Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1866 Page 2
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Beport of the Commissioner of the General Land Office. in* following *bctrart Indicate* the variety of topic* treated In the Commissioner's report:? 1. The operation of the public land system in favoring settlement* 2. The proceedings whereby the fight of the United Plates was rendered ubsolute and complete to the West ern lands. 8. The arse of Western lands at the date of thetreaty Of 1783 with Great Britain, defining our limit* 4. That all the public lauda within our original limits have been completely surveyed; contrast In this respect wnh the British Islands. 6. The early measures for restoring the right of the United States to the Pacific, In virtue of the law of con tinuity, followed by the Trench, Spanish and Mexican cession* 8. The extension of territorial limits to the Pacific and en the Oulf of Mexico; whole area of public lands 1,468,488,800 acres, with seacoast on the Atlantic, the Gulf, Pacific and Puget aouud, equal to 6,120 miles. 7. The localities of the public domain. 8. Tha origin of our survevlng system, and the prin ciples which control In extending the public lines on the earth's surface. 0. The political subdivision* over which surveys have el ready been completely extended, vis., In Ohio, Indi Michigan *" " f" ana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and nearly so in Louisi ana and Florida, and .those in which this system has further to advanoe, Tlx., Hlhneaota. Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexloo, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Washington territories, and the States of Oregon, Nevada and California; suggesting further legia l*i Ion for tha adjustment of foreign claim* 10. The aggregate tree surveyed In all the States and Territories to Jane 80, 1886, 474,160,861 sores; unsur veyed, Ml,808,840 acres 11. The aggregate in miles which has bean ran and marked on tha earth's surface, in establishing these sur veys, being-788,420 12. For the past fiscal year the cash salea, bounty land locations, quantity taken under home*lead act, area for swamp In place, for swamp Indemnity, for retiroad grants qnd agricultural college serip are equal to 4,629,812.87 acres; cash receipts for same period, $824,648; the theory of conceding for actual settlement in preference to cash sales examined and prominent au thorities mentioned who have favored the same. 13. The quantity surveyed on June SO, 1866, Including private claims, ib equal to 831,260 forms of 160 acres each, or more than a million and a half of eighty aoro tracts 14. The difference between the agrarian system of the ancient emp re of civilization seven hundred years alter Its foundation, as compared with the United States. 16. In addition to the surveyed region, the unsur veyed is now open to pre-emption settlement In advanco Of survey*. 16. Besides the munificent concessions for military eervioe and internal Improvement, there have been grained for sohools, seminaries of learning, universities, agricultural and mechanical colleges, 21,645,000 acres, while the estimated area deslinod to pass for educational purposes In territory west of the Mississippi river is 86,485,000 sores. 17. The area already awarded for rail and wagon roads, with that yet to be segregated, will be equal to 157,886,794 acres: some for iho construction of great highways of travel to the Pacific, and others to link to gether intermediate points. 18. The facilities In making settlements under pre emption and other laws by the aid thus conceded for internal Intercommunication. jgJ?, A sketch of the pre emption system from 1801 to 20. The general pre-emption laws of 1841 and 1843. 21. Pre-emptions under act of 1863 aro allowed on even numoered sections along the lino of railroads, when settled upon and Improved prior to final allotment of granted sections, also to lands where covered by French, Spanish or other grants, declared invalid by the Supreme Court. The act of 27lh of March, 1884, recognizes set U6t*?nt* toade prior to the withdrawal of lands from 'toarkftl. 22. The municipal towh alts law of 1841, and the pre emption provision in the graduation act of 1854, have given way, tha one to the town property and coal land laws of 1864 and 1868, tha other to the homestead laws of 1862. 1864 and 1866 23. Property In lands to be one of the first Institutions of the State. That the development of the public land system makes farther legislation desirable; to tlx p 'nods of limitation for the consummation of Interests, to gen eralize end give greater efficiency, and to render the pre emption end homestead principles Independent of each other. 24. The principle* of the homestead lew* 26. The town and ooal pro'^efty on tl ..... tha publio domain. Suggestions as to localities ?nd values. 26. The three broad belle stretching across the Country and containing the prertgp* metals. The distribution of ??PP?0 tin and zinc. ?Z "?* <D California. .?[? >"* outline of legislation relating to minerals, i#** That the lauds offered at public sale in tho last uacal year amount to $6,423,984 acres, ip addition to whioh other lands, heretofore withdrawn from sale or entry, have been restored to market. SO. Change* in boundaries of land districts, and In the location of lead offices. 31 All eocounts of reoelvere of pnhtio money and dis bursing agent*, adjusted to the close of the fiscal year; all five per oenta due the land B ates adjusted as far as accrued. The system which controls la adjustments of receivers' end disbursing agents' accounts. The relation this clam of officers holds in re. ard to the acquisition of title by purchase or otherwise of public lands; recom mends that the Interdict in this respect, that applies to General I .and Office emplyhe, shall be made general la regard to all employes in land administration. 32 Tha duty devolved on the General Land Offloe of leauiag patents for sal -s made under revenue laws. Re turns from the treasury ot sales, required on the filing of the original oertlfloatea of tax sales as the heels or patents. 83. Dee Moines grant Special certificates have Issued, fully satisfying the claims which, under the ao s of 8tn August, 1844, Joint resolution of 2d March, 1861, and act Of 12tb July, 1862, amount to 833,079 90 acres. $4. Fort Howard reserve, subdivided into 316 lots, of wbleh 230 have boon sold; residue to be disposed of under the special act of duly 4,1800. 68. Tost Incomplete entries under the late graduation law may be consummated, in tbe absence or proof of settlement and ealtlvatlon, by the payment of the dtfler ence between the graduation price end $1 28 per acre. M. Sketch of legislation relating to swamp and over flowed lands Decision of the General Land Office over ruled by the Attorney General's opinion of April 20, I860. Aggregate area selected to Jan* 80. I860, 88,040,217 acres, .of which 43.204,774 acres have been patented. Tbe aggregate indemnity granted for lands of (his charaoter t* lb* 30*h or Juno, 1806, is, In cash, $607.201; In other land* 470,030 03 acres * 37. The principles whloh control tn tbe protection of timber, wlih suggestions to further Its growth. 88. Donation claims lo Oregon and Washington; cer tificates received np to June 30, 1806, covering 1 637,688 ? res, patents have been laeued for the greater port,on, * embracing 1,282,423 acres. Further legislation neoen atry tn fix e period of time within which parlies to bo required to pay for their survey shall oome forward and do ho otherwise ih -tr claims shall be located In ac ord anre with the lines of tb? public surveys 39. DuGes devolved by few on tbe General Land Office In regard to Indian matter* Tbe eitcnt to which they bave been discharged la tbe last year by the Issue of paleni* 40. The legislation in regard to foreign titles, Spanish, French, British or Mexican, and tbe proceedings re quired of the Land Department. 41. rhe report Is accompanied bye apernl com Biunivatton re pectlng surveying archives of Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin, oonta nlng historic details relative lo the French end Spanish administration In Upper Loi'lvixfl* It Is alno accompanied by returns of the survsvors general oomplete, exhibit" of vales and loca tions, of the eiteut of surveys Id each political division ol the United State* ; also of all tbe land grant* made for ostitis and rail and wagon roads, with maps of the sev eral land States and Territories, and a connected map of the United Btatee, showing the progress and extent of autre; a ?XTmtsioe or srnvar* This This system, so complete In luwir. eo a mple and ear ta n in fixing tbe lines uponVhe earth's surface, not only of town iota, but or agricultural lands, from 640, 820,100, 80 and 40 aer* tracts, has accomplished its work in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan. Wisconsin, lows, Mis souri. Arkansas. Mississippi, Alabama, and nearly s* la Loui-daae and Florida. Although tha lines of tbe pnbllc surveys have been UtU" cttaMMied. the system has vet further to advance upoa tb* fields ot Minnesota, Northern and Bout hern ftako'a, ta Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, the Territories of New Mexloo, Arizona, Utah Idaho, Wash ington, and lit tb* three great States?Nevada, Oregon end < atlfornla. During the period which baa elapeed from the begin ning of lb* service In Minnesota to tb* present time there bee been a rveyed in tbet State an aggregate of one thousand one hundred and eighteen townships, being two fifibe of tb* whole area of the State. UIOtL In Dakota the atandard parallel* townahlpe and aub divmion* ban baaa axteodnd within tha Bloui Indian rtaarraNn, want oI Big stone lake, and no an to onelooa a email northern bend of that reaorratlon failing within the Minneaota line, the aggregate of tba murer* there being equal to four hundred and twenlr mile* em br*< ng fourteen township*, containing a total of on* hundred and flrteen thoiaand one handlgd and eight acre* af the Blonx or Dakota Indian landa Muntann form* part of tha Dakota surveying dletrtet, and la remote from the eeat of the Surrey or Oeneral'a Office. In consideration of thia fact, and of tho nnaeltlad eondltloo of tha plain*, growing out of Indian Incursion*, It baa t<een deame t proper to dafar gurveya la that Terri tory until the canning season. The imMle line* eatabiiaued dtwlny tha taat aural year In Kanwa embrace over ana million one hundred and Ceaty-eight thousand arret, and Upward* of three id rail and ninety thousand eight hundred In NObraaka. During the laet iiwnl year, (our hundred and twenty four thousand nine hundred and thlrtr arret were tuf ?eyed la Colorado, about one.twentieth part at the etpenna Of aeUhra under the authority of the tenth aeoiioe of tho act of aoth May, dim, aud tha reeidoe at the cost of the gorernment. There, with prerlou* aur wey*. make aa afgrageie of thla aerrlr* in Colorado of one million Ml hundrcl nod twenty.two thousand two hundrel nod flftr-on* acre* all on the ??* ern ?lop# of the Mountain", wh.le there are now In progreaa ?urreya of ataudard townehip and melton line* equal to two thoeaand lineal mile*, at an ea'lnuied coal of tivooo, npproprleted by net of April 7, ism. Me flat a operation* have been proaecnted la Hew Medoo during tba laat Qnual year, un account of tha boutllilr of tha Indiana. The pmrnmi of the offloe. the nurveyor General aad Translator, maintain tha organ Klon of tha aarreyiaf aarvtoe, tranalaiioaa having n made of a number of Spanish document* on (lie In tb* Surveyor General'* offloe, relating to foreign title* In Arlfoaa the Surveyor General baa heen laatreeted Eertabiieh aad surrey tha bad*, marldtan and othar ma embru lag settlements, Indian boatllitlaa baviag therte trreeied the aarrln*. Surrey* bate not yet bee* attended to Idaho, on ae oount of It* remotoaoee from thooeoiof tho o?en, at On ver, of tbo surveying department of Oolora^ Of whioh It onoe coo at) lu tod ? port. . So surveys bore been mode to Utah elooe 1887, at trlbutoble, doubUeeo, to tbe anomalous ooodlUoa of offhira to that Territory. _ _ Cases hove been reported to tbe Surveyor Qeoerol of Colorado, wbooe district no include* Utah, of people who had wade Improvement* on unoccupied land* and were driven off. li la suggested thot o loud district be created In Utah, and the public lands already surveyed, covering about two millions and a half of acre*, be offered for sale. This policy, it la believed, would bring to tbe Ter ritory loyoi settlers and afford thorn opportunity to ac quire title. Tbe held of operations In Washington Territory, the most distant political community of tbo Union, during the last year embraces nearly two hundred ttiouaand acres. This quantity, added to the work heretofore exe cuted, reaches an area of upwards of three million five buudred and thirty thousand acres surveyed In Wash ington since ths Initiation In thai Territory of the public surveys. The returns from Oregon since the loot annual report Include surveys of 281,820 acres, which, added to thoao of former year*, givaa an area of over 6,780,000 acres, which Is tbe aggregate of surveys in Oregon. Tho population of the State has been on the Increase ?t the rapid rate of from 20,000 to 28.000 annually, Bat tlement* having advanced to many points far beyond the survey*. Tbe surveying service In Nevada, tbe great mineral State, covert an aggregate area of 82,184,060 acres, or wbtcb 278,112 acres have been surveyed slnoe tbe act of 2d March, 1806, including Nevada no a surveying district with < nlifornla. Inc|qd'fr27fj880,886 800?Xf>fVblch were stjrvfeetT In the,* year owning Jane KL OM, end not then reported, and - some 477,000 acres oaring tbe lost fiscal year. ? Tbe public surveys InCalifornla have approached the boundary between that Bute and Nevada, It 1% there fore, important that the dividing Uao should bo defi nitely established, in order that anrveyo in both States may be closed upon the same. jnn The pnbllo lands, as shown In the flora going, are found, on revised data, to con tain 1.485.488.800 From the beginning of tho system to the end of tbo last fiscal year, it appears that the aggregate area surveyed Is equal to.. 474,100,861 Leaving unsurveyed 001,808,240 The aurfaoe covered by actual survey embraces less than one.third of tbe area or tbe public domain. The tracing and establishing of meridians, bases, I'm i,ships, sectional and subdivisional lln s over the aforesaid surveyed surface, It 1s ascertained, involved the necessity of aotuallv ruuniug and marking lines, in tbe aggregate, equal to 788,428 linoal miles Acrtt During ths fiscal year onding June 30,1806, the total cash rales embraced. 888,200.16 Tbe aggregate of military bounty land war rant locations 403,180 00 The total quantity taken by homer load for aciuai Beilleineut, under acts of 1862 and 1864 1,802,610. M In tbe same period there were approved swamps "In place" to several States n.i grauters, underacts 1840, 1850 1,083,302.30 And selected as swamp Indem nity 117,340.07 Making a total of swamp lands or their equivalents conflrraod to States of. 1,109,668 27 In tho same fiscal year titlci under railroad grants have ho on \ ested m cerialu Status for Ilia quantity of 04,506.00 Agricultural and Mechanic College land scrip, Issued under act ot 1802. has been located by the asslguers of certain uon-landhold lng Slates, equal In tbo aggregate to 651,060.60 Making a toul of public landa disposed of duriog Ibe year eudlng Juno 80, I860, of. ? The moueyrecol ved tUo name I?M for ordt narv cash Bales and ?pre-emptions, in military scrip re oeived as money; for the $10 homestead Payments; for i ommisslous on homesteads; for fees in the locating of agricultural college scrip; lor same in military warrants: for commissions on pre-emption entries; dona''??f^i for proceeds lor furuUhlng tran^pW, under twt trf July 2,1804, makes a cash aggregate of $824,045 recoived Immense* surface already surveyed and open to pre etnpiion, location or to the honieatoad bet tler there is ou hand yet unsuryeyed an area of nine hun dreii and^ninoty-one million three hundred and eight thousand two hundred and forty-nine acres, in which the pre-emption settler is free to enter, with the assurance tnai when the surveys reach his settlement he will be u -ga-snrpd in title upon bis performance of ^ iJ^osidenoe and culilration the law n suTh i ?PWI oT indulgence mid liberality Troflhe'Vurreyed portion of. Immeuse tor internal improTe c'amatlon of ot erfl i^e ua, ^ eHUg8 9f educa meuts, there have been gr of lMrniu^, universities, tien, for schools, semi miinirofl the lest mentioned agricultural and mechanic wUpa^bo"*?; over cording to existing , jfDpti ?nd the Territories the fctatoa west of the MimtssiPPh ? w the.?h^ingSSt ir^otS^SllUe.having been dupll taled by existing laws awarded, with tbat corn Then, too, ths aro* d, the latter prised in ex sling rail and w^on ru ^ ^ . w aether numerous tntermodiste places. HOMB^TSAD LAW. Ths mirnoes of this measure Is to hold out '?c'?ltv8J r?J?mmiffreu!s to Idsotl'y themselves with the broad Ure their labor for such a pe . , ?trsneLb of manhood or maturity oi iu? ?? w.11 insure ...blUty t$XSS b't!^Ur^olri?liMdmJatuw ?hould ,und unlmPalr*d ..Wu^rf and It. LuL^wVer thl prlvlie^ *?uld ?" #nUr?ed by ^nS.jed >???? * '? ?l-ratlon , ? coal fields of the British aggregate w* ? Great Britain, Francs, nss vrP* ??f?v"s. Tli"?etou. mauls are deposited in three broad belts, stretch!ag acrom ^he "RETl "Ap.alaohian gold field,' .,lc ctMUl and i^sr. 5 ?srtr s53S?2ra JrzS' Und States and Territories, while there I. copper In ira^ I the Htatee ana , Nevada In Northeastern and WrSSSaiSuwLiwa addUiou "ito the Ameruau yield of gold an* silver. ?na, U1 aura AMD MSTORAT10S Of LARDS. ?ince the dstc of the last annual report there have beatT oflered at public sal. fi.42J.P84.18 acres, a. fol ?^?K7i??.?lJenl'a proolamation of June 14 ordered pnb J&Ztt&SZ asvoral land office. in the iut. ?( Wisconsin, vts:? Arr^ At La Crosse, fieptember IT, 1800, ?>?'? 521,319.5# AtTha'crsi'S'i' tu'piember 24, '?#?* ^ ^ At*Rsu Cislre, 6' iobcr 1,'ii ?2 M i?r acre^ 011,710.72 at Kalis St. ?iroix, Ootober #, at I'lMpar^125,335.53 AtValls au Croix, October 22. at $i 1$ POT 10 900 53 At Slovene' Point, Ootobor 29, at $1 M per ^ ^ ^ M At ?$& A Ttponcr* 608,910.48 0.423,984.18 These mo'prtnclpally '?sTu\ ties nf Wisconsin, and complete the ?oBbnng or mu vacant public landa In the Bute. ? ,. ?hi. In addition to these public aalea keL In ties of lead which had Ws kept out of the n>orltet,ln view of rmlroaii rranu. have boon opened to sale, par suont to Commissioner's notice. ?uroKTASCi or rmoncmso rue rLAmiso awn o?owm of rasas The earliest settlements began In the timber region, and where the felling of the forest waa a ne<Wiy to ""we Svo MwreocbaS a period whan the demand for timber la rapidly on the Increase, and the supply dlmln tihlng HMtiamento. loo. are approaching the treelena ^v^hai'aaen'y""!* Western pralrlos and the country in plscaa m Ohio and ' deatrurUva of cultnre tor tod rrem fiio end other ??? there "?"pollUfrmr*r Ii stated, Is nndoubtodly In The demand, l^orn, no wmtoa.^^ wmch ap{K<? ortosing to on eeormooi "8""h h(,t#r latitudes bo axsTe. ^1^. forest.; and f*, whlrt aTt ?ore expon eomlng scarce in *?'that th# evil may aire, it la oevertholem the ooav ttiou M tha b. ilsMnad bv owner o$brt la all tha wmoawm r?^rstv-3sr^srrl I soaralty or timber to plant aa eaoh homsatsad traet ? I few hundred trves, aa part of a ijnum of cultivation I DKMnrjr to oom piste the aettler'e title, to be shows la I proving up the claim at the end of the dee years' settle | ment now eaneted bp law; and further, by making It | obligatory upon United Btatee surveyor* to plant mid. I way between eaoh pit and trench the needs of treee I adapted to ibe climate, the fact of planting and kiad of ? seed to appear la the field notes of survey, the duty to ? be enforced under penalty of forfeiture or part of the I money agreed to be paid under the surveying contract. ? The system might further be extended by ordering R the experiment at military posts and lndisn agencies, requiring a number of acres to be enoloeed and planted, or at least by stipulations that a limited area at soah places shall be ao protected la to leave them to the spon taneous action of nature. Facia could la tbla way be accumulated whtoh might ultimately develop a general system and lead to advantageous results In connection I with this Interesting and Important auhjeot a I DONATION CLAIMS. I I TTndorthe not of Congress approved September 27 I I IRfiO. creating the "office of survevor general of the I I public land* In Orcgvn and to provide for the aurvey, I I and to make donations to settlers of the said pdbllo I I lands," and the several note supplemental, there were I I granted to Individuals arriving in Oregon and Washing- I I ton before December 1, 1885, and commencing reeldeooe I I and cultivation prior to that date, the quantity of 1 I 040, 820 and ISO acres to the several classes respectively I I mentioned in these laws. I I Under these statutes there have been returned to the I I General Land Office by the registers and receivers In I I Oregon and Washington for patent 4,624 certificates, I I covering by estimate 1,637,68# acres, and patents have I I Issued on 8,811 certificates, embracing 1,282,423 08-100 I ' Qfwr the year ending June 30,1866, there have been TMUed 1,200 patffnta, Including 208,266 acres or the fol ?lowlng:? I ?Saosand Foxes of the Mississippi; Wvandottes, Stock- I ^?^^^bwaea sad half breeds, Fbaoa half breeds, I Fnwaas sad half breads, Pimm half breeds, I Winnsbagoes, flam sad Fores of Misssari; PoUawata-| mies, Kansas Indians, Ottawas and Oblppewaa. The accompanying documents are designed to Ulna teste the operations of tho land system, the records of which, at the seat of government, are embraoed tn 14,781 folio volumes, the muniments of title connected therewith numbering ever twelve and a quarter millions ef papem Respectfully submitted. JO-. 8. WILSON, Commissioner. NEWS FROM LtffllSVILlE. Lootsvilli, Dec. 8, 1866. O. B. Duke, a notorious Kentucky guerilla, lately cap tured by the military, was turned over to the civil authorities to-day. General Ton Sc brooder, of General Thomas' staff, leaves for the South to-night. The object of his mission Is not made public. Seventy-five bales of cotton were sold at auction to day. The receipts are constantly Increasing, and a large quantity of common Is at White rivor awaiting ship ment. Tho crop in that section of Arkansas is as large aa ever grown. Business Is very dull. 1)KY UOII1M. AIIKAVY ORASFI IN MUSLINS. FINB MUSLINS, 12>?'c.; former price 20c. FINER GOODS, 14c. and 18c. EXTRA QUALITY, Me., 25c. and 80e. BEST 4-4 W AM SUIT AS, S5c. OT11KK STORES CHAROE 44o The decline In Muslins Ik from 60. to 10c a yard. 10,UW BLANKETS AT $1 50. FORMER PRIOR, S3 50 ~ , Ew AT S3 O'l. FORMER PRIOR, ALL WOOL, HEAVY, S3. FORMER PRICK, '95 00 EXTRA QUALITY $4. $5 and $6. Also BIG LOTS MERINOS. ALPACAS. POPLINS, DRESS GOODS, Ac.. RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICKS. On Muslins and Flannels you can ease IrotnSc. to 15c. e yard; on Alpacas and Merino* from 2&c. to 60c. a yard. FOSTER BROTHERS, 167 Eighth ar.. near 18thSt. And FOSTER BROTHERS. 272 Bleecker street. Bargains, bargains. We take great pleasure In announcing to onr customers and the public that we arc now selling DRIED AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS IMPC at prices which will remind them of the times " before In ternal revenue taxes" and the "war." The causes which enable ua to announce this fuctare EXCESSIVE IMPORTA TIONS OF FOREIGN GOODS. EXCESSIVE MANU FACTURE OF DOMESTIC GOODS, bad trade at the South and West, and In some parts of New York, thereby forcing importers, manufacturer*, jobbers and orertraders to slaughter their merchandise at auch auction rooms as Wm. Topping A Co.'8, Kobbe A Hordes', Townsend, Montaut A Co.'s, Haggcrty A Co.'s, Wilmerdlng. lingual A Co.'s, and Wllmerdlng A Mount's, In all of which ' * _ ... . we hare bean pur. chasing heavily. at our own prioea, almost. The following list of goodt. and prions wlU clearly Indicate I the condition or the drv goods market ? PLAIN DEEMS GOODS French Merinos, all wool, only per yard Very flu* do. do. at 75c per yara. Superfine do. do. at $1 per yard. French Poplins, all wool, only flfc. per yard. Empress < Mollis ail wool, only 60c. per yard. Empress Cloths, superb quality, at 75c., 65c. and 91 per yard. Black and oolored Coburgs, only 28c. per yard. Black and colored Alpacas, only 15c. per yard Black and colored Alpacas very fine, only Sll^e, per yard. Colored Paramettaa, very fine, only 30c. per yard. FANCY DRESS GOODS. Handsome Check Poplins at 26c.; actual coat to Import, 43c Rich Plaid PopUns, double width, at 30c . oost to import, over 50c. 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Silk Mixed Fancy Caaaimeras. all wool and sound 91 60 per yard. 6-4 All Wool Beaver Clothe, colon and black, at 9* 60 worth 9< * ^VlaNKKTS I BLANKETS 104 all wool and heavy, at 94 per pair. 1 Whitneyat $6 per pair. 104 all wool' ? 114 all wool Bath, at 96 per pair. 12 4 all wool Whitney's at 9< 60 per pair 64 All Wool Whitney Beaver do. do. 92 86. price two months ago. 96. ALSO. WOOLLRN HOSIERY. LADIES' BREAKFAST SHAWLS, NUBIAS, SCARFS, Ac.. In some things actually lower than before the war. Misses' Merino Iloaa, white end colored, at 12><e,, per pair, worth 50c. ? Ladies' Merino Iloae, White and Colored, at 20c. per pair, worth 44c. Ladles' Shetland Wool Breakfast Shawls at 91 M. sold about two months ago at 93 Shetland Woo! Nubias at AVi, sold recently at ft. Children's Zephyr Wool Scarra al 12c.. worth 40o. Children's Zephyr Wool boarfa, large, at Do., So. and 16c. ? Gent's Merino Drawers only 76r . worth more than double . , Gent's heavy ribbed Drawers only (fie. Ladle-' hoary Merino Drawen al 96c . worth ft I 76 Ladles' heavy Merino Vests si 61 26, worth $2 23 Oents' Merino Vests at 87Mr.. We., 91 10 to |1 25 Alsp. % Great reduction in prices ot Linens. Damasks. Towels, Tsble Cloths, Ilucks aud Crashes. Also, Balmoral Skirts at 91 60. $4 75, 93 sod upward Balmoral Skirtings at S7H<\, Wo. aud upward Also, A magnificent stock of RICH SILKS, SHAWLS aod CLOAKS of all the latest styles. W K PEYTON, Noe. 272 and 374 Bowery, near Houston street pOl'NTAIN'S INntA STORK, m. INDIA, CHINA. JAPAN. AMERICAN INDIAN, and other RARR ARTICLES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Uatalogue* free. Store open pleasant evenings. HM llrosdway (eight hundred and hfty-eighth ft LOVES, GLOVES, OLOVF.S.-fl KIDS REDUCED TO 1 I 91 75, black, white, light and dark colors, excellent Oluvss et 9'end SI 25. undressed Kid 10 cents and $1 ? red, white and blue doth, all sixas. A Urge assortment of fall and winter Gloves, Ilooda. Hon tag*. Nubias. Ac , si low pi leas. N H -Hosiery aud Undergarinnnta at coat at KIGKR'S, (Aland H82 Broadway, near Ninctoeuth street, east side SPECIAL KGriCK. TUB JEROME nKIRT, AT UAYNoK'H. Ths latest and acknowledged to be the moat elegant Intro dtioed this ssasoa. Wa have them in all oolora, w ith tha HORSKSIIUB ON BACtgf We art now making under the suparvlslon of our ""lIKAD ARTltfT. a very beeuilfnl blue silk, with horseshoe of while silk vel vet It Is ordered by and made axpreeely for one of our most dlsllnguishsd oostnuieui.^and_ will bs shown In our SUOW WINDOW on WedneeiUy, the 6<h Inst. We will also open on the sea# date fourteen eadas of French Corsets Just reoalred pet VILLK DB PARIS. W? will soil tha trade on LinKRAL TERMS OATNOR. Importer sad Manufacturer, T66 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth streets. No ooanoetlon whatever with any oihor store In this city. 'MILLIB A CO ? 5 HAVE OPENED THE MOST KLRGANT ASSORTMENT Of cloaks, sacuues, Basques, jackets and CIRCl'LARK IN TELVKT AND CLUTH, whlsh cannot be aurpssssd In America. 7W Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth WILLIAM BUCHANAN MACKKHSIE. Hup't O MILLINERS AND COUNTRY STOREKEEPERS. - At Grand Street cheap store we cut lengthaof Millinery floods cheaper then down town goobers JMUl whole pieces. Call. EDWARD RIDLRT. 106, HI and 3I1H Grand street, and Ml M and 70 Allen at, fifth block aaat from Bowery. WATERFALLS.?TO PBtNN AND ROLLS, AC. cheap All orders promptly attended tn. L. T. KRUSK. 16 Ohryette street, top Goor, N T. BILLIARDS, ?T. AS W* rats orratly ikgrf.arrd our manu faoturinf fMlllttM. with now bnlldlnga mitohlaory, An , wo era onablod to mil flrat claaa Billiard Tabloa, of to our standard of workmanship. rhnapor than Inferior tahloa hara haratnfor* boon anld Marina ?bo '?*???? ?~4 ' haraiofor* boon anld llarlna tbo iaroaat anal boot aaaort maot Of all nrtlnlra appertalaln* to BlUutrda. which art maa ufaeturo and Import, wo oaa anil at farorable ratoa Prloo liato aant by mall. IMIKI.AM A COLLFNDPR. US. ?, ?f and ? Crush/ atrnnl. Mow York. NKW PI'IUCATIOIL PHTR!OI,OOt(!AL VIEW Of MARRIAOB-COM* A PHTA!OI,OOtl'Af. TIEW OF MARK IAOB-COM A talnlng nnarl; JOU paana and 1W tea platM and en grartnta of Iks anatomr or thn human organs In a atato of I health and dlaaaaa. with a Iroattsa oo aarlr orror. Ita dnpto

orablr mnsnqtisnnea upon I ho mind and bod/, with tho author's plan of traaMoiat?tbo only rational and au.woaaful arnda of cur*, m abnwa b/ tho roport of ia??? tooted. A truthful adrlmr to thn married and thorn ooawraptatiaf marrtaga who would froa of poataga, to or nureoei > tan married and toeao uoainmpiaiioo aid know thotr ph/aieal eondlttoa. Boot, any addmsa, na roaalpt of Be. I a etampa p. AddromOr L*Crota, H Maldoa laam, fTBf RTORY OP A ATOM AOn?AM ROOTTBH, BY A i l? j-jvtffi- Jifw-s.'r' CITY BBAL IB STAT? FOR MLR Ak stoop 1?0uin?,on preni22?tloAS?toUM. imm'd ?"i-ral AT 81# Pb'URTH AVENUE.?STANLEY DATS REAL Estate rfl'roular la corrected. published weehly and mailed irea. Co- %< out to-day. Call or send for it An elkoakt brown stone hobse on iuth street. bwtwean Fourth and Fifth avenues. for aale. w.lh or w)thau# Furniture, by JUSKPU McUUIRE, 118 Naaaau street. AT A 8A0R11*U5E?A STBICPLY FIRST CLASS FOUR story and beoentent high atooV brown atone House, on oomer of HiitletK street and Islington arenue, worth S46,(WO; wtu be aola'Het*986.0U0. Tbi." la no humbug. Call and examine for yaumeWea. Size of htbuse #1.6 by about So, lot 100.5, with a couatjwrd of 5iH? S. and built by days' work. Apply to WM. FHTfKETOM, 485 Third arenue. Arouse and lot in henry str.yet-for, at present rented for 9LA0U, baring a store and accom modations for four families.' JOSEPH HtaOUIRE, 116 tfaaeau street. BAROAIN CAN BE HAD OF TWO SPLENDID Lota, south of Eighty-sixth utreet and wltbtn 36U feet of the Park, by applying to JOSKPtl MoUUIRE, 116 Naaaau street. ?)OULEVARD LOTS?W?8T END. NORTHWEST COR J ner 144th street; Are and one-half Iota tn pne parcel, rice 98,000. Apply to WADDKLL A ARMSTRONG, No ll Pine street. PHOR SALE?A THREE STORT WVQH STOOP BJMCK ? House, In Tenth street, near Fifth arenue, witA-ss aeaalon. Apply to DKY> OUBT1B, 606Sixth arenae. FOB SALE?possession immediately, that first olaes now four story brown atone French roof dwell ing Hou?e, 117 Enat Forty-sixth street, near Lexingtca are nut), aplendld location; price $26,0011. rR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT KM SECOND AYE nue, MiMiNU four story high, alone and brick. In perfect order. For particulars Inquire of H. HIRSUH, ft Murray street, op stairs. ^ FOR SALE-VERY LOW.THRBE LOTS, EAOH StlilOO. on 113th street, west of Third arenas; only $1,100 ossh required. Apply to JOSEPH MoOUIRE. llANassau street For sale-lease or bioht lots and build ing in Thirteenth street and arenue 0. at a low rent, Sod Cellars, suitable for a distillery or manufactory; with h privilege of buying at a email price. Apply tow. YAN TAHSKLL. 331 Baet Fourth street, between the hours of 8 end 9, 12 and 1, and 6 and A For sale-handsome four story hioh stoop Drown Stone, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, below Twentieth street, 91 feet front: price $96 000: possession. FISH A BLIVEN, 38 Pine stseet. For sale?with or without the new and elegant Furniture, an extra large end elegant corner llouaeon Madison avenue, with or without first clans Stable; immediate noasosHlon can be had if desired. Apply 10 E. H. LUllLOW A Co., No. 3 Pine street. IjXOK SALE-ON MEROBROTRBET, WEST 8IDB. NEAR 1 Houston street, a Lot 95x100 feel.'with largo building, renin for $9,830. Apply to K. H. H. LUDLOW ft CO., No. 3 Pine atreet. (itOR SALE?WITH POSSESSION. A FIRST CLASS r gothlo and French roof House, in 113th street, between Third and Fourth avenues, with all modern improvements, complete and handsomely daooralad. This house must he sold. Three story and basement, high stoop, size 25xMM0T6. Price $8.fi0d; cost $9,000 to build It. This la said to be the handsomest house in Harlem. Apply loWM. FBTWRKTCH, 434 Tli Ird arenue, between Thirty-second and Thirty-third streets. m Good investments -several very fine Plots of Lot- on Third avenue for sale; also (our brick Store*, Including oorner, built In beat manner THOMSON A SON. HO i eiUr street, Horn 11 to 3 P M., aud 1,833 Third ?reuue. Houses for salr-by a. journbay. no. 8 Pine etroet. Weat 43d it., three story h. ?. b, a $16 000 Mth it, four etory h. e. b. a 30,00.) Kant "Sih ?t., three etory h. g. brick G 601 128th id.. three a lory h. g. b. a 8,000 JOSEPH A LEVY, REAL ESTATE AOENT AND General Insurance Broker, 96 Broadway and 34 West 37th nt.. offers for sale:? Brown stone House on West 4Sd at., near 6th av $30,000 Two do West 4Sth at., near Broadway, each 30.000 One do. Kant 13th at, between 3d and 3d avs 20,000 One brick front West 24th at., near 7th ay 16,000 One do. West 48lh at, near 8th ay 18,000 One do. West 31st at, noar 7th ay 12,600 Also brown ?tone on Bridge at, near WiUoughby, Brook* lyn ; also 26x30x107)6- Poaaeaalon 1st January Kino a on. offer for sale a few very desirable Houses, in good localities. a OOloe No 9 West Twenty-third at. Fifth Avenue Hotel. Loth for sale cheap?on fifty-skoond street between Eighth and Ninth avenues; 117th street, between fifth and Suth avenues; Ninety-ninth and 190th streets, between Second and Third avenues, Fourth avenue, between 118th and 119th streets also other up town property. Address HOLM AN A HILL, 1361 Broadway, N. Y. Murray hill, cornrk of madihon avenue ? A superior House, eitra stse and finish. Immediate possession. Apply to WADOBLL A ARMSTRONG), No. 11 Pine street Third avenue store fropbrty.-thb four story brick Building 237, with long lease of ground. Owner, from 1 till 2 o'clock, at 667 Ilndson street. WEST FIFTY THIRD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? A new brown stone House, handsomely (Anlahcd. $30 000. half on mortgage. Apply to WADDELL A ARM* BTRoNO, No. 11 Pine street ?11 WILL BUY A MODERnWhREK STORY iTLJ ,i)Uu high stoop brick House and Lot. In Iisat Fifty-third street; splendid location Apply to JOSEPH McGUllcFT, 116 Nassau street. ?1 K (%nn ?HIOH STOOP DWELLING; Ml ? J.* J.vJUI/. Improvements', Forty-fifth street, 1 MODERN _ . . between Broadway and Slith' avenue; neighborhood une xeepttona ble, |>oss?sslon; ebesp. Apply to HAMILTON B. TOW LB, 78 Cedar street, after 1. ?4 r HA A -PGR SALE?A FIVE STORY BRICK ipT'l.l'UU. Building, 60*88 feet, tn Ludlow street, suitable for business or manufactory. JAMES B. WHEELER, 1U Broadway. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Fiyk lots on corner of evbrorbbn avenue aud Chestnut street, Brooklyn, 908 feet from Bushwtek avenue Boulevard, two blocks rrora Broadway; Dekalb ave nue rare pass the lota every few minutes for Fulton and other ferries Inquire of or address the owner, C. J. D3 BKVOISE, Jamaica, L. I F jV>R 8ALF.-A FINE HOUSE, WITH TWO LOTS OF ; around and Stable attached, on the corner of First place and Court street, Brooklyn; the bouse I* brown stone, con tains all tho modern Improvements, and Is In perfect order; It will be sold at a bargain as ihe owner Is going to Europe. Also Ave brick Housna on Eighth street, Brooklyn, between Fnur'h and Fifth avenues; near the new Prospect Park; the owner Is very desirous of selling, as be Is closing up his busi ness previous to going to Europe. For further particulars apply to ALLEN A BROWN, 81 Broadway, or of 8. HONDLOW. Montague street, near Court street. Brooklyn. GVIR BALE?THK FIRST OLASS THREE STORY AND lissemmt brlch House 38 Woodhull street. Brooklyn; also Hire- story basement hlghmtoop brick House, INN East " -htrd avenn ~~ Thirt?enth street, west of Third avenue, N. Y. Also Newark property, cheap Apply to the owner, J DODIN, 138 Eaat Thirteenth street, N T. IjtOR RALE "R TO LET?A FAMILY OOINO TO _! Kurore ne*t month will sell or rent a new brown atone House oa Brooklyn Htjtjbtn rompieteiy furnished, and wilt ever? improvement, billiard table. Ae.; also a new private ? table If required. Address B S.. bo* 88 N. T. Post oflloe Handsome brick house, beautifully lo* rated In Dean street, contains 15 rooms large closets, snb-celler end all latest Improvements; house 2U*4f>. InMRl 86. price 87 6U0. Apply to W. COOK, Real Estate Agent. 43 Naesnu street, Brooklyn PROSPrCT PARK LOTS, BROOK LYN.-J AM KB COLE'S BON will sell at auction on the 6lh day of Da oemher. st 618 Fulton street Brooklyn, at 12 o'clock, eight Lots on Teiuh avenne, between Ninth and Tenth streets, fronting on the Park, seven Lota northwest oorner Eighth avenue and Fourteenth street, four on avenua and three on streei, fourieen Lots southwest oorner Ninth and Braston streets, ten on avenue and four on street. For mape and particulars apply to auctioneer COI'NTR* REAL E8TATB FOR SALE. ASPLENDM) farm near rahwat-to acres. good buildings, choice fruit; terms anr sray; or Would exehs-ige for oilier property. For partloulm call on JAtfUK-i, 318 Broadway. A VALUABLE karm-hb acres on the bus. quehanna, near Blnghamton, 1)4 mile from Union depot in One order; large dwelling, farm house, ample out buildings. Location unsurpassed for heallhfulneas and benutv. EDWARD H. 6AIL, WARREN HARDEN BKKCH ,68 Wall street. ? A FINK COUNTRY SEAT-HEAR HUDSON RIYER. Newhnrg and Cornwall, near depot; new two etory and attic house 38x34, 18 rooms; barn, earrings house and all buildings, in line order; 10 acres; orchard bearing, 380 frull trees Pries $6,900 P. ZKUIIO, 18 Centra street. A SPLENDID TRACT Of LAND IN WISCONSIN, would exchange for stock of merchandise and pay from $6,998 to $10,l>s) 10 cash, if trade warranted. JAQUR.t, 30$ Broedwav. ABtflOAIN-THK VRRT BEST MARL FARM IN Minmnulh eotinty; 399 seres superior land, nothing to equal it, buildups la one enter, Cation JAQUK3, No. 308 Broadway A SPLENDID LOT OP FAHHS ON THE BARITAN river, cheap; 46 acres, good buildings. $8,009: 80 seres, g""d Improvements, $18,000; 100 acres, superior bnlldlngm, llS.Ono, 80 acres Aral class buildings, $30,000. 130 aersa. eta fact place, splendid buildings, Aae flaws, $30 009. J. S. FERGUSON A CO., 88 Nassau street, room 31 A CHOICE FARM rOR BALE?OF PROM 48 TO II acre-, at Northrort, L. L. handsomely loeated. by the harbor oat mil* from the village and steamboat landing. under a good slate of cnlllvatlnn; heady mllkll^ gunning nndyaohilng Pnr further pertlcnlars address H. S Aek erly, .122 West Thirty Afth Street. A LI, WANTING FARM*. good pa rm and wkll photic pruit land*. itlful in I ihrtitn* aattlamant of VINHI.ANI). Thlrtf wllaa (?nth at T".ll .dabphin Itt railroad Population In aroaa?<1 mna thonaand paopta la four raara. Oood Mdoty, Pchnola (nil Chnrehaa. I,Mgnhitrili plantad. Prior M> par arm. papaMo In fnor paaro. Tin*#* lota tor fcnalnaaa anrl mannraclurar* alM for Ml*. CU?aa:? miM parf actio haalthf?aoll Nlfhlr forttla. IMt'ROfK!) rLACBfl ALH't POR AAI.K AMim rim K i.aNDIR. Proprwtnr. PI?I?A Wow '? ' linn V* UAHI'lOt f ? Ifl l> mil ' ?aww ?? nww J*r?*r Pi(>#r* conuiBlng Information mni trim. ?"port of Anion RoMnaon, Acrtonltnrnl *dltor of tho Prowmporit. t _ ? Tribune ?It It onn of tho wnot aitenalro fofUl# trnrto, I" on a I moat la.rt pnalUoa. and auttabla (ondttloo for plaaaant farmtur thai w? know of thlo aid* of tho Waatarn Prartoa." BHROOKI TM -llt.noo WILL BUT A WWW PIRAT ? "'.??? brown atona front Honoa XSiflO. four atortoo, M ?ant and OMNllfiH In (Irat claw loenttoo. o^| ?troat noar I.a'.ra'ta annuo Erorjr oradarn Imnrnr. I wont, walaat atalra and trmMnlnja and dntabed thro art-1 out It m-taat atpta. Bolfaa pnramant In atraat. Worth I ?onth waat sstustss .ins.*?S ?? oalo ar Taaaa Groat Indil?poll WW ofWrod for tao Otn niofnant of onamnl and anainf on Umm plana far iko oaoa ....? -Tratuui . M Row WrooA. COUNTRY T71ARM OF 1? ACRES FOR SALE?OE .JSJL^SJ^ r I aland Railroad. highly ["f1 ^S^o?'fruit. Apply to M&eW Beektnan "P "tolro, be tween I and I P M. to-day (Wedoevday). the 5th. . FOR 8ALE-A LAROK TRACTOKOOOO Lt'MBER Laud, 'JO,000 feat la the acre. Addrem a. *. u., nerutu ofllce. ' ' For sale?the girahd Housp. chesthut etrert, Philadelphia. For tonus *d''re^. ?on. M North Hevruih street, Philadelphia, orJohu JscXaon, 41 Broad street, New York. FOE 8A1.K-A FARM OF 107 ACRES fNJFESTCIlK^ tor county; good liouaa, barn, tarin bouse and ull the neoeaaary outbuilding*. In good order. Inquire of ?? ?? BAUNQ8, ia Firat street. For sale-the most valuable real estate i In-North Carolina. The property known as the "Orta wold Hotel," in the town of (loldaboro, S. C., Including 175 aorea of land adjoining aatd town, will be aotd for partition at publio auction, on the premises, at 18 o'clock. M., on the lBtday of Januury, 1887, on accommodating term*. Term* will be publicly made known on the day of aule, or pre ytoualy to thoM applying to meat Ooldaboro^ N^RI3ET j Saratoga residence for sale-nine rooms. in perfect order; Urge lot; flue location. PrtoefJ.wW. Half casb, balance on time. Furniture nt a valuertion if de al rod.' Addreaa Owner, box 198 Herald otBee. an o Ann -FOR sale?a farm of about iao di 1 J.l/Uv/, acres, in a high stele of cultivation, 18 miles from New York, on New Jersey Northern Railroad JAMES K. WHEELER, 1U Broedway heal estate wakted, anted - immediately, with immediate Fourteenth and Fortieth etreeU and Lexington and Eighth Anyone having the abo?._d?eH&d tojartfto XmS w^ng lo aeE cheap for cash can du? ready ouatomer and money by calling upon or addresaieg WM. VAN WAOBNBN, .478 Sixth avenue. Any one' tohF.^PPlf or addreaa, but ram ember. It snuat be done immediately. TETANTBD?FOR PROMPT CASli. A WROT OLASS V? Paper Mill, capable of making from Iwt "J?* of paper a day. Address, with full particular*. Alpha, 8,814 Postoflloe, New York. WANTBD-TOLEASKOBEUY. A CORNER IN TBB Eighth or Ninth Ward; a vacant lot preferred. must be 75 feet by not leaa than 81k Any one "u^?r,?t^rlj5 will slate full parUoulars. Address Merchant, boa Ueiuia ofllco. _ - ANTED-VACANT LOTS, IN BROOKLYN. NEAR Sixth or Seventh avenue preferred. In exchange for a elock of line Clothing; value $10,000 AddreealK. Foelay, box HQ Herald offlce. until December 10 W"~ ANTBDTO PURCHASE?A FARM IN THE VICINITY of the city, or exchange for city property. Addreaa J Pol Ion/., No. It# Bowery, etaUng.full particulars. HOUSES, ROOMS, JiC... TOJLtoT. ^ AT :I19 fourth avenue?houses to let, in city and oountry. furnished or unfurnished 0?ll ?f eend for STANLEY DAY'S Real Rath to Circular for par Ucultra. T HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO RRNT A To a gentleman and wife, in a strictly private family of two full Board furnished the lady; bsatlon. neighbor hood lliroadway and Thirty-fourth street Answers will please elate residence. Addreaa G. W., atation_U Tl'RIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT HANDSOMELY A Furnished Apurtraen's, with faolltUea for bouaekeeu ins' e.?. b.ith, cheap to a Hinall family erf adult*. fclghueth ht.. lPorkvill? aouth side, seoond house from Hecond avenue. Ak amvripaN FAMILY WILL LET FRONT BA8E moot' Hack Parlor and three rooine on third lloor of the flret otasa inoderu house 144 Allen street Reference. ex changed. Kent $50 per month. Immediate possession. a PARTMRNTi) TO LET?AT 189 EIOHTH 8TBKBT, A between Broadway audFourth wffhout furnished Parlors, also two or threo alngle Rooms, without board. AOOSY UNFURNISHED COTTAGE AMU SEVERAL Ploom to let?rent $18 to $4* a month; aleo a splendid ly furnished Suit; immediate posaeaaloo; open day and evening. 114 Third avenue AN BLEOANTLY furnished HOUSE TO LET?-Lo cation central and near Broadway; rent to be paid half yearly ia advanoe in Ueu of reference; none but partlM with read/ money need answer. Address J. O. B., station D, New York. T NUMBER OF SPLENDID FURNISHED ROOMS TO A let pova?iilon Immediately Aleo Store# In Barclay, Ohambors and Itomto ^U. wlfhMh.n.^ ^ HOUSE TO LBT AND FURNITURE FOR SALE ON Fourth avenue. N ow full of beardei^ ^ I^m-mlU of No. 9 Weat Twenty-third street Fifth Avenue UoteL_ A' SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET FOR eighteen months, on Fourteenth street, between Sixth aud Seventh avenuea. Permit* of KINQ ^ Q0 No ? Weat Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A FIRST CLASS party to keep an A No I boarding house, 60 room* and nearly full; only one block from thla oftloe Apply early for P?"?IUlo KING k OO., Mo. $ Weat Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue HotoL_ A FULLY FURNIBHBD HOUSE TO LIT?WITH everythingoomp ete; rent $830 per month. Apply at $8 Weat^en thatreet,belweau Ktfth and Sixth avenue.. I'oe session immediately. X FEW MORE FURNISHED HOUSES IN CITY AND A oountry to rent for winter; aome longer, $70. $150. 0**. %tii $3u0 $500 $660 per month. A good opportunity to am,uVeplea?nlbomeapRBBiuN *00. Ill Rroadway A HOTEL 10 MILES FROM CITY, ON THE HUDSON, A accommodate. 100 peopla ; ?.nlk ,'nt 0,17 and Brooklyn, furnished or unfurnlahed. Booms to let ' ^ H ILL A -OO.. $1 Nassau atreot, offloa SH a N UNFURNISHED SMALL HOUSE, IN GOOD LO A cation, aever.l Furnlahod "ousea; also Apartments in FOR RBNT-1N ELI* A BETH, N. J., rl double Houte, with largetUroond. attaehed. wUI?'? minulea of core; sold houeeiiTurnUhed. aud ha* sua, waior ^rf^aoTtielher with eighteen of oo^ .tared tn oelUrlt '? "^^'??'rsbl^^atod. Poaaeoston on Lhh^Jo KZJVrSX,? SSviffi belb^H J ; or to WWLB kOO . 70 Broad way.N T Furnishrd hbcond floor to let-to a small prlyate family of adulta; rant $90 par month. Kefer anna* eiohanged. US Kaat Twenty-aixth atraat. Lofts to let down town-also an elegant furnished Uouae la a flral elaaa looatlnn. at modarate rant. Apply to CUAKLEM F CLARKE A CO ., 88 Broad way PHTBICIAN'S OFFICE TO LET, FURNISH ED?IN consequence of preeioua occupant retnorlng to Thirty fourth eueet Apply balween 9 A. M and SF. M at 111 Fourth arenue, corner of Twelfth atraat. STEAM POWER. WITH WKLL LIGHTED 8IIOPA, TO let Apply to the l.ngineer, Noa 9 and It Baitar street. EJTORE. RARBMKNT AMD LOFTS MO. 9 OREKMB 5 atreet, to let or le ise aire dlittislOfi Potaaeslm liu medieu-ly. Apply tu Jo.ikf-H A LKVY, Heal Kalale Agent, 98 Broadway T) LET?LOFT BUXM IN A NEW FIRST CLASS BUILD ing, with thrna to alt harae power lor a light mannfec tilling bualneaa. alluatlon one block shove Canal atraat, weal of Broadway. Addrsaa W , bog 178 Herald odP-a rLRT-THB HBUONI) FLOOR OF IIOUSK 194 M AUI ana atraat I'oaaaaaton Irnmad lately % TO LET-TWO ELEGANTLY FURMdHED PARLORH. to una or two gentlemen. AD Second arenue. . rl LET THE IiOWKR P\KT OF A PLEASANT llouae, in < "luge terraee, Meat Twenty-fourth airaet Inquire at No. A Greenwich arnaue. mo LKT-RTORB. BASEMENT AND HPS BASEMENT I of marble front building, 110 Rnade street, close to Wnat Broadway. Immediate poeseeel in and rent low to a flrel elaaa tenant Inquire of YICTOR B. MAUOfeK. 119 Baade elraet. up etalra TO LET?FURNISHED, A VKRT PLEASANT FRONT Room and Bedroom, to a ?in,|e gentleman, without board, at 188 Waat Klamath a' real Reference required r LET-JO BLEKCEEK STREET, A FIRST AND SEO ond Floor furniahed, with everything far ho-isekeep. Ing, and aarlt with thrna badrooma. parlor, dlaiag room, bathroom, gaa and water r LET-NEW STOKE AND BASEMENT, JSX70 Rant $3,lgH). Apply at *1 Crosby atreet TO LRT-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND floor af t7g Kaat Broadway Inquire In the be ??men I TO LET-THREE LAROB ROOMS, WITH DININO Room end Kitchen, at 101 St Maris plaoe mO LET?A HIOH STOOP THREE STORT HOUSE IN 1 Thirty-flrat street, with complete Furniture, possession Immediately. A paly to BUQBNK OHRVALLIKR. SI Cedar atraat. LET-ROOM AND BEDROOM, 19 AM ITT STREET, In m >n and wife only. IJK) r LET-FURNITURE FOR SALE-A FIRST CLASB Boarding Hauaaln Bleaehar street weal of Broadway; of boarders aad paring well. W. J. BEHMANN A CO., lOltq West Twenty nrth airaet mo LET?HANDBOMELT FURNISH BD, A FLOOR X aonaletlng of two parlors dining room, Kitchen and bad room. more rooma II required; modern Improreiuenti Ap ply al SB HUlb area tie, this week r LET-FIRST FLOOR, 7S HAMMOND STSRBT. near Bleacher, good for dwelling ar oilloe for daotor or other uaelf required. Raat $0 par month. Owner on the pramlees. mo LET?WITH IMMEDIATE FOSSFSSIOfN, AT A 1 rant of only $1.Bin a year, payable monthly, and Fltturaa for aale cheap, a splendid, large Corner More; two la gs ahow windows and elegant cellar under the whole etora, with sub-cellar under the sidewalk. Will ha let lor sny re spectable business Located on Hltth avenue, between Iweutr-flfUi and Thirtieth streets For parasite apply to WM. TAN WAHENKN, 471 Slith avenue r RENT-FURNISHED. HOUSE IJ WASHINGTON plaoe; fully and eomfortahly furnished aad la atnel lent order. Apply to WASHINGTON Ml KKA V, IT Bread ?treat r RENT-FURNISHED. IN FIFTH ATENI E. FOR A term of yeare, a tastefully furnished House, to a prl vels family oaly. Addraaa C. r. V., Herald offloa. WATCH KB. JKWKI.KT, Ac. 't NO. t WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET TfIFTH Aeaauo Hotel I. the highaetpnoa paid far Diamonds, ?has. An. ar adraneea made jo tha same AH FEAREFIELD ecu., J.tWELLKRS w SIXTH . areana, earner Fourteenth street and HI K gbth aea nsa mrasr Twenty-atatti street, recommend their flue Stock af Watehaa, Jawalry, Stiver and Flaled Ware. I u .moods and other rrontons Moeea,-We are patentees and sole maaufno uiram af Amarleek Ouokeo CieekA Watehae with aaerwt ItEllI far lihifliMgi, Ea A rKANarihu> A QO. hoiribr, nooMB. itc., Wirrao. $400 to|400par month. Apply to ??re?ere EINO * CO.. Wo. t WW Twemy-third itowl, Fifth Avenue aoM. A FURNISHED FLOOR, FOB. HOU8RKKKPlM<k wanted?by a young oouplo, with throe children; nM once end security of ?U hinds. Apply to Mr. Oefcie, tt thfl Spanish Consulate, IV Bmtdny. House WANTBD.-AN importer and hanufao. turerof rul'llntry goods went* to hire e House, or (ho Basement end First Floor of one, in o street noor Broadway, between Blaesker end Ninth streets. Address A. D., box fl station D. TWO PROFESSIONAL OBNTLBMKW WANTOMR DM. furnished Room end two furnished Bedrooms, between Tenth end Thirtieth streets, with housekeeping prW Jugssj best of raforeaoes eschsuged. Address flsnllsissn. HereM office. WANTBD-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFB children) e well furnished lira I or second lloc housekeeping. Address, with full pestletUsso. for days. H. M.Tbo* 1? Herald offlos. & rANTBD-BT A SMALL FA MILT, FURNIRHBMl partly furnished, or unfurnished Booms, for housm keeping. Address B. 0. W., New York Post offloe. WHANTED-TO HIKE, WITH RIGHT TO PURCRABA Paper MiU. near New York, for making heavy ussiest capable of running two or three tons pee day. AddressTSw ing location, rent la., A. B., bos 170 Herald offloe. W^HANTED-TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMS ? for two adulla, suitable for housekeeping. In s quick I locality and with a goad family. Terms meet be ~ -11 rein The best of reforeuoe given. Address IB, bos S.Mfl Fmm office W^HANTBD-A FIRST FLOOR. ? FBBT FRONT AMD ? do feet deep, no less; also a Loft, with slearn power, fk seine building, from City Hall to Grand street. Osstsb street proleirted. Afllnre J. B..UiWest Fldis islhsSrssk W^HANXBD-BOOMS SUI TAB LB FOB AFHRTOOR AFM geHtry, In ngsod locality. Address W. bos 141 HsreM office. TITaNTBD?A FURNISHED FLOOR. FOB LUIT m housekeeping; by s small family; no sbHdreui w ai% spvoubte netsBborbood. Address. statim paruoaia** ?8 terms, H. H. V., Htmid offioe. WANTKD-PART OF A LOFT OB AN OFFIOR. Of I YY the seooisd floor, h* the business pert ed the city; bust I ness oloan sud'lighL Address W. D., box IdV Herald igmnJ TITANTBD-BY A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF A YY House furnished or unfurnished, suitabte for boMb> keeping. In a good location, not above Twentieth atrpet; rent not to exceed 9126 a month. Address bos MB Pdst offioe. w heoplngjn a |,jod location, not above Twentieth slrpet; ANTED?A ROOM, GOOD LIOHT, WITH STEAM' power Addreas box fliflM Poet offloe. WANTED?IN OOOD LOCATION, BELOW TWENTL eth street, five Rooms, partly furnished, for housp ^mS^ce Aadlt>"' 'ULln' P*n'?BU^ WANTFD TO HIRE?A OOOD SIZED LIGHT, AIRY Building, with IS or 20 horse steam power; mutt tiq easy of aooosa, down town or near the aentrel Brooklyn fssh riea. Address, giving location, rent, Ac., X. X , box Iff Herald offloe. XTTANTRD TO RENT?UNTIL MAY 1 NEXT, BY A YY youug married couple. Furnished House Add read Martin, box ?,381) i'oet offioe WANTED - TO RBNT-A NEAT OOTTAOB IIOUSA furnished or unfurnished, within an hour'a rtdosl the City Hall, for a family of three persons: must be UsW Is appearance, with some ground attached. I f pleased With the location would purchase. Address, with partlculoHL Cottage. St. Nwholes Hotel. TITANTBD TO RENT OR LEASE?A STORE ABOUT YY 100 feotdenp; suitable for a retail business, la a goat looation. Address for one week Merchant, Herald office. HOIsIPAY PHKgE WTh7 PICTURES FOR HOLIDAY PRKftKNTS ?0ARTRSttfc Visile 12 far Rt, warranted to give satisfaction, at ? KOBLLBIN'B, M Chatham street riHEWITUR] All who usb thru sat sinqeb's bpbino bed* are beat. No harbor for bugs. Health. oomfort, turn a'l?Oanufauetf*10 ,u>' 80111 ???rrwhora. Waroroama PGR SALB?AN BLKOANT DINING BOOB 8BT, Of green rop* sod walnut; alao a splendid Piano, W toned, for sale oheap. Inquire at 167 West Thirty-nl FURNITURB, CARPETS, OILCLOTHS, BBDDIBBL Parlor and Bod room Sulla, Ac, at BBNDALL # SCOTT'S, MD and 111 lludaon atroet our nor of Oaaal atrooC Payment reoolrad la weekly or monthly fapaaall If mm for rod. JpURNITURB. ~'? DE ORAPr A TATLOR, Nob. 8T and 0# Bowery and IB Chryatle street, STILL OONT1NUB TO BR TUB LAKOBBT FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS IN THE CITY. PARLOR, DINING BOOH Ml CHAMBER FURNITURE AND BHDDIML CANOPT AND VICTORIA BEDSTEAD FOR THK SOUTHERN at ID par oent reduction In prioe. Housekeepers or persons goino to hour* keeping oan bur tholr Carpets. Oil Clotka, F?rnlwi% Bedding Ac . at BENGALI, A BCOTTB, fOD and Ml HudaM street, corner of Canal, aad pay by waokly Or monthly nam moot*, If preferred. qtoraok, rtoraoe. storage, storaob, 8TOA. O age. a to rage for fnrnltora. Nonoy adraaoed on furoA tura. Large wageue (or morlng furalture oity or oouatm 114 Waal Ktereotb atroet, near Slith arenue. ANTHOLOGY. A PACT-NO IM POSITION. ?ORBATB8T BU8INRBA I and Madloal Olalrroyaat known la Mrs. STARR, INM Europe, born with a natural gift. Hbr ahowa a aorraot Uhm neaaof your future buabaud aad abaent frlenda, oauam ?reedy marriage*. bring, logatber thoee long separated, MAD bis name. *11Fourth arenue. Hour* from DA. II till fr. ft A CLAIRTOTANT WHO HAS NO EQUAL?4 ? " RlU.OuO reward la offered to any r * ber la g.ringoonrectetaiemeuta 00 all melton of lm| On leeaea. sloknem aad bualaaaa abe hot or fella, aad teat her skill. N. B.?She doe* not pretend la . future buiband'a llkeneaa OlDoe No. 1DD Aaat Thirty-I ?tree I, bolwaoa Loiiogton and Third arenue# CHARLES DAHM, THE GREATEST ASTROLOOISA roreala vour whole life. Pea only ID oanla. IT Boom atroet. Drat door \J ADAMK ROSS IS THE ONLT MRDIOAL AND I JVl neaa Olalrroyant that can he rolled upon; ahowa IN* llkeneaa of jronr future hual>aud, telle hla name. MffM a tree t, betw^lf ?mr 01 beaetnent bell *"h and SotmU a?"o SKTBNTH iVIUna <se? 336 <|RI)II A I.. A-I1R OUINDLK AOOODOHRUR TO THK PRIVATA ? Lying In InaUtute, No 6 Amity place Oood raonm board, oiiraiog and medloal attendance. All female ooam I LI. A OR A1 .ylng In Inatitute, No d Amliy plaoe Oood otiraing and mot ? ? plaint, ,kliru/ljt treated. UNFORTUNATES SHOULD CONSULT DA ((KINDLE, No 6 Amity plana. Hum relief u all apa rt,! ri.mplaluta OouaulUtiena free. TONE INTER VIEW?WITH OR WITHOUT MKDL _ cine No deception Remedies SI to Klecuirttg applied (tore or on charge. Hoard pro Tided. Dr. SUB NadatUF DUBOIS, S? Thlld aTeOUO. At ft;? f ONE INTERVIEW. WITH OR WITHOUT medicine, for married I ad tea. from whaterer eauao, be Nadame KKSTKLI, Profeaeor of Midwifery (thirty real# praotlce) M Weat Thirty-fourth atroet. near Slita arenue. ADVICE TO M AH HI ED LAIHRS?MADAME BRA TKLL'H Infailib.n rroneh Female Pllla. No. 1. prise fl, or No A price gS, which ran narar fall; aafe aM healthy. Office M Weet Thirty fourth atroet near 81 ilh arm uue Sent by m,lL Addrera boa 2.160. idaiita? Aa?8'M'^*TeRoJrr.D?5- '1HALH PHTarm L.'!*** PlnaaanTT' OMraJimt"L 2F5?IAN, una u*~w "??- at 00a ?? f*?%?g A CURE AT ONE INTERVIEW FOR MARRIED LA. diet, bylir POWERS. OAoe l? Elm rtron IllaFm rtodleal Drop, guaranteed. TIE WISE IN TINE. ?DR RENNRDT'S REMBDfEB I) are the only medicine* tenant u eitlrpate all reatigao m certain dleeanea IM Elm atroet CHARLES Lt'TXE. M. D. DSD BROADWAY, NBAA Twenty Drat atroet, Profeaeor of obetetrlea. baring euro twenty year*' eu?eaatul pr*.- .1* 10 thia city, guarautmf Immediate re'lnf to erery led; roqutrtag ,1-eetal meUtaaa or ?nrg1cal treatment, from whaterer eotiae. without pot*dt eipoaure N. B?Regulating Medinnee aaot by malL CONPIPENTIALCONNI'LTATIONS ?I>R. R OORBM*Y member 01 N. T. U. Medl. ,1 Collage aad R. 0. flafgaaaf London, ean be r..n?ulted aa nana! on oermia iManae*. or Dee 10 Ceotro atrorL near Chambera. N. B. ?Be f*e oulooo cured. R. D. AMAND. ORAIiI'ATED IN PARI* -?.?** A / guaranteed for both aeiea wirhoiit lajurloua meoi 11a Alia all cbrnnig aoaallcd incurable dlaaaea* Buptoro I) hernia cured en our principle, ne more trnm; B* W F.aat Rleaeker alroet. tatloa. Dr. hunter can cure lain diaaaaea. wlihonl tnarcarr, m.brTWr ^Jhanag other phyalWan, or no pay lakan. ? Dutaton auoes ... 1AX. DOCTOR HUNTER'S BOTANIC CORDIAL RES TORRE rigor of youth in one workf glee* h?al'h aad *troagA lo the most dabilitat bL ?4 par rial. ? Dlrlaien alroot, atMU ISM. D" B POVELU PflYilUtAK AND .Emawj, H 1 Warerley place, throe dww* wort of BModway, cureu In three days ?2? "n,?.. - 'V* ?n foM7 a^g, hoa ?>-*? of