Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1866 Page 3
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A ?rr?'%'l'IOT? WATTHD-riMililCS. Ayounu lady. qualified to KEEP a hkt or bauks by single or double entry, desires an enjMp *aut or would act ax sahsawomsn orasatNaaL or wuttp** 'o>flri?4 1" do At home; relevance gtvau. Address W. jCTfto Herald office. MIDDLE AOBD LADY OF RKnMHMNTWHO baa mat wltb reverses. would like a position ?Mmh* aha OAA support herself and MOg daughter, twelve yaara old; ?traiMtbafu-TAUve, reapeolable and by no rnrnna menial; would ba yery efficient a sick room; would not objoct to attend ladies In their oondneme'iL for which aha had satis gaetort refeienoee, or would be willing toga into *me re wpartabie lAAtitutloa If roon.s were provided for her. Should ?u7person or pareon* seeing thle. wlah to respond, the* will please address M. la T., care of L. Chapman, No. 9 Cedar st. ______________________________ A FRENCH l.ADY, SPEAKING ENGLISH, WOULD like a situation as housekeeper la a hotel or In s d'O gsriionery; no objection to leave the city; best references Address E. 1. D , station D. A8ITU ATION WANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE OEK runu girl. an chambermaid and seamatress in a private Amenta 11 family. Keferouces given. Apply st U Suttolk si., near (Iraud. ______ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A REHPECTABLE MID dlr Sgrd womsn. sa honsekeaper or nurse to an invalid weraou. Best of ? liy reference given Csll at 10 Carmine at., near Bleecker. in the millinery atore. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A 8TBADY FBOTEST ant woman, to t ike care of an Invalid or child, and sew or do up stairs work anil mska herself otherwise useful; receives novompanv and has the best of reference; moder ate wages. Csll st 819 0th at., third floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE vomig girl, to do chamberwork and waiting, or assist im taklugcare of a baby; l? willing and obliging, and willing to makelierself generally useful; no objection to the coun r. Can be seen for two days st J6H WeatSBth st, between i and Wh avs.. In the grocery store. A GOOD l'LAIN COOK, WASHER AND IRONBR J\ wlslies a situation Can _'!ve good city reference. Call ?l m West list st, between ?th and lutli avi.. seonnd floor. a SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN A a ido-a. recently 'om the country, to travel as lady's inald "r companion. Would not object aa nurae or house keeper. Apply at 165 fl'h av. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A BITUATION IN A iri;'?etable family aa chambermaid or nurse or In do plain sewing; good eb ' refereu -e. Call at or address 043 3d sr.. between ltd and 4tlhats , Orst floor, bock room. A SMART, INTELLIGENT YOtTNG LADY W ANTS A situation us houe. eepe; lias had five years' experience. Has I he nest of referee a. Can be seen any time where she resides by first addres ' ig Miss C. W., box &J98S Post ofllee A N AMERICAN WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO ENGAGE ,i with some family to take charge and assist in the work of (lie same, or woui, ko care of un Invalid. Apply ut UU 3d av. a. N ENGLISH P TEST A NT WOMAN WIKHF.S A L aim 'Ion asch.'i ti.-iuiud and aeamstresa; good refer, re. t ail at34l Wea. oh at. A DRESSMAKER GOING OUT BY THE DAY WOULD like in engage a few more customers by the day or week. Call at 6?8 3d nr. A RESPECTABLE R.sOLIHH GIRL WISHES A SITUA tlooaaeook. washer and Ironer or to do general house work; bus no obieotlon to go u short distance in the country, fall at East ISthat A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WI8HKS TO TAKE waslilng for ? few gentlemen or small family: has lived In the nest families hide ultras laundress. Call at 634 2d *v., uesrfoth st., thud door, front. A YOUNG GIRL WIMItES TO TAKE WORK HOME x\ or logo out with her own machine, at dm -making. Call all next week at KU id nv? near B3lh St., two stairs up, fruti! rti iin. Oall to-morrow If convenient. A YOUNG LADY OF EDUCATION WISHES A 8ITUA llon as honsekei per or companion, or any position that Is respectable, and not iufc ital; b-st of reference given. Ad dies* for two days I". SI.. Herald ofllee. ABRSPECTABL RSON wihhen to go out as a aeamatress 1 v I u day or week, can do nil kinds of family sewing. Inquire ut 1G8 West 30th st., near 8th av. A RESPECTABLE YIUNO WOMAN WISHES A J\ situation us flrsi elf. ?? < cook; has no objection to assist wlih the washing and ir indue; h.ts ihe best of reference from lier last employers Call at J4H West lflt at. A SMART. TIDY YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA tlon to cook, wb b urd Iron In country or city: also one as regular cook. Can he sean at 1U2 6th uv., near 8th at. ALL FAMILIES, BDTELS AND OTHERS, WANTING good servants, is'i be auited promptly; also good Gor man hold, at large -.atonal Female Employment House, lilgSlh ?v.. near 8th it. AflKKM AN YOrN'i. WOMAN, A THOROUGH COOK, wants u situs tin :; Is al-o a good waltrens, Ac. Can be eeeo st 1036th ST.. k ween 8tl> and 9th st*. A TRUSTWORTHY t IDOWWISnES A SITUATION' as ouok; sheean sup. iuteud in a hotel or first class boarding liooae. Beat ' rafernnce. City or country no mallei now far. t'a ? he eeu for two daya at No. S Luiuu court, I nlversity pUc. A .SITUATION WAMI D, BY A REHPECTABLE Oermai girl, tod ? enorul housework; good reference given. Apply at 821 ia-i-ktHi at. \ WIDOW 1.ADY WISH KB A SITUATION AH GKNE ral liou-ekeeper or to take care of au Invalid; competent ?if Ailing either; no obji nmn to travel South. Address S. 1... station tj. ? a WIDOW LADY V1MSH TO TAKE CHARGE OK an Infant at lie- ? .vn b -use or In a gentleman's family; understands tbe earc from its birth; reference exchanged. Address J. W. R, bo I 431 .'osl office a I.ADA' WHO iHA- NO CHILDREN WOULD T.AKF J\ one at her ow< t lence, where It would have mother's . .are. Ap; i it 131 West Rtth st. * 10PTING WANTF "Y A LADY. WHO WRITES A " plain, hold bu? i. ? ? 1 and. Call on or address Copy, IP J.erny street. HOUSEKEEPER'- - '.TUATION WANTED?BY A young lady of edn Inn. lu a prlvalo family; best of reference given. Ad -.1G, I). R.. Herald office. HOU HE KEEPER'a - ITI'ATION WANTED-BY AN aeeoiapltshed hoes, ??per, either In a hotel or private fatally; Is adequate t i manage nnv position of t'uvt; the h ghest teatlin'mlal n- rds nuiillflcallon. Call at 10 Lex ington avenue; or a- :>??-' i! R. D.. box 140, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED.?A LADY, NOW RESIDING IN i~ the country, won i like a respectable situation as cony. 1st or !? attend as: Address for tirowveekv. stating salary. D. V. McK- or, Manhattan Gas Company, 14th a' , av. C, New Yuri. Situations w \niud-bby two photehtant gh !k. ;t? n urses to ? 4 c of children, or do ebnmber work; cel. do idaln sev ;; md speak l-'.ngllsh or Osrman. Gun lu- wen for two il .1 m West 27lli at., one stair.t high, back room. s rt'ATION WANT1 > BY A YOI'NO WOMAN, IK A ? ? prhrate family: esrell.nt witahrr and trmier and good idain ?-??>k: obi e ... ' thoe who trout her woll; moat he the ..nlr -ery.?nl li . not d. .Ire to go In tboooanirf. fall int.' Weet " ilace. IJY A KEM'KCTABLK YOINO Ctrl, to do plun a in, la willing and obliging; will n.u*? In r.rlf generally ? ?? int. Can bo neen for two daya ?i 'Jdl Hiwety kJLT tNTEP?A NfTUITION. BY A RRHPKCT.YBLK ef ?* '.retell- ?>?. ..treae; underatinda cutting ?n.I a..or; .llee'draeeeasi.d . .ka perfectly well. Apply al 111 r.u?t m;i w ?\MKI>-A RITt \r><>N, BY A CRUNCH COOK. IN (niiillc i i mull roatoiiranl; no ohlis-ilotn to tin- country. Aptil *1 lately to Nr. Louis. lHICioai.t a . txMWfOn 10 A. M. a? . M. 1ATAMKO?BY A. A Vt;:ICAN OIRL. A SfTCATION If 00 tinraoorao <<? rtnild o; wouM tuk" care nf an l>.i alnI. Can a)t e ait ?. reference from Mr prcaoot ap. player; no nnjartto . ... . ite Ilie eitjr. Call on Or addreaa to'u.i 114th at., betwt ? . :W mi 1th .va,, at Ji'iikln. houae. Y\" OTtRD JHTCATInv IIY T\> 11 RESPKCTA BLE WO ft mew amaitm the other a- lanndrana; also a wo on to to take In wa.hwg own hmiae, or to go out to cl?aa Iw the dor. Col I Weat 27th at., between 1th and mil ara., room 15. WANTED -BY A A N I WO* \N. A SITI'A THIN Ad ff aoamaireaa tn a pi lc family; under.tenda areta making all kinds ol emtwwldery Mm family aewlng; (? a ooer.tor fun ?? .. al hei pirarnt empl.jyer'a Ull engaged, Ig y;Hat 41.1 ' . ?Oen M.i.liann and 5th ara. WAN I KD?BY A lit KI-BCTABLB IRISH OIRL. A ? toatl. n In a ..'eel a? chambermaid and walt'e*". i.esT it etc miCall at 14B Kant 15th at., opte'elle - where aho now livea. w V'ANH'.li BY A> . :IC AN OIRL, A SITUATION In a lannly. to il. t boii-nw.irh; money not ao much an object a a r ?hI hot. nod rtC.'renoa given. Addtc-a for three d..*a ?. A. . raid o?ce. yyANTKn-A r a TON. 'IY A YOUNG LADY. TO attend a l.-nke: > A pair for three daya a ?JOili al. ir. tinner?. II..a g.>od relerenre. ivacock'a naksry, 7th at., corner WANTED?A SIT. V 'N. H| A MIDDLE AOED l.r i. fn. min, ? >.t a ma: I n. d <c 'oatveaa; undei ? aiaada drr .making, Ad .a It. M.. ttat Koui'ti at. |irAMT.I?-HY AN o ifl. > S i IKI, Ol HI YRAIts OP ff age. a all nation in ? an. ill |tr|% ate famih to <h> general bmmew ..rk ? mind a he . la willing to malM bereelf gnaa* rally tta t'ol: a good boni" more . Ua n gt*..| wagt a. Apply at M Ee.i nonaloa at., lam II. third llour. w ANTKI*?A kITUA nuW. HY A RK^I'ErTAllM? Hrl, <1o firr/?l '!"??*work In A ?mall in-ivans f^ ?a. e; Oral rata washer a d ironer, and la willing to mate he. ?elf generally naefiiL Can be aeen at her luai plus, lt4 Ka?l Ma: at., near Al at , on Saturday and Monoar Wanth^-by * iik-prctabue Tor NO AMI hi ff < an n-.itiaa, a altuatluii a? ntirae and aesmetrraa; haa the Met of idi j reiarein* I rum her last place, till at l et Waal Ska ?L W ANTKD?BY A KhHPEcTABIJ! OIRL, WITH OOOD re'r ran. e., a a iiiaiiooat i-hamhermal.l and waltraea. Can h 'wen f .r two daya at bar last ptaew, 104 Carroll at.. Smith H' xiklrn w TANTKO?BY r'VO VOI NO LAUIES. WHO ARR eoropeumt to fdue^tte ehtljran in rarlena elementary at.oiiea mi.l mnaln. aitnatlena in a raape. Ltlile family; te at r-ferenraa glmn. Addreea R . . ara P. Oarretl, agsnt U. (t. Rapeaaa c.. . .leraey City, M. J. Wanted-bt a tailorksh. work in famii.ips. " , hy the dar, to etu aipl rnaae hoy a" clethea; alao aacka ami tm?<|.iea in the lateal aty le. Adtlreaa Mra. A. Bias, 151 BaaiMth at. w L'KT NCRs*,_a BMPBCTABLB TOI no wiihot f weman harhi|1aa? her hahy, eight weeka old, wlahea ? attoatioa aa wet nnrae m a gentleman'a famllr. Can be aeen for two daya at Mi ?i ae? between Sd and 3M ate , imt.P Vt W l l in.pEM VI.KH. A.~Jl? 'HWI'Olni.g , ts <IBfAlN SITUATIONS W wa't 01 lahlea ;n ai i lylng at the Rerallle Mnate Harden. (W7 Brt.adwaf, ?v. .ulra, aecoud floor, bctwaen lbs honra of fl and 4 P.M. A YOI'NO OIRI. WanTH"_.ABOUT 14 YEARS OLD. to taksoare ofehlldren and aaaiat in the him a. wort of a .mall family. Apply at the drug atnrs. eornar Hth a?, sad IV'Ih at. A OKEMAir OIRL WANTED BT A SMA1X PAMILT, A to d? gepefml bmiaawnrk. muat ho able to aook. wash and Iron Apply At t# W?4 Eortyeighlh atraat, between 10 fled Id A. A BBLP WAWT?I>?rBMAUBB. j* pOOK WANTEU-win* OB COLOMB^WHO Pjl V.' flarstsnds hoi business .and ?*? I*' ?00i rafereuoea. Call at rt_M|?r., frflH1>H1 >? ' , rpov PUNTKRS.-WAimtD. A. FBW FIRST OLA8R X jjlrla to paint toy*. Apply to J. Franklin A Oo . M Ful YITANTKD?A GIRL TO OOOK, WASH AND IRON rOR TT a small private family. Apply, with good reference*, at to Waat a/lh at., lietweeu 10 aud It o'clock; basement door. ___________________ ANTED-A RB8PKCTABLB GIRL TO DO QENK. ral liouaework in a small family; good reference re quired. Call at ?7 East 28th at. between 10 and I o'clock. TTTANTED-A GIRL TO do GENERAL HOUSEWORK: vT muat ba a good waaher aad Iroaer. Call at IB) Haat w ANTED?A GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK, to go la the oountry. Apply at 107 Lauren* at. WANTED?A GOOD SECOND COOK. FOR A FRRMCH reataurant; one who (peaka French will be praferred. 727 81h av. TirANTED?AN AMERICAN OB BNOLIMH WOMAN TT aa norae aad seamstress la a email private family, Addreaa L. 8., bog ttt Herald ogee. WANTED-aO HOOP SKIRT MAKERS: MUST UNDER, atand their business. Apply to R. Thompson, DM 4th avenue. flTANTED?A TOl'NO LADY OF EXPERIENCE. TO TT take charge ot the skirt* and corset*; must be a com petent saleswoman. Applv to R. Thompson, 134 4th av. WANTED?AS CHILD'S NURSE, A STEADY. WELL disposed and oollstng woman. who can corns wall recommended. Apply between 10 and u o'clock at 44 Flrat place, corner of Clinton street, South Brooklyn. TXTANTED-NURSB FOR AN INFANT, 6 WEEKS OLD; Yv an Kugltsh or American girl, with good references, and one willing to go South during the winter. Applv for two days, from 10 To 12, at M Waal 37th at., between 0th aad 6th avs. TTTANTFtD-A OIRL TO TAKE CARE OF TWO YY children: a permanent home to the right person. Ap ply at 138 Canal at., opposite Greene. Mrs. T. II. DWYBR. CA GIRLS WANTED?WIG MAKERS. FTRRT CLASS vJli hand* can haya conatsnt emplnvment. Olrls taken to learn the buslucae, at Cllrehiigh's, 3U9t? Broadway. CLERKS AMD SALESMEN. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN OF EXPERIENCE and education, who csu give good city and other refer ences, wishes a situation aa entry clerk, assistant hook keeper, n- in anv other clerical capacity In a wholesale hard ware. grocery, shipping or commission houaa. Address W. O., Herald uillce. A YOUNG MAN. WITH EXPERIENCE. DESIRES A situation in soma good house, aa recclviuir, sMppin,' or stock clerk: first claaa references given. Address Olork, Herald ofilce. A YOUNG MAN OF FIVE YEARS EXPERIENCE IN the retail dry goods trade, having a thorough know ledge of accounts, and a natural bnsincs talent, would like to connect himself with a wholesale houae. A new firm pre ferred Address T. W., Herald oBice. Bookkeeper.?situation wanted, as book peeper: has had tan years1 experience. Satisfactory ref. erepecg clvon. Address F. W. Newlaud, 62 North 9th at., Philadelphia, Pa. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, AS HOTEL or shipping clerk; has had seven years' evperlence in a hotel in this city; hua good reference or accurity. Addreaa for three days J. W. 8., Herald oltloe. rpwo YOUNG MEN (ACQUAINTED WIT1I THE BU3L 1 nrss preferred) and two young ladles, of good address, wanted, ns rinks In a first class book and fancy goods store; also a clerk In the retail toy trade. Addreaa. stating experi ence, pay expected and with reference, Milton, Poat oflloe. WANTED.?A YOUNG BROKER DEHIHES A SITU A - uon as cashier or stock clerk In a banker's and broker's office; is thoroughly posted, and can Influence some trade. References unexceptionable, Addreaa H. J., Herald ofllce. XXTANTKO-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN. 21 VT years of age, n? assistant bookkeeper or entry clerk, in some wholesale house; beat reference glveu. Addreaa E. L., Herald oflloe. , TXTANTKD-A TRAVELLING SALESMAN FOB THE Vv hardware business. Mingle man preferred. Addreaa giving references, An., Post ofllce box 711. Newark, N. 3. TV-ASTED-A MAN. OF GOOD ADDRESS AND I.AROE TT acquaintance, as salesman in a merchant tailor, aloth lug and furnishing goods store, on Broadway. Address Con fidence, Herald ofilce, this day. TITANTED?A WHITE GOODS SALESMAN, IN A TT lar.-e, flrat clasa jobbing house in this city; alao a dres< goods talesman wanted. Acllvltv. superior capacity for selling goods and a good knowledge of the business are lndi.q-aneahle requirement*. Address, with confldenti al par ticulars, Jobber, box 2.886 lower Foot ofllce. TirANTKD-A YOUNG MAN OF ABOUT 21 IN AN OF TT floe- must hsve some knowledge of the Insurance business, he quick and eorreot at figures, and a good peuman. Address in own handwriting, stating releronoe* and aalsry required. Itisurauue, Herald ofilce. JANTRD?TWO OOOD DRY UOOD8 RALR8MEN. AT 298 Uowerr. vv (XrA.NTEI)?IMMEDIATELY, AT M. B. BAKR'K UNION TT ten .lore. *41 Bo-very, tipper corner Fifth ntreet, an experienced salesman; one who speaks German prefer red; al?o a tnsti thoroughly acquainted with the c-ty to take charge of horse and wagon. Apply betwean 8 and 10 in (he morning. The best city reference required. COUCBMRN AND GARDBNBHS. A respectable FRENCH person, recently arrived. wlahea to tiro I * altuatlon a* gardener with a gentleman who wlahea to L"* I'ruiU, flower*, Ac. In well acquainted with the cull lire of the graperlnc. Addrcaa T. V., Hardener. Herald office. till end of till* week. WANTED?A SITUATION \S COACHMAN. BY A RE apectnble nolored tnaa; ia willing to make hlmaelf generally tiacful; refer" to hia la at employer, with whom he wan for tlir.'O yeara. Addrear box A171 New York Poat oDloe. WANTED-A MAN AS OROOM AND COACHMAN One who can come well recommended may apply, at ISA Went at., New York. XXTANTFD?A MIX OF EXPERIENCE. AS CCACII er man auil w aiter and to make himself generally u?r. fill; unexceptionable reference iudiapcuaable. Call at M Weal Mh at. WANTED-A MAN EXPERIENCED IN HARDEN INC. and hand* at nay work, upon ? country place. Apply at KM Rroad "I. op atalra, front olllce, from 11 lot o'clock. SITUATIONS WANTED?NAtiRA. A SITUATION WANTED??Y AN EXPERIENCED harkaoper In a llral claaa liar. Sat I < factory reference* glyen a* to honeatT, lltduatry and aobriaty. Adilreaa Bar keeper. Herald office * MAN SPKAKINf! FRENCH AND HERMAN WANTS J\ a a.toation Pi .tny V ipaclly wlo-re he can make hlmaelf uaeful and learn Rngllah No ubjectlnn to tbe country. Salary BO oh J act. Add r-,a Mr. Rainier, 4!G Broome at. V STEADY YOONO MAN DESIRES A SITUATION IN a wbolaoale or retail book alorc. I* con?eraaiit with the retail trade, and ran bring unexccptloiiahla referent*. Addreaa h. lomea, Herald offiee. SITUATION WANTKD-BV A YOUNG MAN 3 yearn old aa bookkeeper. OOilcclnc, or In any poaltlon that a general glpgfleor* la buetnes* would recommend Fair aa'an < Ilowaid. auf btnr expected. Satlafactory reference*. Addrcaa a TOUNH MAN (SALESMAN) HAVING SATURDAYS t\ at hla lelaum. would Ilk" to make an i iigaycmeni fot hi* *?r> l"ce nh copylat or i lerk on the abore day. Addrcaa 1.. H. AA . Iilti Wlfloiighhy at., Brooklyn. \ SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN WANTS A KIT! A Uen a* barterder Hood ettc reference*. No objection to the country. Adgreaa W. E.. 370 4th ar. \ SITUATION WANTED?NT A YOUNG MAN fl year* of age; under.tonda Imokkeeptng and ontry cterk'a bualncie: will make hunaclf uaefol and accept anv thing offered; aalary no object; bc-t of reference.., Addrcaa ? K. S.. Herald offiee. A situation Wanted?EY a married man, as porter or ahipptng dark good packer and marker. In aotoe whole-.ale or retail; la Willi g to make hlmaelf generally netful; refer, to late employer*. Addrcaa M., box 107 Herald office T O IIA l: DAY ark manufacturers -a travel. ling agent, about atartlog for the AA eat, won Id lake along aotne tight a.implne of hardware Parti, a wlahiug hi pay. U foi fair oommlaaton lo hare their cooda aold can addrcaa for three day* It. ('. .1., Herald office. T) PI BI.ISHF.R :-THE ADVERTISER, WHO HAS bed fourteen year*' eipcrlence aa editor. rorrc?|aind"nt and repor'.-r for oew*p*|H.ra, deatrea employment In Una citv. Addreaa Whipple, care of Meaara, BMonk A Co., pub lla(ior?. P' Urekre >n at. TITAN TFD.-AN ACTIVE. EM-ROBTIO* BUSINESS Vr man neaire* to gel an agenry for a New Vorkwh'dc aale or lin|.e ling hou.c In Philadelphia. Addreaa H L , Herald office. Tlf ANTED?BY AN OLD SEAMAN. A SITUATION AH It aallmaker. light porter or any p>nitioti when- boneaty and falthfnmea* would be appreciated. Addrca W B , Herald office HELP WAITED-WALKS. 4 YOUTH W ANTED-ONN WRITING A GOOD HAND, J\. fori, weekly newspaper office; wage* $3 10 141 Pnl ton at, office Tobacco Leaf; Agents wanted. Fm the Hold Medal Sewtne Machine*, In crery city and county In Hie Union, The leaat enatBllenled two thread ma chine p, the world. Addreaa A. F Johnaon A Co., 334 Waah ington at., Maaa. YOUNG MAN IN A TEA STORE APPLT AT NO. <M? Broadway, from 9 lo Ml o'clock A. M All of..iimno situatd?nr call this dat at?i rhamtmra aire*!.?Bookkeeper, enpytai, aale* men. clerk- In hotel*, atorea. offinea, porter*, watchmen, con ductor*. bartender* and brakemen. GOOD WAITFR WANTED?ONE WHO CAN OPEJ oyater* Apply to L w. Parker, SAB Ittta ey. S*ys YouNu man wanted?in a dental depot ui I"*n: JL"2* but thoee of the atrlcleat lotegrlly need a; -I I? -mnr* integrity neeo a; ??e"rtln* l" qnallflcatlow*. Addrea Hot wantkd-in a fanct drt goods btori one with aom* etperlencr In tbe huatm a*. Apply at W Pb *y pXPRRJENCD AND REUIABLk AHKNTS W ANT tj e-l-To eanraaa Ih# ett.r- , I town* of Ihe Foiled State*. Canada*. New ItrongwVk and Nora Scotia. to aotlett adyrrtlaing for the American PP-tnrial AdvrUatag Company of New York. Apply at tbe office of Ihe company, 171 Broad way. room Nu. 7. JjMHST. CLASS CANNASehJtS WaNTRD IN EACH _ ward In New Yorh and Brooklyn for Ltori'a mam moth Map of New York elty and Brooklyn. Thi* great map ahowa erery bouae and occupant'* name, and h*? been two yeara nrtder way; Intake* nvdty and not ||ui.ooi t irwg eta-- ranyaaaer# can make ?*' per day anttctllng adyerttae ? mewl* and taking order* for Uta.W*' "i**; . J. T. LLoYdT No. ? i ortl a*,|t at reel CYARMSR WANTBD-AN IXPBRIBNCRD NAN To Ml re-inped. ?XS.T ?MWfeLr~ ^^ mlp WAimn-nALai. _ fTO FOB DIXIE l-AOM** WANWD, SOUTH AND t'a^SKMg ?.*?$? ?? T?t. and 154 south Clark WAWTBD-A OBNTI.RMAN WITH 86?l AH PAKTNBR I XT and treasurer of an entertainment will Km wdl?llii, and one that any gentleman uecd not ha Call at AM Broadwsv, 1 XX/ AMTBD?AO K NTS, ?U0 PBR MONTH, KTKRY v T where, male and female, te aell Um genuine Common Sanaa Family Sewing Machine, the greatest invention or the age. Price gig. Every machine warranted three years. Address Beoomb A Co.. Cleveland, Ohio. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?AT ROOM M, NATIONAL vv Hotel, Cortlandt street, second door, 86 active bn?ln>-?a man of noma means (one for each 8tale), as Joint partners, to operate In an Immense enterprise, whlah will largely re munerate the parties. This ta no catch penny hum bile Call from g A. M. to lasjsd from IP. M. te 6, and examine for yourselves. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS AOENT FOR THB 8ALR XT of varnishes; most have travelled In the same oapaclty before, and have the best of referauoaa; no other need apply; to the right man a good salary wdl be given. Ad dress boa AW Post odloe. WANTED?AGENTS IN NEW JERSEY, TO SELL FlNB ?Y Engravings by subscription; esetusive territory. Add e,s boa 177 Jersey City Fast office. WANTED?IN A LAW OFFICE, A LAD OF ABOUT 14 or IS years of sgc; one who can writs a good hand snd ooma wall rsoommended. Address W. H. B? boa Mo. 4,919 Post ofiioe. TX7ANTED?A BOY IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE. AD VT dress, with reference in hand writing of applicant, bog MB N. Y. Poat oHlce. WANTED?TWO YOUNO MEN WHO WRITE A FA1B YT hand, time keeper, young man to make himself use ful; this morning. 113 Nassau street, room No. V. WANTED?A GOOD BARTENDER, AT 741 SO AV.; must bring pood references, both as regards character and ability. Inquire for three days, 741 84 av., Club House. WANTED-AN ACTIVE BOY. ABOUT 14 YEARS OF YT age, who writes a good hand, for an nffioe; bne who resides with his parents preferred. Address D. A Co., Uersld Office. WANTED?A COMPETENT PERSON TO TAKE charge of the Satellite skating lake, na general Super intendent; a person having experience will be preferred. Applications, stating terms, can be left at the oilier nf 'he association, corner of Broadway and Rutlcdee St.. Williams burg, ou or before 3 o'clock on Monday next, 10 Inst. WANTED-TWO BOYS TO ATTEND A BILLIARD saloon; sreustomed to (he business pre lined. Apply at 111 o'clock at BP Weal 14th at. THE TRADED. A YOUNG MAN 18 YEARS OF AGE. WISHES A place as apprentice to loarn the plumbing and gas fit ting business. Good references. Address Henry It., box ISO Herald odloe. A FIRST RATE ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTSMAN wanted, at 21 Nassau at., room 23. Apply from 2 till 4 P.M. ^ JUTE.?WANTED, A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UN. derstands preparing, rnrdlng sad spinning Jute. Ad dress box 1,579 New York Po t office. PICTURE FRAME JOINER WANTED,; ALSO A MAN to lit up pictures, also a gilder that under stands mid mid silver gilding. Apply immediately to Thomas J. llcmma, 805 West 36th at _ SITUATION WANTED?BY A CUSTOM SHIRT, COL lur and drawer cutter; best city reference given. Ad dre-s box 19P Herald office. w a paper manufactory. Address I'apnr Manufactory, box 6 864 Post office, New York. ANTED?A CAPABLE FOREMAN, WHO UNDER stands thoroughly the manufacture of straw pulp f?r WANTED-AN ASSISTANT PRINTER IN A PHOTO graph gallery: none but nxpertonced hands need ad dress Archibald, Her ald office. WANTED?AN ARTIST TO FINISH MINIATURE photographs lu oil. Address with particulars Archi bald. Herald office. VMHCa ADVEKTIHEMKVTD. UiNE DAME PAXISIRNNE DESIRE ENTRF.R DE suite, comme Instltutrloe pour le frsncals. et dame de compaguie, dobs une faniille deuremler ordrcs. S'adresaor au Courrler des Etsu Uins. 92 Walker street, Madame D*** UN OU DEUX MESSIEURS FRANCAIH OU ALLE mand peuyent avoir des appartmcnts avee on sans pen. siun dsns une maiaon premier ordre (famlllc prtrce i On tmuvera a la table le raffinementetln gout ilu service Pn?4 slnn. 37mc rue, pies 6me srenue. 8'adcesser box 4,816 Post office BBLIGIOCR NOTICES. * NNO0 Ni:EMKMT. ?RR Y. CHART.F.S B. SMvril. J\. the eloquent and dlitlngulabed lecturer on the "Vice of tlie Clergy," "the Lnaa of the Evening Star." "the Naked Truth." who lectured Mat Monday er-nlnc on "Jnf feraon Davl*." at Cooper Inatltute. will conduct divine wor ahlp and lecture, in the EVERETT ROOMS, comer of Broadway and Thirty fourth atrent to-morow tfteraooa, at tie o'clock, l?. V Subject:?A DEFENCE OF HIS I'RES ENT COURSE OF LECTURES. AS AN IN rROIHIOTI ON TO HIS SECOND LECTURE ON "THE NAKED TRUTH." Scale free. Collection. (CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN t'HURCH-llAVINO RE. J moved from Broome atrert, meet for worahip In Lyr'o Hall. Forty.seventh atreet, junction of Broadway and Beveuth avenue. I'reaclnn? by the I'aator, Rev. .lamea R. Dunn, at 101, A. M. and 7t; P. M. Evening euhieot? 'Houao of Interpreter " Sabbath whool at! P.M. Paator'a Bible Claaa at B I*. M. A cordial Invitation extended to all. CHRISTIAN CHURCH, TWENTYBKJ1ITH RTRT.F.T, naar Broadway.?Servlcea laird'a day. Dec. 9 at 10M and 7?w P. M. Subject for tho morning?"The Faith of the Chriatian Church." IjVLDF.R KNAPP, THE UEVIVALI T. WILL PREACH !i In the Blonmlngdale Baptlat church (Dr. Weacntt'ai, aouth Aide of Forty accond atreet, between Seventh end Etghih avcnuea. at 10k o'clock A. M , and 7)? r. M. Alao every day uexl week at 3 and 7}g o'clock P. M. Fifth avenue baptist church corner for. ty alith atreet; aervlcea on Sunday at WJd A. M. and 71i P. M. The paator. Rer. Thoinaa Armltage D. IV. will in the evening commence a course of Sermona on the Book of Prorerba. Subject?"Their Adaptation to Characterize Young Men in Business." First free will baptist church, seven. teenth atreet, weal of Sixth avenue.?Rev. .1. !'. Nutting will preach to the rhililren next Sabbath, at 10k A M. stag, tag l.v the children. Prayer meeting at I P. M. Pleaching atfti P M. FVORTY-HKOOND STREET PRKSHYTEItr AN CHURCH Divtne eervlec (D. V.) to-morrow. ?th Inat. by Rev W. A. Scott. II I)., at ltlty A. M.. and at 7H P. M. Evening subject:?"Mlcali. or the Fatal Consequence* of Having (, that can be Stolen." Free cnuRuH of the redemption. east four. troiith atreet, bctivecu Third and Fourth avenue*. -ter. vicea bv iter Mr Fox. of Canada at 10l, A. M. and 71, I' M FWDXplOH ?u ST. ESPRIT. RIV DR YE KERN rector. Divine aervice in French Sunday afternoon, at II o'clock. Sund.iv aohnol at 9. HKDDTNO METHODIST KPISOOPU, CHURCH, Knit Seventeenth atreet, between Flrat and Second avenue??Preaching at ling a. M. and 7 P. M., by <he naator, Rev. Wni P. Uor|Ji. Prayer meeting at 3 P. M. Scale free T KUTl'RE FOR THE .IKWS IN THE FREE Clll KCH I i of St Matthias. on Sunday, at 7W P. M . by Rev ,.ru. Wardlaw. .!?*< end other* a-e cordially Invited O s. O. "T VTORTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.?THE SF.t'uND iv len'urc in the comae to yuuug men will he delivered Kahb ith evening, in the church comer of Ninth avenue and Thirty tlrat atmet. to commence at 7jg o'elock. Preaching by the jM-toc, Rev. Thomn-* Street. PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH OP ST. JolIN llaptial.?Rev. Dr Dtillle, rector, Lexington avenue, miner of Thlrtv-flflb atreet. Sunday service*? Mom ng. ID1, o'clock; nflcrnoon, Stranger! will be fund.had wfih nenta. HKV. PR TKKHHAM OBKCXJ, TO-MORROW, AT AR gne llall. morning, afternoon, evening. "On the Ntti|*eii dona I'oti nclca In True Religion Hidden in the Word and Not Diac.iveralde until now." REV. 0. L. DEMAREST WILL LECTURE TO MOR. row evening at 7'j o'elock. at the Unlveraallat church, ?find avenue, corner of Kbvenih atreet, on the ' atau of the Rook of Job." Servlcea laao at 10|g A. N. Ret. dr. deems, op north Carolina, will prraeli to-tunrmw In the Cha|>el of the Uulveraitv Wnah Immui square. Swlafree. Servloe begina punctually at II O'clock. CT. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH.-REV. JO. O ?oph II |Pnce D. D . rector will bold dl* Ine worahip at the French chuich Do St. Esprit, on 7 weaty eer.,nd street, between 1 ifth and Sixth avenues, tomorrow (Sunday), at 10<y A. M. and 7tg p. M The reotor will preach at both services. Sunday achool at 9 A. M. SNOW. THE PROPHET, WILL PREACH ON 'The Rnrning of Myatleat Babylon" on Runlav. at 8 1'. M.. In the I' meet ally, Washington aquare Ream free ST. ANN'S FREE CHURCH. EIGHTEENTH STREET, near Fifth avenue. The Rev. Kaathnrn Benjamin win preach at 7S and 10', A M.. and II and 7)g P. M.?the after noon aervice being for the deaf mutea. ST. RARNABAR CHAPEL-fFROTBSTANT EPIRCO pall Mull-err* atreet, near Bleechar, two block? eaal of Broadway; acalsfree: Rev. S. II. Milliard, ohaplala Ser vice* on Sunday at I0M A. M., and 7Jt P. N. THE HARLEM UNIYBRRALIHT ROUIBTT WILL, OB Sunday, formally open National Balk owner ef Fourth avenue and IJIHh atreet a* a place of worahip A sermon, suitable to the oca'ion. will be preached by Itev. K H. Uhapln. Re* s. R. o Hrooka and 0. L. Desnareet will alao take part in the aervlcea. which will eoaaaaewea at I o'clock. DNION REFORMED DUTCH CBUBCH, SIXTH AYR. nun, oppnalte Amity atreet. By reqnaet, the Rar laauc R. Hartley will repeat to-morrow evening ad TH o'clock hit Thankagiving dlerourse on New York City, lla Oovarnioeut and Itulera. Scats provided for all. Q"l A BROADWAY-SUNDAY MBBTINOi. SEATR Ol'r ficc At I P. M.diacaasloaan "Unleerael Halvaiion." At 71* P M. two champion delaMera srlB dlaeuea the 'Dt vlniiy of Christ," and dispute about the erfglaal wreak tail. ( In le every Tuesday night. ^"71 ABTH0M)0 V. A FACT ?MtSS WELLINOTOM TKLLR OF RUBINKSS theft. food lock and number*. Ml Bowery, opposite Sixth street. Hoar* 9 to 4. _________ A FACT-NO IMPOSITION -ORBATKST NUBINP.RR v.d Medical Ulalrroyant known la M?a sT-\;.it irnm Rnrope. born with a natural gift She ahowa a airrect nae ne*a of yourfulnre buaband and absent frtandA ennsea a|ca.|y marriages. brings together those long separated, telle hie name. SIX Fourth avenue. Hours from 9 A. M. till T P. M CVHAR. DAHM. TUB ORBATKST ASTROLOOIST, RR. / veala veer whole life. P?e oaly 9U caata. L ?? ?ei ?treet. tlrat Boor. Madams Walters, dintinouisiibd olairvoy an L Ytalt her for everythtiug?atrknem, baalncat, theft, nsmea. nnmlx ra, good lack. .KM Oaaai atecai. QKN ?MRS. H. BOEDBR. ENOWN FOR * YB* s ? ?>I), In this city, f.w giving IrtW Intarma ?a on ?l a(f,ira of life, caa ha aaamalaad asala. SJIB* ? ?nyu rra^Miin. T"'?,^TOro,^M!JMn<>Wl PAHS A OK OFFICES. M BOOTH RTRKBT AND ? HBO A DW AT. MRW TOE*. Persona wiahing to wad fur thoir friend" con uurobaaa cerUdcalea from QUKEIHTOWN or 1.ITBBPOOL. for tat ou kkbnut. Alio by TaporoU'a celebrated 1 no of weekly poekota from IdlNDQN AND LIVERPOOL. AT THE LOWH8T PO-L-OBLR RATR8. REMITTANCES TO ORBAT BRITAIN AND lit BLAND. Draft-, for ?1 and upward*, payable oa demand. Lieuad at iowelt rate*. Tor further particulars apply to TA PSOOTT. BROS, A OO., 8t South at reel and 21 Broadway. S2TBAM TO QUKEN8T0WN AND LIVERPOOL. 5 The flr?t claaa iron aleamablp MANHATTAN. ?alia WEDNESDAY, December 1$, Prom pier 117 Baal river. Pooaace in oobin $100 | Steerage $90 Payable in currenoy. Forpaaaage apply to WILLIAMS A GUION, ? rr * 90 Broadway^ STBAM TO QWEENSTOWN AND LIVKlkPOOL-THE QDREN Haiti Saturday, Deeeoiber 0. Passage, $*) eurTOucy; prepaid tloketa $30. Draf * on England and Irn laud at lowest rule*. Apply al THOMPSON'S Passage o flier, 275 l'earl street, near Fulton. SIT.All TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL.

From New York every Wednesday and Saturday. PaaMf?mTnwS"nSt andremlitanoeeU? Ireisnd, England, *ttoW rM**' WILLIAMS A OUION, 20 Broadway. TUB HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mall ateamsbip 08RKANIA. H. Ehlers, Commander, carry! ng the United Btatea mall, will anil on Saturday, Deo. 8. at 12 M? for HAMBURG, Inking paescngers for Hninluirg. li.vvre, Southampton and London. onb'n. $1111; arcond cabin, $62 50; steerage, $37 50: payable In gold or Ita equlva'enL The BAVARIA will follow Dec. 22. KIJNHARDT A CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, (lenaral Agents, General Passnge Agents, 45 Exchange plana, N. N. No. ? Barclay "tract. N. T QTEAMERR ARAGO AND PULTON FOR SALE. C Propo -ala for the purchase of the above vessels will lie received at the office or the company. No. 7 Broadway, until the Uth of December, Inst., at 12 oVloek M. Any Information desired will be given by the offloers of the eomp iny at tlila ofllce. The ARAGO will m >ke her next regular voyage, leaving N i'W York on the 23d innt. DnCKMhmt 1 1863. No, 7 Broadway. N. T. IONDON AND NEW YORK STKAM8HTP LINK. I realign to London, direct. ?90, SfiH and $3currenoy. Poaaag" from London $75, $60 and $80. gold. CF.L7,*. Captain rtlcadelT, from New York. Dec. 81 WM. PENN, C.plain Bllllnge. fmm New York, Dee. IB ATALANTA. Captain Plnkhnm Irnm New Vork. Dec. Jl. BRLLOXA, Captain Dixon, from New Vork, dan. 16. The Brltlah It-fln ateam<-hlp CRLLA. 2,500 tons, will leave 81 rr No. 3 North rlvor ior London, direct, on Saturday, Dec. j at 12 M. Freight will be taken, and through Mtla ef lading given, to Bavre, Anlwerp. Rotterdam Amsie'dnm and Dunkirk. For paaaago apply to CM AS. A. WHiTNKY, 26 Broadway. For freight apply at M South atrect. HOWL AND A ASPINWALL. Agent*. o SLY DIRECT LINK TO TRANCE. THE GEN PR M. TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. The aplendld new veaoel* on thl* favorite route for the enn'lnenl will anil from pier No. 60 North river. EUROPE, Lemarle Saturday. '"member 15 HT LAURENT. Bncen I Siiurlov. December20 I'EREIRK. Durheane Saturday, .lanunrv 12 VII-LE DB PARIS, Surmonl Saturday, January 25. PRICES OP PA SH ADE IN COLD. First Cabin, $ #5; Scoood C.ibln. $80; including table wine in either claaa. Paasr11vera Intending to land at Brest can be furnished on board with railroad coupon llnkets, and their baggage checked t<> Paris at nn additional charge of $5 for llrat and $3 lor ?ccom! o! 'SB. These steamers do not co-i-y steerage passengers. Medical attendance free of charge. GEO. McKKNJUR, Agent, 88 Rrondway. 0 R F.T BIT.LRTS OE BANpltE FRANOAIS ACIIETlfcS et vandua: conditions exceptttmnellea. I,. eoi.TAT. 438 Hroome street, pre a P.roadway, STEAM TO LIVERPOOL, OALLINH AT QITEENS. town. The In man line, sailing aemi-week'y, carrying the United Slates m ills. O ty OF BAI.TI -ORE Saturday, Dee. h CITY OP CORK Wednosduv Ooc. 12 CITY OF PARIS Saturday, O c. 15 CITY OP NEW YORK Saturday. Dec 22 and deb succeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at nouu, from 45 North nver. RATES OF PASSAGE bv the mail steamer saHtor every Satu day:? First cabin $18) Steerage Tn London Ski To London 84 To Paris 1(W To Purls AT pavnble m gold. Paosage by thn Wednesday aresmers?First cabin. $90: ?teer ice, $35. Payable iu U?,lted States currency. Paaeencrrs also forwarded tn Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Ae , at moderate rales Rteerago psrsagu from Liverpool or Qneenstown, $90, gold, or the equivalent. Tickets oan lie bought here by per sons sni.ding for their friends. For further Inform .tlnu epnlr it the Company's offices. JOHN fl. DALE. Agent, 15 Broadwny, N. Y. National navigation company. (Limited ) STEAMERS WEEKLY To LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT orEf'NsmwN. Leaving pier 47 North rlrrr a* follows ? THE QUEEN, Captain Orogan. aallu Saturday, Decern her 8. DENMARK, Captain Thomaon, aalla Saturday, Decern ber IS. VIRGINIA. Captain Prowae. aalla Saturday. December *1. LOUISIANA, Captain Harrington, aalla Saturday. Cabin pa*a?c.v glutl, Nteerug?. S't" Sli-crage pnsaare tlrkr.s, to bring partlra from Liverpool or Queenatnwn, for $35 In currency. Through p?as iga to Parla A ntwnrp, Hamburg, Bremen, Ar.. nt low nilna. Ilrarta issued for any amount, payable at am bank In Great Krtiutn or on Ilie ??nntlaant. For freight and rtliln p.iaangr apply at the off!or of thn company. 57 Hro idwatr. And tor steerage tickets at thn p ixmtgn tiltmof thn onm pany, 47 Broadway and 474 frail atrret nrar Uitlion. E. W .1. HURST. M inagor. TIIK NORTH OFIIMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP AMERICA, .I.e. Mrvrr, maalrr carrvlng Ibr t'tniad Hie tea mull, will aall from thn Brrmen plrr, foot 01 Third Iron, lion ken no 8ATURDAY. DECEMBER 15, ron BREMEN VIA HOUTHaMPtON, TAKING PASSKNGi R8 T(? LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTH XMPTt'N AND RltEMRN, at tl.r following rates, pavabla In gold or lla equivalent In currency:? For the tlrat .cabin, SlfiS; anonnd cabin $8150; atrrragn. $37 Ml. Tn bo followed by the ataatnablp DELTSCHLAND, H. Wpa?rlK mu-trr, on Dcoemhcr 29. For freight or itaaaaitf! npplv to Hffi Bwn A CO. W Bread atfaet. Notice to passbnoers ?the naT'onal ntkim Nay gallon Company's -luainahln THE QHKKN will aall from pur 47 North rlrer. at 9:'? A.M. p or sclr on Saturday. December H. Paeanuae-a will n'en-ie he on hoard by 9 o'clock. K. W. J. HURST. Manager. TIIK EUROPRAN EXPRESS COMPANY POttWARO paijola nt all dHuor'pllon . and hi avy freight to nyrry part of Europe. India and China d lowrat rata* Dnafla for aula In aninnnta to anil purchasers ..n (trnat Ifttala and all parta of the CaoUnrut. Apply to GEO. ST KER A I" ?. 8.1 Br tndwny. American European express. 74 Broadway. AUSTIN, BALDWIN A CO.. rrop-letor*. Ship Pares!*. Packages, raluahlra and ynoda by mull air imeranwico ruck work, for ill parts of Europe, at low rataa. Remittances to great hritatn and irrlano. ta for ?1 and upwarda. paraVs on demand, la. turd at loweal ralea by TAfsCOTT. Hit."!. ( i'u? 86 South atrent and 3S Broadway. COASTWISE NTKAMNIIIPM. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S THROUGH LINi TO J * PAN AND CHINA. VIA PANAMA AND SAN FITANCISCO. CARRYING THH UNITED STATE- MAIL. FIRST VOVAUE. Stramnr HENRY CHAON47RY w Hi Irarr pin* No. 44 Norlb rlyrr, foot of ('anal atrrnt New York, at 12 o'clock noon, on Tuesday. Dreamier II, 1*68, ennneetlng rle Panama Rail road with steamer OOLDh.s C1T\ for San Fraurlare, where pnaanng ra. malla and fa-1 frrtrht win he transferred In Ibn Ct.mpany'a splendid alramnr COLORADO to In- Ta that port at noon oa Tuesday, .lanuary I, 1867, for Yokohama and Ilnnr Kong. Throug tickets loaned from Now York, adding to regular prima bai ween New York and San Pranrlaco the fol'owmg rates, payable In geld or He equivalent ? lit Cabin M Cable. Steerage. Sail Ereneleeo to Tokohama $158 $178 IN San Pr .nc'ero to Hong Kong M 400 lgp Dim not'ee will bn glren of subsequent voyages. KRF.IiiHT mealTed and "through btlla of lading" signed per Oerae Queen, December 1 (alow), end par Henry Channeey. De cember II (fait) eonuaetlng rloanly aaabove. For freight through t eketa. and all farther Information apply at ton odlon on the wharf, pier 6$ NdVth nrar foot of Canal atrnet. to B. R. IIOLMAN. Agent. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY*! THROUGH UNI TO t'A' IEORNIA, CARRYING VN1TBD SYATRS MAIL. VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. SMa men lea re pier 41 North rlrer. foot of Oaaal street, at 14 o'clock noon, aa follows:? December 1?OCEAN QUEEN, Captain Maury, connect ing with OOLDBN AGE, CejMaiB LeMdae. December ll-HRNRY CHAUNOkV Captain A. O. Grey, (?enacting with GOLDEN CITY, Captain Watklna. Danember41?RISING STAR, Contain T. A. Hairte, oan nnrtlng with MONTANA. Captain . All depafturaa tench at Anapulso; thoaa of let and Hat conaori at Panama with ataamnra for South PaatSe porta: Island I0i h for Oantral American porta, and Mhoen if let touch at Mantanilln. I e par i ore of HHh eaeh month connects with thn new at gem Una from Panama la Australia aad Haw Zealand. Steamer of Deeomber II. IML will ennnnet with the llrat steamer of the company's China Line, leaving Baa Pmartane January I, 101, foe Bona Kong. _ One hundred pounds baggage aBowod eaeh adult. MadL olnaa and attendance free, _ ^ Per naaaaga tickets and aR further information apply at thn n?ea on the wharf, root of Canal Ureal. North rtvnr. New York. S K HOLMAN. Agent. VOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. _ r Thn Pact to Moll Steamship t nnipnay'g etaamer HNNRY CHAIN' Kk win anil on TUESDAY, Deoambnr 11, at IB o'clock MM. freight received aa ntnal. _ . For rates, Ac . Inquire at fraQht ngWtnoa ncmpany*a pier, a North rlrer. foot of Onnet olrnH. Wht.LS. PAROO A CO., Sol# Freight A genu P. NT s. K. Co. Atlantic mail steamship company. FOR ST. THuMA* AND BRAZIL. Regnler Un led Suing Mail Bleamnra, salting on the M Of fvriy m'Ullh ? GUIDING rTAK. CepalnW C Berry. Dee 47. MONTH AMNitlilA. Caut.ln L. P. Tunmermen, ten. $1 MMtftl A ME f it'A, Cxi tain R. U Tmkl?p?uph. Peh A I he-e eUgxiii ?,t-rm r. mil w ith rrgularlu. and rail at St. Thim.s-, I era, J art; n.twwo Kama and sto dr JanWIm gi- ngatiaiiUifning. tor ?ti?.<gi -uema M freRai or pas mge arGD te IU|klp<8 A ALJEN, tg - tA " ra How Im ? Oraan. Ne-a Turk. II At ana. sis ai. and vrBA cm ?. II Tl - ? - ?taeu.?ilr * ANMATtZN GtHa.,11 H-y-n m- So t NerUi ??. aa atire, ?>? >? ISat. i. ?*eh r.?? A:- in A. Will -"BAY. Ad*it.'?'< tfreadwa* OOilTWI*! RTCUniUDN. TTHtTKD gTAfjtH MAIL TO Bf.T***:,.,.^~. U ATLANTIC UAH- STKAMHHir COMPANY. The ataamar Columbia till be held o?e? Ibr e trim ead pUMuirn ead freight wtll be forwarded by the eGgeat mmmmi lOOt toot burth-n. Captain George Stunner, to leant iter ?, North rlrerat 3T Moo SATURDAY, December8 PiiMiiKeri loeommodution very ?legtint and not siwlled. qXrR^SoV'a^'aJ^^H^AKeQ1!". No. 0 Bowling green. N.T rR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The new end brat elaaa steamship OEOROF. CROM WELL, CaptaHl E. K. Vein, will leave pier No.? harth riT*,' 00 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8. at S o'clock P. M. For freight or pa-aege, baring unsurpassed trmmmoda tiona, apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO. *? Vo. 8b Weat street The ateamehip OBNBRAL GRANT wiU follow oa Do oomber 13. _____ QJTAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS.?THE NEW YORK li Matl Sleamahlp Company'* ine oeean atoamera will leatra pier tt North rtrer. at J o'clock P. M., a* Ihltows Mississippi (Balling at Harana) On Saturday, Dee ? MAT VNZAS 77. On Wednesdny, Doe. 11 MORN I NO STAR On Salurtlay. Dee 18 MONTEREY On Wedneaday. Dee. 19 All hliu of lading aimed at the office upon the pier. For ? President, No. ? Bowling Green. JjrOB*NEW ORLEANS-BLACK STAR LINE.-THE r ateamahtn HUNTSVILLK. Captain Rvder. wtll leare ear II North rlrer, on Saturday, December 8. at S P. M. For right or passage, haying handsome accommodations, apply to R. LOWDKN. Agent, corner of Cr.Ur and Weet atreeta. DAVID MoCOARD, Agent In New Orleans. Atlantic mail steamship co. EMPIRR LINE FOR SAVANNAH. Entry SATURDAY from Pier No. IS North Birer. Punctually at 8 P. M., The fnrorlleoidnwnrrl atramahlpa RAN SALVADOR, Atktna lommander. aalla December8. HAN JACINTO. Loroland, Commander nulla December 16. Through ticket* and billa of lading to nil points. Elegant p tasenger nccommodatlons. GARRISON A ALLEN. No. 3 Howling green, N. Y. FOR SAVANNAH, OA?MURRAY'S LINK. EVERY TUESDAY. The favorite steamship LBO, II. C. Dearborn, commander, will sail Tncsdsr, December 11. nt 3 P. M. preciaely. froic pier 18 Fnat rtrer. foot of Wall street. "through bllLof hullog and paaaage ticket* gtren to all pointa In connection with Georgia Central Railroad. For freight or pa as age apply to MURRAY. FERRIS A CO.. 81 and 83 South street. For savannah, oa.. .every Thursday?the Atlantic Coast Matl Steamship Company's aldewheel steamships GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, aallh Ihuraday, December '3. HERMAN LIVINGSTON, Captain Raker. sails Thursday, December 20. From nlcr 38 North rlrer, et S P. M. preel elr. Through pnaaacr ticket* and hill* of lading to alt pointa In co nectlon with the Central Railroad of Georgia. For freight re apply to lNOSTON, FOX A CO.. Agent*. 88 Liberty street. FAOR CHARLESTON, S. C? THE FLORIDA PORTS and the South and Southwest?Regular United States Mill Line. Wedneadava and Saturdays. The A1 elegant steamship SAR'GOSSA, M. R. Cr well Commander, Is now receiving cargo and will sail this day. Saturday, Dec. 8. at 3 P. M? from rder 14 F.a*t rlrer. connecting nt Cnarlealon with the steamer DICTATOR for the Florida ports. remusc ticket* and through bills of tiding given to all points in con lieetion with the South Carolina Railroad. It Its of lading algnod on board the wins Uavint yet eonalderable room, freight will bo received up to the hour of sailing. ARTHUR LKARY, 7S William street. The GRANADA will lollow Wednesday, Dec. 12. REDUCED RATES. NEW YORK, NORFOLK AND RICHMOND KTEA Willi* LINE, Calling al Cltv Point both ways. The fine atesmers Washington, O. Chichester. Commander, arm VALLEY CITY. W. II. Snyder, Commander. The ehoye ateamrra reeeire freight dallv at pier 16 Eaat rlrer. and ?ill aall regularly every Saturday, at 12 41.. or sooner if loaded. This line la prepared to receive nnd forward goods with despatch by all the Southern railroad routes. For freight or passage apply to JAMES HAND. 104 W?Hstreet. fitOR RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. F The aldewheel ate,-unships 1'ATTFRAR Cantata Alexander Every Saturday, ALPFMARLR, Captain Bourne Every Wednesday At I t M., from pier 36 North nrrr, givlnr through bills it lading. Ac., to all points on the Seaboard Railroad and It* eonnecUnns. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agents, 88 Liberty street. (Tailing vessels. First class r.Rio t.udmtli.a, por Trieste, having engaged |iart car.'O, will have quick despatch. For further particulars apply to MLOCOMCI1 A SMITH, 121 Pearl atreet. 1HAVELLERS' GLIDE, Hudson river and harlbm railroads? Trains for Albany and Troy, connecting with Northern and Western trains, leave New Vot k. rla Hudson River Rail road, Thirtieth street and Tenth -aveuue. ? and 10 A.M.. and 3:45. 6:90and 11 P. 41.: and via Harlem Railroad, Twen ty- aiztli atreet and Fourth avenue, at 11 A. M. and 4:13 P. M. The 6:30 P, M. train via Hudson Rlrer will run on Sundays. Sleeping cars attached to tr3U and II P. M. trains. unSSD P. M train is also stunned m sleeping car crrry day ev renting Saturdays, which la run through to Ogdrnaburg rla R. VV. and o. Railroad, without chance. Sunday ira'n on Hudson R rcr Road, New York to Pough kcep'lc and rclurn, 'caving New York at *:3U A. M., and on Harlem Kind. Portt-second atreet to Millerton and return, leering New York at 9 A. M. WM. H. VANDKRBILT Vlee President n?KIHi At-. T ONE INTF.RYIEW?WITH OR WITHOUT MKDt clne. No deception. Remedies $1 toff) Electricity r id. ("?Mr or iw charge. board provided. Dr. and dema DUBoiA, M Third mnm AOI'RK AT ONI'. IN FBRTfRW?POR MAURIFD LA dies. by OR. POWERS. twice IW Kim .trert, Ilia Periodical i.xtr.iets guaranteed unfailing, Immediate. appll?< M dun 4 -MADAME ORINDLK, FEMALE PHVRICUM, NO. 2\. 6 Amity plane, can be consulted on all femtlo wit. laitils. Pleasant numa for ladtaa won desire good uiirmng kiiiI medical attendance A CURB at ONK INTERVIEW. WITH OR WITHOUT medicine, for married la Ilea from whatever cause, by Nudum- RKSTKLL. Protmnnr of Mldwtferv (th-riv rear*1 inaction. M IVeat Thlrtvdourth street. near Rixle avehuu. 4 DVICB TO MARRIED UDIH-MADAME RES A TKLL'R Infalllb e I- reach Female Pd'v No. I, pries H. or No. 2, price $A. which can never fall; -aft and health*. QSn flt Weat Thirty-fourth atreei. near Sixth are line. Kent bv mall. Addrnaa box 2.SS9. ABT.ERRfNO TO LtDIKft?a LADT WRTTES: Pt.riti<iiaaa Pcmale Periodical I'M* relieved mo ai one dir. with nit nicnuvciilriica. Iikn magic I rtc ? tS. Or 4. M. NAlUIChAU, oBloe lTJ Liberty ..(met, or aeut by null. AM. MAURICE NtJ, M. D_ PROPKNROR OF mid . wifrrjr. thirty year. practky, at 128 Liberty atrret Oneranteea certain rel.ef to married ladiea, from whatever r atae at one Interview A?VOUTHFt'L VtOOR ANO MANHOOD REGAIN ? ed. Dee Dr. POWERS' Kllxlr. rapecially all content plating marriage. OBlcc IS* I Im etreet. A IX DIBRABU PROM WKATRVBR CAUBR PRO (lnoed, are rifely and succ-saliillv t -ited hr Madame DKRI'A RD at one Interview. Kealdenrc SHJ llowcrr. Hoitra 8 to d. AC RK AT ONE INTERVIEW, mm MARKIKD ladle., by Dr POWERS. Ofllce IM Kim timet Hi. Periodical Extracts guaranteed -DR. ORINDLK ACCOUCHEUR TO TUP. PRIVATE A ? Lying In Inatltute, No, ? Amity p u ?. Oood rwns l-oar.i, tlur-ng and medleal a'teuianor All female com platnla aklltuli treated. Am. unfortunatba should consult dr. ORINDLK. No. ? Amity plaee. Sure relief In ell ape rtel complaints i -instillation. free. /nonpidrntialconsu Lf ationh.?dr. r corbrtt, V/ member of It. T. V. Medical rollers and R. 0. Rnr/eon. London, ran he consulted aa oau d on ceru.o diseases Of. lice 20 Centre etreet, near Chambert. N. R.?No fee unlet* cured. Ciiarlbn lutxb. m. d . we rroadwat. nbar Twenty.drat etreeL Profeaaor of Obeteirica. baring over Iwentv year. aoo-eaarul practice in thta oltv, gtlaranieea Immediate relief to every lady requiring .icrUI medleal or aurgical treatment, from whatever eatlre. without pain or expeanrr. N. R ? Regulating Medicine, tent hy mall. ORE WHERK ALL OTHICRS PAIL?DR. KF.NNPDT'R J oalv guaranteed remedies Debllltited persons, try Kennedy'. Invlgoratorn. Ofllne 1M Kim etreet OR. HI'NTRR car oure WORST PARKS OP PER. tain dieeaaea, without memory. In shorter iim? than any other phyeleten, or no per lagan. Ma. I Dlvtetoa street, alnca c DR. KRRNRDT'R haoioal irtiooratokm arr an immediate care In all oaans where manhood has been Impaired, lift Elm street. Doctor huntkr s botanic cordial kkrtorrs vigor of youth la one ererk; gives health and -Irangth loathe meet debilitated. $? per vial. I Dlvtama etreet, elnoe R. ^RNNRDT'H REM EDI US CURE.?NOTHINO elan can Unfortunate*. nee them and Kennedy's In vlgoratore where aenbood la impntred. OBice II* Kim at. BR. POWERir BLIXIR OP LIPR REflTORFS THE moat Mattered conaUtnlleo Remove, all dehtilt*. ?e IM Elm .treat. DHk hunter s red drop in thr onlt RRMRDY ? that will root out potaonou. vim. of a certain dtsoaae; all other, drr It la the blood. No. S lilvi.lon street. $d. DR. HARRISON, M SIXTH ATE NUB?PURER THE worst dlaeaae. Immediately wllhont merenrv. ounaul t at lea alt hours; eorreepoodmce strictly privets. Ladies can always belt on dr. powers' un felling Freaoh I'eriodleal Bttrnets and Pills. Certain sure. Oltee. IM Elm Mreei. LADIES' BENBPACTOR^-oREAT Rt< ULATOR. DR POWERS' Periodlent Extracts Relief et one Inter view guaranteed DR. POWERS, Ofllce II* Kim street f ADIRR, BR ROT mPQRRD UPOR; RK CAREFUL L tenbtnle only Dr. MAURI' EAU'S Fieneh Periodic* Estreat*, sa certain la all ease# from whatever cause, es send for pamphlet 19 l.lbertv etreet Madamr tan ruskirk, practical piirsicfjtN, Sen he eonaoRed at 9 West Fourth etreei. Ahturo gearsntee l at one Interview. THoU-AKDS R4VRD RT DR RENNRDTM IM proved tre-tment The last vestiges ef Mieee.xi eradwisted IM Kim street, ! 'fillE OldVIY OP NAN In RTRF.NOTH; T'.dRRRFORK I the narmm and dchdUtvte l should immediate lr nee I>r. ? WRMre'llBBSFSf MM, iMIMnrtrteA 7 _ yot t'iful fltyfiR and nanhO'^d RSoaINRD. I i m >a Poware1 Ritmr, a.yeetallg alt eeaMmptaNns I* ofi e ft Mm ttieet " ' BAXJCR ATP ABCTBW. I A BWONKEg HALS Or CLOTHS. *C IjTwHlABT. I A AuoSloiitor, No I North WltUem Mrort. ,m ?U .O I iHurday, December 8, at 10 o'clock, at No 361 Burnt??. I Mar Houston Untt. the Stock and Pltturaa of a TailoruM I Establishment, consisting or Clothe, Caasiinercs and Vast- I Inga; alao Store Ptxturea, Tabic*, Chair*. ftc. Br order of I (L M. MIT I'M AC HT. Lalgneo. I AT AUCTION. THIS DAY AT 13 M . TO THR HIOH. I J\ aat bidder, for ?ash. the well known Bar and Lunch I Counter No 3 Cnrtlandt street; together with Stork, Fix. I tores and Oood Will. AU liceuees paid. I Ahuotiov notu'B.-ramuel wtnn * oo., jiucT I ? TlONRRKS.-gatUntl WORTH Of I MAGNIFICENT FURNITURE, PIANO. I FORTH. BRONZES, PA1NTING8 AND MANY BARB I AND COSILY WORKS OF ART AT PUBLIC AUC- I T10N. I On this dap (Saturday i. at 11V o'clock, at the ele^^H brown atone mansion, M West Sixteenth street, beii^^B Fifth and Sixth ayennea. ? *? I DRAWtNO ROOM FURNITUBB. I Sntl onrered French hrocatel of the rtoheet description, I rosewood Ktagerea to match, Sec. clary Bookcase, fcneoto I neurs, Cabinets. Centie Tables, Fter Mantel Mirror*, YelreL I Hrunnels Carpets, Lace Curtains, Bronte Statuary, Serrse China Vaeee Turkish Reclining Chairs, Bronze nock. OB I Paintings bp eminent artista. Ornaments, magntteent rest I wood Pianoforte, Stool. Cover, Moslo Stand; rosewood and I walnut Bureaus Bedsteads. Wardrobes, en suite, strte LouisDV; Heir, Spring Mattresses, Blankets, Hlieeta. Dining Room Furniture?Extension Table, Buffet, China Dinner Set. Stiver Casters, Tureens, Balrera, Spoons, Dinner, Ten Service, Ac. J A UCTION NOTKlB.?E. ROTH, AUCTIOKERR. I A AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOB I HOUbKKKKPEKH AND THE TRADE. I OYER $18,000 WORTH OF I elegant and genteel Household Furniture at public auction I this (Saturday! morning, at 11},' o'clock, at the larggi residenoe No. 113 West Eighth street, near Sixth aventS consisting of magmfloent rosewood Fianaforte. Stool arvjf Cover, all modem Improvements, full seven and ? half oc tave, richly carved lege and qsse; three beautiful Parlor Suits, covered with the richest dessrtption of French satin bracelet; Works of Art, Bronzes. Oil Paintings by amlnnadl artist*, Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; rosewood I Etageree, elyle of Louis XIV.; solid black walnut Extension! Table, Buffet and Dining Chairs to match; Oral and Fter 1 Mirrors, black walnut Suits, covered with hair cloth and green reps; bloek walnut and rosewood Bedsteada and toatis, Spring and Hair Mattresses, Sofas and Rookernt Vases. Olaae. China and Silver Ware, Cutlery, Re. N. B.? I Reliable men In attendance to cart, pack and skip goods foe purchasers at a reasonable charge. BMENJAMIN F. THRALL AUCTIONEER, H ? LATE SALESMAN WITH E. H. LUDLOW A OO.H THIS DAY fSATt'RDAYI. AT !?? O'CLOCK, H AT 61 LIBERTY STREET. NEAR NASSAU, ? F.LKOANT FANCY GOODS, BRONZES, ? CI.OCKS, J'ARlAN AND BI8QUET WARE. AC. M Catalogues and goods now ready at 81 Liberty street. BY HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER. On Wednesday, Dec. I'J, 1866, at U o'clook, at our | levy, 98 Lihcrly street. Mnc collection of auclent and modern Oil Paintings, Chro mas and Engravings. HENRY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM ? Nassau street, opposite the Post office. SALE OF HO SES AND CARRIAGP.B AT AUOTIOB. BY MfNKR A BtlMKRVILLB, AT SALESROOM. NO. .87 NASSAU STREET, THIS Day (SATURDAY), DEC. 8. at 13 o'clock. TEAM RAY CARRIAGE liORSWS, 16 hands high. 8 yean old, kind in all tnrne<s and free from vice. LA ROB BAY House;, 17 hands high. 8 years old. kind In all harness, spirited and stylish free from vioe. PAIR OKA V HOUSES 1 Horse and Morel, (land 1 yearn old. 15 hand ) lugh. kind in all harness and under saddle; have been dov?n by n ludv: used as a private family team. HANDSOME SORREL MARK. 16V bauds high, 8 years old. kind in all herncta and under saddle. TOP ROADWAOOV in good order HI T DOUBLE HARNESS, good order. CLOSE CO i Oil. HANDSOME SORREL MAR! , la' * hands high 5 yeans old, warranted perfectly sound kind la all harness and un der saddle. BROWN MARE. B years old. 16 hands high, wsrranleg perfectly Found kind in all harness and nnder saddle; list from all vice. TOP BUGGY. In geod order. Several earn single and double Harness, Blankets, Ac. Regular horse s i'o davs. Wednesdays and Saturdays. Messrs. MINER A SOMKRVILLE offer unsurps advantage* In location, experience and business capacity In parties wishing t > buy or desiring to sell Horses, Carriage* or anything pertaining to the horse business. H KNRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. SALE OF HOREKH, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, AO., BY MINER A SOMKRVILLE, TUESDAY, DEC. II, AT 13 O'CLOCK, AT THE UNION PLACE STABLBR, * 63 EAST FOl RTKENTI1 STREET, 1 NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. SEVERAL VERT FINE TURNOUT8. TWO FIN 11 PARK PHAETONS. SEVERAL TOP AND NO-TOP WAOONS. TWO FINE SADDLE HORSES, AC., AC. Regular aalns at onr Horse Auction Mart, Unien Pteee Stables, everr Tuesday throughout tbeyenr. Messrs MINER ft SOMKRVILLE offer uneuipamif advantages in lunation, experience end huatneea capacity to parties wishing to buy or daslriag to aell l'oraae, Carriagto or auytking pertaining to the horse huslneea. H ENltV D. MINER, AUCTIONEER, Salesroom 87 Nassau street, opposite the Poet MINER ft B0MRRYILL8 will aell at aiiethm. ON I'HIDAV AND SATURDAY EVENINGS. Deo. >1 and a, a) their new and spacious fine art gallery, 83 Fifth sreaiae. Southwest eoninr of Foufteenth street, a large end elegant collection of foreign nud American original OIL PAINTINGS, particulars of whioh will he duly given. H EN BY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER.?SALESROOM W Nassau street, opposite the Post oiBee. ( BALE OF OK NT KM HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. . BY MINER ft BOMKRVILLR. * At private residence 813 East Thirtieth street, Monday dec. 10, at u>?i o'clock. Particulars to morrow. HBKRY FELTMAN ft CO., AUCTIONEER* -ON MOff. d >y. I)eoem!>er 10. the entire Sbs-k end Fixtures of ? good Urocery -tore: rsre chance. Pall particulars will ha given In Monday's papers. Henry ffltman. auctioneer?sells thib day. at rwo o'clock, at 3W First avenue, the ciiUra Stock of a new and aecoud hand Furniture Stan; alio Hone, Harness and Truck JBOOABT, auctioneer. NO. 1 NORTH WILLIAM , street, will sell this day, (Saturday! Dee. S al II o'clock, at More, a urge assortment of Parlor. Dtuinc Boom end Kitchen Furniture, constating of mahogany and Meek wa nut bulla, mahogany Rotas. L unges, Chairs and Tabttov 6 oak and black walnut Extension Tables. Bookcases, make Ov and black wnlnui French Beilsteade. Bureaus, Cot * Hutu, Brussels. Thr~e nty and 'ngraln Oarpnta, Wool. Blankets, llatr Husk and -trnw Msttrnsaea, Feather Redd and Urddtng, snout 30 assorted Stove*. Also I French nu lla rd Table, nimble bed; 3 wood bed Billiard Tables, Belle, Cuee, Ac. And 11 lee Piano suitable forjpuhlle house. Alao French plate Mlrrurt. Wardrobes, Counters, ftc. JOSEPH IlKaKMAH. closing Oat Sill- ?The belnnee of Statuary, f'?mm Martile. Plgtircs, Pedes! ale. Veaes, Tables, Rronte*. Oleeka, rich Fancy tioodr end Works of Art will be sold a* itainr day. l>r-?mb<r 0. at 10 o'clock A. R , at Goldsmith's larfi music hall, !*" Pulton street, opposite City Hall. Brooklyn. The sal# will he continued la tba crenlng. at 7 o'clock. IEAHB ABU PrfTT'TtKB FOR HALF.-AHRlONKBRt J ante, tli.i day (Saturday), at II o'c lock A. M.oethe pramlsca, Mil llroailway: tho unrmirnd term of canning years from H.iy Ifdlior tha lew of the store, CLi Broad way. alaot'ic Pictures. LEAV1TT. HTRKBF.I'IH A CO , Anelloneera. PUBLIC BALK or OBDKANCE ART> ORDKARCR bTOItKH. AT BARPP.R* FKnitV. WERT VIRGINIA. OR TUE80AT, DECEMBER II. ISM. By authority of tha Chief of Ordnmne I will offer, to IB* highest bidder, at public anotl n at tbn a bore tune and place, I a large qrivTmror ORDEURCR ffWRKM. HON SI TINfl OF Artillery ffarueas, Paddl-s, Bridies, H there, florae Hruahna. Curry Cornba, HImkets, TaipaTen Infantry an ! Caralry Accoutrements. Bhllfala. BLACKSMITH** ARl? MADDLKRM' TOOLS Orlnd S>one/, a lot of Ltimiier, scrap Iron. lYraeaed Lead Pipe, I>a?k?. Boos-ases, Re. Alao one fireproof Hole (n?M\ una 'Mailt d?e Clock, ORK HUNDRED THOUSAND BRICK, more or leaa. ona llorae. ami many other artlclea not AeaaaaB necessary to anniMkM. Terms cash in United Mates Fonda. Hale to cotnmenaaal lOo'alock A. M. I). J. T"I NH. M. B.K ef Ordnance, I'. A A. .lone Known Anetioiaenr. Borru.ber Us. Hidf R ROLLINS * CO., AC' TKINCRRH. WILL SRLL thla dar. at t o'clock, at Canal street aaeond haaR Furn'ture, Feather Hods curled Hair Mattreaaaa, Blauketa, Comforters, Hereada, Itoia'erg and Ftllewa, Rtorea wnlnui and male.;inr Parlor Suits. In reps. enamelled Chamber Suits, Sofa and Conch Beds Morkera, Tallica, Chairs. Bu r-ans, Wardrobes. WsahaUo la Bedsteads. Parlor and Bar Mirrors, Window Cutlalns, Kbadea. Paintings and Kngrar lugs, gitrrr plated Ware, t'aaters. Table Cutlery, fllaea. Cmnkerr and Tin Wars, Desks Re,; ohm a targe as sortment of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. Oaoda packed and shipped. ^ _ S" HE BIFF'S S VLK. DRY OOODS, HBT GOOTWt, RC. RICHARD WALTKRB, AUCTIONEER WILL SKI.!. THIS DAT (SATURDAY), at II o'dlnet, at fa. 7 ? athanna aireat. a ?enrrul aaacftaa stock of Dry Oooda. ronslatlng "f Rostlns, Calicos Mertaoa UaUlaa. Alpacas. Prints, Shawls Cloaks, nnblaaehed C?B coa rimnela Ac R. RBILI.T. Deputy JOHN KRLLT. sheriff. yiTISTRT. _ A RRW ARD BCIRMTIFIC Mai'(>VRBT. ?R<> ROM" A tootbaehe after ualng PISTON'S timet T'irdharhR Remedy. It l.erar falls r>cure U Instantly, (lire H a ?rUt Prlaa aRu. per boUla. To be ....d at No t Clinton ptace, and all drug .tares in tba United States. ___________ A HOST WONDERFUL D1HCWF.RY.?TEKtlf ** trarlad with ml psln (ten years) by the benmnMnRap plkaHoa (narcoilsntkNi) I^luibihm f?? frw*b <Winy. Ufiil UwJ. Mr VJ bliKRS. im?ri?d?f*l, ?H*# Broad sray. _________? R aLTOR DKRTAL ASHOCIaTTOR ORUlIBArFI* MID oaks a ipeti.alty of the uee of Bltrosm tfgjBeOaa. sad Ulster It (a the aaly amy w hlrti nalfarwsl) dreamys pala. are gtrati B to oaer Wjm patients. Com# te kead^aafs tars OfBoa 19 Cooper InalUn'e man kitboub oxidb "V ._A I dally lu palnlrae Ritraottoa ol to I*, snparlor in bmntr. "?""Wy WHITE. DanUsl. UB Baa-bar atraet. S B.-Dr f.nnlag. B. P., la aiuaiUnen y^R,|T(t|||t, 'r uTwIIo >SB T1IKB FCOROCRn BTRC.HH'R A Vf ^ ""T "SStortssffiris FUBRITUKR. ORRPKTS. OOCMfM, HKI'IHRO. Parlor and Bedroom Snlta. Ae, at BRRDALI. R Hcomcwbendtll llBilsaa atraet e,, mar of Canal at reek. Payment reeaived In weekly or immthly psymsoU If pra fhrrad. __ EW/BRirrRB. rattrbbres. rkodino. ujokibo H (Usees# cheapest at i If. mWRI>SR R CAR PBKt.L'H. * Bowery, between Stan Use and llonaton freete Osaka srarraatsd; dctlrered free. I'aioat llmntau Radateada Cheap. * qtoraob, storaor. ntobaob. sTtiBAna. btoju O age tar rarnltara ? wonat loaaed an fniattara; fnmR ^tm""***UT Warn kWrnMBkHM*. "Bt