Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1866 Page 3
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?OUD1M An LOMUa WAKTKD. T FR^HI/OKT BOCflB, ONB BLOCK BA8T or CITY HIW. oorpar of Frankfort and William atreeta, B>0 a. ? to n onw per day; >110. >t and >3 per waak. A SUIT or NBWLY FCBNISHED BOOMS, OB 8BC. oad floor: ona nnall Boom for a gentleman: raferaucea SififaSoue. W*"* 1Um<>tk ''****? Uur** d#0" "" ot LABOR. HANDSOMBLY PDBlflflHBD BOOM ON third floor, front, to let, with Board, In a flrot claim i, No. >7 Waat Bfrhtaenth atraot, near Fifth avenue. unhanged. 41 Sawa AT 18 WASHINGTON FLACB, NBAB NBW YORK Hotel, in a Qrat oiaaa bouae. two laraa Badroomo to rar . with Boar^, alao two Hall Booma for alngle (entlamao. A T?LY AT 108 BABT NINBTBBNTH STB BET TV A suitiDd Miir furnUfc#4 Room*, en suit ElJU wSh or without 1?rd. 4 ?>?#?> ? peivatb family. occupying in. sSaH^^^iaissg.... ?ftegSaS ? 'rooi A'JuSdtSd Farto?! .yjLL REN? A HANDSOMELY ""Tt!. - 7. ??. * ?*9""*F oor, with ft targe Bed ^i^^UMe^d^S* **?+-*??**** Se&Sss^11 ***?? ifjs&rs^jitf Amy. PLEASANT FRONT BOOM ON THIRD ?oor, nicely furnlabed. and good Board. Be. 4 Aahland - id wife < ~ ' 153 for gaatieman aad wife or two gentlemen. Reference. ? T IS AND30 NINTH BTEBT, BETWEEN FIFTH AND Sixth avenues; elegant floore and tingle room a to let. Brat claae Board, In French and Oerman styles. Prtrate ilfc" TJOARD?71 WEST THIRTY-EIOHTH STREET?A JJ Seoond Floor and large front Boom on third floor, kaadsomely f urnlahed. d FEW GENTLEMEN OR TWO FAMILIES CAN BE A pieaaantly accommodated with Aral claar Board, it 13 IT Mark'. pUce. A FARTMENTS TO LET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, A for gentlemen, at No. 8 Breroort plane, Tenth street, 4Wee door* weat of Broadway. Beat location In the city. ATS FIFTH AVENUE?ROOMS TO LET. WITH A Board. In coneeqtience of partlee aalllng for Europe. Itnea reaaonable to gentlemen. Refereneea required. 1T4 A foi SL' T 44 UNION SQUARE, EAST SIDE, HANDSOMELY furnlabed Parlor Floor to let, with private table; alto a Suit on aeoood a lory, with Board. Refarenoea re - HALL ROOM, WITH FIRST CLASS BOARD, CAN be obtained on application at ?*>. 11 Eaat Twanty-eighth A PRIVATE FIRST CLASS FAMILY WILL LET A Suit of handaomely furnlahed Apartments to gentlemen af undoubted respectability. The house la near Fifth are nee, in the vicinity of the Manhattan and New York Clnhe and Delinnnloo'e. Permits to aee the rooms may be had froee W. Van Wagenen. 473 Sixth avenua, or by addressing W. B-, box 156 Herald ofllce. AN BLBOANT SUIT OF NICELY FURN18HED A Rooms to let, with or without Board, aaparately or to ?elhni, to a party of gentlemen or families. Also single ?eenn. at SM Weal Twenty -second street A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR TO let, with or without Board; also two Bedrooms; terms 113 Hammond or Weat Eleventh Street i T 134 BLKECKER STREET.?TO LET. A BACK L Basement and Bedroom, to one or two grown persona, qwlre In the basement LAEGE FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-ON THE seoond floor, front, with gas, fire, bath and marbls wash ' at IM Third street, two blocks from Broadway. Re eqnlred. eteadi,1 (trances fewiT Weigh BSii A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. HAVINa MORE ROOM than they want, wonld let the Parlor and Basement a, handsomely furnished for housekeeping, house and ho mood good and rent very reaaonable. Call at 908 Fifty-third street. A LAROE NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, ON THIRD A floor, front to let, with Board; flll per week for two, faMadlng Are and gas. 97 Bank street near Fourth. A SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, TO A gether or separately; also single Rooms. Teruie mo Aerate. Apply at 131 Weat Fourteenth attest. A PRINTED LIST OP BOARDING PLACES, WITH prices, Ac., can be had at our office. BRYAN A CO., SB Liberty street. room 3. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM OR aecnnd floor to let. without Board to one er MPS tingle Wile men, at 144 Waveiley place, aear Sum evenue. A SUIT ROOMS OF FOR A FAMILY OR A FEW ORB lleatee, can be had at 111 Amity street. N. Y. A FRENCH WIDOW LADY WILL LET. TO A FIRST A elaaa single gentleman, a Parlor Floor, elegantly for. ?Med (front and back Parlors, bath and toilet room* 1 with ?Caskfast Fries flUO per month. Apply at H haat Twelfth ?Went, near Brooflway. A GENTLEMAN AND LADT CAN OBTAIN A HAND comely furnlahed Room, with full or partial Board, by at B West Twenty seventh etreet AT 30 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. NEAR BROAD A way and St Denis Hotel Restaurant, two Rooms, elngiy or en suite, with or without Board. VERT DESIRABLE SECOND FLOOR. FURNISH __ three Room*. In a private modem house. All cue tenors With full or partial Board. MS Weal Seventeenth A 2 Attention.?parties coming to the city can bo accommodated with handsome furnlehed Rooms, Wtth or without Board. Apply at M4 Barrow street, ouruer flf Hadaoo. A FURNISHED BOOM TO I.RT-ON THE FIRST A Sour, front, to one or two Mngie gentlemen, without Beard, at 301 Eaet 2!it atreet Term# moderate. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAS A FURNISHED ROOM TO let. to a gentleman onlv, with Breakfaxt If desired To "it party wlU be let reasonable. Apply at 434 Hudson SBT OENTLEMAM AND WIFE AND SEVERAL SINGLE nnUftnfn can be accommodated wttb first cls.s Board I Rooms at 19* Waverley piker, near Hlith annua. AT 1,127 broadwat, between twenty -fifth and Twenty.slith streets, elegantly furnished Rooms en suit* ar singly, with ar without Boars, to gentle ?as* or families References eiehsnged. A private family, having murk room than they require. would rearm a Rrntlrman and hla wife ?Si two single gentleman A good labia, with bo ma eom farts Apply si 41 Bond street. A FRONT ROOM ON THE SECOND STORY TO LET, furnished, wttb Board, to a family or single genlle saaa. Ii*y boarders taken. Oall at IX Naodougal stiwrt i T SB WEST TWENTY FOURTH BTREET, BETWEEN L Fifth aad Slith eyanues?Two Rooms on second Boor, lb first class Board, aullabla for a (antlrman and wife ar >gW gentlemen. OARD.?SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN CAN BB ACCOM, mod a led In a first class neighborhood with first class and whara there art at present several Southern gen Hen Addreee mmthrrn, but IX Herald nfilce FOARD.-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH P bat and eold water and good Hoard. In a first class man. Apply at IM Waal Twenty -eighth street. TJOA HOARD -TWO OR THREE RENPECTARLB MEGHAN JD las can hare onmfortable Rooms, with Board, by apply tog at Ml First avenue In the Store. ARD -A SUIT OF ROOMS. SUITABLE FOB A lie man sod bis wlfa or tingle gentlemen, to let. with at -111 Wast Twenty-third street References re. E, 1 ARD -A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN a splendid large ear ml story from Room with alien moo sad first class Board at B Boad street B? AHD.-BLKOANT FURNISHED ROOMS, at l?7 Wan Fanrtaauth street Beat reference required and HOARD ?SECOND FLOOR FRONT JO ta tat, or Parlor Floor, comprising th wishing first etaas accommodations wtll SUIT OF ROOMM . thre" rorni _ wtll call at II" mm naar Broadway JARDIHG.-TO LET. WITH FULL OR PARTIAL Board, m a priests family ta two gentleman and tbair sa. ar to fanr slants gsnllsanan. n bach Parlor snd front as" OS second Boor, In a pleasant loosUon Apply at md brow a atoaa boose sa INRli street wast of third ae B^5 ELTN BOARD- PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET, ' board for gentlemen. In a first class bowse ran vs. EFLEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-ON SEC. Juf and laor. olosela, bathroom adjoining, with Board, to ? lady art gen turns a Apply at fit W estWaadtagum ptara, a ear Btith aeeaua. LEG ANT PURXISHRD ROOMS. WITH BOARD. AT MM Fifth araaua. nosr Fifth Aeanoe Hotel. ? _ TNLEGANT ROOMS FOR FAMILIES, GENTLEMEN n and wises, aad single gestiemca room lag with Frlvsta Table or k srl Na g UnTeaisity place, onrasr af UMaloa 1FTB WARD MOTEL, CORNER Wl -T BKuAiiWA Y and Franklin street.?He?ss . Ro-ooa, with Board, ffi io|R fsi wash J BMORMaEBR Pmpruaer UR GENTLEMEN CAN BK AC? OMMODATED with Beard el M West Nawrataaath A rest e a CNIRHEP RflONfi TO LET?TO GENTLEMEN (II lailsia'W snd tadsaa with Ruard for s lie. sals at a? ^^^TweelyearenU auaat, betwesu Slitb aad Baaaath TLturnimnri, front Room, second floor r w?h Board for gentleaian awl wife ar three s? .gfe i?dtaamn. to mam t. gs-hsr I no iWa at II* West Fsurth "tenet between Real wad Wast Twelfth Street. VnTEWTEBBD OB UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, f wtl Board, rafarawoas eichaoged Apply at ML Ess* TMrtaenth street, betwewa Baaond aad Third svsnnaa. fTUBMlRHRD ROOMS TO LET-AT III NINTH M atrwat. aaar Bread way. Apply at No II* lllaloa place. IfwaNJgHEP BOOMR EM SUITE OB BINOLY TO jgHSjaSBr *??l! TP LET. WITH OR WITHOUT *??* IfNuin ?t)m ? p'fitagB pt i<| B?<t /WWfii* ?' BOARD&RI a * JD LODOlRf WAiraDa IjTKNISHKD ???? r alugly or Id ROOMS TO RIFt'-WITH BOA! 8nit atreet. nor aatta, to flnt cUm pr.rttea. at 43 Eaat Tn ? * Madiaon arcane. Uefereneaa exohange RD, orty. T^ORNIS* r qulr t*D ROOMS TO LBTf-WrrH BOARD IF RE. ?treat A. Terma reasonable. Mo. 101 Waat Thlrty-alith PU ? ?? . SWISHED ROOMS TO LKT?WITH BOARD, TO r gentlemen and their wtraaor single gentlemen; Ore and A included; from $8 to BM a week. At 110 Bart Thirtieth ?boat. r-URNIHHED ROOMS. 1 WITHODT BOARD; Oantlemaa only. $0 to $10 per week. No. 01 Amity ataaet FURNISHED rooms TO let?for gentlemen or gentlemen and their wire*. No. < Laroy plaoe, Weal Bleacher atraat, mat Broadway. PMURVIBHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD. SUIT. H able for famtUaa atraat. oppoelte John P ablo for fainlllaa and elnjjle gentlemen. No U Varlck Good board-fob two gentlemen or a gen ' tlaman and wtfa, 00 raaaonablo tarma. In a prlvata fam ily where no othar boarder. art kept Addraaa or apply to HUGH ADAIR, 430 Waat Thirty-fourth atreat. Gentlemen and wives oan be aocommo. da tad with flrat elaaa Board and Rooma. whara tha com forta of a homa may ha had. ?Call at M Loxlngtaa aracua. TfANDSOMELT FDR NIB (TED ROOMS TO LET TO II gentlemen and thatr wlraa or alngla gentlemen, at 17> Waat Fon rtaenth atroet. tyandsomkly furnished rooms for gentle XI man only, at tha Liberty Houae, 40 Waat Honaton atraat. Tarma moderate. TTANDSOMELT FURNISHED FABLOR AND BED XX room to lot, with or Without Board, In a pnTat# French family. Referenoee exchanged. Inquire at 174 Waat Twen ty-third atreat. HANDSOMELY FURNIRHRD ROOMS, WITH MOD ern Improramanta, to let to gentleman and wife, with Board for lady. MO Eaat Sixteenth atreat, corner Btoyreaant equore. Handsomely furnished rooms to let-with or without Beard, at MO Waat Twenty-aecond atroet, between Saranth and Eighth aramtoa. XTEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-WITH I* Board, to married or alncle gentleman. Tarma rea aonahle. Raferencaa. Apply at M Laroy atraat, near Bleacher. ' T^ICBLY FURNISHED HITTINO ROOM, WITH DOUBLE IT Bed rooma, to let tp gentleman, without Roard, at 111 Ninth atraat. between Broadway and Fourth avenue. ON THE HEIOHTB IN BROOKLYN-A NICELY FUR nlahed Parlor to lat, to man and wife or alngla gentle man, In a private family. Inquire at 190 Hlcka atraat. PARTIES SEEKING ROOMS OR BOARD ARE IN vltad to examine our llata at no charge to thamaalvaa. We have Rooma. with or without Board, lo all part a of the dty, at moderate prtoea. BOUTHMAYD A CO.. M Cedar atreat. Pleasant furnished booms to let-for gentleman or ladlaa. with or without Board. Inquire at 139 Eaat Nineteenth atraat. Pleasant furnished rooms to let-to gen tlemen and their wlvaa and alngla gentlemen, with or without Board. Apply at 181IIudaon atreat. Rooms to let?to oentlbmen only; two handaomaly furnlahed Rooma on flrat floor and one baaemant. at No. 7 Vandam atreat. Rafarancaa exchanged. Broadway, near Eighth atreat. New Tork. cenaratlv 'oca ted and newlv fltted up, la now open Rooma en ,nil alngly. handaomely ftirnl.hed for famlllea and atogia gen tlemen OueaU furnlahed with private table If doalren. OINOLE GENTLEMEN OR A FAMILY DBhIRTMO A quiet home. In a prlvata familv of voting paraoaa. can make arrangement! to ault thamaelvea I? addrnaalng O F. W , SSfl Broadway. Houaa central and haa modern Im proramanta. TO SINGLE OENTLEMEN OR FAMILY?SPCONO Floor, four room", handaomelv furnlahed, with or with out Board: privilege of Mailt houaokeeplog. location vicinity of Madtann aquaro and Fifth avenue. For addraaa apply at 00 Liberty atroet. TWO GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE ran have furnlahed Rooma. with or without Roard, In a private family at MS South Third atreet. Williamsburg. rrrwo parlors, elegantly furnished, and 1 the entire aooond floor, beatdoe hanriaome Room' on third floor: together or ac para tela. Flrat claaa board and Erirale table If dealred. Apply at M Waat Thirty aiilh "tract, etwaan Fifth and Slith amnne*. TWO LAROE ELEGANTLY Et'RNISHBD PARLORS and a Second Floor lo let. with Boon), to famlMea or alngle gentlem?n: houae flrat elaaa. location excellent. M Eaat Twenty eighth atreat. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR A GEN? tlaman and hla wife, ran ha aerommodaled with pleaaant Rooma and Roard. In a private American family, by apply ing at IS If udaon atreet, Hobokan. rLET-A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM WITH HOT and eold water and gaa. without hoard. 148 Islington miue e?n>or of Thirtieth atraat. flW I FT t HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR I ami Redraw. for gentleman and wife, Hoard fw tha tad* Ml Thompaon atraat. between Houaloo and Blaarkar. rl LET-TO A OENTLEMAN ONLY, A NEWLY FUR niahed Urge aleeping Room with water and gaa M Eaat YWanly awnnd atraat. corner Third avenue, flrat floor. r LET-FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH BOARD, IN A flrat elaaa prlvata family. Addraaa W. A. H? box t.tlO Peat office LET-WITH ROARD. A HANDSOMELY FUR. _ nlahed Parlor and Bedroom, aerond atory front funax paetedlv vacated >; houae and Uble atrlctly flrat claaa. Apply at No. 97 Weat Thirty aeeond atraat, or at M Broad atraat, after ID A. M. fpo rpo LRT?A LARGE NEWLY FURNISHED ROOM 1 auliahlafor one or two gentleman, price $8 par weak. Inquire at ZJ7 Ka?t Tenth atraat. r LET-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS. TO A GENTLE man and wife or two gentlemen, at 8X1 Grand atreat. r LET?FURNISHED ROOM, /OR TWO GENTLE men or gentleman and lady, alao two unfurnlabad large Attic Rooma, lo prlvata kouaa. II Hubert atraat. near St. John'e Park V ) LRT-A NIOF FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH , In 00* or two perenna. on renaonabla Urni. Open day* Apply at 1WI Weat Pl*?*nth atreet rpo LET?NICELY FURNISHED ROOHR. FOR UEN* tl?r#?n, at 17 W?*t Fourth *tr*?t. nuar Broadwrmjr. r> LET?FRONT AMD BEDROOM ADJOININO. neatly fttrnlahed; Br*nkf**f and Tea If dealred. bona* Brat rlaaa. Call at No 2<2 I'.a?t Thirty-third atreet. WITH BOARD-A OF.XTLKMAN AND WIFK CAN obtain a pleaaant Room juat raeated, for $3) per week aleo. a Room for two gentlemen- raterenrra el ation gad Call at 1*7 Kaat Tweotialh atraat. TITEM, FURNISHED room*, with board in a ? V pUaaant altuaUan. may ba bat at No. 0 Liringalou plane. Reference required. 10 UNION SQUARE, WEST SIDE-HANDSOMELY J ?/ Furnlalie'l Hoom*. "Ingle or an anlte on parlor and other (loom "* for famillea or a party of (antlaraoo. Roferanvea required 1Q WVST TWENTY FOURTH STREET. OPPOhlTK i ? ? Fifth Arenue Ratal a handaniaely furnlahed Room to let, with Bnard. to a gentleman and wife or two or three alngle gentlemen 7f{ FIFTH AVFNVF NEAR DKLMONICO'N FR'iNT I II Kontna to lei en anile ar tingle, newly and bandaomelr furntahed. meala If required Raferaneea efhanged 1AA RA*T rwBNTTFIRNt street ORAMEKCY 1UO Fart ?Soil* of band*n?ely fnrnlahad Ronma. ?ult able for famillea. with Board Alan two alngle Bootaa for gentlemen Houae and torailoe dealrabla. WFRT MQUSTON STRFKT -TWO LAROE. handautnely fnrnlabed Room* In let, with Board to gentlemen and their wlrea or gentleman, on aeoond floor, all modern Improeementa. 117 m NINTH STRKBT, A FFW DOORS WEST OF Broadway, a Parlor Floor fibre* room*), oloelv far nlabad, with or without Board Rafaranoa* exchanged Parlor. kaade?m*le furnla 1T.Q EART F-CRTEEVTH STREET -TWO DE?IRA 1 ? IO M* alngle Roomi for gentlemen, with Board, at $1D end $U. Tel.I* uneirepllooable BROADWAY -A LAROB AND A UN A LI. Room ninelr furniabed. fronting Broadway, to let, with or wit bout Breaklaat. Apply on tba turd floor 816 BOARD AND LODOINO WAITED. A SMALL BOOM. WITH F1BR AND PARTIAL BOARD, J\ wanted be a youe* married lady term* moat be mod erate Inaatlon near Third avwnne Addreaa H. Q H Her Board wantbd-for a oentlbnan. wifr and Uttl*girt, two rear" aid. Raom and Bedroom aa tb* aeoond florw adjoining inquired A private family prafarred Addreaa atat'ng term* aad rafaranoa, J L. F , one* of K.I D Lawreao* I.JMI Broadway Board wantrd-bt a oentlfnan and ladt a nlrely farm "bed Room, good board for the lady. Ad draaa, with term* and meat ton. IB*, etatton D Board wanyed-from i*t dANUART by a sin. gt* young gentleman, foretgnar, in a r*ep**tabte and ah. aolotely private A me r lee a family, artlkoai heard#-a ha. twaao Fourth and f .urteaath atrneta. New York or Brook I/O. near Wall atraei ferry Befarenee* etehaagad Ad dreaa. with term*. O de If . boa 1O0 Pom ogb*. Board wantrd-pob a youno Ladt. with a private reaper-table family ar widow Udy Addn I O. boa AW*, Pom ofllee. Board wanted with a widow ladt or small family, where no other boarder* ar* takau, by a young lady amployad In ?.h? city lnrallon muat not ba abaea Twenty fourth atraei and prlee not to ateend |M par month Add ram, ? fating I.ration, term* and aoaommodatlon. AS. hoi ?.M Poat odio* BOARD WaNTKD?A LABOR ROOM, FOR THBER oiung gaatleman, In etetnity of Eighth (tenet hatmnanH way and Etith irtnie. tinner at Ma Addreaa. making m term* Ba. H. T~T. hot I dd? P**t oRee ^ Hoard wanted- by a uentleman in a oooo lanaUna. halaw Twentieth ?r#*t-B7 or SS, refnyesean W?na. Add reap? wtgh partlr-iUra K hag II) Herald aim ^ L"'RNI?HEI> Routt -A ..ENTI.FMAN PrJTW THB week wuadd like ? farplakad _j*r" inera ar* OO other heard Aldraaa < Ann try man. Herald f>tXIM~WANTBD?IlFg,W)tl.Tll FOB AOEHTLR IV man and hady. ratlrwd aranMhy wtdear prafarrad Ad draaa R S . Heraid odtfa. lir ANTED - Fl' SNTSRRR ' ROOMR WITH FIRST TT rlaaa Hoard by a mamkamaa and wife, kaaettnn rn*m in ahnaa Forty aaaoeah atreet, wnM add* Addreaa I Y ' Derai l *Raa . Wanted- hoard for a i.adj employed d'r log tb* day. Baal af rWartadt* gHaa Addreaa a. w7?tsovn It tueeienair a'eja ?a ?maby, la tawa karta* ? am. la a nata?a firnMp, wk era widow Wy prafarrml. i BOABP iin LOPQIll8<WrAJrTBP. ?\ITANTED_BT a young lady, board, with a Yf oomfortabla Room and Are; tarma not to exceed BIO K* W'W"" exchanged. Address for two days J. B., a 176 Herald agios. IXFANTED-BY a YOUWO WIDOW, a NICELY FUR YY nlshed Room and Board. In a respectable family; fire, Mac. An.; np town preferred; tarma modarata. Addraaa for Kwo days M. Harmld office. WANTBD-BT A 8INOLE GENTLEMAN, BREAK faat and Tea, with ona large neatly fornlahad Room, eootalnlng aloaata. Ore, water and gas, In a quiet and Drat claaa family, without children or other boarders; location between Fourteenth and Forty-aecond streets. Addraaa, with partloulara for two daya, R. 8., hot 6687 Poet ogee. WANTED?BOARD BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND entrant, three Rooma on aeoond floor, with prIrate table, la a houee where there are no boarders. Breakfaat and lunch not required for gentleman. Loeatlon between Third and Rlxth arenuee and Ninth and Thirtieth atreeta. Frloe not te exoeed $60 per week, Including Are and gaa. Addreaa far two daya M. H. J., box 1*0 Herald oflloe. BY A OENTLB _ . a large, pleaaant good. Term* moderate. Ade TtTANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. BY A GENTLE* YY man. wL a and two qulat little girls, a large, pleaaant Room with Board. Lena Htm good. Terma moderate. Add dreae F. E. W., Herald oflloe. BP CA PER WEEK WILL BE PAID FOR PERMA ?P* ) tlu nent Board. A houae oonlainlng a piano, with the privilege of praotlalng on the same, preferred. Addreaa Belltho, atallon O. COUNTRY BOARD. Good board and flkarant roomh may be ob talurd at Walker Cottage, Clifton, 8. I., Are minutes from landing. Oae and furnaos In house. WINTER BOARD FOR HOR8E8 ?TIP! BUBSCRfRR will take two more horaea to board for the winter; prleo modern te. Addraaa T. J. Robinson, Mount Ytrnon, Now Hampshire. ~ At THK GRANT HOU8K, ? NEW BOWERY. NEAR Chatham square. Rooms from 8AtoM eanla per day; i?to 13 par weak. Open all night. DK LANRAIT HOUSE, 71 WEST FORTIETH STREET, fronting Reeervotr Park?One suit of three large and commodious Rooms, elegantly furnished, private table or taolo d'hote. PLANTERS' HOTEL. AUGUBTA, OA - REF1TR nlshed and reopened October A, lflflfl. THOMAS 8. NIGKERRON, proprietor, late proprietor of Mills House, Charleston, 8. C., and of Ntckeraoo's Hotel, Columbia, 8. C. SHERMAN HOD8E?CORNER BROOME AND ELM streets, en the European plan. Very comfortable end nicely furnished Rooms at moderate prices. Call and exem lne. OKOROK E. SIMONS Superintendent^ Tontine hotel, *n and ?a? broadway, branch of the Tontine corner of Cortlandt and West streets. Rooms from (Or. to $8 per day. Ladies' and gentlemen's restaurants attached. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALB. AT a SACRIFICE?A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS FOUR story and basammt high stoop brown stone House, on corner of Sixtieth street and Lexington avenue, worth $46.01 X); will ba sold for $36,001). This Is no humbug. Call aboutr and examine for yenreelves. Slxo of house 21 6 by about 66. lot If" ? - - - . r. ir_ work lot 100.6. with a courtyard of 6x100 6. and built by days' Apply to WM. FETTRBTCH. 4S? Third avenue. AT 319 FOURTH AVENUE -STANLEY DAY'S REAL Estate Clrculer is corrected, publtxhed weakly and mailed free. No. 29 out to-day Call or send for It. AN EXCELLENT HOUSE. FIRST CLASS LIVERY Stable, Horses. Carriage*. Harness complete; doing a Urge paying business; would exchange for a farm. For par ticulars call on JAQUE8, ton Broadway. A BARGAIN?BRICK HOUSE. BROOKLYN, 60 FEET deep. 14 rooma. attic, cellar, improvements, complete, tip top neighborhood, posaeealoni fl7..VX>; terms easy. D. C. KNIGHT, 7l?l Hroedway, room 20. A FIRST CLASS FOUR HTORY HIGH 8TOOP BROWN stone House oo Mu.llson svsnne for sale. House full width and very deep. Price $66,00(1 KINO A CO.. No. 9 West Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A LOT ON FIFTH AVENUE. A SHORT DISTANCE north of Central Park. Is offered at a low price if bought at onae. JOSEPH MASON. 29 Pine street Adehirablr three stout hioh stoop tlouac, beautifully jiicated on West Fifty-third street, between Broadway ana Eighth avenue; price reasonable. JOSEPH MASON, 29 Plae street^ Broadway ?large, pine modern stork, with rear entrance, below Canal street, for sale; possession May. Other Broadway pmpertv for sale, lease and rent. W. P. SEYMOUR. 171 Broadway. CHEAP IF SOLD AT ONCE ?A THREE STORY HIGH stoop brick House. 23HxMif6, on west side, In perfect order. POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No. ? Pine el. Frederick a. pete room architect. No 6l, Pine street, offers for -ale, on Brosdway, below Wall street a valuable Building, at $110,060. one above Chambers street, $226,000. flvo story Bud.ling 76 feet front, on Greenwich street. $140,000 a Factors. 100 faat front, $1011,000. a large Lot. In the Fourth ward. $26 000. PGR SALE. A first claes three story brown stone House and Lot, nearly full alee, built tn the beet menner, for the owner; lu Forty fifth street, not far from Fifth avenue, with Furni ture. $30,000. A four story brown etone House In Fifty-fourth street, between Fifth end Sixth avenue* $36,000. Four story brown stone House In Thirty ninth street, be tween Severn hand Eighth evemtes; a Porgaln; $22,000. A first claaa in erery respect tour story brown stone full aiged House, on Madison avenue; $161100 An extra large House, brown stone, with Fnrttllure. In Forty Second street between Madison and Fifth avenues', terms to suit purchaser. A varietv or Houses In Forty-eeeond street, between Madi sno and Eighth avenuaa A neat little House to let, with Fornlturo for sole, In For ty-third street. . , A oeet. tldv brown stone House In Fifty third street, be tween Rlxth and Hevoalh avenuaa; $0,000. Business and Tenant Property In every port of thsetty cheap as It can be bought. Central Park IaiU. Lota east and west sldaa of the city, and north and middle parU of the Island, at right figures. Persons inquiring about property for friends, aed In a friendly wav play brokar to the pretudlee of regularly as tablisbed agents, are requested to keep away from my ofllee If not, I will hurt soma of thorn. JOHN KAVANAGH Northeast eornor Forty-second street aod Nlxih avanue. p Por hat.e-with pnnsEsstoN. a riRirr clash rothlr ?n?l French roof ll<<uan In llSth atreet, M<nm Third and Fourth n?nn?, with ?ll nt'"1crn ImprorcmenU. complete and handsomely anooratOd Thla houaa mual h# ?old Thre? alory and >>*arinrril, high atoop, alir JAydOt Iflfi.S. Price coat $P,H10 In build It Thla la a?i<l to be the bandanmeat houaa In llerlam Apply toWM FKTTKETCH. ?M Third arcnue, between Thirty aeeond ami Thirty third atraeta. JR PLOT OP OROt'ND, 10 PERT RT lun alluated on I ha aouthw"-' eornar of Sacen I awnaa and Twenty tawenlh atreet. together arlth Ibrn# hRrk Dwell ings tharaon Apply to J 11 MKP.KICK, 10 South atraat FOR Mlli ON SEVENTH AVPNI'E A I.AKOK PTVR alory haary hiilll not ttarr Mom with ratilu noderalde walk, alia Xl.liJtO, built on I ha whole I'rtaa $'T. ir?i JOHN KAVANAOIl, Northeast curnar of Forty-seoond plreet and Muth arerioe. FjVlR HALE ?m MADISON AVENI K AMD U SIXTH 1 atraat Apply at M Waal ronrth street. FYOR SALE 4 FIRST CI, ASS THREE SToPY HKiH 1 stoop brotrn afot.a Houaa, corner of Leilxgion aranna (up town with all nv la n linrrosemi-iila with <r without Puraftur* Tarma half aaah. Immediate poaaaaalon. Ap ? to WIMRINS A TOWI.K, fit Third aranua, batwaan y-eighth and Fifty-ninth streets. Foe hale rm st'iht <tmrk -.n <hamhfrs atreet. aaar Centre. corner property r>n Oraana street; a too Store an WaUar atraat and Lo'e no I.tat anard air "at. IUNMa.N 1 i ll , 1? Wall atraat. For halb-trnkmekt property, xsxioo, hear Jatfarann Market and Stith aranua. Una location for aUMaa food InraaUnant, price MijUU. I. I- OKKP.LL, TN Cedar alraaa rrtoR sai.B-a handsome pock story iudh A atoop brown atona Houaa. loaailon Madlaon aranua, aaar Thirty aarauth atraat. IB eumplata or tar great bargain s V IKELARO.MII Br edway. OR SAl.E-SEVREAl. HOt'HBE. IE DIPPEERET locations and of dlReranl alaaa. for prleaa frrtm At NO F to tMt.iU) aoma adth latraadlata poaaaaalon; othara posses ?ton nn tha lat of May nan Por particulars apply to WM YAM WAHKNBN. OSHth aranna Foe sale or to lbasp.-a yaldahi.r pro. party on eornar of Brootna aod Uxinn atraau. Par further particulars and 'arna apply to I'REY A COPE LAND. AO fawthtW?? 17IOE SALE OR TO LEASE?FURNISHED. FOR P thma raara an elegant aitra wlda aoraar Houaa. on Madlaon aranua (Murray Hill . with alAhln Apply to K M LUDLOW A CO.. En. I Plna atraat. EPERISHED HOUSE POR SALE-THE TERT ORE. taal thraa alarr atodarn hock lloaw and Lot. M Karl rty-flrat streak na.t ll>a Ke?t rtrar. houaa wall f irn ?l.?d, will he aotd for |lu OOP Poaacaatrro anon Apply hi ? Nee anu airaat r. m Si in lha Lead t owipany a oBoe 5ISO A CO. CAE OIYR IMMEDIATE POSSESSION tn n thraa atory h!('i atraip brirh Houaa. rowtpletela ?iah"d. ow lha aaat atda. Owd krearlty Prion B1I.UUQ, ft MU aaah Mo ? Want Twenty third atraat. Fifth Aranna Hotnt. M TWP.MTT SRVP.NTH STREET. EBTWRKM SIXTH and Saranth aranuaa. a thraa rtnry hick av>?p House) wraausoas m good order poarcaa n Immadtally. JOSEPH EahoM Brtee atreet 9 all i RP.MSP.M APPLEBY. real estate brorrr ard at: on orb EM. OFFICE No. Jo PINE STREET In add Eton la lha I lata of Iota already pakliahnd I a far for aala thd follow!n< - A full Lot an Fifth aranna between Stity aaranth nod Stity-aigklb atraau, fror.tiaf the Parh, high ground, a pirn, did Uweliow. Erie. Iliad CARMANnVII.LK Li/ta. OARMANSYILLE LOTH. CAE MaHAYII.IJI LOTS Poll front an Tanth aranua. batwaan Iddlh and 147th atraau. and fortr lx>ta adjotulaa ow tha atraau i together or Rt^T'l'^Y ASD^.oWloPI.EYA RD LOTS, BOULEVARD LOT*. Pull front on Elaratilb hrenua hatwawn I adth and ld"lh etraato. and ? l>da ndjwnlng en Mu rtreeaw Plot IdLbL Pull frvn on Pla.aoth aranoa hatwaao Kit and Ma atraa a. with aaraa Lota ndyrantng aw lanwdwwf, PPS M1 m Pour Loka on Meaaath aranna and IBd at ana t, and Bap Lou adyntning on atraut Plot |1A?9 Lota tn autt array puohaur. la ptotd M saw lot tn who,a Moaha,*ta Mi prwtlona of thi Auction aala of laaprwand tha kirbanga aa Call at m pine street and reuister prop KRTY FOR SALE Swreral SrW alaaa Haoua formahai and nafurnlaha I la ?nod loaattoon. far aala, yuan raagtng frwwi |ia.stL u ?I0?JW RRIIBMR APPLEBT. IS Pino a*rewt SEAL ROTATE for SALR -IM REW YORK -ONE Lat. in Hh aa Mwaaa SBd and Bhh Ma A Laua an M.. 4 IdfU. on Path at . g lute on anawar af Mkk at. and MA aa., I lerta, on MR at, hatwaao MAP and llu nan. la Brooklyn ptana. Ha, MB AtlnnRa dorp Howaa wMh Blew as Ral 11 and > tauo aaa . I lena on Madlaon at, and 11e>te op Mowraa s. aaMia ad - ?pa Rata IP|MM Pt 1 OflR T HEABD EvOM M IrtaMp Ball Rag. ? - .. r,v? ? ?? ?r m wane f tha any arad Pr-W'ty and YaanaK lata, at na III Broadway on tuaaday. lMt

CITY MiL KNTATB VOH IALB. Anm 8TRRBT, BETWEEN SIXTH AND HBVBNTH T I avenues?Pine itiw story blab stoop brown tUiue Hnh, frescued, (Ins order. Abo Sue four story brown i4oi?e House, supet lor order. j^QMM.bjn. ( W. P SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway KftA ?FOR A THRKB STORY HIOH STOOP 'U brown etone Houaa, wall located; modern Improvements; In complete order. ' S. P. IRELAND, 101 Broadway. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE PUR (ALE. ANY ONE WIBHINO TO buy con portable Hnoaea. In good locations. at moderate prlcee, can be suited by calling at the ufflce of JOSEPH MASON, tt Pino ?treat. Brooklyn heiohtb?first class brown ?lour Houaoa for ante on Itemaen and otbar atraata. furnlahrd and unfurnished; raaaonablr prices. Apply to or address P. P. VAN ZANUT. 148 Kemsen Ureal Brooklyn-murray hill.-pour elkuant atone high atoop Pranrh roof houses. ovary modern convenience; inmaaalnn I; SO minuter to Pulton ferry, near Clinton avenue" POILLON. 100 Broadway. For salk-thh pirbt class three story and altle brown atona Houaa No. II South Ninth street, be tween Rarouil and Third atraata Brooklyn, within three mlnutm' walk of the rerrlea being the roaldenoa of William Wall, K?q.; the houaa la U by 70 feat, well arranged, built and finished In the very beet manner by the owner for hta own una, and la In onmpleta order throughout; tot 80 by 1U0 feat. Immediate possession can be had. Por tickets to MM the premisea and further particulars apply to E. H. LUD LOW A CO , No. 3 Plneatreet. Now York. For sale-a handsomely purnished house, new, three atory and baaamant and sub-cellar, brick. brown atnna haeemant and atnop. 35 minute* from Pulton ferry, nrar CUnton avenue, Brooklyn; delightful neighbor hood; none but those meaning to bny a complete houaa need ' r; price $18.<?L Addraaa boa ASM Post office, New city. i For sale?the handsome two story cottaob House 17V IMifflrld atMM. Brooklyn; 10 feat front; bt 108 foal deep, all Improvementa and In good ordar; prlo# 54,000. Apply to E. if. LUDLOW A CO.. No. S Pine street. ? For sale niBAP-A nice tArbe story brick Houaa, with water and gaa; convenient to ferrlea; price $3,180; In Brooklyn. B. D. J. ELLIOTT, M South Seventh street. $10 000 -U^N?SOM* HOUSE POR _ sale; Immediate poaaeaalon; modern Im movements. first class neighborhood; 8 block* to ferry; South Brooklyn; >4 mortgage. Mi URKAY A BLSTON. IV Pearl street. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR NAIsR. T PLAINPIELP. NEW .1 ERR BY?A NUMBER OP fine Parma and Village Keatdancaa for aale, at low prices. il fine Parma and village Realdencas for aale, at low prices. Apply lo K. P. HARRIOTT, 14 Pine street, or HARRIOTT, VAIL A CO.. at Plainfleld; office hppoall* the depot. AT ORANOE. milriirn. summit, montclaik, Hloouflsld, Bellerllie, Ellxaheth. New Jeraer and at Tarrytown. winter and summer Residence*, with early |iea session, for sale, by FREDERICK A. PETERSON, Archi tect, No. 814 Pine atreet. I NOR SALE?THE OIKARD HOUSE, CHESTNUT 1 street, Philadelphia. Por terms address Tatham Jack son 84 North Seventh street, Philadelphia, or John Jackson, 43 Broad street, New York. FflOlt SALE?TIIR MOST VALUABLE REAL ESTATE 1 In North Carolina The properly known as the "Oris wold Hotel." In the, town of Ooldaburo. N C., Including 178 acres nf land ad|nlnlng said town, will be sold for partition at public suction, on the premises, at 13 o'clock. M., on the latdav nf Janoitrr. luff. i.n accommodating terms Terms will lie publicly made known on the day of aale, or pre viously lo thoae applying to me at Uoldahoro. N. O. WO. MORI SHY. FTORRaI K FACTORY, NEAR STANPORD, CONNKC lu lit, brick bulbSnga, one MiIOO fret; three stories, one dOjHt) fret; blacksmith shop attached, with sixty horse engine, boiler, and machinery, consisting of shafting, lathes, planer, belting. Ae., all In complete order with about 31 acres of land Apply to J'UIN II KNAPP. Stamford, or O " ? lAWi" ? ? K. DORLAND, 18 Wall street, N Y. FOR R A LB?IMPORTANT TO OARONKRH-714 ACRES of valuable gAtdrnlntf Land good dwelling Hon** two ?tone* bltfh. with nIi ronm?. good (Miliar well barn Ifut out boiiNFH, Mhruhhfry and fruit. pfoManUy ?ltuat?*<l in the t"wn?hip 'if ffarnaon. Rmt N*wnrk, anooi ten minute*' walk from the depot, train* le*ve for New York every hour through the da jr. Inquire of Tf!< WAN HI'KKK on the pre mine*. Term* naay. CpOH NALK?AT TOTTKNV1LLB TKKMINtJB. HTATK.V r Island Railroad, a new <*.ttu?e of ten rooms, one arre nf land, four minutes from depot and river. Htvtutiful river prosper* On ??n*y terms. Apply to the owner, 223 Barrow street Jersey Htjr. F OR KALB OB EXOHANOE?IN PART PAY POR city an I oouniry property Timber and Coal latnds lo t Virginia, on tire railroad i Wrat Virginia, on the railroad and navigable rivers. Ad dress ISO booth Puurth vtreet, Philadelphia. IjlOR SALE OR TO LET-FURNISHED OR UN r furnished with Horsaa, Carriage,. Ac , a beautiful Real, dance. In perfect order, having all madcro Improvements; thirty minutes from the city and near the Hudson rtrer. Iieraona wanting a genloel residence at a low prire had belt, see this. 7' FioWHRN SMITH No 8H Pine slreet. ILLINOIS AND IOWA LANDS rOR SALP. OR EX i hange for merchandise, a valuable Tract ot agricultural and lead mln' rnl l-and. bur. acres, mile and a half from Oalena, Illinois; also several thousand acres of ehoi -e ae. le. ted l ands, near i ouncll Bluffs. Iowa. Hplrndid chance furgreat bargains In these properties Apt If wllbln ten days lo H. S. BAYLI.jM, at Lorujoy's Hotel, N. Y JOSEPH MASON, REAL ESTATE BROKER, X? PINE Street. ofTere lor sale every description of Farms and Country Santa, accessible to Now York at price# to ault all purchasers. NEWBt'RO.? AN BLEOANT COUNTRY SF AT Tt Newhorg for only 518.UUI. Apply to E H. LUDLOW A CO.. No 3 Pino street. ?) ELKOANT MODERN COUNTRY 8JKAtH-ORA NOP Jj N J , 7 to ? acre* modern Brooklyn Houses, 58 0X1 and 54,8011 two Parma 10 aecrlBee. Pon.LON, 100 Broadway $5 500 jf0" * ???n TT,RFK "T?RY BRICK _ _ >uae, Ave minutes' walk from Ihe depot, Newark. N J Part ean he left on bond and m?rtgag* In quire of CIIAM J. OOI'LD W Prnnt street. HKAL KIITATK WASTED. Apipth avenue house wanted-por r\nn, K oxliah h.-ameot pieferrad . between Fourteenth mud Thirtieth atreeta KINO A CO., No. t W??t Twenty-third atrert fifth Arena# Hotel. ANtf 41.f. THRKK KTOKY HIOH RTOOP THAME OK brick tlnuee wanted Price from $10 ini u. $1" urdl. Ixi Mtton can'rel KINO A <0. No k W?rt Twenty third atwt, fifth tong? Hotel. ClORNKR HOUBK WaNTBD-IP TOWN. FOR W1IK II J will Ha paid III flu In oneneumhered. too-1 i<rH( prone ly in thla otlir. can put la an ma raah If > bargain la oMered T!l*T*>R SEAMAN M Mollroe -treat. RF.Al. P?TAT? WANTED -BEST HECURITT OPPER art OwMfl <>f Houaea or l.ole who wleh In aell or let lh?ir property, or want U. h*r? their rrnta collected. Will find It to the* adnnlago to direct to Real Eatola, le i 171 Harold offi< c TJ? ANTKD- A PIRHT CI. A ho IIOCRR. IN A OOOD Tr n?lghbnr>inn.1, between Thirtieth and flftlath atreeta and fauita and Blglith arewea; prioa not u> ri.ced ||\ |i poe-eaalon Mar I. Addrnaa J M W . Harold odira \l' AN m> -A PAR* OP ABOUT lOh ACRES, RY IV Tl etprrtenaad farmer boat rnferon a glean and r? quired A t Irene bo> 6.VBA Puot office VAM TED TO PURCHASE ?PR A ME. KMI OR VT rirm wotM Howac with ona or mora Ha up uiwn between Third and Sixth oroouaa Addraaa M . boa III Harold office w AJTTBO TO PURCHASE?A MEDIUM -RUED HOI OR TV la a Aral cloaa location between Twentieth end for Rath lie an and fourth arm Reranfn arewaoa no foacr Rdcea ?11" ?a i aah, Heia.d, with lowaat pf .e aad til (wrtic Ura. TV AN TP: D TO PCIUHaAB-A nOUSR. AC . RRTWRRN TT Y-nkera and Tarr/town adh from two to Are Oorea Of land rlrer rtew ra-inicad Addraaa walk naaa and price f M '' . box d? Toot o??e. _ ._ Wanted to pcim hahr-a pock stort shown ? lone high etoop Houae. not laaa than XI feet wide be tweer fourth an t Herensn aaenoaa and Twenty alnh an t fortieth afaota, furniabed throng hoot, for $th <*w) aoah Ap ply to IIOrEBw A ROOI.RdToN |4 pine aireel N. H - M may to loan oa Rond aad Mortgage Propartp of Oil kin le wanted for aale and ta lot hoc rkn. moo mm. *c.. t<? t.kT. AHAMlMir.LT FURNISHED ?fIT OP TWm or more It.wwna aewly 11 ted op, with m without board or with prtraM tenia. Aleo ati.g.a laaaa at 7W He .edway At m porRTii atknub? hoities to let, in r.ty and o. otry fornlakad or oaf nmlahe." CnB W ?and for nTaNLXT DaT'H Real Route Olnalai far par tKolara. PURNINMED RltOWN ATONR MOON* IN TWRNTT APIUtvivghii brow la ami* imni ia tw bo it ?ccrntb atreat. batwaea Eighth aad Ninth aranoaa. *? - |ior month nth ana i e anil te tat ui a evwalr orIrate family far Jp par month SloMii rmrn, wIm APaRI.oR FLOOR. TWO ROOM* AND TWO BAAR menu of 111 I barium street, w lot, with all ueiprure menu Bent $*76 par annum B. I A R ? Bt RNHxM ?? fl Idoon atrasA A DTRHOPRR. WITH TI B- EXTRACTOR AC.. TO A rout. At; 'f on proanl-oo. $1 P rat araaua, of *. rlTot' Jr_ _______________________ A" -TO Lrr A COAT THRRR RfOBT AND BARE , menlhrhk Ifouar large yer-Je, all modem laapro-o ?tenia. genteel neighborhood oight mlnutea' walk from ferry, ana tdawfc from aora mrner of ITIntoa at -at aad puulth toarw ?"w.klrn,$l >? a yaar la a reap-,nethda pony $ooa iber need apply. The owaor grdog ta luroja ?wd lot ,i f ,r a tor-n ,f /earl Applf hatweon |0 a-1 11 Ui Mr. PHII.1 I PA. Thud Notl'-nal Rank. Maw VorA, a/tar ibraa P. * at A* Wool . - -in atraaA A"" HUXIRBAT MT'lRR TO I.ET MTr?cg ggri PIT t reaforaaia a rare chance la age rod oa oar- iat of laor ogAaaity Atptf ol ? < oradaa atraai. rtoo/ R.aMker. PMIOR Of MRTBR R'NiM* ON A OORRCR TO n, water f?e aneqtalled for ./OtforV A loo riowraf -mo. trqwidiatq p aa aaa too Apply at RW Pro apart atrcci Jccoef ' ?? Tn apartmuri to i.rr oor$i?tino op thrp.r A X iiwm Of pontrtoa Id* Boat Ml? Rroo-i way aad Wwtl acanua A rl A m, four or! A PRIVATE fABIU UTIM1 IB THEIR UWB ?.-?aaa. whrh la ualta amr lha *t Jomaa H -el haai-g taiu t- ? aparo, rhU lot or nagaat Mart auNobte for two or O -.c (enUoaaar f-r $? per waet a.eo a eeag Partoa and $. -lrm.m for pa. w ihowt Onord. with Arm gaa aad alt aaed f m.. ?w r' loare W a? Una roogM aymty to *l"'l A OO Twootf Urd ateaol P fl* Aa ELBOAm.T PfRMfgHRD ma??fo?TNtOH *?f k war fifth arooaa KIEO A 00 . Mat ? Won Tvwoty Ihlad aiceet. PlOh A raaoa Itotad riHAMNfR- fTRP.ET W?PT? fl I.RT POI'R 1/irtA, A awminaa ataaa Maoaa w M Ircallo racy mottml. Amort ftIIavium* rmyrt i/irr" t'? i.kt rwa i/irra, with a aaarp wta. area f taw ? '.aarnad tcot aad ligated or, throe autaw Apfdy tot llAl'M' AT BAMRARD Mo 1?> ? rot WOM. FtfTRRIMH AD HOt'Nf WIT* MTARI.R TO I.Ef i waaaa If moouad ?? -totea Iatoad wttaua *ro wul ?< too aroad oao tend maaaga laqawo ad X M uUltank .tk Waaar atcoat HOUR KM, ROOMS, MO.. TO LET. puomsMisrca SI Pl?? ?' r..t YJkOR KKMT-AT TR F.MONT, A TWO STORY P niehsd Dwelling, with Urge garden, ?f ??Z Ac.; See mlautas Trans retiree*depot. * Post oil., a. KI-K _. fowls, bos HOUSE TO LET AND FUEBITUEH FOR ?AI.R Pilled with first olsss hosidere; or wUl rent tlm House furnished, with good security. Apply St Mo. ? Aghlend place (firry street). _______ IIQUOR STOKE TO LBT-IM MAIDEN LAMB, OCOV J plod by lbs 1st* Csptolo John Coffey ?? twsoly yssrs. Inquire st It Cedar atreet. R OOMH TO RENT?TO GENTLEMEN ONLY, AT Writ Forty-ninth sir-rot. Apply for uno wash. SPI.F.MDID FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-IN A CRM trsl location. with nil lbs modem improvements. Terms moderate Inquire of BBMJ. MKRKITT. No. ? Tryoo row, room No. A STORE- TO LET-OB BARCLAY STREET. NEAR Broadway, under the As tor House: > mod location; rent low: Futures for sale. Inquire la ths jewelry store No. J Barclay street. STEAM POWER? I. A ROB AND UK ALL WELL lighted Rooms, wtlh steam power, to tot Inquire on premises. SRI Plrst arenas, of B. P1TOU, Jr. S' TEAM POWER TO LST.-OOMMODIOOS AND well lighted Rooms to lot with Bteam Power. Apply to mbyKr, J. 8., ISA West Twenty alxlh street S' TBAM POWER TO LET?WITH TUB FIRBTCLANH building of four Soon, SS by 140 feat, welt lighted, si the Grand Street Mills, foot of Grand street. Bast rlrer. In ._ ? quire of B. WHITE, oornor of Grand and Tompkins streets. STEAM FOWER-WITH WELL LIGHTED FLOORS, to lot, la Nes. 9 and 1! Baxter street. Apply oa the pre mlsee Monday, at 10 o'clock. SEVERAL LARGE LOFTS TO RENT.?ALSO SOME with power. Alan several Factories. Apply to OH AS. F. CLARKE A CO., ? Broadway. SEVERAL FIRST CLASS 1IOTTSB8, FURNISHED AMD and partially furnished, to lease. Call at once. GEO. K. NASH, SOS Broadway, room R rLBT-A FINK PARLOB AND BASEMENT FLOOR near Broadway and the New York Hotel, torbusiooes; also a suit of four rooms. Call st once. GEO. R. NASH, MB Broadway, loom K TO LET-SEVERAL FIRST CLASS STORKS AND LofU on Broadway and Mercer street Secure thein st once. ORG. K, NASH, EH Broadway, room 4. TO LET-A SMALL, FLEASANT ROOM, WITHOUT board, In a private French family; walar and gas. Terms moderate. Apply at W Want Hereateaath atreet. TO LET-IN A PI EST RATE LOCATION, NEAR CLIN ton atreet, a Oral elaas three etorr high sloop basement and tub cellar brick House, containing all the modern tin provements. In good order throughout, commanding a Bne to A. KNOWLTON, aoutheast corner Fulton and Forth avenues, oppoalts the old stand, Brooklyn. TO I.ET-TWO ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLORS, to one or two gentlemen. 8U Second avenue. fjTO LET-TIlE HSCOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 104 M Alli son street Possession Immediately. fltO LET-BIII. DING ON WEST FORTY-SECOND A street, out ion. suitable for manufacturing purpose,, brewery or packing bouse Apply at AT Mercer a tree I TO I.KT-THRKK KIBST CLASS LOFTS, SbsSO. 40 W EST Fourth street. Apply on the premises. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. THIRD FLOOR. J42 Itudeon street, near Charlton; four Rooms; hut two families In house; Rent $4" Inquire of J MATHEWS, room 27, di Nassau sirnct. from I to d only, or oo the pre tnlaes TO LET ?IMMKDIATB POSSESSION; GOTHIC COT. tare anil ipi irlcr of an acre at Woodstock two miles almve Harlem Bridge; six minutes' walk from bur** cars, twelve mlnuiee' from Melrose depot. Apply to WM I! RAVNOK No fl l-lne street. TO LET TILL MAY 1-A FURNISHED HOUSE IN Thirty-fifth street near Fifth avenue. Kent #4UJ jeir montb. JAMKrt K Wll BKLKR, 111 Broadway. TO I.ET?A PURNISHHO ROOM IN A PRIVATE house, wllbout lemrd, to one or two single geaUeoi-u. Applv at 14 I .sight street. TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, Rl ST only fl.Sll. payable monthly, and Futures for ,,ie cheap; a splendid large corner Store, two large Hhoa Win dows, an elegant Cellar, with HuUnellar under ike sfc'e walk . a first elaes location tor grneary, liquor More dining as. bote aitlooii. Ac ; located In Mink aretiue. between Twenty l.flu and Twenty eighth streets For particulars apply tuWM V*N W AGENT.!*. 47? Sixth avenue. To let-several furnished houhes, IN GOOD locations, with immediate |.oaaeaslnn. at a few res ?ooable reot. each bouse has all the modern Improt rent* 'sngliig from $!?*> to $<410 per month Also unf-.r nl,hed lions, s to rent, and Furntlnre for aaia. For particu lars apply to Vt M VAN WAGI NKN. 47J Sixth avenue T ) LBT?El? RRIT t'RR FOR HALE. AT AORKAT HaH g*tn. * Hur gftulUnitDii's Bo?r>liru| llmi-Mi, In ?rdi.' sl * ~ -a loCfttl'lll pfcftllg ?r?il und toll of txiRnllTB. I mm ?oui gtveo. W J. HEIIMARR A CO., 101H Twf?i; fifth TO LET-KI6 IlirKH KTKRRT, HKOORLY*. A TilKf K ?torjr \tr\rk IIoumi, b?lw??n ?Wrn?M>n Mod l?rgr*w tirs* ?, convenient to Ifamiltmi arpnufl f?*rnr. Hwi.t $1 .WW. J. A W. OEM!AM. Eighth *v*nue, corner of fttitorntll ?trcct. Vs*r Y rh mo LET?RKCoHD FLOOR, JM TWEHTY FIE Tf? 1 r^nt $V) ? nvnth AI?o llMf-ood El'w?r nt r "ilUfF, bs?ni|tlf ulljr sltlUlM) ID lUlrOM , rvflt |l& A|'pl/ At 170 Enurth KTPfius. TWO EITRRIMIIRD Elf??ORM. Jl'HT EITTEfi EOK llouM>A^|Miig. W?l#r, Om, Heath Roihi t>-?I t?lw pKrti#* iif^d ?m?|y T?? mnfh fiwn II A if f II f I' ' M llrGwn hu>M i- root, Vlf hlith ?v?au?. Timim In Kdr*fi'-w IIOt'MK*. HdMkMN. AU\, WMTKI). FAMILY OR TIIHKK FRMONH WO mil-DREW. wanta foar nr Bra K".tna, .lafurtilaha.! f..r A'Mraaa, vtlib full parti. alara, 1. > . IUr.1 flUa A (IRNTLRMAN AND WIRK Will 1.11 LIKK To J\ rant, fnua mrw li. In uf May. aad aft'llf ?f ? Hbar yaar tha lowar half or Flrat Rli-m of a konaa with al m? I rrn Imptwrui. nl?; ban of r?faraac.-a gitran Athlraaa A 8 . O < hurrh altrat. AflKaT < LARK RUKMIHIIKIr IIOl'HI. I* I hi. tral lf-*l ..n, ?mH. bf a ?mall r?apaaal' l? f?m ly rafaratif? ?'ir.r?r#p?j.?oal la A*l4aa>a with u ttna, A>uota A Co Kaal Kaiata Hroaara. M-! Hi atlaay a rnim. rmvATi! ramii.v wil l, i-at r??l t??? . V to A'art par month lor a .'unil-ba-i II. uw ipaat.'.u n. rat b? uaa urpaaaad KIMi A CO No ? Waal Twanty-ihlrd alraal. Plflb Ar. nua lloial An hmixiikh room w amtki?-witiioit roaro for a lad/ aod ? al ??n?. Addrwaa, atatlnf larma, At., I, M , atotf.ti C. Pwl ..(hoa. F*rpri t ai. atti htiom iiitrw to thk hkrtimu 4 of hioiaa aad W arab?. i?r? altar. pia?al ??>!? la oar baud' aa t|.iU I. II ?l IlLodr A ', Mo 1 Ptna .? \V'a8Tki?-hv a phyhkmam. am nmc* hi TT Iwaaa Mailiaoa at.'i *ltt*i aran'i'a Twaotia'S arvl T.. Ir fi.urtk Mraata; I ha flral tlnnr at au Ktifiuk l<aMaia.,i b.itraa pra'anad f nr onfurniabal iddiaaa. alb larma, Pkyai. tan *t Waal TaanlykraA Atraal. iifahriiD- no tw. with rowrh hitwpk.m fort TT landt a-d t'ha'nhwra rlraata o Rroadwrf A-ldtaaa ,ir.?a*llal'l* I! 8 RaAall, bat M foot Ar.a.klrt. itf ARTRD?TO RRNT ON LRARR A AToRK OH Tilr 11 W '..*a of a HniUinj. .. < aaal Mraat uitan RnaML wa? and W.?at?i atraad At 1-aaa *> rhi t, M?r?i! ndlra WAHTT.ll?A PA RLO K, WITfl RBHAOOW, TOP TWO AknUaman wl hoot irwr I nM ah- aa kiath aCraad, ba |waa? Third and HlrUa araawa Prtrw $?>! I*a maato N' t A, 1H . I'oal ..m -a 11'amth.-A ri'HHi-HKit Ho' *i: rt a aMAi.i TT prirala family eaniral tneauaa raat oot p> at..a.l (au In $T*' I a. na .ith pa; . a la ad 'aa-a iilraw A k , Hara.d ..npa UfARTitii ht a am am ramim i im?i?t!Wo or ttuiaiun. Wilt, Uafaol And aa tan . foar nr kta RrmOM paahtaa kip '.aa furnlihat la a toa'-naM- and t aat mannar. aolU'.la far I .-.aakaapind^ a"?>aa P?rty atraal prafarr-d. tartaa h'ld m tpa?l |K to |Hpar a. .tilA Addrata ataUaf all parti 'llara J A ll llat'.'O f? w AHTWIt?RoOMW WITH f"*f.k HU>H Ik AD T' 14 'Ml a , a a 'aat la Al w Ian "aa? tao ri About ISrtiSo 'awl pra'arroi . a ll fa-.m It to V . 'aa aaaw, for a alawn IMI "rot '.aaa T .a raifnt m 'w oaii |,(< . ? rlaan, ff.m ? u. 14 faat a.p* a . I la atari aaiahharaa' l Addraaa boi I AU TaiakUa .. f taa ri tio' k afar- ? g thml ?l aaal at aaa aid a Apply la < llaa I t I.Akkl A < '> H Braadway Wawtteh a rrn* Hourr? hoi aa iw uocrtl lywa p >n wl. MI irai p. (A* par mih. Addraaa trap ply la alMoNlra A > ?> . alway aad fvi-ima atnai TV*A MTWf? ? t"Hri H M fan T It A Nil k.*A' f>*l? fUH't. TT aoliahla for kaaaakaap??A twiwaoa t raflk aad Tw-a ty third ttraata aad R- Mdway aad latralk ttaata aaal audanta family, ttai aau.-.t da olttrwaa ???? aad ra^n rad A Idraaa I It P. ? I W T at atlaw 'ARTItO-A l/H AftOH rr>? k rA'TORT. WTTII W waur aawaa aad aaa p-boMy a law Valrdaaa dowa loara Addraaa bar iWHan.! ia? aaaali faniahal aa aafarmakad ll a.aa fcalwaa* f nrdb aad T-^Ua?k ?ra?'a a?-d fwart'. aad Riakir. a?aa a. 1 HOoaa atai'? l< won tti.K. rrowr. i-rttR Awo ri?r ?rd nitiM 11 iaa* n p an or# d A riHRT rUH RTRTAT RANT RI AM T ?T >'\ .??aa far aala w ta faaoraMa lu aawt | tram Paaaaaaa IUK Ikt, HtllK I lAHIII nut ttk in or. a i' W M I aad ? r a ? ??? -r?W RAI.R TM* ?HOOMrR HI ?'t"T < AR l Akhi. aitr.u pouHworroow ut.iju rrwr. aad lalWir wmllali a. at ?ami MadTia ha/a't aala ia.| A LA R ,\ aad t artar pp...'Raf. a.., t? U" .# aa o a .I a la ' haap ? r. tfiwi iti A illfdirwcrrWRRA omra RAT 9? TRIIUiftk' * rr^fircuSw M Row aaa ifar. aby iAI aadway ? ?1 AllkPU aft'AR roA kALA-WMI'N IA rafAR ila at a lA-'llf -d rria!br? Arartai aa?t waaa rrryci bicmaR'i* r-.R maa aaaaa HA*MRM* *?? ?R* aoaaar ka a<>a*d la it kartaa atAWa IWMM A awry ka M < It A ITT. A. ?A I AtaWy at aaa. kaaaaaaa. appay la ia?raa< A" f HARt'R Rtl fwt? orr*B*r> ?' **T Ml Mll.A I aaa* yirMraa a*.A ad Toya aad HaaAaa 'Iwada ad droaa A 1 araa'aa mrawA aaay Araaiaaa ?TOR Nkl.K. A WELL KNOWN IMFOMTKR IM HK'iAfiW'AV WIHH lut to r#-Um frotobu.tnaa. *ul> to .all bit Imm (At* ???(? fruto May lull and hi* entire now Murk of lapartod <l..od., ii*Tih?r wiih ftry rtcR Future. ami II.>u.ah..Id Fur iilture A.1.1.... with alneartty. firing rani nam* and addraaa, lt.*l<>lpb a , station D Poal oOoa. N Y. CtOFFFK. OYHTFR AND I.l'M I! Run* FOR HALE ? > A|iply uuUia i r^udaaa, llHaud lib Joan .treat YvHI (i HTORK FOR RALE: own OF TIIK HKhT KR. 1' Vail store, in Ihe .trinity of New York, price |f (WO. particular, eall on 0 II WUBELBR, 111 nb*rry .treat. pf)R XaLK-THR RTim'K. rilTI KKS AMD ?iooi? I Wm of , flr>l Millinery htora. m ona of Uke b**l Mewer'atx' P*1 ^ * LYOR.HALF TUP. I.KANR. HTo.'K. FIXTL'RKM Of A A. Iloiwa- Kuntuhlotf Htora on Pulton aventie, Imoklfs; 'ttiif * WIH* * amail oaptt*l. Apply al F^AV1'.^' ,lRf* ' LAKK HI TfllKR im?RK WITH Flak. Ilyataa and Vegetable Htamla. inquire at WO ABltT atraat ClOR HAI.K -A (IROCRIY ASH MILK HTORK WITH Twelfth alriit*"' * ,l*xl u*'?'"wh.H?l Apply at *15 haal P a. ^ m ? T AHO LIQUOR HTORR. Htm-k and Mituraa H..nn .. . .,n aecunl of A ( in the family Inquire at 3>: w ..Mugton .treat FOR HALK-THB HTOIK AMI FUTURE* OP A OEO eery Htora. doing a Aral rlaa. I..i.|,,?, ?.u.fa. mry res aolia (Iran for .ailing. Apply at 131 Uraanartah aranu* IjtllR BALK -AAA BARREL* OF CIDKR VISEHAR IN 1 lota to ault purr.liaaara. at low flanr. ? N KIM1HLF.Y A HON. 1&3 rrankltn alraat. N. Y. For a a lk?on k million wf.hti iif.htf.k ooub. ty 1*1. kloa, lu aglt. T. B. BINCLAIKB, 144 Maldaa Una. CtOR AAI.R HTfH K, FTITtTRKR AND HOOD WILL r of a ralall Liquor Hli.r* OD Waal atraat. naar Hrarb Price gl.oai. Monthly rant fit. On* of tba b*?v I catinne and cheapest rent. on Waal atraat. A IIALLIHAY. Inipnrtor, ?l?JFtwnklin .iraat FOE RALK-TMF. RENT EXPKF.HH BOUTS IN THB raty. horaa, An. AUon Hroadwar. Ona kind of work. 11 Hlora. cheap. Iminlra of 0. B. WATERMAN, 111 Hulll ran atraat. after 6 o'clock. tTOR HALF TWO HEAVY FLAT1H* ElfOlT OAEEM T Apply P. HF.MMoN'H M*n? Hro.dway F OK HALK-THK BP. NT LfQCTOR RTORK. WHOLE _ **ie Mini rpuil, In thta oily The otntr h?? othar bu?l DfM *im| cannot itUnd U* II. ror MrllcuUri iBQUifn of (i? V WKUMON, I.VI l'?*rl FiOR HAI.K \ rOMIM.KTK fllNTn.l.KKT. IRf'LUO ti?k nil ih?? nifiisil*. tulm. kr . or moklnfSK barrtli wbtakf; a day. la<|ulr? of It. MMITII A CO , Bo. 40 John ?trf*rt FViR HAI.iC.?TO ANY KBHI'K**TAHLK PARTY WHO waiita ? fooit, ?*fa, |??vln* fnnlnpw. wMhoul ki?t or H*k . ?ucb j>*!?oii* wnnttng hunln**** with a IIMml eaali eaplUl. will flixl It ftmnrthlitjr t#> thflr u lui U|f Many ?rar? a?taH|i*h?tt. Por t*arilruUra amJjr U? wM VAM WAOKNKN. 471 Hlitb aornua POK HALF. rilBAP-LKASK. A NO RTOCK OP A Millinery |>taU?<1 ???bp? In *?ln?1ow TO fwt (Ippp. K#tu $4*i0 par anntmi f nqoirv ??f W MA?'KKY. W3 Potion avmiia. Hr ?'?k!tn or at lh" atora, 1J9I Vb ?i#r airaot, Nf wltii tg. S > JRWKLKR'H RAFF. FOR Mtl.l FULL HI/.P HWR rtog'M mak?*, prl-? $4.V? ln?)*iir? at (M Polmn alrEwl, r<Kim No I KINDLINO WOOII AN KMTAHLIMMSD PAtTOKY for on ??ay larrna. tli a |?"p| and haying a gno't Iradn. g<?o?l r#a? <n? gh < n f'?r going owl of ih* >?uat noaa Apply to O. LOPKK. Walworth ?trri't. thraw door# ?outkraai uf milo'ighhy avpuu*. ItuxiAlyn. K ?>. IJOHT OKAPT. I*> PFKT ' long tkt Ififh ryltnJp'r. f i ???!<> haap Alan M oim| hau l ?htj.'E H"4(a Iron an>t wood In jwlra fo??t ol 114th atrayl and Harlem river of hTKPIIKN RuBKItTd APR POlt HAI.K - At AMANHKK aOIMtltK* IIKill. n .CI In''he* long 7-* # Itfliea bf?*.| aU'i hi*' k walnut High OeaA. I fa*'! T?y IS Ifi' hea, *n?t two arrow i ?fh? r- Chair*. trHk^thrr or a*|>*ri*ta. Apply at k4 * haltiani airwtl fro rAKPKNTKRR AND Ht'lLDKKH kOR HAt.K. I g'*wl planl^ Worklwiif h Mantel* la'g*> Window Prama*. Hhnttera 1'iaaxa t'olumna. Tin K*>of. A Ain |<*p| i'?m llurM), cheap, IMth ilrnrt, llarlein. bcuw a?*?t Plfih avenue a UN allOP POIl maLK?DOINO A LAKOK B THIN KPN In fruit ran* The r?woar is going to Rarupe Addrraa N N . ItemJd ..fh'W. tf.1 r.nil POR BALK A HOTEL IN NRW 1KB ?PI(*)"v. aay. now doiag a good Nuaina**. reawm why given Apply In WM J nHflRft ai Nmmo iirw?. Nev York iMHween IU and II A- M. 4> Mf HVIKfdN < aHKOTH POK MAIiR?AT I'll'R to?.'''Mr .VI North rtaer. f'ad t'bartea ilrwt. a aaw lot, all l at will WW- tbU winter. MACIIIWKK V. \T 171 WAHURHTOK TTRPKT. RRTtrPPV CORT Ian4i ???* lint. fur ??!?. Pi.rul.ia oiai.'i'.arp Kn |m?, ilao ('irwkf iUn MUii JOn rlUMI'iuf AT 74 R4MI1R HTRP.KT AAOAOPKH AM) P. MA I TIM r?>H hAI.P. V 1 iH'TR rioK HAI.P. j1 tiirpb rppprior M H0K.1K PDWKIt l-<?. t. HoTI VR Bailor* To tm wan al lln?auiapar A lain''. 01.4a' roflnorp, RUilanlwfl. (Ml haI.K o"R OAUiRIC KT'JTTB (ROPBR'H I iwimi In (?|4 or4ar h<>A4 for wanI of too 4|p.p ?? 61 Vrrvr >in*l P'oll MAl.R-AT 44 PARR TTRPRT. PtVR PolTTT, OOO Boo p >.( >.o and AA.|iif Jf. kn'on Jaiwar. tola" "too Ml ami on# IU h won, ??itnplolo will. R..:l?r? will ha o.A.1 lorp Iam. ip lJ'HI.P. OTP. All KR'IIHP.H A 111 I l lli I'UX HAW MIMA Tlio torn ?nl wot In una ClrrwUr* o'l't on atpltoltlan VA'M'O A MAT* HTRaM P.HAJITB COMPART. ~ ?"*, ? * . Ml M MalAlnn lo'.? Tow Park nrr.Ai r.Miivi A ato roii p.r* prom ? to i<w >0 to'Woo |o*'f to Ion on# 2BO i..n lltirwniir Proao. wit* im?o p'lWilt nil I'lo I'loo-io. l*l'.?to. t"tll|i*4 H.'bf.oo, T halting. PolOta V' tooo, A noil* Ploifo'm Ik oian foon lotos I.itfiUh a-owl. Atari aorr ?? all om-lo M' IP A M A T A US NI'Y 147 WaUf .Irani, Bnaiklpn OTP A N P.T'AITIl WATTPIP, A RTRAM n l.ugir.n ant R'l.lar r toloi'il to' h-r*a ?,?>!, In i<>| Anion Add-not hot 1*0 I'oo' .i?? |i lino o? lor A4Ai*wliMn llfaM oAw Vl'AATKIl A 1 Aim M Pat 400KJ14 PTATtMl >T ? to' pr?a and ? horo U) hi hoo O K llorsA4 ART MOMIUI . MAllAHP ROtot in TIIH OM.Y Mp.llll Al. ATI' lU'wd iooi Ilia Wiiii'lPnl 'on 'o M, ?-I jptoi lAoWt AW life nooo of > ? if t i to Una h o nniar wt WooB Tw./.lp ooronlA oit- otowi AitUk and nwooatk ?o#nran. Hint In# ?o*'wool Rati _______________ Mahari prnoT ttir orpattotp RrTiRRMn a*i? too . ol xpirMtotollat to" wo, i? iooo tp?Ap ioarfta#aa. llo A onrt'i tototooo lo4M |l TiR uRPAT ITI'IaM ' I.AIRYkTART. to ui ?nr to rp ' 'IK ream ho ooo 'lout t I*fiito or. I MtOtotik ".r~vr~ h-jotto of t ?? I I t>o ("two llo .ro fro? I lor 14 P TKIAH Al.. A I'd ? , KIT III. At A" ? "I I IIRI n pi PAIR PRITAPR ."4 In ItotiMo, "? * Awr tn?w <A*o4 i.O'l i.iri "g and w toko.1. o oAl.l? if Art?i?I \A.I I'TPIiRTi TAIR4 ooil'of!lofo i otigi.T OR. , <AR1 " IITI'I.P^ R.. 4 ArnJ' ? p.o'-o Own rMlwf in toll 'owl in to.m a?4 iwfiowi aitoatoto. AAA I Ana 1?4. g rri TAIRO n||i#f T" 4 Aiai ? pio'i Hal ..Wtoplo'Mo ? .?owlto Otoo f OO < i pp ?r HHP. ittprpipw trim or with "'T . _ ?at' '?* f w ?an ?A a.!too Ir oo whaAaaar oaaio tor MoAanao H' OIPJ.I. PraAoaa.t W Htotanlorr HAifU poa/r totaaiAti' 44 RoaA Ttolro Quito otraai. aaar ? ila ? A Ii*|i P fo M4RRAPU I.AI'IRO M All A TP RPR A 1*1.1. 4 Ito'o: Va Prawn PaaoaJ# PlIAo M. I pnaa II ?" too 1 torwo. |A a own no awiaj fal o-/o ,oA toaoilkr UO -O At Mao Tto Mf f . rtto otrwat ?-o. o ,,t t.a to? too"' tor to?ll A44raao toot I 4M \H RI-RnolTO To A pwofiaaa Pat?ata Part"4"aI PHI* ?a <o <1 4or witAooit ia?twtoawlaaaa, Rfea .at* nw |4 In ,rawl ia??raalaoaa _ AAl RIi P.At to*"- IW l.ltoorlf . tm ap i <P Hilt, to! > lA'oitp ?root ?I too. I roar O U"fo. I tot MaRRIM'R ? 1 ' W "i;t aoo. ? MM I ) ?Aw 4ltoo?aoa W al RTII ATRHIR-4.-l.RRA I 'I HpTtoP.IAT ' RPWPI'IRto ATP T If P OTI.T TPI?. It riml ? n, ttuiptto a A. paa o4 tao? a Ma aoaoa I? R>? tarwaA | till r a ' t* A! til' RP * "T l>R PoWRRJI >?* IA O up Pn ???a PartooMwwA At'?? a?4 PHAa ? art?a ....O 'if,.. IRA P. m tot'ao' ? tl'IRo RRtoP.PAiTOT '?P P 4 T TP. ill.AToR OR li pi.kTRRi Pn W a > i -o-to P. .f al toaa ia or >aa loolituol A'R PoM RTA, lt*? AM Ri? oArwaA IAI'IP" RP *'T 1 ? P' I'M R RR ' ARRPI'l. a it "At? .f" WA'TI-rt' n Pi.w4 pwbA" Alt'? a* tonato la ai -a?o f?-.? a A?a? to?a oW ? n4 f? a?totolan lf? l.t?n? nnri MaiiamR tat ri'arira iitirntL piitri' iat. ?a kn " 10 tool 0< m *oat ? nru, (krwat A ra n | .araav?w al t?a lato?o?w Ml i r i PIPIAI C rr*n r rural ft law o R t i?i I far At Own igR Mat?a '41 <r#oa avW to?aot URI.IRP R'aR I.Al'IRa A( OMR IWTRR'IRW. "R RO pap ' -waoA?.a at ail Aown >?#?-. .10 ? ?? ? ? at ooa' ? ata. o It 4 .aOAAa?a PrWw 14 tor I" ?? A? * an 41 kaatA aa?to 'pHR RilTPTIa* RPR ROT RoR pllfa pp?R rint.f J a?ra h't ? <ha w.atrp a?I a*a u? i ?a ?w (too" waW r?to n? ha f*wo4 at Ul A?ip it not nf l#'i?AI t ? 4?rLirT'iif TR'ToaRIAR T a TBI) BP or IRnwROTH IB prawn* Ma?wot ft? ?at iioi?oi af ill-a ?aaw?a totA?A lW R ? a?art. Till 'AUltf (If Ril la rTRRto 'TM TWBRRR'AB ? i ? a? k it a?4 I kAR?tool >> A >I-?4IM4 ?p a? Or. Pvwaaa Rhrtr a# l.r'o IM Ptw ooart trrOBMT I'ltR A?p ? if f RRI' IRMROIATPl.f "wjT?r. tt atl?"Oip ? aapar 1 in BaRRI?'R. 41 Rt?M aoawaa. OwrwAk?. ?a a Aovi 7 V'^ui-mrtfc tow* a?i. marmaaT'o RR.7A4Rjrf5% fa# tPr pow.n Par ? o.,?ro / a* 'w itaiARI-jl -?Mi .rM.a 144 IE ton oo?WA