Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1866 Page 4
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lAIOUU AI> AT BAND D imiTH BTBHBT, ?BTWEBM_E'.f7Jt Bvmn AST JSCS Snslyn place. between Amity and Fourth Mreeu. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL T A_aA?|DapMBl>r A. Furnished Parlor m?*. ?""""VfJSIS' reference. 61 ?etry Sum with private table only. Higbeet rale euoe. feat fllxteeutt street. Lfuw nicely JeSS JuMt.0"! Uemea only, without board, St 17 Amity atreet, near dway sad the Southern HoWL A r?t RwnTDLY VOENlflHBO PARLOR AMD BED* iLsw^afeSSSSz ^sffsasa A HANDSOMELY FURNIRHED BRDBOOM AND A PaHer with Board, oa third door, to a gentleman and ?tfs wisff'agcntlaaian. 3fl West Sixteenth street A PRIVATE JEWISH FAMILY WOULD LIEB TO A \S u> aoo or two gentlemen a handaome furnlghed Doom on tha aooood floor, with or without Board; tho hoiiee lad furniture In apiendtd order; terras moderate; refer dallat 184 Eaet Thirty-first atreet "private family, livino up tow*, near Fifth avenoa, who do not keen a boarding house, would i to lei wltt Board and all the comforts of a refined ne. two or throe handeomely furnlehed Boome on second fg with all oonyenleanee; referanooa exchanged. Ad i M. O. F., atatlon U. At id madifto* ayfnde. corner of thirty flret atreal a large Boom eultable for a lady and gentle^ ??a or two iin|ii gentleman; termi rauooable; rei#ri?cei A RICK BUIT OF BOOMS TO LET FT'R*I8HKD. A with Board, on the anoond floor. In J^m! J: hat and oeld water between rooms, suitable for a J*?11*?r a party of gentlemen, at 11B East Forty-Bret atreet, ne* ?wood arena a Terme moderate. A T FRANKFORT HOUR*. ONE A Halt corner of Frankfort and William streets. jmi Boome. % to 60 eenta per day: $1 50. $3 and $3 per week. ALAROB PROMT BOOM, WELL FURNISHED, ON flrat floor, with Are and light, to le?, to a single gentlo man on rraaouable terms. 873 Eighth arentie, near Forty - oath atreet a arrr of rooms on second floor, witii JaL Board or private table, near Fifth aveuue. No. 1 hast Twentieth atreet. Also three PurW^tn adjoining honae. A 8HIT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS A tolelat 74 Ninth street, near Klflh avenue, with or Shout board. Beferenoae exchanged. Vt 174,1* BLKKCKER STREET, SI X DLOgBB WEST .A. ef Broad way, pleasant Rooms, with e\. client. BtAid, from |8 60 to $10 par week. Families accordingly. A" DESIRABLE HIT IT OF ROOMS. WITH BOARD. TO rent to a party of gentlemen or a gentleman and bIs wife. Apply at ill Waal Thirtieth street, between Eighth and Nlutn avenues. A FEW NEATLY FURNISHED, OOOD BEDROOMS to let to single gentlemen, without board: go* and Rath. Reference required. Apply ? 5? Hleeoker streer, Boot of Broadway. A SUIT OF NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, ON SEC. ond floor; one ?ro*ll Room Tor a gentleman: references exchanged. 5S Woat F.leyauth xlreet, three doors east of WWtatttm . AT FROM $9 TO $7 PER WEEK.?A FEW OKNTLK men ran obtain good Board at lit ("unrltoii street. ALBION PLACE. OR NO. 80 EAST FOURTH STRKI"P.? Furnished Room' for families ?ud single gentleman, xrtth Beard, In ? reapeetable family. AFBW NICELY FURNISHED SIMILE OB H,XTITel of Rooms to let. with Board. Hood <?hU; Tcrm? reaaonahle. Cull at 170 Wav -rh y place, no-ir Ilnminond >1 A SUIT OF WELL FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH Board at 1*9 and 1*1 West Fourteenth atreet; dlnnei at Hi o'clock; references exchanged. A LADT CAN HAVK A KM ALL BOOM, WITH Board, in a plain Apply at -115 >?" ??wd avenue, ?rof Twenty-fourth ? roM. *>??#* floor. .. A DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMS', WITH BO VRD, TO rent to a narty of gentlemen i.r a gentleman and his wife ai West Thirtieth utreel, between Eighth and Ninth aveuntui. ? N RLK'IANTLY FURNISHED FRONT PABLO* TO let (lint floor!, with fire, K*s and belh. to one or two geaib men. 2? Tenth strre', ben e, n 1' r-i and h.-?nn<tax a LA ROE, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOON ON A third floor, fronl to let. with Board, in a fir ? <1 us lutuw*. No. 27 Wet Eighteenth street, near Filth areu ,e References exchanged. A FRONT flP)M ON SKUi IN It FLOOR, \|' 4T1.T A lurntahed. with Boant: also bank room. '>>?r o'clock. Tarma moderate, with comforts of a home. MP Maedongal street. A A SECOND FLOOR. OR ^VbT B?rt*^t"re A room', handsomely furnished, with Bos'd. at sirs. Austin's, ST West Thirty, seventh street, near Fifth avenue.^ T NKATLT FURNIHHKD ROOM Ttl LET-W ITH A Board at a moderate price, for either one or two geu ttlomen. U Barrow street "a NFATLY FURNISHED FRONT RP.DROOM TO A lei to s single gentlemen. Apply at i? West Twenty, fourth nimwt. ^ __ .. a NIOFLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. ON SECOND A 'floor'talel at 111 stxieeeth etreel u? u > tt aeeauc A PR1\ ATE FAMILY WILL IRT with H'iARO. A A beautiful suit ef Rooms. . o avnnd floor, to a family of Sree Sr four. Call at 5 - W ct Teenly -tghth street. a FWW UESFFCTAHI.K YU1 N'* iJFbTLEtfl.N ? AN A be accommodated xrlth newly furnished aad IfjT"",,J Rnoms. ill a on?aie lamlly. wkh or without Board. 110 \fr l Mxteenth atreet. _ "a T 110 M tl'DOCOAL STREET -KLEOAMTLY FUR A ntshed Rooms, with eyery neeeassry fer noniekeepln*. ta oroer the I a lamlly may have a ??omplete borne. Til WASIIINOTON VI. At R NEAft N BW YORK Hotel In a flratelaas hou". las UOT " ? with board; alao tw H *11 R '<>?n. fur -lug? gentlemeii. _ Tpp'ly"AT 1*3 EAST MM ".I NnisTltl KT r<iR El.K A gant and newly furnished Rooina, en aulle or single, mMh or without Board a t dTeaat TIIIBTBKNTH strke r, TW O DOORS A. weatot Se< ond avenua. a third fl ?>r rrpnt Koean, fln Krfnmlal.ed. with large paatrtes to rent, wi'h Beard; hou and neighborhood tinexccptlonali'e. T BA.JK PARI/!I'. TO YET?WITH HOARD TO tiRN A tV-msn and wife or sinrle gentlonieu. wttu piuo' ' af daairahle borne. D Bawt Twelfth atrawt, oeai llro .iw?.. a MintAlU HANDNOMBLY FI'RNISHED f t A tor Floor, lor gei.a'eii.en or Isiol'y gw,(nuraot: family p-vate; tarms moArrete. L .11 at II Tait Fmartli sintrt, w ? -l?in<tot - ? sic 1 FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM ON THE SPOOND A floor; also a pteaaout R em on third ''r. BMbed with Board, n-iiui reaaonahle. Apply at *t? r .? ? Nlaeteenth rtreet. A Torso WIDOW I ADY MM A NBA HA KI .: ntah?-d I'arlorand Rod; * <n t.. let to .;Ti*ln detillerueti onlr < i?|l for <*?! ay. at <AJ i;ifhili irrmir be*.,eei Thirt. iy- 'j'iJ aod Tbtryr-IMri) an- u. ALARoR HAXDWOWK PARI.OR FLOOR. HIH K rouriit, may be but eparaieijr or mgrion,, M X Sintli utar Huh annua. \ A ROOM OX THR ?AEfoxii FLOOR . r'KOIt il TO jet?With Ttouid, Kiilutiie f'-r a pnllruitn aod wife, or two diiflo itidkiMi Inquire .1 1*1 Fran'. in till < t. a rVMWn room TO I.f.t-with or with J\ otti ptrtlai Board. In a p.lraia rawly, in > gentleman enljr. "H VYeet Karat, want h a I. eat, batmen mill. m l to ??in avenue*. "Itl IT Of Kt 10M n -TO Ottltn KM AM AMD WIFR. or a.ogtn gentlemen, with Ro ot: V'U - Ural .?'??. ~,j It Fortr II I h .ireet, tv n if" Tad -n >i ? . Afkivatb family, tHt urviho is a ukmbaAi Innani.n k lir* iftw in ? ? ?:. ?? .. n ?. with in dern tm|>r rem. n:a, ?,!! let, with Bivtrd, to ? grnlle-nan uX wlfta ?rowiM- too ?tu#i. aaallewaaa < ootn- Rooma. lu*>Uier or aopareiely. CkH m Itl Wc?t Ta.-nlj iMchih .treei. APBTTATK FAMILY WILL KKXT A MANDBOMKI.Y fuml-hed |"*rtimo tho aor-.nd R<v.r wttb ? large IV. 1. eeotm ami Pantile, adjoining, Alwia hull Hodrouta OR Thtra ktary. | tit a la Ui.le If iMret lit# !?? I inftpi m < ? ?.??,. ard oettwtreil. difiy kt II Wrat h-iieentli afro#' oete.-n VIfih awd Mi in atenuet. ATRITATK FAMILY WILL I.RL WITHtH T HOARD, ?u? ne* 1* f'trniahed Irani Room. lire **,. ?*?. to one ar two geml-taea. Cul alM llwrktlo ?inwt near righth a>. a LAR'IR AMD HAXD-oMKI.T FPRWUMlBO FBOXf J\ P??|nr r?n lie h.,1 ruth or withn.ii id . ?mln* ll.ll Ram wHU hiat ciaa. Boa.d. at lit Fuhklh avauae. ne.r MRh (trot. AIIASDXO.WI.LY FUBRllHKD HIIIT II F TWO. mrie ui four Roam. newl) kited Ufa with np WRliAtlt Board or with prlrate tanlr aim Kuaaa,at d? ?made if 4MAXD?hMKLT Prw.VIAMKD ROOM ro RK.N r TO tan * tw? ,en - in?, without puarU. .'am.i) i,n> i*.k '? , liL tanaa modrrate if t*rwtanen:lr eaf.a- d; reTar ?anea ettthn p d. A|>i .y *i X Th ru atreei. MJOARIV-TH I TOI Xt. Xt \ ROOWISO TOOKTIIKR. I > c*a ?? i eacrlleal !????-1 ,ad ham* mauor't. la a ft - < aoien io'ii t at ?>?', tireoaa atreei. near a in it f . ma I- ala, Refr e e. eteh,ne, d. Masi ?' i' ? . i. .t mi.i .i' fit mi: ?..? * ? pvid Roaltlalld ul ?e v Kmni nn n . i. i. . . !ia/ He ml Api? at .. A UrteawVu (krwet. tt y in'.Bf II :d. Bll.t Ri i. I ? ' \\V \SD Wff WAT OHTtlX a ruin Ifife ti.'l fdeaeunl front IIaiowi mtfiera ait.->. aorr wiih atatle ? '??mo, but aau ? <W ? , *1 lot We>t f in rfaoaih n 'et. DOAJUke *o ui iru. it it* if. il 4a; t ? , u >!> hie I' .1 Ruard at?A 'ite*t Tone# ?Hoot *'?. mm mmjj* .<??? ?" TJOARH- OITTWRRh tiBRTLf Wf x r A* ?* ?' rod. J*m M* ad in ? ore ' ?? ne.*ibtrh?ee? wiui ?r*t lv? Roar I and ? rre thefO kte a: pn eat ?etrerai Ho itberactn liarani ARdntaa hoklhern, ? <M Her?ld o# e HOAR I ? -VKRT il .[RAH'1 itm.M- WITIi 'iR * Ih-l' R..u.,| ?( \ <i < \? lew 1 .?? lietween Rlijltlll ? r" afld ;r |,IMr HeiM'lw*) ke..-fat'twef re.arer.'e', (teen ,, qwtred BO I RD.? I! 1 N o-t id I I.Y I v fUMiMd. ffHI aot and eoM * ate- and i-etd W-.vd lit a t ral *!??# h.?ae Ari'lf ?lITWewtwrSii-. <tl . . rae DOARD -TWO OK TTIRKK RRKPRlTMU X JNRl'H 1 *? bwoao hate t ur f o-ia, ,|e Roonv WMh Rourd, t ifiif lad at Ml plrak ?Tanue taihaainre. noAKD -a ki lt or inoitt. ktriTAkLR por * n gaBU-maa and hi. wile ? .tr.ale??ttle t.. n, h> "t *Uh MM*, at Ilk Weel Twaai, third Hie?t R.fereaeea re HiiWad. nOARDIXO -ORXTLRMR* rtn ftp a?X'?dl|o. n d.te-t With ooo t Boar.' ,nd pkmmM Rmom at 11J For ?ft* atreai. twn 4t?> ? abore lr? ?. Terat. R". M Is ft HDARDIXO-RAOR PARIAIR to I.RT WITH Wl-hpxl ?oa. d aieo k ?'"? ? JbMkk. kt 11 Vatdkhi a MRt B IJJUMEM AJfDLO ?Board at ?w nrra a yen ok?to or elegantly I furnished KuOium on the woud floor, wttb exclusive u?e of bath room. AUo, Room* on the fourth floor, for ata 'gle gentlemen ' ? "DOA RUING.? I.aKGE. HAND80Mi.LT FUREISHBD P Room* with, hot and cold walwr. nnfl Board for two. fl'Jfl and $90 a week. In flret elom houee X* Eaot Thirteenth ttreet, two doors below Boarding.?two larob rooms, with board. for two gentlemen, $18 and $10 a week. In the first class hrinse :?0 East Thirteenth street, two doors below Sec ond arnnue. BOARDINO ?A GENTLEMAN AND WIRE CAN HAVE a pleasant Room and food Board, at $14, and "ingle faaOemea from $? to $$ per wssB, at 4W Broeme street. TRLEOANTLY FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET?AT Kl Pj Bast Twenty-third street: location desirable and IIret class In every partlenlar. Befersnoss required. TRLBGANTLY FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET ON 8EO. rj ond floor; oloseu, bathroom adjoining.with Board, to a lady and gentleman. Apply at 88 Wast Washington place, near Sixth s?. EtI.RO ANT ROOMS, BN SUITE OR SINGLE, TO RENT, J without board or with prtrate table, iu a first etaee houae, 9 North Washington square. References required. Fifth ward hotel, corner wrst broadway and Franklin street.?Pleasant Rums, with Board, from $8 to $S perwoek. J. RHOKglH. Proprietor. PROMT BOOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, IN A SHALL family, near Fourth avenue; location good, atf7 East Thirty first street. Furnished rooms to let-to gentlemen or gentlemen and ladies, with Board for ladles only, at M West Twenty-seventh street, between Sixth and Havenih area uas. Furnished rooms.?front room, first floor, and back P.urlor. for gentlemen and wives, with Board for the ladles. Apply at DO West Forty-first street Furnished front room, second floor. with Board, for gentleman and wife or three single genlb-men. to room together. Inquire at 3IS West Foortb street, between Bunk and West Twelfth ttreet. Furnished room to let_with board, to respectable pxrtiee; location very pleasant and conven ient. No. ft West Forty-first strut, near Sixth avenua and Resoivoir square. IiU'RNISIUiD ROOMS TO RENT?WITH BOARD, 1 kingly or In suits, to first ideas parties, at 42 Rant Forty first street, near Madfaoa avenue. References exchanged. Furnished rooms to rent-with board, to gentlemen and tbelr wives, or single gentlemen. Din ner et six. t couple table boarders aoruuunudated. 79 East Twelfth street, near Broadway. (TENTLFMEN tND WIVES r \S BE ArroMMO T dated with first elasa Board and Rooms, where the com lorte of a home may be had. Call at .16 Lexington avenue. C100D BOARD AND ROOMS, r FROM $H TO $12 M6 BI.F.E' KEB HTRKET. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOMS To LET To gentlemen and tliclr wives or single gentlemen, at 176 Wool Fourteenth -ireet. Handsome sutt of rooms, on parlor floor, alsn large lliK,m on third floor, front: flrst rises lalile. Best of references glren and required. 19 West Twenty seventh street. Handsomely i urntsiikd rooms for oentlk mnn only, ?? tb? Lihertv Honee, 40 Weat Houston street. Term- moderate. Handsomely furnished parlor and red room I" 1st. avitli or without Beard. In a private French fRtnlly. Reference, exchanged. Inquire at 174 West Twcn tv-thi: il street. Hwdsomi; suit of rooms on parlor floor. Also double Room* on second Unfit: comforts of s bo ne; first class ts'dc. Terms moderate. Zlfi We-t TwentJ flflh street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. ThOOMH TO LET?TO GENTLEMEN ONLY: TWO A handsomely furniahed itoouia on f.rst floor utid one h.isament at No. i Vandam atreet. Referencca exchanged. IIOO.UR. WITH OP. WITHOUT board. AT NO. 2 A Union square. corner Fourteenth st. ?et end Fmulh avenue, at reduced prlnea. THE BOARDING AND REAL ESTATE BULLETIN can be had it ihe near, stands up town ibis morning Those wanting Heuses, Ron us :?nd Boar,! should I ok at It. Houses snd Room* foe apnitaent* wanted. Apply at or ad dress Bulletin otti-c. S2 t'edar slreet. TO LET?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR ami Bedroom, for gee 'barn a u and wife. Board for the ladv. IdH Thompson street, between Hon- ion and Bleo irr. TO LET?WITH BOARD. A SMALL FRONT R'MlM, renilcTn o> ?lar> nne ault.iM,- for tarn gentlemen or a gentlemen en-Whs wife. ISg Waterier place. TO LET-WITH BOARD. TO MAN AND WIFE. A li vi- nlonlv furmstied fr mt Room, -e, md floor. 140 Weat Fifty-third'street, near Broadway, or R mm on thr-^ flour. Tl LET?WITH BOARD. A HANDSOMELY Tt R. nlabcd Par'oi sod B?dronm. second story, front muex ?eie,llyiai:.tied< UnuM strictly $>w6 ? ia? Apply ai 1. est Tnlrly second nre-t TO EFT AT -:i WENT FOURTH STREET, A VERY piosaut Fulol-lc'J doom, in a private family, suitable fur gentleman and wile or i ne or two Ingle gentlemen. rnoi HT -TO t flF.STLKVtaN. A NE ATI Y VUETTBH I ed sluing It.nii i roo' ? with Bedroom s-ljoliunp. Also a comfortable Bedroom, with flr? una car- nioai dcsfntMe Inoatiow; uboordem. JA! Beat a.xteenUi aireep istewi H.uyreaarit Park and Tuird avenue. 'po I.HI? AN BLKGAMTLV FURNISHED FRONT 1 I'srlor aivl Bedroom to rentleinen or gewtlemau and wife, Willi or wlt'.eiut Board, at JLi. 6 Harrison street. LET?AT lift WRIT TWENTY FOI RTH BTRKET, in a : rtv ate fnmllv a nh-elv furnivbsd front Room, on (lev "r?ir t.. two-ii vlge cr leo -n <ir to getuienian and wife, with or without Board. Andy at the address r! LET HV AN ELDERLY WIDOW. A FUKMdIIBD Bedroom without Imstif A p?raon of good habits may address Mrs. A. A., station 1> for three dfivs. TO f.F.T .a wi;i,i. FURNISHi u FARLOR AND BED room ni lie English baaem ml h<*uae 21 V-rriil seetine, suitable fee i lady and geiitlemsn er strigle genli-ioan. with gas ,nd w.iler. TIlO LET, WITH B'lAKD, tf *! 1 LINTON PI fK -A I n'es-ati' front F<sit Hall R>aim adjoining; al rpo r o rrnNiracD poors at 21* Katt Broadway TWO IIKBTIKMKB OK ORNIt.FRIV AMI WtFK nan 1 tv? ini n.?'n- <1 K mm with or with"' B< . il. tn a liriiat** iarn'tr ftA -on it Third kintal. Wi.liatiut' tig. TWO PAPIifMt*, KLIMittl.V WIMitNRO. *Bf? ill- at! m ant-tat : 'livir h ina Rai. i? rum t -ift B'mm s.i-ntlirr or ?ap-iMWt*. Plrat i-lva bnart ?H't i-rlrain ta'ii-1 f tint iH Atv'y at d" Waal T< Iriy alith alrorl, hntwrn t fifth and RtttB *??n'taa. TWO ilfVTI.f.Wt B CAN' Wit ArOoMRtiDATRD WITH >ii*? f iiH Al-nrtaarata: flm ml f ? In 'ha ? a-li X. la -it? ?2 par waalt Knfnra-nja m- nlm.l Apr-lf at *7 Wprinx ? 'mat, rnri) ttMi flumkhhd boom* to ur-tt M 1 r? t Twauiv vrr-'lh ? iaa* nwrUtin* an ?t'niia ? III a \ KSI E >'? V TWO H thWUOlli; BiT'ROOV ? I ami s ytnln? Knout In lot, with lira' rtoaa Board Tl.a ? tat II" arawr*. !?> fllAWl.ToV -TKP.BT V HARDHORi IfK'M TO I ?? lav wuh Hoard, In . , ati ama' anii wlf-- titan -inala s-titjainan; a runtlnrultia hmii ? far fha aiiilar. Tarmr niAdnrafn i>1 CIIMOV PI.AiP P.I.Rn AWTI.T Tt RIIKHtD _I I Kitwni t.11? . a h It Aril, ?? 'at la '<-r f tinman and aIfa hi ainxla ft*ntinman * -f?aitaae fwietrad OA) WP.HI 'IXIRIIRTII dTKPET. _r.2 1 V?a?"y fiint .Vai| Room*. an atitta m ? T*l?. It parlar, ? ami ih'til ?..?#*, wllh ar without i. rat., a.a nM-it- i-Hn, a 'altla If .tr-i*w?l. -i ftrior fCi yworuTiovn I'E -IRABI.K SI IT OF aar I' with Board. ?Ml WRIT .a'TTRPsTH .HBRRT, BhTWRKh PTP1H ami -In i araaitaa Ronnn In lai a ih lira! -'aaa Ho.rtt, awttahhi far a c-o'Vnw-r ait wlfo, ar parltaa nf ?I' a a at til maun Rrfaww a- rrottimd a < UMfvs aoi AKR lurrnlDR?A iutmnm r.v rr f-irni?ltatl Part- rtnw -it int. with urltaii- la Ma. At"- anraai .!#?? fi -nl ? i.t, with Board Rafatam-aa la ' I at rap C*?> ' UBTow ri.ACT KBIT door rn hiu rooitT Ml ttmaaot twn holla nf n|n?*iittT furniahaA MB wNh HT ? rlawi Board. -infta rntuaaaa aaa l>a am aaa tad Ma-fan nna? -Iritana-I ? XI Mil rtTRKKT *1 IB BBIIAllBAT TO LVT, > with Kauri, ana lar.- RmB, aat'aMa loa a |anUa. man aail anfat aim ana !ar(> Runt. aaltaMa for iwa (an'la tarn. Haf-ranmw rtlNTOR PLim, f IOHTH ?TRRRT?TO lot with Hilar I, har. l*?ma Jurat alary fr nt k.-nu *l-'i Hall B'vwn aJ i -ninf ?''h yrata. 117 WK*T nol'ilTO* BTRRRT-nro III hanimmal" fnrn.ahaH H ia? total with M -inl la (anltaman ? , I tnr. ahri ai grwtl-roari, i-a o?mi til romtarn latp- If -nanta I o ~ * I "TBnfT - ?0"*n ?TORY Boomm to I I raat an imia tn a iwrtr of frntJaatai.. atao hack Parlor, hatiimma'r fn--.'ah?i ri rvRvrtt BTiirrT brtwrrb rirtH Mh aratinaa.?A tinnnla front K inm la lat . . r-iitlrwi. . an I h ? wlfa ar Iwa ?la(la pan in a* it Pr'ta a fam Ir l'?- p ART TM1BTT fl? IITII ?TBRIT, THIBO !?*?/ ar?aaa fu-ntab * t'- 1 ? *wa f r *? ntaai?n iwilr. 141-aUl '?ntr <n-|ta Hr'aairi irai* tl Ml la RI M>. taabta Bn rta-nit R2 at r>ar waak llo-taa haataR | .f ?> MA'THM'tlAl, afflRKT -A PRORT ROOR. OR 1 'I aw tA? ??witoH ilnnr. io M with Board In a fartiirwtnn ami al'a: a'an a am.II Ronm for $ AIR ""TR avt:*! K. To p.rTT, rrRMKiirit vr 1 * - Wit ?wia, hi nan pawn, al RI |wr wa.h , B'tnta* f -r ?n fl laittM a. ??i.|?!tY aw naar But ?-?i'"1?Mr pora-ii.* do airttl, -laanat itnrii alrtr# T??!? *? aitll. atraai. 7q?i hb'iaowai," urnmnt ahtor ruA<r. ? niPiTrd h?n.ian?rtnlr ftirni*lt?d P?rln"? ar t Intfaam f ntli tn. nrl. u. In it"t- . irrlitv i Apftlj ta Rroa tif.yrri, in Ihn BaT.a HIIIHI) AID E4MMIIRU WtlTKD. a HMAltf. MtHIM, irtTtf HRPI I.i. l. AMI H IRAK 1 I'aai ta m.,., -?i WHB an Ptiguaf- famtw I- -fntr-d Ta-m- laaat ant aaoaad Rin nar wart, i di-n P , oa. t,A?4 p. tat nfBm. a ?B?m I *** AMY Wtl-R W ART BOOB- OB TftP \ (Irat ?r a* -|4 Bo?., With arlr.t. UH* Ba ray If ail Itrafrrrwl. t-l-lnw, a-ai ag inula, baa I ABB P?ai SO. l?OABI> BT A A TRft -A (JP.BTI fRtB MRVRRB BOABB If tad iwuar thr*> Knaa ? tar hl?ar a -> ant ta--f mftrUt ja'i r I-ynara ntd. T# a antall prira-r *tn If aal tahrra ? i - -t ?fc nr inn-t '? Mta w tl *ap ? ?' i Ait aaa bat tilt Prat aOnP 1<)(S 100 I'll WBBTr !???) ant Bitti With Roar I. to a a SOARD AMD LODfllNa WAMTRD. J Board WAMTED-BY A gentleman, wins AND two young U.llo*. u ? firm clad* bou**. above Tdutb ?Wddt, between Fourth end With avenue*. Reference*. Addrnaa MP, MaUoa O. Board wantkd-in a private family. in the neighborhood of Elfihth and Fourteenth ?treet*. and Rerun*! and Fifth Mantua*, fur a family ouslsllng of a at''n? Uemau, wife and child j private family preferred. Room and bedroom required. Addrc**, a tall tut term* and refereore, W. H? Herald utllon. Tt7*ANTED?BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN. LADY, vT Infant and nurar. Addree*. atatlng term* and location, L. R. K , box 4 CJ0 Poat effio*. Refereneaa eirhanfed. TTTANTED?WrTH BOARD. ORE ROOM, PtTRNIKHEO. vt and one a mailer Room, aultable for an office. In Jeraav City, for a pbyaiclan and hie wife. Addraa* Madlcua, Herald oflloe. WANTED?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH FIRST claea Board, br aaeatleman and wife. location muat ho abnva Forty-aeventh atreet, weet alda. Addrnaa X. T. C., Herald office. WANTED?ONE OR TWO PUKNIHIIED ROOMS, vT with Board, for lady and child: houaa muat be very private Addreae J. D. S? Herald affiee. TIT ANTED?HY A YOUNG LADY, A FCRNIHHED OR iv tinfnrnlahed Room, with Board, In aome reapertable family. Terma rau-d be moderate. Location between Four teenth and Fifty niatb and Blitb and Tanth avenue*. Addreee O. P., Herald office. YXTARTED?ROOMS AND BOARD POR GENTLEMAN vY end wife. In a private French famllv, where French alone le spoken; up town preferred: highest refereneea given end required. Addreee, with full particular!. D. L D.. |ITANTED? "CARD AND FURNISHED ROOM, WITH VT Are, by two young laulea. Terma muat be moderate. Refereaoearxehangrd Addre** L. O.. station 0. COUWTRY BOARD. WANTED-BOARD. IN NEWARK FOR GENTLE man and wife, or a furnished Cottage In eeaM place Address H.. box 4.404 New York Post office. WINTER BOARD FOR HORHBB ?THF. BUBRCBI 'BR will tak* two morr horse* to hoard for the winter: price moderate. Addreae T. J. Robinson, Mount Vernon, New Hampshire. HOTKIsR. At the grant HOURS, 4* new bowkiiy, near Chatham square. Room, from HA to 60 rente per day; $3 to A3 per week. Open all night. P ARLS.-ORANO HOTKL MIRABKAC NO. H RUE DE LA PAIX. Tin* magnificent first das* Hotel, recently embe|ii*hed and elegantly furnished. has been patronized during the present flttiturjr by the fir* families of both hemispheres. and justi flan Its'renown br tu unhjuc attuaiion In trie most faahhuia bio t art of Paris. its beautifully laid out garden In the midst of a court yard, ornamented with a perpetually rnuntng fountain (advantage* as to public health which bare no e?pial among t ha Paris hotels). Its nestioot mUins and the car# and attention shown to it* distinguished guests. There arc large and small apartment*, at all prices: pri vate restaurant*, coffee rooms, saloons, ruadinif and *moking room*, letter leu, interpreter*., carriage*, Ac., A**. SHERMAN HOUSE?OOBNKR BROOMK AND KLM street* on the European plan. Vary comfortable and nicely furnished Rooms at moderate price* ('ill and ei inl ine. (JRORdK K. H1MO.VH, Superintendent. QT. JOHN HOWL?ON THB KPRoPKAN FLAM. i? Rroudway. near Eighth street, New Yoik, 'entr lly loca ted *nd newly fitted up, 1* mm open Room* ???? suite and singly, bandsoraaly fnrniahad. for lamllie* and single gen. Uemrn Guest* fumi-bed wllb private table If desired A TO NT INI* HOTEL. 427 AND 4** BROADWAY. BRANCH of the Tontine corner of Cortland) and We*t streets. Room* frnm fide, to f.i per 'lay. Ledte*' and gentlemen's rests tirnuts atuched. C ITY RfiAL KST4T1 FOR (IALB. Ahflrhdid new brown ntonp man btoof House for **le. cheap, five minute*1 wuik from Central "Pork; house ^nd location ti?*t efaa*. irnmed ate po*ee?*ior> Inquire on premise*. Wt Histieth street, north Hide, near Lexington avenue, of .TOflN GLA>H. A r M9 FOURTH AVENITK. -hTANLKY DAY'M REAL j\ Estate fMrenlar is ??orrected. published weekly and mailed tree No. JWout to-day t'all or send for it. N EXCELLENT HOUHB, FIRST CLASH LIVERY .Stable Horwi, Carriages. Harnen* cuinplete; doing a large paying bu*inris*, would ex uaug? for a farm. Tor per ticular* calfon .1AQTTS, 20* Broadway. \ FIRST CLASS rOITR NTHRT HIGH STOOF PRWE stone Hons*- on West Thirtyseventh street, nearly new with Furnitun-. new two year* *go. First <da*s neighbor hood. Price <1X1, Unrdtore taduded For permit* apply to JACOB SHAKPE, 26 Pine street. Bargains two neat houses for ?alejnt?ar |em: '** and wafer: mmvenlent to Third and Fourth avenue curs Prior $h.T (I0*.i'-h v*PPj/ M DhM AREET. Rail E*l itn Agfthl, laiutlnuaUou uf Third *t*nud. Motl FViK BALK?WITa 1VMFHI4TK rOBEEHBIO*. FUR ulshci ?r u nfu in I shail. iha first ' I Houaa 41 Wast Thirty fifth ?'rrr:. ArP') ?' HARV EY.BAKtR A BOH, l.Mrtl Hi uulwxy. F ?r bai.k-thke* bTORY iiu;n srnur ba?f m?nt hrirk lfou.?, 00l43 with all jhofihfu Impnrv. njsals. la good locxituu. wllh low V>ta of ground. Fried Blb tart. Adders* M.. boi Zjm I'oat ofih 0. rOH dtl.P THE LAROE SF.W FIVE BTORY EHILA. lirlnhhs brink lUmaso, l.'ifi ar.i L66 E*#t Foitvaitth atr**' f*i' wld?b hnilt in tb? hast manovr: *?n? fRJOO. Xcl>|v to ' IIFEK A H Wl.., curMl ol Tlist av?iu? ?r,.l Thlrv ?iith *tr?*t. 1AOR RALE?POUR VERY DKHIMABL* BBH'E r Hi?dh?* In Hast HftltUi atmnt I* ? MR MlMl Mtfli ?mrh<vo1. a /r.tul rhan ? fur Inv-Mmant. ''<11 and got !h* |i.ii ticulara of ALLAN I SURAI1AM. M I'iMlhr atrart Fi?oH 4ALE A THREE STORY HIHH STOOE BRIfl IIuum. alMmpr'ivr <*al*, four lot* ??<! tin# gmrdca, dn no th da of Flfl?- ..i "Ijth fitrawt, brlawi r "mt and Nacond nyrtiuds. PrUw fir> fifitl. r. MART!SB, Jtt W*?t Twaoly^lgbth .trMt, or Jfi Nssaau. FjAHR RALE- AH IMPROVED PROPERTY o* RPRINO 1 tr?rt. n??r Vulh. ry.IsMlj Also aoraar Pi op*l ty on Brrmroa a*-*i-f. rorn T Promrty n- W**l Bro?lw*v. oui nor Proparly on Eriuhltn. *nd I'.rmli Oh la*pdttara, Mnrjor L*dr*u* *hd Rl?ck?i str*.ts a W HK.NEIHfT, No*. 4 *hd * Pim strddt. FNoR dAI.K?A Fl'l I. I.OT. TtilUU OK f. ?XT *U>K OP Oram.* ?(><**?'. i0" red! ?#*?? Or?it I with pu *??elno 1/ ild*imd IIIOM AH J RTKWIRT. I Ml Wnt T??nif B"?t at. Ftorsai.E?a riip.Ki ?ntntvRor>R.nnii'K irovt .,'1 r??rof W MMAn Fortr.flftli ?>r?*?, n**r Nlaili am w. ft .'dill, four "tun E ;IM H?a?lRdii( R r,.:k on n ir ? ??eon Ir? ***? natnr ftlkAN ?nmg*. Btfi.'OB KliKCMI) II M.lRTINK I..'. ' Ri r.AoB *11.14-0 n i'irr. ninth hth ff. central r Park "if*- l-n"t IBnER fn**. fr.nunf Hi* arholara' gtl/ S t|iljr w P. il. 1.1, 111.'.* AO". No. 1 Pin. Iirwt. For ?AIK EEREK LOTH, COIIKfK OETBKTB AVK n i?*nd oTao'r ?.i'h ? ?** Tim MM) * ?mmtmUin pj.1 lo ?.r.K M 1.1 IRiOV A HO . . .. t Pin- ai. Pi,H HAI.E-AT A RARliMK N K IK ? I JAM EM H i *i *1 ah ? I'teni kald iNirhn.^I. ? (iii? /..'ir h *>? 'loop Hinta*. l*rR? .ad In .'inn nid*r. Prlnr $3K OH Pur iiioira ai ? r?l',.iUo? If arrti.iri p m H?)l miA mittl'f I* wi an ih?> > ?w *?.???*? t.. l*m* 'ar Korean Sari* in H.r ?pri.,?. ThU I- ? ? ? v? naMM of I -?r*i tp. JA" R KltlVlHIie Iff Wot TvlafUMraMifN Faop mai E?two fro * ntort brkk norm:* aki> Mam .t N? M *M TkirtMnr -.d *umt. n*ai E'*i (h iwnif $li T*a f'?ir ?e?.rr ?n.| b*?r.n"M Voik II.J iWiPlio'V K<?. IH? 11>4 Kaal fb.rtp. third BtraeA, |.?v na 14 ** il pi ?? f ? ????a*lt rokl Ell II. KAKTIME, I.m ?na4ti; rma male?a rmr hemrari.k iioumi ra?e. I ran*'i;m? u RrtAu aitli nr.lAi.of UouM '?> Kofi. S'w Vnri; all ihn .I'vlaru to|imraaianU. wltb ta ane-nrna i .? r?a?.aj at ra f7.i??> AM.All IN'iRAItAM. M (V.lar orwt (.NOR aAT.K - A COKSKK OK fOI'RTH A VP. HI E I >lw<t Ih'rU.ili ?li -il, ttaiaAII fe?i. Apply to K II. LPIHr""W A > " Mo I Etna alr**l laWiR B4I.E?RI-'ERAT RH.), rCRMI<"HEl? OR* 1'R. r f'* I, %'f ftr*? "la** fonr wnrr hnawa (na* llauM U W"*.i Tlil|V'?((kw at'**. nnar Pfth <v*nnn t% f**( ? Id* ; ad aoiarn"a(i Applp to MOMRH MOROAK Ka. J Ptaa *tr**t f|R)ft RAI.G A IRAK* IKKAE, <>V MtlalK'PT 1 utiwat. is atnrt** Al?h ? (*od rapal- alol UiM pa .a* $* .'??) N N .aaaii nnim Me 7. VRiKPAOK I.OW-IP APPUBO I'OR III K KOI A TP I.T. P a ??r? d'.'mhl* hr .wa Men* Fl<,..?* b*tw**a Itftk and dink ?<?nn*? w ih Mlrrofa, Carpal* and (la. flaiu.**. Im ..*'?.* neao*..,en flran Apptp .e K II M'DLOW A (?o . l?a. I Piea aliaaa. CkjR RAMI OR TO I.KA.'R A TUI AIU PI"I r p*-tp m> ?nrn*r of Rrennt# eed diada. Per firtbn can .l.r* a d Mraaa apptp le I RIIA" k COPE I.AM", a?*nee Fjii xKi?irrr? nor h tor ?ai k -a mew koiii km 1 Kara*. > ..r? brVk Hanaae. very n*allp laratMM and d* ?i'.Ui IP *?! oi ih# deai ?'?!? Of I an. ?Ill be ant I > *ap !.,W. rlih oaa'.e.B in tun-ip daa*. P?i.? for tk* wl-.In, ?l?i ai Pur |..rtl*nU>* apply ilSI ?aa*?a .treaR, mean ? HOI "pi POR AAI.K TK IIKNKT -TEEKT -II R'KTKa. ft* ar ,'*r A* , rnnapM* nrKer; All. >n ee*p taraa* Pari ..A. if HKA AM k CIA. *? l..e?r ? aire*-, raeta 22 ra'IAtNK AM ERTATK A flAK RTOR* l'"t HI.K nl Ham** do ?'?? TklrAy ar-mkRaAra*" prl*e ?PaMl *!?<. a '.?II at., j ? ag'* lleqw. an Paal i.leraaAk *?.?*? prl-o. Af.ilK. P CA n* I r?T TO" TKi*d atene* -KO. ll? went alKTEKNPH *TKR'.f, >.o*a lima., ?"?> *iaar*. WVt ^ fa*I fI'IiRk v.. AM ' an*I aira*A itawakaMi. dime Hart ROak lla?a?. artm aaera: M "i?rr.jr Ai - nnit -niOR ntflOP OWRUklKfl RoOERK VjaMIVI'. kaaiuni?i M| Porif-inn aaer ?read ear. n*ifkl>erfcw?l ua*a*ap.i .. ? . a alp I ? ?' *? . ran reait ftra p*ara a' A*.**' IJAMlTroK E TOWLE. 7" ? a4ar atriML HHmiKI.TR HEAI. KATATK KAMI ?ALK. A f AI.RIONT THRRM "TORT, WITH KATENRIOR, ,\ Paal a lh^'o'Rl"W faml?h*d. nma .f Ike aaaaal de RraMa raald*ia*ea n Rr. -.Alro irtta.r adnn" i*arteg tola. IIIWA1U P. T All.. W AHKP.SI II AKilf * HI Hull. M Wal' *Are*l 4 TKMT ME AT IIOI'kR, N EW AMP I OKTEN IE ?f, .\ > |ii rtntnt aain |.*, 4' . >a? Inaalian , paaa**..nei iv mad.*trip prve kKAEP PAP OMAR WARD. 3k " ekar *?re*i priorta - pimt clam uotx ?P.ti* HmtN tif >al* ra. and naliar an?i. fePRMM# a?4 an?urn .ke^. reaaaaeakla prvea. Apply n. . at.-'le. in ih* '*? ''>t M>l'9 e|r#*4 ? Uieeekeld i ihraa .let . . _ pa. I'll fr*t. IpplpM? IPRRfEK HA llfth oraei R T. ?(na* Nanaea fe >al* ra. ??aaaan and nahar iakea| and aafaraoka i. a?*~ nekt* pr"#?, addraaa P P. Iran *?ni?T IN R*ma?n diae FW?R fAIJUTHE PRoPERTT "IP A* E?TATK, TIIR ?aa R*aidM?t a na Aba amath *(da of Pr*aMl?eA aoeaa (Me MA). a*ar I'llaWMa. A.Ipa H InvA e. !? iner r.'iRklp 1 ill bp dap'* aaari rinnd- amp an #???? eat***-, va oe apyrnr *>d. lni Ji>ii'?i f-m. '?# ?? ra I*** if *ra* ed, n? ab?in*N?ed ?a*al>aki To aaanam* Ik* Nmia* ap?4p at be MA craaiAaat mraet E B. KELl/'??<?, Ra. da r'adar ?.**( *aat TmK tpOR RALE |M RROf>ari.TR, MEaR THE A?*|.|. r Mreat ... ( raline 'una. the MMaeema HUt MWA ? ?< |a*K 'a. ? ilrae# i aa**, rente n ** eaa *ad eaA*' PfVe ft ad 7**na? **aa ? pt- . (' L A M I M* I ?' E f Ree ?aeed atraei aeea (rid at.rat UMOKlym real, rhtatb roR nivm. EIK MALE?THE PIKHT CLAMS THREE NTHKY AND attic brown Mont* House No HI Mouth Nlolh .traet, be

>B Beuond and Third ilmia, Brooklyn. within tnroe ml dumb' walk of the lorries, brine tba residence of William Walt. Esq.; thr btim tea by 70 feet, wrll ?rianged battl own uh, and l? Id e-mptule ordrr throughout; lot W by KM fort. Immediate p-.-ueaaion ran he ha>l. Pot tickets to aau the uraaaleea end Further particulars apply to K H. LUD LOW A CO., No II Pino street. Now York. FOE UU-m NEW D<" HLE FOUR HTORY Houae M President stroot. Brooklyn, expressly fitted for on hotel with all improvements, Inquire of KbtiK ME ^ improvements, luq CHBVALHSB, HI Cedardrnet. FOB BALE?IN ASHLAND PLACE, THREE STORY brown stone House. with furniture The bourn and furnitureusarly new tud beet quality; Sid una E. (1ATE8 A CO., 3dft Fulton I i arena e DOB BALE-IN SOUTH BROOKLYN. IN A VERY r genteel neighborhood, two atinutee' walk from Oourt stroot cars, very detlrabls three etorv high stoop brink, wltk maatie front. In elegant order. Must be sold, as the owner beavos for Europe so- m. FrteaSMOO Call and get the par ticulars of ALLAN INORAil AM, M Cedar atreel PK SALE IN BROOKLYN?A CHEMICAL FACTORY, with all the Fixtures, including engine and bollur. The building Is suitable f-.r tobeoun or oTher utanufaeturlng pur E. HATES A CO.. 2tb Fulton arennr. pOR HALF. A BARHAIN-FOUR TENEMENT HOUSKB _ (two with -Uir--iC, lot MxtOO, aituated within ten minutes of Fultou Terry. Rented at 11,400 a year. Trios $6.iMU. Toms easy. Apply to \V. COOK. 49 Nasaan street, Brooklyn. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR HALE. A LI. WANTING PAKMH. A HOOD EA RM AND WELL PROVED ERI7TT LANDS. Beautiful and thriving setilamaai of VIN ELAND. Thirty allea nouth ef Philadelphia by railroad. Population la crossed nina Uioeaand people In four years. Uoud eouiety, Boboels and Churches, t.otfl or- hards planted. Price $2S per aero, payable in Tour years. Village lata tar business end ui?onl*cturers also for sole. Climate mild?perfectly healthv?soil highly fertile. IMPROVED PLACES ALIO FOR KALE. Addresa CHtH. K. I.AND1S. Proprietor, Vlnelaad. Bew Jersey Papers mutalalpg Information sent free. From report of Solon RoMnauii. Agricultural Editor of the Tribune:?" It la one of the moat ettenslve lertlle tracts, in an almost level position, and suitable rendition fur plea asgl Tarmlug that we know of tbta aide of I be Western Prertes." A PLEASANT HOME ON THE HUDSON?WITHIN one hour, splendid rteer view: room. house; carriage house; In line Older; only If,WU. Fur particulars, oail on JAIjl'EH. M Bmedvmy. A GOOD IMPROVED FARM AND STOCK-WITH ? arres of Prairie, near a railroad depot lu lowe, to eell or exchange frit s small residence, within fifty miles of thla city. Address L.. I'.A'y Bowery. BARUAIN -A HOI HE AND TWO LOT*. A SHORT distance from Harlem Br dge; House three story ami beaement hrlrk. Pienrh roof, ten morns: water, gas, ranee, gr. kl-o Tenemer.r Property a ibtaoltT sad New?rk;rlty and country Properrv of evory description. Apply lo II. O. BROWN A CO., Real Kitele and lasuraui:e Agon's, <4 and 16 Broadway. CfLKNDID COUNTRY HEAT OR FARM OF 70 sores, near Mettinhen, N. J.: large modern buildings; must be sold. Address P R . llemld At plainfieio meW ierhry-a NUMnf* or fln# Kinm and fllim K#i|4wc?ifor aala. at !?? ic#?. Apply to R. F H A ItRIOTT, 14 l'lne orHARiuOTT, VAlf. A CO.. tit Plainbald, ofO"# opj>r>?u# th# dnpot.* Xtamtahlf Farm -vm acrhh, ox rnE urn. qw#bunna, n#ar Biugt?*?w'on. IS mil# from r?lm* d#pi>L In III*# ord#r; larg? ilwriling. farm l?oit?a. amplo out huihJinc* I .tit 4 li*? ? i >m#tji'r>a*?#d f'?r li'*althfuln?*#? and bf niir KDWA RI* M. VAIL. WAURKN llARflLX HRROII. I* Wall # r##t. flOlWTRY RKSIDF.NVF. FOR NALK.-A PLAIN TWO ?tor? with half an ?#r# of gmmtd w#ll itn pror#<?. in Muuiu Variton, W#at?di#M#r #ountr, N Y Ad drct- Mr. Taylor fli-al National Ban Ik Brooklyn. Fa. D . L. I. TjM.K'J AN T COUNTRY Ff.Af'R NFAR BAR\TfHlA. VJ fot a#?l# ?A Mliuatntl ami proUu*-tit# Farm of W anr#*, 'i% mll#a w -hi of Congr#** 'Aprrfig. at Haratngs. fh* hmif* i? n#w and thoroughly mnnliNt^arf in tJiodrrn ntyla, w tih enpaln atid <r#r?*ndal>?, and 1* on* of 'h# mnat ?n?v# nl#i*tljr ariBngf ' and tJMit#f<?Uy propnrtkifMMt dw?ll?i?gd in ihn < ountrr It 'o|rt#a th# moat? ?'unwitting nnd attra?' tlv# '.ItimtionB In th# r#gi?jn hna 16 rnttinv thrr# miwhl# m?ni#h. p!Bt#gln?M window* tbronghouf. I?#h jantly papwr nd und 1n fin* on|#r. Th# omliutlding* ami f#inti)t noi??# r?r# n??w and ann-'# 'f!s# of thTa ?nltiatinn in Ui# nw?*l r#l#br*'#d #ri??fr1 ig pN#w In Hi# nmiAtry, thn w#ll known and m#iEt kfihl# <tr of th* io#ailon, with #1h?r ??ir*i4e taif#*. n .*k# thi* a vnty d#?lr*hki i?Ia?w tod i| will ?j# aoltl at a m-ni# .it# prit *? For p**t ? udbi'ei .iJunOr W. J. Toll man, ^aralojitt Hpnng*. N Y F1ARM OF F1VF. f.AND. HOI'-K AMI ?jiithnUdlng* '3 mil#- in New hy Mnni* aud Kat#x lt?i!ii*ad PrWir $4 IkiP rAWS4?Xri A WARP. 7IM #?lat ?*lia#t. FOR BALE?HIP OIRAFD HOURKo < MKHTNI T #r#et? PLiS-d?^?hia For Iwrma addr#?? TuthBm .!*#% ?mi M North ^###nil* tl^##l, Philadelphia, or John iaukaon. 42 Urnmd rtr##I, N#w York h^OR HALF?A KOFHR AND TWO LOTB. A nlfORT d? Uiw*# frmn llnM#*n Hrtiigo Th?- hmtaa la hull' nf hrl k. thr## aftm-v 4nd lw?i#*. "in, Frwnrh rtvif. i#i? rn?>n??, watnr. ga?. ra?*g?*. Ar Addr-*** ff f>.. t ft!V F?adt JaIORBAI F TIIF ROftr A'ALFARI.K FPAf. Ri fATK P in North ?larobna Th#nr ?p#rjv known aaino'^lrta wold Ifrvwl.'"' in ''?# l'??m <?r OflliAorn, X P., In#!' ding tffi arr?<? nf land adtmwtng **?d tova, will )*# ?*ld l<#r iwtrtirnu al pttbl'c anrlioti, on ih? ftramkMW, litta'fkrl. M.. #n tk# 1*1 da? or Jannat?. 1X17, art-imni-'daOn* T# ma will *?# |W|).|}< |y ivikbdi# known nr Ih* d'?f aal# or pro rlnoalf io ?b???o apnlrlng to ma al D ?m?'M??a, &. C. 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I T'*'*' ____ At IM TMIRil ATHKI P MI'RRPIIpn Horap knapir ?' ??? fl* At' A-1>| ?* .a" dan i?r ?aawnI Hfn ala II . aaa and a.?'rna tKrn.adrd ??< a, p irala " - - ? - ? ? "i" ? _________ MHaku" 'ei.t rrRKf-nprr thrpp ?T'irt lla .aa I a. Oft Tblr *ar. Ira.. dir. ,.o? ftp wan. ?a.I aid' al'iaal. fM m ?adfar ry In- h #a ??"> AliAMb A HI ,?U lllgbf. API RRI.HPO 1*11 TR rronp N'llr<K IK TWt.Krf. aaranin .'.Iaat. baaaaaft P.g ,> I aid a alb aaa .aa, ?an bnlal ana "I-aaalr ^raraia farnaiy f ,r f?ar >a-a A i.? oko?. II PHI-If' II. ** I I I aaaana A THIIUd -TuRT IT ALL ROOM MIATl.l PI RWI?fl A ad ifttaft brarra.' a.lbftftl i-n-* or I aatfaaa ?y I Iwabhi.*a aa?. Taw a dnarad Apptf aa TM i.aar fb Wraal. A pl.r a lb" ff.rb R to IPT ?M AM. Hoi R VMi'i wraav brnvar. Taifd and f?#rtb a a am aaa, iayl koMan 'oarar ;? r uufAA aa-an* Rami low W a *>"? ?? ?M faanilr a rari/ir n/v>t two ?oo?? ami two rare A m* -la f ISt ? bnrp-m atrmd. t? i?t, ndk all langrora mania Km I HI p?> a- ? urn I A R b ?< RKHAM A* II "Irraa. a - API ARlKMBIr "I. rot* A Rf? ROOM a - Rfgld A* |Tiaa|> ?f>4 Vaaa "ma I afnraltbnd and Pornanknd H"n?N? R'-rana in g-ftii'mai. RI.Afaa tad fyaan tflt aba# ? Ri.RM'lf' PI/RaR l? A PRfT ATM Hor?R, rd?*. f-arn.aaad A APl.Rabl'fP PTnraai l? a r?iF atk A aaaa-ag -f ram- rant d? Abnr n AlUnr. in ? Mfaaid Hnnan laainlv n m?i ???!l?l W TVrd a ran a* niRH" ?? ?ttO ftJA*. glTKIflM. M . to ram A(t'" an nm-rra M f M aiw a d ( HOVIHI, Room, AC.. TO LOT. MUVATC FAULT LI YT IfII TW TIIIIR OWN bnuae, whi'-ti l? quite near tbi R Jmm> J'0***- having of mora Rnomg, newly fitted iaf?. Wttb or without board or with prtrato labia. A Loo ataxia Kooaaa. at W Broadway. A stork VO let--corner Wl HI"! WWW avenue, tollable for anv bualnea. i*4 par month FU In roe If wantad THOM. or am .AN. 'M Eighth aranua. Dear boor to let-in a rRo*T orrwR OWf.T ona tlahl up. Bout tow, aad loaallon TOFT daotrabla. Apply at M die inhere .treat, room No I. _ rlR RENT ? AT TRKMONT, A TWO STORY FI B ntabad Dwelling, wilu Urge to. dan. u>* of cow, fowla. A<*.; tiro minute. from railroad dep-H. A-ldre.e but IJT8 Coat ofltoe. FLBN1SHKO IIOl SK TO LIT IB KIFTlY AVENtJR Var? -le.lrnbly looeled aad auilabla for private family , everything In enmpleta urder. immediate BOHKKT T REEKS. HI t ed.r (treat. I HXISHKH CORNER HOl'SE TO LET ON WAHII. Ingt-.n Height. ' !?Ut alraat): Ilia room.: mode-n iro amenta, pntata (labia: cheap to Ray 1. B?i ? 211 F??t F FURNISHED HOUHK TO LET II LEXIBUTOB AVE oua. for wtular m??ih . oentral Inratiua: auilabla for private boarding; I mated lata poexxlon; rent raaeoiiehla. ROBERT T. MKKKM, HI Cedar .treat FURNISHED FRONT ABO HACK PARLOR TO I.ET Wltb privilege of conking lu ktiabaa; prlrata home no boardart Term, earn Apply at lt?l Waal Niaeteenth at BCD SF.KK.ErK KH OR t'F.ItHoNH OOINO TOROOBR keeping ran huv their Carpeta. oil Clothe, Furniture, ding. Ac.;at RKKOALL * Ht'OTTH. AW and 911 Hudon etreet, corner ef' .nal, and pay by weekly or manthty pay menu, If preferred TR A PRIVATE FAMILY. FURNISHED AND UBFUR NIBIIED Kooraa TO LOT. H Ma< dougal alraat, batwaau Rlveeker and Anity OFFICE TO I.ET (BROAD STREET NEAR WALL:, nicely fumbled. (til able for banking, brokerage, IB lOranea. Ac Add rex bo? Adda Feet afllee PART OF A HOUSE TO LF.T. At ltd Kaat Klflieib .treat, ROOMS ?housekeeping?fink suit on first Soor. well adapted for family of lira, fully furni.ltad: only en day. uaed. neat, noaey ronvaalant; wlU aall part or all of rurnltiire Kent only $U. Mm. HAI.NET. owner, IIS Rait Forty all lb alreat T Sri.BXDIH Fl KXItillKD HOUSE TO LET-IN A TBI. tr.l location, with all Ilia modern liapioremanta Terma moderate Inquire of RKNJ. RBEBITT, Ba. 6 Tryaw raw, room No. f OTBAW POWER.- ro LET. t LOFT Ml BY W. WEI.I. t? lighted, in a new ltr.lclaubiiU.llag with thraa to ?li home power. located one bloek above t'aoal (treat, we.t of Rroadwnr. Addraaa. (latiug lor what Imataaaa required, Y Ixn f"K Herald oltice. QTKAM PoWKK-I.ARGK AND NRALL WELL t light- Rapma, with atram power, to lal. Inquire oa pFWWtlaea, VI Fli.t avenue, of s. PITOU, .fr. STORE TO LET IN BARCLAY HTREKT. NEAR Broadway, under the t.toi llou.e a good looatloa: real low: FUtureafnr (ale Inquire In the Jew-dry (tore No i Bar- lay ,tree< I LET-TWO KLKtlANTLT FURNISHED FARLOKM, to one or two gentlemen. *1 Second arenue. mn LET FURNISHED DENTAL ROOMS ON SECOND L floor tdl coital (l:eef For ante If deeped. Inquire of FT P. HUTLAR on the premium. Two other Rooma for tight biKlne.. t'orpoeea. rl.KT-A FRONT I'ARLOlt; M.H > OTHER ROOMS f'ltni.hed .tillable fo: hon.akoeptng; no children. Apply ?t <7 Amity .t.eet TO LOT THE TWO IT PER FLOORS IN A FIPST due three -.-or, brnwn e-iu h ti?e. All ina-'.ern Im proreinent.. lift Ext Potty nlotii .treet, RoRllls rpo LET-FLOOR* COMMBTI MO OP III X ROOMS, WITH I in.rttlc maul' la. g.a Crntnn Ac. , rent I'd to %1i. In fn-ii (lory hi Ink hot ?e? Igl and U.I K'a.t Eighty -bird etreet, near Thtrd avenue. Apply to LOI'KU A DAVIS, corner Klr.t aveuue nnd Tbli :y alllh aireet. Tt LET?A THIRD FI'itOK IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE family, con..(ting of two r-anfi. and one bedroom, to * am,II r.tnllv wltho-it .-blldren. rafarenoa* required HI Went Thirteenth ,treet. T? LET?A SRAI.I HOI SV. AND STORE. Sit WATLI". ?tteet rent PIS Mi per month. po.-e?ton Imuedlalely A| ply in A. R FAN NINO, f Bowary. TO LET?A N F. IT IIIHKK STtyKt IIOI'dF. IN KIOHTT thlr-l alre.!i between Third aml'Pottrtli eretinei. eon talnib,' IS ininaa water, gx, Ac. App.y to M. A. WILBtIN, Eirbty-third at-*'eat. near Fourth avenue. rlLET- rllP OLD E -rAlll.INIItl) LlyUOK STOIt:: Ba. US Naelra lo--. Apt!ta> IS Cedar (treat, n the ?tore, , T> i,?tr n ani>uitp rxceft Msitniwo, a tpt?v uifl# I'urlnr H?ip, tnt? rmw an4 IMMkWIUl 4"l anil (".kt wotor. Ac*. lur A-Tfi umIi, 4IU Mm J. iMWtwl?; pi*' r inrRcr of W*il Truth Mir#! rl LRT?W*K R'tOMA, WITH HIP ROllKKV IM firfirniiOTii i ?> 117 * ml Tlnrt) Km *tro"l. To LKf-nimiil i;? ea*t twenty ?. mil. an?. l, *l| Mr urn, poalr*ulnar!. ?Ir**"'* oif! I i.'ii n o..i?r Ifiplf I* * M TBI Hl.irW. IE! Ubortf *1imi or W * *ua<l tiriiitr. qvi i f.t m or rim rmw or hoOnKn uuir.T I l*?l u/rmf In h#rrutr nlbth tuaol i.#iaraaii P1ra4 ?> r imrml<Haip> 4. Th* nmiaa ha* a'l lha mwlarn uaarw** !?? .t? mid nowI? uai'i'ml. Kaol ?*<&. InquIrR of JolIN UIIAt V. W1 Hi .?jw*y. ?*> i.kt i-RrcRRinwRO- * riRot uluh roca J r'urn roc Mull* I/'I ** 111 I > ly RRrOOth *lf?#' I'l' Fit III uraiiu. wilh imtn?4i?l? r> ???"??inn - W ?RNI HICr. hno 4 ?Dii ? Mm . IMt T|| I.K.i VKUV I.OW?4 Vi.liV DRhIRAULR OOt Ma II .arm Hum-iino. Willi or o H >> ,' 1 r f r?|. III <! || I l - 41*1" [?' *#?r'on a '? in mkihct, Vw, t *1,4 ? mm ?*i??t 'I'O HA NO ? ' f' 0 r i' - TO I.I7T TWO H-fWlRR Ml I l.iillif 'ir I'" and fill Walar *irow|. Rroaklyn wil* |ruwat fjnri r,, , ll.'r ? h ?? r l? II W ORr hf I 'V A 1*o REJfT fi iiM tivrv if rirrn tv: tn; ron ? I I'rw. of ro* ? i* "full* fa. oi*h?4 Mono w? * fir! lair '?'!> I- mil* 14' ?' P. V , M? .in at fnwo Mr 0 I V I t'Rf f ' I' I ft IfO.iMH rv? 1.RT.PIT I Iif aivfr wu Krai nir It na *?< I par a rr II ^,1 rirri a % If to 1 I" 4 *1 IT' mlnn t ?ai tnr ?'>? ? a. inn <iks, KlMk.ltR. vv A vrv u. \PAMIt.V WTIIilKI fi.K 'iV' HO rHIIiDUl, want* ?? r If !!(>? .i?. ? ' ? fcr . ' ? 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