Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1866 Page 3
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WASHINGTON INTERESTING PROCEEDINGS IN CONGRESS. Plunge In the Doute of the Bill Driignaling the 4th of March at the Time for the Meeting of Cotigreas. The Bill Regulating the Tenure of VfBce Reported in the Senate. Protracted Senatorial Debate on the Die* triot of Columbia Franchise Bill. Correspondence Relating to the Dtocetery and Arrest of John H. Surratt. lie. lie. fce. Washington, Dec. 10, 11-88. The Fortieth (,'ongnrees. The adoption by the Bourn of an act for the assembling Of the Fortieth Congress on the 4th of March will throw eat of representation all loyal 8 la tee, onlesa otherwise arranged For by tpeolal act:?namely, New Hampshire, which votes tor Representatives In March; Rhode Island M Connection t, In April; California, In September; Kealaeay aad Tennessee, In August. Territorial Usrrrsarsls lor the South. There is ?s evident determination oo the part of the Indian's to -imb their reconstruction policy to the point of bring* the States; lately in rebellion down to the soadi ten ef Tsrritoriss, and organise them anew Into Bute got wntneale. This may not be accomplished im mediately, N a averred, but that the movement will thus mid Is Uis confidant opinion of those high in radical poal Hot, The Tent Oath Decision. Ia the United States Supreme Court to-day the case of the Missouri teat oath was resumed. There was some nspoctation that a decision would be rendered in this nase this morning, but Lorenzo Sherwood, of Texas, ad dressed to the Court e motion for a reargurnent of the case, stating, In aubatanoe, that It was s mstter In wblob the loyal people of the South took a deep Interest, and ?hat himself snd Oeneral A. J. Hamilton, of Texas, were of the opinion thst the osse on behalf of the gov ernment, In support of the constitutionality of the oath, had not been fully presented. It was, therefore, da aired thst the Court woold hear further argument before rendering an opinion in the case. The Chief Justice suggested to counsel that his motion be put In writing and filed, stating that It would then be considered. It is not true, as has been telegraphed North and Bouth, that the Supreme Court of the United States has reoently mads a new rule edmlttlng members to Me bar without Uklng the teat oath. Tho old oath Is administered to applicants in open court, and tbe ap plicant Is then required to retire to one of the adjoining ?fi*? and there subecribe to the test oath. This Infor mation Is derived from Mr. Middleton, tbe Clerk of the Court Jeff Davis to Remain In Canllnenient. There Is the best authority for -saying that the Presi dent has positively determined not to interfere in the ?we of JefT Davla by ordering hi* release on parole, but ?bat he will remain where he la until arrangements can he made for his trial some lime during the ensuing ?frtng. Tbad Stevens does not believe that JefT Davis can be ?fudged guilty of complicity In the aasasslnatlon of Mn aola. Be thinks ha had no hand In It Ktsvsn* waa Invited by tbe Secretary of State to dine with biro yes terday, but declined on tcooont of III health. CieneraJ Crawl aad I.ndy (Jive a (Jraad Faary Dreaa Maseveradv to Juveniles. A grand fancy dross masquerade waa given to-night hy Oeueral and Mrs. Oeasral Grant to Juveniles at their residence, ou I. street Among tbe distinguished par ?Ids present were members of the Cabine-, the principal army and navy officers, foreign diplomats, members of Oongraw and a number of the moat prominent Gu anas, who were prooent by special Invitation an spectators, while the young gentlemen end Indies, friends of the General's children, enjoyed themselves In dancing, music and other entertainments. Frederick Grant, the General ? eldest son. appeared at the begianlng of the masquerade as a West Point cadet aad afterwards assumed the chaiecter of e cavalier. General P. H. Becker's aon appeared aa Piterro. Other young gentlemen sustained the characters oi Genera) Washington, Hlr Peter Tcexle, knights, iroulMutonrs, yogas, peasants and Italian brigands, lbs young ladles appeared as retries, queens and gypslsa. It was a most aojuyable affair throughout and may be regarded as the Inauguration of lha season of festivities commencing with the Christmas holidays. Tbe Mafely af Hainan l.lfe en Hhlpheard. The Secretary of the Treasury ha* addressed the fol lowing circular to inspectors of steamb-isip ? gia?On the tih ult. a circular letter waa addressed lo |be supervising inspectors of steamboat* in the severul districts, sailing their attention to the provision* of asc Men ten of tba set of July 26, 1688. snd d.reeling them ts see si onee that all paaseuger vess- l*. propelled wholly or In part by steam, are equipped with suitable Blsencaglng apparatus, as requited by the above mentioned section; and that no eerilflcalo of I icons" he gran led unless vessels are thus provided. Numerous in auirtsa having been made by inspectors snd other* Whether, under mid sot, it I* required tbst all vessels of gbe class' referred to shall be provided with a disengaging apparatus, or may defer tbe same until tbe expiration of their present certificates of iicenss, you sre hereby In germed, in explanation of tbe circular of November 8, ?but tbe provision* of tba law apply at ones to all steam mamaager vessels, wbotber bearing uaexptred certificates ?f llaense or not, and that the penally for noncompliance In Used by section two at the act of July T, 18-\8. and ?action one of the set of August 30. 1*62, lieing a fine of gfiOfi tor each offence. The art of July 26, 1HM| content pistes a duty no less responsible tbeu that of providing lithe mom efhclent manner possible fur the aalety of Banian Uvea on shipboard, and any refusal ur neglect in ?amply with tbe requirement* deemed e-senlis' to this abject will be vis ted with the full penalties prescribed by law. M. McCULLOCH, Secretary of the Treasury. Payment af at ale Debts Incurred Darlaa tbe War. The memorial of Comptroller Hillbouee, of New Totk, urges Congress in a Isngthy argument lo provids far the payment of the State debt* incurred lo the pros cut ton af tbe war. The object fur wblcb they were Incurred bo declares to be mi leas national than tbe preservation af the government, and tbat a waaX ties* in the members ef the l. r.lon would have been Incompatible with vigor In lb" head, and tbsrefore policy, no leas tban Justice, ?all* for payment of those debts. He deems II doubtful whether, with the curreo y in a normal condition, State late*, levied oo real or persons! property, will more Man suffice for ordinary Htate exj* usee.. lavs* which boar .nequalty on load aad lead to opfitnm tb* fsrm-ng Ini-reel -, on which lha prosperity of all other* depends Be therefore propose* that the general gorsmment shall ral'aqai'h some particular source of reveons to the aewral States, ie be used in the liquidation of war debts, an i suggest* that tb* lax on Incomes be thus rslln ??i. had as so smpls snd proper item for such s purpose, wpeclally a* It IS querii liable whether It come* within the meat tag of Wis wonl "Indirect" in the constitutional atsu-e concerning taxation W holreale I nnnniitsllun h? I be I'rrstilral. Pre .III nl Johnson has to-bay l*e i*d an order, in com pliance with the suggestion of a memorial presented to blm by Dr. J H. Grtscom, on behalf of lha New York FrillII twesntl? grs.itio.. the prlrllege# of tbe com *wutotl< n system of in* "late of Now York lo all con victs under wnteni o of Ihe civil snd military co- rl* of tb- IJaned iwalre. extending to thsm tbe *amo clsmsney nittt ahateir.rwt of time, upon tbo same terms provided for tlie convicts under sonlcnre of the court* of the Biate, a* an inducement and con?lderaiioa tof good con duct and fsilbfal snd dtligrut sttcntlou of the convict* tn the "bservaaee of tbe regulations of ibo pfl?ms and Is the p vftrrearre of the work impo-ed upon them T>.i* benevolent so.'gestlot received the pvompt ami neidlal -went of the President, and in aorordnm e thvre wt'h 'lie Alu.msv i .vestal aa* nop vested immediately to pr.,'?ra a riHabie ifatrameai for iho oxsc-iiion of tho drsigo?? movement which will undoubtedly Increase the good order uf tha prmsaevs and encourage tbe re fernasvn of those from whom the bonefii* of tne lew bsv heretofore b-cn withheld. A law of similar pur port, firi'VaHe to all the *?*?*? ia the I n on, was lo ds< tr i yccd la 1 engross by aaaMV Barrw, ahkh will We ihiivsn - tod be eavctad. No f Isssrisl Msovsrs Vw? AgfSed C?es. tM *t m* Ibssv Mro qoi rvi agreed upop my financial ntuun, therefore It Is not true, an has bean lelegraptoed hence, that they have decided favorably upon Representative Boutwell's pro poait'.on contemplating weekly sales of gold. All attempts to Interfere with the national banks or tlio currency were summarily voted down In lbs House to-day. These straws are highly suggestive of the Unsocial policy of Congress during the present session. The House InT?stl<alis( Committees. Among the committee* of investigation appointed by the Honso to-day that relative to the New Orleans riot Elliot, of Massachusetts, rhalrmain?will soon proceed .-south probably to-morrow. That relative to the murder of three soldiers in South Carolina, and the facts concerning the discharge of the culprlte?Pike, chair man?will hold Its meetings h-re, ss will aim that en gaged m investigating frauds upon the revenue, Darling chairman. The I'lxtrw Bounty. In the case of a soldier, recently deceased, who bad bequeathed hi* claim for extra bounty to a person to whom he was indehtad for attendance. It has been ds cided by the proper accounting offioer that the set of July 28, 1804, m ate* no inheritance, either by de scent or by will, beyond what is tberelu eiprosely asscrt'-d, and the legatee In the esse referred to cannot inherit the bounty bequeathed bim by the deceased sol dier. It is understood that the Pay Department ha* com menced to pay the extra bountv in certain casoa where full information has been obtained from the Second Auditor as shown by tho muster roll* and other docu ments on die in his office. Transportation of Otllrera and Sloldlera. It has been decided that officer* or soldiers who de cline to accept transportation in kind upon muster out will not be allowed any claim to pay for travel to place of enrolment. The Appointment of Paymasters la the Ktga. lar Army. The President and Secretary ol War are enveloped with difficulties of a perplexing character In deciding upon the few fortunate individuals of the legions of deserving applicants who are to rsceive appointments ss paymas ters in the regular army. The struggle now going on among the aspirant* for tbase agreeable position* la energetic and persistent. But six appointment* have been made within the last few months, four of which? George Pomeroy, J. .Steinberg'r, William G. Moors and George P. Ire?ware made to fill vacancies In the old regular army. Under tho provisions of the new army bill Colonels N. B. Hrown and D. McClure, who have Iteen discharging the duties of Deputy Paymaster Generals, have been appointed Assistant Paymaster General*, and J. C. McGralh, of Missouri, and W. W. Johnson, or Ohio, have been appointed Paymasters. The Female Clerics la the Treasury Depart, meur. Tli# s.itxfect of dispensing with the employment of women In the Trea-iory Department is undergoing dis cussion. It is asserted that while many of them are capable and earn their salaries, other* are Inefficient and undeserving, notwithstanding which It Is Impossible to discharge thorn, owing to the Importunity of friends and other Influences, the pay being greater than that which women receive In any other vocation. The pressure for appointments is overwhelming, the President's bouse, General Grant's headquarters and the Treasury Depart ment are bevtgnd continually, and on many day* the greater portion of the time of the Secretary and his as sistants Is taken up In reiusing to employ women and in explaining the ronton for snch refusal. There sr > now from ODy to one hundred more women In tho Treasury Department than the Secretary Is justified In retaining. In view of all the disadvantages attending the employ ment of women, and the continued pressure for appoint ments and the consequent annoyance, the Secretary of the Treasury Is considering the expediency of following the example of the Secretary of the Interior and dis missing all the female employes. The Masasrhsselts I.Inner Csmm. Mr. Richardson, of Boetos, arrived this morning and entered for trial In the Supreme Court of the United States several liquor csaca Involving questions net de cided last winter. The question* may or not he heard during this term. Ao effort, It la said, will be made In Congress to change the Inw upon the eotyect. THIRTY-NINTH C0NGRE8S. Hrrond Nraaion< SENATE. Wasiii*utor, Dor. 10, IfiM. Mesar* Brown, (rop.) nl Uo , and Hpragna, (rep ) of K 1 , uWnt beTBiofore, app< arm) in their scat*. TH? CONTtNTB OK UOi I'HK.NTI* DIUTIlOYkll to IK Oi USStl II ttvumnv Mr. MoBcm, (rrp.) of V. V., preeenmd ? me morial of the Chniiitior of Commeroe of New York, representing that the record* and paper* in the Clerk'* office of the foiled Htala* District Court for the Southern district of Mlwlsetppl, bav* buendaa troysd by Ore, which documents contained evidence of ?reat Importance to rltlxeo* of the Northern, Eastern and Western state* and requesting the passage of an act providing that In any proceeding In any court the content* of any paper, document or record eo deitroyed aball be offered In erldrnre; such content* may be proved by parole taetimony or by a copy thereof cer tified a* a copy by the f lerk of Mid court, with tbe name effect aa if the original had been produced. Referred ta Committee oo Judiciary. TV I tBAeiBIIITT or A TBI.VOBACn t.lTB TO TUB WWTr COAST <>r ylafKm Mr. Moaoa* pre*enieu resolution* of th* ('hambe r af Comm-rce or Naw York In favor of the employment of a portion of th* nation*! navy for tbe purpose of aarer taining he proper sounding* th ? farllltlo* a'forded by the bed of tbe Allan!'C Ocean for laying line* of telegraphic cable directly connecting eur Atlantic roast with tha Western < oast of 1 ranee *ud Southern Europe. Referred 10 tbe Committee no Foreign Relation*. a* in *KA*?n in tt o* *n a Rivrrsi TrBB* ??**n. Mr. FRrtj*u*rTer*, (rep.) of N J, presented the memorial of the allk tnaniilacfor-r* of New Jersey, pray lug for tbe passage of a lanlf bill increaaing tha duty on ailk menuraoturea, which was referred to tbe Committee on Floanr*. entrri* Tio* to t? araenc tint iwisnw. Mr. i rep ) of Vi., pre*antad memorial and resolution* of th* Wool t.'rowem* t'oarenilon of Vermoni. urging th* paaaageof a hill for tha protection of domestic wool grower*. Referred to tbe Finance Commit!*. rKKKUiTi?>*?. Mr. Rjv<av, trep j of Minn , offered the following reso lution, Which was agree 1 to - Resolved, That IS* ? nmmille# on pnhlir !,?nd? he diverted to inquire Into Hi* *?p#<1l-n<r nf making the Aarlcnltursl ? nd Me. nanb-al Collage land s-rlp receivable la peytnvnl for preemptions rva roerLAvms s*n wsai.tu nr nrttoniwr*. Mr Wapb, (rep ) of Ohio, presented a memorial of cit;/ens of Colorado rooirneertiag the --laiene nis made that th* Territory la dcoltniag in i npulacon. wealth and Industry, and setting forth numerous sUlt-tlm and facta relative thereto, aa telegraphed to the Associated I'reae yesterday Tbe memorial wa* ordered pnab-d nrmaAaan rtj nr aswt - rvt> v?*. Mr. Witaoa, (rep ) of Mas*. preeentad a petition for Increased pay of army officer*, which wa* referred to th# ? illtary Com to . t to* * w**r <-i aaa* Mr. Fr wrvrdtv, (rep I of M*., pveeented petition* from ?rk? Mking * fenrgsirra ion of the clerical f.nce of the departments and increase of pay. Referred I to tbe luilnBlliM 'in Finance. Til wtt "? u***aw "II. | Mr M Ross, (ren ) of N Y . aWentad a petition for [ incren-frl impovl d.-ty on lluretnl oil Referred to the | Finance Committee. rmwevTATtrty or one*n,i /vwvtt'* rwrrrmts. Mr. New***, (rep, I of |(ie< presented III* petition Of t Mr. Cornell J*wett, (hql hannlhwl Bam'ln bo 4* tared 1'ieeident of the I'n ted-uts> (laughter.) Referred to the JuiMrlary Commute ? ma aosmco* or **?*?**? ttrr nw wwivn Mr Wsntt, from the i oreinltto* on T*rrtton**, re ported back the bill to admit Nebraska, with a ret oat mead* l Ion that It pa**. r*a tbs- n* oy rnwruw mm, orrv-n* Mr. Knvi BO*, (rep ) of VI I mm tbe Committee on Re: renchmetit, to whom hat h**0 referred Mr William*' hilt to re. u'at# the term of office, reported the following a* a attbvtiui* and prnmnm I d that It pes* ? ? Re It eo t-ted h-. the Renal* an I ffouse of Representatives nf lb I'nllvd Rtet-sof Amers. In Co igre-a ?*?? muled, ihsl erery pr !*?:. #n-*lH,r,g the r-##VS ,f .1 r,f Sts'e, Iff o,e Trees-,rs -?f Wnv, or ih* Navy s-t-1 -?f 10# loter or tbe post surrt I, mrml sad the Atlori *y ii*rai, boldtag ant c.vtl | ? <11. a..: * be has he# . appointed, by so l With t*# advice aodeoaaeat of tae Senate, and o?rj |er?e who e bail bet net tar be spp-dm-ol In Any -u- h u;..c#. and aball ha> I m- duly 1-1 liliel to nrt t ,*r*"i, She 1 tie <!n| to bed ate-h -.rnc# a an rr??nr shall lies* been b) like manner | a| isdi. ed ami d ily ?i-.*h.-.<-d. eiaai 1 a* herein eineiwkw pro Vi led. *v< & Ana he it further eoaeted. that where say nWsn aiHem.ted ss storesua, -t-cw" I Ju.t*e* nf tbe Catted | vtoiss I'onus, aod eaeeptmg Utiese ?p* tall* et'ri>t*4 lb awe tion on* or l<ti* act, si, .11 during a re. sa ol Ik senate ao-I House las own by euden-e **il?fa< -ey 'n tiie President lit be g-. Itv ??( ntlsctnlo-t IB pb| y or rr1 tit or shall f< r any reasn n.-->me t*g,|ir -isq-isM-.d or im-ip.hi# nt per form ing its duties (n ane-, rase, sad in eo user, U.e President BMV Steiei sto-t, Mo r sod nesigws-e s- i,e s-nw-.te p?-s<.-i to perhe m 'eo.pnvartly ta* *utk>e <?# awsb oeil m<? g if th* Rer.ale. and ullil l|g rsM Ikljl I* MWt upon t-? he e -uite. ,,?( lo aaeb c-*#* It sball t e the duty *f ih* (? etd I- within !**> ty days after the dm do- of a i*h I artt meeting of lb* Wensie ui re ??*! to tbe ?e-,?i# tn-Si sua. i witn tkeatldenns in and masons foe ns setaen M the as*, ? i in* nam* af th* paraen so tee g i i i*r I form in* * ??** af ?ooh ' dice, and if ib* Baust* *a*4 tsiucur In such * -i^nabiw and advtua and w-ns*nt to it>? re morel of sue.', <1**0, t)?T sMI* so e?r1l(y <o b# fessl4*Wt< who mar iheieapib re- stw sifh eSBser. *--d by an* With tb* advlee endenneent ol Hue weaaie apootnt swasher -en. i in such -??<?# but If UK e?es?r shall ref **o M aonesi n such a-Mpansb-o. such ..Bieev an la mm lag avail hetkaith -aeumu iSe 'Boctb-rs ,,f his aw4 lb* [oaBcs of Ik* part** so perf cm lag Mb Sot lee la his vtoud akat e*B*h sad tat wbrs a*d mK U of such ug to the purnii en performing tho dttUel^abrfcf. I Dot (o the officer eo auepended. Provided. however, tool I Preeldant. iu caaa ha ahall baeoiue MU?(ted that eooh m Cnalon >u iuda on InauAothni grounda, ahall ho an?n??-n id, at an/ lime bafgcg nhutlna to tha >*00% If provided, to WrnWenah TCapeleloh I* < >?(a Hall TWi officer In the parformattfh'br the duilea of hta office. , u 8nd. !. Arnlba It furlJifr an ac tad. that tha Pfdnoant ahall have power to All all Vacanclee which ma* happen during the r, in Of tho Benat*. by reaado of death, realfttoUon. OS plrallna of term of ofllr' or other Uwful unuM. Ay graiitfUl comroUalona, which ah. uplre at (he epd of loe'r noli iee aion Iharnaftar; and If ? apiaiintment By and with the Can aan t of tha Beuata ahall ha made to auch offije ao raoant, or temporarily flllad aa aforeeald during auch halt aaaalon of tha Kenate. auoh oAioa ahall remain lu aba/anna, without ana aalary, feea. or emnlunieale attached thereto, until tha aama ?hull be flllad by appointment thereto b* and arith the advice and eonaant of the Haitata and during auch Hme, alt tha poweie end dutlaa belonging to ?ald ahall ba al arm w-d b/ aucli other oSlcer ae mar by law eiereiae euah powara and dutiaa lu oaao of a vacancy in auch iillloa. line. 4. And ba tl further enacted, tnal nothing In thla aat contained ahall be enu?lrttad to am-nd tho tarni of any office tha dur.illon of which la limited by law. Mr. Eowrena emd that In reporting tha above the coin m it tee had boon actuated by no foaling of hostility againot the prrtient or nay other administration, hut in what the ooinmittea com civad to lie tha true republican Internet* of the country, nuder all admlnlHratlona, aud nndnr the domination of all |turtle*, in the growth which la before ue in the future. In that rpirtt, anld Mr. Edmunds, w u^k attention to the bill when it comca to bo uoDNidcrod. I movn mat in? amendment be printed aud the bill made the special order for Thursday next. Mr. KwuKNDgv hoped Mr. Kdmunda would withdraw hia nioilou lor ap rial order, and inatuad of that giae notice that ho would call up tho hill on Thrir?day. Mr. Kpucm* complied with the augvieatlon and mudl lled hia motion accordingly. vuk amu-mov or amAMtADO. Mr. Wadk Introduced n bill for tho admianloa of Colorado. Itelnrrnd to the ('oiuinlttue on Terrttorlea. nan numian cmvthai. ratine hailhoao. Mr. Conxio". (rep.) of Cal., Introduced a bill to grant aid for the'conatrucllon of tho Ban Krao?i?co Central I'aciUc Railroad. Keferred to the Committee on Public I anda. THIS IUTTFI PMHTKITIOV or rAXSVjniaR-i Mr. In# idlcr. (rep.) of Mich., Introduced the follow. In* Joint resolution, which m ralarrod to tba Com nutM* on Commerce ??*' '''? Bflb division nt the ninth wctlon of an t?'?';1'? *n Aot to amend no set entitled hii act to pro rlrteTrtho belter security of the It*-, of pownnn on board of vessels , .ropelled In ? hole or in pert by stem. and tor other punxMoe. ? approved August 30, 1*5, Is M far atna.i'led that ina|ici-tar- may In the ilrmonar tliar.-in provided Tor exempt a ilntitur from the obligation to carry th a ?afa obasl or apartment roint*>sed of or Ifnttd with tneUI oompaet 5^.1.*?" . motion malahee. securely packed In strong, light woo Ian etieeta or boxaa. the onvera of whleh ?ball ha ?" T. 1 ""t* acrawa or other fastenings. and whloh ?? 1 ?? ?t"w"d i" a eafe part of the etaamer drslgneird In thali iloanea by tha inspectors and at a aafa distance from i"irr*p statum prisunfr* Mr H arbis, (rep.) of N. Y . presented a bill ralativ* ta imprisoned under aentanre for offence* against the lawn of Ihn In Had Hates, which p ovldea that all persona I'onvtcted of ofTmnea against tha laws of the I'llited Staiaa and Imprtaonad la the jv nltentiaraa or ine raited Stats*. shall hare the bene lit of all law- of the State la which they are Imprisoned, granting or amuring to persona confined and Imprisoned for offences against (he laws of the S'ate, as a reward for or incentive to good conduct and obedience to prison rulea, mitigation of sentence or reducing term of Im prisonment, or any other privilege# whatever, and au thorize* district lodges to cause the law to be executed, and to give to the warden or keeper of the prison certlfl rate for the discharge of any convict before the expira tion of his term, or for other mitigation of punlahment In pursuance of the provisions of the State laws aforesaid. The bill was referred to the Judiciary < ommlttee. T*L?i?tArn una* os rei ritiscirjL hail rodtbr. Mr. Hkowji offered Iha followiac resolution, which wax agreed to:? Resolved, That the Committee as Poet Office# and Post Knags be instructed ui Inquire Into the expediency of author lung tha Poet ottlra Itepartmeut In construct ?nd operate talagraph line along the principal mall routes. or anch of bent e? It may dee in naoassrr, or to contract with anch Una. as may be already established (If that ahall be ileented mure advlaahle) foi the nae and control of anch littea and In connection with a poatal bualneaa to eatabllsh nltlces at atirh point# na may be determined 'i|mn. open at all Itottra to the pnbhc and the preaa for the aafe and apeedv transmit alon ?f despatches. under proper regulation and at fixed minimum ratea. the committee to report by bill or otherwise. Tng omrtvATm* apt. Mr. TsrwnPLL, (rep.) of III . mot-ad at half-post twelve that the Senate take up the hill to re|>?nl the thir teenth section of the Confiscation act, being tha section granting to the President the power to declare amnesty to those engaged In rebellion. Mr. Morrill, (rep.) ol Me . said the bill to regulate the elective franchi.-e In the District of Columbia ??? enU Wad to priority over all others, as it hsd been on the calendar longer than any other. Mr Tacwnru. believed the tar.ate might have both hills to-day. Mr. ntTMHan, while Very much in favor of Mr. Tmm bull'a hill, still believed that Indicated bv Mr. Morrill xrne the more important, and ought to be taken up drat. Mr. Trumbull'a motion xvaa put mid lost. Tnn niornvn raAscmaa i? rs* nismi-r. Tha bill to regulata tne franchlae lu this District was than taken up and read ae originally introduced In tha tfeuut*. The bill was as folloxn ? Sxi-rm* I That from and after the passage if thta en each SOU every male person, excepting paupers and |er?m> I under suamUnsbtp. nf lb. age of twenty one years and up. wards Whu has not bean eouvieted of aay Infamous er'nie or ode me, and who la sututsu of (be united Plate* and who shall have in the xaMl District lor the period of an iniioths piaxlena to any alection the sin. .bad he .iiilUrd to the alertly* franchise and thall na deem*d an elector and entitled to vote at stir election in said district wiit.s u auv dt-tinniiue nn aeomtutor color or tsne. hue * That any per-on whoa, dulv It shall ha to reeeira votes .I any election wilh'n lbs District nf i'ofuuil'la wlie ail. il wilfully refuse to ram,.*, or who nhall wdfully reject. SMI" WP* V9?? ?"lined k> aucb right undar tbl. set, shall M liable to ?n action ot tort bv th? n-raen Injured and nipt or disturb say such rlaolor In lb" exarcis* of si|c|, fran ehl*e. be or thay shall he deemed guilty or s m ad-mi-eimr, and nn ronruuioa tbervof shall he fined in any anm not to ax need fllOtl or be Imprisoned lu th* jail In said dl'trici for aieriud not to exceed thir ty days, or both, at tha due cation of lire Point. "vc 4 Thai It abtll ha lb# dulv of the several courts hav II g ? rim nal jurisdiction lu said .1s t ui gira tbla ant In afiecisl charge to Hi* Itrsnd Jury at lbs cuminee-wini-iit of aach term ot ib? court. brc. # I hat all arts a ad parts of sols Inconsistent with this art ba and the asms are hereby repraled. The Committee on the District of Columbia recom mended lbs following aa ? substitute for the above ? RkiciO* 1 Thai frrrm snrl s'terlho piasage nf into net traeh and every mala per-.m executing paupers and p. raons under guardianship of the age of years and upwards, w ho has not been convicted of aoy Irifamous rrlm* ot nffeuoa and excepung persona who bar a voluntarily left l ha District of I nlumhla to nva aid and comfort to th* rebels in the laic rebellion and who la a rlUaen of the l ulled Htsies. and who shall bava re.M*d In ibeaaid distil, t for the period of six nwntht previous io say eieetlno therein, shall u* enlriDd lo tha elective franchise, and shall he deemed *u elector and entitled lo vole at an* election In said district withaut' any distinction on ae mint of eolor or raoe. nxc 1 rb.t any person skis, duty It shall be to receive roles at sny ? lectl. n within th* Diatrti1 of Columbia who ? ball will nlly r*|art the vote of any person eol -l?d to sorb HgbD under this art, shall he liable to an action of tort by th* person injured and shall be llahDonindi mei.lsnd coi.rrfnhin if sorb set was does knowing!*. Pi a flu* not es reeding aft l>0 or to Impi Don merit for alerrti noi an radii.g sue yrar ip iha jail of seld D-airteX. or pi both Obi J That tf Ony pevaM *g persons .ball wilfully Inter ruin or din irh any such ale. tor la the exercise of -urn Iran chJse, he er they shall he d.anted g?ilxy of a nx'Silemesnor, nod, <Mi kwiww'H ihwfn. f?h?i| Imi (InNi in ?nr num not to sacred fl.OO or ha (apris.Hia<| in toe jail ia said District far a periled aot xoaxas-sd ihlrtv days, or Vth, at tk# d.ecreuan ol the court r PC 4. That It shall be the defy of Iha several court* bar tng jarlwttexsnn in said Dlalrirl tn give ibis art la spur ol charge In tba tlraud Jnry at tha aausn-aueenieut bf each lavas of ihsonurL dxi t That all aeu and parD of sets. loconslaDi with thla act, be and the ours are hereby repealed Hvr. d- That tha Majois and Aldermen of tha .H|e? af W ssh toatnnaad Orargelewa raepectivel* ou ar befare iha Aral day of Marco In aa? o yaar. ahall prepare a Hat of th# pet sens they judaa tn ba quaitAad ? - vote in the sevaral wards of aa.d cities In any alectiaa, and aald Ma, ,ra and ?l dermen shall ba In open aaas ua to reeal, a evl denna of tba q allficatioi, at persona running iha right !? vota in an/ election therein and for enrrerp Ing aald lisp on two days In eaah year, aol eieeedlog n*e days prior In the snooal eteriiori for tba thntee of atiy nil ?era giving previous notice nf the Ume and plaue of ears session In some uawspau*r primed la said district. Rsr 7 That on or before lbs day of ate-iinn lb# Mayor and Aldermen of *sl?i ritjes shall pat up a list of voter* (bus prepared In on# or mere pabllc p'se. m s, d eitlea ress.- i. ivel*. ai lee.I ten days prior to aald annuel fleatmn Knr b Tnet the "Ulcers presiding et snr eleeuoa shall keep and use th. check list here a required at ih* polls dor Ing iberleeth n of all offcarai an i no nee shall he receiv-d nniesa dcllvare-l bf Iha oter in person, and not unlit the pre-,ding odiorr hat lad op mrtuniVf to he ad*.| of his hlenutr, and ?!isl| Dud His use on lb. list ami mark .1 and a are nalr. thai his voia Is Single Mf. M inor, (rap j of M Ya., prepmeat th* fodowiog *s a substitute lor lb* Drat **? tlos ol lb* vubetituta uflvrcd by lie f ommilta* In sit ejeelioos (o be held here*'l?f In tb?'cl of fto lumbis tba following dearrtbe I persons, and tlw.s* only, sbillbavaibe rig41 to vote ? Mv-t, all those persoos who worn actually raeidenD of said c and 'iisaj.fled i" vol* therein at ihs ele. t out held therein in tba y-ar IdsA under the sta nice tbi n In fore*. s*r-nd, all pcr-ons residents of tsld Ills rtct, w io bare lecn duly in isleved d.Wi the military or naval sarrice of the f'nltcl States during the Isle retwl Hon sod haVSWn 01 he- alter di?!l or iion.,rsb,y di charred therefcom; llitrd m>~ f bfr-efief shall he honorsb'y ditch* Si* Clugsos of the ^ tt/D i steles be age of tirifn r The ?J'?* rrcsb all hava attained tba age oT TifTn 7 Tha' iJ'.fs ^csjn.0# paupers, person, an* ams. aasWu, or r . ,vi, p ?( an I off moo., and who, 1.?i*g raaldeuta nf t'.e ward or dta tr.ctfa wbtcb tney shall of, r t. vol*, shall hava rev'de.t ta ?aid district tor the prod of one yaar nexi pgrnw-Hug an* etewlon. and who aba I have paid toe Uiws IHew | against them, and wb* osn read and who can writ* thair name. Mr MnnuiLL *atd tba b',11 bad b*#ti *o long before th* Henalr, uxd nae an wall understood that l)? did sat deem any attended remark* nn It nrr**eary at this time II* would a ale to Ui* dpuat* briefly whot >x. pmpomd by th# lull. It wnaid b* #e*n that tb* bill purport* tn bo a ins x 'if* to regalai* lb* tdeettv* r urliic |p the District nf ? otombm It wax mm* than thai It n ' ??iiy regolalaa th# franchla*. |i attends It and at-large* IL Pie princ pol lentur# nf tlk# bill, and Dial whkh I* nf mu#i interest to xhe H*nat* and to lb* country, and wb ch probably cbol enga* all ait*aiioa, la thai it em bra<?<l ib* colored ritircixs of th* District o f sdumbm. tn tb a |?ri c uar It M a imvetty, todeanrib. Im bill ia * ?ingle pbra* . II# would my It wa* a maoss rc fog im pwrtiai raatrl. led suTraga - that !a to anv It pmfanaod to h* Imparltol amat g all tb# Rial* ? iUveas of lb* I u teri Mute* resident in in* tdotrtrt, and H ka nafrtriiv* ia that It D ronflnod tntbs mxl* art and tbal It a n.aftnad lo porson# otaw e nrrruin age, xnd that it cnrlndos ratupeva and Insang p resin- and (wreonagtititv af fetnuv aud wtner Infamous ? gene#* It la imiortaxl rontrtrtad snffrug* aa d?si|rraish",' from unlv*r?*i u? maiAood .oflrag-, af wbl*h tba coitntry bo* bas'd so muefi af fans Mr kfo rill tb#n alluded to tb* piw.itoa of tb* Neasi* tn Ibis meagiife, that position bad boon stodeon-ly m.svapro aanad by tne pram ot the ronary Tba writ teg# of tba p.?ss on tfimgubyapt worn dugrare ai to Aioar, an jaor paltshn. T?,a dan ale bad haaa m*u*ad af latlora to ro. operaM *Hb lb* Hoasa during Uto Inst wmm*n an (MM imiiortaM Measure flocb was pot tb* aana Tk* Tsnan bod s -#d prompt I v a tbt* bill, m perfect bagioony with th* #? ailment* of tno Hooas living ropi.ed to anm* ?byoc sdw In Mm pew* ng bill orge.1 bp Ma kayar of th* my and otnom Mr Mmr'i rwad 'mm bat imgipt a ?"2*^7 " ^ f'" ?"?r ?*" ""f p*t "? *?#? MHtMfM "M?na aa bfa|MMM? MMB l?rL *h|i?U Hr^u'Li I ill" Ctrl to lk? "*?( ta* a zjl ? ??(????. a* uwuovoa mwi ougat tojfeiiihTolco (^ (QunKlpAl affair* in the Jul not- Hi* U?a> itnsat *l*o pfgflhaed not to dlafrmncbu* Ihnu* who MU|4 not fwtd fit writ* and have already voted and am ??till ;4 to vote. Ii laokod to the future only in ibi* H?|l*' t and It gave th* ballot to all. without respect to educational quulitlcatlona, who had he*a in th* I'n.oo army. Tli* qua*Hon bolng on Mr Wlltey'a amendment, Mr. Mniii.' hIcmI If It wat dlvlelble. The Unain sabl Mr. Wlllay'a amsndmaut wa, to atrile out and insert?that waa not divisible. Mr Murkili. aald ha would lika to gel a separata vol* no the ,li>t. In us* of Mr. Willey a ainuoduiohl. H* waa ippuwl to tliat claims. Mr. V'o-Hsvnn* suggested that th* object wl?h*d hjr Mr. Morrill could ba attaiuad if Mr. Willey would add to lb* It; <t i-la ;?? of lila ameudmenl th* word* "excepting all person* who have voluntarily given aid and comfort to th* rrlwl* duriug tli* lata rebellion." Mr Wiii it dc lined to modify his amendment. Oo a ?tuantion being r.ilwl, the Chair decided that it wa? In order in move to strike out tb* drat clause of Mr Wlt ley'e amendment. The motion waa made, and th? rliius* stricken out. lha question be ng then ou Mr. Wtlley'i* amendment aa amended, Mr. Wren* bo|i*d It would not 1m adopted. He we* in favor of unrestricted mutihood suffrage except as to air* and time of rest dence He waa opposed to th* qualification of reeding and wiving; h* Imd voted aga n>-t It In hi* own State, and would vote against tt here W* were now in a ren dition to demand universal suffrage, and w* should d* ? msnd it. He was atone tlm* m favor of the propo-dtton etaned by the Nkw Yobk Ht.KU.n to graut suf frage to those who had fought In the army, who ewned property, who ecu Id reed and write er who belonged to a Christian Oitirrh.

Hn waa 10 fhvor of that once, because be believed it waa all that could he got. Hut tbe country >* tending In the right directlun now, and nothing leas than unlverwil suf frage ought In be aooepted. Poor men needed the pro tection nf th* hullot as well as rich men, and the Ignorant aa well as tb* wis*. Mr. ban.snrirv, (dem ) of Del.. aa?d it waa not hia In tention to discus* tbe bill Just now before the tlnal vote waa lak*n. Ha hoped to "ipnu hie disapprobation of It in every form Curing th* laat political campaign hi* Slat* W Delaware was visited bv many sjieaker* from different state*, some prof easing to come from Inuxlana, sum* from Mississippi, some from Tennessee, some from Virginia, and, among tb* rest, by the distinguished Sena tor Wilson from Massachusetts Having Imen appris ut that Mr iVilsnu waa coming to Detswarn to enlighten the lienp'e of that State In their duties at tbe polls, he (Saul-iburyl apprised popular audlencae that ha woold he a frank and open speaker who would state booestly hia conviction* and opinions Hv some lapse nf mmnory, however, Mr Wilson had' for?ott*ti to say a word in favor of the doctrine bo was advocating. The people ui Delaware were not deceived, however. Knowing, from the record* nf Congreas. what the inten tion of the dominant niajorltv was. the people of that gallant little State had given a larger majority for :h? democratic State ticket than they bsd ever glean before. They gavn a maturity in favor of what they bad always believed that this nan a while man's government, and agaiuel negro suffrage In any and all forma Mr. Wiisov said it was true he visited Delaware last ?ummer. Knowing very well that he waa In a Hut* In which not much progress had been made, be acted somewhat en the scriptural principle of giving milk to babes. (Laughter ) Mr. Sam -mmr hoped that when Mr. Wilson came to Delaware again b* would bring, not hia milk can ooly, but hi* meat basket, for hia oonstiiuanu were accus tomed to strong meats, especially lo lha part of the nuts In which be lived. Aflar farther discussion. Mr. Awthout. (rap) of R I., moved to amend Mr. Wlllay'a amendment by adding as follows at Ui* and of II:? But on person shell have the right to vote who In any way voluntarily gave aid or romlort to the enemy durlna ttia 1st* Mr Cow,*, (rap ) of Pa , would like Mr. Anthonv to slam by whom the existence uf th- dl*i|ualincstlon men llooed In hie amendment was to bu determined. It r-tuld not be asutmi) that the people of thl* District ware guilty of treason until they had been fairly tried and convicted The lew presumes them all Innecsnt, and tbe lonstltutten declared that thsv could be e.on? vlcted oalv by due pr-icess of law. If there waa any man in the District who had committed treason ther> were laws under allien he "Otrtd he tried. Mr. Avtuumv said there wa? a mod* provided In tbe sixth section lo obtain the evidence nonoaaarv under his amendment He supposed there were as in any warn of asccnnining whether a nun had been In th* rebel anny aa nf aseeruiuing whether he was twenty -one year* of ova. Mr. Han- > objected to the reading and wrltinr quail flrati'in, and,in that account would vote against Mr. Anthony's amendment, tuvaus* ha did not wiah hi per fect any amendment which contained such a propo sition The gee*inn being put on Mr. Anthony's amendment, It was adopted. Mr. H**iihpb*. (dem 1 of lad., moved to reconsider lha vnt* bv which the flr-i clause of Mr. W>ll?y'a amend ment wa- stricken out Disagreed to Mr. Co?*?-* moved to etrtke out from Mr Wtlley'e amendment the following word* ?"And who have paid Lilf* tiki M/bIimM '? Ui* ug assessed against Mr. 8?rt/sear aaid if ibis lull warn pasncd In iwa years tb* District would he DimhI d by o?gr -*s. and ibar* would lie a negro Mayor and i orpocetmu H? could vote for no amenf-wwwt so ttm Mil, as ba was np|.osed to It la every shape end form Mr C levna* withdrew hi* omeadment. and the oooa tlna we* Upnu sinking out the Br?4 section of Mr Mor rill's bill aad ii-crtlng in lieu thereor the two reniolnmg clause* of Mr. Willey'* propcsttioa, tb* llrst having Iteen stricken out. The ye*s and nay* were dxiuaiided, and by one yea and fourtyooe tis>a th* mutate refused to adopt Mr. Wiley's amendment. Th* question w*s ihi-n on lite * institution of the com mitted'-, for the original bill. Mr Moaiiiii movad to amend the And eerlloa of the proposed substitute, by the striking out of tlio words "six monthi." sod inserting la lieu thereof tb* words "one yeer," Adopted Mr Wiiwws moved to amend so as to add. "And in the ward Or disdt > t is wbr b be slutti oilvr to vote. "Hire* months," ui 'be some acctiou alter the words just in serted. On motion of Mr. Mossiij. these were ednided Mr ('owes moved to amend the llrst ecctiun. eecond line, nf the sut-utuie, by striking oat the word m?le. ' before "person " II?- ? ?.<! this * as met liable. It could not b* restate.J e ben It was d*iri.nd*d, ? 't would be. by Bftesia miiitans of American women, and granted to negroa*. II* demanded the yeas and Bays. The h*(tale, at <*n mlnul** lo (our o'r,och, cn motion of Mr Astsuvt. adjourued. HOCII OF REPRESENTATIVE*. W/i?*l*tj1ol>, I>?r 10, 1MM nrrrurm ???.? or ????*??k>t to ithtik aornrwMt ?raTra Tho Brat bc?in?en id order limine the call of tbe B'alae for tollla, to* following were introduced ? By Mr W?vn, (rep ) of S Y,?M 10 print to rerta n Plate* that ba*e OTTO in rebellion a republican form of gor< roroeol l> wae read ami referred to (bo It*? < ooatroctien ('< mm.ilea, and ordered priolod. It provide* for tbe appointment of Prorlvowal 'Jo* urn on for Uio** '-ioum, who on to coll "Into < narration* All mala perenov, aallva l"rn or nalarallted, who hate heeb rwddeau of tha *1 ? uoo dMrktMx month*, irr* api-dUva af color, of tbe ag* of toaatr awa roan, and not belonging U> the vtrc|0?<l ela*e*e, la rata In aala U tag detonate* to iha <*?nvawlKme; the d*|cg*tea to ha loial men The etoepfed ri*-?r? are tiioaa who bare hold other. civil or military. coder the confederacy; Eii'-nllae, f?t?H~Nare ol rcb-1 oewepaperr rel-cl. ah- rlo lied an oath t? ? pport lha rnri.iiiiiiioo ..r win. hare baon educated at it* Naval or Military a ademr *h?n til* delegate* IY?me a Plata O^adlUUn thai ahall ?er:re ?nifrage to all b it the ereepiional Maaaaa, and ahall dl? quality from ho'diag office all who aided In the rebellion, a.ol aectir* 10 all men not d.w|'iai|hed hv iraiwori or Other ? ?rime earn*! rlgtit* and full pr itai t on, 'hall In tha avant af the adoption of trie coiiallnrtlon br Hie people provide lor tba eieriion of -"ate, Judicial and left ?ia liran<toar% and *hall vnh'iilt the conatltotton to the p op|c aatbo rtied ta vote for date a ea tor their adoption or rajaatlo* Wheo taid con it on ahall ha adoped vnd tha *m*n<l n.ente prnpoand hf fangraw to iktMitHttwitiftlit I oiled Mite* ar? adopted, then tba loyal oivn h- re of i.ounraM "fim thora ?Helea to he admitted to 'ha<r veata, ? wrju?* tu,?i*? m oiartrr Mr D ? ?.f ro 'rap i af h. T , Introduced a h II granting ? right to land a at'onartiie enbla of tbe American tilan in fal-itrap i ? .mpany. It vat read twice and refrrrd la ti?e font 'MB. e i mumlUaa. Tha but grant* thia t orpnratieB. ocron'red ?nd?r tha iwa of tha r' a'f of MtiWT irtl toe the po lawa of tha Hta'r of Mew T .rlt lor the pnrpoae of e*?ah IMtnag telagrvphie eotntn'm 'atlona between tb" 1 nltad M.iUw and other lift'' Or, ' la Itefm I MM, A ?ore< Maul* and Rep weal, iha ?ile right and privilege of tha Atlantic raaet within iMJhMIcim .<f tha t'mted Plate* for iha parted of y-tr*; tha companr ta raatarnae oimiaih ft" <i) twa j -ar* tod tba govarniuent to bar# prhiglty af u-e mi pi mai/nr Lawa Mr, A'vjraa (dern ) uf n' J , ? wed ? 11 | to rapeal tba newii t, iy ??*. K"?l l ire and referr d to tha J.fl v ary i'o'uoi a It ret. aia all the art *n-it|-d "An art ta mldltion :? tbe act fov the pa?i*i inetii af revta.a cilmaa aaait.n lb" t'nued Hale* a ad tba acta 'hereto ? Uieatl and ri'efclng tba twalflb Wi II Iher.vf " rai ,n?r r * rswuaawtiAb ra *i4a?iKi?*. no. Mr iii'ior rep I ?f Oti'o, intrddoeen a Mil Mgfc. 1 far* ralht and oe.citietva eara n ycul am at ?ar g^P? fWidVnl aad acta ta jr. rv-ndb " lhaceat, *ad loegjl* ^ owurtamarti! *?l tall arg -nn. "I. na ?<? 'hv e^pr awn of the i <ie r>'?il ?.?. Head iwi eaal ralamd tdtha Jraadrjf Com* i to it a*eiTf or Rot a Mr Faa?r?'' rapiatlnd, ntv>*fo ei a h'lt to "*aie , trama.e vd <'*r by >i.a<r m'b ? ?* win. a tba than"t of (atumbia all pe oa ?b r< m, ar>ly '?<r* arts* a garnet j tba t'aite t -taiae * bce.-ptdg *> an rvtaal u*e r t%, tbma at otnea from'?r ? ndev w?? VKi ial OMtfbtk*e(b dtataa af dantri'v or a' r oft ham Head t aloe and referred la tba J-id i' inrg i. mbaa, pawm* r> rn no ?<?*?? w *?? t?a* av Mia. Mr Va* I* ~ i ep. ) af <f Y prea??t*-d a pet . n of ' lib ruto nr of Mia a oawatf, ' ear Tart aab ag f<* >*e paamga af a giaatmg i-o?? no U> <ba MfatVMf aa. ?iter* .d in* war ?r l*Ul Itafrrrad mi U.* ("ammtuae m r nanwaa or ywv rvrrnn wirvw iwarai t "or?v av Via taa* a watetp i. Mr f?nr* a, (r*n I af Jf. T , pr**watad lb* mawmfM of tba t bnmoef ?f' *nmar a of MM bm?a af *?* T ab. "? rmar t tw the p*t*r< *ot *? card* of r?# foetrvn 'tan ,,f lb* t|*t -ta'** for ma Haatnera Divtrt't af Htiad* t,p?B toe' dar n* lb* war Referrad fd lb" i idW.arf < ?Mtnil<lae AM* madlatima* af lb* Cnamher'a lll g Ih* MMtbt af tna u? wc mpw aaca *f a *?r vay of tba i?d '* the ttt*at*e f" Uf W*iaf of ua una* of bHegrafb vnbMa Marted M Mb* ? awn lM aa V' anniie Ml ?? "'"mfc to i^>p^m?waBt of U?? KH'iiw of Wniw i'.,f lb* Diatricl of Columbia. to the JudMiM? Committee. i'hiibv stATM mum nmtt mm MWimmn m ?<m. Mr. Orixo*. (rep. I of IIL, introduced ? bill providing for mi additional um of the Circuit Court or ih? I'muj Si ?tf? for the Souther? Dwtrlct of UlmoM Referred Pj tb? Judiciary Committed. ?a?ai ixror or tib with" la** Mr. Paine. (rep.) of Wio . introduced ? bill to provide fur the ?*tahlteli|Ii?nt Of <?00 '? tllOTO Btl'tl dejIOte OB lb? Northern And Northweatern lekee. Referred M tbo Com initios nn N??al Altera, i-abup ron iaii Mr. tli"at, (rep.) of (al , introduced ? bill granting laud* to aid In the oouatrurllrm of a railr?*! from Stock ion to f'opiwropoiia, rallfurnla. Itafairod to tliO Com mittee on I'ublu: IauicI* auAam mint at ?<? nuiWd Mr. M< Itrr.H, (rvpiof 'At, luiioduced ? Joint icoolo llon, authorizing the Secretary of tha Trraaurr Pi pur chaw a aultable aite fur a brau'-U nunl al Sen frauclaoo on Hie approval of tbo title Uv tha 1'niied Staiaa Dl??rtct Atlornav foi t'aliforula, tl.o laeoiutlon noi to bo coo *trned as antheming the ore< Uon of a botldtBf thereon until jur.adtctioii thereof la coded by the Slate ..f < alitor ma. Referred Pi tha i oauultu-e on Apprepi iat loua. raanosana i* tu hommbv ?vatbh. On motion of Mr. I'kkhaii, (rep.) of Mo . the < ommit tea on Invalid Penaloni wa* iDatrurte<l to Inquire *1 other any pcr-uma in tha lata rebel Statsa whore nam'" a ere ?truck: from the panaloo roiia on account of then partliS* pa'ion In rebellion, have been rvatored, and If a->, by what authority. nat riuTY or tub iirtLTH ABO uv?j> or riMticant On motion ot Mr Rax, irep.) of Uaen., tbo Judiciary Committee wiw directed to inquire what furthur lea'"la tlon la m-eeeiwry for tha better eecuflty of the health and II vex of pavwogera on veee -la and Aleamera re Ulna under tha lawa of the I nltnd Stater? tha committee tu h? authorized to a-ml lor pentona ana papera, axatnlne appan.tua and iiiaubloery, and oauee practical teat* theraof to be made. rai'MorioB ay buktbt or umrrortot'a Often* Mr. Blaibb, (rep) of Me., oflarud the following ? Keeolred That tha Committee un Military Affelra be In. alrucied u> inquire lino the eipedlaocy of prOTUtlng by lew ihat oHb are appointed from the volunteer aarrlea luiolUe tegular army may be brevelled in thr latter for gallaul, mrrttorloiia or railliful oondnrt In tha former. BAVT TABD APt-OIWTaaKTH. On motion of Mr. Rd-Uiw, (rep.) of N. H , the Kara I Committee waa inatrurt-d to report a bill making tha appointment of the bnada of the dUTereat mo- hen leal dupartuiAule at the vnrtoun Navy YeRla auhja< t to the approval of the senate. run noRroLK riot. On motion of Mr. Km it, (rep.) of Kuril, Iba Sacra tor y ol War ?u directed to coniinunlcala information lu refereaca to ilia riot at Norfolk. Vi, on lha ldib o( April. lHiiO AUo any evldanca or docuiuanta rolntim to the ullog-d luiprumnmi'iil lu Ijeorgto of Kar. Wllllaiu Kiuchao, a ui luminary u> ilia (medraau of thai riuio. THR MHAZIUAX IcrRiUHlUr I.IMR. On motion of Mr Ai.urr, (rap) of Maaa., tha Port matter (Junsral wat dtruotad to oommuolcata luforma Uon a< to Iba fallur# of Iba Braailiau alaaiuablp llua ;u OonaaoL CRTT1.BMBHT or AivuORTR OR MIUTABT OmCRRa On motion of Mr Haar, irop.i of N, Y . tba Military Committee wan directed to inquire Into tna eapediomy of fmora legialallou to facilitata a telDeraenl of military offl.ierB au'ounia with Uu> War Department. A umt or r?KUo.rr.D rrorih HMjianrrD On motion of Mr. Hart iba i'reeideni araa raquaatad to fu ml ah a Mat of natnaa, rank, poattlon, be., of alt peraona engaged In Iba lata rnballloo, wbo bava boeii pardoned t>y tine* April 16, ltd.', with tba rraaona for granting ilia portion, and tba nainaa of offlcera at whoae aollcilatiuna pardoua were granted. nmiiiaaoiia or toluttrrrs. Mr Hon nam, (rap) of N. Y., tuirodoced a bill to author** tlie greui ug o( d lac bar una to onrtaln rolun teern In thn lata war. Kafarrad to ilia Military Com mittao. Tint rOARTWIHR T8AJML On motion of Mr Baaauatran, (rap.) of Coon., llm Cotnmicieit on Cumiueroe vraa Imtrucied to inquire wmduer foreign roioola liara been or arw engaged m tlm cmtiwie* irude, contrary to thn lama or lu# United Ktatna, and report Ilia facta with a icb rncouituaudaHum aa aliall prevent tba tame. kihiti.1 rav or drtailrd a tuna aa. On motlun of Mr. lunar, (rap.i of Mnaa , Iba MlliUry Committee wax (nalrui ted la oonalilar tbo eipadienty of l>mv d ri|( for an mrraaaa of pay lor aoldiara dotal ad for Die purpoae of cU-rloal duty In tbo aavaral depau /iionta. THR Taa Ok RAVFrifTCBB*. On moUoo of Mr Hnoonau* (rapi of I'm., tha Coin milieu of Wuya and Mi-ana wan maUuctad to into tba expediency of aHoiunluir tha (t?n par coal In ternal ftrvenue lai oo menufaeturtng and tba product# of marbanirti' akill, or in toui# other way rotlnrtog tb< ea latcrnatx from a portion of thatr prnaent burden*. tin motion of Mr. Wataaa, (rap) or Oblo, tba aanm eoiotn.tie* waa In-trncted to inquire Into tba otpad ancy of no amending the Intnnial Reennat Inwa that tba tat onthn manufartura of barnaaa, aaddlea, tinware, lum bar. wagon? and larriagtM ba reduced to two nier rent inatnad of fl*a, at now prorldad by tow. atoo of having mtpeetor* of UUiillori~a wbo tanaaura Ian than ihi a hondrad galiona of whlakay per day paid by tba gorar( mrolaud ool by lha diatiliara ihb *<? t-atrr or ma mr *tby. Mr K'UJrt, (rep) of Pa, offered tlin following - Keeled Th-,1 Die prupeaiUue that the debt of ib-ooi' try ahotiid he cittrr/.if h- .1 by the getterailoo tiiat n<alfi * It It III1I MaetKMMHl UV e tinn- plat ilf national ecwkJ ley ami tlm ? eot meet aim Uo approeal of lb* H'iu**. Mr Wa>-rRcn?t. (rep ) of III., tnnred Ui rater tba rrao lotion to tb" t onimilUNt on Way* and Meant. Mr Wftrwomw, (rep j of lit , too tad to lay It on Iba labia Tno Ho'mn refuted to lay II on iba labia, an I it aa< rat an ad to Ilia UunlinUei' on Wsya and Meaua aatxitarni i'Dor. Mr Rptuiiao, (rep) of Ohio, oflered tb? following ret-outloii, which waa adopted ? Keeilrd Tltal tba Jetnl Committee on ReofiMmet'e* l.t leqtjexted Ui Inquire Into the * tp? Ulancy of I..0|"'?iriy * Juliil reaolullen 'ie.-urtOi.-y -f ll'e pnfpaw* tf e .nur*M lu li e lecrpuiiii ?( heualo ? and R?|uate,,i?li?>? If* ,,, 11,.. t lieliiooa Ktalea, ratpnatlraly, oo the railbcauun u| toe aaq Ututlouial yawafawel and toe aatoalief ? ii ef ? re puiubeii lu'm "f ypiternment not lutiotlateu. taa liiiikl.t'itelli Of laa C olleil H la let. aaur r <>r uiw aaauan aot'eaat. On motion or Mr BccUunn Iba Mlllia/y I otnmlttea waa ineiru' ted to Inquire into tba aipetlienry vf pat-mg a law for the ral af of dltcbarged toldien woo beta i eitlaotorly h al tin ir diarhargaw oicio lata-a ??tifr On motion of Mr (.tarra'it, (rep. i of Ohm ihn M i tarv fomtioliee metric ted to ittqura into tba *lpediea< y ol preaenitog to i be hlau of Olito tba I tin It r and oilier uiaiarwl ln> onging tha rioted Plate* at I amp Cbaae, Ohio, to lie uaati n Iba eraetlon of a Huate aeyiuin for tar Id. otic, rwau. Mwiixar'. oa mot on of Mr M< Kir, fiep | of Ky , tba < qmmlttaa on Way* and Meant war Inatroctod bi Inqtnre into Uia aipedicncy of ettaipi oy diniilier< wbooitti aannailr i era than twenty barrolt from lb' 1.1 ante lat imp wed by ac; of July IS, IMMI arerriBT troaa oratna. On mot on ol Mr I'mnota, idotw.) of Toan DtoMiiiary f emrnlllea wat m-ti c te.i to mqnlra inio toe aapedieie y of eiiendimr to Iba Home (i tarda af ti ninety tba Itaua Ul of Ilia tow equalii ng boaatiat rCRMfHM. on motion of Mr Jri.- -. irep I of I ml . Iba r .mrmiiea on loeaod Pennoot waa into n ted to lu |ulra ?MIM expediency of Hi amruding Ibe I'eo ion U ?? aa ?? allow apptlcania or |eiu not to roro?ar lite una fnni Ibe dale of Ibalr decbar. e tut area, raianot r>? raraaaatn tttutisx ta tna latta in oti abtMcBT On mot.on of Mr KtnQt lit* toe .eyetory of tba Trtai ory Wat direrte-t to f.iroPb inf rnit' no aa to tbt di-to boti in of Iba | IM)'MO appropr tied Ittt tata on for In cratted talari*. lo tbt Treasury lu,-arta.?ni ii# motin of Mr Hru. irep f of Ind , timllar lafoemt tloa wat eallad for aa to ih? diairttmttoa of lie 'Mb (ranted foi <ba ttnc pmpiaa by tna act af March 1 IBM arraai or ran .?trim i.awa On morion of Mr M" li-.i, frep.) ef IH , l!a J i liei ,ry rufflwilIM wat iBtirnntd to Inqmrw into tbt p Icy at,.| atpadleney of ri |-ewlin( all law* pro- IdlOf for |uime|il coder toy . irciiin'ito.o" to p-rt at aiaimthg l? ba the former nwntr of tla?ea. fur tba kei of a r b i?--. and to raport whether any ? -maUlultonal obio-Uou atwiad t? tba rape*, of tocb town aart i?aL a??t? rrtio onrvvttma Mr Rrwe. (darn | of III , oiTeied tba fo), rwiag ? lleeoited, Tbtl tha I onirelllet o-? (itlitc ?M ? arrai - f ba inatr etrd m Inqatrw iwti lha tapedltoey I aii i . . n? the nail* roil curie ,ey and ale.' t mp the not >?< * ?at? and fwrwlabing llw wwintry In lt*n of to n nti .1. - j wtrh c teui'tcba or uber ? ',ifen- r of <diMl*r t baruiicr Mr Wtwrai aaa, of fit . w""d i , the tafd? H.a raaoiuuon wat laid on tba labia by a ?ota af M lo M Mr. Htnntti. rap ) of fit., offered tba futtoa ?.$ ? Rented That the r omu > It* on fanktoa and* ai rtnty mamt h ,u 1 una aMYMto ttbalM and daatgaad MR ii,ie wo'-ey a ?*.*i Ma I wio -* pro to Utiie haiit aetct aa rot'*.. y try oU(? n ?- ? ,?(,( lfe? ntlb nal ?d liau lawt (tnM kt 4I> vtfti M*. Riowau rap i of rat , mada i> a pMnt of ordar Ikti tba limit a ad t*al tabled a auditor r*t< me Tba Reaiaati ticfrild iba point af -wdae, MRw Uitl fit retnlaimwa dtfft"-t in aereeql partir ;'?r? M' Wtauatata, irtp I of III more! lo |ay ma feeo lafioa oa tha 'able aa it naa l.rwc'ocy to n#a rooraabtaa a*'end of ittrin M to tba c.immiMaa't diacywtton Tba ftauluiroo waa laN* I H la aa aeiyr-f i*p birnwi 'trmmnTrm Tb? a create aaaouamd tki tatoat coat o? lit ana aa f >' Inwa - On lit To? Crlaaw Jfidi? Matopa tftab TMWwiti and < ampwM tha latlar ? at taktoqin >irc .. . i 'it '? kedn V f'aafod halt HHfi la I I too caearw HYa. faroaa.i. th and f'napar "O x i - Mul 'd r* M*,i..: Mce ?t W uV'-jrn (fad), aod r."l and'er wcffceidr Mmara (to fll'Mua. Myara and Trankda. /' net'* an ff'tadaa-n'r d*-trc- M to Pi-' K> by, tbin, Mtnghafn. Ta?' r * r . i taa (IflMdi, r*wa and Mar iba ; TV* deaanaa aitn ana c.nead . . ' * pH| 'H<| I HfRrfiiiailt on '?* r% M' Waa, la pdawi id Mr ItrMrr ffare.crd or i <a, | ?a1 ' cec-wy, Mt. <ankt> In ptaba -Id H' ' ". d? to art If . iba M a,o? g C ?r ? ad M ttoloa, tin M Ut?r/ Afftira Mr P - "i < t*' ??? M? f 't'ler , oa It ail lent nt Mr left a < a oa He?dr and ' taih. Mr btiet., on Par l? n.a ? ? ma Inyti *ab , Mr f'aak n? 'Ol ' ?pc -tfore -4 '? < J fbpt aaant. Mr M lar e% intir-t U io,a a M*-wra May aard and K'-oi'i on M tta M am Ib.wa. Mat ant Ward (M. T i, an *' oat and M ' g Mr lay bar , awn ' am PunlM ffipead Mr it a at * -aa te i Thn Vlaltt puna a lonwtacalai ft m the Mary Inyararai in raftata * ie .th* ?' iaai laneatRt of tba rt'b ? f /air. itaa t orna M s * > tan oirewei no * ?*? ? *?-*? < tna nindrum uf amart bay M. i. a d to#.eatnw'laf ifct'iaaaktaT V?jr, wbwh (H OOdar thxrg* tj lb* Tlddoury It-pen meul. 1 Aid <>? the UtMe. Ttu rtu *m nm mmum ot in??? The hill tmrvikatol bjr Mr. tolMMb, agd which *u 'ilitier ci/oiidcrhltua laat fgareday, to is the liiuaa for the regular mmllui of Cougrexe, rama up M epeclal order, tha miration being Oil 8h*llkberi(*r'? amend maul, flitng the ?34 uf February M U?' dor for tiectioni ol rviwe-wniallve* throughout the United Motor Mr Hurxv otploinod how It woo Impoasitil* for mom. ton to IM Oleetod In I'oliiorabt Under tiiot provlaioii ami how, if *i.ti*4. It would bo impuaolhle for them In lw in w*?tiiU|{Uiti on tbo 4th uf March Ho know ol no woy oi Hi it unl"?o the authority woro glrcn to tho ttevewmt to appoint rrpre*i'utallv*a for llio lull Cougreaa Mo, I, wovur, to wove any eiuendu.fuk Mr HmtuUMM, ire|i.) of out ?, wthvr-w hla ornaod rn*nt Itotmg thai Uo could not tnak it uttotij**'!hmob!a to oil tbo tnoutv r* Ironi tbo Mai. t which had not h id MtflMugi Mr Hiowm.i. iniiiuooleU on mm ailment I'liipnwrrtag I ho Gorcrtior* of t-wt.'i to U> o day of election prior to tbo 41 b of Mori h. Mr H" Pgbl*. (Ton of Ohio, preferred U> Inn ihc bill ?ip?tiruin bored Willi any prnviai .n? on llm Mbjc I, and declined to lot tli? amendment lie ollernd. Tbo auction w oo gmcodnd, aud tbo bill *u pimrd I'i'T to 1M1 It la ?o lolloao ? Ho It marled, Thai i.i ad t'l to |be flrot or regular tori in* <d tbo mdowng of .'n, -had r .. moot og ..r llio f'liilrili I'ongrooo f l ? I I. t. d gun toil ol <o.l? tnmced iig Cu,.grraa ihriorfirr vwotreu i i imiti'tu on thr fill dor "f March. the day on tba t. m orgloa -re *pl Hut wbrit tbo 4lb ol' Mai. Ji u. Ufa on -twiidgy thro 10# mrotlitg .ball ioko ptaoo on th? will lino day at iwolrr o'chirk morbl Ian j.a.- J Abd be tt f Briber enaeldd I at ratio, I. ,.f tlx art approval Joly SO, l?d. ootilletl "An an ..uting .ppru t.riaMooa for (ondry oi?U jntnaon' of tn. want for Ilia v??r endirur Juuo Id, IV7. a#.d i. "i ? ? ? kg aogmapdad lb?t be Peogwr or Hapi*-... .,t.< ... fl o| ? ?. who t>"On a momhor of IboOoogyo-o P#?t imm-.Vaiaiv proortl t.g al.aH iroglro any elhiwano* for tai ?+.!?< let UgrxlUgf to tho p'aoo of raogtlag to allrod IU' | adullbin d aeaolou prnridgg lor lu Iby furegotdd Motion Mr. s>wi3i> ? remarked that tbo object of the aecosd oortlou of Uiw bill waa to prevent pgyoMnt of un-tru. lit* mileage If tbo Iihraaaoiogy did not coyttr that |xt-ni thoroughly, lie would oaddavor to bar* tbo a*, tton amnudad In lha Sauata raygatr of riwwt Mr I'xxiiah, (rep.) of Me , from tbo Commlitgg og In valid I'enaiona, *)iortod bar k wtih amandmenta the honaio lull of lart aeae.on lo pro*Ida for tba payinant ol petM'W*. Alter ? mnrldergtion tha amend man la were agiaod to, and tho bill a, amended pe-aad Tha llrat aerlloa amine nan the I'raatdent of lha United ntalaa to ???utblieli agent lea for ihx payinanl of pphaion* granted hy tba t ailed Nglga, whenever, in hla jodgiuen), tba publ o lularon ? ami theeonvpn aoca of tho proalnn ere ro^mre, and, by and with the advice and runaent of tho repels, lo appoint all fun-lou ag nta, who alia 11 held Ihelr oltl ?? four yeara, and uulll thoir anrnaa or" ehall bare been appointed and <|uatilte<l, and wbn ehall giro bond., with good and aulbrtent ?urt 'lee fur ?ueh amn at and In tueh lorm ia the Kucretary nf tba Inlanar may approve; prut Idod that Uie numle r <g pauelug i.geix >e? in any State or Territory rhail In no vara ba Im ranead horaaftrr no an to eirred ihiec, and tbat no auoh again y ahalt ihi aatabltahe.1 u addiilnn to llioae now axiatuig in any Male or Tarrllory 'b which tba whole amount of iienalona paid during the Oaoal nett pre otuling aitall nut have eiceedod Ibe auni ol gMhl.UOO; and provldod fttrtbnr, tbat ilia term of oAce of all punama a gee I e a(ipoinled ?ltp o the lat day of January, laor.. alia II expire at the end of thirty d?ye I ruin tba | ae--ag? of tbta art, and tbat tba I'raaident eliall within IW**n daya from nn* pataaga of tbla act gomlgate lo the . aaale peraorte (or pebnion a. ante In tba aavaral ageueiaa ta wblab pan-Inn aganu bare hern appointed atrx-a Ilia Mid let uf Jeouary. 1 KM, and that ait panaloe agenta apinnniad prior to nald data but nerua<t and now acting abail continue in tboir raa|activa oRl' ea until 'Jietr atu. eaarort aball be nominated and con Or mad in er rot dance with tba proriniogg of tbla act. nuritaom or Maiianea or luaoaxg Mr Hall, (tap I of N. V., oOarad iba loliowlng aa a .pioption of prtvilag":? Whareaa tt i? ?ll*g?4 that H Culver of Pieinylt<ela, ?nambrr uf tbla lluuae. ta dptalued Irom bl? aaat la tbta Itauaa under arraat. in violation of tha prortaiuga of the a.ttb '* ?bun. llrat article uf tha euiialllutiou and of lb? pri. f Hag a a uf Uie tluuaa, Hganlvad. That the CommtMOe on Judk'gry la ha.pby in ??ru wl. wnh a II pra< tlrabla dr.| atth to inqulra inln tea ' ii.'imiaii at uf tor aoaa aud rapuit the aenie to tide llouaa , and tne' II report lo tba llouaa wlierner any lirea< h nf Its nrlrtlegua hat hern uoiiimltled. and what HUM ab.eiid ha had; Igrreupun tlM aoid r.'uininlltad hoy# power to ???? <?' l?nBono and pa|era to ait during tha aaaamo of tbr llooaa and h> ropart by bill or otbarwiaa al any Hn? lu ettplanotlun of Ibo reaolul Ion, Mr. Held had rood at tbo < lark a dealt a nowiuaper paragraph. >u?m. ibal Mr Culver, of Venango flank hoteirlety, waa in cmtody under iba c|t i| law, and Ibal ha had been brought he for Jodg.. t rankay on a wr.l of haliaaa corpraa, uo tba ground tbat aa a member of Congieao bo aaa free from l ability in arraat on eull poraaa. agd (bat Uia Judge h ul Oai'ldad tbat a member Of Cobgy on waa got ??OAllhad hi hla ) rlvilggoa whaa held for eg u.d.cighta odau< Mr. irap.) of I'a., auted tba ma.a (hum be understood (nam cnotendlgg iliat tba d re talon waa wrung i.D.1 that Mr. culver wmitd n uMegarged from r imoitr Tho unly aaoofaluoa to the nut?a of I ho privilege belgg where a inetolioV mcbgrgod with Iroaeam, (elugy Uf braa- h o! the (icacr Mr ToAVita. ,rep) of fa. look tbo eome groood TbaV aolulion war adn|itod vlo aux ra?u inn r?Aii?tr nu i?n r?tt y or i?p< CAP a Itt PT PPII'PP OTAtpe rpiairo The SvpAxna prwarnt'd o ma? ago froru tbo fa-llllH in altar Of to liu .a. raeiiutiuu uf Ibe dtb ol IPwOMthoff .0 r l.iro.u lu tba (??'. i|wtluti uf Men on ami bv I i. led Staira trou|>a. tiawmnlltleg o ta|w?rt Irem tba -o- rwtorv of VV ?r It waa referred to tbo Coiatn.ltew uo l oretgn jifaira ? ? ai .a ruiia tax nl" iupxt i? pxi <tl * ro tor n mnar Avo Aoaoor u I ii< M ai'gg A' r Tbebr*AX?n xlao proaenfd a uia.ooga frreg lha Cvra hie ,r lu reply lu Mr IPuilaell a rxooloAwaa .etoiiig to Hi" di? ovrrV and arreoi id Jolig It Horrail, a blob waa referred to ibo Judbmry Cornolllwo. Ibe doCUmdWId are time The ftr?t b-tlov to from Mr U'lld ng. United Hutaa t ?maoleta at levetpwoi. da' d uepte>u.t?r af, Iddl. ia wlHrh, addiaeeteg 'a laxary urw .rd ha >?ya that Informal u. waaglv-e In bloi ihw day lerfnio that rurraii waa lu Uyarpool <tf a paced Ha t..- II* I.aik tlid adi' of ibe paraun Who gave liim Iba It f.irmauun agd teat,-lulltod It m Mi Adgma Tha affldatll aa ( a thai ghlia gutag ffom Munlreol to Mnabar he tmcaloi' acpialnled w.ih a man <* bnui*<r Mr Corrhv, alto u.hl him be bad beea is tba < ng fmlwratc aadabw aagagad lo tomvgplgg mini gog o I? i wi'Og MoahmgHm nod K rbn?..nd , Ibgt be had ir rn . os> ?rnri in o pigo for rgrryigg ufl Prvaidom I lorn Ml, Wbb'h * f < niuctad ngl re'y br J WiUrg HouUi an I blmaa.if ibot baa Ota lo t* )ual I.- lor. thr awoviHl ? "I I'tra dent Idle trig. Hunt wull# Hi Ceiioda |,o reaoived o loiter (roro Ihmtb mi tug tboA II bad bMogM gi? oaory lo cha .ga tbalf p?'n and ra p.uetad lum Ul ?!?>? Ul M aabingtoa irnu glmialt and that ti* did (Igfl immediately fur WeaMHtaiun Ha dad nut my ohatbar be weal tbova, hot aalgloog bu woy bo. k to Couada Ibo Uo a be waa Is w a 4ala, ad al ?? AHieua, aud, wh o a.llrex al lha I Irak a?l tabig a go* |l*maa novt m I, m a|?.ar of tba reptwl -/f urn a earnm* MOB, and tbat I a MeCafthy, or aa i.a man aa ,*d him a*if. Mam -onI r*| f d Ibal in > Pea# ear m. i-ard I" ho tr ??, liiai tug ga#l.a.?aa n -* a n we| .pat frunr ha piwi't ,nd torn III' ? ia '.f tba nan U1KI,, a and ha f M"C*itf>, i ?# iurpr .?4 t? aoo hu an o# agd aft immediately, luai >?? Pro lay t*<l ma aa ' r r<l bod tweo mikibd null lb* ofboot of .1 lo *rview with Mr ol Kwi.gvnrid, whoa rb* xrtlani -ail to him. 1 uo ba>e land m*a?ra.i d-gl W hat Winet I ? all you? Who- w your aaae* ' ' and b? ai we ii. I 'Mv noma M Strati Tl.ia waa ,oaA b*f**a llialr ar. vol ot laXb Inoilailj Wlmg Mikarthy ?r bar rail lag'Uld. ha waa diHUiaMl Mr writao to Mr gaOard, nop HI Ha-. 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