Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1866 Page 4
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? MTOAIY. Death ?t N. de BarantPi the Hletarlaa. ML Be Baranto, a French author, noted Tor hia history of the Duke* of Burgundy, died recently in Auvergne, France, in the 84th year of his age. He held many po sitions of prominence under the French government, having been Councillor of State, and Director General of Indirect Taxes under Louis XVIII. In 1819 he was raised to the dignity of a peer, but soon alter lost his position as Director General, in couseuuence of the fall of his friend the Duke Decave. Having been a warm supporter of the House of Orleuna, il. de Baranb retired from public life after the revolution ot 1818. and from that tunc devoted his attention to literature. As a trans lator from the English and German, critic and essayist, ha bad u widespread reputation in Europe. His greatest work "L'Hlstoire des Dues de Bourgoyne de la liaison de Valoia," appeared in 1824, and at once placed him among the foremost ot modern historians. At the time of his death M. de Baranle was residing at his country seat, the Chateau de Baranto, in Auvergne. MEWS ITEMS. The Grand Jury of Brunswick county, Georgia, at the recent session or the County Court, presumed a paper elating that they believed tbattbe public Interests would be subserved, and the public credit, to s ,.reat extent, restored, by a declaration of that honorabje body, that under no orcumetances will Georgia repudiate her debts, and that avery obligation assumed by her shall bo fully and raithfally performed. It appears from lbs report of the Adjutant General of West Virginia, that that Slate sent to the field in all thirty-one thousand eight hundred and eigbty-foar men, of whom twenty thousand seven hundred and ninety wore white Infantry, and two hundred and thirteen oolored infantry, nine thousand five hundred and five cavalry, and one thousand thru# hundred and seventy* six light artillery. By an abstract of the census returns of Illinois, taken during the past year, it ap >ears that the value of manu faoiured products during . 88ft amounted to $63,366,033; that the value of live slock was $1,223,132,364; of agricultural products, $832,838,808. Flight million pounds of wool ware shipped from the State during the same period. The Arizona Gasette, in speaking of the management of the Territorial government says:?The report of the Select Committee of the last Legislature, appointed to inquire into the state of the Territorial treasury, showed the indeoiedueBS of the Territory at that time to be $17,037 13, which sum had been constantly increasing. About two-thirds of this indebtedness was created for printing and salaries, as follows:?For printing, $5,862 79, salau of Attorney General and expenses, $3,666, salary of Territorial Treasurer and expenses. $1,929?total, $11,467 76. The whole amount received for taxes was $1,155 06, or $773 94 less than the ex penses of tiie Territorial Treasurer's office. This Is rather a startling exhibit. The Gloucester (Mass.) Advertiser, of the 6th, says that there aro but few vessels prosecuting the fishing business at the present time, except gome live or six that have gone to the Western Banks. The Gcorgesmen have about ail hauled up, and the pollock fishery is over lor the season. The usual number of boats are following the shore wiuter fishing with fair success, and the mild weather is most favorable for tbe business. A large por tion of the Newfoundland tleet have sailed, and if suc cessful voyages are made there will be no lack of bait when the Georges' fishing season again comes round. A correspondent of a San Francisco paper, writing from Georgetown, El Dorado county, California, gives the following glowing account of some recent gold dis coverios thore:?The gold is so thick in the rock that It has to be pried out with tbe crowbar, aud it is not an un common thing to drive a spade eight inches long its full length into almost solid gold. 1 have seen many pieces of rock that would be worth $500, which were more gold than rock. The shaft Is now one hundred and fifty feet deep. The pay lodge is three feet wide, and at that depth is uncovered about thirty feet in length, and I am safe in saying that It exceeds anything in richness ever found in tbe State, and from all appearances it is likely to continue, for I tell you that there is more rock in sight now than four men can dig out in forty-eight hours. It you don't bel.eve what 1 tell you, you come up, and I will ahow you tho richest rock and more of It than you ever saw. The San Antonio (Texas). Express, of the 24tb uli., says.?We wer shown a letter from our energetic towns man, George Giddlmn; he has made arrangements to build a telegraph line through this place to California; the work is to commeuce at mice at both ends of the line, and the material has already started to San Fran cisco for that purpose. Mr. Biddings states that the line will be in working order before next spriug, as far as this point. The Bastrop (Texas) Advertier says that thousands of pounds of cotton will be lost in that neighborhood for the want of hands to pick it out. The negroes about Bastrop have called a mass meeting for the 6th of De cember for the purpoea of establishing a regular system of labor, and adopting measures for the general good of the race It ia stated that tbem are at this time in South Caro lina eleven cotton factories in successful operation, run ning 27,200 spindles and 996 looms, the largest one. tbe Kalmia Mills, naving 10.000 spindles and 600 looms, and the smallest one, the Valley Falls Factory, having 500 ?plndlea. A line of sailing vessels, to run direct between Wil mington, N C., and Liverpool, la projected. The flrat vessel ts advertised to sail from Wilmington early in January. UKV OOOIM. at ORAND STREET CHEAP STORE-WATERED i\ B roc he and plain Ribbon* Mill cheaper tiiia week; Slack and Colored Bilk Hoonet Velvet* iinuaually Cheap; Willow, Oatricb and other Feather*and Flower*, magnificent aeeortmenl today; Bugle Trimming*. Bugle Uliapa, Bugle Fringe*. Bugle iiroameal*. cheapeat yet ottered; ail the de ?IraM* *hade? In Ribbon Velvet*; Button* in ettdlee* variety; embroidered net* Cuff* and Sleeve* cheap: Kid, Caahmere, cloth and lined illove*, cheapeat yet offered; bargain* In - ? Tien ~ ?eel err, ?aft Yankee Notion*. Pelt, Beaver and straw llata and ate, every.hlng new, EDWARD RIDLEY, 111 and 11114 Grand. and OR Wand 70 Allen atreet. Fifth bloek eaat from the Bowery. A GREAT PANIC BALE. AUCTION ROOMS OCR HEADQUARTERS TWO atnre* enable ua to buy big lota cheap and to keep both auppUeit with bargain*. HEAVY A LOTION BLANKETS, fl SO and $1 a pice LXTKA HEAVY. *3. *4. $6 and f, SIILN MU? A HEAVY SKASil IN MUSLINS ?ONE MUSLINS, UHo.: former price Hie. FINER GOODS Mr. and Ho. EXTRA QUALITY 20-., 3b and :Mr BEST tt WAMSLTTAS. 36c EXTRA BARGAINS IN CAS.SIMh.RKS, ALPACAS, DRES8 GOODS. SILKS AND FLANNELS. On mnellna and flannel* you can eave from 6c. a I.V. a yard. On alpaca* and merino* from *k\ a_S0c. a^ard. FOSTER BROTHEH No. M7 Eighth avenue, near Eighteenth at reel. And POSTER BROTHERS, No. lit Bleecker .treat. AT MRS. OATNER'S NEW STORK, *S4 HKOADWAY corner of Twelfth a'reet, a hamlanme lot of Fiench Balmoral Skirts, ffl, $10, $13 and SM. foi the holiday*. /TREAT BARQAINS AT \X (TOR ~ KNTN BROTHER'S, 487 EIGHTH AVENUE. UKRAT BARGAINS IN BLANKETS GOOD BLANKETS at S3 a pair: EXTRA FINE 11-4 and 11-4 BLANKETS at HALF PRICE. GREAT BARGAINS IN PRINTS DELAINES, MB IINOS, F ~ BINDS, PLAIN. PLAID AND 8TRIFEU POPL1KB; BLACK. STRIPED AND COLORED ALPACAS; HOMHA *!NRs AND ALL STYLES OK DRESS GOODS. PRINTS at 10c., DELAINES at 30c.. FRENCH ME BINOS fll GRKaT BARGAINS IN MUSLINS, FLANNKLB, J.INEN s CLOTHS and CAMHMEKEti, SHIRTS and DRAWERS. WHITE GOODS, IIOSIBRV and CLOAKING CLOTHS, IIIAI'KR LINEN at Ad Ml, worth 16 60 a piece. GREAT BARGAINS IN SIIAW LS MING B ROC HE SHAWLS at $30, north $60. GREAT bargains IN HAl.Mf >u AL SKIRTS. SKIRTS at $1 SO. worth $3 U; al flit, worth ft Ml CANTON FLANNELS, 10U piece# FROM AUCTION CHEAP, at OOUNYN BROTHERS', 457 Eighth arenne. near Tlnrit fourth atreet. Holiday goods. KlSTOKI WAISTS. RKItfHK CAPES AND JACKETS, for Chrt*tm** and New Year # wear LACK SETS, COLLARS. SLEEVES AND IIA.NDKF.R CHIEFS, fm HOLIDAY PRESENTS. AH the new atylr* at I-?i thin Broadway price*, at RUSSELL*. 311 fttklh avenue Between Nineteen Ik and Twentieth utrreta. Hosiery, tankke notions and white goods - Au old eetebllahed bonne, newly orgnnlied on * more etlenaive acale, will make liberal arrangement* with two aettve aelearoen who ean poaltivaty c>ntrol a Urge trade of their own; none other* need naewer. Addie** bot 4.443 Pmi odhw. Madame Harris is now pkf.ptrkd to do dneaaaaaklng In all lla branch**, haiing. during her ro cent vUlt to Parte, aeeurod the eagrtcv# of an *t|i*i lenoed drevatnaker. -nmpeUnl la every department. She lake* pleaattr* In *olletting the patronage of her fr.end* *nd tlie ?unite Alan a raeeof the l*itr*1 atylr* of Bonnet*. Flower*, Weaddrea***, end many other n.nvittea R, ; Brevoort plane, Tantli atreet, near Broadway. RW CARPET ETOME.-WK ARE OFFERING OUR large and eatiroly new Meek of Carp*'* UMeth*. Biggat*. Matting*. Be., at a great IMMJUaa ?? old pure* rolnafrnaa ?0c., Thrae Plstalr-m $1 W> Mr?..e! n *1 76: Body Hraanel* from S3 ?7?#: Teitrt n. a K,Tm ?l 7~ TUf Hr?*?eU from'*! .17g ? ..._ ?: .17 M. All other gnnda at orreapondlag prtee- li EFLLY A CO.. 411 Hlith avenne, ooruer of Twenty flflh it-net Fartlea about pur-haalng will Bn4 It to their intere-t In call and eaamlne our atonk SMILLIE A CO. HAVE OPENED THE MT T ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF CLOAKS. SACuL'KS, BAFQI F.S, JACKETS ** circular* in velvet and CIsrTM, which eennot be anrneeeed In America. 7t3 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth atreet* WILLIAM BUCHANAN MACKLMIK Hop r MILLINERS and COUNTRY STOREKEEPERS. - At Grand Street I heap sto-e we en' length* nl Mllliaery fleode cheaper than down town jupt-er* aell whole piece*. ibWARD " Celt EDWARD RIDLEY. MP, 311 ami 311'. Grand atroet aad Ml 4S and 7# Allen at . tifth Mori eaat from Rowery FIRE A HTM. MOT If RK DIALERS, A<?SPBIIMRNS OF LAND vend rigorealn II I. PARKE. Art let. 1ST Eaat Broadway RII.LI AHDW. AC. SRBAT BB471TKMRNr in THE BILLtARD COMMI* ntty ?W. M. GRIFFITH'S new unproved Cotnblnallea Hlona and Tnwa* are now ?ak tig the lead, and ace being adeptad by all flnt ??*** room* end private hou*e* i all and eaemlne them at hie ettenet.* r*nu?y, 1M Fulton *4reM HAHBLH NA3TIU. Marble maeywa-thb best flack in tee eNy te percheae Marbie Mantel* of th* la teat Aeatgn*. t^ssr?^^vr^ur,^r W/ARBLRISRD SLAjfM MABTRCS?SUPERIOR IN ft Jbl*it-eNltb atroa*n f *? AJttD***_ AjrD iXMXBCBI WASTKD. ATnSlW?8T KIOHTBE.NTH 8THBRT. UTWKKN Buar?^?iS"telh ?venlM*-A Room to lot, with trot duo Board, to alagu gautleaien. Reference* ?'impt AT.M 1?A8HI-VOTOJ' PLACE. NEAR NEW YORK h n "! fir"tcl?" houae. two Urge Bedroonu to rent "lJl 8o*rU; Alao two Hall itoom. for *l".rla r?1U' A furnished hall bed room ~ ?X9 LKi* TO A SINGLE GENT ONI Y AI-PLY AT 177 BLEBOKEK STREET. KENT MODERATE. A ' i? A'vl> 20 NItNTH STEET, BETWEEN FIFTH ivn ATwe? Aof Brii4wuEp?,^.8lREET- ** BLoTii Bcrd. fro, W A rw toTS wuhKro?iifhHRD? Ei0M8- 0N m.h and wife or single ,72a AVom^mldwAT-To^L 8TR?E,Tl > 8TR? ^And Bedroom, on^nd'tt 'SnTtdS A T.'.5LOOB SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET?WITH ^rBroadway10geuUemenotRL ??&.; A ~I!fh>J'iSEllLT. PLSNISHED ROOMS TO LET i A FAMILY WILL LET AN BLEOANTTy Eajrwiig^8^3?aMr Birsa A ROOM TO LET, FURNISHED WITH A.Wggaa.aag" ?*? a ;WrSna ferenctH required. Apply at jii yrM1'%ZJS&\72*?" n A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, WITH oVwiTHOUT Board. to one or twojentleineu, ut St Clinton pUoe. A BKoom to^?wftborRwiafou?Bo?d,^?<l?irf^0^ AT 44 UMONSO UARE-EA 8T 8IDE, HANDSOMf'TV furnished Parlor Floor to let, with private H WilJ lATf A^und .lory Hull, with BoZ.T Bnfa?^ff.'.,tiy A SUIT OF WELL FURNISHED ROOMS WITH Board; also Rooms for single gentlemen, at 180 and 191 weal Fourteenth a tree t; dinner At 6o'clock A NICE HALL ROOM ON THE SECOND Fl OOR aud two large Rooms, to let, with Board, at 58 Seventh ?fcreet. near Second avenue. ' wentn AlJ?~NO kLADV ?'\ PREPOSSESSING APPEAR anoo ran bo accommodated with a handsome furnished Ud*wuh ?r ?srastf A FEW YOUNOJMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH ?ti 2' a' ^ Firat avenue. Iuquire for Mra Maw lourtli floor, entrunoe in Eleventh street* Hoy, AT 236TUIHT1ETH STREET, NEAR THIRD AVENUE pleasant iront Room on second floor, suitable for tw? poisons, with Board, at reasonable terms ? also a ainiriM Room. References required. ' ? ?'a#0 A pleasant back room. ON first FLOOR^PO let, neatly furnished, without board to nntlcmAn SutL?reet R?0m,: hoa,l? ?m*u and private. 913 West A FEW GENTLEMEN OR TWO FAMILIES CAN RR ^MSrk^pU>c?,tC0mm0,Utedwah fim clu. Boantat" A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS TO LFT WITH Hoard, at 77 Rut Fifteenth n?SVnZiri,ffi7ff*TH A PRINTED LIST OF BOARDING PLACES. WITH price*, Ac., can be had at our ofllce. BRVAaS A CO., 66 Liberty street, room J A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AStf Bedroom on second floor, to a family or partv of ran .mman. nr let.cp.rately; reuonable terml. *RwoalVSS' L T 180 AND 183 BLBBCKBR STREET L Rooms to let, with Board. 1 Tins moderate. AT I4i J?1" SIXTEENTH STREET-ROOMS FUR riihhrd oriinfurni.hed; suitable forgentlemau and wife "ralngh- gentleman. Reference required. ADKSIRAHLK SUIT OF ROOMS, WITH BOARD TO rent to a party of gentlemen or. ?nOem.n ^,Vd ? and Nlmn avenueA Th"t"th ?* b""~? "fiw? A LAROK ?? AX.DROME PARLOR FLOOR, THReR jisl!u>,eu,'r?wiiu AT? WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, A PRIVATE F AM itH.0 "n?1.* fHrnUh?Jl Kooma to let, with or with W*' None but respectable parties need apply. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH GAS. iilr? ^a w^k**nu,anm quiet n'l?hborb<xx1 and ainall .?utiiy, fo a week. 124 Hullivau street, near Prince. A T?l!1U. !?AR1,tIK? COUPLE. OWNING AND OCCIL .tJ"* houae, would let a few haitdaomelr a sgrsssLsv .Ta.a*iS,^wjs 55? ?Tr'rT/?UU- lr<Hn ltiei iKrry Addreaa I. L., hot l?j A KBC.?*D P'^>OR. FOUR ROOMS, TO LRT~>W1TH .-^"lawSwiwYihi'agy' ^ ?.? A?""W,!?r.Ka5BS55BOT^ I nlun .qiwre and Fifth avenue. ^ oetween A 8MALL ROOM SUITABLE FOR A S1NGLF OFY Wut KltVeoth 2*Z, AT5.ail8u FOURTH HTREET-HANDSOMELT FUR Board Hoomato let to gooUaaeo, with drat eta a* A THIRD STORY FRONT ROOM TO LET WITH Buaid, to a gentleman and wife; term* $22, i'noludine nre ana gaa. Alao a Hall Room adjoining, to a alnel, a,n lie man. No children taken. Apply at 1*5 Wcat f'went,-" fourth atreet. Relarencee eidmigSd. Twenlj A n^NTI'K.VAN AND WIFE OR 8INUM OKNTLB . "rl,h f?">'"hed front Kooma, wun Board, at 83 haat Twenty.ninth atreet. A I.ADY. ..R GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN ORTAlii' !V rur',l"l,,H> Boom*, with Board for lady onlv lie" ia'" enl, *,,tl' Mn9t- Oo'Fvan ?l?h and Seventh A*fiiA,ILT '"WISHED BOOM AND BEDROOM TO ? .? ?lnS* B"Otienien. wllhout Roanl, at 23 F.aat emwaMRx':hangeA ' "** ^,od"r,, '"PUWaentA Refer An elegantly FURNIHaED suit of ROOMS TO rent, on second floor; el so Perlor. in a Driv*t#? With or without private Uble 79 Eaat toS.lAE?,"' A PRtVATE FAMILT. OOCUFYING IN A CENTRAL , loc.atioti m lint elm brown stone bouse, with modern improvement*.wlU let. with Hoard, to s rant lemon sndwtfS or one or two sincb* rantiemen. choice Kooms. tos?*ther or ??parttely. Call st 101 W?st Twenty ei||bth nttit A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD on se<'oud floor, three neatly furnished Room* everv i?OUiri 1 *n^ ?,l^ water throuMbont iZmT*' ?mu Appiy at m Last Thktjfifitk T St SO AND fld I KK WKKK?A FEW OKXTLEMEX L ma obtain Board. Apply at 60 King Mraat. A gentleman axd wife on two rixule hex ilrmen mo Ond a largo, plaaaaol Room, on art-nod tloor, with Hoard, lu a pnvala family. 1U Waal To ml) i in i uli atroot. At m west twextt-pourth htrkkt. ektwekx Fifth nod Kliih aranuro?hilrgaatly lurnlahad Kooma. OH drat nnd arcoad Hook, with Oral c maa Board, aaltablo for a fam tl) _ BOARD - A I.AKOR ROOM OX SKCOXD FldlOR. OK Room and Had room on third floor, to lot with Hoard, at m Will Thirty-third ilrori. Hoard.?a nam stort front room. well Inrmabrd aulUbla for two gantlamrn orgmtloman aad wife, at 1MH Want Thirty alath atrnet. pikr fllfl por weak Board.?blkoant furxipiikd room*, at m: Won Fnmirrnih alroat Bail raforrooo roqulrod aad (?ran ___ Boaro-atkkaht fourteenth btrkkt, WEST ill Broadway, a ami of Room- on parlor toor, with or without prtTaia toMa. may bo ohulnod. OARD?RIFELY FURXIPIIED (THIRD RTORT) ?J latgr Ink Kiintu. with loDimotlloiia pontrlaa. loin, with Hoard Tabln ?te?llool Torma rooaonalilo. 71 Bi. Narta Flaw DOARII -7i WKPT THIRTY-EIGHTH BTRFKT-A I > Maraud Floor and largo front Room oa third floor, liaadwtaaly furnlahad. Hoard-a fahtv of pixolk orntlemrn can b? a mm <Uir.| with (Inn Ko mi and tlr?i rlaaa Board; alao two nlnganily fnrni?li?d Room* fur family pnrpoann. Apply hlfltOUnunt tdnon, nan dour to Rawrnon llouan. B Hoard ?a haxikaomr purr of rooms, ruitabke for a ann Unman and wlfa nralngla g-nUomm to to. with Board. Apply at IIP Waal Twamy third alroat. Kolor Ohfla ragulrod Board-a oextlkrax nay hate a pleasant K'l'iiw, with Board, at ? Clinton idaaa. aaar Filth aaonoo. _ BOAKD.-TU LET, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, a largo front Roooa owand atory with pantry gaa and hot and raid walor. lo n gontiamaa and wlia ar two alnglo gniitlaman. dlnnot at ? o'moat. Apply at ?? Waal Twanly aanond strooi. BROOKI.TX.-OXR OR TWO OENTLENKN CAN FIXD Board In oatrictly prlrata family hy nailing at IM t'lla ton alraat, a fow mlnnloa' walk (rooa honth lorry. Dtanor at tjf BROOKLYN.-TO LET. A LABOR AND PMALL D Room, to o aorrtad < nulo or Mafia Baatiomao Din aor at (I. n'eloak. Apply al liEoot floltia alroat Rafar arniM on haaigad TJROOKlIn, NEAR WALL BTBRHT FERRY-TO P lot. with hoard, ooa largo Boom and ana grad ataod Wall Romw, both on wind floor? ?*% RMb #a thrma ?vdwAiw fl?ny M m JmBmm hw ?OA?P?E? AMD tOWM WAipisn IfLBOANTLY FURNISHED BOOMS TO LMT-ON to . T?,D.d floor' b?Ui?wi ?djointS; .{K App,"t? w** w^kiottou FIf?foTn?LA*^ ROOMS, EN SUITE OB RINGLT. FOR 158 V?i2! i?^ . ?!?* ?B|Ml*in?n. with or without Board uc 156 \\ est 1 mirlernih street. References exchanged TfURNISHED ROOM8, EN SUITE OR 8INOLY To Vu{*"m8n. With or wllliout Board, full or partial S^rlHiaVuT ern- 31 West t*"W? -oua^'. Furnished rooms.?a frivate familv~will let a book I ariur, or third alory front Room, to gentle man only without board: house baa all modern inmrava mettle. Mo. 1M West Tbirty-alxth street. tmpiyto. IfUKNIBHED ROOMS TO LET-W1TH BOARD. IN A on Thirty-first atreet, near Fifth are Addreaa M. M H., atation G. If URN IS II ED ROOMS. WITH OB WITHOUT BOARD Thlrty!th?rdtiifu"D *VenUe' b*,WWn Thlrt' ?ec<>'"? ??d If URNIBIIED BEDROOM TO LET?ON SECOND third rim.t.? * ,ln*'e *eotlem?a APP?F *' Ml Weet Forty. E1URNI8HED ROOMS TO LET?WITH FIRST CLASS ? Board. 80 Weet Forty-seventh street. PIURNISHED ROOMS?FRONT ROOM, FIRST FLOOR, V and back Parlor; gentlemen and wirea. with Board for tedies; no other boarders. Apply at 80 Weal Forty-Brat at. IfURNISHBD SECOND FLOOR TO LET, WITH 1 house first class and convenient to oars. Apply for three daya at 7* Second avenue. If URN T SHED ROOMS TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD. IK A a house, with modern improvements; single n?~?. at f? per week. Apply at IBB Wavertay plaoe. IfURNISHBD ROOMS TO LET?FOR ONE OR TWO Secotfd i trelet??' """ "<??*?.*?? ?naU houae, at ?I If URNIHHED ROOMS -TOf LET. TWO LARGE ROOM8 SntL1 mT9nl Koom? T?>r single gentlemen, at 48 Bleecker TTANDSOMELT FURNISHED ROOMS FOB GENTLE IT men only, at the Liberty House, 40 West Houston street. Terms moderate. TTANDROMKLY FURNISHED ROOM8 TO LET?WITH IT or without Beard, at M Weat Twenty-second street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Handsome suit of rooms, on parlor floor; also Urge Room on third floor, front; first class table Beet of references given and required. IB West Twenty! Mvento street. Handsomely furnished rooms, suitable for families or single gentlemen, to let, with Bret class uoard. Apply at 21 Clinton plaoe. Handsomely furnished parlor floor to let, with excellent table; terms very moderate. No tee East Fourteenth street, near Seoond avenue. TTANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. WITH IT excellent Bo.trd. at 180 East Tenth street, a few min utaa' walk from Broadway. References required. Handsomely furnished extension room Flrst floor, suitable for doctor or dentist; also single Rooms to let to gentlemen; breakfast if desired. M Tenth street, near University plaoe. H?I??,ACO(15lMODAT,ON9-p,OR OKNTLEMEN. AT ., Clinton plaoe, corner University plaoe. Transient, ns oO per day. CHAB. LEFLKK, Proprietor. JERSEY CITY.?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES and single gentlemen can find suitable Rooms and ex - cedent Board at 32 Susaex street, Jersey City. TiA?a..RJJRC<?,NP STOtLl RC!05' FOR OBNTLEMAN AJ and wife: Hall Room, for single gentleman; Brat class plaoTanXBroadway!'1'" *" WI"?op pUee' 011nloa Murray hill, near fifth avenue^-hand somely furnished Rooms, en suite or single, with j ?^,ASgg* Neatly furnished front room, with board] seoond floor, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, at 78 Maodougal street, near Bleeoker ? piKRREPONT HOUSE, BROOKLYN HEIOHT8.? A suits and Single Rooms; permanent and transient; table unsurpassed; every accommodation that Brat class boarders desire. Apply early. D. P. PETERS, Proprietor. PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH A Board; terms reasonable. Applyet819West Thirty seoond street, between Eighth end Ninth arennes. PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, quired Washington place. References given ?. AT NO. and re pLEARANT. WELL FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET TO tns I?n'"\?*n- without Board, on second and third Boors of limit loaUenT ?tree'- Terms mederste to perms ROOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD, FURNISHED AND unfitrnikiii^d. to okntleIirn OR ORNTLF MEN AND THEIR WIVES. APPLY ATM WE8T TWENTY-NINTH STREET. Ar ?= J^OOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. 43 Amity street. U00.*,! 1? ,IoKT-T0. OENTLEMEN. WITH BOARD. ?t I & F.a*t 8litecDtb street . CINtH.S ROOMS TO LET?AT 48 WEST fFfTEENTH O street References exchanged. Ol^R^^AMpsqMBLr PORNIBHBD-ROOMS~~YO 0 let with or without Board, at 49 Wast Twelfth street. Reference* exchanged. Terms moderate. SECOND FLOOR TO LET.-TO LET. TWoT LARUK Ro<ims. with Hod room attached. Willi Board. Apply vJLV. STSFtC plMA Thlrty-tblrd street beiwieS Eighth and Ninth avsnues. TWO PARLORS. ELKOANTLY FURNISHED. AMD the entlra second Floor, besides handsome Rooms on tnird floor: togothor or separately. Ftrat class Board nod private taiieTf desired. Appty at 68 West Thlrt/slxth street between Fifth and BlxiSaventtes. ' TWO OENTLEMEN. OR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, ... s pleasant, airy Room, with first olaxs Board, exrhlagell *' Twaaty!thlri street. References Third story front room to let, with board. In gentleman end wife or single gentlemea; terms rea sonable. 375 West Nleeteenih street " "?.?rmsree fpo CALIFORNIANS and others.?a hiohly re 1 "pertable German lady will let a choice of handsomely snS&Ssrcm'ShxzrpriT>t* *""*?Aw>,y * r LET-WITH BOARD. AT 83 EAST TWENTY-SECOND street, oa first floor, an Apartment for two persons closets sad p.intrtes ample. Refereneea exchanged. rLKT-A LAROK NBWLY FURNIHHED ROOM suitable for one or two genUemen; price $8 per week, inquire at 227 East Tenth street fpo LET-FURNISHED ROOMS. FOR OKMTLKMAM or Mngie gentlemen to room together, with or Without Board. Apply immediately at 107 St. Mark's pi are r LET?A FEW VERY DEHIRABLR ROOMS. TO single gentlemen only, with Board, at moderate prices; noose first das*; location unsurpassed. Apply at 78 East ft inet^enth k(ri)0t, r LKT-AN UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM. TO A lady or gentleman, with eloeets and pantry: terms 83 V" week. Addra** Mrs. Moore, la Wesf Forty-ninth at r LET?WITH BOARD, TWO NICELY FURNISHED Room*, on third floor. Also a handsome Iter-initio KO?">- Apply at 220 Weat Thirtieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenuea. TO LET?TWO HINOLE ROOMS, TO OENTLEMrIT. avfn[" Afentael realdenoe, No. 37 Ninth aireat, near Fifth fpo LET-TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO A gentlemen. In s private family, a furimhed third story front Itoooi, alao a single Room to a gentleman; flee, gas, hot sad "Old water. 50 Lexington avenue, corner of Twenty, flfth street. ' TO LET-TO SINOLE OENTLEMEN, HANDSOMELY fnrntihed YpsrtmeuU In Brat clss- house in Wast Tarn, ?ntdtratt vifcet, near Broadway; fsmllv private, Itmn 1>0 rLET?IN A I'KIVaTK FRENCH FAMII.Y. A FUR nlahad Room, with (an. watar ami tank, only for fnnllr ? men, rafaiaure mqulrad. A7 ??<l 1'hlrtoonili niraal. u*. lawn Fifth and Slith arnnnna r|V) LRT-TWO NEATLY FURNISHED BEDROOMS; I tarma par ntk S& Apply al Itii Prtnan at ran I rl.ET-A NUMBER <W NICELY FURNISHED Room*, and a Bnnnmnnt, aiiltahln for an nOea. at No US Blnnrknr atraal LKT-A FURNISHED ROOM. TO A OKNTLKMAN, at RTfoth atracl. bat wren Fifth and With areaim rLET?WITH BOARD. T?> HKNTLF.MRN. A THIRD ?Any hall and noa fourth ?lory Room. Apply at Nu SI Abln|don aq tiara. 1 MONROE STREET BOARD FOR YOU Nil MEN Prlaa |SM) to |d SO por weak. Cornar of Monro* and t'dtliartna atraata. 1 | HART TWRNTY-KIOnTII STREET. EKTWERV Ja l Ft fib and Madiaon arena**. ?A nlarty F'analahed tn lat. With Board, auiiablo Tor a gentleman and wife, i>r amgla r?nllamen. dlonar al an Raiemoav eackaaaed |(| limON BOHARR. WEST RIDE?HANDSOMELY It/ fumiohad Room*, no parlor and othar Itrnwa, alnglr or a* mnt*. with or without Board. Private labia If deal red Rafaianeaa errbanged. all WEST TWENTY-RF.COND MTKKF.T. ?HAMDBOMR. ay I. ly ftirnlahod Itonma. an atilla or ninety, to inn He men. with or without Hoard, or tn prnllamoa and wlraa, with fall Board llefarenrtM ctrbaugod. WERT SIXTEENTH BTRRRT. Elegantly fnrnlahad Ronton, on autto or alngla. on rlor. aai ,nd and third Soon, with or wlihoat I rat ctaaa 22 parlor, aai und and third Soot Boaid; prlvata labia If daalrod. VERY SUPERIOR J 34| ACCOMMODATION*. WEST FOURTEENTH BTRRRT, CLOBK TO Dalmontoo'a.?A lady baring an elegantly fnrulthod lloua- will lat, anauita or ninety tha Parlor* aad rtorood i loot wllh or wltboui prirata lalle. Alao eingla Rooma WEST FIFTEENTH BTRRRT?WITH OH WITH out Board. M Idd In and Kitnonton Room a Ml 9 Rotttbor* aipoatira, eomfnrtahty firnlabod; rhNMU. hot and 00Id wator; location nneo-apMonablo. Q 4 WRRT FIFTEENTH BTREKT?WITH OH WITH, ?ri out Board. Mlddla and Eitaantoa ItHBI ?? aaeond Boor. Rontharp aipoatira, enmfnrtahty firnlabod; aapio ? Itawu. hot and oold wator; looatton unai'apttonabla. QQ WERT BTXTRRHTH STRBBT. BBTWHBM FIFTH ? Ft/ and Blith avanuoa -On* lar*n ruralahad Room on ?ornod door to lot. with Board. aultaMa for gnBUMMB aad wtf* or alnd* (oatlamatt. Hafaranoaa roqnlrad. 17 WERT TWEHTT NINTH RTBEET -HANDSOMELY ' T I fnrnlahad Room*. In aulta aad at*(ly, to lot, with Roord. to lamilloa aad ?twghi fantlaofa. at ?odorata toma 1(1 EtRT TWENTY KtOHTH STREET. CORNER OF Trtt Fourth arann*.?A aoM of foaa Rooma to lot. logo thor or alafly. with Board; bath, a**- ft . IB dt X****. Tar ma modataia rt? BAST t)l> from JRYRNTBENTM BTRRRT. THBBB DOORS ntoa aqwaro 0*a Im larft Room 000 to lot, with Board. Baft'a a an* aaahanfod 7 ft RAST TWENTY SEVENTH BTRRRT -A BOIT Of ?? iaama wall fur* tab ad t* ha artih Brat ?Mtm fard. 1WHWMfrtam. HiiHihibisHh||I - * -' I BOABUMMM AMP LODflMg W41TEP. Qn~ fTK8T ^ELEVENTH ' 8TRERT.-A PLEASANT CMI front Room, with Board, mtj bo obtained by on* or two fOBllemen. lOQ CHRYSTIE STREET?r.ARQE AND SMALL J JjV Rooms to lot, Furnished; also Rooms for house keeping. "IOO WEST TENTH STREET, CONVENIENT TO iOO four lines of oars.?A pleasant, furnished Room, with excellent Board, for two geutlemeu or a geuUcinan and wife. Terms moderate. liil MACDOUOAL STREET.?A FRONT ROOM ON the seoond floor, to let, with Board, to s gentleman aud wife, for $30. Also a Room for a single gentleman. Q1 r WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN EIGHTH Jj I? ) and Ninth avenues.?A very desirable Room ta let, with Board, to a couple; Are, gas, Ac.: pi-Ice $17; Also small Rooms, from $0 to $10. House first class. _ BOARD A1VD LODU1NU WANTED A MARRIED LADY, WHOSE HUSBAND IS FKE queutly called away from the cLy, desires a comforta ble Home In some genteel private family, where no other boarders are taken. Address Mrs. C. M., ststion Q. A WIDOW LADY DESIRES FULL BOARD. WITH large Room, gaa and tire, with a family where but few boarder* are taken. Terma about $110 per week. Weat aide preferred. Permanent If suited. Address E. W.. station C. Board wanted?with suit op rooms, for a

gentleman, hie wife aad daughter. In a private family where there are but few or no boarders. Referanoea given and required. Addreea A. L., box 170 Herald office, slat ing termsand location. Board wanted?by a single gentleman, fob the winter, with a widow lady living alone. Address Mepbistopheles, Herald offioe. Board wanted-by a gentleman, wife and daughter, In a central locality; two nicely furnished Rooms, front preferred, with good bible and borne cbmforts. Terms not to exceed $K per week. Are and gaa Included. References given and required. Addreea M., Herald office. Board wanted?for three persons, for the entire winter. Inquire at 10$ Sixth avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets. PARTIES HAVING BOOMS TO RENT, WITH AND without Board, can procure oocupant* by calling at BOWE $ GONKLIN'S Real Estate office, 30 Nasaau street, room No. 7. WANTED-BY A YOUNO OENTLEMAN, BOARD and Furnished Room, with gas and Are; Catholic fam ily preferred; a few sociable boarders no objection; refer ences given. Address Marvin, Herald office. WANTED?WITH A RETIRED PERSON. EITHER IN New Tork or Brooklyn, a Parlor and Bedroom, lor a gentleman and wife. Board for lady only. State particulars and address L. E. 8., Herald offioe. HOTEL*. American hotel, broadway and eighth street NY., on the European plan.?Rooms in suits or singly, at moderate rates. HOTEL CUBANO, HAVANA BY MRS. SARAH B. BREWER.?The healthiest location in the city. Not a death or case of yellow fever in the hotel for six years. Is the best appointed house In the West India Islands, having regular hours for nqeals, which are prepared by one of the beat cooka of the city, and from meats, viands, Ac., gathered from all part* of the world. Choice winea. Carriages at oomiqand. at city rates, and every attainable luxury. Con nected with this establishment la a comfortable and elegant country residence, within three miles of the city, and com munication every half hour. Good a if, pure spring water and health-giving mineral fountains. PLANTERS' HOTEL. AUGUSTA. OA. - REFUR niahed and reopened October 8, 1896. THOMAS S. NICKKRSON. proprietor, late proprietor of Mills House, Charleston, 8. O., and of Niokorson's Hotel, Columbia, a SINCLAIR IIOU8E, ON EUROPEAN PLAN, 762 AND 7M Broadway, corner of Eighth street.?Handsomely Furnished Rooms, In suits or single. for gentlemen only. rNTINE HOTEL, 437 AND 429 BROADWAY. BRANCH of the Tontine corner of Cortlandt and West streets. Rooms from 60c. to $3 per day. Ladies' and gentlemen's restaurants attached. ffTH WARD HOTEL, CORNER OF FRANKLIN 8TRRKT ?J and Went Broadway. Pleasant Rooms, with Hoard, from $6 to $10 per week. J. SHOEMAKER. Proprietor. _ CITY REAL ESTATE FOR 8ALB. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE on Thirty-seventh street, near Fifth avenue, for sale, with furniture, $65,000. For permits apply lo JACOB KI1ARPR, 25 Pine street. ARAROAIN?TWO FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSES. 337 and XV West Thtrleth street, 10.8x31.6; water on each floor; lowest prion $3,000, cash each?If aold at once. RKMSEN APPLEBY. 10 Pine street. AN klegant three story high stoop brick House, aplendld condition throughout, all Improve meats, Thlrty-nrst streel, west of Eighth avenue; $15,000. GEO. W. FRENCH. 2#b Ninth avenue. A three story knollsh basement brick _ _ *?oui-e, all improvements. Thtrty-flrst street, weal of Eighth avenue - $9,500. Also a three story high stoop briek. In exonllenl order, Twenty-sixth street west of Eighth ave nue; $9,500 GEO. W. FRENCH, 308 Nluth avenue. AT M'CAHILL * CO.'8 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE, 0713d av., between 45th and 46tli streets!? PRIVATE DWELLINGS. Islington av., 4 story K. b. blown stone front $18,000 East 23d at., S story high stoop brick 14,000 West 27lh St.. I story high stoop brick 13 Oufl Karl 39th St.. S story high stoop brown stone 16,000 East Ud si.. 3 store high stoopbrewn stone 11.C00 TENEMENT PROPBR1Y. East.45th st. Ostory brick; rent$1.5$0 price 10,000 Kaatwffih at., 5 story brick; rent $'J 200 price 17.000 kasi 23d st., S story brick: rent $1,000 pi ice 8.00O West 10th at.. 4 story brick ... 8,300 Blocks aud Lola?Boulevard, Central Park, Torkvllis and Harieia. and all the avenues. A four story brown btonk front htoh ?loop Hons* und Lot for nolo, WkUklOS between Fifth ? ml Bixfh ?venue*. within eight blocks of Madison square. Apply lo (III AS. F. WILL.IAM8, No. t Brand ?treat. BAROAIN?A THREK BTORT BRICK HOUSE, with two full Iota, on Heeond avenue, between Seventy Price $12.0X1. I arenne. fourth and Serenty-flfth streets. far sale. Prk? VACHK A JONES, MB Third < B1UELOW A ROOLE8TON, REAL ESTATE AND IN ?uraanr Broker-, No. M Fine atraet, offer a great vari ety of elly a ad country Property for aale and to rent, very cheap. ? CI ITT LOTH FOR KALK-ON NINTH AVENUE, NEAR t 100th atreet, each $1,110. JACOB BHARFE. M Pino street. CHEAP IF SOLO AT ONtIB?THREE BTORT nrOH stoop brick House, on west aide, in perfect inter. POTTER BROTHER8 A BELLAMY. No. 8 Ilea street. TjtOR SALE-MURRAY HILL, FURNISHED OR UN r furnished, the Brat class fbur story brown stoae House 24 West Thirty-eighth street, near rtfth avenue: B feet wide | all modern Improvements. Apply to HOMER MORi. AN. No.S Pine street. JjlOR KALK-HOUBE AM) LOT IN THE SEVENTH ' ward. For particulars Inquire on the premises. No. I Birmingham street I .KIR SALK-A LEASE OF A LARGE STORE ANI? 1 House; best location lo the city. Apply at 14$M Bow ery. FtORBALR-THE PLOT OF OROUND. SB KKET BY 101) all uated on the southwest corner of Second avenue and Twenty-seventh street, together with three brick Dwell ings ihereon. Apply to J. II. HKRRICE. 10 South strret tjlOR SALK-A THREE BToRY HIOH STOOP BRICK r House, to Tenth street, near Fifth avenue, with slon. Apply to DKY A CURTIS, BUB Sixth avenue. LM)R SALE?THE HANDSOME THREE BTORY STONE P House 7B West Forty-sixth street. This Is one of the hesl built bouses In the city. Wilt he sold reasouahle and ou vary easy terms Immadiaie possession. Sin 23>MxIM). KILPATICU K. Boll's Head Hank Bultdtnai L>OR HAI-B-nt SIXTIETH STREET. NORTH hIDE. r between Lexington and Third avenues, a four siory hlch stoop brown alone, has furnace and all other conve niences; una been completely and most thoroughlv ovar ii, bled; Parlors and ilalla handsomely frescoed iu oiL and muat be approclaled when seen: aire 20x10x100; offered this week st $22,000; mnngege $lg<lu0 KILPaTru'K. Hull's Heai d Book Buildings PIOR SALE CHKAP-A THRRR BTORY FRAME flnnac. brick front, on rear of lot, ISxIIW fret# Inches. $4,201,; s lour atury brick House end full !?'. $7.0(1; a two story I reins House and eiUire, stables on real. fnil 1st, $4,000 All Ibe above un West Forty. fifth street. EDMUND II. MARTIME. IXI Broadway IfOR KALE CHEAT?DESIRABLE STORE PROP r erty: two four story brick stores, 218 West street and WO Waahtagion street, near Spring street. ROBERT I. MKRKK, 81 Cedar street rIB SALE ON CENTRAL PARK THE CHEAPEST I si' beln w Eightieth alreet; also one on Klxtr-llrst street, jnataesi or Fifth avanue Apply to B. U. LUDLOW A IN!.. No. 8 Pine street JiV>R BALE OB TO LEASE, A VALUABLE PROPERTY A* on corner of Laurens and Broome streets. For further particulars and terms apply to CKMY A COFELAKD, 410 Fourth avenne, or st 4W Broome street Fifth avenue, near thirtieth street-a large first class fout story high sump brown stone Houat. superioro-der: Bd-'"U0. Furniture If d-sired. Other*, nn and nest I nth avesne. vary drslmble; some with stable. w e hutmouhTiti Broadway. JOSEPH A LKVT. REAL KRTATR A1IENT AND *1 general Insurance Broker. $g Broadway and M West Thirtv sevanln street, uffer# lor sale: ? Twe brown siooa Houses on hi. SBih (t . between 2d and $4 svs . togniber 001.'I*1 Tnsrin. ,W 4<Bh si.. bat Broadway and St h av., aaeb.. ffl.uflt) Onauto . W 441 h m. net lib and 0th ava It oil One brink Iront. Want 4Bth 0 . b?i. 7th andith svs .. Ih.unf One da, West 24Ui at., bet 7ta and *th ava Ifi.Otai one do.. Weal 4M at. bat. 7th and Stb ava 1.V0M SALE. EXCHANGE. LET -HOUSES. FARMS. LOTS, lasses. Hotels. Landa In Smith. Weal, cheap; Honda, Stocks. Patent Rlgbta, Mortaagea, Money to lead; Lots fit, pay monthly; hatoona for aahk rbotcnal Inmllllaa. VAN VkCHTKN.SB Wall street, WE OrrKR FOR BALE A BKAUITFUL FIVE STORY Eagtlab baaenient I louse, which for fialah. complete - net* atut Ibealiiv U naanrpasaed la thlactty, Kuperblv fur nished with every modern appilaaoe. will bo rented for two jeara If not sold. Permits or KINO A CO., No t West Twenty third atranl. Firth Avenue Hotal. ? ^ IWWI WILL RUT THAT NICE TWO BTORT ?P I ?UUU aide sad bssemeut brink Mouse snd l ot 31 Rutgers street, between llanl-r and Madison atraeta; nice, private neighborhood. ten rooms. In good ardar: $4.0(0 .-ash. Apply la PAY TEN. ? Diviaioa airant AQ fUkftWlM. BI'T 4 NEW 2 BTORT FRKNi H ?pJT.lHJir attic Couaga. with all modern improvements and gnnd location, in Fifty-third attest, with narrtafa bourn aad stable, sqltabtv for a milkman oi carman. __ V ACHE A JONRN, 801 fhlrd aveana $13,000 49 eaa ramaln on bond, ot ? par oent.wfll bo odd with Oi with out odj .Inlng House au4 law, No 40 Inquire of B. P. MOBollAN.No Tl iJavtl si-eot, Broioklvo avail BOv-kRI. (? Jh4 $djniM#d buusq. on miMvurlg rtijr A F S *1 K rnn -? HIQU ^OP DWELLING; modern liO.OUU. improvements; Porty-flfth streak between Broadway end Sixth avenue: neighboiWd unexoeptlcna bles posic?al<>tt; rhe?vt Apply to HAMILTON B. TOWLE, 78 Cedar alreet. after L BROOKLYN REAL jlTATi FOR BALE. RAKE BARGAIN-3X STORY AND BASEMENT brick House, in thorough repair, contains ten Rooms, vrVr and drained into newer, aitueted near Willoughby struct. Brooklyn. Price tS-UUL Terms very oaay. Apply to W. COOK, 43 N?Mau street. Brooklyn A HANDSOME BROWN STONE HOUSE. IN BRIDGE street, near Wll lough by, for mile. Lot 2Ax6Uxl07t{. Possession lit Jsunarv, If desired- Apply to JOBKPH A. LEW. Real Kaute Agent, 96 Broadway. For sale-rare opportunity-small pur niabed Ilnuae. In Brooklyn, nearly finiahed and furolsh ed, all modern improvements; 11 ml claaa location: 87,000: terms easy; furniture $1,600. Addreaa O. M. B., box 4,954 Poet office. . OR HALE?THE FIRST GLASS THREE STORY AND attic brown atone Houae No. 31 South Ninth street, be tween Second and Thlial atreeia. Brooklyn, aritbln three minuter' walk of the lerriea, being tbe residence of William Wall. Esq.; tbe house la 83 by 70 feet, well arranged, built and finished in the rnry beat manner by the owner for hta own use, and Is in onmplete order throughout; lot SO by 100 feel. Immediate possession oan bo had. For tickets to see the premises and further particulars apply to B. H. LUD LOW A CO.. No 8 Pine street. New York. Fob sale-thb neat two story high base raent and under-oallar brick Houae 408 OBnton atreet; size Xx40x100; has hot and oold water, wsahtubs, flae mar ble mantels, grates, chandeliers and gas fixtures, and ia la the most oomplete order. $5,600. Terms easy. Poaaeaaion. klLPATRICK. Bull's Head Bank Buildings. Fob sale at a bargain?a building in Brooklyn, suitable for a distillery or factory; contains an engine and boiler of 91 horse power. Apply to CHAS. F. CLARKE A CO.. 88 Broadaray. TORE PROPERTY ON FULTON STREET AND PUL _l ton and Myrtle avenues, Brooklyn?For sale for invest ment. Apply to WYCKOFF A LITTLE, Montague atreet, near Court, Brooklyn. ITIENBMKNT PROPERTY FOUR STORY AND BASE JL ment brick House, aitueted In Front street. Brooklyn, close to Fuhou ferry. Price $7,600. Terms eesy. Apply to W. COOK, 49 Nassau street, Brooklyn. ? <61 ft ftftft -HANDSOME MARBLE HOUSE FOR ipIU.UuU. sale; immediate poaaeaaion; modem Im Kiaements; first class neighborhood; 8 blocks to ferry; uth Brooklyn; 14 mortgage. ^HURRAY A ELHTON, 189 Pearl atreet. COUIVTRY REALESTATE FOB. 8ALB. All wanting farms -good roil, mild cy mate, 84 miles south of Philadelphia. Price only $? Ser acre. Also Improved land. Information sent free. Ad reas O. K. LANDIS. Vlr.elsud, New Jersey. For sale-at hackensack. a house and about one acre of Oround, well stocked with all kinds of fruit; tbe house contains all the modern Improvements; has a fine stable and carnage house; six minutes from do pot Inquire at 136 West street New York. For bale?at Stanford, conn., two desira bio Dwellings; or will be let furnished to responsible parties. MOR8KLL BROTHERS. 80 Pine street For sale-a factory, with steady water power privilege. 45 minutes from New York. Addresa, with real name, A. B.. box 158 Herald office. OR SALE?IN THE TILLAGE OF PASSAIC, 13 _ miles from the city, on the Erie Railroad. 6 Lola, of half an acre each. House and Stable. $5,500: two story Cottage House. $4,500. Apply to WAL8TEIN S. BROWN, 31 Pine street, room 17. For bale.-$8,ooo.-a two rtory basement frame House, with stable and other Improvements: splendid orchard; Slots ground; on Bay avenue. East New York. Apply to BUMPF A MESTERN, 34 Duana atreet. room No. I. For sale in hoboken?several first class Houaes (two new House*), with immediate possession: also IaiU for sale, in good locations; also a splendid corner Property. Apply to JAMES BENSON, Real Estate Agent, 103 Washington street, Hoboken, Nen^Jersoy. YjtOB BALE IN NEWPORT-THE IZARD ESTATE, ON A1 Kay street, at the bead of Mann avenue, with pave ment to the gate. The lot contains two acres of ground, well planted with trees of tweoty years' growth. The house is of two stories, solidly built of granite. 58 feet square, roomy and commodious, with basement and attic. For terms apply to OKOKOE H. CALVEHT. Newport, K. I. LIOR SALE OR EXCHANOE-A MOST BEAUTIFUL P Residence on the Hudson, aoceaaible by boat and rail; two hours from New York; situated on high ground, com "lug views of tbe river eight miles each way; fifteen e*~ walk from one of the most flourishing cities on the in river; the houae and building* are perfect in *11 appointments, and cannot be surpassed by any In the try, either In elegance or comfort; grounds consist of t eight acres, beautifully Hid out and with perfect i containing all kinds of the most choice fruits, eighteen kinds of grapes and a great variety of shrubs, flowers and exotics; beautiful drive to the houae, whicb la built for either winter or summer residence, and will exchange for a first class New $ork residence or other property. STRICKLAND A CO.. 140 Broadway. OR BALK OR EXCHANGE FOR TMPROYKD CITY _ property?A Country Seat, with 81 acres land. In New Jersey, one mile from Rabwny; one hour's ride from Now York. Bp ply to J AM KB R. SMITH, Jr.. 77 Pearl street. FNOR BALE OR TO LET-FURNISHED OR UN ' furnished, with Horses, Carriages. Ac,, a beautiful Real deuce; In perfect order, having su modern Improvements; thirty minutes from the city, and near the Hudson river: persona wanting a genteel residence at a low price had bettor see Hi is. C KOWDBN SMITH, No. 6&i Pine street. F F PINK COUNTRY SEAT?TEN MINUTES FROM Plainfleld: new. good house; ton rooms, born, Ac.; all in Ann order Fruit or all kinds. Possession. P. ZEGLIO, 12 Centre atreet. Fruit farm for sale-is acres, \ mile from depot, and 30 miles from New York; apples, pears, peaches, crapes and other fruits In grant abundance; loca tion high and healthful; n rare chance. 0. H. OLIVER. No. 7 Bee km an atreet Real estate for sale or exchange?a val uabte Property In New Jeraey. 21 miles from New York ; will sell for cash, or exchange, same as cash, for good New York property. Also several small place* lor sale cheap, near Summit, N. J. JOI1N WOOD A CO.. X Liberty street. REAL ESTATE WASTED. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES A THREE OR FOUR story Houae, between Lexington and Sixth avenues. Thirtieth and Sixtieth streets, for which he will pay $X,iQ0 FIFTH AVENUE HOUSE WANTED FOR CASH. Location between Fourteenth and Thirty fifth itre Apply to KING A CO.. A Location between Fourteenth and Thirty fifth street*. 'No. 9 West Twenty-third atreet. Fifth Avenue Hotel. Real estate wanted.?best security offkr ed. Owner* of Houaes or Lot* who wish to sell or let their property, or went to have their rents collected, will find It te thetr advantage to direct to Beat Estate, box 173 Herald office. WANTED-A DIHT1LLBRY, OK A BUILDING HUIT able for tbe erection of one. In the Eleventh or Seven teentb wards. Address Distillery. Ilerald ofiice. WANTED?A MEDIUM SIZED UOUSR, IN A FIRST class location, between Twentieth and Fqmteth streets and Third and Sixth a vert era Address wlXnill particular* and lowest pneo, Pnrehaser, Herald othrc WANTED?POECASH CUSTOMER*. LOTH IN YORK vllle, between Second and F.mnN events**, shore Six ty ninth street. No laury prteea. OAUsAtlt K A MeLEAN Real Estate Broker*. Nr. |i Cedar street HOI'SKR, KOOa?. ABC.. TO LHT. ADYEltOITRK. WITH TUBS, KXTRA'TOtl. AC., JO mil!. Apply on prwraiaea. JW Firat arenue. of S I'lTOI.Ir APARI.OR FLOOR. TWO KOOWN AND TWO HANF. ni-nt?. of Ml Charlton atreet, to let, with all improre menla. Kent $H7ft per annum. F.. I.. A B R. BUIIMIA V A* Hudaoir alreet. ANF.ATLT FURMNIIED FLOOR TO LRT-IN A prlrale family pi ? man and wife, or trill let aepa ratelr to aluitlr eeuUetueit. The hoo.e haa nrery haprtne mem rent $4A per month: rrf?r?iieea required. At 11* Want Thirty-Unit arrant AN OLD KSTALMHRD MILLINERY NTOKK, pur nlahad, togriher wltli the Plat irea, to rent In aotne ie aponaihie party. Alan a dwelling H?o?e. ntrelr formatted, nenImlly locatad. For parttculara loquire at 217 Third ara au a, in the atom. AHOI'SK. IN ELEVENTH ftrkft TO i.rt-rrnt AIM pei month: alan one in Huitann City, N. J.; rant i'?t per aiiiinm . and one m Aatnrla, (1 Itmi. KM1TII A ROfS-ntN. >? Fifth arena*. APAKTME YTH Tfl LKT-AT KKfti (7KI> RKMT*. IN AM Water, /Tl Mulberry. B7 Tbotapann, 10 Buyer i near Chatham ? una reeg Kldge 27S Weat Thirty ninth ami iMO Mulberry ?ireet- Apply on tha premiaea or to R. H HIH HORN A (In.. Mb Imniaa Ureet. \TIIRRK XTORV H KM-'ll l> HOI'NK TO I,FT IN food order. Range. hnlh. Itnl and oatd waier Real SIM per month lie P.a?t Thirteenth at reet, between Third ami Fourth arfBttea. AFI'KNISHFH OFFICE. -til. A- . NEOONlt TLOOJL Intnl. to lei. Alan one oihe.r Room, at SIT and Alt Broadway corner of Twa'fth atreat. Apply aa per bill. AREAi'TltTI. BROWN XTONK. BLROARTLI FOR. niahed llon-e up Iowa, la lat, mi aecwiiat of the owner laming tha <ulf. Alan other ? AO INN A CO.. m Broadway. Am t u? roi'RTii avkmh:. bt ntanley oat. TO LKT UNKURNIRHKO. Hrudwar Pore, abnre Koitrlh atreeC litPI $4,000 Broadway Fourth Floor Ill Fat at I24lri -treel. S a. h. a. h. a., PUSH S Moot I SM Waat Far ma. W aat.-haater ronaty .$2A0 and SM Fl IXI Lenngum arennn, 4 *. K. h. h a. par month. Spiym ?an' atinnt. 5 a. F.. b. b., per mouth AD lfth at. between Jd and M ara, par mnnth 27& IPHat . hatweea .Id ayenue and lrrtng pla.e, par month MB Wd at., betaeea TIN and ?th ara., per annnm 4 bD0 Shh at. between 3d and BA ara., per month 'W> Kaat l'JPth at between Jd aad 3d arm., par mmath SOB Am la I A 110 RACDOUOtl. HTREKT-RLRIIANTLY FUR J\ ntahad Roam., with nenry aere-atry far haaaakBcptag. th nrder thai a family amy harm a complete bona. ri'RNINIIRD FRONT ROOM ANI> SA(TK ROOM let. on tha aaoand Boar, amiable far a ganilaman and hi. wife, with erarr thing eoavaalent for hunaataeinag. Ap plyatSh Blaeckeratiiet AH FRIYATB FAR It T WILL LET TWO HaNOSOMR ly furnlabaA H.mme, with fhnlllitea far light baoae beeping, to ? gentleman and lady only 2B2 Flfiy.thrtrd ?trrat. between Heeand and Third arannea. Ah "SNT CLAIM RR'IWN BTOftK ROUSE. M a Ml anniely fnmlahad. Brat frnoi Fifth areaue. up lawn, ta rant far ait or eighteen montha KINO A CO., Na PWcatTwenty third atraat. Firth Ara ana Hatel Ah BUrRRRl-T rURNIsRFO IIOUHK TO LFT-FOR H twnyeara. locality unanrraaaed. UNO A Oil.. Nn. B Waat Twenty third atreat. Fifth Aaeaae Watel A neatly furnhmikd RrrrtNo room ani> rri> mna?. on aaeoad Mr; gaa water, aad all I'ln eataauaa ftw hanaahaaptag C?li at WA Wait Unuetaa atreat, apar ??vdpaw Houmut, mou, ?cH to unp. (CHAMBERS STREET LOFTS TO LET.-roc J with ft superficial aru of (en thousand feat, and light, on three si do*.Apply toUHAUNCKY BARNARD, M* l Broadway. ? FURNISHED AND UNFURN1SHRD ROOMS TO LET? Suitable for housekeeping. ADo single Room*. No. 48 Amity utrftftt. (jTURNISHKD HOC SB TO LET?ALL IMPROVEMENT*; I contain* nine room*; rent $US per mouth. Apply at 47 Weat Thirtieth street, between Elfin and blub urun Ilea. LUKNISHKD SECOND FLOOR TO LET-TO A SMALL A family of adulli. Refrrencea exchanged. Rant $St per monili. 143 Last Twooiy-uxth all eel, between Second 'and Third ftrenuea. FOR RENT?STORE AND HOUSE US MAIDEN LAN1; ft Liquor Business, long established, paying well. I a quire ou premlaea, or ot U Cedar atreet. TLfOUHEKKKPKRS OR PERSONS OOTNO TO HOUSB . DuSWllVfvc*n buT their Carpels, Furniture, Bedding Ae.. at BEN0ALL A SCOTT'S, au* and 'ill Hudaon atreet, corner of Canal, and pay by weekly or monthly payment* If pew fOlTOu. S^AM POWEB.-LABOB AND SMALL WBLL lighted Kooma, with air am power, to let. Inquire am premises. W Fltat avenue, of 8. PITOO, Jr. quire of B. WHITE, oorner of Orand and Tompkins strnrtn STEAM POWER?WITH LATHES, CHUCKS ANB Toola for light metal manufacturing; room for flftnoo to twenty man; location up town. Addreaa K. P.. Herald OTORE, BASEMENT AND LOFTS. NO. M OBKBEH O atreet, to let or lease: aire 19x85x108. Poeaomton tmmo dlate^r.. Apply to JOSEPH A. LEW, reel aetata agent, ? RE TO LET ?THE STORE IS NASSAU STREET to let or leaae. Inquire of or addreaa B. B. 11111. STORB TO LET-IB BARCLAY STREET, NBAS Broadway, under Urn Aator Hei&e; aullabia far a mer chant tailor or other business. Futures for ante. Inquhrw In the Jewelry alore Mo. 1 Barclay atreet. TO LET?OOTTAQB HOUSE NO. 11 HOPPBB LAKH; with three Lota of groutfd waat of Klaranth arenas, between Flfty-arcood and Ftfty-third atreet*; Croton water, gas and fixtures; oourentsnt to Tenth arenue care; point alon Immediately; rent 9480. Apply to J. 8. TEEADWEUg north aide Flfty-aecond street, noor Twelfth arenuo, or to B. LYMAN, 181 Broadway. r LET?ONE OF THE ROW OP HOU8BS BUILT last spring in Serenty- ninth street, between First are nue and arenue A. Tbe house baa all the modern lmprovm menta and newly painted. Rent SS7& Inquire of JOHJI OILHBT. fitf Broadway. r LET-IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, A NICELY FUB nlshed Room, with (as and atore, 914 per month; also a small Furnished Room, $8 per month. Apply at 1M Wart Thirteenth street, between Berenth and Eighth avenues. T~0 LRT-FURNISIIKD. A THREE STORY anD basement House, all Improremenu, In good order, near Dr. Cuyler'a church; rent ftffi per month. Apply to I. DAVENPORT, Fulton arenue. oorner Oxford at, Brooklyn. r LET-FIRST FLOOR OF A NEAT TWO STORY frame oottage, furnished for housekeeping; 980 per month. Apply In the fancy store, 1,110 Second avenue, nan* Fifty-eighth street. mo LET?FURNISHED HOUSE 117 PRINCE HTRKBT. J. 1'osaesslou at oaoe. Apply at No. 281 Canal street, or stairs. r LET?AT A SHORT DISTANCE FROM THE CITY or Now York, a tar e and handsome House, or part or it, furnished or unfurnished, at a rery moderate price; good access to the city by (team can. Address S. L? Herald offloe. rLBT-A SECOND FLOO water and gas; rent 990; a Inquire of 0. O. BILLINOS, 2001 LET?A SECOND FLOOR OP FIVE ROOMS* ?- jsr-j ?. also a fine Corner Store. 1 East Forty-first atreet. LBT-FUBNI8IIBD FRONT PARLOR. BBDROOH A and two Closets, to a gentlemen and wife, for bona* keeping, or two gentlemen, with pertlal Board. Apply at 807 Sixth arenue. Belerenee requited. T?. 807 Sixth avenue~ Reterenee required. mo LET-LOWER PART OP HOUSR 904 WKflt X Twenty-fourth street. Cottage terrace: pallors, extern ?Ion. basements, with Improvements. Inquire at tbs house or No. 8 Greenwich arenua. r LET-TWO STORY BRICK HOUSR: RENT 9* per month. Pint Floor and Be ement, 910. Second Floor. 910. Good location. Applr at the corner grocery atore North Sixth and Sixth street*. Williamsburg. TO LET-PARTIALLY FURNISHED. DWELLING OY House, 18 rooms; gas. bath, Ac.; on Broadway. Mar Twentieth atreet. Apply!* M. S. MYERS, 408 Broadway. TO LET?A NICE FLOOR IN 182 WF.ST THIRTY filth street; rent 9>0 per month. Apply to J. COBBI^ 881 Ninth arenue rpo LET-A HOUSR tN THK~FI FTH~ DISTRICT, 8Nr# X able for e distillery. Inquire of M. BLAU, 88 Murray atreet. third floor. mo LET-PART OP A BROWN STONE HOUSE, FU% X alahed for housekeeping. Location rery good. Call ai 814 East Thirtieth street. Rent moderate. mo LET?THE LARGE BUILDING 1M PRIMOp I street, west of and near Broadway. Good laeatiee torn bualnee*. Apply to 8. H. SKIDMOBB, lrt-Sprtag streak r LET-AMD FURNITURE FOR SALE, NEAT THERE story brick Rouse, now filled gentlemen lndgars, or wM be let, part to tollable family. Inquire 11 Henry streak T) LET-AN OYSTER STAND. TN A FIRST CLAM restaurant. Inquire at 89* and 181 Broadway, lnnawl LET?PURMISHBD, SRCOND FLOOR (FIT* ?rooms) of bones OS Bead atreet Rent gifl per ameMk rm LET?FURNISHRD FOR IHMIBBKKKFINO. IM A ?private family, two desirable Room*, separately w together; hath roam, water Blank Ac.; all on second Sear. Terms modem*. Apply at M! West Fifteenth streak rm LEASE?A PINE STORB IN THE FOURTEENTH ? ward, for groceries or liquors. Fixtures fer sale If Se at red. Apply to N. OA YET, 175 Mulberry atreet. rRENT, FURNISHED?ON ONE OF THE PRINCI-1 pel square# of Uds city, el a rery moderate reek Mr rtfi or nine months, an elegant Establishment, complete. nrttfc stable and eoeeerralory. A rare chance for any one deatrtag a superior end oomfortebte reetdenee. For particulars |2 Ply to It. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 8 Pine street r RENT?FULLY AMD OOMPLETBI.Y FURNISHED, el MaokaUanrUla, en elegant BetabHahmeat; hsnaa, comfortably arranged for summer end trlater rmtdtami grounds, barn, carriage house and stable gardanar's cot tage. Ac., In ?r*t class condition and ready for Immediate ee rupaney; the whale combining the comrorts of a eonalry home with the elegance of a city realdeaea A poly to E M. LUDLOW A CO.. No. I Pinealrest. rRRNT-A PLEASANT li IDG I NO ROOM FOB on# or two gentlemen In a private family, ee Brooklyn Heights, five ralnalea' walk from Wall street ferry. Apply at 88 Joralemoe treat. HOtHBR. ROOM*. AC.. WANTED. A gentleman and wine would lire t? rent, from now to 1 at of May, and prlrtlage of another rear, lb* lower half ar Pint Pluor of a houae with all Mb era Improvements; beat of refereucot giro*. Addreaa A. H.. m Chorrh atroet. AHMAI.L FAMILY OP TH* tifOHKHT RESPBfTA Wlitf now stopping at the hotel, will par $30) or MM per month for a amall PunhbH Houae, not rar from Madt aoa aquarr. Apply la KINO A CO.. Mo. ? Wert Twenty-third atraai, Pifth Avenue UotaL FURNISHED HO CNR WANTED?INCLUDING t.INBN. crockery, cmlery. Ac., went of Third avenue and eaat at He moth. Kent not la eioMd fZM par mmitb. Addreaa A. O. C., Herald office. atatlng loralloa and full partleulan. PARTI P. h HAVING STORES OR DWRLLINON TO rent and rente 10 collect will flud their buslnee* traah acted promptly by placing It in our handa aa agrnta. llLEECKBRA DBNIRON, No. IH Ptna atroet. w rDRUOOISTS.?WANTED TO PCRl HASP.. A DRUffi Store, la a good location; on ?ne of the laadlay arenuoa Cferrad, must be dolag a good paving hnalnaaa: either -man or American pharmacy. Addreaa, atattag price. Ac.. J. J. D.. lit Bowery. ANTED?ROOMS WITH POWER. PROM 10flOO TO IS,000 aqua re I act. in one or I wo room, (two rootna at about l'JfuAtl fret preferred I, with front 10 to Ml borae powem for a i-leaii. light biialnest. The noma must be well llabtadC clean, from 10 to IA fart high, nod la a good neighborhood. AdAwWlMRnMAWi Wanted?by two young gbmri.itmrn, a paS. lor and Radrootn la au A t location, rofarea changed. Addreaa hot &Mt Poet oOce WANTED?TO RENT. A HOUSE IN A OOOD _ Hon. furniehe-l or iiafuratshed. with immediate aaaaioa. for a private family. SMITH A ROI.STON. W fifth a WANTRD-TWO ROOMS. WITH OR WITHOUT r.iture. for two etngto men. not furtbor than oil .. from Sroadway, corner of Park plaet. Addraaa M Herald otDca uniuralsbed floor of Tour mow, wal ?? 'or bouaakoeplag. In a private faaHty, and fortieth atraota, ,-e. ,,n.i and Slktfc avaa eaoeed gAS a month; beat rwferaaaao glvao Addreaa II. A.. 2H Tilth avenue m IITANTKP?A rURNISHRD HOUMR TV amiable for tint -lata boordare Eighth a ad fourteenth streets. Adi WANTRD-RT A GENTLEMAN AND WIDE. AN I unt ttmlahed floor at four rt>oma, water aad. paa, euth ?Ma for bona* keeping In a private family, botwgau Ham irTANTED TO HIRP.?ON BROADWAY. A STORM VT auitabte lor a aample room; oaa not further down than Oaaalar higher than fourteenth atroet; ar would bug toe work and Siturwa of a good place Any party haiim the name will (ad A aaak ctiatemer by addraanlag a letter ae oner, atattag pctre, to Purahaaer. Poat aDee Brooklyn. ANTROItOOV. All who want dorrect information'. no to Madam# Witaon l? Allea etroei. aaar RMMMM. the hakary , AH PACT-NO IMPOSITION GREATEST MUNINKRM and Madtcal Clairvoyant knawo laMra NT ARB. f rem Knrope, bom with a natural gift. Sba ahowa a wrtvd Uho neaaof your f mure bnahand and abemtl fw*w ?aaw ASTONISHING.-MADAME MORROW., SF.TFUTW ?laughter. KM Ltidlaw atreeA. ne?r lltauaa tteatltmaa not admitted ___ , Madame waltkrh, owiiWBntijJ ulairvot. Ml Vlait her f..r ?wr'-vthmy^i^>,?em^bastiwoo. tkefl. naaaea. aanlerr. good tuck. MM Oanel atrre ^ MHAPAMF RVROM-lrilK OR EAT EST SI'NINES* AND medical StdntuaMat known, rauaea apae.|v ma.ylagea. SHI Faurth avenue l-dlee ft MMM! AD AMR ROSA. flRFtT NATURAL ri.AITOT AN*. IUSS.ywurwbt4. UfA o^e. Ha t U.weaa atrmt. t timer at Uapet. (haaaultaltnn ?1. MADAMB ROM IN THR ONLY MEDICAL AND BUSt aoea Umlreoynat that can n? ret Met upon; ahowa um likeuaaaaf yuurfutare hnabaed, letta hit tame R*?d 'I atreety haiwaaa Slivh aad Strath ateaumm. <1|VA ?MBS. RODRS. known TWPNTT TWO YEA MR Z.H?. forjNvtwgtree latemmttee fB a?i afal-1 aau ?m aatmaMod at M# Sowary