Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO, 11,059. NEW YORK, MiOHDAY, DECEMBER 10, 186& FK1CB FOUR OF rttttovAu A~-"~RB8PBCTA?LE PERSON WISHING TO ADOPT A little boy two weeks n*d, u fine healthy child, in * point hnmn inn hrsr itf tome at 283 toot Eighteenth street, for IwAft TOOK AT>ttrriO*-A PINE HEALTHY FE.MaLK I* ohM. four months oH. Pleaee inquire at 22 Fleet street, Brooklyn. ^ ^ OREBNWOOD CAE, UNION STREET. SATURDAY nigh I. Will little friend, who got elT rear yl at for in auA walked down on opposite aide, aee you again T itfaWN, boi 2,467 Hew York Past ofBre. I MEANS MAN MIS8INO ?LEFT HIS HONS ON Tuesday, December 4, Alexander Thomaa McCormark; age 22, fideei 8 Inches, weighs 140 lbs., dark hair, blue eyee, Mary eye brow a. no beard: dressed In dare Melton bualueaa ?oat, gray tweed peats: left without a hat. Hie Insanity la ?mf a reUglous turn May be In Westchester oounty. If fonnd pb-aee no,Iff hie parent*. El Third avenue, or In spector Dllks. at Vetlre Hcadquasqara, 800 Mulberry street. INFORMATION WANTED-lCRIIARD CARPENTER A died In the Klagt end Queen* oounty. Stale of Virginia, 4HMe years ago. leaving a propeety to talis hairs. Any infor nastlon respecting tba above degassed and Ma eiecuwra WIS Meet with a liberal reward hyapplication to Alek. Muakit Irtek, Quardlan Eire Inauranoe Company, New York. WILL THE GENTLEMAN WHO WROTE TO THE -Collector of tta* Port an the 7th met . signed Mer chant, pleaee call at the Hurreycr'a office. Cuatam House, ?Bd oblige. A. WAKBMAN, Hurveyor rILL THE LADY WITH CHERRY COLORED KILE . J drssa and light sack, who walked down Filth street. Fourteenth street, Broadway, Grand ssveei to L street, plane grant en Interwiew and oblige, O B. V., Herald office. " MATRIMONIAiw ~ A LADY. CALLED PRETTY. DKSIRKH ACQUAINT anee or gentlemen. object malrtmeny. Call on Mien ?MACK DARLING. All West Thirtieth-ulreet. w LOST AND VOL NO. T OBT. ? PERRONfl ARE HEREBY CAUTIONER 1j against trading for or buying the I illowing Vote *nd Sua BUI. the same having been lost or mi-i'sld by i?e -Note -datad Charlotte, N. CL, Oct 7. IMS, at Ei months $1 2GU, deawn by A no Wilkes and payable to B. Keopman on which there bee been oDe payment or $9<)U. Duc_Blll given nt Hal lotns nguei tiaore by M. Pels, date mtkuown, ror $1 44U, pnysble to B. JCoepman. A liberal re waul will be given the tinder by leav ing Ahem atS. Rothschild A Bros., 21 Warrvn street. Nstw Yoac, Dec. 7. MM. Jt. KOOPMAK. iflBT?fiTH INST., BfTtlKR IN -BROADWAY OR I 9roadway Railroad car..a $20 bill with seoctpt attached, e finder wtH'Iie suitably aosrarded by leasing It at 48 West Thirty-seventh street. Lost- on bunday, ?t? inrt., in going from Park avenueAhrough Thiety-elxth etreet to Madison ???? ?ue end Thirty.seventh slroewatlold Plnand Lace llendker ?fc?f; jiln marked K. W. C. By returning eame to 9W East phlrty-aisth etieet a eullable rmeard will hegivan. t (tpr-ON BUNDAY, IN THE FOURTKENTR STRKKT V J (.Str, a Porkethook, with a amall sum of money and ..unit'? papers. The tiider can have the money by return, lag the p *P?r* 10 Nr- Jkcnee Fltzmmrnons, 287 First Avenue RTH INST., IN GOING Yard to Hliteenth street and all the pay of a poor boy who hid Jurt'been hoi 'Nv,t'ly ll""'hir2rd {,v'n 11 lhrt!"i ser vice In the United . V" n above to T. HIVER,. ] OBT?ON* ?ATI'RDAI. THE A from the' Sixth avenue, a *' I mat bv?-n hfu ui? u?r|ru i tv.i. ?. tunic ?r,ua w ilii ihS iTnitlA N?i?? navy. Any poraon returning the ??dva tit T m i Mo Wnafroftou ?iwt, or 2AH ;Ni*th iv. mei reuin on. ^ of wllh T*4?'"' thank* of the loser. . OTMRV nv OiTiinrii T BETWEEN fl AND 10 P M , S ?romStevens' sts IdM. l "TSi^SSt Ti^Tut esltriek ?firlstEVffik * R enlShws ^k?|nte<l' on panei, panel wllh US.m. sto'vo in ?ti wiU be ' ^ b> owner "" ?Of?lJ. , STOLEN OR STRAYKD-PROM T^avenS'fclbH'ut Vu Portv-eighth street and Lexlngto,. tav Mare ahont u O'clock on bunday evening, a bright ,, r^:. wl ''? hand* high, with while spot on forehead, a * , (? "? striped red. Any person riving *oy Inforun. ' place^or corner of Mulberry and Broome^ sti^ \s REWARDS. AUDKRAL REWARD WILL BE GIVEN FOR T?? return of a large black Newfoundland Dog .'f? airayed Inn No. 81 Henry street. New York, on nui. <W Moratng. >th Inet. _ AO RE WARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY EYENING, *PO camber ?. an Italian Greyhound slut. Answer* v the name of Ltllte. Apply at 81 Weal Twenty eighth street, 1 la tba grocery store. ? 1A RKWARD-LORT OR MfHLAID. A ROoK OF " Autograph Letter* to Stephen C. Maoaett, bound In gad, with the owner's name on the oover. The finder will please return U to Mr. Stephen Massed. SI. Droit UoteL (1A REWARD.?LORT OR STOLEN ON LAST ylU Saturday night, about R o'clock, a Mark Rt,acini Bloodhound, srlth white breast and feet and cropped ears. Whoever can tall where he cau be found will rare,v., the above rewaid. LOUIS MKHbBK, 1RR Eldrtdge street. l?e twaan Rlvlogton end bunion REWARD.?LOST, A BLACK AND TAN l><>G with O J. Moore on ihe collar Answer* to the raaof Jack. The finder will please return it to George Smith, Ht. Deals Hotel. N. H ? It wee seen a In the Fifth avenue yesterday afternoon. Ann REWARD -LOBT, RATURDAT EVENING, DEC. W?U 8, a Dnlr of Huree Blanket*, gray, itriped wllh red Aoy person returning them to Brndent-k'e livery stable. 204 Biota street, will recelva the shove reward. A4)C REWARD-LOST, BETWEEN BGRTON AND qtwiO New Tork, via Fall River line, two leather Wsllels. aeatalalng papers belonging to a RevannA merrhaut. sud af oo vslaa te ear but lie owner The above reward will tw ?aid ea return of seme to J. u. Hhsw A Co., Roc # and 90 walker street. Nsw York. If sen I by mall the amAunt will he eonaclantb-oaly aeot by return to any address named *7r. RKWARD.-U)9T. DEC 1. AT QUARTER-PART T I " 12 o'clock at night, on Third avenue car, between Cooper Institute and Fifteenth street, one double time, In dependent. quarter second, open faced Gold Watch very thin. The fln ler will get ihe ..hove reward and no que*, tuna asked by leaving the watch with John t'hemberlln, TOW Breedwap. WtllCAL. 4 7w y,",K W w.r ttTm^ A Vtor tii'piHo" YTi:^'A~FEW~ig(iR-^p,->7r tVA-e W sou."/." Her.ld og& ^ddrwa, , -h r,, .. . A YOUNG ENGLISH LADY WILL BR MOIIT HAPPY to give Instructions on the Piano orie i? child'en si their own homes for $12 par qasrler. Addn-es bo* 1W Her ald office. iTEXPERIESI'RD LADY TEA'HER wiuT olvR A Inmrucl on in Music and the Kngliah hranches In eg. change for H ?rd Plsno furnubed If 4?,trvd. Address Miss A , Herald office.^ ATL'IIKVK MUSICAL IN^Tm'T& I.W HfTiDWtY. ?fttniiioa **> Thirijr-fourth ?trwi-4U who h?vf? n- i lulm rll U> Plf Jiot horro ? ail fr*?* >?oo? In m >?>r irt vw?iuMt?! 10 0*11 MtWBBfi 5? A. M and ? o rlocfc P. H. 9*%rj 4*y, at ha 1U4 will cuiaa nail llaturdn/ 1Mb lail. k DBMNA PATTI A*D THB WOURBIJL M?TpR? J\ wara ta<ivhl i* Plncinf and Pian* 'f Ki*l A V YALKN TIM I'AKA^Al I*, prima dnnna ?opri$ao, who rtc?tvc? P'll'il* at W> Wa?t Llirhtaedlh airaol MUHir-WA^TPO. FOR A CATHOl jr V church rhoir. Nav?ral g^?od MaiaMmtt" ra# v.dea* and f*ntia;aen. ih*?^<i oat? haviajj a f|tr lR<>wlal|# o; in i?i** ?uj apply ni Twafitiatb auaat. uiiftf Third >?vttinw T?D. M0LLKJV8AtvKX*P MPWt'AL -FRVATnpr, JJ Schubarth'a bunding ND Kr^a-lwar ? Itir.moti^i.a In TiMtiaud IfuiruDttotAi MuNir $i0 a frm flA Pll QUARTSII 1 \J (ti?j rlaa?y ?Naw \ ?^rg .HuHinal tudti .'.!, If7 Klacanih Nira-M, earner of hiilh mvamui. <?8ica u?nr? :roia 9 Iflll 1'iaulaiu f?yr paritaa. A. CUITHI??. -L vR'.K OHPFR POR Hot THKRM V ? PKF.t h MiiHRIa (??>? 'hp hifl p- ii-a i ' l-a-l-a- ai 4 (Ion MaMaii'a r??l Of Clothing <ai| 'U> ? it K r dtu". t'.>r Pant* gA for < '>ata $" t" ttr, In ?????. f* ?> ?* l'iaa?a oaR o> Ul Mniaj t.r? a Laoiaa aitatrA' mi Ii; Mm. lUnw A ORKAT DRMARD rot UOIEt AMD ftRjrrM!. J\ man a mat off ?-? Inr Apt arai. < art.*!* Paioi ira, J avoir;. Ac.. f<>r Moslbara iaaraat for whlrB I (utraal ? a | *r 76 ;*w ''lit mora lhao an; pitcr ilea "i 1" ? ?? rat ??? or aditrra* Mr or Mra I! lliHtl S, l"t-ro lUtMU )? tao* i Twaoi.- lirtt and Twantp or--ood Rrrru. ATTKRTlOM.-tAniRft ARO OERT1.RM K* Cat Rf oaira lh? fu.i vatMa IB "??!? for ? Bat off t otk.U '? r.lltnf Ml r .Il ' -ra | Kil l \K 1) M I i.t.l.d, K?. Sam. It ? anna I.Mr Nm> Month atrnat ATTRimoM - I.ADIPIR Al?t. ORRTLPMRM CAR RP ? aira tltn to*-<?*. BroagWM it t?a for final >!f Clothing KM.Iti.f on jr ? iraa t " ?'rlRn I H < idara . no rlr r. or i ?^-at l-ado-. nllal ?| n b* Mra. ?p ro gftp-l TtytA flWI I.I Til STRKF.f MP AH BKOADWa T ATJ rijrruiilM wii.i. m t anv q II Attar M4 lafinff i f"t tba *? ? all at !h? roro or nl.|mifillif 0. I OKI la ? ' 11 HI. IW7' lh? It. l,?a? H road ira; pra-aa fc.llaa an I fOM ? ?n'a ? aal Of ill n. LMMi M.itl ?p..i. by Mia CeeAkers __ __ ATTT.KTIO*-AT Tfir. ORft.fv ?L M MtRf *' '4 , Rlltk atr'.ua oppiaiM V.If kill atraot Ladlne ang j?n. Mrinrii. If Ru ?? -h to T'rrIrr tl.n h?-i-at eaab j?.?r r*? PMr Cool Off Clothing < arpata, PatuMora Jawafti. fura, Ai- ul in gat I lata tli"?? arVotoa to a-,jplf I a Inr-a marina. Mm aid (?iillanMtt will If- I a J tout gl. la ul aaar uMrm K Mar** tk? BtitrhOf ?? AboOA Laii. i wi.ia4 ? P"? hp Mra Maria in .ad Ml of Iho rat; arv q-'ARTirr ?<? h? ??- t-itnA-'-al CORROY, ?? I'ntol auaat batnaan Camra ami t >at am 1 AO IRR t Alt liRKTLKMRR < AM OBTaIB fllR ' T .1 l moot railia for I'aat tiff *t'raring Al , ?-a . r?, i arirni* Ae , Iff aatllng oa o* aC'iraa*! a (l HfAAlRTR Ala ?M Roaarr -'fifaMtaUVaat J?w? alrari. Lmliaa to hp Mra R. aanfA.i 0 Rffll.RKHr< m r-ARMIMR RTRRRT - YOV I'll 1 * rac'taa to pa, aaot naara for oa> 1 off t I klo?. fum, t?ra I arpaia, Ar , t,r oallla( or atllrraa lii at Hi# atroia S iO OfHI *ORT? or ''art orr cfuwRlRfi ? I1F.WMF r *r|a-f. A- ?aat?4. hp B RTRAt'RR Roranth araoita botwaan Thirtp third anJ lirinp ;o -lb ?traata Tht hl?haa? pn-a pate "UltlMia m At AWmiRTBO tTOCR op nitrr i-lah*. ? fLl.f a it'll fatnor. t?!ta oar ImproraR oaaeios at #MR aa. b i >? Ma if for ja|ia?ra a' -oi i band Tabla*. Ti mralaaa *. AatANAOti 4 Oi.f'RBR. uaraar i.aua ai.o i , ,, a<a INSTRUCTION. AT $7?.-B0OKKKKPINQ. PENMANSHIP, ARITH media, Alicl"?, Reading, Spelling, privately taught, day ami evening. PAINK'R Hnsloena CnRag-. ?1 B>iwerv. Brooiljrn College remowd to HAS Pulton. oppositeORy Ha)I. A BUSINESS EDUCAIION.-TOWNSKND'N COMMER clal Academy. 'Jfi# Bowery. Private tanlructtoas day and evening in Book-keeping, Writing, Arithmetic, Algebra. Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Ac. Apartments Mr lad lea. No 4' ALL LETTERS POB TEACHERS. SCHOOLS OB A pupil, promptly answered by addreaalng the National Teaobera' inatitate, CSS Broadway. Teacher* and educe I Ratal -oerreepoadenta wanted everywhere. RICE A ANDREWS, Principals. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, AC., FOB BUHINERfl.? Mr. DOLBEAR, <M> Broadway, teaohee Hookkeeplng practically. a. need In the bent New York bouses. lie the rernovae stlffkmoa, cramping ?r trembling from the worat hand. and make, elegant bnalneaa penman. TQOOKKKEPINO. Jt) PENMANSHIP _ AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, Art ?GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Inititute. 7W Broadway. EctALIIahad I MO. Private instruction. RoomCfor ladlea. {DRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES. LATIN, KNO r lish Grammar arid other branches ol a gentleman * education. W Broadway. All lessons private. Established in New York iuMM. Profeaaor E. TKLLKRINO. Govern ess.?a catholic lady, from the north of Germany, furnlahed with good testimonials, vrlabe. an engagement a* revldont governeea; ahe teaches the usual branrhea of an Kngllab education, Frenoh. ao oolred in Pane; mualc and drawing. Addreaa H. M., box 2 Went"inter Pott ofilce. N. Y. PRIVATE LESSONS GIVEN IN FRENCH GERMAN, Spanish and Enghab language-. Terma $15 a quarter Addreia Profeaaor J Wundermaun, 903 Sixth aveaue. Home from 1 to 9 o'clock, and eveninga. PRIVATE INSTRUCTION.?A YOUNG MAN WHO can furnlah the beat nf testimonials from bis eoltage and fpun teachers in the city, wiahea to obtain one private pupil fir Inatructtun in Claaaica. Mathematics er the English branches. Addreaa A. B , atatlon C. PRACTICAL NAVIGATION IN ALL ITS BRANCHES anl modern improvements, taught hy II. H. Render ton. Ollce Erie Raiiwav depot, Jeraey t'ltjr, N. J. Ilouraof Instruction from 7 until 10 P. M THE TRADER. ONE MORE GREAT PACING MATCH ON THE Union Half Mile Trark Rcventy-aecond street and Rlonmmgdale Koad. oa Tuesday. December II. at 2 P. M , for $100 a aide. Rest 3 In 5 to harness; Mr. While nainea Tom Conk, Mr. Emley namea Jersey Maid. Admittance AO cent*. JAMES PIN LAY. Manager. UNION COURSE, L. I., TROTTING,?MONDAY, I)E rember 10. at 1 P. M., match of S'JOd. mile heats, heal three 'n live. John McKeague'k a. g John to wagon; John Orahani'ag g. Express In harneaa. Also sweepstakes $:?>(), *" '?nr - ~ I - ' " " ' beat three In Ire, P. Bennett's b. g. Rough end Head v, to NX) Iht. wagon and driver; It. S. Sammli' b. g. Trio, to wagon, Owner's r. g. I'aeleaa, in harness. WM. SHAW. Proprietor. SPORTING. All kinds op fancy dogs and birds, ac , fff sale?At B. DOVEY'S, 350 Canal street, near Churrh. Medlelnea for all canine dieeasea. Prepared food for mo- king birds. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR f ALE?FIFTY eight feet long, ten feel beam: about Ave months o'd; built ol oak and copper fastened, has accommodations for eight pei sons beside* the rrew; la well found tr every re. ?pert. Apply on hoard at foot of East Tenth street Da.niei, foster, u boosevelt street, has all the clioloe breeds of Dogs. Foster's Infallible Mange Cores and Flea Exterminator, 75 cents. Medicines for all disease*. Francis hi tler, no.speck slip, hah all the choice breeds of Dogv. Butler * Infallible Mange Cure and Flea KxUrmluator. 75 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog, $2, Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine* for all dis eases. JOHN GRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT STREET, NEAR C1I AT bam,has for anle Newfoundland Dogs. Hull Terriers Spits Dogs. Black and Tan, Scotch and Hkyc Terriers, good rattan. YYTANTED?TO PURCHASE A SAIL BOAT, ABOUT vv 95 or30 feet with or without cabin; mutt l>e a fast _ without cabin; mu<the a fdet sailer, comparatively aew and well found. Address A. V Herald oflies. IKIRSER, C IRRI A ORB. AT. ATTP NXION is CALLED TO THE RALE BY AUCTION OE h "'EBBB. CARRIAGES, FHAKTONB, AC.. sYIIin A BOMERVII.LE. AT TH NJR HORSE AUCTION MART. ft l uat tout Hentb street, near Fourtli avenue, TCFHDAyTP*C ^ Hi O'CLOCK. Bee Auction bead. AlDtHOK ASSORTMENT OP ENGLISH KKRIIFY Horse Blankets sod fine Harnem at 2M Pearl street Importer of Saddlery and kersey a. valuable team, 6 and 7 years im, hands-, kind, sound and fast: both are web bred. Any gentle man wanting, fur bis own driving or tor enupe, a really vain able team, combining style with epeed, ceo buy them for le-< than tbey are wortb. Price JMOU. No reply asked frout A DAM8 A CONE, m BROADWAY, INVITE PUR. A fhaeera to inaject their enanatve asaonmenl of Oral class city built Carriages, comprising Clarences, Coupes. LANDAUS. CGACHK". and other fine close and open w .rk. made of the best materials and by the best workmen, at tbair own manufactory NEW RHIF7ING TOP BUOOY POR SALE CHKU* street botweed 4KF.W SHIFTING TOP BUGGY POR R eiDAVIS A KD HM">D'tl, IM South i v (in*1 <kod ,,*c* "up B lack house. warranted hound, kinp and Btle; long, flowing tall. 16 hands Ms years old, fast " " ~ " .... travell-r and warranted sound. Can he se? n at private sta ble, No. ? Weal Ninsleeslh street, near Fifth avenue, before 10 A. M. a FOB HALB-AN ELEGANT PARIS MADE LANDAU, ?e double suspension, eight springs and under car nag*, with Paris made Harness, complete for a pair, will be acid at a bargain all quite n*w and new In style f'en be as Vk /kJ A f a lltl, iTtf fr U IJ GfisW ft m ? ? A tmm .. mt t jsa els 7ne I E a seen ai WOOD BKOTHEKH Ml Broadway, Agents for the nwnufm-tiirert. Wood Brothers are prepared to gat Out OB order all styles of Perls made i arrlaget hNOR PALE?A BORREL MARE. FIFTEEN HANDS and three Inches high so i nd sad klad. a good farnl v ar road horse. trot* Inside of three minute and an d for want of use. Apply at the < mb ntaole 125 Km one .treat. GEORGE J. BROWN. VIR ? AI.E? AS OOoD AS erw, a ffctY fH* ipa, Until >?} Br?w?t?r A I'c, r.||lo?'? patent ?>)<?? Pfitf ARK'. A|pi? lit 131 ? rit Kllleanth ?(*?! In the niahtd Double lUroru., if dratrad FOR SAI.R-THK rABTK-T F'lfR OR Mil IR HARD in lha dtp?flit rlonalp ma 'had blank llnraaa, Ib'dliunda, 7 praraold, warrantrd eoitai ant kind. *U ramarkable mart atrra, and an l<.n? driao lof lhar -an ha a.allp handled bf ana lair ra nanun <?? flrat Ir'aJ the all Wipather Ir.itlad tUn naif mlla In I Til With a llula tialn.n* ran tngriliar do lha mila Inaid' nl k Ml Pour, ai laaai aaa ha brought dnwu IMkX ? Hi. }Pdf Qit Mj| fai a fnnr hoaa* UndAm Raw ha aold in pa r< Ot.f pair, lha rtioai aipliah in Iba t? ataPbalter Minnt *' Wttbo II trblnmir Irn if a? WEI'.La ?ROTHKtt?. 70and TH 'fret Taanljr third af?*K vm SAiJt-cff*.vp, A very srrFRtoi amo alyiiah Trotuna Mara Inquire at Mu Taal Hrnedaa/ For hai r?a vkrt ii$R rarp ? tei** old, aonnd. kind and ?rnll? a?n trai In thraa m Inula* bean drlrro bp a ladr all ?nmrnc. alan a nip mad- lop Wagva and llarnaaa naw ihi? a| ring fnqulra a> Horrhanta' hla, It aail I" WoaA Tweula ninth ? laal. Inquire for Patar FdoRSALK-i fair or ray horbkr. iam hand". al-adK aiV -.-a Ca., be ?dm al nhapard a eiaulr Af. Waal TI,.,li ai .a- Will M a>ld re rap fjR R BALE UNF WtlCAiRDHaKD OPKE 1 'OAA'H ISO 1 ua* h r rati Wagon* jnilea tip on ba' 1 al ?( #??! rwanip n alb etldel. a For hale or ssciiaxa.k fair a labor rorsk?a ba.iail',J fe'iA r?ar aid dial "** Id hand* I. h, val iabla lor a f?rmar. Aiae ;aige diangol lloreai lor aa.a, RB Maw C ihtAln-'t airem HORSE* KFPT THRAPC (ill THE WIRTKR.?ADOf-REM Oarai Liadalo i lt?a* \ illagn. Rarrie oniintp, N. J., dr Mraredn A PaiPer, ;m v*eai ?treei_ S. T. Ilu KA? IT A*n PRAETOR.? A RAHDSOMR RKW _ J Bo hatrap and I Ufa aaa a'a.. a D-ronr'a I'baataa ?,u ba avt I al a bargain id It -a I'uaaton, hot Ibd Ham d nfllaa ir CLRIOUS EUR "AIR AT A BAROAIY ORE T*o l~ aaai lam li Aletdb ?llh r^'a alao na >,i a ?Kula tiaiahTtMSnaanttfallp >,| Ufi'l; ala.. kn--a NaQa. I' A| I- ,y al pi tvala atoMa. 1W xiuib Rtnlb a'raai, W illlainahaii QtAlllTOLIIUfHkbR llll.u ARO RO?1R ri.R 17 la a 'an **> a. in br?l rla?a nrfaaia ? ah a n I* 'al forti .hirda' art Aral dneraaatuf V'lih, |M?aaaatn> al rpr.R RROORtl H?M1 hTWRRT CAM FOR HALI I loir roar Apalt h? atlaa. HRirE A tn*Al, Tra. ? -n R T RpoFRU ARD POCRO Iff 'RSI' E< >R BALI I'll KA P - 1 R'lr'l' av n ohNa, aiagani drlrar nr for aadd.a >a lha on ???, n ibta- *a. ?? far opla < anaal ha . ; a faa' Will -all for half 11 ? 'a a arKb -.??|Haia Tn'u- jl i Rprrr a WrriTT, Phiop bAai airaal, baiaaan Hliib and Raraatik aran ia? 4:1 ?>'?. wii.l rri r*?T PaciRo * r? .i,r port ' la-, in harnaaa, A loaair ntatHiM la* af MollAkiian M-ra? ?| -> a, aam af llei aaa. hn,d? ?no and caaap IR Paarl alt aal CO Ala, UIHlO. A(. DRW DPI ABB AN? WHITE A?R COAL. BCRERN. I J aR and ?a Irarad, al |7 pat <?? In an? pal n* lha ? Bp. 1HOMAA hPtlAKH, ar l Ta-illi ar'tina r mr rar th a?aar a. fliiAL COAL. AOAU-'RY KPT l0 "f OI aLITT I J Had and Wn la Aah Etirt a'? Fjrirlf:?,aC"|l f area .Bat RB na? o.t arraanad aa 1 4?,,ra ad Ar(Jai lb* ala Miaallanad ratd Bd < ?na> atr?a> RAHTIR WKTTRRA"A. riORr - WHAIf FhAI.R AND PRTAIU ft W PW BV a?al Iron. ?, lha r?-d $.1 i01 da: ran d ord'ra -aaaiaa hp < 1APAft B A Bl RRB. m% Waal Hifblaaath .1 -a aadiOHB BMIIl! na? ,,ar of e?e?iie A' and l eei PI flaaal atraar. aattrara.' RMMMMMlr SViKP. IIP*' RALHRO'. I> UAH. NH*r A UA MAM# l.a'iaar and bp lha 'arfnhl pip m Tdaalp Aral airaai and aranua A raaa, and bp iha aarf ai a raduead prlaa Ap B P IflRRWOOD. *7 -AiimriRE apit *aif. !.? Htnrl aKT> LOa-I'*T , WovaAaln A aal dal iaaad at ffP par MR *t IW IBa a 11 ,.ai irami up a''li?r?d T.I'iRAh mRDFORD lariliapitt licit a ad Pli.J aiaeaa COP ARTIIEF/ih I PH. PARTNER WANTED-rflTH $1.0W. TM^TrKLIA blr cash manufacturUM hu<iK?. without iWfc; article ?Mole; demand unlimited r large profit* and qunk return*. A4<lre?CLllomer. bo* ia4,TUr*la office. { APAKTNKR WANT&D-IN A LEOlTIMiTll. K*. epeclable ana ln,<-roUy* business fully MlUfM; muit write * good pla/n hand, be willing to werg, and hMg MUO capital. Adurtst, with una* and raasdoSoe, Merft, Herald office. A MAN WANTED?TO TAKIt HALF 1NTHBR8T IN an old and well established Broadway ofllos business, from !? to 4, eoauiectad with light mantlfaciuriui bneltieaa, $MM ready cash required THOMPSON, 7J(I RMtar. NOVBM1IKR 1, 1HIM.?TfIR IJNDKItfilQNHD HAVE formed a copartnership for the purpose of wnsocttng a banking, enrhange and commission buninoM, inder the Urm ol James W. Tucker A Co., No*. 8 and 5 leeBerlbe, Pari*, Frauoe. JAM Kb W. TOOK *. EDWARD R. AM HEWS. Keprewnted by PRANK W ANDREW*, MS 8 Bkbington *tmet, Boston. Notice.?tiib copartnership hermofork ealsin* between the underalgued under theArm name of P*rry A kronen, marble dealers, la hereby disseised by mutual content, and the liquidation of the affair* thereof will lie eoiidncted by Henry Varry, wba will coeAnue the bualneae at N*e. 71, 78 and 76 Eaat Twenty ?cca*<! street, Now Y.M-k. BKNRT PAHRT. Dated Deonwiker S, IBM. JACOB T. BENNETT. Partner wanted, in a pirst cash inanufarturtng business already established. Apply to MOODY A OO., tk pine street. New York, room II, ar to Hale, at the wardroom, MB Fulton street. Brooklyn. PARTNER WANTBD-IN AN ESTABLISHED BCSI "??*1 *itk "?2* means. A Broadway Office te let. Ap ply U?T J. McMAHAlt, 484 Broadway. PARTNER WANTED-ONE WHO CAN FURNISH iinrzrrptinnal reference,, and ran control from $3000 to A4Jk*' (which will be secured), can engage in a first i lna* le animate business; will b**r strict inrcstMttoa. AddinuB., box III Herald office. The oo partners hip heretofore bxi?tin<? b?!"'**'! "'.e undersigned, Uidbr the firm name aid ?tyla or Oorth A Trabort la Oil* dav oU.olred by bnpeent. The buidoe** will be oontinued bt said north ou hi* own ao eonnt at the old place, pi Kleiklge street, who I* the only persou authorized to selile the aff.dr* of a,id copartnership. VfcTKK OORTH, w ? O, "UDSTUS TRABEBT. Darin Niw Yoaa, Oorossa 22, l>d?. TIT ANTED 1 MM EDI ATKLY?AT ROOM 3H. NATIONAL It Hotel, Cortlundt ?treet, second Itnor, M sells* he?lne*e men of ?ome means (one for r*,:h Suti , a? joint partners to operate In *n linmcnke enterprise wl.isi, will largely re. numerate the DArtia*. Thlk is no catch penny humlnig Call from 8 A. M. to 13 find from 3 1'. M. to A and examine for yoneeehrcx. ?OrAHTED-BPEtTAL PARTNER, Willi Wont*) OR If $100,000, by two young man of roqnldirahle badness experience In the flour ami grain commission r*de in Phila delphia. One of the parties hts travlb-4 fory*veral rears In the Western country, and can command ron-ddnrahle trade. Adore*-. O K.. bog 1.3H* Po?t office. PhfadelpbM. Sfiftfl -PARTNER WANTED, IN A I'I. E AH NT AND tJUv/. profitable bit-Incus; will make flSuu yearly Call on Mr SINCr.AIKE. 10 L'niou *<iuare, from Hull A _a OENTI.EMAN. as PARTNE1 AND ? IIII/. treasurer of an *ntert?lnment that will *and m realisation, and on* tbot *ny gentleman ne.-d tot Im a-i, to oonneot him..if with. fall at HM Brogiway, qtl WHO "AVE Till* AMOUNT lO 1NVE!" IN VA.OIIH. an established business, osmm.selon, r,,rk hrnkersge or exchange preferred f an tnd.ieiu-e c?m?wi, ment* and furnish additional eanttal after awhile. Wotld form a new connection with a dr-drsli'e party. No ageita need apply Address (I., box 16.1 Herald office. (JO nnn -WANTED, A PARTNER, WITH THAT ?PO.llHlI, amount In on <h. to take one-half Intenwt It the real estate bun.ness, thoroughly established, and a loasi or five years None hut a Ihoi" igh, upright boalaee* msi will t>e taken; therefore, none hut suoh need apply An* one thinking favorably of thl? boslneaa, who will .niton WM VAN WAGENEN. 473 siisih ?y?..ti?, with a business intenUon and no humbugs, will l>e shown ever)'bins per Mining to the business and to the entire satlsfneiluu of any business man. Office hours from H A. M. to BP M. ?1 1 SHA -A PARTNER WANTED. IN A WHOLE NP fiy/.'Jl'I daIo and retail Coal Trade, . In MM 44 cc.ised mnmlier, or will R'll the retail yard. Addry.a F B ? ton. New York Post office. .HI *IVK>s OPPOHTIMTIKD. ACtRKAT CHANCE FOR A PERNOR WITH Rl"l lltlli- -"ipHiJ to huy out ? lllnderr. with etetm power There haa lm< 11 ddtaC fur many vcr. a Hourlahlng MF?M In bookbinding, album* hud .tailor.cry artb I ea Alan nan bi, bought cheap Hie FWc and Flit urn. M fl|.n In roiuwrn. Inquire nf N'AOEl. A CO., Ik# Wllllatn .treat ATKRV RARR OPPORTWITV-FIR 8ALF-TMF Lea.e. (nod will. Fliturea anil Furniture of a ?n.all grrt.Ua> How. farurahlr Ioca'cd In the lipper Pari of thr eitr; anv man who ran kaep a hotel can rear $.'?> XV a year; |irt. ?? fftO 0U>. part cn?h; no negotiation with >o; liuf p?la who aruiallT tha reou.ltr raplial. InnulrOaa the of J. J. URKKMOItutI, Ne. a Wall .tract a it ff iAHr ' 11;r> .iKwm.RT drqirns for A aala. "our by tuab aed aiprnee eicluatrely , pri,m ?SOW; a bona fide uper.TJn.{ /hddrcaa Jewelry, Herald ot VAi.rA?f.F~A<iRi'*TrLtf'RAL and cnyiur.rci at. Patent. nrrdri! !hr world orer a half Iniarrat to a bua praa rnaa, to- (A.nOU rrldanor .?f utllll.; aoaptnd lu? thr Pari. Kapaaliinn Addrraa but W. Brooklyn, N T. (NAPITAf.IJITR.--AN A NO I M t RINK PATF.R T Pa* J tw bought for t'.ti(?J# Will mala lh? pwrahaaar, if a man, a tn'lllonalrc i. a nrraa.Uf lhe w >rld orcr. whl defy competition. aannoi l* .wperiedrd accepted far thr I'arf. Riblbllioo. Addrraa, lirrald offff-r For ralr-onf. thiro interhst or thf. who).. In a Pre Med and Japanned Tinwarr Manufac tory, Ill roinplaia running order rstabltekad Ihrr* rear., doing a fair Inialnnir. A good opening for a nracntal buat. nr.. man with airana AddrrM Roberta Ham*. A t o <tt Third .trrrt, Plttaburg. Pa F)H MALE?A WHOLESALE ROOT ANO NltOK RT*RT nata. within two hundred m-lea of Nrw York. bouncae long eetahttahed of wall known au aala. entlrMy anrn ixak on band comparatively .mat!. not urrt t'l S"' U ti,1 no cat llal al.aolnteli no eaaary. Sati?i,"-,ry ira.on f r riling. Addraaa. glrtng mat name and addrraa. C. R. II . Herald ?>01 oe. j r? I'APIlAl.lnl- -III; I v VITP TnH EOLTCIT THR patn oagr of prraong a-aeiag a aurr lore,truer t fo* ibrlr moacr. ahleh par. IVd on mount Inreated. Flraaerall and ln?. atlgale. B"NNKR A CO , 117 haacau Mrrrt T. velf ti.i-f ? ?<Sii-*Tf.Mi'f.t m v.i" y,y lu? formrd in Brooklyn for thr p: n of ? btu'oftk ritri mcly iterative and. ai the mm* iimr. of tho blgbrat rr. ?port* hilly. $A.4U(1 I. .till Wanted to up the .mguoi tO'iniird. Partlo wl'hiag to lnrr.t SI OUI or uowarla will find thl. a .pteudld opportunity. Addrraa bol At"> Brook.ya _z anr Tf? finn Will. KTtRT aNV Pr.l'RON IX A ?TmmJ*' aiit^ndkS munnfar'-npfnf fr?>rr $|UOOU?Min in -I* moiilha wllhrnit rapjtii e,r>U at?pln a? Oowr, < all atul fnir*riitl(at# ?( 7* t'arfiaui* tf?r.AA -% r \HTT, WfTII T..IH AMOrVT CAW nr tT?)Uv? < tir<? on??-foMHh ?n n iowtitton. Oul* r?'RRd'?t fur ?*!lJ<ig. |?ytP'iU?r to inlr ?4?i?v ?Lc n trof Inq'nre or D1KTZ, H^VViU?r ?U#ii coruii of ()' A. T |H OARV'i'N l?Ab ISO Af AltKMr. Ft PirTH aTR I'i ? Wi.rr - ?r,iu iumi n<>* iyr a f or i kr r, rrpti r of p p!?. OH ftwrlaya and PridayA W~lu?aA.y? Ml W'ANTKD AN KNPRdtne MAN. WITH ?71. IVt/, thr ab.vr amoorp to aatt an to Motion, No 1 r tunr to hr inadr. hut no poMiblUty of loar aa thr mono* will br ,rad llr-trr. on and tha adrcr lM. ha. ?? lim. to glrr to ibau, Call <m ur addr-.t t'brmi.t. PR Ninth eteune THR ATI.ATTIC TAMIT R? K. /?ItANIi Of FAN TACflT DPI -Tllf NSW, I? Manneh pwmrngar ataamrr NrVF.itHlNK will aoanru t.auy thr ?. mtciiru ?? "wla to ?a en Tnaaoay li*m>mi*-r II, (rating Plghtk nrrat. Ra>! rtrrr at t?lg o r ? k, l'?ok .up at III and llrr No J Nottb river at RW, o'clock A N Fare for thr ? atir. ej'ur*ion, ti Hrfreekineou ou board. TbU ta the only heat aattaMe for ladiea f'KtN YACHT Rtl t?TMP. STF.AMF.R NRTII I/iW Catdain'? l? Motnll. will accompany tha yaehte on rta) itrcrrebar II. guinA two houra' farther .afl wila thr -n than any otorr .trauirr ?udinga, F.igbr .tract Ka.t rtrrr ,i>A R.; Br.mntr airart. *14 Prrk .Up K\; tray .Irrrf v'orth rlrcr " , llcahmaar- atrarl,?lA. Chr1a??phrt .rr .el 10 Rrfra.h-o.ot. 00 board Fare fl R V rRIF.RTI.T I A* A A M' orf 'put: flCPAN YACHT Rai l!-THF. NFW ANfl RLE I g.nt ?u?ii?er ANTKI.'il'h. Capta a Qeerfa W Wllaen. w'II ?*1 ' ?' ;?'.?? .Ifct .t ?l4 and pier N11 4 Narth river at lUn < I A M . aa Teeaday t-r .ial>rr It, laartng ?andyll -,! with ta, ita and aaro-n|>anring ibnrn haro-.d tiMuilgft ahip Th . atratorr 1. com nudluea. and aatirnly a i? rtu). with Rrat rt.aa aorooi'-v-da?ron. far paaaragrr. to "Ablr rvfer ' Ticn.i will he f? utahad by a auuabte aal rrar Ttrkevv $3'arh. rp tr.AT fu FAN YM 'IT RA' F. r"OI.? Wil l i he ?o.d on the Ureal lrr.i Tarn'. Rare, at l*afar?Ur III!; m N->iid?? .vaa'iig, th ?m'?r Id .nd ai'lr nt ro rr.ry avauirtg fur t?u daya JOHN4UN A IrOBMiW 1 t M l>?? Af AIFRMlK' HiillimEffl'R f)? '? 1 1 A- AUKMT. Nr. ill PIFfit AlF.ltk, NHWT'.H, ?urdar. trritia, A plr ,ar ral. ' >r a r rrntar BK R* "T> 4 if'lNO AC AUK* inr BROOM l{ Sf' All tor fa.b'.unahta daa r. !n ear arri-a. e' l.aiaaa f,tl''f>- - h T??a4ay. add Fttdnya. \? 'a I P M. tIKN Tl.T At t V, T ' adafa and Frtday. V, bi 10 P *. t I'll llRE.V W?dor- lay. an.I ?a-'ir-laya JWt1, P M I.AMII-R' Primary ' an loa rortrd uy Mr* R- oa. Aaafftanttca. r I I. I'F. Id K f I It hoiur.l F.l T RY WF.UNKFflAT PTRNTNfl lAEMO'fl llAXCINO If AUXkY, n PIPTR Alt' f,, f ?irii#f r+p\l in of y'ifMri ?'*?1 Ffldlf ?i % o f!#* I * ?,?.* in I. tttn* %'? l" '<***>* ^??l ?M worior w tm -br -i+4 * rr,*m>+r of i? A^%4- n?-'!??? IV'iftMMf? &| i# f*?r?? d'i fmi'rW. Am l fj( t?, *iiirk f fet?i in tri Mi. n#?

nV,!' . ? i Utt'h f??, Uf'M ifl4 fB"rfJ*'n*? ' Unm f * I 1# ???# I I <!?????#? In *'f pr.rn-n w#*?d??i? T/HHI9KI(0*? IV'? *'U?KMr iff Til A tin r I r< + rimt Tw*t%'j ??1 Stm or-?t. IfClMKUfi Cftl H*ur hmt* nil' JM THONmoV I DAHCITO H A 'MT I?* NM" ? ft . fr rrf#t i rif #v*? for lH# fi?#wI?fr nf |?i4& inttfon f i#*d?f #n4 l^rVMiT ' ? ? t'?-? WndMMdnf n?4 INii?r<Sny mi J I' If RtPltlfiMRI. \ f n*n> m "ii?aooa i ? y? a 'li r?f# TtirTt'nf* r?? ip>j ?4 "i if.iff T>Mr?d '? pi " ??1 ? *? , v+4, f *? ? *< i >n A* lil A i??M t?*Jb n ymAiicML. UWTKn 8TATB8 TREASURY, UKOKMBKf, a, IMA. Scheduler of thirty or more raven and. three futhr Coupon* payable Unrnbar IS, Inat , will ar.w Ua retetvud for tirmlnallaii H. H TAW DTCK, Aratat'.ot Trwuinr. J^MKRICaN BANKINH KXt^UANOB OAMMIRSKBV flMIIl NOR 1 AND %*UK SCRIBE, TARIB.YRaNCK. JANKH W. TI'CKrR. , KDWAItD R. ANDItBWH. J A MEN W, TPTR8R A CO. bay and aril Tailed HtnVw ReourtUea awl Foreign HeeerlUer, Iraue and aeah l-etlera of' Credit. aaweN aa <raa?acA a general rommUoon hualuera. and radar toy eo natation t? tha following gentlemen ; ? REFERENCES: Win T. Aadrewa. TreriAent National City Bank. Bnalon. Jamee II. Heal. FreaidanltHeioud Mallonal Bank. Boatoa. Ainoa A. I.awnemca Boa Wee. C. t. Moray A ro , Moaloa. J..ran M NaebetA <"n , Itneton. Wm K. Weld A Co., Moatnn. Clark. Adaaaa A Clark, Bunion. Wm. M Atpinwall, N. V. Wm. T. fUndgatt, New York, llanrga Urn wold, New York. T. Mail Kaiir. Now Ynrk, Htaphen Hyatt, Naw York, Wm. K. Jealoaea, Caohlar Bank of America Naw York W H. kin. Frciidmt Uuher Uanufadurer?' Bank, N. Y. MoreaTaytar Prcutdant City Baak. New York. JrmatluD Theme, W. Y.. R. naada Tucker, New York. John K wmiaaaa rnwlilant Metropolitan H ink, N Y. W. It Webh New York. NiMVmel Wllleta, New York. Mowae A Mack, Mnaknra. SO Wall rtrrei. New York. Hoyt Brvtherr Near York.tSpoJford. Ttleatno A Co., N Y. Buna lug, franker ACo . IT Y. W A. A A. SL White, N. Y. Dudley < Orrgory, Jeraer City, N. J. H Rerfreaealed atmet. IVwtnii Dudley i Orngory. Jeraer Oily, " tfrnmale lTiy PSANK W. ANDREWS. Washington I, llnaln T\KLAWARK, LACU A WANN.A AND WRRTE.KN H III. It roaV rompeey?ueneri neraf oflnt. W Kiehangi place, New Ntrno.?Tbi*frm?ifer booki erf Bill company will be doled oni (liladA'e uiAlfl the aavmtng ?r UomUv 10th lieon/iber, lUint. A. J OUV.LL. Trea?mrr. iow:r to 7 pekcpuit. in lamb <?it rl ?mull amoiulta, ? kbim* delay, um fir?t <laa? Property, tbiimty UIMU 4 CO., No. ? Weil TimV **11 It. HfUf ArenuS BaML Tub tfn per cp.kt bo t** or nre ottt oi* ban Kranclw). fillliie.liieln 'l. W^tr of Ke# Toi k on iWJH ol December. ItMki. will !?? paid to" f"V' hT LR8R A WALLiJNS. SS Pine ?ii-ee( No lnlereiican be iWowoJ Oi*r maturity o." Ootid. Notkmbeb IS. im. rr? T"* ""' pKR" pr MINSOI RI S VTB. HONOR is 1 IBM to the I Vol fir Railroad of i In HUi' Mlnourl ? The ho ?|er? of the above buudi ire Invited 1? ? nnuni, which wi'.'bo held on Mondav neii. the 10th In."*"' ?' S1* P. M . at the Jh erchanti' Kichange and Reading K. '*?m, SO and 62 Pine alreet. Si conilder a proDOiillon of the Pa. Mo Ke?J. fuiiil C'uUiKaujr, oi MJnourl, lu regard lo name. ? ATIOI.PIII'H MKIER. *> OKORliK PAHTUi'll.'lB, Comml.M* OB Behalf of PaeoSr Railroad N?w York, Die. 8, MCA yKUMlLYB WAU, SWEET, BIS KERB A#R BBALKM McMfSSSfofS??*"? rLOMlM "J;;",.... no ?? '* KegUtorfHl hjTB... I Coupon, 1HHI.. .. 6-90 K*tlnUrcd #U| &J0 Coupon, ?i 6 i*? i 'uimou. 'N 6-2? Coupon, 'ftft i *?*) Cou.. 'us, m-?ri wlrVl'^ Gold W A'lgunt, 7 .Hi .. .' ll'ASTI.n A l.O?W. OK FBOM TO HI.WV YY tor r.n* nlaoiWo to, Konth I'oroTuia Oond aortirMt OlT'md ond a n mdaunia aal.m for tho m'.nny. Com muoicaie in writing or iu Wrto~. m?mi l> nnd 4 o>lock, gt Now Tort HoUL *t *AKnVhLL KllfcTT tu (WW) A>'" *'!Vl" T" OS I'NPM 1,'M .1.11' n} bnr.d roal in -No. Y,rf ,)r ji > brnkoroijo. 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MONDAY, DKt'KjfllKR 10. I"*!. _ HAMLKT Dramaln !?? a?t?, by Khaktnare. TUWLKT BfaoTMIL DAWIROR. MMKHMAN HTADT TKBATKE. 45 AND 47 BOWERY. Wf~ MONDAT7I7W 10, I** MAM Voa.K. WIK KM ufclNT UNT LACIIT I'noirdy, ^?b tonga, la lb roe mU, by Kallanb M n?ir by Conrad! |^R* r. B. COJfWr^J^ARR THEATER, BROOELYR. on jm %IAJV*Y. _ Rmhrarlny tfc# amir. YaUwgtb Of >? ?MBpam)t fl TI!M1*LK OK M\ ^wor,h Hall. KM Brnal ??rr^r.,,?"rt; ?# art baa tunkr tme? aiiWBncknd IB M Mmniu 1 K?l4 1<IN<J. A(IK irlll rronnil at iSr ?l>ov? hall w>ra ?f m iKactl l/ll'H P.^ltofgy aywiMarim , ,i,? ihna IbLVIION!, parformyd among lb aaoitroiia |.r**i.g '? la hava tha ajiporla/illf of CiUM tka . w , U? lion of Ih# fr+hi f<rof??v>r of tt>0 At \|l?|I- m.*| hLH ar? X?4U. HTAKTUMU ASK IKroMPi ~t;JfcA i ***? > 0,# go,-7 and original. Mr. ?WDOWJ< ? ? %K Etyl.ah cxnocruna TICKS'* * ? K > b?,i fl' , Will' | ^ T _ It - ? n* %r ua. 'r?i#uU? mtr ? l?ry?ht R Mf! , ?*H|r' fjj# t.nal I m. 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HAWLpfV. and 'bo eminent Iilah Comedian And V ? 11? fn.m the Auotrolian ibeairea Nr HARRY' O'VLIL A-. entire ohanao lu Uia rariatr programme lotrorluc.t.a < ' tn h. r of navoltleo. Uran I Maut.eo Wedr.en.Uy and 1 ? Uj at u (lock. Charley white ?a t?.e MIRCHIKK NDi.lKK, T" NTH IIT ?'H VRLf V WIIITK .. ilio MIRCIIKVlOUM NDIDEK. TO VIOUT Charley While lu bla Original Cha actnr ?f ?l>o M H'M*r (tumton hall, J Atlor p'are Rr?r?dwar V A LKNTI N K V< ???aDV.N, THE ORI'.AT EOLTNAtlONAL MIND. Tho ortiilnal 'larry Dnolni.,' fr in lho R"l -do D I 1 and oiford a'.#, t Ir.rxton. fiaa the honor of an.. > hia ' Knlorwlnn.enl, Brat apiwamooo to Am.-rien In hta original I*. TIIK I N1 fY OP NATION*. Monday, Doonia'nr 17. DW no.l w. eoonlug, at ' ? flora. Adm'aaiou 6%r Reaonnd aaau An. eitra. "W** YORK THEATRE. DECEMBER Id. I** -''AllD In Wthof.iM'0 -Tho Voir, J of tl.a Ml. ,t miM that I pifvoMaat aaldo a ,d f.m|?dlr1 the fl'la to crip 10 the ?ala. ow.i , (to.. Iibwiou? 'aiaubood. 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