l bar-an-, upon th# pre or perform an * of tboa* aatra udinary late>ra depend tli dpbane mentnf n#ar*y eighty a lkaa of dollar*aptoag nn i# than ? in Hum nt claim*Uta Wnon attar tb* adjooi mm ut ta (' n?r**a a competent board of offi. *r? wa? orifuBIUtl to pr-pare rule* an-l regupttnaa for the parm-nt of lha euthor.ied onodtiw- Ihllgeat apple atom wae given to I tb > work aod tb* ragulat on*, having been found to he In n'rld aicordaiv-* with Inw, war* prove (Vie ?ppr> v i published and directed In b* ceritdd into #(!*? t fw tb* earn* board lb# anb)*et of l-Min''** for rnbir?4 *ol f-n wtt alas ref-rted wpb n new lo pr iMd* aby aid i.ubal ? hetk* mat might guard lh" '?>unly fr >ni fr i idulenl aavlgn**- and aerwre it tn '-olured Mild er*, and protect the Treanaty agatnai itwid, and whan the r*iK>rt wa* rteetvad payment of tba lapiatle* w*? or 4rr*d. Am to tb? other 'law of hwwalMtt Uta Par".*" tar tienotni reaaf'ta it ifn| m-l.f aMe to lank* pa) ni*ot until all application* ahall hava been rw'ttred. end clam* claa,lied and ratpatefd by ntatw* at^l otgaai/a lion*, bit by tbt* preliminary jWurdaa tba iiltltrmt- pay meat of all will, it W betieaad, ba graatlr etpeditwl Attempted otbarwi-a, probntdy the w.wk woald ba.t* be full? *C.ompltabed flf the valhable p'thip- reecd* by which tba valid ly of lb* bounty alatwi* I* to h* I'-vtad, there I* la the nrrbtrm of the govarntnrnt but on* "py already rnoe't worn for oacb |M?rta>1 An si am.anuua fur each latbtidnai ae* wueld aoea rad ico tn* m to Illegible at red* ? an-trial, liiw?111*1*11 '!??!astrv 11,a duly of Utag/vrnment to th* ?ud"-ra ?b ? h. ? I.?n maini' J or nava fallen In Ita defenee baa not P *u n*gte< led fimnf-ar* baa t-eri U*?* byprwa-t ti in aod urseiwat taal*. lo ar< ot# lor 'ba fu*n>*r loa pi?'t d irnltle, Uref'tl ?M oomfonatila artlbrtal lia>t i Ir-'W Ju.y Id. l?d*. tba da * of tb* n 1 of 1 ongre* as tbuftt Og artlB' al ilm'ia to ba fnrntaha.] to Jn y I. I vw tbera bare b**d eipp. ed ta dwatno-l wudl-r* *.?"! l*/t 2 :A0 arm , mi.* fa*', Bfty d*e band*, an* hundred *r?d te'tty flv* "?Tfl'?l appamto*. and " la stippo-'d thai b'lt Bior* than 1 'WO llmlw remain iti.l In ha s'tpp'ted ?t as **t mated ? oat of |7H 000 la Ofd*r lr, 10* u<t# a h.riuaai* ?*** in which, from th* nat-ir* d tb' in >ry I ipr-rai wn on limb or oilier wryal ay p- IS" cue Im> I'lutibp idr adopted, tb* hurg'aia i.?ri?'ai baa r* ("mm n<f*<l tl at, If lb* appf'-prU'urn for tb a p* rpoa* ?ball b* nnwtipded, Ik* ntaaay vale* ef aw art-ic ml I Uib n !I*U of ba ? rd?r f r the *pp*r?"f le> g *? n lo lha maimed -"idler forty 00* n?? ami ml Wary **??# t row bare b? a aatahi>*!.*.!, at*! man the-* had alma It l-wn gaU.*r?d, on Jua* SB, tba remain* of to*. './A I a tor. eol.. *r? TI a ati*a for ten addltmnal **???*> a* L*va barn aalwt tad, and tbo work uf-m tb-m. It ???*?* tuna datayea hy tlM cltPMim and * threutened 'ptdwrnw. I t* now Is roar** of flyarona pnow*wtt*n. Aitn-uab It may aod b* .)**; rabto ta rtami Iba rem* r ? of U.-w* now rep- - tig tn otlvf aattnMe bwnnl gr .nd", d ta w?U mated I Oat our national c* meter,*? will he repaired Pi . - > ? '*ct th# nmalaa of Jdd irr - 4>*ra wi..we rat were aaartbrwd la 4?f?er? nt o,r . .onai atle'ewiw. The average ansa of tbe rm.ndt it.d retniernc nta itreafy eeeo-npfHhed ta r? ported at |u 71. eiB'.un- at Mi the aggregaaa to |l )?l,;vi aw tt II he tar*4 that aa add 1: nal *ip-n fi(?r* I |t ??? ,-ng w 1 ba nenewary It ia f iouj. Inataafl of lb* wooden b*adbonrda n*r'tafnre uaod M sract at li>e an.aa eeaail monument* of enal .row, en tabty | rvwerted Vr yae mo lag agatnit run flu Item #f lb* deed, anntai . ng KkAnd t.-iiM, bava hw? pu? vbed by lha quartermaster Ooa ami, aad atbera wilt ba waned aa rapidly an Uey ana bo Ho*amenta e*Bw>?tmd by tba rhlaf* of hwrnwae and da " ,;Mk report. '?wlai? detailed l*'"rm?ll*a retail *# m iba -iparaooaa of tb# War Hey an meat aad tba r*^t# tmej'am mate ?>f mttnary *awr.pna?loaa fay tba ?Mat yea# awdtag Jew* ?d, BMi W tM SN.dg Id miaaiuoa hm bM nmM, mmj g|?d. 4 004 aaegwsssaifcrs^rie or 00 m natation tt tmmm mm apou ibe mieoBliane mm qmmtmm inferred for t*eapuMeaor the buroou, (Minding also lottera of Innru. ti?0 upon m'liury law and praetoo to tadgwe advo> au and r?u.a ?( ->aaHL Tbo a?ha of a wad' of ainiary rouru '"?u?d at thio bunau mohed oelolatu* auoouu r tbu adopt!? <11 the reveal Anmj art, and atuce ti,ai time baa In-rasa? ?ih tba Military fbtre Th? other bumaae of to* O0ltw aa aa aay.amy branch or lite War iiaparlineul *01 aiao. it la brlluvad, ? onliuue to l>a augmented until tbo pa?? a*tabQfbin*bt ?hall ha ? umplatalr organized and too new army lully recruited, and too fart tbai in a taiga number u? ,m. portaai co??. ooiuinaudi-ra of department* and armiaa am not authorized 10 etw ule aeotaucdw iu time of paa< ?, and that ?urh raaea ran no longer ha eummarllr dl*|H>wl of without a mfaraora u> mm Kveoutire, will elan require from the burutu a vary tou. id-rable number of rrporta which hrirtnfura have nut h-an rallad for. It- aggregate boat nam will It la though! anl l>a re lured in proportion to tba laductiun of Uia miliiaiy lore* qr*Mia?u*ar.K ? larnnuvr. In Ilia ipiarterin ?*>' r a Department tba rat rna and aeeduala of oK1i?rii t??pnn?ibi* tar tloiblug and equipage duunx tUr yaai bava 'a?u ex uuiuied ana treiieiuiUrd to tba Tranetlnr for final u-lllanmnl The at act on of tha (Ira proof vnre hnuaa at Philadelphia, for wimti ObogMOa rnada aa ?p. proprlalioi. on July 38, will no rniuuiroi-nd eoeooa aa the proporuU now invited by public advarti 1 uieut aliail havu lieeu rec-lv-d and compared , and authority I" dr rlred for ihe purrhaao ??( a ana ami erection of a similar airurlure at .leUersunMlle, Darin.' iba llwal year-ocean ti.xuap .1 taliou ha? been fmiui .m I for I'll,ill men; inland traonportotloa for 1.016 sou par-uti? n* :txt? auiuiala. 10,370 wheeled vehicle and 4in imi tona of ?toreaof all kinds; and Urn ifiwauopart of tha bill- lor tram-porlaunn during Urn wai havr br*'D aattlad ni l paid (Maim-, pr nnipalty und-r the ,i< t of Jnlv I 1*84, have liean ulrd dnrlDK the roar to tH# amount 01 oyer >11,000 two. upon wlilrb about gl.OQO.iK*) nura been paid. No further appropriation* am roqu red lor ilia regular aervlco of the Quurteiroariar'a Depnitnnuit, a* it I* hell-vail that Ilia IwUnrea now avellal~?, and the autua received and to be renin ad. WIU eoBloe fur Ibe next Aural vaar For 1 oaiiugetnuea tha iuiu of >100.WW 1a requ< i-d. ariwi nrrrr n?r*eni?\r Tba boliatatanra llapartiuaut 1* engaged. nu btr the Joint resolution of July 34, 1*06, In patm* upon t -rtili rata* given liy tha ONWM7 (leneral uf I'rDiuierv, romniutatina of rattoneto thuea I nitad Male nlder* who w-ra bold aa priamer* of war Tohacco la now luruinbi'd to Ibe culii-ted won of tha army, under proper regulation* Tlia aattlaineni of aifmiota 01 nlUcer*. who havr performed duty with the VtibaUMnc* llepar 1 ini-ut, ha* inpidiy progre-?ed. t.' aim* under ihe act of Julv 4, 1SU4, whIt'll htva lieiia Aliid IB the uiili - ?teU'a iirtt atnounl In tba aggregate 10 o 'I, on which $?u 543 have been allowed; clalnia amounting to >1,031,13;; await dual eiauiltuiion una dacl* -a. The total amount of money drawn from ihe Treuaury and dl?bur?ed by the HubeMrn-e liepart. inent during Iba pant 11 al year waa JT.Mn.Ma. lie imiing payment of claim- under in- ai t of July 4, led I The amount dtabur ed during me 10 al yrara of the war wa 1 From July L, 1*01, to Juo- 10, IHO'J ft* 7IW Ml From July I, lHfl'J, to Jub# rl, 1*0.1.. 611,4117,4*3 Froiu July 1, 1*0H, to June 30, lnM mt'SM Ui* From July 1, 1*04, to J una 80 l*0.'> I4t,7*i0iw Fiona July 1, 1*04, to June .10, 1*00 l,t>U.?T* Total amount t '.no :sy, sot No appropriation I- required lor the nail At, ,>l year Mriui'Ai. oBPARiuisr. Arrsng'tnentii will pun tar cou.uiu nutted by the V*dl eal |i?|Miriiu"iil lor tun permanent wo nrilv o' it. i*, i, able mortuary rwnrtk, Im-lndnig 14 000 folio vol n mm of llu?pilul rerieter*, 47.0011 burial re< ord?, Ift.Ouu hiepiutl ?uurtaraud pay rolla, alphabet* al miifiT- of the load, ? mitalr lug 11 >0.000 nsmoN of white ami 20,000 of mimed aoldl-rw, iml tun puttinlogi<al lolieimn ron-ntutiug the ai-mv medical iu'i*eum Inning Iba yrar u At rial erl demo, olniliioblo liuto no oihnr ?ouro?, of caute of death or o dl-rliarge for dl.ablllir latt f'lrti'M in '''.'12 ran*., and d' charge- upon i> -jit* o duahility bore i*-n at annum and ? III' lotal number ul i ai-ax tlj-dllril ir ?>1 M, of wound* l.T tl 12. and of u.iey.ition i t'* pr -paration tor publication of the biihI'i ?l ' to niory dl tin war lie. t*?n prow ulnd > , ii ul ibe uiana* npt and Mtroral of tin r ma ft rat voluin- t>?ln?> rotnplr ? ilia tal innerum rntiunnn n, incrca-o in vai n* ai.<. o>i>?, au<i the greater -i-curty and additional m ? n . n of the building In wiurji it will la; ale rtly lee i adimla of tli? addition of a groat numtmr of Intoi imgand tnatrur-tlre upei m-na not nitlirrio uvai.ablo lor wain ot npwrr. a mail ap propriation will lot ii*i .itoil to roniinna tlii* work ot <;la<wilt> ni.on nod prv??nation of (hia national roller I loo 'I h? iiunihrr of la-maiitec from tba rotiinituo* luanl ul iho war t>? the pre-eut tuna, in Uo> re* ilar and lol intirr medial * at, ia a-rei tajn"l to lw three hundred and iblrty-eif, including twenlt- nlna killed in bottle, tWHlva killwil by nrrtdrwit, Iru do d of wounda, taor died in letvi pnauu, erven d.od of yabow fever, I lira* duel of cbolaf*. I ro hundred anil on rtity died uf other illaeaeea During tba war thirty Bfa >a-*d* mil nfflrera were wraindml In haul*. Tha diali itmiion or troupa in auiail budret ornr an lar.-a an e*teal of ? ouniry nefwiutda thai mpiuym?ai of a. prig a?.eUnt turgw n? t*lii|Kirerlly. but tbe u n lie/of tbrwe ha * I.-*;, reoured Irani I VU7 on July 1, ion.* la two hundred aail titty (w on Ml !? I"", and ?'ll to* atlU furtuar sbei. wln n exuding ygcanuira in thi* giaiie of a> ?*?nl-or geOfia, rrealwl by ib > ai l nt f'nngrwug nf July In lend, are lilted; a rorre*|*NMing drdreet* In Uu> number m ho unlet* kiewaole for g'*u?ral aeivwe, bar alaa loom efTe. lad; and m every liraouh of l|>* departno-nt redui Hon and mireii'lini>'Ut bate own rgidl) an tor *d An act'regal* r*i pond I litre of $JA7 *.U no incurred by lue tiedual |H-|wrtiaeui .u lorn* l,.ng oltlc ra aud napldlea to tlin lluryaa of Kafuyeoe, l'ree.1 men and Alwndoned land* wh eb had under Ha con I rot, darag UM tlwal year anding July 1, l*?d no aiipruprtallon applii ihia to iha n irpoM and Ibio^h, under a dacialou of the Trnar iry lt>*[>artui-iit relml.ur e m?nl wti? not made from ??rtnuwinant af>|in>|>riatt>.na for tba fitnlwn > llurawu, u? am own * ?>meni ar*a?? and no la.'i.iaiiou ia teo'ilred Tba fnuda at Ilu? dl?|ioeal >>f toe Medlral ami Hoxpiul Itepartmeni d u ng in* year ending June .At, iMtU, wara at tollowr.? Haliuca ol approprlattona lauiaimri in Ib trea-nry, July 1, |M'< $1 Idl tal Jtraoani ? Treaaury dr >lt Na I >41 on t< ? arrant .'?,Jt?>, leaoed May 2, lad., n laror of A*ol> laat itnrgion J It Rrlnion, lo?i in th< mad and an'i-etineu'ly rwfd dan ... Id uw I'roreeda of i-aloa ot h4 or aarpnw medical aud hoapdal p. opal ly 4 044, Jilt Amount refunded on trnam of auppl.av fir nlahed for tha nee of |irtaoaar< of war .. Tl Id ; Amount refunded by tlta ttu'isMteixw Itepail am. beina aptMiMwrnmeal ot amount paid for laiard aui t-afd of tak ?oMior- ,u prmat* lioapftala I'll dhO A'aouni re> aiyed lor boael uf oOi re la boa pt'ale 14 TVd Am-'inl lei .Jfeied on ? o inl ol atofaa and furniture loot or damaged ia iran>pt?iaii?n 4 01 Refqml'-d from anpropria'aon for aaro at 4eaii> lota du* barged aoldirra. iwiag 1 or board of due harg d ootdiara, while baring adit' ?! tlmha Aned. An.I Remtrnd fr>>m all mhnr aunwna.,.. ...... I due lotal f v H 004 Ot tbia antount there wee fideimf aunng tha oat pnrvid ? lf>ir nei ral and lioapitnl ?o|>pl^? la gr?ai |?H of Oil* xuin atprndH In pel manf of del. of preyiooa y-nr| ?Ti..l Knr pay of priyale ptty.e lana #.W d 4 or pay of norar ? and other n* ?|>. tl einplo) * ? .TV* old I or pnri tiaea of ?nlS> *1 llm'o far dim *ie.| ~> l eia !?? ?? i for board of arrk aotdier* ia* mxtniala e* ."I J'.r atpratoa ol ho> piiale lo, I..4 4'..r el |eu*e> of |..||V?; ?g ii?p..| , laliOfaloriO>, refdlm, JH.iAJ For mm al|aiieo>.t ei|rut?. of n* Ue.J al |le|iartmoot . . ... S2.M. Tnial dealiotearaerita during the A wo I year gi? (7 001 Italant.-O ia Iroweory. Jene .41, land .... . >44 til P.ei .udrd n aru'iut adranre>| ay drat. r<mg trfll'ara during tba ptay.-.ot year I dfri 'Wal ... gA.vdBM Tba eatirnaiad approioiar on ra<| for the ki'd. ar Deparimer,l for tha aef be. al year ia gif) Of*) lfie Pay I' -rnnvteof emaint w .mert oaaienai rbaaga In ">?e,| eme uf iddeota. l?'e.r? impmed Idle t rar. a id the War iwiau a.* at by iwadi < o?vraoatodal eii?iitr?B'. ami in o>d?r |<? pw>nnptlf for riio i4rg# te u# ?f Traaoory eern4|i tirw u wot> retain Ion. porarily a fetnnbrr of odduilinnal payaitatara. I be Aoeaioal aummary e?bJ?iu A haleae* od bnod at lb# beg.aaiag of the ft oral ye.r flM tM dud Keooived from Tie* ory and ether eaunew during too year lag i.-w .ja Total |.yy t; m Arrowated for at ftllnai . D-awf'ntoou m arm y and mill farr wttrni) *1A4:|I fit IH?mnrn??i4 to mountoorw t? ?4 . .1 . I n orwed ley, r'w la Traa ?ify .... 14 ;'4Ian 1 la aar.'it of ywyn t.4e>> Juna w r ye to ? ? thu k r? T'ie i,aal -ti,"watoea't of ?a* h leoa d.nag ino haral year w aa o'>.ei I I *jo ?? mentor out , .. in* m v.? To iron, , in ?eyre# ? ;fWd,a I ft etwoil aiur ; a, ; To pay meat t* Trem iry ronlVelea , ,, l?le? V47 Twdni ... ,:g .if ear want awry I T ? "dimmed apteofor leiw of Ihe |-a * get > ft aotowal lo |I7 iw.iad lay par ?f the army tor P e i en ? eel year ?naiynn *4 ra* ranr?a?* ? The r.>epa ,4 F.agtnoef* at ||(e t tree >A lbe 4*^' r->r e.*,yi add iwotydn *ftM*e> in* nan* et> of j tf"pt and tha f ury A" ?4emy 7 ' ? W r> w. a ?n dtowhed duty -err ur *? >>*nu?l of ? nno 4 pariowaw. an rpe ml oaroe* ., an- te. ? u.e itt--a , af tha U >oat>? ppl rtror ad IA* 1 .'ghihowaa toord ? lA 1 the f'"joruwowt tftWIlilemr pdftlet r Wat lag to If e I lad iworrml, < a n .itry t*re?f* ataft >d I 1 Ad U' a oral Id<Nn*f aat 1 ymdoadfa g tl ooe?) ? JHdpy 4lemma Of U.e ?.? ' lad ronda ot>. fowl I y engaged Id tbo dultet of 1 Wf 1 ?meat ma, dh-t'-i of daateaam agporoare aa4 prw IWO bar at drrml eager | ?tnmn m Uh>. moro artw>i*a< a*..l? h.? eag near , Ifwopy dam d e>.r > *d Hrtaa** tba ? ' urr ' *T*w>i BtM the tea e >' *e. t I .->.!? M l Fdnt, haw lfyrh, and al JwNm RdnniAr 11 > down TAa oti -t #f fka Aai'tinm w in r*g?>< m dlmtfd lad tdridm 1 i?|an?4 n rtiufrti ry dr ? At two eag 9MT 4oprea maeA rg!?if.? m?t MiaW Ata tear aaft'imd ftwm potdta waoro N kad rem# nod aftdr | Aha r loan of actir* "permiwaa r. IA# I"*4. and . it pteed n knew ad ki*J I raw I plate owtdl Od a mlaalt if rat* *ng mm, 1 evdgn and mage igo 1 ?g? ~ ha mm o*o?y, ? ? diM ildg ?f . Ida > ??i 1 ?et of 1 mm * ???* Z, wanner of proeMI Iab?? and "?*?*2^ lULt eu pro. anient* of knit" "?<1 ????. tw.prtaUoo require by the Ka?tiMMr Bo*? for th* mU ftami yaar to A"* OlIiKI Ufj*I?l*T. Tho Or. Iduoi Omrlm**# n?? ***** J*" operation##! areenal* to Hi* toaUucih- ?? ?"M?ght 1,1,0 ? una*.w *ii<i ,uc ord"n?x* aupl'hon e* ?n needed for iinwod.ate imo ma#r*BllOll J' """ OfdMbro "nwTit-iSlvCar u? ?*. ?p umorvloo ?<-?? amn.uo.tio.and ?WJ>??I?MI nunuhrfiad buiidiBm fireproof *orkh"P* bore b**n c..mpl.-i?K? ? Wnterolatt, 'nXwd^S JClhMy numnia, *?-, wuu . ,1 |t# aluring Ofl??0 lhou*aml burrol* ot fuw lM>rn built at 8t. Ixml* uf ilo m,iu|, M'tritjr at Nib of the ???>*'? Waahmg ??u UHy nud ?*<"#'* A i.uard of olttcara ? angogod in **m nmg .ilaul.i mt*? lor a po#ltur<*# ol gun|K?w.ler. , , r l>? 1.11 ^?.i.H.nrlltlon ??# tha I But rdBkloll or I'V.ti.icd r.r by un ?|i|>*ii|ir1?iion uf th# lam aaa*l?n l'thgr*#i wi'l Hie em lien Of *uch luaga'iiirw u will fur 1 <i ?r. r? utii) tollable ?(??rag* |i?r all oar je.w?l*r, animu fit.oo *n*l tiitm? wul be comma need early wait *pri"f. i# annual* at in* ?... th which waro muoI by the 'la having liaau raukaa, a/a raotcuplad. ?*e*j>llng North l.arulina inrual, which waa 'l"?li?>Ti-.t, Ilia ..per# >"'-iry enu ry, tu# workahop# ?* wiuuti weia It nail, anil whirl. i,?. u-? u-aj aa an ordnanra 'lap. .1, i animal In TlornU, which ha- Iwau IrauaferraU lain Willy lu l ho 1 toad mutt ? bureau, aud lira ana owl in cinaaa, wlii. h <? ooitipUd l.y iroup# of Uw Hoc Tlia , af of Ordnaii' a i? of uptown that it la out advlaaMu w lahiuid lb* North Uarut.ha urraual or to ra ?? Ublli.ii Uia ?kiwr) at Harper * Kerty, aad in* .ala <a la ifci.lrd. All I'M amuli arm- and ?f the other -up pv. which war* oodaUed at Itau.n Ibwga, ?au Anlonla. Aijuala, Charlaalon and Ml Variant -rrenale liar" br-i? tved, and lh# iMtl? aupptla wl. . It Una bran a all I ham waro auob aa wara raquir.el t?r unraadiaw laauo to VkMipa Tbo OtNBBldWton appoll.tal niulrr iba art ol Vil 1*. I***, to aaafultir ami |.|?.U lUa tamo of pr'y., y it<irk lalaud Uk n by tlia 1'n.tad Htataa by wuiLfuv of i hot act, baaautor. d up.miaduUaa A? aooo atCw.^jii tltloa to tb? property aliall h?\r liaan atv quirad t& r inHtni.'tlon of tbo armory an.l wrwnai, aa raip.lrrd \ iawt will bo baataoad aa faal aa tba appro priation* wu admit It to important tlia' tint ? -lal.l.ih Midki main ihouln ..a hoill up aa rapidly aa poaaih ... au# a r.maidarnlila u,nt luta baaa aati?lad for that rari-aw ?Inrina iha n.rt 0^ yaar. II la boHotrod <aat all uf a If iiih w. ary aid <ao ha Judtcloualy a/w* ?dvanU|r,, ,,|r at.amdad. Iha ofraralloaa at |b aallooal wrnwrr at H|triii'-Hald. Man , dufvrg tbo tot* f*?'. *???? bowu na. bor.l ui cloauag and rapoomg ariaa aaad dunu# n.a war and to otailau Uia .wgulalta praparalioot for n trrrtln# Uia HpaoytaM IB'iahaU IBUt broach load, rt I'lio p iwrr ami .Tt.tjratMa of tbo tight Inch and Inch raat <ron nfyrainion baaa baao aubjaotad to prat - Ileal ptit, an. I'm a>i?rnnatii? will ba ooa lln'ia.1 iha trdnaii.-a ratnrna fur Utraa con aacutivr yrarv in. hid ng a pa rind af acUvn aarv ra ami .miliary n paira, abow an avaraga duration uf Or# yaia for uvalry rarbiurw, of ft>?# yaara fbr oatrairy piauila, i ihraaarid an odtiainanta, of aotaa ywara for la hiutry oni-kaa, and ail yrjra f?r infantry arvoutrw uirnu Pun January I, lsdl, to Jund 30, I MM, tha Or.loanra l?|?rimarii pruvld d T.h'/J < annon, II TOT ar liilary larrayur. *,irfj,130 amall aruia, 'KM,'*40 ram ?laic aau of aeeotdratuanla for Infaotry and cavalry, 10.!A4 > DTtpl't" ar-u of cavalry ho. a .uud'tuanla, 1M.IM aata of botf" artUlary barnaan. I (til I.<1.174 cartr.dgaa forainall Arm-, l,-"Ai '.'. i f ifi parrua?l.?n capa, J.ada.lTT r.Mind" ..f ni?l a/f iilnr v ?mmualfum, 14, juT an eaaaoa prlmarwArul fuaaa, 13 *7A,3W4 potinda of artlllary pr.)ae tllaa. 3f.4tu.OM potinda of guupowdar. S,3df>,IM ponada of ml/r, and ltU,410.JVo of lead In addllM.a to fbtaa, lhara wara iinmanaa .p.a/ilil.aa of parta, provid ad |Pr rapj.r M and inak'B? jf.aid art!, .aa damagud, l.wt or ijaatnryad in tlia aarrn-a Ilia fla al rwaouraa uf thf Ordnanra llaraau far tha yaar aowmniad to |.th,> Ul.Od'J, and tbo aipaudiiuraa in | in.bfil.dTT. a hliaucc of $11 74l?,:i?.'>, of which 11N.041,404 w.ra m. .yawn Iwlaticaa in tha Traaaury, and f T0i4 tM wara to (.a rradil ot d afiuraio# nlllcara in tl>a guaammaat d? yo-ii.,row on Juno 30, ivri. TUa aatiuiatod appropna lion ra.|uu?d l.y the Ordnanra <?ftl<?, Including only ?uch obiacu M raqolra aarly attrhUna, la $1,4*3,343 tub iiiiTinr piuat. At tlia la#t aianunatiou tba torpa of radata at tba Mil liary A. adaniy nuinlairwd two buodradjand twawty alghl mamhara, and lofty > adau of Uia graduatitig claM caw jilrtad the OHiraa of atudfa* and ware roaimwatowad Ilea tananta in Iha army. I'mtar the prnTlihiaa of Iha oil of (mngraaa appr.c ad raa|?ctl?aly July 13 and 33, IBM, Iha Military Academy waa neparaud I rum tha cor pa of ittaiaaant, which, ingetber with rarta.n profaaaon and r-olaia, had bara'ojora rimatltutad tha Inatltattaa. and Iba ofHcara of which bad aa air fit ?? luatww ?tip rriatoti and <*mlrol over iL Mrarat Migar 'iaiiaiai Kdiuund .-thrirar. Impartor Ueaaral, ha> I wan owi#D?d aa Iwrpactor. and Calohai T II. I'llatiar, of Uia forty fourth lafantry. ap rnntad Hupanulandant. Tba report af Iba hoard ft I'Uor* for i*d? hrara ample laaiuoony to Iba oaafuloeaa and af rllant coadiUoa of tba Aaadamy, aad ranom mend, thn iacr?aaa of Iba aumoer af aadata to fear haadrad. Wiih tba praaaat number af rwdaU bat at* rradoaia can In aoppiiad to aa<-h rag.mant ar ry aacoad yaar alur tba ordinary danuuid* uf the ataff aorpa nra m l I'aring tba paai amwi in af ? uagrwaa Hapartaot IMWUIW ware adojitad ra- parting Uia academy mlatag Ilia -Uodaid of* for ndpitaaiaa and raqoir Ing tn*t *pia,iiitm-iita bo harwaflar road* uaa yaar ia advan- ?' of tha data of admuadon rha la-pwetur, from para inJ, tba aotbortlim of Iba m?li tut lull aa iniwt ?Mlduuoa In Uirlr a(T.fl* tn advance tba lalrrwt or ttw. ariuiamy >nd tu nadaia lie ad m la tat ra lion i* . harm lai ./ad by aounotny aa.1 IwWU of frugadly am taculeaped. Kneilan'. dtampilaa i? and Jud.cio.aaly auf ocad The odlrnalad appropr at. n for the tlil ary A .d-niy i? |'.'4A,M/n raaanwav a m aaan, avn In Uia Huroao of llafugaaa. 4'roadtnah and Ataada iad Umli lb? r?inm a' i-p-.rt" thai Hit' i? do mai? ? hatiga of nrgam/atina. hut n .ataaaa ta ladlHatad aad rated q aatllad l.y the law uf itam Tbajorta dn'P.a ot aw lata*I oimniw i.uan rvirwidoa gacrraily with d-jiar'ri.aui and dlatrlct Toornanda, hot I* 4 let I not In Maryland and Ui? l>i?artri of ivaanMa L'ndaa tbo mm law Maryland aad Kant* ky ar* embraced, aad Ibaee Mate* r?ara to I'-JUIfr aid from tba bur aau in pro hi .bng Iba .niaraau uf jurtic# aad education la lb* s mblM if in aiw|Ao?want ? m. ? a# MtUa tipiau to the govern' .ant, aad ao, a aooran of mvonoa, bar* baaa eaubltrhrd will, a view to ofoai'i Wort awl boinoo far dai*i. lam It d | a.,j la aad b. r*U*#a < mwdad lonalltlaa. Th' .nij-.rtanm of wdr rojmuft barb-ton orgod by prvgai man*i i.poa iha labvrMW cta**r% Hag** bav* baa* do toruitnad, not by .o>lar? of tmrvau ?$wn, hot hy rlrcum-Uneea ordinarily a/lrettag tr.a prion nt lal. tf hi d 'fa-ant (orailtlan Tba Moamion af fraadnma ?od rwfogaoa baa baan . aarlad ** yig .r o.aty under tha itum-diai* po" naga af b*n*??U*i mioiiaa A H'i|Nt1(itaad< Lt Of r twanno daynting hi* whole tuna Iflht work, I* nailaand ad tba hnrnon band quartern >a aarb maf, and ail borrau plbaaia oo apar u with him It i* aattmatad thai no* hundred and llty in. ?. ??! . 1 fr#e.lm?n aad thai# rtnMren nra now attend ag wli.wut tn tlia ???wlliem HMm NMaoWtOr mfogwa ?hHe ton am aiw aatatdodiM] Tbow tonoalloo M ?? try where eor.e.ra.od by iba Pu/aao. TVr# ha? bao* twt little aailorinity of n> IIob In diw-rawl fotw la rmpart to the wliu.n rItalian of |MM>. two *nt eomm'vabMiarn bare baa? Ibatroetwl lu inadW n.libry JortagicUo* aa rajvdly ** jenwiidw w. lal* yod ' wl irO. owda Tbm ban u.n ....aa eom p. eta If la aoma m-po nbtla <a Virgial*. I/Kii.i n* aad if'** norma >owru arw au:l la NMm A . ?iw> dlvtV'-a mrtituied in tf?m. mm. and *iaad by uffl err and ageal thrve tboul the mum, baa aoNgbt to p.arret upon ' oor-4 aotdmrs la thatr efluf* to reMbto uopwd 'laiam 0b* h*ndred add nmaiy 8ra claim# wrr. paid ihreoga lb* o< tba ' mami?i ear, win h.?'?* ? tl.roo rei?cted ai bra <db'?. 1,433 era <m jr-tadd ad juatmcbi TU* argfognt* ???'?>-*< '?ti*e?*d #l>4 patd lb lin.w iN rttre fwnoftv are grvab df ftoo uMPmtada #f Hi - o.j re i l* m ?J ldO?? *Od Ike IbaUMt bf C#to Trrn rp. 'i una reported aa form mad la M43 0aa?|t?|O freed J m'- wad three h iadr*4 aad otfbty aevod rrf* reel. ll tl'l.n ? IBIMIO* WOT* hWM bUoINd Jmt, 1 ?*4. aau we|A*fwb*r I. toM Tbo ovamga dombav got irl ?wi Mt ft utm i n wna *M,400, ' 114 Th* laona U. wbt a* lb a.eraa* Mblf par day ? 111. To i-fenced until i't b* J*. I Mi, Mm and ref-jgoow oorvi did aqdal I and _? . . a..hi -agaembor I. Um nnmvar upy rM *d ?"?h ttom o ba* dta.iuUtrad. PMOd wrutlar Im* Vdre alarrwad in pr* io *w "< any bw< tbaaitoafn'ery datotom*. aat pan* - ' 1Ur*m?M mi Utboarn of lb* rpu-n no* wava direetod or batd anrh plaontwm. mMf, port b aad Iowa r*wt" u?in* it ISO earn af ito ?*! mm*. 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