Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1866 Page 2
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IITI'ATIOXI WANTID?F?WAl.ES. A YOUNO LADY. QUALIFIED TO KEKP A 8KT or hooka by single or double entry dealree nn eng ige. ment or would act as saleswoman or assistant, or wmgkl lake copying to do at home; referuuoe given. Addreae W. U. H., box 23U Herald office. A TRUSTWORTHY WIDOW WISHES A SITUATION aa ciook; she can superintend iu a hotel or first elaaa boarding houee. Be?t of reierenre. City or oountrr, no raatiei Sow far Can tie seen for two daya at No. 5 Union court. University place. ________________ SITUATION AS IMPROVER WANTED?IN A llrsi claia dress making establishment, or would like plain sewlug. Addrea* L. P., station Q. A ATOUNO LADY (PROTESTANT) IS EXTREMELY animus to hud ?""" *l>rt of employment; would go aa seamstress; can do all kinds of family sewing, and can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine, or would like to attend In a fancy or bakery store, or anything that she would earn a respectable living at; Orat claaa feferencea. Address A. B., station O. A LADY OF HIGH SOCIAL POSITION, HAVING met with reverses, would like to take charge of a widower's fimllv; the met unexceptionable references given. Addreas Sirs l>e Forrest, station D. A SITUATION WANTED AS MONTHLY NUR8E.-AN American woman, disengaged at preaent, would like to make an engagement with reapouslble parties only. Ad dress for one week Nurse, station O. A YOUNG LADY OF EDUCATION AND THOROUGH knowledge of housekeeping, desires a position In n gentleman's family, In any capacity where the services of an Intelligent person will be appreciated. Referenoa gtven. Address B. H., box 1,228 Post office. A FIRST CLAS8 DRESSMAKER WOULD OO out by the dav or would uke la work; beat of elty ref erence. Apply at SD 6 th av. .fancy store. YOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION TO LEARN the fanoy goods buaiuess, or otherwise; the bueln^H more of an object than salary; ean furnish unexceptlonaHH referenoa. Can be aeen for two daya at 41 Vesey at., private FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON WHRRLBR B iWllsnn'a sewing machine, In all kinds of family tew- i Inn. tucking, cording, hemming and gathering; alaeahlrt by the Amr m making; would like a few more engagements L week. Address or apply at 770 3d nr., In the dry goods store. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN WOULD LIKE to have washing of some private families at her resi dence, 81 West 81st st. A NUMBER OF WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN girls want situations at Mrs. Lowa'a German Institute, IT Stanton at., near Bowery. A HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION DESIRED BY A middle aged widow lady of reUnement. In n Christian Protestant family, or for a widower; one or two children no objecUon. Apply to or address Mrs. M. J., 110 8th uv. A FIRST CLASj LAUNDRESS WISHES A FEW GEN tinmen's and Adies' washing; all kinds of French flut ing dune to order. Call at 846 West 2dlli st . second floor. A LADY OF EDUCATION AND REFINEMENT wishes a position >?? k?????<-t*ry, amanuensis or book keeper. Address T. S.. box 100 Herald office. A YOUNO WOMAN, WHO HAS AGROYEK A BAKER sewing machine, would like to go out by the day. Call at 110 Washington at., Hobokon. A WIDOW LADY OF EXPERIENCE AND WITH out mcumbranoe desires a position aB liouskneper in a widower's or bachelor's family, or would take charge ?< a linen room In a hotel. ^ Address Housekeeper, 68 Brajpte at., near Lawts st., New York. A WIDOW WANTS A 8ITUATION IN A SMALL private family, to do the housework. where she can have the privilege of haying her little girl with her, uesr 3 years old; is willing to make herself generally useful; is a good plain cook, washer and lroner; has no objection to take care of an Invalid; baa good referenoe from her last place; has no objection to go a short distanee In the country. Call nt 11 Jamas at., oorner New Bowery, third story back room. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A young lady of education, In a private family; beat of reference given. Address G. B. R., Herald office. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY AN accomplished housekeeper, either In a hotel or private family; Is adequate to manage any position of trust; the " egerds qualification. C ' highest testimonial aa regards qualification. Call at 10 Lex ington avenue; or addreas M. E. D.. box 140, llerald office. HOU8EKEEPER.?A MIDDLE AGED LADY OF Ex perience and highest respectability, would like the above position with a private fumlly, or would take charge of a hotel. Unexceptionable references. Cnll on or address Mrs R., 73 West Thirty-fifth street. QBAMSTRKS8 AND OPERATOR ON WHEELER A O Wilson's machine wants to get work In private families by the day or week; la a first class shirt maker; no objection to the country; havee maculae If needed. Call at or ad dreas 304 East 19th at. SITUATION WANTBD-FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK or chamberwork and laundry, by a very neet and hard working. willing girl of experience, In a good family; high est references given. Address Annie R. R., box 11* Herald office for two days. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A FRENCH COOK, IN a private family or In a small restaurant; no obiee tlona to the oountry Apply Immediately to Mr. Loula, 111 Crosby at., between 10 A. M. and 2 P. M. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION aa nurse or aa chambermaid or would take care of an Invalid. Can give six years' referenoe from her present em ployer; no objection to leave the city. Cnll on or addreae Anna, 124th aC, between lid and 4th nvs., nt Jenkins' house. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE IRISH GIRL, A situation In a genteel family, aa chambermaid and waitress: beet of eltv references. Cell ai 149 East Mth St., opposite Stuy vesant square, where ahe now Uvea. WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON Wheeler A Wilson's machine, employment by the day or week, In families; ean cut and fit chlldren'a dresses; wages $9 per week. Call at 104 West 38th at., room It. WANTED.?A MIDDLE AGED LADY OF REFINE ment, who has met with reverses would like a posi tion as housekeeper In a widower's family, or to travel with nn Invalid; would not objeet to take charge of a linen err store room In n hotel. Can furnish any amount of refer ences To a person or firm who do not desire the ability of n menial, address for three daya C. M. L., station D, Bible House. - TINTED?BY AN AMERtCAN GIRL, A SITUATION In a family, to do'llght housework; money nut so much en objeet as a good home; good reference given. Address for three days M. A. K., llerald office. W Wi TANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE WOMEN. LA dies' and gentlemen's washing and flue fluting; or would like to have a family's washing Beat city referenoe. CaU st 391 East 10th at., near avenue C. fKT NUR9F.8, MALE AND FEMALE NURSES, OB . tallied dally, at the Nurses' Agency, No. 6 flth si., nen Bowery, w _ HELP W \ >TED?PKMALE*. A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON A OROVER * Maker machine, one who underatanda dreaemaking Apply before 10 A. M., Monday, at 14:1 Oth at MAD. SPRONO. GIRL WANTED, TO COOK, WA8II AND IRON. Apply Monday, at Id Eaat SJth at. ORE DE CIIAMRRE HANDS WANTED IMMEDI atoly.WKTMORE A HITCHCOCK. S7 Chamber* at. RVERAL OOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED IMME .1 lately Apply for two daya in the atore 440 6th ar. WANTED-SEVERAL COMPETENT DRESSMAKERS; none other need apply at 707 Broadway, to Madame Stal. JANTED-OOOD LACE HANDS AT NO. ?CARROLL place, Bleecker at. ANTED-A GIRL TO TAKE CARE Or A HAHV and do chnmberwork Apply at 4M Wot ,14th at A ? S1 w WANTED -A NEW ENGLAND HOUSEKEEPER To lake the entire charge of a gentleman'* country aeal. mint nnderaiand milk mid butter and dnmeatie dut.ea thoroughly. Addreaa F. A. J., hoi 20(1 Herald office. ANTED?A GIRL, TO COOK. WASH AND IRON ~r anil do general hnuyeworfc tor four In family; rone but a per iin whn la rnmpetent need apply. Call at i>20 6th ar . frnm II A M. iinUfl P. M. WANTED?A NEAT, OBLIGING SERVANT, TO do ihe down nam wnrk for a family of four peraona; itiTroqulrad; wage* (12 |>er inunth. Apply at 1W Want 47th tl. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID AND wallre??. nne who thoroughly nude, atamla her bnal neaa; none others need apply at 3i East SStli at., baacmeul dnor. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS StLFsWOMAN, TO AT lend a fancy e-,?e. on" who understa nla Wheeler A WBeon's machine prefe r?1, also a competent dreaamaker. M at 462 Columbia ak., betwaea Saokett au d D*v,-*w, l/R. TITANTKD?IN A KMA1.L AMERICAN PAM1LT, A TV woman irho can be uwatml a- .me ,,f the family Ap ply Immediately to Mra. liawklna, lltl East Fourth atreet. lAA HANDS WANTED FOR WIRING HATS AND I UU bonnet frnmea. Apply to M. DE Lour A llHuTIIKlt, H -Midway. _ "roi TWADO. A SIIIRT CUTTER, WHO HAS HAD TEN YEARS* J\ eiperlenee. wanta a altuathin aa foreman nr cutter. Addreaa bol 1M0 Herald oBip . SITUATION AS PROOF URADRR IS DRSIKRI) BY a lady Mlaa Oray, A GERMAN ROY. 16 YEARS OLD. DESIRES A Jy altuaiinn to learn a irade; la atout, able and willing to work. Can be seen until engaged at (06 Woal 44th at.. In tb? baaement L'NilRAVRRS ?A FIRST CLASS JEWELRY F.N I; f river wanted, by Ua.dwin, Heiton A Co., No. S Maiden 'Ana. V'NORAVFR WAN fKD?<INE USED To LETTERING i on allrer rrarr, Ac Apply to T..OA Bmna, 4WS Broad way tutk.?wanted, a mXn who thoeoughlt iiN< ?I de ? mjir.. .ring, rardlng and aplnnlng Jute. Ad !re?a hut l.syj Neyr Yuri Po?t ofllee TRJ i it.i RtRaphrrs -wanted, a good letter 1 earn , , turner tal wnrk. at No P Th- n*a atie't A. BROWN. VFASTED t ? vPvni.r foreman, WlO CNDI i: alanda r M uc'.,r th mamtfaetiire of at raw imla b>r ' flfroaTofflte"? % * '""?** I'Apef M inn factory, bot /ANTED-A ?? <1.. i.i Nr R7i7k NGRAVER STKTi?Y -' empb-vme: t- , ,i?. h m meraet, Cheati.ut , Philadelphia Mating term - and mferenrea ARITIIATION as proof READER IS DESIRRD BY a lady of eij.erienee In ill" printing Imainaaa. Addreaa Mlaa Oray, Nil No 16# Herald omee. w lkrANTED?A P< i ti'Ttnw BOY n OE 18 TEARS ?? of age lower < at p a e e igraalng, one wh? haa had ome praMIre pr-far ?? I Call he g ,?d n A . M or t! ird 7 I' M., at 67 Jd a* , in the atnr* ANTED?S MARBLE I tTTERS7 aTPI-V VnTiH ar . between 46th and 4?tu ata YVM. H CROMMKLIN. w ARMY AND SAVY CLAIR*. 1JENSIONR RACK PAT. SOCSTIES. PRIM MQNFT, I Ar., eollerlad at No ? Mai ear atraet NY N R - rrtaee cammed at Cbarloeion are now pay abe ,t th'a Ihee. M- i. UIUCIRS. CLERKS A1?D IAI'??,,'EI. SSsrSar " ?T .flQ ROOK.KF.BPBR will be opeh H~ OSIERY YANKEE NOTIONS AMD WHITBOOOD8 -- An olde.ubU.hed kouM. newly orgeolned ??j w? rostofflM. WANTED?A TRAVBLL1NO SALESMAN YOR TIIB hardware bunlnoee. Blpgta men pieferred. Addre*. gMrig refbrepoee. K, Poo> l*i? w- Jl rrriNTRn?A MAM ON OOOD ADDRESS AND LAROB WggfcAJrmiB.amArchABrullor. Cloth* tag ui furnl.hlng good* ntaco, on Broedwey. Addreee Con ttdenoe. Harold o?oe. thin *?!? WiNTVn?A WHITE OOODS SALESMAN, IN A utm flrnt daw Jobbing bonne In thin city; oleo a wonted. A oil city, euperlor enpoelty for iolftnn mod* nnd o good knowledge of the bull no** ore tadUpeonoftorequlremenU. Adrtrew. with confidential par tie utanK JobborTbo * H? tower Pont offloo. WAS2?"lit I*r^V"^^aJjn?ren^ bunlnenn bo qulek end oorreot at tguroi, end AdSrenn In own handwriting, .tallog relemoonn end nolory wqilfit, iRwir?o, Herald ?*?? ? oo., Brooklyn. ? So'SSKSsSSisStS SS?5C. SSwTOooporloMRHte. onoe, 8U Brood irny. COAI HMW AMP f"tOAOH MAN'S SnUATION WANT^MAJROj i j I-sunt .inglemoo. who b?MMN tann ewj?fl ^ nny Bentloann n M*ble, to Tory ?0?g?* oddreu B. 0.. irt^.^'.^^TBrondw.y. botween ?th end 8Sth nU. ? Gonnw WANTED?A TOUNO MAN BETWEEN 18 2?d?Tenrn ofne. Apple with referenona to A. T. Stewart k Co., Broadway and Chimbiri at only. nriNTRD-A SIT CATION AS COACHMAN. BT A BE SITUATIONS WtYTBD-MALEg. 1 PRACTICAL DRUOOI8T WISHES TO TAKE A eharsnof ? drug More one doy In o week. Addrea , Herald office. C. F. 8. TTTANTKD BY A YOONO MAN. A SITOATION IN wA^? whoiciie hp,,., \js& rlenoe In th. lurdwnre trade. Referenoen giyen. J. H. D? 80 Prince, t. (TTANTRD^A SITUATION. BT A COLORED MAN, W M Sok: the best of city r.ferenoe onn be gtren In quire nt 209 Went 18th at., Ural floor, bock room. A-? T WILL PAY SW TO ANT PERSON PROCITB smrzins. before. Addre*. Steward. Herald ollloe. HELP W ANTBD-WALEA AWiMSI'S*|?SS vtg^^SSGSSSSi @1?? Herald ofloe B?Iir^?V.Nr.^Nr55rJdOT'AwTyIM? JSZ ?tr*et. I_n_ wantrd ?MUST BE A OOOD AND SAP ID B?Ien~lfTw^.^?r d., C^nw ^ojk, refaranco. ot Bownnon A Co '*. Il8 N?n*ou at.. room *?? TjtXPEElENCRD AOM^WANT^ woy. room Ne. T. ?? F"?w. underway; finl.hnd t^4** *Ta noWotUng adrertlaomenta ennrnnnern enn nuke ?*} ^..Tmnn and taking ordnrn for thin S^V^orD. ? Qorttandt nt. O"; ,S ?ta5PS5.i Chlcngo. W*S"ir?""'female. to neU the getwdoe Common * where, w*1? . .kg mreatent Invention of the g- ?agasLarig"' a~ ofltan. w sxriJirLff 4 lift. TETANTED?A RM ART jLr'XZfU*" '^S^hTbomrgg'n. H.mld olfloo. ~ . hoy IN A I AW OPriCE. ADDRESS. W tajwnlnndwriung D . bo. ? H.reld oMeo. WANTPD-SM tRT CANYASSF.R8 TOR DAMMKRS' W now Pftyt^y^g^lTsrondwoy, M. T. FRENCH \ D V KHTIMK.M K V'TS. UN OIT DEUX MESSIEURS FRANC AIR ?>IT ALLE minil peuvenl Avoir des nppartments aveo on ean* pen ?Inn dims tin* mtmn premier nrdre (famllle prlvee.) On truurrr* k 1* table l? rallnemerit el In gout du service Pari ?Inn. 37 me nus. pre* Sine avenue R'adresser box 4.315 PoM offioe. UNE.IEUNK FILI.E FRANUAISE. NOUVELLKMKNT arrive, d ?ire ee plarnreomme bonne d'enfanle. 8'a dreaaer au No gtK Aine av. A DB*TISTRY. At tiik anesthetic and rairrtfi institute, #53 Broadway, between Tweniyaeoond and Twenty, third itreeta.?We extract teeth positively without pain, with Sure nitron* oxide Endorsed by both med.esl aud ental pro'e*?ton*. Anew and scientific discoveiit -no mure toothache after using PIKTON'S (Sreat Toothache Rentedv. It neverfall* toeure It Instantly. Olve It a trial. I'llrn Mko per bottle. To be had at No. S Clinton place, and all drug nin e* In the t'nlted State*. MOST WON'DERPUL DISCOVERY-TEETH EX traded without pain (ten year*! by the benumbing ap plication (narrolixallon) Laughing ga- fresh dally. Regit. t>nil teeth, $1 J. JAY VILl.EKtC ISA Orand street, near Broadway. Awarded five premiums-extraordinary prteee; beautiful fiumotvpe Ti rth sets #10 upwards; Ailing Tr -eh gold, #.'. 0,teoplaatki. (1; Oaaeopalnleg* ex tracting. Dr. M ANSON'S Dental Con*ervatory, 1319 Hroadway. near Thirtieth eirect. ARTIFICIAL TEETH #8 TO #35, BEAUTIFUL SETS, warranted eneurpaeeed. I'o-aied and sensitive Teeth Plljed and Extracted without least pain Pure Platlna and Hold Filling* $1 end upward*and warranted. DR. LUTIIER, Dentiet, IAS Sixth avenue 1 vR MARTKLU DENTIST. 1MB SIXTn AVENUE. I I three.loore abore Tlurty-nlnth etreet. A rubber *et of teeth wuh plumper*. $7 end $10. Extracting teeth with Nitron* ovlde ga* ( VSTKOPLASTIC FII.I.IN08 FOR RESTORING TEETH * ' In r very stage of decay to their original shape, beauty an I -nundnoaa wTthout pain; l4,tM> testimonial*. Propria l r's ro rn? ? F.eet Fourteenth etreet l>R"<rrsslONAL LIBERALITY.- THE NEW YORK I i I ?je Hen'lstrv ha* oeened Its Infirmary and I rviort to the pubhoon Ftnh aveime, corner of I wentv ao* n I ?iroet < (petitions are performed on the month and a , t *l te tn Inserted, under the dlrncU n of experieured den i,l?, without ehargr Th >?e who need the servlee* of a dei.1 ?i ,, j rsnn.S all rg to i ay for ibeen are invited to thli Institution. ELK SF. X It PARMl.Y. .1 SMITH DODGE WM. H DUKNKLLR. pL'RI' Mil.ol o X11 - F. IMS ADMINISTFRFD I dally In p . r. t'l ' n.( r.e'h. ee's It Tee'h. ?? to f JU, sup I >r n e*nty. durability an I usefulness Dr. Will I K. Dent.'I, 133 Hire, ser street. N II -Dr. Fanning. M. P.. In eiteadsnc I I hniti hk. ^uknitoek. DE ORA*TTt\YLOR. Kn* 87 Ai d I1 llowsrv end nr. i hrystte street. PTILL CoNTINl C To HI, I'm: LAHUKRT FI KNIII HE v tNl FACTLKKRd IN Till I (IT. parlor, dining noi'M asp CIIAMRER FURNITURE AND BF.DPINT CAXOPT AND VICTORIA WVSTKa|i\ FOR THE SOUTHERN TRADE, el 9n per rent redurlion la prtevt. I'URNiriltB U A It IE IS, OILCLOTHS, HKDPIMl, I ler,or iiltd Bedroom fiutte, *e., at RENDAI. .% s. oTT'- JO4 an.) 3,1 l(i?d*on strew corner of Censl eirt et ' i)'n.'t.i received In weekly or monthly jaym-m* If pre* ft rted VTORAUK. sTuRAGK. 8TGRAG* eFURNITI R ; FAM t* Ule moved, city or country Mr.ney advan e on Intnl. tnrr. iianoforiea furniture boxed shipped. eto-age Tirol, tin, St.,rage furniture, US Went hlerenth etrvsl. neer Ruth erenun DRY GOOD*. At AlNZBY'S. gUMIN SALE. ?YOKE TO |,HT. RTfHJ* AND riXTUKBP NOR BALI-.. EMPRESS KTD GLOVES * REDUCED TO &60. 16? DOZEN GLOVES, OF EVERY KIND, STYLE AND QUALITY, FROM H". PAIR DP. 2.600 DOZKN HANDKERCHIEFS. MUST EE SOT D BY JANUARY L LOT HEMRTITOH AN0 KMHROIDERBD 20c. LOT VERY FINE HEMSTITCH, 10c. LOT FINE NEEDLE WORK, 20a. 24c., 81c. LOT OF FINK LADE BORDERED 2T>c. LOT OF TUOKED AND HBMSITTCHRD. 2V. LOT OF TAPE BORDERED. 10c.. 18c. 15e . IDo. LOT OF FINE NEEDLEWORK, lie to6So. LOT EXTRA, WOBTH $8, FOR $1 SI. 600 DOZEN OENTH' HANDKERCHIEFS. LOT COLORED BORDERS, FAST OOL'dts. Sc., lOo. LOT COLORED BORDERS, HEMMED, 12*o. LOT OF FANCY LISLE THREAD. 18o. LOT ORNT9* ALL LINEN. He., Wo., lie. LOT VERY FINE 34c. to8#c. 160 DOZKN CHILDREN'S HANDKERCHIEFS CLOSING OUT AT 4c. 6c, Sc., Do. SOW LINEN SETS TO CLOSE AT 12Kc.. Me., STJrfc., Me. Ud 78o., EACH SET WOBTH DOUBLE. VELVET RIBBONS CLOSING OUT WAY BELOW COST. * BONNET AMD TRIMMING RIBBONS BELOW OOBT. 16,000 TARD8 BUOLR GIMP, Sc. TARD. DRESS AND CLOAK ORNAMENTS OL08INO AT 16c. ON THE DOLLAR. 75,000 DOZEN BUTTOM8 OF BTEBY STYLE AND QUALITY. REDUCED FROM 12)40. 18o. STUo. 66a. 11 TO TO TO TO TO Sc., Sc., 10c., I Die.. Wo. DOZEN. BALMORAL SKIRT8 REDUCED WAT BELOW COST. FANCY GOODS. SLEEVE BUTTONS, BRACELETS. EARRINGS. NKOKLAGR& BELT BUCKLES, PORTEMONNAIB8 ud BKBA8T PINS REDUCED TO HALF PRIOB. Clark's best Cation, So ; Fins, 8c paper; Needles. Sc. sad 4cl paper; Machine Silk, lie. apoai; Hair Neta, 60.; Book* aad Hyee, lc. card; Be., Ac. __ HOSIERY. 600 DOZEN OLOBIMO OUT VERY CHEAP. TOY8 AND FANCY OOODS, CARRIED OVER FROM LAST SEASON, CLOSIMO OUT AT YOUR OWN PRICE. MUST BE SOLD. FANCY BOXES. WATCH OASES, FANCY ORNAMENTS, TOTS, AND LOTS OF OTHER HOLLIDAY HOODS, WAY BELOW C08T. WM. KINZEY, 111 AND 328 EIGHTH AVENUE, Between Twenty-Ural and Twenty-eecond etreeta. All buyers to whoh we are strangers, and oouaequently not acquainted with our popular mode of doing business, are refcr-ed to aa EXTRACT FROM AN ARTICLE IN THE BEROEN COUNTY DEMOCRAT ON "WHERE TO BUY GOODS IN NEW YORK. "There Is an unpretending dry goods store In Bleerker street, that of Foster Brothers, which we UNHESITATING LY pronounoe to be just the place where all kinds of family goods can he bonght at prloes that will satisfy the buyer. As you enter the store, whloh la full of goods and customers, C?ur first Impression la that It is a very hoe hi re In point o f uitnesa and Industry. An army of obliging and attentive olarks rip with eaeh other In efforts to sustain the reputation of the establishment, and all kinds of goods are really told At ptoic rat?*." A HEAVY CRASH IN MUSLINS. FINE MUSLINS llKo.; former prioe 20c. FINER OOODS 14c. and Idc. EXTRA QUALITY 20c.. 96r. and 80o. BEST 4-4 WAM8UTTA8 88c. OTHER 8TORR8 CHARGE 44c. The daollno In Muslins Is from 60. to 10c. a ya<-d. 10,000 BLANKETS AT $1 60. FORMER PRICE 12 50. AT |9 (JO. FORMER PRICE $3 00. ALL WOOL. HEAVY, S3. FORMER PRICE $5 00. EXTRA QUALITY R4. 16 snd $6. ? iLPACA~ Also BIO LOTS MERINOS. ALPACAS, POPLINS, DRESS OOODS, 40., RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. On Muslins and Flannels you can sure from 6c. to 18c. a yard; on Alpacas and Merinos from 18c. to 60c. a yard. FOSTER BROTHERS,187 Eighth a? . near 18th at. And FOSTER BROTHERS, 271 Blecchar street. ALL OUR POPULAR 8TOCK8 OF DRESS OOODS. from 16 cents per yard upward*, will ba largely replenished on Monday, Deoember 10, with now and handsome styles, received by last steamers. A. T. STEWART 4 CO., Broadway and Tenth atreet. All the late novelties in FRINGES. GALLOONS, BUTTONS, JET BRADS, FLOWERS, FRAMES. FEATHERS, FANCY JEWELRY AND FANCY GOOD8 Just raotlrad from Paris by H. PIMCHOK, 61 Bleeeher street A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FINE TOYS, FANCY Baskets, Sptakiag Dolls, Swiss Carvings, Ao.. at low prioes. J. BECKER 4 CO.. 1,446 Broadway, corner Tweny-sixth street. At mmb. vioouroux, ho fourth aybnub, be tweeo Twelfth aad Thirteenth straau?First class Stamping. Embroidery and Lingerie Store. Initial Mono grams for handkerchiefs, table and bedclothes. A RICH RUSSIAN SABLE FUR CIRCULAR FOR sale; also a white cloth Opera Cloak, as good aa new. Can be seen at UB Wast Twenty-eighth street. A CARD.?MRS. O. LEVINS,41 UNIVERSITY PLACE, corner Eleventh etreet, wishes to Inform the ladles or New York and vlolnlty that sho Is tailing off the balance of bar Importation of French Bonnets, Dress Cape, and Head Preaset, at exceedingly low prioes. mb Twenty-seooad and Twenty-third streets, and Ird avenue. near Twelfth etreet, Stamping, Em pire*?Lad let' and Rtbtoi' Linen, a treat variety iNo" 75 Th broidery 8 torea?Lad lea' and RaMra' Linen, a great variety I for monogram* Bad Initial* for bandkerehtefee,table and bed olotbee. nABUAlMS IN BILKS, CLOAKS. Jj ' BACQUES, PALETOTS, AC. Brtght colored Silk* from |l par yard and opwerda. Pari* made Saoquea. Bnaquea. Ae., at 810, $12 and $1S, " mrtat greatly below ooet of Importation. " A. T. STEWART A 00., Broadway and Tenth etreet B AROA1N8 IN CHILDREN'S CLOTH I NO. MERINO AND POPLIN DRESSES. BOYS' OVERCOATS AND CLOTH SUITS. INFANTS' CLOTIIl NO IN NEW STYLES. A. T STEWART A CO.. Broadway and Tenth etreet Bankrupt stock. $36,000 WORTH OF DRT OOOD8, eonetgned to u< for aale. Theae gooda MUST BE SOLD WITHIN THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS, AT ANY PRICE. AT THOS. OAHILL'S 4(1 Oraad etreet Corner Ridge etreet New York. CiLOAKS AT REDUCED PRICES. J O'SULLIVAN A OREIO, NO. 771 BROADWAY, **n NOR. I SB 187 AND 139 NINTH STREET, Offer for the remainder of the aeaaon their Urge end ele gant stock of CLOAKS, AT VERY LOW PRICES, consisting of VELVET CLOAKS, CLOTH CLOAKS, BILK CLOAKS. OPERA CLOAKS, CARRIAGE CLOAKS, HOUSE AND BREAKFAST JACKETS. AC. AIKO. Oreat IndnoemenU prevented In the Ladles' and Children's Furnishing Department. atirh a? LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING, INFANTS' WARDROBES (complete), MISSES' AND BOYS' SUITS, MISSES' CLOAKS, BOYS' OVERCOATS, ROBES DK. CIIAMUKT (Latent Styles), IIRKAKFAST ROBES. Ar. JLTE IMI'KllATItlOE SKIRT. O'SULLIVAN A OREIO) NO. 771 RKOADWAY, NOB. 136. 137 AND 1*> NINTH STREET. CASH CUSTOMERS .CAN HAVE THE FOLLOWING Gooda at the following price*:? ALL 8ILK AND WOVE l'OPLIN PLAIDS, $1. former price $110. FINE BLACK ALPACAS, 60e. fflhfA and 7Bc. Theae are the rheapcal Alp.raa of the year. FINK WHITE, lav- former price (0a. DRESS GOODS FoR HOLIDAYS. Great demand for Garnet*. Wo hare * One aupply. N. B. -No e?tr* charge for Oarnnta. BEAUTIFUL OAKNKT MilRINOS, ALPACAS, GARNET RMPRESS CLOTHS, REPS. ENGLISH MERINOS. OAKNKT POPLINS. AC .AC. Cualomera can come from Brooklyn, Wllliamabnrg. Jeraey City and lloboken without fear of tbta ailvertlaemant being overdrawn You can aurely aavr nearly one half from the priori charged In tlmae places. Having twoiloreew* are able to handle t.tjp lota <? h r .,j. ;a taurtton. GREAT DECLINE IN MUSLIN. We sell this week good MUSLINS, et 11)C a yard. Other more* charge 70c. FOSTER BROTHERS. i?7 Eighth avenue, aeerEighteenth FOSTEH BROTHERS, IB, Eightherenua. Bear Kigni street end FOSTER BROTHERS, 372 Hlaecker atraet r>o? a?-. BALVOWie. ae.J"-J5.0" "? roeae?. and Sklrta to suit all Mra. OATNoR pene.nallj. attend* a^thalr "PP*T etora, whrrc ordera are made ellh greet accursey. "it hioadway corner of Twelfth street end 7BB Broadway, between E'ghtl. end Ninth aveuuea CIUKIAIN TRIMMINGS. / Manufactured by O. L. A J. H KEI.TY. No. 447 Broadway /"illRIS1 MAS PRESENTS, 4 A T 8TRIVET A OO. \A III r ffbr at naneonllr I, w prices ea Mondav. December 10, their entire suck of the t wheal an I eh .lewat eclecHone fr m all the European market* ef SSka, 1'ieaa (lend*, Real I .me Shawla. J'olat Apptiqe* Sela,_ Han Iherchlefa, ft*'I Ac . Real India Cameia' Hair Shawla, elegant.y . t iered Velvet an I Cloih (Betks and Falsi,'!?, K??l i ami Krimne t apes. Collar*. MoT*, cable. Mink ___ t lc,and re's celebrate,) kid ?? levee, imported eiprraaiy nv H i In IV V A K ISO ?LADIES AND 0HILDREM S . and cloeka made in h??i "Ivies el m dcraie ch.tfMra, e-atrantc.i le ami. App J at Mr*. THOMPSON d, 1i"4 roarth i i *v?nne, in the %kni ?'ov? nRf.sS CITTIN I SPECIALTY e-ROBKS PRtRCBSSR, GabnelU, Raa i'iea, ?acqiia* Ao. cat aai Oiled by Madame L. ki H l.K, 144 Rest Ninth atraet, between It. .i.i,?ay sad Fonrih avenue. | |,'OUBTaINW INDIA STORE, . INUtA, CHINA, lAI'Ah iMfcRTCAN INDIAN, and thev RARE AltriCl.RS, WHOhES U.F. AND RRTAIta. Catalog tea fie, Store ..pen p eainl evening* MM Uroadwet i elan! km lied sad Bfty-giShO. DRY UOUDS, Fi DB PERCEVAL, m BROADWAY, . Opponil* Aator Plica, OKKKRS For HOLIDAY PRESENTS Infanta' Rotiea. Hlauketa. Oloake, Caps and HonnaU; Back *? Btba, Shoe*. Sllpa, Kklrta. Aprone, Walata, Speiioer*, Rich Bukeli, Ac., Ac., Ac. AldiO CHILDREN'S, 0LOTII SACKS COATS AND" 1 CAPES, BLOUSES, AO., AO. I Vartetlee of Handkerchief* and Seta for Children and Mlaaca. LADIES' READT MADE IJ VDEROARMBNTB. BRIDAL SETS, DRESSING SACKS, 8PKNCKRS, SKIRTS, HANDKERCHIBPS, AC., AO. Large a lock of Embroidered Yoked Cbemlae Bande, Trim ming Brawere, Night Gown Seta, Ac.. Ac., Ac. ilandaome Tnltlala and Monogram* embroidered to order, for llnndkerchlefa. Table Linen and Bed Clothea. Stamping and Stamped Oooda. GKKAT BAROAIN8 AT CORNYN BROTHER'S, 407 EIGHTH AVENUE. OKBAT BARGAINS IN BLANKETS. GOOD BLANKETS at $S a pair: EXTRA VINE U-4 And 11-4 BLANKKTfrat HALE PRICE. GREAT BARGAINS IN PRINTS. DELAINES, ME RINOS; PLAIN. PLAID AND STRIPED POPLINS; BLACK. STRIPED AND COLORED APPAOAS; BOMBA ZINES AND ALL STYLES OP DRESS GOODS. PRINTS at 10a, DELAINES At Mo.. PRENOH ME RINOS (1. GREAT BARGAINS IN MU8LINS, FLANNELS, LINENS. CLOTHS and CA8RIMEKB8, SHIRTS and DRAWERS, WHITE GOODS. HOSIERY and CLOAKINO CLOTHS; DIAPER LINEN atfSW, worth I GREAT BARGAINS IN 811AWI LONO BROGUE SHAWLS at $20, worth L GREAT BARGAINS IN BALMORAL SKIRT8. SKIRTS at $1 00 worth $1 10; at $3, worth $0 ?. i $0 00 a | ILS. CANTON ?LANNEL8, 100 moeaa FROM AUCTION CHEAP, At COKNYN BROTHERS', 407 Eighth avonus. noar Thirty-fourth street. Great decline in bet ooodb. AT LAMBERTS. $H GREENWICH STREET. OLD GOODS MARKED DOWN.

NEW GOODS AT FAMIC PRICES. White And brvwa Muallna At UUo, old priee ISe. Fine white Muallna at Mo. And 20p., old prioe Mo. and Me. Extra Quality yard wide Mo. and Me., former prloe SOo. Extra Quality yard wide Sne as Warns utia Sla Beat 44 Warn* utta 83a.. oM price 44s. Heavy brown sheeting! 4-4 90c., 22c. and Me. Handsome Del <lni Me. and Me., former price lie. Heavy Cantons at Mo., ISe. and Sle. Job lot of Dreaa Goods very cheap. Plaldi at Sle., 37e. and 10c., worth 87e., 44c. and 80e. All wool Merino Plaids 82c , worth last season $1. Handsome Chiuehalla Beavers for ladles' end aliases' dock ing 02 00 and S3. Veqr desirable. LAKOB LOT OF ALL WOOL BLANKBT8 AT NEARLY HALF FORMER PRICES. ALL WOOL BLANKETS S3 ft AND S3 PER PAIR. EXTRA QUALITY $8 AND $800. THE BBDUOMON OF BLANKETS IS FROM $S TO $4 LAMBERTS, ?28 Greeuwloh street. QOLDBN A CO., IS CLINTON PLACE, SUCCESSORS TO A. MALLET, IMPORTERS OF PARIS NOVELTIES, HAVE THE HONOR TO INFORM THE LADIES OP NEW YORK AND VICINITY THAT THEIR OPF.N1NO OF PARISIAN NOVELTIES FOR THE IIOLIDtYS WILL COMMENCE ON MONDAY, THE 10TII OF DKCEMBER, TO WHICH THEIR ATTENTION IS RESPECTFULLY INVITED. /"! LOVI'S, OLOVES, OLOVEB.?$2 KIDS REDUCED TO VT $1 70, black, while, light and dark oolora; excellent OlnreaatSl and $1 23: undreaaed Kid 90 cents and $1 i red. '""V pa wuu w ? bl/1 Ull'l I rcaou Hill W VOIIW BlUI ft, 1 nUl while and blue eloth, all elxea. A large aaaortment of fall and winter Gloree, Hood*. Montage, Nubias, Ac, at low prices. N. B.?Hosiery sod Undergarments at colt price, at ELOKR'S, 880 and 882 Broadway, near Nineteenth street, east aide. Great reduction?a. akonson a co., 170 sixth avenue, corner Twelfth street, will offer on Monday, December 10, thrlr entire line of the latest and moat elegant styles of Balmoral Skirts, lower than any olher house In the city. Also their general a look of gentlemen's, ladles and children's Furnishing goods. Examine our stock before you buy anywhere else and save from 16 to 20 per oent. JJOI.IDAY OOODS We will open on Monday mornlnr a large and beautl rui aaaortment of goods for the holidays FROM THE LATE AUCTION RALES, whtoh our customers should exsmine early, AS THEY ARK UNDER REGULAR PRICES. We have Papier Mache Work Boxes and Writing Desks, Calendar!, carved Wall Basketa, Brackets, Klageres, Card Kccetrera. Bronxe do., Bronxe Inkstands, Ivory Mounted Desks, Ivory Mounted Jewel Boxes, handsome Watch Stands. Cigar Boxes, Ladles' Companions, with a great va riety of other articles, making the finest aaaortment we hare ever offered. We are selllnc Hoods, Sontags. Nubias, Shawls, T-*gg,tg*. Scarfs and all kinds of woollen goods AT HALF PRICE. Pull Une Hosiery and Under Garments for ladles, gents and children. Thousands lota rich Trimmings from auotlon, one-quarter their value. Bead and Bugle Fringes, Gimps. Drop Buttons, Ae. Mew style Finger Fringe, 8a. a yd.; Ball Trimming, 4s. a yd. HOUSEKEEPING AND DRESS OOODS. We have always on hand a full aaaortment of Flannels, Blankets Shirting and Sheeting, Muslin, Table Linen, Tow els, Napkins, Tidies. Table Cloths, Ac. Ladles', children's and misses' Kid Gloves, aU oolora. Our ladles' Kid Gloves at $1 M are equal to any imported. RONA7.DSON A MBARES, eor. 6th ar. and 19th at and 111 8th sr., bet. 16th and 10th its. Holiday presbnts.-at madamb roullier AUGIER'S. No, 8 West Eleventh street, ladles wlU And the eboloeat assortment of Parlalan Goods?Bonneis, Bella. Fane, Laos Oollarm, Laoes. Llnsns of every descrip tion: Jewelry, Earrings, BraoeleU, Pins, Indie Shawls, Cloaks, Opera Mapteaux. Coiffures, de Pleura at de Partes. This well known end long established house oarrtee on al waya tba dressmaking In the latest style. HBAVT DECLINE IN MURLINB.?DOWN 8 CENTS PER yard In one weak. We have expected this decline, end sold our, stack down eo we can new bny at the reduced prices and make e small profit, where others lose about S oenis per yard. Look at our Muallna this week. You are sure to save 8 cauls ner yard. ADOLPH KU8TER. SM Eighth arenas Oar Silks, Merinoes. Dress Goods, Cloaks, Shawls. Bal moral Sklria, Blankets we continue to sell at those extreme ly low prices, which have drawn such crowds of buyers during tne last month. Call and look at our slock before you buy. ADOLPH KU8TKK. SM Eighth avenue. JMDIA SHAWLS. OBOROB A HEARM. No IB Brdfcdway, Has now open A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SEAL INDIA CAMEL'S HAIB SHAWLS AND SCARFS FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS. India shawls for holiday presknts-dkhir able Shawls, in long and square, at $800 eaoh; also, all the finest grades. J. RUSSELL, 289 Woovter street, near Amity. Lace curtains,. Styles for 1987 Jnal Imported by O. L. i J. B. KKLTY, No. 447 Broadway. LACE CURTAINS, Retailed at wholaaale prices until Jan 1, 1987. G. L. A J. B. KKLTY. Na. 447 Broadway. MA. DOUGLASS . (formerly M. A. DeLeney) has removed from 49 Union i>qusre to 170 FIFTH AVENUE, oorner of Twenty second street, end offers for sale, at reduc-d prices a large assortment of CLOAKS, IN VELVET. CLOTH AND SILK. ALSO OPERA CLOAKS, DKKAS GOODS, Ar , Ac. M. A. DOUGLASS (formery M. A. DeLeney), baa removed from 4A Union aquare io 170 FIFTH AVENUE, porner of Twcntr-aocond ?tr**t. end offer* for aale at reduced price*, a large aaaortment of CLOAKS, IN VELVET, CLOTIi AND SILK. ALSO OPKR \ CLOAKS, DKK9H HOODS, An., Ac. MADAME HARRIS IS NOW PREPARED TO DO drcaamaklng In all Ita branch**, having, during her re. ?ant vlalt to Parla. aecured the arrvlrea of an eaperlenoed dicomaker competent in every department, hhn takca pleaaure in aoilrltlng the patronage of her friend* and the Bblie. Alao a cane or the latcat style* of Bonnet*, Flower*, laddraaur*, and many other nnvclUea. No. 7 Braroort place. Tenth street. near Broadway. VIMK. CALLI HOST RESPECTFULLY INFORMS THE ivl ladlea of New York and vicinity that they ran have line French coraeta made to order, altered, repaired and waebed. W Eaat Twenty.aecond atraet. corner Third ava. EW CARPET STORE ?WE A RE OPPERINO OCR large and entlraly new itack of Carpet*. Oilcloth*, Prnggat*. Matllnga. Ac., at a great reduction on old price*. 1 ngralna from Mir.. Three Pile*fromfl (0 Tapestry Rruaael* from $1 7.1; Body Rmaael* from f'i FTtg; Velvet from >2 VH- All other good* at orrcapondlng price*. D. KELLY A CO.. 411 Slith avenue, corner of Twenty fifth ?treat. Partie* about purchasing will find it to Oteir Internet to call and eiamlne our amok. PIANO AND TABIET-OVERs" All the new style*, at a. U A J. H. KRLTY'M, No. 4C Broadway. Rich dry goods, for HOLIDAY FRFHENTS, AT OKIAT BAROAINS. STRANG A ADRIANCE, IBS Broadway between Franklin and Leonard atraet*. Will offer on Monday Dec 10 at retail, tb* (1RRATKHT BARGAINS YKT OFFERED, from last week'* peremplorv auction aalea. RICH SILKS AND IIHRSH GOODS, tb* greateat variety ever offered by u* for HOLIDAY PRESENTS, at about flOr. on the dollar. The rioiieat and rhenpeel real point lack handkerchiefs, collars _ and CUFFS ever offered. LACE 81? WLS, FaKIS. CAMEL'S HAIR, PAISLEY and other rich SHAWLS, In great variety. BLACK LIONS SILK VELVET, Bret qnat'ty. at about half price of Importation. Alao 6.IMI Drcaeea, of tbe following gooda, put up In DRESS PATTERNS, with the price marked in plain figure* on each dreaa, and placed an asperate ouunlers for oouvenleoo* of cuatomara, ' "Tl'-m'sS CLOTHS. MERINOS, ALPACAS. STRIPED and CHECK POPLINS. WINCEYS. PLAID and STRIPED V \ LENt'l Art, FRENCH and AMERICAN DELAINKs, FRENCH and AMERICAN PRINTS. tj pkcTalnoti i: k. O THE IEROME sKIRT, AT OAYNOH'M. TheUtevtand acknowledged to be the moat elegant Intro duced Una aeaaon. W# have Ihcaa la all colore, with th* HORSESHOE onTTach. Wa are now making, under the aupervlakan of our IIRAD ARTIST, a very beautiful bin* allfc. with horaeahaa of white atlk vel. vet It te cdrrvd by and made eipraealy for one of our iuoat diatisgulahud customers, and will beshuwn In our SHOW WINDOW en Titraday, th* 11th InaC We will alao nf*n on the tame dale fourteen caaaa nf trench Coraeta luat received per VII.I.K DE PARIS We will eell the trade on I.ISRRAL TERMS. OAVNOR. Imimrter and Mannfacturar, TIB Rrnadway, between Btghlh and Ninth atraet*. Na ananentton whatever with any otbar atore la this atty. DRY GOODS.. QKILLIB A CO. O HAVE OPENED THE MOST ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OP CLOAKS, BACUUES, BASQUES, JACKETS AND CIRCULARS IN VELVET AND CLOTH, whloh cannot be surpassed In America. 7B3 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth etreate. WILLIAM BUCHANAN MACKENZIE. Bup't STORE 8TOOL8?THE ORIENTAL SPRING BED Company, 781 Slith arenue, near Porty-aecond atreat, ailTer * quantity of flrat claaa Store Stoola, at reduced prices. ,Cooah solicited. Inie HOLIDAYS ARB NOW AT HAND. AND ...gjj one le aniloue to purcbaaa for themaelrea or SOM^itTinmQ l>> ">? DRY GOODS LINE, for PRESENTS, and mi !nr amlom that all should be able lo do eo. Therefom"lJI ahall make a spaoial REDUCTION THIS WEEK Air ana. KINDS OP DRY OOODS. ao that the goor aa waff a? tbe rtch will be able lo at leant bay a AUOTION1 LoUfTSL Wp#ACAS, *y-., *c ,llc., J7c. AUCTION LOTS MjV IDS, ALL WOOL iSjiQ TMt lJ!*1' iA^T??reBs^i^ 1 Caaa C. FLANNELS; Rfe '.-To ai 1 Caaa ALL WOOL P&A'Mfe *lc MUSLINS. ItXo Ifc l?, k , . . - Do , the beat --? ?? ?<), Sis., sold elsewhere at ?0e. BLANiKTO (3l SElTfl* f- V- 4 P*1" 1 ^-""NKKTS (aU'w^lTl 1 J?IR _ _ On the a bo re named modh wan HAVE ONI HALF by buftaf them of tu. *** Note carefully name and adrtheaaL k WELSH, S7 Eighth arenue, dwT, eond atreat. UMPHOun-KRr ? SINOLE WIDTH BKOCATKL8 * T 1! SS **+*"*' | Do. do. 8 ATI If DA HASH, . TRIPLE WIDTH BATIK DAMASK. SMt -?; at HO per yd. About oao half tba ooot of t AUO, LAO* An altfUt UMAmnt tf rich ... , BROOHB TAPK8TRIRA, RRPS TOROTDb 1 UURTAIK8. BATIK DAMASK BROOAA. W JUST RECK1. nu. ? A. T. BTBWART A L X". Broadway sad Ton Ik di VELVET FILE CARPET FOR SALE?KKWLISH. \ T"; " ported by tba owner; bran new; juat put down: obo 1 MB yards ehaap. 0. M. JACOBS, 171 Poltao atreoM _ yy IK DOW SHADES, Ollt, plain painted and beat Scotch Holland. O. LA J. B. KELTY. Ho. 447 Broadway. t)fj BOND STREET.?HOLIDAY PRESENTS?JUST jU I received, at reduced premium gold. BONNETS AND CLOAKS. All order* for Soiree* and Travelling D re Me* promptly attended to. HUES. PARRAIN, PAUL A CO., Dree* and Cloakmakers. a>l nn Ann 1" POREION AND DOMESTIC DRY ?plUt ".1/1/1/ flood*, eomprlalng Dress Good* of alt klnda ; Woollen*, Linen*. DomeiUea, Ac.. Ac., purchaied at recent auction aalea, and aelltng much below the market, wboleaale and retail, br WILLIAM MATHEWS. M Catha rine street N. B.?A lot of Wet Oood* for aale. ?1 Kfi nnn WORTH of blankets, quilts, uM.OU.UUU Sheet*. Hair Mattreaaea, Plllowa Bed lack*. and other Arm/ and Navy Gooda from recent govern ment auotlon aalea. at wholesale and retail, very low. by WILLIAM MATHEWS, 6#Catharine atreet. _ MILLINERY. " AT TILMAN'S, 712 BROADWAY-JUST RECEIVED from Parla bjr laat ateamer. a aptendld aasortment of Headdreaaea. surpassing in beauty any ever exhibited In thla city. Alwaya on hand. Opera and Reception Bonnela, Round and Children'* Hats, Feather*, Ac.. Ac. N. B.?A good allowanoe to dealer*. L. TILMAN, No. 712 Broadway. M ADAMS NATALIE TILMAN A CO., 147 EAST NINTH STREET, Have juit received from Parla, lateat (tyle of Reception Bonnet*. YELYET AND FLOWER HEAD DRESSES, And many noveltiea in Trimming*, Ornament*, Ao., Ae. N. B?Dressmaking In the lateat Parlalan style*. Madame c. de lacy has just reokived an elegant aaaortmant of French Flower* for the boll day*; also a caan of French Velvet Bonnet*, whieh she offer* oonalderably below the coat of Importation, at 1,141 Broad way, corner Twenty-aixth atreet, and 120 Sixth avenue, near Ninth street ? MMB. IMOOENE WALTON. 68# BROADWAY, WILL open for the oomlng holiday* an elagant aaaortmant of Wreath, Flower*, Jewelry, Bonnet*, Ac. CLOTHING. GENTLEMEN?I WILL BUY ANY QUANTITY OP New and Left Off Clothing for the Weatern market Call at th* a tore or addreaa TH08. D. CONROY, *01 Pearl street, between Centiji and Chatham. Lhadibs and oentlemen can obtain the ut-I moat value for Cast Off Wearing Apparel, Furniture, I Carpet*. Ac., by calling on or addressing H. ROSENTHAL. 361 Bowery, oppojHo Great J one* ?treet. Ladle* attended to by Mrs. Rosenthal. Carpet?. Ac., by calling on or i dO Bowery, opposite GrmgdM BILLIARDS, dtC. _ N ASSORTED STOCK OF FIRST CLASS BILLIARD A Tables, with our Improved cushion, at $816 each, now ready for delivery. Heoond hand Table*, Trimmings. Ae. KAVANAGH A DBCKER. corner Canal and Centre at*. PROPOSALS. >R0P08AL8 FOB INDIAN UOOD8. Dimtiiir or m Imiim, Omni or Iiiim Amin, t 1, 1848. I Wmhikotok, D. 0? Noramber 11, Reeled proposals. endorsed ' Propoaalefnr Indian flooda," ? of Indian Affair* until llo'cloek will be received at the M., on SATURDAY, the 16th da^^Sembe^Ml^o^url nlahlng, In the quantities therein glren, the artieln* named In the following Hat. The proposal* to Indicate, In separate column*, at what pnee said artlole* will he dellremd In New York elt^, and at what prion the; will be dellrered In St Louie. Mo. The good* to be delivered at either pleoe nt the coat of the contractor FIRST CLASS. MACKINAC BLANKETS?FOREION OR DOMESTIC. 2.MO pelr 8 pt white Blanketa, GOiTI Inches, to weigh ? pound*. 16UI pelr IX pt. white Blanketa, BttflS Inches, to weigh ? pound* 600 pair IX pt- white Blanketa, SStSO Inchee, to weigh 4J< pound*. 1,000pairSpt eenrlet Blanket*, 60x72 Inehee, to weighs pound*. 600 pair tX eoarlet Blanketa, 64lM Inchee, to weigh ? pound*. m pair ? pt. green Blanketa, 80*71 Inehee, to weigh S pounds. 1,000 pair S pt. Indigo Bine Blanketa. 60*71 inchee, to weigh S pound*. ralgh 8 pound*. 2.NO pelr XX pt Indigo Blnn Blanketa, Mi66 Inchon, te weigh 8 pounds. IB) pair IX Pt Indigo Btna Blankets, 42x56 inchee, to weigh 4X pound*. SECOND CLASS CLOTHS?KOREION OR DOMKSTIC. tM rerde Fancy Llat Bine Cloth. 6.000 vard* (Iray Ll?t Blue Cloth. S.OuO yard* S*red Ltet Blue Cloth. 7.OUO ymrda Saved Met Scarlet Cloth. THIRD CLASS-DRY OOODS. 900 doxen 8-4 Woollen Shawl*. 600 pound* Linen Thread. 2,r?lv?rd*Torke* Red Till Cslioo. Ml iiotf ?*rd? Bine Drilling 80.1**1 yard* Bmwn Drilling. 80 (*?) yard* Hed Stripe Red Ticking. 6.1*10 yard* Super Satinet. 6,<*W y?rd? Satinet. ft IMOyard* Hickory Shirting. ? W yard* Brown Shirting W.WO Hickory Hhlrla 10 (DO yard* Dm k (tor tenia). FOURTH CLASH?HARDWARE. 100 doceo beat caet aieei Axes, from S to IX pounda, with hnndloe. UWdoren beat cast Steel Half Aiea. from t to S pounds, with handle*. 1 Oflf) Camp KnUMa. aeaorted alien. . 1.000 short handle Fry Pan*. BOO dosen Tin Tan*. < 4 and 8 quart, la equal quanUUsa pr???ed 1,000 doren Iron Table Spoon*. 1 DO doren Tin Cop*. 2 5") dotrngbutrher Knlree. 8-Inch bleds. 1 (DOdox-n Flah Hooka (assorted). ftnO doxen Pl?h Line* (*?aorted) Sample* of ell article* to Oe forwardeo to thla office with the pro|ioaela, ?nd the goods furnished to be equal In all reaped* to the "ample*. No bid* for l*?* than an entire elaee of the article* speci fied will he nonaldered All artld*a fnrnlahed under contract will be rigidly in spected and compared wtth the earn plea by en aaent or egefila appointed for that purpose Soch aooda or article* aa may In any reanect fall to conform to the **mpl#? will he rejected, and In the! ceae (he contractor will tie bound to furnish other* of lha required kind or quality within fire dava; or If that be not done they wtll be purrhaaed at hla expenae Payment will be made for good* received on Inrotce* thereof, certified by the agent or agent* appointed to Impact them. The right will be referred to require a greater quantity ** specified in of an* of the article* namod than that specified in thr shore schedule, not eioeedlng three times the emonnt thereof a- not r?irrtiiii( luinrw ? the hid*, or any perl* thereof, may he accepted or ejected el the option of (he department No bid* will he considered from persona who here felled to comply with the requirements of a former contract with the United State*. No proposal will be considered that doe* not mucrtT ooert.r with the following requirement* -? Proposal* rnuat embrace the articles with the quantities thereof, aa aet forth In the above achedilt*. with (he price* annexed toeach, end the amount* muat hn carried out and footed up. each claaa to he aopnratety stated and footed up. Said price* and amounts muat be eo gleen without any modi fication or proposed mod'flra'lnn whaleter Proposals should be submitted in the following form:?"I (or we) hereby propose to furnish the Indian Department, .f ah . ? 4anllaamael >>f ll.a I'saamla according to the term* of the advertisement of theCommle aloner of Indian Affatra dated November II. 1?H6 the follow ing artlehm at the price* thereto altlse*!:?(Mere Inmrt thn llat prepared aa Indicated in the first paragraph of thla adver tisement | Hald article* are to be dellvwra' le either at New York or Bl. Loirs ea lha rommlaaionsr of Indian Again mav elan, on or before the Mlh day of February nexl; and. If tnli pr opoael be eecepted. I (or we) will, within fire day* thereafW. execute a coelrael eccordlegly. and give aeeuitty eati?factorv to the Cnmmleeloner of radian Affatra for the faltbfnl performance of th# same." East propose! must be accompanied by a gnarrntee In lbs ft'lowing form, lo be signed by two reapon? bla person* whose sufficiency muat be certified by n United Htales Jhidge er District Attorney. "We hereby conjointly end aeeeeally guann'e-i that the Shore bidder (or bidders), If e contract shall be Swarded to htm (or them) according to hi# ior their) hid or pr p ?al. will execute seen tract accordlaely. and Mrs th* yeq,. i,|la nee n rite for the faithful performance of the Mti t *? pre scribed In the adrertiretnent for proposal*for lmbangooda dated November XI. 1184: and In the event of hi* - or their) failure no to do we hereby agree erd hind ourselves, onr heir*, execnlon and *rlinlnt*tv*tnrs. to forfeit and my the United Mlatae, aa damage*, a sum not Mae than fifteen per cent on the amount nf said hid or prnpanal " Bond* wffl be reqtilred M th# amotmt of the bid for the faithful nerfnrmaneo of the contract, wtlh I wear more an _ . retlea, whose aulfialency meet be certified to bv a Untied HiateaJndgn or Biatrial Attorney. LEW Iff T BOHY, Onmintm imer. MAHBI.R BAffTKI,*. Marblb mantelb-thk place IN T',lR city to purchase Marble Maniela of tho latest designs, at very low pnoee. is at A KLA BUR'S Marble Werh.a. 1(3 East Eighteenth street near Third av . N Y. Out tb'm ont. MARBLBIBBD RLATR M AN IELH?HUPE'aIOR IN durable, half m.rhia T. B BTRW \HT "nahlith arsaun, liet?*?n Ttivru HfUi an 1 Tblrtv-elith atresia. ^ lAMU AT APOTHW. BY HEN BY H. LEEDS A MINER. On Wedneeday, Dec. 11 ISM, at 11 o'oloek, at Our Bl. lory, 98 Liberty etreel ^ Fine oollecltee of ancient and modern OH PainUoge, Chre maaand Kngrariaga. ENRT D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. Halearuutn 87 Naeaau atraet, oppoaila the Poet omoe. H MINER A SOMERVILLB *111 (ell at auction. ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS. Dee. *1 and & at their new and epaetoue 8ne art (allery, 88 Fifth avrau*. aoulbweat corner of Fourteenth alreet, a lance and elegant oollectloo of foreign and Amerlean original modern OIL PAIMTINOS, particular* of which will be duly given. TTENRT D. MINER, AUOTIONBBR. XX Saleroom 87 Naaeau alreet. opposite the Poet otAea. SALE OF FINE CARRARA NABBf MARBLE AND AND . STATUETTES. JUST MINBB A SOMERVILLB *41 aeU at auction Tuaedny, 11th and Wednesday 18th December, at 11 o'clock each dag. at their salesroom. >7 Naaaau street, a large and elegant aaeortment of Faaoy Oood* callable for the holidays, ln? eluding TWENTY-TWO PIBCBS OP PJNH CARRARA MARBLE STATUARY, Juat reealvad from Europe and never before aeen In this country, from the etudloe of weM known art!ate of Italy; alao an entirely freak lnrolce of Italian Marble and Alabaster Vaaeeef yarlona elaee and very rich deelgna; alao Bohemian QUnaware of the lalaat and moat beautiful atylaa; alao rich Bronte and Ormoh* Clocka. Vaaee and Statuettes, An, Ac. They will be en an htblUon with catalogue* en Monday, 10th I net. Hbnby d. miner, AUCTIONNBBB. Salearoom 87 Naaaau Mroei. opposite the Poet oMasw SALE OP ABOUT *00 FRBNOH PARTI LB PAINTINGS?A LABOB YABIKTT OP SUBJBOT* AT GALLBRT. 87 NASSAU RTRBET MONDAY. DECBXBBB 10, AT 10H O'CLOCK. JJENBT O. MINSK, AUOTIOHRRB. 8ALB OF HORRID, OtMHi insmonvhr ONIO I RSTRRAL TBRT HNS TURNOUTS. I TWO riNK NU PHAETONS. I 8KTBRAL TOP AND NO-TOr WAOONK. I TWO RNI 1ADDLS HOBS KB, DO., DO. I RsfuUr aalea at oar Hotm A action Mart, Onion Plana ISldtMaa, ererr Tueadar throughout theroar. I Maaart MINER A SOMBBVILLR offer unaurpaaead adrantagea In looaUon, exparlenoa and bualnaaa oapaoltff la Dart tea wtahlng to bap or daalring to aall Horaaa. UarrlMaa a r anything pertaining to the horae bualnaaa. B'ENRY B HERTS JR., ADOTIORRBR. SPECIAL PEREMPTORY SALE OP BLEOANT IJQT^niv PDvaviiN OH HONDAT AT THE ME. J. A "HO PPM AN, IMPORTER. COMPflk 8IN<> OVER $25 008 WORTH OP RICH ORMA DINNER AMD TEA SETS, BLEOA w* VASES. PIOURES AND ORNAMENTS, 1 IRONZK AND PARIAN STATU ART, ELEGANT , 8^ND HRONZRrf. TOILET ANI^ DRESSINO CASKS, DESKS. AC. SUPER! 1 CARVED WOOD ARTICLES. REAL mkerscr holders. LEATHER PA CKETBOOK9. NKCE8SAIRES, AC , AC.. offering a rare <* portimlty to purchasers, u the aalu arlU M positive, without^ any reserve whatever. IS, at II o'clock, at A ' Broadway, Statuary and Stone Pi urea, Alabaatnr Grout '?? Urns, Statuettes, Vasea, Card I celrera, comprising a a eneral assortment of Work* of A Ac of Italian scnoola, Importation of Toroello Banal. Florence. Alao an invok ? of ?*"?? ?n? quality English Bit. ver Plated Ware. Ao , it > great variety. CaUloguna now ready. Oooda eun be exam ln#? o*F before and aaornlng of sale. ____ TAMES JENKINS, AUOT.'ONEER?WILL SELL AT ?l auction, on Wednesday. Dea' IS. at 1401 Broadway, near Forty-Oral street, Horses, Damag's*. top and no top Wagon a, Doctor's Phaetona. top and no top Expreaa Wagons, Kocka wsya, six Portland Sleigha, one fcwo-eeet do., one very Ann Albany do., double and tingle Herns'St. twenty straps Bella a large lot of Wolf, Bear, Skunk, Oea ct aud Lap Robea; a lad a One lot of Blankets, Whips, Ac. Ehoae having horeee le aelt wilt pleaee enter day before aale. ?Sale positive, without reaei ve. ?. Morris wilkins, auctioneers VALUABLE PLOT ON EAST FOURTEENTH STREET E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction on Friday, December 14, I860, at IS o'clock, at the Bxohange Salcersness, 111 Broadway (Trinity Building). New Torfc? EAST FOURTEENTH STRBET-The valuable plot ?t ground on the north aide of Fourteenth street, 100 feet weal of Third avenue, and adjoining the Academy of Musle. Etna lit feet by 123 fret 6 luehea, and known as the "Untvdtnttr College property " Maps. Ac . at the Auotleaeev'e oEo*, Ma > Pine gtr? PUBLIC SALE OP ORDNANCE AND ORDNANCE arORBS, RET. WEST VIROINIA, ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER II. UN. By authority of the Chief of Ordnance I will offer, to the highest bidder, at pubbeauoUon, at the above ttiri and place. A LABOB QUANTITY Off ORDNANOB STORES, CONSISTING OP Artillery Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Halters, Horae Rruabea Curry Combs, Blanketa 1 Infantry and Cavalry Aeeoutrotnent*. Shovels, BLACKSMITHS^AND SADDLERS' Orind Stones, a let of Lumber. Scrap Irow. Dressed stena Lead Pipe, Desk a Bookensea Ac Also on# Are proof BnN (new), one Eight day Clock. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND BRICK, more or less, one Horse, end many ether artistes wet deemed psoasesry to enumerate. Terms each In United Stain* Punda Bale to eemmenm at 10 o'clock A. M. D. J. TOUNO, M.l.Ief Oi dan ana. ERA. Joan Kooncn. Auctioneer. November It, UN PAWNBROKER'S BALE-ON TUESDAY. DEO EM, bar II, by JOHN MORTIMER. U East Brosdway, DM tots of unredeemed pledges. oonststlng of ladles' end gentle men's Wearing Apparel; rich Silk. Delaine, Alpaca and Caliee Dresses: rembsnts of Silk. Delaine, Cloth; Breiki and Plaid Shawla: velvet and cloth Cloak*. Basques; Pw?| Hpreada Sheet*. Quills Comforters Blankets; Frock Coats. Overcoats. Business Coats; PenU and Vests; Boot* end Shoes, and various other articles too numerous to mention, well worth tbe attention of the trad* and others. P. 8. Also a teres tot of ladles' flu* Linen and' MneHa Undergarment* By Order of Solomons, 173 Spring street PAWNBROKER'S SALE-JOHN MORT1MRR. MEANT Broadway, wilt sell to-morrow (Monday) 400 lots man's and women's very cholo# Clothing, fln* silk end other Dresses, Skirts. Shawls. Cloaks. Silk and other remnants; Sheets, Shirts. Tabla Clothe, Cutlery. Pistols; a floe lot of Men's Clothing and other valuable goods, well worthy the attention of dealers aad housekeepers. By order of A. Lory, 10 Laurens street. PAWNBROKER'S BALE OF WATCHES AND JEW elry -JOHN MORTIMER. It East Broadway, will sell on frediianday, Dee. 13, a large and superior lot of Gold and Silver fetches, Ooid and Diamond Jewelry, Musloal Instruments, Pistols, Plated Ware and other valuable ledges, well worthy the attention of the trade and others order of H. Me Aleenan. 181 Eighth avenue. _____ PAWNBROKER'S SALR.-JOHN MORTIMER. 15 EAST Broadway, wtll sell on Thuradsjr. Dee. IS, a large lot of Women's Clothing. Bedding. Ac. By order of H. D. smytha, 2IS East Eighteenth street PAWNBROKER'S SALR.-JOHN MORTIMP.R, It EAST Broadway, will sell on Friday. Dec. 14 4<)0 lots Women's Clothing. Bedding and other good*. By order of 1L Mm Aleenan, Second aveane. PAWNBROKER'S SALE -MONDAY JAMES AGAR will sell at M New Bowery, at 11 o'clock. 300 lota of Men's Clothing, at 12 o'clock. :*?? lots of Women's Clothing P. UANLT. 67 Division street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE -TUESDAY. JAM88 AOAR will sell SI UN New Bowery. Bto kria of Women's Cloth . Blankets. Quills sod other fall goods By order of P. ,lan. West Thirty-ninth street H? f|Tj?g 9 PAWNBROKER'S HALE -WEDNE9DAY.JAMES AOAB will sell at 98 New Bowery, Mb lots of Men's and Women's Clothing By ordrr of M. Kloaldo, lOOCaihartnn at pAWNBEOKBE'S SALE.?THURSDAY. J A MRS AGAR X will sell at M New Bowery, at 11 o'clock SU0 lota o( Over. I'rock and Rualneaa Coats; Pantaloons aad Vests, *1 Ilko okrik. 4W lot* or Hllk and other Dresses, Shawls. Cloth and Velvet Cloak". Remnants. Blankets, Quilts, Sheet* andi other desirable goods Byoitorofll Barnard. 21 Third av PAWNBROKERS' SALES? BT R. PI ELD, Auc tioneer. Salesroom*. IAD Peart street, Mnnday, man's and women's Clothing. Watches, Jewe.ry, Ac., bv order of M. Manlx ri) James street. 1 neaday. large sale of men's Cloth ing. by order of K. Hlmpsmi A Oo., 185 Bowery. Thursday Watch**. Jswelry. Don*. Pistols, Muslosl and Mathematl eel. Ac . by order of J. B A J. Hlmpaon. 21) Chatham street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?FRIDAY, JAM EH AOAR will sell at II o'clock, |ik) lots of Men's Clothing; at l! o'clock. 380 lots ot Women's Clothing By order of J. J KsB) k,ml * On., Oil Worth street. SHERIFF * HALE CLOTHING. CLOTHING. RICHARD WALTERR. A POTION ERR, Will sell on Mnnday, at II e'olook. at auction store. >7 East Broadsvsy. a large and genera! assortment ot men's and yauth'b Clothing. Coata. rants. Vests, Ac. Jisirn i'iikvsi i. Deputy. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. CHRKIFF'S SALB.-WOOLLKN ooods. ETC. a RICHARD WALTERS AUCTIONEER. Will sail on Mondav, at II o'clock, at auction store, (f Be* Broadway. A large and well selerted at nek of LADIES' WOOLLEN OOODS ?tutting of fa-.hlonabl? Houde, Costa. Hums** and bhawls, In tra le pack**** II W. Nunruv. Deputy. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff C?fc C04U W(M1I), AC. ?7. flour jit-rnE pkople * mutual Protect!?* taaorialloti aclla <'?al and flour at wholA a. I* prlcea to put down monop >11**. Offlon i>tt lirnadwaf room Jio. 4, S 1 -Ail cttp Railroad Tlc.u for a*ia. (y>RE.~WHOLRftALR AND RETAIL U l? J chaldron, In th* ?*rd nr $.1 50 dellFirpd. i rd'-r* b* CRAPeKIt A BARMH, Klli Wort K,aat*??th ??"** and JOHN SMITH. onrnar of aroatit C and Km*. Ktftaaoth alto*'. dtlirrrad Imma Lately. ______ POKB-M ? A CHALDRON IN TAJtD III**' \J ewatonmui bo;i#*a, and l>r Ihd tHr 'tla liiMN prion Appi, .1 Tm.nt,.r.t .tract and .ran.* A. tHR&WQOD /NORLAND KINDMVQ WOOD. PINE. OA* AND VV th? I I?M| market pric ?? l I ha Kiapirr W ood Iitj Jt. 7* Eaat Twenty-fifth etrnct. n??r il.ird a* Ad IN WINKS. lilRlOR*. *< OD HOURBON ?l CRNTN PER RoTTLF., fit I'hR Aallon, ??>? In* and old II P?r tal.nn. |l p*r buttla; labia Abnrrr ?l p?r fe lon, Waar.u per t u?a I'ura ora If Vail, at importer.' J>. BORDEAUX K CO.. 11 Pulton ttraat, eoranr Wllhnra. KKWHPAfRRd. SRALD ?A COW PJ.ETR FfLK Or TUB HERALD und. foa Alpa, or Herald-a rimi-DKTK pilk or tub ii from October I, ltd I In prree.n data, parllr b ad# cheap. Apply ?* * *cL , It |iBi,a .dim. t>? uao. K Bl ldla A Co.. I? Para place, R. f. fink arts. LnoUR WOOERS ORKilNAL OIL I'AISriNTH PRO* r an*brai*d Fr?Vh artlau. for aala. at modnrala pilcoa, tA Sanarr. r?a No A