Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1866 Page 2
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MITUATIOWS HAKTKD-^KMALUS. A SITUATION AS IMPROVK WANTFI? IN A J\ Ural class i!r?aa making (?.?.ui'l -htneui, or would like ?Ulnse wing. Address I. p., slition O. Atoimi Lady iprotesianT) is kmukm :ly annou* to tlnd 10111 ** sort ol ?employment; would go An Seamstress; can du all klmis of family sewing, and eao operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. or would like to attend in a fancy or bakery store, or anything that the would earn a respectable lining al, Ural class references. Address A. H., sunon Is. A FIRST CLASH OPERATOR ON WIIEKLEK A A Wilson's sewing osachlne, in all kinds of family sew lag. larklug, eoiding. heiumlug and galberlng; also shirt caking, would like s few more engugeiuents by the day or sok. Address ur spply at 770 Ad air, in the dry goods store. a NUMBER OF WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN I Ij' girls wsut situations at Mrs. Lowe's Herman lnatliuto, i_T.utonst.. near Buwery. A Jrst CLASS LAUNDRESS WISHES A FEW (JEN it. .emeu's and ladlea' washing; all kinds of French flut ?* o order. Call at UA6 West toth si., second floor. A WHO "A3 MET WITH REVERSES WOULD ? eg ' *'*ltli>0 In some first el .as lamllr ss housekeeper; aw.aiii/oT a Age, la active, prepossessing, and cau fill the fi^Tiha H heat of reierence. it desired. Address Mrs - H- *Hn, Boston Post o llce. A 2??I? Wt AND PASTRY COOK DESIRES A Woiildw^.,?!!: Nderauinl. French and Spanish dishes; d... V si ' ?hintry; eirellent rsference. Call for two ?Uye At lb! Ess fa,-t/ near Sd sr.. room Ne. 6. A RESPECTAB-.v OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS plain cook; <m va?h and lroa; good reference. t?U at 146 Wort 36th ?t. I COMPETENT VERA TO It ON WHEELER A WIL II lion's machine vill work in families by the duy, with I without machine, \ddres* 8. 11. UU Salt 40th at. A YOUNG I1KRMA' OIRL FROM THE COUNTRY wishes a altuatiun a chambermaid. Inquire at 1411 lit av., aecoud floor. AYOUNO WOMAN VrsUES A SITUATION IN A orlvata family, aa rhannorinald and waitress or nurM. or to do light housewoik; la wiUing and obliging; haa the beat of city reference. Call ? 100 Weal 10th at., betweeu 6th and 7th avs. A RESPECTABLE GIRL DfcSHtES A SITUATION TO do general houaewerk In a amall private family; la willing and obliging; good city refenuce. Call at dun U eat 10th at., llrat lloor, front. An experienced OPERATOR on wheeler a Wilson's machine wanta to go >ul to f.,milieu by the day; la accustomed to working with a dressmaker; can out aud make all kind of under garments and children's clothes; work taken in the house. Call at 104 West UStliat., room 15 A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TARE IN washing at her own house; good reference. Call fur two daya at471 3d sr., regr, ttrst lloor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTAHLB young womsn, u ehuinhersnald and waureas or cham bermaid aud nurse; beat oily refereuce frout her last place. Can be seen at 40 .'Ah av. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A FEW LA dies' and gentlemen's washing, or would take a few families' washing by tbe month. Call at 11J East 11th at., second lloor. room No. t). AN AMERICAN WOMAN WOULD LIKiTO 1NUAOE with some tamily lo like cltarse aim a- ?t Willi Hi' work of the same; or would t ike ? arc of as Invalid; is wip ing to leave the city. Apply at!!!! del at. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER A'OULD (,>' OI:T by the day, or would take In work; I ? si e,iy /oferen Call at 18H 18th St., between bin and l|(!i t ". ______ SITUATION WANIED-BI A ItH',, !,' Ppiilfialattl Ia tmr\,, ur? l I i ,,.1 ii.... , 1 rMtrence. housework in a small |-n ..if ftuat 1;.. _ Call for two days it 4St tith o? SITUATION WANTED-I.V f family, to eo ik, tva-b and eliV Veler ?on; prefers a good lioni" to 4V? . ' .uo, *1 .PA ('B]|?(0U Ii4i t at I.-* 41 t?m m.u . avo.,11. .uo A euca. Call at gil Ibtli at., tie baaemect. ARvaniTTi hi * GIRL WISHES A HlTP VTIOX TO ?>?-"g?TA.MH'wurk. or w-,.H . h.'.i'.iwrmntd dogenetal n r,,f,.|i.u,;e. Call'.Mi'Tthav., r('tween , ?iTrtxTId' WANTED? HI A lot oil:!., TO DO hjfttkn '' ' ' ? : "? 1 ' ' ? ASM A'"' ACTIVE PLEASANT' Oiltl. WANTS A SIT "Jrn as cliamlierniuid and plain *?wer, , r ps nurse slices, is willing to untlv lit: ?? !l _;ctir. ? !),? uactuL just Wewdhd si. Apply' .rspectabi.k oir.i. wishes \ situation m jt ohambtrmaid r.ud w:iitr^s-,s, n: hi t ? ? -r i? ??f t'run 5 a Good city imfeiviii^. fall hi No. I - I, corner : the Bowery, over the >.iort*. RESPECT \BLK. (URL WISIIKK I SITI ATH?N AS nklMftrrni III ami irsltrnni I N ilo ml? rir of clul (Iron; iaaAwl plilu sewer ('mi tie sr. n at I ' " i sr., cur nor of 32d at.. entrant's uu -it.I si. AIOVNi; <1IK1, WISHES A SITUATION TO BO J general ho "aeworls 111 u prltale latnll.v. < nil -itmKIng at, in Uie rear, for two day*. A GERM AN PROTESTANT PERSON WOCLn l.IKE a situation to take >?;.re of > Mm. or g ? ? ? > chlld-en, r; could lastriit t ll">m In tee German UliKOSg 11 to OnireJ. Call at Hi f". a a I lOlli St., lino Itoor. ?RESPECTABLE KNGI.HH GI It!,, LATELY landed, wiaiinaa situation IsttklM villi fans',?l llouxe. " obliging. Call at i and do ehumbci win L; 1* villiui: and obllg i s. Mf East XI" st. A BE8VP.CTABLP. WOMAN WlnUKS A SITUATION as aaamMre--; no olijoitiua to do rlt utte-ruorl take rare ol > b i n m. r.itt rot ami til . ilex'.;u" <'.Utl:'"i'? drriaea and mats hot x i lo i?.x; miJiixUii:- lamily seivinc af ail kinds. Hem < dy relen net iiom lasi | In Colli I or two days at 124 Wt StifTili SI., xe> on tin .. front I mm. bit U ATI ON wanted ui a respectable wo. man. as took: thoroughly nmiercnnsls all ihat ?t In a pr I IStii at. aulred In * private family. Can be u f?. t\vt? -iay? at ltd Wo SITUATION WASTEII?BY A MAHRIKB MAN'. AS A] poi tor or ill ivto fur a wnoir air o. ntail sun t log to make liin.aelf gpiiorally uxelnl: r..>" and Kngliai. Its,"ireatMCtiry? ,e - m ilo ? COMPETENT HRAMSTRE -'S \t N'T.-' V BIT r ATlnV; till" (lily too i1 Udorotlll .'11 Mimr . ohildren's drr? and imir uu-,. tig Apl ? at 137 Met fib at., opposite lh" arhoefc noon ofrl recently from 1 iti \xr>. Witnlan; for general betiw i.. t'.ill * :H8b nr., near .a Ii . , top He ii FIRST ('LA.IB COOK WIr'Rf > A -1VI V I putrato f unity; niitlri i > ox "II , mix pi.iijt fami.y t o- lug i" i u ? bt*t?v|a se I. . 11,1 .. kighly ree mine: I. I >ii lie t. i a' - In-1 ' engaged. A SITUATION WASTF.I yoonx 1, to ..on', , , lo ,i x' ml m rtii from last pla> ". i'al. " UfTEiMIl AsiTi/t ru'Sn -.1 jU,w (Jnlon C ',pt" " "'I I- . . m> /Ml'ECTAW.M MARKIRB \V( >'.Uf Auatioi . ?>: niii.o, wll.'i m-i. ' den .11 4 i*Et *r\m t::nn-o ??-? , wn.i \ 1 fie It lit I': ? .,1, ... A. a p? I'ATIO.V \V VN'l I. w -H . A 111 "I lit;, A STT iV. in ? p mitktnu. a'V th? week ?;v aecu at if > Cth . * . ARI Ki I'AM . SUOH o .Jl tloni to. lie ? ilte" at I- 4 gs*rm A is" privaM t >11 mint. Id. VI? A HERMAN Gil cook, we i a ASfTPATfo 1 rom; Hon*. lael plai-r Af ply Blfc srs. Am dpi 'Tit' d" gsw.r .1 sod In"1- r; good i Ikuil Oo r. s RT.xI'T f\ stteali >10 >ilS" 4a>? ?' 8> A. aoi hualtcst; ploys*, call i A RfcBPIo i i A Until "t ?' and Ironing it *s>t > MA ( h ?t -Fi i in1.1 TV ladiri * rom Of r t er. ali > > >n 7th ??., I'll A "f ?? , \? A* ? famno i Klog Nt AHKnrt , attuktloi fcottse* > days *l(M Wok Airm'I.i: enoR,wsl 344 Won Hit ? A ruth i citAM Toy ta p *?'* (4 situations wantko?kkmalbs*. lady. qualified to keep a nut or book! by single or double Miry, desires an engage, ment or would net a? aaleewoman orenaLiant, or would inks oupy ins 10 do at home; releronoe firoo. Addraaa W. U. H., box 23C Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN OIBL. to do ohanilierwork and take care of children and do plain sawiug. dW #tb at., la the atore. A WIDOW LADT Or KXPBRIBNOB, AND WITHOUT Incumbrance. dealraa a position aa housekeeper for a widower or bachelor, or would take charge of a liuen room in it hotel. Inquire for Houaekoaper, at W Broome at., In the fancy atore. ABITUAT ON WANTED?BT AN AOTITB YOI'NO women, to do huueework, or oliamberwurk and waali ing; also oua for oaring ohlldren and ohamberwork and watting; city refsreuoe. Call at 111 td ar., nearMth at., aeoouu floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN BXPHRIBNOBD woman, aa oook; understands all kinds of cooking, baking and pastry, besides boning end larding, city refe renoa. Call at 411 2d ar.. near Mth at., second floor. Am first class laundress desires the wash. Ing of n few gentlemen's families; also ladies and Baman, residing In" * " hnMd|M| at moderate prtoas care shall be carefully nauuiea suu nsuiuw iuyivv<? ??>, flrst class oily reference giren from the boat of families. Call t In hotels and boarding houaes; fluting dona oas If required. Any olothee entrusted to her KfuUy handled and returned iu-proper time; _ . sferenoe siren from the at MB 6th av., between bid and tld sta. Protestant woman, as good eook and baker; would assist with flm washing and Ironing. Hood references can ^ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE assist with Mm wi _ . be glren. Can st 144 Bast list St., between 2d and Bd are. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid or waitress Has the beat of olty refer ence from her lust place. Oall At 118 M nr? betweeu 16(h and 17th sts., tn the store. A RESPECTABLE YOUNCJ OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA rV tlon. In a respectable family, to do ohamberwork end waiting, or assist In washing nnd ironing or take oars of a child. Can come well recommended from har last place. Call for two days st No. 7tX Hooserolt at., flrst floor, up stairs. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS a hit uatton as nurse or seamstress; can take care of a babv !mill lis birth, or growing ohlldren, good city refer ence. Call at 1IM East 20 th st. AY0UM1 OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and waitress, or would go out by the day aa seaun-tresa; understands Wheoler A Wilson's sewing uia ohine. Ca.l st 462 2d sr.. between 26th and 116th -sta. A FIRST RATE OIRL FOR OENF.RAL HOUSE work. 48 10 th St., between 6tb and tfth a vs. ARI'.Sr EOT ABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS sea nstress, or would take oare of ohlldren; has the be-t of reference. Cull for two days at 118 Bast Mth st., be. ween Yd and >1 sts. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RE.VECT.VBLB girl; lie flrst class laundress and under* ends nil kinds of Fronch anting. Call st lier present env-lo/cr'a, 236 K??t i.. ii at., between 2d and 8d ara. a gi'.Sl'i CTABLE YOUNC WOMAN WISHES A SITU i\ a'loti in a private fam'V,* an? unaarataiid# drum* and rlmtk ? sleit'tf unci all ?L ?MiUy gewing. with or with ltdi u m Clinic. Can ?een tor two days at 193 Bast 23d St., tiutwceii 1st and p-cava. Ay()[*wi WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A T. , ' . tub n iiunlly to do washing and lroulng and gen er?' aousev. orlc; cm mime well recommended. Can be aeon 4uC two nay- it 32 Mutt St. AY il Nil WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION AS I. ntuberrni,id and waitress or would do the housework of '' -ir iu niil.i; best of city reference. Can be o-ea ut SB lYe.-t Kid s(. rlOJH'EM NT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS ' cook ,ri .. private family: understands, soups, meats, ; mil ry ;i 1 mine. pastry mid bread: would assist in wash II" I u g. (,<;od referenoe. Call for two days a*. 37 West 12t!, . between 6th and 6th era. Hi. . KEEPER'S SITUATION WANTKD-BY \N a . i a lied hmu-ekeeper, either In s hotel or pr.vate f a ?' ?: leuunte to manage any position of tniKt; the ?'' -i?' "St nonlfil sa regards qualification. Call at 1U L?x .>.ldresa M. K. D.. box WO, lierald office. nOUSTiKF.KPBB.-A MIDDLE AOKD LADY OF EX ? ci. on e .mil highest respectability, would like tho rimer tn vr in prlvnte family, or would take charge of a ; e. Hit- m epiiouable references. Call oa or address Sir- P.. 72 West i'liiity fifth street. 1 rorK'-.iiKEpKR'R SITUATION WANTED?BY A .1 I. . Mi;. I iml. ol e locution, In a private family; beat or !_e'e- -I t- jlven. A til i reus O. B. R., Herald olllao. VTi;.>r - -WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A COMPE is tcp; tuna nnd seamstress; can take tho entire chnrge m .111 inn. ,. orinrslid: would go to the country; caufurnlsh " ir rr?: eieuee. Apply at 111 West 31st St., be a nil Ith ? vrnsu AMD t'.tfor, front ioom. T^T tin* VTION WAN IXIJ--BY A R?^^?4^K^lorenci V I, iik,. ,.,-e 01 (lilliimn: C?n work on tl>* ', . u"K ?,? ?,nc. .1 U3V??lMh .1, ?? - - ?W1IFP 1 R Aj t?|-"'VM''l'lJKSS AND OAPISWAXOR. pnv?Ve famUle* > v, ti - ?i,i..>'hioe wai.U to |? *?f,n?ker; no objection Utiiccy. wck;H.??r??ctafc'^^3a: Call nl or ad . tii- ii.'tvi- il mftcuinc " i V K>\ \M t-lv, 1* ? ... -- I,', l ie ( Ii.utn: have, a maculae V ?jot l.iiit IVlb nl. ?"?~ ~ " -j SF.AM8TBF.Btt OR LADY'B Qni'ATION YAN ; i7'r?T?l. Call ?l No. 8 Morion it., un:u; noobjC'.tfon if *tm 9 \rw York. _ ~~""" " ,v.vl l O-BY TWO HI8TF.B8: ONK AS} cjaTAi.ttNf Ban 11 I'?"' . o(her chambermaid S nob. W" .1." ami 1 "na'mberwork *nd "'j. .. J u-nll.--. ? ir,TrhW.b.t of living togctber, c lib ;. ?f,i?? ,i:' '?";,"i"?vachun?edDlooe? out twice. ;va*?*-?'! aj?k48M? i-v. nt'liv Vr..; '? . "'?? i VTFn?BY A good OOOK AND K?| a???TCt k ' Of ? MMll ....17 ? *" .... . FIRST CLASS COOK; . i CATION* WAMI'.lt w,,hlng. city or country. V! B>c??tfcjrt. ' ir \ VI CP?BY A RRBPROTkBLK WO j.m AlION ',^7i,rcca?Tatn the weak at waebmg k , """'Xinai m.le ! tmHy; cleaning or cooking: ot 'n'1 iH'r.Wcw"?"lt ; to bee own home; b??l city v''\ \ m 1 m tftb u \. nn?i I'nor, buck room. I nlll VIH'V w wn;n o?Y a touno woman. AS} j . ,..- vr ANTFJJ??* A RBSPW 1AIILB WO S III. n I - ? >n n a MiiaU private family: no objection to ??? anl.itig anUironii'Sj fooU etly mfornncn. Call at ? - v.. ?? ...i batwi ft Vtb 'nil bib ova. _ n I l ute- WAN I O-HY TWO RK8PKCTABI.K N ( p_ linr cl'M launitr?.*. unileratiiii !?;. nib in ???."? the n.nioM mjrle. OI aa waltjaw. ntntw i . ,i ; ilIC oilier a good plain c?ok and ", ', . J, ...I'll oner, or wouW do chitmberwork; .. .*11 v Can bo ?e?n lor two day* . ... ... 11.Hi unU 1Mb eta. .1,1 . , IN ItY A RKSPKOTABLE YOUMO N ... ? , f iilile. at rliHtnoertnald anil wait ... . 't .. * VvT'eon'a maelilna or hainl i' ' ...... II ? I ell for two dnj"t at ,Ti Weat ,J' i,'. f,11 -emit' li uvea. _ ..'UN WlNTIl'-HV A Y'>UNO WOMAN. A? V ' , ;;111' ?io e^uarat b?ui*#work; I* ? 5,?0<? ' I i g, tjo >-itf ittfpi*cnof. i'?U nt 5Jb Bed ' r-1 .(iior Ktorr ., . v. SM-...I ?T TWO TOOMQ.rmOTKST v11 n eoofe .ti.'l ironer; .ia? 1' : ,4 ii.r r f il( r ?? chwnbtrnmid *n?i w?n ?i I t oiler V .i f but H?|?eeuble partloa need " , ,i ,tv Wi ?i t'o'ii ~t, botwaao INli anntik a?A_ .m*. t . \t avTl D--RY a RKSI'KOTABLE CKO r ? , a. thoroughly tinfleretand" her ' ..ibitaeiing aint ironiagII rantilrwl. uo i. .ii me in the eounlrr wfth-too* , elm-e . c. t;?il alibWaat 4HtheU, o?cr ...v i, v A KKBPKCTABLK WO V 1 '' ,, ! ?? h- i-ework In a ?tn..H iiitntiY- call ' ,'i " .'..t to; vi. ? i lottrth Soot, room IS. 'iTyabik 'TiBLS WISHES SITITA. T' 1 ' V , ,o waahera and Irottera; no L .* . . i,.,rt illatance in tbaeouolrjr, and '. . ... MM-teunald ...irt ?_alt^?. or w.inM t'. ' " ' '? |.a lI*o ? VWOfcUyr.I i.'u.imr'wyta "**1 at l.A Wet *.'tk at , ' " 'frfi. i. m> N?? II ? .?i * voiKO WOMKI WAIIT <ITO A? 'I it U in I ".I API I t ? u in a pr'.vata I . ~ ; " .Vn n-imalUan.l waltiAM. or iiurae u ? ? CaU at ill Waat Wtb at , .H-iieii *?' a" . ., , ,<i . i 81 rot < IBRD OIKLS WIB,lK,Ti': riMle HI -I ' r_A r aeamatri-aaea be area 1 V? Vi. It cath eL, to tba war. . rt " .. , ,.'18 WISH SITUATIONS AS TV \v, ?? rasa^^i I .... . .. Call i" two Say at *ti Kaat ihb at, \\ 4S' VltV^toiew. APi.'j'fortwo . t ... 4.. I. , i ? a-l et a.tlM t.-?t A ''R'StK-lTANT 01RU A "ITVA^ \\ . . .. ,.-.1 *aa ?t with tha waehjng aaa i ., I. ei< fot iw 0 Sefa at 438 W eat SI8 at ^ ..N NY A TOIINO \\ ... ra confoi'tionary. Call or a.Wreaa t a. ?? Obrtalopker atraet. Naw ,s. , A - i trie BY A URRPK IA BLR WO \\ ,? ?et rv.rae. I 4t?l#renea Apply for two daya U. ?.n< n\ A YOI'M. WnMAN. A BITHAtlON AS V ? . l-n>t t"l? 8re~mkklng. ail of am ' ''"TLtE i|? aaaalng. la a gnek operator t 'an?b?aean ' " f h,f prerit empioyar'a. II Kaat *44 at., be 1 .V *v<.,n.nn a"8 *'h ? v? ?V T m-Pl -TABLR MARRIRO WO \t s '1 ' . \.e: nt! w at her owabouea. hae lojl " . i daja at lit WB. u *r - -?th? ir?Hit n| %nn inmiri. i i ll. .,Air? SITUATIONS WjUITBD?THALK8. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RH8PECTAB I. K youm vobm, to do Ur housework of a MtftU print* familv. Call Cur two daya at 99 Madlaon at. WANTED A SITUATION?BT A REXPECTABLE WO man, ?? good baker and pastry oook; undei stands all kind* of family oook lug; no objaotlon to assist wltb tbr washing; K'xxl reference; would CO a ahort diatanoe loth# country. Call for (wo daya at IS M A, bat WOOD U and C ara. \fjANTED?BT A KBSPBOTABLS YOUNO GIRL, A TV altuiitloa aa chambermaid and waitress: la wllkng to take any altuatton thai ta caltod for. Ptrot Mass referen-0. Can bo seeu at her present employer"*, M Weat 36th A, aeootid door from 7th ar. WANTED- BY A RHKPBOTABLB YOUNO OIKL, A TV altuation to take car* of a eh lid and do plain sewug. Call at 17# ar. B, between lltb and UUt ata., aeooud daw. back room. WANTBD-BY A RBUPEOTABLH MARKIKD NO man, who loot bar own baby, thtflo noatha old. a baby to wet nume at her own borne. 0*11 wWl Beat Mat at WANTED?BY A KKHPKCTABLB YOUNO WOMAN, a altuatton to do homework In a email private faml y. Beat olty reference. No objection to olty or eaautlrr. OeUat Mb Woat 'JStbaaL, between Ah and 9tb ara. YET ANTED?IT A BE8PBUTABLB WOMAN, A 8ITTA TT tiou aa brat rate oook and waaher and Ironer; hat no objection to general boiiaework In n aanali family; beat of olty reference. Oau be aeen at 00 Kant Houaton at. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A BB9PBOTAHLB young girl, to do general houaework. or aa ehainler maldor lotakobaroof children. Call at Utotk at., betwieu Kb and dtu area. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GIRL RBCEN1LY TT landed, to do general houaework; la willing and oblig ing. Can bo aeeu till suited at 8lH Weat did si. TYTANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A TT altuatton aa plain oook, washer and Ironer; can fur nish lb* beat of ciur reference from laal plac*. Gail for uro day* at 160 Weat Mb at., roar. WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE OIRL. A SITUATION aa aeauulreaa; underetanda dreaamaking and family aewlog lu general; can operate ou Wheeler A Wilson's machine; ha* good reference. Oan be aeon for two daya at 118 Lauren* at.. In the atom. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW. WIT HONE child, a altuation aa housekeeper lu a email family: la a good plain oook and baker; ore* nurse and seamstress; Is willing to uiskn herself generally useful: la in need of a borne. Apply at 1117 East Houaton at., third floor, room 11. ?aTANTKD-BY AN ENGLISH GIRL. A 81TUATION YY a* (.ImmhermsAl or seams: ress; hotel preferred Call for two daya at 18b 'ulton St., Brooklyn, fourth floor, front room. WANTED? t SINUATION, HA A RBSPKOTABLBAYO man aecook: is a first class baker, and understands all kinds of letscrts; has no objection to assist in the wash ing. Uood'hty reference. Call 'at 6! Charles St., near ith St. Yl/B" NUR8E.-A HEALTHY YOUNO MABUIED WO Yt man widow), who has lost Imr habr ouctot weeks old. wlstes a situation lu a gentleman's family. Cau lie seen at 5pi 2d sr., betwuen Ikid anil 33d sis., rear bouse. WASHING WANTED-BY A K EXPECTABLE WOMAN, ut her own house, flood reference. Call at 101 West 371b at., iielwoen 6th and 7th o?? , rear house, room No. i. WANTED-BY A RE9PICTABLE OIRL, A B1TUA tlon as laundress; ha. good reference. CaUat 3?3 96th at , between hu aad 9th am. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT OIRL. A SITUATION as idiariilH-rinald and waitresa or i hnnuicriiiaid and nurse; good c ly reference. Apply at 137 West :ad st. WANTED-A H1TUATION. BY A RENPECTAIU.K young wuman. to rook, wash and i- on. or to do house work mi a small family; he-l of e.iy reference given. Ap ply st 160 West Broadway, in the siorc. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECT A BLl/ young girl. ?s chambermaid or to do general boa ?'*"<? would like to go to Connecticut. best rcferrone can begietf Call at 5!*) East Aid st., near 2d ?v [_ "I1TANTED?A SITUATION. BY A PROTECTANT </" ff man, bm flrnt claM*eook; f?bo thorough!*. umleral/i ranking in ail fU branoh??; oo objection to oi<J or mujrjy i best or city reference given. C?ii be aeeu bt., In the rear, near 7th ay. WANTED-BY A SUPERIOR OOOK. WTTfl I'icEL lent City reference, u ai*tuition ?o th??*jy f'lW oUw oook; understands mesu, poultry and pa?TI does I hi ooarse washi.ig. Call at 192 l'.?st 21s! street. ___ WaNTED-A SITUATION-, icf (JtESPECf A RLEWO YY mall, as flrsl rate laoodrws: perfeetly ur.der-.dod, ber b 11 sin curt, good city rei^rvp^* t^nn oo neon *Of iw days at , 77 Weei 37tb st . eeeood "ory. rront ioom. 1 LNTED--A, SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE HT ANTED--A, siTVAnoiA, by a kespyct YV voo"k ?Lcssmaker's helper; ran (Persia on Wheele d Wilson's m ,ch-nn; c.inj do ?I1 kind, >f fsiully sew 'eg- "-'an lie oeeu at 804 6th HI., ftrst door. 1,-ou rooui. Mr ANTED-A SITUATION Ah COOK. IN A IMIiATP TT faintly. > * one a ho understand the busiueasaad an come well re^vmuiCPdrd Cait al 71 Perry at., K. Y YITANTKD?A SITU VTION. BY A PROTtSTAXT TT youug.woman oa rhambe-iiiBid and seaiustreu,; good refrrenee from last place. Call i.oe two da/a at 141 7th ar,, between 30tb and list ?t?.. lu I lie autre. w . ... and obliging; best city retureaoe ,'iom herl-isi phen. Cail for two days at IkO Weat 27th at., ' iron No. 4. tii-ilfloor TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTBST YT Hnt girl, a atiustiou toeook, wash and trn-i. or to do general houaework; is * meat excellent hou teke.-pfr: no oh. Teetlon to city or oonnlry;? good Chrtaliua f iujiIt preferred; His! class re'erweee. C?n bo seen, if not e ig?ge t, until on" o'clnek Tuesday, ot 4121 East 1 At s St., be'ween s- A and 1st sr. . ANTBD-A SITUATION, RY A RKSPKTAnLE young woman, to do genet s,' housework; s willing 1IKI.I* WiNTKU.rKnAMCH. Beadwork HAsiw wanted jinHAitir-w head p?j.i?ol?. Apply for one week, Mwfn t A M. and 2 P. M., h> Jlr?, lon.-ado. W Vaiicfc at. Old 'taint* re cjueilrd. ___ Dressmakers wanted-who tan kimkh ope watat# nod trim. None tint good >um|> want rd. Apply at (21 Bleerker at . tip amir* Forewoman waju>:d?onk comivtknt ro takk HwnllwilfaMla a turtw; dm* i>w ?n e?tm? rianred hjad tier J app'.y; alan *u apprentice. Call at IS 9th at. (IBNAI UHinmi Eon KKMtf.F SERVANTS_ I T Famili*a wialtlng Herman aervama will lit I a greet number ot them at 114 K**t Hmuton at., '?twero Howery and 'A<l ?r. CURE WANTED.?A KFSrECTtBLK WAITRESS T wanted tit IRIi llr lodway Wage, AM jmr month. Matt oomo well rerommewded. wanted?a neat, oblmin i servant, to f T do ftu* down eta-re wot \ for a family of lotir jtemona, rltv rrferenee rr.piirttd. wage* ItJ per in-nHli. Apply ot lUli Weal 47th *1. W ANTED?E> 1>IEft Til I.I- tKN PIIOTOCKAPHIC T? painting. ieorrfTpe, porcelain. tilaii i ral. UndiEapa, figure, everything fttrnUhed; also aa< flowera and drawing. Boy* taught; also photograph* painted. Apply ai lii/Vdtb a* WANTED-A HIKE. TO DO t.T NEBAI. HOUSEWORK. TV ami one to take ears of rbi! iren. moat he well reooni mended. lllto at. WA WANTED?A PROTESTANT CTRL WAirKRVH, i pr rati fein ApNi ???? Motdif at 191 Kb si. HTJUrriD ? RSSPKOTARLl FJLDKRI.V *< HA* !?> ?? tin light vork in .1 J.umIv ot two i** *,>.!? out who will at" *?i>4i4iruil wng?9 with n romfortaUl* Utm* Ap ply fur t ,*u <U)H tfi Mr ?) ?vis. No. 7 Allen U'ANTl ?? A GIRI rOR ffOtTSKW ?rfC %nrt to with ?mAhift/r ?n?t Irrniiugr. One who h*? been wf(! Gorman ? pirfarr*<i. M i?v., near 61 t *t. WANTKKV- %\ KXPERfKNOIUi ANI> AKAM ?tr*?s i a child *?#? werU old. Apply, with eiH'6, hetweeu 11 sunt 2 oVhwrk. *? 17 Rrovuot W W TAMED A SMAIlf. At TIVI. M iM A.N TO at wyp ' In a bread atore; a Proteatam prelericj"II J. 0.. Hera'd ofltre. /AN \ > UK. C-il ;|.AM>,H'AND t .t "* mal'. with r ' id r ('??? oca A|..>|v el W Er-t ?'- ? TTTANTFD?A GOOD PLAIN I'OOg TO NO THIRTY TV nttlea to tbe country oo m fatyn; A K'*-al Koine, ,.rr wnae, mat a permanent, ;feaH.iill .itnat'on a PnyAm preferred Call with rvlerenee., at II Hrwl aL, frtmtolice, tip atalra, on Tneailny. hetweeu 12 and AoVlorb. ?*ranted? a woman. as cook and i.acxkr' ss. *f to20 thirteen inller in the' .ootrr; faintly amtll wagea $14. Apply, aitn refeieo e. ?| tin tt illlapj rl , aeeon.J ??0?f. between II A M. nodal' M TIT ANTED-4 NE AT TIDV IURI.. TO DO TIIK WORK " for threa in !amit>. Aoicncm p eleriysl. t'all at I.U Kant XHli at. WANTED?A (.it' ll Wt?ltKR'AND IKoNHH. alao a .Ranibr'in ikl in.I ?ean-.t e a Mint rome well reeoninmnded Apply at W7 Weit Til at., between 4th and Mb aea. \trANTKD?A rsw Of MID DRI -MM \KRRH. APPLY T? at Kit ttth av.. between 'Btth a ?l itb at?, WANTED-'JO W A ITER tllRI.S. APPLY AT U WRST Hnnaton at . niter If O'etnek WANTED?A t * IKI. TO DO i.KN KKAL HOIIttRWlIRK, at SK7 Weat IZtn at. WANTBD?A 0OOD COOK: ALSO A IIOTFI, I'll AM. bennntd and a girl Li take rare of a babe, do wnillog an I make bera. lt me.fnl. ? r>'.t Rroadway WANTED-A OIKL AS NORSK AND SRAMSTRFtS moat he ? good rew ar and hate aatlafaetory lefer. enre, * PrmeaUnt prel rred Applv at lb* Mauan.n Hooae, Brooklyn, room 10, bet worn 10 and 4 o'clon^ HI El ATIONN W AM I'll?NAliKt. ATUUROEUHLY BDUOATRD YOUNO MAN. KuT afraid of any kind ot work, dnlrea a aituation many nyaittf Addma* L. H., llnliattM. _____ AYOCNO MAN WIMHRS A HITDATION IN SOMB wholeanle bouae or retail More or oMm; w.tllna to mak* htaaaetf Moerally naefnl: wage* a*A a* tnaoh ar an ?bfoet aa ,trady employment, Mat of refwm from Uat plaoe. Addreaa Nelaoo -.amnio. otaDon O. AONNTLPtf AN WELL At yi'ATNTRD WITH TBK dt ng and fancy gooda trade, going down to retaa, would be willing to tranaa.-t bit* neaa Tor any ban a* In thi* line tbat might ohooe# to rattor htm with a eogiwdaajoa, Baal of rlty refereneoa gltau Addreaa for two day* Trarellar, wmBm c. i SITUATION WANTED-BY A RTKADY Yol N0 _ man. aa waller In a prlrate family, be noderaAanda tba bunlneaa wall, and win b* w'llng in m .k* hlmaeif generallr urefill: good rafrrrnce Addreaa M K., Haiald oBoe. for throe daya TIT ANTED? BY A YODNfl MAN. WHO IB A rmoD yy pentnati. emplnyment In anr rapacity, at tnnlerate wage* Addreaa J. II . I At Kaat ttnb at ^ 11 f ANTF.D?ItY A M AN FROM THR WRST, A PER yy manent ?llttatioa In aome gmd m*rO*nttl# hmia*, baa bed 10 eeara' eiperlenoe in Inn neaa, and can inltnea.o a good trade Addreaa II H rn-.m I0T Weatera II .lei WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY fOUNO MAN, WIIN baa a good koowladgr* of th# It a*fry and IJinoe b?? ana*, la net afraid of work. |M (fpWil lAJJir* far twaidfiot If QllblMlldb OOACHMHM AMD UAKDKMKRS. A^m SINGLE MAN (HERMAN) WANTS A SITUATION AH oouoli man or gardener; can take oare ot a gen tinman' * place; good reference. Address A. A., boi USHerald office COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTCD-BY A PRO teeUirt aingte man, who la oorapelent to take charge of anjr gentleniiin'a etoble; la very obliging, and can show fire year* of the beat of referenced. Call on or addreaa K 0., at the harneaa ntore, 1JI09 (Broadway, between Mth and 15th ato. ANTED-a situation as oakoknkr, bt a middle .aged man; oeu glre lire yearn rof ereuoe. Ad* drear J. J., llerald office. OLBRK8 AMD NAIOBSMBM. ARRSPKCTABLE YOUNO MAN OP EXPERIENOB and eduoatloa, who oan glre good oily and other refer encea, wtahea a altuatlon aa entry clerk, auletont hook keeper, or in anj ether clertoal oapeolty in e wholeaale hard waie. grooerr. skipping or oommlaaton houae. Addreaa w. 0., Herald office. APIBST CLASS BOOK-KKKPKB WILL BR OPBM for an engagement by lat January: refera to preeeat emnlovera; no objection to go North. South, Kaat or Weal. Addreaa J. D. H., boa 5.057 Post office. Now Tort. BOOKKEEPER. JUST DI8BNOAOBD, WISTIB8 A rr-engagement; will be found in every war eligible. la a flrnt clean oopylat. O. Powell, 05 33d sU. corner of Broad way. RUO CLERK WANTED?A COMPETENT DIS penaer, with good retereooea. Apply at 507 Third ar. D ? BT OOODR.-WANTED. ONH OBRMAN AMD ONE English salesman. Call at J. Ward'e, 318 aad 335 nd al, WllUamaburg. WANTED?A TRAVBLLTNO SALESMAN POR THE hardware buniueea. Single man preferred. Addreaa giving reference*. Ac.,, Poat effice box 711. Newark. N. J. w TArA NTliD?A <JOOI> SALESMAN, TO SELL '' Booda. Ac., at rctoU auction. Addreaa H Wl all'ion F, Post office. ANTED?A wniTE lUibM SALESMAN, IN A tor,it, Srat etaaa jobbing houae In thin city; atooe

dr?M good* aaieaman wanted. Activity, superior capacity for selling goods and a good knowledge of the buatnnaa are Indiapeuaahle requlremenU. Addreaa. with confidential par ticular*, Jobber, boiTS8B lower Poat office. WANTED?A YOUNO NAN OF ABOUT 31 IN AN OP floe; muat have anme knowledge of the Inauranoe business. be quick and Correct at flgurea, and a good penman. Addreaa in own handwrinng. atatTng relereneea and aalary required, Inauranoe, Hemlil office. WANTED?BY A CLOTH JOBBINO HOUSE. A 8ALRS tnan who Uaa riperlenoe and can influeuce trade In New York Stale and the Weal. Addrcea Ulotha, box 355 Poat offioe. IMA NTKD?BY E OBRMAN. OF OOOD ADDRESS. A W ail nation aa clerk la a a to re or wholeaale bualneu; moderate wage* expected. Apply et 85 Delaucey at, baae ineut. "1ITANTKD-A MAN AS OLEBK OB PAltTNKR IN THR TV aiictloi bualneaa who knewi the city well and can eorreanoud in Oerman and Engllah. Inquire at 59 Great .lone* Strom. from 9 to 10 o'cloofc. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN, WHO UNDERSTANDS boekkeeping and hua a general knowledge of bualneaa, for u>e jiPce of a machinery manufactory. Address, staling age, aalary expected and referoooe, Oermatila, llerald office TYfANrED-A JUNIOR DRUO CLERK FOR A VV doctor's dispensary; referouocs required, Apply ?t , 3119th ar. DRY Williams, in r, read ontce. Y\rANTED?A BDOKKEBPEItANI?"flALPSMAN FOR vf a marble manufacturing house; one well acquainted Willi tee furniture trade preferred; to the right man a lib eral aalary will be paid. Addreaa, with references, Marble, box 113 llerald offiee. II Id LP WA1VTKD? nALKw. AOENTS WANTED?IMMEDIATELY. TO SELL THR moat useful, prettiest and stan-lard article ever luveni ed; profits large, capital very small. Apply oarly at 3UC Broadway. SHERMAN A CO.. Proprietor*. A VALET TO OO TO EUROPE, COPYIST, COLLKRT oi en I umckecper wauled, at 113 Nassau atreet, roqm Nit 9. Merchant- and olhura furnUbed help gratia. A LL DnSIftlNO SITUATIONS OAI.L THIS DAY AT " 01 Chamber* atreet. Bookkeeper, ropyiala. aaleameu, clerk* in hotels, office* alorea, porter, w.iUiumeu contract on. brakeinen, barlcmlera, driver* ALL DKSiRl.VO IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT? bookkeeper*, clerks, salesmen. porters, coaebuieu, call aldl Newui at., oflloe No. 9 Other goed vacancies A -AGENTS WANTED, TO CANVASS NEW YORK. , Brooklyn end vicinity, alto oouiily agents. Small capital requlied. The article Is economical, easily Intro duoed and prodtahlr. Can be sold in evory boiiso, store, shop and office. Cell aud ciatnlu, U9Mauau . I reel, room No. Boy wanted?about'fifteen years of aqe, io make blmself geuerally ?i*"fnl. Apply to W IV. Hwayne, Nov. 3 and 3 Pulton at.. New York. IBXPERIENOitD AND REM tBI.K AOIiNTS WANT-. .Pi oil?To canvaaa the "ttnw and towns of the United SI ilea, Uan.ulas. New Brnnanrick and Nova Scotia, to aolinlt advertising lor the ArarrioaoJVtorlal Advertising 'lempany of Nnw York. Apply al the office of tbo company, 171 Broad way. room r.'o, 7. LMR8T CLASS CANVASSERS WANT CD IN BAOU r ward In New York and Brooklyn for Lloyd's Mammoth Mapol Nrw York city and Brooklyn. Tina great inap eliowa every hoove and occupant's name, and has been two year* under way, finished to-day end coat $IUO,OUO First clan* canvasser* can make 3311 per day soliciting adrartlaemeuia anil taxing orders for this great map. J. T. LLOYD, 13 Oortlan.1t at. FIBsT glass OAMVASSBftK WANTED-POR a aplamlid work or art. Energetic and reapertahla men ran have a remanent paying bualneaa t>y calling al (M Lib erty at., third near. w HO FOR DIXIE l?AOKNTH WANTED. SOOTH AND North. Beniitlful work* of art I'oniiotaatoa 01 MUr; given. KBLLOGO A fffONKn. J9 Uovknian street, New York iml 1M South < Hark street, OkI. <go TIT ANTED-AORNTS, 9tw PER MONTH, KVRItT ? i where, male tod female, to sell the genuine Oomuim Henne F.unily Sewing Machine, the grraleet Invention of the age. Price Sit Kvenr marhioe warrautod three year*. Addreay Scrnnli 1 Co.. Cleveland. Ohio. WANTED VI'TIVKr MKN AKgUAINTKI) WITH OILS aiidlaimm. to Introduce todeatnr* and iainlliea a new horning nil It eaa !>e made vary tirolltahle to no active r-raou Addre?, Willi reference. New York Poat oilier. hot 115 TITANTED?SM aEt OANVASNKUd FOR DAMMP.lts f f nsvr iwt*i?? Rnvrslvinu Hniid H!*mp?t. J AH. P^MMKRS, A?et*. 196 Broadway, M. V WANTP.r*?A ftOV \B(?nT KOf? UThKN VBAKn OF ar?, m s wh.If war* ?*.>rr on<? wit* re*lUtw In Brooklyn witb bt* parent a pneferr*4 Addr*a^V V <!., flora J4 offlrf. _ \A 7 A NT IS M- A Y\ RH T < ?f. ABA ~AOR .NT KOK Til B HAl.R I? >>f virn'tho* m?i*t b*v* travHM In tb* Min#t <'%!>*??.If bnfr?rp. and hare tti<? h*-il of rofgr?afW? no othor unoa apply: tn tbe right nutt * good **!?rjr will bo gnm Ad tJrin.,* bi>x t.W* Pt??? olRa*. UfANTBD- nor ABOUT 14 OR 16 TKAfUl <>K AOK, ?? lor ;ui offlc*. who nan writo * go?*! feint I and oarnt wofl rvroimiifDlitd. kdktrroo lu OWbTmihI writing, H. A. J., uflie*. fAUfEIfe-A TOtTBO MAM TO ACT At* TRKABURRB ' ??f n tint oliiRs tr trilling mimtrol bun t tnd ratiftty trouun. Mart huv? W invoot In *i? IwlOreit. Nona mhh! apply uolfni pmpnnpHl for lmaln??M J, PRKSOoTT, n**ra No. 4. ?*?? llr w?Jw*y. TMTANT KD?AN FXPTKIKJVI'FD MAN TO TAKH OAftK ? f of lum-h ooturtir, ojmmi nymt**r% mid ni.iko litnusfuf gi*n ar.iUy tmoful Apply at Mw 61b ?? d??)(VA TAN UK WO fffTKNTKO AH TO ?jpfM"" daiiy Will <M<rt.lo prodt* With nay oof irto aft fornlali Mm capita!. No tiak. Addraaa Kart<UM, lloraidof boo. TH* TPH \ DIC A, A W MXPKRtKRt'KD AltUKITECT AND OfVn. KNOT J\ newt aerV* an mnplnvmeni aa aa.utant or paitner. Addraaa Eiigniecr. hot I .YH Poal office, R i.tnn Maaa. ATlltlMI M VN f.ATEliT (hAMDMD. WluUK.v Til ei.gige m a cooperage fir Inatrueiinaaj ha? aiieut w.rne tune at the hoaineee Addrna. R' 0,, lit ilherry at H'MIRAVFR IT VN rP.D-t>NP t' ED TD l EPTKRIha J on allrer ware, Ae Apply to Thoa Hrnu*. tfk Mrnad TPTE -WANTED, A MAN WHO THOROIMIM.T ITN. ?I rleral'iiid. urep.i:ing, caring and apinniag ju ? A I dreaa l?>I ler'T? New Ynrlt Po-t 1~>l? TIN I I.ATK ITORKKRA. OA*"AhIl~RTKAM W? terc ?Wanted, a aunn lon In the ?imi? hran li .?f hu?|, neaa, >y a your ; toae nf Iff yeera' eaperien' ', a liana fannlr fury 011 an evlenaire^. in Main heater, England A'l<1rea* 8 . hog IIM Herald Offiee. TAP ANTED?A RITl'ATION, BY A YODND MAN, PROM '? l.tigland. la handy at encpentertng. enopga tug, hoi tling, Mnaiiif and wiring, oaae making, . an keep anwmnte A.I.I re,? M , Tiernld nfflee WANTED?A MIIiTiKR TO WORK IN A FLOUR MTI,L, out of the i'lly; none need ajiplv Nil a gno<l atone dre?,er. Infl'ilraalC. W Keniln tton'a. No. IS Htono at, lor 'hire day., from 10 A M toll* M VtTANTED?A PTIMIT ULARH HHI'.RT BTKRL ROLI.RK, v f apply 10 or addi-aaa Joaaph Ititon A Co,, black lead ernelhle ?Banafaeturera. Joraor tNty. WANTED -A FIRST Ol.dBH PANTALOON MAKER Steady work and good prtrea | Hbopnrd A HarrD. New tendon, Dona w Steady work and good prtrea guarantied. Addrooa rd A Harrla. New I^ndou, Dona ANTED?FIVE TIN ROOFERS AT~ IN MI HTM AT. w ANTRD-A BRASS MOULDER. AldtO A ROT WHO un leralanda making aaraa Apply at 149 Kaaei .L DP.Itff ISTR V.' " " AT THE ANiRSTIIKTIfl AND DENTAL INIITITUTE. 955 Broadway, between Twenty aecond and Twenty third etreeu. ?We ettrarttorth pnalllaely without pam, with pure nltroua ondo gas. Kadnrood by both medical and dental profeaaleaa _____ A MOST WONDRRFUL DISOOTFRT-TERTII Rf. trartod with.iut pain , Cl.rallon i iranrottiapoal tul teeth, ft *? JA' Broadway In ilea year.i by the benumbing ap Laugblng ga? froah dally Beau ,T riLLKKS. 15S tiraad atreet, near A RTTFICIAL TERTII ?8 TA ??; RRAOTIFin. RETS. A warranted aaearpinnd, Dweaywd and aenelilm Teeth Filled end Bit reeled wlihaat I real paia Fure Fleopa and Hold Filliaga tl aadapwardaand warranted MR. LUFMER, Dentlgt. IM Sltlh avenue M A DBLTOHTFUL PRCH1BSS "?NINE TRETII RE. A trooted In one minute, "without the laaat pain." through an improved method of Inhaling atiruug otldc gas. No charts fur eiiraeiing when teeth are Inserted, at Van VLKi'K w, ITS Sliih areaue A BEAUTIFUL BET OF TKKTH ft TO flh?ALL nperallnna of dentletry (kilfnlly |>enermcd. all work warranted. Dr. RICIIAt'D. Preach DeaU.t, PM Sltth ar enua near Twauty eighth atreaV /TOLTON DRNTtL ASHOCIATION 0RU1INATED AND * make a aoeiualiy of the MS of Nitroiie Otl.le Has, and administer li In the only waywhleh uniformly deatroya pal* We have given ll in oyer Id, TBI patten la. Ooma to bnadoaap leva Odlra It O.niper Inailtale IJURR NITROUS OXIDE OAS AD Ml METERED I dally la painlraa RtiracUMof Teeth seta irf Teeth, Iff to AM, auperler in haatitr.duraHI'Hy and waefulneaa Dr. white, DanUav '? RitatAd' ?mii f. -De. PaaaMA, Ik St, lor? MALKN AT AUCTION. AUCTION NOTIOE.-K. BOTH, AUCTIONEER AN FXTRAORDIM ARY OPPORTUNITY r(>B HOUffKKRKPhRS AND THK TiiADb OVER $1* (WO WORTH OK elegant. And genteel Household Furniture ?l public auction thU f Monday) atterooon. ?t 3 o'clock, nl the large re?ldrn\e No 119 Clinton plate (Eighth street), nanr Sixth avonue. oonaietim; of magnificent rovewood Pianoforte, Stool and Cover all modern improvement*full aovan aud a naif oc tave. richly carved legs and case; three beautiful Parlor Hut La c .vered with the richest drvrlpi'Oii of Frew li aatln brooatel; Works of Art, Brouze* Oil Paintings by eminent artlau. Velvet, Brussels end Ingisln Carpets. roaewood Flageres etvle of I<oute XH' . ?olla black walnut Extension Table, Buffet end Dining Cham to match; Oval and Pier Mlrrurt, black walnut Hulls, oovered with haircloth arid green repa; black walnut and roaewood Bedstead* and Bu reaua, flurtnr end Hair M.iUresaee, rtofea and Rook era. Vase*, (liana. China and Hilver Ware, Cutlery, Ao, N. B? Reliable men in attendance to cart, paok and shin gooda for purchasers at a reaaoaable charge AUCTION NOTlOR-a. WVNN A OO., AUCTION eora?At publKp-aunlion, thl* day. Monday, at Ilk o'clock, all the elegant Houaebold Knrntture, Pianoforte,, Priming* Ac . oontained tn the ttve etory brown etone inanition No. 44 Went .Sixteenth etreet, between Fifth and Hutu h venue*.?Superb Drawing Room Furniture, cov ered French brooatel, of the richest description; rosewood Ktagerea. marble tope, plate glaaa back; Secretary Book oaso, lined aatln wood; Centre Tablee, riohly carved and marble tope; Hnia do ruae Cabinet*, Rnooigneur*. Udie*' WorkTable, Turklah Reollning Chain, Couohe*. Pier Mautel Mirror*, Laos Curtain*, Cornioe*. Shade*, Velvet and Bru*. eel* Carpet*. Rug*, Artiatlo Bronze Statuary, a large col lection of Oil Painting*, by ancient and modern *rtt*t*. viz ? Holy Penily, Plemlah Interiors, I.ane' * Ancient Rome, Marioe Views, Winter Soene on the Neva. St. Petersburg, Fruit Pieces,original, by Pouain; Storm at Sea and Flilier man1* Family, by Delacrau; Bronze Clook, run* 1 month: Sevres, Dresden, China Vase*. Ornament*, uiagnlhcent roaewood Pianoforte, richest Instrument offered at auotton this season, Music Books, Stool, Canterbury Cover rose wood and walnut Dressing Bureaus, Bedstead*, Wardrobe, plate glass door; Hair Spring Mattresses, Blankets, Sheet*, Counterpane*. Buffet. Bztenaton Table, elegant set* China, Glassware, Silver Spoon*. Casters, Salvers, Tureens, Din ner and Tea Servloe, Porks, Pitchers, Ac. Auction balh op china tea hp.ts. motto teas and Coffees, Mugs, Vases, Parian Ware, Toys, Table Cutlerr and Plated V, are. Crockery and Table Oinsa Ware, suitible for the holidays. HENRY O. KVANH, auctioneer, will sell on Tueadsy, December 11. at ten o'clock, at II Barclay street, a general assortment in lots to suit the trade. Hale without reserve to close consignments. By hknry u lrbds a miner. At the LEEDS ART UALLBRIB8. SIT and 819 Broad way. MAGNIFICENT BALE OF TnH HIOHRRT 0LAH8 EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN PICTURES. IIBNKY II LEEDS A MINER will sell by auction, on the evening* of Tuesday, 18th, end Wednesday. 19lh Dec., at 7k o'clock, at the above guild Ira. by order ol M Knoedler, Esq., (Ooupll A Co., of Pails), a Isrge and valuable collection of OIL PAINTINOd, most of which have Just arrived I rem Europe Auioug other celebrated artists are the following ? MBIBAON1BR. Plssaao, Merle, Chavet, Pichel, C.istan. Aufray, Coomaul, llaigelaa, Fauvelet, Brrengcr, Rarrnn, I*? Jonghe. DUBHKI.DORP SCHOOL Achenhacli, Carl Hubner, Llltaohauer, Hehleesmgrr, Buetb-r, Webb, I'rof Uude. IV Meyer, Ig>4, and other*. AMERICAN BOEtOOL. Jamea M. Hart, Caailetr, Coleman, Bellolve* VL II, Heard, Hennesay, W.^i Richards, (Lip. lnneas, InInn, and others, oTorpial celebrity They will be on exhibition FREW as above, on end alter TUESDAY, 11th Inst. until the even ing* of eale, from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M , and until 10 P M. two evening previous to ? *'e BY HBNftY H LEEDS A MINER. On Wednesday, Dec 19. 186b, at 11 o'elook, at our gal lery, 93 Liberty street. Fine collcciinn of ancient and modern Oil Paintings, Chro ma* aud Engraving* Booth and hiiorh at auction -ppkemptory Haleof almui WXicase* lloota Hhoei, Balmorals, Ac . at the store of II WIIhoo. 41 Dey street, on Tuesday, Decem ber II, et 10k o'clock A. M. Bargains may be expected at thl* sale as the good* must lie aula io close up invoices II. IVILSON, 44 Dey street. New York. II KNRY D MINER. AUCTIONEER, Sslesioom 37 Nassau elii'L't, opporlte the Post office. MINER A BOMRRVILT.R<wlll sell st miction. ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS. Dec. 21 and 23, at their now and *paoiou* lino art gallery. S3 Fifth .ivenua, southwest corner of Fourteenth street, a large and clegaut oollcctlou of forolgn and American original modern OIL PAINTINGS, particular* of which will lie duly given Henry d. miner, auctioneer Saleroom 37 Naa-uu street, opposite the Post olhce. HALE OK FINK CARRARA MARBLE BUkTUAlUT. MAKBLK AND ALABASTER YASES, RICH lidtONZB AND GliMOI.B CLOCKS. GROUPS AND STATUETlBH. PA"IANAND BOHEMIAN WARE, Ac , Ac. JUST RECEIVED FROM EUROPE MINER A BOMKKV1LLK will sell ut miction Tuesday, 14Us and Wedue?day ISth December, *t 11 o'clock each day, at tbclr salesroom. 37 Nassau street, a large and elegant asaoilrucnt of Fancy floods unliable lor in* holidays, In cluding TWENTY TWO PIECES OF FINE OA RR Ait A MARBLE STATUARY, jaut received frem Europe and never belore ?,vn In Uil* ceuitiry, Irora the studies ef welt known artist* of Italy; at?n aw entirely freah Invoice of Italian Marble and Alabaster Vase*of various size* and vary rloli design*: also Bohemian Glassware of the latest and moat beautiful style*; also rich Bronze and Ormnlu Clnofca, Vase* and Statuettes, Ac., Ac They witl beonez hihlt on wdlh catalogue# on Monday, IOth Inst. H H EN BY D. MINER, AUCTION NF.ER. Salesroom t7 Nseaaii street opposite the Post office. BALK OP ABOUT 900 FRENCH PAHTTLK PAINTINGS?A LARGE VaRI -TV OP SUBJECT* AT GALLERY *T NASSAU STREET MONDAY. DKCRMBKIt Iff AT 10k O'CLOCK. HlfRYD MINER, AUCTIONEER. BALE OP HORHR-H, OARRIAORS, HARNESS, AO., BY MINER A 80MERY1LLB, TUESDAY. DEC. II. AT It O'CLOOK. AT TI4KIB HORBf AUCTION MART, UNION PLAfiR STABLES ffl FAST POURT8BNTI1 HTRKET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. BEYER A L VRRY PINR TURNOUTS. TWO FINE PARK PHAETONS BE V Kit A1, TOP AND NiVTOP WAGONS. TWO FINE SADDLE llORSRg, AC . AC. Regular sales at our Horse Auction Mart, Union Place Stable*, every Tuesday throughout thejrear. Measr* MINER A HOWBRVILLR offer wnturpaaaed advantages In location, etperienc* and business capacity te parties wishing to buy or desiring to sell Horses,'Carriage* or anything pertilulng to the hm-se butlneaa H ENRY B HERTS JE, AUCTIONEER. SPECIAL PREEMPT >RY HALE OP BLEOANT HOLIDAY PRESENTS, ON MflNDaY, OR" Iff, AT 1* O'CLOCK, US M 11 is 17 A T, ISIS" IV, SI IV U l/li'n;*, AT THE SALKnKOOMS. 1? BROADWAY. BY IiRDKR Of MR .t A. HOFFMAN. IMPORTER. COMPRISING OVER ?25UI?I WORTH OK RICH CHINA DINNER AND TEA HRTS. ELEGANT VASES. FIGURES AND ORNAMENTS, IIRONEB ANffHPARI A7W>TATII A It Y. BLEGANT FRENCH CLOCKS ANT> BRONZES, TOILET AND DRESSING OASES, DESK* AC. BlIPFItB CARVED WOOD ARTICLES. REAL MEERSCHAUM PIPES AND CIGAR HOLDERS. LEATHER POCiCETKOOKS. NKt tCSHAlRKS AC, AC., ifferlug a rare oiipsrtnaUv to purrhasera. as the sale will bo IMMilire, without any reserve whatever. Henry o evars. auotionkku. will bell, this dsv. si 19b'eleck, the ? loek of a Retsll Drv Hoods Hire, a' <M> Third avenue, hrtwaen Forty firstard Forly a.ooti I streets ?."?haul*. Dress Goods, Rlsnkcla, Flannels, Tube Linen* Tnwelltwg*. Under* Irta aud Drawer , Hosiery, S .ouga. Nitbl**. Ilnods. Ar As. 1 NO S. BKT1H AUCTIONEER?,AUCTION NOTICE ? #1 G ' l( Altll ItP.TTH A C". will sell on Tl.ursdav Dee. 13. at 11 o'rloek, el 4S* Broadway. Htalmry and Stone Fig ures. Alalia dur Group*. Uttis. Kialuel'ca, Yaee* I'srd Re (Wivers I.ioip inng a pemffal :***orltn?ut of Work* of Art *e , of Italian sehools, liiiooitatlon af Torclle Ransl, of Florettee Also sn invoi-e of extra fine En^li*;. *11 ver Plated Ware. An . in R'sal variety. I%telngue* now ready Gooda oan be examined dey be n.* and tnei ulng of sale lAMKtt .1 KNJ?INK, AtTirriOWKKK-WTT.l. KKI.l. AT ? I M?r' ?u ' ' \\ r? IucrIa v '<.?< ft Mil #01 UmilwuT m?m Korty llMr??, (i?ir.?ge* l*f t?" t*p Ih t1ili?Uin.i Urn *u<1 no lop V ?prr?R \Ya*mi<% Ito u W*?s ? i t*Ofll*nJ ????# w tli? . W>* xerv fin* \ >, <1<V !?]'? M'i'1 B,'i*,'? ) M?r J < FMlP, m Ur tA JM ?< Wolf, Boor, Nkititk Otn*< ami t#ap M ?>?-?<. m!?o ? ? ; .? ?. ft it \. <".? k i >< ' h < ? || **ll will pi**** oi?t*r day Imm or* ?%)* Mm!# positive, without I '.i ??..?: ?r ri(?v K? R. will f.i i.l, !u? ? i?av. aj at lOo'clork, at l:M pe?"nta aremi". the Kltlureaof li s Lager H""r rtil'Hta, ouiialsUiig ol everything neoeauary to curry on Hit tmalnoaa Kale peremptory JM MOR1ARTT. AUOTIONRBR -NO IXI CHATHAM . ulreel. Monday, Jteceinhet W. int< n'"lork, ape< lal ealc of Dry aed Fancy i.nod*. including * tu? Imp ol China and fancy Holiday Oooda, wlthoiil rcerrvc M^m DOUUIITV. AHOriORKKK-Tt'RHRAT, DRCRM- I Itor II, at lOtf o'clock. at Hip ealeernnna 7? N N, Mrcet. r?ntrel HenaehoM Knriittnr# remnant for mm nlcure of aale, ceaaietina of enlrrt Carpeta, French plate rler Mlrrora, roarwoMl. walnut, parlor and libra' Furniture, Hmla In |D?n repa. broralrl and hair oioth walnut, inahug any and inaewood < l>amber Anile, oak and walnut marble top lliiITeta, Fipenuna Tablea. walnut, etelitar? top C Tablpa, IIVary and eerrelnri bnohraeea. dining CI,aire, lurk lah T?o*ingpa and Ctialra. Mali Niande. Oaa Chandeliefa and iraoWna. (Ml I'anlinge and F.ngr?vinga ohina li.nner Acta milage and equerr I'laaofortea AN'I two Iron Vafra, office 1 -k- A- Halo will ho peremphwy and worl'iy tho alien lion or honaakeepera ana dealere PUBLIC KAMI ~ or ORDNAMCF AMI' ORPNANCB hTOHKH AT HARTRRd PKRRT *KAT VIRUTNIA. ON TitKal)AT. DRCRMBKR II. IBM By authority of tho Chief o( Ordnance 1 will offer. to th? bighorn blildor. ?l piibtir auetlon, at the nboro tune and A LABOR OOANTITT OF OMIlN t Nf'K MTORKit, COMHIMTINO (?F Artillery flamoaa, ftaddlra, Hridlen, Malta re. Horae Bruabea. (lurry Com be, HUnkata, Tarpaulin a Inrantry and Caralrr Aconnlrementa Mtmre'a, BLAOKRJftTtlM' AND BADDLKRA' TOO LB. Grind Alonoa, a lot of Lumber. Morap Iron. Drpaaod Rtnno, load Pipe, Doeka Bootaeee, As. At to one flreproof Haf# (now), ono Right day Clock, ONR IIUNDRRD THOnSAND BRICK, mora or laaa. one Horao. and many other arttcloa not doomed nonoaaary to onumoralo Torma raah In United HUtoe Pnnda Rale to asmmenoe at lOo'eloek A M. D i TOUNO, M g.K of OrdoMce. 0. 8. A. .(own Knnncn. Am lioneor Nnrombor ?, 1M?. 1AAWNRROKMR-N BALK TMTB DAT FT AOHN M KDRTIMRR, Id Mnal Mmadwnf. ml *00 Iota rbnhe Quia Bar Bilk Marino and otbri Draaaoa an I Bkirlo Bhawta, ClaakA BNk Mordna and other Ramnanla fine lot of Madding. Cutlery, Kmlth A Waohin'e amtio'hor l'in'oda, a choice lot Nan'* Clothing and other valuable | lodgea, worthy tha atiantlori of dealora and houaekecuera. By order A Lory, 10 l-aurena a mat TJAWNBROKRR'B HAI.R -R PIRLD. AUCTIONPKR. .Irwolry, Kanry (louda. Ae , wurihy <hp attamlon ol dealrra. By order of M. Manli, M .lamoa alreot P R RCLLINR A CO . ACCTIONRRRJL WILL BILL JVa thia day at two O'clock, at 43t Canal alreot, new and aeuond band Purnilura, Hiuaaela an I mreeplyand Ingrain Car pell Oilcloth Feather ItedA Ma'lrraooa, Ipuaiera and Plllowa Hlanketa, Mhreia, Cumfnrtablpa. Huraana WaahaUnda, Wardrobe. Hat Aland < RUgerea of a and eh Heda, Centre and Dining Tahlea Rne>i ng Chaira. aak and Iwea Mantel and Piar Ncmu uirar Id Warn, Cnatera. L'nUery. (Ml I'aiauagaaue An<raiinga, OM?g*Md gUBM'T WMA AltgMn WlMlgfc ?A MUM AT AUCTION. SHERIFF'S 8 A Lit. CLOTHING. CLOTHING RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTION HML Will Mil on Monday, *t 11 o'clock, at auction klora, tl Kwl Broadway, a large and general anaortmout of men'a awg youth's Clothing, Coats. Panto. VMjJt. ?. Joaaru Cohhall, Deputy. JOHN KHLLT. Blmlt, OHEKIFF'S RALB?WOOLLEN (MM, ETC. S RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER, Will aell on Honday, at II o'clonk. at aucUon a tore, 9T Bag Broadway, A large and well selected atook of LADIES' WOOLLEN GOODS consisting of faahloaaM* Honda. Coata, Honiaga and Shawta, In tradajjackagM. H. W. Muki'hy, Iieputy. JQilN KEIiLY, rthftg. SHKUROCKRy'hTOBH, STOCK AND FIXTURES. will *eU on Thirty atreatand "irat arenue. a large and general atock of Tata. Coffeea, Hugara. Spleea, Butter, Cheese, Oila, Soap.' tadlne and other Groceries. Also llorae, Wagon and HarneaS. JoaxpH Coknkll, Deputy JOllil KELLY, Sheriff. W1 ^?m W1TTBRS, AUCTION ERR. SELLS THIS DAT; at 2 O'clock, at 454 Canal atreet. Parlor SulL. In broea tel. rep* and haircloth; large French plate Pier, Mantai aag Pier Mirror*; Damask and Lace Curtain*-. Centre. Dining * tea WIIIIVIH, 1/RUIMA U1Q UM9 lilirUlillffi ??cinip, c'MRf ? and Tea Tablet- Mantel Block*. Vaaea; Velret. Tspeatry.| Three-ply and other CurpdB, Ollulotha. Frenoh and Cottage I Bedstead*, 100 Hair and other Mattreaaes, Blanket* Llnan and other Shoata; 601 yard* of Carpets, Ae , aaved from I^B late Ore In Canal atreet, with other article*; alao Haraaa. Wagon and Harness. Alao Marshal's Bale of Kurnltnra, Clothing, Silk Draaaea. Oloaka.Uewelry, Gold Watch, ItlniM Plua and Other good* Good* packed and slilpog^^^H China. Dinner and Tea Seta. Alao, from n hotel, oilier 'arpet* r urnltura, ich. Ring*. FOHIALB. A CHOICE M ?DIUMBUBD OOBNEk' OR(XIRtK on the west slda of the leading Orenu#, doing a ?! business, wtlEbe sold low If applied for unmedtetolr (MB and Investigate. BROWN A ftOLDRN, l.MH Broadway. A -NOR BALK. THE SCHOONER HICKORY OAR. J\ ? rying About 60 tons, drawing 3X feet of woler. iylu? oA foot of Houston otreet. North liner. ? o -#-a Adruu store for sale-wuich is K8TAB lUbed And doing A good business. on Main street. Re. Chester, N. Y.; re -tons Tor Mlllng will be made known In answer to Inquiry. and will bo eold nary ohaap. Addroao D. K . Rochester, N. Y. A RESTAURANT, NEAR STOCK BXOH ANOE, FOE aale, cheap. Impossible for tbe owner to attend toll baring other buu'oeta. Apply to H. C. DEXTRR, No. 9 Broad street. AWIIEELEU a WILSON AND OROVRR A BAKER Sewing Machine, half-cased. In good order, for sale cheap, at 14<> Wen Kig.-trend at., second floor, rear house, A-OY8TRK SALOON AND RESTAURANT FOR . sais: cheap rent: good business place ; If not soldtw Wednesday, will be eold ot suction in one lot. WYNN, Auctioneer, 297 Bowery. AOONRKK flP.ftftKRY, DOING A OOOD CASE bu-liies*. long lease, low root, location eirellent; a good bargain w ill be given to a buyer. Apply At ITU Fomtk avenue. A DISTILLERY IN OOOD WORKING ORDER. FOE sale or a partner who understands the business want ed. Appiy at the distillery. 431 Weal Forty second street. A?FOR iMiF?RESTAURANTS, BAKERIES. 8PLBN. | ? did Luiunr and Lunch Kouihh; Meat, Poultry arsd Vegetable Mm ken; Mutter and Poultry Stands. anommlsslok fakery, CLar Stores. Nancy Goods Stores, Rook Music oM) LHlioimry "INrj, ^rveeriea, ooroer Liquor Stores#, BlUlprfl Saloon's llot 'Ii. MITCHELL'S Store Agsn-ay, V Cedar street. ASP' EN DID STEAMBOAT SUITABLE FOR FREIGHT end p uise:i?eee. iii good orilnr; also down and up town Liquor I ire-. lifiK. :rv "tore* Restaurant* and other bust, nee, pl-et? ,. r Sol- Cerpet Cleaning Machines, Ae Apply to WILLIAM ARB!)TT. Auctioneer. 1/0 Chathnm square. CAOEF^E. OYSTf'R AND LUNCH ROOM FOR SALE ? ) Apply ou the premises. Il.'i and 113 John atreet. DR'T, STORE NOR SALE; ONE OF THE BEST RE. 1 >1 -tore- i'-. li,e vkltllty of New York: price 64.QUO. I'or pert"-'il't; - i aim?. IT. WHEELER, 113 Cherry street. nRI'.i .STORK Kl It SALE-PRICE $860. OWN Kg , 1? ring the cile i'hveieiana ufllce and practloe attack-Jl od; Cheap rent and lean,-. ' JI STRICKLAND': Druggists' Agency 240 Broadway. Faoi; ?U.K -- a FIRST CLASS BUTCHER STORE WITH l'i?h attii Vegetable Standi. Inquire ot IM IjtoR HALF- son BARRELS OF CIDER VINEGAR, IE lote to nut purebaeeia, at low flgurea. N KINHkLM A SON. 1M Vranklln atreet, N. T. For sale-stock, fixtures and oood will of a retail Liquor Store on Woat atreet, near T Price $i.uun> Monthly runt S33- One of tha and clie.'ipc: rout" on West atreet. A. HaLI.IDAY, Importer. 214 Franklin i FOP. SALE?THE 1IKST LIQUOR STORE, WHOLE sale and l etc.l. in thla olty. The owner has other buaA neas and cannot spend to it. For particular* lauulre of ~ F. WELLMON, 13d Peurl street |i>OR SALE-A COMI'LRIR DISTILLERY, INCLVE, r ing nil the uieusils, tuba, Ae., oapsble of making 6l barrel* whiske/a day. Inquire of II. SMITH A CO., ??B John atreet. WOK SALE?A COLLECTION OF GEOLOGICAL A! I M'neraloai-al Specimens, about fflu In all. Can be at by oslling at ISO eighth avenue until soli FMOR SALE-LEASH AND FIXTURES OF A Ft RAF class Butler and Cheese Store. For lull particulars la quire in the whole-ate produce store, narth west corner of Eighth uremic and Twnniy-thlrd street. Fj*)K SALE.?AN ALMOST NEW HEREINO'g SAP*, suitable for jewellers, for aslo ate terr nhi en rrlee Call at iilS Grand street, new OUntoo, batwjei ? sad ST M. or 2and 4 P.M. m IjlOr. SALE-FIRST CLAM OBOCRRT, WITH LOMtS 1 lease. IS utiles in Row Jersey. doing a large cash train. In a flue village. Apply at No. 6 Tyrtm row. E. M. MASON. PIP. SALE.?WALNUT, DRUO. BAB. OYSTER. flARD ? warn. Stalionera, Drr Goads, Faney Goods. C no fee. tioner-"'. Counters, Drawers, Show Caaas. Offloa Railings, Hash Doors. A .; w III be shlppad. Call and ekamlaa. Apply to J A HEM HODGE, IjtJano street. Woat of Eight* avenue* FOR SALE-THREE URGE AMD SEVERAL SMALL second hand Safes of n liferent maksrs at Terwllllgar A Co. a. Safe Depot, 100 llahl-n lose. OK sTlkIIa UQUOirSTORE, NBA* WASHINGTOW Mnrkal. guo l stand; cheap rent. Coll ot 100 Green wich atrt-ct, No a.feuls need apply. Pioil SALE?A BILLIARD dAtiOOM, TWO YEAlB l-ea-o. d.miga good h .tlnew terms aheap. Apply nA No. 2 Charlton -trrei. mn -r Marion gel. FjVGR SALE?A COOO CHANCI -STOCK. FIXTURES and I.a?e oi a jewelry store, in the beet part of i igblh avenue, lor particular* apply to AKRANDALK A CO.. UK Uiuedwsr. For pais?the i.kasr of house and storm No ?*> Sixth ayene ? yen years to run from Mav ssxt fou'tecn emiai all im I'm Improvement*. rent low. Fok sale ciikap?lease and ptock or a ? splendid Millinery store, plated sa-hc* is window 99 feel deep. Rem )AXI p-i a ill' in. Inquire nl W MACKKY, Pi Fnlioii area or, Bnmblm, nr at the store, Ifl Water street. Nea ivirii. N. V. rni" BALE OR EX'IIANOy?A BRIO. SMALL r ILeisc. i llhi;. and licih (recta, near Fourth avenue; Farm si Iteio ', WV : l?ola Ir, Brooklyn; Coil pmnevtyi I ems' .i Mould". Isrrn lie,tar; two atari 11 ou-o It siais I Noii' th street; Lot Ibli v-flith street, near Arsenal I" N. HPOFFORD. J!? Itrusdway. , V c< RNER GMOCBRIKR TWO ?>!.? r e.tahllaiird Drr c -isla Stores for sale A number of smalt .Ni-rr'-*, M lUnoij'. Nancv corner Liquor y .-roe. Men' V ? te.a u Ir r Miei'i. llotr'a. an old eilaM -he.l #f flee He in . $3gtA ore |iu: tuer t .ken L DKY0. m Nlmh avenne FriNDfJXG WOOD 1 r-'TARI.'-llf.D Nx riiBT k in eld having a ywl n k"? goc I re. ." is gi for g un -. ut uf (lie I. tsl ties* Apt'l) U> C. I.fH'ER, W'aiwortli at.eel. three d ews snutbesai of nillrmghhy ireuiie, Rrw klyn, K l>. VJTI t' LIGHT DR IF) FERt i ? ii.. ;? cylinder. flpMlgihssy. Saaoond b-nd H*4 ??????or Hill. rirrrof STi: PHEN RUWRTS. ?kip's L'stt*. iro-i and --eI In dre foot oi 114Ui siraeg aaJ Harlem " ? ? ? DOING A LARGE OUSINRA* t ?r I* going to E irefe Adiiam QP.flt.INO OFf BELOW i'OUT?AT 49 MAINE STREET. U Branklcu?"loi a sod Fit* ire., ltardwa.e and llinon , fur.oabtaf Ooode * | TiX PHOP FOR BtLE. In fruit can". The os N N . Hi t ..J o-: ? TO HE SOLD CHEAP NOB CASH?TIIE PRESENT p-nprielor not tirep able to attend to It, a a ? ely '"led tip Oyster Saloo*. doing a fl-at mb- but ,esa. Fu.'paitca lara call a? Nu. I Js-yea slip. -H At III NI-.Il Y. ? lis: Saw M' STREET, BETWl I!N CGRT. Alio, PurLable . 1 * , j ?ry R?i AT ^ ?l tMH.N sTIti I' r? BOILERS AND FNUINB.I FOR SALE FN. GOVE. KilOR SALE? V THREE STTERTOR M HORSE POWER I.'"JOMOTTYE Rollers To be sean ai Ha eu,airr A EI^ s axi ie3a*r% Wliihimvbnrg. I litOR BAI.E?ONN I'tinRt'c ENhTnE tic CBR R r patent!. In gund order. Mold for waul f uie. .'| piya? M Mercer streai. |i">R BALE?AT Mi PARK "TRENT. FtVB POINTJA P O'c Lngii e i. ,il P, "er ."i ' "i| r ? ?"-g2 and on# II) Imrso, rouipiete with Bj'lrra vl.i low. Machinery?onf.btft" engine.7V*hin UEf, In brat rate onrklng order; two f-l ia< 1 Drlying f'ul lays, flinch faun. on. 19 lie A Page A Bon'aOrtet Mill, In pot feed eoi ilnHm, for sale, at 273 Front atreet. New Toe? PORTABLE BTEAM'KaOLNHS AND" CIRCULAR HAW MiLLN. The heat and moat complete 'n use Clrriiiars sent oa spr iieatian WUOi) k MANN STEAM ENGINE COMPANY, I. tics, N T., and afl Ma Jen lane. New York. 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