Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1866 Page 5
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mom m Vm** 1t imu'Iiii taom role certain Umber I""*'? "]? propose efisepply log limber for the navy oftbe United States " The iendethusiroeryed were plaoed under the MDt>ol of this deportment, and ere scattered through too Hotel of Florida/ Georgia, Mlsetsstppi and Louisiana. Agrota were appointed, with eoiarlea ranging from $600 to ?2,000 per annum, with allowance# for boat hire, hoeee, wagon# *n^ otner alleged expense#, to protect tone lands from depredation. These agencies were eon Mined, at considerable annual cost to the government, totil the beginning of the rebellion, when they were die esntlnued, and they have not been revised since the In mrrectlon woe surpressed. Measure# for the preservation of llve,oak wore com menced a# early a# 1817, and it was represented at that Mme that many of the tree* had obtained their full growth. Tet it !? not known that any timber baa ever been procured from (base lands for the government, but, so (or as as serts led, every stick of live oak which has been used by tie navy has been purchased, and there is little doubt that muoh of it was out and taken from the tim ber reservations which bad for years been protected by government agents, at great annual expenso to the gov armnenk VIViL PEXSION TOfn. it the date of the last annual report the naval pen Mos fund amounted to nine million dollars. There has been added during the year the sum of two million ?sren hundred and fifty thousand dollars, making ihe mgrrpate at the present time eleven million seven hun dred and flity thousand dollars. By law one-half of the net proceeds of all prices, ?ben tbe captured vessel Is of Inferior force, Is decreed is the United States, and It Is enacted that all money thus accruing to the United States from rslo of toall he and remain for ever "a fund for the payment of pensions to the officers, seamen and marines who m?y M entitled to receive the same, and If the said fund ?ball be Insufficient for the purpose the public faith is pledged to make up the deficiency; bnt Ir it should ho mere than sufficient the surplus shall be applied to the making of further provision for the comfort of disabled officers, seamen and marines." The efficient and active vigilance of the navy in cap turing prtxse, and the promptness with which their at Judication has been enforced, has placed in the treasury a fund the income of which Is morn than sufficient to eay the pensions at present rates. Further legislation is therefore required in order that "the surplus shall be applied to the making of further provision lor the com fort of disabled officers, seamen and murines." The subject Is subrotted for consideration that the aecowarv provision msy be made to carry into elf xt the pledged faith of the government. revsioNS. On the 1st of November last the navy pon.don roll was hi follows:? L067 invalids, with annual pensions amounting to ?78,617 1,808 widows end orphans, annually receiving 182,102 MM persons receiving a total annual amount of $270,710 This amount will be Homnwhat increased by virtue of toe provisions of tbe sots of June 6 and July 26, 1864. t'ospivsATioy or heck.*. Tbe compensation to the clerical force of the depart ment Is small for the service rendered, snd insufficient tar tbe support In a manner becoming their position of tboolorks and their families. All persons who have fixed tnoomee are Injuriously affected by our expanded cur rency. With the ruling high prices for renlN and the no ssssaries of life, the struggle of such as have low salaries and dependent families Li extremely severe. A fair com pensation on the part of the government to those who kith fully serve it is undoubtedly tbe best policy. An extra allowance, If made to the employes of any department, should be extended In like manner to the Sxrke In the other departments, who ore as faithful and M meritorious, and subject to tbe same expenses as toose who have received the special benefaction of Con gress. The discrimination winch Is made Is not only mvldlona, but In Its effect most discouraging upon those Who, while laboring with equal fidelity and assiduity in Mmliur positions, are denied corresponding remunera tion. wo money of the government Is more Judiciously expended than tbet which Is paid to tbe capable and Sthful clerical force In the departments; and that of I Navy Department I earnestly commend to the ?geetal consideration or Congress. xxre sra x.?o estimstfb. IhO available resources of tbe department tor the fiscal year ending Jane 80,1806, were. $142,281,919 Bgpendltares 43,324,626 leaving a balance at the commencement of the present fiscal year of. $98,867,382 Tbe appropriations for tbe current year itooant to 18,976 667 Miking the total available resources for the fiscal year ending June 80, 1867 $717,944,060 As several of the bureaus will have unexpended ap propriations, which wltl be ample for s<>rae time tocomo, they have mad# no estlmales for tbo fiscal yoar ending /toe 30. 1868. The following amounts are asked for:? fgy of officers and men of the navy $10,826,280 Fey for labor and superintendence In Navy Tarda 7.978,182 Bounties to discharged seamen 600,000 JbvlfMlon, Naval Academy, OhMrvatory, Ac. 012 239 jfegsilnir Ac 80.000 gorgeous'necessaries and hospitals 816,613 gontmgsnt expenses 1,682,000 Support of Marina corp 1,685,212 ToU! $28,566,636 The largo unsxixmded balance Id the Treasury at tho Ansa of the lant fiscal year Is embraced in appropriations, wader mors than ono hundred d fferent heads. Many ' of these are continuous, hare W.u made for years, their expenditure will bo protracted through years to some, and. though assisting to make np a large belanee, saonot be dispensed with. There aro large amounts, however, under the had* of "construction," "steam engineering." "ordnance," "provisions and clothing," ''f || 9 i, ?vKiseK ran with neon rial if rai/art t n t lie "feel," which can with propriety revert to the Treaaury. No appropriations und r th se beads were mad* lor the current year, and for the ensuing year none on aslced In the coarse of time the apprnprtal one would be axbansted, but It Is not believed to he In accord ance with sound public policy in time of peace to continue saoh large amounts at the disposal of the dspart Liberai appropriations for the naval service were made ?the sustene of the war, bat the foods of the meat were always oareiully and en >nom cally ex wooded. This fact la attested by tbe|num rnua claims of OaWltetors far relief now before ? ongresa; and the re ts that the department Is able to complete all the Is and engines onotrseted for before the dote of the war, and designate appropriation! to the amount of about fM,000,000 that can be relinquished to I i tho Treasury, or ?My bo ntrferwlse disposed of by Coosrraaa It has heretofore been deemed essentia] to correct ad ?dalstratloo that th?ro should he annnui estimates ?>r BSUpoeed expenditures, and specific appropriations thsro lor after examination by Congress, and this uapartmenl MB as d sal re to evade this annual scrutiny. row sinners. The reports of the several cblafs af bureaus and of tho an!MB. commandant of the Marine corps are appended, Mi are referred to for full Information of taa i hanertaat eoUsct dat operations Of their several departments. A brief abet root only can hire be given. The Bureau af Navigation has under Its Immediate gnpsrvtaloa the'Naval Academy, Naval Observatory, ByCrographic Office, Nautical Almanac and tba school Mr aavai apprentice*, and a surrey of operations in eaoh ?f Meaa departmeata Is given la tba report of the Chief ad Ma Bureau. The subject of the local deviation of wets arising from the oae of Urge quantities of MM la the construction of veseeln-of-war, Is occupying the at-cation of the Uoroau. aad the rosuile of tome teal observations will soon be made public. To i data for this purpose up officer was especially I to fan Francisco la the iron-clad Monadanck. A ?jrdrogrephic Office has been established la this city, astdsr authority of aa set of ? ongroas paaeed at Us last session It art 11 be tbe central depot from which charts, sailing directions, and nau'tcal hooks In general win is pa a. Tba now building" for the Naval Acsdsmy author taadby Coagisas will soon be comraoiioed; other Im prove menta hove been completed 1'ho "nperintendent Of tba Naval Observatorv reports that i' ere baa beea ad 1 to tba instruments of that institution u groat transit ib, which restores tba otwrvuiery to the raoa -of a to'aas laatltutlon, and will lar.'ely etteod Its sphere of nsefulneaa. The result thus far of the naval ap araixire system has not. In the opinion of the Chief or iheBnrceo. disappointed the sipsctatloM of Its must SSBWilne adriwalcs. The Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance reports the sale Aortic the past year of ttaoervloeble nation aad surplus Mar to tbe amount ?f $887,364. Other ordnaace ma tt, which the oloss of the war has left ua hand and is ?owit Isrta, i leaded for tbe present or prospective wants of lb* I d .spas ik " ? squatrons, will be disposed of. Re states that the most aatistortorv result* bavn been sttalusd with guns cast sill." solid or hollow, sod nothing hM MMMMfl 'firosd, la the efforts to produco a etesl or steel and wrought .pin gas teller than owre, to Induce a fear that ca?t Iron ord aaticr will be surpaaasd la nay essential of eadannco sMhar as smooth bora or rittoa In gun a do oldet insprovemont has been made in tba subatltntlon of lr>o fbr tbe cumbersome wood oaer so long la use, and t carriage baa recently been designed upon which a atom inch gua can be ?araly haadleu ,n any weather in whictt an acuoa may ba fought ai Mia lilt iltief of the Biiresu of Equipment aad R*crnNlng ropoits that seven hundred and unrty-one ton* of hemp, af a'alue of $206.4Mi. hare beta used at tba govern metil ropewslk at Chiriaatowa. A Board ba* been or gatiitod to examine and teal the comparative strength of wire tad hemp rope with a Mew to Its more genera! In troduction 'Bio the navy should the report be famrab a, H la teltared that, by the use of wire Instead of hemp rope, a vessel of the Wshaah clasr will be relieved of omr fonr tons' weight aloft, aad that thorn will be a large saving >n the original cost as well aa incr*ssed darotlluy in the rigging of a vessel. Tb? coal contracts far tie current rear are for 40,ij00u n? deilverod at iluls del pi la. at |> 61 per ton. sad 12.6"0 'one delivered at ~ 1. at ?7 26 1? "? ? Maw fork, at $7 26 per Urn. Hut Utile cml has bseu sent ibr ad daring the year r>j.eri?l atteaiina Is in vttsdto tbe suggestions relstivs to tbe snl'sltnont of ass mm both for Ibe nsrsl an I mstcbanl serves Tht re|am of tbe Ohlal or tbe Uarstu of < obstruction sad kepuir la chiellr oor .pied with ths pros?* live waatt sf bis department 1o plare ths go ?rnsent dockj.rds la surli s ccndillaa as ths sxperiencs af tiia M hw yearn naa ib?*o to be neeeasarj tot -m< .cut aarrbe, will require lbs erection af a t imber r,f u?w bulldogs The views of lbs chlsf of iha bureau are de tails* with totoie aslnuteuesa. and sbo tld comuiaod at tototka During ths war It bacains rscoeesgy to build els of t tf tmssii of uuasasune 1 Uuib?r but such vers eels *M of short durability nod Into ernnomy will btmn Mftoto tu for future use a isrge -upply, pertte ?'HL?f T'llow pins tltotier Hpsrts! apprepft* nitons for a fsw rears for this purpose trs recwn;n*ud'd Dsrlni tho year Uio fares in the nary yards has l?s? ptlnetoally engaged la is sfficieti condition lbs vsaash which had been almost sonstantly emptoyed durtnt tbe war, and but little program has been Bisde apen he bulls of the new ramata. The chief of tba Bsrsau of stoam Roginssrtoff report* (hot id asw werk has teen uadertak'n during II ? r sr fa hi* department All the new work undat ? onstrue u< n waa somstsasod befors the close of the war, ai d a to"?l"r uf sugioss are now esaalatod, far whtoh the VMM boss Vet tow sc ?g,saoed This ?UI bo tots* off the contractors' hu4i naff stored. The machinery tot tbe Idaho ud Algonquin, designed by B. N. Dicker MB, has proved a failure in each oaaa and been rejected. Am the aayy la almoet wholly a ?teem navy, It la eug feet id that looreaaed facllltlaa be afforded tor the con struction and repair of ateem machinery in eur navy yarda, and to thla and ealiaaatee, amounting to about ?1,600,000, are submitted. The ohief of the bureau sug gests that, In view of the Importance of the engineer corps, the rank and pay of engineer offloers should be Increased; also that the age qualification for cadet en gineers be extended to twenty-one years. The chief of tbe Bureau of Provision and Clothing calls attention to the very great evlla of the present sys tem of supplying a sailor with his outfit. The market rnte for tbe various articles he Is compelled to purchase Is now so high that when a sailor has received hie ad vance In money, and drawn bis clothing and small stores, he finds t dent of shout s hundred dollars stand ing against him, which he cannot expect to work out, after leaving a half pay allotment for uls family. In less than a year. The chief of the bureau recommends tbe errection of an additional Morehouse, at a cost of $160,000, upon tbe n -w purchase at Brooklyn, known aa the " ttugglas property." The chief of tbe Ilcreau of Medicine and Forgery calls attention to the necessity for Increased hospital accom modation* at tbe Naval Academy, Annapolis, and sug gests that a sunburnt sum be appropriated to purchase a proper site, and to erect a hospital commensurate wlih the neceesttle* of the institution. He represents the hospital now in use as wholly insufficient fur the present number conneo ed with the academy. He aire urges an appropriation of $160,000 adilitluiinl to the amount already appropriated to build a hospital at Mare Island, to answer the growing necessities of that distant station Ho represents that the building In Wllloh the naval laboratory Is carried on is small, and so Inconvenient as to seriously emlMrraos Its operations; that the ma chinery, apparatus, manufacturing department, nturo rooms, oacklng and dispensing rooui arc all crowded in one small building. He submits an rs(lmate of $80,00(1 for addltlonallahorstory accommodations. Interesting table* connected with th? casualties of the navy during the rebellion, and snowing its sanitary condition, are given. The number of paeons wounded during this |?>riod was 4.030. of which 8.281 were torn gunpowder, 4W were scalded In tattle an 1 308 drowned Iti hsllle.. The casualties Incident to la the nary, not con nected with battle during the name time, were 2 070. The aggregate number of deaths In the navy from ? asualitogor all kinds during the rebellion was 2 272, aw follows;?from gunshot fractures, 4C6; from gunshot 0' sh wounds, 1,300; from incidental casualties, 373; died In relMil prism pens. 03. The colonel commandant of the marine corps repnr's that at his annual Inspection he found good order and discipline sufficiently marked to reflect credit upon both , officers and mnn. One-half of the strength of the corps ! Is attached to vessels upon foreign service; the remain der is employed In guarding the navy yards and naval magazines ami being Instructed In the duties of soldiers. No d faculty Is experienced In getting a sufficient num ber of recruits, and of n better class thnn formerly. Tb# rommmdaot of the corps recommends that new barracks he erected in Washington to displace those at present occupied, which wore erected Ui 1806, and he sides, being dilapidated and not adapted to the health and comfort of the men, are considered wholly Inade quate for the wants of the service. It Is also recom mended that steps be taken towards securing a conve nient site Inf marine barracks at Norfolk, where there are no tuiltahle acciiinmodatluns for the marines. Atten tion Is called to the fact that, although the corps is a military organization numbering some thirty-six hun dred men, Us commandant holds but the commisalon of a colonel. Strong Interest is felt that the grade of hriga-g dler general should he conferred upon the highest officer In acorps whose numbers and service would seem to Jus tify It, particularly at a tltuo wheu so many army offi cers are honored with that position. GIDEON WELLES, secretary of the Navy. REPORT OF THE POSTMASTER GENERAL. Poet Oman DiraitmxBn, Nov. 26, IS66 ?hE-Tb? revenues of this Department for th* ycer ending June 30, 1*6*, were $14.888,BM, and the espendh tares $16,362,079. showing nn excess of the U $086,098. Anticipating this deficiency, ? spocal appr p ration wee made by act of Congress approved July 28. 'The decrease of revenue compared with the previoee .ear was one and one flflh per cset, and the In raase of expenditures twelve par cent, Winding the landing appropriation free mall matter, $700,009, a, a leg U S. portion of the revenues yet remaining the actual deficiency ror the past yosr Is only t ? . , within $61,141 of amount estimated In the annual report "VhTportlnn or the revenue, aeon muLted In depcel torv and draft offloea, under the sapervtsionoftha oflwnw office" of this Department, was collected by ?w Auditor. $2,641,074, ?t.d rc.a ued b, poatmsaters for salaries and office excuses, $4,994,266. * ??TTMATBS FOR 1S6S. . _ _ The^eetlmated wp.ndlture. for thc y ^ cndlug dnne^v The revenues, estimated at 6 per ct over last year ;;??? ? ' ' s to 000 Appropriation for free matter .... 16,806,385 Kites* of expnndltnr** 1108 Tor this deficiency no special appropriation will he reunited The standing appropriations for free matter, . . a ?s?v?rnl ftifi iro d?*tn#d mifBcient. un?ip?nd*l for Rover*! yearn, Th. following .mount, will, however, ba required f om any money in the Treasury not othorwiae appropriated. For ^v-rland mad transportation Mtwean Atoblaon and Kolto*n, ind for nuuin* mail trwwpo ?000 000 IJiio V<,w York and California ?W0,0W Fo^itslrnshlp WW loo betw^n^sncWoo. Japan and Chuaa. for one year from July . |oooco FoT^steemstilp service between tho C"lted State* and Urat.l, for the mine period 180 000 $1,660 000 yoMtotalled informauon as to the fineneas of the de partment, reference U male to the f?" *nd satlafactory m^Ut ^?A^"!rn'rmraTV ore*. The nT^r of po?u?s ite?rv waa 847.734 626.^ntl^ llO.m^ velopw80^W.^prw^hht ? ^ i.r.26, envelope* Wring printed cwt ana f?*- ,,024.000. representing $2*?.?* $11.88*.66? 26; n ?IU. the previous arrre-ste of ammped envelope- ?od 'Uenped ^ a 4__in#lhn fair JUTl* W| IROo, una 11 172.007 26 sn increase of Evro ????- t""?P The sal# "C -jg 7^or $il8,06l more toan n=SSSS*rur?sia5: Tb. laeuea of postage Ma|? ?"? !,l oV July to l?t during thaean*n'fl.,JJ T ;. of u,# issfie- for lb* 2S??:"*,Bg * lh* more than $1,000^000 per anu-m- f envelopes Tb. inrmawd demand slnoel? dlmrt to with printed cards and rr^e j? ^ lh4 nddresa, '? th? eeitoer. If imt prompt T d two thirds per ZT "ItMSXmS? trf%h" el".Uipee -? tond cent TW l*ncr?? " ^_ # .$*^.1 IflUHH. torgely to reduceihe num ^ mams. iLtovtsis w """"TJcwn g claims, oa aer-.nnt Daring to# yearsliiya involving aa amount of of by erroed forcea o of $4,226. have been acted ?P"?? aJ1#w*4 under claims, amoonting t? I*. h* to 1864, end the provleion. ef the ecu to $$^? have beeo March 8, IMS, and ?f th. law. reieeted as not coming within the provi r"A""7'*,.tV'*tTl^nfn?h. dej.artn.eot on the gO^u?:. -or th. tranapofte length. !?? W1 ?'"*? |7>* <14. lB" 71,M7,8I4 mile*, aggregate .no ual ?hl |>rf.ft| eluding the cemrwoto'tonjlf^ an,j Wage mas mail meea?Bg?ra. postal rau ay Mr-..Kate S-SJER'o ; " ? a* follows ? . ,. Mnn miles anneal trans atsrut eleven cenie per m I"- ,?n?al ^ssr~. m" -?"?? traoeportatlon, 87,811 >a5 mile*.aanval cost. at mil I ten ? vats per ml #. . n.Ar preeed'ng m'Sffmlto'TT ? year ja.461 ?'??, th* "J " arising pr.n ml'ee, and the cal $1 >?. . ? Suuthera el pally from the of Amies. .?.r?'i*-r wirw wan svavrru rv tw* t^aru of ?r A table herewiili annexed ,i?<ir>tlol, |g the late annum for mail transv'irialion ^ gl,i70 6l?, eom inanrgeat Waves on thelWb ?f renter ad pare.1 with in* araouat due for **r w((h ,h- 4,t,, in th.wa Wales ? the T resul'IBg from the $16* 218. tb. diff-rvo* $401 311.^? ^ (art that much et t ie aar'lce was 1a p*^ ^ ^ ef tn* year. The nM ^ tiatolitiea (wlto for to, same period b^s 1 nt4l w?nta. l-val out Inolndiog tb* ?? .mj^naet ? . u , pts by egents and mall messenger 11 eieeed w K 2&wr ^rSSra^ k riir 1srssr ^ ? lUierl *?? mail# up la lb* laat ??? i.,n j ,.,'m th'a Ubi# It will be seen that there sr ? J" "J* ?? xxrzatXT'.fTSJ" VU.".S7?rJnS? ? eSS^-TTfalU ? -ff,s '?52,5SS. tvllfnh 1. Mff*" I^V?N a i.w\ r,"* ?ii^?Ln s?iS3.s?Si M * MM of $1,841,01$ M per uiaa. Compered with (he eenrtee lmopemtlon on (he let November, 1866, vis., seventy-one railroad routes, with en aggregate length of 6,242 2-10 mlle?, et e oost of $437 257 per annum; twelve ntenmhoet routee, with on aggregate leog(h of !,80#X mllea, at a cost of $08,260 per annum; and 164 "etar eervtce" routee, with en aggregate length of 8,180'* ml lee, at a cost of $177,748 per annum, there appeara an Increase of nineteen route*. 1,02$ 68-100 mllea. and $180,824 annual coat of railroad service; fourteen roatee, $,?71H m ine, and $102,800 annual coat of steamboat service; and 983 routes, 88,St6)4 mil"*, and $884,734 M annual coatef 'etar service;" making a totnl increase of P,010 routes, 41,872 68-100 mllea. and $1,137,343 64 annual cost. Another table la annexed showing 'ho number, ter mini and length of Southern railroad route* not in operation September 30, 1860; the nnnilmr being only fourteen, and the aggregate length 690 12-100 ml'e*. Comparing this with nlnetv rout's in operation, baring an negregate length of 8,170 V miles. chows a remarka ble progress In tho reru-oitatton "f the railroad system of the Booth. There being two thousand two ?ondrod and fifty routes 'n all the Ptaloe enuineroied. these elate tnents ?how morn (han hal' th" whole number ?o be In operation, comprising nearly ninrt. nths of tbe ns.lrnad routes. All the rout'-a In th"se Plates were duly odver ttsed to be let to contract, a pari 1mm let of Jnnuary, 1800, and the residue trom let of July, J800: but on a large number of them no proposals wore received under (he adtrerti.-emeiif, a.1-' ou nuiuy other* the hid* were exlrnvngxiitly high. In tho latter care, offers of tho highest admissible rale* were submitted bv the department to tbe lowet. bidders; and to eons In stances negotiations were opened tit rough special agents, postmaitsrs and leading cltlrena By all these mean t rombined the amount of service hero stated has boon obtained. I'i." existing con'ract* In all t' e ?t?te? tinmed, except Tennessee. will expire on the 80th June, 1807. New ad vcrtl ouients, |P"iling proposals or four years'service Irani 1st Julv, 188". arc now being issued, under which I' is hoped all routes of real utility in the whole section will bo let. svnuitt no cm to cammhra. By a recent order of the department the overland mall route to California, of which Atchison, Kan'as. bad beeh tbe initial point, has been changed so as to hove two polnta of departure?one from Junction Cltv. Kansas, on tho Union Pacific Railroad route (eastern division), running from Wyandotte, Kansas; and the other from Fort Kearner, Nebraska, on the Dnion Pacific Rail rend route, running front Omaha fitly, Nebraska. The linos f'om those two points meet at Denver City, in Colorado Territory. po t norre maps. The preparation or post route maps for pnblleatlon has bean continued by tho topographer, and well ad vanced. Two sheets, exhibiting (lie post offiees and mail service of the Now Kngland Bia,'S. are In tbe hands of the engraver, and will be readv i or distribution and sole oar'y this winter. , nwxs urn nmrcnow. The amount of Anes Imposed and deductions mads from the pay of contractors for failure* and other tie ltnqueiicle* during tbe year wv ' $02,956, and the amount remitted lor the seme period wan $0,064, leaving the net amount of fine* and deductions $60 302 nan. saps, locks a an x*rs. A table is annexed showing the number, description and cost of mall hags, looks and keys purchased during the year; the amount expended for mall bags of all kinds being $6'' 027. This, Compared with the expendi ture of the ]>- eding year ($91,716), shows a curtail ment of $38,08^ roMMX hail tragic*. The aggregate amount of postage, sea, Inland and for eign, upon the mrr por.denec exchanged with foreign countries, was 72,289,219, being an Increase of $409,290 as compared with the previous year Of this amount $1,040,800 accrued upon tbe mails exchanged with Great Britain. France, Prussia, Bremen, Hamburg and Bel gium; $328,341 on mails exchanged With the British North American Provinces, and $120,077 on the cor re-'poudence transmuted to and from the Weal Indies, M xlco. Central and South America. Tho transatlantic mail steamship lines emnloyed |n ths service of foreign governments conveyed malts the post age*en which amounted to $976,100; and those em ployed In tbe service of this department conveyed malls the postages on which amounted to $806,091. The United Blares portion of the postage* upon the OOrrespendence exchanged with Orent llrttstn and the oon; nent of Europe amounted to $775,047; with the British North American Provinces $138,888; with the Wort Indies, Mexico, Central and Booth America, $120,077. The number of letter* exchanged In the mall* with for eign countries was 9 400,540; of which 4 860.910 were sent from, and 4.643.000 recdved In the I'm led State* O'llil* Dumber 8 604,947 were exchangi-d wit" European en i i'riss. an increase of 1,051,000 oaer the number ex ?hanged iq 1805. Th? number of newspapers sent to foreign countries was 2,804.442 and the number received from foreign Countries 1.381,724, making a total of 4 1*0,100 of this ?umber 3. *28 106 were exchanged with Europe, lying an Increase of 29.157 on the number in 1306. The increased correspondence wtih foreign countries, particularly with the continent of Europe, during the year is unprecedented, amounting to more than twenty flvs per rent as compared with the ; reyfont year MSA* TtAysrosTAims. The cost of transatlantic mall service performed by steamships employed bv this derwrtment, under the provisions of tbe existing taw. which al'ow* the *e . and Inland postage to American and the S*a poatuge only to foreign Steamer*, Wit" $525 307 The re*t of or"an transportation of ma '? to end from the West Indies, by steamers receiving dlCerent rate* of n.rnr>en?*U'in within the limit of th ? postage* we* $57 *71. being $20,742 lea* thin tho amount of t'ni'ad Plates po*'ages upon th" mall* conveyed. The amount paid for sea and Isthmus transportation of the mails exchanged with t antral and South America, via Panama, waa $17,377. ?Atjurca net manna vo?t pitAarMF*x. The ex-esa of po?'ove collected In tbe t'nited State* upon the correspondence exchanged with Orent Brltsla and the con' nent of Europe ws* $600,027; causing b?'apr*? against the 1'nlted S'ate* on nettlement of tbe Intemstlonal postage accounts, amounting it. the eggre gate to $278,714. Fog full particular* of the operation* of the foreign sail lice reference la made to th* appeudlx, and to the report of the Audlftr annexed hereto. raevai rnerwno* with itait. A liberal poalnl ronrentlnn ha* hetrn concluded with the klrup'nm of Italy, which adopt* the leading r-form* In International poeial intercouree. recommended by th* poeial o*nf"rence h*!d at Part* In Man, 1444. It war ne. gotleted and elgncd at *"'irin on th* Hth of July. 1443, and the rai'flcatlona thereof were formally etehanKad at ItaftMl on Uie UHi if June, Thi* convention, a ropy of which la anneted, will be carried Into ex*01100. *p roon a* notl' e l? race iced from the 1 ft department of Italy of the rou'e or route* of by which the ex change of rorreepondanr* In cloned baa* can he effected. ?*-i? or n*w roeTAL ootrvrrrtoo wmi <ib*at bbitai. Notice wa? air en by the Rritlah forernmenl, under date of Jolv. 24, 1*44. of tt? porpoee to terminate the ex otica portal cowventloa between tht* rounirv and th* t olled Klnadoin on the ltd of January, 1M?. almolt* neoualy with the eiptrwtlon of tb* mall aubeidy contract with the Canard line; accompanied with an aa aiirnnee of the deelre of that government to conclude a new convention on n more liberal ba?i?. reducing the preeent re lee of international poetage and grsntina enlaryed mall facialttea The nereeeary *tep* were at once taken to aocomplw h that object and I hare the aatlvfaction of annonnclna that a preliminary bael* for a new portal convention hue been en reed >.pon by the two port depart own t*. reducing the International charge on a eingle letter from teenty four to twelve cenla, edmulnr lato the maile prleled matter of every kind, and pattern* of marc hand lee at anch ratee aa the deapatchlng country ahall ea'ablleb, and granting to each country, reciprocally, th* right to trvnrmtt oorreepnndenoe in daeed beg*, or In th# ordi nary mail*, through the other, at th* ram* rate* of charge paid by the tnhebttante of the oonntry through which the oorreepondence !? forwarded. Tlie pritcipal adrantageaef the new arrangement may he briefly atalod a* foil, ere ?I. A redaction of tbo Inter net '.nal letter poetage to one-half of the enetlav >Jiarge. 2 The removal or all raetrtctlona upon the exchange of rMated matter In the mall* at poeuge rhargea ? Th* c<impel*ory prepormenl of jioatage upon letter* and other mall matter, avoiding entirely tb* keeping of 00 m plicated poetage amount* upon international correepandrnc*. 4. A reduction of poetage with all other ronntrle* to and from which correapondenc* la trae*Bilttad In th* Hruirh mall, or 'n tltmed bag* thmugh tb? t'nlted Kngdom S Tb# eetabltahmee' of uniform and reoeonobl* charge* for the eea and t*mortal trenail of eorreepondenc* In olo?ed mail*, and grunting to *?? h poet department tb* right to make ue* of all mall communication* aetahllahod under tbeanthoeltT of the other, for the deapeleb of corree poodenee, either In open or cluaed mall*, cm the earn* term' aa thnoe applicable to th* Inhabitant* of the coun ter pnivldp g th* menu* of tr*n?ml**ton. 4. Th* poet age "f *11 International letter* to belong wholly to the dceja ? hlng country, end no chary* whatever to be mad* by th# receiving country on delivery 7 Kerb poet de partment to make lie own arrangement* for tb* deepetcb ef mall* to th* other, by well appointed ?h'pe, ea ting on rtated day*, and to pay th* owner* of mien ablps for the conveyance of the mail* which It despatches. No time haa yet been agreed upon for carrying tb* new convention Into operation, but 11 la confidently ex pected that the Brltlah office will coneeat to name aa early a data aa practicable, that the public may receive wl'hout unneceaeary delay, the benefit of the reduced rate* of pontage, a* well aa of mor* frequent meena of mall communication between the two room Tine. rowal m.avavmnv wrnt v*. xxtgi*. Th# poetal conrentlon with Venegq#'*, referred la In the laet report, *11 executed ?n the pert of Ven"i?e,a on the 24tb of Jooe and want nto operation on the let of October loev A copy thereof i* annexed mor mail ratrvnmMi wmt fua/ii. Negotiation* her# been commenced with the poet 4*. partment of Oraail fbr * poatal convent op to regulate theeichange of rorrevpondenc* w'th that empire, by mean* of th* direct line of ?uhetdls*d mail pacbete plying leetwnen N< w Tork *n<i Rio Jaemro, via rtt TTiomaa, Par*. Pernamlmco and Ral.ta The graft of article* eubmlltar! by tbte department ?? lb* twat* of th* con vertlun prop ace the eele! Iiabment of low rate* of poetage both upon htWi and printed metier, the avoid *n< # aa far ** practtcali e of poeiag* arcooal* between the r*ep>v tlr# p. at department*, *1,4 edopta tb* loading improveinanla recommended by the I*erl# inieenatiowaj poainl nonferwo*. A copy of the contra-1 for the mail mrvlceto Brail I, which waa everetad by ih* United tie tea and Mail :-<u>aaaahlp tympany on th* 2Mh of Auguet, I Vft, I* an noted hereto. ?ait rumnr itea ro nr.* avn mm. The TaclAc Ma.l .-teamahip Compear ef New Tort, to Which eae awarded the cort/wct far the China ma'l ear Vtoe. au'bor<<ed by the act of February IT, 1444, baa a tec J ted a oontrar l for that aerrlee, a cwpr of whbh la aanexe4 The blgb reputation ef thM "tnpanv, their eipertence and undoubted oanrot, and the eeei and energy olilcb (bey have men if anted in making prepa/a tlone for tb* earvtoe, afford * guarantee of the *U'ce?a of thi* grant national averpr 1*0 10 aglend and doveinp* American 'emiiterr., by obtaining control of tb* vaet end ooafantty inrreoelng trade ef Japan end China, which the advea'age* uf oeg gangmpbieoi pua'Uea then 14 oaehte u* te pnaaea*. The <<,ntre#t m for mnn'tlty tripe between hen Trim elero end Hong loaf. tonrhlng M lb* l-ocu of Hanoi a la 1n lb* bendo *h l.leed* aod Tobohema iKaoegewei a Japan, both on lb* euloerd and ineard 11 mi yea, by a ue or tret cleat Amerteoa tea-goieg rtde wheal *M th m ?f m ?? dma AM4 tang beaded. ?aeasureineot, and of nMMl number, not M lima four, io perform lbs Ul|mlsl*d aen too. The Groat Republic, too flnt of the bow oUamsblpa building specially (or ibis aervioa, woo launched at Mow York no tbs 8th of November instant, to bow reoelvlug bar machinary, and m axpected to bo ready for mo about tbs 1st of May, 1MT Bh? will regis lor over 4.100 tons, government measurement, or l 100 tons more then the minimum I on nags unmod In the law , her estrowo looglb is BhO feet, estreats breadth Sri 'est. dopth of hold SO feel, snd hsr draught whet, ordinarily loaded will bo ill foot Tha

second steam, alp, of similar also and proportions, is Pi lie lannchail aaily In December of this veer, and will ha prepared lor service about the 1st of July, 14<i7 am! the machinery for two others of like dimensions Is in course of con*iru<-iiuii. an Inspection of the bulls and ma chinery of these sh'.pe, as wuil iu n g< UOral knowledge of the prepaistiotiH making by the contractors, bas satin, tied me that every po-mblo exertion is being used to fulfil lh" requirements of tbe law slid couirai t. Tha company have tendrrod their llrst class steam ship Colorado io tako the malls from Fan Francisco >>u t'ie 1st of January, 1*47, the day nsmed tn ti.o law. This hl|>, win-h bus been withdrawn front tbe Punama ami Mtn Francisco line to prepare hor (or aorv.eo ou the China route, In of tlio required tonnage, and will, it Is bolirvrd, fully comply in other respect* with the terms of tho iaiv and contract, although the report of her In ?paction by ,4 naval constructor, under instructions hrely given by tbe Secretary of the Navy, has not yet bc u receivad. In the building of Mteaniahlps for thin line tbe con tractor encountered a practical didlculty, mining out of two contlcling condili ma? first, the necuaalty of con structing ships thai could make the long ynyage of 7,os7 miloe lietweeo !-su Kranoiao and Houg Kong by tbo route named in the law with soluly and auocess as re gards tlie main object for which Ooagrce* authorized tho ?.'iatili*litne.nt of the line; and, secondly, the practica bility of ,o< tbnt objoc.t without making III" ships so largo v> to preclude, by their heavy drought, the pus Slblllty of i-nteting the burlior of Honolulu, which ha.- n depth of wutar, under favorable circumstance,., of I .? r ly twenty-one feel, [hose two colid ptiiw, llioy >il<s , were found to be inconit-teat; and thry uerefore . guim.l tbo ret pousimllty of so const.uebbg ma bn as to nttain the more important object. the b-iuv. wbtlo necemartly placing a piwi'i ai diii.culiy in tlx ? y of thu a. c omphstaiiie'.t of the Io < uciietui hi to be the only course open to i ieti v ? disregarding tlie main ends of tueir coutiai . w?|| a- the wi-estfor the public luter.-is i ?'.- i by the establishment of the hue M .ie> nr ? <? >i.?eq i?nt ly baildiug -hips of much great, r cost, by irm.i in ol in creased -tee. and proportionally more expem va (o keep In service, than was no eraary to meet iho mm mum re quirements ol tbe law. Although the law uud lite con tract etonued to pursuance thereof name Honolulu ua an Intarinedtatc port, tha tact appears to be well estab lished by reliable ol'.i ial information that the laws which govern tho navigation of the Pacific Oreau ren der It unwise, if not Incompatible with tbe complete success of the suterprlso, to require tbe steamships to touch at the Baodwtcli Islands on their passages be tween San Francisco, Japan and China. This ia conclusively shown by the report of my predecessor to tho Senate Committee ou Post O'Acos and Post hoods, dated June 11, 1HM, In which ere em bodied explanations furnished by Rear Admiral Cbarlss H Davis, .Superintendent of tlie United States Natal Observatory, respecting the proper routes to be pursued by steam vessels navigating the Pacific Ocean between San Kran'dsco, Ksnagawa and Hong Kong.! Davis, referring to the advantages of the great circle, or direct route lietweeo China aud San Krauciaeo, so clearly defined by natural laws, uses tbe following explicit lan guage ?"it la impossible, in aatahllatiingu wills hat waan two continents for the improvement of Intercourse at.d trade, to overlook er neglect such advantage* an ' ieee. It la hardly too much to ray that It would amount to itn absurdity to select tho models of our ships with Rtoelal reference to speed; end to propel them througu the water with engines of enormous |iowar, aud then to pretermit those alda and advantages which nature offers to o? as hor own mean- of co operation. At any rate. If we are prepared to do - we must also ha prepared to .eave tble itoid of at no distant day to those who will oboy the laws govcn Ing the navlgs'inn of 'he great sea". These considers. Hons with regard to the eastern voyage appcur to dt <|s?e o! lh? whole question. They show thai touiblng at tlio Sandwich Ulands on the return from t hine mount pro long the voyage so many daya unneces sarily; that un additional line of steamers must soou be e-tabllabe l, pi . vided the Intercourse between China and America is to acquire that tmporionce which ie confidently oxpei ed. A careful < n-ideratlon of the subject hen satisfied mo of the r .r.ertnoMof ins views expressed by my pr?d censor hi Hist report That tbe *i -am-hip- of it. na.ii line between -an I rand co, Japan and Co na should DM be requ re.I a. touch st tbe Sandwich Islands doe* not. In my judgment, admit of row-unable doubt, but tin* conditions mmn much such release Should tie .-ranted It a qtta*t. <n exclusively for tba dataraiinaitc.b of oagt -? A wise and liberal poller towards ? na'hmal ent.-rpr ? c this magnitude aould o.-m t?r justify lbs i ients. without Imposing onerous <OSd Lonx, In curiflUI rail? it ??f Hi! Is creased exn?ui??e Incurred In hinldiiu- ?blps far tbe ret vice ol g-emt sixeacdaugm nte.l -pe. d, as w?ll ax of the Important public Iruercs - urvoHsd m tbe ant ? -s of the line. ai*roi-T? in. Ths number of poat otft. ? established during the year ?'. Number dl'iausd., ? ?t It -ren >e Of ottfot 61)7 Ncml-r or pes'. nfilnet. lu operation on tbs .10 h J tue, tfidit ro.D.'d T 'al inimner in operation ou the goto Jun-- Istji, " ,ng-. Nomb'-i of poet oil!res in ton h'la'os no! engaged in Hie rebeil en -JO,5V) Nnmls-r In tlie 'ale in..rg?ni Mtatos, of which il,77s mere r - up. ned during the y.-ar S,v.t? Number of Olftc.e -ubject to ..ii[Mi iiinicut by tlie Preaiil.-ut .. 70t? Number by (he P stma-i- r Hanernt 31,1111 Nuin'-.-' of oft Ieee rs.qiened la UiO nuuthera talc! up to November 1 8 2?i( Apbo'ntn.en' made to fill lacaticlee bv r? Ignt lion of pi stmae'en. 4 n7'i To fill vecaic ee In suspended offlcss 3 77s By removals 1,068 Ilv change of names and sites I <2 Hy d-nih ?' pu?ttna-ief* JIT By aatabiiatimenl of new ufheet I 148 Total nnmter or appointments 10 074 Number of cases acted upon lO.slfl araaat, torn asd umxu aiibsts. Number tjecini sgrnis M Nuuiiatrof postal route flUtka. w| Number of routs af-nta Bfl Number of local rush eg-nt* AH Number of baggage maaiers. . he Total 784 AOaemiAin 'oBrissaiiov 5pedal agents f M ?(? Poetal route clerks id jhO K ioto agents 408, f<2 Ixs-ol mell agents 88,VIS Baggage mastert 1.H40 Tout $0.4,2*0 mm biavniT ex or** The free delivery ipwi l? la uporaUon la fertr tlx of lb* prlii'lpoi ama Tho nuir'wr aI tamer* employed *u MA. at as ??irr?gel* c/mpien.attoo of $6*9,2M Thto hk<1? of delivery l*? eteadilr grown la ravur with tb* public, and In eeveraof tho (arte clinr, where IU pnirwi li? Nreo moat Walked, Ihw local prwtege ihewa a?ralifym* in<-r*aae Emorlonce bax (howa lie rup?r.. oflty over il>? old aya'am al box doll*ery, aad the r*. aolla of tho laet two year* emm<a.-ij4 It la Cvagnm aa a permenci1 branch of Iba pottal aai~*i a lu effort* to xavlng tlmo to the puhlle, m mauling tba ewrrort deilr nfy l?y loducinx the habit ?f dirootlog lottora to atroot and numtwr. lb roducioa tie great number of adrcrtlaed and goad In fartliiainf corree|ioDdeo?r aepeciaily Iwal, lo obviating the no.voitjr of tho many fruitier* ealla at tho poet office, are relied on to prove Ita adran tagaa over tba old ajratoni 4 office dalirarjr. imii arraan. The whole number of dud lot tore re. el red examined and dtopoeod of doring ih?frar waa about roar and a baif milllotix, u|.w?rda of ?rty per cool of Wb>li w?r? lr>m fort? eeven of tbo tm~r pool ol?l -*e Al-out all hundred thnuaoad other lotwra were received, battig no mailable for "?nl of prepwmeot of pootaga, or on ac ouuat of miodlroetlr.n or tllglhio addraaa fhirnx the jroar there grew regeterod and retnaled to tha reepe.-Ira ownerw, aa arloolng money la eun.a at $1 nod upwardn, J2.M4 latere, w nialnmg an ag, regale of $244 tiff. "f whieh xumber T! containing $291 Odd wr? delivered hlog ninety per ornl. T> o nurolier of Iettera encloeinmoni* oi money km# than |l, ramai ed lo the reepectlv owner*, waa l3,?3d, < o talnlng aa .ggregaie en.owt of $i,W2 (Jf thaao 11,17b, doatainxr 001, were derered The uutti' er of laltora loleiniag pap ere of raloo other than money, ?? ineda, htllotf exchange, dratla, ch* ke. ha., reccired. rexi?4cr"d at, returned fur delivery to the owner*. wed 'J4,<I0, and ttunntmnal valie of the en '(enure* therein war $7 "Midi The ouinher of tbaaa letter* del ??red war 21 ObAbalng elfhlr five per neat The nuu.lier of lettota ail pwekegoe ooata nine p.fcotu grapbe, de?uerre?dvp?e ad article* of jewelrr war 07,01d < t Ohlch 03 .'.72 wet oeat (nil r? nulr. nr, for tha m'et part, pb-tographe aa<Jaga*rr?o(yp*a|, and 41 IU, or M p-r reot deliTered A lari* nutnhov of pwkrwa rooialo n* miw-eilanaoue article* for which no own* rt uld ha fwi nd wwva . ... at public a etion the pr> ,-da amounting to |J.Md The nni?i*r of 'otier* re.rood, ' ii |ei,n, n> t< r? *?, 00'intnce d iring tho yaa wae IdX.TJid, tho a?ni-int of nnpaid |?etage on which wi go tit The n .mter r* caived from fore'ro cnon*** la tha ramo condtt on I during the mme period wa<f],440, aa I tha am ml of anpeid ll.noa $'4,M The nutr>l>er of (oncreeofeai m? nff>r >1 pepwn ra torneo to the pwoper deptarhento waa ll,a.i? The numner of Iettera at.oatae eoldicre' dierharge* and other tt.llnary i^jwro Ml to the Adpiiaal '.eoere! ? Office %e , wae ?,?!* ihr nuiolwf of ord r.ary Iter* renin ed to lha wrltere Waa I *4d IM, be.o* "t+m of JA.-. 412 over ibe a. mber of iba mice c anter f.umoA tha /ear pie. j vtoua 'H thewe l./T?,?4A era dei,v.r?t Tl.' whole aaoitwr of Iwore of all 4aoe*1ptl'na aee> out d r 0, Uto rear waa 004 414. of Which 1,002,4*4 were de'lrered. te- n( aeaeer-eeren per neat. Of the o n?i#r of ovdloy Iettera tent net fur 4e Itverf >lo<e tha let Jmf M, from wl.i-ib Ume, la on MM wMt the lew tb> l.a.e been wdarnwd free, e?(ht; three per ?ew< wevw tllvored, he eg aw laevamee of eeventeeo per ee#t ova (he pevcenlage deliver** during the eeme pertwd at U peer provh ua AN it 2 VJb.Oflb dead lettW hare lew daatroped der H>? the fear Of Iheee wpurdo of Mil? |wr ie?i ?.>? ordinary tr eta?e? etrmldMar rerttaeiaeot* of keterpr ant t ft eotert rieea, a eke of rorweraie w? one* and trade. I.en ? Nile, the rowtnder Imtng e-,rn;'eed at latter* aot wfied, or an write a* 'e N> aaiate nMe Aa oree'igalinn lato the nee id the o m del very wf lot ten noaflrme (Ne Were me i made m toe eet >*yn that throe-foarth* at un who number fail to roerh the wan lee addnmi d thrnifh fwte at the wr'ter. *ad it tw lew* aerwrtaUted that ihwroyvruoa ef letter, fally eddrwwed retanmd from nfllw wiewo n o free del very to antobltebed M lam taaw lha per cent, fmea ?hm of thana 'Mraa rwtwrao bar* hm received, la wbtcA m a dagte leuar an oddromi 1 .VO" wlilmrt a eet efaeiory fewer e for lh# a"W 4e?i wy t ruwt forty te ?fi, pwr - .at Of dead tot ten me m.f.efi'* thee# aad it khae .ppaan that a mere 'a* a. ? ?*#?! #? te t*e dete It at IMIW eg ibe tan of At uwell or wt? g ?vr? extensive dm af request euvakrpae, would materially Coot* lha nrtilnt; of delivery iwl greatly diminish Dunbar of dead letters. nmt hoxbt wmb mm Tbo uunbor of money order oflloee wmm la opdtailon m wrn hundred ud nlxty-sls, being three bumlr-'l und forty Mcru morn than at the date of the laat annual i? port, and measures have recently been taken to establish aiily-reves additional offloaa u> the Paella Union and Tarrttortea The number of nrdera laau'd during the year waa 24S (109, of iheTalue of fl,f77,*80 The numlier paid waa 2J3.1M, of Uip value of $8,861,839 To which Is to be added amount ol ordara repaid to putnluurra 62 060 8.905,690 Rveeaa of Imuea over payux m< $73,399 From tM weigh!ishnta t or the aytam on November 1, l ow, to July 1, INo'j. a period of eight mouth*, the oritur* ins >ed amounted to tl.-O,), 122. aud the urdeia paid and repaid to $1,318,677. On comparing these amounts with the oorradpoBdlng tramtarlloiis of the la>l flKal year It gppaglB ttm business haa hcen alu o-l trnhlud. Tha averagamount of each order laauud dur Ing the yeur we* 816 33. Tim whole number of duplicate- waa 1.4ft!, ?r which 1,134 were wined l? replace ori mala loat in the mailt or o herwlae, 290 were In lieu of ordera invalidated by a*e. and twelve to replace oidrra illegally und< i ? d aurpi'U I'lit- fiiiin ol f'2 710 086, being surplus fond* a er i'n, at Uie smaller OfBows from the transaction of the tr m?y order bunions, waa transmuted to llret i laae ofllu e u*| a* deposkorliie, either l>y national lianlt dralta of lu reg tutored | arkagt? hy uiau Tho receipts and expcndl! .->? for the laat 11- al rear, a* rtdjusled and reported ov the auditor, wereaa lollowa, viz;? Bm 'i*a Fee* ou order* Itemed. $85,799 Premium reoeivod on rxi hang" 11 Total $8.',,Wa i. ixnititum. Oommleeiena to postmasters $11,4113 Clerk hire, 14.910 Mo o f and stationery 1,224 II, rillaneotik, in lud n,; furailuro and xture* Mi-1 1!' ouilani in loel in Hie mall 633 91,0114 h xr.n * of lecelpta over ex|>enililuree I'.l.iti rt;I >um represents the gruaa uiooiiut of rev or.ue deil.ed from the transact I un of tho ,money order business for the pa-4 year, and if w? deduct therefrom the amount of the de ficiency lu the receipts a* compared with the expenditure* during the period of el ht month* ending July 1, 1806, a* elated in tho lael annual report, vis 7,017 There romaln* the euin of I "0 ?an tho pro. rod of the system trom its rommenoetneuv up to the close of Uin last iteral year. The- co*t of blanks for postmaster*. which are lur nisbed by tho Department or 1'ublic Print lusgla not lu eluded in the foregoing statement of ei|,eiidlluree. sunrriovar, <* *?? .m*K>nsn The prevent charge or fee established by law for an order of ( 20 or lest l* ten renin. au?l lor an order ex reeding $20 twenty-Are cents. The o rate* are drlecti " In this respect, that an applicant a-ho de*ire* to remit uny sum under $40 could do It more c heaply hy two ord?rs than hy t ne, inasmuch ua two orders for t'M ev n would i n.t htm but iwenty cents, while for a ample oritur of $40 li? would have tu pay twenty five cetila. Ilia mnnile-t tenilency of lime *t*t? of things '* to align i nt onnaetM aarily tho u urn her of order* lauad, Involving a wuste of time a .0 of clerical Inbor al both ilia I ., g and paving off! as well o* Increasing the llab'lty to erTor. 1 he adoptlmi of an additional ram of llfteen c? nix for all order* of more tfirt $10 hut oot *xraadlSg I o without any rliange i>; the prrec ul free for orders of tlu or less, ?.r for onler* etrtyfltig 780. would remedy ih? deled ,n duration an I pron. Ill' expedition and a, cu racy in the trim .action ?i tho buefn*nc. At aoCin p I I oB.nee, aru ilarly ii u e loratrd al cer tree ot l.-ad, ? 1 commerce, the nnnihor of ord-rs paid verv pre*' ?c ed* the number Mwuvd, *o that the pay mut of ,., a natiiuii x the i blot buaimw* of theno ofi-ii , an" - .. p i : i-i. r ? ron.fieiiHaUon lor paying urd, iIn-1ii e i gutli of one per cent 00 the amo nt thru-, t hi ? 1 , in for hrulng thetn, for Winch tie iccmIvi ? 'I ihn i?e It la ri noniuirndi d tl. it ilie con rt. "n ig O'l'er* ho incrra-M-'f from mo i' gl.ll, ' ? of cnu per cent, M an tu af! iJ nc*ir\'ifdr:? ?;e a roii.peiiacU:>'a 1 rnporttoLSte P tlwiraerv. In cave of . ? g a n u- order, the owner, lu ordr-tool ? ii .? i | le th'r-.uf, la rcwpi rati "tofm m*h o und. r oalt or afflit, itlon," senlnt Id-th the I co ? tc- ? ? in of the orlglnnl, to, Ihvr w th a i*riilt.tate ,nmi the i-etmaaler by whom it wa? tmyablo tl nt It I * put . r and will not ho pa! L A on oca!ii nmi d-o h obtained from tha Issuing poatma., I?i that the order in ipieMlon Had not be-n and will nd l>e i.;>ud to the ptireha?r to th.. najuri.y id .-roei lh? apph. .mi's Isfbrma ? Ion with regard to the In "f ihc orlglnglorder la lln. ? l ui tin lai-t I,.at It ? i" malli'd at a ? ertaln ulBco, I ret i' *1 (ll n i.iu>.'? unknown u> him to reach the per*.m iddrn rd He olillged, however, u> inmlah a State n.-nt tu Mud effect en ter oath (which Is to he admin ? tared by the poa master wlt' out i iiarga), and to ?; ifrav ?I loalofa five I 'm reeemo ?tamp adlve l to an ? a! uient. Tlih addn nal avniine ,* hurdena uue to the owner, who la r?re< to I - hlnmed for the Iohc of 'lia original order, for tvh. h the regular fee had air- ly lw"ll paid to the deper nem, and the latt r having in. i-.ortakrn, in c nal '<nation i f that fee, to transfer tbmnrh the malt* the < m of money represented hy the ur p r. ahcutg p'Tform that 'laly e.llu it "?u, ng "ur further comnetiaatlon Fxpmeooo, inoriviver ehowt that th" -ertlfl.-n i-a of both paatmaslora aTord contplaf avi irlty ai'.ilnr'it " err ,* i'ui" I ?ne of a dopl.cate n I'eu uf *n oi ler that had ouoe been pa d. It would mm, tin re fore, it ?t th- l-gal rro i ,enmnt from the ap Ii ? ant of a *wi?m statement as to th" he or d? inn llop of the or glnal 1* entirety tuuteee .irv, sa .-I! a? or,vri>iia, and aim .Id In- aliol rh* l f m-irmlar reaa ,i* i no charge whatever ?hou!il tie made for the issue of a duphcaU ofgor to Mptsre en erig ral Ibat basher rne invalid I,era . ? n* t pr>vented w thin i ne yeef af'?r It" date, or taw ana* tmprnpt i!v endr.r "d In an-n rwaee the Inraltdatioti >f ttie order I" In llae)' a p?na ly for any nafllgeie e of the h tar, who, on ep, 11 eat,on, should receive |Mtytn-nt of hla ruonsv b) Bisons of a dupllsale without a sound fee During the laat (. cal year five ra*ea have m curved of thr payment of order* to p-rwuia who had foe. ?i tbn argnalure* of the |?yeea. 'lie-- per <r>, tied previ riualy. through lacg of precaution or lr)ud.r *-ts e-wiB deuce of the .en liter or payee been pot tn poesesetua of all U.e ttformaUoa reijulfwl to Ohiain parmcril of the onler. To foige or eoun'erfrit a nv nay order i- made a penal offer e bv the act of ]| ir IT, I*e4 t it th-re ? n*, prevision of lew to pun.ah the forg-r of the piyee ? aignaturr, and as the lw?t--r rrlrr.e I* liable In be often repea'ed, eipi- ,?tlr at the large oRJce*. there Is e n ce?eltT fer add uotial leglclatloe to provide <D adeq tato ponla'imant for It. as well ea for ens attemf*' to obtain i*yment of a money order by fr udo eo* meena. A rem llnnce of a irpiua aursv order f mda, arnremt Ing to M'7. eat'' l? r regMrt-'ed pact age fr in Natchea, Mlae talppl, >o Ml I,ou.?, Miawwirt, waa la*, by lb- dab tniril in of 'I,* mail eearner r ty of Meraphia, on the Slat of May, but in con-e j ;ence of delay In obta*nirf satisfactory evkteore that Due sum hail been do'y rwui.tad, registered and ma ted so l had aiheerj -r,i ? treen totally destroyed, tlietla'm of the pi>*in.--t?r a* Natchea to he eraCited iberew'tn wee not allwvsed by thla depenment aeo trausinltled to the Auditor in Urae to tw m.rertod In bla report or in? ???>?? In addition to llw d<nail* of rbpnrt I an'tnii ? '?? riU??KKH -T1ii mndlllon ot nil ? ranch** of thi pantnaal la o>'?l *nc?ur*i|tn* Th* i r.*r?l j *n pr po??d bp my pNitcMW for rafiuM ?hinj po"bi ?*r tv* |n U>* HI* ln*ur**nt h?M ha* imb, :* n iarf? *a laal, rainaf mit, m4 rffl'tiM amrlor wtth arvnotni.ol *i|>?n1H>ir*?. ha* ro*tili~d Ju*t a* rwpldli a* >h* for, dt' on of U.a> Country and !h? D?.-a>** of IN* po.|,la will warrant. b*w p at offlro* trill b* opoood u?l n.all aaflor- lan*a**<l Tto aurplu* of r*?'n? * OT?r ?i|*tnlll'irr. II,? ftaraJ p?#r *nd nf Juo* .'to, I MM wa? o-1 aatw-tnot-d for lb* pear oadlbf Jan* W, 1Mb fk? II d*ut to r* ? abllahm* mail *?rrl?? In t> * boultara P'a'.a w? ?r? wi'i aorrV-* had ho*o irttorruptod bp lb* rohallion, II ?>< mown would inrrana- largalp th* f?n*r*j oal.ara of u>* d*j .art moot bopond what h*d boot, rtopiirad durir g <? uvr of lb* pconndiof f> tir ????? Thar* yt no hotter ertd'-ire of eallooal Of ?;wf lr than lb* ronatant oyer**** 't'm poor to p?wr ?f r?. ?#?*? d* r1r*d from d"#ioeta< at. 1 f?r*if? ;?.atafo* Tl *r? la no ?ioUot rrtdaae* of to* tbwoeit f foneraJ Ibie Ill* Amorvwn poop*# I hao I hot fi.ra'ato-4 bp the 1 adod mala fho 't.anft n Hind** of nonrep*no* Twaa rarr.** ptf*> 0* and *!?? o. ?>**b*?c#r?, a/ I p*ot ri.i?r* war bPlot* and Mail pnnhafM at. ! a fee letter*, I rat r .la an ! etrwrni-noto, rorrrtiif *r?rp dap h'iw'.Mi of Ion* of a , ' M?|apafi and hookt a.i ihro if!. Mi .*o?tb bbd Iw adth of lr>* labd 'a an ?i>ra H r up raowoentafy tifvn lb# btrroaatbf w?* lb and prwpccMp < f in* b*'y"% and too *n?rf; bod ln'? ?-rrvo of Ihc? naw* * Tb* f?w lb?4**ad | m nd? t f nnarto' raian? 'n rroiiCPo'* I r ? f..r a olbfM p**r fir* pl*>* o'w u. fit (*>j ,?y amooilr, a ?lb row "tab lb* an tto! r*??o*o* of u ? f <t*ral|o* aonroarM dur nf tbo ado. btttraUan id Jofea QtWp Adanaa Tbo aorrV*. rbder tb* i '-rry patniMfl* of lb* par ?mni?ot. ?.a* dnaao m o* In ai* in ?!**? -pang ibi r*. Wurnai of tt>* 'oooirp than ar.ptl. n( ada* ai<*|4 tr.? "OMIrotto* of th* ao I It lit* 4 oa nara t id In I poi-nina ar t tbr.r' th* i..,pir ' artptbtr.* oirapt lb* M*Wb( booh ard H b'a Tb* foot Oflra and iwa i rati'* ir* ? with dtlMaw, a?d mart it* pfT>fr<wa a* d?d nrtaj ao tb* O.W.I annaoa a* l M*tti? btrnao It Ima alwapa two aa ?rr- -.?ona tbtarr la 'b* fclac> rp of 'b* ??-?to. ao?al'*of tb* I'blind ? bto* t bat f**>. *f.*d or wtiatf on th* prnt p4? ?A wMotip 4* fni of it* own ?t4or>a*a ui it* own r***no*a . *, in '??for word*, o* ib* prfdtpdd Urn it Muotd b* mm' np ; nrl of ll * n ffaot pbhiv brtaipop u, anr Wad?ll pP?oW rttlMai; *b4 M Will *?>? do to top that r . ma I rwM* *h? i bo Motari, or ???w raff** a**?M i?hfi *??il lit# h-.atnoao cm tb* prop... 4 */-<?.* tr ?f L* pnfil ill oAr* aboil (aap *fl orpob*** lor*. .* oa of Ion#or orb road *???. paw to ?o- 'or I'Oi for 'orrplac at a * nopntrd ?r fr.rta.r, w-o* tb* r?*if*l wtMorar** In n a ?Co'rt ?ad *"*r wrp* a.m* *r* paid A* aarvtu ow . r.** tr??, itorr to th* anaio nan In aornoi-n A*l* ao p*! a-orw ab' a?? U from ibm man(<*#?/1r*?p *r>*ti r t ?">? '"*4 hart ?# is* abap* of paotoi rw-a iaa Tat Unl*' t*r? a#? an |* ?tt* aottlaniant and anwnrop* #?>'??; r** ?? aaaioriat d* "???vnwnt, an that ib-rw nwao* one* b> ?? r?p?# I* mal aaa.u aim oat w r***p ? *? of d-.i *?* ao Iho poramroont * M In If. a partioolar Www# < <T.fT*aw ho* WtM'p ap-rnrM'"d flf*> rm par fawr In f*p for anrrftn* ma la from **? Frtao- *?* U CMn* Ihoiww an *t' to* I# ***d <t? mo-.a, ?*r top a f lb ? na?.b*p to a to*r at* 'onarwnp I* a'i ?d ? m*a w ? ?r rtbf wMwU tbtc at'top. a* *?Pnndw. wit wa* ?? k frwni th? I It oa w*0 tn r ? da and waraoa d ao >oa?do* to or- -** moriM*. or. M ?trlata, a iruaprttlb* MM a?r*w Whatbar lb* pw>p*> p*p '? 1-~H? "tompn for ir*o* otia* ? of Mttm Ibmtwb th* o?o o or *l#taf toop pap bp ?ppr??n*uon *f pabrw OT-nop, I'm '*** ba-ifkl and th* n>b *000*4 or* th* ***** * nil* ****#?? rood Ian g tvbro trail tb M bbtidnh rboo* ?*??? to be a liberal expeadUure for oiteodiag mail ImUHM by laud aud by Mk aatouaaat-iuoa rem orwraawt. a?L*?im or root una cuta Id toolbar raqyrl J rocouiiu-Dd morn liberally. .TM clerk* ami ampin* la of tho Puet Office Department bar* UOV Oeeu Wail |?i<1 for ll?? OeiU' on 'bay lutVa pe r f -ruied. To* talari'-* of rlarka Id tho Puet Office fUpartmea* durii.K uui lour j car- ?f war mora unt teeroaiod, whig all ilia aipooaaa of living woro mora than doubled. Tho Jhl*rtoa ?i ra find lu lime* of peace aud loar prtcaa. ~'?T were not raii-ed when war raluad priroa Clerks ware eumpallod to run In debt, aud, la loauy ? aoro, their lainllie* ?u!Yari-d from want They worked faithfully mi t akUUudv and Imuran v in d aeliar l- g iinporanl du Uoi fur Um loTorniTu-nt. I ruhmit that they ought to hero aoma reaaoi.ahln allowance for the paat, and an lu cre"-? of ?al..ry id ibe lu'ur? nsrlulnp'Mt oflkee, teller oerrtere and route agenlo are not paid u.,.v might in he paid. Mmiexi, ludaa triooa uieu am i.T, \ p.r all thi -a diitioe. aud limy ought to Km paid . lair a id . -m|MU*"iioii for tbulf labor. Their employe nt lr m -ntwrruptcd, except by an It num. I lia latter -erro-re ? laim i-ecullar ouin.dera tion They travel every -c,y ftuui early In th? morning umll lata at nlgtii, lo*h<-M aud iold, and rain and ni"?, all through tbaclti i, d; ir. itartandparien with out C-nmpHlwddoli Omul, I| In pa loaiae rent 1 feal U?al lb* government oughi to pay ad iii?.....,n| i,,yi ? better, briatnt* they earn more, tad .?e thr government con afford to pay mora, li Hto- <??>.?. all 'here eoipl'iy<,? hocanoo it l < 1o?'.to tl n that I ch ild, and I rurneatly ark. pernila Ion Dill hi* 4 tea tbelll bat tar. AITIIOBITT AIKKU TO AfTOIirT A arrSklirfUXOXVI nt roRgu.N MA1I1 The foreign penal eorvlce liag gTu?.n to an . matini ludn that lucr-mmd earn and roaponaibiuty ?i uiioo Iboae having the dl root charge Of It; and I re*{ m-truily oak tl.ut authority tin given 10 appoint u luperiutcndoat of fori ign niailg, and nil additional vlork lor that ' ranch of the aor ti e I a No r< eoiuinnnd fbat authority be given to appoint a x'lpuriuteiidout of the opening aud dialr.buuou of dead Inter*. nia rBAumM raivibitia The law regulailn ? tlm Ir.tnking privilege ought, in my op ulon. to le* r.iunud oj. | do not thlek tho privilege ?boul>] goabolk*k"d. 1 think it a nareadiy for Ibe dif. ferret departoiuii'h, an wall ae for Coogroe*. dlul gloat uIiiimn have groan up under U hi avoid fraiuta and a mlhuee of the privilege, I rc< iiunand audi a cliangw In Hie law iu> to tcpilra the written ?! gnat Bit of ikUtrtDI ogarctalag the privilege upon Hi" mutter franked, and to relievo the brads of -ll'l-ailmenti aud bureau* of groat labor, that a franking c erk b-< uulhortaed by law lor each dupai i tin nt of the government, with the right to Iruurf all matter periaiultig to ih* department for whieh ba la appointed. H- peettolly ? itililllled yj.tXANDKlt w iunivu.1, haeteanar Reeeiel. REPORT OF THE SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR. I>a-?I!TMKYT Of Tit* I?r*H|n*, I WtKHiiuriji, It C., Nut. 1#, IMA f Ma:?I hare the honor to tubmll tba tallowing eghlhlt of tha operailnn* of tta* d?|<*rtmeut, and of Uia vurtoua and dlvmaiflod InPr-rte connected with the hrancboa of the pontic aanrlce committal to tut iiiperrlaiuu. n ?ur i ah* During the fl*e*l jrear ending June BO, 1B0A, pabllo land* vara dttpoawd of M followe ? Arm I'old tor caeh Ht.1M.ll 'rr<| uinh-r the home?tc?.l act* I, wtr'j 6M AO l.>K-*t?d with Military warrant* fainooo A|<l r< ted to Stat"* iw awainp 1,11/' AAA if A proved <o Hl*t*w tor railroad* 04,toe ?? L ooted with agricultural college acrlp aai.otv. 00 Tola! d.BIW.BU *7 During Uia una period d,4'?l,l/B4. IB acre* were oft-red for naJa. The caab receipt* from aalee and other aooreea were f "24 eld. Tha number of bomeetaud entrie* ei ' eeded that of Uia pr - odlng year hJ mo re than at up per' er.t. There art rltty?nn land diatrlrt* and ton t irrering departrnenot Duflrig th* pud yaar aurreylng operattona have been proaecuiod with energy In Mlnneootn, lukota, Kiuku, Nebraaka, ' uloiado, California, Oregon, Narad* aod WwhlorUtt, but bare been def. /red, 00 f 'Ount o Indian h n'tlltlee, in New Mai Icq and Arlaoa*. Th anomalou* loudlllnn of affair* in I'tah haa prerented anp a-rrejre there alnce the rear 1AS7, Al that dale '*1(100 a ree bad lieen ?tirv#y*i In ?rdar that tnep av <?' dlr;n>aa<] of, it la rwiimineodad that a land die tilct lie r retted lo ll?it lernmrr. The entlra amount of the puMu domain la 1 4AS.4M *00 actea, of wi t. h 474.IOO.UI a< raa hate been aartrafad The atlantioa of t 'ongreite la again rwapeetfully la? ted to I hi aipedlt try of making e?rly proelaiou lor tbe ad lucm-nt of claim* In land alt .aid In New ll?tlto and Arlsona, a/ia tig under the lawa of >paio or Matlna. I he eel of July '4i, 1AM, dtracta the bi.ivayor 1?' ueral to aer .taln It ? l.kturo and eitei.l of au< It ? lalou uader the lata.' ueaaca and eaalarnaof h; >.n and Mmlaw, a. d to m ike a lu I report on all -erb *. ..riglraied hef. re the . -?? at of tha Territory to tha I one i ? taie? t,y toairewijr . f i.u laJupe Iltdalga Congo ? /wearvad |be r ght to i i I r It* arlloe, h*w I fuit grar la, an t In glra full elecc U. th attpolati'-na of thai Irawiy t.'atll mch a> - 1 on U " .aftda . ore*?| n- the*e claim* aee re-erred f",m aala or other nlaaneal b* the goren merit. The art iuwe rug at ply to thai tnaluahle r*?i n of 0-ualr* prewired Of the tre ty roo'lude-l af Met e ?, I?? nb?r fin 1*/1 The f^.n-lary between Kaw V tiro and 'ntorwdn a* well a^hat between I'allforn'a ai d Merada, nho Id Im pern iOenilr e. u .lt?h-d, and tl a limit* Iwtwaen K on Ida and fleorg'a fln*Hf adiuated A fear tract* hare baa* entered In Callhrti a at tha minimum p/ne of twenty dntlara |>wr a/we, uader tbe ?upfileaeental act of Ma'-li ' 1*14, lor u>edi*pawwi of cmI Ian I# I be propel- y of redorin* thW minimum where the. *11* of lafeftdPgnalfty and MM he lAU 'Kl without dldletiHr, I* aabtutttad for r- eaMarellnr The ?in "f lb* roil land* of tbe I nib d .-late# la art mated at 2 1 'ggi a<|uar*. mi.'#. land ofl*. e Hare been reopened In n?rl4^ Atatwiaa. Miaraelnpl, latl'lM and Ar' lie ih* art Bp proved June 71 l*dt l.'.hllc land* In ".eee Mat -a are re. egrleetralr r r huw>**<e*t *???/'** aerred *ac|eetrelr f r homn.iaa.1 wt'ti and for th* l? r'M ./ ten year* 'for. thd*!#./ It* [if?g-. --'y et.bty acre* . *n he gnt*r?4 by ana preon Tl.e law fnrhida anr teromheut In tf e TeneraI land Off.i-e ta jiorchaee pwhlt Ian'* t tnggeet lha preprlatf af eitendlng it an a? la loniata # are ? fll^e/ In e> r aay roar.t' ted with the at . tnafratfoa of the law* refai'hg to tli ant. The gruel to loea f..r the iruf -ov-meal of lb* D?* VI i if* tier haa be>a fudy aal aOad It *mbe? *d m 07* 90 101) acrae TbaraaNII rethain inao'd eeveetr ???** lata attnaia tvtiiln in# Tort Howard rwoa in W.? onein. T'i? y ??II h# d poiad of a a.'ordao e * Ui the act af July 4. 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