Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1866, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1866 Page 9
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B ? yma ndii the fm ar ?"??? * ?d >u? ? ef eoio*, and that, the P?rifM of > law of UH, pmMi af ootor Imcuh oempalant 10 taatlfy Mm gram1 juries, magistrates Md court* la ssKgiK^yga^gty^ c: ?lMit th* freed people upon u equal footing la the docru a* parties, and, therafora, m which they *r#re coooeriied WMaM temporarily within th? exclu* give juriadtoUoa of military tribunal*. (Bpeclnl ardor No. M. Department oC th* Carolina*, Columbia, Juno 26. Km, appendix, 10; alao letter of laatructiona to Brevet Bfaior General K. K. Sootl. commanding In couth Caro Una, dated Charleston, August 31, 1666, appendix 11.j la September hU Excellency the Governor of South Carolina coavoaed the Legislature In extraordinary see Moo, when laws were passed substantially recognizing the civil right* of tbe freed people, a* those rights are talhe 01*11 Bights hill passed by Congress. This finai mslnn gars all people of color the seme remedies tfbr wrongs and the same protection enjoyed by tbe most favored cHlxen. Their competency to sue and to teetlfy la all eases, to asaka contracts, and to h"ld, convey, or bequeath property, whether real or personal, has been MprMa|y recognised in South Carolina (Correspondence isfiisi* his BxoeUency tbe Governor of South Carolina ?ad the Major General commanding, appendix 12: also eopy act Lagtaiatura of couth Carolina, appendix 18.) These lews having been officially communicated to me J have dlreetsd that all rasas, civil or criminal, In which ?She parties are civilians, be turned over to the Mate trt buala. that tbe jail* and prisons be restored to the ther ?nh, and that military provost courts be discontinued, ansae! on the sea Islands, where provisional tribunals ansa? lor the present be superseded. Inasmuch aa civil J ?y has not yet bees organ nod and established ?etnertty 1 i? eetaoiUhed. A gxt|* purtleo of the territory of these I elan da remains HMar the eentrel Pnilmia. 7.' ? r ?? "?w* isisnas remains 7r" f-.1! ??"*" <* Abandoned Lands, tA* Unltad States tag oommla [ to the legislation of Cons rem at ? Drnl ?A) pWWBBWn In- i >1*17*110 thorky* r "bo adhdmd to th* Union daring the ??IMP Mm th nppsffiMl* to rebel forcos and or for tbe pwmoi and nee of Thaeonrm thnmvUnt th6 Seperteaeut have base svamsd from eptan rteioc nrwsaraUons ar aeMa ual iMda *r ethar property held by aotheruy of the Prost daw tor nay civil or military 6?partmia> of th* govern la rsmltllag to civil authority th* oomprehenetve ?ferisdtetlon tor ***** lime examtsed ender mar Ual law, the occasion waa deemed a proi*r on* to enjota upon th* freed people tbeir duty ?o yield unbeellailog obedience to the civil law* and magistracy, and aiao to commend to (he authorities and Inhabitants la general th* conalderaui, forb ering C patient execution of the laws In all metiers concern tha aumarous population as recently vested wub nlvH r is lite and the <4i|ig*tion* of citlicn* Consider* Uons affecting public tranquillity and order sugge-ied the expediency of prohibiting whtpp ng a- a punish meot for men and women, and I keeiae the sale of per pane convicted of vagrancy and other oftencs for periods of Involuntary service. (Correspondence be. green hi* Kxcellejv y the Governor < r .uoulti Carolina and major General commanding, appendix It.) Coder th* opera.ion or the legislation and the genaral Orders to which allusion has Just b en made, the supe rior ooirt* have bold tn* r autumnal term The adhe K 1 to the cause of the I nion, the partisans o* tbe lion, Northern men domiciled her* alnce the war, laveboldera of firmer times, en.l th* Creedmrn of Chia epoch, have all found th? mselva* within tbe cogni zance of tbe courts. White men have b?eo cmvicted Of ortmns upon negro testimony; n girv-a, tr ed upon nbargee preferred by white persons, have been acquitted open negro testimony In one Instance tha acquittal turned mion ih- evldeuce of the accused, a froedraan, In hi* own behalf, the testimony of accused persons, (when offered by themselves, having been made compe tent by recent legislation in .South Carolina It would be prematura as yet la aateme that tbe new ?rder of things in these Metes la no longer an expert gnent. Nevertheless, among lbs numerous miller* of complaint disputed of durinz the year th* cases are ex ceptional and Inconsiderable In number that te rn to furnish just oovealon for censorious comment or criti cism upon the manner In which tie civil authorities, and especially th* superior tribunals, bav* fuiailed their ?eve! relations to (be frsedmea aa ciliaona. It has been already lutlmat.-d that justice la admlnister ad by the enperinr courts In thee* State* with a conscien tious respect for law and a degree af independence of pope - 1st sentiment not generally found among the Inferior mag istrates or ministerial officers Tbe magistrate* are often dilatory In Issuing warrants for th* apprehension of offender*, If public opinioo ncline towards tbe accused per are th* sheriff* and rnostabl** likely in enrh cases to be diligent in making arrests. Inquest* by coroners. When freedmen bat e been allied, bare seldom poimed i* tbe guilty party. In an InsUnce reported by the poet commander at Hilton lteed, that occurred In Beaufort district, the perpetrator* of ihe homicide were on the ooroner's jury, and joined In lb* verdict that tbe vicl m* cams to their d?etb by mean* to tbe Jury onanown. Much also was the verdict la Weajey's case, at Newberry, although tbe murderer* were recognised ou the spot, and were woll known to th* neighborhood. These do not occur where persons of oon ?tderallon are sufficiently Interested In the proceeding* to Insist upon tbe proper action. Tbe Governors, unfor Aunatelv, have bo control over any of these officers. Tbev are amencb e for official misconduct. It Is true, to indictment and trial by a court; bit, In tbe absence f Executive control. It may be assumed that for pram at purposes there Iv no responsibility. IHatrlctand post oommauderx are Instructed to report the refusal or neg lect of any magistrate, court or officer to perform any ?fficlal act required by law, whereby due and rigbtfu I protection to person and property shall bav* been denied. In conclusion, tbe fnllwolng general obeer etloo* are Suggested by arvvlew of the operaliooa and lbs condition Of affairs during the year In this department ? Tbe military ocoupatlon of tbe territory by detach menla garrisoning poet* embracing on* or more oounuee has restored order, afforded security for person and properly, and encouraged the resumption of agrlcellnral. Industrial and commercial employments. For tbe cross nary garrisons and the detachments required to make tbe past organisation efllc.ent throughout tbe depart meat, three battalions of infantry and three squadrons of cavalry, with four oompanies eg artillery for tbe forU and permanent works, will bo sufficient. Notwithstanding U>* gravity of some exceptional or. enrrenoes Incident to tbe doe* ef a long war. tranquillity and erder have been restored under marital law, ccn tornporaneeusly with auco.-affiv* concession* of Jurisdic Men to ctvtl authority, and the gradual reduction ef tbe ?rmy ton peace establishment. Ib certain localities disturbed by beads of outlaws, iv ef Ibtm fugitive* from juetlot la these and other as sad paroled rebel soldiers, who continue to Mm tbe went crime* aod disturb tbe peace of neighbor is, lb* exercise of th* power of arrest and punishment under martial law Is the ?sit tbe ?ooda, KV ly reliable security for life and property. ' civil authorities fall to suppress three organizations and punish th* outrages committed. constables, juror* aad witnesses, residing far fruta a garrison, are intimidated by threat* of retali ation from rnforclug the ordinary legal remedies against lb sax bandits and guerilla*. Th* material prosperity of thee* Sut#?, injured al mual Irreparably by the war, wen< likely to lie restored through emancipation. Although some time must Slaps* before their productions will be equal in quan tity to the product before the war, th I Increased value Of th* staple* raised will sooo make up the equiva lent. Capital, enterprise and population are romlog frees the North. With these will be prov.d*d Isoreaaed fbcllKtve for culture, manufacture aod trade Remarkable toe uses has rewarded many diligent and ' Mlrtoua planters, who bare (HUd liberal wage* in ca-b, and trusted the r laborer* kimlly. Evidence sccumuiatee I* prove the gem-rel dl>po*it<oo of the nogroee to work voluntarily and fattUiully for wages, or for themselves g* tenauts and aa small proprietor* Education, the en loymeat of th*:r eatnlugi, the secur ly of fautly ties, Ute pomes*ton of civil rtghU, and the practice of Divine worship are exerting their valutary Influenc - upon Ihe oonduc, ibl-dllgenceand thrill of the freed people. The two races, alienated by war aud suddenly separated by emancipation, are becoming gradually reconciled There are good reason* for the belief that tbe for tunate exemption of ibis department from the riots and turbulent collision* whl b have occurred elsewhere is at tributable In the wtaru to tit* piobibtUen of all armed organization*, whetln r of police, patrol* regulators or militia The organization of an efficient polk * and const* bularv In tbe *everal towns and counties bu fieen unl form!v encouraged, and the troops bav alway? supported the civ I aothorlty in the evecutmn of the laws and Id th* (ireservaUon of order wh-never the employment ef arm*d force* has been aeca-aary and proper The lawful enrolment of the militia has not been prevented; hut while the I'nlted ittatee forces ocrupy the Territory ?o occasion m likely to aria- for tbe eervt e of any other ?fined force. To Illustrate the Inconvenience that would be incident to the operallooeof outside military organiza tions not ender my command, I invite atfntloo to the following extract from the militia law of Sooth Carolina, ??wd ftecemtier 21, 1*66. and whirh does not differ nttally, I understood, from the legislation of adjaeent ffaruiiv 123. "That avery eommheiloned officer In th* militia shall have power, when occasion shall require, to eeeemb!*, arm and ralae any number of men belonging to their respective corps; and. If need be, to give notice aad call to their aid tbe officer* aed men of nnv adjacent oorpa to 4l?e*res, eurprea*. kill end destroy, take or subdue any pirate, sea rover or other seamy, who shall tn a hostile manner hurt, or a)t*mpt to hurl, any of the tnhebitaul* of this fftete, or their persons or po unions. *r any compaay of freedmen or others who shall tie Kirk tag in say suspectsd place where Ibey may do in - dbief ' The employment of any armed force m the maaner antborited by this statute would he sore to provoke #?ri ? wis coliieloa* between the two race*, aed more especially ?aid th* distrust end alienation em of wbieh eueh enaitmeata have tbeir origin shall have yielded to th* better sentiments of conneraUo* sad concord iCopy report to Adjutant General of th* army, ?th Heptoinber, 1166 appendix 16 ) The armed band* called ' refilators" have bo formal sanction from anv authority, and ar* <dtly countenanced by Hi depeeed person' Tbe** bands haw committed repealed act* of boetlllty against th* Tatted Ittafe* forces, end many depredation* end outrage* upon the pereone end pro parts of psaceanie etnies* Th* inetructloaa end order* given in euth esse* have bees to capture aad ?enteli each offenders summarily as guerillas, pursuant to General Order No 00, War l>enartnie?l, May 11, 1*66. m la eertois oounii**, *uch a* Neeberry, Edgwffetd aed , a* much countenance was given to outrage rectly . ?I *ad fr-ed pwiple, directly and Indirarily, by the ladiffi-ret re of tbe rtvli eathofiUes and by lb* pcpvleilos. who made t here-elves more or leas a> com * the crime* that other and more comprabae *" "*0?1 m became neceamry. I lav led some well. ll?*need sHtsana of ooosldenilloa and Infloence to pro ?eed to then* laanWiiee and endeavor to arouse the poo 0"T'l erase of their reapnosllnllly for thee* Vt?. ?>??*? rvdoael Alexander Moor, aide d* W ?Wt ih<i off^oo* b?* mdied ffid wisnsd a number ef the parties, ao wemeramlnewseiliaew^ who had harbored and I *"4 eemlbri t* the worm affhailna II toll S to be effectaal ? II u b* mad^ known to th* hi ham teats of I Ml MnHMiJ Wtoeeree bed beral *om* of given be effsctoe) I Moved Edge 0*14, ? initiated era* mm?? Inhabiting sheas mnn te places of nhn and rtty, and to suOs-at them ueUl iter Mold pwl4? tog themselves; and Uu( snlim ail Just MMM Bf com plaint against the population of toose counties caaaad forthwith, these measures would ba takan at the ox. pens? of the communities roapoMlble for grievances that Beamed to il-fy all other modes of radresa, Inatnictiona of ihU purport baring bean aent to Brevet Major Ueneral Ames, commanding the wee tern district, and the tenor of them having been communicated to bra 'Excellency the Go.umor, the Improved condition of aflhlra subsequently observed la three couatiea made It practicable to poet pone tbe execution of theae measuree Indefinitely (Copj tosumctlouB to Brevet Major General Amen, copy comnunmnon to bia Excellency tbe Governor of Aiuih Carol'na, copy report* of Captain Conn, aide-do camp, and ?f Colonel Deveraux, Assistant Commtaaioner or Bureau Refugeoa, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, and other document*. Appendix IT.) It hu likewise been found necessary to prohibit aseo elation* or assemblages composed of persons who served In tbe reoel armies, and having Tor their object the per eluatton ol any military or other organisation engaged tbe rebellion. This prohibition has not been enforced ngainit any society which has, In good faith, confined its actios to the charitable roller of disabled and Indigent survivors, and the ordinary observances for the burial of lbs dead. (General Orders No. 7, Department of the Mouth, Appendix 18.) Recently a meet ng or one of theae amoclattone was mads the occasion tor en address delivered by General Wade Hampton, in wbioh he Is reported to have com meated upon the gevernment and the armies or the United States, and especially upon the operations of Oenorals -barman and Sheridan, In a manner well calcu lated to incite discontent and hostility against tbe au thorities of the United States. I have directed an inquiry into tbe matter, in order that the association ef rebel soldiers may be suppressed, and Ueneral Hampton admooiahad to observe the terms of his parole, If, upon Investigation, k shall appear to have been disregarded in this Instance. U. E. 8ICKLE8, Major Genera) commanding. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Moxdat, Deo. 8?? P. M. The railway ghare market hag bssn bnoynnt to-day under a general disposition. to speculate for * rise, end the Indication* are favorable to a brisk upward move ment The aUlement or the aaeodated hanks for the week ending on the let tnet. exert.d a rea-wuring effect, showing, aa it doee, a largo decrease la ibetr liabilities | and a very light one In their roaerve. The legal tender notes have decrraaed only 1873,780, while the deposlU have been reduced to the extent of 14,524,807. The loans bsve been contracted $4,808,747, and there ta a decrease in the specie line o. $'244,858 aad an Increase of $31,631 In the circulation, the return but partially reflects tho tendency towards an easier condition of the banks, as owing u? receipts of currency from the West and other causes there was a de cided change for the belter during the last three days of the week. This Improvement will lie further shown In i the next and subaequent statements. Tho respective totals of tbe present and previous returns are as under ? 24 /**? 1. ,.WB, $367,920,414 $263,011,668 !??." 16,'202,864 14,96;,007 Circulation 31,1161 416 31.383,849 luSlrtS .... 213,414,984 20K,H8V77 LagaT lendoie.'. 62.349,244 61,48*68 Tbe clearings and balances were 2Yoe. 24. Or- 1 Clearings $917,436,876 $649,081,442 K^:................. 38,204,868 19,868,687 Tbe supply of money Is abundant to the Htock Ex change at Ave and six per cent, and lenders express per fect confldeuce in prolonged ease at this centre. The Western drain Eastward la becoming more active. At the early session of the open board tho market was strong, especially for Northwestern, which advanced to 46S- At the Aral regular board the speculative rall way shares experienced a further advance, Erie rising to 72)4 and Northwestern to 47X- New York Central closed IX higher than at the same time on Saturday, Krie 1)4, Beading X. Michigan Saoutbern X, Cleveland and Pittsburg IX. Northwestern 8X. *"ot Wayne X. Toledo, Wabash and Western %, Ohio and Mississippi certiorates X. Quicksilver IX. Canton ?. We"lern rn,on Telegraph X- Government securities were dull, and coupon flve-twentiee of 1862 allowed a decline of X. irnue qf 1866 X- Seven-thirty notes of the second series were X higher. At the one o'clock session tbe market ww Arm. At tbe half-past two board It waa steady aa to prices, but strong In lone. New York cen tral closed X I""?' thaa at tho first regular board, Bead log X, Michigan Southern X. Cleveland and Toledo Rock Island X. Northwestern preferred X. Eort Wnyne X, Ohio and Mississippi certiflralea X, Canton X. West ern Union Telegraph X- Illinois Central waa X higher, North*eatero x. Toledo, Wabash and Western X Gov ernment securities were Arm. Coupon flvo-lwentie# of the new Issue advance X. ??ven-lhlrty notes of tho first series X. ?"rond asribb X At the open board, at three o'clock, there was no ma terial change either la the speculative temper or prices Erie sold at T2X. Heading 112X. Michigan Southern 82't a X, Cleveland and PlltabUrg 85X, Bock Island KMX, Pert Wayne 106X, Northwestern 47X ? X P1*" ferred fl*X ? X. Clhio end Mississippi certtflcatee Jt'4. Hubeeqoeally the rising tendency of the market was strengtheaad by the publication aad perusal of tbe Treasury report aad President's Message, and at half past five II closed firm at the following quotations?New York Central 1MX ? lU- Kris T2X ? X. Baadtag 112X ? S^t Mleblgan 8outhern 82 n X* Bock bland 106X * X. North Wentern 4?X ? 60?preferred 66X ? X. Kort Wayne lOfiX The President's M usage, although firm In eomo retpwts, was not regarded as aggresaive In its spirit In tho gold room, aod under this view of the document, which had been looked forward to with great in terest, the premium d?c!loed slightly. The opening was lit X. followed by en advance to 141X ""I relapse to 140X. the closing quotation being 146*4 a 141, wtlh eales at 140%. It Is regarded as possible that there may be some stormy dehates In Congress relative to tba Message, which may temporarily OS use a slight advance In the premium, but the general belief is that figura lively ipMfcing (bty will j? look#. The foreign etehange market was doll, and at the doro bankers' bills on England, at slity days, were quoted at 108X ?>*???; ?? U0* ' V There waa no material change in the rates for Continental consols and American securities were quoted aa under ,? I-ondon on the date. x Omrn* * . United Mate, riv-t.-ntme.... 70 ? IJ^ g Illinois t entrai '*X 75 The report of the Secretary of the Tre.rory be. been read witnmoch later .? the 6uauel.i and com merctal < ommnnitv, as aimttef report, always have b en since the nati onal debt approached it. prreent dim-? sioua, but It failed lo produce any derided ,repression. It is merely n stale reiteration of platitudes, and an 'S position of crude theorte. from the narrow si.ndpo nt which Mr. -...uptsn. What h. my. Is taken for what It 1. worth aad no more, aad the popuur al ke with the eclentiflc retimab of Its valo. t. very kmall He proposes with enure deference to Congress, to compel the neti-nel look, to reWm nose la the Atlantic cities, er whet would be better el a etogle city. This la desirable, although aa It would lend to the accumulation ef funds at this centre by for lag the country baaks to keep bal.aren here fbr this purpose, It will be vigornwMy oppmwd by them, fleewndly, he pr?|-~. ? curtailment of the enrre^y U the amount required by legitimate aad healthful tredo The question arise, whether eny of the mr rency >. necemary lo the health of trade Mr Mdsl loch, who has a very low opinion of legal tender aoW, may think so. bet ? *T ^ means foll.rtre that U * * Trm4" now and U likely to continue to healthy on a paper money bwd. as It erer wee on a rp* do foondalten. Hie third prep***"* leeenrofel revt sion ef tbe tariff for the purpose of harmonising it with our Internal usre. TLn w. rordt.lly redoes He nest renews bis former effort to secure the ueao ef a ?*??** rent bond, payable in not over twenty years end beef ing interest at five per eent In gold, pnpnMe In England end Germany, end to be lasued to an snsounl so en to absorb tbe sit per cent, bonds now held In Eur pe, nt well an to meet lb. demand for permanent Invest meat. This project w. decidedly oppose, and we here no doubt that Congress wiM rejee* the suggestion. Hie ?W> cmedy fee the financial evils sf th. Situation is in the rrhabH-ution of th.<t?t^re RUtea It Is amusing lo find, after e pseunl of e ease oUwrratkma, tlmt he le of the opinion tlmt < may be rreomed as early as the 1st ef inly, 1646, wblU he Indulges U?? bop* thnl mch will be the character ef fetors legWUlion and eoeh the our productive Industry, that this result may be broug about at a still earlier day. Mr. McCnlloeh eherUhaa a vala heps If be really loohs forward lo a reeumpttoa of spade payments at curb an early dnM, ar trueU to Cnngress U help him to achieve that result, whUe M Is asedlsm U my that ths "pre dwetlse Indantry" sf the eonntry would be eeriouety checked by any sndee meessree of oentrertten. H aaald be fbr better to leave tbe earreney enurely nn tjUited A* an UfcdaMsected breeds. 6tff?6?* I* Hi MlMt, thai to resort mm to wonld bo eeceaeery " osanre ? nmnIoI resumption! of specie payments at tba Una roonttoasd, and Congnto will, wa ara aara, taka a siatlar n*? of the situation. Tha Sao rotary doaa not favor tha lacraaaa of aallimal bank currency beyond tba tbrao hundred millions already authorized, although ha adtaila tha aacaa aity of supplying tba South with national cur ranoy. Ha main Lai aa that it would bo batter to curtail tba circulation of tha Eastern and North am bunk*, ta order to aocura tha diatrlbutloa of thU form of currency through tha Southern country. Ha la a atout and almost partisan defender of tba Na tional banking ayatem, and thinks that legal tend ra should ha ieduced In prafarance to National bank uotea He oonaldara legal Under* demo rail xlog, but h* ought to consider National bank notes far mora aa Ha thinks that the reduction of legal Under notas could probably ba Increased from four millions a month, as provided by tba act of April 13, HM, to six millions per month far tha present fiscal year, and U ten mil lions par month thereafter, Without preventing a steady conversion of the interest bearing notes Into bonds or injuriously affecting legttimau business. In this w* differ with him. Kven tha present rate of reduction Is excessive, sad ws call upon Congress to still further limit tba power of tba Secretary ovar tba currency by provid ing that II shall ba reduced on a declining scale, com mencing with twenty five millions a year and descending to five millions. W* have neither space nor tuna u discuss the report farther at present. It oeaUum nothing now tn tha poltoy of Mr. MoCultocb, and there fore it la not calculated to exert any disturbing effect upon prices or monetary aShtrn, while tha masting of Congress is likely U result tn placing further chocks upon o nun with only one Idea, and that In tha form af specie-mama. As, however, even hu la not sanguine enough u fix o date for resumption sooner than tha middle of 1M8 we have still a year and a half's grace vouchsafed us by the ex-Iudtana potenUto SALES AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCHANfic. Monday, l?rr. It?lOi.'M) A- M> $30i 0 I'S A s 5-11, reg'M 101 ISM shs 1'ao Mall Mri Co. 171 U.JUOL'Sfl'at-.'O.cou'ia IUh*s ? O.WdL AA'afc-JU.cou bJ lUhkf 1UU brie Hallway 73',' ftoO do ion* 3uu do 73), III ,1 1TM ,.* - a 41 ..... 'SS 11.7 Ml .1.. 7*U lOU l!K b'a 4 Jo,leg '64 107 do 734, *""" " 'm,n t * l#,u.W l'Sd'6.-JU.C'et.n 1 li?,lg Aon 73*. ligJUU I'S A's ft 3D roil AS 1U7', MM do 3.1 rail 73W ? ? ItJ nUMCri ft a 10.40. mm 01", fid lliidenn Hirer KK . 1311 lUUU Tr n 7 3 10 In aer SOU do. I3J taauO _ ^do..... .I'd aer. 104), 4UU Reading Kit 1134? ?00 N OarA'a, ex oou. 1IU) do 11 JjL lUUWTsiia A a, excou . ns 80 Michigan Con Bit.. 1132 3CUI0 do H?V 40 do II3W iOOuO Tennraar.'A rt? 3 K) Mich Son a N lud . 13* 00 0 KentuckyAa w 300 do ai? :M?|0 Ohio a >11-a oar.. MM 60.) do X3* SAW00 do 40 30 Panama K K 2AI 3UNuV do ... 3d call 30 7UJ lUinol? Central KK. 110V 40800 do 301,' 800 Ctev A Pitts K R .. *>?, a moo do too do am! 3UUU Hudson 3d mort... 00 300 Ohio A N W KH . .. 47), SWWCARIAI'acKi-7'a. to 300 do 47V 34 aha Kourth Nat Bk. 103 700 do 47V 1?U Quick Ml.nng Co. . 44'g 400 do 4;C 100 do 3d call 4A'i 500 do 47V KJ Hank of Corniner e 117 3SI do 3d call 47* 4il Nnasau Hank tIJA *10 Chic A NW p. ex dlr A*', too Meat bul.iii Tel Co. 47.V KUO do AO SOU Weal Uu 1'rlKiiaa ex 3u0 Canton lQUCumbCi ? IN Hruna Oily "hand . 7*7 8ik) Tot WabAWa.t'n 4g" IUU AanieNavARHitCo 111', 300 Pius It W ACliiRU 10A 100 do IIUK lot) do ...blO IW,' 1UB do IIUV A JO do I OA', 6 Amor Kiprraa Co . At', 100 do Id oaU 1U?C 800 Marlnoaa pref . .. 3d* 109 Chic g Alton Kit . 100 3oUN If Central KR ... 113*4 17ft H tout ngton KR 101 5 ?' do 114 MM Mil AW ra il Kit . M 101 Paolflr Mall d.a Co 171 nin.hi ini co. iiaa# an w Un li-Iltiue ex WAV 30n Cleve A Kit 111V in Compiiiy .. 48 3u0 do 114* I Cpal pre! o.W 71 1700 Chic A Rock I,IKK 104\ lOJIMKRCUI. KHPOKT. Moxdat, Dm Mr M. IlKs.tovrnrra -Heccipu, It.114 bbla. tour, Mbqi mm meal 1*4.367 buahela wheat, 143.KM to corn, SfltPftdo. o*t?, 30 40d rlo. rye and 114,774 do. turUy The demand for Rut* out W?*trru Pour wm rather llralUd, but prloee wer* with wit material variation from our quotation* of daturday. Tlia aula* oumprlae A.UU0 bbla. at tha appandad quotation*, at wliioh the market oIomi I with a ronaidarabla degree of Ann naaa. with aoma holder* unwilling to aall at tha currant iincca Kor .Southern flour lb* inquiry waa alao modarata but price, ware very flrin. tha aala* ci/tnpi about tdb bbla Use flour waa ateady but qulat. Wa not* aala* of 1U0 bbla. at from $4 a $7 IS. Corn meat waa In better demand with aale* of about 1,400 bbla.. laoludtng Brandywia* at 96 tt a fll 7?. Wa aute MupurAne and wratarn. $7 fla 99 ? Kitm Rtete 9 75 a 10 35 (.holer Spite. 10 30 a II JU Common to medium ettra Wealeru ft AO a 10 7(1 Kitra round hoop <ihh> 10 00 a IIS Waatero trade branila ,11 ;w a 13 III Common Southern 1125 a 12 75 fane/ end earn d- 12 AO n It 00 Ky* Hour (auperAno 4 U0 a 7 SO Corn inoal, Jeraey A 50 a ft rio Corn naaal. Brandy wine ft Hft a 4 110 Corn meal, punoboon* 24 50 a ? ?For wheat there waa hut a limited Inquiry, yet holder* wrroArm and tirlee* wera unaltered The mlea raunnrlae 1,000 buahelf Milwaukee Club at 92 15. rh- lemand lor ooiri waa mcelrrately active. and at prleea Indicating an ad ranee of Ic na compared with our laat quotations tha mar hat cloalng aleady at 91 1A for mned Weataru. In atora. and 91 10 afloat, at whlrh price# 7S.IMI huahnla changed hand* Data wera quiet at nreelou* price* with aale* of 91k, ODO buahela, at 44kc for ktoui. 41c a <*'. lor Chi. .go and MU. waukea and to a 45V for obmca Ohio. Ilarier waa in limited demand and acarcely aa Arm Hale* Sft ood buabeia at 91 Itfirr Canada We.tandflfk- for do In bond. Barley malt remained dull The only aale we beard of waa I.<2)0 buahela at 9l OU. Of rye-wh eh ruled dull and heave? A,7U1 buahela neater , aotd at 91 20 Ctmiw wa* In better demand and *ornewbat Arnier on the Imp-need tenoe of lb# l.tverpool . able adetee*. which quoted 'be market nt noon ?*? per lb. better The eala* oompnaed I.IMI bald*. Vt e qnot* ? I pitMd. /'.wid.i Jf.*mU y It A. T Ordinals 24 2M ? Jo Low middling. 23 V 33 33k. Middling.. it 34 U 34 Oeod middling 24 34 27 37 PaOTiatoaa - Receipt* *** bbla. |ork. 711 do oeef r? paekage* cut meat*. and ?*.' bhl* lard 7be purk market continued quiet, and a further comeeaion wa* granted old me*a cloalng dull and heavy at 93' '0 regular. The aale* for Immediately delivery war* 4.2U0 bbla . at 921 a 921 41 for old meae. 971 42 * 111 75 for new do , and 919*914 411 for Kme. alao, for future delirery. 92,bn bbla new me**, for ember and January, at 920 Ma 921 40, buyer* and nail er a opUnn. Beef we* In moderate requeat at unchanged price*. The aale* aggregated 15*1 bbla.. al 917 a 933 fur new aitra meaa, aad 9'3 ? 914 for new plain do of tree; I,area aelea were made Pi the eitant of IM bbla at 935 a Ml Tha lard market waa acaraaly a* litm, th .ugh there wa* more do. rug at the -on?Mm i. the aale* footing up f*?) bbla , at IV a 13*,c .inoHidingamall In a at ISVc * IJ';c Haeon wa* in better demand, but the mark-t ruled heavy. aale* 14u bote*, inclu dtng abort l Ihbed at 12* a 13*,- and' umber lan I awl al 11.He. Cut meat* continued quiet, out price# wera not eu-t Itallv changed ?*;** I ft |>*rk*gea at 13c a Ikt,.- for ham*. andV. a la He tor anoulder* fyrwaaed h-ig# were laeaanlra *' d lower at *Hc a 9 far Waaiarn Butter waa dull ar 4 unchanged at trie a 46r (?r Orange etiunly in pall* Itr a 2b> for Wealern. and Wr a 41c. fur Htale. I I,? a wa* aleady at a Ac ill v , lor common dairy to cbolao factory made. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS Ifarrtrd. flflrTtm?IHgflrr. ?In Mwllwn. N J on Tti'iraday, No. lem'i-r 'P>, ?t tho ITwabrtenan chupcb br the Key A. M in-let, J W. Hum to Xaauaar 4' ft aw g, daughter Of laaac I'lrrre, Keq of Madi?on, N J Nn ant* kfrtriRk?F'?Tg? -On Tburanlae. November 29, at the realdeoc# of the bride',i parent*, by the Re*- Htephea U Trng, 1) D.. Jou* H Money, of l -.edon Kngiand, to Mc tit* A., daugbP-r of John Kovter, K'q of tht* city M< Mkjrraa lata* ?Oh M'-pday. Mecember J, al lb# re- il*n>? of the hrde'a father, by the Re* Jarne* Har per, Krrater W M Hurt* to F ij inn L, oaly daaghtey of George A Trlmm No rant* Saratoga paper* pleaae copy O'C.i**tii. i iminr -Oi kundar. pecemher 1, at m. TTiereaa a church, br Iter Faih*r IPoae J-win I" O'Coh ??PL to Carnaeiag J. C,-ariry. all of tbla city Boston and Hi John taper* pleaae copy. Birth. Rsvatrr ?Oh Ponday mora.Bd. December J, the wifa of lata Hryaat. Kaq.. of a wm. Cin< ranati paper* pleaae copy. JiuiM J?o Saturday, Id* emlrdr 1, Mra. Hamual R. Jacob*, of two aoaa Died. Annatw* - At New Ilavea. < oaa . na Friday, N'orem. her 24, Jrua R. Avnaaw*. daughter of William Job nana, of that rity, aad wife of Horace Andrew*, of the t rly of, New Yarh. AatHtawrU ?Al her reatdenre 91 Hoyt at reel, Brook lya, an Monday moratag, 1darembar ?, Mra Miaaa I. A:MMMMk Fr *ada of tha family are requaated to at lead tha fanerwl, on Wedneaday aaoming, at half peat aaraa a clark. from bar lata raatdeaoa Haaaa - Al Newark N J oa Monday, Idaraotbar I, G> t atuil R Haaaa. agad tt years The friend* and thuae of tha family ar* I art led to al ined the funeral aa Wadaaaday aftornooa, al half past tine, from the PraWrylarvae rburnh at WeetAeld. S J. Traia* oa Ih* Oeatral (N J. I Railroad leave roat of Liberty (lreel N. T.. at twelro o r lor a llwi afll.-m so ad ay, I nee ether a at four o'rtorh, ?flat a king atcaaee*. Farwaaw a Inarm ?#*, bora al l-ags, V bearrb irg, Radoiph i*upK, agad 41 years, V tr???.? aad I* days rh* retattres aad friends, shd ahm tha hrotbera of the Herman Oak I rede# No. 4g I O of o F . tha < (Peers aad nm'wn of tha Third regiment cavalry. N. ?., an* ia nted la atkehd iba faaarni. from hi* lata reatdaaea, ewrnar of Twenty-third street and Kigblh areas*, un Wedaeaday efternooa. *4 oaa o cloca. Heaeta - Oh Sunday. Id* em let 2, Aaaa M. Baawaa, aged IT year*, 4 moatha aad 29 days The rami Ira* aad frtaada af tha family are rs _ fatly lamed la attend tha fwaara* aarr ea, at bM lata raa?4*acia. He 3d Mnonwah pier*. Thirty third atreet, tbia (Teeedeyi aftaraaaa at fewg o <*>? k Tb* ram Will be tokaa to Tarry to wa for iat*noe*t, la the a'cloak traia, ?? Wadai aday maraiag Ra?wa -dm Momiay, I'lmalet a, An, wlfaof WU llam Brews, sged (-4 years Tha (rears! wilt take plana flea be* lata rwatdeaae, 90 Mai dan Mar. oaTbsreday aflaraooa. at twa o'vloag. The frtewda af the fern y ere reap* if eiiy lamed to at tend Umwnu. Rnddealy, a* Moc,day, fterambar 9. Jaws. J (ocwgu, atioreey and rowaaalier at law, af eaagaauva af tha laaga m the 27th year of hM age Tha faaeral will lake etene from hi* tale reMdetue* 199 Third araaea, aa wedneaday afiarwaen, at ana a'tJaeh. Tha frtewda of toe lami'y era tail tod to ha ' cruaaflR?Ga Rater-lay, rmeamrwv I. from lajurtas raaatvad, luuttai t cimom. w aa Mk year Faaeral aw Wedaeaday afkarwem,. at ewe a eieeh, fr km late ramdawaa We 99 Kmw Mreea. lid?. " Hf ???? ?? ?nlM. t^imtii 8, Mil. lUit T. Dnutnr If ml M y aw*, 4 auMhi io4 14 days BaUuwaa aad friend* are respectfully ia sited I* at tend the funeral, on Wednesday alMrauuc, M balfuaxt ona o clock, at tUa Hiptu uhurvb. train- leave Twenly uevemh street and Fourth avenue. New York and New Haven Railroad, at T, 9:3d and 11 30 A. M Unwise.?On Monday, on-ember 3. M lb* residence of hi* OIK la, John Ulnboaa, 44 West Forty lourth street, John J., aou of tha lata * harlaa Gibbons, of Una city, tu tha 28th y.-ar of hi* age Notica of luooral in to nofrow's paper*. Hail?tin Monday, laoamber 3, of dmpay, Moaa I.A*i) H kkmav Hon of Fannie K. and the lata Doctor Hamual H. Hall, of Hartford, Conn., afad 4 years and 4 Month* Funeral service# at tha raaldonra of bi* grandfather. John Water* it4 Weal l'wentieth slreei Una (Tuesday) afternoon, at four o'clock. Tha remains will ha taken to Hartford for Interment. Jonas ?On Sunday rvenlnf, December 2, after a lingering illness, Mr* Hakaii Jonas, wife of Captain Hamual 1). Jonea, In tba rath year of har age. The relative* and men la of (ba family are respectful!* Invped to atiend tba funeral, from the cburoh, oorner Market and Henry streets, Una (Tuasday) aftnrnoon, at ona o dock. Kinosti?In Brooklyn, on Bandar, December 'J, Jons Kkkukkii a, the only son of Frederick and MeUa Kuobul,

aged 1 year, 4 months aid 14 day* The relative* and freul* of tha rnmlly are respectful ly invited to attend the futeral, from thn raaldonra of bia parent*, on Dekalb avetue, near Noatrend, on Weduas dny aftornoou, at ona o'clock. Kaihirr ?At Jersey City, on Monday morning, De camber a, Elisa Khkmt, wife of John Knight, aged Si year* Tha friend* of tba family are respectfully mrlted to attend the funeral, frna her lata residence. No. IS Sue Bex hi met, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Lahiuah.?In Hrookvn, on Monday, Decemhar S, Dahiri. Lamuna, of Yampliiaiira. Tippnmry, Inland, aged 19 yenre. The relative* and friends of tbe family are Invited to attend the funeral, front hie lata residence, 82 Atlantic street. The funeral win lake place on Wednesday eller aoon, at ha!l pa*t ona o'clook, place of interment, Cat Nt'iiarr ?On Monday, December S, after a long and painful lllneea, Mr* Btuoorf Nmntier, aged 94 year* The rnend* and rolat *ea of the rnmlly are renpecfully requested to attend the funeral, from ber late residence. No 142 Elizabeth etreet, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Pattirso*, ? On Mmday, December 3, Albxamdkk Pattvn.-"*, In the 27th year of hit age. The Matlvos and fr end* of the fsmllv, alio those of his brother* John, W| 1 um and Rowland, are reapect fully invited in attend th" funeral, from bis lute residence, No 147 l ast Eleventh street, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Qvislas --On Monday. December 3 after a lingering lllne**, Et as, relict o Maurice Qulnlan. aged HO years, a native of Kiilaruey, county Kerry, Ireland. The friends and relatives ere respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the re*ldence of her son John, No 04 High streot, Brooklyn, oa Wedneeday afternoon, at two o'clock. Richard* ?On Monday December .1, Mr*. CATUiris* H. Rii iiabim, w dow of Nathaniel Richard*, In the S.'hl yenr of her age. The relatives and friends of tha family are invited to attend tbe funeral, without fnrthar invitation, from her late redden e, No ho Ea*l Nineteenth street, on We1ne*day morning. at ten o'clock. Birth.?On Monday morning, December 3, at half-past Ave o'clock, llxiiHbA BLIZAMTH, only rhlld of John C. and Marin T 'Bmlih, aged 3 year*, H mouths and 9 dav* The relatives and fpends of the family are reepc tfiillr Invited to at lend the funeral, from the realdance ot her parent*, 2#fl Rh-ncker street, on Wedneaday morning, at half peal ten o'clock. Liverpool, Preston and lancaster 'England) papers please ropy. Nwart. ? At Hobolcen, V. J., on Sunday, Dec 2. efler a long and severe UloeHs, Thorax H hwabt, id the both year of hi* age Tbe relatives and friends of the fatally are respectfully Invited lo attend the funeral, from the residence of his eon, Abraham -wart, 21 '<V, broom* street. New York, this (Tuesday ? afternoon, at one o'clock. Vav ? Suddenly, at Mrs. Crane's, No 16# Rioad street. El zabeih, N J , on nunday, Decemlmr 2, Edwabo Va* HotiXOBH. Nottee of funeral hereafter Wkivsavv On Sunday, December 2 I.iwm Enwaao Wkivuasx, after a short and severe tlln**?, aged 29 years, 2 month* and & day* The relatives end Iriend* of the family, also tha mem bers of company H, Twelfth regiment N. IS., B. N Y., also the members of tbe Volunteer United State* Hoxe No. V>, are respectfully Invited lo attetid the funeral, on Wednosdny afternoon, at one o'clock, from the resi dence of hi* rath -r. No 614 K Pearl street, Wbioiit ? At New Orlean* on Sunday, November 18, at ten o'clock A M , Mr* Mart Whiuht. aged (PI years, at the house of her son in lew, Mr L. Batirny, No 210 Baroana street. Yoax ?The funeral servicee of Mr Marv Avr Yoex, wife of Major Joseph S York, United states Army, and daughter of Judge Edmonds, will lake place at St Stephen a falhollc church In Tweaty-elglith street, this (Tuesday) morning, December 4, at ten o'clock, when e roqu'em high mass will be celebrated. Tha remains .will be taken to Hudson for Interment SHIPPING NEWS. Aiaanac ma saw mat -rat. o>r 7 in i boo* *>??. morn 4 77 a S3 i hub bat*. morn I M PORT OF NEW YORK. OECEMSER 3.1858. CfrnrnA. Mtp* 'Utr. Bali rraorla.-o -Button A Co Hh.p Palmriat in Kolln. Londoa ?: -mail APtfr link Pall*. (Sri IIHdlr. .'?? itark Hrlrni K?*. tl.lrr.lon ?Hpofford. rtlB.lo. A Co. Mik llBimn H?v O.lT.Aion-Bp.B >r<l ritr.ion Rrlg p.ol'1. Hr;, Put*.. Uouoo? Hr?u. Hon A Co. Brig Tubal Cain. I.oriur. Maraal'l.a- Hopd A llln"??n Brio Amanda Jabr iBr . Wabb. Parnamburo?<" Lug. nuna Rrtg Katafana t Br', WbltUnnoro. Trinidad?<1 Hittophrn Hrhr Rot Hon. Mrndarwm. Italiao?Ikotlnrr P?ll*rA?'o Hrhr A [) *?uU. Barron. Upu.iJI ?l. KUxah"'.hporl-Mrr. ab.ot A r.rni.i. Ruhr L'ranua Br., Coalflrr' at Plarro fMartl?O R I>a Wolf A Co Brhr floldrn 0*!?. Prl.brr Rnrfolk?T R ?'ha.r ACo. Bohr Manrtta. Mopt Prortdrnir??? K #?"<"! HI'r.p I ho. flantom. lurlrp, Row Hirtl?li K Karfcall. ArrtvnA. Blratn.htp Clip of Ro'tlmor- Rr MrOuiran. I.lrwrpoot Ror *1 ?l? t| ?rrn.tnwn *7 1 Bilk 4tk poaaangrra to John It 11.1* Ror II SI tail'. HW of Mouth Hiaok pwwo.1 * 2Sd lit; atoamahlp Clip of -rtnr boon# for Mro*puul mlira W of tulM, alram.klp Auatrala.lan do fordo. SMh, latdSi* lo n Ai IS. .r.mihlp P.raia do for do Drri.sil ml la. R m Band; Hook, . Hamburg Airamrr .ad two hark rtcg'd .iramrr., bonnd P Bto.fn.h'p h.n.B Rn. Pnro l.lrorpoot for >1 and Qn?rn>town Slot, wllh mdM ?nd A4J pairrngrr., to A Union IM> I l.i 41 W ...n?7iJ. poaaod alaamahip t .1/ of Washington, h.uon for Li??rinol*b:p Am.rtao Rrrtn Mryrr, Rr?m?n BOB IT rig Bmilb.lT' 'on 11 it ?' II 30 A M wi'h md.o and ll?4 tm.aro g?r. to Ortrl h. A Co Hal atrmkg W wind, durlna th? no. Imr I'r. I ? I'M paxod . four maatrd lU.Mr bound W U .AM ? Rrrm.n atanuiri nan * foi Hr Mram.hp M .riAi'i SV.ilingtoa, Mobi'o Ror SI, wltb not" ,?? j. m * ton. Ac. in r. 0 if j. Ibifl Hir.m-h p Kmltp R *nod?r I.orRwood. Cbarlr?Cm, with md.r ?o l.|r?n*.t"n Pot A I'? . Ht.?ni"hlp Rllna H T.rr. H'irw R.wahrn AS bourn, with md.r ml po..-r*ora. U?i itoudapard. Blrami' p AliHHOirl., Ho nor Hirhniool 'Htr Potat and Norfolk. with mdar anJ paMrugara, to l.!rti,g.|..n, Po. A Co Htr.m>l>'" B.'?'Wn. Blor P.-Oimnnl fir PottH ?od Ror. folk !k' h nr., with m4w and poaarngrra, to It Moiaoarn A Patmorr Valtar Clip. fnmUn. It*, hut >nd Htr. ? a' |i' hoaauraRn, Jokntag,'PaWMAd BtraOiriiipM ml flar* R.noa RtaamaMp Marr danford K' Idlf Roaton ilaamthip Balawr Mnnrai Ronton hb'P I'irrnta'Rri Brora. < airutln, Jul J ?. wllh mdar to m.Air' Hhlp I'rrt.tiati Powrra. tli.ia, Mai. Jnlt II. with l<igw d to W V Mr l A ' O llei It. lol 33 B. I"U fl?f, .jror a , p t'lfarr. Hi I. . lid m R.,'n'at Bark Rhrr i* ' Itanf r I aim. Ban Pran-laro. Ida tar., wi'h m ' - lotoartar < ro.A.1 ihr K piator in tbol'A>!flr *H?pt *, paaaadCar. Horn '?! <>?< II iai 47 H ton 41 W, anw tw 11.rr -ark. taoboagai atnaaad tba Kguntor In iba At tail*.I Ror 1, . M.jr rblrfi llgbl Wind, .nd r.lma bora tw off tha Hlgbloada JU arrnlnf) In BBP galr and th'ck "bin 'fftrland 'Rrrm R 'rnmnn loali'ia M d.ra wllh mfiortrr to rtina f.ntlng A Id# 1MB M lot 14 II ?. too 31 St W .p .?? hark ilA'-ndnn Hri. bound It H r It la III III R, Ion At ?i '.'i M.i mlUna I Pr btruaA W. Xtb, lal M, i .? I. Intra I . irr I r.m !?? ? "I I' Bark T.I (mbi, Br , Mef.? Ighl o Mrorpool. 4S dafa. with 1 All ?4 a. Hark Ann r H ? Imland. Iirgbarn Tu Ufa. With mar Mr and raa*. to H H A J I Bark Ida * ? Anal >, Rorok TrriW IB daja wftb mdar. to gall \ . fkrrSrrt Rr M >or?, Malar. d> laf?, with frott, |n Rind A ll'hrkro RartRatlRor Ilanaon. Malaga. 14 dafa. with fruit. Ar* to oftr k Har> K ka lip . Alrado, kara t rug. 04 daja, with klda. to ttta.n Bark Vlrtd (Br B.k'f llarana IS daya. with anrnr. Ar, to P.dmil' n Rr'/a HM I" nomp*nf with brig Aaaut M'al llngtnn fir Pbflad.lphta Rok Pi off fvm''? Hand *bot K'k. "k? ahin V.,I.n Clinton from Raw or ran. rpnno hah. I.t SB, Pat 74. b-rk ' Hanlaw," bouaal W. Pfp. r .rr i l.mkf w and h?* rair.. H. i I. w n Hi ii' olwin Ifatnna, U dago, wpb aaanr, P.rorff Rn- Harb Rio Jaoolro 14 dafr with 'of ^Bn, Pi firnia'oiir A Co Mr r Iiak Potnt' Br Rowan, aiiarrrnamo. II daf. arlik awgar ami nrnlaam !? Hr?U. Ban A Co B.a 17. lot Si, Mm 74 14 k? Inlg Arthur Irom *t Jar for Hait'mor. Mr1. I PolloAo Br P. .mmrr Mataoraa II 4ara nv to M'.lrr A I nghi'm BI4 la romganf wtth rtg Marth. 4 Rrr'J ' ' *?r To H . ? ai- nl Rr. p ? |>.lm"fii ' ark* Rrw ilar.o p. hr argara Hr I.oakham, Patrnt, M dap., with anr ?ma. I. <? P Bu 1*7 S'lfT AIL- A '*B, JarRaonril:. ?r> r llnno.) Air ? arwT Indian Rtrw Pla a . j t* Hall B r-wa t harlraian. ? daft g,.,. I ll-ilmr. ? Tlrgtn*. * daft t-k- 7 R hlrk a.'AAU. (i.iffgn wa 4 ta?. %, ? * m Ami... I "prr. I,'. ,g.t"Wi. * Ian a, ? . I R Vtrk-rt P.hhlth [lOlawara ' 'f fo? Ta at .?< pr|, ? T Pa mr- '? " rMk Bat' fU' ? tridra', Jimrwo, B atktaad. f . . K II tfliwin. Wllwan. Pr-wtoaarr Bui-rr f *dar. Mrk.-g, Mo .dm ?1iirlor Olaaaiora. BTkiSkair ? oaaa. Rrnnrr. fr Oh R.w T ?rk r'a Ro'k.. t fiff a i ,f ? , a , i'. >?tk ta Rnrf .Ik |a? ,r.H witA ? ( tl dan. (? I* hull. hr i.vmiw ? f.A from Ph ad- i sin bawnd far Bouar * tl K1 -Il.x a 71k' drmag- I Bn r i ooooa Rr . Btlakn.f fr ? I. ?Jff r. m mrpi'r, . tan.. ug Will kara to dhwi* ,?? for roi* r. H. 'i rata ReaHM- from Prion* Bfward fataad for Ur orp" ha* born itraadod nanr Ar Irk.I a .. Kana flak". Bar IS TVi fia.lak arhr Call# front Mrw t ork for M f> it wa.ipol.a'Wt 4 la lal 11 H Wf aa W ATI* 1?k a awrti ana A'wnftat. bp Ma Bigiraa Baa. no at Harm 4 ?r*a a.m. n-knnwn bOAHkd fr-A? farkaoorftln M Bag mo ami arhom on Iwl I wood A.nog a gn4a ?gM *4 M to-1 and baakar omo a Irani wrwag. nbn ta a ?gw omaak. s ttoom B? it TWtna I r4. oI and for Ppadn 'ram gbtoma la hanong vmrugb. ?>i font al lb. ?m>ma map i?kAWa<. ?s Mt tba -m*4 and m<fM ?*? t?a ?i rt !!? K. M far M Uo?? K r? ^14 .iilf If damage SB jlfcMf. Daau Nor 17-Tb? iMtiV (AMno>? ***?. ffM ?nt foe ! Antwerp. he* bona supdlM VUk ?? eaohor ami Id) fathoms chelu, to r pier* others loot Dova*. Nor 1 6-OT tbo Moll?. W?WtNo#. f*w? New York for Hiuiilu, with loan of bgwapfil foreyo'd. aud other attgat d image, having been driven athwart by tit anhr Providence, of NnndertatxC while at anchor la tlfto made Ht John, NR. No? BY-Hhlp C'amdUttUd <pew>. from Mir*, wlehl for ia ra porta 4 to tally loot la a aaow alarm ou the Hard a l?*n lalemts. Itf iacelluneaws. Hwir Mrrotvrt. from Havre. which ha* bean dotal nod 'o the low or qua ran Una, oamo up to tha city yeetorday aflar* DOM Hirk Fro II Kmi, fr-?m Philadelphia for A apt a wall, for th# r?*fe*v of which ifio wara ouUuialnod, arrived at tha latter |M>rt on the 1 Hih ult Npokri. dcr. Steamship Oregon ten, Hrtard. from Naw York Sept 2ft for Ran FranrUeo Dot IN, W? the northward of Cajm Krta Ion 41 Ship John Tucker. from Ohtucha Island* for Nan tee, No? 7. UtMt to N. Ion .16 W Ship KranklJu, from Manila for Boston, Kept If. tat SM 10 N, loti 42t if F Ship Wyoming. Morton, from Philadelphia for Mobile. No? 10. lat W to Ion 74 ?> Hark Pariton, 7 dart from Boa ton for Naw Orleans, No? 16, lat 31 06. Ion 7::. Hrljg John Rt ifhtman, Hrev, from Boston for Oa Weston, (or 71, ou the southern ?*dge Of tha Bahama Hank*-all writ. Foreign Porta. 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