Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,ML NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1806.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. Qomb back jonbk m bits n as intbbyi^w . HBRMAM ?AAU)*.TA*?9tT?CT*D TO ACT OKA ham* Imnnrtlafitr HA ?!(? ra At tli? point of dulh g\S 6*? ?fen&3yagg?,T ""asasr D'ri'ii* ?mm noa sit jepf and sb VSSTT UUVmO INFORMATION ?fatty ?Mvtnth Doikt BaankAfli of SiUn&iSlaii j^S3W!aa,.iiT.S:?SKii". WILL JLCMOAWILL TOD a SOTO IS CNIONSgCARB VSLLIB H.-PLBASB SEND MS BOOB ADDRESS Jt If youhawstsovad. Letter lo station D for you._ iJL A B. V. *. I.?BATS SET WITH AS ACCIDENT; V. oontlued to ay bad. I meat see yon MM wMk oar l AID Abut* baaat. Walsh tor ma: eteo watch the *T?I?*1* " J'veth* "Beaat" under nay thumb now God ?me yon 1 my doro-ayed darling. WILLIAM BAYI.W, OF NBW YORK?A LBOAOV has been beqnestbad 'o you. Mad tout addieaa to >1. Matt, Solicitor, Psbrldge. Mld'tlom, England. WBST TWSSTT.TOPBTH BTBBBT. ? O'CLOCK LAST wf Sunday awaaln*.?Will party who watvad haedkesw ^saf^from Hindoos appotat aa mWrlial Address H. 0? TOOK LATEST ADVICES BE< EIVED ALL RIGHT. j tt*a dodWyon amy. Moaday. SMOWDROP. MATRIMONIAL. YODNQ OEXTLBMAS OP MEANS DESIRES THE acquaintance of a bandsoma young widow lady, with a 7 to matrimony. Address L. U llarty, ataltoa D, hlblc & LOST AND FOUND. |M LOST?IN BROOKLYN, DEC. $, A YOOMO DOtJ. 1 yollow. with while faoa, and whit* apot on aide of Weak. $31) will be paid on bin return to lit Pulton at, M. T. R-ON SUNDAY. DECEMBER ?, A BLACK AND n Dog, white on tb? breast, abort leg7, very wan to the name of Faunv. whoever return* M Weat ftevmtaenlb street win be suitably rewarded. T MT-ON MONDAY ETBNIJfO, A li far. between Lexington and fourth i (aghtb street, Or on Ponrth avenue, beta Twenty-ninth streets. A suitable rewai . MINK PUR POL i avenues in Twenty. avenue, between Twentieth and ?i S SB A suitable reward will lieglten by Waving o idSgptSlpSI IpWth WeSSt. t ost-on Monday afternoon, while ooino AJ from a tt.xtb avenue ear. corner of PlIKienth attoe:. to me house PI Waal Fifteenth street a Pockmbook, containing About SIM in money. Oontenta will be described and a Kbaral reward given U rcturnau to IS Weal fifteenth street. fad so questing! yts^ 1 - t OST- DEOBMBEE 6. IN POLPTli AVENUE. BK Jj I ween Twanty-aevanth and Thirtieth streets, a gold baud The finder will bo suitably rewarded by return log i to IIS East Thirtieth street. NO S OST-ON THE EVENING OP THE 10TI1, AT 1BVAN - T ' Bail, or coming froro there, on Ponrtacnlh aueof, I avenue, * alack lava Earring. The finder wtU be salt ?warded by leaving It at Mr. Mots', SO Weat Thirty x set. T -JdtYECBMBBB 1L A LADY'S GOLD HUNTING Mj . V'wh. No. J7.IV*. A nigral reward will be palu fa - Are at tbaChemical National Bank, with paying Bto It led t T Of .v* /BEN WALL AND FRANKLIN STREETS, AJ Cher* '>1.101 on Man-han'.'s Bank, drawn by Ward ) On., tor f l.aSf 74, u> order of (.barlas T. Curtis. A ny per ma Hading the mine a-ui confer a fat or and reoetve a ra Ward by relurnMB it t*Chn?. T. < ornv, ft franklin atreaL LOST?ON TT BBDAT.11TII ISST., A POBTMO containing about yA'l In giwmbaefca, one protnlsaorv Beta for tfMI and two checks, one fm $W Bo dnd the nthci for Cm M. I*> reward will Ik given to ine finder on applying lo ?NmBMMBI ? ? LOfT-ON TUESDAY. 1ITB WST., A POBTMONNAIB. containing about fSl In grnenbt ' not* for AMI and two ehecka, one tor $ CM SB. fSU reward will Ik glveu lo tn? Dafitilllll Brothers, T4 H. ??, I -r ?lrv?t. f OfT-OM TCBPDAT APTERNoriN, IN SIXTH, At E JLi aus, between Tbirlj-ulntl. .id Porty.mxih sire."* a ChlDrhllla Collar. Th* finder will be rewarded by leaving li Wl M East Eighteenth street. T?DBi'EMRRR II, A UN ALL MINK COLLAR 1 reward will be paid on returning It to IN Earl ?Fm "J OST?AN PAR or GOLD SPECTACLES, IN THIKD JLi avenue ear No. SB. on Saturday morning, by a lady Baa ttek in the nr. The finder will please return them u> M>. East 'Iwenty-alxtb 'tract JB PI BMC ABB WBBEBT WARNED AGAINST buying or negotiating any of the below deai ribe,' paper* itrhhave been loat, n lth a V<v aetbook ooolaining ahoot I la bills -Nate No ISA, made by O. Rosenblatt. Hro A .dated New York. April t, ItuM, all day* altar demand, for with all par cent Interest per annum. payaM* at >n la ad Way, this eKy. either to .'ctte Klaher, or to tkali own .and by tham andorawd to -fatt* Ptaher; a CheeA dated Ma muu Wf MHH WWNVJWUS ?t> "Vila v rw?< a , an < IK"W | 1 York. I1 seam I isv 6 or T, far fikn, draws by M. Kn**n t, taardar of J P. Kiaber, on Mechamca' and Tracer*' Rational Bank, tblenity. The finder, who la wetcune io the B. will oblige by eeturntag said paper* when are asa lo htm. payawal taisg stoppod. to box EDBiriiy WHatch, -a gentlkman was rklievkk op his Watch aa Monday nlgki, at eleven s'eloek. aa ba lafl a Broadway au<l Tweatt-thlrtl street stage, near Hlaaakei past, ft u of small valua wsnaot aa a (amity relic, it haa K* nagae of Haartetto enp-aved on th* hank. If returned |? ITS Bier ker atraei a handaomo reward will bw powl and as gnaatiooa asked. Addraaa, if awaaaoiy. Aateh, 17b Haack*r street. RKWABD*. I RKW ? III" OF ?? WILL RK PAID TO AM PKH L win giving Information irhleb wlU load to the rnwfry tka jotrrlrr stolen from room 318 Metropolitan hotel HrARD or 30 PKK ?:**T oriTRRD rro* T1IK rnluauf good* iccormnd from laU robber; ..f United ? bonded warrbonne, 3*3 Wr?t arret. IK) rAWNBROKBRK AND OTHNBN.?r.ABTIBH ligk ~H tloa ccmearntog a Diamond Ring, rap" 40 a gold Norkiart and Comm. a*111 bo HWn.Ur rewarded h* 1 x Uctae TW f AWNHROnXKu AND JL t?? anj information conem ?DM a flowar to n * lua, ala) ton lauer marked ?fiama." ? lib nine faaoln, ItoraM ?? ndM I aaow, Harold'?db?a Tka abnranamed . tnhao Tram tbo anbarriber naarty ana yaar ago. ON MONDAY KIOHT. IN a ran an. a noral hnma Tka itr Ita latum to IT Want Tbl>?? ananraiinn U? lb* i.nma of Plnhryloo at l.W Kaai mat. optaa.Ha Kldii%? |t will ho gtrim for r? RKWABD.?A RI.ACR AND t AN PTXCHKR. tnanraitac b> lha uatnu ol Plnkey, loot a* UK I AhH tbo dot RK WARD?STOLEN OR KTRATCO, ON NOT. It. ~ aboan raward otli |6J jnrntnot DC RKWARD ? KTOLKN OR HTKA BO a wank Newfoundland Dug Tbo W paid by returning htm to at Ton 18 ni BfliH Kin BRWaRD-LOBT OR art)(JIN. ABOUT 4 P. a.. 11'/ Dan. 10. at ruvma of Km|lr* Krwiug Marbtar Dm ?da. daring tbo mJo of tlnkota tor thr 'Irani t'kar'aMa Mr and I'remntmtoa Pnatiaa! a geatl*tue'a (lola Nmri A RKWAKD WIJUI. BK PAID TO THR PlbDBRoR U any par-on wbo a!U giro Information tbat will land m maovary nf a roan Hdraa, loo an Monday mating ha rmrnmiUa^^P tot earn# to IB Waohlagvoa M IW4, nod oo luaaBindaalail b|/| RkWABD ?LOUT, OX DBCBMHPX A A MINE PIU Nat, to Woai Tamito ninlK atrooi Iba Andnr will p> too aborr i awggd by laarlng It al W r?n, j aialb at. ?qr. RBWARD.-IAMrr.ON TUB fl(> OP NOVKM POO bar a lady'a OaldWalab. BRato'. Pla and Laaftat EtoaKed fba WamB waa a druiebad la oat and waa mad* ? Lao Ion The Radar will roeeiyi tbo a bora reward by (?Itattbam aA atom of 1 nana, Hblnney B1 aba A Oat, w! and m oraaaa atram and no g..aatioaa will to naked If tbo pikN ba mmmad a rawaad of ft win ba pntdT nn i rrwabd -?tulbn. on noxpat ikoht. Pw aa ligbtb arm ira -arm, a pnM larar banting Wale* AMedOuodrM. Now (Manna, makrra). Abort reward Mil ba paM and to giweiieeg a?kad if rasraed to Harmon flam *J Murray awant ? THK LEI TVH NKAROR. DTI PONT A NT I.KtrPURBN DAILV-fO tlKNTDRMRN Jl anlr. at lha Maw Tork Mnarnia of Aaalnmy. lit Broad Way Tbo-? unable to auoad tbam lontaroo inn? reflates a mm oi lorearfltng tan nenia. Addraaa *eare?a?? of Now Tor* Bunaun. ?' Anal-nnr. *18 T H iicb or tub board or rnyOATti/N. oornkr aad Kim ?treats. Maw r " WnDd Pronaamowlll ba inwlm* a' tblg Mat train <8r ft **r*f I'rraaakar aam. tt ? a'atoeh pi. at wtakMaa * ^JM'a'. WjB m eiamlned. far onn^Oa* Ua PuMm ? fur ib* (ha Int. ba faratabad a* applies una ?? ^^y'tor ton VwSal^1''af RdonaUm jg trra ttsstpr ss | TMeilMa rOBALB WILL IB OpStoMt tr oya?ar pttaa aad Dmawkf* 'tmC ^ ? IHT?WWO?- | ?HHMSSSBBBBSpnuuTH Ah obrmam widow lady wishes ? iDNt m? aomtIcmfamily wj*k* aera^H s??S2KSt,W^Bas I32K2t.iT, kfiSHobrti* (*. j. > roii oSm. uor WURBI A SITUATION MmnMAnearaoTuliUdieQ and OI.I8H. FRENCH, ? vr Built, ap. I Broadway. Prtnctpata. nOUHM IN private instruction?a young mam who X can furwlah the heel ef Watirr.a?1el? 8mm hie cottage and front tea, oera In ?h* tlty. wlabaa to obtain om privam mpfi tot t net: action In ClwieteAllallheiimUee or the Kugllah nmoche*. Addram A. eteMon fl. 4 XL KINDS OF FANCY DOOR AND BIRDH, AO., , for mla-AI B. IViTKTS, 3d* Canal atrnet, near Urnk Medicine. fur all eauina rtlaaaaca Prepared food far mocking bird*. _ TYANIEL FOSTER, U ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS ALL U the nmin* braada of Ddga. Kuatar'a Infallible Mange Cnraa and Flea Eiterminator, Vloanla. Medicines far all TORAXCIB BUTLER, NO. S PECK SLIP. HAS ALL THE f choke braada of near Bntlar** Tnfalllble Mange Cur# and Flea Elterrn naior. Tl rente. Boiler a ueer wot a ou the Dog, $3. Dog* trained, boarded. Ac. Madlcluea for all die TORN GRAY, u ROOSEVELT STREET. NEAR CHAT ej bam.baa for aule MawfoiiDdtand Doga, Bull Tenner*. Rpita Doge, Black and Tan, taotob and Sky* Terriani, good ra ttora IAOgT FOR HALF. CHEAP.-DIMRNhlflVH U FRET ou dock and Ufaatd iackaa beam, with lar.e cabin; at four ye*re old. ? aptalo T. NANUS. Whiioaioua. Loot laland HORNER. ( AHRIAOF.S. M. d LA ROE ASSORTMENT tlF ENGLISH KKKSET Hon* Blanket, and Lue Hatoeaa at Pearl .treat, porter of HaddiaW and heraejra. _ A VALUABLE TEAM. ? AND 7 TEARS, 14'? H ANUS, hind, eonnd and atyllak. Any gentleman went ing thru for hla own family uae can h'iy them for le.? than thee ar worth Fr'ee SLIM). No reply aakad Iruaa trorae jorkeya. Can be aeen at private (table In the rear of 68 Firat place, Soatii Brooklyn, from A A. M. to 11 P. If. A LOT OF SI.MOHS. ROCK AW i VS. PH'aETON^, A Coach#*. Top, Komi. Doctor*'. Depot and Hrpr". wag on*; s'tigle Ifr.rn'M r ow gjt- Blankets. Kobe"; r.lao one pair B. v All will to Mid low. al W. H. Or?> a, Nn. '-T Woneter .ireet. A DAMS A CONK. W4 BROAD WAT. INVITE PIJK J\ abusers to Inapeot their e\ieo?lte .aaortaoont al (Iret cla?? ? ity built ?!*rria*ea. enmprtafhg 1 Imiancaa. Coupe*. LANDAUS. ilVACHEA and ntltor SB* 'Suae .??d opou work, tirade oft1'" beat materials and by the beat woigmru, at their owe Uiafiufac'ory .... AT JOHN O. HAM S. NO 10 FAST FOURTH aTKIET, turoot of Bioadway?Tl r?? icoonil band Cottpea, to good order, aultable lar hanldkig. Wdl ha aotd iery low A GOOD < LOTH Iff UMB FOR HALF. CHEAP POLK and drift* H I'd HES A PI A t l- r. U Montgomery etraet, Orcey City. f<?k sale-will seat n>rn pkbb,lnk tnaidr. with ?iuc'"** and tl.utile llari.e?a In guod order; otiude lit one of iba beat 'image mann a 'urera la Parr, price 41,3001 rail he acen at lOHV ( liAM'S, III Kaat Vuurtl. elreet. aoraoi of Rrnaflnay. A RASP I'HANt'F -FIVE hFTA OF RlMileR HAH uae. I ur aeie '? ry 11 cap; ulut tlra thing for tile Suutli* ern or male n' Will aeii out or Hie toi. WO Heteiitk ? ventre. A Dark but horse for bale -ai half hi* vein**, ae Hie owner ha* Uu uae tor bim, be i. flee year, old. lA'i hand', .mind In erere aapect, and ??an aimw Uii'ea udautoa vrlibmii ,dt ualaiug. of would be lotobean lor the wlatar To be aeon at til. Seidell'* at#ble?, Kl and C Waal TWgUti-fourtl .treat. A RAT UORBK. MS, 11 AMIS IIIOI1 ? YEARN OLD. auitaol* for ' art or truck, and la a good worker, tkn a black ''anadl*u Pony Mar*, h yra iold. aonnd ?nd kind iu all harnex aj d a faal I invalid. Inquire of MOTf WICIGH I 42 Hiid'O* afenne Miwalvi,. ATP.1T FAST RK<N||I MAltR FiiB BAIJ5?FOR I.KM than half nl"t: is foa! bjr the "uwi J|*iiiblet?Hii*ii borae 111 Orange I.urn ?. Cr.n to day at Afc FbSoa alraet, train II ,o3 I M lei. .a a rare chance. 4 BPLEMHO Si'AD-IKB FOB SALK l*#W.-?U* ?V itst.n l.aiida. eigu^teaca red; bright bay hm-aa At m IT eat Twen tydlnit elree . m the faratioan. onld aold. A HANDSOME IKHTOR s PHAETON . NEW I. HAB Iieaa. elan a B.? *>?>?.). at prt.i. ataMo. IU" ?'**' Tblrty-fo ,rth atreel, near Third artnue Stable to let. AO HANI IK FOR A FARHKR.?TWO TEAMS. OF . power, it bndft; t'i<nadiaii Ponlaa. Ayaar? old 16 banda. St far any uae. Vary < beau Alto a eaddie Pony, trie l'air: at 4 SPLENDID PAIR OF FULL BLOODED ABABIAN Hcaaa. 7 aod A yeara air!, kind lb herneaa and .addle; eery f*at; moat attrai ore team in U?# c||>, will be aold at a rrcaiaa-T-Bee, a* ihe owuer tiaa no uae tor them. Addraea V. Wai'-rman 94 Chatham airaet Ac boar matchkh pair of iinKscs, slack Hid Int 1V4 haniia hi* I ?r?rn and mH tanra slri ; part>,rt in nrarr laapr ? and wanantad. ?l atak>? lit anil Hi VniTaraul).third airrai A-hETKRai'itrst ri.AA* pkivatr ATARI.Km io . iM. CIIAn. K HII.I -.?Wr.i rhi iidhn FOR NAI.I- THK )A<il>l Kill K UK SIX IN IIANtl ? su cMy ru? ? ,e,j Mock Mon^i, IMjliiMK 7 y?jpr??M. it arr?ut?d w?mu<j ?n-i kind, til vwmfkae]# ro#<l* *#*.?, ?nd #o long dr'Ttn ??.fwiner cat) (it easily uan.lift lit any fair r# ottnaii. On fmt trial th? *11 together trtilttd the halt mil# In 1*1 * th a lull# iraiv?ttiff ran together (h (lie mil# ItA-Mt# wl 1 &0 Finn al (#?*( can b# bio. gh? dewrt unde: 2:40 Four #??* well trainee fo? ? four lima# t*nd#ut May He aoJrt In pain, uu- pair, the ?iylj?u in tne 'Hp, Mtnp ther 2:.Vl ?nhiui ? <*lm .# frtqiMt# ?i HRI(?(n BKHTMRim, 70 and ',2 T?v#tity luird street. L^OR SALE?A.N F.LKii 4>T f ARTS UADK UMUII, r double au?p#nettei>. right spring* and under rat riafa. wllli Psria made ll?rri ?%* *?nfuplet# fOi ? pal . will be enid at a bar*. In: all m.iu. n-w and nan In itrln Cap Sn ??nil ?' WOOII* .YX dioadwa* Apnata for <?? mnni fn. IU...1 * Wood Br tih'-i ? am p ep.:a<J I ? *?' out mi irlr. ?li ?KW" af Part* raxln Caruaga* I TOR HALS U.HF I HI PK An M*U \H .HI* 1 h'.i.l In I .a* -n. ? A M. <t|i, pi *? irtW \ .ifil' at thn nonl* in in ran nf 49 m t.nna. i A A Ml 11 ?. IwlJ. lUu'-iu 'aiind LXHi MA I.I' A OW I'K WK'HAWAt RUTH Hlllrf r iii|'"i?i; eiO nja-h-. ? m->?f ?n? . tl?n mair a?id dmihtn vi m.u'fc. r? bm ?>'? ?? I amy ?iranl NRhl.R~URK US ATT TRUCK TKA*' OKX LMHt miaCl in>no|. n> tiaa-v.-. ?'?? ? ??ton. 4p,oiy ?*nr|j ?t Itl ?>? Ttlrtaantk ?.rnnt IpO* RAI R ? BIT tlARF UOO|. t PTLP. AVP A F linn; nnrnu ynara 0*4 ha? H-*an tr*inad lo Ik' ?? idl4; ia a pa* MrriMi kw.. pntfpMiv ?" ind and ann'Ja. aim Rad.lV Rrtdlr and Bla?knl? tp?d? *< R? ? Ooctlatidl at rK Mli-t (HKiO R?H< TCI ktLR H'lf'f, IAVJ Haoda <n*a jmrr ..Id a il h? k..ld ai a ?awiflna l? Antra at Ilk i; gnlh aiatiua lb la nii ir* <wn UH)R 8AI.S- A mow* WARK, (Ay ?lANPR HKJH ? M! TaaranMi. warraniad aminl ana I.*.' pri'? $140; atan a a?t of lifbf doeMaaad kirrfa Ifaraaaa Afl?lv at |A( Ekaf 'fklrlarnfi a in at rs RAT.R -A <*nol> HORA1 A*P WA'i on. au iaata far a gra.' V|.RO "a ... n KKTR. ITi Proni atl a at. LX)R tA!.I?CHKAl' HOU-R I1AKMX * Ml Kt'R F nlfom mnat i-? ' .ill imn. 1i? ?f In.,., a tur ?wo daya a* AM Tirol aranua, ? .???? a' Floa^uia au.?t. .a Iba rnrnlttira alarr yOR RALR-A IHHiTOIl'k WAOOH. a* Loot) aa F IM-R. lnciilra far a fa* dapa kl rO Waal KiaaaatA awaat. halwaon ltaW? of thra? l?^|1T?l? M ? C~ "5 ralr-a ooir ?lt. Ai.noH, iiai. "oki 0r?. ft; oaa ainal? 4^ . Hy. '<"? l'o? nola and la. J#*, aad una Top tta?ao %XJJk Applv at liaarr ?Mia, 711 anal alrmt LXIK 'iLUat-PvCR LAHOK NKW ~1H(/ UONKR F Tmeka Apply la R. w RIIA'tn, H"R Rroa.ia?j. t?OR lAI-R-^IRK RAT U'lRAR. 11k; flAHOS HliJlJ. T F ?aara o44. artll ha aAd ch?>P at <7l Caal Twalftu ainri In Ua aaapar abap. POH RAI.R?A RAT IIOK4R, IM( aaaaa raaraotdi wan a I ?d lu r?*rr n at atab.aa.llt ao4 ill Waat Taaotr third i F?' SrORRR TOR HALF-A HSR RI.At t KoR-R. OOOD L far aaRdle ea hereeea Apply at ita aU'ilaa U Kaa Irtaaaih atraat HOKRR ARn TttL'CK fOR RAl.l ?HOR4R !?'? HA Sim high warraauxl acihl and unJ 1m tin go?i mi ?naiorCr Apply io RrKLAKFRT A M< lrr:?lff7Ro. IM paw no ay attaat. IITKRT.-A FRW ORSTLRMtS i. HORRRM CAM RH rt*'aia!wuV ' ** Brarau Clah Piablaa Ht *.rt RAI.F.-A RAT HOR4R, IIX HASHA RMM aapao Ta ha >. an I a raai B BALI CRRAF?A TBRT HlfRltlOB AFI> HT?. Hah imllai Kara la<?olra at 40 Laat Brnadway. * t#T-Wira flX 0* RIOIIT HTALIJf f*r thraaapaakaa. laaa.ra mt tha pt*niaaa, My trw latii, aaat Fifth aaaaoa, aatwaaa pow WAHTBe-ma off horar ato '*r WBJW nahK toiaiaa Bitit. and Flaalh #iaM ThlrWath atiaaia, *aw Tor* Mnaa WW ?RiaatdP tlBwt with fnaa > HOKNKi, ??nRIAOKH. AC, B ITIHOBOUUHBRED RUNNING COLT FOB HALB;-HK 1 IIIbdautiful nml, with white old, prloe $190. aeund ud kind. bred in ' ^?no piece to heap ?*. dMrtl at M Hamtl ^?Yorl, Ull eold, Iro* 1 to If. I. It garnle f< '?Bt, broka to to,litre.' an leorgta. wM flit on eli eel, lor a boy lo D1 ELEGANT CLARENCE COACHES KOR SAI.E t OH AH. BBAROHLEY'B rtmiut manufactory, way. corner Thtrty aavanth ttreel, Brat ctaaa iu every particular. YTTANTBDTO bcy-a CHEAPSECOND HAND OQCPB, ft la good order. Add rent Coupe, box 9,001 Poet office. Vcottoo the price WJ ^?antkd-a PAIR OP HOKMP.H TO BOARD KOR ? the winter, piirate aUble, near Paahlon Race Conrta; good carnage room, boat oare iskeu. Rhould the owner wtab (onto them they will be at Thirty-fourth iiioot ferry any da* Addreaa Ajuartoaa. Herwld dik e. HrANTED TO BOY-A OOODWOND HAND 0LR ilk, ^Tt ^umuty dyemont Addra*, stating price, Ac., P. M., WANTRD-A KBW HOMES TO rCEHK THROI.'OII I ft the winter, a short illatanee la the eoufilry. at $10 per aaaadh, an food ha* and grain, with uarrful attention aad war* Btalfc AndY to V. JHLUPPS, 1* and I?7 Caalro row. weat WashingtonMarket. TJLT ANTRD?A IIOMB AND EXPRESS WAQON, V? or atthrr Apply at 8BV Pearl atreelTthlrd Boor. Y black HORHE.1 BAY DO., 1 SOREQL DO.. I J. browa Mare, rerr fust; 1 hay Hum, trot la S minutes. AUn Uorae, Kxprsaa Wagon and Hantaan. Alto out Bay lllarae. Tap tA"a4;? in and Harnaw, at auction, this day, at II e'eteck, at 1,001 Broadway, rtea au?4|pn aaiaa. COPARTNRMHIPt. AN EXPERIENCED B1 SINEWS MAN, WITH 0P A warilaol 0AUOII would pnrchaaa or connect himeelf with "oaie well ceUbliahed business; manufacturing pre ferred. Addroee P. D., box IS, Herald ofikie. A PARTNER WANTKD-WITII 08.001) TO $5,000, TO join a party In a manufacturing anil commercial busi aeaa long established. ISAAC A. HHiOH $ HON, 7? Xaeaaasire*. A GENTLEMAN WITH RCHINKSH EXPERIENCE, ha*lug $5.0011 lo $0 <100. would like le Inveel In aome safe paying bualnr-a. Any one having anything to niter will plraaa rail at ronia 111 76 and 77 Nassau street from 0 A.M. to 4 P M. Bret of refercD -a givan and required. Noue but priaeljivls need apply. DENTAI, PARTNER WANTED?TO PRACTICE U A rin,nti y illlage. Ktne rooua rnul good locality. Prac tice between 0H.UUO anil $4,000 a year. Addree* Dentil. box IP) Herald offl-a. 1itINANriAI..-$lO.lJ0l?.?WANTED. AN ACTIVE EAKT 1 tier with thie amount to take an equal Interest and the management of a public work now ,11 niluciu^s lacge^eulal. and which may be quadrupled. Addreaa I York Poal office. NOYRWBER I. IW. -THE UNDK1UIUNRD HAVE tormeil e > o|>b? tuci ehlp for the purport of Uaiian, ting a banking, exchange ami cemml-alon basinets, under the Arm of Jninea W. rocker $ Co., Not. II and 9 RueHenhe, Pari*, trance. IAMKS W TICKER EDWARD R. ANDREWS. Repiaaenled by PRANK W. a.NDKKWS. .'4? Washington atreel, Hoaien. OARTNER W4XTBD.- $1,000 WIIX SECI RE IIAI.P Internal in ? lire! rata Oyster House, Brooklyn, doing 1 X Interest in a 1 ? r? rata Drater House, Brooklvn, doitq food enalneaa. Apply at 5" Wall atrret, aecond Booi, ri offices. ruuin N.I. a. ^ * ae?* Partner a wivtkd.-active business X wi 11 from $9.ri to SS.linO, leokin* for good Inreatmenu. can find then, w $Rl>p!yinK to OHaMBHKLI.T A ?*U., 2i? So. 9.^ PAKTSKRW kNTED-IN A RKMABLft AND PROFIT ? itJufMAii rcnn\if# fiiilnii already A'' hn Hi ?. ftif'-rtii Aitrly to MOODY k (X)? 4* Fin* *u??t9 Ni?w ko?k 4t*mi 31. 'ir to iJALK, at th* warfrotin 993 K if'u$r? *lr?i?t, Brooklyn. WANTKD -AH PARTNRR. A KMART 4ND %OTIVR JtiHiurvK <n wnii * '-ait*,i.l nn? 1?m<$ i.j$iri in i$ ni?w ?su>>ll*tit"l importlfur?f it ??? Mn<1 nai'iroiUdry ; tHmt ol rR.AiNnw ??o'i,r^'1 and glvttii Addrixh lUminmr, llf>] it 1<1 oflu -' \ ?ihr\r paktvfh, wrri# ?mu to Miltr* d h.4if hit# *?? in ? 'Tf* Smf ir; n my or<!*rt; fh?* R3.0Q0 w II !. I.., 694 ro'iiri l.f WAKTKll A PARTWf.K, ?mi flOUL TO TAKMY OR fhn f?ib ? mi t?r*ffi- 6u?il9*ia In OliROf 'U* Vt?it 1o<u$ flood ii< RufOki.rn ? Johnsnti, hoi lift tlfrald ottt'# $250 ?5I-N f TwK M A V W RKM tnf6r<*?* In an i?it<$bliRbnii HimI Kf a n >minIbw?m; So aj|^n*a 44'ir^a* H , V" ?nnn ?to takk trf. riArK of .?v"U# tirmjr in Di? wholnaal# jiroducn in We\ Waabiui' ? ?? Marital. KUfld Addra*? BnwHsa, HaraJd ?41 $2 000 n ,uvrxn pHo i.. $j iar> wi'd ? ?? nafabliaiifd U'l paring bn?iiie*?. Addt e??. $U, kind Afbuaioaa?. W? fw?t iotl H?rald ?db-?. $r)0.0()0.-^t tib^''T,,^^,, WHO "A"00,1 lbit amount of caab will lie glreti an lu'errai In ene or n-e moat raluahlc mining prope iiae in Ibe Cntied iUale?. ailuate.l within four lanuiaiif Sew fork oily, 'lue ualnr* art fell* dove loped, uaextisawHtile ac.l have beet, wui ked tor aevaral years at a Urge pro"' - ' be mo tar will be *eoi,red b* valuable t eat eaU'a and machinery and will douola itaei1 la a ye*r Tba matter 'a ooen to the mo.t aean lung invex.igatloii, wklcn win he afford-I The verv hlahol New Yoik lefetau e given ami expa''ed. Aildte.k, 'oiitideuttally, A W . lie aid odiae Bl'NINMI OHPORTI KITir*. Av ERTKHrRiRfxn man vfaicjn<i litTNiNF.FR. car t.ika hold of tb* hart rontar fnewrr ator* In lb* <.'y. <llun:*4 ob Hlrvkrt ali-n. Alia.tautu th* ? oun*i a 'h*ra wr*'ittlldlnA* In Ih* far ?n<l o h?' ? Iranta*** lb?i m-<?l .fa atwa ran' 1>*a. a (*?d baali.*** o,n >i* dona, and o *1 r??| n I* IM* i* worl'.v of attar.',ou. m1. v uj altar.:,on, K*(lWN A HOI.nFN 1 trwltif JOiMHi OPl'OBTTMTY FOB A.VT FARTY WITH ?'|Fh ?u' m**i? in |.?'d In lha ainiii.luring of Ittiiora. vlib a new blllara ami obniara ear* and pravaniF*. aia raadT lor aireulauon tall at or ad ltaaa P. Mar* 7* Vaaaan rrxint No. 4, raar b'.ri'1!..a Ami RARE OfFolimtITT to* ? ta r\ to Inrr? tstii t au ainwrprlte wh nk will* a r*rr larg* liK'o ia t.tarr "PpdfiuwU* atfo-lad lot a Iboraafh Inrav. <iptioa I 'if pn'I niara nail at Mil Krcn iiar, romu M third floor, hot* **n in* hn-.r# o'10 A M iBiifflF M i t uj ahi.t AtiKicui.TL'aAi. aid cotmr.mriAi. . V -Fa'at'i, ?*rdart tb? world otai; a half Intaraai In a nr.aiiw... 1 itM art tone* of utilitr: a?*p <m for th? I'a'.a Frvoa't'on iddioaa boa *' Brooklyn. R Y a FAFIY WITH BUNTRF*" QI'AMFIC?Til INN, .1 ha?in?aoooi wmiig Ilia to tn*n?' ha <am*. with itlaaai oaa, ta wiwla wot I aatebltetiat and wall paflnf bo* . naaa \n xg*at*. bitnutigt nr partial not raa.uiar bo tiaao naad tro tola thnntaalrat to an***. Iddr*ta n H t II arali' aflVro. (lAPITAUnT* AN I BO I HA W.N K T ATBKT "A V J >>* r?. i*i ? Mn'* Will mala fbn imralmaar. If a buatoaaa ?? . oaatra, la n r.ataarn/Hi* war:! iwa will >!*ff ? nmpa'iilnn. oanrml ha ai ip*rw"t?d moaptad tor iba Faria XHiUttioi, Addiaaa Honaair, liar>id on ** Ml It .1*1.1 'iM- ruiBTt IBTFRTatT OB THI? r Wlltiia I t rr,..?1 a d laponnad fluwar* Honufar to ?. in tot'iJ>l*i t rur tii"* n: dtw mtahlranod l*ra? aaara dole* a ' <11 biiaitHwa a atyal omur.a low a nrarttral boat nti? ittoii with oiraaa a iiraw liataiti Rat n#a A I'n . m Tliifd af|#*<. IRtuhotg. Fa YjKMt MALC-Fltf ?A>? A U'dT MPI Fit FATI BT r r.0><y a V.rwpA ,???:* Aawvatir I'apat Haib I; p* rata* trt'r*-* ? Yuan*. M D, 111 'iraadaarw*' *n?t fya K D.. T Y. h'OH KaI.F I DKAF.A JOB BOOB BINDFftY. M faara in nparaiiao ?l?0 worth of wort mi hand, and *n*b an oof ?*r ?; Oral in'* ' rtttoa Marnlaa. A* Applr i *11'hainmn ???## aw i.n I floor G RRftEKRtnf-AH IBTFRRir WIL1. BR ' gran tip a f?ar?'wr of ibdOwtd RfbanRO Iwa raliabla iiadi iof lawiaa ? good ffRRiltelon botluwaa Addraaa Cj M- F.. Ur rail oAfj -? lW* f|M OORaTiTVmFEI .-A WRI.f. KATARMFHID BOffKft at Roua dun ' Midland. dwa( aa -nana.ra bnalnaaa aa BMfrbasia a?d (aaara n i nwiaalaa afant. and paeewaeing gnwd rottna?;t|'.na In al! parti of Tba b r>a loai wou.d Ilia loj tnaba arrararuinia with ? rtnaraUa (ra at Raw York ?* aiaawkaia V OONRf..RMKXtb OP RllflR. TUBr?.N 11YF FOTtttlf. A- II: at rata rafaraara. * aa ha gtran ai.m rndri 'Na Initial. A Bo A (rank ta Iba adrartlaina a?r? >f H. BWJH F-otiaff.,* HollajA MEN OF BR A IX A Bit I.AIMtB TAFfTAf. BRFKIMO A attra Iiitaaimeni atjonldl all aa< aratnlnaiha arlax-ion af Fatanla now alfatwd b? AON DIM A (.'It, 117 Raaaan MRFAF.a. BOrrHFATDA CO. *4 CBDaR BYRE!!T. fara aararal a'ro'lan naaa opaartaatnoa reqnmag on If n.odar aw vnil'al, and whlrb ara aafa and InginmaUt EAHr orVKRAIIir A.1D A DKalRABI.F FOflmoN In lb? mAliufart irr of a 'Wi'r ant*la of unllwitaj l?nd, in i>a Y-.i.tao doivon and 'tat,*ionrj Una. ran ta bad at ? aaertfaa li'toaad far latmodtaaatf. Addroaaa B A 1 fnnaral P at onto* KARF CUARCK -THl BRBT OFFORTDRITT ITM ? Borad o loo waa of buainaaa war ho faund ai M Foarl atraat at tbo oMiw of lha fnaltr. Raw Tort atlf. W $190 '*filial rO't'ilrnd fo LtrXBBRMRB.-A OKN Tl.t. 14 A X MAYIRO A prrrpafif iulna about MiOOu faot of white ptaa par wawA. and' ia'11.4 ?I* ?ar I.MO to Jaraar'Ptf would Ttaa to ?awl an *anw*t ' *01n( man WHli aoata mono* ro join blm aa .1 par low for ma winter. Addiaaa Ml MB Raw York Faot (n- to $IWI wii.ia (Tart art fer?or ir a .pt*ndtd raana'artdrttiA baa'atwa from olh I Mlt >wa ba naad* In at* in at ha Call and invaa'lgai* ai M Canaino atraat ^?-.iii Warted, a smart tocro mar iarI ?T"'Mra Aoi*o.-ai imfaaadi. wttb ian am at la a ?a a' awl pr.ifta ate bnalnaaa. lawnlm at 471 Brondwaf r-moi Ro. A ?~fWMl * ' ' A M'P RP.UH)M OFFFFFO To ?W-HVUi pnrttaawiu auont tbte amoont to pnr*baaa (? A Ro 1 flr-wa/p aa I Prwvia.on Morn, Motaaa, "Moo,Bn.. at' >aid in a Ikriring rlllada. wlibta It tellaa AT Raw Tort rdtf. now dotir a boa najp of ?40,M0, wbAan aoald aaali* na danlddd ^QfACRtbdOtH At FAVLIBob, Ayllwtwra. " "" " ? ? -"f - fO| - in -W ?? ? MAliBUB MAITill. VfAKBLR RARTBLr'-TEB EEMF FtACR |R THE Boat Elgbtaanth ??raw' aaar Third aw., FT Cat Ma out. Vf A RRLF.IBRD U.ATR M A BTRIdl?4ICFB BIOR ra W MttrnxaSStSfc??a mAWUL. A MKRiriN RANK I NO BXCMANOB A ANn t'OMMIWOUN HOURK, JAMBM W. Tl CEEH. HVAHU K ANDREWS, ?nd Mil United Statu# *a? KB't I*?h Lettera of Credit, aa well aa Iran** 1 agenaral rannuung Imau.raa, andTererb? pernuaaton^wthe fallowing|uUl?auii Ytm.9. Andrew*. PreaidrtH^alloual City Bank. Boaioa. Jaoiaall. leal, Prealdee' Aai-ond National Bank, Boaioa. Amoa A. lewreace. Beaton. 0. P. Iloeey A <'?>> , Beaton. Jemee * BeebnlA Co., Beaton, Va. P. Weld A Co., Hoi ion. Clark. AdaiaaA Clark. Beaton, Wa*. H Aaoinwall. N V Wm T. BMgctt. New vT7a, ti^T&Uwok Now York. Adall Fail*. Nrw York, Stephen Hyatt, Now York. __ * . (aide AaMriea Now Y.u k ? W. H. Mary PreaPteal 1.aether Matwfautni-rr*' Bank, N. Y. Meaea Taylor PreaMeni City Bknk. New York. JuiuObaa Thome, B. Y.. K Tucker, New Yerk. wtoEsatsaissteNin5 BoweaA Mary, Bunker* 99 Well etrret, Now York. Bojl Brother*. Nrw York, Ifooffnrd. Tileeton A Co.. N. V B ?? "Wm ?a?'?ifTin, Nv W I VI a. ?UVIIHIII, A llwaiwll ? Ik< I ? Buaalng, 1-rackar A Co., N. Y. W. A. A A. N. White, N. Y. Dudley S. (iragury. Jeran City, N. J. laglageatad by PRANK W. ANDREWS, US Waahlogtoa A PERSON WoULD IJK P. TO BORROW $M, FOB which 1 good tenuity will be (Wan. Addraaa M. D.. elation r. POK NOVEMBER.?IMPERIAL SILVF.R ompany. M per ahare. payable lath luatant, la aa erchange, at the Agency of tho Bank of Calk lees a wabler, _____ __ No. SB Plna afreet. DIVIDENDS FOB NOVEMBER.?SAVAGE SILVER Mining Company. SI08 per ?haip.payable en demand. Yellow Jedui Silver Mining Company $76 per Abate, parable

18th Ini'.ta< Empire Mill end Mining Company, |I5 per ahare, payaile on demand, In gold coin, In* afhanga, at the Agency ?f the Bank of California. I .EES A WALI.BR, No. 88 Pine etreet. INTEr.V.Sl NOTTCB THE INTF.IIKMT ON THE HONHB of tbr tic Maigarri Copper Mining I'onipaoy of Canada ?at, duo January I, IW7, will be paid at the company a ofT.ce, 43 l ire airret, oa the Id protlmo. ONEY TO I.OAN-AT 7 PFR OF NT, IN I.AROB OR *ma!l anounta, without delay, on flrat r|u?? Property, In I Inanity KINO A CO., No II Weet Twenty.third at., Flitb Areuna Hotel. TI1HB TPN PER OKNT BONOS OK THE CITY OP SAN JL Rraecla-u. railing due lu the city of New Tork on the lat of Deccmhei, mii, will be patd In gold by I.KKH A WALLKR. 83 Ploe itreri .No In term an be allowed after maturity of bund. Nowata IX I860. M fJK) loak-mo.uoo, on good security, in sums toamt. Nn 5 Wall atrrci, i ooma XI and id KLOAN ON MoKTOAOE UPON CITY PROPKRTV, worth rouble lite acuiinnl uf loeu. Sluttkl In at.uia af III and inward-. Apply to JAMES PRIOR, AW Hudaott a treat. UNITED STATES TREASURY, DECEMBER 8. IMA Rrb*didtf of thirty or mora "eren and tbree-tentho Coupon*, parable IMrember 16. iuai., will now be received for riamlua Ion. II. H VAN r>Y< k. Aeafa anl Treaaurer. ^eRMII.lE A CO.. Y NO 44 WAT.Ii STREET, BANKERS AND DEALERS tjf OOt'ERyMEN r STOCKS a Nit COMPOUND INTI.IIEHI NOTES. OL/lblSO PR]< KH Nlw Toat. !Mi li.K ' ' ? Ju?? Juij. 7 aii JUNO I Nolaa. 'nt '"If. do .. M Aug., do. b4 Oft.. go 'g| pAO.. d.i MM Hut ball Ing lug. "f lOfT'J KJft loA't llr??2 lib IDC* m 1 U.a III', mill 11S?. it J* IIIIV III n#>: notb ion;; no KagMarnd. ?l?Ilii'.llUHs Coupon l?MI :iRl. U-.'V it-aORdglilirM NBIiliBl.ilMfe 5-1# Coupon, IU nrji. |u; v &IW Coupon, 'M.. IUS\,1UH j-an Coupon, ??.. hr'.i'ihi' -ft d| i~ Augoat, 7 S0 .iIU5',|I(B.4iH>T," $5 000 Al?i""0" *? LOtjf-oj* riRAf CLAMP . rk"V,.V-Uin &? Ki,"'"-s $10 000 -",R u>A soldi MM', RCMnrroirli -uniV lui. , - ".U ????<?. *?w Tar" ? - ? v ?l nt ?it p*y?Me ?^:ni-'?aou?llr ?oi.n# .J^t hoy %mh#jt 1**0. A>Urf* J. H. r * Ifo^S o n*i. $17') 000 !'> BONII and *(WT. ij-hi. ;?v"r " """* """? un r'*' - nil!*. ] uM'Ht,IIWinMrM,m#II $?V>0 000 *' *> r<j Ml IT. I.s CZR?r ': 5 *'*wr?rn?M7&."; i.o*n orrii k>. A1 KofD^'wAtimZ^iPw^Pi;"rjD ?s ??* HaMK HOI i.'ht at TIlA If IoUKmt'RaVkrAtom *)f'f;UT b OK DIAMOND* WATLHKS.Jl.WFf.ftV, A?.. at TV Blaa.-fcar ijii, A'fi!l5fni,lWir ,AT T"* t'OHMf PRICK .hl..,n. 7,T?I*M fn *"? *? ? ?' adranra lb?"r!f 1 * B 'k" onpa.Ua Wallark'a '' RR4,A?* *T. CORKPR OP BONO vl- # i ** '* P*?2I lb# )tigh#?r pfirm 4f>r l>jini(-ii.<ia ? ui ' ???>' <<<MWMltitli?f|liu' A??*PR Q? gATCHKM, MAMOVDA, IRW . ..'? .'V ,4?u?U and Para. noi Prrrpartr of (Tar* oa ss!U\"? - ??-???<?- ?~ KW; Till OI.I) i>r*MUMIUl . P,i. K rilL I LMomT VAI.CF Pi III DIAMOND TKWKI.RT WATCI KS. JfcWKLM I'LATF.. J'LAKL* A< _ *^ " BABRINOKn )U Nin?4wif ri?.i?i No. A V?A rai.ij Tin I'Nririiian lpamp two iTT . mroa of Prwi. broking i .ubiu.-u.ioiM >? rt.\.*i'IU| foitatdOM' u-'??WT"?'?BOl:o?. KOM.N, II !?ni. pAWyRROKrit.- TirkPiM rim u?.|.:o op uu A aiuado, ?,? boa "lib. n . ,i?. g, r*w?#a wi?(]#> H ib# ? a.<i# m hmtoni, t* ih# ??i ...i. pi. - . - v ^ PAWRBKOAI *? II. bHf- PI JM IIAI-KU or DIa lU'.nrU, Hi! h?*? iwwtrirv HUi?" ? lo" n# A. ,r? ,t,? | '...?v."; ?PK? IA I. \ivrn Kb. N 'T.nVn/'' (> lU> s*~ AM' 'BAVfl. ii: ~..v.^vrv7,h:,i;;:f;4, a^hrr.Vl x ?' ,ni"' 'Ho'-iw w O^tWo.-/ 4yr" V1' "TRAHBHIP H I r?T^ "a1 H >#W V' ja ?f.r II EZ~Ji7J*2" lh# O4 it's Urr . finfV- I. li #hc P ij OP ?. I ..Ito fl0t oppa mmui mtrmtmif ?? h #p|^# ?Mit -a imi of i. *t Of !. #r AOdl ?blPr In-^nDf, g^tt I will a#;'j ?i br o;f.? ? <>? !??# root n i.? ! ?? Kflrt?|r fS# llfh #?# of .'.n isif, 1^1,. #| Ijo'rlort V I V\f^" > "???"**? ?' .. 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D ' 'a*"aa art art* l?r?i .a fo- Mm aaaaad t .a. or Puwi# MJw M fllgllllll.W Will ataaiM, ill. Wagaaa..f. ar*ol*a T.'tdt at iba ba'l A tliitlWilRI II a |lib< till bLAlAPMT A. Na lib l it fH AVI.M/h BRW I'll.A For dapt la-la tr, plaaaa .all laim ilar - - ' * ??.- * AW AMtitltD * KM'R or rtRBT ML ABB BILLIARD TIMm, ? It ?ur IWI ?fW#.| #'ial|Uak Al #m 0*rk f^r ford.ll.a-| hr ad hi ltd T.bma " n.~*l CAVaRAUI a Dr.f KP.R. ror*?r CBnai .gj .?.awT^a ALAROP. Rf-MMA or NRW ARD tp.t ORD HARD Bl.l'a-I .?t.iaa. - ft.ptotr 1 hoaa.,?,..,K,, an.n ?aa-'i I >?a bari. p - to . i , im '.a naot ? arrant .am dura Ma ara. mad# aparlmaaa of ,ar tabiaa Ibaf Bad# baa. ig no-am baa far .aaaa raota mar ba aaao i?, IB#Bfiaafpal I'D r and aai'iaar. In iba rut Parrraa lalaai' lagMb pur baa. ?lll bod ?< |.? lAarr la?araa? u> tail a ad at antiao our ?ur I,, ? iidb Id iba larg^i ?... la Iba ?nod rilRLAb B MALLARD*P. ??*<?< ,*v,y a- R f DO. P0U4M. BaRDPACTBRBR or ORABTd . BiBratd "aMaa. ?TMaaraa alra.) 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XT WEDNESDAY, Dwambar It, b? >?6l of Mr, OTTO HEIKKAKTU. ORKHKHR IN DKR DMTF.RWKLT. Opara?Jturlnaqun b) Hatlor I'rmNui. uuaic by Otfau bAi b German thalia tmeatkk. 414 Iway, oppual'a HI NlokoWa Moral. WEDNESDAY, t)ar n, IBM, D1K M ARnEILI. AlHh. Rount da Plata BOOUM1E DAWIKON. k/.WF.t TAUK AOS IIKM EKBKN RINKM PLKMTF.N. Rub tou Ruhdarf BOtJUMU, PAWlMoB HABTB'B TKMPEK OP MYSTERY. DOtlWORTH HAU. KM BROADWAY Tha public Ih ii'nlljr InmrawA thai tba popwlaa lUu ?ton 111, M. HART*, will no pin at tba abaea hail on MONDAY KV?R|N%DECBMRPR 17. with Wonder t and nuraol'i of ?IT eilraordluarj nbararler Mr. A. HBD0W1CK wilt perform on tba KtigIDh Co MrWiUk TICKETS M) OF NTH. RP.SKRVHD itKATd $1. cm now ba aemnnd at thr ball fi uoi 11 Hit 4 Donra ?|ien al r-omnwura at R cItiTi ? ML*LTUM IN PARVO 1T.RT BOON. Tony pajtor'h opera house m bowrby. <t*ANI? MATINHR TO DAY, AT O'OEOOE. All the girat lanbmi will ba praeantad. The naw drama. . .. NUIJn fMjn(MfOY. The grand Ballet IIIKDEMI/H MARRUOE Tue naw Nana. BY TONY FABTOP Alii b? - MR. DAVK 1!J Iriah Hunaa aud Sturlea by MAMA Th. new Qhricb ..liIKK oN THE MU H 0. Rlgfia ... THE DUTCH <1 Tonv FaaV.-r ?a TI1K CITY NI O. K Mr-Donald THE Fl)I.TON MARKETRt AN 1MMF.NRK I" HOOK AM MK by tba ?raat Troop*. ('IIAKLKV WHITE BTROUPE J At Hryant'. Me, bantc. Hall. 477 Broadway, naar (Iran i alraai. The inoet popular roaorl fnrpaetjinalulhematra|>ulla ANOTHKR .SPLENDID MILK Firal tuar In three yaai a of Cbai lay Whlte'a Many faroa of THE MISCHIEVOUS NIOOKR Firal apnearanre of HIEEV AELKK tba plrralny nnmerllan A aptrndid n?w Mallet- Kdlaon in N?w Cutnle ftmga Bl KCIIARII THE VENTRILOQUIST. NEK EVERY ?ATDRDAYat Hi MA1I.NI. BEET A LEON'S MINSIHF.IJI. 7b? BROADWAY CITY CAPit Motive-1* I P.DWIN KPET.Y, rilK roNDtTOTOR. Ijao? 'Ii-nHx I LEON'S Oraud Vanatian Dan' IE*- I^a-B* | LE'iN'r Inimitable Vaeal Hurlaaiiiir 5 93 Mo* 3 akrioXn poeka, 8 Z-3Z* '= ?- PERhEEETKD nIO. ? agSSa-^? -3 bi acr statue. 3 Tais afro I Obrlaty. ttarBwrnr, Allan. Prioa. ,tTH WEDNESDAY POPEI.AIl cttNUEHT ? ) Al 8TKIMWAY HAEE, WEDNESDAY EVEN I NO, DP.CEMBfclt U AT A O'OEOCK Plrat appaa. aw a of ' ha^y. Kauai I ap aarauaa of il.n > *laWat*d riollnM MP WRNREE KOITA. M K <1 W COEBY, PI AN HIT. MB. TIIEO IIIOM AN, lOMllK TOR, AND HIS ? 'EEKBRATRD OHCHERTRA. TJcKBTB Wl i KMX. RESERVED PEATR an t'KNTH EXTRA. OTKINW AY'B ROOMR. KAST POUKTF.RNTTT RTRKKT, tINTON NQIAIIK M BDNRRDAY, DRORMRFR II. AT a. KII1HT OHaND MATINEE OK MR. J A D?WP<?N, Aoia-1. at riaalal from 'hr Brna?al? CnuaarTatotrr. aivrl a|i,? MII J' EM'S K|CHHERO. Vlolinlat, MR. IXM'HKZ. H.i -i,a. A' Th kata (I Kor lala ai inr Hall and Baar A lE hlrwicr'a 70! Broadway SOMOR OF SCOTLAND WRRAT HE'OCEKfl or Ml! D. KENNEDY. THIS MINI st bC'trriRII YpOAI.MT 4ECORD ORAND KSTBR1 1IRMHNT AT STKINWAT IIAEE, ON FRIDAY EYKNIKO. DBOF.MBKH I4TU AT ? OCLOCK M Raonady'a prnfraiuiaa lor 'ha avaalng will ba aa fol Iowa ? ' A Vi.a'? a Mao for a' that, ' ? Joho (Irnmblla "Mv Nann a'? Awa." "Ti( yo?r AnM Cloak ahont ya ' "Tba >lo??-rao< tba S'wrO.'' "Tl.a M-rOn-jor'a Oathri.aK ' ' Tha Iw" Roaa nI K imoiar." Tl.a Bar #f Ibi'll, 0." xgobuy i'ojo " " i ha lurid of Iba l,aal aad " baa w.' MalUra Bird.' Mi%? Kaanady. Planiit 1 h kala 8<l ? nnta Tod * had al all t'l# wuatc aai aad .rata >1 ra-nla akira C'LINTON HAM., / Aaior blwa. Bn.i liaa% VAl.tiNTINK VOCHliEN. TUB ORI.AT POLY NATION AE MfMIC, Thr anginal ' tarry INa.lau," lr?m thr RnnlUM I) iblla. kn<l Inwl >'rM tynudon baa tha k"aor <if auuouiw'?<? hla lux apta.ran ? la iiigtba la hla otlginai Aataitataiaaul, THE t MITV OP NATToHP. Monday. Dw-anibar t". IN*, and rrarr ryrnlng, at I a'r' ?b. Adm .tlo'i St). Iti <i i~?ad aaat. fine aiua jjOEtt> pair and Kpurt' u With promknadr IT i ownar' 'hl? rarningaud avary ?Trulng, till D??b?tirr IA In tba >!? tuna ball ui rt. mrnwi ohinuii. Eatrao ?? an Twaota rightl and 'fwraty nln'h ?' a?n. br twa?n ngtnn and Third atatinaa. Muaia fitrntabad by Ih*"? Irhratad aarbaaba ? laa' dora Tnatura DraWkath | a fonoan- r. aarry a??n'ng bj w-vra t aina!r?r?>nipanlaa. Twanty tablaa. attaadad b? iNiEtia. brliliaut (amp d Ulil 1 nuaually aMga MM iplaiidld array "f artt' laa. prmotia naa.'al ..nd orar-oautal. rapr. ally auRabla tor Ifca iolwtayi. Varsity af .ranaataawtk. a?,a-<tally for ' hlldran. irrtwaan the bo tn af P rod ( P M. ti ?n pra fania t liJl If, P M Child ran not admitlad afirr IP M k<iio ? Ina rl ?nt. Saa?.. i H' hrta ft. Proara | la aid tn par in* far th* aaarty . mplatrd anlargiaf haal fig St m.'mm and da. oraltny uf t! a rhO'.-A 'l'b? Maaart Ota tirtkll RrT* klod'r loaoad ana >rf thrtr aalabrawd *'?" I a??noa I ?* grata wua or /Iff. 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By IWi.ry TUMnglBB .AiiiToitrS* warn undar tfc# direction of IMNOB M UROiMH, and ib? following POWKHri'k TART _ Print* '?harming Win Mian W#wlBM Ct .idrlUnu .. ........... Mra. W (iuaii inal I.'ran la do la H?B*|iigB?M* f Mra M WiUm* J*, "it# J,.ulA..i?n Mta?tt;#t* Madalon .. . ...... Ml#* Alicia lUadmill# I urloU, h'atrjr of Iha mow IToriMi.. Mia# Ball!# A lilt, kla# ulll .t Via# Aitnl* Yaaawu ? I'tanlilaui of Cniild'at'.nirl ..........Mr* H. Bland Aurora .MM* Roa* M ?lair Otiarn o? ha sun ..Mil*. Ada Dwara tWttoi til# stg.i MM* AnoafcraiB#. Km* Uuii)bttiii XIX Jfyltort |jjpi Mon. da la I'M .<mnl.ia Mr. Mwja R*b*r j.iIi.'iku, Pniu* Mmlatar .... ........Mr w? Q#to*f**< Hl'.tii.iin Mr. r Par*} InhuUr .Mr. H. War*. Marl -a. Mr.T. ?IMB? Mr r vtypmmt .2 Labor. Mart, jn fUK lltl. nKNHKM. _ , _ Miaaa* Hatt. f rrea. >?.?l- Ntnltli. Ima* Pituala, Oaiata Ri'.wn. i?nnl* i'i*ii.|lo. PRIKO op Tllh tdl.K Ul KLUWMMR, M,?tr? Lou'laa, H.iin .sagrtno and IHaDlrf PRlN'OKABiU (>k IMP. Ht'TTpllPLV IsLMM, Mlrta. Nary Ala.a;, Ni.aj Brown, Malle togaM and Jit*# i 'bail** PRIMCIUMRR OP IHM KTITAL OROTTOK*. ? Miaaat Xnttia Murk". Jiwlr NO>*la, i.'aril# itnow* ana l#U rrmaai# PR I Mi K.".- KB 'ir VOliCAVlC IfUtfc Mlrwa kit'-h. Mat dug. alimm and MrUMaaa, nf Ui# i otirl llnrunt Amaru**, Iilani"ii"na#. I.orda. L*41#*. Fan.,.no Plr# iMimma. tlluw ?rcri?# Ik* roart of I'opld. Br.., tij tha < orpa da Walwit aod a boat #f a it.Harm.. for a. uuDala of ecanarir and m lornlt aa# bill* Of tbt day. BOX BOOK ROW OPKN BP.ATH lli'l RKD six IiaYH IN AllYAXcp In caaaaguMa* of IB# inuiwar" prcparatlbna ar.aaaar} for the i ro l.*. ion ?( thu .patlailr. is* 1IIP ATWK WII.I. REl'LunRIf rids WKliNKHUAY, M KNINU. OAN PRAMCIW'O MINsTKRlJI, MB HRilADWAT. 0 Tllli tRill BLK c OHMPM KH AT Q0AMTBJI HI P.M.lit TUB PAR K AM BO, TMMITAMI K ABO ON1.T III III II WAMBOLM. HWRNAMM A BAiBI'B' SAX PHASl.lnOM MISBI IIKI.M. whoaa an#**." Ii*? il-?*i li**n r<j,i?|l? i by an* aim lar or. ?anizattoii Iti th* World Saw and lirwifiil B' flr#?|o*a ririrrrri Oih#HoaaW'MaMMIi liallan Air* by #???? Mhll Mi"?ork> sbowria <>r KalHo* star*. Haaan'* Bwti 4?r Hut Ibn X*w Ieugrraa. H.. k r<arB and Afr.iao Hallrl TroUp*. Bi dwomth'n min-tkpm rrmi atbrdm opera lloii'r. adlolnlng PlOh Aranu* lloM W M Bu<)worth and J stobr. I'ronrialoi* and Maaaaam I Mllti: CHaMHK HP Pilot.RAMMP. Nl'tV BHAIHIW PAMOM1MI wakr i f a in. a u \ b nfu pom pitii 1 oM.lll s-ngAN's nri u PORiair QCAftTKT, A Matlin-r orai v Halor l.r, a' ft* P M HOOI.I ft OPTRA IIOI "K. HRIPIK I.TH Thr I WW Pomp* ,l*nnrar..r and Inii'id* ?#. tj.iar r.lama Sri ranu, sain Ofuu* I p Tl.? Aui ,?ii.wi, 'noil Nat' nalfaWaaw, I* Hal Ma? ?*. r>##rk?-i~i O.itwBiad, Tb* Pjagof Oraan. 1.. oawlln. Path** Coma Ifnwn. fa? Mil I Ic.ntiM*, A . I- u ? lo' ii a IIOOl.fcT s IIRKaT ' t,OS0RP*B of A UTIfTW." CI AVI I! - Ol'l it A IIOL'.M . JUATM Q1MCON HIlpoK n |?m, I l? 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