Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1866 Page 3
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BOiEDCHI ARB LODeM* WJjrPKD. Abuit or handbomrlt roiinBH^ rooks to let. at M Mlnlb ataaaL ???* rtflk av ???, wiifc or Without board. Refereiiuei^c?M>aBg?* AT IH 1T? BLEEf'KBR STREET, SIX '/LOOKS WBST of Broadway, pleasent Ho-'ins, with aittlbnt Board, from |6 tO to $10 per weak. FamlUoa accc/dinglv. RARE CHANCE -NIOR ROOVS, SUNNY EX povure, with good Board, for fumllias or gentlemen and their wives, at 1? Ninth avenue. Ii At door from Twenty third street. N. B.?Thla hottae haa re oontly changed bands. AT IS AND 30 NINTH STRERT. HKTWBKN FIFTH and mitb avenues. elegant rtoora and tine Kixima to let First lUu Board?French and Herman sty.ra. Private table If daa'.red. _ A NICELY FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR. IN SPIT or aeparately, to gentleman, with breakfaal if desired, may be had at 34 Went Kleventh street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN WEST THIR tieih streeL will let two well furnished Parlora, with food Board. Add re-a West, box Sfil Poal oflioe. a FEW NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? with or without Bond, by a French family, at No. 1 Koalyn place, between Amity and Fourth streets A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT A HANDSOMELY Furnished Parlor and Bedrooms above; also a second aSory Suit, with private table only. Highest reference. 61 West Sixleeuih street. AT a EAST FOURTH STREET?HANDSOMELY FUR nndiad Room* to let, with first class Board. A LI* WANTING FIRST CLASS BOARD AND ROOMS, go to FOWLER'S Free Board Directory, Tweuty-thlrd street corner of Filth avenue Hotel. A FEW NICELT FURNISHED ROOMS, FOR GEN J\. Uemen only, without board, at 27 Amity street, near Bioadway and tile Southern Hotel. AT a BOND 8TRRBT.-TO LET, WITH BOARD. TWO Rooms, aeeond floor, front and back, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Reference required. JT 1.218 BROADWAY, FOUR DOORS FROM THIRTY. L first street, a pleasant Suit of Rooma to reut, with ?ard: also single Rooms: nrlvate table If desired A FURNISHED THIRD STORY HALL ROOM TO LET to gentlemen. 99 East Twelfth atreet, between Broad way and Fourth avenue. A SUIT OF WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH Board, at 189 and 191 West Fourtaentn street. Dinner at 8 o'clock. References exchanged. AT 90 KINO STREET-A OENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN a plainly furnished Hall Bedroom, with Board, at |S per week. A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED room on first floor to let, with or without Roard; also a ohoioe Suit of Rooms on second floor, front, with closets, hot and cold water, Ac. Single Rooms for gentlemen and faml Hea. Apply at 873 Broadway. AT 44 UNION SOUARE, EAST SIDE-HANDSOMELY furnished Parlor Floor to let, with private table; also ?eoond story front Suit, with Board. References required. A HAND80MELY FURNISHED BEDROOM AND A Parlor, with Board, on third floor, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. 38 West Sixteenth street A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO ONE or two gentlemen, without board, In a private family. Yarns moderate. Apply at 87 Amity streeL AT 187 WEST TWELFTH STREET-TWO SPLENDID Parlors and Bedroom, elegantly furnished, for a family, rd hall Bedrooms for single gentleman, to let with Board, eneh spoken. A HANDSOMELY FURNUHED ROOM TO LET-TO a ladv, or gentleman end lady, with or wlthont Board. Apply at 39 West Washington place, near Sixth avenue. AT 123 NINTH STREET, FEW DOORS 'WEST OF Broadway, a gentlemen and wife or two tingle gentle men eau obtain pleasaut Rooma, with Board, In a modern house. APRFVATE JEWISH FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO let to one or two gentlemen a handsome furnished Boom on the second floor, with or without Board: the house and furniture Id splendid order; terms moderate; refer ences exchanged. Call at 134 East Thtrty-flrst street. AT 73 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. OPPOSITE Stetnway Music Hall?A nicely furnished Room ou the ?eoond floor, without Board, to a gentleman. A SOUTHERN FAMILY, OOCUPYINO A FIRST CLASS house near Union square, offer to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen a pleasant suit of Rooms ou the second floor. None but Southern parties need answer. Address South,^Herald office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING UP TOWN, NEAR Fifth avenue, who do not keep a boarding house, would Rke to let, with Board and all tne comforts of a refined tome, two or three handsomely furnished Rooms on second floor, with all conveniences; references exchanged. Ad dress M. O. P., station O. ALAKOE FRONT ROOM, WELL FURNISHED, ON first floor, with Are and light, to let, to a single gentle man on reasonable terms. 673 Eighth avenue, nearTorty mvsnth street A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR and Bedroom, on aeoood floor, to let. to gentlemen, without board; also small Rooms on third floor, no. 7 West Fourteenth streeL AT 130 MADISON AVENUE, CORNER OF THIRTY flrst streeL a large Room suitable for s lady and gentle man or two tingle gentlemen; terms reasonable; references exchanged. A NICE SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET FURNISHED, with Board, on (he second floor. In a private family; and cold water between rooms, suitable for a family or ' r of genjlemen, at 183 East Forty-first streeL near avenue. Terms moderate. A T 71 EAST TWENTY-THIRD RTRKRT-A OENTLB A man and wife can And a handsomely Furnished Suit of Booms, on second floor, prtth first class Board. References exchanged. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO A let, wlthont Board; all modern Improvements. Apply ?I 66 East Twentieth streeL between Broadway and Fourth Avenue. A SUIT OF ROOMS. SUITABLE FOR TWO OENTLE men, to let, without Board, 41 East Twentieth streeL near Broadway. A T FRANKFORT HOUSE. ONE BLOCK EAST OF CITY A Hall, corner of Frankfort and WIHIam streets, 280 Booms, 36 to 60 cents per day; $1 80. $2 and $8 per week. A SPLENDID SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET-ON FIFTH avenue; also Rooms, with and without Board, In all lo nations. CHAS. F. MILLS, office 4$ West Thirtieth st fl PRIVATE FAMILY AT 4$ WEST TWELFTH 8TRERT ean accommodate a gentleman with a small furnished and first class Board; references required. A^m ROOM TO LET IN WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET, near Fifth avenue, with first class Board, to one or twe ?Ingle gentlemen. Address E. L., box 168 Herald office. FEW SINGLE OENTLRMKN CAN BE AGCOMMO dated with Board or Furnished Rooms, If desired, at 8 Harrison street, New York. A A PRIVATE AL occupy log handsomely Fun FAMILY OP TWO, OWNING AND _ a first class house, would let a lew _ furnished Rooms to single gentlemen, without board; terms reasonable. Apply at 116 East Twelfth street. A THIRD BTORT FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, WITH out board, to gentlemen only, at AS West Twelfth street. . A WIDOW LADY HAS A HANDSOMRLY FURNISH Aid Parlor and Bedroom to 1st, to gentlemen of liberality, Smi West Thirtieth streeL _ A WIDOW LADY HAS A NEATLY FURNISHED Ji. Farter to let la single gentlemen only, where the oom myte of shone may he enjoyed. OaU for two days at 118 ?ghth arenas. ? J LARGE HANDSOMRLY FURNISHED FRONT Roam to tab with or without Board, at 49 Weal Twelfth etroeth. References exchanged. Terms mods rate. A BUIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, WITH A Board or private table, near Fifth s venue. No. I East Twentieth street. Ateo three Far Ion In adjoining house. A PARTY OF OENTLRMBN IN SEARCH OF A A home en be accommodated with a nicely f urnlahed Atom sad Board at 71 Naedongal streeL & T 143 MAODOUOAL STREET. A FRONT ROOM ON the second floor to let, with Board, to a gentleman and alao Rooma for single gentlemen. prices moderate. AflflCOND FLOOR. TWO LARO Bedroom, to lat. with Board. Apply flaaa, Thirty-third streeL west of Eighth I LABOR "ROOMS AND st No. 7 Boorinan T 16 BOND 8TRRRT.?TO LET, WITH FIRST CLASS Beard, one large Front Room on third door; band ' furnished house; heated; $80 a week. LARGE ROOM ON SECONl^^^lR AND A HALL JTrth Bedroom, with Brut class Board, suitable for a gentle and wife and single gentlemen st 39 West Twenty Board.?a orntlrman and wife may obtain ? xery large and pleaaant front Room, aoutherii cino. mm, with ample rlnaat room, hot ami cold water, at 161 Waat Fourteenth atreet. Board.?two oentlemhn can he aucommo. dated with a double Itoom and Board at 2S Ureal Joura ?treat Alio OM amgle Room to rent. Board-a suit or roomr, suitable for a gentleman and hlg wife or etngia gentlemen, to let. with Board, at 118 Waat Twenty-third atreet. Kefeienoea re guaed. ? Board-a family or sinolr rerrors, with ?aliifaeitorjr referenrea, oan obtain dealrable Koomx at moderate i.rtrea at No. i Nell.on place, between Eighth atreet and Waverley place, near Broadwav. HOARD ?SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM J) modated In a 8rat etaa. nelghhorhood with drat Board and where there are at pre-ent aereral Southern gen leoen. Add ret- s n thern, box ISO Herald ofBoe. IJOARD.-Ft'RNISHKn ROOMft TO LET?WITHOUT Jj Hoard, to gentlemen. Are mlnntea' walk from Wall or FuHon ferrlae. Term> moderate. 83 Willow atreet. Brooklyn Heghta. ? Board.?rARLor floor To let-to a family, or aacond floor front ?mt of Raima. Thnae wtahing ati jenor aeoommodaOuua pleaaa call at ll< Ninth atraat, uear Brwdway. "EpARD?FlRST CLASS HOARD CAN HR HAD fM A J J prlraie family at lid Eaat Thlrty-fanrth atreet; a few rorminow racanL No bailer board ran be had In New York BOARD-A FEW SINGLE OBNTLRMRN CAN BE AC rommodated with good Board and pleaaant Ronraa on reamnaMe terma Day Board. Apply at SO Greenwich atrmt. Wyoming Hotel. Board? nicely furnimiku, a laror third alory back Room, with cantriee, and .citable for a gen llaman and wife, to let. with Hoard; table eicellent; terma reaaenal le U St. Mark'a place. Board during anticipated illnbhr may br .-?cured in the unobiruxtre family of a regular phyal elan; hire apa'lmanla, two in family, no rlatlora. children or hoard#ra. Par location, terma, Ac., apply to Dr. DUBOIS, 11 inrd avenue TYOARD, WITH ONE LARGR AND TWO HALL If Koi.tna, lit aa earellent location Apply at Oh We*t hi ri, - rth HWr. between Fiftk and Rlath areauea. HOARD AT 33 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, WEST Jj of Broadway.?A ??? of Room a on parlor Boor, with or grtbtvt a FHxeig Tab'*, nay ha pbtaiow7 BOARDKRS ARB LODOIRS WmRD. Board for two obmtlbmhn-in a genteel and pleasant neighborhood and private bouse. gas, cold and warm wator; oonvoaieal tooara, Immediately. At 68 Kin* street. Board on murray hill.-a large room on the third story. alao one on the fourth ml table for two gentlemen, at 34 West Fortieth street, between Filth end Sixth avenues. BOARDINO-LARGE, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Rooms, with Are. gas. hot and cold water and Board for two. Oil, $2* and $:*> a week, tn the large, first class house SOS East Thirteenth street, two doors below Second avenue. ROOKLYN.?TWO RESECTABLE MECHANICS OR others, can have a comfortable Room, with Board, at $3 50 eaeh. Ave minutes' walk from the ferry. Apply at 171 Fulton street. PBLEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LF.T-AT S3 ?J East Twentv-thlrd street; locailou desirable and Arst class in every particular. References required. FiHFTH AVENUE, 23-TWO HANDSOME BEDROOMS 1 and Silting Room to let. with first class Hoard. flURNISHED ROOMS?FOR GENTLEMEN, 512 Broadway, opnoslte St. Nicholas Hotel. Ring bell np stairs. B Furnished rooms to rent-with board, singly or In suita, to first class pa riles, at 49 East Forty first street near Madison avenue. References exchanged. Furnished rooms to let-with board, to gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, with fire and gas; terms $8 to $20 per week. At 130 East Thirtieth street. Furnished rooms to let-with gas and hath, to gentlemen or a married couple, without board, at 195 Bleecker street. Good board abd rooms, FROM $6 TO $12. 166 BLEECKER STREET. Handsome suit of rooms, on parlor floor-, also large Room on third floor, front; first class table. Best of references given and required. 19 West Twenty seventh street. Handsomely furnished rooms for gentle men only, at the Liberty House, 40 West Houston street. Terms'moderate. Handsomely furnished rooms, with or without Board, In first class locations, for single gen tlemen or families, can be bgd by applying to ADAMS A CO., 953 Broadway. Handsome furnished rooms to let to ladv or gentleman and lady, with or without Board. Apply at'39 West Washington place, near Sixth avenue. JEBSEY OITY.-OENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES and single gentlemen can obtain suitable Rooms, with Board, at 32 Sussex street. Jersey City. NO. 48 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.?RLE gant Parlors and other desirable Rooms, without hoard. In a strictly private family, on reasonable terms. Refer. ences exchanged. . XTO. 167 WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET?TO LET, IN fine large Rooms, hagdaomely furnished, with all the modern Improvements, at moderate prices. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN AND wife can have a handsome front Room, with Board, In a small f&mllv. Good location. Terms moderate. 96 East Twenty-eighth street. OOM8 TO LET-WITH BOARD. AT 198 EAST SIX teenth street. References required. R R OOM TO RENT-TO GENTLEMEN ONLY, AT West 49th st. Apply for one week. Rooms-furnished, first class, to let, with or without Board. 186 Lexington avenue. Rooms, with or without board, at no. 2 Union square, corner Fourteenth street and Fourth avenue, at reduced prloee. R OOMS, ELEOAN'TLY FURNISHED, SINGLE OR EN j suite, for families or single gentlemen, with first claas table, at No. 9 West Twenty.fourth street, opposite Fifth Avenue Hotel. Mrs. SHAW. Those seekino the comforts of home can be accommodated with comfortnblv furnished Rooms and good Board, by applying at 17 Eaat Twelfth street TO LET-TO OENTLEMEN ONLY, WELL FURNISHED Rooms on the first floor; terms moderate. 968 Ninth street, between First and Second avenues. TO LET-A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR, at 13C Prince street. Only gentlemen need Inqnire. TO LET-TO TWO PERSONS, A PARLOR AND BED room, furnished, with Board; fire and gas: private ta ble. Terms $96 per week. Apply at 146 West Forty-eighth street, near Broadway. rrto LET, WITH BOARD, AT 33 CLINTON PLACE-A L pleasant front Room, on third floor, with or without Hall Room adjoining; also a Suit of Rooms. "I7T5RY NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, AT A MODE V rate price, with first clasa Board. In a prlvalo famllv; the house contains every desirable convenience; English, French and German spoken. Inquire at 74 West Thirty seventh street. 1 9 EA8T SIXTEENTH STREET-?TO LET, LARGE, J-aJ elegantlv furnished Room on third floor, with closets attached, on annny aide, to gentlemen only. WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR FIFTH ajJ. avenne, handsomely furnished Rooms, en suite or separately, with or without Board, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and wives; terms modems; references. Q1 CLINTON PLACE.?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED SUJ. Rooms to let, with Board, suitable for gentleman and wife or single gentlemeq. References required. 99 WEST BIXTKENTn STREET. Elegantly furnished Rooms, en suite or single, on parlor, second and third floors, with or without first class Board; private table If desired. VERY SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS. Oft UNION SQUARE. 0\J A desirable Suit of Rooms on seoond floor to be rented, with Board. A n WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET?A VERY DE T I tlrsble Urge front Room, handsomely furnished. to lot, with Board; alio a largo hall Room, to a klnglo gentle man. 48 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. Furnished Rooms on aeoond and third fleori, with or without Board. M EAST THIRTY-FIRST STREET.-PARLOR AND tJ I Parlor and Bedroom to let, with Board; hot and cold water, large closets, Ac. OQ CLINTON PLACE-NEXT DOOR TO BREVOOST OO Houae; two Suits of elegantly furnished kooma. with flrat claaa Board. Single gentlemen can be acoommodated. Referoooea exchanged. IOC EAST TWRNTT-PIRBT BTREET, ORAMERCY 1.1 fO Park?Suits of handsomely furnished Rooms, suita ble for families, with Board; private table If desired. Alao one or to single Kooma for gentlemen. mWEST HOUSTON STRKET.-TWO LAROE. handsomely furnished Rooms to let. with Board, to gentlemen and their wires or gentlemen; on aeoond floor; all modern Improvements, no NINTH 8TREBT.-AN BNTIRR SUIT OF ROOMS lit; on parlOr store to let. with or without board, be tween Broadway and University place. noj FIFTH AVRNUB. CORNER TWENTY-SECOND street?Nicely furnished Rooms, With hath and ilasting, for gentlemen only, without nmunh 206 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET-ROOMS TO let, with Beard. Reference required BOARD AMD LODGING WAITED. GENTLEMAN DESIRES GOOD BOARD IN BROOK ????MmB^m^lBMamwiit A lyn for hlmaelf. daughter <? years old) and nurse. two neatly furnished Rooms In a flrat claaa hoarding house or private family. Distance not over ten minutes' wM _ private family. Diataote not over ten minuter walk from Fulton or Wall street ferry. References exchanged. Address McD.. bet I.Mfl Poet oflloe. N. T. Ah youno okrman grnti.kman wants a ROOM. ? with full Board, In a private American Amlly. Address O. H.. box 857 Poet oMce. stating location and lowest terms. A GENTLEMAN WIH11B8 A PLEASANT ROOM AND A. good Board. Are and gas. for $14 per week In a private family neer Union eqnare. Address R G.. box StR ellv. PHYSICIAN DRBTRRS TO RENT A HANDSOMELY Furnished Front or Reception Room In sn English basement bnnse In a oentral ana fashloneble locality, with or without Board, any required reference five*. ^A^nly to or address UNO . No. 9 West Twenty third street. FMIh Avenue Hotel. A CHILD TO NVRSB -A WET NURRR WANTS TO MVS her child, two weeks oM, in Board. Inquire et No. 6Bond street Board wanted-by a single gentleman, in Weet Fourteeulh street or neighborhood. Add rets, stating terms, Ac . box Ifltl Tost ofllce. Board wantrd-by a young man, in a fri vate family or boarding bouae, where dinner ean be had et 1P M. Location below Fourteenth street Address, stating terms, Ac., Jo O.. AM Broadway. Board wanted?by a gentleman and wife; a nicely furnished room; Boartafnr the lady. Address, stating terms and particulars, for turee days. 8. A. F., ata J^OARD WANTED-BY A YOUNG _OENTLF.M AN, tN a private family, locution above Twenty third street, near Fifth avenue. Address II. F. J., box 4,74d Post oflloe. Board wanted-including gas and fire, with Bedroom and small Room nonnesting, by a gen tleman and wife. Infant and nurse; price not In exceed $.11 per week. Address H. M.. tuom No. &, 2M Pesrl street, orer Market Hank. Board wanted-by a gBNTLP.maM, wife and twn young ladies. In a Ural rises house, above Tenth street, between Fourth and Sixth avennes. References. Address M. P., station <1. Board, rooms and hohbbb all parties can hare descriptions of desirable localities and accommodations without i-hargc at the Hoard Etchings, M'J Broadway. RICK A ANDREWS. Gentleman and wife DFNIRK biurd-in quiet private family. In WlfilamaburR, where ihere arc no other boarders; terms must be low. Address Traveller, hot 175 Herald ofllce, ?hKMANKNT BOARD WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, wife and little girl. In a good, comfortable bou ?mx most be moderate Referenrcs given and required. Address, stating prtoe, Including fire and gas. A. l>. M., 19 John street "tlTANTED?IN BROOKLYN. BY A YOUNO GERMAN. YY partial Board, In an English or American family, at a moderate charge. Address box tW7 New York Post ofllce. WANTED-BY A YOUNO LjtDY, A FURNISHED OR unfurnished Room, with Board, in some res portable family. Terms must he moderate. Location betwoen Four teentn and Fiflr-nlnth streets and Sixth and Tenth avanuea. Address O P , Herald ofllce. WANTED-BY TWO ORNTI.KMKN. TWO WELL FUR nlshed Rooms, with good Boerd. In a private family, where there are en other boarders. Letters soot to H. N., box A IM Post office. YYTANTED?BOARD FOR TWO LA DIRE, WITH TWO Yf Rooms on second floor, between Heventeemh end Thirtieth streets and Le.iluton and Klitl avenues. Private table id starved. Addreea f. B 0., hog MB Post office. rOt'WTKT BOARD. Board wanted?in (OOTH orange, roR a gen ileraan, wife and too, lu a private family, from April 1. 1M7, reference* excba?ged_ Addraaa box 4117 N. Y. roat office. Board in morrisania, in a private family, $6 per week; five minium from depot; 40 minute* by stssm and 5 by boat, good table. Call at 233 Went Twentieth utreet. ____ Board at ydnkers-sevkn minutes from pf. pot; board reasonable for the whiter, reference* given and rebulred. Address Thorn, 120 weat atreet, or 8., box 127 Yonkera Poet office. otaten island. ?A family can kind comfort. gr able accommodation and good Hoard, at reasonable term*, by applying at Mr*. Theler'a, Ural houae In Fiedler'* Park, near Qnarauttne landing. HOTELS. Atlantic hotel, 63 new bowery. Chatham squire. well furnished Room* at moderate price* by the day, week or month. Open at all hour*. JOHN GKRKEN, Proprietor^ TAE IANEAU HOUSE, 73 WEST FORTIETH STREET, J^rfrontlng Keaervolr l'ark?One *utt of three large *iM commodious Room*, elegantly furnished; private table or table d'hote. Mills house, Charleston, p. c.-tiif. pro prietor ha* the pleasure to Inform the travelling pub lic that he ha* Completed eitenalve alteration* and Improve ments in the above establishment. It i* now ready lor the reception of guests. Regular communication I* now open with Florida and all points South. JOSEPH PURCKLL. PLANTERS' HOTEL, AUGUSTA. GA. ? REFUR ntshed and reopened October it, iddfi. THOMAS S. NICRERSON. proprietor, late proprietor of M'll* I loose, Charleston, S. C.. and of Nickersou'a Hotel, Columbia, 8. C. Tontine hotel. *v and tan broadway. rranch of the Tontine corner of Corilandl and West street*. Room* from 30c. to $3 per day. Lruliea' and gentlemen's restaurant* attached. A CITE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. T 7? THIRD AVENUE.?FOR SALE, A CHOICE LIST of three and four story high atoop brick and brown stone I louses Ptioea from $S,UtlO.U) gttnpiup. Call and get particulars. JAMRS BOWK. A SPLENDID NEW BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP House for sale, cheap, five minutes' walk from Central Psrk; house and location tirsl das*. Immed ale possession. Inquire on premises. 33 Sixtieth street, north side, near Lexington avenue, of JOHN GLASS. AT 319 FOFRTH AVENUE.?STANLEY DAY'S REAL Estate Circular is corrected, published weekly and mailed free. No. 33 out to-day. Call or aeud for it. AT A S ACRIFICE?A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS FOUR story and basement high stoop brown stone House, on corner or Sixtieth street and Lexington avenue, worth $43,001!; will be sold for $33,000. Till* U no humbug. Call and examine for yaurselve*. Slxe of bouse 216 by about SR. lot 1U0.3. with a courtyard of 3x1013. and built bv days' work. Apply to TVM. FBTTRETCH, 43! Third svenue. ATHREfc STORY FRAME HOUSE, KTGHTYTHIRD street, near Boulevard, Willi two Lot*, 26x30each; pries $9,000. Inquire of SEIX AS, 776 Eighth avenue. A NEAT TITRKK STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE, beater and all modern improvements. In Forty sixth St., near Ninth avenue; price $8,300. Inquire of SICIXAS, 778 Eighth avenue. A N EXCELLENT HOUSE. FIRST CLASS LIVERY Ix. Stable. Horses, Carriages, Harness complete, dntng a large paying business; wouhf exchange for a farm For par ticulars call on JAQUES, JUH Broadway. A BROWN 8TONE HOUSE ON FIFTY SECOND J\ street for sale or to let; other nouses in Brooklyn and city. Floors, furnished and unfurnished, to leg HILL A CO., 81 Nassau street, room No. 8<<. A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE A SOLID and beautifully Mulshed four storvbrown stone House; just completed and now ready for occupancy, located near Park avenue. Those who complain of " speculation houses" should look at the above: it w ill bear the most critical ex amination. For full particulars apply to FISH A BI.IVF.N, 23 l'lne street. Boulevard lots?west end, northwest cor ner 144th street: five and one-half lot* In one parcel Price $8 IKK). Apply to WADDELL A ARMSTRONG, No. 11 Pine street. Five four story hkick tenement houses? Full lots, in West Fortieth ?treet, perfect order well rented; price $8,230. Inquire of SKI VAN, 778 Eighth *v. ISIOB SALE-LEASE OF EIGHT LOTS AND BUILD 1 ing In Thirteenth street *nd avenue O, *t e low rent, good Cellar/, suitable for a distillery or manufactory; with the privilege of buying at a small price. Apply to W VAN TASsBLL, 832 East Fourth street, between the hour* of 8 end 9. 12 and 1, and 3 and & FOR SALE?WITH POSSESSION. A FIRST CLASS gotlilc and French roof House. In 118th street, between Third snd Fourth avenues, with all modern Improvements, complete and handsomely decorated. This house must be sold. Three story and basement, high stoop, sire 23x40x100.6. Prior $8,600; ooet $9,000 to build It. This 1* said to he the handsomest house In Harlem. Apply toWM. FETTRETOH, 434 Third avenue, between Thirty-second and Thirty third streets. FOR SALE?A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House, In Tenth street, near Fifth svenue, with poa session. Apply to DEY A CURTIS. 60S Sixth avenue. INOR RALE?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. FUR F nished or unfurnished, the find class House 41 We?t Thirty-fifth street. Apply to HARVEY BAKER A SON, 1,3*1 Broadway. *-*>, tjtOR SALE?128TI1 STREET IIARLEM. A THREE " atory brown stone House in splendid order. Mulshed basement, frescoed parlor, *11 Improvements; $10,000. JOHN LACY, fit Rtmde street FOR SALE-THREE STORY HIGH STOOP RASE, ment HYick House, 211x48. with all modern Improve ment ?: In good location, with four lots of ground. Price $16,000. Address M., box 5,992 Post office. Fob balk-iianpsomk hhglish basement four story House No ? West Forty sixth street, he. tween Broadway snd Eighth avenue; all modern Im .rove mcnts, in complete order; price $14.1*10; terms easy. TERRY A BE R III AN, 906 Broadway, room 11. FOR HALE?78 EAST SIXTIETH STREET. FOUR story brown stone front, finished In splendid order -nd will he sold cheap, also a corner. Apply to J. A J. FET TRETCH. 418 Third avenue. For sale?thr plot of ground, bo feet nr 100. situated on the southwest corner of Second avenue snd Twentv-seventh street, together with three brick Dwell ings thereon. Apply to J II HKItRICK. 10 Smith street. rR SALE CHEAP-TIIRF.K STORY BRICK DWELL Ing In Thirtieth street; Immediate posseaslon; $11,000; do. In fhlrtv-nlnth etreet; three story brown atone snd hrlck Houses In Fortyetghth street, near Broadway; hrlck Hottee and Store on Ninth nveuue: first class Building Lot* In Thirty fourth etreet. McORATIT A ORADT. 324 Ninth are nue,. between Thirtieth and Thirty-first street*. FOB R ALK CHEAP?THR LEASE OP A THRP.B story brick building, 40x46x100; suitable for a distillery or act manufacturing business McORATH A GRADY, 824 Ninth avenue. IBEO TO CALL PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THE four atory brown atone Hnflse In Sixtieth atreet. near Lexington avenue, advertised In yesterday'* Herald. It la tbe obeapeat bouae now offered See it at onoe. KILPATRICK. Hull'" Head Building*. JACOB HHARPK, NO. 25 PINE 8TREET, HAlt POR aale the follnwlng houses ? 1 on 6th avenue, between 4lat and 42d ate $56,000 I on Wd at. bet. M and Sd are., furniture Included . 16.000 I on West 46th at., near 6th a* a MOOO Ioa W0* 16th at .j........ 4,000 JACOB SHARPE, 16 Pine aire*. Kino a co. opper for bale A few eery dealrahle Honae* In good localities. Office 9 We* Twenty-third etreet. Fifth Avenue Hotel. WfURRAT HILL NEAR PIPTH AVftWUE-PIRST ivl claaa four atory high stoop brown atone Houae; aupe rlor order; with or Without flae Furniture aheap. W. P. RBTMOUB. 171 Broadway. Murray hill, corner op madihon avenue - A anpertor llouee. extra alee and flnleh. Immediate possession. Apply toWAODELL A ARMSTRONG, No. II Pine atreet. TWO SPLENDID TENEMENT HOUREN POR RALE verv low, aleo one private Houae on Thirtieth atreet, tbat will pay flfteen per oani Apply to J. AJ. PBTI IMtTt'll, 41$ Third avenue. Tlf EST PIPTT THIRD RTREKT. NEAR BROADW AT.? If A new brown atone Houae. handsomely plnlahed. gan nrer half on mortgage. Apply to WADDELL A ARM STRONG, No. II Pino atreet ff.-.Q THIRD A VENUE. ?FOR HAIR THE NORTH? I OO e iat corner of Seventy-second atreet and Third avenue; 76iB6. Terma oaay. Alao 14 Lota on Htttleih atreet, near the Part. JAMER RQWE. A1 r,nn DWELLING,? MODERN IMPROVE ?fll*/,* J" 111 tnenla. Forty fifth street, between Broad war and Sixth avenue; neighborhood unexceptionable. Only $6,too naah. Can rent Ave yeara at $2,000. HAMILTON R. TOWLE, 7R Cedar atreet BRBOKI.VN REAL ERT4TE PIIR AALE. VERY NEAT HOUSE, NEW AND CONVENIENT. One location; poaeeaalon Avery neat housb, h eight room a. water_ ga-, Ac immediately; prlee $4,600 PAB NH A WARD ' Cedar etreet. BrookLTN.-$i9.nn will buy a new first claea brown atone front Hnoae 23x60 four atnrfea. haae. men! and cellar; lot S?inn in flr?t claaa Ineatlon. Oxford atreet. near Idifavelte avenue. Every modern Imnrove ment, walnut aialra and trimming* and finished through out In rb-gant ?lyle; Belgian pavement In street. Worth $25,200. Immediate possession. Apply bill W BROWN, aouthweai isirner Fallon avenue and Cumberland atreet I10R SALE?IN BROORLYN, POUR NEW FIRST class llousea. In Clermont avenue, neer Fulton avenue) $9 600. Term* easy. FIOR SALE?THB NEW DOUBLE FOI'R STORY House M President street, Brooklyn expreaely fitted for a hotel Inquire on the premtaea or of Eugene Cheva ller, HI Cellar atreet. POR RALE IN OR AND STREET. WILLIA MRBURM, large blink Tenement and dlore. pay* 14 per rent; the owner going to Europe: an excellent Investment Prlee 9)4 PA; but $6,1X10 wanted. Inquire at 464 Grand atraat, Williamsburg. MVmV REAL KMT AT? VOll AAI.E. All wantino farms. , GOOD FAR* AND WELL PROVED FRUIT LANDS. HeaifEfol and thriving settlement of VINKLARD. Thlrtv mllea south ol Philadelphia hy railroad. Foaulatton la creaaed nine thnnaand people in four year*. Good aoctety, ?Schools and Churches 1,000 orchard* planted. Prlee $36 per acre, payable in four yeera. Village l*? for bnslneae and monnfarturaa* also for sale. Climate mild-perfectly healthy?aoll highly fertile., IMPROVED PLACES ALSO FOR SALE.

Addresa CH AS K. LANDIS. Proprtetor, Ylneland, New Jeraey. Papera containing information aent free. From report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Trlbnne:?"It Isoneof the m?M extenalve fertile traeta, In an almost level position, and anHaMe condition for pleasant farming that we know of this aide of the Western Fr*rlee.'? An oil REFINERY FOR rale-HAVING THB CON sentences necessary for any distilling purpose II Is situated on the Rest river, with a fine water frontage and excellent shipping anmmmndattmia; will be sold op reasona ble terma, or etchanged for real eats!# la New York city. Address Jaugr*. box 1.664 l ost tditta OOUStTRY REAL ESTATE FOR BALE. A B c. DESIRES rn exchange a BEAUTIFUL *? ? I ropeite. 7 mi]M. 45 mlimtaa from .gnuth f?rrv Rmok on Brooklyn aid Jamaica Railroad neai two depots: neighborhood unexceptionable; fine bona*, largo barns. plenty of all kind* of fruit; foreign grapes undor glass; 80 lots, embracing a plot '**) feet on *irert and'110 drop;pr> porty advancing rapidly. Path nrtoo $I7U0U. Wlli take jjo"^ in Brooklyn near horse railroad worth rtah $7.1**1. , ~"m* ?'> morlg*Ke. Address A. B. C... IJ de and LealUcr lntoro.1 75 Hold street 4 CHOICE FARM FOR RALE -OF FROM 40 TO 78 -l aero . at Northoort. L I., handsomely located, by the harbor, one mile from th* village and aloamhoat landing, nndoi a g<x>d state of cultivation: houdy for rishing gunning and yachting. For further particular* address II.S. Ack orly. 222 West Thirty-fifth at root TJ1.KOANT COUNTRY PLACF. Ml', tR SARATOGA. Cj for -ale ?a finely altuated and proa* nvo Farm of S*> acres, 2*f miles weat of Congress Rprlng. at Saratoga. The bouse ia new and thoroughly ennstrnced in modern alvlo. with ritpalo and verandah*, and 1? one of the moat ronve nlently arranged and tastefully proportioned dwellings In theroantry It ori-ttple* the mhat commanding and attrac tire a'tuatmn* lu the reeleo; has 16 room*, three mats;,, mantels plate glass window* throughout. Is elegantly paper ed and In line order. The outbuildings and tenant house are new and ample The nearne** of this situation to the mo-t celebrated traterlng place In the country, the well known and remarkable salubrity of the location, with oilier advan tages. make this a vei y desirable place, and it wilt be sold at a moderate price. For particulars address Dr. W. J. You man, Saratoga Springs. N. Y. Farms at public sale.?real estate to be sold at public auction. December 15. IBM near Prince ton station, V J. The following farm* and lot. vir;?First farm consists of 44 acres, with buddings all complete; second farm consists of 70 acres, building new and all complete; the above farms in high state of cultivation, well watered, Ac. Also excellent building lot of five acre*. Said fanni can be sren bv calling on W. II. THOMAS, Princeton station, N. J., Camden A Ainboy Railroad. Farms parais. farms and notrino rut farms for sale ?Any number of Farms. Of all aire*, very cheap and easy terma. Some are bargain* and have to he sacri fice,! by *nle or tntchaitge at the German and French Land Agency of F PLATAU. No 4 New Chambers street. For sale?the oikako house, ciiestni t street, Philadelphia. For term* addresa Tatham .lack son. 54 North Seventh street, Philadelphia, or John Jackson, 42 Broad street. New York. fjNOR SALB? A FIRST CLASS BRICK YARD AND Farm on tbo Hudson river; $21.0U0: si* acres, with large buildings, fruits. Ac., at depot Roiling Springs, half hour from New York. Farma In all parts of Now Jersey. Rockland. Westchester and Long Island. All prloes. Several to eichauge for citv or Hrooklvn propertv. W H. MELICK. 421 llroadwav. For sale?tub most valuable real estate In North Carolina. The property known as the "tirla tvold Hotel " in the town of Goldsborn. N. C.. Including 175 acres of bind adjoining said town will be sold for partition st public auction, on the premises, at 12 o'clock. M., on Ihn let day of January, 1887, on accommodating terma. Terms will he publicly made known on the day of sale, or pre ? ' ptytm ' vioualy to those applying to me at Goldsbnro. N C W. (J. MORISBY. "CIOR SALE?ATTITUSVILLK, PA., THE CENTRE OF P the oil regions, a Forwarding Platform, with Storage Sheds ami Yard on the railroad and adjoining the depot. For particulars address boy 870 N. Y Post orflce F OR SALE OR EXCHANGE-WESTERN LANDS, near Omaha, Nebraska; West Virginia and Tennnsaee Lands. Improved and unimproved. M>j>'7 *? WALLER A BRUSH, 25 Chambers street, room No. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED CITY property?A Country Sent, with 81 acre* land. In New Jersey, one mile from Rahwav; one hour's ride from New York. Apply to JAMES R. SMITH, Jr.. 77. Pearl street. 0GEORGIA YELLOW PINK TIMBER LAND-A T splendid tract of 12,000 acres will be eiehanged at low price for one or two good dwelling houses In cltv or country place near A little cash allowed If desirable. For particu lars applv to O. I). ROGERS, 141 Pearl aireet. Handsome cottage on north shore statev Island, live minutes'walk from ferry; suitable iesi dence for a genllemau of moderate means; eight rooms. Price $2,500. HENRY A. DARKIN, No. 1 State street. Houses to sell or let-and lots for sale. Apply to the Hudson County Real Estate and Insur ance Agency. 75 Washington street, Hoboken. ILLINOIS AND IOWA LANDS.-FOR SALB OR EX. change for merrhandite. a valuable Tract o< agricultural and lead mineral Land, 805 acres, mile and e half from Galena. Illinois; al*o several thousand acre* of choice se lected Lands. Dear Council BliilTs, Iowa. Splendid chance for great bargains in these properties. Applv within ten daye to 8. S. BAYLKSS, at Lovejoy'a Hotel, If. Y. ONE LOT. 25X100. FOR S ALK?SITUATED ON MAIN street, between Bergen and Sttpei lor sr enncs, in North Hoboken. Inquire of Mr. N. SEIF. No. 10 Thompson street. ?A RESIDENCE AND 18 ACRES. PLEA il.tJHH. san tly situated, 22 niilea from New York; Fruit, Shrnbberv. A<\ All In order. BORLAND A DRURY, 14 Chamber* street. REAL ESTATE WANTED. A FIFTH AVENUE HOUSE WANTED- FOR A CASH \ customer; English basement preferred; location between Fourteenth and Thirtieth itreeta. KING A CO. No. 9 West Twentv-thlrd street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. Farm wantep-prtcr from $r.,ooo to $ui,ooo; about fifty acre*, with some frttlt tries: must he near the water so that a boat mat ha kept, and have schools in the neighborhood; elclnltv of Glen Cove preferred. JACOB SUA K PL, 26 1'iue street ANTED?VACANT LOTS. IN BROOKLYN: NBAR vf Sixth or Seventh avenue nreferred. In exchange for a stock of tine t'lothlng; value $10.1100 Address)!''. Fuslny, bo* 119 Herald oBlcn. until December 10, WANTED?A FIRST CLASS HOUSE. IN A GOOD ? ? neighborhood, between Thirtieth and Fiftieth streeta and Fourtn and Eighth avenues, price not to etceed $15,01*); possession May 1. Address J. S. W., Herald nllloe. r ANTED TO PURCHASE?A HOUSE. AC.. BETWEEN Yonkers and Tarrvtown, with from two n> live acres Of land: river view required. Addreaa with name and price T. M. t'., bug AM Post oiliue. w A IIOl'SKK. ROOMS. At*.. TO I,KT. DOCTOR'S OFFICE TO LBT-27 AMITY STREET, n??r Broadway. At ms Km nTii avenue -houses to let, in city ?ni1 country. fnrnlahed >ir unfurnUhed Call or ?And for STANLEY DAY'S Heal Katita Circular for par UenUrm. A furnished house to let -between rirrn ami Slith arenuea rant $:wo per month. Apply to H H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 f'niA atreat. ADYEHOUKK. WITH TUBS, EXTRACTOR, AC., To rant. Apply on promise*, Mi Klrat arcnoA, of 8. PITOU, Jr. If ELEOANT ROOM, SECOND FLOOR ON broad way, up town . Lunar, Flituraa If dcatred; prlca (1,01 III. Jl I 1 11 i ? ' i ami' ? it *?? ii i 'at , |?i ivij It to WALLER A BRUSH, 26 ChainbAra atreet, room A tri AHPLENDID THREE STORY BROWN STONE H'UISB to let furnished, with poaaeaamn livduy, at (183ft par month. Alao una on Fifth aretme. at $tl>0, and others from $30nu>$400. CHARLES E MILLS, Rral Batata Agent, OfllOA 49 Waal Thirtieth atrAAt. AN UNFURNISHED COTTAGE TO LET-ALSO ?ATAral Floor*. furnished and nnfiirni*he-l. rant $14 t? $40 par month I Rood location; Immediate pnaacaalon; opan day and rvaning. 114 Third aeanue A HOUSE IN CHARLES STREET TO LET-EIGHT rmrni. water and gas; rant $81 par month. Immadiato ?Ion. SMITH A ROLSTON, Si Filth uremia. ABM PARTIALLY FURNISHED HOUSE. NEAR THE Clarendon lintel and ErAretl Honaa, P> lat until Mar I. 14 could ha had longer If desired. Apply to K. H. LUDL6W A OO., No S Finn street Aim BPLBNDID WINTER RESIDENCE TO LET-IN Astoria; three store and basement, brink, all modern Improeamenta, aaran mmntea from the ferries linmndlata possession SMITH A EOLSTON, 82 Fifth STORE TO LET-IN A THRIVING VILLAGE, TEN mlnutaa from thn city; la auftahla for ageneral roan. try (tore, flituraa In tha atom for any hind of hualnaaa. SMITH A It'll-Win H Fifth araniia. A mm SPLENDID FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?WlTH Immadlala pnaaaeslon. for onn or two rear* Sorority required. ConUina thlrtarn rooma. EM Waal Twenty-Aftli street, batwaan Serenth and Eighth tramies AMT IIOBOKEN-TO LET, THREE STORY MODERN hrtrh House. immadlatn poaanaalon. naar thn ferry: rent $1 (Ml par yaar PARSON'S A WARD, IT Cedar at. A If UNFURNISHED SECOND FLOOR TO LET?SUITA Ma for housakseuing, with uaa of kitchen, in English baaanrant house 298 Waal Nmataanlh atrmt, naar Ninth nretine. Modern Improramanta Good neighborhood. A^m FURNISHED HOUSE TO I.RT-ON BROADWAY ?above Union aqnnre. IS rooma. Parmila of KING A CO., Mo. $ Waal Twenlr third airaat. Firth Arenna Hotal A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-FIVE STORY high at nop urat olaaa boarding houan. In nuoreaalul op eration. rent ll.iUOper month. Perinlta of KINO A CO., No 9 West Twentv-third street. Fifth Aretiua Hotel. A^m FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?ON THIRTIETH ?tract, naar Fourth arenna, now full of hoarder*. Fur niture for aala permits of KINO A CO., No 9 Waal Twanly third atrAAt, Fifth ATanna Hotal ? WIDOW LADY, HAVING A LARGE, ELEGANTLY M fnrniaha-l lla-iaa. on Fifth aranue. naar tha llntal, would lat a Suit of two Rooms to n Aral claaa party. Cnrda to rlaw KINO A OO., No. 9 Wed Twenty third etreet, Fifth Arenoe Hotel AM LARGF. FURNISHED ROOM TO LIT?ON THE aaaon I floor, front, with gaa. Bra. bath and mnrMn waabatan.l- $10 per week, at JO Third etreet, two Moaka flWOI Rroad war. Am bouse, pnfurni iibd, alhoskvkRai. i nfur nlahe-l Floors, eantrally loaatad, at mndarnta rente; handeomely fnrnlahed (Houses html Ro ma for hotiaakaap Ing. El.h INS A ' " 9A'? Woat Twenty fifth airaat. BBROADWAY STORE AND LARGE BASEMENT To lat, corner of Tw-nty-alllh atraal Flituraa $fll?l, rent $2,000. J. I,ACT 120 Siitb MV anna, nr ? fteada atraal. Floors to let two in no t west TWRRTT aaranth at., una containing flra rooma. two flighle stairs, SiOpar month; oa?of alt room*, thr?* flight*. $46 |??r month; A alao nne Floor In fflO sltth aranua, tour flight* an rooma, $86 par month. Apply to Mr*. KILLORaN, Twanty aayanth atreat. Furnished hou-e-in Harrison street Brooklyn, to rant, thraa atorlaa, high sloop; $IU0 par month w C. iPTI.i R. Ml Day a n IjltJRNISflED HOUSES TO LET. 1 Ona at Washington llalghta, tan mlnuiaa fmm llud non Rirer depot, furmtnre mostly naw. tt $200 par month Three atory brick llnuae on Franklyn nranue. furniture for *ale nt $1 Ifln. rent $7110 par nnnum Alao n number of Furnished llouaaa In Naw York and a trinity, which ran be had nt prtaea rarytng from $6u to $1000 per nninih JAOOR SIIARI'E, 2$ Pwie street. rURNISHKD FIRST FLOOR TO LET-OF A VERT ntre front end bunk Parlor, with Bedroom*; alao ?ope rate 174 Ntnih atreat, nam Cooper Inatltete Bousrkrepbm or PRRSONB ooino to house. keeping ran bit/ their Unrpete, Oil Clothe. Furniture, ding Ac . at BISDalL A SCOTTl. 209 and $11 Hudaon HOt'IKS, ROOM, f>W. H^HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOURS TO IFT-J* ? Fifih xrniio. for oae or two jooro. to o private family IOFTS ,TO IJtT.-THREE SPLENDID LOFTS WILL J ho rented cheap in Canal street. noor Wait Broadway. Apply to G. 8IDKNBKRG A CO.. M? Brood way, tap stair.. ONE HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM?ON THE around ti?r, i root, to lot. without board. In a private family. to ono or two geniletnee; beat of reference given ?"? i eqnlred. Apply at 231 lt Sad Hlnth street, oaar Second avenue, Parlors to let-large. for gentlemen's or ladies' business or dwelling. root can bo lea* by hoard ing one Uiiy For c?rd? apply at 34'j Third avenue, book ?t i>re, near Eighth street. PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE TO LET -FURNISHED. IN consequence of previous icrunant removing to Thlrtv fourth tltwl. Anply between l> A. M- ami K t 111 Fourth avenue, rornrr Twelfth street. STEAM POWF.R.-TO LET. A LOFT M RV M WFII, lighted. in a now first class hniMtng.?e-,f*> therein da Wse power; located our Mock above > anal street wcr, of Brbadwey. Address. atatlng for what business iequMd, W., bo* Qf Herald ofllor. lighted Rooma, with ateam power, to let Inquire 00 premium,, 392 Flrat axrtuie, of S. PITOU, Jr. QTEAM POWER TO LET.?LARGE AND SMALL P Rooma. with aleady power and well Ugh tad. now read*. Anply to J. W. HANTA, corner Rlrecker and Wea I .lev, nth streets, on the premises. QTF.AM POWER. WITH WRI.L LIGHTED SHOPS. TO kT let. cheap, at Nos. 9 and 11 Baxtet street Apply to the engineer. STOUR TO LET-IN TIIK NEW HOUSE. AV) SIXTH avenne. between Twenty-seventh and Tvrnir eighth streets, suitable lor an* business, in a first elnaalocality; term* reaaonnble. Apply to Mra. JCII.LOHaN. 47 tt eat Twenty-aeventh street northeast corner of Sixth avenue. STORE To LFT?SUITABLE FOR FARCY OR" GOO 08 or Millinery. For particulate apply to No 2ti.i Blocker atrcet. eorner of Broadway, under the A -tor ILvisr; rent low, a good location for any business; fixtures tarsals Inquire In the jewelry store. No. 3 Barclay street. TO LET?FURNISHED OOTTAOK NO) 124 WEST Fori \-sixth street between Sixth and Hevgnlh avenues. Rent flOO per month. TO LET-TWO OR THREE HANDSOMKL1 FURNISH ed Rooms, without Board. In a stHiwRr _ , _ private family. Referenoea required. Apply to W9 West Twenty aeeond atreet. TO LET?A HIGH STOOP THREK STORY HOUSE'IN Thirty Aral street, with oomplete Furniture: possession Immediately. Apply to EUGENE CHBVALLIER, Hi Cedar street. TO LET?UNFURNISHED, RACK PARLOR AND Ex tension Room, with front Basement, to asmall family of adults, $30 per month. Apply at 3(0 West Thirty-liflh fflo LET-LOFT OR WORKSHOP. HEAR OF WATTS 1 street. noar t'ansl at rem. at a reasonable rent: ?lie, ltgMfl. and well lighted. Apply to JAMBS l'KTOE. 3011 Rod son street. T IO T.ET-TWO ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLORS, to one or two gentlemen. SO Heeond avenne. TO LET-STORE, BASEMENT AND SUB-BASEMENT of marble front building, 110 Reade street, elose n> West Hioadway Immediate possession and rent low to a first class tenant. Inquire or VICTOR E. MAUGEK, 111) Reade street, up stairs. TO LET -IN THE NEW BROWN BTGJ4K HOUSE. t?< Eighth avenue, between Forty-fifth snd Forty-alxlh streets, finished in heat manner, the two Upper Hoofs of six rooma each, tea,nail, respectable families without children; rents, $60 and $4.1: owner In the honte. TO LET?ON FAST SEVENTY-EIGHTH STREET. BE tkycen Second ml Third avenues, one of those three store high stool - k Houses! all modern ImnrorHments and rent only $*KI. JAMES ROWK, 7Vi Third avenue opt) I.ET?TO \ SMALL FAMILY. ON* OE TWO DK t slrable Room - also an Oflloe suitable for a physician; Uonse line and tiro, Inquire at 111 Ilenfy atieet. rpo T.F.T TO \ ,, T I'OUPI.E?A ROOM AND BEl> I room, furnished ? lioiisekeepltig, al Ml Greenwich Rent ?-n i TO LET?I'AUT o IIOU8R 10H BANK STREET. CON talnltig H ronuv- rossaaelon Immeillutely. RenttolatofM.iv.ini; payable In advance. Apply to O. A. BACHE, 132 ond l-'? Dunne street. TO LET-FURNISHED DENTAL ROOMS ON SECOND floor. .Its! Canal street. For sale If desired. Inquire of E. P. HUYLAK. on the premlsee. Two other Jtooms fur tight business purposes. TO LET?A NTCKt.Y FURNISHED THIRD STORY bark Room, without Board, suitable for olther one or two gentle-nen; In, nth.n adjoining Union square; terms vera* moderate. Address K. tl. W., Ration D, Post ofllce, Bihte House. N. Y. TO LET?A FRONT I'ARLOR; ALSO OTHER ROOMS, furnished, suitable for houseltetplng; Bo children. Apply at 47 Amity street. TO LET-PART OF A NICELY FURNISHED HOUSE, to a small family; good looallon up town. Apply at 113 Broadway, room No, a. TO LET?FURNISHED HOUSE, NO. 187 PRINCE atreet, with Immediate possession. Apply at 331 Canal atreel. up stairs. TO LET?IERSRY CITY, INEAR FERRIES, STEAM power, al $1*1 per horse per year; good rooms. Address Jackson, box 1U7 Herald ofllce. T O LET?A NEAT COTTAGE OF EIGHT ROOMS, HIT. _ ualed on Proapeet street, west of Palisade avenue' Hud aon Cltv, desirable for a genteel family' rent $:o per month. TERRY d BRRKIAN, MBroadway, room II. TO LIST?TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE,A SPIT OP Room* for hnuaakeeplng. Inquire at XU Went Twenty. ?eyenih Kirirt. between 10 A. M. anil 1 P. M. O LET-TUB HOUSE NO. IS HORATIO HTRBKT, T near Eighth arenne Oaa and water. Rent tfUfc). Ap ply to FANNING. 228 Bowery, or on tho pre mi tea from 1 to .'I P. K. Poaaeaalon Immediately. rLKT-THB TWO UPPBB FLOORS IN A FIRST elaaa three atory brown (tone hnuaa. All modern Im provementa. 118 Kaal Forty-ninth atreet. MORRIS. TO I.RT-A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE, IN VOIK vllle; poeaaaaion Immediately. Addreaa It. W., Herald ofllee. TO I.F.T?TIIIRO STORY FRONT ROOK ANO BED room. well furnlahad, In brown atone bouao 241 Kaat Thlrty-thlnl atreet. Meala II required. rpo LET-LOWER PART OR IIOUSF. 804 WF.ST TWRN 1 ty fourth atreet (Cottage lerrioel, parlora. eilenalon, baeementa, Re.. with Improvatdaata. In>|ulre at the houae or No. A Oreenwtrb arenoe. To LBT-TURNUBBD, A LABOR FRONT ROOK ANO Bedroom, with eonvenleneea i<t gee and halti on tlie aame floor, at til Weat Klgbleernlh atreet, between Fifth and Sltih aeenuea. r LET?SECOND FLOOR OF BUILDING Ml BROAD, way, npiMialte Bond atreet, aultahle for any genteel boat ne?a. Apply toWM I. HI'RKR, 4W Rjoedwiay. TO LET?FURNITt'BK FOR SaLS-A FIRST CLAM Rnardlnf houae In Bleacher atreet. weat of Rroudway, Dill of hoardere and paying well. Apply tod. MRKMANN I CO , 101 ta Weat Twenlyl!TUi atreet. rl.RT FPRNISHRD-A PARLOR Ul TWO Rooma on third floor and a baaement Kitchen Family amall Apply at 114 Warerley place near Waehlngton aqnare. TO LRT. UNFPRNISHED-A FIRST CLASS FOI'R atory browa atone Houae In Forty reranth atreet, near Fifth areaue. with Immediate poaaeaalon. S. W BENEDICT, Noa. 4 and 6 Pine atreet. rHHLBT. VERY LOW?A VERY DRSIRAHI.R COT lege Houae in Morrtannla, with or without the furni ture Immediate poaaeaalon. S W RF.NRHICT, Noa 4 and 8 Pine atreet. rmm MAN I' FACTURBRH. ?TO LET. TWO FLOORS IN bulldlnr ISP and 2UI Water atreet. Brooklyn. with power from ten to thirty horae, good light. Apply on preoilaaa, or to II. W. ORRRNR, IS Hprnre atreet. New York rmm RENT?FURNISHED. TN FIFTH AVKNI7R. FOR A term or yeara, a taatefully furnlahad llnoae, to a prl rale family only. Addreia C. P. V., Ilerald ofll.-e. r^m RRNT OR LEASE. ?SO EAST SIXTIETH STREET, between Islington and Fourth arenoea a large four atory brown atone front Houae. flrat elaaa, flnlabed. Apply to / A .? KKTTRRTfll 4IS Third avenue mWO FURNIHIIRD ROOMS TO LET-TO TWO OR X three gentlemen, with or Wlthont Bo ird. Inquire at Htl Eighth arenue eat ranee on Forty-eeoond atreet, Od WEST FOPRTEKNTH STREET-A LADY IIAV. ? ?*x log an elegantly fnmlahed houaa, cloae to Delmonl ro'a, will let tlie entire Parlor Flour, with or without other rooma on the aeennd floor. HOt'MCR, RIK)MS. AO., WANTKP. Ami FOUR story IIIOII STOOP HOUSE WANTED for boarding houae. In flrat elaaa neighborhood. h% twend Tenth and Thirtieth etrcete. Addreae boa 9,088 Foal AN UNFURNISHED ROOM WANTED-ON FIRST OR aenond floor, below Amity atreet. Addreaa Caah, Herald ofllee A FURNISHED FLOOR -OP">OPR OR I IVK ROoM for houaekeeplng, wanted by a email family; loe..tion not high up town. ADAMS' Real Relate Agency, MS Broadway A WIDOW LADY AND TWO ADULTS WILL 14V from $S00 to $800 per month for a atoely Fnrnlahed llouae in a neutral looallty. Apply to KINO A ?:<). No. SWeet Twenty-third atreet, Fifth Avenue Hotel \FAMJtiT (W THREE PERSONS Nil < III r DKEN, wanla lour or Bye Rooma, unfurnlahe<r for HbneeNeep tng. Addreaa, with fall parllctilara, L. C? Ilerald otflne. A NUMBER OF HOUSES AND ItooMS WANTED. Charles e mills. Real Eatate ofllee, 48 Weat Thirtieth atreet. I ill KNISIIKD OR UNFURNISHED HOt'SR VA AN T Ell in New York, Brooklyn or .leraeyClty. not Icee than nine rooma . furmahed not over 91011. and unfurnlahad not over 9100 per month. Addreaa, with partlnulara, boa ml Poat ofllee N T. H OL'SK WANTED?AN IMINIRTEB AND MANPPAC. tnrer of ml'llnery good# wanta to hire a llouae or the Haaemant and Flrat Floor of one. In a atreet near Broadwev, between Bleacher and Ninth eueeta. Addreaa A. D., boa 76 atatlon D. cNALL HOUSE WANTRD-SIX TO TEN ROOMS. FI R O titahed or nnfnrnlalied, location Within an hour of New York Addreaa David Boah, 71 Broadway, room 8*. WANTED- A ROOM AROPT ? FEET SQUARE, ground floor, or a amall Building on F.aat river aide, balow re nth atreet tohe need for manufacturing a chemical article. Addraae kJR B.? Herald M WANTBDe-TO RRNT. BY FOPR GENTLEMEN TWO yy large fnrnlahed Rikiiik rnual he In a good hamtlgo In Brooklyn, Hoboken. or New York, rent not to etreed 940a month, referennee earbaogtd Addreaa J. E.. boa I MS Raw York Poet ofllee |q?m. m? wAimo. WfAt2*2~A k*110* BTORKHOUSR. HflTABLR \610 P?, SUST* ?? ""l nt tha <?"> Ad.lreaa bo, WA7,T?fhr8,BC?,ID ?too?. cnfurnimn?n or IhSll u fo,,r l>r I?, ??", for housekaepiag; WVZffl^ "K,;? "OKF. in a hood hi hirers i?i?ci.?i, ?Liprif!J??*,r*lv.^,w c"h **"?? b?? Brlnelnala ,L. " A'"1 price moderate, term." caah I 'P*l? need ,n?,ver A.11, ??- It . Herald nffl, r ??'"W FURNISHED IXJTTAOK. re.ponsd.le Uuui? h*"j"tr l.manon. lira small, Barald ulBce. '' ram ntH ,,ver ?!?> Addtou M. 0. C., VV Ai>7the imimlVl< AS,,';r* t>Kl li ffou <>n on fl.JTO to $ 1.50U, v*l??e $aw,i; onah down dm?? Druggist Italian C 1 me' *llh *tKKl Purity. Ad WAM?U Snf.r ''A ?? j". ta "?aa"y,,$30,000 to BKYAN * CO-.M Uherty .trent, room a. WANTKD TO KENT OR LF.ASK-a STORK AHoItT 100 feel deep; auHable f..r a retail hii.iaa!. 1 . location. Ad.tree. Tor one week Merchant, Herald 01IW. FOR A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED meat i-.iiitbv and Vegetable Market will ha di?p..,sed ,Yf,h,. *?5* a cash trade: good rraeeji* Tor selling. p' " HKOWM * MOLDEN, I.Qt Brodway. A lARHK SAMPLE AND OVSTKK SALOON WITH TV large faellltloa for a Dining Saloon. Ice Crnam ic Rest part Fourth avenue. Immediately opnorAe the n?llw.i* i?. minus. BROWN A HOLDER > 8J? Brndwav A RARE CHANCE.-FOR HALE, a first class ,1 Liquor Store, in Went aireel, down town, sslisfeeluir re 'sous for sellieg out. Apply at WH. MURPIIt 'S, corner ol \t itshliigion and Cedar ?;reels. A RARE chance -A HAR IN ONE of THE REST theatres tu Broadway, Hillturfl Tab leu *nt Future* 0,1,t . 1?t H tifob.-ap. Address A. B., Herald offlc*. A -FOR 8AT.B. THE ROTIOONER HICKORY, CAR jy* 7*?K about du tone. drawing M* feet of water, lying *l foot ot liounion sl'iMii, North river. A RESTAURANT AND CONFECTIONKRV SALOON. 11 UI1 Qn? 0 avenuos. now doing a good tradu, will biv ?oid rery cheap. Call at ?fc BroaSwg 4 RESTAURANT, NKAR STOCK KXC1IOOK, FOB aal? chenf; impossible for the owner to attend to It. itreelf ? b,al,,M* Apply to H. C. DKXTKIt, HO Broad A LIQUOR STORK FOR SALE ?IN THE FOUR. \v "'.'"th ward; cheap rent; licence granted; will be sold a1Ti?i11; r,?aU.'?.b? * 8. locailon for a renHying distillery. Apply at 1.0 t ivltr street, oorner of Washington. A !,,T?liK.-| ,'|,^S|? A1,I> "IATURBS FOR SALE?IN it reel '"Cation In O rand atraet. Ip.pi'ro at 2UU Oraiid A FIRST CLASS 1)1 NINO SALOON FOR SAI.R~ r",^?T*r'{,r !f a long lease can be i*. r,n!o,u ? "l!d 'mme.ll.iiolv, as the pn-sent owner la nimble to attend m It. App.y 011 tho, IN Nusaan at. \ ?alk hook, stationery AND MI'SIO ... . re.' Poullry Slid Vegelaliln Mark.'la; Butler, t heese and 1 nultry Stands In public markets. _ MITCHELL'S sture Agency, 77 Cedar street. A ~1LlN-Kn?J.D ?'?r0R AND LUNCH ROOMS FOR ?*? "*,e; oyaler, a Commission Bakery? Cigar Store*; a down town Keataursat at aauriltce. MITt HELL'S Store tgenev 77 Cedar street A '""ANi'K SELDOM OFFERED M1'"T HE SOL ML f.7 ^TT' P1*'1"**. "tack of Toys and Woollen Oooda. Ad dross 26 t.nrmlne atreet, naar Bleecker. t JTRST RATH BAKERY?RAKISH 2* RARRRLS u\. per week; long le*?n, everything eomplrte; 81 200 W. W. MELIOK, 421 Broadway. A FANCY HOODS AND TRIMMINO STORK FOR c. If' A 1"ttkftrJr ?nd iuiifeetlonerv: Corner Liquor Slorea, Hroceries, HIIHanl Salmins, Hotels. Dining Saloons. MITCHBLL 8 Store Agency. 77 Cedar street. 4 FANOY HOODS STORK FOR SALE-WELL l.O. TV nated; good business; cheap rent; good lease; with or A,.cZUr,W7 Bowery.H?1'1 t""' ^ ^ WiNN? Bar and lunch counter, no. a cortlandt ?treet. corner of Broadway, for sale olieap If not sold ne",re Dee,.niher 8lt wdl be sold nt auction, on the p.eml J^?M?i?''in?i>. hlgheet bldder for cash. Apply to W. liOlXJK, 10 I Ine street, baseramii Broadway lease for sale a very dksira blo Learfe. near the Lafargo House, for sale low. VAN WINKLE 1 WlNANH, 132 Broadway. H UTTER. BUTTER -TO HBOC ERR, I BAKKHR. CON ferlioners, Ao ? I Ml psokngee of prime We.tern TioinllS l". .?a". }>*r pound, for sale by I'ALMEIt A TOWNER a bolesale di alers, 21)7 Washington street. I>UTTER STAND FOR SALE < HEAP LOW KENT, IN three day. Market, 2M Eighth avenue. Call for DININO SALOON FOR RALE DOWN TOWN?DOINH a gisid bualnaas. Will be Mild to llie h,ghost bidder. ?Must be Mold tinmediutely. 18A AC' A. IIIOOH A SON, 77 Nassau street. DKIJH STORE FOR SALE?IN BEST TIIOROUHII. fare In the olty; good stock snd flitures, rent free; owner going t?. Kumpe Apply Mt USttf Bowery. IjIOR BAL8-TO CLO.dR AN E8TAT8. A BRAl/TIFUL .uMK^MtH^:^,^!;;i',.n':!ree"l,ip A|,,,|y tu ElOR SU.E THE mil Lli.'HTER HEN RIOF.L, HO ? a m *' 'a"( 7 '>'<?<? ? b'ches hold, ? cylliulera lex lb, wiMi a hoisting engine Also, * ,mWnStanm,m**arl '"Vf |H beam, A feet 9 Inches hold, 2 eylluderM IN* IB with I.TghtslPs condenser Orrenpolnt'' 8 at Webb A Uell'e shipyard, FOR SALE-THK MACHINERY. FIXTURES. AND Lease if required, of s Soap and Candle Fact >rv Au. ply at 4HI and 4MJ Si-venth svenim, fmm 9 hi 12 ..'ol., ?* A. M. tpOR SALE-A COLLECTION OK IIEOLOOtCAI. AND I Mlnei-alogleal Hpeolmena, about WW In all. Can be seen by railing at 1M) rhghtli avenue until ...Id, L^OR KALE-PORK AND BEEF STORK, and FIX stiwetl'wilbameburg? ,U',ulre "l ^ IfOB HALE -THE MACHINERY, FIXTURES AND 1 goasl w ill of an old e*t?bllslie<l Passamenterie Manufac tory. futpiire at <4 Warrtn street, up staire. hiOR SALE THE STOCK. FIXTURBS AND HOOD ?I .0'.S. "I1 Milliiie'y Ptore, In on? ot Ui? hr?t locations In thin city. For parUculars eali al Noa. I and 3 Mercer street. F?H 8ALK-TIIII 1710AR 8TORB AND FOCR ??T<iRT Dwelling (Ml Norfolk street, with !?* rears' lease. Fit. turea, Ac. Owner hsi store srAI ?har- of dwelling renl free fteasona for telling is going to Missouri. Call I in me. dlately. For hale-an oyster house, with Ladies ?alfsiii and bar. In llie beat |wrt of the nlty. doing a flrat ela?s profitable biislneea; le.i.a. three year., renl cbeap Terms easy. Applv to RI MPF A MEHTKHN. 24 Dnang st.eel. belaeeu Centre snd Chatham streets, mom No. 1, |?OR HALE?TIIE HOOD WILL AND FIXTURES OF i ? Meu-h fanloiy, having a go;..! rua of cusUimers; mailng ISO aio.s aiilphur and par|..r matehee daily III health nnmpelllng Ihepreaent owner to rellnqulah the bnat nese. the enneeru will be M>ld at a bargain. Addreaa Match. Ilerald ootcr. ^ CIO It r w HAI.K-A MILK HOUND, WITH IIOMI, >'agon and llarne.a; now aelltng about Sin quarto per day, with a aupply ?f milk. A good rhanoe for a mwi In the Ninth ward, a* II la;* In that want Nona butnaaah HMM need apply at Ml ifreenwlrb atreet For halk ciieap-a small tug, onk yrarold, tft twt long. II fact Imam, draught of water, 4 fnet. Adilrra W. Iliirna, Bordenlnwn, N. J. FpOR SALE VKRV CHEAP-A PINE PRUIT HTORR, IN Rr<K>IU]rn; inual ha aold Immediately, aa ownar haa nihar bualnoae. Apply to WALLER A HHUHil, ? Cham I EASE POR SALK-o.N A PAOTORT BUILDING, J thrrn atnrlee and cellar, with water and drainage, aliu ?tod up town. Adilrasa 0. O.. llrrald office. -piloTOORAPII OAI.LRRT POR RaLK-O.VR op Till? I heal locatlnni In the ikty. Long leave al (MM per an num. Price fl.AOU oaab. Addrraa Camera, boa <,084 New York Pnal office. PHOTOORAPII GALLERY POR PALE- WKI.L ?locked, plenty of In-trumenla, rood location. price reaaonable, If auld Immediately. Apply atSS7 llowery. UKOTirYINO HOUSE ANII AI.I OIIOL DISTILLERY for aale?A largo eatahliahmcnt. complete, and In work in,; order Apply al IM Pronl .tract. N T. Ship i Hanoi.khy nut sack. tiik rtoob. Fix ture* and l ea>e of .tore, .mull atuek. I"W rent, Aa: yood tenatioii, on North rlrrr alda. Aildraaa II. 8 R., Heralil office. . STOCK AND EIVTPRKR OP A MILLINERY RTOKE well alocked and doing a good raali hoalneaa. and filled hp wlih every convenlefiee f'?r do'ng the hat iireaalrtg aud hfeaehinr. renltnw; eatahllahed 6 yeare; mini la enld itn tnedlately. Apply W. A P SMIIII A BKU , AM Eighth av. $-/?n WII.L El'Y THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIX ? HHr tinea of sample, Oyater and Dining Saloon, al ?ery low rent. Ihe beat location oil Hroadwar for further pellicular- liu|0lre on Ihe premlaaa. OS Broadway, be I we.'u ' anal end Howard aireete. ei twin -liquor store r?R sale, 4* years* | .IFHU, leaae of atoie. and lour ruoma. future*. Mick, Ac CKARi.ES K MILLS, 40 Weat Thirtieth atreet. CI r.nil POR sai.K A HOTEL IN NRW JER i? I aey. now doing a good hnalnrMt whr given. Applet.. WM J. MHIIkK, Hi Natenu atreet. New York, between 10 end It A M. nnn BWHKLH CARROTS Pf?u NALR -at Pli R aa.""" M Nnrlh river, I not Charles atreet, A new lot; that will conic thta winter. nnn ,AM" ww* thr rbht liquor ?J> I .1 M II f Store In ihia rity. Por partleuUre In.i.ilie of G. ? WKLLM AN. Ins I'aarl atreet. 1 Fill* I TURK. hWRNITURK. CARPETS, OILCLOTHS REDDING. Parlor and Bedroom Suite, Ac., at RANDALL A SCOTT'S, JOS ami ill II ndaon atfeet onrQorof Caeal street Payment retwlved in weakly or monthly paymenla If pre feiiit I/l RNITL'RK. DR ORATE A TAVt.OR. -V<? "7 and as Bowery and ? i bry.lia ?tieel STILL CONTINUE fo BK Til P. L t RtlKST PV KN ITU al MAN I PA,< TL RE RR I'ARBOK, DINING ROOm'"4 ' CHAMBER FURNITURE AND BEDDING, CANOPY AND V.?1t?RU^m^w T(UDIti M H per ewrt reRnetien In price. UTORAGK. HrnilAiiS. STORAGE. STORAGE. STOR kJ age. atorage for Parnllnre money advanced on Eurol ture, lane wZrna for iwirtug furniture, all} or country. Ilk t^eei Klevanih aireea i.aar SHU avaaua