Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1866 Page 3
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WASHINGTON INTERESTING PROCEEDINGS IN CONGRESS, Pottage of the Bill Excluding the Southern StBtes from the Next Congress. Thad Stevens on the Punish ment of Treason. The Rebels to be Treated as Captives, Net Criminals* Mr. Stevens Unintentionally Be comes Conservative. The Bill Regulating- Appointments and Removals. A RiBICAL AMENDMENT REJECTED. At, fce. be, WAsnrnnTov, Dec. 11, 1868 Pr*HMt W nnmnrnt* lor the Nmihrrn SUUM, The loyal committee from the several Southern Slate* will make their report this week u> Congress. Tt ey hold that in organizing governments in the South the President simply exercised military authority, and now they are disposed to set aside those governments and by Joint resolution of Congress appoint a committee representing each loyal State to -drift a constitution for the States lately In rebellion, to be submitted to Con gress and finally to the people of the rebellious states for tbelr ratification. i iinsre.. In Purnnlt of Information under Difficulties. Tha President baa been called on for a list of all per sons pardoned under the amnesty proclamation since April, 1865, with a list of all persons who recommended tiiwse pardona This seems a simple affair, but as there are about seventeen thousand persons who have been pardoned, and as each person has generally thought pood to have his whole neighborhood endorse bis peti tion. it follows that the Attorney General's office, which has had the control of this business, If they attempt to furnish this information, Is Rwampcd for the balance ol the se.-uMon. On reliable Informatlbn I have no hesita tion in saying that so great is the bulk of the papers be fore it that the Attorney General's office cannot give the Information called for, should evory employe ?jo|e twelve hours per diem to the tatk till the end of the session. The I'rot-fder.l has directed a pardon to lie ntsujjl to Daniel Howloy, convicted at the June, 1866. term of tha United States Supreme Conrt tor tho District of Co lombia on the charge or robbery, antl sentenced tothne years' imprisonment Hia pardon waa recommended by tnd United Slates District Attorney who prosecuted and die Judfl who sentenced him. on the grounds of pre. rk-us go?d ohaAcusr and long and fapbful services in the i'a t?8 StspfTTmy* ~ ' ? ?Mtn PsMsIr SnVrnare. Senator Cowan s speech fodlay In favor of f< n.ale suf frage created attention, and at tlie saiue time moved the gravity of the Senate. The qu,*iton of universal snf frage, It Is understood, should Include white females as well as colored males, and Northern Indies at the rent of government are urging the subject upon members of CongTesa wheu'-ver opportunity gccur*. Ksolwnlon of the itoiillirr* Koprc.entnlivoa from the Fortieth Congress. A bill lias ps-sed the House cm hiding" the Reproeeo tstives from the Southern States from participation in the fortieth Congress. The Mwbjool nf Flnnnce. It is ascertained that the members of the Senate Fi nance Committee and the Ways and Moana t'ommitue of tbo House ere so evenly balanced upon the important question* of inflation and contraction that it la very doubtful, aa yet. what will be proposed In either com mittee, though there seems to be but lltllo doubt that Vr. McCulioch's recommendations will very nearly I* concurred in In Its present form Mr. BontweU's bill for tba rale of government gold does not appear to meet the approval of the Committee of Ways and Means, and it will there fore be amended before bring reported to the House, If, indeed, tt is reportsd at all. Tbr Rmhripl Bill. Senator Poland, Of Vermont, will preaa the Bank rap) bill U a paaeage, If poaatble, this aeaaion. It ia nerea aary that tbo friend* of tka measure should exert their mfi ,enre to ibis end in all jmru of the country. Almoat a Ilarl Hetwrrn Naulkrrnrn. 7>e usual dnlnaoa of the capita! waa disturbed tblr even or by report* of a contemplated dual between two Jflmlaeippiaaa, one loyal and the other alleged to be etherwter. The facta are there:?Judge Able, who hold* an official poeltion In Xtcalealppi, met Dr. Ftdcoy, of the mtne State, in Capitol aquare thia alteruoon. The Doc tor remarked to a friend who waa with him that aa he had once fought him In a duel be did not wiah to notice him. Tho Judge, however, came up and nddreaaed the Itoetor a? MMHi-JTm are a renegado Souther^r. ffibal ore yon doing h< r ' The rwpenaa wan n knock down blow. A challenge from J idgc Able followed. They were to tight with rldce on Virginia ehorn to day at noon, hut tl.e mailer wat tuhaequanlly ami eably arranged and no tight came of!, much to the diaappoinlinetit of frtenda on hoth aid. a Judge Able in nJ' bnMin man Mid fir -idrey la a South ra radical. Fdncg waa in the Mlmo- Ippi I.egit iluro and voted agrnn't the ordinance of aaoawMon. Hia *e. ond In the i en tern plated duel wat Colonel Firh, of Louisiana, that a! Judge Able, Colonel Wentwotlh. Calarailn nnd Nebraolrn. Tbe opp<e 'ion to the ad m lemon of Colorado into the t'mon will he ma nte.ned on account of the peculiar It ee of mune of ine profinone ? / it* conetilutton. Ne bnuka will no doubt ho admitted without any furl' er tbnn thia?that the people of that Tertilory ara already Mlth ientty Uic.l and do not dt .0 to tear the but lor** id a State c-gcK.rain n. Appriin'mcut*. The iTerhlrot has m t ym n ot to the -rmaM any im portaatappoin'men'e for oatfnffiatiffik. Th'mei ret nm m inlraticn Uc'?ui.t'ed to that body yeateiday n erely eovefi.t a 'aw aim prnfnrv oua. I'er ?anal. lb n. I natiue I'-mi ?llv, of H'Sne otn; Brigadier Ren er .1 ,1 ".id Fully, 0. 9. A.; and Cov< l.or I, H. Ter pent, ? I t irgiala, ti^re amend barn Oflalrr load OMre Retarn*. Return received at the On*rat loud Office for the month of October "how that 2A,1M> acret of the pubta: land wete dlapooed of at the foilowirg tonal office* ? Fray oCtty m-ti., i'S.06' aero*, Karl "ngiuaw, Mich., F.OP.i ken#. The greater p-rtton of thi? taad wn* takmj inder tht Home to*d tew lor netnoi eotiomtu and cul ttrat -1 THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS, Wrrnail *r??l??. REBATE vi/amuorn'r, Tier t|, |*n* ipoaeatn e?? to ??mr ornoaa. Mr Wueov, (rep.' of Ma**, pi mated pettiioaa for tor Ma wt pny to *??> ml c*r* Keiert-d 'a the M it Ury (c miii .I'd trw warrgrr arc* arm# nuitoen Mr Mi Mian, <m?? ? of R. n?mwnt.-l * ponton fr?m the F.-Jtrd ef fhaderwrbffie f tow Y< r* 1 r an a ? .,u<?tn# to rrniito inn wood of 'he ctameaip f. .toad Referred to the F>uauea conam 1 tea (atipuitp ttr WArr. frep.t if fibre f*< m ')e Committee on y ?rr ocW, rwfe nad a bill lor "be adattwtoo at Colorado, with a favorable mfimnicBfiitloo. ?m*T #? V 1 tea !#'? ??? er n a# tltM. It- na*a?t. iwwt'fMitnmoved r hot ten tnwobad ?*tm u a? <4 t/re wg- rf ef tMefAffiiffiiWR oatr <>f Fob hi.nda I' primed I oftfrU to Ifct Owbrr ttce o* I'll i ng. mr t?< rr vru. ' Mr KwRpprr ffffib m B? ?*M t? at |hf feftf tjl had been referred to lb* klnsuoe Committee last session, with iiiHlructious to report on the second Tuesday iu "ecernber The Finance Committee bad not yo' hm< 10 consider the (nil, hut would do so at an early a day ?h practicable Ho moved that ire hundred copies of 1I>? bill b? printed for the use of the Senate. The rnotiou was earned TIKIS OF NKETIBO Or WlURHt The House hill to tlx tDe time for the meeting of ton gre-s was taken up, read twice, and referred to the Ju diciary Committee ? hHKVKT BASK ?OR VOLCXTBSR MILITARY OFFII RRR. Mr. Tri'Msi'il, (rep.) of 111., offered the following roao lution, which was agreed to: ? It. solved. That Mm t'usnudUaa an Military Affair* and Miln.e be Instructed U> MPIUuu into lha aipedienay ot ?. lending tooOWra In tin- lave Tnlueieei serv whoare up notet?d to i o-items in the regular aitnv the name benellt of Bievet conferred for length of service agd lu all other re epe-tH ? hash are alhiw-l olTc-vrs In the regular army who a eeptcd position* in the volunteer rervlor ia consequence ol tin i services iu such volunle r positions. I'tOVl'tOB FOB A VtlAMV AOOI'RMBO I* Till' on Id* OF rKKsnntxT or thk rxirro mr? Mr. Abthobv, (rep.) of It. L, ottered the following rtvului ou, which was sgttsil to:? He salved, Ttmt the I'lmmittee on the ludtefauryha In atrfctod Pi htqt re #hat add tlanal legislation t- usees**,ry n> pro. itla tor the altera,vintl in the President's oltt a In case of thn death or dls.-tbilii.eef all those upon whoen iimsvuow drvolva bvaht ? > uhiitution ami the laws, and to re|*?rl by bill or Otherwise. CLAIMS or OWNRRfl OF COI/HMD VOLrVrFFRS. Mr. F rsKXORN, from the FinanceCommittee, reported ! without amendment abut snipeDdlng the pivment of moneys from the froaaury as compensation to persons i claiming the service or labor of eolecod volunteers, or | drafted men, and lor other purposes, which provides that the final rejsirt of lliu ConamlaaiOBors provided lor id the second section of the apt untitled ''An aci miktuc appropriation for-mndry civil expenses of the govern menl for lite vesepending Juno ".0. 1167, and for "llicr , purposes, j shall lie marie through the Se- retarv of War ] to Congress, and no money shall be paid trom the I ron- . surv on the game to any claimant under the provisions of section twenty-four of the act approved February 4. I 1864, entitled "An net to amend an art entitled an act i tor enrolling and calling out the national forces, and Tor ' other p irposeB,'' approved March 3, ISd-'i, until auch i report shall he approved and confirmed by Congress. , TUB DtiTRirT OT OOI.rMBM FKA!tCHI?e. 11111. At half-past twelve the unfinished husinoas of yester day, which was the District'8uffVage bill, wee taken up. The pending question was upon Mr. Cowan's amend ment to strike out the word "male" before persona ' Mr. Antbost Raid he supposed Mr. Cowan had offered j this amendment by way of satire; b it he should vote j for It, noi became of any inherent right that women had I to exercise the franchise, but he considorcd It a right I that could only be granted by society. If It wee claimed j thut Intelligence ought to be the basis of suffrage women I could not ho excluded: Still less, if v Irtue or morality 1 pas to be the standard. It might he said that men ! represented woman; but thin was not so. There could | be no represent.ttion without the consent of the person { represented, and women had not given this roneefll. i Nations had been well governed by women; women not paid. Elizabeth raised England to the height of greatness. A woman furnished Columbus with the mentis to discover America A woman now sal upon the throne of Spain, and a woman was the ruler of tho proudest monarchy of the earth. K was not logical to say that a woman could reign as a Queen or command an army, and yet that a woman WgS not fit to vote for Common Councilman of Washington. The tune had not yet come fbr fema'e sulfrage, but it was coining. Mr. WTuuams, (rep.) of Oregon, said womeu dnl not need the protection of tho ballot, but negroes did, and for this reason he should vote against the amendment and for the bill. Negroes bad been enslaved and de graded, intelligence had been denied Iheui; women hail not been enslaved or degraded on account of their sex, but, on the contrary, had been loved and honored. Husbands and brothers protect wives and sisters, and it was the pride aud glory of Americans to love and honor t lie remain sex. It would be time euouph to consider tho question of female suffrage when it was demanded by American women Vo such demand had yet been made, except by a few w tio miivht notoriety and did not represent the sex to which thoy belong, if, Indeed, they can be -aid to belong to any box, which ho considered questionable. It had been said'that tho hand that rocks ihe cradle rules the world. This was true and beautiful, but In a d'tftr out sen-e from that of exercising the tight of suffrage. Those women Who now clamored-for the turmoil of politics and wished to enter Into contest with ni?'n at the ballot l ex would if thoy bad the power, overthrow the ffttiup tvork of society ami make every house a boll upon wtb. When "<>nien were willing'to be sailors and sol tilers, f3 fight ban lea and navigate the seas, it would be time enough for (hem to ask the right to vote. Mr. i Williams then tout Si Die consideration nf the gob- J ject of suffrage to thJ negro, contending tint the ballot t&p necajsnry to .11 "ia to eaaide otect tSflCKt* " An luo argumente th|m to protect tSTnTvTM. An ma argntuei against It wore mere prejudice. Why was it that no long as a negro was a slave no objection was in ado 10 his treuini in a railroad car, coecli or steamboat; btii when ho became free he was not to be allowed anv such privilege* He would has* his argument solely on the r.ght ef protection, to which every man, white or black, | is ent iled. It had been said here that the niliBbi^jtBnj this DMtri' t worn the dew ndauia of proud and naughty families Kofi that reason be wanted this bill passed. So that all the de." undents of these haughty families may have the right to vote. Jf it was uid the nogmes were not intelligent, he would reply that thoy were mtell nil enough to distinguish right from wrung in the late tebei I on. pnd to kuow the friends from the enemies of the loVSfflffie lit Mr. Cow*.*, (rep.) of da, naul be bad not intended Again to lake Ibe tloor.on this subject; but it had been mid be was tiof In carue-i in offering tbi* Amendment Tins win Dot corral. lie bad been opponed to any change in the niffrai"", but if It was to be changed, If negroes were to bo enfranchised, lie waa id favor of "till further changes, so aa t<> embraoa wimu"d alio. If white m<n < (mid not lie out runted with political power for the d?s-ro, ho could not be trualed with it for wo men. He who thought women we-o represented .by their hufchauds might go to the proceedings of the Wo mau'a Kighta Conventions recently held to learn differ ently. I' wan time to look fncts In the nee. He wan willing to stand upon old institutions, utnetitled as itioy were by the past, bui when the time rami to maka a alep :l should be made in the right direction. He wae ?urprts?d lliHt bin tincetiiy should be doubted. Radicals were net like poeu. 1 her were made and not born, and when the time came he muld he a* radf al as any of them. He did net intend to let the Juggernaut of pm pre-s run over him. He had as nutny reasons as Mr Anthony, and one more, for being id favor of this hill, tor b? had a w .fe. whereas Mr. Anthony was a widower lie hoped, tie ru.'ore, that Mr. Anthony would make abler,! apology to bun lur liavicg eapressed a doubt of bis am erity. (LaugbPu ) This new personage who appear- on the pollti al stage to oppoee 'the Jupiterian system ol legislation complains that you have been a tyrant to her. He 'Mr. rowani proceeded to read from the proceeding' of the twenty-ninth animal meeting of the I'ennsvl v.mia anti-slavery society the speech of Mrs Rrant is It. Cage during Its eewion of thai hody. He would appeal to his friend from Maseachusets, Mr Wilson, to crpre-w his Opinion on the subject and he felt assured that be would be firm on the aide of humanity on this question He could almost see from where be atood the boanm of his fr.end from Mass buaetts b'gwo in svmpethv erltb Ibis new iwue?(Uughi?rj? nnd now that tbey had two Degree. In the Mm-kachosi'is legislature be conld not dou'.itthat Mr. Wilaou would mine to his (Mr Cowan's) po-ibou. He also that Ins other friend from Massaci uaeit. (Mr. Sumner i would vole right on this prop?w"U?, now thai a ebauffa bad Com# over h s doSMetic relsttaoa ilaugniei i He wouM not have aliodc,: u> ibw uel.'.aie -..i.p-i, bui no found some re niaraa I nun Irs Uage is leta'ioa ' 1 Mr fumuer n gcear sjeeeb if lad wilder '?? which he sins ? ompelh-d 10 asecnt Mrs. tinge had discov ered tl at Mr. Memuer protreteg against taxation and naie repMpeMntiow, and not a word wan sad by Mint *? iillec.atj ay* net the | tvrr.iir y of iw x ii g women witbo?it giving them the right ot r?pre?x-Biet,.e, He wend aey to ll.e gentleman that Mrs i'lllsabetli Cody canton, Mrs Hraueia (>. Cage ant Mr- hen H. Anthony were at fbelr heels with iheir i ban new By nig. and tney were after them persistently and sharply, fowerda the ? loe~ of his speech Mr. t.'owaa read a letter from Mr. Wade If Mrs. Musau B tntbonv, written lart summer in terror of female suffrage If this Mi.'l.'liecni wae .ulopted be (Mr Cowan) fw Id vole for the hill He would n>it b< alr.vid i f neyro sot'rave If female -alfrage went with th Ho we ild ooi be 'he flr?t to prupx te ai v > baagb on tbc matter of vifTrwge, bat if any < bauge Was to >* made n ought to hn ? radical and { luuxlauienla! OB" of thi' Kind He was in. . "Od ' ?rue?t ?n of ; ot itie asrier Imcii he wis not wo blind a- not to art- ibis ?l,.ii#i>f ibe romiagdmaai Mr M kiou, irrp | ol Me aa d he could dm believe that Mr l owaa ban BO?B argu'og to eawvtmc* the -t'm e bis prvpeorMoo.* tffbue liie maasntv m the I enue nuod. d i? be rodl-a. thev intended to he r? ' iony! s'sn, isod a t the Herts of their ei,nm is h- mUs Hmhd Hdu alous wceild b<' uWMine-ufok He wogbl not rer . ? b rcr Hi i uwaa preierid to li.d me rwi r,.i n 1> t lb# rnrpoae of le -aging I* down It x?s the #M de vt. a in ira... a t- -c odicai la order to defeat I* M' Cowan ' a) not im ?.-? m i principle he rged. He w.. V ply-try lag to irmge a b e| hut he e ?. d i ' .c ? i lr Morrili m or. lu'bii replied to the legal argnn.> ta ?f Mr ? <iw n tW the prop s.' on to ?l'-irab<i w 'lurse w ho i ad par tleiiaied n the retosQloa of toe rtghi of ftao?BI?0 xv'.-.- of Ibe na sire M in ? )? ' Awt- law and Hier-. fbre .nrtu ' vitacnni I Ha ContcMled that no pun I ? mem was mteaued or IMIrN. it was -imptp a p? '/>? ?oc leoa ag to i Be I ate re. and ..xsing ..way ? irsH trnp tn *o who uaA sbwwii In."Hi etvoe uneorrbv of tr d| Mf Cowan re. inedioe (is.r tneeplri, Ms Mrirsll, ? rr?in: onlig I! tn i vs a men ?' Hxe eleht of eufft u e as u. w pro,.? a) wan u the nentyeoi en ?? f. ( fu "o law 'r V ai.a se | be bnd not ifftM'led to InVe pori lathe q, - scow, beeanm 'b" firs' day or the u# ?e s vdt of t engross he inlrodd' d n>e onrutal bill, to Which be eesnu ties bet made everai auvner)' cab, whrah he t"pptm t aefbntanOy MwnHtsM to all what l.le vb ?? na tae lab|i?t were. HI views were not of ?uy s xtdffa grooti, He hail siway 11* i of i-pmoti tbat the right to i rje a ropdMiraa govetn oeut oug it to tw I rutted only hv yeer* <? dc etb a He w. ei'l dways btUOse thai It sdo nd he mt< et" ri tiw Mam at u?e couetrv bed r-lilted "? r tbe is opt" Htrde r?bts.abee th /1 i a i # -,,(-iv ?? ?/ d Mbnir aodoicorop -i y n, Otxaegw tl ? -r svn affair a'tg. qua iliraituu lor sndratg He ? id not lie orre BOy senh n-ic wae assist He ta .ginej ittr ub?at"tv ea. out rely ?ri tiio o'bag , d?, for n# ip pr> ) irteia a fm tl-wit h ? fr*edits# v<io >rwa<? te f to way au ar su, wr, rre- i-im Me *?>?'qum-at,and i(*BU-usee 'ni"1 hi a P'tle Manured wtrb is fear re lepeMiran aam'iffwm* sr'-eo th -y feir '? e enteaowo ngbta of ?i ir?g? If he Iwdlec-d aa maps geniieipoii did, ma to pen t ..yr m tae ggyggii laeai req . red intelleete of he rlgboW eliera'ier, tbe Kt' aiffst pdtoplOMMf of mind, the t'Ml't d?~| ii!b rfoa .-dui at.on a?<l e qartwiq n ,?|r ,?? h |?n?,ns ,u ||M he uermtthwl io yon roite to rhegov-r ?'ff? ff' be efci eld k; us iltel a ri si boost! ffgrei of gar erneo at r off Id rot Use. It xvaa Beeoo a he hoisted ibit elf ibai *v (?waiial b roeerilatent for the eeifeos ihe irn moaoy was Dlsia to the s-tet tawiies" ai im nnmutsy wae i wn, to tbos mt M*' mseiteev that lie tffligrvro ihla FitertiOiOO' S"gPl '? ' and aa I wrejin 'toad faewvov. *b?MH ta*r neght to 1* r ?. t.em.) ? J Ibis f. ...III..WO ycrerww.'til * I'e.llle f > la I lie eeea anal tbe Igesw*rwho i?,? ?,? nsaer wianeev el def.-odieg tpetv r ihte etcej i tor- ,ft u. mnes Be* Tie aifuraopi br ar sttwcaaMe aw? ?.?? aiih ee Bod star (Men that the people did not know enough to take oare of any I or in of vo vera moot. As to the pending amead loout, he mtumiod to vote for it. H? might not have introduced it, b< cause thie might not be the beit time and place to agitato the subject, But aa to the right of woman to vol" bo bail no iloubl whatever; be tvaa fully cuvincod uu that eubj :ct It would puzzle any one to draw tbe lino of demarcation net ween the fninalo and the mile iu Una aspect, while boih were alike subject to the same law. Tbe time la approaching, said Mr Wade, when every female in the country will be responsible for the Just govern ment of tbe country aa much as the tijales. Their right to participate in Hie government of the country will bo just as much acknowledged a* our own. Mr. Yams, (rop.)of 111., aaid he did not share with other Senators in thu umlMrrassmsot iu which thm amendment seemed to Involve them. H<> could ane n<> argument why a woman ah mid nut v do that would not equally apply to prevent a man from voting. ltut another ohj'ietion had teen ma lu hut lUmtDOr, apother que-tlo had been decided by the people, and ho was for adhering to that. He would lain Hie senator from l'cnu sylv inta (Mr rowan) in matting female * ifftego an issue In the next elec'itm, and if ho (Mr Cowan) <\sired It tie | was for universal sttMhage, and when tho tiuio came he would vote for it ; b it In voting against tbi itdeuduiont ' ho only adhered to the veioo nf hi Male a otprc ed ut j the pojes last tall, con lined as It was to another lime. I Mr. Wir, >?i, (rep of Mass, said he should vote aga nat this atn-urim-nt. He was opposed tooouneciinr thetwo quomiona together at all These ladles n the Woman * Higtiis convention reomed to have had a gr at effhet upou Mr. Cowan. If Mr Co?an had read the aj-eoc! ?' of these j wotrion during Urn pa t few year* he would have a hotter : record when lie It-uves th" Senate. Before ho (Mr V.'il ' son) came to the Senate he enter'alnsd the conviction thai it would be better for the legMatloB of the country If the women ol the land had the right of tnffraga If Mr, ( owan would offer women xnUYti ? as an Ibdepend ant momciru be would Vote (or It, hut h" was opposed to connecting the two together. Ho was in favor of negro suffrage became It wa? a necessity. We have won negro suffrage for the District of Columbia. I go further, and s.iy wo have won It fur all the States of the Union. Be fore tho 4th of Man h, IS67. before this Adtninh tration ahall cloae. 1 expect tho negroes in nil the State! wilt be clothed with the rl-lit of suffrage; I have not a doubt that Ihev will he In Ihe ten rebel Males MV. Homme*.-, (dent.) of Ind . usiccd Mr. Wilson why, If this subject had been gu ided by the last elections, I* bill the consideration of this bill wits discontinued daring the last anesloa after a bill had pissed the House ' Mr. Wiiciin mid tbe reason was that it was found there was not strength enough In the Sehnto to pass it ever the President's ieto, and it waa well known that ? tfie President would have vetoed it. Since then the voice of the people had been expressed and wa* now un equivocal. Mr. Johvsos, idem ) of Mil., said ther# were many reasons whv the right ol auffiagn had never tven gene rally extended to women. It had not only never been .asked for by women, but he believed II Would he re jected. There was another reason why the' should not lie allowed to vote. If they participated in elections ihev must lie a part of the militia. Mr. Johnson Head a portion of a hUer froin John .tdam?, in which the writer opposes female suffrage and gives lil* reasons for hi* opposition, T ho who fav ored tbe pending amendment . intended that woman should have the r rht of and rage for tier own protection. la (Mr. inaonj alwtys sup posed that the dotv of protection to laities belonged to their husband* and their brother!. Ladies had never complained Hint they had not fillflrieut protection. Some goch complaints had been made by a tew , hut tlicy wer- *uch ax wore very properly denominated -trnng minded women I sidle* were not mix mux to participate In the election hroilx and political excitement. Mr. Cowan a-ked If the presence of I ad kin at the poll* would not tend to preserve order* Mr. Johvsox said it waald no*. The kind of men who created *uch disturbance* were not to be deterred from It bv the presence of ladies. Aside from all delicacy, what right had a woman to vote when the right was de nied to a boy until he was twenty-one years of age, although he was put Into the mil tla at eighteen? Mr. WAM resumed ttic floor in ailvis ai y of the amend ment He spoke of the neceoxlty of female suffrage to enabl' women to protect themselves by the euacitnen t o( lust laws. Mr. Vnki ix/iuptxkv, (rep.) of JJ. J., alluding to are mark from Mr. Johnson that women voted in Sew Jer sey, naid thai In certain local elections tfcay did at one thus, but nut at t p sent He would say further, that the womep "of Mew Jersey did nut want to vote. Nine hundred and ninety-nine out of ever* thousand women In Atnerira wanted no vote hut what tliey now eternised through their mflueqco nppp men. Iheir mission was higher and holler It- could te e jy conucctiuu bet ween the two cases of women and negroes. Pending the consideration of Mr. Cowan's am- ndim-nt, on motion of Mr. Dooutrut tho St-uoie adjourned, , HOOSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Wt^UKTlK ll? II, l*?ti ntrmrvmL* or ? north ratt'itivi *tmeett. The Si wakkr presented the credential* of Vlcxutdei H. Jonc* m rrprwnUtive from 'ho Seventh Congren- innal district of North Carolina. Referred to the C< mmltteo on Recomttraciloa. the n?w mirl*' nrer*. ? The aonounced the appoln'mcnt of .Mr. Tay lor, of TannMeee, on th" apecisl committee -hi tbe Now Orleans rlote. In plnce of Mr. Caroitbell, excused TME COMMITTEE OR CI. A IK* KgKiWErttD TO BEvP SoH f Ml Nl.xa iltl I H'LIA On motion of Mr. Delano, (rep.) of Ohm, the t'nmtnlt too on < lot rat *u cm poor < red to rend Tor penona ?nd paper* whenever It was neoeMary to do 10 In II* investi gation*. rkiniptv or committm*. The HrfAErn proceeded to '.all llio committee* for re port a PLnm o* mo r per* or nr* nor-*?th* hoithenv a*. ?'H?rENTATiv?a exci.i i>cr> r*<>M tnr loaTtartf ? <,??,naae. Mr. MTilhon, (rep.) of Iowa, from Die Jmlioiarr ?'?m - mlttee, reported a bill to rogulito the duties of the < lark ot the Hou?o of Representative* In preparing for tba organic*',on of the IIoum ibo flmt ?c tion provide* that iMtfure the moiling of lb" next t'ongnw*, and of *i"h lubeonuent Cuogreaa, the Clerk of too next preceding Moure of Knpmeentatlve* shall make a rell of tho Rr'preaonLatire* elected and pi* e i hereon the r.'>me< of all peraon* claiming neaUaa Representa tive* elect from State* that were reprmented in Ui? next preceding Congrea*. aad of such persons otiiv. and wiowe cred?ntl*!* *liow thev * ' re regularly alerted in eo eordam-e with the law* of their Hate* rr pe. lively, or Willi the laws ol the fil led Hate*. The sound taction provld'-a that in ca-eef a vacancy In the nn.-e of clerk, or of hi? alwence, <>r mabililv lo discharge hta du< en. they rhall derolve on the hergeant-at Anna, and in I ke i-aae of bi? Inability rliall devolve on the ftourkeeper. The third red Inn make* * violation of thiv law a felony, pnntrliable by imprisonment not lean than ooe year eor ?era than av* year.--. Mr. W.lJtos ot Iowa, explained and advocated the Mil, and moved the pri-vion* question on lie passage Mr Kl*c?, nlcm.) of fihio, represented the impor tance of the hill, and auggeated that it should he pugt poned nod prlu'ed. The House seconded Die prav ioua que?iK,n and pa -?d the hill hy 1211 lo -I a miL r-' pgraiva m urr xim wan* or a voir* 1* TP* ELri roe?L ? ouaai* Mr WiL'Ov. of Iowa, from the ki no Committee. reported a Mil to prevent the rnceptiOt) and e > inimt of llepsi electoral votes 1 , 11 ete lion of I'resldsoi' and Vice T'rea 'lofjt. . L" po aih'-." stao s the on r. heU.on which a A* waged hy a porsinn of the I i.itad State* again d ihe ig iytr authorities of dm germ mewl thereof, in the mod virulent and resolpng l?rm, hut whose org muted and ail ed forces l ave tiOW hoc. overrun.e, d'd. in ,le n ' 1 1 -v progress, deprive the psaipla c tiie rev era) porti-?n - of the fnlietl Slates heretelera rwan eoted in i'muieee, a* the States of Virgin ?, North Cero.ina, rvouth 1 trohna, 'ienrgta, F, >r da. A/a' ?ma, Mi-ei-- ppi, A/s.u.m- lyi iMi ana and Tev?r or *tl eivil |twnnwt, and 11% the r poRt <al rela <na with the f'mon a to depr * a them of the r il l to apfieaf tn thef'oWgrMI Ot the I r.ltcd Sta'e* tn the ,1'witwnn of heneior* and It' prwsenta'ivcs that they can he restored tn their former po*ttlral relations in the fniori only hv the 0 n*< nt -g the law making p?iwer nt the I n'led State-; th?t it wnntd he improper for nommnn ttea tht' deprived of r vll gr.vernmeni, and whrsse |?rlltnal relatlor. t?. the government nf the t nlted siauw ar* too diKfnded, for | arh 'pstion in the election of President a 1 ' 1 ?lent of tin- I'hited Mtatee 1l therefore, enaci* that up p. tie law-making |??rr nf tiie I'nttcsl State- ihall I vei|e .red 'he I jsvrt the ' ? I ' ? heretofore rex rewnted m'"ongre .s or the Mate of V r ftnla. North tMrohna, fou'b fMmiina, t.'nrgis K'ortdx , Alafiemx, Ml- '*slpp- A'kan ?? Ivihisna an I Texa*, re el,red ie th< Ir psiin <ai relation* to th? I nine, tt ev hall l?ni he entli nd tn reps, -ntat'm In th" Pie- tnr?l folttge for th* ? no-e of Pre*-I 'M and V,ce I'rert dent ot tlm t'B led Aie'ea, and tluvt B? elertorxl vote shall he iwcoivcd <,f cmuited from them, e?c?p- *? each tatty hereafter heao declared re?o -- i to tie | 'l- aI r ;> tu ne in the I'nlon, and eoittied to rr pmentaiion In t.'io^ree Mr hi* * arled Hr Wii<n whether In* h il was p*iat d Mr. M ows rep'leg the aagnttve Mr. y;,w* *iix?,*iei t tn *i. certa aly a me'ter of yre-i tint irtaoc- aad ne that ?, lid L<d bw pawwl wtl not d scnsetori Mr Wtle. v. ot Iowa m l he we il.1 p-nee-l tn exptu n th 'nil, and ibsi t'.t Hoi*? th'-sc ? ? po*'r>>ne ha ?o?Id h.r- no * ??! In ll?e |prr|.*-v -n el the t itl and presmhle the com-tlftee bad be*' c?refnl tint to go hej thl tbe |re.ede,,t etreedr t 'aMtrbed in the | '?*milcoi?.nttimkier had sd ?pted tne den;*r?tfoti nf the Pr'Tids' ' of c ?> I n t?d Nt vt. , p. n in, rev , , a,/ pp>tre** Bit te li)' the people ,g |i,e Sr.<itk, 111 th* 1 , rre I?r the retdttttwn, h?d depdlsed rertatn |> r' n? ?>' the flninti dl all dvll governt laai. it had ?!?', followed the ,|ec srytiotis mage tor I onfre-s |n the )?? nt re.o' jt|nt, pen- tditig for Hi# sdmtm.nn nf metnlwr* fforr iWone, a*,, that tbe pnlllic*! relnt'tNt* of pnrtteri- "f the I'n 00, for merly W-preset Ml M Htate*. cwild only he re-'o-. d t y ton cnawnt of tit# l*? m-?inr fstwer t>f the "cited Rtata* Ifw tb-W two decf?r% ion- in the ftre.iri' e ih? n nm t |cs> ha-e-' lie fnyt eq nf the t > i. In tqs preps'*ti nf tliwhiltine norrinttitea hssf fefhwed the |itrrt 1 1 '? ?,-! i> i' e 'artyetgMh CVitgr***, a Jo nt rcsnhjuau ey,1 din* frnm 'he i"'ect twl ' ,!l*fsii,e -t yi ? then In r*oet|o?. Ti e on1 d.T?-et s was p ? reaottitHs* w?* ? nflfi"d n l? Ol era' , tie to Ute Fr ? d-n list election of leg*, wlo r ln.s at,I pr ?? "Seltnet il < I epf'F Hdif ?wepxty Mr KistXt sugypelad'hwt thrre w?? aaexhev rf?rr?,e | Ol d at the dm xt,e cwiitirf ??? n ne ta *?* > ? r, I and now a* art- in tin' at 'It' ? : P*eee> |I-apt' ? "a I * AlpS'lM 'Is I-,,,' ( p I 1 I Me tlicn, of J..?? -tf? esfe ti the* tirr.s a ; Uie s.'d t cf -T*r and w th u? tt?? *T. ct nt t .?t ???.?, ess ,..,01 irft,es ft -u tn dav lin'dthf nr e If - h? dm' th*' lbs- warafa.ijst |ht fthfaa1" me i?rt flbe I n led wgxe. d'|iff??l t? ? PMO'? <?( ?T I g.,rrr?ai*ut they elm Id i s te pertt ' t* tar*. p-ve ' 10 Ik' eteexlco ef PrW'tst |?<T '? Il-I I'V ' the I f*r, -ed state* unit the; eMail hare baa* Willi Use ctv?i 1 gereyewtwtit, Mr Rata, (rep 1 of R ? . Mid Ikat. wttfuasteipieW ut | ant #r amr a* in 'he **''of the h I. !.? 'h< sgLt the I M"t,s? *tv,uM net hrte actinw vpoc * w w wtik I swi MP MJM /PWMA *N W1MMI ?MtrkMt Hi Its nainiuation by members and for Uieoomion. Ii wai i^'iudoly an grave a question aa had ever engaged tbo a !< otiuit Of ami thta Uiagreee, whose Um? baa been oteuiled with crave quesuonii from iu comments), ntent It did oot strike blm as applicable to tbo prwn dent pot by tbe rhatnaan or the Judiciary Committer. He w?a n t aatisOrd Willi the argument aa it now stood It ilk not neceeaartly follow that what wn? within the ?phert of Cougrees at the tune Hie irliellmn was uctuaiy ragtag was necoeeanly it prr. odeol lor orliun to-ila-.. W hill aver might bo tho theory as iq ihe prm. limit,? the tale rebel -nuts, it Could not he denied that they were not aoar la a statu of Mh IImrint*. He eon ceiled to C>>ii.:reas tho potior to dotermlne m u c. rtain eviMui wliaje, how and how (ar Stains -liould be Matoied to their representation hero mil to thalr repre.? ntau in I" tli* Electoral Col live. He also believed with equal sin1 erity thai there wae a Until to that power and thai It did no. ii" with tioagrees under all eireamstattcea aad m oil ( i --, n liuio of peace n* well na of war, m aay the' cerlalt fillies ball not he repr e-eup I i| Congress. Ho therefore urged on the geaiioman who had reported the b II u.) to pone action on n this morning, bet to allow it to Pn iflntftd and made a mucin I order at any eurly Hav. He wotld nol say he won d then he fnMul In nppo Pnli it. lie might he limnd supporting it. Hut to

d iy bo am not prepared to reoord his vole oil at import itlit a Measure. \lr V. sos as muled to itc poatpotienieiit, and on his nioiiou lbe hill was made n ejus itl order fnr Tbnrgday u"t', aid orrtor,*l to be printed Tin; rid-Maui or hktaiv i-amcn tusivsi td* cxni o I si ith* n.i'rtp./ 'ir11, ?1 ,r"m 'ho -suno committee, rr X7W f",r i' i ' n',rl" "f th'- krt uf \pri: :ui I t'lsa.-l h?. , PUfiebiueut of otftnln rrirne,. ?s?l?*t th, no jinmu "" ln"ul' att *" P*0*"1** >ri?IZ X V"** tr""' or P?lti.ed lor IM.T*ror h i I 1^, r P , oflenoe -wnpt the indictment Vr .P i i L l1.'1,1 bv :l Bra,UJ ?urv "'thin threw ftuiimpfi in I . ,rr'*"n "r odon. e ahull to wn or tw e P?>n<ka that r*r..<m.? gutty of tn>?. ami ;urlhcV&Vn,ay W ?"V iU*Mea< lrt<* the''proVuXTtf [hVuif0'"0' "r'*'nud adv?e??a<1 th "hiluJU'iA|K.lh';iH:Jre,['-', ^iD'|U,md whether peM,n' -h^ *"?' ?? Tin,-" 'n *W the 2,^^' no ** ""I* ny"? *? ??ht Mm" WhMh" lh' h'" 1 ?'?y Mr liiMTKock tuud it did not. .imply *" ***" t0 rot-m thought not. Thorn wan no limitation ?Artsr- sxas? s ctussiK ".S'SmS* :mt ?" KSCTt.'K known ,o . . "U",UIU *? Mo jr. th.g hill what w.ia oftoiTS ?hk h l. ?-0, .',1'0'1*1 -n*m?,,r. to-revive an dimdmn 1 ia,nJ/ h,' "u,,*w'}d If the offence was law. "ought to revive It wax an rr ,x*ffmu> Mrtw trejIEl? EE lh"1 If" b'" ????* not pes, all the m'ed , h !, J nT* ' "vm lhoM ?ho co-op ???. C Would he entirely exempt from Don lit, menu to w?x willing to go t? tllB ven? of tbe^ei! ??l??>?P"n?*.?r?.rU,oK the early -U.-rx, n of thixe whu inaugurated the rebellion. " ' h.uJthlfl***' 'rop ) of Pa.?I have a!wave loot ed upon I or t^ertammahnw''- 7 ,w*? |,r"l'"r"?l '?' the purpo-e oi aarenaiuihg how we can . onvl-t men whom we Tin not con vi:i under the lawa under wbi.-b the .-rime <?*? j JwawlH.1 With great d.Htruau I do not believe? ha" It UwTbJ" Who h hMl " " ,,f" ",r Se"aw*^?,drr,,,ht,I' """ ** b" WlSod ^ndlr l'I i ,? 'I lf*"ora and eay lliat the venue may ? t rhmured I suar aa i ' ?aMdUtl?jbS^"* | ' V rn m .he. i y ?*c?rt ?n" l by law an.l by a I ?lways SWTZM**? ! . traitorv of n.e rt/jntb were to be ti ?| under our evlet-nr I '.'Te' 1,1 m "M eyer he , onv,e,e7 ' !r y t hein""4 Tr * J" ""P1 ?o try them for treaaon. I ehooid I ; iW.'.r.T.T' ; ! ^lm;h"rtXTUt " Wh" '?" Wm"'' "" ,r T?? "" . I (nii ?ti^bI1 *m ?f what I would do wh. n : 1 J *? I into the admiinalrMam (lam-breri llruewihh ' aayattemia to try t.iem i ,r trnaiwii would he ? r.viloie j rxtho'igb | would not dwto.mge m- .u-miit Km I I oTtT!'^ ,4ai" "h0" Ui" 1 *0' f,,"y w. W that ..on- ' II Pf""nt ?wn-?lt?t,.w, and I?wh e .n ? ver bo ton. ato.1, and yet I would mlh-r le? every men I i -v.**?.-?'1' uaP"""dro.l for ever than mal? a n.w by | 1 ?7^ ! 7H7 "" . ' 'hint ..-.r g.wevti.nenl j 1 h.r 7, , * ""Ur# O*,#4totieo end II* . hero, ley I Rr Jh f"r" ,b# WOr''1- 1 ""Uk tt. ?? the 1 ? . lL b/.7Vllr*y" ''^rrod more fr.m the murder of i. ., e w atlhoiigh It w.ia in eaeeut.on or the m-ii I t. in "f a ? Odrt, than It would have .-sITered by i|,r i'n^rt e'^Vb'"?- ,th,llk ,h" povemment had ! n . ll' rr i how rompera miner with the mm. or lb. reme If tnr it It |a I tier to foce-m n for ' tho qtitye wi.H h the world will ylew t^itiy w } and partly ?? a notiue-al otton. e. than to alien,..'. nnw to ' W?r"'V".d Thi" |.r.reeee- ' to tw a blll l trie... lud hntte the t|i?. f ,r pr ,^e. n|on I f.wotm.,1 tho eoiletui wbn h of a;I oth-r-.??,?id be I ouieled by lap ?? of i,n.e Murder w , Ul(lbr.B| thing , iiiero *r#* no rriiny not only hi tremmn but m rebellion thai .here muet e -o-oe'^i.-l?^ "?w and roewmifhi to be jn my judgment ror it. it doeo' not , .r^LVi " "1 r l*" whoie not prow* ut< d within three yean rr..m the ttmw ..f the off.-u-e ri.o .unite Of limitation run. In eny , aae. ev. ept it I. In, 1 |M?s.h'e to enforce tho remedy. It only rune from the ' KlnUm V0!.'1 |X"k*'bU' a k'?f Inatence. Henfamin l? in urope, e.) - II. I do not lupnoeo any i??ly wouw .a. that while lleniamm w.. ahaent beyond the ye.., the guide ?f hmilaUm, would iuil It only rune from U.e time when be mar be pr,?icut ed and la not p. mn uled Whether that be ao ?r not dnr | mg the .Mttnuan . of ibe war the crime tA.tinu.-d It waa a nooiiattlng ofTen-e. and that oT-n.-e conlm-iei Up U) Wia t rr?? w b?*rj p?*n ?- hhab pr p Iaikh) ft ' iierer baa Urn p,,. wjtai-d I know that ageniler.Mii I ???? put forth ?otne plorea of panar whleh be think* eg-ial to th pro.-larnali-,n? of Jam. nr^harb ' Nil Itoey are of no import,.... - *ad the aue.t -wi of man i or war w y. t P. he Ueeeleo by Congreoe. I my there i* 1 """ u4tl''? ' i ll m a bellig.-r ent con.liihn< and tho roo.| tore.,'beiHgarenta ar? in the power Ot the rouq ierora to he dealt with ax . auri I 'J'l "t rpti iei, I can, therefore, a f I,I, new-it. of thla blhsliut if there were a n-x. ity [or it I aboul.l rortajtily oh..- i to any glteran.di of the law .? it now 1 extat* with r. fer- nre to ta*. on. wbi t. w mld'.-oable the I government . .t,v irt where it te ronfee ed it oonld not uwvtal ur.der 'ho law >a it atnod when 'l.e crime wea commit' I I .hot.Id 1*. very glad u> eee o." P'''"-,n,?',,' mlr-U.1 on many of tb-er men I although not capiu. pun xl.meiil I re-..| liet. ?ne when U?* ?uv.-r forg lt.., the pn.jrjplex , Which be lap don n I have nevey h,-en for bloody nun 1 | ixb men I I ... . on ide. n,#r, *-v . | alOMn.n Jie , y tft. . wl ,e,at > i'"' W.rx,l|Mlrut With tie oufPlhaHt. Who* oteyei tt . ooler- of h | Mipernw<,rtK-? andpvho, tf he were t?r? ?rti!r?ry I " \ "*"? w ?' have I Men c.-nvtried h .o I..- g?..-,.,.,-.ft? wax an.eereb , I,, I lorn ra, (flat I be ?iav. of B.? . , It. Miaan.l in.' ? to I*, eu-oed lor by Ibe eve.-. ?? ?> I one of ibe ka-|?r of the pr,*,,,. mat- ad vm.u.1 I ot> hMg.rtornoei i< Here Ih. * ? ,ra O'eryopted annoonr tit- That the tnormug lontr had egpirc-1, end that liae t, |, ahnoM on I I o?er nh to-to rr?a , iaa 'aia or . ua aj*r aru.o or yt.? n, *..>? ?? ma ' I r?i ... r Mr |t.|?gw.4w (TPP ) Of J.| ,?ke,| lure t? la rod-.a ! a I to re/ - a I >e ??.- el* ..t , ? . | ,, . ? h, ' .** rotary of tie freajrery . Mr Waeu-n |r p ?f III ( rail*I '.w It- re,.' ng Tne Int. va read It dire-i, lb - *. , lt,e Trowery, wherever'he amiunt of i-n-i and r her .a f ' Tr.-ao.tfr -Mr?I- hfry milhon .04 when :na inter* | ?.f the g-iv-ra " I re .... .- y , l). | for at It mt th ty da a of bla d-m-r. t- -T*-i ? ? I of tho at*.. ta< ?- b- --id, and at art,at peyi-4. and ak-.ll | fW-fltfl -a . |#n| yt,l , >?!?{ ' #?f * , ff m ? | i;; -r.,?, j ;1 j ! "loaai# lo tbef ,?n?at b.-M-r ot bid.:->r?. ,.roa.ft dt>e I y-r.ur>-?x.e - ? all the t-.-ix and aha. p'.? ,4*1 the' . eir *m m , r 'i 'Mail not im bd. 'ed o*e? bf'v rnlilx-n aod - i mvblwd tn.t Mdderr xbah 1- t |we it t? ?> |*e - ml of U.e amount b 4 ,'nr Mr W?eo?i tr of Tit.. ., d ftaat the tendency of a b ' a bin w.g.14 b U. p*' lot who a ihmg v., -w j *n* tolfi ([?m> tr <i W <ti Mr Isueee- i-*ld that, on b? e?a'./?ry it wo .Id ta*? i the BMttOr o-itrif -b- handc of the to ,-i g ,nb-ra ami ' ? >ul4 nop ga bokg In gold. It a ? ? ? ?f t. , , fe.w i r 01 the i-rrewy - f the Tt in. try to w.eld a < . 4. , 1 w'l'tra, mom ee-rfui .oy tr.- nareh la the *",r d 1 a KtpfyeOf wi'Cty mltl) w.. of g-xd t..a? be depreea ar.-t rr e ?> * mm a' - ,a p ,re ' Jf. fUa'We ty, (np o( t ,,nn , ebp ixlvlMgla Mr ha. .*.?*, f III., tu th. . * ? of tbeb'll ' Tbe P*,.iM.ave.' , re,r, r,j or.' to In fe? e. the in, ,-n t) . . , M , a t. ma.1*, the nil ?? ret ??< r ;|,e I| rttr '"**' drvaa .. n-., .ir. n ater T?m *-?.* * r entile ... .. M tfO.. lh* Pre ?Ukl Irauami'tiog r ?ot< r.n ?,r Verebary of War an ! \u trwney ftooeye 'e '?*??? to i,w a e -if (1 p. w. a?u ii, * 'f ! "*' ("f M-" ??ti?f, ?? np.f to it e 1 ' * M went am) adding t'mt tt># ro?*Mn. ??ofM ?<*-..n, en ib( .it .l ?. g* dated tb f ine tr ?< ? forth, ten tbaV.I ?d 4a . tolyfli, g.dee tb, t? '.m .i*m ?f the ...m, |.' war Ma.d ail tn? i>?ta and ,?i ,* "* Amubr IM g. turner.,* m wed te nn v fm.? J?jgg. ?*' voeme <Jao mi II ??, d?i?d Ju,y ,|M ?,b'n te f-w . ro. OOM ? dp . Ot tee **, tary ,. aV u., uarnmZ ? wb ,."I.": T" '? ? I a'f vet. w. ?nd ! Cb * ! ,7 ''S ' ?""*? wv ujt . ?, tad with t?o mey tga m ton ada ..f lh* r ,ae*. ye. I? ?4""^ y ?'t bod' karaof ai ,. I 2^5' '*?" pf ra. n-",l^..| t * ? . ?? ,. .,y re .| ; , f p.i ?. ?. .i Uiibg ikt a a o. ? Wanrie., U -! < a ? k-_.a te y --o,..- . ? H M ei?> Jke -terete- of Wi. . . j <le?kd bene e, w to ?ey ..iu? c k>aT t. I Nie n .ft r "gone ' . ?rt of ,i - t a. * ?*.*> u I a 1 j ro?# f ?? r -rdn1 tak ra a. e * .* , ? I vi. ?g tay * or,kr* ? , , -g j* |f ., f ???a tM I'.noigeK ??... r ..... t - i ' . bae me f*b at- r im u ; - tr. ,, J aee-ded be lb* idrr Ada-a I* Ij. ? ?*. nr.;.' t ,e I ?' row ?"V - . ? unit. imJ.. I It* k%. t-kf tl. ( awefc tbe< nwe ao. _ >art*:..?* ( III oae i* e I 'a t a i. ? VI I ' ? >o??ait> ?.t t AJke.e. I.eaa^l "ma w?. Iw?u, , ?*, ,,, IUe PmedeM tip Mo aea.a* bed lawa. bad ?,*? t*e xr^iwMwf - ' ' ^ ft* ocuwltj to prt*ue.. or n?y O0mm ag-in* tha i,w, of Oar. 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Ofd f No Id Itvuoit hi Arling Keaf A Imoal Hall, oomntantlng lh* t'mled "lata* A'lal.fl wi'iadmri - WHnjM pin ?< bar# i?a 4 tft an a'armlnf atlrnt In tha ? tiluN ? u4 *k"rH the batiorabhi ewerwMry ? if Ule N ivr ha* direct 1 the oo-.nlUM, 1-*C M III* l'nll*it -lata* A-iru.c >"th.Mli(in I" ? I in ' nil. e; t with '!)? Hrllleh Admiralty other l'..ce?. .??? im? .i.tinn for tha pur l??*a 'if eup|i?WMtitf iheiu II ia lie.i bv dlr eled thai Iba i>.inh.a*iua* o?r.,. i.f ?r ?e> .ii lira t gilii'l stale# Aawlid ?c|u?.|i ?n mil |<\e 111,. ut ail ant am utmti'.ii in tha aohpramfcxr <>( iiliarri on ?b? ? -.iat of I hum, ant w|l| ptiraur aj iare or d-a/rnr all aucli j,p At 'aI ?..*ela, ta be fa rat found Willi 1'ia aid anil , of thy Chin.-oa a-iUrro* py**""*. n wcf, and turn ?'? r ..rj cap itaJ iri.>terty and Jwr-on- 'trough the I'III e ! ."lata* ? uu'Ul, to tun aulhoi itin* of lb" t.nar. ??at own- ilar port, f' -u li pt'iof ? inaf lead in il?ir rniivu. 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The ?i? am r l>? - >ta l? al t.'a.laci Tha oe.i.r it?t?n id amVd from lanaukw for fl ua>ai| j,i The N) ,ea o at flhlla, Tha l'ti? ar<af* .? at Vt pa>e.#<i Tha fife-? Wdoint lompnaway 4 ity in Um famh Tn Ciftf -t'j ta o ' Tha ??!'-a Up F edec.a la al f'a'Uu Tl|i- Nmih i'm ifii oi|i,n,lrwa. Iie?f ii tie- hat a teen rae -trwd at tha ttaar Ttofart wtgi froto fleei' Adm rat Beory If TT. nrh r. ?.n,n,an4 ?a. lha hnrth IV r. n**diuw. >latad I alted dale- Aar ?hlp \, iafl Hot, iml i, n ' tier it. IMA Tha Admiral aw)? I left Man ? a lh- U li lo 'anl n Una abtp, havliid <?, tMond W .?? hap** aod will It HuaiHulw. awl arntrd I" e on U,r ?l4 iB-lani AH wall lha tdm rat n , no - a opt of a da patr.b lw hMW 'few hi? lird enr, A fid dafifwy, Miiiaui ,d foratyn Nata the luariha a' the Kmc end be <wall for i-ei ? Ir ? a- a t ead d to bat itaewcy the t|?aaw. WfSTMSTU MfflUEraCI o aa w or raa Via Hap ne M amiiH Iwt Mouct.f ria'tt ?h- incur* *?rtot? of tha :#?? 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