Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,057. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8. 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. A NEWTON?HEARD OF YOUR LUCKY ESCAPE; A. aui going U> Boston to stay UU Thursday. Send b unks to to. Deals. J?. TDRKDEBICE. ?BEEN 8IOK; MY FIRST DAY OVT. J? WUl writo Moody. God blase you. ALF. I* WWaf VKTERAl* SOLDIER OF WIS. f tailor by trade, also a pensioner, will address a lias ? - D. Basis, to Braad street, Newark, if. J., stating ks can be sssn. ha will confer a great favor. TMPOBMAYION WANTED OF MRS. WM. ORAOO. J. Any otia knowing of her whereabouts will bs kind coaamuntcale it to Thomas H. Boast, 1SB Cherry TWFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN 8IIEBQAN, A JL native of KlUarney, county Kerry, Ireland, by his ?wife. Johanna Sheehan, at SB Pearl street. New York. Mew Jersey and Pennsylvania papers please copy. My-TOU WEBB NOT AT THIRTY -FOURTH AND I avenue, Thursday at seven: be thereon Saturday hour, or address M. B., box IBS Herald office. H C^HLIQB-IF THE POLICEMAN, WHO CAUGHT A runaway horse at the corner of Ftftv second Ktrost end avenue, on the night of September 11, about 1> o'clock, cr either of the men who took the horse and carriage to the Mansion stables, will send his address to Post office bos <ffl, he will confer a favor and be suitably rewarded. ^ FTtHE LADY IN BLACK DRESS AND BONNET, WITH A coral earrings, who waa eating oysters In Dorian A Shaf fer's, in the remotest corner from the door, on Friday, l>e ^raiber 7. at aboat one o'clock, will confer s favor on an ad s' by addreastng Pluto, box MB Herald oflloe. ?TO DRY QOODS DEALERS.?PARTIES HAVING BEEN A offered blue or scarlet Flannels, by the piece or bale, by unknown persons, at very low prioee, will be rewarded by dropping a line, stating particulars to M. R. Simons, Ageut 8tontngton 1.1 ne, office pier 18, North river. MR. WEEKS PLEASE CALL AT THE OFFICE today, at S o'clock f TXT1LL vv to Q .ITH STREET.-IF THE LADY OF THIRTY-FIRST 0*x street, whom I had to meet Thursday night, at -veven o'clock, will be at name place and time on Saturday, she will FRENCHMAN. EATRIMONIAL. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WOULD BR PLEASED TO correspond with a young lady of wealth and retire ment, with a view to matrimony. Address Henry C. Wal ton, box 708 Philadelphia Post other. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN OF 29 WISHES Tllii AO J\ qualntanee of a yonng or widow lady not over 112, with m view to matrimony. Address D., box 170 Herald office. IAS ST AMD FOIYD. IjHSUND?ON TUE 9T1I IN8T., A It'OD FOX. WHIOTT ertv ind paying ex r Cemetery station, f Jersey. kOG LOST.-$5 REWARD PAID OV DELIVERY AT ' 231 Weat Korty-seveuth street. A white Newfoundland ?. with a partially black bond. ijivv vif"-ha i uc< u inn i?, a ivu r J the owner can have by proving propertv ? peores. JOHN K. TUTTLlf. Agent, Bay Cctu Centre 1 Railroad of New Jersey. T OST-A FUR COLLAR, ON THURSDAY, DEO. 6. THE _Ij finder will be suitably rewarded by returning it to AT Bast Twenty-second street. JOST?A BANK BOOK ON DRY DOCK SAVINGS J Bank. A liberal reward will he given on returning it to rrman Ftumor. 247 East Twelt'iu siroet. 10ST?IN A BLEECKKR STREET CAR, A BEAD t Purse, containing $2i>. earrings, key arid i>earl ring, beral reward will be given. M. MYERS, HhS Broadway. LOST A WflITK ESQUIMAUX DOG. FROM FORTY elghlh atriwi and Broadway. Answrra to name of Fnnce. The Under will bo rewarded With $5 by leaving blm at 17.1 West Forty-Wgluh street. I OUT?SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, IN GOING FROM J Fifty -cumd to Thirty-dxth street, a silver Ward School Medal. Any one returning it to 143 East KUTy-xvooud ' ' will h? suitably rewarded, I OST-ON THURSDAY MORNING. AT 10 O'lKOOI. J in a Fourth avenue rsr, near Thirtieth street, a hi diet, containing abort $3o If tbt finder will leave it at 210 Grand street, Williamsburg, be will be liberally rewarded. IOfiT-ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON. THE ?TH, BK 2 tween M ulberi v treot end Pulton fetry, a lady'x GoM a, enamriled black, set In. pearls A liberal reward will he paid ii the tinder v.II leavo the cina at 40 couth street Lost?a ladvs pocketbook, on eighth av. enue. between Sevent.trniU and Ts-entv-se. <,ud sire CD Wetlnasdsy evening. Return to ovntr and receive a liberal reward. Mr*. (.KEEN. 188 West Sere.ntec.ttli at. T OBT - PERSONS ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED JU against trading for or bnytng the Pillowing Note and Due Bill, the same having been lout or mldald hv me:?Note dated Charlotte N. 0? ptk 7. at 12 inoutha SUN), drawn by .1 no. Wilkes and payable to ft. Konpmsri, on which there has been one paviU'-ut at SIKH). Dm- Bill g: n at But thnorebv M. i'cla, date unknown, lor 81.tan. payable to B Keopmar. A libera I reward will be given u,e tinder by icav tag them st 9. Rothschild g Bros., 31 Warren su ??!. NawVoaa, Dee. 7. HASH. H. K#OPMAN. T OBT OR MMLAlDv-A MOM OF M AN I M'RIPT LI T JLJ tors, belonging to Mr Sirnbcn Mesectt. The finder will fee kind enough to leave U a. the Me Denis lintel. V1RCOAT8 ?IF THE TWO OVBROtJATS CARRIED oir from West XUirty Hkhiii streel ou Wmlasuday even are not returned by Monody tonrniag the. pa-ties who task them, being known, will he dealt with twonrang to law-. ^tolknZin "march iTast. eight bonds" OP O Freemotit, Lima and Culon it. R. Company, ?? toO - icii; Mow. 498 to SOD Irvelui've also one 17. S. regtxle'rcd ft 20 bond. $100. Ne. 2.787, in name of Hiram Corey. All per* is are aanttouad .again *t negotiating above mentioned boade. DAVID W. WBYMOfUC. lid Maiden ianc. o REWARDS. REWARD.-IF THIS I APKB8 Til AT WERE TAKEN fyom room So. 29, So. 8 Plus airoet, on tVadue-idnv ?renin* or Tburulay morula; am retained, a miltibl- r?. ward will be paid and no .,ae?tn>ni aak?d. They .ire of no m-e to an; on* but the owner. RfT REWARD WILL BE GIVES FOR K".Tt t'.SIVG A ?ij black Dot), aoawertMg ui the name of ftanay to 19 lMvtaton sireot. Loat near Sooonil uremic *n<l Tbiri v. 1 atraei. ARC REWARD WILE BR PAID FOR THE RETURN aJ)'J to31 P. i?t Tueuty.flfiU atr.-et ai a aum" Klai k nod Tan Boo, Willi white breaat md fore ;.awa. Collar marked ?? y p tj ttogcra. ? K REWARD.?LOST, ON KRIDAT. D&CLMRSK 7, ?tr a BUck and Tan Dog. with braa.< collar an.l lo-lt. Aa?w?ra to the name of I'rtuee. Any iwtm-ci returninglilm ?0 Loula Mendel, ild Third avenue, or box oillca NowBiin. enr tl, ?aire, will receive the above raward Bin REWARD- FOR THE PUR COLLAR; TO EL tplu delivered at Dr. Braytou'a, 118 TolnjaKth elrtet, before 12 o'cloi k nonu. (iniBVAlPc-IMt, THURSDAY SIGHT,Jf THR ?LU netghhorhoed of Ubambei. and Went ahaeta. a ?mall, fat yatlew Dog. fpuuiah rare Th? above reward wlU be paid by fetarntng hint to 206 Chaoreara afreet, near tV?.< ? IB 11BW ABD.? LOST, ON Till BSDAV, BBC EM ?E It W?l" A a Idaek I<eather VaMae, eiiitotiil u: Ciotheiand Aerotinl Bookv The .edei will revive th- ubvve reward, and ean kern the elothoa, by returning Hp: Urki io Hopkins A Salami. 192 Weal -: wet, and no lili .thou kaketi. BtNl RKWARIV--BLA1K AND Will en *1>|TE DOO hut In Madlw n aquarw on Frldav night. Ketui u to A West Twenty nfill utrnet; no mote will' be oilered. t<)(\ RBWARD.- T.OST, OS WKDSESD^ KEEKING. 0 atone Oatnno llMN Button, ??t ulfh pearl*, with Wristband atlaliod, Valued aa a gtft. Apply laJ. C. Until,' Mm n.let, a Expreae, 96 H roadway. ? 7K SEW\RD.?LOST, DEC. 1. AT qlJARTE It.FAeT jp t ei IS o'clock at nUht, up Tidril avenue car, batwben Cooper Involute and Flfp-omb street, or.* double lime, tn d?pendent, quarter aeermd, aptn.faead Gold Wat. u, vc y thin, rhe under will cet the ?hove raward and no qo-.. " " "1 by leaving -be wae h w ;ih J.irtn ? haaabarllti. 7W Hon i aaket ?inn REWARD WILL BK PAID PUR INFORM A wMv/y/ tlnn that will I'.id to the recover- of a quantity ?f bltte and scariet Flannela leaf or tMdbm Ail nnaimmrtcn Mm will he ronald n-d i-onftdeuihU. Call on or uddiv.a M. RMbma pier 1* North river. AO'll REWARD.-TO CAR7MK.V AND RTORE RkiOvr bouaa keep*?.?The above reward will be mid Mr lafnrmatlon which Will lead iotkaraoofrrraf bree hal- a #f Oetton, marked Deiter. taken by mlatake from pier 14 Keel river, laat wee*. Apply at the antra oi the Cnaruapia ateaaiehlpa. 73 WiUlem at reel. l?AM;l>?JICAI)E.*llCV DODWORTH'S DANCING ACADhMT. No. SIS Pimi AVENUE. NEW TOKK. dajra. tarma. Ac.. pleaae call for a euvular. K OARMO'B DANCING ACADKMT. ? FIFTH AVE nao, comer of Foarteealh atract. avw even fm- tbe re Ion .,f pup I It ou Tueaalaya and CTldafa, Woduaad-iya and D tttt La die.. 2 ta 6P M. Mhrwte and Naate-e, 4 ta ? P. M. Gentlemen, Tue??faf and Friday evening i, at 8 Fcioet. while In Kufnpe Hi. Da Harm-- hadth* nt norm be elected b member of the Bo lath Acklrm-q.i" dea I'rofe-.nnrs de Ilao ede Carta. AitiaWe do Tbea-ra Impbribl ? I'OpLra, wha b piece, htm la Immaitiate poaavaelon ... .U Me dam oe. THR IaRCTtiRJB ItlAMlK. Important lkvTurkb daily-to okntlembn oniy, ntlbe Naw Yark Maeeviui < f Anatomy, ki t Broad Way. tboee an itde to alteod theae U-ime- may i iUtn a aapv hv fnrwarUn* ten netiK A idro-? 8acraUr> ol Raw Yark Mtuaum at' Anatomy. MS Broadway. Tub HDs.vtRi hlk f .loHwei.N. mmmm the papular teller ufgtog upon the pre.idem the policy MOW proe ally Admitted In have re illnd ta ilieovarthrow f tt? rabeillo i. will lertnru in tbe I rooklyn fcUbkbWiim. .doii day avantny, Dec 10. rjdht u cto?B. dinr. open al 7. nnh JaWLTbe rtilloeaphTOf PvliMca. li.clod.n* |h ortg.n, thl aal, morwl and rellg -t ja oheraetar. llnke' Obnta. For ?wia at the brinctpui hxik drur uad n?wa afnra. in Broob lyn, and atMte Wot on im orenlag of the Led i ,-a. NEW miRMCATlOBi*. _ upon the mind and br-iy, aoihoe'. plan of treatiaant?tbe only rational mid i _ Jbode of eura, a. ahown by the report 0' caee* l?lii * truthful advlaer to tha eaerftad and thoec eoatevnplatlps marriage, who would know Ihetr phya oal eondltlon debt, fS35aBgY&ratti??rg "fflToTa FOWLER A WELLS. VT> Broadway. ATORtjlF A ?iwiu<ai-AS^'T'^ awmwtwi. ATiii SO LADY MSI BBS A SITUATION IN A kind family Id lb* country; gives instruction in Eng lish French and Music: terms quite moderate. Address Lucille, station 0. A 32TC?a USSt K ,?4 French and N isle In uichsage for ? pleasant borne. Ad drees Instruction. Mellon C. \ BUSIhBiy^BDCOATION.?INSTRUCTION IN PENMANSHIP, to, st OOUMWTH'fl Gominenlul Institute, 7M Broadway. Established UHa Private Instruction. Rooms tor ladles. A STEADY toUNG HERMAN (W TRASS) WISHES A to stve German or French lessons to young ladies. Address B., box U Herald olflae. * A BUSINESS EDUCATION.?THOROUGH AND A practical Instruction in all Commercial and English b matches, at TOWNSEND'S Commercial Academy, 1180 Bowery. Pi-irate tuition day sad evening, booms for la AV $20.?BOOKKEEPING. PENMANSIIIP, ARITH.I ? metre, Algebra, Reading, Spelling, privately taught, day and evening. PAYNE'S Business Collage, a Bowery. Brooklyn College removed to 849 Fulton, opposite City Hall. A Hsopny, English language and literature. Gentlemen pre pared for the NAVALAND MILITARY ACADEMIES, GRADUATB OP THE UNIVERSITY OP CAM bridge. England prirrman and ex-eebolar of his ool toves private Instruction in Classics. Mathematics. Phl losop Perec ? THE I'NIVERSITIEH, to Highest references. Address or apply to CANTAB, Room No. 9, University Bunding, Washington square. New York. "DOOKKKEPINO, WRITING. AT., FOB BUSINESS.? D Mr. DOLBEAU, UN Broadway, teaches Bookkeeping practically, us used In the best New York hon.ies. He also removes stiffness, cramping or trembling from the worst hand, and makes elegant business penmen. COUNTING ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND INSTRUC TION IN BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. Established and conducted bv C. C. MARSH, Author of the Popular Works on Book keeping, 516 Broadway. Circulars. FNTRT'CnON TO SPEAK AND READ THE. ITALIAN language wanted, by a business gentleman. Preference will bo dvi-n to a native Italian, gentleman or lady; goat)' loan preferred. Address, with terms and particulars, N. O. I'., box 197 Herald office. STENOGRAPHY OR SHORTHAND TAUGHT IN IS lesson*. Stenographers nuike $5,0U0 a year In New 1 nrk. Address Stenographs- Teacher, box 175 Herald office. TF.Ai'UrRS WANTED-ENGLISH, FRENCH, GF.R tnr.u, elocution, classic*, painting and music. All ap plications for teachers suited Immediately at the National Teachers' Institute. 582 Broadway. RICE A ANDREWS, Principals. THIS Tl'EF. TROI'ON! nr. union half-milk track?SEVENTY aeoond > treet and Hloomtngdale rood, on Saturday, the 8thof Decern! 2 P. M., for fifty dollars a side. Mr. Whltsou names ITarens; Mr. Stanford names b. mare Lady Maitiard. auuie day. a pacing match for one hundred dol law a side. Mr. Hniley names fml'ayetle to harness; Mr. White names Tom Cook to haruess. Admittance tlfly cents. .IAS. FINLAY, Manager. SPOHTIMG. \LL KINDS OK FANCY DOCS AND BIRDS FOR vale at P DOYKY's. fiO Carl street, near Church. Small Black and Tans, l)tf pe'tnds ach, 12 months old; Medi cine* for all canine diseases; Prepared Food for raouking birds. A BTRAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR PALE?FIFTY x\ eight feet long, ton foot beam; about five months old; built oroak and oopper fa.lened; l.aa accommodations for night persons besidea the crew; Is well found In every re -pert. Apply on board at toof of Best Tenth street. ANIEL FOSTER. 18 ROOSEVELT STKP.ET, nAB ALL the choice breeds of Dogs; F.wter'g Infallible Mange ? ' t'1"- Exterminator, 75 cents. Medicines for all T) TROR SALE?A PAIR OF HANDSOME NF.WFOUND ' land Pups; nnc handsome Spitz Dog; one black and tan, three m inths. weighs one pound: black and tan. Scoich ami Hkye terrier*, excellent ratters. Apply to JOHN GRAY, H Roosevelt street, tic r Chatham. FOR BALE OUtft-A VERY FINE PURE WHITE Itutan Grey haunt. Apply in store 182 avenue A, be tween Eleventh and Twelfth streets. fsTRAXtC'S BCTLER, NO. 3 PECK BLIP. HAS ALL THE L rhoieo b.reds of Dog?. Butler'* !nf..illbl<- Mange Om-o and Flea Exterminator. 76 oeuta. Butler's new work on Hie Dog. $2. Dog. i rained, boarded. At. Medicines tor ail dis eases. HORSES. CARRIAGE*. OiC. * tturnM ncalled tomsale by auction J% or Homes, carriages, PHAETONS, AC.. BY MTV EH A fWMERYlLLB, AT THEIR HORSE MVT'fiN MART, HS Kni>l F"Urteenth "tn-ei, ne ir Fourth avenue, TUESDAY, DEO. 11, AT l'i O'CLOCK, i-'w Aoct'ou head. \DUUS A CONE, tVM BROADWAY, INVITE PUH Aiiaw to leaped tiieii- extenelve naaortment of llrat r!a?* tilsr built < enlace*. mmpidif Clarences, Cotipne, f kNDADS, COAUI'E-. mid other lino close and open work, utade 01 tie licit material* noil by the bout \?orkuieu, at their ostn manufactory. A 1.AKOE ASftORTMEST OF ENGLISH KERREY Home Blanket* and Bui Hum em at 253 Pearl alree*. Importer <?' Suddlery and Krreeya. A?HORSES TAKEN ON ROARD. AT THE EAGLE . Clnb Stable*. to West Thirtieth street, at redn ted prieet A No. 1 Board and fin* data attendance. N. H ? .?>< hank keeuera need apply. J. 0. SHKPaKD. AY! RY SUPERIOR PAfR OF GRAY CARRIAGE llornei for iu'io t'tila day, at HcNloolPa stable, j'wellth mreet and Unlvcmity plane. A CONSIGNMENT OF CHOICE LEAF TOBACCO and Clgir* for *ale ? heap, or *111 exchange for good Horse, Buggy and Harte-**. B. D. AI.LKN.;# Broad ?L A ?For. SALE. A CITY MADE TRUCK. PLATFORM -ia. surlngn, fur elngli-cr d -uMe use: in .od older. In quirer air JOHN .1 TAN?KWATER, m Liberty atr<*t. Anew nmnnti tof bcggy-albo a titr* over ?eit Wagon tor four; wild at a imiyaln. aiCriwa. men'* staMe. Thirty-iweomt street, between Leilngun -ud Third avail nee. _____ A DOCTOR'S PHAETON (KEW1, ALSO HARNESS, J\ will be sold at a i.icrttlce, at private r table, 1ST Eaat Thfrtv-fonnh .treet. near Third avenue. A BKAI TU TL RAY HORSE. 16 HANDS 1UOH, VERY J\ atvliab: perfect in eirry reepect; aleo turnover a,-at Hhaetoii and Uinta-*, at I'.lth avenue, corner of Forty fou'-.h atrnrt. A BEAUT!FIT!* L1U11T TURNOVER SCAT PIIAE i'in, or Do;; Cart, tho tiarfteaa, *t Fifth Availltd Ht tbiea, (?Oilier nrtb avenue and Fcrty-fourth ?lre?t. ArdtvERt'UL. quick b'v apni for aale low. hi hand* high, 8 rear* old; round, kind, free, ?lyllah, o> (tree; endurance SB Weat Tweuty-llrat atreet. a crossed matched team of horses, uv A band* Wall, 7 and 1 ..ear* old, a jet black and a dapple at iv very-lea dy mat -tied: good modaler* tnd warranted iu evr.jr reaped Apply at mable* 115 and 117 Went Twnnty third aired nOAROINO STABLE-NEW, WITH FISH ACCOMUO da"on?, wrll v-iit dated, aud above grnoed. 344 Merner atrcct. ' f._W. EASTMAN BREWSTER A t O? OF KROOML STRRFT, OFFER I aeeoml hand. 2 Ompel 'one in tine order) and - no top Wagon*, our own make, IpAST HORSE FOR SALE.?A VERY HANDSOME ' Mare, three-foartba thorough bred. 7 year* old. 15 banda high, and perfectly ?onnd and Find; ahe haa never heen IMaM, and nan trot In #:H ilngleor double, vttha iooee rein; ahe I* a free drlftr, but very houeet and will be roM low foi aucb au nnlm.J. Addreaa VY. T. C? but 110 Herald offlee. Pa?t facer for sale.?the well known and fa?t Bta'lion Tom wonder, Jr., datu Lady Brook* will he eolrt low. citable IV) B*?t rhir'.yflfth ?treet. or at 414 Water ?.tree' F*OR SAUL-TWO FIRST CLASS BUSINESS TOP Wagon*, with Dorna* and Haroeaa. The waoiiu are new and hntlt to order try Fielding Broa. For uuallty aud atvle the above i aunct be ?tirpa**ed; $<itl uarh. fnautre at IS7 Thlnl avenue, between Fortieth aud Furty-Br-,1 aiveeti. IpOR SALE?A ROAN IIORSK, lli* HANDS HTQH, * aound and kind: well milled to tt|? ure nl a ramrtv or doctor; will be full* warranted; ?!??> a light Victoria Car Huge. Apply at private vubte 514 Ninth rlraet, near Second MM For sale-a pair of bay coarii horses, it\ hand*: run be aeen at 51 West ThtrtleUi agree'. In. qtdre lor JOHN uoaOHMaN. For >ALB-ONE CLOSE coat ll JV GOOD ORDER; e'ao two I pen C vhra; alao i-mi double and aiugle Slelgb* Which wdllne*nld rheafl, at IkNOrt * M A14UIR1. S, S? ami is Wooater al reet. FfoR SALE-AM KLKUANT PARIS MADS LANDAU, 1 on double aur ? ualim, eight aprtqg* .nil nmlcrear rtagc, with Carta made Ttnmeaa, on-nplete for a pair; will be mid at a bargain rl' 'pitte new and new In atvle Can be ?nee al WOOD BROTHERS. CM Bnoadwav, Agenta for the naanuiarturera. W?od Brotlmra are prep*.?d to gal out on order all etyieaof 1'arla made CaTTiagea For salr cue af?three blck lined coaches, A Brwtta. aeeeral V'agma, Id Uuraea, sb igha, Robe*. Ac- To be aeen eaUl aold at atablea Forty fourth airert and Fifth avanne. tpOR ?R SAJ E?A PAIR OF tlOOD FAMILY HORSES; will be toll atncle if deal red. Apply at ?0 birth are* ana. Good under (addle. Fob salb-a black Utihaeda high, very fa _ .MARE, riVK TEABs OLD. a- tajg aan<ia aign, very fact and alvllih; would ami for e eoeehtw dnetnroraey Itgnt work: warrented aound and lied in atngle ? addotibMharneaa. Inqelre at 1MEaat Elavaadh atfWK TPOR HALE-CHEAP, A VERY SUPERIOR AND Jv Myltah Ttetttng Mare Inquire at 160 Eaat Broadway. ipOE SALE-A BEAimrUli BAY HORSE, 15^ HANDS r high. Morgan atoek, 7 jweri old, perfeat In t'ery re. Meet and warraated. I'd be aeen at a tab!a* III and 111 Went Twei enty-tkliM |pOB SALE-BROWN MARB; OAN TROT IN 1(0. 7 A\ yearn eld, 1?H bar da, kind aed round and iae. fre# driver. Airo good yneag Mad and nound Cart or Trnek Horte Bmh aeid verylow at VU Bavaeth avenue, near FrtflJ KWOM Mhni FOR RA1.R?FOE WANT OF USB, AN BIOELLENT road Mam, hnght bay, wHb blaeh polnu, 7 vaaraold, roniwl,^|**4l a ail nan trot m three eilaetee without trmn MMMtea mm taqntre af JOHN DILLON. IB Cbryette HOB.B1P, CAMU4QBI. U10R HALE C1IKAP-A FINK HORSE, 8~YBA RS OLD, I F 14' < hands blab, wwmmMd sou ud and kind: also a Baal. I new Wagon. Cab ba mm at GEO. WILNON*8 Conttnen. tal Shades, Marcy arena*, near Flashing arena#, Brooklyn HMOKRES kept tbrough the WINTER.-ADDRESS ? Oscar Lindaley Green Village. Morn* county, B. J.. or Morwau 4 Faiksr, t>9 Wat street, H. T. M^Horrs hoof ointment?warranted to ocbe ? all amble external di "eases ol the bona, apoadily and effectually; no humbug. bold by druggists. do. Depot SM Must bk sold-havb no book for thkm ? 1 aoeond band Coupe, tSUO; 1 two neat Brilaka, $*0; 1 Doctor'* Phaeton. ?100; 1 Hookaway, |75, 1 Depot Wagon, ?300; 1 Bxprea* Wagon with top. new. ?360 ISAAC MIX. Jr.. A SONV8W Broadway. Saddle borsb for sals-bay make, i?? handa, ( years old; wonderl'ullv easy gait: will be sold fbr wantor uae. Apply to J. ATCHKFOJf, at Mlastt A Co.1#, t? Pearl street. In the forenoon. STABLE TO LRT.-THK WHOLE OB PART OP A 8IX atall brick Stable, with ooacfc bonne, harnoaa closets, sail and water. Inquire on premises, rear of Ma 7 Wast Eleventh street, opposite St. Denis Hotel. TE? SECOND HAND STREET CABS FOR SALE; A low price. Apply by letter. GBICB d LOKO. Trenton. E.J. dbQr -GOOD FAMILT AND BCSINB88 HORSE. IS tpOtJ. Lands; Bay, UK. bands, can trot In 3310; $180; light Wagon and Harness, ?100. 123 East Twenty-seventh street. ?1 QfC WILL BUT THE BEST SADDLE OB WAGOM I'ony In the city. Also a powerful team ot black Canadian Wares, six vi-ars old; stylish drivers; easy kept; warranted sound; Ot for any use; cheap. 40b Pearl street. COP A ICI'NEHMH IPS. A partner wanted?with a capital of ten thousand dollars ,?10.(JO0), to be Invented in asafo bu siness, as yet not established; It is expeoied tnat tiie partner will take sole charge of said buslneasa. None but a business man need applv. For further particulars address S., box 4,808 Post office. A If INDUSTRIOUS MAN, WILLING TO INVEST. AS ,t\ partner, ?180 to ?8lW. with his services; can realise ?8,000 yearly income; best men in Wall street come forward and see a sure thing every day. Bring the money. 114 Third avenue, room No. 2. ??.000 made by Jan. L For sale?one-half or the whole interest in an old established Ladies' and Gentlemen ? Furnish ing Store; splendid location and elegunt siore: doing a very good ba*lncss;?rensoii for selling the present pmpr otor go ing Into the wholessle business. Address G. .box 4,784 Post oiLce, New York. November limb.?toe partnership existing between George Leo and Frsnk Rivers. Dramatic Agents, 25 West Houston street, has been dissolved by nil tua' consent, Irom the above date. GEORGE LEA. FRANK RIVERS. Notice.?the copartnership heretofore existing between Coles A Thoip, ship chandlers. Is this day dissolved bv mutual consent, Oscar Coles reining from the firm. The business of tb# Arm will be continued hy E. B. Thorp, who will sign In liquidation. OSCAR COl.KS. Dae. 8, E B. THORP. November i, imr-the undersigned have formed e copartnership for th<- purpose of Dsnes'-tlng a banking, exchange and eommiesion bnslness, under the firm of James W. Tucker A Co., Nos. 8 and A Rue Scribe, l'urls, France. JAMES W. TUCKER. EDWARD R. ANDREWS. Represented by FRANK W. ANDREWS, 348 Washington street, Boston. PARTNERS WANTED SEVERAL BUSINESS MEN wanted; good mouev making chances, with from ?'h*l to $6 000. 3M Broadway, room No. A CM A MERLIN A CO. FaRtner wanted?with ? to ri.soo in a cash manufacturing business: no competition. A rare chance to in ,ke lunnev. Address E. W., Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?WITH ?1,000 IN A FIRST CLASS Photo,1-raph gallery: no knowledge of the bnslness re. qaired, Apply In the gallery, U6 Chatham street. PARTNER WASTED.?A PERSON WITH A CAPITAL of ?30,0011. and who understands well the management of e hotel restsurant, can make a very good enterprise by joining the proprietor of Ponohon's Huu-I. 237 Sixth avenue. One who speak* French will be prelerred. ?HTANTED-A SILENT PARTNER, WITH ?2 000 TO vv t ike a half Interest hi a verr valuable patent, large 8roll la: many orders; the ?2.000 will be secured. Add r era !. L., 600 Broadway, room IS. "I1TANTED?SPECIAL PARTNER, WITH ?60.000 OR f v ?10),000, by two young men of nonalderahle business experience in the flour and grain commission trade in Phila delphia. One of the parties has travelled tor several years In the Western country, and can command considerable trade. Addres* O. K . boa 1,:C<7 Ton office., Philadelphia. YIIANTED-A PARTNER, IN THE WHOLESALE it market bnslness, with a cash capital from ?360 to ?000 Address fur three davs Jackson, box 1112 Herald office. BOAA -FOB bale; one FOURTH OB HALF IN Jl*l'u. terest in a pleasant oflicc huaiuess; a steady and honest voung msn preferred. Inquire of or address Dr. NEWTON. No. 1 Orn-nr street. a? - Oflfi -WANTED, AN AOrrm BUSINESSMAN, ?IPt J.\ 1U'/, with the abovn amount, to take on Interest In an nstnbllsned business, from which n fortune caa be made. ?n have thn position ,if seer alary or treasurer. Address L. E.. box I.till Tost office. New York. <51 ^ nnn PARTNER WANTED, in a whole qp Ld.vlUU. sain sud retail Coal Trade, in place of de ceased member, or will soil the retail yard. Address F. Bel ton, New York Post office. HIAINKSS OPPOHTCKITIER. Avery rarf. opportunity?for sale-thb tmtum, good will Fixture* nnd Furniture of a amall ffi-tcl*** Hotel, favorably Pirated In the upper part of the Pitt; any man who pan kern u hotel oan clear Abo.iW a year; prirefWUKX); putce-h; no negotiation with ally hut princi pal* win actually DOMeee the rootilbltp capital. Inquire at the ofllra of J. J OR HERO WIT, No. A Well atreei. A GENTLEMAN OF EXPERIENCE AH ARCHITECT ami denier In Ken! Catate, who . ontrola a largo htt-dneaa from the adjoining oouatry, d'.sirea to tiecnme seaoclated with ao arrhuertof ability now e*labtlsbed lu New Tork in a afmtter tutaloeae. Add mat p. L. M., Herald office, for tlx day*. Mtnaw exchanged. Aooon OPPORTUNITY FOR \MY PARTY. WITH euiliclent mean*. to join the * hertlaer In tbn mami feature of a new patent Bitter and I'liolera '"urenrid Pra vcnilTo, now ready for alr-uuuU?n . a aura fortmi". Call at 01 addreaa Bitter*. 75 Ka**aa *1.. room No 4. tour building A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY?RARE CHANCE.?TO let the deebnabte I.oft No. 454 Krondwny. wlilt Fli Inrr i for aula. lunutrn et room No (i. a FH.R KALE?ONE-THIRD INTER ftT OR THE whole. In a Preeaad mid Japanned Tina-are Manufac tory, in complete running order; eitabliahii hreo years; doing a fair buaine a. A apod opening for a pr* tloat lead no- mm will meruit AiNlrea* Roberta. Harnaa A Co .Ml Third itroel. Piliabur*. Pa rOR SALK-A PROCESS FOR M VNI'FACTttRIRfl A new hitrnlog oil. roating loaa than one hair the pi Ice of karoaeno, bavins no tmoke, no -moll, and no danger af ex pi -ton, and giving double the Hgbt. Addreaa box 795 Pout Office. FIR HAI.E?A WHOIKS-ALE BOOT AND SHOE BCSI. nesa. wlihln two hundrad mil-* of New York; lui-ineta long eatabl.ahed ol well known Itnaeaae; ?alr- ei tlrely oa h at iek no hand P'onnarntlirely amall I not over f I.5dli lo $5 000 rapllnl abenlnaety nepaaaary. s?tl*fart?ry reaaon for aelttn-'. Amlre*#, glemg real name and nddroai C. R. II., Her/tld offi'te. Patent emporium. u: nassat strhet.-manu lacturara and partie* looking for a *or* iure*tm?nt ahouH ovnniine th" ?elecilona of uaafn) patent* which tba aabacrlbera take piaaaurr tn offering. BURNER A CO. STRAW HAT*.-WANTED.-A PARTY TftORoUfllfLY otiile.-landing the lirporting and manufacturing of atraw gooda, pepeclally ladioa' and eblklren'a hata. and who haa carried on the mine aoopaaafully a number of vetira. da ?Ir-d to form a copettn?r?htp with *om? i-eeponMbJe paraon, with auffkJeat capital. In thlaclty. beat of rtforenro* gircn and required Addreaa ft L., elation C. rno capitalistic?a party having a valuabcr A riP" plmta'lon tt 111 moke a liiviuiiie ,rrangrtm> nt w.lh ona who will furntah a portion of tha capital raqulrod to cul Ilrata It. AU.Ire?< W. A. P., box 9=1 Po*t office. WANTED?IXMEDIATELY, ONE OR WORE ACTIVE bu*lncaa men. with a caah capital of about SliMlW, to form a company to manufacture a staple article, lo unlreraal u?e, which ny a recently patentad Invention can be produced at lewa than half the uaual coat. Addtcu A. J. Bradford, Pott New York. A1)X TO $!U0 WILL RTART ANY PERRON IN A aplcpdid manufacturing bu.lneee, from which SHI.HW can bt reallaed In aU month* without capital: got*' aiapia a* Hour. Call and In -eutgate at 78 Carmlna atraat. torn will ptwiasb an excellent office ?Jui It' bualueaa, anltable for a lady or gentleman; aatta* factory raaaona given for aatting. Apply at 14 Hlxth arena* ?1 Qnn -FOR RALE, A CASH HANFK ACTCRINffi vl.OuU, Bualncaa, down Iowa, lacludlna Ulock.and Fixture*; three year* eatabltahed; aalea over fMMMl Ad* <lre?a for tlirea oaya Old Manufacturer, Herald offiea. AO nan -RARB CHANCK.-FOR SALE, PON THE *?d5 city and b'mte of New York, half Intareat la one of the moat * luable Utile article* for making ever Invented. Inquire at 287 Hud?on atraat (ton ana yearly income can bh realized fly from an invaatment of $6,fl!U wall tenured, and AA.Wd per rear aalary to a praoih -l imalaaaa man. Oof chant* In ten thopaaad. Addreaa, i or Interview, bog AMI New York Poai office. LOAROFFIIBI. A" T 21J BROADWAY, KNOXBriLDTNO. DIAMONDS, WATOllBR PttfCUjCS STONES, AO. THIS OLD ESTABLISHED OFFICE PAYS THE UTMOST VALOR FOR DIAMOND .IBWELEY, WATCHES, JEWELS, PLATE. PEARLS. AC. J. H. BAItBlNfiBE, lit Broadwag, room No. A A T 811 BROADWAY?I PA* THE HtOHEST PEfCEH JX. Tor Diamond*. W?tehaa> Jewelry. An., or adranee on tba ?mm. ISAACS. Llamond Broker, oppoatte Wall lok'g Tbaalra. ElWRBROKERP tick BIS PURCHASED OF CLOTH Ing dir good a, jewelry, Ae. A largo let of flratdasi hlng at half tha ei Igloalooat 4J7 Broome atreet, corner oy HEU. LBYliT YJAWNBROKERS TICKETS PCRCHASED OP DIA I monrla, walebaa. Jewelry, ailka, clothing, Ae. i advanoe* made oa the earn* or bought at taa hlgbeat ea*h prtoaa attib Sraad atraat, near Mulberry. '""" ' A ? BDENRAM'R FURNITURE P.XPBBHS. IM WEST A* Eleranth atreet, aear Sttth avenue ? Pernltura rwpred, ar country i fnrniiure turned. Meaay loaned aa taraL Mt PurnMare peaked aad abtppeo. FIMAWCYAI.. TTNITED STATEtTTREARDRY, DBORMBER H, !*?. V- Schedules of thirty or more seven *d<1 three-tenths Coupons, payable DwMtar U, UMt, wfli iw Iw Mttiiml for examination. H. H. TAN DYOK, AsoDlant Treasurer. ^MERICAN RANEiNO EXCHANGE CONMTBHION HOFBIt jamrS w. tucker. EDWARD R. ANDREWS. JANES W. TITERR A CO. buy and nil Cnllod Stain SecuriUes and Foreign Securities, Issue and oash I as tars of Credit. al well aa transact a general oommtaaion buslneeo. and refer by pemlaalon (o the following gentleman;? REPRPKNCESt Wm. T. Andre we, Preetdenl National City Rank. Beaton, .l.imet H Betl, President Second National Bank, Boston. Amoi A La wren oe. Boaton. C. B. UoeayACo., Boston. James M ReehefA Co., Boaton, Win. r.Wek A Co.. Boaton. Clark. Adams A Clark. Boston, Wm. H. AsptawaJJ, N. T. W?. T. HI ).1 ell. New York, George OrlswoS, New fork. T. Hii' 1 Fslle. New York. Stephen Hyatt, Now York, Wm. s. Jenkins, Ctahlar Bank of America. Haw York. W. n. Moot President l eather Manufac turers' Bank, N. Y. Moses Taylor Preeldrnt City Bank, Naw York.

Jonathan Thome, N. Y.. R. Sands Tucker, New York. John E A'Uliama, President Metropolitan Bank, N. Y. W. H. Webb, New York, Samuel WlUett, New York. Howes A Many, Bankers. 30 Wall "treat, New York. Hovt Brothers. New York, Bnojfara. Tiloaton A Co., N. Y, Buaatfig, Crocker A Co., N. V W. A. A A. M. Whit,., N. Y. Dudley S. Gregory, Jers. y City, N. J. Represented by FRANK W. ANDREWS, 346 Washington street, Bunion. Bath and Montgomery county iky. > uovna.? Holders of these bonds who shonlil wish to J on. lu the suit Inst commenced against these corporations, or who should desire to sell their Bonds, are requested to report to 11. AMY A CO.. SI Nassau street. Now York city, at the earliest practicable moment. Delaware. Lackawanna and western raii. roud Company?General ofllce. 96 Bsohangn place, New York. December #, HMIt. NoTiCK.?The trunstpr books o"' this onmpany will be closed from thin date until ihe morning of Monday, loth Deeomltar, instant. A. J. OUEL.1,, Treasurer. Dividend.?-the directors ok tub butler Coal Cunipauy have this day declared a dividend, from ?the profits of the company. of four rer eent. monr of taxes, payable on the 34th lust to stockholders of that date. ?stockholder* resJdlng to New York will bo p ltd the dlvl dend :tt the. office nf the Fame re' l.nan and Trust Company, on and after the 94th iu?u SAMUEL DLtTON, Treasurer. Pnii.soEt.rRiA. Deo. 6, WW BtOR HALN-IN LOTA TO SUIT, OP NOT LS88 THAN twn.iv shores, Morohatits' Union Express Company, ?14 and 917 paid in. KLLEKY BROS., ldl Pearl .Uoet. F M -TOR RA1.E?HF.LT RAILROAD STOCK, LOW, ALSO oth.rc.'y railroad sonorities, and A full lino of insur sitco, elte aiidocuuty stocks au.l bonds, at the h ( "at market rates for investment. ALBERT II. NICOLAY. Stock Broker and Auctioneer, 48 Pino steer', New York. ONLY TO LOAN-AT 7 PER CENT. IN LARGE OR mall amounts, without delay, on (tret class Property, tu this city. KTNOACO., No. D Wert Twenty-ibml st. Fifth Avenue Hotel SOUTHERN RAILROAD, STATE AND CITY BONDS and Coupon., purchased by OldARLK8 PARSONS A CO., 1" Exchange iila O. Till. TEN PER CENT BOVD3 OF THE CITY OF SAN Fiancisoo, failing due In mc elty of Now York Oil the 1st of D"comber, IWti. will he pud In ?old by LKB8 A W ALLRR, 83 Pine street. No interest can be allowed after maturity of bond. Nqckmoxh IS, 1886. TO TDK HOLDERS OF MfrSOUKl STAYK BOXD8 IS sued U> the l'i Cillc Railroad of tho Ptnle of Missouri.? The holder, of tlie above bonds am invltrd to a meeting, which will be held on M on,lav next, tho 10th tost., at 2*4 P. V.. at th" Merchant*' Exchange ano Reading Room, 60 and 6tl Plto almei, tnenu ,der apronontton of the Paelflo Rail road Coir. cant. of Missouri, in regard to same. ADOLPI1US MEIER. GKOltUE PARTRIDGE. Committee on behalf of 1'aciflr Railroad. Nfcw Yohk, Dec. 8, IftOti. TO P PEC I' LA TORS.?FOR RALE, VERY LOW, 5.000 I'eet ol tine Gold Mining Property, or would form a com pany wild some parties. Address 130 South Foufth street, Philadelphia. ITTUIMll.YE'A CO., V NO. 44 WALL STREET. BANKER8 AND DEALERS GOVERNMENT .''TOO(tS and compound interest note*. CLOSING PRIORI*. Nkw Yoki. Deo. T, ISM. in#C ?'?. I"* Kegistcrd, 81 HAW >I08V CuunoM?? IlI&JlljK 5-2U Regletc-re.d.'tU k*l2;.07 V.'U Coupon, '82.. ill*!', ,lt4(5; 6 20 Coupon. 6 20Coopon, 06. .1(17 .107'; B-9U < 'ou, 'HA . |MY1109 .Juno, 7.30 111*.'; July, 7.M I life',. .im-.e ci Notes.'etna1,' July, Jo wlllS'.'llfi'v Ung., do fl llBV.llMC ? __ lOot, .lo Mi!}4?lU4K b-'JO Onu.'HA hbw.IIOH'. ll/J iDc-., do ?4 ill's 1IIK 10-40 iUgmM'?l..i ar,,l?>V,'|May, do 'tso IIIrilllIK 10-49 cPPSu } l.w-' AttS? Ik *11; ?f? H9W Gold U8?JSi?2 IHopi., do Hfl|iut'4lll0? Augu I . MO [lUB,1!,do 'dhllMMtf{MR WANTED?BY A MKVBER OF TUB NEW TUBE Suiok Kgrhange. a partner with capital sufficient to establish a uric lor the transa. lion of a Block Commission BosIiihs*. Replies atrlctly ooalldootlal. vddres. Regular Board, Herald office. ^ WANTED?A BO A N, OF FROM #30,000 TU ?8b,0M, for i ion planting, In Knnlh Carolina. Good security offered and a hntnlnoiuc coinmlanion for the money. Cum muDiuafe In w riling or iu person, between h and a o'clock, at New Yoik llotaL __ _ B. MAltNWEII. KHETT. Art nnn TO #iq,<kd special capital wanted? ?DO."/"U In an eiiabllsked luevailra bnalnoaa, pei feotlr eafe. sod will rnallge forty per cent on lnr?ktmo:.i. Principal a only address C. A., boi 219 He-aid oflioe. Aoril A/1A TO LOAN-IN Bf'MB TO BUIT, ON ?p?7-,/U.'/" ""J cHy i eal c Uta, I*. per eeiu of .Aim lion; prompt attention. B WILLIS A CO., 31 F1 ue nkieel, baaemem. HFEUAI, NOTICKN. ^k II s vi1C YACHT RACE. -KICHRRION TO LIGHT ship -in dr llo^k.?Tlio fa?i "ailing i?oa going! ?in?nier CH A KITES OHaMBR IlLAIN will leave peek slip. E. it , at 9 A. M : Fnltoo ferry, Brooklyn. a( Phi, and foot ol lica hrn**.-. street, N. R . at lUn'ei... a. and prooaail in the alan ine pla. ? of Ilia yachts. off Sandy Ho ik, and ml urn shunt 4 P. 1.. TnnriV.Dte. 11. Nil inker limited u> I2i. Tickets, 92 e o - t ? helm! no Imurd or'al Iff1 South street N H. No rci ?,"ih mollis to In- bad uo board, OFllCIAL CAT vLOOCF OF THE PARIS I XBIBTTtON OF 1*87. Orer ' ve r<i(liion ooplea >f th's noil, are aire lily watMerfheil for bf couMH"nlal buut-eilire. ImiuMitk appih-nRna for artr. rVstig "pat" in the eighty n??cs reserved fop the I ulted 8 later should b? made to too altersigned, aole agon' lor Die Conoep' iona in. A* all -ard., dtrroli,r?, 4r.. are prohibited by Bin imperial Cominiesiim,'.be Official Catalog-i" mvS'-uU 'o b .nuf. 'ur ere. fit hit "" and the IS-iK'Hl | Iiblii, immense utl. aatagr* as a ad .i rtlali.g tuo. im. CHARI ?.S I. LAWRENCM, ? are Ne??rs. Otilckering A Snna dud Bro.idwuy, OriffCK. OF THE ATI,ANTIC NAIL STEAMSHIP Company. No 6 Bonding 'liei-n, Serr Ymk, Nor. 12, lbf-;.-If dcuarol the Huard (if iilre tors, iioti< o i? hoieby Crti tbst In emi?en? ii'Wof ?h" el? on appofntod to havo hmi iield cri the Uth of No* mher Ins.ang not having linen held pnranant to aBob appoipttaem. an eVartioa or nine dlrenten of tbi? noippniiy SII'I lliroe MmpMtaH of the li?tt au< nn. dmg eieollou Will ne 1-Hol al the ofln e of Ute (MNBUen* on I'r' lsv. the lllh day of January, IW7, at 12 o'elr. \ Vf The I ans'er hooka at the ollloe of the FuBmaia' Loan aw* JTti.i i cmpaur will be i losed from tko lOtb to tlm 14'h ot Aannar*. IW7. The polls will '?* niien from 12 10 1 o'clock. HIANKI.IN ALI.KN, Sennlar/ SOt'TllBKN NEW FOBK, DECEMBER 4 188th At a meeting l eld tins dsy by the anlmn passengers ,,f tha National Steam Narlgatlon t otnnany'a ?t?am?liip Neat End. wMllam Hall, late we. theenflerstctied, were .pp ued a'.nrnmlttee to d-iilt tesnlations In the .? lie. half, s-yprrralre or their sentiments upon iha late riiaaatroui OOitlebii. ptrf. We all ret im our devout tlienka to (be Hirer of all Boo ' ur preferring us I mm midden death. Be. /ml?To C.ptaln Wtllum Halt, for dnrirg th- mo?t danger on- .m* Wring elraun.staneog we found in itlin thoan elnmrnt" Which make a h??*>' Bout, oalm Hid nolle, tad. and althnhgh hie ship the mmnent aftet abe was run inlo coin mcnted Ailing, erery human effort was proroeA!/ made to earn the llr -e of these mo-i lamantahiy lost, and all niices. ?ary uitentiiin pn'd to the ornfort of ti,aae ??re.l from the wpetkof lie traarlcuii "hlii Kate Dyer; anJ alone to the ?kill ?n* Judgment of Captain Hull are owe our uivat rrailnn l com a Jong and perilous journey on a framing niglii. in open boats, Tli rd- we Hereby te.ndci to all the offlrora *ti>l orew of the Scotlsnd <mr united voice of thanks and praise for their pi ompt and sh|e effort*, m e\cc?ting ih? i t,mm mil of their knperlor without nolo*, confusion or trouble, showing lothe Wo ld that true seame" have nut degenerated. Fouith?We bey to esaure Captain ffnll that should we again ke*e occasion to croas ike Atlantic wo should, with the BwaN't ciinffdenc", place ourselves under his dare, aa hie gei.lsl nature end kin i attention allotted our warmeet thanks: neither o?n wo omit to egpreaa our appreciation of thr I nd'ieee we e-p?ri"nred at the bends ef the company's agent P. W J. Buret. Ksff. ^ifth? And although -i we betl-ve eompllmentnrT no Uses are more honored "In the breach than In iho obe?ri - gnce " still we cannot In Iqstire to ourselves or others, per mit so occasion *? lamnnUtile end an severe la pace, without gWlag ? pohllr eipreaston to our sentiment Wc have therefore resolved to prevent a copy of these re eolations lo Capuin Had. and here the sumo published In the leading journal* of Saw York end Lirerpook Blgned on bahair a* the cahtniH, "migera. HENRY Ml Hits, ) GEO. CH AMBERS. I Committee. HENRY JACKWUN, < At FECI 4L MOTICM. J5 Having compleied our arte uge'aantA with tha Insurance, tka disarrangement oaiiMnl tonu, Imslncs- hj the kttr lire has now eased, anil wo arc now orepered to offer to the public at extremely low priors, a moat romplrlu and se '"'bi.aNKKTB. REDDING, IRON rURNITHRE, AC. Wholesale or retail. W*. GARDNER, 3t4 final street. mur annekk jams, or trinity church kutatr, I At a meeting of the heir* of Jacob nrower, held at Pougf.keepslr, N Y? on theSuth dsy of NovUmOar, ISM, It wae ,-rmlved to roareneagain st the Court House on .tanne ry il, el 1J o'clock: alio, that an who clnlm heirship to tlia aWe ssisto. through tho lino >f tha Brosrers, bo Iffvit d to attend, for the purpose of effecting en organlrstlnti. It waa alan theogbt desirable to produee oil feci a. raturds. Ae. All adHare that feel Incline* please copy. A. J. CATWOOP. Fresident. 'BILI IAM 1REWRR, Attaroay at Law, BBS Main street, Foughkerpsia. ^^^?COAL, WOWD, AC. r?KR.-WHO'.BNAi B AND RKTAIL. B .70 PER , :a ? ^ ?RHOADWAY THKATRH. ADMIWIH* 15 First night of the engagement limited by dednlee rang cinema to eight performances, of the eo*?ow?ugeo greet ector K L. DAVENPORT. .... SATURDAY RVFNING, DROKMBBB % MM will be presented the plsy In Are eot# of DAMON AND PYTIUAE. nlr DAMON , (this night only) MR. N. U DAVENPOBT, supported by the lull eemp?y. ,.--a-rr Broadway thratrk. admission m cents. Saturday matinkr. Open lt.S; begin* IH o'oloek. Laet eppearanee ef MISS KATE RRIONOMM. Mile Olive Logan'* enaceaefiil drsmmieallou of armadalb, for Mtoetpeetilvely the last time. .. MISS OWIIXTT. MISS KATE RF1QWOLDS. /MERMAN 8TADT THRATRR-M AND 47 BOWERY. It Saturday, deckmber ?. Ime. OttlHe Genua ee Pfeflw K??el In Charlotte Blrrh. I Dragee, Prefer Rusel, Oder die Praukfurter r'l greed I tm Teh re l' QKKMAR THALIA THEATRE BIOENSINN (TtONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOrSK. Ml BOWERY. I THALIA THKATKK. ?14 Hraadw.vy, opposite St Nicholas Hotel. SATURDAY. btcTt, IWA 3fN. LOCKMNMOEPPOHKN. RATAPLAN. H The neat Irish drama, m ? HEART Or' URIN. ? or TUE MKN OK With a splendid olio ol newel lies | AT pr!>? ELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. TM BROADWAY. i GRAND MATINEE TO-DAY, AT SATURDAY ON MONDAY, Tvo^yPaa^Asiwwdraiae, NOLU THE NEWSBOY. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE TO-DAY. _ aasHfflSMaKiwaasfa 4 YSftSVS rjf{ ?SSWiSffS!'"' The whole Negro Department In Funny Art*. A splendid new Ballet, Edreen in hi* Comic S<?e?. Ac. ONE OP TUB BEST MATIN RES OP THE SBAsi'N. COMMENCES AT HALP-1'AST TWO. K E xeellent programme. I mtnensc success. B Artists. L anghahle hiiria.-que. N else Seymour. B rllUent L udTcrous ferret. S urprtse pertv. R eprocnfatlvea Y onng African wit. T lie blurs statue. O I open A decidedly new. R e**rdlc?? of ooeA A nd funny 1. eon'M carnival. E very visitor, D E xtraordtn.irrdenee L edyorgentlomen, W liieli O n minstrel Mage. N eve "It's greet." A to nee N ewequulled. Y en must come. Y ou. STEINWAY HALL. PlllLN ARMOKIC SOCIETY OP NEW YORK. PUBLIC REHEARSAL No. S. SATURDAY. I'vctmher S, at 3 o'cloek P. M. Admission W bents. Snth.rrlpn.nn re ceived at Roharfenberg A Lois', 7K Mieedway, and at Heer A ?Schiriiier's, 701 Broadway. L. SPIER. Secretary. MR. WEIITil?TUB GREAT PIANIST, Will give one MORNINO CONCERT. SATURDAY. DBi'BMBHR 8, I860, AT IRVING HALL. Doors epen at MM, to begin at 11 o'oloek. The rollswlns artists will asalet Mr. Weltli:? MISS K ATE McDONAI.D, Soprano. .MR. JULiUH FICHRERG, Violinist. MR.. U. W. COLBY. Pianist. TICKETS. WORM'S. Reserved Beets. ID rcnuextre. SIKINWAY HALL. P1KTKKNTH SUNDAY CONOKRT. DBCKMBBR 9. AT 1 O'CLOCK. First appearance at these Cnneerta at MADAME FAN'NtE RAYMOND RTTTER First appearance In America of Uic celebrated I loUnlst, MR WKNBKLKOPTA. Mr. G. W. COLBY. Pianist. Mr. i'lIF.O. THOM AS, Conduct.*, And h's CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. TICKETS' 80 CENTS. Reserved Seats SO rente extra. MR. DE CORDOVA will deliver bis popular an I amusing Lucrum:. "MIS8BKIGUS (STRONG V.INUKJ)), HE R COURTS, I IP. " In aid of the funds of the WORKING WOMEN'S PROTECTIVE UNION, AT 1R\ TNG HALL. DK' EMRER * MM. AT R O'CLOCK, P. M ?Eckel* 5j cent*; Reserved Seats 78 cents. W he had St the door. ' * v Mrs. anna paynw, contralto. will give s grand Concert, Saturday evening. Decernbtr IS, IBM. at Irving Hall. She will he ami-tad bv several <P, tin culhetl a-ilsls. Tkkci* $1. fir sale si the hall. CNRaND FUR AMP FESTIVAL, WITH PROME:- U?? X Concert. thl? evening and etory evrntug, till !>?? ember IS, In the apartou" hull of ST. in? PERU'S CHCHOH, BalMncfle on Twnntf-etfbth and TwaatyafntS atre?t-. be tween l.enlngtnn and Third nrenne*. Munu fnrnlthpd by the ..deb-ated otnhoetre Of Theodore Themm, Dramallo pwrformaaee* every eeeataf fv lerrral amatenr oompanteat Twenty table-, atHndeil bv Ifll ladle.; brilliant noup d'uiil. Ua*> uatty L yre and aplehtHda. ray of article#, pienkma utelul ml i>m mikiiUI. eepe.-leliy tidtaMO forth'- MlUtfi. Variety of lantraema .ape.d'Uy for tihlldrou. {.Itlweu tjLo MeiltM UI a unAli P M. jtaRit MM tremWOU l&i r. mT Vruifrm i.?r*him?ie.. M. Adniluloii SB cent!; 8n.i<mn ticket $1. Proaeod* to hid in paying for ilio nearly completed eol.-.rging, heiling by meant and decorating of the ulinrth. Tin- Maasra. Steinway A Nona bave kindly loaned ou? of th. !r celebrated gratia planoe. TTKKRY TUCKER, THK OWl-VBRATKD OOMPOSBR 11 of popular ronge, will give hi* FIRST GRAND CON. n.KT on MONDAY EVENING. DKC. 10, at MKIMV.^V 8 11 ALL. The following artlala will Mr*. rit'CUNORIHie.V Mr C1KO. KTMPSOM. Mra GBOUGIK SIIKPP tRI). Mr. PRANK A. ('11ASR. Via- KATE V. WILLED" if,-at appearance*, Mr. Jolts' V. PATflNON. CEO. IT MORGAN, the celebrated orgtnial, will perform on Abo Now Groan. Meaar*. t.Tt). IV. COLBY andfllNTV TICKER, Condnrlore Tlr-tat 80 watte, foi tele nttKo Binalo egarea, Reaerved xaalgflOceptaoitrs tohobad ?t the hall. Ilooi-a Open yt4, to ooinmenoe at 8 o'clock. "VITUNDBRriiL FREAK OF NAT! RIL- Till: WASH VT IN O TON TWIN-b" burn ai r-, harlug I* > ' . four arm< and but one hmly autl one pair of Irg.; .ilgo i to bead ana right arm of Poob??. the mordet* r of ihe Deer'ng fam fly. tqge'.har the mahiiCloont olleotlon of ohjetta In 1'hyaMogy, Anatomy, Pathology and Natural Htalort all of whic'i are IHnairatgd dallr by Lccturee and MtrronooniC Vlawa at the New York Mnaaum Of Anatomy . I>I8 Broadway. Open from * A. M- to M 1*. M. t/;q m bkoadw at. s*s broadway-ssi ?)U?? ANOTHER STAR INtVI' 11KR SMI; MADAME SIHELI, UDELL. SI DELL, SIDRLl, IN HER III'WAT Riti.B, Till MGOKt.NG 111 HD. HARRV MARTIN, II \KHY MlRllN. M. SOLOMON THE GREAT AM" ItlCAN TE-i'R. Master ciuku.y m wikii tin ari.kv, BOY WONDER, BOY womikii. LADY MINSTRELS I.-Mil MINSTREL* ADMISSION FREE. Till '-ILIIT. ADMISSION I REE \TIRAi'TIONS STILL O.N 1MB INCREASE. . LOOK AT THE UAKAV OF TALENT hMpLOTRB EVERY SIGHT. REGARD Lit KM OF KXPjtt.SE. under mik DiRwtnoN or pitoPKssoR nolfman. MOSS. MEYERS. MOSS. BoDKlVjt'KS, M' i.NS. ANToNI. MOMS I'AKAYEI.I.I, SI'..Null VELA At O, MIONOR MOBLLI.O. and riu: obleiman r> si glku moms ur.issi, PERFORM EVBttT NIOIIT, AT IJJ HKOA ?\. tY. THE 11 RE AT REVKILLE MUSIC HARDEN IKfl BROAD WAT ADMTSSlOS FRE't. W7 BROADWAY. fro MtNAOKltS. AC ?"AI'M 1DAI.E." I Mia- W'aie Pi .gri'd.l . It.niol piiie',.,?ei| the i|< right to produce Ml- -' live I hi'a i of vriabt <d play enMled trma dele, ' now being plaWith In- % eateat am-e-- ut i'a H road way Utealr", * U1 negotiate trif manager >f tb.-atrea for Ita pioiluetlon. Addre- W. F BROvOE, W Wnngbby atreei, Br eialyn. (I1IIKATR?; llCKCT DPFK EX. X Kaaetved aeaU tot all Uif cL-t IBaatrss Oanoora A' tan alwiiia be "'itaiiie I at Ilio THBaTRK TICKET OFFICES, N'OH. 11! A D lit BROADWAY. OR HBS BROADWAY. ?? (JKCI BKD 81 A.H FOR ALL THE THE tTPHS. OPT. 0 ra? end phi'-oa of amaeeinent, can be had for anv night attho RlauMITItSM ai CM10KEBI5U A SONS'. IM Broadway. mtlLAT'fX fNamcaib TO I.ET -DI'RTMO TOP AH 1 aaooe.S Madame Itialort from Saw York, for the e?on lag* Mondar. vyeiine.-,tlay, frHtf, eml maPneea. for iipgten. il tout. cniuerta. leeiurea, Mr. Apply at Uhlokertuf'a, iaj Broadway. " MI'SirAI^ AniKMAN MIDDLE A'lED WID'iW LADY. AN einellent Ma.dinrol tka piano, wnnl.l l.ka to bod a altu tttton. eiilier ?a hoiieo teacht ? In n prlralo farnlly. whrre thete are iwo or three ohllilrea, or in a aebied to t-.u-h rnnab'and thaOeriiien laniyiag-: no obje lion In go to tne ol New \ork; he uigbeit releraiior, .at be given ** I" n tt r ai d ei.palH'lty: lerma mialrr.tte, Ad on- e Mad.i'ne Hat-lit, 17 Eaaei at., Brat Btair, Now York. AN K>l l-'tlhN'-KD TBAOHKB OP P1MIO AND A alnglng gltea li'??on-with daily praotloet method eaay and prugremlve: terma vithln the reach of >41. SB Thirty thirtf atreet, corner of Broadway. Alary will oivk instbc'Tion on tub piano aad Iloginif at poplla'reablen.'B for Rlu par quarter; heat of referanoe given. Addraaa, witb raabieune., boa IIS Haiakl olltoe. AT OIIRYR MP8I0AL INSTITI'TB -ALL WHO MAVK not ?ob-tadbed to Slgnnr Horra'a alt frea Itaaaaa hi niutle ararrqiia'tril it cull nt the iaalttuto In dor, from 9 A. M. PiV I'. M. tjttv Bro rlway. ABRAII NA-FfKIL'B GRAND MaRCU, IITftODtir'YO ??Wi u-t ig of the Grepn," fur vmlln 16, plaoo Rte. "Ceme Batik to Erie, ' new h?|Ud by Ctarihel, Mt FBKHEHICK BLI'MK, Sotrery. A T TUB NATIONAL CoNeBHVATOK"' OF M' sic. n J\ Mad latin arenue. Piano, Vitilln, Th ory and Va-.l Mnale; iorma $10 per t|.tannr. Oonaerrat. ry lualruoti 'n Boota free. BaublMked IdrlA. till. * OLLEMU AI IK res M OSll" AL CONftSRYATORY. Vocal aad Se.hnhertTi'a building, ftjkl Broeo ray -l.i-trnoiWaa Hi Inatrumental Mualc. $10 a term. NOKRS, GUITAR AND FT t NO FEAYKK -WANT ed, to ifdn a iimalr an t ehu uBon Hlo, on ealarr, a lady i> la a good ballad alnget and an. .m, any her wlf and ara aa the goRar. line win rati deao en pmau and lar preferred. Beat of thfeiflnflfli lequlredaud JP??n. ih Will addraaa Muniaand Elor nloa tlatioo r. girfafl all anaary partlenlara for an loi- rnew. . WEARING OF TEK ORBKNC'-TIIB Irl'h atr played at die arart refona meeting la Lou . on Monday >?l. k?*V$, ?. Bow nrl. L. nATTEBBON. FIANIBT, ATTENDSPARniML W wadding*. Aa, at it mt evening; riolln furatalmd. Ofdarareoalt I at CW ill th avanuo, aaar Fiftieth aireeC AMVBKMKWTH. YORK THEATRE. L Reneger.. Mark Smith am! I.ewie Baker. ?8IWWM regret ?im llngly l>M IMraiATlV H WlUOIllBWt made man* weeks aleee, wilder oblige JJryjf withdrawal, afi? TWO NIGHTS MORB, o? Augua U? Dal, * plat area^ne -Ir-ma. GRIFFITH GAIT NT; JKALorSY, MHIlvjf Bttta 'bn foil naresr of a aueeeesfnl run Oa gAToRDAA an.1 MONtUft utghu K wlU be giran wlthaU ttaremarfcablr feature*. THE DC EL A LA Hurt . 1>r? TUB LANCASHIRE F AT*, POLE CUMBING-I.IYR mo t'H ARB?RUSTIC DA NCR. TCRS?A,Y */rning. rtac. 11, AUTHOR'S NIGHT. IfcMfegTOf mumTa ??? ?' *? GRIFFITH UAUNT VAT1RHB on SATURDAY at 1 P. X Notwithstanding the [h.puln li5 ?f thta drama. It nnat ba wuhdrawa *0tf fl? ??'nr S|*ectarl# of A Family Circle (AalmUaiou arty' oaaU) haa been fitted up. and ia now open. A. comedy. M MARI ok LA VBUm On Taemiay mat Oixra?tiALATHLB. Ticket* at Boer A Sohlrmcr'a, 701, and at 1)1 and 114 Broadway. ,... A VfR* P. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOK THIS KVBMTMO, ind MR. J. C. McOOLLO*. 1'AKtO. BIANi'A .MRS. P. p. BOWKS*. FAZIO MB. J. V. MoCOLLOM. Tu unu.dudo with BRIAN O'LYNN. ' BUDWORTH'S MINSTRRLS-FIFTH AVHNWH opkra Houm. adiobtmg Fifth Aaanq* Hotel. W. s. Budwortf and J. Ntohr, Proprtfitoiw and Managers. URAlin MATINPR TlltR DAY AT I% H *., for LADIKS and OHIliDRKN, whan Iha aver Oapnlar NW SHADOW l'ANTOMIMB will ha played. Adml-slm DO cents. Chili!ran to reaerred Mat* Ml ? anU. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, KB URQADWAT. TBR TROUBLE OOMMRlfCrtlt AT A QC ARTBR TO % TllK KAR.KAMKD. INIM1TABLB.AJTO ONLY BIROM. W AM BOLD BERNARD A BaOKLM SAN KBANOISOO MINSTRELS whose aueae a ha* oarer beenequalled by any ain liar organltntlon tn Iha world. New and tmeerfnl Bgr lawiiiai crcrr weak: Meteoric .-'bowers, ur Falling Stare. First appearance of W. P. GRIF.R, Haino. Tronhb at the Mctmiwiltan llotal. Two Main bora of La*talat?fO too* Miami. 'i,nalta Norma, and Greasy Blaak Cook, nod Alrt ean Ballet Troupe. Q.BEAT MASONIC FAIR IN AIH OF THE TUE HALL AND ASYLUM l?UND. WfuToPRN On WRONR8DAY HVRV1NO, Deo S. At the PRRSBYTBRIAN CUUROU, aornOT ot < and Crosby atresia. The display of good* will he nnnanaBy attrnotiee, and pre sent* mLaiitag.i* for those vrlVilng lo pnrohn.iu for tha hob day*. SEVENTH REGIMENT N. O. BAND.?TIMID COM cert an Satnrduy evening, Decamber H, al Seventh regt meat triuory. Member* of the regiment and than tr end* cm obtain tick. t* from the or.lertiae, ur from O. S. Urafulla, Bund M..?t?r, No. 1 Btanton at.eet. THR FIFTH RYTHBTTfON OF VRFNCH aN" FLMM Uh Plain.iw 1n now ..pan at tUe StndlO BitthMrig. Tenth atrrat. Aduilssion tree. HAKTZ, THR TLf.i'SloNIBT. WTH. RHOFKN AT Doowor.TH nXiiL mokdat. pvrv u. MCXTvM IN PAItYO VRRY SOttN. ^jnv.VD ClIAHITABI.r F\TH PlUhniNTATTON FRSTtYAL, Inaldof theinaluteoeoaa nnd Fdi'oello.i of the De-mate I'-Uildten <n? our .Soldiers and Sailors. M. an appral to thk ?,'s? rffirt.K W". Ih" Ofllorrt ritjtl nmn*g?r* '>r "Hk it. and Brhool" lor thl KduraMoii and wainM i.?nrr or thn Itisw Mt? ('hlldrrn of our Snld'i ra ?nd Biilotm. o ir??mK MtUaH tin sympathy i>Tnl <-o-"p??rMlon In our Pair and <? rand Pro wniHtinii mglril, of *11 " ho .I??lro with u? to ?oo| tho Homo ?nrt Srliool on*Miiil '.> retviro pad oar* for nil uoodf ?nop. who ?no'? tt? sfanhrmnd orotorlion. Mra. Ii..ll?ral lfh-i?ooS <!' itit, l'r??l(lont. Mrs. Ckarloa P Daly A.I ng Prosldrut. ? Mr- M*MrOuiirtl J t'. PrtnMh Ptwl V o? Pjoaldrat Mrs Kuhtrl Fnitnr, Sooottd A"loo President. Mr*. .Inbri ft. Tnarhtoa, Tit\.*.uror Mr-.. ltaitd Hnft, Hr rnnnr. Mr* \l m. S. Illltvor, ? uno?n>onilluf jJeuratisrf. Mrs. Hmoy ?. I .aw, Mon*?or. tlr? .1. J. Van D?l?ora Mfwr. Atuoiig?rs Mr*. A*, Uormotid Mr*. R. t'UnOfd worm, Alio, Nwtaon Plitoo. Mr*. AV. isnrrlat.. In. Vt. J. SMr. niHii, Mm 0. Malllor, Mia. AA iu. Malllrv, Mr*. Iln-rjr Haltrr, Mr*. .1.inios Ultltra. Tli* Pair will ifM oi> tli? 10th of Porrmbor, and oontfnnr t>i? w?.ks. .n tho l?l Hfjlt' It API., oornoi of Rfosd*' ay Sod 'I'won'T -laird atroet. No r York. T . be UK I'tdSa! by ill* ? IRANI' I'RJi MENTATION PKHT1VA1-, in In. hold .it OOOPKIf IWriTlirK, J?PW YORK, RATPRl'AV KVENlNii I'ro JZ und?r (ho niwi. ml .lir?o Hon ..I' rrfKtrrw>RK thomar, f?u. on whit* ??>??* fliimmllto* will bo aboard by ih?. nudlrm-n tnar *rd t twxxw In pitK.mi.Nrs In *to h InwfHI mann-r it mojr nnsjf iloti-i'mlno. for tho Ko? i!i*l thorn will fw Ituoird I) TIOtST* AT "NR DOI.t.AR Ra<'H. AND 200,000 rKKdKNTtt. Hr.INtl OMR TO KACU ITOBRT HOI.OKK. UNT OR PRRKKNTri TO ftP! A WARtlFP I riiMini In itnliNbMlMGmtbttki .... AIOOQO I sjdondld Country KoMwim hi tl r-di.hontrr i.mnti, no?r No* York uty ... I tVirnar lianao mid I nt. .i?ma.r?, *.o?iU"N. A?*! I S'. una and Int. aalitnfng ibovr SW 1 li.iiiH 'anit iniin nrtMkqid. N. V . M.uhb 1 ffarriago, (torsi a aM Itarnaaa teeinpietoi. VJ.wtO 1 ..nunlI'm. .. ttUdliiwayt US loiis la Mortem, citt "! Nrw l?rk, ? '..MHi, 4 .'/in I S of l)l.imimis (King. K irrlngi ni l flitt. l.Ottd 1 l'ut.1 'it. Pulh v of Lifr insnr.nitw fvr 8 W*i ! "Kills' PaMdl Hot Water Apinratnat" ftn Ilrai Inf Dwrfilnt* I t*"' 1 oil Pali.Una of tlonrrnl II. H l.r.tTii Ffsl 18 iiri li. turn t.itld l.r*i-r At I.ra, nt r.-'l. .M-IBH 16 imdloa'lAn? tn.ltl 1 ? i aa nt. ? ?* si tm.. l.t.? lElaaaiil Urtt prruimm "Rotplro" Ai*. ?blM ... .... IM! s'fi.-rv f,i it*d ftata, ..f IJl .. I AA 100 > . laltt.itad : .rr" Srt?ft a Atn lil"r<, nSrin rnJi.l. tron at ibr r w*i???fiiims #W Nriwyw* ... r.Wn I.(WO fiifrrs (1 roil ' unit: wt- Tllna Ird Htator .. i . ? d'n Wr>. Man dtapbi"i? 7.1?K? (!*) 0?ld Pan* Pan.iU ??! Hirw?? IRK ion-, at .. I.AsI fill T.h!<: arid Tr* Hfir n< ?itd N-.ilrtn Hlnas. at Mr J CnO l.iit11 *11 Boll. ? i|.l | ? ? ?' mi' Kin.i-s at W. ? ? .t"H? rf.m* tadbmfst nt* A lowOiearticle*. - Mnsliwt losirdwrm I'm ir sti'llOff r Koml'tirr. At Httnf I'l ' % UihIi ? At orl |.nWw>, Ai n..i? Bn.rr Ant ill.. I'l intra, h Albiiin . Itic .st l"'-i? af.l Mnrrr Rinia, t .US' r ii I'huin I. i.l i Hold AVsftdlflitllJ. iii.-.?U|. Blur.. VA. i hi ?'.-tor. I rimma, . .t" Hraira'a Kaablorsl H 11 *? t , IdHlia*1 .-."s' f- if la llrtr-s tlalK. AtnoHran I ro'indii t'mn for Hoil.i At- wnriii. Knnrt.i.?. t ? .ad Hunt ? ?.( dw - in "ii nil d Prrann a Lad* n't". <:.? .??' 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