Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO, 11,058. NEW YORK, SUNDAY. DECEMBER 9, 1866. PRICE FIVE CENTS. FMHWAt. private* op the AMTTENTlON.-OrriCBBS AND PRIVATES OP THE Sixty-sixth nriMl Now York Volunteer* knowing tl?? ?MWMiiU 3 iL-ttr**' 8. Ptanit or any information wkleh would land to tho ?*?l,"?01Jd? SS5 luon or addressing Oeerm Blair A Co., M? Broadway. Now Took. Attorney* for Mrs. Wary McKoon, mother of Michael Msg simdsommd. mo privat* of add regimeaL I TDILISABS1?.-WHT DID TOO NOT COME ON FRll Jfi tog to Halliard'* t Addrooa laldor, station D. | 9BMATION WANTED?OP BRIDGET THOMAS? M^^^^HBrMasi Moloney?by her husband mM lohnFranels, lit Water airoat, N. T. ? TMPORMATION WANTED?OP THM MAN WHO SAW M&rillMMMMI of Hull run. ?aruuanun waktbu?or tub bad w I Anthony McAndrowo fall at the battle of nan oall or aaod addroaa to hio mot bar. 107 Boot ?treat. Now York. Boekaater papora please oopy. CTHB PARTY WHO HAS THB WATCHER, Odd Chain* and other article* taken front It Weal Twelfth (treat on Tueeday laat wttl return them, a aatisfacto WW reward will be paid and no quotient naked. Apply aa nhovs. f r MRS. bath nelson will meet hek old I friend Bit at our old Pleee a year ago. en Taoday oM Co. ah* wUHee her abeeat Mend. BLI AT NEKVA.?LEAVE TOWM THIS EVENING (WED inoitay). See peteenele for return. JOSHUA. N1 ELLIB COOK ?THERE IB A LETTER FOR YOr ? at atntlon A. US Spring etroet N*r. HAVYN.?ROBET?LITTLE BBBP BAYER. I nt to hoar frcaa or eae you. LIZZIE. 1.190 Broadway. XrORROLK.?MANY THANES. I PBBL YBBY. VERY Xv bad. Cannot accept as yet. It la rather a rockloo aehamo. There are no ties that can kinder me now from lenttai the conn try nt ones. Writ* a Got letter. HYRON. PHBBSONAL?MERCHANTS CAN PROCURE FIRUT rate Southern and Western Agriculture and Mineral Lands In oxehange for their surplus Merc handles, Blocks, - , Herald < Bead*. Ac. Address Index, Herald office. mo DRY GOODS DEALERS.?PARTIES HAVING BEEN X offered blue or scarlet Flannels, by the piece or bale, by unknown permone, at very low prices *1" 0% rewarded by dropping a lino, stating particulars, to M. R. Simons, Agent Htonlngton Line, offioa pier II, North river. W1 riLL THB GENTLEMAN WHO WROTE TO TI1B Collector of the Port on the 7th Inst., signed Mer chant, pleaaa call at the Surveyor's office. Custom Honae, and oblige. A. WA REMAN, Surveyor. MATRIMONIAL. A GENTLEMAN OP THIRTT-TWO, SINCERE, desires the acquaintance of a young lady or widow un der thirty; reference given. Address Erin, box 190 Herald LOST AND FOUND. YjtO X UND?A DIAMOND BARRING. OWNER WILL apply at John H. Watson A Co.'*, ISO Broadway. TDOUND?A LADY'S BROOCH. WHICH WILL HE JP returned to Its owner on payment of this notloe. Ap ply to V I. Magnm, Guedin A Co.. No. 9 Maiden lane. Lost?a wallet, containing a lot of blank checks on Broadway National Bask, and other papora. A reward will bo paid if returned to J. W. BANTA, 189 Hud son street. T OUT A WHITE ESQUIMAUX DOG, PROM FORTY Aj eighth street and Broadway. Answers to name of rrtnoe. The Under will he rewarded with $A by leaving him ?t 151 West Forty-eighth street. T OST. ? PKRHON8 ARB MBRBBY CAUTIONED XJ against trading for or baying the following Note and Due Bill, the same having I ? * ? i been lost or mislaid by mo:?Note . Charlotte. N. C.. Oct. 7. 1815. at 19 months. $1,950, drawn by Ino Wilkes and payable to B. Koopman. on which there has been one payment of 8800 Duo Bill given at Bal tlmore by M Pels, date unknowu, fnr fl.OOl), payable to B. Eoopman. A liberal reward will be given the nnder by leav :them at R. Rothschild k Bros., 21 Warren street. Inw You, Dec. 7. IM. B. EOOPMAN. LOST?FROM CEDAR STKRET AND BROADWAY TO Corilandt street ferry. on Friday. 7th Inst. "Abstract of the title of Property on Nelson street. Brooklyn." Who over will return sens* to snbsedber will bo rewarded. WILLIAM D. VEBDBK, C9 William stroet Lost?on Friday afternoon, atortoisebhem, Portmonnaie, lined with bine, containing four ttre dollar moeabeek* and a small sum In currency, whoever will re tarn the same to T. C. 0., at tko Herald office will bo liber ?By rewarded. LOST-GN SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, BETWEEN Twenty-ninth and Thlrty-alxih streets, on Eighth avs USAJI^ PrsierBook If the finder wtU please return It to J. Hhsw. 919 West Thirty sixth street, he wiU reoeive (9 reward. T OST?ON SATURDAY NIGHT, ABOUT 7# O'CLOCK, Xj a Pocketbook. containing about MIS and aundrr small articles. In going from the corner of Deiancey and Clinton to iho corner of Orasd and Suffolk streets Any gerson returning the same to 115 Clinton street wtll be Uy rein rdad. T OST?ON FRIDAY NIGHT, IN BROADWAT. NBAR " , a small - " Xj Bleecker street, s small Black and Tan. the tip of bar tail tor*. The flndsr will b* rewarded by returning to or addressing Mrs. Finn, IBB Broadway. OVERCOATS?IP THB TWO OVERCOATS CARRIED off from Waat Thtrty-eUhtb street on Wednesday even street on Wadnesday even are not returned by Monday morning the parties who bo dealt with acoordlng to Inw. lank them, botug known, 1 QTOI.KN-IN MARCH LAST. BIGHT BONDS OP O free men t, Limn and Union RB. Company, $1 UOO each; ifaa. Mi to 500 Inclusive; also one U. 8. registered 5-29 bond. $199, No. 9.787, la name of Hiram Corey. All persons are aaatlsoad against negotiating *b?ce mentioned bonds DAVTd W WBTMORR. lis Msidu u REWARD!. ?|T SEWARD-LOST WEAR THR CORNRR or d>r ' Thirty second street and Third a.enae, a larn while ?attar Dof, with yellow aara. The abore reward will be natd oo (he return of (aid dog la lid Bant Thirty-fifth street. Ear Third aeaana. D. T. KENNEDY ? in RKWARD. ?LOST OR MISLAID. A ROOK OF 91U Autograph Lettara to Stephen C. Massed. bonnd In lag, with tha owner's name on the enrer The Under will red, with the owner s name on the oorer. The flndar ? ftaaaa return II to Mr. Stephen Nassau, lit Denis Hotel. $10 Aoaonr REWARD.?LOST, ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8 a black Leather Valise, containing Clothes and at Books The Under will receive ihe above reward. I can kre^the clothes, by returning the books to Hopkins A Nelson, 1st Wast sissst, and no questions asked. ?20 REWARD. ?LOST, ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER S. la the neighborhood of Blshtv.second street, he 1 First and ftaoond area una, a lady's Mink Muff The above reward will be paid en leaving same at W7 Washing San street. *~|/\ REWARD-LOST FRIDAY LAST. VICINITY Park. Cortlandt street. Broadway, Warren. West Broadway or Third avaaua oar. BS7.h|lU. Finder please aaU at room IS Trinity Bnlldlng. ill Broadway. ttOi REWARD ?LOST, ON SATl'RDAY BYRNINO. December A on Ihe war from Ludlow street to Wll ^ four Beninese Books The Sadar will rncadvo the reward by applying at A. HOFFMAN 8, til Ludlow #1 A REWARD.?LOST, THURSDAY NIOHT, IN TliK ?1U neighborhood of Chambers and West atresia. a small, fat Tallow Dog. Spanish race. Tha above rewerd will be paid by returning him to M Chambers street, near West ? 1 A REWARD -LOST. IN A BROADWAY STaOB. A WlU Foakatbook. ocntalolng %M Tha dodar will please rmarn ths same to W Mssesu street F. Hf. H II" day evealog, oa Eighth sveaue ears, rontalalag ?bant M The above reward will ha paid aa returning 11 to t. R Hurtev, M Barclay street. RBWABD -LOST, A POCKBT BOOK, ON N ATUR day evaalog, oa Bight" S The shoes reward wi ley, M Sai etsy street. $20 UWAX- _LO!T' ON WKDNEHDAT EVENINO. a etnas Camsa Staava Batina, eel with paarls. with wadwbattd attached; valued aa a gift Apply to JC Boyd, ?arndss's Bspreaa, S Broadway ?Or KB WARD.-LOST, BCTWBBN BOSTON AND New Turk via Erf Blvar Use. two l< ?ether WtlleU ham. aad eewtelalng papara. belieglag ta ? Bevaaaeb merrha af pa raise la aaj hat Ha ill set. Tha a have reward wm| aa ratara af mme la J. O. Shew A Co . Moo <R walber sweat. Haw Ysrfe. If seat by mall tha aaaat 1 will I I aad ?l 1 by mall the amaaat wtll 1 by ratara la sap address seated (7 C RBWARD.-LOST.DBC I, AT QUARTSB-PAST Bit) U a'dist at light, aa Third a van ua ear. between Caspar lean tale aad FlHmath strsst, oar double time. In dependent, quarter seaead. apsa faaad Hold Wateh. eery ehm. Tha Sadar wtll gat tha aboea reward end no qoee Staae eafcad by leaving Iba watch wuh John < hamberUa. ma Brand way t7C BBWABD will bb paid fob ANT INPON wit) mat Inn thai will leaf la the recovery af ona-etghlh sash af Bread r. thai waa etc lea from tha liquor store of SPm. O'Tootd, Nieth s van as, coraar of Twenty.emh street, i wa the moratag of the Mb of Dmamhur. AO eemmuatea ? ttsaa win be etrtetly eeaSdeailal. Addreee aa above. rrCBNTNO TO I [ aad Instruments stolen ?HA will bf. paid ob rbttrntno to r rant fDU Eighteenth street, the Ring aad lastrumenta stolen wtth the Feakatbaab. aa Fnday avsalag. la a suib avenue 800 2TC due aad anarlat Wtll be contld' Sawaa. pter Id BEWABD WILL BB PAID FOB INPORMA ihsi wtll load la tha laaorsey of a qaaatity riet rianaels lost or staten. All cornneunlne rontldered nonfldseltel. CaB aa ar addreaa M. North river dinn WILL NR PAID FOR THR Rtt'OTMI Of BlU'l two Hold Watches and Chains < Ladles'taken Asm it Waal Twelfth Street, on Tuesday last una watch jyyp lamas Conrvseter. daaaem. Apply at M Wast THE LW-TVM lEASOK, A Wl-RR WTLL ?? DILIYENBD BT THR BEY. )? Dv ri'Onuaor, S. J., lata Bishm of Pittsburg, at ???* IBattlets, Wadueaday srsalag Dee 11. at t a week. holiday pebientn A V.tW^BRgi^5PoilOLO< KM SRONEEt.Af I la Parte with great ears, and BmistmW/os WKIOHTS, insTRDOTion. _ A graduate or tiie university or cam bridge, England, prtxeman and ex-scholar of kit cal lage, given private Instruction la Claaalee. Mathematics. Phi loaophy, English language and literature. Gentlemen pre pared Vor As NAVALAND MILITARY ACADEMIES, THE UNIVBRH1T1E8, Ac. Highest references Addreaa or apply to CANTAB, Boom No. ?, University Building. Washington again, Maw York. A GERMAN LADY DESIRES TO GIVE LESSONS IN German, Kranck (Tarlatan), and English; would alao tranalate or aepy. Call after ? P. M? or addreaa Teacher, *7 Weat Md at. _ BOOKKEEPING, WRITING. AC., TOR BUSINESS.? Mr. DOLBKAR, MB Broadway, teackea Bookkeeping praetkally. aa uaed (a the heat Near York kouaee. Be alio i enteral stiffness, cram pi ag ar trembling from tke wont kind and makea elegant boalaeaa penmen. rIBNOH CONVERSATION AND LITERATURE, BY Profaaaor Perraln, diplomats of tke Catholic Ualraralty of Lou rata, and Normal Moot of Peru ' teachara ackool). Tuition warranted m three mootha. No 37 Bond street. Go vern ess.?a catholic ladt, prom thb north of Germany, furnlahed with good testimonials, wlahe* an engagement aa reatrtont gnrerneaa; aho leachea the usual brancbaa of en Engllah education, French, ac quired In Parta; iMhu and drawing. Addrsas H. Mm bos t Winchester Post oMce, N. Y. "PRIVATE LESSONS GIVEN IN FRENCH, GERMAN, r Spantah and BngiUh language*. Terms $U a quarter Address Professor J. Wundermann, 90 Sixth aeeoue. Homo from 1 to S o'clock, and orantngs. SFORTIMO. 1 LL KINDS OK FANCY DOOR AND BIRDS, AC., A for sale?At B. DoVKY'8, 380 Canal street, near Church. Medicinal for all canlna diseases. Prepared food for mocking birds. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR HALE-FIFTY night foet long, ten feet beam; about lire month! old; built or oak and copper fastened, has accommodations for eight persons hesldaa tha craw; Is wall found In arery re aped. Apply on board at foot of East Tenth street PBANCIS BUTLER. NO. S PBCK SLIP. HAS ALL THE choice breeds of Does. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure end Plea Exterminator. 75 oents. Butler's new work on tbs Dog, $2. Dogs trained, boarded. Ac. Medicines for all dla THE GREAT OCEAN YACHT RACE.-POOLS WILL be sold on the Great Ocean Yacht Race, at Lafayette Hall, on Monday evening, December 10. and will continue every evening for ten days. JOHNSON A DOBfcON. HOKNEN, CARRIAGES. AC. AT HAM'S. 10 EA8T FOURTH STREET, CORNER Broadway?3 Conpea, t Cabriolets. 9 Coaches, 9 Phae. tons, second band. Alao 0 line new Clarences and Coupaa, at 90 per cent leas than Broadway stores. ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THE HALE BY AUCTION OK HOUSES, CARRIAGES, PHAETONS. AC., BY MINER A SOMERVILLK. AT TIIElIt HORSE AUCTION MART, 63 East Fourteenth street, near Fourth avenue, TUESDAY, DEC 11, AT 13 O'CLOCK See Auction head. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP ENGLISH KKKKLY Horse Blankets and fine Harnesa at 283 Pearl street. Importer of Saddlery and Kerseys A VALUABLE TEAM, ? AND 7 YEARS 16* HANDS; kind, sound and fast: both are well bred. Anr gentle man wanting, for bis own driving or for coupe, n really valu able team, combining style with speed, can buy them for less than they are worts. Price $2,500. No reply eeked from horse jockeys Address II. II. D , Herald office. A -HORSES WAGONS, HAENBML AC ATTENTION . Is called to the next regular eale on Tuesday next, at 12 o'clock, ai 100 Liberty street JOHN L. VANDEWATER, Auctioneer. Ahorse, truck and harness and DOWN Town Work tor sale. Apply at SMITH'S liquor "tore, corner nf Hester and Mott streets. Reason of aelllug?I cannot drive myself. Can be seen until sold. Black horse, warranted sound, kind and gentle; long, flowing tall. 16 bends, elx years old, fast traveller and warranted soued. Can be seen at private sta ble, No. 6 West Nineteenth street, near Fifth avenue, before 10 A. M. ___ Boarding stable-new, with fine accommo daiione, well ventilated, and above ground 344 Mercer street. S. W. EASTMAN. BRRW8TKR A CO., OP BROOME STRP.ET, OFFER et second hand, *Coepee,one in 8ne order; end 9 no lop Wagons, our own make rB SALE-AN ELEGANT PARIS MADB LANDAU. on double suspenelon, eight springs end under oer riege. with Paris inane Harness, complete for a pair, will be sold si s bargain; all quite new and new In style, can be seen ai WOOD BROTHERS. SM Broadwav, Agents for I he manufacturers. Wood Brothers are prepared to get out on order all Styles of Parle mode Carriages L"IOR SALE-A SORREL MARE, FIFTEEN HANDS I* and three ln>has high, sound and kted: a good fsrni.v orroadhnrae, trots Inside of three minutes and sold for want of use. Apply at tba Club SlaMe I? Broome street. GEORGE J. RHGWN. IPOS SALE?AS GOOD AS NEW. A VERT FINE r Coupe, built hy Brewster A Co., Calling's pstent silee. Prlee gMW Apply st 132 West Fifteenth stteet In the S'sble Double Harneee. if dial red. FOR SALE?THE FASTEST POUR OR SIX IN HAND In tbe city?Six closely matched blaek Horses, 18* hands, 7 yean old. warranted sound and kind, all remarkable road ?ten, and so long dnren togethar can be easily handled hy say fair re aaman Oa Ant trial the six together trotted the belf mile In 1 31. With e little tralnlog can together do the mile Inside ol 2 60 Pour, at least, ran be brought down under 2 40. Four ere well trained for a four hone Uedeta May he soldvtn pairs. One pair, the most stylish in the city, step better then 3:60 without training. Inquire et BBIGU* BROTHERS, 70 end 73 West Twenty third street. For half?a splendid fresh milch cow and Calf. Durham breed, (Ire years old. milking haiwnen Masd 28 utiorts per dsv Prlee $110 Apply to T. THORP, corner o! Thirty-eighth street and Eleventh avenue Horses kf.i't through the winter .-adobes* Oscar Llnd-ley Green Village Moma county, N. J? Or Moresu A Parker, IN) West street. N Y. _______ ROCKAWAY AND PHALTON ?A HANDSOME NEW Rockaway and Harness alao a Dorter's Phaeton will be aoid at a bargain. Address I'h tetan, box 184 Hersld other SADDLE HORSE FOB saI.F?StV MARE, 18J| hands, 4 yean old wonderfullv easy gall: will be sold for want of use. to J. ATCHESON, at Minett A f'o.'s. 00 Pearl street, in the forenoon. SPEED-POR BALK?A PATE OP iOCND GENTLE iloreea, Ihe property of a gentleman o ho ha? not the Umc to uu thorn, ran pare to the pole n 2 to aura; both ei rellent eaddle boraea; cant* rode by children A Id rata ? J., .lereey Cite Dallv Time- oifica. lloraaecaa he aeon at tka ?table or Merer. Jnhoaou A Co.. eoraar Krrnnth avenue and Twantyaeroud atreet. QTAM to LET?TREES stalls AND poo* pop I 1 two <?? mage. .n flrat rlaag pnvair atable 42 Weat Forty third atreet, flrat door eaatof Rlitb avenue. poaaeaeton at unue. SPLENDID SABOCCHB AND DOUBLE HAKNKHR, ?e V littie u?e.l. pi .re Barouche. (710. liaraeaa, 4110. one hair the worth of them Maybe aaaa at Eaatanan a eta i.le z*t * error atreet. Ten kecond hand utimt cam fob ralr; low prtca Apply hr letter. ORICR A LONG. HflBlld. N. J. 'ANTED to match-a dab* bobbbl harp Wanted to *atth-a dark borrbl mare. long tall, 15 to UM harida high, at oat ha watl braAa kind and trot In three minuter Aaaa a light Platform Truck. Apply at I7? I tret avenue WANTBD-A BLACK OB BROWN MABB. I4<i HAND* high and iloae built, with long, henvvtail. to trot in about minuter Addraaa hut 4 M Paat MIHELI.AAKUIB. ATMCORTLANDT hTRF.ET-BKVERAL PLATFORM era lea. from Jan to MB Iba r. parity Inr aale rheap. alao Orvoara Market aod Butlar Baalaa. of o auportor quality TJROWEH'A MAI.It- LINIMENT THE BBRT IN TUB B world, poa.tivoly euroo Rbdumauaat. Neuralgia mag. oallon of the ftlood. ttpralua, Rruiaoa. Contracted lorde, Btiff Jolnta, Paiaa. Anhoa and Hart a of erory doornptloo. Idr. aod $1 BROWSE'S DANDELION PILLB? PBEFAEED FROM etirorts of dande ton rhoanenllo aod rhuhorh unttod. With Mtbor rogoteole eitrarta equally rolnoblo. ladlnaeuon. Ltrm Cemplajnt, Billoua Attack. Headache Cold., Coughe RoroTnroot, lofluaaia Pleurlay oad Paver. of all kind aro aurnd by their nan. Ha. t hoi. dold by draggteta BROW RE im .M Woaa Thirty oitth ?t. N, T CO. RTtLLWELLB COLLECTION OFFICE?ROME. ? Oeorgta Re far. to I m porta ra and Tradera' National Bank. New Turk, and tba leading merchant! of Bene, floor gla. nod W W I lav too Atlanta, 0*. 8ORB BTBR, BORE ETEd.-EAdTF.RN MEDICAL IN atltnta, lad Ninth atreet, naar Fourth mile A .are dnr^^AI^yaena .ulerlag with tkla dtaaaaa apply to Dr. SAFEM REPAIRED SAFES CUT OPEN. NEW Lot kd pal on and old oafea made new. with aaalaaaa aod da epntah, byCHARLEe E. LIPPR. ? Llbarty at mat. I. Y. TIT ANTED?A FAN BLOWER. NOT TO EXCEED W VT Inetraa .Aldan Dompfal. or MeBentie. Apply al the iron foundry Catnaaerrw atrwet. Bear Ton Brunt alreat. Hoti.k Reooblya. WANTED TO PCRCHAdS-A BBOOND HAND HOE Rotary Printing Maeblne. Addraaa I. P. ten A? Herald odtee ateilng teraaa ge AND FAMILIEd. Noa 4 and Id _ Wet and htdeR amlih. hall hanging the -ant" a agonta ~ 75.000 DOE IB FINEST Of REN AND BLACK TEA, ** ~ PER FOUND. k1n4<'SSjNTkTBBETH BBOOE1.TV OBR. idBninn WATCMEI. JBWCI-RT. 4BCL CVPOROO CLOCRB- WROLRAAf.R AND RETAIL A- nilIRM R On'. pate at. ar*e aaannfaetnrer, at *? Math aeonoa. osranr Fourtonntb atraei 1-ndiee' Watchao ru&Mifc CO klMN?? oaaaaaaarMf of Ponrteoolh atrent, and MA ?IN PORT A NT TO HOTELS AND Want'a Improved Baton t Mangle. Liberty pdnaa. N. T. Plumbing, gaa Citing, CO a, MP pi Oh reeaao, oorunr of Pounaam Btgbtfc ooouao oaraorTwwntg.Mtlh atraat TT7ATCWBP, dt'IT A RLE FOR dPRCCLATITR AND (UPAHTNKKxIDH^. A PARTNER W ANTED? WITH A HMaLL CANH capital, In a dowa towu billiard room, doing a good business. Apply for three day* at 37 Montgomery afreet A PARTNER WANTED?WITH A CAPITAL OK TEN j\. thousand dollara i $10,000). to<Be lnveated In aaafe bu siness, aa yet not established. It Is expected that the partner will take aula cha fe of aald bualneara None but a buataeea w> Tor further particulars addreaa 8., box man need apply. 4,gM Post offica. AN ESTABLISHED WOOL BUSINESS WANTS A partuer, with oapllaL Addreaa, with real name. Hardy, box MB Herald ogles. fitOR A 8HIPPINO BUSINESS, THAT WILL TIELD U large prod la. Is wanted a partner of standing la the community. Addreaa A. B., box 196 Herald olhoe. TTIOR SALE?ONE HALS OR THE WHOLE INTEREST .A In an uld established Ladles' andOsulleman'a Furnish ing Store; splendid location and elegant store; doing a eery good business: reason for selling the present proprietor go ing Into the wholesale business. Address 0.,box 6,714 Pest ?Woe, New York. November i, hbr-thr undersigned havk formed a copartnership for the purpose of transacting a banking, exchange and eommlaaion business, undsr the Ann of Jamea W. Tucker A Co., Nos. 3 and 5 Rue Scribe, Paris, Franca. JAMRM W. TUCKER EDWARD R. ANDREWS. Represented by PRANK W. ANDREWS, 166 Washington street. Hostoa. PARTIES HAVING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES TO Offer, either for partnerships or for sals. are larlted to call upon Messrs. SOUTH MA YD A PP.. No. ?4 Oadar street Partnership oe otherwise wanted?to car ryout the manufacture of two drat elaas businesses, by a person lately arrived from Engtaud with two patents. Ex hibition prixes. testimonials. Ac. Address W. W., oara of W. Broekmann, No 3 Hoboken street, foot at Caasl, N. Y. PARTNER WANTBD-WITII A CAPITAL OF FROM 14,000 to $6.00u, in a wholesale business, already estab lished and paying a good per oentage ?o the sales. To an active young man th's la a chance seldom offered. Addreee 0. W. A.. Herald office. PARTNER WANTED.-TWO PRACTICAL MAN UP AC I lure re baying s Urge profltable and Increasing busi ness, desirs s partner, who must ba s good aocniiotsnt, and have * good xenjral business knowledge; must hare some capital. Address with real name box M, Herald office. Wanted immediatelt-at room so. national Hotel, Cortlandt street, second Boor. 30 active bualneaa men of some means lone for sach Slate., at Joint partners, to operate In an Immense enterprise, which will largely re munerate the parties. This la no catch penny humbug. Call from MAM. to U aud from 2 P. M. to 6, and examine for yourselves Ann ?partner wanted.' with this iPA.CrU. amount, to take charts of a store, while the advertiser attends to his other business, which has been established over three yeara; an equal Interval given In both. No Idle Inquirers attended to. and only those who can fur nish the sum named, and xood refnenoea, naed apply. Ad dress In Brat Inatnm-e Rembrandt, station D. 41 finn -A PARTNER WANTED. IN A WHOLE. ?P A? y.O" "" sale and retail Coal Trade, In pUoe of de ivased member, or will sell the retail yard. Address P. Bel ton, New York Post ofllca 49(1 nnn T" CAPITAL, WITH ACTIVE OR ?Pi"'.""" special partner, wanted to enlarge the husl nesa of an old established I'alnt and Varnish House. Ad dress H. W.. box IS3 Herald office. 41 ftft fWMl _AN ^PORTER OP A FIRST CLASH "U."paying business wlshea a partner, spe cial or active, with a capital of 1100010. against which amount satisfactory securities will be git en. References and all explanations given by addressing box 3,300, Post office. atnnw orromTt)? wwt. 4 H ESTABLISHED JEWELRY BUSINESS KOR A aale Don# by mull en.l eipree. elclualrely, mloe $3 000, ft bona fide uperaiiuu. AddruftB Jewelry. ?? lice. Aoenth wanted-coopkr s new map or NORTH America i* nnw ready. Price U. Apply for trruie end circular at 100 Naaaau ?rwl Maw York. ANVASHBRH WANTKD-TO SELL TUP. IMPROVED holding To. AM lantern \ cry light, Mronf and durable, tar bo loldcd and carried In the pot Act or tracaU? bag with aafety and convenience. occnprtng ikn ?paca of a and are opened and .:lo??l aa readily. ITiey ? "Y^iltV " onan or cjoaedl malchea and aitra candlaa. and. being ale aye reedy for u??, ore mofti Appreciated m the irwlwl emergen ?le? Prior* ?No L $1 eacA. (Including l"'''?'""V I ?? cant. each. (Including three candlwi T AddMMoal caadlrt^ (nura aperm.i No. 1. *1 per lb.; No. i. >1** perlb. Lllrcral JBSmt to and N T Mannfarturrra of Ire. Patent Laeioa and dealora in Naia aene cooda grnerallr. _ ? BALE-ORE-THIRD IRTERRRT OR THE P wkMe In a Preaaed and Japanned Tinware Mannfar tory, |o complete running ordei. eeUblUbed three fda? doing a fair buatneee. A good opening lor a practical bust una a man with meaaa A eld re a. Roberta. Barnee A 10? Third "treei, Pilt?bnrg. Pa _ K BALK?A WHOLESALE ?",i? neea. wiihln two bundrad mile, of New York, loog eatabll.hed of well knoern iwwii "in atocA on hand romp.ratlrely .mall not oror gA-KIU to lAB1 raplul abaotntoly oeoe-aarr. NaUafanujTj mtw for AddrMs giving raal name and addroee C. B- H.. Herald Mtoe. ? - - ? ryjgRt SOUTHSAYD A CO.. RO 44 ("EDa* Maireet, Invite the attention of rapllall.ta lo ae.ei-alMf and profitable Inveatmooi" of the hljgheal reepec.ubllity, re quiring aunt" of from $l.??) t" BIO 000. r CAPITALISTS ?WE IRVITE AMI SOLICIT THE paimnage of pervon" aeaklng a ?ure for their moncv whtrb pay* A? on money Inverted Pleaeetoll ind'" BONNER A lb.. 1.7 Kawmu .treat TOA APITtl.IRTS ?RRADT MONET CAR BE RAPELT Mnplnyed for ahort period, lo aw urttlea ln?tant_y_e '0_ rertlble at an mtereot equivalent tn a good eommieeKin monthly Pnaaeaalon and altoolulo legal control ?f~r"" ilea I'artcea having caah In banh may addraoa Seeurity Herald "?re. with real name ^ rro HARDWARE MABgRACTWPEEB. ?A. TBAPEfr I tin* ktent about lUrllni for Use Woftt, would Ui? J^n?"^. of hardware P.rlle. winking to per a falrVjmmleelon t" hare IhMr good. aoid can Tidm- for three dara R J,, H or aid office. rriHP. "cROERSDINEO WI-HK* TO I >vK?|T ?!??? M 1 the retail Taokee notion, f aney Boedaaad irrMting hualn-aa. Small ..Ury for MMM* ?,^i' nr. T-" ? make other ..-..factory arrangement. ""'"fy" perlenre Reference, unet.eptional Addreee Brower, nn? I'JP Herald office. i.oa r officer. 1A A W N KKOKKHn Til KKTS PURCHASED OP DtA I m -nd. W.irhea. jewelry, allka. rlothing A? made on the aarne or bought at the blghct naab price, at 1*6 (Irand .lree<, near Holberry PIAIIOPOHTBI.| a SECOND HAND PIANO. WHICH IIAS BEEN USED A for. year will he oola eery oheap if bought imaa-di ate Br; ha. fonr round corner, wwen and e uuerjer ?cte'e^ and la io perteot order. ^Addrea^Ptanrr. hoi 144 tlerald offinn A T BATTBBAOR'S BTORAOE ?' ""[JI1 A avenue, nee. Portlrth wreet le for aula a ?"?? <?nt 7U octero roaewuod Plarwforte clegdntly dutenod wWh lour rennd onmera, bar A same ae the f nm. rltllr oereod i*?* terpentine bottom triple mouldinga. overeliung bane, frrtl Iron Mate, beer Cllv maker. with werranyr for ? yenrai full rich tooe. la hew and perfectly auperh Witl bo aold f'W ^4gn ahonl hall price tan be eiaunned Irom ? A H t'U g MAOMIPICBRT PIRST CIJtSB ROSEWOOD PIANO A forie for aele made ..rder. oHy "uhara. lully r?'_ raateed uae4 4re month.; coM IBB. for $SB4, loolvadlPB Stool Corer alan Parlnr Rett ralolmga. wll' Dtniog Purnltnra China, Silverware. Seen (lee 44 WoM Ruieonih atreet. betwoon Plfth and math a.enoee PH IIAROB -A OOOD MEDIUM WIBD OBAND. Of Nunna A ClarA. In perferi ordor, warranted, will he aold for #449. If purchaeed at once I S DRI i KER. rooter Second av and Twentlelb ev PiANorORTKS ? PKR IRNT LRBB THAN 4NT other trat alaoa maker f"f toee and dorahtlity art aa ? hituftftifirt: wftfTftBlftd 6**/wn. J BfDDLB. is Amity atraet near Brvadway. f A TENS ilBAND HOC ARB AND IIPRIUHT PIANOS. Mono. Cabtnot Orgaea. wbclaoila and rMnU. to IkANCIRU Al ADBNIBI. a flODWORTHA DANONO ACA0BIIT. A. No a* pipth avbnub. rbw tobbT Per daya. term., be . ptaaeo aaB1m-m nwoUr BROOBR' DARCINO ACaDRMT, Rl BROOME 4T. All the fMbtmrnMe bim In one aoarw Mliiii.i LADIES meet Tooodaya and Prldnya. 4 P. IM OERTLEMEN, Tuomtey. and Prtdaya. 7V4 to M P ?. CHILDREN. Wedneodey. and BnfHny.j ? W ?4 P *? LADIER Primary CRmi MfMMI by Mm. Broot. rb?bVbbt ^bdn?."at evbrino_ D^HB (JABMO-R DARCTRO a< aDEMT 4t PlfTH A*B nun. corner of fourteenth ? trees now noen for the r? eepiloo of pup*1' "? Traced*ya and Prtdaya Wedaeeday. and "iZfSTt l? 4 P M Miomo.nd Maetera. 4io4P ? oantlemen r iaeday and Pridey eyenlnfa. atleetm? ? VSrSTfcf-rTs. !>? Htrm hH thehonw m be Mexed a member of the SneVele Aeadem qee dee Pi ifiaaaars 40 D.naedn Pari. ArUatro da Thedlre Imperial do I'Opera. Wt.v b plare. him lo immediate pemmMno of all new dnaooe fvrMAR S DARCIRO Al ADRMT U WERT POI BTH 1) .irert fer children, todle. and geo.lemen Raw Mm Wedneeday and da I u Mar All dance, taught In ena quarter. all to ftll pfl'?WMM. ^ EBRRBBO'R RAROgW ACAJJIMT ROBTH w prr Iwrwer Twenty etghUl MreM end Broedwnf Rewepee dnoaday. and ett P R ,ya and I TRORPAOR B DABCIBO Af'APBMT, T7* iy.?B< E tdh-rt-r "" * sir* Serree every Monday T THORPtR J . or atraet, Bvealng* of tul Wodo'Qday and MIMTIBV. SaSSR?"1? rM?Zzx?r U' FINANCIAL. N1TKO STATKH TREABURT, DECEMBER A 1M?. Schedules of thirty armor* ?>>?? and throa-tentha Coupons. Jiuyvbla Daoamber 16, mat., will now be reosiyed for examination. 8 H. VAN DYCK, An!aunt Treasurer ^ MKRICAN BAM KINO EXCHANGE ^?!^We0h?b"J.b. r**"*'MmM-w. TUCKER. EDWARD R. ANDRBWP. JAMES w. TUCKER A CO. bay and ootl United Htataa Securities *n<l foreign Bocurittea, bum* and coab loiter* "f Credit. ?? wall OA transact a general mmmmlon buslnswo, and refer by permission to tha following gentlemen;? RKKERBNCEB: Wm. T. Andrews, President Motional City Bank. Boston Jam** II Bool. President Hacond KaUonol Bank. Bootoa. Amoa A. I-awrsnos, Boston. C. P. Mora* A Co , Boston James M BesbalA to.. Boston. Win. P. Wold A Co.. Boston. Clark. Adams A Clark. Boston. Wm. H. Asplnwall. N T Wm. T. Blodgstt. MewTork, Ooorg* Orlswold, Maw York. T. Hall Polio. Now York, Rtophan Hyatt, New Tork, Wm. S. Jenkins, Casklor Bank of America. New York. W. H Moey. President Loather Manufacturer.' Bank, N. Y. Moses Taylor. President City Bank. Nsw York. Jonatbaa Thorns, M. Y.. B. Bands Tueksr, Now York.

John R Williams, President Metropolitan Bank, N. Y. W. II. Webb. Nsw York, Manual WlUatA Nsw York, llowes A Many. Bankers. 30 Walt strsst, Nsw York. Hoyt Brothers. Now York, fpnffbrd. TUeaton A Oo., M. Y. Bussing, Crocker A Co.. MYWA. A A. M. White, N. Y. Dudley 8. Gregory. Jersay City, M. J. Represented oy PRANK W. ARDRKWB, M> Waahlngtoo street, Boston. A LARGE COLLECTION OP AMERICAN AND POR A sign Coin for sale. Iuuulro si Mrs. J. GUEKIM'H, 117 West Tenth street, between Sixth and Greenwich seen see. A LADY IN BUH1NK8B WOULD LIKE TO MEET A party who would lend her two or three hundred dollars en good security. Address K. B. Marten, station D. Delaware. Lackawanna and westbrn rail road Company?letters! ofBes, M Kiehsngs piano, New York. December 6. 1HM. Noricr.?The transfer books of tkla company Will be closed from tbladate until thn morning of Monday. 1Mb Daman her. tnat*nl. A. J. ODELL, Treasurer. For salb Third Arenue Railroad 8took, Ssennd Arenue Railroad Slock, Sixth Araous Railroad Block, Belt Railroad Block, (Irsnd street and Party aocond street Railroad Stock. also other city Railroad Hocurttloa, and a full llna of Insur ance. city and County Blocks and Bonds, at thn In wast mar ket rates, for Investment. ALBERT H. NICOLAY Block Broksr and Auctioneer. No 46 Pine street, N. Y. THE TEN PEE CENT BONDS OP THK CITY OP MAN Pram-men, falling due In the ally of New York on the 1st of n-.-tuber, IHM. wilt be paid In gold by I.P.KM A WAI.LKIt. IB Pine si root No Interest can be sDowed after maturity of bond. NuTtnhsa 11. I0K. TO THE HOLDERS OP MISSOURI HTATR BONDB 18 sued to the Pactfle Railroad of tha State of Missouri ? The holders of the sltoys bonds are Invited to n meeting, whlah will be held au Monday next the 10th Insl.. at 3H P. M.. at the M?rchanu'Exchange and Kasdtiig Room, 50 anil It Pine street, to eooelder a proposition of the Pacific Rati road Company, of Mlasoiui, in ragard to same. aImiI.PIIUH MEIER (IKORHR PARTRIDGE. Committee on behalf of Pseilic Railroad. Nxw Yont, Dec A. I add The boaed or brokerm iia vino eemoted ALL mstrtctione OS regards commissions, the undersigned are prepared to buy and sell LK ROY A EM MKT, M William street, rooui No. 10. frniRD AVENUE HAYIN08 BANK THIRD AVENI'B, 1 CORNER TWENTY SIXTH STREET Interest on sums Irom $1 to $6,000 at the rate of six per cent , free from government tax, c.unmsnclng January 1. WANTED?BY A MEMBER OP THE NEW TORK Block Ri'-hsnge, a partner with capital sulDclen' to establish a Unit for Ihe transaction of a Rtoch Commission limine. Replies strictly eoabdantlsl Address Regular Hoard. Herald ofhce. YVANTED?A LOAN, OP PKOM $3u.ds) To $d0,aw. M for rice planting, loVoulh Carolina. Good security offered and a need some uonaolmtan for tha money. Com muaioate in writing or In person, between 6 and I n clock, at Saw York Hotel R. BARN WELL RHICT <2>l- f wm TO tioom APKCMI. CAPITAL WANTED wO.vyV In an as'.abltsbed Iterative buatneas. pai fectiv oafs, and wUi raalix* foriy par cant on tnvsaimant Prloctpals only address C A.. hoi Tit Herald offkes ILTo.OOO BOHD tat* In mis cliy or Brooklyn Hge, In one oi mors rooklyn. John P ( on RET ?l Wall Street, room II RPCCUli NUTIMI. Atlantic yacut race.?kxcuebion to light ahla. ttndf HM ?I b# Imi .ailing t are |ouu ? ?Uim?t CHAKLTHt II tMBKRL*IM will l?n i'?t .Up. E K.. at ? A. M. . Enltoo ferry. Inwra .1 ft*. aad f'Mit of Dm >mm airaet. N. B . at Mo'olook. not graced to the atari Ing plor-a of Iko fa- bio. of Boody llonk. and rot nrn aboil ? r m Ttieadoy. Dor (I. Number limited ?> 129 TlofeoU.J B3 each, to be had ou board or at lb* rtn.ilb alt eel. .V M No refreahmeoia to ka bod on board Bkituii provident abhocution -thka.vmai. meeting of tba abo.a aaaociatlvo will Im> hold on Malur day, Dae 19 a I 9 a'florl P M , at Iho ntai llutcl. No It nUW atraal. aa ImpotUkt buainaaa will b* tran.eried tin -dudlng tba olarilon of oBcerai Mamber. ora hereby r? nue.ted tn attend aa early oa pooaibla Plea** bring ronlal bo > ion not da W H BMITII. Prealdenl. ? Toatit T.tioa, Coriaap-Midlng Oa- rotary OCEAN TACHT RACE-THE HTEAMKK HETH lew Captain <? D Mnttlll, will oneornpany tba rarbta on Toaadoy. Pnreoiber II, going two b<i tra farlhet Mil a it h them than any other .teniae- landing. Eighth .treat Boat rlaer. at 9 A M . Bmoma .treat, av^ Pack allp Hey atraet, Nnrtb mar. ?>* Da.broane. atraal, Vf Cbrlaptpbar atraat. 10 Kefaahiiiaiit. oa bnord. Pore g'J n V I'RIP.dTl.r I AM. A A B< OTT O^BPEICIaI. CATALOGUE. up THK PAKIH EXHIBITION Of 199: (brer ll.n m, mpten of Ikta work are already annanrtba I for br nouunanlal boogaa.lera. Imtnadiale .,.p,.. ?to.i. (? ad?rrt.a.tig -pa- a In tba eighty pa(?a fnr tba C niled Ntataa .hnuid be made at tba titular* goad. ?nta agent far tba Cooteprlnl aire A. ad r-atda -imtildr. A' ar* prohibited by the imparl.I Coynmi.-i tn. 'ha OW|. tal Catal-ifiie marant. to m.ntifa'dur are. e.h bibtt. and tba general public, imtnanaa adtaoug ? aa a utnllnrntal ad.eidtalnr tnedl tm CHIRLE* I. LAWRENCE, .are Maa.ra t bickering A boo.. Add Broadway 0 |PI I' r or THE ATLANTIC NA1I. STKAM9IIIP - .to pa it y No I Bowling omen New York, No* U ?Kt ardoa Of tba Board ?( lllrenlora. nolleo I* hereby glean that In onae^uenr* of the ale- i on appointed tn bore been held na the 1Mb of Noraiober Inaleai, not baring been kaitl poraoant to *ueh appoititiaenl an aie'-ttnn of tuna dlrartmaof ibta miopany aad tkraa In. per" or. nf I be oeit auatend ng aim Han will be bald at iba nitre of the romper, on Prtlay. tbo I lib day of Auuory, 199". at It n nurk M The trar .far tmeka al the ogle of tbo Patraar. and Tru.t I'ltONifplll be rloaed frowi the |9th to the tdih o? Jaonarj 1*9. The pall, will bo ouan from II lo I o>! <?h PBaWKiTn ALI.Pb Horiata/y QPPIt IAI. CAHLdV..t i'lJjP* EARIN KXHIRi EXHIBITOR!. HANl'pAi'PVBuid AND THE AHPE.P TIH1NO P' BLIC DENIRING dPACg IN THE llflHTV EAtiP.t* DEVOTED TO THE t.BfTED NTtTE.a *Bh ItiOrEHTfD TO NEND IN IIIKIR APPLD iTIoN. T'l THE r>DEK?IONHI) (OLK a'.E-NT OP THE t OBOBB RIONMIRE. WITHOUT DELAT OVER PfVE MILLION COEIE-M II ATE Al.BP.AOV BEEN 9CBM BIBED EOR BT CONTINENTAL BO<iK BELLE Hi* AND A" ALL i kBHd t |p( t'|.AK?, p.n: . ABE PROHIBITED H* THE IMPERIAL < OMMlkfHoa. THE iiPEII'IAL i.ATAUhirr OPEEKN THB OMI.T BXCI.I ?IVE. ANH CNIVEBmaL OPPORTUNITY AN A MEDIUM <>E IXINTINENTaL ADVkBTl9INii Pf.B GENERAL INFORMATION, THE EOLLoMTINtt BCAl.R or PKICE9 HAN BEEN AOOPTtO. PROM Willi It OWI b't TO THB LIMITED HP A< P MO HEVUTION WILL BP. MADE - OWE / NTIRE PAGE ... ONE. TMQOMANb IMil.LARN IIaLI PAGE EIVR Hl-NDKBD ANII EIPTT IrOLLABN ULABTKR PAGE .... THREE Mt'MDBED DgLLaKK hample paor or the t ataloui.e and all OTHER INEOBMATIOM CAM MM OBTAINED tiM AP PLIt *TION TO CHANI.Ka I. LAM BKMt E AT MK99RN 1HKKOIIN0 ? -ON" ElAMOVoRTK m AKLhtMiMN 999 BBOAHW4T T?l BAR HEBBBV ? t'TIOMED AGAIMoT paying oar oanney or deti.onog aoy tn i.uUladOM> Hrbwarti ay kaka bvnhkaaugr. oa mr oarnaat Ea' i. taller m woikor no.. REI.IUIOI 9 TOTII M. ?1111 Rt II or THE BP.NI BSEcrtOM. THIHTT PIETH atr?o(. OOor BIlWi a mo no ?Raw Edward O Pkagg If p , rartnr. win oraaak. In 'be kreoiag. tklrd aerfooa m tbo Erodtg.t ?0M. barrtree I9t? A M aad T>, P M I ATP BET 19 HAWKt CHARGE INTIL THE J mm pl.t loo of ka M.aoarul t hapa. A ika Hair Ra.ieor. onw in 11 III? ef to Eaat Twanty IfUt atraat ear rtroa a ill ka kOBUt tod al lot. o'rbwk a,ary n today eaaroiog, lo Iba ? tiakot of tba I'ot.amltr no *nl ngv,n eg .are Beroiaa ao loodkf by Bar tioorga P dayonamr N^BEIT 9DMDAV BTBHIBO, DRr EMBER 19 RRT 1 T Harbor of tba Pnitot Pktbara rill koto.r a te-toro tn Ika tVink of tba Aaanoapuon awaar Taft god Joy atraat- Brooklyn oobyoet? Baltgv.n aad Iba ley M Ta-kata a' adwnoa n 19 aaota Pi'a. a .da for tba be tvall I ?f tba ooo- and atoll netted by tbo -no taaen-a af tba y .f it v arent da f? I Potber IIa-be. la watt litwo aa aa abta la- to roe, aad all wbn wtah Ui Iteton to a 9oa d-arr.nroa bod at ike ?.aa. Mom In oaaforto an oet of -bar tf by nap .g to reliere tbo mat I of tbo poor will do wall to alieed UHgT B. ?.OEkPIN. D t) WILL PREACH IN THB earn ibkH k .rwoor Ptflb aaaaoo aad Party Iftb atee.i OO 9'irtdu. tba 919 too* Born'"?? "Noonoo-a al II A ? aad ? r ? TBar> wttt ho 9 data af tbo Pawr lo kaid .bomb oo Bnwdog ?9gMtod tbo rai .oat . goto to maoaar. aa rig oeteek fbadboa-k wtti bo epao fnr tba hdkiji af poraooa w-abiag to pankau paaao at ?H P ? tbo nai day aWBf'NMWn? ? T9E)l/fir UE-n'9? BP BET ? > i ba torwy GBol to tbo Maw Jaroiobf abwewk Tblett lb .trail BkdO ao Peorth bad Laltogtoa aaaoaeo Ibid draolag, df f tf dfdtwd boaU f-na rW BET a r EEWIEGTOB THE MEWI.T BI.BCTED Hanoi WMI a work (D T ig tba '"bweMi af tbo Atone ?ant f B . (MB BraaBlyo PtfU arawiljiltui of Baa ea aer k aaiool HaMy. Ibd ?U toot M Wig A M aad 7 bg P- M The 9RCOMD ucrni or the roc roe ni < krtaaloo I'atg arau ho dagnotgd by Iko Be* D an Ww Pt I Id l? IB I <W?! " AlHrNKIHKNTH. nnoAUWAV theatre admission w cehi D K I. DAVENPORT Enthusiastically recalled. Knya^cmrui limited to lha MONDAT. TUBRDAT; ^DNRBDAV KVENINOB. AMP Saturday matinek, Me will appear u HT. MARC? THE SOLDI EH or froRTUNK. Id the Inlenaely thrilling romantic drama of thai name. ID tea acta, written aspreaely tor him Thursday?NTK A NOKR and HONEYMOON Friday?BENEFIT, whan by request ha will appear aa HAMLET Mao day, Dae 17. tka mat comedian, ? IBM S OWKNk, JOB. _ la two nf kla aoaetaltlaa, SOU IN Hit I MILK la THE PEO PLE* LAWVKK, and JOHN UILLMAN. id the HAPPI EST DAT OF MY LI KB. a red all daya In advance. GERMAN THALIA THEATRE 614 Broadway. opposite HI. Wlaknlaa HotaL MONDAY, DBCRMBRR 10, IMA HAMLET Drama la Hra acta, by Rkakaiwra. HAMLKI BOUUMIL DAWIHON GGERMAN BTADT THEATRE. U AND 47 BOWERY, r MONDAY, DEO. 10, UN, ? DAH YOLE, WIB Ed WKINT UNTLACnT. Comrdy, with eonga, In tkraa acta, by Kalbwik. Mueac by Canradl. OTBINWAY HALL s TflSWIflWMaSir PI rat appearance at Ikaaa Concerts of MADAME i eppcerauoal BITTER ' V iu! inlet. M FANNIE RAYMOND EirTK a.* r. 0. W. CO . rinntaty^^ tHOMAH, Conductor. CB LKB HATE I? ORCHESTRA. TH'KBTH m OR NTH. Raaarrad Scale 60 oanta aitra. RB. P. B. CONWAY'S PARE THEATRE. BRooELYN. MONDAY EVENINO, A us na tie Daly'a Drama, OUIKFITH GAUNT. JEALOUSY. Embracing tka entire strength of tba company TTARTZ, TEMPLE OK MYHTHRY, 11 Dodworth Hall. M Broadway. The public la raapaetfully Informed tka I lha INCOM Pa H - ABLE ILLUSIONIST AND KKOKEMdOK OP TIIK AltT OP GAOLIOHTRO, M. II ARTZ. whoa# fame In lha occult art has never bean approached la tka PANT OR PRESENT AGE. will reopen at tka above ballon MONDAY EYKNINii DECEMBER 17. with a bewildering aattea of MIRACl'LOUR ILLUMONH. performed among the audience, who ihne bate the epportunlly dfVmetUf tba wondruua praaiid < t Hon of the great pro 6t * *f the Arbectan aelanca. who feata, STARTLING a. ? are novel and original Mr, SEDGWICK will perform on the Rnglleh concertina TlbKBTN ?Hr.; RESERVED sEtTS SI. Baata can be aacured In advance at tba ball from lu till a. Dnora open at 7L, commence at A Saturday melon* Door* open at IU. f'hlldren half prloe. MI'LTIM IN PAKYOVKRV BOON. CSHAKf.KY WHITE S TROUPE J At Bryant ? Mechaalca Hall. 471 Broadway, ne*r Grand ?treat The moat popular raaort forpuatltna In tba metropnlla another splendid rill. Klrat Uma In Ibrna vaara of Cbartwv While a funny farra of THE MISCHIEVOUS NIOORK. Pirat appearance of RII.LY AI.LKN, tbo pleasing comedian A splendid new Ballet -Kdlaon In Nhw tlomb fhnifa ... lUlMT BURt iiakd the ventriloquist. MA11NKK EVERY SATURDAY at IS K KI.LV A LEON'S MINSTItK.I.S?7JU NROAIiW aI. ELLY Rtiab for AND New iimgraitm' LP.OV6 KKI.LV aa cured aeala. AND thla weak I.KON'H KELLY Country Relations AND Carnival Dance. LEON'S KELLY Matrimony. AND Dundreary. I.KON h KELLY Peraacutad Darkey.AND Nelee Seymour. LEON'S Kr.KLY Rlaacua. AND and tka 1.6 UN'S KELLY Alrtcno Polka AND Comic Quartet I.KoN s KELLY Oh Wake. AND The beat I.I ON b KELLY Great Quintal AND lu lha ally. LEON'S rNY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. M BOWER! HE APPEAR INI'K OP TONY PASTott In an entirely new local drama, entitled NOLL. TIIK NEWSBOY. Plrat appearanoe of lha oala ,rated tiymnsat. Mr DAVE IIAWI.KV. and tha eminent Irleh Comedian and '. '?lie from lha AuatralUn theatre* Mr RAKHY O N6.IL to entire change in lha variety programme Introdociur ,i nno. bar of DOveUira Grand Matlnen Wedngndny an J kalurlay at 1R PdMk STRINWAY II A 1,1. Tl KNIiAY EVENING, DBC U. Laat grand perlormaneo of NAMPNON by the < P.r|l.!AK CllofR CKt'lI.IAN CHOIR. TICKET* IU < ENTS fleaarved aeala 61 nenta catra 6'?r aale at Beet A Ncblrmer's, Ml Broadway, Pond A 1 ? 647 Broadway. Kullrnae'a ttckat odica. lit Broadway and Kleins ay llall C1IIANI) PAIK AM) PRMTIVAI.. WITH PHOMKNaOK B Contort 'hit .raiting and lirry arauing, till Dr?ro. ?r It, la tua u4piout hati of ?T. ATKPItBR'A UHt'Rcn. 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Kit If'tlUM f'RPfJMf, Mr inn "TWWlSf Mr. OROHUIR HIIKPPARII. Mr KI.AMtA <HANP Mlaa k At p. M. WII.I.KTT Ira1 appa.rau'- i, Mr. JUHK S PATTINOff <.E1 W MORUa.N lha ral.h-.tad rati.. ? Ill parfnrm on lha N.w Organ Maaai. up.'i w COLfiV an I HRRK V Tl ''BRR, ? "ndnrlor. Tr- ? .| If) rant., for tala al lha tail", atoraa H. aar ?.d aataia ?) ? ania ?? ira la Ira had at lha hall. Ilunra opan U> aoNMaonoo at I . .Irak 0 ATMAM? HPT If ATBMrV ?KATIMfl MINK THR t.ARi.BMT I.M TIIR WORM) I hara lha ploaaur. h. ahurntn-a to n) nnniarou. pairotia that 1 hara .rnrit~| a Mating Kink tha flnaat In U.a I t in) "lalra on tha ana of tha form.r Rtloon Amphlthaaira. fill) nlnta atra?at ? tmar ??f Klath atanar. Thia la d 'nhU. a. ih? la-aaat akailag ruih la tb> world, hating an araa of aa>?n Ibouaan l r?|Uaf. pa-la II I. a<> ai.rfxinda I hp agallorp, aaalad aud Our or ad urarkaad with amnio apar-a for IO0I1) arfiTATOK* Alia h. I I. tha Rink ara haadwrraafv fl'i.d rooapOno and wail lit rxoma ai'd a ? ar?f ill r oido tod raatattrsal I.Allll.n AKK PROYIDRl) WITH KXCLUMITR WAITIRO and IiKKHnlso rooma Tha antir. Ami-'ii'haalro will bo lighiad during Iba aranlnf hp itvo bundrod a a - ,.ia Tha Kink w'll to lh. haad-|?kri.ra of Iho ** Naw Tort Hk.tfng t'loh." for Ohmii .napta and apartal prorlatam ha. ba.n ma la Muafr will ... mn-lir t.d hp aa arr..nrpM.har1 A>n ran ha mada froaa tha atrpoptar ttvi of ahakaa In lha ahal^rr.m and ami la pnoiaioa la aaada a in. rloah roam for lha dapoalt of alaaha. air <1 f OITJfAH. Pfon*iaA?rr a d.t.oa Tlrh.U 1* mi fahdiaa' do do I mi Maatara dar da> (oatar Itratrai hi) nUXTW IIA I.I. V' A ator alar* Rroadwap V aI.KNti h K Tol auRM, TIIR flKKAT ROCTBATfUM 41. MIMI' tha arulaal ? Larrp Dnntan" I rota tha Rotunda. lirOHa. aad (nf rd atraat. Mm dan. tha Irian Jaoalmg 1 a* "Man. A. . kr . haa Aba honor. I aaimtaar-tng ha aa?t appnaraar. in tiaaiha in hia original laair ,-nr. moll' i.riati araior at. nao.iaal. Urpowhoraaa. morhaaWai, T? raall- n.. kin. an /ill tfblTT or MafloN Mon-lap, D.r If I ant and a.afr aranlng, at I o Hail AO war a at ori h? Baaarrao aaata mm. aalra ORCIRRD iRATA ROR A 1.1. TIIR TIIR ATRRa OPP . -aa and ptaaaa af aaauaamvat, eao ha had for aar night at tha DMni flohaA OA.., at I Mil RRRINU A ?<??? 1In ?road wip MIMICAL. At tmr NATtoMAi. combbrvatort or mi ki? m Mod loon arootia, Phkao Vtotla. Th.orp ant V rval Moata taraa fid pan viarvtr I.oaaarramrp l?Mrar*;? Buhd froo RaiaHtahad 11 A 'IRNTI KM AM will .1 VR IR?TR'' r!' ? r?M TMR J\ Pioao al poptta' mot4.?oo 'or Alt par roarvar war of rofaranoa atraa add-aaa. oilh i aati a-a. faaahar bad lit Harald <rMm F'O MOM.RNMA','RR'd Mt ?|f Al. t r.haRRPATORT J Brhaharth a bol dinj a? Rroadvap -I laaraaooaa ,a Vanal and laaarrwaaial M iaP $14 a tars fM" Ijf ITAR A?D RIMrllNa MAPOI.ROM W 'HH'LU, Ma 'ialtar at raaomaa h a matr.H..?a ?> Anlh a*, aaoa Iraaoona al fort Waahlapvoa. liar aa kr ftr w. aarllaa aa J hi,, taught prartaallp MR iCLtl.*f ll< RBRRfi. OOMPOMBR OP TMR OTRRA Rood. 'Tha I)nrtrr? of A ...tart, will maaara a baa ad aarnhar of popila la Moaami ' rapia'ioa D'agtng aad on lha Tlolin and Piano Addraaa tram M ta II A. If at fr-Ma I to d P M , ft M*r4o>aga! atraat M'OBIfJ PflR PARI i WRODIBoa a, , , gc Apt-ip at ON 'a-a .traat war Ruwarp aad a < R iwarr, hart MClli: PI RWIollRIf FOR PARTtRa WRf.lrf* ,? maraaa.f IW Wararfp pdaaa aaar dlith aaa- . T ii RfiMRtB "K-tWR f.fPTVAM A PRRdff ?' P 1 pf tl UhMa ilaia.hg .Ml ivoial C HTMMAtWW d?l Rma'o.p^ tl M ? Iti'li' R rio:tr ATTRRrM PaKTIP* at $h par ...t og rvd- f?--otad Oidan raaaiaad at RR WlUk a-aaao haor Parna-t rMA ? III "? BTartrr TOR t.RaaoRfl nm Tttt PUM f lo IV lanai Now Tort Mtaatna ladii ita it: Ban PgtaaM) rata ball F*R?IAMR TUB MR ARB BALI. f?P TMR ARM toaap r imdo hahoa gtom at via l ama trmaaaiAt ? -w. -oraar 'rtaad aad Rltaauat* atroota aa Prtdof o?.a?-^ tha 14th laat TtaModa Al ha ha had fr?a aar aaay w iho hVWo ? ? lha daiw ihat hf Raaahaa a fab haad folfN P RRA0T ' a-aira f>a?it I fiur T'tvoo T IBORRT Rtl Ml- BAf^r ??' BTRPNTM IftRiN - Ll I mag Mall. Wadaaadap Daaaraho. f? tdM tjANl fit far mo bp lha am art aad at tha fbaadra fkakad -dhra 111 a a. It a- . fin i r a?? 1 IAU I mi'fLR BR?4?"I-P?T ABMnridTtOR lafImai I TlkikdMt R-oaiaa low bar W MR A MI'NKNKIWTH. fHKATKE KKaNi AlM-KRKNCH OPERA * IMMKNkk HI'CCKHH OK OAI-A HIKE OKK.AT TRIUMPH IIK MI.I.R NAOUIK, . WII.IIKM AND OK hURMONT "I I KTITIUN OK (UUTUII DEMANDED "'??>04* EVENING Ohi'KHHKH W, The beautiful iMm GAI.ATHEK, >'K riifc LIVE nTATUB. Prveedmi I,, ..KNKVIKVK. "eturda, ?loo. OA1.ATHKE MaTINKK ____ "rhrualTOI. 113 ,I1<4 ||4 Hr?Klw?y N W"* *OHK TIIKaTKK. . Mark Hmlih and Law la Raker. 'i wlmdv that niariun an wUblntLIl Till! JJ?uS**1* ?"r#> mndnr obligat. n tha 0HICKITII HAUNT <?11 .1 fc \U)('MY V n K tftr'' i'l. .*!! U? ,'n .Lb' "" r""< a a or. aaaful rua tuma night II will hr |iira a.ibill lla reuiarkabia fna TlIK*DUEL 4 LA MOKT, ,,vw pinT r*"<' rOLK. I LIMBING?L1VB PIO < llAal HI nTlt; DANCE. TUKHDaT EVENING, DECEMBER 11 AUTHOR* NIGHT 1 Laat peiformauoe at OKIFKITH 041 NT and Ranatt of MR AUOUNTIN DaI.V ?????? of NniwUhatnndlng th? popular!!* of Una Otama It muat ha wtUtdraarn to ft" placa^ |b# ?a"! "pacta, la of A rauillp Clrda (Admlaalon Fifty Cauui ku lean Mind up and la now open EW YORK THEATRE. Managers Lawla Rakar and Mark umnh. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. The management hog to Inlorm I ha piUto that Hitparade engagent. Ma, made long |.rlor In iha production of the a i? ?oaafiil plaK ol liKIKKiril GAt'NT. rendnr It namaaar) ... withdraw thai ?llama after I ueailaP nf nest week. In flaw nf thin unavoidable rurullmeni nf the run ot the piano, tha management have rewired to aei alien TU MMY EVENING 0E<'K.MRRK IL an AUTHOR H NIGHT, for Hie benefit of Mr. AUGUST! N DALT. the drsn.ailat and author nf GrlMtA Gaunt la addlllo i to tha new plar OKIKKIIII HAUNT OK JEALOUSY, whleh will I hen he porfetmed for Ihe laa| time, with all Ha original and novel atna Tha Intel a la Mori, Tha laara ahlre Kair, and The Trial for murder In the iaat century, there will al?o be a OKANH MI'M|i' Al. ENTEKTAINMRNT, for whtrh Ndlie RTKI.LA HONIIhi K Hignnr Tr.MTA and Btgour KOHHATI harr genrioualp volunteered. Mr JAM EH M WE H LI. The celebrated Ptanlnt. and Mr THK.OIIOHK. THOMAH the dlatinsillahed Cnndiirler had Vtoll..let bam ala<> kind a tendered their valuable aid, and Mi W .1 III 1.1,, the well known Amertean tenor ohrough Um feaaraue oonaanl of Mr I. K. Ilnrriaoni, will appear. Curtain on Ihle ooanaton will nae at ?n'rliek. Hoata mat be aerated now. Prior a aa uaual TNn piano oaed bp Mr ttVhll al Ihle pertorinenoe la ane of tBh-trr ns a grand Plane* 8 AN FHANCIMCO MINBTRRLH. OM BROADWAY Til K, i Hot III,h i oM M i.N?'K.N AT QUARTER 1o KiOIIT TIIE FAR FAMED INIMITABLE AND ONLT HIIIi'II W AMHOLIi BERNARD A RACE!'*' MAN PRaV Jhi i, MINHTRKLB, whuae autreee be* nerar lieen equalled bp anp almllar or ganlael'un In the World New and rhreilul HuiPequee eveir week Othello end Me. .<cih Italian Alia bp artiste. MeUmri ehrrwem or Kalllng hiars. nuaan a hun Out. The New I'ongieee Hiack Cook and Afffcaa * Troupe HI iiWOItril'H MIN-TRI.I.H KIKfll AVER IE tlERHA Houaal.adjoining Kllll. Aranur Hotel tA g lludwurth and J Htnhr. IV'-prletura and 1inai*~ ENTIK1. OHaN'IE OK TiiOUlt AMMK M.W illAtHlW PANTOhUMK WtKE I'E AHR4HAM HVO POMPEYH ? ONORKNHMAS h DUEI.. EOEEHT QUARTET. A Matinee ererp Raturdap. al 1Q P M HOOLBY M OPERA HOCRE. RROOKLYN Ttie lw.. P mpepe, Iguoran. r aad Inn udewe, Qttar irlaumr Nerrania, Nallr Coma I'p. Tha Auci?neet, flraad Nathiual tableau. La Hal Maatpir, lioorheeper otilwHIod, .relie rather < urne ll.n*a, The dar 0 H.llel The Klas Of llreen, l.a Hare lie Hird tlnmera. A . ino eliir lnf IIOOI.ET * GREAT ' CONORESS OK AUTIhTH." OKAVI R H OPERA lloCNK. I.ATE OUEON HROOR U Un, K. II Knuie rbaug* at p' asraiwoM. Kpb Hern. Ilairy Ldalla,Or rge II < .?a Mr ?nd Mrn. Johnny Queee In a fund of new a>" g- Aeta. Jokaa, PantnanlarivA km The 'N'aaparm.' "Olheliu, uirtai to the Mill. Sl Mr OR CORDOVA ? HI dntivar bw papular and amoaing Lentara MlflRJONRM' WEDlilNO NO* ARM AT NATIONAL HALL HARLRM, HRi'MRRR in AT h O'l IdK'h P M Tnaet. ku , rell i u Ire lied at the doer /TREAT MASONIC FAIR IR AID OF THE HALL AND I I A? rlum Fund u new open, at the Pieahpinrtaa t'bureh rnrtwe rif irrend and <"ew*h* aireele Tka d rptar a< WeeU wtU ie nnuane Ir nilraeklvet and pre ? meaUvaniegealof thuae alahlwg to pnrehaae fer tha hull "ft, rweerla at Ihka fair are tr. he enprwwrtalnd te the ere. Sen or an a*vle*e aa a kaair 1m wvd.<wa aad rwphaaa. the gaeo end indigeiit. and appeela airewglp te the epmpethle* ? t Uk? r bar Pahli dle|eieed Adialaehm > eeau Han ion Urhota one dnMnr /trand charitable fair ^RXHSNTATtON KKaTTVAfo In Mi?i r?f fH# msibisAstt'? H4 ?r?u*w m ilk* fNMMltuui ? stir ar api*f \i, to rm. amfhiia* rrori.t Wr ilia ? 1'?n *o4 Managua .r( |h? ll >M >M fUh'-<r f-.r t a F.4?rraUnt *n4 llalnirnnnm #f Ik# Daaii. Mil klMm ?' #*r AoMtara ?n4 MM a.i>.*?Ur aatlHt tka naiallif ir*4 an a-Kit?? la oar fair aa4 i<ran4 l*ra mut' -n hi of all wh? Mn wUk via la maltha Kama a i4 n Wit i-naMa-l U raaalia an4 ***? for ail ***4y anaa wk# anal N* akalur ai>4 I"**'!!"* Mn Cl.i.ifal I llaam A ll'ant I'r?*t4*al Mr? < bartra P Paly, A.ting fraaWaaU Kir M< <ir '.??? al J I' Iraaaai flrw Tlaa PraatAanl lira H'.karl Pnaw kw?t?4 VWa Praaa4**l. Mra Jakn 4 Vnarhwa. Tiaaaarar Mra Iiaa 14 Hurt Pnriathrf. Mra l? ai a ll.Uaar t ?a. Mia Hrrmj 0 Ua M laramii ai Nam alary j J Ian llalaaan Maaaaar Nanaana Mr* W <i*riM#n4 Mra P flllfi.rit Vala anna an Palan* Plana Mra * Naai'aa Mra II J ar.?> man, Mra I' Mallkar, Mra Na Maiitor. Mra Hairy Nrljai, Mra Jamra lalhiaa Tka Pair will 'aywn nn Uir I l)tl> ftn-MMknr u4 -allaiii 'an aaair al lha Pt' 11*1.I. ? am? ?( Pr-m4?ay awl Taraaty lkl"1 t'raw Haw Tar* To la ??>? -t >la4 kf Ika I.MASII l-IU.ap. Sf ?T|I?M r f. ?TI t Al? la ra kr!4 al r-fMil'P.H IkaTITI TP. *PW T"R*. ?ATrH|l*Y IVtNIHO fin TT aasar aauaiaal Aim*. ? an ? I IIIH'IM.Hr Pan n? ahb* i laaalna a I ana. laa wiiilP a ka ik? a-iAwn-a u. awar4 i ?mm (n m? appw la a k Uafm manaar ?? "" >w kttaiMhh*. Par Ika Pan. lira! Ibara will ** tga >*4 jai i?</ T1< If T- *r 1*1 fwil.f.AR P*r'M A "III ?j in rm?psr? MtlVO "MP t?? Mach th ipt. ii'ii.npa I.IAT HP PPPnf kTk !'? MP AWAPIfPtt I Prraaai n 1 ?4 ata ri i.rannha'** 114 AM I ?|4*n4t4 ' ?? 'ry I* PamiiaMT raaatf. I.aar haw t'.rkaaty . 11 mm I l .r-" lln .ar ai.4 lra? Jaaatai ? anawaP IM I M-na# am la* *4j ntaaa a km. . I mm I tl.ia.a. >a i law ia Prw*?Rr, a T I ("a"-i*a? Itamra #?4 Ita'itr I firna.tPiaA'. tuinaai I l/i<r in ll.rtaw nia at _ I *?' nt linaunli P'*t f ra n"4 Pla i I P*M ?a fntVa n# I If a |u <4# far .. I Plis." PalM il'<i ?*irr m'naA far Maa> lag . I fffl Pal' nag at l**ainl I' * '.KM IA iran'. Ana U*t4 C-aar Vaw aa at MM .. lata IA twAiaa* Rna 11*14 liarar Watrba* at |IM l.? ? I P ngaat Aaat yraaalaa ttm-Ara Aaaiag Ma ffi ?a.nana ... . I Aft mra at ?? Part |l AM aark A AM aiMma t ra n?4 Pra i I .MM Ar a.iaar y*aia4 Taa rata ai fit M" rial >a'a4 tapir aaaing Ma'hiaaa raw aa ? rk Ini...' al 'hall aaaar-^aaa AM MrnaMway T I AM' ? aynaa i <?"*. aaaa . kaiag a aiaapAaltnliatrn Ia4 lliaiary ka War kt Mra Aa* tMankaaa MA 'ml-1 Paaa Paw la aa4 kiai i Na'iaaa al ga ?r>'. ? mmmmamImmmHam *agf at.1*4 PrwM r ti3 fair. La4 -i ra f'raaa MaAa lanr.r, lik'aaa ? artar laaaaaal Ragratlaaa an4 ? a > P | ? ^ ?>a g aka4 Pi rail igil la<a. " ag ?If ? . * a 1' R aWn. Un .. a ? 'P 'M < aiiara aa4 fikaaaa, A. i MaA ag la tk* araiayao Pa '?fin? ' Itr.rT rn iiptafa Tl' i*ta ffrAara My '4 aai a ... ? -a aa ? t? ?..?naa rrwM g? la a rtaHliat imw at ar rM* *?k M*?y faa Mara gaataga Largaa .aa -naia ahaaa.4 M aaaa m Am/ta ar ky aa - I ' ? A A TPA t lArkwa ka aaa at <? u-aw? ia awa aA kw. ai AN ???*? M Al IA wkwa t? ma *4 _ ? -?*" ia aaa *4 4r. aa ? AA A aaaa Al AA at l.u 111 aaa *4 NUMW la aM* *4 Mar I' m traaa M M ?, i in a ta aa# #4 ?"#a ?? m ?'4...i ?! .akaaa aa4 ?<?{?? W'W'aai ta yM"a ? a 4 ? >> Mi tgsi li'w<"i,4k . 4M liiatai|. A If fi4?t? AA#at faa Ika llaawa A hka-. Maw far* aPP'lat. kOTT pa ?a at* paaaaa* a art ? ~?-?4#ag a* k*ka f a# lk? Pai'1'.lnl'l "1 li??a*l 4-a. V a af JAM. Mia ky p ,.-#??? ? M. > aa ' - *f 414 ga a Map Maw f ?r%^aaa la lha Pair w ta grata/ .Iff ra.all*A 1*4 *a. IMh -Mm TMoMAtl g CO A?igiA^i|i il. U'lLt < U0ANI aMOBff.f IMP. ApTRMTM AMP I'A f. PlknaM.a *f Aaa aa?ai r.i*4 AramAf, Mia* lla'laraa #i '*a It. V. A'aAamy af Iraaign, aarwAr *4 Twaatr ikna arm m4 Pawalk ****** >r*** fr*M A I* A rail fc. it P M rpil* PtPfM lIMfAtTIOM Of PBMCM A?H PIMM I h* Piaraiaa M aam <M*a *i ika *k*A*a k*4M^ tan* Mraw AAatlWttt 'raw PUAII"! 'lAAlaTN iMUApMMMT PHP I ? "if X> *4 A'ng W Ma lAMMgAMrC'lymaaaiaw Pa A r r I* a a##. ,a aaar t aanlf lam .at |a*M<aa ta kAa, at# ktwaf* k* im tar 'A BR&KkF nw ik>u' Ariiwit I kTAPMPTlOP AM'r' Uf AHH ^ JBg AT"P* OP A nKnaifmti ? g<?*?#?*.