Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1866 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,057. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. L NEWTOM-UEARD OF YOUR LUCKY ESCAPE; x. atn gotag to So*ion to stay till Thursday. Send trunks I Hi. Dsnl*. J?? MY FIRST DAY OUT. you. ALP. FREDERICK?BEEN 8IO?s N WU1 wrtto Mond^. God Mess I' "^WNBAl SOLDIIB or 1,1. ? tailor by trwde, alao ? pensioner, will address a Una to ?. D. Davis. 44 Brosd street. Newark, If jr., stating i he can be seen. h? will eoofor a great faror. PFORMATION WANTED OF MRS. WM. GRAGG. Any one knowing of her whereabout* will be kind "I to octomunleale It to Thomas H. Roast, 138 Cherry ?eogk t? atieeiT FFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN 8IIEBIIAN, A native of Killarney, county Ke.rry, Ireland, by hie wife. Johanna Sbeehan. at JB8 Pearl street, New York. Mew Jersey and Pennsylvania papers please oopy. ?RTRLLY?YOU WERE MOT AT THIRTT FOURTII AMD If ? avenue, Thursday at seven: bo thereon Saturday at same hour, or address m. B., box 186 Herald office. CLICE?IF THE POLICEMAN. WIIO CAUGHT A runaway horte at the oornar or Fifty second street end h avenue, on the night of September SI, aboui 11 o'clock, or either of the men who took tee herse and carriage to the Mansion stables, will send hie address to l'ost office box ASM, he wlU confer a ravor and be suitably rewarded. ^ TIE LADY IM BLACK DRESS AMD BONNET, WITH coral earrings, who was sating oyster* In Dorian A Shaf fer's, la the remotest cornor from the door, ou Friday, Do camber 7, at about one o'clock. will sonfer a favor on an ad mtror by addressing Pluto, box J09 Hrruld office. rpo DRY GOODS DEALERS.-PARTIES HAVING BEEN A offered blue or scarlet Klannel*. by the piece or bale, by unknown persona at very low prioes, will be rewarded by dropping a lino, slating nartUini&rs. to M. R. Simons, Agent Stonlngton IJne, office pier 18, North river. IXTILL Tf to ll R. WEEKS PLE ASE CALL AT THE OFFICE to-day, at 8 o'clock T QITH STREET.?IF THE LADY OF THIRTY-FIRST 0"x street, whom I had to meel Thursday night, at seven o'clock, will be at same place and time on Saturday, she will ?Mige FRENCHMAN. matrimonial. AYOUMO GENTLEMAN WOULD HE PLEASED TO correspond with a young lady of wealth and retire ment. with a view to matrimony. Address Henry C, Wal ters, box 708 Philadelphia Post office. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN OF 29 WISHES THIS AC qiialntaiire of a young or widow ladv not over 82, with ? view to niatrtmonv. Address LI. box 17u 1 ? raid UIST AND FOUND. ?CfouvD-os Tin: ?th iebt., a red fox, which J the owner cm hsvo by proving property and paying rv Sdsch. JOHN It. TOTTLB, Agent, Buy Cemetery Station, ntrsl Railroad of New Jersey. eon LOST.-$8 REWARD PAID Ov DELIVERY AT 231 W?at t oily seveuth .tier I. A wulte Newfoundland I with a pur.ially black Load. Lost-a fur coll ar, on Till' iisday, BBC. ?. THE ftnder will be suitably rewarded by returning it to A Beat Twenly-seoond street. IOST-A BANK BOOK ON DRY DOCK SAVINGU J Bank. A !ll? rnl reward wi,l let uiven on icturntDti it to erman Plainer. 947 East T wel.fl* struct. T OST?IN A RLEEOKKll 8TBEKT PAR, A BEAD \j Purse, coiiuliiing Jai. earrings, k-y u id pearl imp. Liberal rt ward will be given. M. MYERS 823 Broadway. LOKTAWIHTR FAQHIMAI'X BOG, FBOM FOItTV eighth street end Broadway. Answers to mine of Fnnee. 'I he ijiuler will b<i rev.a. ded wit i $5 by Moving biui ?t 1st West Fortv-elgnth stre-t. I OfcT?SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, IN GOING FROM J Fifty e oiid to Thirty-tilth street, A silver Ward Mr tool Medal. Anv one reluming It to 148 East FUly-second will he suitably rewarded. 10NT?ON THCTKHDAY MORNING. AT 10 O'C&OCK. J In a Fourth MfaW cur, n?ui rtli'l,*tll st:,i"l. * t\ -,!!eL eonU'.nini; abort (Ik1 If thi fladei will leave It at 210 Grand Otreet, Willi. iisburg, he will be llbero'ly rewarded SORT?ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON. THI! dTH, BK J tween Mulberi? in-A end t nlwin ferry, ? lady's Oold o. enamelled black, set in pearls A liberal reward will ho paid li too under gill Icon Ilia srmw el III (Truth sir?' I OUT?A LADY'S POCKBTBOCK. OK EIGHTH At ? J euue. between Seienluvnib and 1-ventv-secouU strr 4. ?o Wednesday OVi-mug Return to nwmr sad 11 its Bberal reward. Mrs. UkiihN, IdR West ?<!. *?. T OUT. - PERSONS ARE UCKKi'.V OATTTI'>NKD lj against trading for or buying the following Nolo and Due BUI. the s>nne having been Inst or mislaid hv me-?Note dated Charlotte, N. O.. Oct. 7 idb> at it ruootk? StBH orawn by.Inn. Wilkes and payable to 8. Kim',-nan. on wlii- U there hue to-n one pavm- nt of gftUU. Due Mil g, n IU Bel Gm-ire b, M l'?b, ,Ieie unknown, for SI ti>". par,hlr (1 R Jtsooman. A bberu; rew ird will tm given 1... , ndn by ?sv his thrtu st J. Rothacblld e Rrow, 21 W'ari*.i an -L IkwVoii, Doe 7.18*1. M. KOCPM AJi. LtMT OR MIHI All! A ROOK OF V AM. M'RIP I Ll.T (era. belooglag to Mr rtu-iihen Msm-u, The Dialer will bo kind enough to leave I a. V e v., 1 tenia ilntcl. vkf.COATb -IF THE TWO PYKRCOA rs CARRIED oil froui Wesi Tbirly ruhtli stmi ou Wrueesdgy ? ven lag are not rrturnnt by Monday mm ig the pintles who took them, being known, will be dealt wlm arvord'nf to law, l)f7EN-IN "MARCH lam; WORT IIIINM 1)7 Fieem.uit, Mint and Colon It. R. tVimpsny, S< #0 ?r,., 4SX ?<> !*?l Inelurive: nl.n one l'. K. PegtatorviS ft 20 bond. . n?, 2 787. In usroe of Hiram Con y. All vers, -a s/a oawtkmnd -Ignintt neg listing above meutioiiad bond. DtVID W. WEfJdliLF, It.: Mallien .are. o R KKWAIIDS. ?WASt>.-ir run i-apkeb tjut wins taken j from room No. 23. K . S rtua am-el, in wndiie*4ay ?railing or TL irxilay inor .inf art ratti nod, a "uttxbl if. ward a 111 be |..i i aod no .,'ie.nonr *?H -1. They are of no n-e to nay one but theowuor. ? r. kkwakd W1IX be ItVRI por mm tijuvo a Dil lib * I' .g, n ring to the moor of 1'io'ioj to IN Ilirlaion ?u?ot Lu?l wtwr Bueoad xvc.tir and Hni;> * .traei. $5 Si.r.wiuio moii na ram run mil iu ji.; i toll Kill T?r-uiy.6fiA ali.-et of a ?iuii" Kiwi k ?'?<! (An with white brner'. uul for# i>ww. Collar oiirge-t <:? fere KBWA UU. --LOST, ON KUIIJAT, l)n'KKR f, a Rlaek ami Two l)o* with brwm collar- at ' CAOWarAfntba Baa." of I'rl.iee. Ii.y I?r?i-I 1 I. n u: hl't lami* Mendel, ltd ThirJ ivnoii, or box oin e Na v H.uv rrv if -air*, will rcm-lre the Above rewai I ?in HEM ARf)-I<>K THK Pl'R COU.AR TO Hi. ?J* I * * -."I at !)r. Biajtu.. '?, INK tie., full ? .tb winet, hw'oro IS o'ditk unto. fin rew vru.-m>?t, turn- u*r nkiht. is the lvr of <? ban. heir wr.l k'M d. .-e? . * ?Mil, f*l rotluwr Hog. gwAAIAli fWjfe I ? ..h. ? w .fii will fee pmd by returning him to M I'hmnyein afreet. tle.f ?i(l hskarh,-?.'??r. on i.ii itnil- :uKn ?. I ' ' i a i.Uek I ? .tifr Vw'hot. r-.tain ir t' othei tnj Aor.mnl Boakr The 'i'Uei w ill i-e-n. if .. . .e reward ?bit ?*ii kwp the clot' ?, bf re' U|>. ,. >kf to liopt i ? A n> Ifc Weal -tiea*. and no -tin- ul -ns amau. ?oa reward black aKo rnn^p spits i?o?. fw" i"?l in M?dt? II oil Fri.'ef l 'gh? Irvuil to Si *?i Tweaiy-Cftk eti ; no owte win ue ..eared RSWAKD- r.OKT, OK #7liNJ .V ETl.KIXi;. VblU A WUltWt CWltiOn Nteeve Button. eet V.TT> | r? . I -1. WrwihjBd alla-lit.' r?iurd at a gift April 'AJ. < Bo .1, Baraitei, ? Kxptaea, 1)6 I.roadway. ITK SBWARD.-U AT. DEC. I. AT <|EARTr H.faer >4 ?/ 12 - -I MX , , ,r- . - 1' .ir . <I?| AM IimMiiIi ul f ItMAlb emet.nre i'otibla How it. dependent. .|-mrter woe 4 open H.?.I (lold T. ?i. li. re v (km. fhw dwder wRl get the ?h?f?e ,?rH and no ua< -- tlen-i naked by lAArlea jta waeth it.tb J. nn ' hauioerlo.. ,?? Broadway. ?inn RKWARD Willi. BK RAID SOK I1R0KM\ vlvlj tion thai will lead to tb? .eewve*;- of a ?|tt?tttii? at blue an- Mm Hantwla lost or mnlA >. All oonituUBt ... Mas will h-owtld-r. d .oufi l'. .lai Uall oe or addre.a M. a Simonh. pie: 16 Ror't) r? -r. AO 'I | REWARD.- TO CABTMF.N AND RTORK BmOI' bowaa a?et*r?. - -The rawaruwltltw .1 Mr la formation whi-b Will l-ad to ikAreoon rf af l.eee hAb ECrttf if), marked Defter t?aeo ?r n.-'?? f- m p r II ?? r.rrr law. w tea. Apply at Uha afUc* o ...ti . tar Bi?uipa. n W Itllnm MreeL HdSHAU pranaw?i ' A I itRORTB'S BASBHa ACABSUIT, JL. no ju rfrm a*rnut., *mw tokk. For .lave, tenaa. Ar . pleeaa rail for eei.ealar. Dkuarmo a IrsffTB acadbrt, ? Tirni avr nae. r,,rt.?r of t .irteeaii .uvei, now oae-o fo the .??? gMaa of pupiit oa Tuewjaya and FiM .,*. Wadud-l .yn aad iwidtet. 2 la |P a. Wteam and Mawie't, I ia I P W fjenilatoeti. Tue?1?y <nd byid..* ervmn| . 'Ift iHi wl la -I. H. r .|w Ml llarai" bad t?? ? ? w \n hv eieelad Kiaiabar of Ibe Wo lelb Aedteui i'ie <ie< i'rafv.-oar? lie o eda Par.. AI iiaW du Ti>e? ra Ibpi >1 jr rft ra, win. a pla-?? k tu la hamadiala ^oM^roloi, e. a new daw w. ,i. ' ? ? 11 i j. ' i diii.'" IMP'iRTaHT v*>7tv*m OAII.T - ? OI NrLPdSN anij, *t tbe Waw Tart Maaetnwr ; Aaaw., Ill Hr.rui may lltore anxldr In Aflea.1 lb- ? Lartmr llHi. i, .tela a aaer by farwmrilo* te?. ?rt . A h|ru-? Maraxxr) oi Raw lark Mure itn af Analaaty, MA Stna.Jwap. T~mr mor.>\Ri.iRti! r Jotnm^'Avhtnn op Ibe papuler letter JPTIW ofK'l U>e Kr .Jan the p .Ik-y ?BW diiMt ally ad an it. a h?"t? ilhj ia t-a. .arl.r.w ,f 3b< rvba.l o w:li ecfxii. ,u ti^e Biwaklyn AlAatiwi n. don day evanh I'. Iter lit e,|h? ? eln-d ifietra open ai t. so'. lae?. Tba PbRneovl-- P'I U:?. la lO.aA lie ra, - , -tbi ?At. nond And rallg oia? cbaraeter ttMleta. m rm. u T-.r ?ala at tbrt ? ? l a< hook, dmd nad near rl itwr to Brood W*. and ai lb# war ou ua ? ei ln? af Ike baa* ? ? AkW PI SMC ATIOA1. A PWTdioiui?t< Af. TlkW OP *AK?UuR-riON. J\ talninr dearly ?* rap ? ,an "** pUtex and ?n drwvtpw? or the anatomy of the human or>en? m a 't?i? of ??aPb and d-anwae wllhatfwr"ae on aaHrvrio*, Is jfjl daW- onnaeqaeaee* nana 'to moid >",] bcetr. w.ih tbw aaihar'a piau ,.f treatmant?Me nalr ral. taal aud "? taaafiil SEfJrS "??*. aa .bown hy iwa mynrt of wn " di A tmikful tdrleey m tke matlM ami tboae, r .n'-'iylatlrf Sbarrtajv. wba wmM a now ibeir par? oal roadMan daat. fme of pwttR. M way adrtre??, oa receipt -I b in tiaiada Tt&ny Jk44nm m W *~kTWPRPffra Mtm-r.y, nijiF 'Tm: htdrt'or"a JJ KKimaek.1 Pay JK poailti fV. . POWI.PR t WCI.U m Broadway jMarnn, nr a MimVCTIOf. A YOUNG LADY DRS1RK8 A SITUATION IN A kind rurally in the country; gives instruction in Eng lish Erg11h and Munis; terms quits moderate. Address Lucille, station O. A YOUNG LADY, AMBRICAM. DESIRES A SITUA tlon In k Ere nek family; will (Its lessons in English, French and K isle In uxchaage for a pleasant home. Ad diusa Instruetiou. elation C. A BUSINESS EDUCATION.?INSTRUCTION IN A BOOKKEEPING. TK NMANS1IIP, As., at GOLDSMITH'S Ooinmen lul Institute. 7W Broadway. Established ISO. Private Instruction Rooms lor ladloa. A STEADY toi'NO GERMAN fS7 YEARS) WISHES to nvs German or French lessons to young ladies. Address s., box 13 Herald A BUSINESS EDUCATION.-THOROUGH AND practical Instruction In all Commerelal and English branches, at TOWNHEND'H Cumracrclsl Academy, iWO Bowery. Frlrete tuition day and evening. Koome lor la dies. AT $20 -BOOKKEEPING. PHNMANBIIIP, ARITH meUc, Algebra, Reading, Si ?tiling, privately taught, duy nnd uvemug. PAINK'S BimtU'SS College. M Bowery. Brooklyn College removed to M9 FtilUm, oppostte city llall. A GRADUATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAM bridge, England prirrman rod ex-aebolar of hla ool vee private met ronton in Cla??lo*. Mathematics. Phi losophy, English language and literature. Gentlemen pro pared for the NAVAL AND MILITARY ACADEMIES, THE UNIVERSITIES, Ac. Highest references. Address or apply to CANTAB, Room No. 9, University Building, Washington square. Now Vork. Bookkeeping, writing. ac? for business ? Mr. IKil,BEAR, MM Broadway, taeohea Bookkesping practically. u? used in the best New York boti ies. He also removes stiffness, cramping or trembling fnmi the worst hand, and makes elegant buelnesv penmen. COUNTING ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND INSTRUC TION IN BOOKKEEPrMO AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. Established and conducted bv C. C. MARSH, Author of the Popular Workl on Book ke ping, SI6 Broadway. Circulars. TNSTRITTTON TO 8PPAK AND READ THE ITALIAN 1 language wanted, by u business gentleman. Preference will ho given to a native Italian, gentleman or lady; gentle loan picferred. Allies*. with terra* and particulars, N. O. P., bo* 197 Herald ".(lice. QTENOOKAPHY OR RJTORTHAND TAUGHT IN 13 u lemons. Stenographer i make $5.?E? a year in New York. Address stenography; Teacher, box 175 Herald otllce. TFACHURS WANTED-ENGLISH, PER NUB, GKR nr.ii, elocution, cUs-ics, palming and uinstc. AH ap plications for teachers suited Immediately at the Nailooal Teachers' Institute, 5S3 Broadway. KICK A ANDREWS Principals. TlIK Tl'HK. IAROfONTHF. ITNION H AI.F-M ILK TRACkTbEYBNTY seisind street and Hiomrlngrtale rood, on Saturday. the *th of lieeemlcr. al 3 I' M. for fifty dollare a lie. V.-. Wbltsou D.iinm, clan-ns; Mr. Hanford names h. mare I?idy He 11 ford, dome day, a pnalng mstch fir one hundred dol lars a side. Mr. Undernemaa IsafayeUe to harness. Mr. White names Tom Cook to harness Adnilttanee tifty cents. .?AS. FINLAY, Manager. SPOHTINO. A I I, KINDS OF FARCY IKM A AVD BIRDS FOR ?\ vale it P DOVEY'fl. AVI Canal afreet, near Ghuroli. rutil! I. i .1. sad Tens, |U pounds oh, 13 months old; Modi nines for ail canine diseases; Prepu.eil Fiedler mo king bints. 1 PTE A M PROPELLER TA0I1T FOR S tLE ?PI PTY \ eigln le.'t long, tun foet beam ; about live montiis old; built oroak and uopper fastened; lias aueemmodsiiont for ? ight persons henldsis the ere*; la well found In every re spect. Apply on board at foot of East Tenth street. 1 xANIBlt FOSTER. IS HOGS RYE LT STKP.KT. II VH ALL I ' the choice breed* of Dogs; Foster's Infallible Mature Cures and Flea Ksl*rmluelor, 76 cuts. Medicines for nil disuses* FOR HAI.E-A PAIR up BAMINK)MR NEWFOUND land Pups; one hnriJ- >me ;<ptu. Dog; one Mack and tan. i hrce mmtlis. weighs one pound: Mask and tan Beafcb era Skyv terriers, .i.elknt ratters. Apply to JOHN GRAY, U Ifou?'V?lt stn vt. no.r Chatham. F"OK SALE i'HfcvP_A VERY FINE PURK W1HTK Tbilwii Greyhound. Apply in rton- 16S avenue A, be twom. Btevfiita and Twelfth vrret*. Lb'.lM"S BUTLER, NO. 3PKCK BMP. ?IA?t ALL THE r ehicec hies.), of Dogs Butler's Infallible M*n*r Cure 'id Flea Rktcr lii.aior. if, out*. lintler'ii new work oe the Dug f. Dog- mined, boarded. At. Meduuuca inr ail dis ease A HOItSK*. CARRIARRN. ?r. t ttcvtion rs to trh rats by auction _1 or UlRSBN, CAR HfAC KR, IMTAEf.1 NR. AC., HV VIS Kit A inMCRVlI.r K. AT THtIR UmR-K tt , T'tiN MART, M F*?t K' iirt'enih ?lrvr , nr .r Fourth if- mie, rn-BOAt. DKC II, AT 13 O'CLOCK. ?ee Uiotva head, VniMx A CORK. OH BKOAOWAY, INVITK PI'K vbaaera k> >?e|?ct inelr nkmh* miortmmt of lirai hit built ?rWagen, enuibreluit Clarano Coapar, I t*D\rn, COACHED, and atlie, tliu, rlt,?r and open w,,rk in-rle 01 tlx- lw?t tr.aierwD tuul by toe beet workmen, at 'heir oV n MunheWtT. A I, A ROB A AHORTM IiMT OK KROLISIt KURRK.V Hon* Blanvet. a Bo tn.r Hanieae at hai Tcarl ,trre. ItnpoHar ?' s. t'llery aiut Krrar/a. A? 1IOKMi-.-> TAKi:N ON HOARD. AT THE tAOLX ? Club Htable? AS Wont Tnli-tiith at tH-i 'd prierv A ,Nu. I Ho.rrt and find ela-M utUii.tenro. N. No hank kreoore mad app.y. J. 0. SIIRKAKD A AI RY StrBRIOR I'AfR OK OKAY CARHIAOK ,1 llor?o* f.a- aalo t'.ilo day, at McMjoll'a tLnblo, Vweilih ? treat at <1 Cnlvereitv flex. \CONSIONXr.NT -.1 CHOICE I r. \K roBACCO and t'tjira .or ,?l? bean, or a III ?aehaRii- for ?,xhI Home, Buggy and Hnrti-va. B D. AUK>.l)lii?a4A A - FOR I t IT I M ? fir TR . R PLATFORM u\. fprliiga. f.?r r'tfb -r d -tbla ua; In goad ->, 4,-r. fu galea of JOHN .1 VANDRW JNKAT HIIHTTNO Tor Br.iOY-AIJtO A THRU over ?eii Wagon for'O'ir: <nl<l at a lie. rain ai man'a Alal ia. Tblrcy-arenad -treat, between tailing oa uud Third evtm-iev \ DOCTOR'* FMARTO* 'AfcWi, VLAO MARNF.R*. will 'w aoM at a ? u-'flce, at private - able, IS? Hut rhlrtT foonh tmt. mt Pilrl e-rntie A MR A ' T" ' I. Tt A A lloKSK. Id II tN'D? lll'lll * l.ltA Ilrlltli pe. faet m e.ero roa.-art; ?!??? tur ? nrer ?.at Chart.*, a,i-1 ilaran-e, at I Itb avenue. eiruar V Forty. faurlti atrarf. ABKAUriM'l, I.IMHT TtRMoVIK PIJAT I' UK ton. or Do-.- t art. at- Harneee, ?t Fifth Aran i? Nt, Ub -a, or,,oar Fifth arenua and Ffrty-fowrtM ?u-eo? ArotrcRFiif .oric* FrgrriNO ??v iiorpk roR tale low. H> ' liiil* high, t vrare <????. ao-ind, kind, frae, otyUa'i. ot great aediuaoee .1X1 Meet Twabty-Ufat a,re?t, A t:it< -ARKD It All mo TRA* ?)V ITORHl:-! la-, J\. batute h b, 7 at, i a ,r?t? old. ? je> blar* st,1 a dapple lira' ?o-v-y?-ty rod- a??l r<r\?l?ler? ttttl Wairatited ID vro.JT I'- i-ed Apply ?I n'.ablav tli and 117 W?at Tw -n.j ttairat laeot. Roardix ^tabir.-NFtr, \,rrn tink aotommo dannna, writ dtilat?d, and abevo area-hi 541 tin rr tlk-t k \A KtdTMAll. HR'tWRTKR A CO.. Of MKH'MK -tTRRrT. OTFRR I ?eoi.nj 'm il. TConpet'OM in Wat- or.ler) and 'J on top ATagptia, mir own make. Vart aom ?oit *tbr.--A very rtxuanMK I Vara, tboro-tib bred. 7 yeara aid. If haejv blgli. aod parfoctl) -on,I and kind. ?he baa oerar bean truoM. and ?n lord 1- T T? alnylaor d, abla, Uh a row re,a ?'ia U a frea drlrtr, 1,-tt ? *ry bouait and will ha arid low InI attcb au into.,. Ad-traaa VY. T. but Ilu tleralii o???. VT TaCKR FOR .4A7.R - TIIR WKI.T, KRUWR A.XD r faat MtxT.nn T.,~i U 1 i., U-l/ finA Wlt'le, earn low. atalalt. IM Coat I Uir.r d:ih atraat. or at41? Wraw vtrae-.. t'OR RAIJt nao FIR-f CI.t.44 MCatNRBIt for r Y'agona. with llmaaa and Harar<?, ("he naiprna am new and boll, to order v? r lel.llnf km Far otiaMP Wm ?trk-the ?v?re auai i be . ,rp?-x-.|, g,,at aaol, fi autre ai W7 Third avenue between Iwihlh aut t >ii/-dr .t at. arte. 1AOR KAI.R-A ROAR IB IRAK, UH< HARHR I770H. eonnd and kr.d: wet, ?? ited t? tf,a u?e of a family nt dtvior: Will be fnllr nereeeled; e|?? ? l.ebl Vu-ornt Car naga. Apply at private Uektr 114 Xluih ?travh ma, nerand ?vettwa, F'??r aalk-a rAtn or bat chacii hoBbra, i?\ hand* >aa he aeon nt M RTeat ThlrttatA abavt. la gidra lor JOUR UOAfltVAX. fVlR AAf *?OVi i I.tiKK CO At II^N (JOOO OBDRR ? aim 'wa pet, i vhoe; alao e-^fc i'oibte a,?t aibiua Hletgha wbleh will be ?dd ehrap, at It NO 11A ? AtrilRld IB am, m W'-rner a e.| L'-tB HA I.K - AN b.l.K>. ART PARI A KADI LANDAU. A oa double ataa raafnt, right N>rtng< .ad tinder nar Tla?e with T'ena male "'?ueaa oo-oflete 'or a pair will be ?,-lif at a hargalt, el' -i"Me new and new la atyle Ten bo a?e# el WOOD BKtirilhitd 0"l B-gmlwav, Afoe.a lee the eaannlaetooera R.wd Bret -are are peopled to get eul na ?>?4rr ail etj tea of I">r1i mad,, t'afrtagae 170R KAT.F.OTTJ AK TltRFF. ILI'K f 7BKD 0?) ArITR*, I' > Bratta. WV"?, t?a? (-a, >" l.'ur> ?. lib gba dr. To be Mian aatU aoid at etablea Fart/ fo-irth atraet and Ft fib avaaaa. F'<m raj r- a fair or hood family Morhrx W U let Bold Bir.tje tf daairvd. Apt ly at #0 sum a,? ana. CooJ indav aaddle. V B AAI.A-A BLACK M iRB. F1TR TRABe OtxO r U?A Naa la blfb. varj faat and .irllth. wan Id ?, t far a oaarhur Aether ar aa/ llgnl Wme Warranted aobnd aad t'ad i".'Nl? aad Aiubiakariiaea. Ingatr* at Ida Baat BiaiawU 1/OR RALR-4 RRAP, A TkRT Rt'PSRIOR AND " ^wph TyaiWnd Mam leT-nre at I an Br wdway LXI* RAI.R-ABBAt~nTVi.BAT HORRY, Ifi, HaRIM I1 M*h. Rargu, ahnk, 7yea.a otd perfect la dvaty m> meet and wnr-aat-d T? U aaea at ataMaa III aad 11f *?? Twenty-lkird atraet (TOR hALR?BMOWM MARB; OA* TROT IB t ?. ? r rear* aid, MS bar 1a, hind aad arandnad daa.fUa ? ? Rood yeamg kio.l ar d ? . ,ad Can ar tr trh HOR8K8. CAHKHCE?, 4tC. l/IOR HALE CHEAP-A PINK HORHB, 8 YEARS 01 J), J1 14'J bands blab, wimwM sound and kind; alto* Buul. Bf? Wijiiu. CtaM seen it OKO. WILSON'S Con tine n. Ul Shades, Marcy annu*. Mar Flushing aveuue, Brooklyn. Horses kept through the winter.-addbesh Oaear Liodsley Oreen Village. Morris county, M. J., or Moreau k Par knr, MO Wnat street, N T. MOTPS BOO# OINTMENT-WARRANTED TO CUBE all curableexternal disease* 01 the horse, speedily and I'tTi ctuOly; no uutubug. Hold by druggist". Ac. Depot 694 Rfatk nyanaa. Must be sold?have no room for them ? 1 aaoond band Coupe, $2U0; 1 two. neat Britaka, $DfO; 1 Doctor's Phaeton. #100; I Rocknway, 170; I Depot Wagon, #JOO; 1 Express Wagon, with top. new, (ISO ISAAC MIX, Jr., k dos, 098 Broadway. Saddle horse pgr sale-bit mare. iaw banda, A yeara old; wouilarfully easy gait: will lie sola for want of nao. Apply to J. ATCHEF'iN, at Mlnatt A Co.'a, DO r?nrl atraet. In the forenoon. STABLP. TO LET.?THE WHOLE OR PART OP A SIX ktall brick Stable, with coach houae. bnrntsa cloaeta. faa and water. Inquire ou promises. rear of No. 7 Weal Juveuth street, oppoalte 81 Denis Hotel. TEN SECOND hand 8TRBET oars FOR SALE; low price. Apply by letter. URICE A LONG. Trenton, N. J._ ?QK ?GOOD PAMILY AND BUSINESS HORSE. 18 ?pO?K bmndi; Bay, liK bauds, can trot iu 8:10; $IW; tight Wagon and Ilurueaa, #100. 123 Bait Twenty-seventh street. $61 9^ Bur ?EBT SADDLE OR WAOOM ?WJ.&'J I'ouy In the city. Alan a powerful leam of black Oanad'an Mares, alx v.-ara old; siyluh drivers; easy kept; warranted sound; fit lor any use, cheap. ASK I'carl street. OOPA IIT'NRHSHH'8, A PART .Kit WANTSIV-WITH A CAPITAL OP^TEN thousand dollars .#10.oft)), to be li ve tail In atafa bu sineaa, as yet not eaubliahed; It is eipemed that tlie partner will take sole charge of said busiiiaa-s. Noua buta bualneiw man need apply. For further particulars address 8., box 4,lied Pont ofirce. An industrious man, willino TO INVEST. AN pa. Iner, #100 lo #?W, with his semcei; can realize #8,000 yearly Ineon.e. bent men lu Wall street eome forward and see s sure thing every day Bring the money. 114 Third avenue room No. I. gs.ouu made by .Ian. 1. 1mm rale?'inf.-ii al? ok the wools interest In en old i sbll-hed Ladle-' and'leutlemen * I urntsb Ini? Store; aclendld lrcaimn unit e! c;utn surra; domgayery good li'js1ne,s-?r?'?i<oii for soiling the pre. ent propr dtor a" ing Into the wholesale business. Addraaa i| .tint 4,<84 Pout, New York. November 1, ink -tub partnership exohtnw between (Je.irge Lee and Frank Rivers. Dramatic Agents, ril West Houston street, ha- been disiohr.-d by mu tim' consent, Irom the above date. GEO ROE LEA, FRANK KIVRRE. VrOTTUP.-TliE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE is 8.1st lite between Coles .% Thorp, shin I handler*, li thu day dissolved 1'* mutual consent. Oscar ?'o|e? renting Irom the liem. Thabo iues* of the flrru wlU be eon'ln tec by K. B Thorp, who will alga In liquidation OHO A It <'??!.KS. Dim . it. 1*10. r. B THOtP. >JOVKMBirR I, 1W?-rnE UWDEB8IONED HAVE I formed a copartner.hlr> for the ptirpoae of t">.|i;, ting a banking, e^<nuiijc romniLsinn bnalneaa under the firm of James w. Tticker A On., No*. :i and a line Bet iba, raria, trance. ,IA"E?W Ttlf'KER KDWAKIi R. AMlllEWN Represented by FRANK W. ANDREWS, .146 Wa' Mugful at reel, Boston. ?pARTNF.riH WANTEDS?SEVER AL BUSINESS MEN ? w allied? t ,| mot.ev rooking chiumes. with Irom #"*?ltO #.'.ix*>. 108 Broadway, room No. 8. CMA MERLIN A XV PARTNER WANTED -WITH #1.1**) TO fl.MO IN A I na?h mannt suturing business; bo Competition. A rare rbatioe to ru .ke money. Address K. W.. Ilerald ofll e PARTNER WANTED-WITH $1 000 IN A FIRST rLARtl Photograph gallery; no know!edge of the husineas re. 0' ired. Apply tn the gallery, 146 Chatham street. Partner wanted ?a person with a capital nf #Si.'l0ii and who understands well the management of a ho'el restaurant, ran make a very good eulerpri-n by joining the proprietor of I'onuhon'e Hotel, 227 Hifth avenue. One who ipcakr Preach will be preferred. TKTANTED?A SILENT PARTNER, WITH #7 ft*) TO " ? Xe a half Interest hi a verr valuable latent, large profita; nii.ijr orders I he #2 000 WlU Ic secured. Addpe ? E I... jpw Broadway, room U. TNTANTED?tiPECIAI. PARTNER. WITH Ift'.ufiO OR TV 0IPI.OOU. by two young men of iwoaideralile business gxperteoee In the gou" and gialn enmuoasion trade in I'hll.t delpbla. One of the I>ar lea lua travell-il foe aereeal yeara In the Western coutitry, *nd can '-otnoisrid eon-hlentble tr.idi. Address O. K . hot 1,867 Post i glee, Philadelphia. VL' ANTED?A PARTNER IN THE WHOLESALE VT market business, with s e-ish ? npltal from 0'iW to #1**1 Address Tor three days Jaeksnn, bos !IH Herald otto ?. tf?4>AA -FOR BALE, ONEPOCRT1I OR HAI F IN O ? ' tcren iu a alia as n> ofiioa huuMB a stmtdy and honest vounj man preferred Inquire of or addrrm Dr. NEWTON. No. J Green, street a?-r -wasted, an active burinrhp man, ?#lJs"/V/"e with the aimveamount, to take on Int. .eat In an established business, i-nm which a fortune, an ne insde. An have the aoelUon ud ? eury o treasurar. Address W L. K., bet I,bit Post odes. New York. <51 C nnn -A PARTNER WANTED, IN A WHOLE V IkJsVf\J\J. sale and retail Lost Trade iu pla w of 4a ceased member, or ? .il aoO the reull yard. Address P Bel ten, Naw Vork Pom on. .? 81 4IWKSM OPPOHTI'WITIKM. ATRiT RAKK pPPORTURItT.-rpO* IAI.K?THE Ia m, *<?-1 will Ibtture* eed Huraitur* of <? annul dr-t ila*? Vnoii fe core n|y bam ?i| hi Utr upper part of the rili, am in ii who an keep a hotel aao eiear fttn <W a pear; prtee ft? nut); pa-tea-It; no aWAlMMII ? to any hul p'iu?. pal. who nrnialiT ?""?"'?i. lh? m.|iii?iu- cilHil, I nun me at the alftee of J. J QRKEK'H.'VH, No 4 Wall sweat AOI^rTUCMAN OP KXPKRIBRCE AH ARCHITECT ami dealer In Raal EatdNe, wh? -onirole a large b? Ineaa frutn lb* -idjitiaiaf no ntrr. d i*? lo 'ini* *e*n. ated with ??> ?r*hf.arlof ah;;lty Bow uakabtl .bad In Raw Turk in a ? mtlar i aaiueaa. Id-lf**. P. L. te . Herald oft -a (if all ilafa. H'J?r*n<-aa r ? hr.nfed A noun opjmrti ritv h-ik any party with anUe-it nt Wi n, to i iia Mi* ? liertlaer In Ik* menu faet !? at a B#w pa'ukt Filter and Cholera Cm vrni:r*, now ri-nly f ir on .,ai?in. tuna fmuni". fail at Si itddrae* Bitter*, 7S Nanmt w, , mnui R. 4, mar building i eiwnkhh orroKT"*!Tr uii'i ? iuvi h ri? *1 let thia <l"?lrnt.l# I-oifi jai 4M HaftaAwaft, with Plt tarea fur t-.le. lu-i ureal ?n R? d. * |A<.K HALB~??NK-THIKf> I RTF I! MT OR THR r whole, in a HmanH an* .lapannr-' Tinware Manufac ture. in complete r-iaalod >n lr alu vhed hrae jr*arn; M< . a fair buaine a. A gp> <1 op*-. nr fur ? pr? tloal tmat *"? maawftl mean* Aihifea* Kotwla. lamn A C'O , dp Talid it raal. Pittsburg, Pa rOR ItllUA PHtV'ttm KOR II AMI PACTt'RIEil A new brming ml rowing lea* than mu l.alf lb* prim of* ho -rr..k?. i?? mi l', a -1 no 4*nan of at pi l ot, an-l ?i?in., double Ik- lift. Adilraaa boa >95 Poat ?BW. ?- ' 7^ Wf j *_t fjbtiR HAt I -A H HOLh' Al t' UH.T A*f> 'HOR WTH|. 1 nn ? will . tun ' ">l in tar a . i-u long,.M or well known ? aeaaa; rale- e, thrlj b *i elt on linnd r'uaiiwiatleelf ai.iiII ihImu f to ft'mm f?,il?>il aire li.teljr an??iarf. Halielar'ir' v r*a*r,|i for MHll ?. A el* *ra, fi'liif rial a.i-it and aMrwa C. K. H . Harr 11 il?U Patent Kwpnttira. in *A>H*r htrket.-xari: la. :r?r? ?ml partie' looking fo. a a*r? lareataent ahnul-1 e mine th* el*'.ten* of (.artful reierui wh'i-h the aato rltrara !?<? pleaatn.; In nffbrnk ROM 11.K k lOi CTRaW HAT' -WAMTf.H -A PAHTT THOElt|;(,HLT " iinile-'UniHna 'ha larlHinIna and aan?f?iHit n| of a-raw go ?**> ffWohr lart'ea' and ?alntreu a bala. and who ha* e* r*rd .m the ?w anaiaaaf nlty a no nher of eear# 4? alr-dlo form a t* paitrtarakip with -nno reap .n?'hl' pn on. vih ? ntiiMnlcbtn'At, la thmeitf. 'oat el Itfataai t jirrn and .-orjiiired Addr*a? H I., lailen t'. r> fAPITAl.tSTR.-A PARTTHATIKit A Y ALT ARf.R rta* ;.labia-lun v. HI mik? a Car", .nm *rra-a?o ? nt w ih one a b* will urnlef. a p of ibe rapttsl ?-| itr?t Wr cdi UetiaR. Jtdlre-'W A r.. bit H Pa* ilw. _____ IVARTElA-fEWEHIATKl.Y. <?H HOPE At*TIVB YY bua.iir ?* men. with a **rh eapllel af ab lut RllWdHi, to fi-rai a oooipanr In Btannfart'ira * -laplr ar.klr, ia onleeraal riaa, wblrb t.i a . miljr pate n.*4 In. rntioa ean bew du el a- iwritaa half the aaual boat. Addi-a* A. .1. BradforA, P et of) ?. Raw Toft. At)' ft) til* WILL RTART ART PEKHOR IR A aplandrrl aaan raainHoa b-irtaaaa, from whlrh ?In aimiN reai.ard to al< mortba wilho u rapMal; fioda camaataoar. Call and In arllcale al 7R l aritilna atrraA (APA Wl: I. PrcrtAAR aR RtOBIXRRT orrHH ?Deor )M baaiueaat an I tide for a lad? or teoUeaiea.> 'arvarr reaaaaa rtrn far arllia* Applf at Id dutli arer.aat -rm hale, acamr KtRtrnuflillM Eaalwraa, down HWB. laetadlng * err k. and .800 ^Mtiraa. u.rwa j**r* *?tah!iabr-l. aalaa "ftl fRlOB Ad 4M wAwayiMKMe ? - >' -al - ?? ? A>) niUh ?RARE < HARcn -POM RAT.*. POR TRR ?d5.*"l"". rdtjr and e te of Hew tork. naif InieraeA tar one of Ilia wot a tue'ne liul- arirolea for mak.i 1 ta raejr ?aartwreaMA. IkRtia al SI MM atreet i i i inn teaelt in<ri8e cawja rnr.kumm Ir m an Ir.roaonent of fti.RU wail aaetareA, and ftr.WH aa> tear wlrrf ia a praail-* 1 ntalaaaa mM. Ou* coane* in ten IbewaaaA. Addraaa, far mlaraiew, bad t|R Raw lark Pa* ailrw. M?AR dlKKId r.? "2 AT III REft *f?W AY. hRHI R' fLmR'l IHAPKYflft, WATQlfKi. Pt P.? HH'j RTORKR. AO. Ttlle OLD f bTARLIHHKH Q#t|ON PAYRTHF L"T M?u?T YaT.L at P??R HI ARORIl lf.*llI.IT, WAtCHRR. JRWHtdl. PLATE Pt.ARLd. R.\ I H l. ARBTRf-KR. til Hroadwap, room Ro ft The T Ml RHOADWAY-I PAT THR NltlMBMT WWfPW* fur li'aitt. od?. W.bthaai Jeard ), A*, or adraamaa TRAACti. nawad Aiakar. offtuatM Waii^A'* IMMt ?pAWRRtUlREUf n< ARIA PL Hi II AM Eft OP r.UfTfi JT Iwf di? fteida, )teW*'7 Ar. I l-fa tad of Srri naaa trothlaft al WIr the ai |ul oadR. Ut RriaW* 'treat, ommm Craaby HEO LhYIr^ PAWREEI1EERR Tit. AETb PI R' UAMPO OP UIA Meeds, wot*be* lewairr, alike. ate-lAloft, A- . *d**aw>* Ma4a o* the mm* ar f-> icbt al IA* htftbea* en-h prlaaa at Nh Oread atraer. mm OaitwrrY 8*FH??*IC0. a . ariihid ' PCRRITI-RP nw. ? l Wf-r J%. EterewU *tr*et. aaar Math aoawda ? PkraMai i MRadd. atta ar eruiair} farartar* atarad "?aWY teaoai M fipat Maa f err Mara peaked aad attpftaa FIJI A If CI A.? i. Uf SITED STATES TREAH0RV, DECEMBER k. IMH. ?Schedule of thirty or mm seven and ll. r?e tenths C"upona, p.yablo Drrwber 16, la?t, will how be received for examination. H. H. VAN DVOK, Assistant Treasurer. ^MF.RICAN BANK. NO KXCHANOI COMMIMUON IIOUBK, NOB. S AND 6 RITE SCRIBE, PA RIP, Fit A NCR. JANKd w. tuckp.r. EDWARD K. ANDREWS. .TAMES W, TTrKRR A CO. buy and Mil 1'nlted i<UE? hi a.?? and Foreign Heeuitliea, Issue >uu cmIi i am tar* of Credit, *.< wtll as truwt a general cotomtudon builneee, and refer by r~ refill''? fo the following gentlemen;? BEFBNfNUBMt AYm T. Andre we, Pre-wtent Naltoual ONE Bank. Ronton. iond Nitloi ~ ~ Jemee H B??l, President Herund National Hank, Bnmon. Amos A. Lvwieuoo. Ronton. C. ?. Horsy A Co., Bdehm. Jamea tl Bed e|A Co., Boston. Wm. K.Weld A Co., Roeton. Olark. A damn A Clark. Boston, Wm. H. AaplnwnlL N. V. Wm. r Blod ;ell, New Turk, Ocorgu OriewoM, New York. T. H.i I Katie. New York Stephen Hyatt, New York, Wm. b. Jenklna, Caakior Hank of America. New York. W n. Maey. Provident Leather Manufai'.urore' Bank, N. Y. Moves Taylor. Proaldent City Bank, New York. Jonathan Tborne, N. Y . M Manila Tucker, New York. ?'"uaitiati i hiji nc, iv. n. nkiitia i iivrdi, nrw t">?. John K_W 111 lama, Premdeut MetrojeilU in Bank, N. Y. ?W Tot W. H. Webb New York, hutouel W1U?U, New York. Ho wee A Many, Hanker:., 30 Wall 'licet. New York. Hoyt Huotaan, New York. SpaBbrd, Tlloaton A Co., V. Y, Bi.miIik, Crocker A Co., NT. V W. A. 4 A. M. White, N. Y. Dudley S. iliedory, Jersey City, N.J. Reprctumledby FRANK W. ANDREWS, I4ti Washington street, Hoaton.

Bath and montoomkrt ooofr 'KY. > bonds.? Holders of these bonda who ahaiibl wtab to join tu tUo etrtt Inet commenced ng'.lnut theae corporoUonv, or who ahould desire in sell their Boiid>. are roMMthd i? report to 11. AMY A CO., kt Nassau street, New York clly. at the earliest practicable moment. BKLAWaBK, LACKAWANNA AND WESTERN RAH.. road Company?Ooaarat office, 3U Iixebange place, Sew York. December6L I<M Nonon?The tranvfer book* o* tbla oompany will lie cloeert from tine date until the morning of Monday ttitli Deeembar, Ibatnnt. A. J. OCR Lie Tioaetirar. D1VIDKXP.?THE DIRECTORS OP THE NITTLBIt i loal Conipau? Uav.i tbla day declin-d a dlvl lend, from ?the profile of tfce ootnpaav, ot four per eenl. of tatee, poyniiie on the !4lh that, t ? MoatulaM of that dale. Hlockhelilcrv residing In Mrw York wit! bo p-id the dlel deiul .t the office of the Peru* Loan and Truat Company, on and alter Lbe 24 th tuat. SAMUEL DlilTON, Treasurer. I'ii 11 a nr.i rut *, Dec. 6, lldrt FVJR RALE?IK I.OTA TO SCIT, OP NOT I.KHH THAN twenty aharoa, MpAMb1 Union Bxprmu Company, $14 end ft 7 paid in. ELLEKI BROS., ltd l?r?rl i.truet. IjAOR 3AiE-.HF.LT BAILBOA1) STOCK, LOW. ALSO 1 othereity railroad romulUsc ?? 1 a full Mn? of Intur anoe, i Ky and waul) ito,.ka an I hon u, at ihr !i. rent market ralea lur uivcMuieoi. U.HEKT II. NICOLA Y. Stuck Broker nod Auctioneer, 43 Pine ?.tree', New York. ]VI OSi/> TO LOAN-AT 7 PEE CENT. IN LARGE OR -loali wwuuU, without daisy, ou 11 ret clai . Property, ihu city. KTNfl A CO . SO. 1) We>t Twenty I bird at., Etftli kvenan Hotel. SOl'TJimiN BAIL ROAD, RTATR AND CITY BONDS and Conpr.n.. turcbaeod by CUARLEH PARSON'S A CO., lh Hki u'a A qillL TEN PER CENT BONDS OF THE CITY OF KAN I Kraaciwa). falling In uic "liy of Nfii* York on the M en bet, |?6d. will V I ad In /..Id by I KBs A W Al.LKIt, SI Pine ?'reet. No imerekt can be iMM ?fl"r meiurity of bond. Nori aim 13, IhRi TO THE HOLDERS Of M/ffSOl 111 STATE BtyNliM IS aued ^ithe P. cille R?llro* l of'he St?t* of Miaeouri. - The holde'-"f the v'kjt* Im?i I* are invtu 1 pi a ii\e*t!iia. whlrh wttlbehelloa Monday neit. tbit ltMb Intl., at iS ?' M.. at the Mneebante' Kaobange and IteaiLng, fid and A3 Pine alroet, tu mn .iter a prot*i'ttlon of Mm I'ait ie Rail road Cvtr.iauiT. uf yiaeoarl, in ;>i|(at'> to uai AOOLPllCM MFIKR OPOHi.E PAltTP.IDUE. '' .inn.ittea on behnf of I'ai ill. ItaSiuad b'aw Yoaa, Dec. b, IN>i. TO tPEi I'LATORK .-POR SALE, VERY IdiW, f. )0O lees tine u?ld Mining ProprriC or would form a uoaa pauy won tome paitlei. Addreaa 1>I Suutli Fooftk etreet, Pbl.?de').)..k. [TT.BMfl.YE'A CO, \ N?i 44 WALL STRUT HA V K ERR AND DEALERS IIOVKKNMENT TOUCH ANB C4>MPOt'ND INTERllKT SOrKd. I Boy-1 sell-11 llt?*|h*i! U'i lie*. I i m* I Ittg. Re*lateted. HI |ltea^ d'W^I dilue, 7.N1 9-S. !ter:?t..,ed.'W HA ,;.t?7 ! Jo a C ftfotov Nllllf.'} tltv A J Coupon, -IB il'h(;,l.4.,;| July, do 6* &?tc.,u,k.? i*Hj ?WJ(|Ang., do. WJl*?j IliS lian^ , .1 I, . lie . I |Oct, .111 <H 1!4 ,114', OtCMk Waw 'ld* M) ' 'Iter., do .:m rs ItaaMteiwl..! ? i?l'? I'-l J. do .'fio 1H-1II1I'< t.'eWpu, , HO Ana , o <?-j. ? , tte>. Cold Iiwl Wl2JU*p4., itu dfi IU?','llU? Angut. 71*i ItU 4,l?WJi|Ort.. da ijllopJi ft 30 C'eipeili. 00 A30 tWm Bear lo. eu r ? 10-4.1 WVNTED?BY A MEt'BKR UK THE NEW YttHK St wk Ki' hange, a partner with cardial 0'.e;u to wiahltal, a urn. tor .be tr..-.ka uon of a Hinek Commletdaw S'lvli.'-ae n.-pllea ktrl.-tly ci.atidcoUat. Addre* Hep War ftoerd. Herald office. w TANTKD-A I#OAV, or FROM gN'.m Di'1. fori ? ", li Hoalh t>roilnn. 0#.l kacprlty ogere.l and a Bandawim ewmelealde for tbe ladWW. muBiuate in wrtUug ur lb pereuu, hetwc, j, h ?nd 6 u'lI<? at New York lloh ) K BARNWkl.L KHltTT Q|)0 TO Sia/oi PI', ikl, ( tflTAI. " tNTUi fit an e.iahl.'bed leC.allra iiuelneea, per tecGt er.fv v id e ill i. 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Kirn night of iha *r gagameni limited bydeAuAe er i-n;'.ibr[it? w eight perfuiuienre", of the aek?ow?ugea great actor 1. L. r<AVKNPO*T. SATURDAY KVPN1NO, UK' KMBI* A M* will be i lh? play Id Ota acta of DAMON AND PYTHIAS. _ DAHON (tlila night unlg) . ..MR. K. U DAVWPOBT, suppui idi by ike I ull omnpany. Broadway theatre. admi-rion so ckniu SATURDAY MATINKK. Open ItS; brgtna IH o'clock. LMt appe* of MISS KATE RKlilNOLIIN Mlu Olive Logti'i aiirceaafiil dram.. Hal Ion of akmadalh, for moat notlUvely Dm loot uma. MIPS tlWIT.T. MM K ATE REIONOMWI. GERMAN STADT THKATKR?40 AND 41 ROWRKY. SATURDAY. DBUKHKKR \ Kim OtUlle lieu-a u Puffer Masai III Charlotte Rtr b. pfelflNrN grand Drama. P lager Ku??l, odor die YrauUirtar Mrua lot Teh re IYA ^ EKMAN THAU a THRATKK. BIORNHINN. mONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. ?1 BOWK.KY. TO- graat I.l.b, thd 1 HF.ARi Or' I-BIN. MATINEE OR TUB UN OP S?, I TODAY, Wlih ? ajAeiolUl olio ?l aovalUea j AT pJhKamnk ON MONDAY. TaoyPaMur la a new drama. NOLL, TUB NKWKHOV / t HAKI.KV WHITK a TROT PC TO DAY. ot.KAT MATINKK THIN AKIKHNOON. (IRKat MATINEE iflJB AFTEkNoON. 614 Hruiulnr. y. oiioo-ilte St Nlubulaa Holol. BA'rrniiAV. dkc7a \ma NN. LOOKKNMOBPPOKKN. RATAPLAN. A eli>u<lVj VtnlAm bill for J.AD1EH AWD OHIl.nSKN. me of LA STATUE OOHIUOK. The whuin Nauru IP-pa rttn ml Id faun A>-u. A i p|. ndlu now HaUet. I.ueaon In hta Corele Ser *<?. ONE OP TUB PERT MATINRRH OP THE AHAju N. COMMENCES AT HA LP-PART TWO. J^Kl-J.Y A I.RON'S MTNHTRELS. 710 BROADWAY. f ire. lent programme. I rnmenae ?u<--v-aa. Y) ArRoM. I. engliiblr I urte ?pie. N eiae K?, H rllde.t I. udTcro'H fame* R urpelao party. R epre*. mat I tea Y oun^ African ell. T lie bin A fttalue. O I oik- > A decidedly ne* K eg?r4l'"*of eoat A ml finny i. ton's carniraL K r-ry rlallnr. D rHneoU-aia B *trs"-dln iryr1a??o 1. ady or gentleman. W uieh O n minstrel ?ta><e N aya ? It'a great." A man N eyer."|nulled Y On muat? ow, Y nu. STKINWAY HAM.. IMULD UIMOJUC ROOTBTT OP NEW YORE. PYHI.K! RW IRA ItR AX N?. r> SATURDAY. I v. mher *, el Sevlnck P M. Admt*?l?ii Ml oenU. N?tbeerfpn?n? ra .-e'ye-l at Kahnrfenbe. g A l.'ila*, 7W Broad way, and 11 Heer A Schirmer'a, 7IH iinm.iaruy. U. Hl'lRlt, fftUkry. Mr. wF.iru?rnB great pi vnixt, Will gxeone MORNING OONOBRT. RATI'IIDAY OtORMRKR 4, latid, AT 1RVINO HAJ.Ii. Dnnra "je-n at 10k, to bindr at 11 o'olouk. The rmiaarlue ai itata will aaaln Mr. WaUll ? MlMS K VTF. BoOOKAI.D, Soprun.i. Mil. JCLiUS RIOHRKRU, Vlollnlat. MK. IJ. W. (AH RY. KlanUV. TIOEKTH. iWi'KNrn. Revaryad t ?n. 6U . ?o 'a extra Si KIN WAV H ALU riKTKRNTH SUNDAY OONOBRT, DECR.MBBB ?. AT N O'OLOf *. Pint appeeran.'c it Uiean tlmniti "f it AliAMK KAN.NfE RAYMOND HITTER PUn>l appoarnnre In America /?( the relebyntel \ lul M MR WI'.NEKX. kOI'TA. Mr. G. W. C0L.IJY. IVanM. Mr i l/r.O rUOMA.N, rui.J jr'.-r. Ami K'u ? KLEHRATr.D OKOHKHTKA. TICKED- M cfr.NTH. K.eM-.-Tfld naaia HI uaota atlr*. MR DE CoRTkJYA wilt deliver bin p-ipuUr en I jnviiliig I.T-T lU' K PJUUBnBQ#(BTIipNUMlNl)KDi IQICOOCr.Yn up In alrt uf llie DinJa (if iha WORKINGWo"RN h PEIWROTIYH UHTOJI. AT IB'. !NO IIAI f. DF' EW SEP a |h(A, At h O'JJL'N*, P. U TIeketa W neota; Rew-ryeg e^ia 7i rente. To i* 1 ,?1 Uie door. M IIS. Any A fAYSV rhh'TRAbtff, will giv* a fr?n4 OofNurt, p#tilvi|i IB. i it frnfi/r Han. Hhr h*A*vmirA%4 , gaS hKl irlw?. Tlrkrl#|l. for *?!?* m tl?*? Halt fatti fnmrjiTa, hitii piu^k* \ih* J t nucrri. f?v?nlM a??d 9% f-ry ?ventfe*. Irl) Ik ?mlu 15, In Ut" 3| i bdkjt of #1. jro pfikx'H oh r mm, Kmran^w *wi Ttw?ity atffhtfei ?i?<l 'i *cnt/-iilut* ftradl t>^ iw'i'ii aim Third .?r*n?t?*. Mnal' flifTtltHrd hy IM A.rl#b-?uaf tmAutvtm of tlW NW I>r?matkj j ?irforn??ri<,fiA? f ?ry p*rp??in< i?ir w *al ar??4in?r iBMctII* ? briHtanl ruiip 4'uBL u ?t!y U f- ?r<I u ray nf artlf toa, iiarl<ai u l oruh^iU. rep" t%l/j| * for ta" holMnf*. %'an#t|r of tin rwt**'.*. for ?.lail ?a*?fB. imtn"** Iap ) afttA H V > 'l^n ?rfciii ?s UU It u* K a. ?#*? M Ado'i ai oMHc: t'.-kt 1 $|. I'roffd* t< ?*? pa>iAid U?o ima?i> ?utrig4alr4ao! ?' llf and 1 i# o pting ?f ill# i!uor u Thr M^arc. A Ku a Ija.? fcin.I'if tiiau^il ou? of ih U' i flehr .'M (,r ?f. t i?iaic?? HKSKY Y'.-rKBIl. THK Oltl KRK \Tf.Ti fRlMPORKR W P'lpiiln-- w'Mjirr I,la FII.-T . I'A'Ti I ON. PRRT ?? <IOKI>Ar KVIIIIM, DKO Vi, ?4 -IKIMV ^Y ? IMI Th" aai...i% mill aaaii". Rtr BIHil.RCRIJoVV. Mr (IMi f*P- #> Mr' oKiM.iiiiiiiic.itiiin. Mr f:.*vn *. CTu i: Via- K 4TT >r. mWT.1T .1 tMatwic* , Kf. J> >lf * * P* ? i. ill. V?' M ieuM, I'." .. M ?., pill Mil. I I , S"? I >r,. V?M, I I i?. TY roUY ant ill !? I! i Ti fJK KH ?'?in t in .r? 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HARM t I.J PR* 1 OH'*' A rxuKftfTi dip* P '.'irlt^im Vi .a M KYI' li A VOIR, R t?RI<M '<?, Mint, ami xi. ?ipi riKtrt; i, /??? 4>.H 1.1,14. a I >: ? i" i I {>. axp fitR < tm.r 'Ah 6 ni fji.KH "in ? . ITKK" ;?< J . Kit! 11 A* ? HCOA . It M*f "KtAT K..YBII M. *INh' "AK"': ? BR|. > >1 ? Y. At)VITa> if I Rl *r IW t ?IPYaY. fru V| ? JIA IKR A 41' * M?A ! 1 tliai i . a 1 . ga ha., i .? 1>.? ha in I I ? Ml.. ' I.I < . " *?? ' r ??.? ? i ? I ? m ? k I il*? .1 la, 1 |i ? 'aNiif |4. ..I B.'l. .? | >a at. BOaak d !>? hi.? I>. Hi - a if a " ?i? 4 BiT" ?* ? - ur-? t"1 l!? 'II ... . A'ld. ? R' ? 'IK' ' B> R ' Ikll" Nf al.aal, p a. | II '|'l. i. AT ft. rtcRKT ?>' PI' ?f. 1 Ka.a* ..I ?i-?M '? AI. Tka '? 'A" ABU ?!'. .r? . a ... Ill THi' ?''ill. TII-Y .. 'f!.*?'?. N i? II? . f? l'< R* A ?" A" *Y. ?l? Hf'/AllWAY A-l" Kl ATA Pair AM. IMP iM? !*. or. a raAMMhil ? ? ?' * ?i.. ?i>a. n- >? "i #?*??" H IV -.1 TKRaR ??'?. a ? liN'Rt.HitM A AM KmAmr MkAt'.K I- AM ?r? T'. i. 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