Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEt|f?ltK HERAtJ). WHOLE NO. 13,054. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1866.-TRIPLE SHEET. P1U0K FOUR CENTS. I OtARUiS-THK LADY WILL IB ON HAND: PLRANE v' don't U* auxry. piqULA. ir ANY OF TKE ? AdNBMOKBS WHO WERE IN TDK 1 h?ne f ir ??? of the Tlnd-sH. Rlrer Kailrcid on Monday wci.iag, toe Silted., about 6* o'clock. and c'lLi.-riJfe the .uh tpa.iti u,01 u gonUEnuui in the cur, will fiind th?*'r a-ldi ,-<?? to J. II. P., 43 Ksuhange pla-v, nglce No. LS. thry ?rill onfM a favor ami perform an, act of Jusuce^ Tr MRU HBOWM (SOW Mlfr WflF.KLAN), WHO 10 Ninety third rtreet. la living the will plaaaa write Ut Ellas Ceneor, r?i? of Krtrt Migee, 118 01 hi too etreet. Pennsylvania jiapers plciue- m y I IF MBH. OBOROH W. BLACRBFRN, LATE OF ROUE woud. vb-torlg, Ar. ?lr..lia, formerly of Ratbcowitc, noun* hr i)git. liriwd will call on or address L. B. Flanders A Co..-Jo Nor'li William street, Near York, ahu will Uenr of suineMUog M her udvuutage. , INFORMATION WANTED-OF MARY AND BE^EY Key, suppo-ed to be In New York, by their brother Jamen Foy, 38 Washington gtreet. JB. FO'.D?YOCR DIVORCE FIUEND 10 HERE, . all light. Lets be?' from you. MABfK. FROM SAN FRANCISCO, WILL PLEASE deliver hot letter and oblige. R. S. P.. boi 708 Poet offl-m r ADOPY?A RESPECTABLE FEMAI.E ORPHAN, 8 mi,nibs old; weaned. Addroee linuLiileld, elation E. , WILL MId8 OBKTIB SCOTT CONFER A FAVOR BY FY sending her card to Charlie Mortimer, Herald omen t Ail ILL LADY IN BLEB DRESS, NEAR RIGHT EN Yv trance, receiving programme (dedlcatonO front party w/*Henjd*<fttou?' afternoon, pinnae address Korty nvo, boi ^ "mathimonial. _ AmsrREHT TOCNa MAN OF RESPECTABILITY and mod -rate mean*, dhrlree to form (he ap.|UA:iii .nco ef a dii-reet young lady, Willi a view to mairnncny. Ad-.if ?? ?vale a, tl"rald odlee. r.lN ABCBL ?WANTED. BY A YOCNH GKNTLK tnen wn'iheart ltthopelewlj free, the amjualnlaccu of ? voting lady with a view to matrimony. She mu .t be is oil read, and know Byron and Shelley by heart: may he either tell ai abort dark or fair, so that ber completion Is fait and blooming, and not owing to the u-o- of Email de Paris. Ad dseaa F&rnaal M., boa 148 Herald oip.-o. 1 TWO TOENO OENTLEMKN OF RESPECTABILITY and modetote mean* desire the uc|uaiiiianca ol two yuan* ladleeaf petit* flgurs, reined Jiann-.finis aud ap ?fcirance. aud truth, with a view to niairliuouy. Adu.-eaa Blue and Gold, boa 188 Brooklyn Poet oiuoe. _ JMMMT AND FOUND. rll'ND?A SKVEN-THIRTY GOVERNMENT BOND. Ill- owner cen hate th? ?ain- hy proving prv.po.-t v. Vt It. CLAKIvE, .Vtuucy Broker, 88 Chatham street. I lj*Or?D?SATI RDAY. DBCKMBLit 1, BLACK AND Jr Tan Slut. Apply at Fifth aver le, eorner etreet. between bo clock A. M. and 3 P. At. LO6T-DK0KMBBR 1. A CA SE OK hFRGTCAL J S struineme. $10 will be paid toe Bnder, at u We-: Lie' tenth street, N. Y. T OUT OB STOLEN.?RRV EN I E STAMPS OF THE DE lj domination ut $8 r?-b, r..rtIe-> lust-lag liouaiii *u it fnwn out aide persons will please notify Taylor Bros., 17 Wad street. Lost?on the 3D inst., cither tn fniversity plaoe ob irrl, tn an omnibus or Fulton I'. rry oat u gtold Kegllth Lever Wateli, with white open fare $,'.0 will I be paid for lie return to B. r. fr<>*u, U1 Hioadwi-y, uud no i VMetioB* naked. | ?f mt-on slniaay, the ao w.-rrAsr, while i J J going from 8i. Ana'* ehurrl,, IClyhtrenth atr ct, to V West Histeenth street, a blank ?llk Peplum, with a liar-J bwcte iitof lu the pocket marked >. F. The in.t t will t.e 1 ?Ctobly rewarded on Daring 'he eame at 2S East Twenty- < Bret etreet. ' REWAJUM. ?RTKYIMo PATENT ~"?" Atsire iei - - I to Levy ,A TJLWAjtD $481?LOST, A COLD HCKTINi Bt Iwieer. markeil M. L Toblaa, fdvervsi d. Ab will be paid md no iiae.iioe* ..ektd ir retnrue Wemueer, 884 Hraedwwy. mi A REWARD ABD NO <JI'RSTioNS ANKED FOP. w"" tbe recovery "f ? BUrk end Tan I>rg pup, one rar luweereroe ki? head- est seen to be pinked upon Frlday a/terr.oon. en Lamugtoe aveeoe. between rblrtv iiret unit Thirty-ngctiAd streets; aeewsre to the nemo of Mto. Apply eA48 Weet hiath atrem _ ?1 r RRW ARI> -A 'OAT WAS TANKS FRiiH IHI. WrA?-' ew-avner ?Hd fNitrniy on Wednesday i. --nt.."*. Nov. ? si lily by miaiake. Tb'tire were two inerooeannoln nooetl 1 noma lr:irr.? em! pn|?ire In the nort,m?, nn . i n ? ? ?apt to the owner. Tar above reward will be pain lor < <<a>. benka and napor* If infl at >44 Wyi*r afreet, or a itbersl re ward for en her, and iw ?ineetlons naked. *9ir REMMRD?WILL ME GIVEN FOR 1NFGKMA V?'' don which * pi enable im- to And Henrv 0. awnnntly from toe J.iumtle Aevlum; lie i? an In high, with reddieh li ilr frvokl d fare at d jeed addi ese. . ?. farlly grail 84 rTne .ihwa *Ca RLW VBIL?IhAURR-lTlilN WANTED, OF THE T''" whexeainiuu e. Bra Krmneee Bnikhaid ana two of her child too. Julia, sis yesre old, and (tense, fl.e rear* old, who lev t ierhchnaahustaiatiinUy. g*moniWa?, ladO, and Ban not stnee breo beein of. Tba above rownru will V t??H tor ?ny aforms.lon tliet tnav lead to her rv-i over/ by her, at ?J M-i crau?el ,i>. V oris f..r i III day-. "vll -RAN AWAY FROM IU$ HOME IN BOSTON ? IV. on Saturday let Instant, S'ar.Dv, aged 18 Era: aaltowuomidi-tl-.n. blank eyes, cut under light jaw. on a elinirh hat, Canada grey mat, Mark panla. with i pawh on aaeb knae. TT<a almVe reward will be | id for ihe ree-rarr of the lioy. fhe DM aooouet of him w.i, in Nov eik flty. The above rewaid wlii be paid by writing lo rfir Lywh, eonp e of Noithaiuinou and llirtison Ave. line*, litoioa. or to hi? latin-:-, M-thew Slvr.lav, at M Bjiau's,. orurr af Great .leoe? atre-.t and Bowery, New York a'i| w:ward -$1 pfoskd to hat? been Liter oft w .^en. ua Saturda/ eve. in^, lV-~en-!ior I, iw tureen Vertofc lrr.etao<l ' orner bra i l atr-. t and llroadsav. a small nla-A Tr i-ik, with (maa n oovlrn atiipa o i l'd>. pi?b a'dy I mu one of Ihidd s F.tprees 1-.'?<? - on, marked Nrw lis vwi. I ailgoad: al'O oue nf 8*?-Uey's Bapias' Is"., he. k 7,<F8, . ldrraee i No. 5 KlCagteu street. The above reward will be lethf an f an qnavitoua svkel, hy ??' D. seo' eVi, Agewt $tn<:lev-?Rtjrrea*. en: der Terenty-ee.enUi street and Fourth eveaue sPFini. irrvnc km. ABB4 MB LODGE NO 3P - flit MkXBKHS OF tl'ianis Joile* No. "JO. r Mint A. M.. are heiebv s.Hii ?vu' te atumd a eaedat u.-bi- uiivAhi, ? n lt.- ine?ia?, & V S. at 11 '? Vleek A M.. ;.f ?h-lr lodge r-en, ninier ?r Jreog, J?wt itroebr etre. -v 'ar'h. j i-pow-?f i--n-', .. th< fuueia' > f our tue brusbei. Mm. Golbiau. fba Iran-rally are slw. naagw-irullV tarlfed Byvord-. of Ansa Cur?i.L*as, .Am retary. fbW.lP.II KII'.K, M. VTOTICB TO BH/PIHRII P8 . BAM..IIIP ft? OT I Jl LaBD.--The afore n.ine.1 ?|.|?, ban - , m Uv r|a>4, , having vsreaiiegun ska bar. abli'pin < will r'?..x-iul n.gws ef ihelr lavwiem wffbonl delay <? 'he o'"d *? th>- Natloml , ?team Navigation I .. Upsny ili-roted 47 Iti.ia.Hvav. or "> FAlH.IM)* A HaVMaKD, Aff.age A'i. . ? 48 auw>. <or?er?f WiUtam 2r?I<8 ??F TllK ATLANTIC MAIL BTKAMbMiP Company. *e. ? Bowling tin tn. New York, V.r. 13. I?By order of the Boaid nf b'fUrv, nn'i r i.< lirr^uy glern Uiil In eonar-ioeiwe of Hie eVrimn appoiut-.l to nave Seen kvil no the I8th of Novevnbo lnataal. net iia/Inp u- en held puwoaM to aw ? appeiutiwebh ?u rl?- u? dtreiUu-sof this"-mwp.lie .lid three of the u?it anerea.ller atai--Ion Will he h'!4 at the (.Ve of l',c- n . , ea Frldav. the 1 lib d?v ?( >-i .try, ?8C, et 15? ? A The irei-a/nr'.4>a? ?t' ?' the Kanaers' Loaa end f* elnse.! t en the RRh'o th. U . .1> IW, i e -.-n fr-:n 13 n I w? rKANBUN ALI.RN, aeevwaiT | rimia aflM i-Kort.E'e rxmoutt.M coMiMbv, IX ? K-w Tort. Dm. 4 I Me-The an Mitel ?heaMaf e< the BtockleHdeie of Ibe nhnr# eotapaaT will bo M? IkitoabN. oa rueeder, fieenwhnr lg, at no# ?'? loe* r M . lor taejrtruoee at dePotine for trustee* for im - u?u Im roar. l*oua mm fr.-m I In T I' M. Tre'.fnt la ke ?Mm* fro* lha IOth hi ike IHh U?lu?l?e. t? order of the (hi*. f.nWAKU ?clw VROrgR. Emmt. QPBTTAL MOTTO* TO BAHlBtTORH. p ?'JJQ* uatiHfmtAi. exhibition or i?r.. ?r. C. U UTBMt. nor* ??Mr*. Cbtrfeerlng A Mil' Saaoforte Wererootn*. IK Wreagwnt. Mow York'? * In wrorMm with iLttrnctleue, f<ei Ml herebv i* ?Meted U >0M and sieluaive I grit fir the ratire U aired 4U'" of Amerloa tor anllei. fag a?<4 puhhehing m (ho ? "ffi ? .Uiauue of the 1'nlterml RlMMtei ?r IMf," 8 Pali*, enrien *11 adier i n?t '?> that ran he p*UMiM tea eighty pegn ?>' <*M catalogue thai are 4e?otn-i II the ir, the aoatiaatar fur eetd en la! ngne fmwi the T<nr?rt*l 4 'iinnTeahm, ae - (bar hook eraamphM m Medium of ad eeriuif.g .-eg bewhl ar leaned In or during iha no&Mananiw of mid eibfbttMtn. and u> apace being limited. no further edeerl'li anite ran ba dpHMM befnad Ike eight) page* ?boee . dgnate i. end antelhraagb yoa, la aeeotmam with the eoy'ntmetiiof )???? a* ?>le end etcluatre .gent I aa air, /.Hire. Ac., fillfft', Cnneaeaiima re. f' attention t? the iUit*. application fur tbe r-mem ?| .i?. e ebntiM t>* made without deiar to the under* igard, will furnlrt ail neeeaaam le.'mnallnn. GtlABI.fif. rjk* HKfO E. m Ir^lei;. DKYTMTItY. 44 h DEI ICUTI'l l. PRlK'FUr '-."rtfR 1TWII FX A trusted in one minute. with u lb* |e*(t rili.,' through ea Improted method m -belief stiui* aid. gee ho n ar#* f<w eitraetlng when teeth ore lumrted, el T A!* VLFU It V l7?M*th areoue Ambu i.i, wrr or tkktii iM**rrRn ro* t*. ?e ?* I eitranuig paia: ptire a eae -tide get .Mil; At IBR l*Mt Thirteenth atrial between and Fourth a?ee-< MKW Aho #.:rBNiiri<- pi- vBiir -no moke II uanhMbe efter ueing PlSte*'* timet T Mb. It nerer telle to < are 11 iDt'euUf. Ulrn It e IrteL ^Weetfe per b?t'i?. Tn be bed it No. 0 CTtnloo place, ead an drug atntet in the ffalted Ittatgg* uowt womwebki'l w??J*w.-WTj? r.x. traded r?'? hT V v'.( a*. V i hlVitf*L3l amed it rent, n-e!r lw|>e?l WA*rEm DF5THT. ? dinil AT*Mil. " r<* ?tnfr" kbere Tnlrtj.nlittU ? r??'-X art'' B 'bbWr T ? $$ end ill). Pr.racilag .wth with PWHMI' IW ?n?. G A IKITRUTIOV. OOOl'NTH. AO.?I*8TRd? TIGV IN BOOKKEEPING. Penmunahtp. Amhiuetie, t'omwi ludeme, Ac., at GOLDSMITH'S U-oaajaarclal loaUtute. 'W Broadway. Ea teblKhod ItMU I'mate luatiuctlou. Boom* tor Ldiea. AN ENGLISH LADY. EXI'BIURVCKD IN TEACHING, wlrhe* as engagement aa rlBtlng forerueaa. l ei ma $1 per hour. A ! ', oaa Y. 0. Y? Herald oflioa. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A POSITION AS DAILY govern***, to teeth all the EacU'ih hrauliea wttb l ie- ? h. An Irea* Teacher, boa 2.AKJ Boat uftl ft. A LADY WILT, ATI imtBWTNH ON THE (uatio and ringing at ptipil'a reelleooe for 611 por c ii.i. C of refer-,nea given. Addrem, with reaidonce, Teacher. bor US Herald ulDoe. AflRNTLEM.1T, NATIVE ON NORTH WESTERN I ruaaia. itnd ?m !'iate uf an Amoriaan college, daairea ?tig|v.! Jiiltalr tructioii in the tier nan 1 ingiiago aud literature. Adder'a Uennau 'Peaobrg Herald olBoe Alii' INi.o ; . OrRKEfaU-ROOKKBHPINO, ABITH* metir i'eomaitlhip, Reading, Spelling, Ac. Emtio.' private writing olaaaee. ft! 3D PAlKE'S Bu?l utiaa College* .e*i*bli?tied UHt?, ; ti. Boa cry, auil 3lH Fulton, Brooklyn. Bsokkbbping. WRirnru, sc., for business.? Mr. DOLBKAK, 80# Broadway, t?.e,hri Hoofeaee|tng prcrto-ally ?m uted In the boat Ne.r York houaer. Me il'o ihiiptM niuTneaa, cramping or trembling front the worm httiul. and m,lac* elegant Uudneaa jaouuau. IpBENCH AND GERMAN I. A VOUACIES, LATIN. KNG tlah grammar, and other brgaebea "f agonvleiuati'a education. 'Art llroadwwys A*11???oit? prteaM. ediNMiod In New York 1851. PROF. K. TELLE III NO. Teachers wanted-for English, vrEncil Fohcing, Elocution, Clarvlua, Painting . /id Miuie, and All necking a"ob. Teacher* united Immediately. Call At or an ire*. too Nali ,nal Teenitora' Int'.lutr, 582 Broadway, New Vol k. ____ _ _ rpO ADULTS.?TUITION GIVEN TO ADULTS IN 1 Writing Couipoetttun, Re .ding, French, Mndo and Riinflre ' r e'.t.lie,-, hy a ten, her (hidei htrlf f priiate. Ad dn ? i . W.', iiox i IS He- aid o hoe. 1V)WNs!SNt>'S BUSINESS ACADEMY, AW BOWERY.? Frival.' ipatroctlon day and eve ntng In Bookkeei ng. Writing, Commercial lkjrre?u<>i.dehoe, Conunerriat Ar'tS. meilr, Ugrtrii. Reading, Spelling, Grammar, A- Bovine for ladle* No clu' -eu. THK TI'HF. Great pacing match?new york against Jeraey: to. .ju> ->tT on the Union Hah MUo Track, s>.?. .my.*, cnn-l atreei midlBloomlng V.ile rued Tha Jay Ce. rni be, i, ?.gtruoce P. N.. for $?*? a *uie. Br. Blown rainei Maty Browr.. !?> ..,n?e; Mr. Kiuley uaiuom .tervoy SuM, to La' una*. Arti.iUu.oor SO cent*. TUB At aN A<i l.'R OF THE UNION HALF MlLK Track. Hereon neeond Ktront and Bloom luplnl'i r.-ad, resiMH-'ully lnvitre tb" menuiera and tb?lr triond* to navo unmcra' the IIo'ol on Wed need ay, De-atoiSe - 5, at which llui- lieoffcr* two tdlver culpalobe trotted for 'hero am Sue good Ui.r-ci en . red Tor tba beet cup ?ud four for the t<.<-uiid, b.aru Uuuixg U evurcied, u wcaiii-u pei intts. JAB. FIN LAY, Manager. HINHITLAO. All k^ng'1 of fancy dogs and ninns, *o., f ir ae'o - At B. I'uVBY'S, 810 Canal eua-et, ueer Cburcli. Modi -1nc? for all outline dtararei. Prepared food for murkiog bird*. A FIRST CLASS WESTLEY RICHARDS SEC.iSD u-nd Hrnech idtader, 10 gr uge; eleo a u -w 18 g? (to do . and aeveml dratelaia aenona ! and Muzrle Loader*, far wale lo*. tj GflAB. FOLSOM. K Maiden lane. N. Y. elty. A STRAM T*R01*KI.r.r.R YACTIT FOB RALE?'MCIT '1 ?!,ji : -.1 .o .g. ten teet beam; rbont AvemimtheoMi btilll o! oak and oaipper foAtcuud; l.a* ao .mii.nel tlnni. for elgi. partoaa aea..'eathn enew; la well fjnund in avery ro epact. Airpiy on hoard at foot of Faei T. nlh tliwit, Daniel iv.oTRk. is viogsevclt htrbkt. has all tberh .re h.??<1? of Dog* rcrier'H Infallthle Mrnge ('in. i an ! 11, a Laleriniiu-tor, 7j ienb>. Mediciura for *11 For nkwioiindlanu doo, bci.l tf.r rlera. a ,*>ir of bandaomg Fvttr Doga, Mimill Hlank ami Tan Scotch Nlyr Terrier*, good ratter*. Apply In JOHN GRAY, II Koo*.', elt ?treet. Fm HALK?A LOT O* YOUNG Rt'OKY MOUNTAIN Kltt". Adureas Cbarlea Baioltn A Brnluei, bird elore, 86 Chdtham atreet. IltRJWi'Tfl TIITLXR, NO. S FECK KLIP. 11 AH Af L THK ob ? n brendaef iMg*. ghilar'* Inf*llihAe Mange Gore rnd 11"; I r.-r n'rator, 75cent.. B'ltlcr a ww w-.rk on llio itog. #2 ' ojh I reined, boarded, Ac. Medlonte* laraS din ?Mho. w AN 11 D *" gentle. T.AROi" VfhTOI Dog. A lair price vrlll be paid. Call at or ad<lro?* iltil Foat FowteentA "reel, in the ?tec*. IIOHNKR. OAUKIAOBM. ?i( . irriEMBOJ* pautk'li ahj,v called to J\. I'unyv^miir or sale BLOOD1"!1 HORSES .IK 5' KI.FOAVT r'.vRRf AOP.H, ?O MTHEK A KOMUlU ILI.H. I'tw.i I ' cKttAlf, IRW. 4. f 'fit' RHDAY. Dwv ?>, In run*. t'MMR 01 tbr ritifPiM .aHiuuauay <m tun >t anther Yoavlay, PartJ<->ilar? mi4?r ?>< -IMR linnet. A vurroHiA. in rniiHiMix ordbr, borwatbr Bant; a fanf MBit t!nl?ww and t?i BuyRr, naniiid and: >ln ?>* OniTI. m?" and Mam?n. at ??? - ? XK*,~ * pnrga, ROONKV.rl I.tBort yataaal A I'LlKKM'K TITHES COrPKB; ALL IN rtOOD if irr: *1 ??w Onmnma aud c. nom, .tt;*i|>ar <*ut Jiiomloay amir*. lOllN 0 HAM '0 Ka-t fourth rtrent, * raar oi Broadway. A K LI.Ki.lNi I AIR OK A VTOBI.D It W MORSEB, lb .1''. ynnrj old. tin art, ntslUl. .nd I.hii.1 noun hire kriH-olli;. family ttn-u for ilir pur' ? i, ?nil *i Ui ?? fully w.r byonnn to In-uu.luveS price 11.000; tlirv Coil gl 3X1. Atl'l'i" Mil _'?? I'm ..nir . SHALL RAY CANADIAN "nTY. ilKNn.K ANO , clii.l in. ?u?. limn! i* up.". ? harry M-eet, K Y. A NORSK BLaNKI II? HSR BLANK! TS, f'AB rl-iyr Ml afnblc; ni?.' s*n..t HI.h vru, i,fc|i Roboa, eiwwp; mnUu'iHi. p*. Iluu .r . IJnl rr> w.-l nt loir ?" ? TIN l ? BKi/TUkiLs , I Pan on -i. < prion*. VAll OKAND OrXNIXO or KIMBALL K ''LLLJWiATLI) L Ib.rt'.ni! -'1 'iyhi. TbdpMay, lAnsra..*.- 0. S. K RAT S. irnrurr Broadway and FortyOAliB atront. A IlANDfcOilU BALDWIN Top WAiiOX. WITH PULE ?i? ilwftn: \1 -o ? ??i nmiO hand H >riM umw lin-lny no nan for tbniu A,p!.. at atabin M0 devm. ill A 31 -F.^B-'BY Tof AND P.'>41> WSCO*. sr. OKll . miii1 1'luwtonA. Br-o<i?"ra, Ho ;.4W?r?, ll'pat, ?lapyr, I if#, torn' and *.Spm?? It apaii-; ?r bur- T t. < ? ?'. ?i.4Su.kl? . r ? .y>., Hunan Bu.ikni-, amylu Mar ?d-U, H > liuUI. r? B M ORA.T, ? W<v,-|rr Uiaat. a splendid m fir HoRaE por * ?lr uy yeaRB otf ; 1.. in . I..I odd '?.f n.JI wLuaa nnrwrp. ? tli- : y. udeU'a isnte<. nur.-ur of l ;? ;tj ?? gPife ni'?' and Snynatli nrdmrr. , A IlAJTOIRIItE BEoWN MARK PDRSAIX II. UA.\ A. ,'\ n.s. iuwI ? i ml ?od k.nd ran ba am'i at dUAWe r?) nu i* -una A (IK^'Ar HAKl.tO .11 -T IK' S CANADA AND um?t bn aotd. tl. * i-.r.nrfnl and *?y i??r Won ..mi. .'? ?inn >f rboap t aamUau Po..:--, IS Uanun, i far* o t. Ada POurt I wot. a HI'.At TIKI'Lt H'?r MAWIltD PAtll AIK IHiHRI a J\ ? nt. - a PR HlniA lb#iitbnr i lApnW ar?. 7?n.'*j?ai. !A 1*.^' :.?n'j I Lab long m .n?*. ana tail* ana w .rnuii-.l In r...r f8 W. t |>'T a' otiblna Ilk aad 117 R f'? anty. tbiro ilrw.' ^ HRvt-nri'T. RiT HilRAR, It II AND- Hi. t. f ? 1 miiNU. a.?" a liibt turn uvnr anal PbaOim rod Hainan, at Pi.iA trnouu ?Ui, "i. ? Ttiar <>f lorir.i.m. .. atiaat and Mflii amnoa. \l?Ri loRSA PHAtOP AND llARNini VKW l.'W Runay. Hoi I ? a t?r?am, ?' IV Kaa fnirty-fuu tB Minrn. anar rbird a - m?. AKFR'S VTtfUlN POM HA'l.l -Hf ILT UNK VPaK >..??? M a .11 told to# '? a >i I'll Waai Fortmfli alraai B ai.AOr HAW? H iR?K.?A >'AKRLV>R. OOftPB <?? O niajln hamna" M.o t l!aw% Ho'ar, I* fc.nti Mgh. jat Inidr ton a aH. and .a-Alr-i ? m In In I , ?n m'ntit n. p. - mi . ip in * n-i . ? l? 1 at ? ?.?? ? Id'i'nnntb atrOii. . lit ft LA Ylfth atouua. WnrTBO'Od t ARB! AM> > CABBIAiir*. / HKKAT HC.IM t fOldr f.N Kff'BR d*l >UR ?Al.r. I? Nl.Mi.lls, OM IIARNLsPKA, HSb STRAPS RLBiHli BKI.I.a. C. W I PIT' ' atrlad- w ? nr-nian ??.R ProadtM). i -ar sin w-r itraos. BJIyl. I4I.R?IWli TIOR4K4. A TP! OK AND THE r Maloaaaof a .turn Apply at No R) Utirma atrani Dranklpn, I mirwu it .ib4 A m tb* or mil. ' l.iMN tt, MAIIO> E?* I1 ALL?A RLA'k MARK., f|\ FEARS I* handa lilyli; ?>? rattan In E-iitucfcy. -at of a IbumngW I mam. WHrran nd ownd ,nd ? nd t ii'iltam * .d a ' V ' ru'l.l kpwfcpi (loo trot tail idi. prt * $1 afi A04??a? Is. F. natnM ptrr Ml SAUL?A toSPLMTL P.traSI.IKDtlfc o ? OS P ? if a pur al ?o id ?ill' I ??fc Mewwn Kron. ii rloMton W uansa A'' . a frr .l bau.lli. Apply at fbon ;i. 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LARGE DOf HLK CARRIAGE FOR BALE ?APPLT At ,table W Weal Fortieth street, between 8 and U A. M. 5EOOND HAND OniGl/LAR FRONT CLARENCE. REG ond tin, in good order. HRK W.sVER A FAJ.DW IN, Corner Broadway and Tenth ?tr?eL JRCOND II AND COUPE FOR TWO IlORdKH, IN GOOD 5 i.ider. $100. BREWSTER A BALDWIN. Corner B.osdwsy and Tenth m reel nOOID H AND CURTAIN Oil ARTRKED COACH. ) good OA new. BREWSTER A BALDWIN, Corner Broadway end Tenth street. 'RCOND HAND LANDAU. ON PLATFORM H PR I NOB, > In tiro rate order. BREWSTER A BALDWIN, Corner Bnndwuv and Tenth street. TO LET?A LARGE BK10K STABLE. 60 1' fruii L with two l ifts overhead; rear of M Vm etrert. ^t>ly to ROBERT MACLAY, 77 Cedar street. w J ANTED?A GOOD SECOND HAND CCTTFR, WITn |Hile and sh ifts. Ad Irene G. L. B., Herald oflVe. Ttf.tflONS FOR SALE-ONE SQUARE BOX, LIGHT; ?V price Jfkj One '.op Buggy; price $NI. At W. 8. LENT.i, 281 Third avenue, near Twenty third street. (D - ~ WILL BUT A RAY HORSE, NINE YEARS old, sou ml sod k.nd. Grossmen ? stables, Thirty act olid street, we 1 of Third ..venue. Ill HCELLAIISOlll. BULLOCKR' RS ADDERS WANTOI.-TIIE BEST MAR ket jwtos will !w R.Tnii. Apply to P. A U. lXJk.ll. I. tttlr, lfL ItJaud 4) I'hi'inh. rs st. ? CSSELL'B ICE CREAM?BEST IN TUV CITY; ONLY 48 cents per .prarl. Fair,, frxtlv.ils. snet tblee and prl lOirtiish vatefamines fnmehei TW Fourth even ., lieir Twontf thlrd street aid IJSH Hroe iw iy. I CERTIFY 1 CAN CURB THE FF.VKR AND AGUE IN ^ one day. Apply at Jersey City, Pallsoa Dock t ,?I ysrd. TVRF PATENT LAMPS? PARIS, JUT.?WISHING TO I aOHoaiatn with no prer'loui bu? noes men wltheapltaL for the of oitr bnslae* s abroad, we offer tor sole port* of our European Fntents, ami Invito visitors to ihe Part* .lupisdtlon ?f 1S87 (where spin e has been allotted u?> 'amine our Improri tueuts. and the Inducements oltered for business, Id which pleasure nnd prolit mm lie - inhbsRl end for eifeular. JUUUElVhS* co., pj Maiden Call, or "in Is no, N. V. I AW.?CORNELIUS BURLING. COUNSELLOR AT J law Tt D'lauo, near Ch:,;h.un street. All lsn ie.loits. claims. ilivorw ,. dr., pr jxc ou-d or defended. No ehaife for eixiniiistl'iti of . PARIS EXHIBITION, WIT ?JOHN ARTHUR A CO., 10 rw Castlgltooo Agents of tbi Hnllah mid American Bjrthdsutai, established 8B years, und"rtak'- to represent e? Buukanil Ckehsirge, House and Estate Agents, ?? - - ?? ? mo'' C'in,u.l?' on. Trt.i it Agents and Wtne Merclunle. Every Uto-dn ,tto.. yr.iiis. pAKX'B EVTBkCT HUCHU IS CURING EVUKY . i?xe of kidney disease, rheumatism gravel, ulluarv disorder*, weakness. Ail aliened iry Parr's Bu< hit. Seld al l.'T Elm street. RHEUMATISM AND NEURALGIA. NUfTERRD ? lifh en yerirn. Alderman losinh Comly, PhlUdi phl*. cured by Dr. litter's KUe,ratati< Ken.edy. cure wa muted or money returned. Bold by prim pal New Vol ?.slru j|let' WANTED TO PPRi'lltSK-A SEtXLNR HAND HOE RoUry Printing Machine. Add ? ?*? J. P., mu 'Aid Herold oil t stn.iiig t< ra?", Ac. "WANTED TO P.UV-A ITONP IIA.Nl> OITY FIBK 11 Engine, w it HfeutandX or age, ouaplete. wllh full pnrtl ll.trx, hot 1,131 Pott oilier. <!?,"!A ?JMPOr'i'ANT TG HOTELS AND FAMILIKd.? ?P'-fv. We-:'s Improved paiev. Mmeh T - _ _il?s. No*. 1 and Id Uberiv pl?. e. v. Y. ri'.taluiig, gee fltthig. Im k ami blank smith, iieii hanging. Die mot to agents PHOPtW \ 1.11. Orrv.K or tun to inn op nun attox. torvkb 01 i. mud and him lUNlitl, Nnw iuu to'.-tiuib*. J. Its*. m hniM Km wlllhe reeetrrd al tMe until itie 17(1. dppnf l>?. lainrmilo'iks-i; i\ M.. al <ri.:?Ha* n?!d proposals will b" ess..lined, In- sopplyn.r tt>? Ptnlie be) ?>U Wider the jBrtedi.-doii of the Heard of Kdi"eti.i w tli Jo'iir. i>t ?'loner) and oihei irin-ti ? for t b*> uj *>t *l<1 ???liojfl tor una soar, inwii Avian on th? l?t nt' .launair, 1M7. V list of the artbdaa win he f|MI nod na ipp) ? itla# lo thai Iters of Uio Boa* i of Mdurai on. TIMi.niY iiKKHNW, | ham I'M* U 11. VAM'I,|i oumli'M i,\MI"- 1T. r*Rir r ?It' hit 1, UlUiRB, I Hi .pi es. .lAMfH H OtTPWNACf,) ?ko1'**4ai.s WAsPF.n-ro mnjsit *:*>, ? ? *;r*.r or sfooo WaiJ, ll/oitT :|jh Willi fil.krl '*!?* -in MOnet's feet lo.'l. pain' Ci- hull*. pa lor -lull.* ivoru. mi. emmar the rolllngi at tight roouw, pupri flr<-- . ?is, p r o a and l.atli '.Ob nr .I tm'.ut the roof *.f the how. no tl.a \Yee' r,.rme '.md and Pi.ion srenwe, io it - villa*- of (lot. i-enjat-r ldlre*? . R. esrauii. .'r.. "7 Pearl at. *-*w Y i k. F" ll'OAAl.H H?R IXMAX I.OtlUv llr.r .si aaar ne roe larieeioe. Orrtra or lontte ArrasA" Orrira or inm?? Ae-sin*. : VY i iMOWiTtm, l> *>.. N'errernHe SI, W, I Behind pro petal* r-ndn-siHl ?'pionoaalafor Indian it .Is,'' will a si'oii-.I at Ui? OfMeaaf Indian Affairs until li'e'ide Ir *f . on - iTI RllAY. il.o 1Mb dny of lleeemher o-at. lor Iiip II tli 02. .11 ('It p?i'"tll lei I a-IT In alt nil, th- article . num-d la It.- !>/' wrfnc ?' '? TIPpforio- la lahitt-atf, in *.<para|r r olii* on * wo .i pro sr*.* .se will dnltr-r.-i .Now t"i > ot'-', mid r *n?t i roal th-J v.lll if l-i ierml n rf* 1 i*i.' . Tl.o goods to I f drily ra<l a' miner pl-ne at the float of it r notf odor 1 It'rT CI.AHH VAOhiVAC BT,A*K1 i'?- PORKIf'N O* 710*1 iff. ? v 11 ilrSpt *li t Rlsnkeit uktot ?, to no 11 S tamo'ltk 2 .v. i p-.1-!>. ot. >-hHe Htiukafak Mi Ad ioahre, t*> ?i.*ii ? ismrota ?V?. ? rl', pt while Buolnls. >iiU? ni'-h-a. to we vh 4y pool'.n. I r?11 pair 3 pt. aearlet Rlauknts dl)?72 nrltaa, ?? s-pt po V'.? ."so putr 7 . .it Rla. k?ia, 'liisi Incknt lo i??yi. H ISO. i i* I 3ii pair Hp' g ?-n Rlankew ?H7J ia' to a* fh I peworia .'A?i i .i Ir H pt In.igo Rl'ie Hlan?-1<, Mt't oohrs. In Weffltl A i ihm"!-. iB'ttiurlk pt. IiMt.s ? Blue Slaak-ta, .Vai6 Inntie*, u? t' ji.? pomade. I I' p-lr I' pt. lud go Rlor RUnket*, d.'ifci ii. . to wrtgt 4 nun ud* ?||if(l CI \*<s i i/iTif-niui.utN nit i?oiia*im :MI rrrd* I'nwi I ?i ahlfClultl ?.?.?>?* .pl-ilisv" T.Ut P - I i. ?) .-IwiT .r.'a ote.l Li ill ... ? 1 'L. 7 i>?lyarde H .te.1 IA*' --arl-i I'teih, ririMfl ? I.V?H~T?KV 'VRin*. am .Im-n A ? Yt ootjon PPawK .41 |*> .11.14 I.IIIO11 Til. ' -ft. ji . oomle' vej.s* Tlirpul ',1.41 t. .Is Til... V Red I III I il'.l. ?41.4* rent- HI te ftiilto g. ?m.f*d ran - tmtm t?rl'l.p?. AUNR .arsis Red -ante It.-.i flel. uf. ".. ill j s. d* H.iner Hannet Kltn t aids let nam. Ails. <sn|a Hekerr -W 'In*. 4i.i4?i vsid* Ri.nrti smrilae 3U.I4W lliehorv Hfetns iMdfanbDad '.??i-at- _ rril'RTll f I. \H--RARliW4MK till in en line' east dw ti?s, finm Sto 8 . (tonnds wMi ha i plies. II4J.a.-?n h"?? re? Steel Half At?a, '.um 3 W J p iinde. wiih handle# ' OoM'nnp K- i'? iisinel - see. 1,1411 .hurt handle t r>- Pen#. .at 'u -u tin l'an 1 ?awi ? nnar', ia -Tial d"h"!" ?*. aneeed l,l??iilor-" I roe Tel.taSpoona I ?ei tl i*?n Tip rn?s. 2,.*4" rtorepM-olef ei K'it*es a n.- 'l hla. a I in. )??-n I i?h II ?aseerledi. .AW. I /.*? i ish Line. ? assorted Hitpflisi of all a si lo ne forward"! <a the ..a-# w th the t'-ri|. .sets, snd ee ipwda fnrmabed lo be e*P'st la ell reepe. ?s to n,no'. ?. V Mis fo-te?-?'?i, in eaf .re ?!#?? of the ertlclee -pe. i ?e*l will 'J# - .ns.deied III arthle- ft I.'fhee under ePnlrart will he r|gi.; tip. ape led sil l ?* na 'he hr en a*- i'or appoint"] teal pi.rpoee Bn- i ?M>.lr .<r sr:*]*i . naef In apr lesori I fail lo r-mfofAn to ti e unp. e- i 'Jl He r-,? ot aei III 1'ta rase he etitrar tor *rtl' be hrriiid in fornlai ether* of me reiulred amd or Htieidr wi'hla #re sr? or If teat be ndl done I her wfll he p*i iiesod at hie eijtei a? I'sTfh Ail i 1 b- ?nl' far ro f* mr. *?1 ?? .p-ei-ea f'terenf, ? rrtl 'sM hf (be s?#f,' a sj-n i a. pmalwl (a Inapert f|.ee?, lie r.?h( wilt he resarrsd to -?ilo''* * grrsier Tnaatflp of sBT of the erio-iee nantesl 'Van thai arm- (lied nj ins* *h re S. Ved'Or. pel eba- .lin? 'hro- lime. 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"t fm W-I nerehf pr.*fswe ?.j fumtsV Hi# Ind en f?"t rt?"ii, !>? -orrltiie ta thai- .ne of Ihn edreWnem-nl of tl* < 4HUI il* ?inn-* e "Indie- Alts-** 'sled Rorepi'ierJI 1H*? the '? llosr. srthies at la- ifWes rl.--elo afllt-l:? f Hern trmrrl IHa lief -na. ? -d as indl.- wed tn the oral persf-arh ?* 'hla ad*?. ? ..-ne#' L fat * article* a 'o He del tera! )e either at 5. w t ori >f *? In ?. ?? 'he i "mmtee..?ner of Indian Alfetra nor -I*. I, mi or le*r*we ihe ?sh dfff M la'.r*?srT atil, ar d. it .Rao op*r ?l he ercep.nd. |oir?-i w.ll. ssiihln -.rede-s ?herraf.e-, eier ? e s *ei#f-?ri aesnf-l petT Slid tire ?" rfty a .-s'-mer* V 'he ". nfinle-mner (/ lal'an tWe"a f..i iae (httl tHlr"'' ">? e . ( (he *e?ae * |tS-h nw sal ma*' he "wppsnied h?a riaran'an In the ?(d(.i?.rii foiir.ia e Ma <l >?> i?.. -spimalble p*r?ie *sh ee a .Ihrinori must he feri.srd hp a l'e ed ma(na Ji. 'gm er m-til l uamtpp. ?-K'- he-r.'if aen ???( aaeersBf aotraoiee <het (he

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UNITED sTArKN TKKABURY, DECEMBER A IMA Schedul -a of thirty or mora nwi >u.l throe-tent lie Conpooa. pt>)?bla UmulMi li, mat., wU. now l>o received for eiAmiuetiua. D. H. 7AM DYCC, Aaaieuuil Treaauror. PMOR SAril?RKLT RAILROAD HTOMK. LOW, ALo'O otWrliy rail'iMd xttur'M)?. an<1 ? full doa of In* tr. ?nor, ?Hgr end oouuly (tonka and hood*. at ilie low. at mar A tit rate* fur lin-*uneoL AI.BKliT H. NICOLA Y, Stuck Biukar and AucUouner, 4U Ptoc tin? New York, SOUTHERN RAILROAD, STATE AND ( ITY RO- OH tit*1 ('aunuiia pit' lined by CUAKLER 1'AKnu.V, A CO.. IK Exchange l larr SPRINQKIKED, 1M. . CITY WATER T.OAN. AMOUNT OK 1NMIIK. *.N?>,<00. TWENTY YKAK RHIHT PER CENT BONDfl. Wo bare a i'rtw inuio ol tbeia- lionite to di-ipoae 01 , at rate* faroru la to invt'tUira. Also. mi hand. Siiiingtn'ld, 111., T".i per cant Boo.It, ia-ued to tlwi r-|iid.igtield and l'aiuiiue Rail road t Vnipany. Kor furtnci particular* ar-ilyti, KOH.'NSON AOCDFN, Bunker*, ? No. 4 Hruatl at)net. Now York. T HE MUTUAL ? 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