Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1866 Page 1
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w WHOLE NO. 11,056. NEW YORK, FRIDAY. DECEMBER 7. 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERSON Al<. A N NIB?TOO WILL fSD * LBYTRB AT YOUR A u?;tr'a. del It at once, auti send ine your answer. Bver yours, S. *T PBRSON BBOWINO THE ADDRESS OK HKjl L nerd Alfred Sao I ley re will confer a faeur by enclosing I umt to K., bo? l.SSS Koet office. Edwards-tod will kind a letter from Lliate >t Union square Pout office. ?WILL BE 1MPOS-II1LE TO BEET TOO TO-DAY. . Do try to eee me noon C. [DA OA* SEE LUCIE BT CALL!NO AT *75 GREBNE eireet. INFORMATION WANTED OK SARAH EERR-SHE 18 1. requested by her sister. Elisabeth Kerr, to cell nt 81 Barnabas Home. 804 Mulberry street, Mew Turk city. P FORMATION WANTED.?ANY PERSON KNOWING the address of Edward Sly, formerly doing a brokerage bo tine u at (8 Exchange iilaee, will confer a favor by 'leaving Ike tease at P. Ulhsey'x office, 171 Broadway. M ANFRBD WILL GIVE 1M WITHIN TWELVE DATS. Important. Aoceaseaay. DETER MARKET, LATE OP BALTER8TOWN, JL county Louth, Ireland, will relieve bla moUmr's anilely By tending hit add rata to hit ale tar Ann, No. 94 Beat Twenty seventh street, Hew Work. ^?)LICB.-IF THE KOl.ICKBAM. WHO CAUGHT A I runaway bene at the eecnerbf Plftv aerjawd -trect and VHMth aver tie. ea the night of Sep-ember SI, about IS o'clock, ?r eitherdf the men who took tee borne and- carriage to the I Mansion itablen, -will vend hit addreta to Poat office box ASM, be wtll con ear a favor ami-be sultablyrewarded. 5AM I'EL A. MoNBAR?RETURN AT ORCK. VOI7R father la dead. T. S. HARRISON. ITIO DRY GOODS DEALERS. ?PARTIES HAVINO BEEN A offered bl ic or acarlei Flannel*, by the piece or bale, by unknown person*, at very low prices, will be rewarded by ... ulnr*. to r ~ stropping a line, a to ting particulars. to K. R. Siwuna, Agent fMonlngton Line, office pier 18, North river. w ILL THE LADT WHO WAS TO HAVE BEEN ON the corner of Wooster and Fourth at recta, between itf-peat three and four 'O'clock on Mondav last, wearing a wn dree* with brown velvet around the bottom, make a r appointment for Saturday. Addreaa H. W. C., at tame rapapcr office. WILL LADT IN BLUE DRESS, NEAR RIGHT EN trance, receiving programme (dedicatory) from party adjoining. Monday afternoon, pleaer addreaa Forty-five, box Ml Herald office? T TOO ?WEDNESDAY EVENING, BROADWAY CAR. 1,1AU. Will the lady pleaee addreaa W. H., Ntattou U. MATRIMONIAL. I AM A WIDOWER OF SOME PROPERTY AND WISH to form the acquaintance of tome good looking, respec table American lady, with a view to matrimony. Addreaa O., box 199 Herald office. mwo YOUNG GENTLEMEN OF RESFECTABILITY L and moderate means dealre tbe acquaintance of two young ladlea of petite figure, refined dispositions and ap jearanoe. and. truth, with a vlew to matrimony. Address llue and Gold, box 193 Brooklyn Post office. LOST AND POUND. I 08T?MONDAY LAST. IN TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, . V'r?"luL W1" reward tinder on retun. to Dr. Bra*. ma's, 1M Went Thlrty-slith street. LOST-ON THURSDAY, 8TII, FROM SODUANE STREET, a black and white Dog with collar on and chain at tached. A unliable reward will be paid bj leaning or return tag him to the a bone number. Lost-gold watch-gold open face.barraud , * Co., makers. No. 288, at the Sun newspaper oBloe. EJj?,nd*2"2n'M . ?"?""'ard will be paid on Its being J?? 261 Broadway, and uo questions Lost?on Wednesday evenino. in thirty eeventh street, between Fifth and Hlvth arenue. a sany a Fitr CoUar. A suitable reward will be paid for Us re envery at 48 West ThUty-seventh street, or 142 Front street, tip stairs. Lost?oh Wednesday afternoon, in fifth avenue stage, or on Broadway, near Clinton place, a S^Sf^fS. J?*2 ?rith eleapand chain, raorted M 1M Fro^Tu^t? ,ulut>ty by leaving It at LOST?DEC. A ON THE CORNER OF MADISON AVB ?nl',1,T"''?tT bblrd atreet. or theroaboats, a checkered ran and white Horse Blanket, marked "D. A. C." The flnder win rwwvf a IImta) reward by toarlnf th* name at Oompton Moora, ooraer ol Twenty fourth street and Third avenue. LOST-CFRTIFICATE NO. 498 OF THE NEW YORK i C^T?P*nv."I*55lc tor 4v* hundred shares. A Ub wrwl reward wlU be paid for Us return to ? I'lne street room Me. 8. The transfer of the stock has been stopped, and It Is Of no value or use to any one but the owner. D. A. BALDWIN. L?2T~?N THE MORNING OF DECEMBER 8, IN A <lri??ving the na-e at the corner of i? eli rf.. rtT*?t and Fifth srenue, a Pnrae, eonuinlng one 8MIMil and some change, together-with some trifles jl.?U.'Tra 0,SI?r he Under will be rewardrd by Sonde street ' ,trB*t. or at 70 and ft Lost?on Thursday, dec. ?, about ii o'clock on Broadway, between Ninth street and Bleerker raroet a Porketbook eontatnlng about 829 in bills, a pair of J*1 ""I Karl aleeve button-, a card with H. rhambertln'a 5??*- - l?T U"!1" wl" b* ?UI tsbly rewarded by leaving the poor young lady"" ,ir?el' Ncw *?rk- 11 being the all of a OTOLEN-TN MARCH LAST. EIOHT BONDS OF Unlon K R Company, $1 (tot) each; f* l" 52?,u?IT?; alio one U. 8. registered 5 30 bond, ?1 ^ I oam? of Hiram Corny. All periom art cautioned against negotiating above mentioned bonde DAVID W.WETMORE. 113 Maiden lane. _ REWARD*. ~ REWARD.?WHOEVER TOOK THE POCKET '' h"fb, oontalnlng Notes and other Paper-, from A Adams A Co s office. Jttfl West Thirteenth alreet. will ?" above reward by returning the papers through the Post Office or utherwIse, snd no questions asked Jt/k RR*ard-lost. on the evenino of de. S? combor 5, a small parcel of Linen, by a youncr girl. in goomfleld street, between Filth and si reels. Ho bo H j pp y Green, 18s BlocmSeld alreet, ilobokeii. tl f) REWARD will be given on the return SLYewm ralZm* nf.?ur*icAl Instruments, Ion Decern oor 1, to 48 W eat Eleventh street. tl () '1,KJ'A,RJP WILL BE OIVEN FOR THE RETURN 9* *? R?- * Depau row. Rleeoker street, -of a Black and Taa slut, answering to the name of Iajla SI 0 R|o'V I,7?"J?AY' NOVEMBER 27, Jf- p.!". 'k"L neighborhood of Elshtv-aenond street be ffieml^trad Bacond avoonec. a Udy's Mink Mull. The SJleguoet! ^ ?0 l"vln* **n"f ?*?* Washing S10 RRward.?lost, on Thursday, December 7-f .,*m* AUclLL*?fc.*r eonuinlng Clothes snd Account Bonka. The fleder will receire the aheve reward. kaTil 'be elolhea, by returning the bonks to Hopkins A Nelson, 142 West staeet, and no questiona aakod. <90 RRWARD?LOST, 0* WEDNESDAY EVEN. RW; "onys Sleeve Bnllco rat wUh %rrla w "h Wristband attached, valued as a gift. Apply to A P Nov-I Marnden'a Etpreaa. IB Broadway' r 1120 ?R.WABI>-T"8 party who took a even I n. Tk" ?f ? young gentleman last evening In one of the Flfla avenue stage* will oblige by re. ffi.ri.IOg It to me. at 4B Cliff street, and receive the aboVe ? wo?d and no gnssOsna ashed. j m war dwell. 9?S^.fk RRWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN S"W' p?'1nl"1 black, brown lining stolen -EEliI!. * BflOotambU slicet. New York, on Wsday ?"ht u,t Carroll ara ta H/ift RRWARD.?IF TUB PARTIES WHO TOOK TWO 5' " Overoools from No. ? Washington place. New York evening, will return the name uninjured they will receive ins above reward and no questions asked. 91100 RRWARD WILL BE PAID FOR INFORMa 51. tlcn that will lead to She recovery of a quantity *?*rlrt Fjaanela lost or stolen. All cominimlca slonwill be eon adored confidential. Call on or address M M. Hiaioos. |>i?r 1ft Norih river. t;9fr<) REWARD.?TO CARTMEN AND STORE FT . hsuse keepora,?The abore reward will be paid fir Icformstton which will lead lotbe recuser\ of Uiree bal-s t.V'J.r,; ."'fbed lUrier. taken by mlsiaku from pier 14 Sl^Mps.^'w^.m iW lh",ftlrr ?boch.rtrarao *RR< IAL MOTIt KS. OFFICE OF SANITARY HUPERINTBNDBRT MI-'TRii "eslth, Nn wVork *'- J^7ln *ll,hri^.n'.P2**,l*"",?. '?"I'orUr.t li.furn.a ftpftn *M"r<llnf th? m^nt flr# on the rerrvboat Liuiio TOOBlng Upon the East riser, between Ike cities of N.iw if! Brooklyn are requested to sttend an Inveatlgatlon Into IhO cause af said disaster to be held at thla odb-e ai Id o'clock i 11., oa Friday, the 7th Instant " 10 . Rp* " Ul f.lTlN, RaoiUry Superlntepdent. OFFICIAL CATALOOUR OF TIIK PART.4 KXHIRITION Or 1*T. __ Over Ave million copies of this work are alreudr siiiisr-ib-.i fhr by Cdoffiietital b?U.etbn,. Dnm!^?u roJ odvi rtlaing saice In the eighty pagra reserved7v the Called Mia lee -lion hi lie made to the undersign-.!, side scent fr)f ,h? Cae-eprlnuslr-. As all cards, Crcnlsrs Ac... are prohibited hy the Imperial 4-omiwlealon, the Official f aialogtie prsscata to raanufactur era, esMtiltors and the genaral puMir, immense -a---. aw a coalloanial advcrtlslij* inedliim CHARLES U LAIYRFNOK, Messrs Chtrfcerlng A Sons. QTiS Broadway. 2pETUE OF TME ATLANHO MAIL STEAMSHIP Coropaaf, No. A Bowling Oreeo. New York, Nor. IK ~.iL^*rM ,h* R"*"5 01 Dlreetova, notice MI hereby Co hiff Oieolectloo ap|a>l tied to bare J"**1 beta an tha J*th r4 Novrmbei laataat, not baring been an ** *"** appnlntmoos. an electlra of nine dlrecsoracf this emnpaoy and three Inspeviora <* the noet "ireGcewlll bo hold at <be oMeeof the company g ffiy of Jansary. llo^Tu-k hT Ik*t>^RW;boffisI ?sB lh> sffico of the Farmrrs' laian and C^JvTft fi11 . 'mm the 10"i to the 14th of January, MM. the p*41a wM be epen from II10 I o'clock. __ _ VBANKLlN ALLKN. Secretary f *JKW PlIB LltA TIO* N. ra.R^u!hR| PRESCNTF. N'l W PHYSIOO Li .a fS? itwk dw?,. ilo"rf"oni' ?*' f *"? ?ltl- " '* ? ranST oat?-P.*"1"- Peob.e*a pictorial edlllon, t-x $&Wrt!zn2iuT}& how uA'u B'lidnass ln one rol_ {i U The Phrenological Bread war ^UwV(*k Addreas Pewlar A Weils, VB Tub f-nev of a stoma- h_an eootihm st a ?r"*st jjTbVoa: INSTRUCTION. A LADY DESIRICS BOARD IK EXCHANGE FOR English, French and Mnale lo young children In a re. spectable family; reference# (plunged. Address Aimer, tier aid office. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING. AC., FOR BUSINESS.? Mr. DOLBEAK, tiOB Broadway, teaches Bookkeeping practically, aa used In the best New York bouse*. lie also removes Kiiffbesa. cramping or trembling from the worat hand, and make* elegant buaineaa penmen. COUNTINU ROOMS FOR PRACT1CB AND INSTRUC TION IN BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. Established and conducted hv 0. C. MARSH, Author of the Popular Works on Book keeping, 516 Broadway. Circular*. French and oerman languages, latin, eno ltah grammar ami other branches or a gentleman's adoration, 907 Broadway; all leuons private. Established in New York 1853. PROF. K. TKLLKR1NG. Stenography or shorthand taught in is leasons. Stenographers make $5.U()0 a year la New Verk. Addreas Stenographic Teacher, hot 175 Herald office. r LADIES.?A LADY WITH SIX YEARS' BXPERI ?neetn the tuition of Adults, will receive two more pu pils. Lessons at residence of pupil or teacher. Address, With name and residence. Instruction, station D. rrOWNSKND'8 BUSINESS ACADEMY, *? BOWERY.-? 1 IWvate Inatrortiou day and evening In Bookkeeping. Wrtttng. Commercial Carraapondenee, Commercial Arlth mette. Algebra, Heading, Spelling, Grammar, Ac. Roams for ladles. No elaaaaa. THE TURK. mROT ON THE UNION HALF-MILE TRACE. SEVENTY 1 second street and Bloomingdale road, on Bstnrday. the 1? tor fl" " " " 8th of December, at S P. M., for fifty dollars a aide. Mr. Whttson names Clamp*: Mr. Sanford names b. msre Lady Kanlord. Same dav. a pacing match for one hundred dol. Em leva a side. Mr. Emmy name* Lafayette te harness: Mr. White names Tom Cook to haraeas. Admittance fifty rent*. JAS. F1NLAY, Manager. SPORTING. ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS AND BIRDS FOR sale at B. DO VET'S. 350 Canal street, near Churrh. Small Rlack and Tans. 1 "4 pounds each, 12 months old; Medh clnes for all canine diaeaaea; Prepared Food for mocking birds. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY eight feet tong. ten feet beam; about five months old; bulU oroak and copper fa-te tied; has accommodation* for eight persona besides the crew. I* well found In every m spect. Apply en board at foot of East Tenth street. Daniel foster, is rooseveot street, has all therhoioe breeds of Dogs: Foster's Infallible Mange Cures and Flea Exterminator, 75 cents. Medicines For all diaeaaea. English game fowls, bantams, fancy pigeons and fine Setter Dog for sale. Address J. N. L., box 3.429 N. Y. Post office. TjtOR SALE.?NEWFOUNDLAND DOGS, BULL TER JC rlers, handsome Spitz Dog, small black and tan Scotch and Skve Terriers, excellent rati ; ratter*. Apply to JOHN GRAY, 11 Roosevelt street, near Chatham. CIOR SALE-A VERY FINE SCOTCH TERRIER, NINR r month* old; a good ratier and watchful; wID be sold cheap. Apply In room No. 1^ 334 First avenue. IjtOR SALE-A LOT OF YOUNG ROCKY MOUNTAIN 1 Elks. Address Charlsa Relohe A Brother, bird store, 56 Chut bam street. ERANCIS BUTLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP. HAS ALL THE choice breed* of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure I Flea Exterminator. 70 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog. 12. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all dis eases. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC. ADURENBURY TOP AND ROAD WAGON, SECOND hand Phaetons, Brewater*. Rock sways. Depot, Jagger, Doctors' and Express Wagons; one horse Truck, Cnaeb, Skeleton ami Sulkies. Sleighs, ltobes, Blankets, tingle Har ness, $20 i new), double $40. ?N. H. ORAY, 27 Woeeter street A-HOR-tE BLANKKT8, IIOR8E BLANKETS, CAR . riage atid stable; fine Blankets. Lap Robes, cheap, mulaeca Whips. Rosettes. Halter* and Mats, at low prices. MAGNUS BROTHERS. 104 Fulton street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF ENGLISH KERSEY Horn* Blankets md Ane Haruesa at 283 Pearl street Importer of Saddlery and Kerseys. A -HORSES TAKEN ON ABOARD, AT THE RAGLE ? Club Stables. 65 West Thirtieth street, at reduced price-. A No. 1 Hoard and (fit class attendance. N. B.? No bank keepers need apply. J. G. SHEPAKDs BAT HORSE FOR SALE VF.RY CHEAP?MOnr vears old. 16 hands high, sound and kind, free and stylish driver; a nuiok atepperyof great end rale condition. 332 West Twenty-first street. AN ASSORTMENT OF BUGGIES. WITH AND WITH, out tops; Kockan-ays and Phaetons, both new and second harm, for sale at low prices; Single and Double Har ness, all cltv made and warranted, at 157 Fulton avenue, Hrooklyn. Anew sniFTfNo top buggy for sale?by davis a Richmond, at is& south street, a few doors above Peck slip. STABLE WANTED-TO ACCOMMODATE 3 TO 6 horses, sny location. CHARLES F. MILLS. 49 West Thirtieth street. ABOKRKL COLT, 151,', WILL BE LET TO A LADY or gentleman for her keep; she la well broke, double and single, and a beautiful saddle animal, easy to ride? trotter. Address Fan, Hernld office. THOROUGHBRED COLT HORSE, TAKEN BY Sherman's men. In Georgia: 9)4 year* old. sorrel, with Ikln* " "" white feet, broke to saddle, sound, kind and gentle; will be cold for $19(1. Will be at Staten Island ferry, at the Bat tery, from 1 to 2 P. M..every day until sold. J^ MILK WAGON FOR SALE CTIEAP?NEARLY . _ new; also a gray Norse, " years old. 16 hands high, and Harness. 458 Third avenue, or lib East Thirty-seventh at. BREWSTER A CO.. OF BROOME STREET. OFFER St second hand. 2 Coupes lone In fine order) and 2 no top Wagons, our own make INAST PACER FOR SALE.?THE WELL KNOWN AND ' fast Stallion Tom Wonder. Jr., dam Lady Rrooks; will tie aold low. Rtable 158 Esst Thirty-fifth street. 01 at 414 Water For sale-a splendid pair of black horses, 14 hsnds. pony built. 4 and 6 years old warranted sound, vary stylish; aold very low. Apply at Merchants' stables, corner Hroadwsv and Twenty-ninth street. Aik for Peter. POR SALE-TWO FIRST CLASS BUSINESS TOP Wagons, with Hnraes and Harness. The wagons are new and built to order by Fielding Bros. For quality and style the above raunot be surpa?-cd; $7(KI each. Inquire at Bin Tctrd avenue, betweeo Fortieth and Forty-first streets. F30R SALE-A DOCTOR'S CARRIAGE, IN VERY good condition. Inquire for a few days at No. 90 Wast Eleventh street, between 3 sad 6 P. M. IilOK SALE-A ORAY MARK, 16 HANDS HIGH, SUIT 1 able for a truck. Will be aold low for want el use. Ap ply InOOTT A ACKER MAN. 19 Day street. For sale-a roan horsr, uk hands high, sound and kind; well suited to the nae of a famllv or doctor; will he fullv warranted; also a IIght Vtosorta Car riage. Apply at private stable 214 Ninth street, near Second avenue F? R SALE?A PAIR OF GOOD DRIYINO NORSES, 15)4 bands; used to doubleer single harness; also an excellent saddle Horse, grav, 15 hand*. ? years old. Thomp " " Thirteenth street, near Third eon's stable*. a R SALE?OMR COACH TRAM. 19 HANDS, RLACK; also one black Team, !?'?; also one black coupe Horse. ; all atvliah. and warranted sound and kind; all 4 years Apply at 90 We*t Thirty-flrat street. TJ50R SALE-A TF.RY SUPERIOR PAIR or BAY CAR F riage Horace, 14 hands high, 7 vears old. long lull*; war ranted sound and kind; to he aold w thoui reserve, ean trot together under four minute* to carriage Apply al J9U Adel phi atreet. corner Fallon avenue, Brooklyn N. B.?Ju*t from the oonntry. UOR SALE?A FINE TOUNO BAY HOR8K. FIT FOB r ladles' and gentlemen's use; perfectly kind and gentle, well broke to saddle and harness, will stand without tvlng, la about 14 hands high ami raised by present owner; must be sold. Prtre $17.'i. Applv at 4JM Third avenue, or at W M. FKTT It ETCH'S private stable. Sixty-first street and Idling ton avenue. ? t^OR ft ALE?A SPLENDID PAIR OF BAT HORSE! r III bands, ft and 7 years old; warranted sound and kirn In every respect and stylish Applr at the private stable In the rear of W Fmt t South Brooklyn. T.X)H SALE-AT IS LAURENS STREET, TWO Ml I.I P tary llorae*. a bar and sorrel, wltli thatr equipments; to ba sold to pay eipenaea. Can be eren until aold. IjNOR SALE ?TWO TIIOROCOIIBRED AYRSHIRE r Bulla; rerr line specimens, two years old aral January. ?Can be seen| inttl aold at I I.e. Filth Avruue Blablas, corner Of Koity fourth street. (?NBNTLEMAN'ft ROAD AND TROTTINO IIORSE-AT X VAN'DEWATKR s auction I0? I.lbety, Krldar Derrrn ber?. at 12 M.. a auditor dapple gravS'irtnm llorae. sit rears old. 18,4 hands high, aoond and kind, wltheat trlrk or raillt; ran trot in S:Bfl, either single or double; very atrliak aa I hue itrirrr: a line narriafs or read boraa: sold without reserve, owner going South. /N<>,VBRNMKMT IIARNEftft. SADDI.Eft. BRIDLEft. IT Sitrelngl'is, ll'inketa. ftbeeis, Tents, Army and Navy clothing. Sacks, M tta, tr (irders (mm the country promptly Blled and forwarded by express? <5. O. D. r. \i i w sp avenue 0. OYERNMKWT IfORSR BLANKETS. NEW. |IM IT Wagon*. Ambulances, Wagon Covers, Robber Covers, Mule Harness, Kevdvars. Met'iellan Kaddtee, Army t'loih ing. W. A. CARTER. M Corliand St.. near Oreenertrb.^ SORRER KEPT THRODOH THE WINTER.?ADDRESS Oscar Limlsley llrenn Village. Morrie county, H. J., er rtiu g Parker, UO Warn street, M. f. _______ Labor doi ble carriage for "alb -apply at albblefiO West fortieth street, between ft ssd 12 A. M. f 1VERT aTABLR. BROOKLYN- FSTABI.IftIIED 14 l J years, doing a spleadld huslnoea aold on aeenunt of eaber engagemenla. at Invome, one half or aN. MACOMHKII A HA?N, Ml Fulton avenue.^ VfTdT RE SOLD-IIaYR MO ROOM FOR THEM.? Jfi I aacond hand taupe, fiJflO; I two-seat Hrlllks, RAN); I Doetor'a Pbarton EMU; I I/vlaway, ?75: I Depot Wage", $200; I f.aRreas Wsgoe with top, naw, $2.10 IRA At.' MIX. Jr.. A BON, US Broadway. SADDLE HORSE FOB BALE -A BEAUTIFCL THO rough bred blood hay llorae, years old. It ? hands high, sound, llnd ami gentle, splendid ladles' horse, will be sold nt. Inquire el 14 Keet Nineteenth street. ________ ZWO CLOSELY1 MATCHED TEAMS OF POWRRFCL, I etroa^f'aaadlaft Peeteet east kept; stajish drirere, fit snr nan, very handsome will be enld for tees thaa first ?no la Canada, m PeakJ steaea HOM SBC, CA RR1A GRS.jBC. hBI,B8TA?,Pal LONrt EXPRESS ,Or, lb0r- AddrM1 V. ?.. Herald W'AKTiD TO RENT?8TABLB9 CAPABLE OP AC Broad^wm^twM?*Tta!a V? "j1"' horaaa. Mlualed WMt of and EoiUeU umu. Ad flraaa, with dcacripUon, elating i?rw?, Dii, Herald oflliw. - ? htm KRN HI J?S . A ? PARTV comhencino 'he **?; "Sata And if neral brokerage bindneaa- an ac oflice *?m* e,perleD0^ Addreaa D., bo* 107 Herald 1 MOTOIa pAR?ER TO Pl'T $0,000 OR BEW55 Ms. ?: k1:rr ??"-1S feuisswv Dn tPl*M 8 1,1 "id'daUon. OSCA R OOI.E8. - E. ? THORP. N?tffri^tKB '? ,88*-?the UNDERSIGNED HAVE a banklM k P*rln'!T,h,'> for th,; Pnrpo.e of transacting S? ef^wTueE? un^r tb5 Patu, C * W * ?3lS& vr.aTOOKRR S0Hbe' Bmrno..i_i t._ m ._ EDWARD R. ANDREWS. | alrwTC?yn PEA** W. ANDREWS. MO Washington ' pARTNBBSWANTED?WEHAYE SOME EXCELLENT ?AROwf^ bilJ- man wllh from woo to WWWVit?m nS^.? .1?^ '???"??gatlon. CUAMBERL1N $ CO . W Broadway, room No. 8. Dtrnilr'and flaaiS?'0 W**TBD-IN A FTRST CLASS *" Y?ff &t X"W*r' Ad<,rw- PubU*h?r, T,,Drrat^T.Eth?'VP hHERRT?PORK EXTSTINO BE tween u* la this day by mutual consent dlsaolred. Or* II lMtsi JACKSON II. CHASE. JACKSON It 7'Uior JACKSON hVcHASE. WM. R. CONKLIN. riTANTED?A PARTNER OR SPECIAL PO'R THE ?20 000 for am<>ntha, with from $10,000 to K?He?arid*omS.Pr?flUb,# bU"D-- AddreMtlSr SllP:?ra&?eS $6,000 ^d,M7mRe*?*^,,,WHAo12LS5i1 OR rara Bsayasr "J bmur<u $10 000 -rtA,NTED- partner, to purchase "* ^ ?P?nln*-_Addreaa Clarke. Herald offlce.' BUNINRSH OPPORTUNITIKS. A 0<i"P OPPORTUNITY FOR ANY PARTY WITH ^fTx.zz-iiurz ?s W<-iSkj A N J?PrRTRTOU8 MAN. WILLING TO INVFST ?? VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR A PARTY tci SfE. iiZZ?* HuJe"" QUADE.00 Pearf atrt?c,r* Api''T to P^TKR Wo ^"S? $&&&* w-ri PARTIES WISHING TO INVEST IN A PAYING Trnr BONNER a CO.. 117 Nal^,r!.tr.."|f ?l>'?Ud call on T<0 MANUFACTURERS OF WALL PAPER ivn NOVAH, m Broome aire*. N v., tflrdlw. T r DRlTGGISTS.-WANTED. A STORE IN A OOOn ?mv doing a good preemption bn.inee, Add?? aad'other pai^Lo^j?.R?'p"^?ij'">*'low^1 t"rni* 'TO INK NaNIJPACTDRERS. STATIONERS awn TITANTED-IMMKDIATKLY, one or More ACTIVE form w?n. with ? <ia?h rnpiui of about $|n ono #o iim Jkimkirany wanufactuiw a nt.iplH article In unlr#?r?Hi ESH??"aT'a puTy. vwizsr re tf?OC TO $100 WILL START ANY PER^mTTn~T Maple ao floor. CaB and Inreatlgito at 71 Carolina atrAt $200 ~P?.R RALE. ONE FOURTH OR HALFINTFR Stn. * plaaaant oflloa baataoaa. All honrat and t o4Jm iuSeT*" P rred' ,Dq",r, Dr- "KWTON, No. $2 s:i g". ^*,Tjtsi raatrs 15 000 WI.Tn THE above capital STAjras^ Prt?^'?5 b?, SI5 $20 000 -rZTT^eT^ ?k rkaIi/kd ^Tat iV froe an tn?^atmant of ivoiii well Mrnr?<c I A DRY U?N)in. HEAVY CRASH IE MI HI I \H riNK MriUN' llNie.i former prion Mr. FINER OOODB I4r and l?r LXTItA QIALITY ?nd EM "s.-fr i i BEST 4 4 WAMSt TTAR, Mr. OTHER STORES OIIAROlt ?*r. The derllnr In Mnallna U from 6r. In MM a Tart IU.UO HI.AN K KTS NEARLY IIAI.K PRUT!. FOSTER BROTHERS, M7 Rlglilh ar., near I?Rh ?t, And FOSTER BROTHERS, 272 Blee. icr atreet ClLOAKH! CLOAKS 1 CLOAKSIOIIN CAMPBELL V (tor many Tram with thr late <lenr*e RrcxtW baa on band ? new and elegant aa<urtinrul of Frenrh < loaka, mm. prl?D| nil atria* an t nrr?elt'ee; aim Cloaking. nod Cloak Trlmtninga in arery ninety. MSB Broadway, between Nine teenth and Twentieth aireets. HO. FAKRFI L, 2H7 TO 271 THIRTY FIFTH STREET, , o'tr door raat or Eighth avanoa, la nlTerirg tha lergeat atnrk In Ihtaelty of Bnie-rela, Three ply and Ingrain Cartas, Oil. L.tha, Ar.; alao Ilia rholerat .election of Parlor and Had. room Furniture. Anilouo to redura our immanaa atnrk, nrrr half a million, I will anil at a (raat aaertflee during ihn holiday* All gonda a-nrtantad JHUBT OPENRD-A LAROR ARRORTMBHT Of" TOTE and Fancy Baakrta, direct from Parla, woodon rai rings and fancy greets, at low prlcaa. J. Bp OK KK A Co., 1,140 Broadway, eornar of Tn-anty-tilth atrret. WATBRFALLi.?TO PRIES AND ROLLS, AO., rhrnn All ordara promptly attended to. L. T. K RI'sK. HI Chryalla atreal. top Boor. R. *. MILLINKRY. J BUST RECEIVED FROM FARTS FOR THE HO LI daya. a oaaa of alagant Morning Cap* In Yalenalannaa and Cbony laoe. a4 Madame AOOLPMUd', N Tralh atreet, near Cmraraity place (lAJTHlSeT ATTKRTIOW.-LA DIES AND GENTLEMEN WILL RK oalre hlghaat rrlraa for lefl-nlf Clothing. Furniture and Cernela. by flailing or addraaalng Ml. or Mra. C. MISH. 12V Tblrd arannr. AbBt M EAST TWELFTH BTREBT. REAR BROADWAY, 1* CARIIRF.RU iraya the lilghe*! Rrnadway ptMea for l.adlM' and Oentlemen'a Cast OR Oloihing. I.adtaa Wait ad upon hy Mra. Caahburg. / ' ENTLKMBR?I WILL RI'T AST QUANTITY OF IT Now and Left OR Ck thlrt for lbs W ratcm market Cal at Ike atom or addreaa TIIOS. D. COR HOY, kit Pearl arreei. balwaen CeRtra and Cbalbam. Ladies ard cjenti fmen cam ortain the ct moat raTue for Ohel OR Wearing AppareL Far nit ore. Carp#ta. An, by aaMtog d* ar addreaalng It ROhEN rllAI* Ml Great,! ease atreet. Ladies aiimWI to FINANCIAL* TTNITKD STATES TREASURY, DECEMBER 3. MML LJ Schedules of thirty or inure *e?eu ami three-teutha Coiipnui. payable December 16, Inst., will ujw be u-cemd fur eiaminaliM. U. H. VAN DYCK, Asiletaut Treasurer. AYEHY LARliB LOT OK MUZZLE AND RRK'gCH I ?4li| ttirte.,, Oerbtnee ami Muskets; ul-o3U CKal Army end Navy Hi-rolvera. Contracts entered Into for conversion of ntuxile luto breeoh loader*. WARREN A BARKER,!? Broadway. B ATH AND MONTGOMERY COUNTY tKY.), BONDS.? Holder* of there bou<U who abould wi?k 'A join In the ault just commenced against these corpora Jous, or who should .lealre to aull their Bond*, am requea'rnd to rcoort to H. AMY A CO., '11 Nassau street, N?w Y>?k city, at the earliest practicable moment. Delaware, Lackawanna and wbsterv rail road Company?General oflloe, 16 Efachaoge place, v,w York Dawmber 6, 1866. Notick.?The transfer books of this eoittpany will be cloaca from thia date until the morning of Monday, lrtth Deoember. Instant. A. J. OUEI.L, TtW*urer. FOR SALE?BELT RAILROAD STOCK, LOW. ALSO ether city railroad securities, and a full line of lnmir. anon, ritv and county atocka and bond*. at the loweat market rates fur luTesimeut. ALBERT R. NICOLAY, Stock Broker and Auctioneer. 46 Flue street. New York. TTUPSON COCNTY, N. J., BONDS WANTED-AT THE XL highest market price: $."0,1*10 Ulster eotinty bonds for aale. THOMAS NEWTON, Banker. 82 Hroadway. SOITTHERN RAILROAD, STATE AND CITY BONDS and Coupons purchased by CHARLES PARSONS A CO.. IS Exchange place. The mutual LIKE INSURANCE COMPANY OK NEW YORK. Ofllee corner of Broadway and Liberty street. F. Si WINSTON, President. NOV. 1, 1S66. CASH ASSETS. $I7,SI6,0H ?. This company issues Life, Endowment and Paldotp Poll elestn yarious forms, and at rutrs aa favorable as is consis tent with security. DIVIDENDS ANNUAL AND IN CASH, which may be used In payment of premiums, or on paid-up policies, as an annnnj CASH INCOME TO THE ASSURED. Attention ia called In the INSTALMENT FEATURE, securing to the henettelnries annuities for any number of year* after the den Hi of the assured. RICHARD A. McOURDY, Vlee President. 8HKPPAKD HUMANS, Actuary. JomT M.'stosst, i ^cetarlea THE TEN PER CENT BONDS OF THE CITY OF SAN Francisco, lulling due in the eily of New York on the 1st of December, lHBti, will he pstil in gold hy LEES A WA LLKR. 33 Plae street. No interest can tie allowed after maturity of ' bond. NorKuarit 12, 1*66. VKKkl 1 LYE A CO., NO. M WALL STREET. BANKERS AND DEALERS GOVERNMENT STOCKS AND COMPOUND INTEREST NOTES. CLOSING PRICES. New You*. Dee. 6. 1866. Reglsteted. '81 Coupon '81 .. 5-20 Registered. '62 6-211 Coupon, '62. 5 21) Coupon. 64 6 20 Coupon, 65 . 6 2.') Con,'66, new. 10 40 Registered . 10-40 Coupon Gold August. 7 SO Buy-1 Sell tng. ing. 10HL ,108V lJune, 7.20 imJiUSV (July, 7.80 106'J I06\ I i.)una C 1 Notes,'64 llAt? ilflft*?I July. do r '64 IoSLiKBV| July, do....?.'64 lOMC'lWMllAug., do '64 107 lOT'aliOct,, do '64 108?g lOSV.lDec.. do 100 ioo ii?it; 180 V 130m 106',; 106V May, do 68, 111 L Aug., do '65 U0W Sept., do '65 110 ... , Oct.. do '66!l0t)ViH0V (Jjrno TO $1,600 AVANTED-TO ENLARGE AN AL 'PmUu ready established business; good security and liberal bonus givcu. Address J. a,'. Mortimer, station O. tl'inn AHA to loan-on new YORK ?tty ip'll"/.V'V" I and Brooklyn Real Estate, In large small turns Orders promptly attended to. CHAS. K. Gil,MAN. 113 Broadway, room No. 6. QQ0 TO LOAN?IN SUMS Tf? SUIT, ON city real estate, 66 pe.r cent of valuation; K. E. WILIJB A CO., JI Pine street. LOAN OFFICW*. AT iivmav's. m BROADWAY, <X>?J9BB OF BOND mwei, will he paid the hifhMt prion# for Dl*mon<H WhUAo* nn<t tfilrarware, or will advance on the above arli ClM. A 1 (Ml BROADWAY?I BAY THK HIOIJEHT PKICRS A for Diamond*, Wiitrhe*. Jewelry, Ac., or advance on the utnn. ISAACS. Diamond Broker, oppoalte Wallacka Theatre. P* AWRBROKERS- T1CKET8 Pl'RCHAKKD OF DIA raond*. Wulchea, Jewelry, SlUta. Clothing, Ac. or tlio Man bouglil for caah, *i the old #Und, 120 Bowery, Aral floor, frout, up *taira. _____ ?_? i)AWNBROKER8' TICKETS PCRCHAHKD OF DIA_ I monda, wntchea. Jewelry, illlca, cloihln*. Ac.: advance* made on the name or bought at the bijiheal eaah prioea at 10 (?rand alreel. near Mulberry. _ POST OFFICES NOTICE. TJOST OFFICE NOTICE. The maila Tor flreat BrIUlu and Ih# Continent, via South aniptuu and Hamburg, per .te,inter Ucrmanla, for Ire and, via Oueen-town, per "learner iTty of Baltimore, on salut day, lic.vmber 5 will cloae at tbia <*ice at 1016 A. M? and at the up lown nfflee# at follnwa:? , Station* A and B, 8 06 A. M. H latino* 0 and D,7 46 A M. HUillona K rii<I F, ?-A) A. M Sutton 41.7 25. JAMES KEI.I.Y, Fo.tmaaler. R LOTTKHIHS. oY AC HAVANA POTTERY? HOVEMBER SO, 1883. jre. fVfsr.UTe. FrfaalJY. fNOe JWj ?>? $?W Hotel 400 IP ...?*? 195....400 249 -Jim mi .. am 422. 4*:;... .?i so* ami W 8V. 400 728.. M 7107 . ,4rtl 71tw aw 7104 am IS754...$30119975..$100 iaw 4uu|aNi4i 400 iS?18 -JUOiJUI.-S .. 211 14054 40 20125 .. am 14118 . 40U -AMW am 7X17 am 14140 am I am 44 too 1388.... 400 . 7S5I... 1000 Tap....200 ke. . .am ??*. . .no 808 . 400 936 . .WO sat .40.1 I2i7. rw lUR. . 400 1.-.78 4im 1414 1445 200 1473 ??' ikii am I7-.U ..MP I960... .SOU ails 2125 .00 000 400 m... >41 075 1000 ...20 208....100 2424 2430 937S....8W 2501 Hw. 741 a .500 74U3 am 744i... am ,58. 400 7510 am 744J1... .20W 75712 -.5 0 ,771 .200 7?7?... 2tm TWO 5J0 hiu5 am 8inr . 4im 81-12....10 mes aai 8187 I 82.V. 5* 84.81 9W asid.ioooo* htm.1 am

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It.fcrmat' m fnrolahed. The hlfliMl rale* pe Id far D- *Uk ud# of <l"ld end Mlvor. >. S. - Ramii by I'rai Otic- ordor. eiproaa. or by draft ?? U) Yam Yn*% ?Hf kaek. f A7*8)? COO.. Cooker*, M WliaMM, Can Yerb. AMUSBMBNTS. BROADWAY THEATRE?ADMISSION 10 CENTS. Benefit Ami U?l nlfht of MISS KATE RBI OS OLDS. who will appear aa MtsaOwtltlu the new dreo??ll?et?pe oy Visa OUva Logan of Wilkin CotH??'II ?I novo! autitlod AUMADALW . Produced for the lut tunes tbta eveoing I Friday), and to. Borrow Saturd??'? Matinee armadalb Saturday nlfht,' Th? tMSfilMlbd actor B. L DAVENPORT, will appear ?? Damon in the ul?v of DAMON AND PYTHIAS. Engagement limited to night iwrfnrmen. .?? Ci ERM AN THALIA THEATRE. T 814 BroaJwav. owpoaite SI Nleholae Hotel. FRIDAY. PRC " "? third appearance of character of UOI'll 1ST KVII DORK II DAY. PRO. 7. I**. Mr BOOl'MIL DAW1SON, In III* treat OBT DK t'lHLE and Ki ll YON German stadt theatre, ?.?> and 47 bom p.ry FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7. Frledr. Ilebbel'a tlianil Drome. OKNOVBYa. _ ' KL1.Y A 1.EON'S MIN8TRRLS. 7*) BROADWAY K xeellent programme. I mMMtNiwit 28 Artists L aughable burlesque. N else Seymour. B rlllb.nt L wdTcroui farres S ur prise party. R epresentalirea Y aunt African wit. T ho Mart statue. O I ogers tdendedly new R egardt?*sof oooA A nit "linny eou'H carnival. fe very vVbor. D olliwottooo R xlraordinnrrilanoe L ady or gewti canon, W hub O o mlnotirl stage. 8 ays "fi'a great." A rai?4 N oner equalled. Y on miint roue. Y ou rpoNY pastors opera house, mi bowery. A The great successful Irish Drums. entitled TIIK HEART OK ERIN; OR, THE MEN OK '<* THE HEART OP ERIN; OR, THB MEN OK Received by crowded hoimpe with vociferous applause Pronounced the best Irieta Drama of the day. Ilrnnd effects, comhnte, tableaux, wit and hum or A GRAND NOVEI. VARIETY PROD K.AM ME MATINEE?WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 2 o'clock. Grand matinee tomorrow by CHARLEY WHITES TROUliS. LADIES' MATINEE TOMORROW. LADIES' MATINEE TO-MOBKOM I mat appearance of RV t BRENT, the Qneea of Song. Kind time of t.A STATUS OOMIQI'K. Pantomime. All the comedian* In Funny Arte, lha Bneutlrs of Sii ?lly, by a full Corp* tie Ballot. Matinee commence* at 2*0. STKINWAV'S ROOMS.?CADI. WOLPROHN'S TIIIKD BKKTHOVKN MATINEE. KK1DAY. December 7, at S o'clock. Door* open Ht 2 Ik). Single ticket*. $1. Kor the eerie* of eight matinee*, 27 For *iiln hi Steiuway'a; Beer A ScUirmerT?, No. "ill Hr.'uit way; Decker Bros'., No.91 Bleeoker ntieet, and at Schuberth A t o.'a. N >. SAt Broadway. Third Beethoven Matinee In Brooklyn, at the Parker In atttute Chapel, SATl. KDAY, December 8, at tlirve o'cln. k Strinway hall. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF NEW YORK PUBLIC REHEARSAL No. A SATURDAY Oeoember 8, at II o'clock 1* M Admission 80 cent*. Subscriptions re reived at Srloirfriibnrg A Luis', 7#8 Rrondway, an'l at Rem ? Schirmer'e, 701 Broadway. L. SPIER, Seciriai v. STEINWAY HALL. FIFTEENTH SI'NDAT CONCERT. DECEMBER 0. AT8 O'CLOCK. Flrat appearanm at those Cmieert* of MADAME KANNIE RAYMOND BITTER First appearance In America of the celebrated Vlollni-1, MR. WRNEKIi KOPTA. Mr. O. W. COLBY. Pianist. Mr THEO. THOMAS, Conductor. * And hi* CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA, TICKETS 80 CENTS. Reserved Sens 80 cents extra. EDWARD MOLl.E Nil ACER'S MUSICAL CONSERVATORY, Srhubei ih> Building, 83d Bm.idwtT. SIXTH CLASSICAL MATIVE8, . HELD AT IRVING HALL. Saturday, dec. a. To commence At 3 o'clock. Ticket* One DnIUr, to he bed Al J. Schuberth A Co.'I. W Broadway, and al the door. Mil. I)E CORDOVA WILL DELIVER THE RRCOND Lecture of III* i*nur*e Friday evening. December *t H o'clock. siibJoct_'Th<> Amateur ThestrVwl Association.1' Ticket* at ChlckcrliiK'*, 1,3m and 1.3M Biuadwajr, and at thn Fifth Avenue Hotel. MB ARTS. THR ILLUSIONIST. WILL REOPEN AT . IXHIWORTH HALL, MONDAY. DEC. IT. MrLTt'M IN FARVO VKKT 8QOH. ATTRACTIONS STILL ON T1IR INCREASE. LOOK AT THR ARRAY OF TALRNT KMPLOYBD KVF.RY SltinT, RfcOAKDLKM OP RTPRNHK. (TNDKH THE DIRECTION of PHOI'EISOR KNOLKMaN. u,,M anlnincao MONS. MONS METERS. MORS. *"?HIfjrrRB. ANTONI. MONS. CAkAYBLLI, fltf filONOK TBLASCO. SIONOR MORKLLO. AND THE OKLKBRATF.b BUOLER MONS. <1 ROSSI, PERFORM EVERY NKIHT. AT (W BHOAPWAY THE CHEAT HKVKILLR MllRl.T ^A1 , BROADWAY ADMISSION PRHB. W BROADWAY, 563 i?AOS BROADWAY. "M ft ANOTHER STAR. another STAR. MADAME BII1KLL sioELl,. SIDILL, StDKLL, IN HER OIIKAT ROLE, THE MOCKING BIRD nARBY MARTIN. ,/t HARRY MARTIN. M. SOLOMON. TUB MBS AT MRltlCAW TEWTTR - MASTER CHARLEY, MASTER CHARLEY, BOY WONDER. BOY WONDER LADY MINSTRELS, LADY MINSTRELS. ADMISSION FREE. THIS NIOIIT. ADMISSION FltKK. KniicAL. Am GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE Ttano, at piipll'e realdence, at $16 per quarter, tieai of reference given. Addrcaa, wlih residence, Te.chei, but I I'd tier aid ofUca. A SOPRANO HINDER OF EXPERIENCE AND Mite /V Ity wialtea an engagement Apply to WM H. WAL TER, -tl Weal Twenty ninth atreet. ABRAH N4-POOUE GRAND MARCH, INTRODUCING "Wealing of the Oreen." for riollu IS. piano 3t)c. 'Come Back to Erin," new ballad by Clarlhel, S8c. FREDERICK Hl.l ME, 30* Bowery. AN EXPERIENCED LADY TEACHER DESIRES A few pupil* on the piano Term* moderate Good re fereneea. Addreaa Ml** Smith, lal Eaat Tenth atreet. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO DRYOTK A FEW MORE hmira to inatmelton ot pmno. Term* moderate. Art drea* A. L. 0.. care Meaara. Hcbarfaubsrg A Lui* mualc Horn, 7#9 Rroarlway. AT THE NATIONAL CtlNSKRV 4TORY OK MUSIC. Ri Madiaon avenue. Piano. Violin, Theory and Vocal Mii?lc: term* till per quarter. Coiiaarvalory lu*truction Books free. Established IHAI. AT CIIBTK MUSICAL INSTITUTE. Owing lo Thanksgiving week^tlgnor Borra no.tponeii hi* offer of free le**on*to Dec R, wtid reque . * *|| per*.n* who hare not already subscribed lo eall Immediately al tbn Institute from 9 A. M. In 9 I*. M I.*70 Broadway. A TOUMQ LADY DESIRES A FF.W MOBS rUPILB J\ furthepUnn Terms nimlerale. B.. Dinah* .lore 178 Ikh av. BD. MOLLF-NHAUER'S MUSICAL CONSERVATORY. Sctaoherth'* building wju Hr.i.vlwnv ?Inatruol tons In Vocal auil Instrumental Music. gill a lerto. TKSSONS in KINGING BY AN ITALIAN GENTLE J man, thoronghlv onnipelent end of evpenenec in leach. Ing en. * 1 inu*l and the piano. References given. A it. I rem* K. P. O.. hex 179 ImNMS. Mr. JI I.II * EIOBBKRG. UOMPOBRM OP TIM' Oft ra hooffe, "The Deetorof Ah*n'*ir*," will receive ? few P'iplla in Singing and In Mnweal Compealtloii; also on the Violin and Pianoforte Addiem from 111 lo II A. M. or from Mo it P. M. No 76 Mardoiigal atreet. New York Pianist wanted. - a private fanii.v wisius to engage the *ervlcea of a good phnil*.. lo play at their real leore, on Monday evenings, from H till 13 0"luek. Id die-* slating term*. Ac., II. II., hoi 4.J07 Post ofllce. u IA7ear,:*(1 nr ?E oRekn. '-tiik popi ear TV trl?h air played at the great reform meetlog In lain don an Monday last, lor violin IV . punniNk KKLDKRICK SLUNK. Wfl Bewery. W'M I. BATTEIfRDN, PIANIST. AITKNIIS PARTtl wedding*. Ac . at (6 tier evening; violin fiirnl?hrd Order* received at HMO Hlith avanuc, neal street. ttita PER QUARTER TOR LESSONS ON THE PIANO ?T 1 U (tioeleaiea). New Yolk Mnateal In UMie 117 iVe-t Bleveeth ?lreoi. coiner of Nlith aveauD. Oflloe bourn from 9 till 3 I'lanlM* tor pirtle*. HANI ivU A< IIIBMIK*. DODW'lR ril'S DANf'INtl ACAD MY a. No 312 KILIII AVENUE, NEW YORK. Foi d*iV*. term*. Ac.. plesec rati lor a circular DK OARMO'S DANCINO ACADEMY, *3 FIFTH AVE* ? nue. 1-orne of Fourteenth street, nn* o|ien for the re. caption of pupils on Tuesdays and Friday*. Wednesday* and Haturdar*. l?lir*.tl*IP. M Mlaae* and Master*, A lo 6 P. M OeuUernen, Tuesday and Krld?y evening*, at * o'clock. While in Europe Mi. De Oariuo hail Ilia honor lo be . . ted ? meinlier of the Socleta A' oh npque dc* Profaamuir* <ie D*naada Pari*. Artiste* do Tkhatrn imperial de Iwyper*, whi' h piece* h.m In Imined.ale po. session of *|| u> w .lan e* Al' anTKD.-A YOUMO M in WHO CAN TBAt'll TlIK TV art of dancing ei'herln French or Oernvao, and who know* all the !.ve*t ?tyl#? can haie a steady -dtuulon. Ad dreaa, by lattar nr In p<*r*oD, Looai Kdltnr Albany Evening Poet TlIK I.KI T1KK ?KARON. ttijUAl. RIOUTH CONVENTION IN THE STATE OF Jii New York t onntr Convention*, under tbn auAplne* of the American Hqual a Association, In be hddrewod bv Enra.eilh t dy Slan on, Parker Pillabnry, l>li<w stone, t Herlc* Lenni Remoud, lleaale HRbaa. Buaaii R, Anthony aui other*, will be Held aa folio **._ / * 1 baiadog and Friday, DarergSer ? and T.Cooper Inetitule, New lOrk , Headiy. Derember 19, M'/ehanl'*' Halt. Uih**. Wa^aaday, Hecamber II and 13, Carlallilaa H?ll. Poe He Her. ' Friday, De. ember 14, T/letlng Hall. Svaeuee The vbjeutof the ConAeutlno* la In adopt me**uroa lo aa enre?rooatRo !an?t *>,ieiidm."it thai shall go iraalaa the ballet Ri all WutDen and cnlond men on equal leim* with whda man. Lot a/arytown aid district bo repre sented ' RIISAN S ANTHONY, lieneral Agswil American Equal Hthn Aaanrlatlon, 40S Weal Thlrlffourlh Hraai. Haw Vurk County pape r* plea** Douce 1MPORTA 'f LECTURES GAILY-TO OF.NTLEMRN Otilv, tt ma F*w York Mnaenm of Anatomy, HIS Broe?l way Two- * unable to attend the?e Iwetnra# ?a* obtains aep ? by A wsivltng ten rent*. Addmaa Seurelary at Naw Tor a If Devoir of Aoalo'nv, lie Broadway. | U1 A BROADWAY.?FBEB LKCTIIRK OU PURE* Ol4 aol'ify CI?? avory Monday, at ?* V M ?lr cle every Tuaaday nlghi Fma Iwvtura oD AHh l-gv *Dd se?}Trh dWyMMma A AMVXEMRNTN. TMEATUS FRANCAia-ORBAT COMEDY MIOHT SATURDAY K\ I.NINO, DEC. 8, ? a* Comedy TF.KSF.R MARQIIS, Vaudeville. LES l)bl X TIMIDKR, _ _ . Comedy. LK MAKl DR LA VRHVK On Tuesday next Opcrs-D ALATHKE. Tickets ?i Beer A Si itrim r i, 701, and at 111 and U/ Broadway. ^?Kff YORK. TltKVfKK. . ; .NUKK SMITH and LEWIS RARER LAST NIHH rs o( li?ly - meat Drama of the P attain us, of oriffith daunt. Willi a great cast of character*, Including Miss Kllxa Newton Mia- Mall!? Hlucklev, Mr. an.l Mr* W Demersal. kiesari. J. W Laneroan, Lewis Biker, Metk Smith aud others, rue oufit A La mo nr. TUR LANCASHIRE FAIR POLR CL1MBINO, LIVE Flo CHARE. RUSTIC DANCE, Ac. GRIFFITH gaunt matinee on Saturday, at? p. m Notwithstanding the great popularity of thin drama II most tia soon withdrawn to give plare u> the Parisian Fairy Spectacle of CRNDRILLON. A Family Circle (admiaaion fifty centa) has turn (Med op. and is now open. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOK FARRWBLL BBNBFIT lyo. MRS. D. P. ROWER*. MRS F. H.CONWAY, MR J. C. BcCOLLOM Aim MR. F B. CON WAT will appear tbit erening In the HUNCHBACK OKOKK H OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN. B. J* O Comic pantomime Ethiopian and TernslekeieOP acta, eongs. ballads. Ac., by Hurry Leslie. Kph neru.fla"1? " Coos, Mr. and Mrs. Queen, Wash Norton And the atai troujie. BUD WORT ICS MINSTRELS-FIFTH AVENUE OPERA House adjoining Ellth Aweniie Hotel. W. S Bud wort hand.I. Siohr. Proprietor* and Managers. FOURTH WEEK. A TRIP TO THE MOON. ERESII LOT OF PASSKNilKKS THIS WEEK. Elrsl Appearance of Mes?ra. FRANK LESLIE AND SIIATTUCK NATIONAL SMRLEM IN THE SKY. BEAUTIFUL T.tHLKAD?OODDKSS OF LIBERTY. MATINEE EVERY SATO BOAT AT M< I' M. san THETROI"BT.B COM El I NC- 8 AT A QUARTBR TO 8 tllB EAR FAMKD. INIMITABLE, AND ONLT BIRCH. WAMUOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' MAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS whose suooeae has never been equalled by any similar org uu atlnn in tho world. New and cheerful Bur lesques everr Week, MeUmrlO Shnwera, or FalllUK Stare. First appearance ol W P. DRIER, Hasan. Trouble at the MetropollUr. Hold, Two Membcra of Legislature from Ma**unhii*r(l*. Norma, and Creasy Black Cook, and Afrl Can Ballet Troupe. MR WKHLt?THE URF.AT PIANIST Will give one MORNINO CONCERT. BATURIUY. DECEMBER 8, 1MB, At IRVlNil IIALU pours open at 10k, to hrain at II o'clnrk. The fullawnig arilsls will assist Mr. Wchll ? MISS KATE M ("DONALD, Soprano. MR JULIUS KICIIBKRO, Violinist. Mil. tt. W COLRY. Pianist TICKETS. Ml CENTS. Reserved Seats, AO rcnfaritra. /NRAND FAIR AND FESTIVAL, WITH PROMENADE \ T Concert, this evenlag and every overling, till December 15, lb the spa. lous hall of ST. STEPHEN'S CHURCH, Entrances on Twenty eighth and Twenty-ninth streets, be* tween Lexington and Third avenues. Mualc furnished by the celebrated orchestra of Theodore Thomas. Pre ma Ho paHbroMneea every evening hy several smnieur companies. Twenty tables, attended bv ISO ladles: billliant coup d'rell. Unusually large and splendid array or artlelea, preelnus useful and ornamental, especially suitable for the holidays. Variety of amuaemente. especially for children between the hours of 8 and tl P. M. Doors open from :i till Id's P. M. Children not admitted after 8 I* M Admission 25 rente: Season tickets (I. Proceeds to aid in paying for (he nearly completed enlarging, healing by steam and decorstlng of the rhureh. Tho Messrs Htetnway A Rons have kindly loaned one of their celebrated grand pianos. /NRKAT MASONIC FAIR IN AID OP THE HALL AND VT Asylum Fund, at iheisirnerof 11 rand and Crosby streets. Opens Wednesday evening, December 6,1880. Admission 86 rents Reason ticket* tt. Contributor* are requested to aond in their goods without delay. QREAT MASONIC FAIR IN A|I> DP TBS IKE HALL AND ASYLUM FUND, WtTilj OI*KM On WEDNESDAY EVKNINO, Dee A, At the PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, comer of Greed >dh Croat)* atreets. 1 Thedlaptav of good* will be unnaatallv attractive, Mil pre sent* advantage* for ttaooe wishing Ui purchaae for the boll day*. DON'T EOROET TflK TESTIMONIAL TO SAM COLL jrer, of lliiltltnore, who defeated Terr, Dnlaler and Bar ney Aaron, thl* (Friday) evening. Oee. 7, nt 1.In-nln Hall, corner of Thirty-third atreet and Eighth avenue. Ilarry Hill and boy* .lo* Ooburn. Aaroo Jonea, Vniiiig Rdwarti MIke Coburtt. Nolln, the Oaiardixt, aud all the talent of Brooklyn and-New York. Viet ait Ibma - SEVENTH RKOIVKNT N. ft RANO.?TRIED CO*, dart on Saturday evening, December 8, al Seventh regi ment armory. Member" of the regiment and their friend* nil oioain tfeketa from the nrderllea, or front 0. B. Oral nil*, Band Matter, No. I Stanton atreet. THE NEXT SOIREE OK TIIE NATIONAL CONRKRV. a tort of Million III be given loTiieadav'a ptiplla on Fri day I leer m tier 7. at 7 P. M., at tbo Couoervalory, 83 Made ?on avenue. The fifth exhibition ok frknch and plem lah Pleiurea la now open at tha Studio Building. Tanth atreet. Admlaeton free. XVONDEHi ri, KREAK OP NATURE-"THE WABII vf INOTON TWINS,'' born allre. having two head*, foar anna, and but one body and one |wlr of leg*, alao Ihe bead and right arm of Probat. the murderer of the I leering Atm tly. tniM'thrr with Ihe inngmnrent eolleatlon of object* In I'hraiology, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural Hlei-try ?all of wblrh are llluatralail dill* liv I,entire* and Mlrrdfcnnlo Vlewa al the Nan York Mii?aum of Anatomy. (18 Broadway. Open from 8 A M to 10 I*. .M. ____ \rAI.HNTINF. VOUSDKN. VA1.EN IINE VOIISDKN VAl.K.N ITNB vousdkn. SECURED SEATS FOB ALL THE THE tTHEH. OPK raa and place* of atniiaeineni, ran he had for anv nlghi at the Kutorl Ticket offloa. at c IIICKKKIN O A SONS' VIAir Broadway THEATRE TICKET OFFICES. Kcaerved aeata lor all drat ciaaa Theatrea, Conearta. dm can alw.iv* tie obtain-d a' the THEATRE TICKET OFFICES, NIW 117 AND IM BROADWAY, OR MS BROADWAY. I"l A MIKOIt I'K.s. A FIVE TONED ROSEWOOD PIANOKOKTE; MOD. eot Impruvament*; full Iron frame abort time uarsl. fits: eel WMI Mahoran* Pianoforte. $A|>, bwelbrr with aeyerai nthar* vary low Alan mam invent new 1*1 nn fmrlaa. menu fact near'a plicae At Fourth atauur. oppuaita Cooper InatHata. a LADY HA VINO A NICE ROSEWOOD PlAliO l\ fat te. oeveu octave, carved leg* Including r'taal. will ?ell Ihe "line for nearly half lie value a hftftHiiatmawml. t vrr"'-ung haaa and l?ie?t Improvement; nearly uatvi eela bi aled uiakara Apply at 78 Third atreet. \M tONIKICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PliWtoforte for an'?: mail* order, city m?ker; fully gttartttoeed, n"*d Ave month*, coat ??0I>. for MM), including stool and Cttver Parlor sella, Ktagrree, Bookmen, Paint nig", Itrnn/ea Chamber and Dining rurnltaie. China. Ula-a and Nilvt'i Ware. A aacrlflca. (a Weal Ititeenlh atreet, near Htith avenue. * FA h ll.Y WILL I'LL TIIKIR CARVED BOHR. .'1 wood Pianoforte for ffiSU. worth lata than half, 7 w-Uve, overatrting. Iron frame, uearly now Apply at M7 tail Tenth, A Cheap; Utile need. J. RIDDLE. 18 Amity ?treel, near Broad way F71RHTOLASS PIANOS To LET AND FOR SALR OR in.talinauta. A lot of splendid uar.ghi' in?l reeelved i tun Part*. LYN'HI A OOMIKN, m and MB Broadway, corner of Twrnly-Ar*t atreet. F10R sale-AN EXCELLENT BOSCWOOD piano.* forte aeven aclave. an.i lawatr inonih. ainee Will be aoUl al a aarrin -e. Call 110 *lath avenue Nral Boor. Ring h? II. ___ PIANOFORTE Fol S*t.E ? A HANDSOllR ROSE wood Pianoforte, of Mweel end powerful loae, will n# dlano.ed of t hi a d ti It I.TI'V Kent I'wenlletn atreat Ntdni tad on t-r Prlre 8INI. WAVTID-A SRCOND HAND PIANO, for OASH; meet lie t't-v nbnap. Addreae boa *17 Herald ogle*, giving ml parti ultra. WATERS ORAM) MUM AND rPRIOHT piano*. Mel tde-tn* Cabinet organ*, whole**!* and retail, to lot -i..i aaai.1 lAlililtOrt If \foittlllV IMtlllMll INS K1PR HMMa A BKRNIIAN'S FURNITURE KXrREHS-.|tg WEST . h levenlh aireet, near Slalh arenne. Money loaned on furnltdVU Furniture .lured Ku-uHnrn moved, altf or country Furniture paekad and ahippad. iinuiMitiv. . A CLAIRVOYANT WHO HA* NO BMIAL-ANO gin ntl reward I* offered to any poyann who eon serpaoa her In givingewrreet atatenieat* nn all matter* of linportaeee On luaae*. airktiaae and hnalneua ahe never 'eNe. Paaea* aeR ttal teat her "kill N. N She itaee net pretend In ahow fulura hu.hanti't tlkanea*. ORWf No laff fcaat Thirty ihird atreet, laatween Loileginn awd Third avanuen ARTONIRHINO. -MADAME MORROW BRTRNTR daughter, beat* the world; In lolltag neeae aad Iiiagp llkaneaa beau eveiythlng aver knewn 1*11* yoer iboaiable oil eiuariag her room. 184 Ludtote atraat, Ive deove rraM* Heuaton atreet. V| ADAMI. ROSS I* THE ORL* MEDICAL A NO M JYI riea* Clairvoyant that can be relied upon; ebowa lee llkeneaeef voor future huabaml; tella hit name. Nwwt Twamy-aoveeth atreet, between dlith and Savaath ataauaa. Ring the baaemret bell. w??. MADtMK bora. OEBAt NATCEAL ^LAIETOTART, four wholo of Cawl. < on?ulf*u-n $1. , t UUL BOWKRT -MADAME wiiri.;r. c? aieyqtant, IOO^mIIibU fra fiut fcnDt- MNi wm