Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1866 Page 2
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Birr atiow M * L,KS# T SITUATION W ANT?D7^T^>#f artr Invalid A die ag?d woman, m housekeeper o Carmine il. aiasKL"! - 4 FRF.NCH LADY, AdlreiK B. L. P., lUtlon D. ? ? 4 GERMAN U,RL Am*ri?nTf'n'?? >Nc*"0*1^ room M- , ?-11 ' ______ 7 airrATlON FOR HER INFANT'S A LAl!)LW?^o 04'.'lw bitfUly reoommended from her last ??.,?[? married woman wants to A Buke . c^ld?0 wet uuree ?t her own reaidence, 148 Weil 4Ulh "t ~Z BvaPWrT4RI F GTHL WANTS A SITUATION AS 4 RESI hOTABl. f.milv; understand. all kind. of Call for two day. a. ? Orchard ?t., rear building^ . Vi usR ?wanted, BY A HIGHLY BESPEOt A able young Engllah woman, a altuatlon aa nur?e for t y"!iic ?.w,ssy., ,?& wolfof the aante, or would take care of an Invalid. Ap plyat W 3d ar. ? ~T RESPECTABLE WOMAN WBH? A A to cook, wa.h and iron in a jma11 ??"???" lmaulJ' *OMl Ziij referenoc given. CaU at 344 Wot 28th at. . 4 OOOD COOK WISHBS A MTUA^N 2^^* A wuntry: }? willing to Me Wat", between 6th l>eat of dty relerecoe. Call at -i n eat ?*"" . and 7th era l? Cntf at ai a:th at.. between Id and 8d ave. AVOI NO LADY OF EDUCATION AND THOROUGH knowledge of housekeeping desire* ft position to * fjarnllv in any capacity where the aervtoee of an cenUeman sjfamily n y f ^ undoubted reference aaym'jrr^'A d^raff.-bo* i.? AnvaPKHTARLE LITTLE GIRL, FOURTEEN YEARS of aa?* wishes s situation to take care of would a^t in Chamberwork and wait on table. CaU at 1?7 But Mill ?1 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE KNO II,h rirl, na chambermaid; la willing to aeelat In Uie waiting C?n give the beat of city reference. Call for two d lya at 86 West 18th ?t. near 6th av. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT AND TIDY A girl, to do the Kcneral housework of n ?maU private rmilv- iwo ream' reference from her la.t- place. Apply at 312 E .*t?lh rt.. between ava. B and C. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL. AS A *e insatreoa; can cut and lit children ., drcaaea; in* ml. nil kind, of family .awing: hae I be beat of City refer- , ence. Call at 111 7th av., corner Of 18th at. 4 NEAT. COMPETENT OIRL, WITH GOOD CITY A reference, wanta a aitnatlon in the city or ** chambermaid and waltre.H or ?s oharabermald and nurie. Call at 64 Wert Washington pUde. . 4 YOUNO WOMAN. LATELY LANDBDJJROMENQ A land, wlaliea a aHuntton a, erv.k end to MM?t with the wnahlng and ironing; good city rcfereuce. Call at R8 Eaat I5th at., near 8d av.. for two day a. 4 YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A m wet nurae Can be aeen at 47 Ridge, corner of lie lancey, room No. 4. _ A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8IT??* A tion a. chambermaid and to take care of chllden or do mmernl houaework- Can be aeen for two days at -17 Eaat 20th at. _ ? P1RST CLASS SCOTCH COOK. EXPERIENCED IN A all the different branches of oooklng. Won ; good city reference. Can be mod for two days at ?? Weat fttli ?t ? ^ a minittAF* nr ftn flrnt class lady's maid forth? t^ertntm? Addpwwlina We'.t MM. or ?44?th mr. a rWsi*ROTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A reference: CaU at tl Bleecker ?t.. In the bakery. ? a GOOD DRESSMAKER?TO OOOUTBY TIIK DAY A or week. To be wen to-day at w1*' 'gth ,l A SITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS J'*1}''; dn-? by a pereon who ha? Mead nine F'"?lnif".r. f'Jf place; or would do ohnmherwork and ilne waahlng. Call for Iwo day. ?i 180 F.a?t 35lh ?t.. near l.t av A RUSFFCTABI.E OIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A. L jS'Sf.r.i' itf :rr.T;v.-s.V?? ? Ifthat a SITUATION WANTED-BY A A ?trl a* cook ? I. a C"Od waaher and Irnner Haai'nii irT reference. Call at 333 We.t *Tth at., between 8th and ?th ava;, aeeond floor ? A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8IJUATION IN A sswiwass "ssaa back room. ? "a YOUNG MARRTED WOMAN WISHES * \ tinn sa wptnurie ha* a baby on? month old. nw * &d, M" mUkT cill it 40 Garden et? corner of l.t at.. Hobokrn. bwbprOTABLE StlOTCH OIRL WISHES A SITU f? L "t wMh?r and Inner, or to do genera rework- no objection to the country. Call at 4B Eaat iSb^r. betw?S av. A and l.t.v. Good reference " rrhpECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES THE waahlng of ladiee and gentlemen at her reeldenee, and ?wTm oiifbr tlha dar I. an etoellent laundre..; ha? ;<^d cif? ?ef.reV<5, CaU at 443 ltd av.. between 33d and ?d atreeta. ? A am* 4TI0V WANTED?BY A RK8FECTABLE vouni girl aa flrat cla.a waltreaa and chambermaid, or ehamLrnald and to uke of ehlldrwnjle a goni would hava no oblectlon to go In the country Can ne jeon for two day. at 34\ Weat 46t"i at., between 10th and 11th ava A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GBR A MB gill, m Chambermaid and 15.a American family. Rcferanoec given. Apply at 51 Suffolk at., naar Grand. TOUNG WOMAN WISHES EMPLOYMENT IN .J_. ^..t7 (-rally- I. a good cook, wa.hcr and Ironer, dT^^nj Oooi dty reference Call at 42 rut iC.Toom No. 4. A SS.*52">. V?"" A-*'??j aoddth ava. . UpgppCTABLi' YOUNO OIRL WANTS A ABsasi^aauM* ? for two dara at 116 M eat 16th at 4 YOUNO OIRL DEHIKBS A SITUATION IN A NH h A fami?y? Vnderaund. all kind, of family and would .4.1.1 at cSam' erwork wage. noo.'Jeet. Can ire ?een *,r two day. at JI* Wwt 36th at., aeeond Soor. a nPAPFCTAHLE YOUNO WOMAN IS IN WANT OF A KUi. aaamitreaaj can eu. and ?? Wiea dre-e. and do ail kind, of family wwing. Call at 631 1*1 ?t., neir Sd av. Arkspkctabm': Torso oirl wiriieh a uitua tlentndorhn- .^??work H:id waiting and fine wnnhlng ?nil Ironing. Unr: ??? landa her bualnaen. City reference. Call at 1% Writ ?th ct.. between "tli and Mb are. ATOmo PROriv-TANT (URL WANTS A SfTUA tlnn aa chain t? rm.tld or wiiltrraa, or to do plain aewlng and lake cere of children tiood ell* reference. Call at ill Wret lAthnt.. Alh a?. ARRNUKUTABLK protkstart vouno woman wanta n situation n* flr.l rlaae <ook. or would uaatat at plain washing If n- -aairy. Heat city reference Call at III want I Alb at., naar C.lh ?> AflOill) MEAT AND l-ASTRT f/OOK*T>KSI!tKS \ altuatlon: understands French and Spanish dishes, would an to tba country; excellent reference' Call for two dsye at 101 East 8lh at , naar Id ar? room So A A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADT, WITH A BOY four yearn old wishes a altuailon aa housekeeper or aramatraaa; a com fort aide home la more desirable than aalary. lfll Raat 12th at. ATOTTNO OIRL. Not LONO IN T11K COUNTRY, wlahaa a aituallou to do general housework 01 anything mining. Tn'intrr at 11 I.nkbt ?l ARKNPF.fTAELE TOUNO WOMAN. LANKLY arrlrad from England. nranta a altualion aa cook In a prtrata familr: thoroughly undcralnnda her business ghod ratarenca II required ( all at 311 Raat 24th at . between lat ajul Id in.. In the atora. RESPECTABLE MARItlKD WOMAN WANTS A ? ii iation aa wet nnreo: has a fresh breast of milk. Call at W Wet 43d at , third floiir. hark room for two day*. \ RESPECTABLR OIRL WISHES A BITUATION IN a private family; la a good nook, waaher and Irone-, haa the heat of raferenne. Can be aaen for two daya at m Weal JAth at., 6atween 6th and 7lh art, aecond floor, front room. A SITUATION wantkd-by a RESPECTABLE girl, aa laundress: onderitanda how to do French flu ting. has the heat of c'tr reference from laai place. Can be acen until aulled at 134 West Jfith at Ah lady wishks to procure a placr for a girl of atgeen to nur?c and make heraelt uacfui. a good noma more an object than wagea. Call at 10 Waat 0th SITUATION WANTED?BT A RKSPKCTABI.R married woman, aa wet nurae Call at Mlaa Powera', A. 1* Dtataion at. A W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ul. ? T?.1!"1"'1' *a chambermaid and waitress or to 1S.1.JJ1. *7"'? aaalat In w.iahlng and ironing In a ?11 in , "r r?nrdlng bouaa. Apply at 373 jd a*., cor ner JAth it , In the bakery. A nit PATIOS kNTRD in a urivaTR Famii V. eaa can CO- ' T *"1 M bexmaW-sn and rhlldren'a ref'^nca c'l.r::1 ?ti w'.'SVt" n'ea'^aT^*0"7' A '"K1, W*NTS A BITtTATtO* TO I ?T?r hTiT ? ,0 <v",ki waah andiron In a ft rooni fT rrf.renae. call at 1JU Kaat lilh LAUNDRESS. WHO Is Moat RESPECTABLE want* a altuailon; la thoroughly competent, ean do Aing hr the imatof cliy referent' encaged at 61 Went tilth at. Akrbprctablp.. steady woman wibhrb a ait nation to do general honaework or cook In a email illy. Can be aeen tor two daya at 1IB Orchard at In the fear. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN EXCELLENT cook: one who th oroughly underatanda her huaineaa ?i lieal of elty reference can be given. Call for two daya at 1 7tb a*., three doors fniru 23d at. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WIDOW WOULD LIKE /V 4 Situation aa wet au ?tUla*. '.a it a*r attra woi -tuflo. aa wet nurae ^"5 I SITUATIONS WAITED- KEMALE1. A YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL, AMIABLE AND INTEL, llgent, dasIrs. * situation la a small family; Is an ra cellsnt seamstress and would Uka the entire 0barge of one child. Address Audrey, bee In* Herald olfloe. A young woman wibheb A SITUATION IN .. respectable family as chambermaid or nurse or to do plain sewing; rood city reference. Call at or address 843 3d ay., between 43d and 441" 4th eta , Brat floor, back room. A YOUNO OIBL WANTS A SITUATION TO take care of ohlldren or to do housework In a small family best city reference. Inquire for three days at 106 East 47th St., orsr the coal office. I TOCNtl LADY. QUALIFIED TO KEEP A SKTOF books by slugle or double entry, desires an en nee men I or would sot as saleswoman or assistant, or would lake copying to do at home; refereuoe given. Adteea W ii n box 230 Herald office. A A WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS GENE VAiii? housekeeper or to take care of an Invalid; competen I L station O*'' Q? 0^?Cn 10 tr**el South. Address S. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION ?? * good baker; no objection to so a short St'h'tndUh Lvs. ??unb7" 0aU M W w??t 25th st, between A yP?Q?TOMAM WISHES A tSITUATION A8 wmni^^lSSt ?? waitress; no objection to go In the M Wnt'lSthi? Lf2?r*TC- *<*" for two days at room between 6th end 7th era. second floor, back A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid and waitress, or to do chamberwork and plain dty referenoe given. CaU at 482 6th av? cor A A N AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION T? DO da general housework; 14 a good plain cook, w??nnr and ironw; or as chambermaid or pantry girl; la -illlni obliging. Call or address 982 West Mnh at.. In baaemet A WIDOW LADY WIBHBB TO TAKE CHABOB OF an Infant at her own bouse or lu a gentleman's family; understands the oare from Its Mrth; reference exchanged. Address W. B. boa 1,411 Poet office. A GERMAN WOMAN AND A GERMAN GIRL WANT placss, one ns cook and the other to do general house work; houi are oompeieut. Can be seen at 106 6th av., near 8th at. A RESPECTABLE PROTE8TANT YOUNG WOMAN wlshet a situation as cook In a private family and to assist In the washing and Iroolng; best of city leferences. Call at 8017th si., between fltb ana 7th svt. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tion as chambermaid and waitress; and willing to assist in washing and Ironing; best of city reference. Call at 33 West Twelfth at., In the rear. A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONRR WANTS A situation; has best recommendlons anil la willing to go in country. Can be seen at 104 6th av., near 8th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do housework, or chamberwork and waiting; also one for nurse ane seamstress; city references. Call at4U 2d sr., near 24th St.. second floor. A SITUATION WANTED?AS WET NURSE. BA A young, healthy woman, with" a fresh breast of milk; hits lost her own baby. City reference. Call at 411 2d av., near 24th st., second floor, front. A GOOD COOK WANTS A SITUATION; WOULD AS alst with ws-hing and Ironing; best of city reference. Call at 113 West IStli at, rear. RESPECTABLE OJRL, WITH EIGHT YEARS QOOD city reference, wishes a situation to cook, wash and Iron for a small private family; is an excellent washer and ironer. and a good plain cook, or would do the work of a small family. Can be seen at 214 bast 21st at. A LADY WHO iHAS NO CHILDREN WOULD TAKE one at her own residence, where it would have mother's rare. Apply at 191 West 20th at. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN wants h situation as chambermaid, fine washer and Ironer. or flrxt class laundress; good city reference. Call at 94% West 4i)th it . near Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE8PECTABLR ENG. llah g'rl, us chambermaid and waitress, or to take care of children; the beat of oily reference can be furnished. Call st 136 West 27th at., between 7th and Bth are.,-second floor, front room. A SMART. ACTIVE PERSON WANTS EMPLOYMENT as housekeeper or companion to a lady; Is accustomed to children. Would like to travel. Reference given Coll at or address, for s week, A. D., 34 6th ?v., New York. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE . young woman, to go out by the day to work In a gentia n's family; la a good washer ana Ironer. Can ao any kind of hnusewoik, or would do family sewing. Can ope rate on Wheeler and Wilson's tewingmaohlne. Has the best city reference, ( all on or address Mrs. A. O., 206 Bast 37th st.. front basement; A rat private house east of 3d av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young lady, as seamstress, or seamstress and com panion; undemianda cutting and fitting. Is a Protestant. Would hare no objection to one or two children. The must satisfactory reference can be had To be seen for two days at No. 8Stanton at., from 12 till 4 o'clock, A YOUNO WOMAN WI8HES A SITUATION AS COM patent waitress and chambermaid Oan give the beet reference. Would go g short distance In the country. Can be seen at 222 7th av., near 23th el., two pair of stairs, bock room. A MIDDLE AGED LADY OF REFINEMENT, WHO has met with manes, would like a position whereby she can support hermlf and little daughter, twelve year* old, it must be luctstive, respeotable and by no rasana menial; would be very efficient In a sick room: would not object to attend ladies In their oonflnement. for whluh she has satis factory references, oi would he willing to go Into some re spectable Institution If rooms were provided for bar. Should any person or persona, seeing this, wish to respond, they will please address M L. T., oare of L. Chapman, No. 9 Cedar at A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, as llrtt olsss rook; Is willing to assist la | washing and Ironing. CaU at No. II Oxford si , Brooklyn. AN ENGLISH COOE WISHES A SITUATION IN A prlrale family; perfectly understands her business, soups, pastry and made dishes, and Is smood baker; has long and good reonnimrndst'ons. Can be seen for two days, If not sooner engaged, at 806 Bast 24th St., between 1st and 2d ava. /10PYIBO WANTED-BY A LADY. WHO WRITES A vV plain, bold business band. Call on or address Copy, 19 1-eroy street. Employment wanted-by thb day, by a com. petent seamstress and operator, understands dress making and'all kinds of family sewing. Call at or address 334 7th av. C3BRMAN INSTITUTE FOR FEMALE SERVANTS ? T Families wishing German aervants will 6nd a great number of them at 114 Kaat Houston st , between Bowery anil 2d av. * TTOUSRKKKPKR'H SITUATION WANTED-BY A II ynung lady of ediioatlon, In a prlrale family; beat of reference given. Address G. B. R.. Herald offloe. ITOUSEKEKPKR'R POSITION WANTED-BY A It Widow, fully competent to take the entire charge; eipeeutlons moderate. If the comforts of a home can be realised. Address A. C. W., station O, 6th sv. Nurse.?a respectable girl wants a situ a tlon to take care of growing children, or would Uks charge of a baby and assist with children, has anew ma chine i cased I which she would be willing lo bring and use If required. Call at or address 61 West Washington place, top OF \MHTRESS.-A YOUNO GIRL WISHES WORK BY ?" tne weak; understands dressmaking and all kinds of family sewing; boat of recommendations. Call at or address IXi IVest 27th st.. room 16. * OITUATION WANTED?NT A COMP".TENT PERSON, i ' as child's nurse; can do pialu sewing Apply st 942 Esst 9th si.. for three dogs. QITt'ATMtN WtNTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO O chamherivnrk or wilting and rhamlierwnrk and taks rare of children. Cm he wen for Ihree days at her present employer's, Jl.t West 12ih si., between 6tli and 7th ava. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO PROTESTANT young women; use s? nmseor ebamhermald. the other ns 1 sundress. Apply at 193 East 2Kb st., Ilrat floor, front room, fur Ihree days cm MION WANTRU-AH WET NURSE. BY A O widow woman. The best ol reference given. Ap py at tha drug siore, Vsn Brunt at, between King and Sullivan ale.. South Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-a LADY, NOW RESIDING IN t~ the country, would like a respertahle situation as cony. 1st or to attend a store. Address for two weeks, stating salary. 1). C. MrKallor, Manhattan Una Company, I4tb at, av. C, Now York. SITUATION W,\NTKI>_BY A |RESPRCTABLK~YOUNO k? w oman. a? chambermaid and waitress; oan assist In the SITUATION WANTED?BY A WO. man. do general hnuaowork Id ? amall family Call for two day* ai a* Dealer at., top floor, front room. PIMIR ADYKRTIMKR 18 DF.8IROUR OF A SITUATION 1 aa companion 10 a lady travelling or otbarwlar. aa lady'a maid No ohlec lon to tbe duller required of a aeamrtreaa; (liniu. ow uttjri I?H t" IIRI wmina iruuiiini ui R HI ail ' ??. haa ? kn .elndfe of Wheeler and Wllaon'a machine. Oood refeienra Addreaa 847 Weal 18th at, corner of 9lh atr. W ago* not an mneli an object aa a pormansnt altuatlon. NWO RESPECTABLE OIKI.S WART SITUATIONS TO ? (ynarM ...... J rreneoB I . 71 Kat H llth at., near 3d ay 1 do general hmraewnrk 111 amall familiar: will go nowhrra i >?' bin manectable famillaa; f >od city raferancs. Apply at w AN ?i tl-A SITUATION, AR COOK, WASIIKR AND ,r ?? ' m a private family, no objarllon to general Imurewnrk ' reference (Iran. Inquire at ?4l llrand at., corner of Mi ?yy ANTKII V SfTUATION. BY A RES PRUT A BUR .. atiI aa flr A claaa rramatreaei nnderatande ruling and nutria Indira dm "4 "loala perfectly wall. Apply at 171 Kaat llth at. W??ANTED? a Si TVATION, AH CIIAMBKKMAID AND waltrraa, by a nt character, old glng and pleaaant, and ran lia \ *tifl rein.mended by bar preaent em ployer. Call at 43 Waal Waaliliuton place. WANTED -A NITUAT "X>N,'. MY A RESPECTABLE young ft<d, to do hoiiaawnrk In a amall prlrate family, or aa elmmbaamald a. lantidreaa. Can bo aoou lor two daya at SIS Wea|4M at., flr W loot, baok room. ' WANTED?BY A SCOTCH ekutkstANT. A SITHA lion mi MMnm?lmii4, or to ink. * ral* ? ** orrhlMrrn no obloctIon to (rami. 1 ,or 441 Weal IM si. WANTKD?BY A CAPABLE, RKSP. STABLE WOMAN, a aituailon, aa rliambarmnld and * Aurora or In aaalat a aituailon, aa chambermaid and a , In waahlng and Ironing; no objactlon to 1" 10'he counlrj Callfor tno daya at 441 Wefl IfcM at, noar la '? *T Wf ANTKD?DY A UKHPBCTABLE WDM *9>'* Hon to tiikr rnr4 of growlng children; ?? bojilllfal nrwrr; MHy nrrlreU from England. Coll for *# M 244 Kmi 14th Ml. WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABM? WOMAN. A ?,ASI to wet nlira* at her own reoldaoce; baa Ju-t I. i, r own lathy lliraa waeka old. Call at St Stanton af., Mm. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRI., WI, '? three yeara' referanoa, a altuauon to cook, waah an 4 12in.;.or t0J? ?el"r?l houaowork la a amall family. Call a, l? M at, WI lliamaburg. "W^ANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO flIRL, A | .imaai .1'M,rhambarmaid and waltrraa; nan Oil any o ?.lto.n *Xl 'i f?L. ??" ?* ???? ?* her nraaent em 1 ployM ?, with flrai riaaa referenoea. At MBM We* BBh at. ?| SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALE!. WANTP D?IT A RESPECTA BLE COLORED WOMAN. ? altuatim iu hoirdreaoer. by the day ur week. Can bo ?? for two d?s. from 12 to 8 o'clock, at 216 West 1Mb at. \\TANTED?t SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID AND YT wattract, or ct nurse Bret of oily reference from the last place. Csll from 111 to 4 o'clock at 12 Hraud ?L near Varlok. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE I1IHL, WITH HOOD YY refereacea, a situation a* chambermaid and waitress. Can he seen for two days at her last place, 104 Carroll st, South Brooklyn WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YY younj woman as chambermaid and waitress, or to do chamberwork and asslat In wachlug; no objection to go a short distance in the country; has good olty reference. Can be seen for two days at 1S4 West 26th st. 117ANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TV colored women; one as first class cook, and the other as chambermaid or laundress. Can be seen for two days at lad West 0th st , second floor, back room. 117ANTED?A' SITUATION. BY A YOUNG OIRL, TO IT do up stairs work or take care of children, or as waitress. Apply at 124 West 25th St.. between bth and 7th are. 117ANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN'WANTS A BIT TT nation to take the entire charge of an infant, or to wait on an Invalid and saw. Would go a short distance out of New York. Applv ri s West 41st st. for two days. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO WO men. situations, one as a ft rat class laundress, under stand" "*nch fluting, or as waitress) the other Is a good pl?Ai oook and good waaber and ironer, or to do chamber ? ork and aaslst with the washing and Ironing. Beat city reference. Can be eeen for two days at 107 Bast 23d at., near hst nr., second floor, beck room. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A COMPETENT LAUN. dress; does French fluting, and thoroughly under stands her business; the best of city reference from her last w place. Can be seen at HC East 9th St., second floor, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A NEAT, TIDT OIRL, to cook, wash and iron, Best city reference. Oall for two day at 317 East 20th st. ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. .. lately landed, to do general housework for ? small fam ily, Call for two days at 117 East 16th st. WANTED?A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE WO man, as oook in a private family; understands soups, meats, poultry and game, pastry and bread; willing to as alst in washing and ironing if required. Best oily reference. Csll at 604 6th sr., between 86th aud 36th ate, first floor, front room. WANTED?BY A TOUNO WOMAN, RECENTLY landed, a situation as uurse aud seamstress. Apply at Castle Harden, up stair*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS cook, washer and Ironer, good referenoe from her last place. Call at 145 Weat 25th st WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do general housework in a small private family, or would do chamberwork, can bring the nest of city refer ence. Can be seeu for two days at 956 Railroad av.. Jersey Oi ty. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, ss laundress and chambermaid; no objec tions to take care of childreu; best of city reference Can be seen at 143 East 28th st WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN. IN, a private family, to do chamberwork and waiting, or nursing; would do housework for a small family; is willing and obliging; has the best of city references. Call at No. 100 Wost 19th St., between tith and 7ih avs. WANTKD-AS HOUSEKEEPER OR COMPANION, BY an Amerlcau; Is a good seamstress; wages not so much an object as a good home; the beat of reference given. Address 8. A Hqard, station P. No objection to Brook lyn. WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION AS nurse nnd seamstress Apoly at her present em plover's, 42 West 46tb at., before 1 o'clock, where she can be well recommended WANTED-BY A COMPETENT YOUNO SCOTCH WO man, a situation as chambermaid and seamstress, or to wait on an Invalid lady; bas tlie Irest of recommendations; no objections to the country. Call at or address for four days 104 West Sad st.. two doors from 6th av. WANTED?A SITUATION, "BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework; Is a good cook and good washer and Ironer; has good city reference Call at 342 West 36th st ? first floor. ? WANTED?SITUATIONS. BY TWO SISTERS-ONE TV for general housework, and the other for chamber, work and waiting, or nursing and plain sewing. Apply at No. 70 46th si., near 6th av., for two aavs. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITU atlon as child's nurse or chambermaid; understands Wheeler A Wilson's machine, or can sew by hand; wages not so much an object as a respectable family. Address Mrs. Ileuricb, 144 Sullivan St., between Houston and Prince, over the grocery store, for two days. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, as chambermaid and to take care of children; under elands Wheeler A Wilson's machine; best of oily referenoe. Csll at 004 ?th av , between 3llh and 36th sts., first floor, front room. ANTED-BY A YOUNO WIDOW. SOME LIOIITKM ploymetit; would like to attend a reception room In a " " or Brooklyn, for small Mrs. Lavell, bos 175 w _ daguerreotype gallerr In New York salary until competent. Address llersld olflce. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do the general housework of s small family; Is a good oook, washer and Ironer. Satisfactory references. Inquire at West Washington place, Brat rear house, second floor WANTBD-A SITUATION AS FIRST OLASS COOK, by a respectable young woman; perfectly understands her business in all Ita branches, soups, pastries and all auoh; bas lived In the beat of families here end in thn eld country: has the very beet of refereuoes. Can be eeen at 80 West 17th st. WANTED-A SITUATION AS OOOK. BT A RS8PRO tsbie colored women, In a first class family; no wash ing. Apply at 63 William St., top floor, right hand side. WANTED-BY A RBSPBCTABLB AMERICAN MAR lied woman, a baby to dry nurse at her own real denoe. Apply at or address 81! West 33d St.. second floor. WANTED-BY TWO YOUNO LADIBH, WHO ARR competent to educate children In various elemeutary studies and music, situations to a respectable family; best references given. Address R., oare F. Oarretl, agent U. 8 Bipreee Co., Jersey City, N. J. WANTED-BT A TAILORBHS, WORK IN FAMILIES. TY by the day. to cut and make boys' clothes; also sacks end basques In the latest style Address Mrs. A. Wise, 161 Bast 66th st. - - Washing wantbd-by a respectable col ored woman; no objections to fine washing and fluting or rough dry Address Annie Dorry, 146 West 33d at.. In the store. WET~NURS*-?-A RESPECTABLE"YOUNO WIDOW woman hartwg lost her baby, night week* old, wishes s situation as wet wnree In s gentleman's family. Can be seen for two days at 566 2d av., between 83d and 33d sis., rear house. WANTBD-BY A TIDY WOMAN. WITH EXCELLENT city referenoe. a situation a* cook and laundress or ohsmbermsld, or would do the general housework of a small family; ia an eioellant baker and can do up Ann wash, ing in the neatest style, wages fllfi. CsD at 192 East 21st at. WANTRD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as good plain cook .washer sod Ironer; can come well recommended. Call at 337 West 16tb at., be tween 7th and Hth avs , front bouse, 3d floor, back room. HELP WANTED?PKMALES. A?FIFTY GOOD GIRLS CAN OBTAIN SlffltATIONS ? to watt on lallcs by applying at tbo KcMeillc Mnaic Garden, 637 Broad nay, up alalia, aaoond floor, IfMweem the hours of I and 4 P.M. GIRL WANTED?TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, al 238 Clinton at., near Monroe at. IAUNDRKSS.?A FIRST KATE LAUNDRESS WANTED J In a private family. Appl) at No. S Weat 18th at. Private family want a good oirl for iiounk work with referenoea. Call at No. 7 Charlton at., after nine o'clock. WAIT HESS WANTRD-A WAITRESS WANTED AT !I28 lir.iadwar, mint come well recommended; wagee 9? per month. Apply between 9 and 10 o'clooh A. M. WANTED A CHAMBERMAID. WIIO IS ALSO A good plain newer, mint be neat and efficient and hare good elly reference. Apply from 12 to 1 o'clock Friday at 80 Bth ar. WANTED?A WET NURSE, WITH A FRE8M RRRAST of milk; without encumbrance. Catholic, and disposed to travel abroad. Only rea|iectable onea need apply at Madame Poulin's, 138 Spring at WANTRD?IMMEDIATBLT. A NURSR GIRL. OR chambermaid, one who wlahea to go to St Lotila can obtain a permanent altaalloo by applying to Mrs. Wm. Keller, at tha Da Laneau Honao, corner or 4(Nh at , and 6th ar. WANTED?A OOOD GIRL TO WORK IN A RES. tanrant. None bat American or Gorman need apply. Inquire al 382 6th ar. WANTRD-A NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS. TO OO A abort dlatance la tha country. Apply to-day. between 10 and It, al 420 Bth ar. ?yyANTKD-A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER. r? a Protestant, with city referenoea; none other need apply. Waaea f 14 a month. Cull at 13d dlh ar. WANTBD-A FIRST CLAM LAUNDRESS FOR A private family Apply to day, between the houra of one and three, at 17 Broadway, r , room N o. 9. if ANTED?AN INTELLIGENT PROTESTANT WO. . r men to attend on growing children. Muat l>e a gnod ?ewer and hare had soma education. Apply at 21 Washing . ton place, before 2 o'clock. w WANTED?A FIRST CLAM ORDRR COOK, IN A hotel: one who iindaratanda her buainese amy apply al Ring's llotol, M I)ey atreet, thla day. w ANTBD-TWO GIRLS ACCUSTOMED TO FOLDING papers. Apply to Arrandala A Co., 162 Broadway. \If ANTED?A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE fV work, call at 336 Kaat B4th at. Good referanoa re qnlrial. WANTED-* WONAN TO WET NURSE A BART AT ,W her own hollar: no objection to her liarlng a liaby of her own t nil I com i to IV r. M. al 2UI 7tk ar., near SM It., off drill at'ire. Tk' ANTED?A GIRL TO DOGRNERAL HOUSKWORE; Tr about one hour's ride from New York, one who la willing to work for low wagta in a good home can apply at 108 Waal l well tli at w ANTED?A OIRL TO DO GENERAL IIOUBBWORK j good inference it-qulred. Apply at No. 131 Charlton corner ol Washington. CLKIIKR AND IALEINEI*. ARKSF'RCTAHLE youno man of beperirncb and education, who can glre gnod city and other refer enera. wlehea ? eltnatlnn aa entry elerh. aaatetant hook keeper. or In any other clerical e.parity In n wholeaale hard w are' gtocrry. shipping or commlaaion huuae. Address W. U. Herald office. BOOS KEF. PER.?SITUATION WANTRD. AS ROOK peeper; has had tan years' experience Satisfactory rcf treneea glean. Address F. W. Newlaad, M North 9th at, " Fk 'hlladeiohia. CLWMARD BALISWUr. AN EXPERIENCED HOSIERY MAN. THOROUGHLY acquainted with bof-lng and selling in thin market and in Europe, end who oan urtJuewoe a considerable amount of first otase trade, ta open for an engagement with an A1 botiae disposed to uieke liberal a .-ran gemou la for the euatiing year Will travel, if required, during the dull aeaaou. Addreaa X Y.. Hosiery, Herald ollli'o By a youno man. who was three year* in a large dry aud fancy goods busineaa in tiermany, and eighteen montha in a gentTemru'a furnishing atore in the South desires a aitoatiou aa clerk, or la willing to mak? him aelf gene; ally uaeful. References can be given. Addreaa A. ?., ller.ild office CLERK WANTED-A YOUNO MAN F.XPERI in diauertaiug, may apply to O. A. Newtnaa, cor rt.e and Clermont ava., Brooklyn TANTBD-BY a YOUNG UNMARRIED MAN OK IN duatry. integrity and intelligence, who la a auperlor penman and acooiintant, a clerical poaitlon of auy kind wherehy he can obtain for bla aervloea a auBlclrncy of the wherewithal to repleulah hla lamp of life, which at preaent wanea and fllckera in a fearfully suggestive manner. Ad dreaa B. Uarrla, eutlon 0. N. B.?Harris hopes some one will are It iti that light. WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, 30 YEARS OP AGE. a aituatlon aa clerk or In any capacity where atrlct attention to buaineaa aud integrity are requited, would like to go South; good references. Addreaa Clerk 34 Liberty at., room 18 WANTED-8ALESMEN. WHO ARE IN POSSESSION of a trade which they can influence andean produce meal aatlafaotory reference, to travel with aainples of two epeclalliea in the dry gooda and clothing trade Thoae and only thoae who are converaant with the work of a travelling salesman may addrcsa, mating the name* of the partlea leal engaged with, aalartea eipected, and the location ot their trade, hog 5.53ft Boat ollloe. N. V

WANTED-A TRAVELLING SALESMAN KOR THB hardware btiaineis. Single man preferred. Addreaa giving referenoea, Ac., I'oet office box 711. Newark, N. J. WANTED ?A YOUNO OBRMAN, A BOOKKEEPER, able to oorreapond In English, German and Prenob, and acquainted with the tea and eoITne trade, deairea a ait nation. Addreaa H. 8., care John Wllltama, No. 8 Bowling Green. fANTED?IN A CASH PANOY OOOD8 AND t Oily or .teamen. Wanted?in a cash fancy goods an hosiery houae, two or three salesmen, baring city < country trade, liberal arrangemenla. Addreaa Salaamei Herald oflloe. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A BROKER'S, BANK er*a or exchange oflloe, or aa aaleaman or traveller, by a Drat claaa young man. Has the highest teatlmoniala aa to character and capacity, with first claaa references and secu rity 11 required. Addreaa B. T., box 1,300 Post ollice. New York. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN HAV lug three years' experience as aaleaman in the hat busi ness, or Is willing to act as aaleaman or clerk in auy busineaa. Addreaa, for two days, Conform, Herald ofllce. $rrt WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY PERSON WHO t)U will obtain a permanent position for the advertiser as bookkeeper, cashier or collector. Address D? box 167 Herald ofllce. COACHMKN AND OARDENERg. A RESPECTABLE COLORED MYN WANTS A SITU, atlon as waiter In a private or public family Beat of reference given. No. 120 Tlllary street, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE FRENCH PERBON. RECENTLY arrived, wishes to tiad a situation aa gardener with a gentleman who wishes to cultivate fruits, flowers, Ac. Is well acquainted with the culture of the grapevine Address T. V . Gardener. Herald ollice. till end of this week. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE COL ored man, aa first claaa coachman, best of reference Apply at I?9 9th at. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A man who ta a good groom and careful driver; good reference given. Inquire for HENRY at Adama A Cone's Carriage warerooma, Broadway and Oreat Jones at J ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BY A RE apectable colored man; la willing to make himself generally useful; refers to hla last employer, with whom he was for three years. Addreaa box 5,371 New York Pott oflloe. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALR1. A PROTESTANT YOUNO MAN AND WIPE, JUST landed from England, desire situations In som^ re spectable family; his wife as chambermaid; the maW as coachman, groom and plain gardener; has hud fourteen years' ex|>enence In the care and management of horses and is a very genteel driver. Apply at or address 101 East 13lh at., corner of 3d av., for three days A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED barkeeper in a first class bar. Satisfactory references given as to honesty, industry aud sobriety. Address Bar keeper. Herald ofllce ' A YOUNO MAN OP GOOD ABILITY DK8IKES A situation iu some light business. Addreaa M Q, P., Herald ofllce. A YOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A wholesale or retail boot and shoe atore. Addreaa B. D., station A, branch Post office. A YOUNO MAN OP FIVE YEARS EXPERIENCE IN the retail dry goods trade, having a thorough know ledge of accounts, and a natural busineaa talent, would like to conueot himself with a*wholes?le house. A new firm pre ferred. Address T W , H erald office. , AN EXPERIENCED COPYIST DESIRES a 8TTUA tlon. Address A. V. D. 0,, Mattawan. New Jersey. A SOBER. STEADY, TRUSTWORTHY YOUNO MAN. of good business habits, desires a situation; salary no object at fli-at; hss first class reference. Call on or address Employment, IV Leroy at. A LAD 16 YEARS OP AOR DESIRES A SITUATION In a broker's office or in the office of some wholesale house. Address J. P. H , KW Greenwich street. COPYINO WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN WHORE evenings are unemployed. Addreaa W. L.. box 3,328 Post oflloe HAVINO TURNED OUT MY nORSBH FOB THE winter I nou d like to find a aituatlon for my groom. Addreaa J. P. Morsell, Stamford, Coon , or 30 Ptne at rpo PUBLISHERS.-THE ADVERT1SBK, WHO HAS X had fourteen years' experienoe as editor, correspondent and reporter for newspapers, deairea employment In thla city. Address W hippie, care of Messrs. Blslook X Co., pub lishers, 19 Beekman at. HELP VPANTED?MALKH. AOENTS WANTED?IN ALL PARTS OP THE UNITED States, to noil "The Lire* of the President* " * new work, by Johu S. 0. AbboU. the greet hietorleti. The work ie Onely Illustrated, complete In one volume end ready for ?ubeorlber?. The author, the theme, end the elegant ?trie In wnioh It la laaued. combine to render It one or the beat book* for Agenta ever publlahed In thla country, Sxclnalve territory miy be eecured by eddreealng B. B Rue^ell A Co., Publishers, BoNton, Naaa. Aokntn Wanted. Por thotinid Medal Hewing Machine*, In erery elty end county In the Union The least rompllreted two thread ma chine In the world Addrea# A. f Johuaon A Co , St Wash Ingtnn at, Boeton, Mm B B AOENTS WANTED ?WR OFFER AOENTS A 8PLF.N dld ehano" to make money dunng tlie winter Riolu aire light of aele guaranteed " This la not a humbug 119 Nassau et , room So 7. All desiring hituationh call ai chambers direct Bookkeeper, copylRt, aaleamen, clerka In hotel*, atorea, oflloea. warehouaea. porter, oonductora, bartenders, watchman, eioellenl openlnga. AOENTS WANTED-TO SELL A NEW ARTICLE wanted erery where; a good chance for insurance and other agenta to uao their apere time prodlebly. $10 per day eaatly made, at 38 Liberty at., main flo >r A MAN WANTED-TO OPEN OT8TKRH, AT EARL'S Oyater llonae, none but those who understand the bual neea need apply. Apply ?t 85S Stb er. An EXPERIENCE!* canvasser for holiday advertising wanted, on a new lad lea' mag'line, $20 per day ran l>e Cleared. Apply frooa 111 to II at 78 Naaeau at., room No. A. A Cl.ERR FOR A GROCERY STORK, PORTER, coachraee and Insurance clerk. Call at 81 Nassau at, nllice No. 9. ARKBi PKR WANTED, AT SS IIENRT STREET; HE must hare good reference from bla last employer. Bartender wanted?corner op amity and Thompson at. OY WANTED.-A COLORED BOY Ttl ASSIST IN making Area and waltiag on labia. 1M Weal Hlh at. ttANVASHERi WANTRD?TO SELL THE IMPROVED / f olding Pocket Lantern Very light, atrong and durable, can be lolded and carried In the pocket or trarellng bag with safety and convenience, ocmpvlng the apace of a cigar rase, and are opened aud cloaad as readily. They contain (whether opan or oloaed) matches and ettra oandlea, and, being alwaya re idy for use. are moat appreciated In the greatest cinergen f as. Price* ?No I $1 each, (including two candles.) No. 3, 78 oenia e eh, (including three oandlea f Additional candles. Sciir sperm I No. I. $1 per lb ; No 8. $1 26 i>er lb. Liberal isoount to dealer* and aanrasaers Hand for sample* JUI II S IVES A CO . 49 Maiden lane. N Y. Manufacturers of Iree' Patent Lamua and dsalera In Kero sene (ooila generally TOXPKRIKNO D AND RELIABLE AGENTS WANT 12 ed?To canrasa the eitles and towns of the Untied Slates, Canada*. New Hrunawlek and Nora Scott*. to aollclt aitr'-rtising for the American Pictorial Advertising Company of New York. Apply at the a Ma* of tha company, 171 Broad way room Na. f. I>MPLOYMANT.-A COMPBTeTnT MAN CAN IIAvSTa J permanent sltuatlnn and good wages as rielivarer or Country agent Apply at 97 Beekinan at third floor FURHT CLASS OANNASSKRS WANTKD IN EACH Ward In New York and Rroeklyn for Lloyd's mam moth Map of Now York elty end Brooklyn. This gr -at map shows erery house and occupant's name, and ha* been two years under way; Aniabed Pi-d y and oeat $1(10,00(1 first c'as* canvasser* can make $90 per day soliciting advertise ment* and taking orders for this great map J. T. LLOYD. No. B t'artlandt street HO FOR DIXIE I?AGENTS WANTED, SOUTH AND North. Beautiful works of art Commlealon or salary g ven. KELLuOO A HliiNHK. 29 Beck man street. New York, and IMHomh Clark street. Chicago PORTER WANTKD.-IN THR PRODUCE BUSINESS; must understand coopering butler cheese, flour. An.; good recoiiiinandaUuna required Apply to Miller A Co., 82 Tim ,d at. TWO YOUNG MEN WHO WRITE A GOOD HAND, timekeeper, Ac. Wauled; young men as bartender, who nndcretands Ihr bnkinr*?, at 11.1 Nassau at, room No P. |VANTE ??AOBNTij $lfi) PER MONTH, EVERY 'v where, luab and fetnsle. to sell tha genuine Comnmn Sense fern ly Hewing Mae tune, the greatest invention of the age. I'riee $18 Hverj inarhnie warranted three years. Address Seen inn $ Co.. Cleveland, Ohio, |1' ASTEI) IMMKIEaTKLY-AT ROOM 2R, NATIONAL vv Hotel, t'orllandi etreel, second floor. .Ml active business men M s ine me ns (one for each Slatei, as joint partner-., to operate hi an iniincnae enterprise, which will largely re. numerate the parties. I his la no catch penny humbug Call from 8 A M. lo II and from 2 I'. M. to 6. and eiamTne for yenraelves. ANTED?A RESPECTABLE MAN, AH WAITER IN a small lamlli; mum understand hi* duties thorough ad hav* good c.ty reference Apply at 122 Mh av. amkd-a smart bot. as umun plaok, be Iween I and II n'nlnck ANTED-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS OPKN1NO oyater*. aA M Eprlag at wv w ^ HELP W^D-?U? WANTKD-THRBE MEN, TO WORK* IB A WHOLE ?alp dry goods house. Apply at olfloe /7 Hoiulou ?t, wear the Bow?ry, up ataira. . _____ ?flTANTBD?AH EXPERIENCED 8TOCE HOT, IN A v" Yankee notion department; wage* rtmt y"*'joiiall. Ad tire ah, with name and reference, A. 8. H., box jrl?i Foe t oioa Xtf ANTBD-A CAREFUL, RE8PONSIBLK MAN, WHO ?" understand* horse* and know* the city, to drive a wagon uml deliver goods; must hare good references. Also two boy,, to distribute circulars. Apply at 42 Cedar ?t. "IITANTED-A MAN WITH BOME CAPITAL TO EN. v T gage in a valuable enterprise. large and sure prolu; no risk*. For full Inrormatiou apply to CUAS. F. CLARKE, 88 Broadway. l*f ANTKD-A MARRIED MAN ON A GENTLEMAN'S ? place, 39 mile* on New Haven road; he mutt milk, understand gardening and make himself generally useful. Apply at 184 West 12th St., before 10 o'clock A. M. THE TRADES. A SITUATION wanted?bt a practical bnoi neer and machinist; will be d'aengaged this weak. Beat of reference given by present employer. Address T. A. O., Engineer, Brooklyn Poet olllce, for one week. A YOUNG MAN 18 YEARS OF AOE. WISHES A place aa apprentice to learn the plumbing and gas fit ting business. Oeod references. Address Henry K., box 190 Herald ofilee. A FEW MEN WILL BB TAUGHT CIGAR MAKING by applying at 119 East Houston street, entrance on Chrystie, room U. Taught In four days. A FIRST RATE ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTSMAN wanted, at XI Nassau at,, room 23. Apply from 3 till 4 P. M. MB. OlMBRBDE. ORAVEUB, 988 BROADWAY. DE rasnde un tlmbreitr franpala; a'll y en a un|New York. On olTre uo engagement de 6 ana at un blan bon eelalre. WANTED?A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS BLEACH Ing straw braid, sod would be able to take charge of a straw bal manufactory where ladles' hats would be a speci alty. Address box 98 station A. WANTED?A CAPABLE FOREMAN, WHO UNDER stands thoroughly the manufacture of straw pulp for a paper manufactory. Address Paper Manufactory, box i,W Poatflgpe. New York. w ANTED?FOUR GILDERS, AT 709 BROADWAY. nrANTED?A GOOD SIGN PAINTER OF THE NEW YT York sobool; one capable of doing the general work of a first class shop; none but a thorough workm an need ap ply to BHRIVF.R A CO.. Sign and Banner Painters, 281 Bal timore St., Baltimore, Md. ANTBD-A MAN TO BAKE BUTTER CAKES. 8IMI lar to those sold at night In down towu saloons. Ad dress Saloon. Herald otllce. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. UNE DAMR PARISIKNNE DESIRE ENTRKR DE suite oomme lustltutrice pour le frsmjals, el dame de compagme. dsns tine famiUe de premier ordres. S'adreaaer au Couiribr do* Etsts-Unls, 92 Walker street, Madame D***. PROPOSALS. OFFICE OK THE BOARD OF EDUCATION. CORNER of Grand and Elm etreeta. New York, Decembers, Sealed Proposals will be reoctvert at this office until the I7th day of December next, at 3 o'clock P. M.. at w hich time said proposals will be examined, for supplying the Public Schools under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education with Books Stationery and other articles for the use of said schools for one year, commencing on the let of J miliary, 1887 A list of the artlclee will be furnished on application to the Clerk ofNhe Board of Education. TIMOTHY BKENNAN, 1 SAMUEL B. H. VANCE, | Committee JAMRS W. FARR, ^ on JAMES L. MILLER, I Supplies. JAMES B. DUPIGNAC, j JJROPOSAL8 FOR INDIAN GOODS. DEPiRTMkirr or the Tktcriob. Orrtca or 1*pian Affairs, t Washibotow. D. November 21, 18?. 1 , Healed proposal*. endorsed ' Proposals for Indian Oood* will bo received at the Office of Indian Affairs until 12o'clock M., on SATURDAY, the ISth day of December next, for fur nishing, in the quantities therein given, the articles named in the following Hat. The proposals to indicate, in separate columns, at what pnoe said artidea will be delivered In New York city, and at what prloe they will be delivered in St. lamia Mo. The gnoda to be delivered at either place at the coat of the contractor. FIRST CLASS. Mackinac bt-ankkts-forf.ion or domestic. 2,500 pair li pt. white Hlnnkela. 60x72 inches, to weigh 8 pounds. 2.5tm pair 2J< pt. white Blankets, 54x66 inches, to weigh 6 pounds. 601) iiair 1H pt. White Blankets, 86x60 Inches, to weigh 4W pounds. LOU! palrSpt. scarlet Blankets, 60x72 inches, to weighs pounds. - 600 pair 2tj' scarlet Blankets, 54x66 inches, to weigh 6 pounds. B 200 pair I pt. green Blankets, 60x73 inches, to weigh 8 pounds. 2.<M0 pair 8 pt. Indigo Bl? Blankets, 60x72 Inches, to weigh 8 pounds. 8.5? nalr pt. Indigo Blue Blankets, 54x88 inches, to weigh 6 pounds. I? Pslr 114 pt. Indigo Blue Blankets 42x56 Inches, to weigh 4% pounds. SECOND CLASS. CLOTHS?FOREIGN OR DOMBSTIO. BOO varda Fsncv List Blue Cloth 6.000 yards Orsy List Blue Cloth. 3 0U0 ysrds Saved List Blue Cloth. 7.0B0 yards Ssved List Scarlet Cloth. THIRD CLASH-DRY OOOD8 3? doren 8-4 Woollen Shawls. 610 pounds Linen Thread. BOll neiinds Cotton Tliresd 2.IOO vsrd? Turkey Red Oil Calico. 60.000 yards Blue Drilling 60,0110 yards Brown Drilling. 50.000 yards Had Stripe Bed Ticking 6,0? yards Super Satinet. 8,000 yard* Satinet. 5 013) yards Hickory Shirting 20.000 vards Brown Shirting 30.000 Hickory Shirts 10,0? yards Duck I for tents). . FOURTH CLASS?HARDWARE handle01*? out Hteel Axea, fro* 5 to ?S, pounds, with '"Boxen best cast Steel Half Axea. from 2 to 8 ponnda, j I OtmTamp Kettles, assorted sixes 1.0? short handle Fire Pans. 6? dozen Tin Pans, 2, 4 and 6 quart, in equal quantities pressed 1,0011 doten Iron Table Spoons. 1 0T0 dozen Tin Cups 3 6? dozenjbutcher Knives. 8-lnrh blade l.nOdoxen Fish HooksWassorted 1 600 dosen Fish Lines (assorted) Samples of all articles t? be forwawP?i to this office with the proposals, and tne goods Turn shed to be equal In sll respects to the samples. ho bids for less than an entire class of the artiolea speci fied will be considered All articles furn'ahed under contract will be rigidlv in spected and compared with the samples by an agent or sgen's nppolu'ed for that purpose. Such good* or artiolea as m*y in any resnect fail to conform to the samples will lie reiectel, and In that case the contractor will be hound to fnctueb others of the required kind or quality within lire dava; or If that be not done they will be purchased at bis expense _ Payment will be made for goods received on n voices t' vr.-of, certlfled by the agent or agents appointed to Inspect them. The right will be reserved to require s greater qnsntlty of an* of the articles named than thai sped Bed in the njaive schedule not exceeding three times the amount thcrcor Any of the bids, or anv parts thereof, may be accepted or rejected at the option of the department. No Mds will be cons dcred from persons who have failed to romplv with the requirements of a former contract with the United State-. No proposal will be considered that does not smtcn.' court.* with the following requirements ? Proposals must embrace the articles with the quantities thereof, as set forth tn the above schedule, with the prl<-ss anneied to each, and the amounts must he earned onl and footed up, each class to he separately si Med and footed no. Bald prices and amounts must he so given without any modi Bastion or nmposed mod'lira Ion whatever rrouoaala should Is- submitted tn the following form:?"I (or we) herehy |>rnpoae to furn'sh the Indian Department, according lo the term* of the advertisement of tli? Commis sioner of Indian Affairs dated Hovemher 21, 18H6 the follow & articles at tha prices thereto affixed:? fllcre Insert Hie prepared as indicated in the Brat paragraph of thl- adver tisement 1 Said articles are to he deliverable either at If* York or HI. Lou *, as the rnmmbnuorier of Indian Affairs inav elect, on or before the 20th tftvy of February next: and, [ 'e'e propo-al he areepled I (or we> will, wltnln Ave days thereafter, execute a contract accordingly. and rive security Satisfactory to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the faithful performance of the same." Kneh proposal must be accompanied by a guarantee In the following form. In he signed by two responsible persons whose sufficiency must be certlfled by a United .States Judge or District Attornev. "We herehy con jointly and severally guarantee thai the above bidder tor b ildrrs), if a cnutract shall he awarded to him (or themi according to hi* (or their) bid or proposal will ctccttie a contract act* rdlngly, and give the requisite eecurtty far the falthtu performance of the same as pre scribed In the advertisement for p'oposala for Indian goods, dated November 31. Ihfifl; and In the event of hi* (or their) failure *0 lo do we herehy ?gree and bind ourselves, mir heirs, exenwtors and administrators to forfeit and pay the United Slams, as d images, a som not less than flfteeu per cent on the amount of said bid or proposal." Bonds will tie req-lred In the amount of the bid for the faithful performance of thacomracf. with two or more su reties. whose aufficiency must lie certlfled toby a United Slate* Judge or District Attorney. LEWIS V HrMi Y, Commissioner. BUM'jBIa uVwiPI. CM NORTH RUT. ATTORNKY AND OOl/MSRLLOR ? ?t Law. Igl Broadway, New York FUHHRLL'H ICR CRKAM?BF.ST IN THF. CITY; ONLY 80 cent* per quart Fairs, fe tlvsls, sociable* ami prl vate families furnished. 3M Fouita avenue, near fwautv third Street and 1,288 Broadway. IVR8' PATENT LAMPS?PAEM, 1817.-WISHING TO associate with 11* practical buslneas men with capital, for th# cieusion of our business abroad, we offer for sale parts of our European Patents, and Invite visitors to the Parts Exposition of 1867 (where space haa been allotted ns) lo examine our improvements, and the Inducements offered for business, in which pleasure end profli may lw combined Call, or send for circular JULIUS IVHri A CO.. 49 Maiden lane, N. Y. I AW.-CORNELIUS BURL1NO, COUNSELLOR AT J law. 24 Dnsne. near Chatham street All law actions, claims, divorces, Ac., prosecuted or defended. No charge for examination of caae. s KATKR.-MAC MILLER AND BRADY'S CLUB SKATES. BROADWAY 8KA1F DEPOT, 478, Near Broome street WANTRD?RECTIFYING TPBS AND ItUUKI VRRfl. Parties wishing to anil for cash may address W. L, J., Herald officn. WANTRD TO PURCHASE?A SECOND HAND HOI Holary Printing Machine. Address J, P.. box JU8 Herald offioe. staling terms, Ac. tarn -important to hotels and familie^Z ?p?;1y. West's Improved patent Mangles. No*. 4 and 10 Liberty place. N. Y. Plumbing, gas lilting, lock and black amlih, bell hanging. Discount to agents. M ARBLI MABTEL8. Marhi.k mantels.-tub best place in thb city to jeircha-e Marble Mantels of tha latest designs, at very low prion*. 1* ?t A. KLAHhK 8 Marble Worka, HM East Rlghleenlh street, near Third a*., N. Y. Cut this out ARBLEI7.KD NLATK MANTELS?HUTFRtOR ?N h*" the prloe of mar hie. tklrii MglT - ?eooue. between Thirtr flftk and m IAW AT APCT1W. A" DCTION IfOTfci.-B. T. HAZE EL AUCTIOOMEBR. Tlitri DAT. FBI DAY. DECEMBER T, At IDH o'clock. at our salesroom, SI Cortland! street, IMPORTANT UALB OF FRENCH AND GERMAN ^aNCT QOODB AND TOTB. china, wqztgjff* 0?55.ASbBtm.?T. AO.. comprising a lam auJ desusblc assortment of goods, m tote to iuU the trute. ALSO SILVER PLATED WAKE?Cavers, Cake Baskets. Butter Dtahe*, Pile be ra. Waiter*. .Spoons, Forks, Ac. Catalogue* earl, te?ru,u? of teg. ^ ^ (.Q Auctioneers, 32 Uci tlandt street. jj^UOTION NOTICE. The Mia of rich Fancy Good*. China Ware. As.. [7 onlar of Mr. J. A.J. Hoffman, advert lard to taVepIff'? till* day, la nnarvoldably postponed until Monday and Tuesday, De cember 10 and If, at the aalearooraa 189 Broadway. The goods will be on exhibition thu day and to-morrow aa above. IL B. HERTS. Jr.. Auctioneer. A88IONBES SALE OP CLOTHS, AC.?J. BOOART, Auctioneer. No. 1 North Wl'lhtm street, will cell, on Saturday, December 8, at 111 o'clock, at No 23# Bowery, near Houaton street, the Stock and Fixtures of a Tailoring Establishment, constating of Cloths, Caasimerea and Veat ings; alao State Fixtures, Tables, Chairs, Ac. By order of O. M. MITTMACHT. Assignee Auction sale or the fixtures and tools or a soap manufactory, by OOI.E A MURPHY, auctioneers, on Frtdmr, 7th. at 11 o'clock, in Commeroo street, near Van Brunt. Brooklyn. Four Furnaces, with Cauldrons; four galvanised iron Tanks, ten Soap Coolers. Soap Racks, Tools. Platform Scale, Oflke Furniture. Ac. Sale positive, to dooo a concern. Auction notice.-samuel wvnn a co.. auc tioneers.?$ WORTH OF MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD furniture, piano forte. BRONZES. PAINTINGS AND MANY RAKE AND COSTLY WOBKS OF ART AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On this day (Friday), at UK o'clock, at the elegant brown stone mansion 41 west Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. DRAWING BOOH FURNITURE, covered In French brocatel of the richest description; roan, wood Btagerea to match. Secretary Bookcase, Cabinets, En ooigneura. Centre Tables, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Laoe Curtains. Velvet Brussels Carpels, Turkish Reclining Chairs, Bronze Statuary, Sevres China Vases, Ornamental Bronse Clock, Oil Paintings by eminent artists magnificent Rosewood Pianoforte, rtohnat instrument offered at auction thia season; Mualc Stool, Cover, Stand; rosewood and walnut Bureaus, Beds'eads, Wardrobes, en suite, style Ixjuls XIV.; Hnlr Spring Mattresses, Blankets, Sheets. Dining Room Fur niture?Extension Table, Hutl'et, ChlnatDinner Set. Silver Caater, Tureens, Salvers, Spoons. Dinuer aud Tea Set. Ac. AUCTION NOTICE.?E. ROTH, AUCTIONEER. AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOB HOUSEKEEPERS AND THE TRADE. OVER $18,000 WORTH OF elegant and genteel household Furniture at public aur'ion this dav (Friday), afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at the large teal denoe. No. 119 West Eighth street, near Sixth avenue, consisting of magnificent rosewood Pianoforte. Stool and Cover, all modern Improvements, full seven aud a half octave, richly carved legs and case; three beautiful Parlor Sulla, covered with the richest description of French satin brocatel; Works of Art, Hronsea, Oil Paint ings by eminent artists. Velvet, Hrnssela and (tigrain Car pets: rosewood Etageres. style of Louis XIV.' solid black walnut Extension Table, Bullet and Dining Chalra to match; Oval and Pier Mirrors, black walnut Suits, covered with hair cloth and green reps; black walnut and rosewood Bed dead# and Bureaus, Spring and Hair Mattresses. Sofas and Rock era, Vases, (il.isa. China and Sliver Wire, Cutlery, Ae. N. B.?Reliable men In attendance to cart, pack and ship goods for purchasers at reasonable charge. A?SAMUEL WVNN. AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS , day, at li)W O'clock at 297 Bowery one One Counter, one Flab Stand. Ice Box. Canvas, Awning and Fixtures; one Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Mschine, In good order. Benjamin f. theall. auctioneer, LATE SALESMAN WITH K. II. LUDLOW A OO. THIS DAY (FRIDAY). AT I0W O'CLOCK, AT 62 LIBERTY STREET. NEAR NASSAU. ELEUANT FANCY GOODS, BRONZES, CLOCKS, PARIAN AND BISQUET WARE, AC. Catalogues aud goods now ready at 62 Liberty street. BY HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER. On Wednesday, Dec. 12, 1886, at 11 o'clook, at onr gal lery, 9S Liberty street. Fine collection of ancient and modern Oil Paintings, Chre mas and Engravings. CAPITALISTS' ATTENTION IS INVITED TO A LARGE sale of vain .bin Vacant Lot*, by J. M. MILLER, auction eer. at 111 Broadway, on the 8th Inst., at 2 P. M., situated on croud avenue, together with an extensive water front. Edward sohencx, auctioneer. BRONZES, CLOCKS, STATUETTES, PARIANS, AO. Continuation sale, this day. by EDWARD SCHENOK at 11 A. M.. at the salesroom, 60 Liberty street. Sale positive. HENRY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER. Salesroom S7 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. SALE OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION. BY AIINKR A SOMERVILLK. AT SALESROOM. 37 NASSAU STREET, SATURDAY, DEC. 8. AT If O'CLOCK Meters. MINER A SOMERVILLK offer unsurpassed advantage* In location, experience and business capaoity te parties vlahing to buy or deal ring to sell Horses, Carrlsgee or anyth ig pci latntng to the hone business H ENltV D. MINER, AUCTIONEER, Salesroom 37 N assa u street, opposite the Tost office. MINER A SOMERVILLK will sell at suction. ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVKHtNG*. Dee. 21 and Hi at their new and spacious tine art gallery. 82 Fifth avenue, southwest onrner of Fourteeuth street, a large and elegant collection of foreign end American original modern OIL PAINTINGS, particulars of which will bdffiuly given Henry n. miner, auctioneer. ^ Salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office MINER A SOMERVILLK will eeU at auction, this daf (Friday 1, Deo. 7, at 10W o'clock, at their salesroom, 37 Nas sau street, e Urge and general assortment of Household Furniture, Pianos, An., Ac., removed for convenience of sale, consisting of rosewood, mahogany and blaokwalnut Bedroom Furniture, Enamelled Suite, marble top oak Dining Rooaa Furniture, In green reps; oak and black walnut Dining Tables, heavy Rep Curtains. French plate Mirrors, Centres Card and Stile Tables, Balr Mattresses, Feather Bed* ad Pillows, Blankets, elegant black walnut Bookcase, Brussels and Ingrain Carpels, Crockery, Glassware, Ac. Also a large assortment of Office Furniture, a* follows, vlx ? Black wal nut. oak and mahogany Sitting and Standing Desks, Matting; Oilcloth, Clocks. Maps, Ac Also a Library Bookcase, cob ? taming about 182 volumes Standard and Miscellaneous Works, to be sold In one lot. Henry feltman a co.. aoctionebrs -office Clinton Hall -II. FELTMAN seU* thU day. at 10 o'clock, at 171 Mulberry street, th* Stock and Fixture* of a Grocery Store The stook constats of Coffee, Sugars, Teas, Starch, Soap, Candles, Ac. Sal* poattlve. Henry feltman a mobgbnroth. auction eers. sell this day, at 11 o'clock, at 184 Waverley plane, genteel Furniture of a family, with a valuable Lease; ain rooms. Sale positive. OHNLr VANDKWATKR, AUCTIONEER. 100 LIBERTY street.?This day, at 12 M , Horses, Carriages, Haraeas, Ac.; trotting Horse Gray Norman, 1SS hands, 6 years old, bred ib Cnondaga county, sired by Old Norman, trotted when four years old In 2:56, without fsull or break, can show 1 45, warranted sound' dark gray Horse. bUck mane tall, 1SH hands, 6 yearn <6d. perfectly sound, gentle, klad and warranted; gray Horse, 16 hands 9 veara old, eoupe horse, warranted sound, bay Horse, hands, free travel, ler, kind and gentle; brown Horse. 161# hands 7years old; boy Msre. I&K hands. 7 yrara old; plaun tux* Boggy Gray, maker; city mad* Truak, platform sprlogs, little Used. J BOG ART, AUCTIONEER, NO. 1 NORTH WILLIAiN . Street, will sell tomorrow (Saturday) Dec 8. at It o'clock, at store, a large assortment of Parlor." Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture, constating of mahogany and black walnut Suits, mahogany Sofas, Lounges, Chairs and Table*; 6 osk and black walnut Extension Tables. Bookcases, maho Cmv and black walnut French Bedsteads. Bureaus, Cot* ge Suits, Brussels and Ingrain Csrpeta, Wool Blankets, Ilsir Husk an I Sir*. Maltreats*, Feather Hade and Bedding, about 30 assorted -loves. Also i Trench Bil liard Tilde, marble hod; 2 wool bed Billiard Tables, Dalle, Cue*. Ae JR'NI ART, AUfinCNEEH, NO. 1 NORTH WILLtAH . street ?Mortgage sale of Saloon Furniture, an Friday, December 7. at 11 o'clock, at No. 226 William street. Counters Ire Box, Tables Chairs, bcreeiiA Glass Ware, En. graving*. |c .1 v. AD.sWORTH, Attorney for Mortgagee Mi) ' !MTV, AUCTIONEER . Mg , G \ K BALK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITUBB, on Frl'l iy November 7. St MWt n'eloek. at sslesroom, 79Nae sau street vtx ?V?d el and Brussels tlarpete Parlor .suite, tu brocatel and haircloth, Pier and Mantel Mirrors; Cottage and square Plsnoforr- Hair and Spring Maltresaaa, Feather Beds and B" I ding. Turkish Lounges snd Sofae, Bookna es. Wardrobes, Library and offiee Stilts. Extension Dining Tables, walnut and oak Buffets Chins. Crockery, Ac. Sale will be peremptory. By order of 8 B. Cashing, At tomey for the Mortgagee INER A SOMERVILLK WILL HK.LL AT AUCTION. ob Saturday, Dec 8, 1866, at II o'clock, at their ssles room $7 N issan street for account of whom it may p .n rem. to pav charges, about 611 packages of unclaimed Freight and Baggage from the Peoples Line and Troy Linear steamboat* ThUBLIC RALE M OF ORDNANCE AND ORDNANCE STOKER. AT HA IIPF.RS FIRRY. WEST VIRGINIA, ON TUESDAY. DECEMBER U, 1W6 By authority of (ho t'htef of Ordnance I will oflbr, to lb* Hshool bidder, at public auction, at the abo?? time aud place, A I.AROR Qt'ANTfTY Of ORDNANCE STORKH, connistino or Artillery Ifarneaa, Raddle*. Bridle*, Ho tore Bora" Hroahr*. t'urr* t'nmba, Blanket* TarpauBMk Infantry and Cavalry AtoNlMMIIt Mhovdta, BLACKSMITHS' AND M ADDLKRS' TOO LB Grind Stone*. a lot of Lumber. H<-r*r Iron, Dremed Rtowa. Lead Pl|?, De?k*. Book -aaea, Ac Alao one flreproof safe (new), on* Fight day ('look, ONK THOUSAND BRIO*, more or lean, one llorae, and many other artlclea net deed neceaaary to enumerate. Termncaah In United stale# Fund* (tale to Commence at IIIo'clock A M. I) J. Y'TNrt, M. ft K of Ordnance, V. S. A. Joan Roowra, Auctioneer Norember St, IMS PAWNBROKER S BALK THIS DAT -JAMEB AtlAM will aell, at IS New Bowerv at II o'clock. a large aaaort. mentor Men'* and Wonten'a wearing Apparel, by order ef P. Bryan, 30 Weat Broadway SHERIFF'S BALK -RiniARD WALTERS, eer, will aell thla day (Friday), at 18 o'clock, at 1, Broadway, the stock and Future* of a butcher abop. AUCTION , , ^ JL at i,m roadway, the stock and Futures of a butcher ebon. Joint Ltwch. Deputy JOHN KELLY, Sheriff QHKRtPF'A BALK-BY ORDER OF THK RRFERRM, 17 will lie sold, on Friday. Par 7, In the reetibiile of tbo Conn IF Court llouae. Brooklyn, the all three ateey brick dwelling llotuea on (he weat aide of Third aronuo, betwora Fourleenlh and Fifteenth ntrecU, Brooklyn. IV*- WITTERS, AUCTIONKKK.-TIIIH DAY, AT I YY o'clock, nl ?M Canal afreet, three Parlor Bolta, font Mantel and two I'ler Olaaera. I.are and Damaak Curtains, Centre, Dining and TeaTablea; Hall and Dining Room OB rlntha. Velvet, Tapeatry, Three ply and other Carpet* black walnut, mahogany and enamelled Bulla; hair HeltreeaeOt large Feather Bert*. Blanketa. Bpreod*. Linen Sheet*, Sofa Bed*. Lounge*, Rocking and other Ch*lr?, Wardrobes, Rook cake*. CI,it*, (Dm* aiwl Silver Ware; Stove* and everything for housekeeping; aiao 40 hair Matlreaaea. aaved from the late Ore In Canal atreet. alao 40 harreia Vinegar, alao cne Ilorae. Harneoa and light furniture Truck: aU? SO aeoood band Oarpeta. Goods packed and ehlpped PHOTOOHAPHIC ART. pBOKMtPI1IO ART-NEW (lALLKRV X at MO Bowery. Photograph*, Ac.. la the the art at reduced prices Bcautlfnl etaw* < aud public building) of Waatungton for aalr O. 0. WAXELt.